Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, February 25, 1863, Image 1

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D. W. MOORE, ) ...
0. B. GOODLANEF.R, ( Eors
DT I'tni'T B. ST. J'ip.S.
CLKAKKIKLI), WT:i)NKs)AY, FI115. 05, mC3
TERMS-fll 25 per Anraiin, if paid tn idvntic
ni:wskhii:,s voLiu. no
( Tho speaker fell l, beside II. Toil. 0.1
, I 0 pistol thoU lollowod, 1111. 1 in
lllllo, IlIKJIll'T 1 IM'
I , . ..i-i . ,. ;i gull. III
' IV, I, ill r I , n . r... .. I . I . .' ! I ! . -.
' ""I I"1 1 "j mi miii. wns Hi
TI10 fellow (Utnmr.liimry i Mrptiv.' ..f Am
rrUan life l nlin.v t in tln I'.vnls of tin. )'(T
..... in. 1-uij inn.rii'iin; i : (Mrtvi'l, Ull.l irili' sn lower
in every .It mil." while li It, idiots (old, thi-ils were
in year IM.J, I resided tn W Into ., nern.i stormed with lage, and amidst,
Arkansas, situated about IrtclilV luil.iH ' '''"I'llOllKiUi oiUli.i. bade 'his men hi,,. if.
lending iiiinscJI r i; f 1 1 -t id,. fh,nas. They
lli'V.' lo COViT llllii Hi-.'. In 'in.,' 1 1, .:- till ..'
, r, ... . . . . . . .
lit Kiim ii l.i M ().)',( mi, 1.
Toil.- o.l hh Imr worthy father. She ln'iinl my AMERICAN AFFAIRS TTJ 1'TrrnPP
a Phnrt nurnilivo with intenco hcrror.amj l.ocmo I wivo m UlvUfi.
Tho civil war in tlm Unitt.l fHntw is
ogiiin hocouiingiiii imj.oitant tupicof dia-
so rnuiiMl in to cxprpMH n iiopo tlint tho
Ilyi'ims would porno find m:civo h h'H.-on.
'i tin f'Vi'llili.r uitnlil in ,,p r.,li,i. I.-.
the urdillnyand for ilolVneo. The houso i tl,HS1"n 111 '"'"rupt CNj..(;i,4!y in Krnnro
w iw liupi und well t'ujml-lo of dufeiico.- - 1'iifiliuid. Rorofiiition of thu Souths
Scouts ion, wcro i.tMod rn wood j.ilos, fern Confederacy U lol.lly mrod upon
ue:ir l!io river Liink, to civo iioticu of tho ' i. i ... .
..P., oad, ofthocnemv. wl, ,l.l ,bl ' Kvrrnmciai. "opvc two
i ...vo iionivniirry h n.iiil, n c-ultiv:iti;. , i-'" noo'.u:i:ir io..r opni. 1 wo ndviuiccd I.lerlu's ruft on Kivu.iv l...l I1"!" IS on suK'ctl. Tho first is un ex
':;;!or,,,r;:: ::l;...vv;:, - nn.M o( -cent nu o! r K.,ert
. im I i . r . 1 1 . . t . i u,.v ii . V . , 1 "in i'. vi, .. I ..l i ?. I '". l,l; I'nc ol nil onr inimedi-Uc
t " ' "M ' hi "IPi v. n in,,, i in; om ijoi
ol und liked hy i II tin, im-i; : li I . lioo 1. ! I'Cr und Ins wile were, prisoners
was nuniii lour hum twenty, niei I want
fd to make me tiipi.'iiifiy huppy win to
become posses-ted ol ' t'lat idol ol'ii JOUHi,'
rnan'd lieait, u "ood mid pretty wi:i. I
had no ilillieully in llnUin..' i'.mon;Mhe im
noph'.iiiciited ilaii'seli ol White' county
ntnplc choice; hut pv eye were, periup
moie elevitte.l in their aim than tny means,
for I Bclected ns the future purl ne'e of my
Jienie the only daughter und heiress of
exceneni .luoiro I. . Forl.niat.
e v.m
una cpctkmi ot uie world, forluno i not an
ftlMlutO necewty. I was considered in
dustri'jus, honest, and likely to make my
vv and the J ud-n readily received my
ujiiieises, and even aeefpled ineiwu son-in-law,
on tho contingency of my winning
tho aflecliotisi of Lucy.
i.ucy wat a very peculiar girl. Fair
IiaiioJ r ii'.l Lluo eyed, (piiel and una-sum-ii';,
lec rii) ij the ehui-.teier .l'one who mid
eiv little. TLore W'.'" a ra: e l'jnd of en
ergy in her diposiiioii. To lo.,k
une would lifive .'u eivoe'l her ii.e:
(ipposinp the tl'diUal evidence ol a-ill in
otlici'i. J soon, lnV.v'Wr, that il
would take lime to win lier iillectioli',but
meo won, Ihey would ln uneiiat.c ahie.
I discovered ul'ier a while that I had a ri.
val, one Herod, w ho lived on lie oi,poit,j
Iwukoflho Mississippi, in 'a-liin;;ton
county, Missouri. This tmiri waxuhout i )
II, .i-n.l
j:rinni d ;i hr.ri i.l hiinie. unj had the three
ue.el llyenu.s ami the In e wounded carried
into the inn, m (, rool j vv hif-l, 1 tl0w
Mood. The landlord und I nuhtnittcd lo
I e searched, hut as no counleri'eil money
was kuunl on either him or me, we were
not iuoluded nru'in.; Hie prisoners. Jler-
u.i oaue inn, n; n n,.eo toiei
Slav lo llut
Irial, in order tint 1 mhrht report to the
iie..., now, properly to revtilato Hie
J.ols were drawn, and LyncL's jury of
innieen were scon chosen, Herod hem.'
