Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 31, 1862, Image 1

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ft , . .'. r , rV i
D. W. MOORE. I p,i4n
vol. xxxiii. whom: no mj
TERMS-SI 23 per Annum, if paid in advance
,tf(( oeirn.
urn-:, i m.r.Mi'.v iui:!
lrinn th CrUia, Ohio.
Krd.iiicn, urine, if ill j n n drop
Of palrintie Llufl flown in ,T'"" veini j
It mill nun .purk of frocil'iia'a in,
I'piin y.iur trim yet muiiin.
V ill yp uliiinl lionoly by itnii to
V.jur 'hrnil ' ' ' nr tyrant's chain ?
II tut-.h tt. in in ojr Und may bu
Tlcn liuvu ' ur I .lii'Tj iliii'l tu viu!
Ahm ! fi.r frQ'lun 'jj her oi,s
M iir-t lin'Cr in u Icl'i.i'n cell.
'.r during tu u-n-tt the righu
Fur xhirh imr father!' f.njrlit ami Ml.
And have, they luiiM "ur Ka::l.i' winus
To imerp llim'li.'iivni's brmul arch in vain,
llrt' xiHiin iiiiuhty puwerlo bruiR
Tlio.i) hi'tors I'rnui their gruvui iijjiiin?
Tiny wmil.t on h trnit'.r's spirit grieve,
ll.iw wnul.l t-.-ifh cowir'tV eye prow dim,
If cnlioin on Hit' mdlen gid'.
Thr" cn 'iii the living voi"e ef 1'iin
V.'lii. I, miner wavd o'er Hunker's height !
W Irate voire raiiKlreu nil Moimn'tith pliiin--.
; Hint los fpirif, power Mid might.
Might guidd uur u;i tim 'f helm again
1.4 this the nnl.le 01U'. n ar l.
I tli's the gunl.'ii of the free,
mi.titli." 1' weiiry aileat toil,
A hie i.flvpK'i"! luwry ?
Jtonetilli I'm- ttnuntiy's llutf t f light,
If such lull I ho the pntrint'd ibmin,
Hint nut fin J ?'nr ofjlurv br'gb',
AnJ chuin her Knle t tho tuiub.
If frnm 'he Detr.i.i'mt'i fair miika.
llir u 'le.-t imift thin ho tirn,
nnnhull tho luM do.-p:iri" cry
(If I'ri'eil'.m (ill Iho wiuila he hiirno.
Ami wo (.hull cei a 'lefr ntV fla,
M ir iligah: vo nur father's I mes.
Ami Heel a reviiluliuu'f fire,
Tn iui ily nur l'allun '.hmueS
A Il.tri v Woman. Is she not the very
sparkle ut'.d suruhine of lil'e? A woman
who is happy Xm-ri-C she can't help it
whose tmiles even the coldest sj rinkle of
misfortune cannot darn pen. Men make
a terrible tnistako when thfy marry for
beauty, for talenla, or style. Tim sweet
est w ives pre those ho posscps the magic
secret of being contented under soy cir
eumstai'ces. Jiieh or poor, high or low,
it makes no difference ; tho bright little
fountain of joy bubbles up just as musi
cally in their hearts. Do they live in a
log cabin, the lire letips Up on its humble
hearth becomes brighter than the gilded
chandeliers in n Alladin pahce. Were
tb" bleum of life fo datk and unpropiv
t ious t! at thu mnshine of a happy fare
f d'tte; on the tui bin tide would not awa
k. nun answering gleam. Why, these
joj oils temj ered people don't kt-ow half
tho good the) do.
fca7"A con nl ry girl desirous cf rant
l imony received l'r u her inistresH a
J0 bill as her marriage gift. Jlcr
mistress desired to see the object cd
Susan's favor. and a dimu.iitive fellow,
swai'lhy ti1 a .Moor and us uly u an
ape, niadii' liis :ipcaaix.e.
" ( h, Susan '."said her niiMrcss.-'how
small l' av hat a slrungo choice you
have innde !"
"La, ma'am !" answered Sue, "in
Pilch hard times as these, when all
the tall and handsome fellows are oil
to the war, what more than this could,
you expect f r twenty dollars."
ffrtf-A wretched editor, who hasn't
a wife to take care of him, went the
other night to a ladicR' fair, lie says
he saw there 'an article which he fain
would call i is own hut it was not for
sale.' Jle declares thnt since that
liieht ho has been 'wrapturously
wretched.' .s the article was bound
be,, iv tho suni.osition is that it was
cither a girl or a keg of whiskey.
