Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 29, 1862, Image 3

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    0 ;t r i 1 1 h .
(11,. I,,-, t I ' Kill tnjMtf'l I')'
-.. I in i f n I'luin", ) t ri . i i r 14
l-tf A tii'tt'iiilt" li Hi brl fl I ri t 't
I'll li in t i 1 1 ilnvi'h by t'n nii .i i
Hi iimMotu i'
HOfa man i until. I nrini witlimit
SWiaritiK, l urtn; Ll diriir Hri
of iotuot ursiity
"af Thp law should iroHr-h it fit
when it film' rniuei nllping through
it finders.
Itef'Miort call aro lent," it the fly
aid w heti ho alighted iiinn tli hot
fcWllio rrtijnnt reviewed 0n.
Modioli tin 'a army on Friday he-t and
wan everywhere recoivod with demon
"riktrnlionii of enthuniasni
Iter Almost vwry yonng 'a ly it pub.
iu "inriiou onoui(t to Do willing to
have herfathura liour-o iihoiI uh u court
houso. Wo clip theahoro from u republican
exchange, whoso editor, no doubt,
"pohu as ho fult, making himself the
KSfWhnt in the difference botwoen
an accepted and a i njected lover? The
ono kiNNCH. hin Mj(.Nua, and Iho other
miVACN JllH klHSOf.
rA publio writer thinks that mueh
might he gained If speaker. would oh
Beive tho millers method ulways to
chut tho gage when the grist Id out.
IaH$read i tho htafT of life, and li
eioor the stilts tho former stiNtuiniiig
a man, and the latter tilovatinir him
for a fall. B
Rowland Hill Paid, 'ho woild not
give a farthing for the mau'a religion
whose cut and dog were not tho better
for it."
m.At a printer a festival tho follow,
mg tnawt waagivou: "Tho editor and
the lawer tho devil in atisfied with
thai copy of tho former, hot roduireo
the orginal of the latUr."
He who truely wishes the happinees
fir une nnn AannnA 1. .. I ' . ,
... .v onuuui u lODg Wll(lUt
dlofovering some mode of contribu.
ting to it.
It hns hoen tnld in behalf of riccond
maniagori that wodlock ia like wino
not to bo properly judged of till tho
A worann offering to aignadced,
the judgo akcd her whether her has
band compelled her to nign?
"Ho compel me!" naid the lady
'no, nor twenty like bim 1'
A pedler being asked by a long,
pind le-shnnkcd wag, if he had any
tin ovoi liall.i, answered : '-Xo, but I
have u pair of candlo moulds that will
jni fit you."
aj" "Is that bell ringing for Hro?"in
qnired n youth from tho (jrton monn
tains. "No, they huvo to much some
whero and thoy ring tho boll for wt.
"Canyon tell mo how tho word
Salmon In upelt I" wan aaked of a
Cockney by a rhiladelphian. "Cer
tainly,'' naid the Londoner with a
look of triumph ; "Thcro'H a been' and
n hay, and n holl, and two hoes
Whilo ono ofonr cbaplaina of tho
army was ropcating thin lino of
the Lord a prayer. "Give us thia day
our daily bread," a soldier added,
with a loud voice "fresh."
IsjrTho Binghamton Jenrnal in con
etructing a new dictionary. Itdefinos
"Man a conoral term, embracing wo
man." If thm is a eample, the new
dictionary will bo comprehensible
enough at least.
fcajr""Wliy do you drive nueh a
pitiful looking caroaaa as that f Why
don't you put a heavier ooat of flonti
on hirn? &aid a traveler to an Irinhcar
driver. "A heavier coat of flosh f By
the power tho poor oroattiro can har
dly curry what little thero is on aim
row !
Life ia a thing which many people.
necro in a great hurry to got rid of,
if wo may judgo by the number of
'fast' young men now-a-days, who uho
themselves up with the greatest ap
parent satiHfaotion.
Women aro said to have strongor
attachments than men. Is it not bo,
Strength of attachmont in evincodin
lltllo thiaga. A man is often attach
ed to an old hat ; but did you ever
know a women having an attachment
for an old lionnot?"
"Never ! never I"
fVefSaid an old preaeer once, "Fel
low mnners if you were told that by
rfnlnir 4 f tlin Ion of the iltiti .aha. .V.L-.i ,-..;. . ' "a
vi", j.i'" "' i MERCHANTS, and dealer In Dry
Of tho church) you might Secure yoor Goods, Groceries, Ilnrdware, Qaeonsware, aid
eternal salvation,! really boliove hard- thing usually keyt by the trade, emre on
lv nnv of ron would trv it Rnt Ut ISKCOND Ktreot, below Judge Leonard's, oppo
ly unj oi you wouia vry 11. ijut let ,lt4 lh, PrbyU!rt.B Cnurch Clearfield P.
any man proclaim that tuoro were Deo. 4, issi.
fire Lnndred dollars up there for you,
and I'll be bound there would be suoh
a gutting np stairs ae you never did
An Irishman catohing a thiof s band
u his pocket at tho Post Office, the
rther day, knocked tho raaoal down.j
n.-l K,iren tA tramnln on his CarrASA
it hocro dancing a Furdowner's '
"What's th at for V said a byatand-
"Oeh 1" said Tat, "it's small chantr
he fiillow
r iri vim
wnntod n,l fuitli T'm f. i
. ' ; -
niTU a lew post ojnc
llllr til X AM.1
1llmi'l WinU I II tlol
M Iti Kinhfo, liMn i . . i.'Vi, tl
t (.Il n Hi"'' I'M lh "t, I
trim l UiiHUIi.(t.