the Jii.l;.v. and the trial at once commenc
ed. 'Old I'.roini, of Sixtywix l-lam! ' ns
no war, termed, was thu lirst j)riso:;er sum
rnoned, his R ile beinj; put up at Ihu har
beside him The bturdy old woodcut'er
boldly told Ihem that, they were a set of
brigands and Ihivves woitn than Merle.the
Watno pimte, and (hat no had every rijjht
t defend Lis h-u-'o sii-iim.-.l Iht inva-ion.
lit her .'be wile ic'u -ed to m:. .wr a wold. The
f jury brought in a verdietel ''iiiliv.and li.-
rod ordered them to be handed. A tree
stood near the ,im duor, und over the
lou-hs oUln's several ropes had been The lilil irtnnate cenpie made tin
resistance, and ten in;nnl-.-- u!tT tlioy had
ceased to exist. Then took place oiie ol
the mo.-t I'eai fill ,-ee:ii .l ever wii r., s-ed
or heard of. The. errvmliek under Her
od s, orders, took a
. i' : .. i . l .. j i "
J vl" ' "' l 1 " i.nou an. I e. i re. I, v.. ., t n .-k a !;a i 1'.'' i a hoard 111
Ho hud originally been a wood chopper, ill".' centre, and on ton lasieue I Ihesevc.
but, by some unaecouetal le menra, he 1 od .ids of the luisb:;nd And wile their
na.i (jnjwii weaitny, ana dealt, largely m
negroes. The. Judge never said a word
against him before his daughter or before
me. I knew, however, he did not like
him. At length, in theppringpf 11;?, he
proposed formally, and ts Judo referred
tor answer to hia daughter, who took a
day lo consider, hi the aHernoon of tho
Fame day, I rode up to dino n idi I
ho. lies hen, g (-trapped to the extreniit
of the lo.:'. J he whole was the
u set afloat
Iriend'i, I und Miev were married. It was
a serious niarri.,ge,' e we all know
what tumble events tin, day iniuht l.ri nu?
forth. A blind of inhuman ruihans, tho
scum of the Mississippi, wcro coming on
an errand of murder and robbery to out
peaceable homos, and a happy and do
li,"htl'ul event perhaps, to bo stained by
dreadful seeneai.
bucy and J sat in tho Judge's parlor,
near an open window, about one o'clock,
watching tho Tigers collecting.
They were farmer." and wood choppers,
laoorers ami niinicr;, an iturdy men, tic
voutly attached lo .J.jif-e I,.
'Lucy,' said I, taking her hand in mine,
anu guin at tier soli Line eves. '1
turn Tied- for ore da v.'
. , , , . . . ...
.nunc-, Hie upi'.ed ijinckly, 'you Musi.
out do careiui ami wise. Mv l,!u now
hangs un your.-.
ei... i .i i .
i to IU..K M.o giive mo, as siio spoke,
proved lhat, (juiet us she was, i.he could
leel uei ply.und I loll my ui:'eclioh iedot-b.
'James ' sudden'v cried the father ns
tho Tigers stood in good order under the
window, 'tell tho T gcrs why 1 called
the m out.'
1 rose, mid leaning again-1 the bar of
me open window, aduressed the assem
bly. 1 was reckoned a good hand at a
speech, and my feelings weio deeply reus,
ed. A dozen groans cMinrroi- ie.terrupled
me, and wl J ended bv oli', ling to vel-
untver wiih the Tig.-iv, a H":eut ol' up
plaiise greyed me.
L then made in c.-m-.o d.iv. n ,,n,i
ucl .veretaiy el Ireland, and the
other bom a leading Tarhian journal:
l'ruai llio JIiiiK'lie t..-r (imnlian, Jan. 30.
In the course of a lecture deiiven d on
TuesJay evening by Sir Kohert lVel, i'art.,
M. 1'., iu connection with u lateiu'y so.
ciety i-t Fazdcy, the Right Hon. Tarunet
made allusion to tho product ot Atneii
cu. He said that he could not leave Hie
suljeet of Ameiica wilhout lel'crir.gto
the btrugglo whieh was going on there,
because tho mind of every Kngli.-hmaii
was turned to that frr tricidal, stupendous
and most unfortunate war, and Ihey would
gladly, u-kkwt iitl,-rf:rinj jvnvimHn, see tLo
t rmiiia'ion of that strueelo. He was one
Lniperor Napoleon and the French Cabi
net to that step. A toijuestious of right,
or principles, urnl of the future, thev arc
little thouehtof; the interests of lhe r -Bout
moineiit only mo tittenc'cd to. The
French government comprehends tho sit
ualiou iu a (bllerent loanncr, and we unn
gratulato it on so do ng. ! t deplores the
disasters of tlu Aineiican war, o.xpresRC:'
w ishes lor the n vestal, lishinenl ot peace,
imd gives counsel to tho Washington
(.'ubinct which will, we hope, be lavoiably
received. The French government thinks
that a recoil i se to the fiiemllv!
onr cr more neulinl l'owers has nothiiiL'
incompatdile with llm legitimate pride ol
a great n iiion. It does" not dispute the
right of the federal government to ieel'iic
the co-operalioii of (ho great maralimc
Powers of Kuropo. It only asks whether,
in setting aside anv forci-n inlei veiition.
the Washington (.;,
linet may not 'lmiioi-
,1.1., . , : i .. . c ,.
.....r .ivi jri, un: ui. -a oi uireia con lerences
wiili the authorities who repietent Hie
Southern Slate -.' "
Ion't imagino for an instant, gii h, (ha!
t lie if only ciiine being their incapacity to
distinguish bad from good pa; er moiiy.
i wa? gritelul when Herod IjL me go
with a nie.sago for Judge , lo the ef-
feci that, if next dav, he ,!i,l not turn out
with the Tigers and regulate White conn
the ly, the Hyenas would come over and d,,
il for him.
'Vou jist may tell the old badger,' he
said, "that we'll pay him a i.-it "to-morrow,
and I will thar my score agiin-t
him, his daughter, and tlm liritisher who
wants to marry her. lie had better rai.-e
a good Btake to Imv me oil."