B-v-V.oan Swift was once called up
rin to dolivcr a charity sermon. Ta-
kini? tho lmhiit, he delivered the fol
lowini, and sat down : "Jle that giv-
cth to the poor lendeth to the Lord.
"Ifyou like Iho sccurit-, down with
the dust." The result was an unpre
cedented subscription.
St-A ublin journal observes that
a htu.dhill announcing a puUio meet-
mil; in nun i 1 1 t l;lH.,, Willi .'Viiiu
-alitv tl,.,t 1 1,., ,.;.l,o.
less liot..
iMit,inu invinn ii niu. '1 I
"aro invited to 'at-1
distinction of spa,
jetf-What a good lesson the oid ma
tron t.nieht to children, when she sain
-"t'hi'.'ren. vou may have anythir.c
you want, but you inusn I want any
thing yu can't have.'''
'j"Sninc ardent uevoieis u iruue
would go to hell itself if they could
gel bargains there There rirst salu- i
tation 'on meeting with tho devil
would ho, "Well old boy, how f ml-.
pher t"
ri?-An ld sailor nnding a corKcu
r. I. I. . I
hnttlo flnnfinrr on MiO Sen. Opened it,
with the soliloquy, 'Hum I hope ; gin time a doien ca or more mil have pas
I think ; tracts, by jiugo I' and threw ed into the. other wor'.d for examination !
it back into tho wat'tT. I They were probably off to Washington
, .. c ii n having a good time; they never work
terlf every word men niter fell to """'fe fc 1
tho ground and grew up a blade of hut three or four hours a day. 1 heard a
grass, most public speeches would be gentleman telling a momher of Congress
M-crth ten timeb as much an they now from Ohio who was there, that ho had
arc. ijust found Iwo men from that Slate who
kirrroiuissory notes Tuning tho wer never mustered in! They enlisted,
fiddle beforo the performance begins, but were rejected cn exumination and
Cnrrcpoti'lenco of tho Philadelphia Hullotin.
Horrors of the Convalescent Camp.
Wasiiinuton, Siilunlay Tap, Dec. l.'i.
I have just rotumoil from tho no-railed
jConvalm'ont Camp at Aloxandrin, Imviri"
njipnttbo day in prnirli of sick lVnn.syl
vnnin eoldicrs. Aloro than cvrr do I rr
aliza somolliing of 'inun'tt inhtitnnnity to
niaii.' Yon may have h'nrd u gnoil diil
abuui the ulniM's In thai camp ; but the
half lm.i not lieon told you. The i
merit and condition of some of its inmates
nonio of its iot ims is positively shock-,
(ining- cut from Alexandria, I passed tho
notrinus slave pen of Trice, liiroh & Co.,
dealers in Slaves.' 1 conjured up all sorU
of horrot". inside) of those liiph brick walls
in dnv pi!ie by. 1 imagined, or tried tn,
soniothiii of tho crushed spirit? and bleed,
in" heart and the physical torture of tho
thousandsof human beings, oldaiid young, j be Ind. a dozen examining boauls. ct
knocked off to the highest bidder in the , slow as they are, the papcu will bu gona
souls and bodies of men, women und ehiK I tivo or three weeks to Washington for apN
'lien in lhat dtrk, dirty prison place. Hut iproval. They should examino every iuaii
coming I ack bv it after one day's visit to at once ; il he is down sick, send him to a
that camp in tho mud, after looking int.) j hospital : if well, to his regiment ; if in
tho wan, fpiritlcss, pitiful faces of tho j curable, discharge him. Send them oil
thousands there, who have hoped again st somewhere, anyv here, but for God's sake,
hope, till a'l coui igf is lost, :md seeing , don't keep them there to die by inches.
where they eat, mm si ep, ami live, or ras ,
ther die by inches, in the filth, t nd ver.
min, and mire of that hue provokingly (
nicknamed a 'frmWl Canp, 1 con-1
eluded that tho old slave pen of io many
;c'.ual and imaginary horror?, wouid be a
iv voted luxury to many of tho leave, j
good-hearted fellows on the hill And so'
it would.
