Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, December 10, 1862, Image 1

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. :".' V -';V'-'
" C. -ytl. i-S-"
T T T if H
D W. MOORE. 1 ...
0. B. OOODLANDER, j Edltori
V'U!.. XXXlll. WIlOU'. NO 1737
CLKAIIMKLl), i'A WI'DNFMMY, DKC. 10, lf.f.2.
TERMS-tl 25 per Annum, if paid in phanr
The President's Fi
Fluctuations in tlie
ancial Pnliry.
vidua or
PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE. out first obtaining the consent of it, gov.
r '"o Citizen if the Senate and h'outt cf ernaieiil. w i i h on aercctnent on in i rt in
ltyr,lc,,t;i.-n: receive and p. otect euol. emnrant. in all' ""'''."?" !" Ilie v-due ol currency
Sin-o ,. I en,,,.,no'.bcrver their richis lfr,,n . .ndl ,K "ru r,v"-vs '"J"1 '!"'. "' '!' '""
of Iien'th hi.c! I) un f.i li .i c t- ht.r. ,..' same time ollcred to the ,eve.ul Slule, ''T, ' i . yl 1
ed; !,.. it h., ,otp. -.-I the Ah'situated in the tropics, or bavin colonies T" J1"" la ,cn7.'.n.f '",r,1"! '." uls!
n n ii
s getier-
nu.migrauon of person. , -ft". - - .-"V
i iien'tn ai.u t un .i ,.., . . t- lum ..N- same time ollcrred to the eeveral Mutes -.i i ,..,.,,
d; :,.. it h., ,otp. -.-I the Al-!ituatt.a in the tropics, or having colonies . J1""" la ,"n '",r',1"!
"gl'ty t 1! :i. . ... of ,:, there, to Deviate with them, subject Convort.b.hty. prompt
fcankt ,..,....,., ,y the bea! the advice and consent of the Senate, t0 , into c,,.,, ge
gid lie ci... tiusl iy ii. ii in lis own I favor the voluntary emigration of persons ; T . m 11,0 ''"V
ii I i ai!' h,t well,
I tljh . M.
ii-iice tiiticiiiiitf fureipn
pi:n ' .lining lust
i i. in i corn-
i liiul tried, made
people, can he npiiniirpiillv
villi eeriiiinlv nl Uin r.,l o...l 1 ""l1 m,lul-V m.umaineu.
tlb i dopted s citizen; and I regret to say
wuil cuo'j iiiTJon8 coiilerniilau! colnnizH.
good timi
Tlio ciirii
Atliiirs whioii Ii m nikf 11
year heif mill -111,11111
pliimce. with u 1 n"-i 1
.y the llo'i''ot I; pi.".t-n'in
ell-si- (i 1 1 I i ij hi i'..i pr,n. f
lljfl uondii'.on ol 11,11 ri'l.iiiiins with other
imtioiih is I iv utif, iwn 1 Imn ii Ims usual
ly Iii-cii lit (urmci- period., ii i certainly
more s:ilis(..eiorv tiitin a n itii so unluip
ily distracted us wc itte, mijrlit reasonal)ly
Imv :i .i cliiMi'l.'d. In tint month or June
last tln'tc v en- 0111 1 pro inds to t-xpict li ft'
the i;;iu iliiiio lVw.i-i wh.!i ul llio lems
um-: of our domcHe (lilliculUcs so un- ! CommercUl with Turin, Liberia
r.-:.:::y. r. u.-uanly, ns we think, ro- (W u tL
Crtpnieit UK' iumiiii-. i a Lcliferent,
would soon ro c le fro.n tlmi, position, The new commercial treaty l et ween the
which has pvnvci only U-fH injurious to 1 UciteU .States and the Pultun of TnrKcy
themselves iIimii t our own oiiintiy. ' has been canied into execution.
lhit llio temporary revere a Inch nficr- J and consular lraty has
w;iub bi fcl llie national at uis, fin J which , Lcen negociated, t,ubj"ct to the .Semite's
weio exapcrali.'it iiy cir own Ji.Ioyal cits consent, with Libcn.i, nii't a fimilar nego.
of that cla.s to their reactive territories, I;," 'XX ir i V . . .
upon conditions which -hall bo equal, iust 'J'.T'r ' ,U,ul v"t!,,,or i,Pulttt
anu immune, kinenu ana Jiayti are, as I ,,. ,, , ,' V,
vet. the onlv connlrie.1 In ..nloni-L ""'.v i.i:pe lur llio wanis o; llie
of Ariritn dceccut from hero could
tion do not seem willing to emigrate to
tho-e countrits as to some others, nor wil
ling ai 1 thing their interest demand.-
I believe, however, the opinion among
them in this respect is improving and thai
etc long there will he an augmented and
considerable emigration to both those
countries from the United States.
i.ctis abroad, have hitherto delayed that
iictoliiiiplc.jiij', ice. The civil war, which
has so radically chained for the moment
ilie occupations ni.d habits of the Ameri
citi people, has necessarily disturbed the condition and affected very deeply
the prosperity of tho nations with which
we have can icd on a commerce that has
been nteinlily increasing throughout a pe
riod of hall a century, it li!, ul tho sumo
time, excited politnal ambitions nnd np-
prehensioin, winch have produced a pro
bation is now ppnding with t li republic
of llayti. A consiuerablo iniprovemcnt
of tho national commerce, is txpicled
from these meii.-.uriw.