I A 1-llnH iil ri lii i I In UK' H'f ui llfiilt
tt h f'.U"lM tU f I
I MlU'n. I n
tn ifiui, (t tlU.j I Ml t
,Tn iitnr, (IhIIkh.) ft I N
Thfct ftrf, ((t llf,( I M I '
I I inlh A iimi I.
Nm Wpw. I i t f
'ttniliiitM.I i i I I I 0(1 00
Thro i-vmr, I I I I I 00 00
Tour (qnnrcf , I I I i 0 00 10 00
Ulf tftohiMin, i I I I I 00 It I'O
0, rnlninn. I I I I 1 4 00 10 00
Otcr threo -k n.1 If llinn OircO BPOtht it
u for qiir fft rh limrtlun.
Pn7iit nt!iKn nut toMJing Bltnoi r tt-
mlrtmA tar f 1 Ik vettr.
AdTertlmtiU n. rki wltktlio nnmW of
tiiloni4oilro, will io cvntlraeJ uiilll rorblil
nil iktrginl upoiinllcg (a tli.o trm. ,
An KXtennivo nUx:k of JolihinK matorin
enable tho ruMishcr of the " Jiqmblitiin'
to announce to t).e jullio that ho in np
rrd to do all .iiuU of
1'OSTSKS, l'AUPal.m, I'aiHlllABMW, ,
Hi wis. rri Boon. niai-CLAH, 1
Labeuh, Ball Ties,
and every lnd of printing usually lono
in a country ob office.
All orders will be executf.1 wilh nont
nmi and Uwpatcb.
Time of lloldlufr Court
8eund MntuUy of January,
Tbird Mooda of March,
Third Mvtidity of Juim,
fourth Mond.iy of BvvlemKar,
lu vuuti yr, and conllous two wecki If na
cary. County Olflrcr.
Pron't Jailg,Hon. Siiniuol I,inu. IlcIIefonto.
A'la ndgt'ii, Hon J.l.TIiflinpi'on,Curwanilll.
lion. Juiu Iilouui, Voroil.
fib.r.ff, IMward PrV.,
rrollinoUr,Joho L. CultU,
Keg. A Hoc. Jiitn.n WilgU'jr,
limtrict Alt') Uxo Tert,
IreiMuror, Jnirpb Bhitw,
C. Burrtvor. H. K. Wrlslit.
fllen !Iope
i'"1"1" n Morreii,
S. 0. Thompson,
K. Waaklnrton
leonte,a Milla
Jaoob Konti,
B. C. Howaimi,
J. B. 8haw,
C. K. Worrell,
J. W. Potter,
Jeaae Uromal,
Aid! lota.
Ce. aiapt.
LUt efPoot Office.
ATaiaee P. O. Mnmm
fllen Ilope,
Clearfield I'.rHf e,
Willijiins tiiuve,
JeSerann Lln,
Hew Waahlnj;!
(i. W. Calwell
W. McCrackcu
T. A. M'Ohee
J. W. Camrbal)
ll.L Henderson
P. It. Miller
J. E Val.-.m.
K. II. Moore.
C- J. Bloppy,
John Hcberliug
Jns- Hloora
Wm. Pcath.
Jm MoMurray
J. Patrhla
A. 6. Totar
M. A. Prank.
P. A. OaDlia.
P. W. Hchnarr
T. II. Fleming.
Centre county
Mi?F Ricleliii. h
B timid,
Cbaet, Herd,
Olearfteld, Clenrfleld,
Covington, FrenchTille,
CurwenrTllle, i;nrwcnallle,
I'liilipi burg,
Wet Pccotur,
Helen Poet OCki',
l,reonnte'o llllls,
llnld Hills,
(1 ruhamton,
Pmltha Mills,
hall Lick,
Karthaaa, J
New Millport,
Lumber City ,t
Grampian Hills,
Hook ton,
Kdm. Wllliuina
Hlk county, I'a.
C. Miguot
Williuui (,'arr
A. R. Slmw
T. II. Forcoe.
A. fl. Fax.
C. J. Posey.
Pnvid Tyler
II. Woodward
Klita Chase
(i. Hnckadorn
, V. W. Hohnarra
M. O. Htlrk.
J, W. Tiionipa'o
Joe. Thompson
J, C. liionncr,
It. VY. Spencer,
A. C. Mooro,
T. TV. Fleming.
B. P. Dale
Jos. Loikett-
3 Thia Post Office will do for Chest township
Will answer tor Ferguson lownahip.
WM. M CUI.I.OIGII, ATTowawr at
, Law, Clearfield, Ta. Office with L. J.
Crant, Esq., on Second street.
March 20, 1863, If. J
ILjEtli'SiralbaffP Et ft 5 ,
IIBNRY KVAN8, Proprietor.
March 10, 18(1.2 ly.
AL PATTKKSON, Attorney at Law, Cui
e wonsfille, Pa., will attend to all business ,
ntrnated to his eare.
opposite the New '
Methodist Churoh.
feb. I, 'HI.
nv t v vivrrvv "
Pl.-i.if.. ..i'TV.f . i .i
' '?..r"rC!!n. r'"fn7
locaUd at Frencbrllle, Covington township, off
era bia professional eervioes to the surrounding
community. May 8, IsSl.
