Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 27, 1862, Image 1

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j, W MOORE. Ip.i.tnrt.
0 B OOODLANDER. L(tlt01s
prr r-trr if pfxiil iu vnt,c-.
ci.KAimF.i.n, i'A vi:)m:si)v, auj. 27, r,ca.
T1Nl Jtf V WOT
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'1 rUhhfv iidrt'1. in turn's HVo the-
llnw miiiiv ihew lhiir froling
Ami In?,, of fin n Irr in n ktml
(if "t'.aol.v n'rr in rtculin !"
Our n "ti (-oi t prating long ami turn!
AI'Cil our "lilo-ding nuiiun ;" w ) i I o llti toliliora (rape urouii'l
He hiIk then; of a riiti'm !
Ari', w'.lh lonp fiire lio a-ka
A blt'.'.inK on our force ;
He wnrita a olianra lo try hit hand
In cum melius fr born !
lle'l lujal to the Stars iinil ri.rir. ,
tlo vmt'l, too, for JaMffon ;"
t lnr,"a hi contrm't ta-ff h y,
'f)r! Abf,jiitUy tho tar, ou!"
Anotlif r'e olduiit brother went
T" hi'Ii'imI with Mm, Lincoln's ;
T.o ahrw liia love fur country be
W.iuM fiirnifh it witli tin cans !
He .1 l:ket'rtii obi I'nclc Satn,
Anil try tlnu etylo of b'e ding ;
And nil the uilu ho prates nbo ut
" 'J hi diimnnblt -feeding !"
Another nanta a milieu's hcrdi,
'To Ggnt ii i'u'l able:"
A 1 . I o bo'J like to do hiinbaio
I'.y furnishing tbo Ublo !
lie fives Ilia eioar old cuuiitrj a Hag,
Anil Yankee doodle lianJy,"
A mI ro be bowit bia love for them
I'.y imliinj; poisnn.'d braudy.
fto whor yniii-hooae, lou' where you will,
You'll find tbetc army Irecln'. ;
In church, in t'oiifcsa, on tlio Hump,
A niakiiiK I'niun upenchet.
Hound bar room fires tbeno wintry night
Tlmy drink their wli"kiy toddy ;
Whiioebiver, sliivurin t'm cumpi
Ihe inen tbey clothed in tboddy !
with all buuli men us these,
ho rob our tbijt'a deleuiior'a !
lo Warren and to Lnyl'uyette
With all uch bum' prctendora!
And if at all our dear old flag
Ii to be lent asunder,
T.etit be done by rVW hands,
And not by thue of plunder !
Tlio bcconil comet of lt2, discov-
crcii Httlic J)ti(iU1' Observatory ami
at Cain bridge (iit::c niglit of the ltli
nil., litis, within a iuw evi-niiigH, bu
come quite u coiitiEicioiiH object. It
is now about ci-rh t devices (litant
lVom the iiolar star, ami on a lino with
. ! . 1 a'
the two rointcrs, jrom me nearer 01
which it is fully twice as lar distant .is
the pole. It i.i kuown as Tuttle's
comet. 'When tiit iliscovereil its mo
tion appeared to bo very hlow ; but
this was owing, doubtless, to its great
distance from the earth. I:.'i,o:.m,0 tj
miles. It then resembled a nebular
body. Subsequent investigation'- show
ed mat it was approaching our -;lobe
at the rate of two and a half millions
of miles daily. The embryo of a tail
was first observed on the 13th inst.,
About tho'J:h inst., the comet is ex
pected to attain its greatest brillian
cy. Up to tli ii t date at least it will
thino through the whole night.
Jue Flaxseed Chop. In reference
ifcf.he new crop of flaxseed, the Cin
ema ti Frico Current says: A good
deal f inquiry lias been made of us
regarding lf.HX&eed. The crop is a
largo one and lias been saved in good
order. The yitbl is fully twenty per
cent, greater thu n that of last year.
The contract system controls the
bulk of the crop, however, so that the
price is an arbitrary one, and indi
cstcs nothing, the crushers furnished
the seel to the farmers on condition
that they sell them the crop at one
dollar per pusliel, and hence this is
tho price the farmer now gets.
