Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 17, 1862, Image 4

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1 . iii.iii,iiw.bc , , , ., 1 1 .., , , ( wH f..Wni.iWi... ,..,,.., mL,l r r
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, I I 1 1 'l llln 'fill.
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.. , ! If rV. t In l mice, " I'I' m th-. tn' nth
"' " ,'",hf,ln-..M.l witMi, llieicer, -
i I '! II i J'!!' I, ll'' livin ' ,,, f!t ho e J'ir it i.,t . I tli tear,
1 1 I.'1 il l - ; ;iii'l ill H i' I
f (in-it, f.r liiiifi ll i
In' Malii or t ii I x . Mrili K ll il;i!M
i vin;.', iiii'l c'!i'i'tiriitly nMft
lii" 1 1 "(.'Hit. y. Jlc thilil;. I"l' lii Mi
ni!'. el.oorH.. 1 ! I iiihI for liitn-
m'.I In iii t. M:i:i ia Miuve.l I'V inllii
uuvf ; hut no liter It. '.v tr i ik l tlit-M-influent
o- limy I f w li'ili roii. t liiin
'ethic, ever a nl iini.ii tin no nets :iiv
' , !l d il !l!S li 11. illl I t'ul' til" 111 ho
ai .. ii : ii ' .lo i-i Alinility i" I Ev
il luMIi his ilulir- t -.2 perform ; In'
v. ' ; !-!iii!'!.' tlum oil' iiii)ii another,
t r'.,;ii.'i' they urc his d-d it's ; noil'it-r
l all t ht l'' I .' il I l','Ulfoi' Ol CMIM-il'lICO,
tor 1 1 ml lidl'l.-. him individually rcs":i
k!i!v. tor their ili-cli:iru'o .
i;is s; iri'. uiid i ! ' .-iiiru oi i.i.s i hi. i, ii-i
lllill, Mil V, I, (I )..
nhii::.."-. M:.n
.!! ' ii II US-lll till! l'.-iH'll-
hin-t l"dii vt' !i.r liiiii
UitiM'lt', iniist It i .
-r!.', !i::'.i f'.'l- !.;i:iril
3V.'!., iV'-elit. !-.-r
vti lc ; ,'ir liiin
wii! l o ::iYed (.1'
b-'cain i jial P.
to rc.isiiu villi
prove iir d x ! t
1. ' 'H'.x .i - Wo Ulllil
our lii'ii: it, and to I
:ic-i itli fiji'idusiw
iU'j;uiiK'i:ts ; iind ii'( m.'ivly to ioldri'.--
their iiinurinatioii:. mrl iiii.'c'.iuns : bui
our iv;iso;ii nr.- should ho ih duci'd J'iiii.
cr t'.)Uii'!rd on, the Word of (i id; olh
crwino wosliitll lis..' oiirsi-lvcs in viuji
ty Hpoi uliitioiK-jOr o ln't-'inl ..i:inU jt!i,
by allci.ij.tiii diseusMOiis l'.r which
weiiro lolally iiH'inii.'lcnt. 1'at '.vln'ii
wo cU-iii'ly cj)'-vi and .-x j 1 : i i n tlo: ri j
turoH. and support our ciii' lu-ions ly
t.'.stiiiioi'.ics ut Holy Writ ; when we
thus cvidonlly lay ho'.'orc men those
truths1, that, relate to the person. Mil-icrii:-;:'.
resurrei iioi), ami kingdom of
Jcsir 'JiirUt ; and then applv such suh-
jeets to their heart h and "onsoiuni-cs
: i i i
i.iy luuiieue ii'iuref --en : we use llie
proper meaiis of lrinv:iii'' them to the
ohedienec of faith niul may expect to
ecu ourlahors hlets.'d to many souls.
r. T. ,9,-ott.
A Salutary Thought. When I
was a yoiiuif niiin there lived in our
neighborhood a fari.ier who Mas usu
ally reported to he a very lihoral man,
and unconunoiil)' upright in liis deal
iugs. AVhen he had any of the pry.
'lueo of his farm to dispose, of, he made
it an invariable rulo to ivc o-ood mea
Hiirc rather more than could bo te
quired of him. One of'liis friends oh
Bei ving him frequently doing so, ques
tioned him as to why he did it tld
him ho gave too much, and said it
would bo to his disadvantage. Now
mark the answer of this excellent man.
"tiod Almighty has permitted me but
one journey through the world; and
when 1 am gone, 1 cannot return to
rectify mistakes." Think of this.
Uut on' journry through the. world !
A Pakuon r.N'u (ion. Show mc one,
if you can: there is no biii-nardoninir
God besides our (iod. '-Who is a God ' Goshen,
like unto thee, that pardoneth '!'' Uruhaui,
Xone can pardon as thou dost None Oulich,
can pardon no freely, nono bo full)', Hu'ftun
none so continiiiilly, none so eteriiiillv, ' "
none so indifferently, impartially, J.or,,nn'
whether in respect of fiinners or sin, 1 "'i'"'
as Thou dost. It is sill one to theehvnox,
what ' lie sins are, so they conic to ask ! Lawrence,
ihv tiaidun. And 1 l:i t uliif-1, !k ..i
i - - ,
suiva'-.iage to ask pard jn of man, is an j-
encouragement to ask it ot (iod the
greatness of our sins. Tho 1'salinist
did. and ar.y man may nuko this his
dea : "Lord, pardon mine iniquity,
for it is great." laru any bo a com
petitor with (j'od in this work 1
Bil.i i.vk and I.ovt:. Believe and
you tihall love. Believe niiicli and you
shall love much. Labor for stv liirand
deep persuasion of the deep and glo- i
rious things which spoken of!
Christ, i'iid this will comii. and love, j
Certainly, did men indeed believe his.
wo: th, they would artordii.r ly love
liiia ; for the reason bo cannot but love
that vvhi'.h he lirmlv believes to be
worthiest of ali.'Ctioll. Oh I this mis. j rpilE respectfully iiil'oru the Farm
ChieVo'.IS llllbeiief is that which makes I ert. '.f (;ieari:el.l e..i.nly-an.: all otherper-
the Ik.ivI cold and dead towards (Iod
oeeiv, men, 10 lU'lieve l nriSl S excel-
C t , I , I 1 . , I ... 1
lency in himsi lt, aim Ins love to us,
nud our interest in him, i.nd this will
kindle such n fire in the heart as will
make it ascend in a sacrifice of love to
lii tn .