MKRCI1 AJ1T, and dealer in Boards and
Fhlnglea; Grain and Produce. FRONT 6trevt,
ebove the Academy CloaHlald Pa.,
Deo. 4, 1881.
fJHTICIi of the poaoe
Lotherahurg, Clearfield Co. Pa.,
will attend promptly to all buainoaa en'ru'ted
to re.oe tq March 2i, 1SA0. y. pd.
CVRKNIT8 nown.
For Dbcatp Township,
ill promptly attend to all business entrusted to
his eare. T. 0. Address, Pbillpsburg Pa.
Aug. 21st 1S81
. W. BMITO i CO,
ft. a
acta. v. J. ctruiftcaa,
CtlUctioi Oflce,
CLRAiniLD, Pa.
SH OtARA's TStw Bciuio.
IFiffffl Fiira.
mRIt anbaerihera have a i.d,. .1 Viais
JL'" f
dispose tf very cbenp.
Clearfield, Jane 15,1842.
A V0 L0T of ikoso jMfly eeOakeat
X - HAILferool ekeot) for e by
n no
VSfaA m, im,
,. Aff
- v
WillritiuK Hnlrto Uraw on Bli Hoaitui will,
Roitoro (Iri-T nr Mmiiij IUIr In lu I
Will prepiil the Ilnir fm Flllnf Off, nl f ro
mulok New and Ilcnllh Urtiwih ; eompk'tt'l;
rraimi'i iiiimirun, will prvrDl and
ture Ni'tvoun llnalitch.- will nie
to (lit II ilr Clmn, (IIomt Ap
pi'Aianoo, and In n l'rtulu
Curo fur nil Mirtfti
of the II r d.
rric, 75 OnU ; tdron BotlUii for W 00
For Hale at HA li TH WICK'S IW UO
STOIiJi, Mark, t St., Ckarpld, Pa.
Hliiporfit and cnmplvt drvmiag for Iho
jj s
uair. nrn'i mu iiiuwiiik W b vj m e q Uii f.
SIarioal i OrrirK,
Itew York, Nov. II, 1MI. !
WM. (JRAV, Iiiq. Danr rlr Two monlht nfo
my haad waa almost entirely bald and tho littio
hair I bad waa all grty and fulling out very faat
until I frnred I ihouhl loco all. I ominenc.d
lining, your Hair ltntlvraiirm, and It Immadiately
loppad tha hairfnllinR off, and anon rcftorad the
anlur, and uftur using two botllea my brad iaeorn-
' pli'lxly rovurod w-iilt a henllliy growth of bair,
and of the ramo color it wua In early manhood.
I Uko (trout pleasure In rorommonding your i-
, f Hunt Jlnir HenlO'iitiv aud yod tuny alao rof.r
oa doubting pi'mon lo rna.
i RObKUT MCItKAY, C. 8. Marahal,
' Boulhorn Dlatiiot, Now York.
; yr al by the proprietor, (Win.Qray) al iba
, Kaitorntlvo Dupot,
!!01 Brondway, New lork,
Alao for aale by John H. I'lerec, flenernl Ageol
i Krondway, N. Y., and by all Drugtfal.
JIMIN'S. i'lKKCK, Uoneral Apent,
I No. 085 Broadway, K. Y.
i K. II. Drngltta or others aandiag rnah ordera
for the lleatoratire, will be aupplied with eirra
lara c.nitiiinlnjf ccrllfieatea from people of the
I bigheat reapectabillly, fiotn all parts of the enun
j try. March 111, 1802. 1 y.
Thli prep tralion, made from the bent Jarn Cof. )
fee, la reeoinm.iide.l by pbyaieiaos ns a aiiporlnr j
NlTTKITIOlrl UKVEIUUB for !i,eral Peliill-'
ty, ryspepsla and all blllloue ditoiders. Tbous- I
ends who have been compelled to ubuudoa tb
nse nf coffee will nse thia without injurious effeeta
Ono can contains the atreoath of twe pounds of
ordinary coffee l'KK'K 2j oonl.
i Ka lack's ij 57T.f,rr. ?
I Tlu'l'iirestand beit IIAKINO I'OWIiKll known
for making light, tweer tin. I n ulrilino I'rcnJ aod ;
Cakoa. 1KK H li cenU.
Ai'rArTiKiD nr
4r. ff JiroadiV Vhftnut iVnitf, 1 MUidilplna.
a tin aoi.n or all MiunoisTs abu auoi tns.
Peb. 2fl 1862, 1 yr.
Cabinet. Chair Making,
JOHN (il'LICH.of the borough of Clearfiola,
I'a., will bo prepnveilat nil limes to attend to
to any business In tho above lino on short
notice, und in a worknmnlilto miuiucr. Ilia placo
'f busiuosa is at tho old shop on the north si Jo of
I mnrkut street, 3d door cuat of Third at., nearly
oppoisito tho old Jew store ; where he will keip
constantly on band a large assortment nf Ma
, hogony and Cnne Bottom Cbalra, aod Cabinet
j Ware of every description, which he will dispose
j of on as reasonable terms nj the seme articles
can bo had elsewhere in the county.
I Uia stock of Cabinet Ware now on hand, eon
'lata In partnf Proving nnd Common Ilorraua,
j Solus, Scwinc- nnd Washing Stands, Desks, ond
Dock Cases, French and Field Post Iledstenda,
I Dining, l!rcnkfa.l, Ccntro, Cord and Pier Ta-
bles, 4o. Ci.iTins tnauufitctured and delivered
any place ile.dred.