A Resmive Coups. It is Btatcd
that it is not tho intention of the gov
ernment to put tho last 310,000
troops in tbo field immediately, but
to keep them as ft reservo corps in
tho different Mates. Tho various
rendezvous will lie camps of instruct
ion, in which tho men will have a fine
timo for thereniainderof the summer,
receiving- the sanio pay and bounty as
thono in tho held.
At Lynn, the other day, a Sunday
school teacher abked a little girl who
tho first man was. She answered
that she didn't know. The question
was then put to an Irinh girl, who
answered : "Adam, sir, 'with nppa -
rent satisfaction. La " Bnil the first
bcholar, "you needn't foell so grand
about it he wasn't an Irishman."
- - - -
Urtrlho last wordsofGen. McCook,
who was murdered by the rebel bush-
whackers were addressed to au old
friend and companion in urran. Too
gallant soldier said with his last breath:
"The Ions often thousand such meuas
you and I would bo nothing, if tho
sacritioo would eavo a
like ours."
" 1
fcirThe reason why two buttons are
put on behind a coat is that thoy
wore anciently ued to support tho
sworri b.df nd th tuilora hare stuck
to the practico ever nince.
'Bob is that dog a hunter ?,
; nos naiinuntorana nauseuer.
He hunts bones when ho
is hungry,
snd nets by trfc fire when ho's satisfied.
bov Mt (low II Oil (be I
A little pauper
euib'lnne nnd tried lo think. Hi l'i'"t i
wore ''R.-e, ml, rind rold ; but never tuind
;bat. The chill nir cnetrn!ed his rajiL'cd j
jriirmrntii ; but never mind tlmt. lie wan-j
(."I lolliink. Who at et host? people p:is9 I
irip him, looking o warm and couitortiK !
bio'.' lint (lid it menn tliMt tby should j
l hnpi'V nnil ehperful, nnd bs ro ihJ t
Noun ol llioui had sueli benvy boHrtt-; ;
that lie wns sure of. lie liokel up into j
the cold blue sky. Whut won it, nntl who i
lived up there '! Somebody said nnce that
(ioil would take care of him. W'linto was I
(ioil. Why didn't IIo laku cire of him 1 i
Oil' ho could only jee (iod for one little
minute, or the anjre.l that, tii i;nod man .
tohl him of when Uis mother died ! I)id
folks evet K'O'iod? l)id tliey ever see an-
J?eU ? " !
An oriin ;n:ider near nnd took
hi stand. I lie nulody lie playod lighl
rned tho little boy's hoar'. ewiU'ivhnt ; but
it didn't warm didn't make him
le liutipi'v. He kept abirerinp in pito
cf nui-ic ; nnd he tell so nil uloiie, no tie
spait n:'. Then tli orun grinder paod
unity he never hwded I lie little nbild sit
ting on the etirbtnnf ; hn bad su ninny
things to tljinli of. The rari iafes pa-Hed
by, and tho carts, nnd a company of sol
diers ; but it wa all dumb show to him
he wax Irving lo think, wit Ii sueli a dull
pain at hi heart. lVeseiuly three or four
course1 looking hrtyn eatlierett liplimcl him,
and winkt'd and huglicd at each oilier. In
another moment tlie youngest rave a
thrust, and over wont th" jinor little homo
U-s cb i U into tho (.'.utter. Hue scream,
ono sob of an , as he guthereil nnn
sMf up and l inked alter the boyw, no v lly..
ing nway withshouts o mirth, i) how etu
t! it seemed i.i them bow cruel ! The lit
tie hungry boy talked slowly nn xobbing
and hhivpring to himself. Ho didn't kuoiv
what be km walking lor, or w hy lie was
living. He f"lt out of place a poorlittlo
foilom spirit that had lost hi way a
biuised reed lint uny one might break 9
little beait so t.nidrtr that n look was an
guish, bow much more a blow !
The I tile boy siood nt last neaf the cor
ner tt a street. An applo Ptand, at which
h' ptz.'d with loninjr eyes, i;ot fer oil",
was tended by a cross looking old man.
There were cakes on the stand, and the
poor little mouth of the homeless child
watered as he saw one boy after an iilioi'
deposit his penny and take his c.ike. lie
ha I ll) penny, and llmuli t here w,i hun
ger in his eyes, the croas. looking old
never oil. 'red bitu n morsel.