I n the first place, the whole bleak, bar-
re n hill on which the camp is located is
this day covered in many places with
sticky mud, when wo have had no nwn
for a week. In stormy times one can't
atl 10 go ill HiiMe iim-, ui cini r,ri,
. ... ....l.l.. .!... ... f.f.n
I'he tents arf huddled 'ogether
without floors or straw. I 'itch the soil its
you wiil and it is damp if not soaking wet.
This is the convalescent's bed. If ho lias
a blanket, which isn't always the ca c,
that i- nis coveneg. (lis luel he luings on
his back two or threw miles, having to
I tike the limbs cut last winter at that point.
I saw at least a dozen cariying their bun-
dies of slicks thus to day, like ihoold nun
in the child story, who was met oy Uca Mi
on the way. And yet I saw at least twcn
ty cords of good dry wood piled up in
camp! I asked one in charge why they
did this, and he thought they didn't
thought it wasn't necessary yet 1 saw it,
and it is doiio every dry. Iho papers
have said that several men froze to death
in one cold night while thus engaged.
lie said but o tie had died by his pile of
sticks, and they thought he was murder
ed ; one was found in the privy, but they
didn't think he froze to death ! Heaven ly
consolation to his friends that will be,
won't it ? I asked the boys why they hud
to biuk wood when there was wood in
camp", They said they got part of a slick
from some under tocook their food
sometimes, and sometimes they did'nt
never half enoncdi for cold weather. I
asked why Ihey dil'nteuia f''U1
timber standing half a mile or mote from
camp. They said thr.t it was guarded, and al(1 j,I3(urjc,( ftnd all the heart calls a ' tlli(.k. At riht angles nith this coui-e
the guards bad orders to fire on a tresptm- hom,t wUh a fc,iovvitlg enthusiasm to carry j is other id six similar stom-s about the
ser-lhata few of them got some rails one the M fl,lg i,lav.t,ly through the battlo 1 Sk,ne iU0 fts tbo former, and on these six
cold night and a guard of soldinrs cocked Morn,( or flie i.t.neatU its starry folds, he I 5tonc,s yui ti,0 three great monoliths of an
their guns and (ompelled us to abandon i,rcolll05 ,i10 fpi,-iiless, dejected, ruined , cionl workmanship. ' Th. -so three stones
tlie'"' ! objects of pity, caring little, whether he1 ult.:lsU'.e in gross 1 -,i feci in leiiL'th each
I saw two mer washing their shirts in a;,ivM or (llos. sir it is one of the sad.b-t 1 i.i,,. ,t.tV 0g, 1-J feet lii-h and about
creek two mib-s away-the nearest good sighti of my ife. ,nd the remedy is with ' tIl,, "stnic thickness. No man knows who
wasmi.g pi i.e. TisKeii ineiii l"l'J
1 .l ... .' ....1. 1 s.s nun'
longed lo tho convalescent camp
num.. uimliKiai.iui1'.
rep.'ie.i 'no; we l.elong to.ttio vM camp
and I believe him! I heard an assists
ant ttirgecn soy that a young soldier of
his ward was then lying in his tent on tho
ground, with a raging fever and had been
L twen y hncim(i h(J hfti )0
vacant, ecu in u.e nos,.,...,.
- t i . .i i :!
I remarked
that EUch a s,,,le f Mue 0UB,,t t0 '' eXS
p0"d. ho replied, "you ran I say too
much painsl the abuses here, or make
them s h.vl a.s they are. Hut tve (the
AwManli.) tre to oiamo ; , u ...
,, . j n
we can ; wo ImvP ncJ J'ower. I tried to
haveps itued t.J fee' friends who
have been there sinco July, lo lC exanun,
couldn't do it-siid uioro ?aswi
wero out then than could le examined in
three days, lie and oilier Assistants had
been prohibited from examining and a spe-
cial board ol three had lieer. appointed.
On their door was written. '.No business
done tosday nor till Monday' by which
wont home. Subsequently they were tr-
retted us deserters, put in there and can't
get out.
Col. Mclknnp, who wnn in conitimud,
seemed willing and unxioua to mend tnat-
lets. Ilo said bo would .shrink from no
rcHponsibility or duty, but he hud not
f'ull control; ho was interfered with ; ho
could not compel tho surgeons to act ; mid
two of them wero at lopgerliendu, each
claiming to bo chief. Ilu requi-itiotis
wure not promptly tilled, and if ho sent to
the Quartermaster tieneral for teams, ho
was told ihey hail such a nuinbcr and that
was enough ; while the fact was, many cf
those charged to him had been captured
t'y the rebels Bomo time ago.