Oar relations with the and Asiatic
Our relations v. ith Great I'-riluin, l-Vance,
.Spain, Portugal, Ku-sia, I'rus.i4, Den
til, rk, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands,
Italy, Kome, and the other European
States, lemain undihturbed. Very tavor.
found agitation throughout the civili.od . ab relations continue to be muintained
HOild. In this iHtial tigitatiim we liavo
fo: borne from taking part m imy cont'o
verfcy between foreign SiatPs and between
parties or factions in such ''I' tes. We have
uttomptcd no propagandisni and iic'kiioaI
eiled no ievulution ; but we hae left to
every nation the exclusive con luct and
inanngeinent of itsown alluirs. Ours(rug
file has I ecu, of cnurse. contempluted by
other nations with refcience less 10 i i oivn
merits than to is m Om d and often cc
agerated effects, and the ccprcijuunccs re
Hilling to those iclations thmsclver,
Aeiei ilielcss, coniplaiin. n the purt, o. I
this giU'ci nmo!., tveii it il wcio ju-t, i
would certiiilily be linwire.
T),cAhk.i' S'xrt T.ul.-TU t-ejtj vith
tirea'. Jlx'da'in.
Tho trea'y with (Ireat Britain for the
tupprciion of the African slave trade lias ;
been put into operation w ith n g.ioj j ins '
j ect cf eoinple auccecs. It is un occasion
of spcral pIcaMire to aeklion ledge the I
the e.vei uuon of it on th pail f her
Miigeny's governnit nt las I eon n.'.ic'
with a jealous resect fr the nuthoriiy of,
the I mted Mutes and t;,e r ght of tlicir
moral and loyal citizens.
ILtHoetri.itt Stiite Duet.
The convention with Hanover for loo
abolition of the State dues has been can
lied into full clitvt under the uet ol Cuti
grcss for that puipose.
TL- l.hfUlr.
A blockade of three thoui-uiid miles of
encmst could nm be etlttbliM'd and vig.
orcti.-lv enlorced in a reason of greul i 0111-
meienil activity like
couiinting occasi
llictui unintentional it;iuiies ui on for
eigu nations and their subjects. A civil
Mir. occurring in a country whre for-
lulu lurkev, lorocco, t ninri, una j.iiam
j T!iC UejiuLlies f Miziro, Ct-itral and Xouth
A mcrlca.
During tho last year there La, not only
been no change of our previous relations
with the independent S'ates of cur own
c nt netit, but, moie friendly B'n:jiiionis
than havo heretofore existed, are believed
Uj bo entertained by the.e neighbors,
! ivhn'6 safely and progress arc so iutiuiale-
Iy cnniiicled with own. Ih.s slute
ment rapeciully 0 plies tj Mexico, Nicar.
tgea, C-sta Itica, Llo!idut.,s, lru an.i,.
'i i.e 'omtii'ission iin lcrtl e convention
with ti e rejiuhli of New Oren ida lose l
i',4 se.-.'cjii, iv i t ! i u t having and tid am1
pa.-sd upon, ail the chum' which v. civ
su'.i, tied to i:. A proposition is pen. I
ing to nvive the convenient, that it m iy
h abb' todo more complete j .ftice The
joint coinmi.-ion between toe I mteo
Ma'es and the rcpi.l.liij of Cost u Hich has
completed its la'ifi i ttti'l submitted its
It tfiere, then, pny other mode in which
tho necessary provisions for the public
' wants can be made, and the great advan
tages ot a sale and unilorm currency se
cured? 1 know of none which promises
so certain results, ns the organization of
banking associations, under a general act
of Congress, well guarded in its provision.
To such ussociation llie government might
furnish circulating notes, on the sci-urity
of Urited States bonds deposited in the
treasury. These notes, prepared under
the supervision of proper officers, being
uniform in appearance and security, ft'id
-i :l i . i , . . "
comci uijie uiwiiysinmvii tvou.c; at once
prelect labor against the evils of a vicious
currency, and facilitate commerce Ly
cheap and sate exchanges.