Though con-idi'i- 'l ly slailied, 1 intioia'
tod my readiness to entry his me;'s,i;.'e.iii.d
live niinult"! later 1 tas on mv mad
and moving
mih.s oif. J
who told me what had happened and gave
nie a sliong hint to do likewise. I d d so.
After dinner, when the blacks had retired
the old man addressed his child, spoke of
the two oilers sho bad received, tr r: I in
formed her of Herod's real chancier.
'And now, girl, cpeuk up,' said
Judge, 'winch wnl ye have
If James is pie i-ed with soslupid a
girl, there is my hand.'
Herod had been ,i member of (he celebra
ted piralo band, headed by Meile, and,
when this was broker: up, .started in busi
ness on his own He would go to
a negro, jueten to he a hot abolitionist,
and ask the poor devil to run away to I ho
.Norlh. J!ut iho money was wautiio' for
Hie journey ; so at a short distance from .mounted on a good hor.-e,
(he first start, Herod would sell the negro, i along towards a ferry tome
wim ins own consent, au-i plan to meet nad n-I c ,! very lar aw iy n hen 1 heard
him outside the plantution, and l:.. el ml ' the giiieeing of horses bi-hind me. and I
with the pi ice received. I'aik i i.mois ' inline ly saw 'I lerod and kali asd.v.e'n I !y
were iilloat as to wht beo.imo of the tie- in ;iiuso o! me. I.,.u'.,tless o.uo one
groes iilienvards. j ,,.j 0, ,;, , Wi.s j t0 my
A kind and nflectionnle smile nccouipu- - horse, which wa-' frr-.-h and stion.', I nio
nied these words, ami I was a happy ram. ved at Milling pa.e, but yd I heard 'ho
A note was at once sent over to Herod, va . 'anion. Is behind mo, Uio i di I could
;iolitc!ydecliiiingthohonortd'hisaliiance. t.ll they were not -lihiii ..'r'otiti d My
No answer was cvor received. Isole elian.-e of . safety was tho'lerry b'or.t
There were in thofo days, us in nil new If that was on (he other side I was lost -locutions,
bunds of men styling ihemselve ' Vet, I resolved to sell my life de ir'
Kegulators, who ruled the land by Lynch I Awav 1 tlcw. keeping mv go xl r'teed up
law, composed sometimes of just men.and to tho mink, an I soon n.uii-. si ditof the
sometimes ol rulliuns. The Ib gul.itors of ferry. The boat was about t-j shirt will,
Washington county went by tho name of sevtrul pnsseiig, is and one h.nse' 1 now
Hyenas, and those of White countv l.v : knew lhat if old .W.i.-v cu, rr,...i : t
I. .i . i "l: . . in . i si, "J '"" enase
i,.,ii, oi i ij:e.3. ii en ever liit, inilig went , lie. would be al raid to lake m- 1 nei.l.. ..
reforo, down to the
ferry man
write out no iii c.'.s.'ii e iv.i-r .n'a r. ii...
in the stream, to be picked up next day all arrest of II, rod and his gun-, 'which he
.Montgomery s point, and make the whole
world rnrg with horrcr agaii:s Americal ly had we done so.whenji horsemuu da-h-generally,
because of the inhuman act efa-ed up, with Iho news that ,.,.0,j iin,j ilis
band ol monsters j men wero dose nt j,,, fts jf
J need only add that twenty -seven men ing toell'eet a surprise,
ivcio i.itind guilty ihiu day and hanged,! 1 lie Tigers fell in, Judg., , heal-
wrong, when gamblers became noisy and desverato dash ihe
.....,,.,,-in, mien eoiiiir.-, goi uiio a coin- IokI, cnieied the boat, drew mv horn af-
iouiiuv, w in n any sei oi men uecame dis- ler me, and then bade iho
agrccnble, or when persons expressed sen strike out.
linumts disf.greeuble to tho settlement! 'uick ! for vour life, man! I am
these bauds would turn out und regulate .friend ol ,)u due I. ir..,.,,.l n'.i i
blood on their
say, rlranger, I
I couldn't take
iho country. Tho Hyenas note bended i gang are after nie,
by llcioil ; the Ticcu l 1.; nnd hands '.'
tho lirst boro as infamous a character as ' The Rcgul.,le,-b I I
Iho latter bore a good. In there vas can't conveno to (ids
vat quantity ol counterfeit money nflo it. .you f r u cord of money I'
snaiu uaiik uoie, and others, since called j J usli baek et (he peril of your FT- !' 1
-diinplasteis. Much inconveni, nco w:m . replied, drawing my pi-tol, and aided by
expel ienee l on the banks of Hie Missis, the three otbei men, 1 forced th'e unwil-
110111 inoijuaiiiity passed in the wood ling; ferryman la s hove oil. Two ol these
past:eri;;cm were Fngh.shiuen, and catered
heartily into my interests.,v -(.ro
we twenty yards old', when Herod and his
gang rushed up, reining in, however.
n I. BrkllM . I 'Ut A 1',,,,, ll n
- . 0 ....... v. . . v. .... w. , I.vill ,IU D U U, UL
1 llO kl.efttnr.ra n,, rt ........ I .1 ...,? ., . ,. '
. ", , t"'"c "l' ,iowu iooiv in iiu sight, oi our leveled rifles.
their wood here, aud paid in notes. The Jerry was terribly alarmed and did all
wood yard men were ignorant and wera he could to gel out of .each, and v, h"
.asily nnposcl up,,,,. Tll0 steamboat 1 (ho baulked II, ,,,, ;-...! It I ' ,L .
atlvantni'o of thi. I,-, 1..' i .!... ,i i ..... i :l ,. . , . " K"
men luni Iliv UOl I IOIU SLO V. IV11II!'I IO
ull present, soemed almo-t incredible
though Herod's namn had asu.'licieut rt p.
utntion torendet anv atreeiiy within (he
bounds of beliol. When n r,..,,.!,...!
yar,n, All alon:.' the shores o the .Teal.
river, both in White county and Washing,
tan county, there wcremen improving the
cypress swamps. Thev cut down tho
.... 1 .11 .1 . . . .
i..ivB, ...e. u i ii cnnii i uion iho shore
mg aoout a hundred of lh m, they took
up a position iu front of the house, while
I, with as many more, bid ourselves iu
thocypre-i giove. no; her pai t, ei,ual
ly as strong, were conceided in a lanta
tion. About ten minuter later, tho Hyena
cam,! in sight, with Herod a', their "lo ad.