The trouble, I think, begins with Iho
doctors. .Nothing can bo dene without an
oiliciul examination.and they don't exam-
ine n quarter fust, enough. There should
liuintred. - oi lives, i itoiun not, nave o. . n ,
uselessly, reckle-sly sacrificed there aire;.- j
dy, and hundreds more udll bo, unle.-s
CongroiS .ipplies the letaedy, for the Med
cal Department won't, or it could ha e !
done so lorg ago,
Then, I niistiusf, there are a set oi
thieving, shiftless middlo men and under
ollicialn, who oppress the soldier by their
petty power and filch his food. If he
wants to sell sotno articles for others his
sickly appetite will relish, hieh is aceors
ding to army regulations the rations ate
stopped. The presumption ri that when
souiiei o ai a mo. i , 1:1 t ucn a jnace us A lex"
i l: . . I. - . :. . . .1. . . l . t . .. .
andtia, there is a gio-s neglect of offieiid
duty or thieving officials soniewhete, for :
tho Government is not at fault. No sol-;
jjes vvere eV(,r more bountifully furnish
eJ as out s aro now. And tlo re is
j sl t-1 it: 1 o of necessity or excuse for suffer-
jn(r, or even hard fare in this or any other
canip so easy cf access, if el'.icials do their
juty nj t10 lnPn , theirs.
jt ;s j.iiit,,! rnough to see so many poor,
bre-keiisspirited, crippled fellow, gather
nrounj a ,))ul, who comes in to look up a
f,.;,,,,, limi plead .vith tears and oilers of
u tbeir four, or six, or eight months back
for m,my of t)ein ,.ivll-t H cont
jn ejx monlIlSi ;fl)0 woui,; ony hcp ,iiem
ou( Thov iave asked, and looked and
.:.., m ' th nfiel. month to he examined.
They think if they have some member of
Congress, or influential friend, to give in
their names, they will reoeivo attention ; ' diameter and nearly ninety feet high
and so they will- But alone and unaided mud of sections of stones piled one on
they look upon all effort as useless. If, ihe other.
they make complaint of abuses, I hoy say ; 'phe great stones of ancient art ate
they are gruffly repulsed and told to mind ( f0 n o -1 at IViiilbeck in yaria. The Roman
their own business'. This for men living1 ru'm there overlie the remains of a (',, -perhaps
in luxury at homo, and quite sus c'.opcan age. History and tradition are
perior ir. position and worth to many of sj;,-.,t as to the men w ho hewed those
their petty tyrants, conies a little lough an,it!,t, remaining memories of the days
on tni(. froeborn American cilizi'lis. AnJinfnl,ta Ten stones in one course, side
thus t)l0 b,ave, high spirited, enthusiastic ;
, ,rir)tlcniIv i0rt fnends !
the press and the people. let Iho fa set
- ... I
their Congressmen at work, for the can ;
rcform these abuses if thev will.
Remakable Works of Human Lobor
Ninevah was 11 miles long, 8 wide and
4'i miles round, with a wall 100 feet high,
and thick enough for three chariots
ablest. Babylon "was 50 miles w iihin the
walls, which were 75 feet thick and 100
feet high, with brazen gates. Tho temple ,
of Diannh at Hphcsus was
feet lo
support tho roof. It was 100 years in '
building. The largest or Ihe pyramid?
was 481 feet high, and C53 feet on the
sides; the base covered eleven acres.
The stones are about CO feet in length and i
the layers ori 20, '.t employed 3?,0,fHH;
men in building. The labyrinth in Egypt :
presents ruins 17 miles round, and 100
patet. Carthage was 2'J miles round. j
Athens was 25 rntlos round, and contained j
359,000 citizens and 400,000 slaves. Iho
temple of Delphos wa o rich in . dona- j
tions that it was plundered of oO.OOO.OOd,
nd Nero carried away from it two hun-
dred statue. Tho walls of Rome were 13
miles round."
' - r , , , .