A moderate reservation from tho infer
st on the bonds would compensate the
Tnite l Slates for the nieparation und diss
ii 'minion ot inc. notes, uml a ceneru ku.
tioi.ury Slates, and In part, to a careful provements in agriculture, in tho intro-
review ol all expenditures in tint depart- duction of new products, and in the col-
.... nt. in the interest, of er.on.imy. The lection of the agtic al , tMtiMics of the
ethctcncyofthei.oMal service, hi, belie- different Stale, ; also that it will m.oii be
ved. lias t lo been much improved. prepared to distribute largely seeds, rs'ifirtjtbm f Fure'ujn I'o.iUhe liat.-.t, ieals, plants and cutlings, and bus already
The '.'oft master (ieneral also opened a l,u.l,1'sl"''1 liberally ditlu-ed much vai-
,.. " - .,., iw,,, ,i, nil i iciiuil l, ,11 f! a
posing h convention ol postal repi enta
tives, for the purpose of simplifying the
rates of foreign postage nnd to "opedilo
the foreign mails. This ; -r jousition ,
eq'inlly importiirt lo our adopt ed citizens
anil to the commercial interests of this
correspondence tin.. Ill f)l tins I 'ill ..,
of State with foreign eovi i nments. i,i. lalmratn report, which i ill in due
time be furnished, embracing some valu
able tests in rliemiee! science now in pro
gress in lh lal oratoiy. Tho creation ol
this depart men t van for the more imme
diate benefit of u large class of our most
valuable citizens, ami I trust that the lib.
country, has been favorably entertained erR,' '''!?' U,'"M " 'hMl il lnls l)t'1'11 0,'!""i
aim ngreen io ny ui;. the governments
Ironi whom replies have been received. I
ask the attention of Congress to the sug.
gostiom of the Postmaster tienem', i" his
report, respecting the further legislation
required, iu his ojiinion, for the benefit of
the postal service.
Ih'purtw.cnl if the Interior,
The Secret arv of the Interior reports a ;
fll,... ., : l in. , . 1 . ...
iiii"Miii iiiuu ai j uonu lanus Die
zed wi.l not only meet your approbation,
tjjt tnat it will no iKlant day
all the fondest
sanguine Iriends, and become tin
sou ice of advantage to all our peoi
w I I - - -
1 he'ih iput'H I'nciii)ititiwi.
I 'n the 2L'd dnj of September last a pruc
I unaiion w as issued by the Kxecuttve, a
copy of which is heron ill; mbmitted. In
accordance with the purpose expressed in
been brought into cultivation, and also
the large and rapidly increasing umountof
itt products, and vo shall ho overwhelm
ed with tins magnitude of the prospect
piescntcd. And yet this region has no, touches no ocean anywhere. As
part cf one nation, its peoj lo now find.snd
my for ever hud their way to Kuiopo by
New Yoik, to South America and A t'rici
by Ni ,v Ui leans, and to Asia by San Fran
cisco. Hut separate our common country
into two nation, as designed by tho pres.
ent rebellion, und every man of this grcal
interior tegion is thereby cut oil from some
one or nioro of these outlets, not, perhaps,
by n physical barrier, but by embarrassing
und onerous trade regulations.
A un this is true, wherever a dividing,
public lauds have ceased to be a source of , 1 flt:"n( paragraph ot that paper, 1 now
revenue, rroiii the 1st ol .July. 1S01. to
iicipatiot.s of its most or boundury line, may be fixed. Place it
between the now tree und hlave country,
or place it south of Kentucky, or north cf
Uhio, uud still tho truth remains, that
none south of it, can trade to nr,y port or
place north of it, and none north of it can
trade to any port or place south of it, ex
cept upon termii dictated by a government
foreign to them. 1 hose outlets, east, west
ilie uUih ol oepteniber, IMC, tho entire
cash receipts from the suit s of lands were
187, -170 ii a sum much less than tlieex
pense of our lard nyslem during the t,aine
pciod. Tho homestead law, which will
lake effect on the 1st of January next, of
fers such inducements lo fet'tlers that
ii- i . ... .
respectfully cull your attention lo what I "uuul "ro muispensame io me wen
may he cul.ed "Compensated Kuuiticipas "-V s . v Ploi" muaoiiing, ana to in
perv.sion of th system, and would li-dit-! S!ll,s cni cannot be expected to an ex
leni sutneient to meet the expenses ot the
General i. und Uflice and the cost of sur
ve ing and biinging the land into market.
The discrepancy between llie sum he:e
s'ated as arising from the sales of the pub
lie lands nnd t lie sum derived trom the
idopiion of the proposed system would s:"110 60l,rt:e ils "'ported from the Treasj
en the burden of that pait of llie public
t.e')t employed as The public
credit, moreover, would be greatly im
proved, and the negotiation of new loans
giea'.lj laciiitatcd by tho steiidy market
eiuaud lor government bonds which the
It is nn additional recometidation of the
pleasure, of considerable weight in my
judgment, that it would r -concile, as fur
as ptiaible all existing interests, by the op.
poi tuni'y allbrded to existing institutions
t tcorganizo under the uet, substituting
only the secured uniform national circu
hition, for the local und various circula
tion, secured ami unsecured, noiv issued
by them.
T.-e miry Jiecei(sfvr (he ear.
ry Department tirises, us 1 understand.
Iroiu the lact that the jieriods of time,
though apparently, were not really coin'
cident at the beginning point, the' Treas
ury report including a considerable sum
now which had previously been reported
from the Inlet ior, sufiicient Iy l uge to
greatly overreach the sum derived fiom
tho three months now repot ted upon by
the Interior, and not by ttie Treasury.
Indian AJf'ain- The Indians and the lUheis.