I'hey laini-d up within (vveoiy'J ol
Judgo I. anil t!ie li'io of Tiger.
' Wi ll.Jiiuge,' cried I !nod, '1 see you've
eb")e orders. Yell arc going to legiikde
1'ie C'lunty.'
M cm goiiis; lo rejiuhite a niui'dcnuis
Hi'el, tailed Herod,' thundered the
At the instant v.e spi.ui.: firwar 1,
and tho aslounde 1 I'.yo.ia-. .-.i,v lhat they
weie surrounded t.y six ti.nes their own
nurnU'i'. Not u m,. i ventured looder i,!-.u-timce,
.avo Ilei o. : I,;;: t.j, p,-op,,.
kill upon him and tl,o g:,i:g of o
,v,.i c our ii isonei s. oiiigj Li tuade
l.iepiekeut the tbiru-i-u i : : i . . T e ; oi
Lvnch's jury, who ware heavily iron,,!.
and marched -under a strong ,-scorl to Iho
'...... , :.,.. 'im. .
e o.oii) jmisoii. i oe ii-si, weie at once
well th'gge-l with hiekery svvitchei, mid
turned lurifl, without hor.-tv or arms o,'
any kind ; and th; n all exciicineiit and
(ei;r being ove r, we thought only of the
uioro happy events ofthwday. 'i'he jirius
cipai i igt is remaiiiod. and a merry tune
we had of it. I can only add, that this
marring, was the commencement of a
lor.g series of hi , pjiy davs, unshaded i s
yet by one cloud. I had found a good,
noble, excellent gil 1 for a wife, and I
strove to be happy, so I was.
Herod and his associie.s wcro condemn-
ol tho.-o who bored, usun individual to n ' " , ' ;" 1 ' 1
see .he States i,',, i- , Xll , . , " '111"'' ,0 ihe least bit eahuiluted
inJ.Tc.J.,t, lMU vtur -(eheers)-fo C '';i''' wit , tiry ph a- .,,g .'motion.-,
wascenvii.ced thai such a eon so, voj ,1 ! V"r U' ! t-lyet. how n will be.
e en w
: John He: ry w i
't'eVl lil.iy, lay I
The m .t lino
II,: will say-
' I ci. morrow cvcnii!
to John lloi,rv
u!d like to know
t"iid lo i'ui ther the cuiaticij. alien ol tlio
slaves, ((.'heel's.) Foi t his skepl... . .eon :
If they saw tho cmilinenl united
they would see aeain eoi.l'crmr.l il.. ti..i..
r,f i !.;... ...i. . i. ' i , , ., , '. 't i-!'l ni.iy, lav n
... ,,i,.,i, vAismi ucjiurcj uiu 1,1'c.ak Tl,r,., i i'., 1
iiisoutof I bo wr Tl,.. . .1 .!.- Hie ma lino i .u.i'.u
o.l,ous and U,;.V -,,-.,. ,;. ' ' i J'. 11 1 i'"' Cmover ,- W
dent Lincoln, in which ho said, ''You mo
rf.?n-lv tn,,,- ..1...M 1... ...
. j oi;oil on e-IIl,'lhClh;,.IC'i, ,,o i;
but vou XI ill hk . ,.,; ; , .. i . i . . 1 1 ' 1 I
, ' '" -...'.,. i.iiia-i Mi.ia
your slaves." Cheers. , II,, nd.i
that if they follcvved the cour.,c of the
I atllci which had laken place, thev mieht
aliiKtt Irncy ihnt 4! ly'iiAi
Jy.oy f r the S th. At ali. events, the
courage, vi 'or and wilh which
the South had u -ht vvcic: certainly a
dlong picif of the e.i,ienee of a ieeluie
on toe pail of the South that they were!,
M..-noj; in ii (,'ium ami true c.'iu.-e. He
could wish very much that thorn was a
patriot in the Noil hern Ku!eof Ameiica
who would address President Lincoln, and
press upon h,m Ihe folly of persevering in
tho war which bo had commenced, lie
hail been readmit j,,. c ( . o. ij t,,
ing to Ihe meeting a speech of Lord Chat
ham, which ho made in the House, of
Lords, and which might now. in I si;:! 1,0
most :, t'y placed in the mouth of some
.Northern luitnot. In 177b Ainei iei h, .
elarwd its independence of (lic it I'.rilain.
and in 1777 un address of .onei aiulation
w u brought un in the llouso of l ords in,
tended to be presented to his Majc.sly up
on the progress of tho war, and to show
how icedy the people of Knghtnd were lo
back up; und on I ho o, ',"'. ion Lord Cha'.c
h tm, although infirm,' went down to the
I'ru.-.o Mm sail: "Let i:s open our r es
to (he di-aster which threatens us. That
people whom we lileiy spumed as. rebels
is now our avowed enemy. We havo not I
to wiige, war against bandits' and a".iiii-l.
bng'-inds, but tig.iih.-l undaunted and vir-
i.iiciij .airiois. um ,;anui;l ii.i.
l,-;.e,.t )0U Y'oU Cllll lb, 1 1
vSiuit.'ce t io-y rebels for V .Si,v
'yi-wf t!:lr UHiju,thnnl ', r!
trade languishes, vour tax. . ineie,
Parl'cuhtrs of tin: .' 1 , wilh tir ,(,:
r '.;--( HunJi- .l uJS;.,t;fjh. f then-mo
(; Mi,' lLiltr-ras Said l-'url-ihrcc Ih'uwn
cl. It was stateti yesterday that theConled-,
cate privateer Alabama had at rived at
Fort Loyal, Jamaica, and landed tho ofli
cers and crew (l(i5 in iniuiber) of the U.