Tiik Shining Oxls -It is n:vA that
ft pure diamond may bo easily recoo
nizedby putting it under water, whtn
it retains all its luilliancy, while all
other precious stones lose their peeii!
iar appcai-anee. Thus it is with the
1 os in who is made pure in the blood
ofJcKiis. However deep the wa'er
ure. which overflow his soul, still his
light shines, showing tho peculiar ex
cellency of the (.'liridliau'b hope, and
tho power of divine grace. Of such it
may he truly ndirmed, -'Ye, shine as
lights in the world, holding forth the
word of life."
Kki nion in JlKAvr.x. "I am fully
persuaded," says Baxter, "that I shall
love my friends in heaven, and there
fore know them; and this principally
hinds mc to thorn on earth. If 1 thoi
that I bhotild never know Ihcm more,
nor love them after death, I should
love them comparatively little now,
as I do ull other transitory things."
SrirAn Indian philosopher, being
nskod what wero, according to his
opinion, the most beautiful things in
the universe, answered, "Tho 6tarry
heuvens above our headri, nnd the feel
ings of duty in our hearts."
tar Death comes to all.and the world
does not need your presence so much
it needs your moral heroism.
Trtt'H of rtrillnliiK
A'liirilntnent nre In'i'Mcit in Ike K 'ihlli-nri
il iht PiMmting rut. c :
I nnrlinn.
l niil:iri, ( 1 I lilii'f,) ''H
Twn ,imri'ii, ( 2-liiM n.l I "'I
rim- 'in.if, i'J ln.' . I I ;'n
,1 tun iilli
3 il".
I Ml
i'i mo .
1 1 no
10 nn
12 no
S .1...
l 0(1
2 M
12 inn
17 I'll
III on
12 mi
14 mi
is no
t: on
ire ?iiiuii'i ' '
l' i ''inn'f, : i
Thru. i n ii r- :
Four iiiirir(, i i
'(ulf ar.ilumn, i ! :
One I'lihunn. : : :
4 I'll
: 4 00
I s im
14 no
Ovit tl.r.-( w.-.'l niul l'
Hun. iliri iii'.Mlm 25
.oi.ln prr pnnru .r .'!"li i' "Tlii'ii.
Huiiss Bet. not ciloJing S'.inoi ftre in
srlJ fur $2 a yit r. 'in. nl u; t xtrtr t i'.!t':i niimhiT "f
-i rtiiMii. (tn.viroil, "ill ccatinufi until furli.1
ml iliur'ii Id til.'.-'.' Urnn.
JOB pm,MTIi!C.
Aii (.i('iisi',c j-'.i.di of .1 1 1 .in lt niut. r.t
the l'nir.
till" " .''.! '.''("
thiil h; ii J.l.'l.i
, i I I Mllil I.l -',
n.Z UMi.'i'.lv d.ine
ii. t "i '. he ii J
ivd it Ij .r. iii.U of
Povrtus, rit.'ji:;.:j.
I'l. ANTS, Pifl Eovi'l
La!w.I.. P.M.i. T'l iT:-
:ir. i i'vr:y ind cf
:t; b eoiiiitry on o:.;
A il . den ivii! In
in -.-- :i:i 1 lilMi.V' il.
exf'i'llt! "il
i.i-'i i
Ii. II.
Time uf llnlilins 'oui-t. '
'.., ni,, I .Moinliiy of .Iiiniiiiiy, i
1'liir.l .M.jikI ly of Ii,
'I'liii'l .Monilny of .1 ii!.,
I'liiinli Mn:i l iy n'' St'i.lCiiW,
In oai'li yuiir, ami I'jutiuuc lwi weLki if U.-t.-;:iry.
Ciiiinly (2-iriccri.
'r' -i't ..'ii'lt.'.ll'.n. Siiinn. l I.inn. IU'lU'l.mto.
..-'to lu'ijji'.'. II. mi .1. i. '1 lii',f'iiiHi'inville.
Hon. J inn's lllnuni, Kort.
iier.T, 1'ihviir 1 Torle,
l'rotl:iiotiirv..l.i!"i I.. Cuttle,
1UV-ll .'am. Wi i-l,M
V",rict Ms VV'
Iroimurer, Joseph .'-liaw.
surveyor, 11. 11. Wrichl,
Glen IInp
N. Wa-hiiijlnn
Leconte,! .MilLj
u rs, in. Alerrell,
s. C, Thntiips'.n,
Jacob IvnntJ .
II. C. Uownian,
J. 1!. Shaw,
C. !-'. Worrell,
J. W.l' .tter,
Jes-o lironuil,
Co. sSujit.
List of PostOfliccs.
.VdlllO! Of J. U. A'OW I'f P. J'
liluii Hope, (i. V. ( iiL.ll
Uower, W. MeCrai ki n
' Im.i, T. A. M
fusil, J. 17. C-.V.S.1;. i'
tit-tend, ILL Ilrnil.T.sou
Clearl'ielil i;riJ3, 1'. II. .Miller
William-' ilruve, J. E Vtlsnn.
Liitli'T.-lnirg, H. 11. .Moore.
Troutvil'.e, (.' J. Sloppy,
Jell'iTiou Lir.i, John U .-1 icri i n c
Cores!, Jus- Hloom
New Wiirliinjti.n Win. Kealh.
Huri' side,
Jas Mc.Murray
J. l'aMiiii
11. S. Tiller
M. A. I'Miik.
1'. A. (Jaiilin.
V. W. iehnrr
T. II. I-'leminK.
Centre enmity
Miss Iladehach
Kiliu. IVilliaui-i
Y.'k county, fa.
C. Minuet
William Carr
Ciirwrusville, cu r wens vi lie,
l'biliii- bur;
West llecmur,
Helen l'ost OlTiee,
Lecounte'g Mills,
llald Hills,
Sinilhs .MillH,
1'en n field,
Salt Lic,
Kar:li:i'i ', J
New Millport,
Ivylertow :i,
Lumber C'ily.t
llraitipian Hills,
A. II, Shaw !
T. II. Forcee.
A. (1. Fox. j
C. J. l'usey. 1
I'arid Tyler 1
II. Woodward
1-ilizu Chase ;
0. lleekadurn ;
, F. W. Sciiiiiiri .s I
M. O, S't'.rk. i
J, V. Thoinps'n
J ai, Ti:oinpson
J. C. TJieinier,
II. W. Spencer,
A. C. Moore, 1
T. W. Fleming. '
1!. i . Halo ;
I), llrubaker. j
Jos. Lofkclt. '
Wood war
J e 11 ri e s ,
a Tl i , .. -ni r ,, . . , .