February V, 18fi. no. 4, vol. lv.
National Hotel,
WM. A. MASON. Proprictor-
rpniSlong cslablialied and well known 110
X. TF.L, titunttJ in the wort end of tbo lawn,
baa bvenremoildled, enlarged and improved, and
the proprietor respectfully announces to hi nu
merous friends, and to tho travelling public, thai
L . . . ..J . I... .11 I . I
nv is mow jirufinrru 10 nccomiuouaie ail wuo may
favor Mm with call.
Ample, snfe and comfortablo stabling ia at
tached to the premises, and trusty attendants
will alwuyr bo on hand. Charges moderate.
Feb. 12, 18S2.-tf.
LEVER flegal,
Justice of tho peaco
Lulboraburg, Clearfield Co. Pa., win
attend promptly to all busincia entrusted te bla
care. April 4, IBM.
. Txakdemos coihkh. a fr.h and
U lr3 supply of thia eolebralod Coffee juat
reived d for 1. by
March 13, 1IC2.
riHIE undersigned respectfully
1 informs bia euajnmera and the
public generally, that ho has just
received from Ihe Kaat, and oi en,
edathis estulilishincnt In GRAHAM'S SOW
Clearfield, Pa., fine assortment of Cloixs,
Watciikb, aud Jkwklrt of different qualities,
from eiuglo piece to a full sett, which he will
toll al the roost reasonable prices for cash, or In
exchange for old gold and silver,
CLOCKS of every variety on bond, at the moil
reasonable Prices
ALL kinds of Clocks, Watches od Jewelry
earofully repaired and H'ltrrnaicd.
A continuance of patronage Is solicited,
I Pcpt. 19, 1880. H. P. NAU0LE.
Sbarloa; and llalr Dressing.
JEREMIAH NQRR1S reei.ocUully annnoneca
to bia friends of Cloarfield ond vicinity thai
hi has rcturnod to his old stand, and is well pre-
pared to render tho most perfect soiiafartien to o)l
who may dealr uls profeaslnnal services.
CTeurOeld. April 0, It.
Thankful for past favors ond sollcitlnus of fu
ture patronage. I would respectfully announce
that I have on hand again, and will constantly
Reep at the Totter in tbla bwrongh, on tho cor
I ner short distance east of the Methodist Church,
targe stnr.K oi irocKery, sucn as vreuun orocia,
dro. aro. I and also an extensive assortment of
.V Yl
I- III rY U. V l
- II f I TV
,v,; y vj
7o H jQ N
different aises and patterns of brack ts and
j roscltea fir cornice nn houses, and other moul-;
i dings. ,
Any mouldings not en hand will be made to j
I eider on short notice. Also fire brick mode
. and kept for salo. i
f-ffK liberal reductiea en prices made t !
; wbpleaale dealers. J. LRITriNlJIB.
I Clrarleld.aary 2, llnl.-Ty.
HltYftM) AHt ItAllM hK "II W
,e ' -tV 1 l"'1
ft I y f", ,. m.ri lhe .,r-l"ll 1
r li Hi I h !! ll'l klU
, A I ti " "M'i I
h iU f"f "rO'. I' '"
III "I'' " )"" ln ,M' r ' "
mi ilia.
l(,h. k Inltt hill Ki fll
iat I'IxumuiU U lh ris.' whI (juli k. ,
iy hi riMti-tn It ni : i
Jl tnnitii ll ri olmn hi WO' tfl Wo,
Anil 'U ilir no"' ln ''"' ! !
Jiifl k In I'll vnnt miH m'll U
I.lkit Hhctii'f lin rn ilul'l'
rirn"l nil ili'llghti'il, tmi Uli
Tb tmlf b "l tcrn 1'ilJ.
OwrScld. Jiibo 18, IHOJ.-ir.
G ... -
OOClSi (jOOdSi!
VKB Jut now opciiing op tnrge iiaH "I'li-n
wbirh the off. r nl I eee d 1 D g 1 r low prion
Flr. cstno 0rit nerfuJ.
w7 jn,
-r- ,
Steam Engine and rage baw-Mill
a complete, IOT StllC.
TRAM KNOINK, fullowln dimonalona i
Cylinder 10 Inohas In diauioterof bora, with
2i fuel Hrokt ; allds vulvot with mat iron bed
plater, or aboar, with fore punip, Uworoar and
fly wheal, ife., complete j with oopper and other
plpea; TWO l)OI LKR3 H indie. In diameter,
double 8uod, 16 foet long, of o;ood umtertii! f Jo
niala Iron,) fly wbool 11 feel iu diameter, atiout
U00 tba weight, with oil globoa, and all neceaaary
cut-ii aqii wrunt iif'B i wnn vim euui u hiumtii
l t . i . .
to Urial-Mill Tho Bngine baa been used for
running both Grim and Haw-mill euoooefully.
PAOK'S nP.ST PATBST-orr.plctewith
Rntrhot lload-lllocka, Two Circular Hnwa, rilrnp,
and all ncceaaary machinery for aitwing Lun,ber.