The Indian tribes upon our frontiers
I have, during the past year, manifested
lie rtcipts into the T.easurv from ,11 i V- . f f.i "liVl ' '
Hint ha iiiicp Irnin . . i .1 ... .
I'""' nine eugagea in open liostllilies
souices, including loans, and balance from
tlio preceding year, for the fiscal
ending on the' C0:li June, 1M'
oJ,,.),l:-W oo, of which sum
.'.i i weio t!.rivei from
were !
against toe white settlements in theii vie
illiiv. 'I'lia Iri'.o ti.r ....... tl.n l.wK....
-"J.-i countrr o..ulh o? Kioifus renounced lli.-ir
CUslOlllS ! I .,11.,..; ... .1 .. I- :. .ii... ,
1 T'l'i ! M - (,., i. , . ,. M " t'.'i'w " io c nneu .-.laics aim enter-
," j .iiit-i.-i, ijx; 1 (I'll
nd r
r ct lor conticc
s with r.uioje bj
end n similiir pro
teh-eraph to San
by a Faei.ii: tile
TKt Atf.
I Jri. e favored th? p
tit);: tin United S'.iite
the '.thititio,
jecl to exter. 1 t;ie
1 lancifCi;, to connect
graph -.villi 'iie line which is bein
tended aciiH.s the Hiis..ian Kmpirte
The United Sic --s Territories r.s yet undUturbM
ly O.e c'.rii War th V u-.trtfi.
The Territories of the United States,
with uniiiinoi tent exceptions, have re-
the picseiit it bout ( niainei jndistt.rbed by the civil w ir ; and
rri! niutakes and in- j tj.y ure exhibiting such evidence of pros
perity as justifies un expectation tha'
some of them will soon be in a condition
te. be nrn-inizptl as S'nts. and btt Constiiu
eigtiers t.side and carry mt a trade under tiomilly admited into the Federal Union,
treatystipuhilions, is tieressanly fruitful of i pie im.,)t.nse mineral resources of some
compla.r.ts of neutrul n:hts. All such col- '0f tJf , , iVrritones ought to be deve'oped
hsioi.s lend to excite nnsapp.ehensions 'as rapidly as possible. Kverv step in tht
and possibly lo produce mutual recluma. ! direction would have a tendency to bu
llous between nations which have a conii ,,,nvr. the revenue of the novernmerit. nod
diminish the burdens of the people. It is
iron interest in preserving peace nnd
friend-hip. In clear cases ol these kinds
I have, so far es possible, heard utnl re
dressed complaints which have been pre
sented by tiiendly Poweis. There is,
however, a large and augmenting number
ofdoub.ful cases upon which the gov
worthy ot your serious consideration
w hether some extraordinary meat-sure to
promote that end cannot be ad -ipted.
l lie means w men suggests itselt as mosi ;
likely to be effective, is a scientific ex'plos
raiioti of tho mineral regions in those
public land'1, $-l,Vj,'Jii;i 77;
r.eoes sr-iices, i-'.1.'! 1 . 7 7 HI
ail loi .,. !f20.;y2,.ta r.o.
dtr, -i.:j7,utjj fcn, win the
I u: ye.n .
d llltO tie.'llUlS Willi lli intnr,,,,,!,-
iioui i .iseeia- Uiose w ho remained loud to the I
; : i on loans in
' The remain
balance fiom
'e Vej3.
(Mates were driven from the country.
Chief of tho Cherokces has visited
,city for the purpose of resi,,riio tlm (,
The disbursement t'uring the same pe
riod :m re for congie.ional. executive and
judicial pin poses, '."'.. tCJ 11',' ; for for-,
eign inlcKtoiirse, Sl,o.iil.7 Id Ho ; for misi
oclliueous t-xpeii-e.-. including the mints,
loans, post oflice ilt fieieucics, collection of
revenues, und other like charge., Si 1,
1 1 jO ; for expenses under the Interior
lVjiariment, S.j, Ki.'.Os
city lor the purpose of re-turing tli form
er itilalious ol the lube with the United
States. Ifo iillcgos that they were con
strained by superior force lo enter into
treaties with the insurgents, und that the
United States neglected to furnish the
protection which their treaty stipulations
I require..
i J ' I'-diun O-'lnal; in Miniu-mAt.
1 In the. nionthof August last the Sioux
Indian-, in M inne.ota, at tacked the set
. tlementa in their vicinity with extreme
leiociiy, lulling imliMMiiinimtelv men wos
under the
War I 'opart merit, I litis, 4 '7 ii'i unhr
"- " j w hi 1 1 in-1 1 1, ?--.' i.,io.i t iy jo- n,..ii in,, ,,!,... ll.;.... i . i
the interest on public ; ! ,y nnexde.i Vml ZlZ
and for , ay of public debt mcli.ding defence had been provided, ll is cstima
reiinburse.nei, s ,, tempoi o,y loans, and j ,d that not le,s Ihan eight hundred per-
T.k'"g "ere killed by the "Indians, an'd a
agregat;.- of m,U,n.H.u ) i5 and leaving a1 large amount of properly was destroyed,
balance , the treasury on the Urst day of jlw this outbreak was induced is'tiot
'. " 'if ' '''' ,M'.i 'detir.itely known, and suspicions, which
v, m ! o ,,',? 0,,"erv,;d h'u 8Vm y I ujut, need not I o Hated. In
5.h,,J U. , expended for reimburse- to, mat ion was leceived by the Indian
me-nts and redemption of public debt, be- P.ureau, from dilb-rent sources about il,
ins included also r, the, loans ma le, may t,,L. hastil.lies were commenced, that a
be properly deducted, boll, from receipts j slu. ilianeous attack was to be made upon
. H- i mo w uie sett enieiiis iv n i m m , ha.