J Una Post (ilhce w ill do for ( host township
,1 . . 1. , . 1
Will answer lor Ferguson tuwinhip
September Sil, I
LIi'l2cn.m 2
I -ons mti restil, Hi, it lie is now tu :i n u t'o-1 in i 11
GliLY 1. IMF of a su-crior ouaiilv. ivbieh I...
.... I, , , . , . . . " ..
i 'ii nu ine mo-i rensonani ' n r...- ir cA,
or exchanged for ut.v k'nd ofOoiutrv Produce.
jusKiii fiovix.
I.awrrnce township, May 21, 1i12.
i n 51 TT
IIK Eiibscriber is niiihorijed to Make milt of
the following Timber Lands, which ho will
sell on rcasoiialilo mrui-, viz:
One Tract ciintaiiiinx KIO acres, in Deca
tur town-hip, known as tho ,.; 7V.ii(, locale. 1
about two miles from Clcnrlicl.l ereek.
One Tract in Chest township, containing about
t.OO III ri , known in tho Tmkrr Vrtvt, locaUd
one ami a fourth miles fn tn Chest creek.
Also, one undivided half part of tho H'ooin ifr
lliirntt TYm-f in Chesl townshin-
it... ,i - . - . i- ! it. ., . .
icA, Wrii ri- f n. 7 1 or ', in Pradlor.l township,
together wiih thre or lour other tracts. !
Theuboio Land, ..t.. ul) in Clearfield county, i
and are rcpreMiiled lo bo well timbered nnd of
easy access, and convenient to good uavigablo
VTZEirS. ;
"n ,M""' cver.Mlnnh' keyt by the I rude. Sturo nn
Persons wishing to purchase fuch lnndi SKCOND Street, below Judj;o Lennard's, oppo
woiild do well to apply soon, oilher personally or uto the Presbyterian Church, t'ltarlic1 Pa.
by letter to tho tubscriber in Clenrlield borough.
W.U. 1UKII-.K, Aj,'l,
May 21, HC2. tf.
Th m 4 ti i& ir b h n v & EL s 4 a B ,
HENRY EVANS, Proprietor.
March 19, 1S6.2 ly.
VJ. PATTIIKSON, Attorney at Law, Cur-
, wensriile, Pa., will attend to all business
entrusted to hit care. Office opposite the New
Atethodist Church. Feb. 6, '62. i
MI'.HC'll ANT, and dealer in Boards and
Shingles; Grain and Produce. FKON'T Street,
bore the Aeadomy Clearfield Pa., (
Dee . . lUni
II 1 1.
I) i. i, r ii i
I I,.!... I I., IMl.Mll. , ,;,. . in
nini'im H" riii', linn lr.-l .. lh,. ni"l
Tim i' "I On. liiHiuii'v in nil'.nl
1 rtnriff iii''H In' ililii't i"f rli.ruii;li r Hrti' lor
TllP. III! IM III! tll.iMT Kt f. l.rijiii'J. II"
n'il. hIiIi1 t. ll;.1 vniii.'n .1. p iMinciii. nf ire I.' :
l't:!iM AJOMir, Ii. Ill pl.ilii mi l . ; t'M
vmrui, 1, 1 . M Ariit tii . N a ii; Mini, I i vil.
FVIISI:IIINII, llllAMlNli. I'll' 'HI ha I'll . nii'J M"l'
Kiit I.iMirAiii.K.
Tiik Svstkm ur Intiiiiih rTin in i i-i'iilinr; nn
elni'i if m l Irroini. nrt- u,i nf. uut cin ll
tu.lrnt ij luii-lil. iiiilivi.lunllv, nn Hint lie inii.v
riuiiinciii'i. ul liny liiin1, mi. il l ni wliuti'vrr
lmiim urn in.l i i.i.v.'iiii nl.
riT.ii.niii kh nrc
ii-.-ne I iinniiaiiv nfl.Tllio 15III
nf April, en lain id c nn nn i .l' tin. luil.-nin f.x l'''
your, nn. I lull iniilirnliirx ..I l.'iniH. .to, m.'l limy
In1 i.l.liiini.'J at any tlmu by tt'lilrcssing t' l'lim i
pal. In l'xri'N.ivi! Acri.MM'.i. iti..n, wi.l. -f.ri'n l
r. '1.1111111.111, niul I lin Irn'lliv e x i.i-riiio-o of tli"
I'n' i,. al. 'In- in.-liiiili. n .n.-i l.ii'iliim Mii'.Tinr
I., u ij oila i' in il... I'.iiintry, f.iry..''i turn wixh
ii l in pri'i'iin.' lj ii .-i ii . .mil t., ..I.tnin nl t ti o
niiin. I i in v a inri.iMA, ivill prow, n ri'i'oui
uii'ii l.ilii.n inr llirni In liny M. r.-imlilo Ilnu-i'.
7 '(.' HI I ti.n l.i.N'.-.-.'n.'f 1. 1' rr. ntiM'in.n IJ i K -K
KKi'iNii, row nn. in H-i. i r--ti ! :i t t-.l limn imy
ulhor wuli on tbu Mil' mi' f"i (-..lout the (ul-
B. none i:s nuTTi' xrE.
A ll 'in.'V -nl l.uw,
I ri.iia.Mj hi:' . jiui., Ii'.2 ly. I'ltiM li-AI..
& Su nun cr (a on (I a
THECIIllAl' CAsil STi ;!:.
I am ju.-t receiving niol opeiiinK u enrefiilly
uelecled stoili of Spring und i-uiiiuier puoil'
ol iilttitist every description,
A l.aauutiil iisMirtnion' of l'lints and iJres
(jii.i.l-, ol the newest mi. I lair-t styles. Also
j;reat variel v nf useful notions.
ii;y..;ot)i)s and notions.
lioiinels, Hhiiivls,
iluls ii nd Cap.",
Uootn and Shoes, a I :irf quantity,
llarilwiir , yieensware,
Urns and Midieinef,
Oil and I'uints,
Carpet ,t oil Cloth-.