Ve find the above paragraph going the
rounds of the papers, and stop it for the
purpose of correcting some or its errors
It i an unfortunate fact that a vt deal cf
the history and information which isgiv
en to general readers who do not study
authorities N of the cl.ivn contained in this
paragraph pi ovsly untrue, nd nvid" up
l y i-'.'nio Peit atiiMi lrcturcr ur j -1 . n i
litter. I'erlnps no better illtil r :il i n can
,f iivrn than 'ny it-ten ir:: to a i ntuition or
ror tauybt in nnny books And :no-t Sun-
day School-, that Til us, the Koynl Impi-
rial ennipioror of Jerusalem, plowed tip
C fjf tbe city and sowed it. with mil.
Tiiis iff.1,.l,u- ct.iy originate 1 uitliiu
t!. present century, and is without Ihc
s!ib'.e-t foundation intact. The stones
i ,l,.rus.ileiii that n-m.iin in
' h,t,.s to-day tdiow the utter imposibdiiy id
the oreurrenee, whieh -.'as ncser be n d nl
,,y n;-.y hi-t uiau . r wi iter of earli-r titties,
e lind rcpcaK d in the above para.
,,1, ;l v,,rj. ,.(u;u ainy u'.'.nit lit.-
0r i!,c , tones of tho pvami-ls of lv;vl.
-j-j,,,.. ..0 c . :i, : tl) i j 1 v reported to to el
ignai si.e. The writer above named
j make, then! sixty feel long Tho si.e. of
the stones forms no pait of the wonder i I
the ;.vt .i.ii !-' There 'ire many mi c.elnrr.'
in the win Id containing much I.ifg 'i ni'.n
oliths, ulid modern nichilH'K Ireq'ietilly
use stones larger and heavier than :my in
llio pyramids. Tho larjet course ot
. I.. r. N..t,r C,.,l. r..-l In,,
SMOll'S III '.-ll'-"'3 "K- UIJ l'vt . .
inclies in lliic.iiiess, aim me. ktotus vai
,ri ,,M ), (ro n fjur to ei rht C el. Theie
. ft srny n siotlCj ;,, ti, ii. , roofing the
i(S!..,.H UM J , .ha'.nler s, which aro larger,
lut (ljcse ,llf. nnl ,Ml)cll ,eavier than Uie
i,4 fienucntly see carried along
l'.rO'.id.vny und placed (in the sidewalks
iti front of new buildings as pavement,
and i.l.-o roofing for the vaults under the
street. Thcwond-r of the- great pyra
mids is that such a vast mass of stones
should bo idled up, but it is t ot to be
doubted if any cue cat cd to ser.l a tew
million dollars in America, a tac-sitnile o!
the p) rui.iid of Cheops could be cr-cted
lu,-t. tO-d.l)'
jr., ,.1, eretitcr wonders are found in 'he
Monolithic statues f F.gypt, ;.ud in the
t.uimi,s f tho great hall of Kama!;.
still the paragraph thai w hc-io is again
in .moss erior when it desci d ;-s tin; imti-
of Thebes as twenty, seven miles in cir
cumference, and the story of a hundred
gates but a passage from ancient poetry.
Tne ruins of Thebes are but few in nunibci
and lio in detached places two miles or so
apart on one side of tho hill and about
the satve on iho other side. I he mono
li'.hio statues, one of which lives in tradis
tion ns the vocal Memnon, ate indeed
wonderful remains of tho grandeur of an.
dent art, and so are nearly all tho'fhcbnn
ruins. No architect of modern times
would undertake to build one column ot
the tweive great columns of Karnak.
Ktch of these is a column tw eve feet in
v'si,U.iaro each about thirty feet long,
...-. , f,.... l.i-l, and tor feet six inches
bewed them and laid lh-i there. A
fvjrth stouo of the same general dituens
Uirt. lies i a ouarrv a mill. distant.
I whence it never
'vas remove
I . . , ., ... 1 1 !.,. ,1,.,,,:.
I it lias lain lucre more mini cnee niuu--
and years.
! We might con cot other crr as in the
'paragraph we have copied. Thu siego ol
Ninevah and that of Babylon are merely
conjectural. The story of the Mj.yptia:i
labtynth is from the f'a.her of hi-lotian
and some piolane people liavo n-giroe i
Herodotus a a father ot talschood too,
tlmcgh, it is not to be denied that modern
d.scveries are doing much to establish
the credit of the -.Id Greek.
'v- Jwml Commerce.
gj.j- am glad this colfee dont owe
aie anything," sai l Brown, a boarder at
the breaklast table.