S. gunbent Ilaltera:-, recently r.uiik by her
oil (iidveston, Trxas, during, an engage
ment. The crew of the Jlatteras are to
be sd;t home on board the American
vice Consul for that 'i'he Kings
ton (Jamaica) papers, have the details of
the oiig.'K'eiueiit between the Alabama
und Hattcras. They give a (..'oiii'eilerat..'.
version of the allair, as will be ecli by
iho follow ing :
AM) lI.VTl'Lll.VS.
(I'roiujtlic kiiigsien Jouruul, Jan. 22.)
l'Jii.H famous rover is now at Fori Loyal,'
having ariived thorn iu gallant btyle, wo
are iulorm, ,1, at eight o'clock on Tuesda y
night. No lilile surprise was felt by (ho
good folks of the tow u w hen vdiat Ihey
legarde.l a French ide.unei' turned out
to be the famous ".e. ZHI." '1 he objeci.
of nor vi.-it ivas roon made known, ltaps
pe;.;.s li::-t she was hard pressed by the
l'eel st ntoul for her cupture, anil when
oil Uulu'stoti ('ommociLie Seuoiiei con
.l ived the idea of making one of the in
tended deselator.s desolate, The gunboat
1 lultuas was in lull chase, and the Ma-
l. im.i then turned head and pirtended to
be running away, un, 1 Ihuo tlehided ber
piii.sut r in following up tiie corse. At
la-1 she turned lound and prepared I'm
biit;l -. (lending into th-j Haiieras a binad
side, which sunk her in thirteen minutes,
.-he look oil the oll'icei s and crow and came,
into Fort Uo) al tor the purpose of landing
the in. 'i hey were handed over to the
American Con mil, and Seuimes then pro
ceeded to Spanish Town to obtain tho
Lie iiienaut Oov, rnor'o peruii.ision to relit
his ship before leaving.
Another statement is that she cariied
French color.srand made known who
sho really was w hen she came up with
the llatteras and was prepared to give her
a broad. -ido, Ihe Alabama bus certainly
been severely riddled. Forly-llnee of t he
ClCW or llllj ilatto-aia ncra .Uovrnod,
The Alabama is a rakish looking vessel.
She was built at the F.irkeiihead Works
al a oubscriplion ol 2'JO iucm
ch'inls of that place and oilier ports hold
ing business 1 i-lal ions vviih Ihe Soolberii
lumige into ,lohn Jlenry'siSialet, and wtw picsenled us a gift to ITess
I. .-ill..!. ... 1, .,. . . . V
how lo
he wii!
Ik 1 1 be
in:; at
1 o-morrow ev enmg jouwiil g, t your
slfatc bout hi.ll-;a- '. six, wiih timg
ib'teriiiiuation t show John Ik.ny v, hi.!,
a g-a.vful litlb' you are 'on i.;.'
He le ads you from 'term firm i' lo 'terra
ieeu,' which jou at once t liscover to be a
thil'erent kind of 't, rra' ulloLether. You
bow to John Henry, and liii your right
loot, w hieli causes you to bow seventeen
Jiilerent ways nt once. John Henry tells
you to do as he docs. You try to do so,
and immediately -some one falls. You
look around to nco who it is, unci the
thought ktrikes yo; 'perhaps it i3 myself 1'
You are picked up, and fall down eleven
times without sion
Your skates are Jon-e. Of they
are, or you could s'.i ike out. John Henry
loosens an lightens your straps in the usu
al way. Vou strike our with hands and
met, with energy anu enthusiasm. The
former you
countenance, and with (he (vile r vou suc-
eerd in laving him out aioneside of your
self You rise, und he rues pari ially tiji,
und you throw yourself into Lis breadbas
ket in an inhuman way. You hoarsely
'John Henry I ? hall faint if you dish me
now ii ugiiin.-
blent I )av is, who appointed t'ommo loro
homilies to be commander, lhat officer
and his lieutenants Jolt Liverpool iu tho
Alabiima, equipped as a iloreship, and
were in a leu days alter joined ut an ap
poir.led lende.vous in li e placid waters
of the Azoic.-,, to h.ewatd of Te.-ecira, 1 y e
iin-iehmil i-e.r,.l l.,',., ....... T..t
II. i. -i. . . " .. . .n.i 'ran
in iHipu jou ut,, and you Mine:: him equipment in men, guns and ammunition ive time:, wilhout stopping. At last , The Alubama is a screw iU amer, built oi
,; )' u lee u i u ne per-uades you to wood and .Tipi-ei..!, is two hundred and
Release him whilo he wipes I he siv eat IV, m ten hot iu length, mi. row, pali.lcd black
I us lieblo brow. ,m nobly it ml the oul.-ide ami brown in-l,!.. I. ,, ,.,,,,:
oi'i :
ami, afti r sune
II f , I . , t r, 1 , .... 1 I .1 I 1
( J,eni ' 1 i..',,a iu r" 1 ", iiiio mm seoj'i. m, il. a Oi,
i, j """" I i ,'..1:11, ou i it. ii .
' VV .settle sltntii'e.lieuhrlv itilo.l'ihu 1
V''tsle.-ve. A lo .k of,!.-,.,,, tionsav.,;.,.
1 onr I'laiulv a a look an. Mbn n,.i,vv I,
your ,i , ,,. i, .i , i , : '.,.-'
levcnu.'s dimmish ; gold at this tnotr.ent 1 ' ' , u,0,,"u 1,1 u-'-is
at forty -tvVo pteminni. And why? Fes W!1.y
e.mse vou wish to continue (!.: ,".( '"'"'t bis watch
. " . . . . ' . ' Is It . ., ' . . I. 1 l..t. .. 1 ..