G ROC J 11 I ES,
!'i..ii, Sacon mid l'lour,
Vin-kerel in J i and f liarrels.
of tli o Lest quality, all of which w ill bo 6o..l ul
'lie lowe.-t ensh or ready pay prices.
My old fri. ' and the uublie generally, ure
rcspectliilly invited to call
JstVX. I!. All kinds of ''AM .V and approved
C0r.7K 1' 1'HODCCE taken
in e.eliaiiru ol
Clearliel.l, June 2(1 ISfil. W.M, f
111 WIN.
mosl iioiiuli.r and su.'ces-lul COM M CI AL
SCHOOL in (ho couiili v. I t. war. Is of Tiviii.vf
Hrsiiiiiiii vonn.' men. from iwKXTV.i:ilir .liller
; cut Slates, nave been educated for business here
1 within the pn-t three years, son f whom ham
been employed us Kdoiv-KLKl'HKs at fuliu ics
l ..
I $35 00
IAYS the entire cost lor
I immcdiatclv i-pon irraduaiiii", who knew nothinc "!'' ,u! ,, Vl',1'' ,'"'"'
!,,re, ,.,'uiL .1 ,i... i'ii ''.Latin r.-.d G:eok I.nnuage.",
! T..V.M-:i.t,-',,.; l,,,ll'i-iP,,' "
I i;,,,, '. , ,.' , .. ...
I they please, will, nut extra chnrfo.
For Cutul"
pciiin iis of l'ciiinaii.liip, and
View of the COLLKi
Mav 1'., dl. lr.
1., i'iiclo.-e live letmr stauipt
l', l'a.
"III: a tieiiiion ol
person- iiosircuof purclias-
intf ilesirul.le Timber Lands id invited to the
1'. ill. win;? ti.iets of Inud siliiate-l in Keatini? town
ship, Clint. in eoiintv, Peiinsilvauia, known as
the L01IA1N LAN lis, via:
A certain tract, beinir No. 3 If !', warranted in
t,a ......... ..C ?. . li-:o: .1 ...
' ,nt' .i x in.nias i. iii, i-oni I iho ill
i , .,..,. ; , , ., ... i i i . .1
1 mil u I cs, situate 011 llm-li I dand Itun. at the
distance of tniics from
timbered witli Pino 1111.I On
Iho river, beinir well
A l.-o, ntiollier siniiller tract of himl, tituuto nt
the mouth of Liri h Islam, Kun, on (lie west side
(f the river, r'liitniiiiiijr "il iii.-re- nml allowance,
and bavin,; a 'ood ru fling beach ihemiiti,
'i.-ii,For teiuis iipnly to
g. L. ui:i:ii. 1 .. .
JAS. 11, GKAUAM.i 1'xr"'
i':...,r. .1 1 t..!.. 1
v il'dl 1, 1. I'I , 1, 11 ! V
Goods ! Goods !
AVTM. F. IKYIN hi 5 just received a fplen
I T 'li'l assoilincr.t of
at his old eland on Mailtet flrm-t, whero he ia
retdy to Wait upon bis old ciml.niiers--nr.d us
many new ones as want to (j.-t tho very best of
Nor. 12, 1S62.
New Good
Are iiift nnen-
ing a rplendid lot of the most, carefully selected
ever broucbt l.i the place -which thev offer to
their cm turners, ,,,! ,a, public peneraily, nt llie
very lowest figun he inaikcls will uU'ord,
Nuv. 12, 1SI12. j
CYKKNirs Howe. !
For IlpiiATi-n Township,
will i,r.,ut,tiu .11....1 iii... .i. - -. i ...
r "'v .."" iv n "..isnicsn en 1 1 usie.i 10 ,
Auif. 21st 1S61
-- - - . -
ll. W. S.'ilTH i CO.
Mi: Ht'1 1. 1. - l, nnd (lea Ion ill I)I J
Goods, ,-ie , i...rdware, Qttecnsware, nnd 1
Dec. 4, I biil.
D, a. t. j. si 'ft i.i-OUGii.
Collection Office,
Cl.KARriEI.P, Ta.
teSlN GitAUAa's New Hciliuno.
! Feb. o, '02.
riIIF, subscribers hllVA A iiuiitiiim r o rl FIRE
JL PU00F SAFE, nearly new, which thoy will
dispose cf very cheap,
ClcarDeld, June 25, 1.SC2.
I'liyalclau and fturgcoii, baa permanently
locaUd at Frenchrille, Covington township, o!f
en hit profeaiional terricei loth mrrounding
totnmunltT. May 8, 1861.
. ft Wllf
t. 1 If C
in f
81 ()()() SI 000.
Will llnir to ilr.iw . n I'.al I llr'inV will
lti'.-l'i-c lirri or Mum-el Jlair to lln
nlfliMV ll. l( i'V hll'l l AND ''Ol.l IK:
., , , , ,i, ii,,,. f.,,m p.n,,, Oil. ami nr.,
niulon .Now iui'I ll.'ullliy (Irnwll. : i'(.in.. t!y
cnuli.'iili r I u ml r u IT , will jirc .en I nrnJ
euro Norvnin Hi'ailin'liP will Rivo
tu the llnir a C!"iin, (ilofsy Ap
I'l'iiiftin'c, anil in ti Ci-rtain
Cure for nil I)ii.i'ii-e(
i f t li e 11 i' a .1.
IYu'e TWenls; lln'.c Hullleil f..r S-2 .00
'or,' at HA R TS YI' 'A" S I Hi I (!
STUlih', M.nk. t St., Clcanhll. hi.
It i a pi'ff. .'t ntnl'te ilr..'.'ing !'nr the
Hair. Iti'iol i'u following utiuiooiula.
V. S. Maiiidal's Otm r,
New York, N.v. 6, ISf 1.
WM. (iKAV, Kf. I ar Sir Two iiiutli nf,n
my li.'ii.l was iilMoj-t i.'itir.'ly Imlil it n d the link,
li.iir t l:;nl mis nl! .. i.nj falling nut Tvrj fa-. t
imlil I finii'il I ;.ii.iili li.fe all, 1 nn: ni.-i cr.l
u-ini; .ir l!tt'irntre, an-1 it inimn'ii,it"ly
tti.ppi'.l llio liiiil' fallini; .ill', mill m.nn r' .1 ll.
rolnr, mi l alter iiiij two hottloa my lieai ii enin-
leirly c.iivi.rnl v illi ii healthy growth nl' l.nir,
n'i'l ol' the 'finieeotor it wan in eatly nmnhi'i'i'l.