The alio re Kngine nod 8aw-inlll can be on at
Urahamton, Clcarfiold county,
' JrVT Vut i.arfloulara, pply to the pro-
, P"tor, at UearOelil, l'i
Jaio 21, 1802.
flIIH underslgnel, baring taken charge of the
well known Morrladale Houso, at Morrladale,
t'loarBijId connly, rospectfully aolicita a ibaro of
public lU-uiiiigc. No paina or expense will be or priced niachinta." I'eiinsylvuuian.
fpnreil to render gueete comfortable. Charge j "This muchiue, in the opinion of Iho commit
to auit Ike timea. ! ttl fia nioru nearly the requirements of a pur-
April, V, lH(12.-y. GH0. RICHARDS, i leot family uiaebiio than any ou exhibition."
ROBKRT MACKLEM, Proi-rietcr.
Reaaeclfully anoouieei to the travelling pnblie
that be kas new taken charge of thia large and
well Bnewo house, and will eendnet it iu eueh a
manner aa will render excellent eomfort and al
lafacrien te all who may faror him with a call.
July IS, Iff!.
Important Information !
Londfn'u Indian Kxpcttoranj
ff til I."'
HK.MKDi is offered to the oominuiiity I
I ak ih. nr,,l..nn r,.l in un .ruiu
which lold.iui fulls to rvallxo the happiest ell'eeUi
lbitcnbo doaired. So wido is the Held of its
naefulaeaa, and eonomeroua tb cniesef Ita euros,
that almost every eoction of the country abounda
with persons pulillc'v known, who have been res-
lorod bv Its nse. Hero is ono can-of an
Tina hat C'butikt, That my
,. r. .
sun lay sitk for
twolve months, under the Doctor's cure, with the
ilUeaao of the Luns, nnd every remedy proscrib
ed by the Doctor failed to give relief. I govo np
all hopea of his recovery : ao dtd ihe physician.
At thia atage I prevailed npnn him to try n bnttto
and tho reault wna most hurtv, as tho use of
three bolljea effectd n permanon't cnr, und bo li;
now a hearty boy, JA.MKS LAYTON.
Derry Towuahlp, Indiana Co., Pa.
No Family ahould he without It; and those
who have used it, never will. I keep ail of LOU
sale. Call and too the list.
A. it. 8IIAW, Sbawsville.
KsaU For aule by other Merchants in Clearfield
oouuiy. April 2, 'CI. 6m.
AH K0 T. LBOBtan.
r. a. nir
a. p. rmiiKT
3anhinjanb CoIIrclioir Qftu
CoU,tien made and proeeedt promptly rtmitud
Rxctiaiure on the Cltlts conntanUv
on hand.
MT'ODico on Peccnd Pt, nearly rermedto the
Olt'DT llillTuv
uuni nvij,?r
IEiruac? a ce tr o& a
Markrl Slreel, Clearfield, Pa.
CONSTANTLY en kaad a large and wn
locted stock of
PeJnol, OUb, Varnlsbea and Dye-Ptoffs,
riot Ilruahes, nnd Rruihetof all kinda,
Perfumery and Fancy Artleloe,;
Tobacco and Began,
Liquor for Medicinal Purpose, (Inoladlor
Brandy, whiskey, Gin, Port, fihorry aod Madeira
Wines, Ac, Ao., Ao.
A large stock constantly on hand, of the most
approved make for durability and comfort.
44-The Doctor will personally superintend
this department of the business.
Clearfield, May It dm.
Going it Alone !
NEWJtOV having eonunooeod
1 the mannfaetare ef BOOTS ehd BH0E3
would reepeelfully ooliolta ah are of publio pat
ronage. Without making a great, or any
raeh promises, it shall and will, be bit steady en
deavor to soloot
The very best of Block,
Make the very best of war.
And (at least lioi.a for)
TbO very be at of eoatoea,
. (If dil aintfio'lry it looks very Uke M bat h I
I tvwlA .IiIaIi 1. I..4I.,
So, "wade la" end gat Fif. Shaw's Row
door aett Ktjntbtirmn offie.o &o. Kiwouar.
C1erfl1, Joly 9, 1861. y
Atloraev t i.ow.
ffle on Market street, opposite Mossori'o 8 tori
Cleafleld, P.
Wil) attend promptly to Co lire
1 I III in eichnujre for Goods at
he Cheat
Ptrtre of J. D. THOMPPON.
CtrrwwTiavTlle, ffcl. 1, TJ.-flC
WALLACE, Attirbtst at Law
l o., Oflic in Hiaw'a Row, on
wile t Jenrnal sre.
dae. t, U68. tf.
I'rico niih Hnrtncr
:i5 oo.
Tnra Mirinnr inn A potwt nv
,B it hta H j g. andPellin g with
' Single Thread.
Il forini a Hat. vcii, and liMie noain, Mh
l A 11 KA .K I hU nol to rip in wear, f ven ir Hit
ophiii ia rut at frcUi'iit Intvrviili, ftiul nliio undur
A riitoiitml device of grant utility to leiirnem,
prevenla tho poaalbility of the innrhina being
run In the wr ing direction, or tho ba'auc whoel
wenriUK Indy'a ilroaa.
, Anothor fenturo which deaorro pafliculivr at
ton i Ion ia
1Thi! Wiiooi Pathiit Nbudio CAIWT 8
I Two thoiiannd atitchoa, or Iwo yarda of work,
ran be done in ono minute without dropping a
Thane innrbinea, ao limple
anil accurate in
tlieir eonalruction, auperaoilo the life of the uliut
tie I and wilh ono thread produce all tho pwctl-
eal rennlta of the two thread machined : and
n,oro' for these foil without boatlng.and hem the
nneni muann wmiiiut nueiteriiii.