Tbo tempter came. The old mini's back
was turned. A vile boy at bij.sido at
the side el the bouultr-s child milled
Irs elle.-.v. 'You tike one he whispu'ed;
'I'll pi o ynu half,'
Tb little ci.i!. Mm s-t caddy,
lie s i w H.jiuci h:ug lo the IiUmi'o 1 e es that
made him shrink f-omothing sel his Ik-ui t
t" ben i ing.
' I I you. book ono, w hiipei i 1 tbo
hf,y ; 'I wuiil u!l, and we'll g away and
eat it.'
T don't want to steal,' sai l thr bouio
less child.
'O you lo; '.' muttered ibe brutal temp
ter, and ri'iiole biniin tliseyes, bis heavy
hand dealing a blow that bent tho poor
little cl.ild against the wall, his whole
frame (juiverinj! with arguiah. The ter
rible Mow bad almost biuideil him for n
moment. A great sob cuin up in bis
tbrna', O w hat have I done to be i routed
so?' There never, never was a God, or Ho
would not let him Buffer so, and that bo
cuuse he rcfuied to bu wicked. 1 don't
helievo that ever a man in his deadliest
beieaveineuls sotfeied morn than that end
little child. His heart was literally rwell
ing grief, and though he could not reason
about it, he felt ui if there wore great and
sore injustice botnewbrre.
lie stai ted to cross iho street. A d irk
blinding pain nmdehie poor temples ring.
li.ick ! back ! Good heavens ! tho child
U under bia fuel. Back ! back !
'0 mamma, it is our horses ran ovor a
poor little boy ! O mamma, mamma!'
'Is he butt much coachman !' The wo
man's face is pule, as n-lios. Ye he is
butt b.idly. Take him right in, don't
wait ; carry him I ight in and up stairs. It
was your carelessness. The child shall bo
attended to.
There in no anguish now. rerbapi God
saw ho had borno ail bo could, and so look
the poor bttlo broken heart there to heal.
How very white and quiet ! '0 a seet
face, aswtet faeo !' murui ired tho woman
bending over tbo boy ; and tear fell tip
oa his forehead, but bodid not fee! them.
'O the poor little boy !' Sobs Xidly ; 'the
poor htlla boy ! I wish be had kept on
. the bidewivll; ; I wish bo bad stayed homo
; w,tl! , , ,
j tXrhim" "
l0T,lt,,0,0,1o; carn(,, ,i(J bo was not dead,
! but would very likelv die. There was a
hospital near. The poor thing had better
j be sent there. But the good woman would
not allow that. She would care lor him
j herielf, she said, Ha had beon injured
'by one of her houen, and she felt it was
her duty to attend to him- Be-i les, it was
likely that tb child had no mother. Such
a buy as he, with bis face so sweet and I
girlisb, bo pure nnd lovablo would never
he sent ou the meets like that if he bael a
mother. Kfsidoa (and here tear.lell) there
ws a little mound not vetereen over
such a child. No, no, u was not in her
j heart to put the poor wounded boy away
i ui'" my wneiiiet tie uvea or died.
The weary, weary daya passed on. Ono
morning the little boy opened bis dim
h'uo eyes, but he did not know hitnseir.
"',' fell wearily on hia hands. There
wer white bands around his wristg with
r nines on them. The lied was snowy
j while, too, and a crimson white fell over
I Ii t n .
.n.,arGod! I am in heaven.' murmur.
ej the child. 'Yes, Ood will take caro of
ujo now,'
WTnt vision of loveliness plancn I forth
from th' shndow behind the bid. The
rich cutis fell around a face of jciiiiite
beauty. The beaming eves looked love
and gladness upon him.
'( ) yes ! there is an angel !' he anid soft
ly. '1 am glad. They won't knock ine
veriiL'nin. they won't make tne steal ap-
pleH here, und pel haps I shall never die
Again. Now, I want lo see my mother.
'My dear boy, are you better this morn
ing?' asked ft low soft voice,
lie turned slowly and wearily.
'la it mother ?' he murmured.
'() yes !' and there were qui' k sobs nnd
tears; 'yes tnv little child, I will be your
mother, and von shall bo my son. Will
tove nie dearly ?'
'Yes, I do love vou mother, isithea
'Heaven ! no, darling it, is earth ; but
God sent you here to our hearts, and you
shall bo loved nnd cired for. See, here is
a little siste nnd ynu will be very happy
with her. Kiss Mm, Kelly.'