I tal.o rrrat ItuMiro in ii'.'uinni"i.iliiii; ymr ex
ru Hi nl linir -(u'-(rii'c nnd jou may ulnu rru r
uii-i limn lini; por-.m lo ixe.
i;ni:t:i:-i MriuiAY, r. Marai,
SoutUern I i s t r i -I, Jfi'w V u lc.
I'. r f ale I.y (lie jiroptiot'ir, (Wiu.lirey) ut tie
lli'itoralive Depul,
.'il' I IJrondivav, N' w Yorlt,
. , .. , , ti.
Also lor sale by John h. 1'ierce, General Acer.t
fij-j llnnidiviiv, N. Y., and bv all Iru--ists.
JOHN S. J ii-.Ki.i-:. (Jeni'ial Aent, ,
Jict. Ii"i I'rimdivny, N. V.
N. II. llrtipcists orutliers scLdit'S 'ash orders
for the I'i itorative, w ill be supplied w ith ei.'eu.
lam containiiij" certilicute." from people of iho
liiliet rcspectabilitv, fiomull parts of the ruun
try. March 1.1, ls(l2. 1 y.
Tli if preparation, made from the best Jara Oof-
' fee, is reeniiitnnded bv phvsieiuns mi superior !
I Nl TU1T10US LKVKH Al'iE for (lenerul Hebili- :
' ty. Dyspepsia ntnt all billions disorders. Tbous- i
lands wlui ti live been compelled to abandon tho
! use of coffee -i!l use this withont injurious effects
! One enti eontaius the lreni?thof two pounds uf
ordinarv cuiVee
l'ltC.'r. Ij c.'nti.
i.' 11
The iiuii-taiid l.e-t IJAKINii l'UWDER known
for making li;ht; tweet and nutrilious liread und ;
Cukes. l'UK'E 1 j cenls. i
mam i aitchkd b y I
.V. If. KULUX'K, cm: MIST, :
for. ot y.'.'.,i-i!'' (. 'f .'.nul .V,-,-i'., Pnilmlclphu.
AM) f .in 11 V A I.I. MltlifilTS AND illtOcKt'.tl.
S')l.l AT K. MOSSUP'S.
Feb. I,; Uii2, I yr.
( l l. llll llil I) ACADMMY will
J be
pe:n i tor ine reception nt pupils (males
and loiiinlcf ) . n Monduv, Nov, 10th, l'-i'.2.
. 'mitVP "Ossli)ll )! I .ICU'll r CCKS
j Orlh-.frrapliy. liwi'lniR. W ruing, l'rimsry
I AJ" a::.l t'eo-rapliy, f:
! "'"-r i In u . t o. Fniisli Grammar,
i Go j-riitdiy and Hislorv,
I. 41.... l .. .' V, riun V
10 ;
00 1
Ti, st. .M.s,,.Mrlf e,uiriiiK
'i.nirli.'h l.'lin'ni ton, and who wish
in'niion, ar.d who wish to qniil ly
is ii iimiin.,, nn. ii.riuuiiun uaem
u-irable ii lvantiici. i
No received for le tlisn half a fes.-ion, j
and no deduction ilu Io except for protracted
Tuition to be paid at the close nf the trm.
C. P. SAMlt-Olttl, I'rvKijH.!,
Clearileld, Nov. ISt2. ly.
::.(snaii !iS ore 2,
WM. A. MASON. ProDrietor.
II IS bin j cflal.lii,lii'il and well known 110-
TFL, titmitid in th.) west md of the town.
has been rcltiiiil lled, cnlurend and itniiroved. nn.l
propricl-T rcspe, iluliy iinnniitircs to bin nil
incioiis frionds, and to the truvellinj; public,
he is low nr. pared to iiecutntuodatB nil who tn.-iv
fc.vor him wiili a call.
Ample, sale mc eotnf..rtnS'e r'ublini; is nt
tached to the p;-iui:es, mil tnisty .illcii'lant.s
will always be nn hand. Charges niod. ral.-.
Feb. 12, l:-f,.'. .(,,
. ...
.itisiit e 01 ine peace
I.uihcrsbiir?, Clearfield Co,
Pa., wi'i,
intend promptly to all business i rtrtiMed to his
cure. April -I, ISCI.
J .
-r l r I. I, Ulliri-if,'lit'il re.-
11 I ;..'-,., hi I,r
r,,", r.i.r..lU. 1, ,. , I. I : .. . 1
"- W Y ''ll'- ir iihij, i I t! I (IV nil." jll.-l I
roct-ivoil lr'i)i r.nst, nnd oi tn( '
clnthis ot:il lis!i;nci,t in til A U 1 MS HQ Y j
('lonrfioM, I;i., u fino nssorttin nt of CuirK,
VaKjhks. Hnd .Ikuk.i itY nf difii-rnt miniiii..c
froi.i a f'ui fM piic tu ft lull f?"U, wbicli lit? ii!
....ii . . i . , ,
n u ni mo inosi rensnnnnie price? lor cash, or III
ex. biinjre for old ftold nud silvur.
CL'"'KS of every variety on hand, at the nn it
reasonable price..
ALL kinds of Clocks, Wntche amlJcwelrv
cnn.rullv rAliiiirnil uriil l!'ni-riiir.l
A cin'tiniiuiic.) of patron ago is solicited,
,s,;pi, hi, ISiiO. 11. F. N U0LE
Tbankfnl lorrnst favors and solicitious of fu.
'I'f0 i"',r(,n"Sp Iw''hl re-poclfully announce
that I have on hand nznin. and will constuntlv
korii at tli 0 Pottery in Ibis borour-b. on tlm cor
. . . - j
nera short distenco rusluf the Methodist Church,
a large stock of Crockery, such us Cream crocks.
milk pans, Churns, Jugs, Jars, More pipe casing
. - -r, --- r-r ..-...,,
rf e. it e. ;
and also an extensive nsiortnunt of
different sites sad patterns of brackets and
rosettoe for cornice on houses, and other moul
dings. Any mouldings not on hand will ho made to
older on short notice. Also fire brick made
aud kept for nile.
,W"A liberal reduction on prices mvle l
wholesale- dealers. F. LEIfZINGER.
Clearfield, may 23, 1801. ly.
Shaving; and Hair-Dressing.