, - - r - ---o-
Although at ubout half tho price uf tho othor
firat claaa mncblnea, they will accomplish douli
le Ibo vowing lu &, given timo
"It ia emphatic ally tho good, low-priced Fam
ily Bweing Mm Lino that tho puhlio have long
been waiting for." lioston Transcript.
I "It ia inaeed wonderful production, and for
fumily nio especially, no other wil' bear any
enmpiiriaou witu 1l" Philadek n!a Kreuing
"A uiaebanloul wnnd" Selentlflo Amerl
fnn. I "Among the best nnd most aerviceahlc 8ewlng
! Machines. Light and elog'mt'y fiulahcl, nnd
' au aimplo in Ita construction that It seems al
! most Impossible for jt lo gel out of repair." -I'lttuburir
'-Haa iouibine.1 with lis oivn narullur moriu
.lithe reallv vuluublo iniiiroveuieuia of tho hlirli-
jruuklin lnatitute bxbibition lteperl of 1509.
Tuklui' Into conslderiLtioo slinnlieilv. cliuiin
I noas, durability, aud doing all work, the tiomnnl
1 tee wore uuunimously in luvor of the Wilcox it
, Oibbs us a ainglo threud mncliine." Peimsylvo
niu Htato Agrieulturnl Socioty'a Report.
I "We must, In justice, express our confidence
In the merits of the Wilrox A Uibba Hewing M i
jcbine. We consider that a grcul ilesldeniluin
hue been supplied by It, In proving, beyond
doubt, that In o threads ure not, ni n:u suppo-
. tea lioccssury Ion pno inalruiit'iit. I. lin.,UiiO ;
A,Uni.l tin.l .iMiirn,.! .Tt: 1 KM I
"We httva ono of these muehitus in nse, and!
uiuiu tnoro highly of it than of any of nnui
. l'"r hnve tried. l.iehmon I V, l.i '.
Th undersigned, Missionary to Con. UtiUna
. n"3 ex'"iaca more lunn iwonty d.iier m.
, kluii3 of aSuwiug Machines, and after s oineteut. j
1 fekn Prlenco with ilcox .1 ti.blia1 l'.il.ip- ;
h" h"" P"""'"4" " of -! )
( ted to tho wnnts i.f bin Liuiily, in d . the en:;
inf. , tr. ri, 111 I 1 ! 1 ' f ' 1' 1 V r- '
:ston, July X, IrM.
jnu uimer.Mgneu, u.i ing H;iilC"ii liiontln nn
luid in ulinoat constiii.t uso, in his lamilvV il
cox .t lull us icK nig Machine, upon which bus
been mndo tbo clothes of bis lurgo family, fr0in
muslin to pilot cloth Including tbo clothing re
quired for his several boys ; and In no case have
tne aeams foiled, although in hard 'crvice. 'ihe
niacblne now in in bis family lias reqnired I
u. r. piur. una is in nil res icota. wn finno nind
((Sclent and dorublo.
ff-W-Send for a filroular..i8Vsl'
Mtial nil. COX. -M.iiiularlur.-r.
Jfo. SON Itiorduay, N York,
jOpoiJw St, Kicholoe liotel.
October 28, 1W.1. tf.
835 00
entire cost (or TCITI0N In the
JL most popular and
uccesiful COMMERCIAL
SCHOOL in Iho country. 1'rv.arda of Twin vp
ilmiiRin young men, frun t rstthiout diti'cr
ent Htates, Have boen educated for business here
within the past threo years, some of whom have
been employed as EOOK-liEKI'ERS at anlurios
$2000 00
Immediately rpon graduating, whe knew noUiing
of account? alien they cntored the College.
r-rMiniter' aons half price,
ritudents enter at uny time, and reyiew when
Ihey please, without extra charge.
For Catalogues. Knocicieus of Penmanabln. uml
View of the COLLEGE, enclose fivo letter etatnpa
May 1), 61. ly. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Spring Sc Summer Goods
lam Junt receiving nnd opealn a carefully
selected stook of bprlng ond fiummer gooda
ol almost every description,
A boautuul assortment of Prints and Dree
goods, of the nowest and latest stylos. Also
great variety of useful notions.
Bonnets, Phawls,
Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, a large quantity,
Hardware, Quoroawaro,
Drogs and Medloloeo,
Oil ond PulnU,
Carpet A Oil Cloths,
Fiab, laoon and Floor,
Mackerel In it and 1 barrels.
of the best quality, ail or wblcn will be sold at
tue iuwoh oaen or rcuuj yaj pricce.
My old friends and tho publio generally, aro
respectfully invited te call.
pr-ti. H. All kinds of U RAIN Mi approved
COIiXT&T TRODUCB taken la exebanse ol
Clearfield, Jane 36 1861. WM, F. IRWIJT.
1 ADY'8 DRESS GOODS, selected with trh
J eare, Juat rocoived and nowqieniog, and aro
eSertd for sale at small profit, bv
Mnrch 2A, IHMl.
aIIE Tonn b.wnahip School Dreemre Iioreby
. give Boliec that FIVE TEACIIEKd will be
; wanted mr the Winter holiools. Tbime wihinr
'to bare Schools are reqiuslid le meet Hie lii.Hid
of Nreclors on tho Second .aturrl iT cf fVtobi-r
next in PeunvJo. JOHN FLEttAX,
I Sepft. 2, tm. !To'cTo!ary
Oil Hlllt Y
t' Titf Utttn ft ftl n
Colli. Cfi'v'-, nitil
"'Ml 0.