..Y,y ?'' said Smith.
"Because," said Brown, "I dont believe
it would ever settle 1"
o iTTT.-e ,.,ed in ma-
Wwf, ( JolI1 al) Jcry n!lmely, hen's cgg
ftrKi nutm etgs.
rfi.Vhy is a lady who bus bought
a sable enpe at half price, liko nu ojli-
trot her fur-low
traTWhv is a kiss like a formon?
1l 4... A as A n s AY-,t.lo..
4u l'l
(From the New lhunpshiro I'atri.-i. I BATTLE OF FREDERICKSBURO.
How Richmond was not Token. PFS!', Trr rimM ciix. DWSSIDE
When (ten. McClellau went to York-: TO (i7.'.. 2IM.I.F.CK.
town last sprine: b had ihu piomiso of, Particulars of the Engagement,
ceitain fnrces for I ho capture, of Kichmnnd. I II k.m.oi aui i s Aiun- or niu 1'otomac,
rpon bis all ivnl 1 efote Hie rcl i I works, December 19. J
at 'oI!.lolvl be v. as inforuicd by tbu ; J'" Mijr (1,-nfTal J. If. ILiUick, General
Washington mil bet it 1,-s that it large por- oi-( ' ,', I'. S. A ir.vnV.'.Vi :
lion of 1 1 1 c -o to; , a-i Mi -Dowt We. corj s nml (m int!; I have tho honor to offer
I'r.mMi'i't 1 1 v i -i. i . sumo I'U,''1'1, ) uould the following reasons f,,r moving the Ar
not be l. , v I in j-.iti hi;, i : bat, MeDow- 1 my of the I'oioniar! across the liappahan-
ell's in.i-i.-t1 weio m i,t to ic I in idleness at
I-1 e.lci i, k-iiiu n. "l in- inlei ,'eri-iice w ith t l'rcsider.t, Secretary of War or yourself,
his plans and diminution of his force., not j and lor crossing at a point di lb-re n t from
only pn vi uie 1 l.isu li'.tu "bag:;ii:,:'' the , the one indicated to you u our lad ineet
rebel army ,.t Vm l.l"wu. and liius s,-i u I ing lit t lie 1'res: lent s :
ting the capture of Richmond, but e.ui-ed j During my pre par tl ion s for at
all thu teri ibl.' loi-e, and Mill' l in-- jf the the place I had lir-!. . -A ' ed, I di c . red
subsequent c ttiipaign. J that the enemy had thriwn a .rge portion
Aitei '. at ils, in .M':y, wdien Gen. Voit- r' ' r,f his force u,i-.mi tho rive r and elsewhere,
cor s marched to II. n over Court i b ai-e, ' l bus weakening his defences in front ; ami
jo miles iirith ol Richmond towaiiis' l also thought I discovered timt ho did
l-'i'c ii'i it ks'.is -.', if McDowell then had ! not anticipate the cro-sini; of our vho!
been pel in it (oil to join him there, Rich
mond could liavu been taken, and all tin
I.m.-cs aii'l suiJ -i ings ol 1'ope's rctieat and
the, Mar l.-.r. 1 campaign would have be:ti
hvo: Ic 1.
'I iic-e are,- facts i t history, sub-lau-
tia'.cd as conclti
ve'y as
lac's can
ever be ni oved .
' ien. Mct'leliau, 1
itch is the I'-limoiiy (;!
cciitly given in a 'out i
M artial hi W.i-iiintoti in tho case of Gen,
McDowidl. In t testimony lie .-aid:
"1 havi! iio doubt -aid. f r it has Cvcr
been my opinion, lint '! Aran ?f 'he I'v
i. -.' ,.v th ,'.V,.'ho- -. t Ihi
f-r.i ,.f (,'.'!. .V-l '! v i,'-tr:itMf-n it.
It is also my opinion that bad liie com
mand of Hen. Mi I'of ell joined the Army
of Ihc r,.:oniac i:i M.iv, by wav of Haiv
vcr Court If .use It-o in I'lvdi'it -hxburj.', w.v
;-.. ,.,- h.t.l A'-VA !.... "'da .! ,-. k i'j'ia
!,' j. (.;, ,,n. not bold lo-n. McDoW'
eil re? pen -iVl.', in my t.iind. tor tho fail
ure to, join me on t ittier oeoa-ion-"
lie id-o testified that the troops for the
defense of V.Viiiigton numbeic l about
r-,r "i, exclusive ot Mci'o'.vi U's corps.