Her rosy lips t"tii'hfd his pale ones, and
a heavenly smile lighted up in his face.
'The past was not forgotten, but it was
gone. Xo more mouldy crusts, onths,
harsh word and blows. No mot e begi
ging at basement doors and looking half
fnniisheu to envy a dog knawinga bone iu
the street?. No more fear of rude chil
dren who never kuntv where their own
hearts lav, no more sleeping mi doorsteps,
nnd listening in terror to the drunken
quarrels of the vicious and depraved.
Yes. the past was gone, and in the rosy
future were love, home.fven God mil the
angel". Certainly, sweet ph its bad guard
ed that child, and guided hi.n nut of se
curing evil into positive good. Sorely,
henceforth he would put bis hand tiuit
fully in theirs, and turn bis face Heaven
ward. Yes. it was fo to be. The dear,
tenehftblo child ajewel picked from the
luire, n brand snatched from the buiniiv'
was y tit to illuniino the dark pathos of Ibis
world with bis holy, lleavendike. teaching.
Like a dove bo was to go forth over the
waters, and find ih olive branch with
which to garland bis glad tidings. Bless
ing, then, on ad who hold their arms out
towards needy little ehildi on making their
homes arks of lel'ugc. Kuautiful stars shall
thoy have in their c.'.'own' of rejoicing, for
surely there is no jewel brighter iu ull the
world, and perhaps in all eternity, than
tho soul of a little child.
Swi: yit Tttr.M. The New York ll rald.
referring to the rcfti-oil of the clergy of
Nasln il; , Tenn , to ttike tho oat h ot al
legiance, says : i
A' a eompanion piece lo this refusal of
clerical see'ey-ioni-tK to lak- tha oath, wo
siioidd vary inn 'Ti like to sco tho el-noal ',
iiboli tionists here r-.t Ihe North obliged to
swear tosni port (bo Constilution. Gov
ei nnr Morgan or Gen. Morris, the military
eommand.iiil of New Y.nk city and vicin
ity should attend to this matter at nnce,
and haul up Cheevet, I'.cet h( a an i other
abolition clergymen immediately. Tlu-.-e
no 'ii ii.ive denounced, ridiculed, hated, iim
sailed and trampled upon the Constitution,
and have bhcq !i" m"d it by calling it "a
covenant with death ami a league with
bell," Let us ieo if they will swear to
support and defend such an in-lrunien t.
Who believes that they will ? And yet if,
they will not, in what are tlmy better than
the rebel par-ions? Cotno here is Gio i
touchstone of loyally. Let it bo applied,
l'he. o Abolitionists have s?rvel the Devil
in God's livery, nnd preached treason from
(rod's pulpits long enough. They should
now he obliged to change either their o- i
pinions or their calling. j
"Wuv don't You tlo? The following
which wo take from the Cincinnati Cum-I
wn-ci'it, is too good to bo lost. It is not
only witty, but slight ly sarcastic :
The Jlciort CourrLU,,s. A Fourth street'
merchant gttid to bis hired man tho other (
day :
.. t r ti 1.. l: r. .. .1 ..H .. -
go and enlist in jqidb good regiment,, ri;;hl
HIVHV J PIIIISI 111 BOIIIO I egl llltriil, 1 UUII I
care what one it is."
"I'm obliged to you, but I fdiould rath
er bo excused," paid Patrick : "Here's n
hundred dollara," pollitig tho roll out of
Ins pocket, "hero's a hundred dollars, if
you ll enlist in aomo good regiment.''
SlNlifl.Alt AND Nl'DUEN DEATH. GeOl'gO
Bell, a well known butcher in this city,
died suddenly this morning under the
following singular circumstances-; .'Some
lima during ycnteid.iy afternoon he was
engaged in skinning a cow, which had
died of borne unknown disease. While
thus engaged bo was billon on the arm by
a fly winch bad been feeding ou the car
cass. The bite excited no utlentioiini
the time, but soon Jlr. Boll's arm bvgm
to fivell and inflame, ami becamo very
l-ninful. The swelling rapidly extended
to all pans of tho body, and at un early
hour this morning Mr. Hell died in teat
agony. Xco A'Lwiv Lul.)Leiijcr.