7-1. fW , tM
. 111. Ir
IH rM. It f h. i r f nri
C-fitlii, .rn iMI'wliM. ni llr.
.I'.IIimI (tli. i I'. l I, It fmif
Onit itiu. In ri li.l.iiil In
,n .'XU in 17. t frtllf If Ih. U-l
I'll V' liw Hi n II in ".-
lllU" ff II. r r, nl M
''iWi.ii KliKN hMHIIT, M. I.
B M'lkTI.KV. I'wrl. N. V..rll,-, Ml
wi v,am tnj if nn. I mt Ownllf ritw u
rU!!!"""' " ,u", 'l'i' 11 Hi !" mMlrinii -
Kl-.r";"- '"Vr wim m. r"" ""'M
llr f... l.All- il I . - ..l...! i.
I Cron Whooplne roinh, laflncnoa.
n.m,,r,AT, wZuZ' 7j:t:,
,,"r Vr!,,, ,'' fhlHrm. W, J
omwruJ ;wit iuUru w ,m. '
I awl a IvrtkHii Innm-hM. .1,1,1, omftni.1 ,L,
at wwlt ; took man; tnnllrlnri ,
nAOMl ni. hi fltMirr
Irwl your rrtomj l.y ll. kIt toe f u, cUrBjumi,, r!l
Orel ilnw rellee. the enmneea In inv ikmi .h
llhollt n'tlefi (I in 1 4
, hwa than one half Ih. Itll. miuln m. wri
Vniir niell 'liii. h ih,ul u ,. u Iho Im w
mil buy, nn I o e.l,n u, D.lor, aud ymir rotndia
1 M Uia r Biau'a friend.
I Aithma or I'htlirMc, anj UronrhlUa,
I Want M4Ri'nairri, I'a., Mi. 4, l;,a.
8i: 0rry Hrtimil la . i.un.iln. marT.llma
enrea In thia aiYtloii. It hu rallevwl HevunJ from uian
I in BTni.i..m ni cMiiiimpuon, ami la now curlnn a nia
' l,,0," uuder an auction of iv e. tj
mi itinj jwii. uQiou u. ramie, neruiaut
w i: por'ln .nv prortk "o m.n, ZX
i hare O.iind nothlna atiiiai to vieir itmv .
1Ui(r ee and rell.T to oonau.iij.UTe putkula, ur anrl,M
v,.i.u. ,
Wo mlirlit nAl to.nmaj of erl'lenra, Lut llrt nvwt ertn-
- 1 lnclnK proof of the vti-lue-of Una remul, la kuud to w
afnvui upon trial
'o:. aaniplion.
Protbly no one reuiaUy lus ever hen linown whMi
on it, I ao many aod aurh daflgrons cams aa llihi. Snea.
oo li.imuo aid ran nch ; tnt eTun to Uk Ue Cany
Morul anVmla relief and comfort.
Am llorsa, Naw Voax Citr, March 8, IS. '
Doeroa Atbk. Uiwiix: 1 r,l it i .lutnJ lisura
to hiC.nn y.'ii wtuU your VUrrry I-'toml i,as .luo. for uiy
wlK hhe had bHn five months lutsirina undi tha nen
Oeront evinptniiis of ColiHiimpti m, flwn DA all) w
cnulj pn.rure iriive herinurh relief, r'he wan sleailllr 0,0
luc, until Ur. iltroiiK. of tin- city, where wit hare run. tor
aovlre, renminx-mled a trail uf your mixtWna. We hlaaa
Ills kiiHUieae, h e il,i your skill i for ali liaa renmns.
frimi tlmt itay. h'he Is net ytl as stnmn as aim ua to
(m, hut l fi e. from her, and ralla him If muii.
Youra with irrntltnd" and ri-Kiu-d,
OKLANUO, or tiixuimaLa
OnmmfHvfi, do not despnir till vnu have trlud AvaaB
Cnar I'I'Tohil It ia mail, ly oi. of the Iwet lueiiloil
rhaiiUilii In Die world, nnd its cure, all ntmiiid iib DMfvaA
Hie hUjh uiulu of Its tirtuoe. l'htlmUti'hui Ltdfftr.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills.