I hubit, till this vust interior region. Which
j of the three tniiy bo the best, is no proper
question. Aii.uro uelter than citticr ;au i
all, of right, belong lo the people, and to
their successors forever. True to Ihem
selves, they will not ask where a line of
separation shall be, but will vow, rather,
thai there shall be no such line. Nor aro
the marginal regions less interested in
these communications to, and through
them, to the treat outside world. They
too. .llld Pilch oflhem iiiiikI. Iiilua unman
owned und inhabited by the people of the j to this Egypt of the Wet without paying
Limed Statei is well adapted to the home tolls ot the crossing of any national boun-
oi one riuuoui taniily, and it is not well
iitapteu ior two or more. Its va-t extent
11 hut UvKstitutij a Xu'.i ml,
A nation may be said to consist of its
territory, its people and ils laws. The
territory .s the only part which is nf cer
tain duiabi.'ity. "One feneration passeth
away nnd another generation conieth ; but
the earth abideth forever." It is of the
first importance lo duty to consider ami
estimate this ever enduring fact. That
pel-ion oi iue earin s surtaco winch is
j inn? u, iii.j v;iu:9liij Ul illlj
Our national strife springs not from our
permanent part ; not from the land we
inhabit ; not from our national homestead.
and its variety ol ciimateiind productions
are oi advantage in this age lor one peo
pie, whatever they might iuo been in 'There U no iios,.il neverim? nf tl.i. t.nt
firmer uges. Menu, and telegraphs, in j would multiply, and not niitiguto, evils
intelligence, have brought these to be un I among us. In all its adaptations and ap
advantageous combination for o:;e united titude, it demands union, und abbots sep
pet.ple. In the Inaugural address I brief. uration. In fact, it would, ere long, force
ly pointed out the total inadequacy of reunion, however much of blood and
disunion as a remedy for the dillcrcnoes ; treasure tho separation might have cost,
between the people of tho two sections j Ojr strife pertains to ourselves to the
I did so in liingtiHge which I cannot ims. passing generations of men ; and it can,
prove, and which, therefore, I beg to re-j without convulsions, bo hushed forever
ll(-'ut: i wdli the passing of ono generation.
"One feriiun f rountry liell. vrs slavery is 7yie Slavery tun and May be Eradicated fron
riiht, anil ought to lie exti-ciM, while the other j the Land.
beliov-s it t.i be Vr.j und i.tiht n..t t U cx- j tin, view, I reeonimend the adoptioa
tniiitO'I. J his is tn ii y s ulis tn n tut dispute. c.i . e ii . . . i .- i i
Th. fugitive (lave Wof the Cunstitiitiiin, . ml of the follow ng re-oludon and ar.lck,
ilif law f.,r the siipprBssion uf the fiiroii-n lsve amenda'ory to the Constitution of tho
i. nneu mines :
I'Jtfxtttvr't, itij the SeH'ite aifl Jhih nf Ittpre
rriitiitirn tt the Vnilrd State,; in Conjren auem-bli-l,
(twj-lhir lsof both liuiiioscnncurrine.l Tlml
ernmcni is unume io agiee wiin tne goVK , Territories, with view m the iml.llcn-
ernments whose protection is denuded jon of its results nt home and in foreign
ny mo ciiiiutttnis. jiiereHre, moreover, I countries results which cannot fail lobe
.i ...... ,
many tuses in which tha United Maios or
their ciii.ens sutler wrongs from tho nayal
or military authorities of foreign nations,
which the governments of theseStatcs are
not at once prepared to redress. J have
proposed lo some of the loreign Statei
thus interested, mutual conventions to ex
amine and adjust such compluints. This
proposition has been made especially to
(ireat Britain, lo France, to Spain and to
Prussia. In oach enso it has been kindly re
ceived, but h?i not yet been formally
adopted. 1 deem il my duty to recoiu-
The Finance t of the Country.
The condition of tho finances will claim
your most diligent consideration. The
vast expenditures incident to the milita
ry and naval operations re p it i red fur the
suppression of the rebellion, have hitherto
been met with a promptitude, and
certainly, unusual in similar circttmstan.
ce; aed the public credit ha. been fully
maintained. The continuance of tho war,
however, and the icreaied disbursements
meaU an appropriation in behalf of the 1 mude necessary by the augmented forces
u.ii-i ui i.uinegiun oara Admiral 1, no m the Hold, demand your best re
joreiens moia, winch vessel was in Muv
1KC1. prevented by the commander ot the
ceipts for the yen- ?lM7.7fs,:2-l M, and
thi expenditure.,, S 17-1.74 1, "S 10.