TEPEMIAIIN'OURIS respeetlully announcei
I to hi. friends of ClearQcbl and vicinity that
hj has returned to hia old itand, and la well pre- i
pared to render the most perfect satisfaction to all .
who una, hi. P'";
' ' '
m r 7
Mossheim s. j
D M)i;l.ION COFFEU. A fresh and
large supply of tbia oelebrated Coffee just
reeoired aaJ for al hj
MTi 11. Olnt.
I I ... i . . i... .i I.:. ..i.l .. I i -
I... ..i .!. ! l .i ol.l In II...
' ... ...
Iii'll lllf il lltl lll'i'l Pur.'iunj H'lfi'I'.l Itmitl.
ItHtlM I'f
Sinn in cr (loads
I'.i.'f .to.r.l,l I i lln- r. nnliT, liiiil wlilh In' will
i II nl . i'Miiiii"l.v .iw U nt inifU -in
v I m.Iv. II i flnrk i nilioi. p
LiUIs iii mils, IW!lt HUM MINOS,
(ii Mill A. MS. IxiMKS-
'I'll' (ilMii
I V. I. A I XS,
(SIM I'.KKS, (l.i ITIIS A N 1 1 V I-XI'IN'IS,
Tofji'thcr l.ilh every artieln in the IK lioiin.i
line. AImi, HiKSli tAMII.Y UIHi:UIM t'f
the liel .iialily.
Hie frieniln iiii l (he j u j 1 1 o rcni'ra'.ly are lhie
f,.ro ir.f.iiineil lluit if limy Hie in want of 1 1 (!
(;OOIMut low r S for Ca-h or Count i y l'ro-
duce, thev mii.'t not fnit tn rail lit
iTzwKii.iars sToai:
At the-1'1 tnnil ol Moorn 1 Ktiweiler, mi ced.nil
pirnot, Cleaili.'l.I.ra. June 1.
linpoitiuit In'onnation
Louilrn's Indiiiii i:xpector.iu)
fIIIS KUMKllY is cllereil o the eor.iiiiuniiy
1 wnli the eonl'id.nco we feel in an article!
wtiieli teld.'iii fail to reulie Cue h.-piiesf efleols
that can he desired. ,So wide Is die iii'ld of lln I
iist'l'ulncM, mid so ii n me roils the rmi'H of its cuies, !
that niinost every sonioiiof llie country iilmun.U :
with per-ons pul.Ii'!y li'iowr, who have been res-j
tored l.v its use. Here is '. r.c c.i.e of nn '
ASTON IS ll I. Mi cikk: I
Tii.s miv CmiTirv, That my roil lay .si oV for
twclf, u'.intlis, under tiie doctor's care, with the ;
dis. use ,.f the Lun ,', and every none ly prescrib
ed by the Iloctor failed lo (rive r.'lief. 1 t;;ne up
ii. 1 hope; ol Ins recovery ; so diil the rl'vsicin
. ai mi- tuiKu a ori.v-.. UM0I1 ull0 t ,ry uottia
!!.a ll result wa most liunpv, in the use of
,, , ,,, it i i . i l
I i ree bott.e eileeted a Tier man cut cure, nnd hi m
. - -
now n heartv bov. JAMKSI.AYTOV
iei ry Tow n.-hip, Indiatia Co., I'a.
Nu family -hould bo without it;
nnd those
whu have used it, never will. ! keep all of LCU -
i.ilo. Call a n J too the li-d.
A. IL S1IAW, Shawsville.
IX-ftFortalo ly other Merchants in Clearliold
county. Apiil 2, '61. 6iu.
img? 2 '1 ir css 8
xllarkct Street,' Clearfield, Pa.
C10NSTANTLY en lund a l.rgo nnd wtll M
leeted Mock of k (iiHMiCALs,
Taints, Oils, Varnishes nnd Hyc-Stuffii,
Puint llrushes, and llrtishe, of all kiudu,
Perfumery and Fu cy Articlen,.
Tobacco nnd Segal's,
Liquors fur Medicinal pin-puses, (inelud'nj
Drandy, whiskey, Gin, Port, Sherry nnd iladciiu
Wines, Ac, ii., V;.
A largo etoek const mdy M, h.i'.d, of iho most
nppn.ved make lor an j c-nufort.
vi-u'lhe Jiocii-r w.Il perj-inaiiy tuierintcnd
this ui'i-aiiui'.nil of tho bu.-iii'-ss.
Cl'.-arCtiM, May H. Cm.
Gloiii": it Alone!
i .
"I l'.()I?(;i: MiWMIV hninc Minii.n!
4 on V J the manufacture of HOOTS nn.l SllOliS
6 CO j would respectfully solicit a th:tj of public pa
ihc.ruUKh 1 rona'-c. Without mukinir a ereal lss, or anv
, rash i,rnmises. it nlmll nn.l will !. !; iin,!...,.
' (leavur 10 ee eet
The very best of Stock.
Make the very bs; o( work.
And (at leutt hope for)
j The very best of custom.
ilf ll.. ai 11 1 f. or t,-y it looks very like it but It i
i the (i-uta, which is better.
i So, '-wa-le in" riid pit Fit: Shaw'11 lUir
.door next ,y.;io,'( ,iu otiice Gfo. Nkwaux.
- Cieariicli), July , 1S82. y
jSieain Eiioinetiiul l;ic Saw-Mili
nil comjilL'to, lor sale.
STKA.M KXGINF, folliwin (iimensiuns .-
Cylinder III inches in diameter of h ire, with
( 2i leet stroke: dido valves wiih east iron bed
; plates, ,,r shear, with force pump, liourtmr and
! fly wheel, ,IC co i, 'i.b, to ; with c.. per and other
j pipes; Til'u lioILi-il'iS L'i inches in diameter,
il .ul.le lined, It', i'.-et bn: ,.r d Ju
i tiiala Iiuii.j I',- H-hei-1 I.' f-.l in ilie'ii.-tor, nbmjt
j I' lHI 11. s w.-iiil. wiih oil glob. s, n. id ne. e.-sary
, cocks niol wrenches; with extra sl .iit t-. .-i'i...'h
to Gr;;t Hill The Lnino has I... u n-e,l f r
. :u,-it-.ii:g b-. lli G.-i..: and Saw-mill f...-oefnl'y.
--PAOP'? Kt'.ST PATENT- pl.t.. with
Kr.trlmt Head ri. . !.-, Two Circular saws, Strap,
and n',1 ni.i,-!iii,...-y (',.; r-iv. in Lumber.