ASofii-Ess Max, An lown orator wish
ing to describe his opponent as a soulless
man, said: "I have fieard that some peri
sons hold the opinion that, just nt the pre-
ciso moment after ono human being dies,
another is bom, and tho soul enters and
animates the new born babe. Now 1 have
made particular and extensive inepiiries
concerning my opponent Mji-, and I lind
that, for some hours before bo drew breath,
nobody did. Fellow-citizens, I will leave
you to draw ycur own inferences."
A Neoro Proi'ositiov to Guard raisov
r.RR Gov. Tod, of Ohio, having refused
the service of colored volunteois, the col
ored men of Cleveland nnd Cuyahoga
eountie have made him an offer to raise
some regiments lo guard the Confederate
prisoners at Camp Chase and Sandusky,
and thus relievo two regiments of well
drilled sildiers for service in the field
The Governor, however, derlined the
At Ihe Uieediiig of the I lemorrn! tc tale
f'einlrftl t omioittee, held the 'J'.'th ult ,ibe
following lesoluiion was adopted :
Vad.W, That the (. hairtnnii cud upon
the loyal men of reiimylvaula, M. rough
the Democratic Standing Committees of
the several counties, to meet in the iever
al citicf iiml towns of the State, at Mich
places ns sbali be designated by the ssid
Standing Commitlccs respectively, on the
I7lh of September next, to eeij'jrntt that
day us the anniversarv of the day of the
I adoption of ihe Constitution of tho L tilled
Pursuant to this resolution, I cull up'
on the Democratic .Mandirg Commiltois
respectfully in Ihe sev rid cilb-s and erun
ties cf l'ennsj Ivunia toreipiesl. tiio Demo
crats and all iho other boat citi..;in to'
convene in mii-s meetings at buiIi places
nnd at such hours us I hey respectively
muy (bsiguate, on the 17th of September,
next, to eoiiinieiiuuato the adoption, ol
the Conadiiuliun id Ihe United Siatej .f
America. j
Since the 17th of September, 177, there '
baa been no pel iod iu the histoiy of A j
i mei ica when it H u so eminently lilluigi
and important as the present to bring to j
Ihe attention of the American people,
great fundamental principles, which mut j
iiiideiho any Government where civil and ;
religious liberty e.vist, and especially tbo.-e .
. that underlie the Government of this C-i
rdon a Ciiiou which icts for its founda
tion upon that Constitution which allinm
.and proposes to make sacred and pet pet.
' ual those principles. That Constitution
and that Uuiou "one ami inseparable"
j are now assailed by foej throughout tln
i whole land: by Secessionists in I li South
nnd by Aboliiioni-ts iu the Notth. The
I former by a bold, organized, ar.ued movp.
ment, s!;:ki'- directly and avowedly at the
j w hole sovei eignly and existence of our
I (' Government. The latter
by orally direct efforts but from under
the doak of recelilly eclated friendship
i mid paltiuti-ni, aro seeking to tbrust their
itoions ,'tilei tos into the lu-art blood
ll , lu'll
The, 1'Ci.liie of tl.i- late! .11,' ibc nance
j of ad porter. The, niadu b'oli-t ll lit ions,
jandtiiey can, and, i unless Ihe.V would be
i eoiiie t h" v ic. itns rif d".-pritisiu or iiiaf'hy )
j must iipliold ibeui. The gtcat fundattn n
t.d prini-iides ofeivil and religious liberty
'as-crted in the American Constitution are
essential to secure ust in the enjoy ment of
' life and property, and in 1 lift pur-nd of
; bippine,.-. Atiiii the.-e a: e "the free
dom o! speech end ol the Pros-.," ''the
right id' ill" ; oople peac able to as-rnble."
i "iho right of tho i oople to bL seeure in
1 t In ir persons, hon-e-, papers and ell'ecl.