-f t - -1. . M ! 'ii Han, in to certain
. -n.-l i e- o. Icoi jiirt, (.--'.ve iiis npoic i;
'let I ."!; -.ui' - nun ontctit araiii.-'., 1 ettci al
'an. s was 'o, few.iU reitiforccinenl.; be-it-;:
-eiit to Ihe army of the Potomac, and
be c ;p.ossed that opinion to the I're-U
dent in : ti legrain witLm a day of the
time lie ('lltii)) received inliiruiation
of Jackson's movement. If McDowell
had moved direct upon Hanover Cour'.
Iloii.-c iiiotead ol in the dirrclion of Front
Royal, Inck.-on would have rapidly rev
traced his steps lo join the main rebel ar
my ct Richmond. With a strong army of
our o n in the vicinity, ond threatening
it, Mci'b-Ran did not think tho rebels
wocld have detached a siitiicictit force to
seriously endanger the safety of Washing
ton." Here is the opinion of the r.blcst mili
tary commander ol the country, that but
lor the withdrawal of McDowell's corp.-,
Richmond would have been taken. Here
is ulso his opinion thai il McDowell had
been permitted to join him in May, Rich
mond would have been taken within a
week. 1'tit this docs not rest up n bis
alone. Mien was .;eiowen s
it.d that of the ablest command-
ol the Army ot the l oto-iiac. ucli is
the ie
or. led opinion of th I'l'ino de
Joinviib- wlr) was
with tl..-
'l.'.'M I
l!,: li. -hni !' (' ; .'.
is staled by Mr. W. II. IK
then a prisoner there and
I'his latter fact
belt, who was
had favorable
opportunities o
artim-' tneir vi'-ws ano
Now it is an e-!a'oc.-iie.l and admitted
fact that Abraham Lincoln alone is re.-,,
pon-ible for th!- wicked iiilerlV'ren"! with
Gen. McClcllati's .1 in and for defeating
Ills success; um! it is thereby prove ! that
the en-l-re ,.' ;,',', n,.., I " is (:, ,A ", '.. in
the space of two months, by him, This
cannot now be denied. It was Abraham
Lincoln v ho divided the Army of the
Potomac, i.itd gave Gen. McDr.vcll a tep-
tuate coinm-nd. ltw.a- ho who H-lu-edl
to allow Mc I Kiwell to join McClellin, af. j
terwards, when Mcl'owcil v.iola to l,im
that Little Mac had reached Hanover
Court House, Mid added, "For Go IV wake,
Mr. President, let me join him at thij
,-iiiicai moment. it was no who ru.:r
ed Mcl'oweil s leireiiT, even inter secret a -
rv Stanton, bitter 's be was hptnnst Mcs
... I ..1 LO,, or..- In ...I.
in. i,ii' t . i. ...... -
i i . -, l .'. . ' ....
the force in and Hrotmd Washington,"
saysMcCle'dati. "as double that deemed
neecsar- by the oifieors." Tt ;.!'. I'rrsi-
J.-nl who' every itis'an yielded to(
the political p-sure for interlerenee with,
McCiellan's plans. And why did ho thus
willuUy, as u .-ci nis, defeat I ts great pur.
pose? As the Brovi denco V-t says, "we
had K chniond at our fingers' end. W the
vri-c matched away h Ahraham J.iic'n !