Other information on the subject of fi
nances will found in the report of the
rotary of the Treasury, to whose state
ments and views I invite your most can
did nnd considerate attention.
The Army and the -Yary.
The reports of the Secretaries of War,
and cf the Navy, aro herew ith transmit
ted. These reports, though lengthy, are
scarcely more than brief abstracts r,f the
very numerons and extensive transactions
and opeiatijus cot.duc'ed tlnoiigh those
department. Nor co.ild I givo a mhic
maiy of them here, upon any principle,
which would udmit of its being much'
shorter than the report, themselves. 1
therefore content myself with laying the
reports before you, and asking your at,
tention to them.
The Post Ojh'cc Department.
It gives me pleasure to report a decided
improvement in the financial condi; ion of
the Post oflice Department, as compared
'"i. rviri.u iiit-ut-eninii years. he ro. fotco oil Charlston from leavs business, and w ith the least burdens on
flections as to Iho best nndes of providing ! ceipts for the ti-cal year l-'til amounted to
t ue necessary revenue, wiitiout injury to : '.-.'b -iv, which embraced the reve.-
tng mat port witu a cargo, nolwitht8nd
ing a similar privihgu bad shortly before
been fit anted to an English vessel. I havo
directed the secretary of State to cause
the papers in the case to be communion-
, ,'ed to the proper committees.
Ffniyration rfthe Negroes.
Applications hare been made to me by
many free Americans of A f'ican descent to
favnr their emigration, with a view to such ! for
counuarion as tr&s .contemplated in recent
j "cis o. Congress. Othr j i ies, at homo
"j abroad, some Iron, intexe.sted motives,
.Otneri Unon tmtrintic nnnnideutinns an. I
ii:n i . v.. c-, uibuo tu
St I fi I. ,1 j . ... .. .
2 - "iiiiti iiuiuencia ny punanuiropio' satisfied
Spttits Payments Currency.
The suspension of specie payment by
the banks.soon afterlhecommeiicement of
your last session, made large issues of Uni- note, unavoidable. In no olh-
nue trom nit the Mates ol tho Union for
threc-squarters of that tear. Notwith
standing '.he cessation of revenue from the
so-called seceded Mates during the last
Iiscil year, the increase of the correspoin
uence or me lovat .-s-.aies lias licen hM
cieni io produce a revenue during the
er wav em.i.i ii.. ,.. J"" w, imn on v
and the sat " T ,rno':'' : t?n was deriie.l from ill the
be m n , J .. ue,m ? B-atc of the Union
...."...iw.ii,, i,r HO WrU tiroviden
The iudic.ouVh. i i , , i"".-o year. The expenditures show
ing he re, m" ''r? tonrpM. , hvorabl result. Trie amount
ing inn reusability of these notes : jn l,til whs n fifld 7V) 1 1 v.
ans and internal dune,. ,, nu klna . t
for loans
their, a legal tender lor othe- debts
uurinc the nrevious
i lie expenditures show a s.ill more
ror tha last
- vein- uie Hinouiii nas een reiiimerl in
made them universal currei... , . ... 1J- "lowln? decrease of
,,.r.;:i, . i..... J'. anoui L'.-JM.IHK) in the expenditure. a
',.1 . . ' . . . I . "---.V I' .1,1.1.,, jll ,'H . (, K. . .. . .
" uniDenia iiavA cin.iA.t.1,1 i ; n,;),,. h.a .n. i , . coinitfii-eii trii ii t ia 1,... ........ i
l --....A. iu,.iur uic- iiroe, me nti! le t w ant of an in.ifi rm . rnr. uuu
cni:m'.lU'0hr h:,n'1- vr1 circulating minium, .avin, he . b . 0" jf' M m compared with the
ri!tl. P"0"1- merican republici Lave people, imme.iceM.iu. i,' di-cnt and j r The
K!TlS '?,l,nl tb. "din of ,' cfingo. A return to ecie pay men?. lVll' W W"
e---- .altera - i?&x
r suteWitbJ.,ou,dxJe?;i!r"-r-d' re-,
tween the Mississippi river and the Kooky
Mountains. The State of Minnesol i has
suffo ed great it jury from this Jud:in war.
A large pot lion of her territory '. been
depopulated and nseveie lo.s ),na icon
siislaiuud by the destruction ot property.
1 he people of that State maniln-t much
anxiety lor the removal of tlm tribes be
yond the limit, of ihe Si-xte as agiiniantee
against future hostilities. The Commis
sioner of Indian All. iirs will furnish full
details. 1 submit lor your especial con
sideration whether our Indian vsti-m
shall not be remodelled. Many i-e and
go id men have been pressed with tho be
lief that this can be prolitably dore.
Thi Paeiji: liMrnudt and the Internal Canals.