... ... ......... , I.,..,,,, , i ,.eu , ami your
dtetive ami s.ll-JcMroyinj w-,r. Their
suhjeclion is not to be acquired by force
of aim--; their affection may be ac'piired
by conciliation and ju: tic;-." ('heeis.)
Those very wor,F, eoeiinaed Sir b'.J.ert,
and they were spoken iu 1777 by Lord
Chatham, wcro applicable to the w ar in
America at Ihe present moment. He be
lieved, as lie luui saiu, leal em uici nation i . ,. .
......... ... 1: l. I.. , .. I ll . , I ' W .
" moie uieiv iu loiio,,' s -par Uiou t. an
union, and he should, as a lueinhei ofFui
i,.,.,,i i i .. i i . . .. i i .
i nuii-ii i., iiu j;i.iu lo lie note io I'lOK. on,:a i
lo ISfiJ, mid say that ha belonged o a gov-1
e-rr.inelit f,nntcd vn a mii v-ho tr-i tin
with a lirnliio fo; ward: is ii'.na.d wilh
tl.u e ice; SU pound, r caivoiia.ies r.t, e ach
i i'e , and one 0 j'-i,'ider pivot gun, and
i - picj aicd to moiiii' a 1 i.w-cl-n.-. r and
stun ciia.-er. Sho ia bar!: tu.i.-ted, wilii a
great part of her rigging of wire rope-; ho,
.--aik are in every lospecV adapted lor j,
ve Ssel oft ho ut.'iio. t spied ; tinder ealiva-s
she runs thirleeii knots an hour, and Ji I'
ll en knots, under .steam ; steam is got
:r.t mi in ( i,,Im,,i, ... l o l, . I
vou. .on go nomo, ami nnotvery juous, i . sorts loihe um of U unless in clce.c, on
yon iniiiK a lew very mil. I had words about exceptional euu r-c ncie.
n,oi ner sum you lit Li 1 lo ;:t home id nine.
i ,,.o 1' nave i e. ll an-Weivd : ,'1,'H
it is he lhat
:'i',ts lo go
f i .
, ... r-ll.ilL(l. 11 M ll'll 1,1 ft, lit
;'i" Lit i-nit. jtinan n;-r r,. . , .. ,..:,.:. o . . '"s,
',. ,-7.: . , n-i . n :-aio un, s ',,,iia
1 was over in Washington county ar
ranging somo i usiness connected with mv
inul riage wilh Lucy, when 1 board that
tiou ot this little
,,1'l.n, 1.U.I lUUlCll UULWIIIl LI1H t n ... I II ..
-'"- IU , U HI l (111 llwl f.,,.r.. .. . . : I
rn..ii a Ilia ,-if,.., II . I. . j .ii.!, iiiii, n;iie,I ills . .
., i. Hiuiouiicea nileiition of not rcturniinr to his nost J ""s ver 10 'our I''ayr, or ,lo you only re.
hut every man found with counterfeit j some days, while ll o o fers ,11. e i lwat tL a of dux J
uo.ioy in hi, posscoien should be tried by ! join i th, defence of Judee f , ,L !f'0!' a,.i.'-''1' 'ill answer, yes :
J" T 7, 1 V "u ""'ad tiieiu uj., bouliean and all to tho I,id.. 101 Me laH bnHl ,n 1118 l,ol ord,"Ask,and
nti cue right near a wood yard. The hut and at once gave , ,' ', J' J'Y ? ye ohull receive."
0 tho woo. vnr,l ituillil,, il,:,i .. i . 1 .i,...i..... .- ,T-'1"'1 ""J liles-agj ot his "
u tho taveru 1 tiept in. About ,1" bie.ik
1 Was avvako ovJ creat noiso. ntnl lonl.-in..
, . -
mpr mitini'
lie shall bo nell
Judge, altor heannir mu -i ,.i.. i . t .
- o j .. ..i,,o ciorv : oui I. ..'ii..':... ' ., P, -'
. ..v niu jiyonas were upou us. j.aili us no uiuu can lay vt hat will I,, .;,". J
-nnvja-s mounted and well armed, will, and Lucy thull 0 ma d no.H
"orod in a Krcen blanket at their head. 1 morning.' -wir.o.i to-moirow
l'oepod cautiouslv tl
iiU discovered about fifty prisoners, their
ban .li tied with cords bel
e'no o
of the
The active and energetic Judgo then
sent out mcKcngers in every direction
ed lo deal h : hut the iai or Li-iiic
. . . iij-r- i i i-ii , ,.
ihey Ultimately escaped lo lexao where "J -"..''"''.- '' hi '.'""! ;v,j t'cc m,;,
nmler anoiher name, I fear ho has e-oiitiii ,'"''"' ""ft.' y t.'w V hd .tLo
, , : . ... ... I t ... . r . I - . I I M I
U"U nis ntrocilies. citm iu.i.r n i.,,.. h " '. ivneeis. I lie v woo
wards troubled with such fearful scenes '')' "-oognition, put un end lo"lhemosl.
and thu check to tho Uyenas was a heavv 'ked lllM1 rnr'st ah,.iiiinab!e trallic, which
blow to Lvnch's law; which is thank lie 'lolu-vcd ", the eounei's
ii, i. .n:. I-,.. . ... 1 1 , . .1 1 i r i, . i . .. , ,
i iciven, l.llllllj. daily UIIO L'teatel' .lisle- v- . uti ; ,,1 .1 ,,,0 ;,):i 01 u
'ppect. As education, rnlighteiiment, and litr;'0 I'01 Uul1 ' the human race. (Loud
eivilialion. progress 111 the .Slates it tiiiist ,'"t'UI
entirely disappear, and liyemis and 'J'i- t lie Fans ,',,, A',,'.n'( Tho nreaii
cers will 00 rpokefi ol as thinns that were, of Frinen ',,r.len.,u....