Wiis McDowell reeded to defend Wash-
ington" N'G! Nobody believes it. We
,1,,,1't .:. A'-roh im TA-le.An k'i.rcJ at the
;' Tho truth is, it was leemed better
that e should lose a thousand chances of,
capturing Richmond, than that fieorg B. '
McCkllan should capture il !" '
Vance, ill Ills nsinii"ia oce'ie uc- eaiuil '
Mail a!. Gen. Mc'.'leil, in aid--' T:,e V.-j-; ed about "". our prisoners about 00''
'!, ..-; ihc n .mx'fi '. (.'' ,:l,.u"j.' U ,c.h have 1. paioleii nsd rxcunng" '
Mel), irrhl't tt.-ffimii'm." He wanted Mc-' j-,,,. fl,0t the acie nunibcr taken byu
Dnwell to defend Washington, 'although' , j ...... .11 ran,n.aA ,n (u;
nock sooner than was anticipated by thu
foice at 1'ic'ei-icl: burg, and hoped by
rapidly throwing the whole command
over at that pi. ice to separate, by u igo: -ous
.attack, the forces of the. eiiorr." on the
i rivet- below from the forces behind and on
too ciest, und ill the rear of th" town, in
which case we c:rA 1 fight him with i toat'o in our favor. To do I Lis wo
had to gain a height on the "xtrctne right
jl the crest, which height conic-.tided a
new ro'td lady tnado by the "iieiny lor
the purpos... ' ' more rapid comnunictt;-"n
along his lines., uLicli point fjair .d, his
position along the crest v. ould have been
-cuccly fetiable, end he could It ivo been
d'-iven from tiicfl -.. ily h n. .ttack ori
b; front in connection i..i.u u movement
in the i r of the crest.
!lnv ic ir we came to nec-.midishingonr
i'b;cct future reports wi'l saow. But for
tho foiand CM-it.ocled and unavoidable
deiaV of b.ol llttg 'be bridges, which gave)
the enemy twentysf.-ur ho-n-s moro to
c .t-.C'titr.'.' bis f'-rcej in his strong jiosi
t:er . we ouM certainly have succeeded,
in which ' a--r t)p battlo -.-'.'ill I have br-ia,
in my opinion, far rjor- decMve than if
we had crosred at the plac .'eotod ; as it
-a, we canto very near succ. .
Failing in accotnt hshing thti main ob
ject, wo lemained in order ol ij.i'.tlo two
days, long enough to dec'de that the one--my
would not come out of his strongholds
to fight us with his infc.ntiy, after which
we rccro'scd to this side cf he river tin.
mole.ded, without tho los3 of men or
As tho day broke our long linea of
troops weie seen launching to their dif
ferent positions as it' going on parade.
Not the least demoralization or disorgani
ization exist"..
To tho brave ofli vrs and soldiers who
accomplish! d the feat of thus recrossing in
Ihe face of tho enemy, I owo everything.
For the failure in tiio attack I am respon
sible, as the extreme gallantry, courage
and endurance shuwn by them was never
excelled, and would have carried the
points bad it been po.--iblo.
T.i the families and friends of thu dead
lean only offer my heartfelt sympathy,
but for the wounded I can olfer my earn
est pray eis for their comfort and final re
covery. Tho fact that I de tided to move from
Wa.-hington on to litis line ralh.'r ajains!
the opinion of i ho President, S. .tary.
and yourself, and tint you have 1 i the
whoh) li!ovetn"ni. in t;;y hands .about
giving me orders, makes mo the .io;e re
s onsiblo.
I will visit yon very sici) an I i:lv, you
more definite inl'ortnati r , an 1 fioih wil
send i on my di't.dlud iij ' rt, in 1 i. o
s pecial ackiiuw ledgiiH lit ivdl be m ide u'.
the c-ervVc-of the t.'iffercnt gt.o: I divi
ions, corps, and my general and pacsona'
stall' depai tments of tho Army of tho Bo
: ton, tic, (o whom I am much ir. 1 htod f.v
t'leir s'ippoit and hearty c i-o-.-; dim.
I will a libera thai ihu movement w.,
made carii'T than yon oype.'ted , and a!
tcr the l'resident, S.!.-t-ctaiy and yourse'
requested me not to bo In haste, fir th.
( ,.,,..,, t,.l( we wore supplied much soon
1 pj.
the dill'erent btafl'departmenis tliai.
was auticii .led when I last taw
' 'UI K lo I anionill, lo 1.IJ-, in.: .
I . . . 1 I W .... ..
. , ,
' tho river bfor- tb - .acuatioi'
mid are being w ell car'"' Ihodea.
vcre !t'l l.iticd under a flag of truco.
jr.,Hi,l)!, ,ciort a much more lar
lorlion of w-ounds 1(C.-
h I i f . , '
""'.V bcins trealc I in the I- i-piu s.
I am g'-d tc -.ep-es-nt the army at th
present torn t.i ; oo.i condition, t'"
the governn "ul for that entire suppon
and cot-'i ' r.ce which i br. i 'ways e
(eivedl. :u them.
I rem u, General, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
Msj. Gen. Com'g. Army cf (berotoma