1 submit a statement of the nroeeedin.-M
of ll.e Commissioners, which shows the
piognss that has been made in tho enters
prise of constructing tho Pue.lio Kaihoad ;
and this suggests tho earliest completion
of the road, and alto the tevorable action
of Congress upon the projects noa- pend
ing bclore them foi cnlaiging the capaci
ties of the great cmals in Now York and
Illinois, as being of vital and rapidly in
creasing importance to the whole nation,
and e.-peciady to the vast interior region
hereinafter lo be noticed at some trreaier
length, 1 purpose having prepared and
laid before you at an eai Iv day tnmt ins
tcresting and valuable statistical informa
tion upon this subject. The military unc
ing the Illinois river, is presented in the
report of Colonel Webster to tho Seerela-
truth1, are cai-h as well cnfuri-eil. tiHrliaim. ns un
Imv t vor be in a community where tho uiunil
M ii.-v of tho .eii,le iiciere-tly siqipoits llie hiw
it-elf. The great body if the people nhide by
tiio dry legal (,blig;iti','i in bnih cu?u., nnd u few
bifiik over in eio'h. This, I think, caiunt be per.
I'eetly cured ; uml it would bo worse in both eases,
after the fejinratii u of th sections, lliuii before.
The foreign tlavc iru lu, now imperfei-tly siijipref
sed, would be nliiinfit. ly revived wiituut restiie.
tion in one fcctiui; whi'o fugitlie slave?, nuw
only arliu'ly surrendered, would not bo turreu
durcd ut all by the other. Physically s-p,-nking,
we cannot separnlc. We cannot remot c our res
pective lections from esch other, nor build nn
impassiiblo barrier belween them. A kutbiiml
and wife uuiy bo divoreod.and go out of the prts
enoc and beyond tho reach or each other; but
i his difierei.t p ,rts of our country eaunot do thi.
'lhuv cannot but remain face to tacn , uml inter
coiime, either uniioablo or Inutile, must continue
between thsin. N it posibl., then, tu make that
intercourse more advmitnir njin. or i.,m .iUi...
tho tolloniug urticlcs be proposed to tin legi-slu-
turo (or conventions i ut the several t-tntes a
naioiidments tu the ron-tiiution of tho United
St ttes, nli ir nny i f which articles when ratified
by three fourths of the said legislatures (orcon
v.n;i,n s) to 1 e valid us port or purls uf luo mid
Constitution, vin :
".turn i.k . Every Stute, wherein silvery now
exists, which tiiall nholish tho sniue therein, at
any time.or times, before tho lirst day of January,
in tho. year of our Lord one thousand and nino
hundred, shiill receive coiiipens.ition from tb'j
United States ns fidiuws, to wit :
"The l'resicent of the l uitod States shall Jc
liver t i every Mate, bonds of the United Stole'.
healing interest at the rate nf por cent. po.
annum, to an aiununt e,iual to the aggregate sun;
'f lor each slave shown to havo been '.hire the eiglilh census of the United States. ai :
tory. after separation than Ul'ore ? Cao aliens ' bond: to be delivered t each State by iiutalujuiti',
cuke li.atics easier tlinn Iriends cu uinkelaws?
Ian treaties be luor.1 taiihlully enforced betucen
aliens, than laws can between friends ? Suppose
you go tu war, ou cannot tight always, and when,
nfter much lets on both silos, an I no gain on
either, you cense fighting, the identical nld ques
tion, us 1 1 lei mil ot intercourse, aro agnin upon
H'.y t- United Mates shm'd mlie Divided.
or ill ouo parcel, at tho coinp'etion of the abolish
nient, accordingly as the ninia shall bare been
gradual, or nt one time, within such State ; an,,
interest shall begin tu run upon anj mica boo i
i iiiy fr iu tho proper tiiuo of in Uoliv; ;y u nforo
tai l. Any Stale having received bund's as afore
said, und afterwards reintroducing or tolerating
slavery therein, shall refund to the United State'
the bonds so received, or the vulue thereof, anda'.i
interest paid thereon.
Theiei- no line I raid. I or ciooked suit-' "Abticlk . All ilaros who thall have enjor
able lor a national boun.b.ry. upon which cJ uclu"' fre6dulu h tlle cbunces of tho waric
to divide. Tract, through, from east to ?"y '""c T thn C''d flllr0 'c,tlli?n' ,haU h
west upon IhelineUiwl l r i f"rtvtr 'rve, butaU owners of such, who fh., II no.
w st upon (lie line betw een the free and have been disloyal, shall becompensat-l fr then,
shiM! country, and tve shall hnd u little at tho snme rates ns is provided lor Spues adopt
more thai, one- third of ils length arc riv, ing aUiliahiuem of slavery, but in such w;i, tha
ers, easy to be crossed, and populated, or no bivo shall ' o twice uccounted for.
soou to be populated, tbieklv iinni. bmli " . Congress may appropriate more1 .
silcs; v.liilo nearly all its remaininir nJ ,,"-,r"if I'vWe, fr coloauin free eokfe.i
length me ,,,, ely surveyo, s'B line, over ( ft ZZZZ&Jr "
cl people may walk back and forth I beg indulgence to discuss the;0 pre
w hotitjioy consciousness of their pies, 1 ,,0e,l articlest some length. U.thou,
...... ...r ... ..... no" " i-c uiane. tiavery, the rehellion couhi
.... u.oiti ti.iueun, to j.iss, ny writing it, existed; without slavi
uuiii tei iiid , ur pai xnnit.iit, us a l;as
tionnl boundary. J he fact of separation, !