The nl "ivo Eiigi.iennd S.nv-miil cm bo seen nl
Gri.liaint.iii, Cha'ti.-ld eoiittty.
For particular.-, please nj-ply to the pro-
rrotnr, nt CK-ui-fii-M. 1
1 rieior, in i, leal l!c!i. l'a.
June 2j, 1?(12.
Tbo question hns often !con nfkcl
M b V I'l.r.AsAST cm h:,re sorlcnn '
That cu'lotners who shave with hin
A benefit must reap, I ween.
Me ? haves for a "nr." nnd if ynu nro willinp,
Will take off your hair in a trice for a "siiillisg."
So cniiie nlong, yo jolly boys so slick,
For Plensnu'.s is the man to do it cheap and quick.
The ronton mnrroadily bo seen
Why his eti-toiu U co largo :
His towels all aro clean his razors all nrc ketn,
And you'll alwnys find him I'Uuinnt in charge.
Justjroln Pleasant's and you'll bo
Like Shebn's Queen of old'
Pleased and delighted, nnd exclaim
Tho half has ant been told.
"Sttuhon't forget the place in Gratam's Row.
, C1 i ... i
"u, "'". """" "' .
Clearfield, June IS, 1RC2. tf.
ivr.n t. inojiARn.
t. A. rissiT
gitnltiiiii aub Collection- Mtc
C L E A lt F 1 L D,
,..-ITrA.. .
" iWITS Hl;CI-:iVr:i),
Collations mwh andprocf,Js promrt'v rtmitttii
Kichange ou f l,o CUln c.LLlly
on liand.
S0ffic on Second St., nearly opposite the
t UST1C10 of the neaea
J . Luthersbu
Luthersburr. Clesrfl,,i,i r p.
-in ... i .. . -----.--.,
-"I Uliena CTOmriiy to ail DUnneai untrmtiut
t r. n Mareli 19 1W.-1;, pd.
im v i i to
-tt .f nn 1 V n t lln t mn .
llin. iiuhii;. .'"' ...ruin
lllVWll.ll, I MllK, M.ttlllH. t'llB.
Ml I In 11 1 1 r l l . rrn.l lliiti I fl,n,(
i miti j.utr in nifir iriitt,
' inn mi: i i iih er
llrnilnHirlcti Hi: mini ti f, Ciiil totnnrk
I'l'.-i 1 1 ... i' ii i.
In .'. I' Aim. n i I lino I .'.. 1. 1 ,', m, rm,t .
II.,' mnt-l I.-mI , Iih mil , nt. l. up ., n , f
til l.ll I'llll.. I I Ktl'lli- In tl. ll" I.l I, . .,1 -l..,.m, , M
ll,. . 1.1.1...' ill imw I r ll' -y n Mi i lip i, th. la ,,
ll.r, llii' In I I- r nt Hi ii ii .o i, f. '
' v 'nn iiii i-i.iii ic.i, l.n m". ii viu it
; c.',. o;c ,v. ,,,,;,
llilintm DiKiinlrm imil l.ivi r 'm plmtita
. I'li'iiiiii.-r 'if in, hiiii,. ,
l-MIM.t., I l , T , I. . J,A
I rlu: 1 Inive in"-! ."'l I'til-in mi ii.'ii. t.'l hi..i i,,, (
prio li,'. .-.i'i .ii.rp . n mi lr tli- ni. nii-l - i,i,ii,, . '(
,1,1, mi mi i ti- iw i.,.ii. li M..I.I. i.i.'.i
III.'. I."' i'i" ." ". .........ii' n i-ni !.. it,.,, ,
It llo . in.- nn' mini . lv i .ie:.m ..j, ,,.,,(.
I," .!!!. Ill l.'.'.l. I l.-o e ,'t I-. in I. Ill.l 11 .:.. , f .ii,.., t .
i,r .1 -llosl- ll.ul il .lei i... I i .whir u I.l lo ll ,,
(ml. in li'y jro'iis Al.n.'i HALL. M. e
Vl'.'.-C-Olll ! t',t ,T :i'o,
Pyticiitcry, Iteliu, nml Wniim,
; 1' .ii i ii k. II un . on, I 'v M I' ll.. Nov. o,
V li.n, 'urti i',;i. :., tli, pi'iii..ti,.ii ot ,,,,
1 1 ... I, .iv,. .' ii in will' n"oi linn 1 ,-nn .,
si. I. -..I I n si. I, niol . Huuy for ini.iiii,..
. 1
ii' I . , ! ',' .1, 'i' 1 1 -It'll lit Ul'enl ' X "'ll-'. I'll! T"t llo I 'Hi i '
: ll-.t ll . oln II. I'll er. 1 l:il.illi , .11 I'i 1 1-. Will' ll li etl ''i .
,, ,'lil'ii llil .' .ll.Hl.ltll' - ol Woillli I'l.'H.I 1e
; :,...l. 1 del iitii-rwiitil- oii-'l an. I em imo(: . ,
,'t 1.1. " .l (t.'-.'llt''f.V. on.- .1 u. i Ills. IH ll;.ll it . ;
( ii. v v. in ( i:l ,''l 111 ill Willi l.'o il.-s.-s 't J oar I )' - .
j . i:,i-i- .o.'lin.l lis i':ii,l ti-'to I.vm n. tw. nty il,.li 'i- i
I 1,1!-. s. , I l -i in:.. Ii tin. . ill'. 'ul I i i , r .-I.., - ,
I evi-n I' 'I. Ml' ll II I'l.'il i'.'' "s V'lllR, W hi' ii I. 1 '(l..i,
' e -..vt u:'..i I. l.est, W III I ' o: ' .1 I""'',
j l.i, .1. .1. liKIITIN. (I.,,-, i...'.
I Inilitrc-Hou nml I tit iu i il y nl the lilond.
.c.i Air. .. I . Ilimrt. lUU'ir "J ..(cf ' ''... ';, ftum.
l'r. tin: V lin U-.'il yonr I'iIUwIiIi . t.-vri!iiiiirj
fiir,-, . in e..' I', lull..' Hiii'.HL' lli"si. I an it.i!,,l l,
in !'!. I'n i. y.ii .le llie .'i r.n.s "I .In; 'i .Tri :,'iri
v ll." l.i. ol tlo'Vn..- the ur. r n,r,. I lnv, n,
i ... ii.
el, .Is.
llll I 1 CUM ''.'ll
i.l.-litlv l. u.l' ll,- ,i (,,
.1. V. Ul.ll"
IV in fir. lln
owi c, :;. v . . ,. ,
r r.r. .'ik . I inn iisini: "iu I'-' i-n '
.mi lin.i ii..-ni n ' , i "'V'
i r i"lll fl ; Ml ! til I ..iIli., I ,.