Wnr .vu..lf I ..,...n..l :. :
. ... ,.,.,., ..uij.ijr OiHISUOU Will Up. ... t, ,,,.,,, 1 . . 1
pouring in the character unco ; sod 1. y r 1', ' ,' : ? M'l''l in vrk.,n
wife (ells me, that i m.ow to much great- , ' 1 ro,:Vh )m,r"!lls t0 ,v,,il" U
eriidvnntago inn milder p.rt ?J " , ,oH V uUl!,,or'- Tl"'1'
-r 1 l-'"1 prophesy lo Kin-ope :, ma-iuiacloi in:-
Ijin Jesus Anshek Yks 'Mamma is e'i"W infii.ilcly moie s.-i i,,Us than iho.-eof
talking to Jesus," said little Wary to her- Unca-hire. and of Iho Seine Inferieuro,
self, as she heard her mother nt, prayer in all(1 10 lvising ihu means of v, aiding off
the adjoining room. As .Mrs. II. left tho that scourge they crehem, 'Tho eau of
placo e if prayer, Mary ran to ber mother, 'bo evil is in Amirica, run it is from (hat
and asked very innocently, "Hid Jesus 1111- '"initiy f hat the infVdible remedv must
sweryes, Mulher?" . j be demanded. Cause the bloekad'o to be.
When you ki.eel ihwn bv vour bedside Irar-ed, and oil will soon have the three
to pray, elear ehildreti.nhinu of the iu-;- nnilions of bah. s of eoiton whieh are piled 1 .
up 111 Uie wanh.itises
Slates. I,e esiabks.i peace, and this very
ye;.r the slave .''tuies will furnish you w ith
ti.eii annual tribute o," I f xtile m:.tei ia!.'
liii-leu, (hey add--and this is the churac .
teii-tie point, the vital kiut of their re.,s
,...;.,.r h.ui..., ;r- 01 .0
r. .,... . . . . . 1 1 j . " ,l 110, 1,1(.,, v o u r
...,EA. VKAroav.-A mnny story is to;dsriv,s to ovcrwlielmed bv tho ns,,,..
at ou. Two member, of Ihe U(Wl, ofdislress. The preparation of tl,;
v, -v. I ".".---v. m nil, iiicir cotton plants take place in the
I . .
t-Kating in general, and le.irmi g to skat j
in particular.
four ,las aft, r, when vou are bt able
iround the hous,. without lio n
ing il' you aie n el.le-s e f life and liuii.
regardless of spi..i;.e, a-ikles- , r maiiiod
1 feller that your p., Lke- ai.ilynii d m'l
w 11! go alien ti.ore to leain
11s urn 10 one, thou h. t
much on ico.
t ij , .
- 1 rei'ii at -.'
iiai you
i.e. .So
N IN 1 o..-..
the sr. 11
, of whieh
biief :,i.
1 ii - ,:ini
a very
Do you expect ail
. :.. .1 . 1. -.. 1 1 ,1 1 . , c .
Onon'Jho, iro..;. 1 '" "': 1 iiviouuiiy u summon the 'Ji-
.(,.. --j-.i.. Ruoeivou ut me uo.vr 1 geia lor me next ,iay. ut live v.i .,'.
. , v0..DWTiU,uri..,fj iiiym i im.u nna on tho lin y or U11 n'TiciiIiunl
diir;.; . ,::t z 'crr:r::: runr m ai."" ineof
; r:r;:r i" , " ri ?ur nomcnt is there-
, . "'"".' - '' nsoiiiisiiiiieiu. ()l0 to ll0 losti j (J f.u, net l.t W -is him.
' ho inference : Unit 1 1.1 ''iimihiI,.,.iii,,,i . , . . . "v . ' "'"f!
, , , ..k.-.,.. 1 ion must oe itcieu 011 at
..i'iu B IlllblUKe.
aijv" tUICe. lieni'o
1 . : 1 ... .1 1 . '
.1 1 1 iusl 0,1 1110 lose. 1 , ,1 1 1111 in on ion ..i ,.
T;!!,,iTK)l1 cl,0Pler'g hut, and cried out, ! while- ho took caro t'o ..00 thai Hovorai ! .STTlle ff-owe-11 ueiui t e.f inuuiiy ut i t!' r at division must b9 Hbrtcd'
'Loot. t ' j Magistrates i-liould also be present 1 V ""'""e "as cont-nided us labors, but even wci o yvrierica a'l. rivardE topetish
vs tlm n? 1 ' VU rei5ulHtl11-' scDUiiurtils 1' 1 then joined Lucy, and told hoi of iJOr I UiC ruiiult' ls ot yet known. , in tonsc.uen, e. Lmkivois uro Ihen lote
.otilyBswW.ucceodoJ Ly a rille f;llior Vision. The dear girl made no ' Vhv i- a m.clle inTTT"Tt - 1 ',,HV V'"0 ,L",1,Juljlud ciiuy to
, ebjecliou. She firm aud deloimm 1 lJVul v. 1, , . V'V, t'110 '""' -Uul :'" ""'"'o and energetic
' ' " t'-U'i )oU M Imd it-,., j l,n ' li.tuveutiou, ai:d .t in wished to lo I thv
Tiu: I.v-Tiii ri ti
land h:., be-: rntbreal
of ,oori,t!s gi.-e only la icf m. I
repot I--. It , h.lA'.-vei, to h. ,.,: eiri"- I iu con , ;:, i;e, of l!m ihi .'-i .n ):.,.