i. iii.i .in-r, L.ics u tin nit! iiiitl ni llie ' j ....,. .1; .
i . .- .. . . . , u tii.ii ui, i-jsn i- oi PClll 11 enl Aim nt nn
with nil r thcr constitutional obli-1 r ' mA ' ...... " J. Xa "
uionthe section seceded f, om. ' J. ..T" w"?"" . ' ' T . T'u ',l 'i"-'ui..
u Inlrt r slinnlil , .;. .i """"J nuuiu IIOO.MU it S'JiUeMv
tion would ever be mad; to k j iu fiZ i Kiln' W00i '
Ihitthero is another difficulty.' The 'so' nt o uil h iZ
great in ermr region, bounued east by the ,,, f,01ll u HI, 80al( WQd t ,
in t ? v 7 n bV'" lJnl",h. d",u:: u;nU there are yet other mino
ions, west by tho Kocky mountains, and dieemti,. Ite,.-..,,. ,.r ti, r
south by the line along wnich the cultuie . .- IVcaus1 ut these direr
of corn and cotton meet , Ln.' whitd in!' t ,WC W!UlU mu,ch "'.gth ii,
. .. nvia, win. nillt.u in..,l,iiii,t u, iiiiimiii hii.i.i U.. .....
rce ..u.cui.vs. xy JUUIUI:
Among tho friends
never hay.
very it cou. I no
of the Union titer'
eludes part of Virginia, part of Tennessee,
all of Kentucky, Ihio.ludiana, Michigan,
isctuisiii, .union, ;.Iisojri, Kansas,
Iowa, Minnesota, and the Territories of
concession wo should harmonize, and ac
. . 1 'IM ii. '
kugeuiei. mis wouiu te (omjiromise
but il would bo compromise th'
. llie 1 eri-imi-ipti nn r. :. . i . ... . "cs 11
Dakota, Neb.a,ka. and ...rl of Colorado ' ' " V' nol.V.11! lM e,lerU1M '
'. . 1. 1 I l IIKJ1I. J I IPSA flriU'lOl QfA llllnn. t
a l .ill have fifty millions whktn ! T.
"i - I j.g tllllliui niltl ' r ii . .
)n:iiercial importance of enlarging the I y ?r ""-,ak- " ooti
hnois and Michigan canal, and imtirov . I ,r . of ttie cou,ltry
ibe lilinnia rt im . i. I nitfcd Stales cerlmnlv
. nese articles are intended t
i Hi 0m,,O(l' 8 l,liin cl 8ut;l1 Diutual concession;
y cats, if not prevented by any political , ' . '6 ? n 1,11 " ",,u"''
' r. -ii : -f .. y I "Vl''u that emancinn ion wi 1 o ow- nt PHi
ff -.Y-."-l "
contain, more thin
owned bv tlm
ed Stales certainly more than nna
minion oi square mile,. One-half as roo
rv of War, and now transmitted lo Con- , ou 81 "ssachusetts already is, it would
giess. I respectfully ask attention to it e ,",ore l'li,n "eventy-five miilions of
The Department of Ajrieulturc ' PC0'.'I'-. ,A K,,ir-f . flt map shows thai,
v ... "jricu.iurc. territorially speaking, it is the great lodv
Tocavry out the proviKioos of tha act of ofihe ,,.i.i' t-i.r ...t K. .
I tTi,i.o;t . - e ,", lu,r oi region sloping wet from tho Rocky mount
the United States to be organized. The, tainn tn tha ,...;. .u. a.',
Lomnitssioner informs me that within the, also the richest in undeveloped resource,
period ora few months this department in the production of provisions, orains,
has established an extensive svstem r.f r.Ms... oil .i.:i. ... , r -....
correspondence and exchanges, both at This creat intori.-r reeion is natumllv one
home and abroad, which promise in .r t.r n. ,.i ...,..-,;..; .i u .
- , . , - I vi nip i,,vi. i-i vni'.i on iii iue nuiiu. n 8
reel highly benehcial results in the devel, 'certain from the statitlics the small pin
ment ola correct knowleslge of recent im- portion cf it region which Ins, a vUt,
several of the States.
As lo the first article tho main point,
are: first. th emancipation, secondly, th
length of lime for consummating it-thirty-soven
years; and thirdly, the com
pensation. line this ItHry wi't benefit the Slave and h
The emancipation will be ur.satihfaotnr
(o tho advocates of perpetual slavery ; but
the length of time should greatly ruill -atv
their dissatisfaction. The time saves both
races from the evi's of audden derange
ment; in fact, from the neooHsity of an
derangement ; while most of thow. wuo.. .
habitual course of thought will U disturb
ed by the measure will have paSod awu
bo.ore its consummation. They w ill nai
tr swit. Another clu.a will hail the pr0i.