riMIK ai'leneee of Chsmlstry and ModlHn have been
A. Laxml their utmost to pruiliiee thU tt, rmsl peieVct
otirpilive whkh I. kii'fvn to man. Innnniernhle prordb
re sliewii Unit tli.'se 111.01 have ilil'.ee whl'.h anrpaaa la
xcrlViice lh or,Uimry ni.dlflnea, will Umt they win m
lreeedeiil.-iHy npau lb' eeUm of al! men. They grcault
and otitiKMit to take, I ut powerful torure. llwlrpro
trutinc lH-njsMleestlnilll.ile the vltfliKtli flleaof Ilia ld,
ruiii'.ve ihe ola.tractli.:.a of Us trgana, nirlfy the U-W,
and eTl disu.'. Tluyjuiireciit Uiefil)iinoortwlatii
hns.J aed i-r,.w rU'-lemper, rtlniuiato alitab or ih
Am, I ,h..i,', tii-jh iu:i,ml iu tlm, and ifdrul ttniiltf
fc". with et..'ii'Ji to tb whrlj ayat-ai. fv wjy an
th-ycure Ihe Mery-day r.iipllii(n of etery ti
ills-, fir:i;l lnl.ii. a-i iUnit.n;oa d,Me that hate tufleaj
the ! . human slilli. WhlKi thty prodmc p,wirnl
, :: In, they are i.i tli, saine time, in dimlulshM ,1,., u
kvT-j: and best pbyali: OiM can be employed l eiilJtm
IMm: sriMiv. h;,.hI, liny are pl.uit I" l4e; and bafnji
j.oi.1 ViyiO 'J lira In'- fr-'tii ft.iv rlk bvn. Corw
I. l-.-.u lihJ- .!,! h eti.-f-.ise t-t-ll-.f thev ae( rtaV
ri.nii: .ti.l y Bi a '.f cu d .iti.-ti and char.r
iu t. piH l Iho a"iH.-n '( rntruth. Many endmnl
Ieri.-yni Ti m:l ; hytirlaiir have l lit tluk TiMiica lo eertfCy
I j tfce v.! II-- the rehil.iliiy r4 piy ri'imdli , wlifle titiitaw
hnve t--i,t iti'j th a-4,tirar.;c i-f Ih.-ir n-iiili'Ui'n that my
I'reparatli) cuiitill'iito iiuiiH'nK.'!y lo lLo rAVi t y
aflllcK.1. BKriirliig fvll-w-n.en. oaaj
Tbo Air, nt below mimed Is pi am-1 li fun.leu Rralia Raj
A n't i! -an Al.Witra.-jt.-t.taluli.fc in '.i t,;.f Ih.-lr aaa4
cvrtifiuitrs of lh,lrcuu, of II, t fvliuwliig
Costiviaiew, lllllor.t Comi-Klnts, hheiintntlim, Pr-yav.
Il,.ulhnrii, I1,ila''hp arliliiir fx-m a f -il si,iivli. si.
s.-i, li.,.-ivt!,,ii, M.nMtl Inr. ti :i ' f U " and l ala
oi'iH.iv; Iben-'mm. Kiattilein-y. I a if A-tHn, oil iileta
.-.ia and Cut;.ae.uB Dl-uumm whiUi r'ctuire an u.wouj
mrdl-h.i r.r r..l,i or Kins' E- il. 'JUi-y e.l-o, !,y rwiUr-
- mu ti. in i luij e'.lniiiljttjii'T wo syrl, iri, inn. many
j CcU.j ltun jl vhleli It would not t rni-pr-w.: they could
I roiu-h, ..n I- I.. iin,riii-e. I'm-tJal Bllndli Mi. ,-firalk-t. Mid
Nimrena IniuldM'r. Ii--iuii;,flM-.its of the Ui and Mi
- ceys. fient. an 1 I.I. i. lied eiipbilnti aildnsi ftian a
j low ttUo of ti.., b . v ,1 ,'hiUui !i:,u of II, fuiicUone.
I Do not Iw - ! ohi-iluclplul dml-ia with
j olhcr fill tin y i:ui - in.jrc pn.Lt on. ink Kc Ataa'l
I 111'.", and bite m-tlilng die. No i.iber Uu-y cap glw
j fMi euniu. wlidi Oils In I'a Intrlnstc vnli.. ic rurwtlt
powers. The tdclt iriuit the lwt aid Ihore ia t Uirr.i, I
1 and they should have It.
Preparod by Dr. J. O. AY EH,
froctieol ami Analytloal Cberaltt, Low oil, Kas.
Paici as Ct raa Dox. Viva Ikurs ro 1 1.
f-SoliIby C I). Watson, Clearfield; H. A.
Irwin. Curwinsville: F. Arnold, Lvthersborg
Montgomery Co., New Hnlum ; J, C. Brenner,
Morrladale; C. R. Foster, Thilipfharg; ond Ellas
Chase, Antnnville; aod by d alers everywhere.
Miy.flh .ISflVlj.
At the Old Prices.
Y. KRA1ZER hasjuft revival a"ar
genernl nsiortoienl of Ltiiiim r
I.rtVMJo ClriUii lkiLboi
Poplins Suiinelts Flower
Shidlies f difaimereo llosirrv
C-aslinicn-e) Twee.! Ifcd-S'tlei
I.avcllae t'uttoii lire's 1 1 1 m rn i at as)
, Oniala
Iri,liiiH I.uiy
JtuiiA Collars
Muslins I'r.JursleeTsjti
Flunnels i!,'i,)tilluj
Linens Du-lff
TickiiiLM Shawl.
! Kilke
! OinphaTia
il, utiles i roniennao jatKti?,
I Bonnets, Sun-Uip.brcllae,
jCarpct, Floor Oil-Cloth
j Hats, Cajrs, Boots, Slioee.
T 1 IV 1 V I
F LOU It ISilAl)
Clothing. lNotions.
Jointed Hoop Skirts, Shakers.
IHitKicut foolt.
Violica, Fife?, fitrini, Brideo, howo,rj.
rreroptr is, Music-l'aper,
Oearneld, M.iy 23,18.13.
Tin-Wiro, GlaiH-Wnre, Drui, Lump"
RueketB. l-roonn, Tuba, I'hitrn, W all l'rpel,
Ulind,., T!n,,.-ll..r, liM.kels, .v ho , i V: Vaf
nih. M oa. Curled linj-, Co.vh Trirumlh'a.
Fjiiril Turpcntino, Lineeeil-Oii, Fish -Oil '''
Oi!, fl...s, c, in fa"t n, littloif ovcryl'jlng
i.lly k 1 1 I.i a country sn.i
All ef which will be (old oa rU most re.)"
hji- wrma fur dirh, ir apjTivo tjouiilif J0