,h:vy i:)!isr."ii '!,;. , r :r, !t. A g. n.e: 1
inn s:t,'-e . f :!,' Uie I:.:.-, i n hoops 'in th
cei.niry iv.s phucu-.-l ( ,r the t , I (lie
! -'.'( of . I .in:.:', y, and iii C'l'der to 1 led it
aitack.t weie ovny i Iio:e ia;.d' uj .1-5 ti'e
,letllcliri:Cnts i.f fi;!iii, I'.-, SCp 0',.l, i f CMT
itoie.l. 'J he Foi, s ki!!,"! ail Hl0 ..l,);,
'liieg f' 10 ol i:, tho hi.n--es where they wore
j billeted. The telegraph who. iu Iho
1 neighborhood oT Wai 1 .v wej o do-1 rove 1.
j I wo thou-and , nisei ipts lately oii'-olb-.J
jdcscited. and usst nibled rl dilieri Dt
points. Three c, uties of insui reel ion
j were in this way formed by bauds, e ich
, about one I bousand shun:'; (.no in (he
nc lion ol liii-:;.ei.:i.t ver-tsf. om W:o-.
....... 1. ... , 1.1.." ... . . .
r 1 1 v . , 1 i . ii..- -eeoiio 1 1,. 1 1 ... .an n t -,
of Iho S.iiitln 1 hi. p ,1, , 1 ,, . , ' i,. 1.. 1
I ...... .1.1-... ' 'Oil 01 li:i-e I- Oils V. I I ll)--
, pel ,,,'d ; llse eihei al,..r I -.vie ero, ,1
me vistip.i, .-::, led a junc;
troops of insurgents I'ni, had ;i
111 me I'.rett,- ,, .'.a.-., .. - ( ',,,,.1
I'.iken j.iace in woii.h a j iti
was won....... j und a general killed, uul
tlu whole kingdom of l'oland wa, ,!,, 1
1 i',i in a stale 01 siege. '1 ;10 garrison ol
W'aro.i' was iiiereu,.. to hudy' thou-arol
men. ami the l.ilct dispatch from St. I'cs
lersburij says "Worsavv is .piict'" it wue
by 110 means certain. i.otwil hstanil'ngd hat
any decided impression Und been made
on tho iusUiTi.'Ctinu.
:tbout ha!'
bin:' a.
ai'l, vvhiel
u vviih
:-:u! !,d
nr...'- L:..l
n eol, in
S, iuu;.s T'eaiii. lion. J. M. Rodgcrs, a
Hemocralic member of the Illinois Senate,
died suddenly last vveek. II is deal h leave
the Seiiulo eipially .Lv ided beiwocu the
two iiartios, with a rei.uhl.u u as iircaiaiii:-
FurtLer Pnrtijuhri;.
Kruii tin- Kliig-'vn iati bird, Jan. 1,
About midday se;.;er,!;,y I he ohi, ers anu
crew of Mm Ui.i'.i'd ciat- Heamcr llaiier
as wero left on shore iu thiseil. on u-nol.
i lhai they w ill uoi pd.o u(. Mt'ns or fi; hi
1 1'.-1 1 no on 1 ,-, le rate .'.Aeiioiw i-t 1, .o .1
han-ti'd by the Foiled Si -it ,-
."overmiKHit 11s ! 'i.-hhik of the Conlede'
et) States.
Vc gather Iho fiillo.ving ad lition.J
ticnl ii'-: :
( 'ii Sund iv, die 1 Ith iiisk, :it
pa-1 t wo o'clock, Ihe lhooklyu
i. tr, i guns, 1, 01,11110,1,1:0 I '.,.-! I
( di e ton, Texas, di-covci ed a :
she suppo-ed (o be a men -haul m.-.n i tn
iiieg bo: bloi-k'.d,., und 1;i1,k. ; ,lL.y sh; the Ilat'enu to give eiifiso. Tie
1,'itteras pi,r,ued her un'il d.::k. Tie
Aiab-'.t.ia then hove to and nw:.:!ed thei:
.'PI'ro."."h The Ha'.t, ras was prepan-r
'i:d ad the men went to uititeig. Sh,
be.- poke tho .stranger who replied she wa-.
"Fit's steamship Fetrel." Caj.l
!'! ik ol ihe Haib.ias, le ponded, li
Ihe meantime, the Al ibam.i aiiempte 1 . ,
mate, ante to (he :;, m (,f h0 lei as.
U bile oh'tiie poi I. ijii.-uter ( ' ipt. Flak
said ho would sen 1 his I , on b,,.,r 1 ;
ai d while in iheaet (flo' '.he bou!
Ihe Alal.a:i-.a sent a blank lildge .isU-r:
!! thu I-U'.i.'.ru.s. She hailed her e.nd : .h-:
t.i.e r.. . f, ml no boat, as sou w is lii
' 'o;,ie lt.r Me l !,aiieT Alabayn. Caplaii
i i ike t,,e,i '. ve lh.' mdi r U til o, en I in.
ei '.;: 1 ,e;:i,ut ei.aiied. Iiiabcut ten min
uli- a hole w :e, F -cov, red I ! v. ,-n win.,
end w.ii !' in the Ik. tie. as. File nl-: hrok
out in thu fore peak in the lower d k.bie
w m in(. out. A shot wa i S'. nt t hi ei lib,
.-le.'iM che-k Sho 1 hen sin rend. -red. Loin
iaiiiilelelv di-al.l 1. 'I'lie .,l-imi sen'
nil her bo il - to (a'o I he ci w o,!, and in .
few in: nut, s a'':er this .-he lank. 1 t),,
nhi.i's paper's wero savd.
Tut: (iK OK (ifS. MeKlNSTRV. --'I Ii
general order embracing (be fin-lir)."s'nii't
-'iil'mces of Ihe court, m ii i i d in thee .i
ofdeii. M.-K'in.lry, fit St. Lnuis, cover V.
pagfs of f,.oF, ip, the o-nt.'iii:o U that lo
be demisted I'roi.i the sei . ie.,.
Cu'' Tho r. -signal mn ,.f (i,n Ot.,,1, ,.i
Noith Caioiina ia saui Ui h.Uo Uoi.. .u.'c i,
Ud ey Ue Ficidcht.