' agaimt unreas'itniblo scuvbes and sei.-uie-,"
that "no 'larranl shall i-.-ue but
upon prol'iible c.iiis,. suppi'i led by oath or
ailino.ition ;" "that no pi r-jii shall be
held to anv.vcr lor a or otlier irfa-
::. i". s ci iiiit' on a present .n. tit or
indictment id' a Grand .Hiiy, except in e i
si .s at ising in the land a; d n ival force.-,
ot in the' inilitia ii hen in actual .service iu
time of war or public danger:" that no
citizen shah '-'tie h prive.l of life, liberty,
or property without duo process of law ,"
that "in ill crituimil prosecutions, the ae
cased shall enjoy the right to u ;pecdy
and public trial, by an impartial jury ol
the Stale or 1 ij-trict where the etitne .-hall
have been committed, which District shall
have been prcviuu.slv by law,
and to be inhumed of the nature and
ci' so of the acijosat ion, to be eo.'.fi'onted
willi the witnesses itg-tin-l bun, to have
eompui-'oiy pruee.-s lor obi lining witms
es in hi- I i','i, an 1 to have do a-si-.t.ine
of counsel lot bis d.'l'ense." 'I tin:
powers liol dclcgVod to the I'nited S'ate:;,
by the Coii-ti'uuon. lisU' prohibited by i'
to t be States, ;;i e re-efved lo die State?,
respectively, or to tin: peoplo ''
Among "ihe powers ,.oi delegated to
the Cnited Suit' s" but "reserved to the
!v or to tho
ild elections and
1 lix the oiialif
! i;lP jifc.,t i0 h
op;c, is
to deter
u , 1 f i e Ulion at
at. ons of
voters. Willi the people ol Pennsylvania
this great right is lixe.l by Ihe Constitution
of the State, and no power but tbiil Consti
tution, and laws enacted in pursuance
t bereof.ean pi o hi bit t be exercise ol.oi limit,
or restrain that right a right must inesti
inaole lo our j cople, nnd ' f n uiidab'.e to
tyrants only,"
Fellow countrymen, en tho coming in-
niversary of tho day of Ihe adoption ol
tho American Constitution, in the I'Xur-
cisn of "the right of the people pence - Lllenven wuiils the Cotlott S.ali'S, or uny ''b,. ,V. ". Tr-: Ins the follmv'tti";
ably to a.-einb!e," let ii-nil solemnly and j olb.e; Stale this ride ol porjuini, to ro- .m, Aug. !.-. )ne of tln spt;o.
lev,. re inly, in the face of all men and be-J main in the Union, if shivery is to con-1 j rorioMioiident, of the 'limes lias just
lore Heaven, declare our firm dotermina- ( tmue ! arrived here from Culpepj.'.,. Hore.rts
tiou "lo p ledge our livc.our fortunes, nod ; .Notaworell ev rvthini n-a ly a.r tbo ndvanee ol tin;
our sacred honors," "to preserve, protect Jim it had a word lo say hgainst Thai- ,1!ri,v -,,j,.rini,-nws js a-.ticititited in a
and dttetid the Constitution of the Cniled deus Stevens, who recently said in Con. ,1V "01. tw fh0 wlmle iiimv, with tho
States." Lol iis al't'ord lo President Lin gress that he "was not for the i cstornttoii v;,(, ...j,,,, 0f ( Bank , jrii's, .veto en
coin the meal indubitable e vidence that, of Ge Union, ifaluvery 's preserved .'" j f..,,,,,,,.', along t ,e liapidun. Hie men nre
in the observance of his oath of otlice to Net a word 1 ' in the b....-t spit it.- ami impatient for the
do tho mine thing, we wdl uphold mid Has it had a word to say against any of . nill1m.,
support him, just as readily as wo have ul- the families who declared "the Cunstim-j A contraband, who formerly belonged
ready shown bun that in tilling up from ; tion a league with hell," and tho "Union j . ,,(1;,.,,,. ,, J.,,.kson'K si ill ciuuc VMth
our rnnks tho gient bulk of the army, now U covenant with tho devil ?" i j ollr ye-Biei'd.iv He repre-'-ni- tho
arid heretofore in tho flel.1. we bavo al- Not a word ! rebel loss ir the l.,ic''engig "m'nt ,u (..lar
ways been ready ut whatever sacntico to! Had it a word to say against any ol Us Mountnin nt .l.tion. Some of iho rebel of-
Ririke down open and armed dclianco to friends who bavo plundertd the trea'ury j-,,PrJ le .(VJ '..-'.iin.ite it. at oven a bi'di-
the e.veciiGon of Ihe laws nnd to the sovs I in one year of a greater sum than the you - j cr" i,,, " .vj., (.on firms thecal omen t
ereignty of the Government. As Demo' j ly euri ent expenses of Mr. Buchanan's ' t( ,(1,,, , ,.'H.', (U'-0 ,onrin" tr'oop ' oi-
crats, and ns therefore loy al men, we can ndmmibtratioii. ! Cord in-vilie Vie --.t'im itetne number
know no other principle ol political ac- ; Not a worell- Lebanon AcoUx.-r, ! there nt I'm do Th".v h ivothe.r be-f
lion, but to uphold tho Government and ,, ,, li.,.,l.,i n ,i i'ii..i conies-, that if
. , , i . . i i , t li'cosK ii io ui f D ikk rrs 1 ia foil. ,w. t r ons a l tnal t-o it. i in v on 1 1 i niu 1 1
obey Ihe laws ; and that the best evidence. . ' " iosmho iiik i ikkii, i noioiiow-, i i ph liuiond
J ... ihr, ni-iM-uiniTi in 1m i.uu. tnnuiiM I f.. lleV 10. I ll.' lO.illllz o.lllie nuilillJUi;
nl our nrni purpos'i id iiu hi ih, mat ns a
. r.i ' i in i , .,
pari oi mo peopie, .vo win uoinnnn ine
;r,lnun,.n ,ril.n (Vnli!i,li.. ir, oil il.