-t'-ilinnill'luJ"-.,, ,;,,;.,:.!-. "- l
J'.Hi.N .:. M1M-. i'.'.1:. v. b
ZrysineliiN, Scmfiita. Kinc's Lii!. Tpi'il
uiiiiirs, una .-via iiiienui.
! t'-' """"!) -,'"- V-i'u i. H.. l.K.
t'-."!!: i ur I'ills ,.m tl.e pn.-co., of !l tt,.,t i,
criiit in mt"li in e. 1 Lev l.nte i'ine.1 lov lull,-il;.k tr,
. , - , ,
, ii iiir,'n,us ...rus oi.,.!! r'er iinini. s lei if. i i.'Mi nun i4-,,ifj
i, i.i., i. n.., ...... i,.,i .i i .,i
iv ntii,-i.J witli l,l.,(ilii.s i.r. l j iint'li's on bf-r slim and ia
lir Afl. r ot.r . lii,,! .vas rnr.-'l. she aKo (ri,(J Twir
' "'"'""" ""' ""eoim
I l.or. ASA Ml'Il'iiaMiK.
' t iu iilpiu, anil Gout.
f'.i'iii Uf V-'ic. Ih: li t,. r f tjLt X,i.iHlt jas. (7u.rcl
Pi u: ki I! ! -ir. s i O a., .bin. i1. l-1!'''.
Hon. m Sill : I sli'.ol i l Uliirralefiil ic l '.lie 11 !if f l"Ut
' ill lin- 1'ioui.lit me if I lu! not report n.y ci.kc to mil.
A eoi'l h. lll. .1 111 uiy lie ,ln 1111. 1 biou-ilit en (-x.-rii.'ii'tinK
i.cnti. ii. piiins, wliii-li eii.leil in iliior.ic 1 It.-iiii'Hlisui.
Nolwil:. lai.ililiii 1 liait llie l .'st of ( till'
n-w wor-inl r-.u-s... until. I y ll.f mi. 0 .-1 f lour r .'
I.'i.l h,:, nt in li!'.iiiuni, l'r. Ain. K. H7.i. 1 oin- l'ii!.
Ho-il rifi-clJ wen-alow, flit I me. l'.j petal eripg ill '.i I.
llav of Ibrin, I am now tliliiely well.
SSATf. rilAUlir.n, llAT' N li.U(;K. T.A.. ft t'f., l-J.V
1)K. Ann: I Iikvc lie,-11 t-utivt-ly sure.l t 011r 1'ilU ,4
lilie.tnuillc llyii; & painful il.scio.' il m lM-.i ,,ri:i,.i,,i ut
tor ysius. I IM I N I SI It't.l.!.,
l'or Iliopsy, I'll tin. 1 11, f r Itii.ilri il ( um
il in Ik. i,-.iili .l-i; tin u.iee 1 u:.:', II. 1 j nu 311 t x.-il-I.
i.l ii'iui ily.
I'nr ( ot-i; 1 Hess or Ceti'-tipiilioii, nnd n-.
n liilkltei- I'll I , tin 3 lit" si 11 1 ,.l I . 1.1 ,! 1 1 i t,..,,
l'its, Suppipsslon, I'm nl) ;.-,'mn-.
(loll, no. 1 iMeii lnf IM'kM. K I ..I I'llltlHl tlitlllU
in-., lane Uvu culv.1 I . the allciiuLe in (i. l OT '.1.'-
X k of tl,n Pi,!, ,1, Wi'vlu l rotitiilt, Moirnrv, wliirli. f. 5
.lioiigh ll lain. .I'le l. lin-iiy 111 sl.illul lisiuls. is ili.iitcr. u, i
'.'.i a i i;l !! ( .il. 1 mm tin' livemlfnl o iise ii.i-i.r. i. if a ru-.
i'.. ul'. f1 i i' V its, us o-.-. 'I !,...'c tel.i'.ili ,'.' Il ir- i
"'i-y '1 i. ill1 1 . ! , :;' '.;"!; i- w hnKi.;,
win'c iin:irv rr 'rvinu I
:n jilt j viu.iiai ir.tjvHtiiii
lor. nn-: KAi'in rri.i: . :
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rr.Li'AriLD nv !;i!. j. r. ayek,
Practical ir.d Analyticni Clemist, Lowell, K
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JVT-Soldby C I). Wat- n, Cli arf..'. I ; F.. A :
Tr-v in. Cur-v. n-i iii-: F. Aru.ii.l, l.ei',',';. j
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Morri.-il.ilo; C. H, Foster. P
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M.iy.7lli,l -t.2 ly
lie. p.-ctfiilly annnuncn to the '' il' it tiiot
have completed nnrt nre now i.e.-tipi ;: ; ;!i"'rr.
furniture w ire-rnout.,, Iri.ii t i a on the Miirkil
Lot and il u ii 1 1 y opposite tho Cou'l House.
Cabinet making will he ciriied on in the uf.
per story of lh; Mime l.uil.lii'g in. ill its
HI FF Kill; NT III rt N (11 KS.
All kinds ..I furniture, will be con-lantl,
on l'.iindi und sold cheap for cash or excli.ingt
for country produce, or Lumber to suit the buii
ness !
T'A lil.t)ll .vov-'i, cr.STliE,
( A Ill, DIXIXG,
I5VHEAI';;, S10K-U0AP.I-:.
jj:xxy uxp,
n 1 1! (() ST COTTAGE,
ini:xcu po.sts, &c.
lla'i, Hair top, Co'.'.on 1 s
and Com llusk, of ''ue be.r u,U-ruu
L00hl.NO GLA-.oK.s of all eorW and lii
nro, Glasses fir old Frame.
Alio, Aa-r.oy, What n..ts, Vii stand,
" nrk-stands, .'ful-rick', i-e,
Made to order on ihort notice,
hearse lurni.bej.
Poplar. Cherry, ao l Lln wood Lumber, aT
"r ;
In erehanir for work
! Olearfleld, Ocloht-T 2S, im