parts nnd ihe preservation of ihe Union
in its perfect integritv, and tint we will
. . , . v .i ' , . . .
hold an turn, conn ns wen as :ouili, wlio
:i r- : i.-i.
assuu uui i.uiniiniu.iii, in tYiwia nt in
. ... ,., ...i .i
jini i-, 4,n,,j.,, un u, uii.i mo triiciuius Ol
tho Union of these States. President
Lincoln, in bis inaugural add.ess, ep.oting
the entire provision in the ConHtiluiion of
. .
tho i mieu Mates, relative lo the return
of fugitives (tour labor from suy .Main,
nn!) said that be f.
nn 1 1 1 . lit
O Is
, '11
1 laudv u nt ten in ll
n' her ;" and in Ihe sirn" ad b . h" t -ly
deelared. 'I have no pi.-i-e directly
or to inn rico th;- in tim-
I ion ol -laVery in t lie 'tali a whe! '. It ex
ists. I believe.' I buve no biwfi.l ribt 1"
do to," Yet the alio! it ion i-ts n t'ue
N'orlh a-e In. day bringing to bear upon '
1'rciidciit Lincoln u leatlul pM-ssure to
induce liitn to exert ali tbo v. hiili 1
his ollicial position in pre.-ciit rireuui '
ttanees idtords, to act counter to Ibis 1; in '
piovisiou in tho t.'onuilution and to his
1 "l
ilge to Iho American people. I Ins
pfessuie has ln.-cn so gical luat the l rc-si-drnt,
in bis high position, ive- lo
appeal to tho Union loving Congre-smen
li om the liorder Slave States for rrlief.
Let the whole loyal people of I be State of
lYniisyh aula eomc lurward in mil: .s nieet
ing , find Aith one all iot ii' and determin
ed voice give assurn.i.'c to I'te-ident Lin
coln of that relief winch be seeks. us
as.-ure Inm that the only relief he cm ev- :
er obtain is from the loyal nias-e-, tMir.1-1
it least .' men in lV-ivi-;!
ma alone, who .lie nriuiy resoivcu unu as
they are the source ol ull pov-ei , nnd nr.'
the supreme power in Ihe lar.d, they im
tend to preserve, protect and defend the
Const itu' ion of tho United StHtcs,'',igaini
ull its foes, whether Abolitionists or Se
cessionists. ;
Come fellow. eountrj men, us you value
the'tp-ent principles of the f'on-liiution
us you love tho Colon of these Stales as
you would uveil ilespotisin or anarchy n;
il is your right to defend the Constitution
against till ils foes, and as you have tl.e
power to do so, devote the 17th of Sep
tember ne.t lo mucIi demonstrations if
the pop'i'.ar heart as will give mon.l sup
port to all the friends of I he counliy nnd
seive to guide th" policy of the oll'r
cor.-of the government in opposition lo
deadly utni fatal counsels. I need n if
add tho c-joii.-el- wiiich the hbop.lion: n ;
seek to give. Nvxt to tbo posse--.iou r l
our eonstitutimiul rights, we should stnve
to secure the most thorough obsii vance
of order, ar.d the nghCs ol i very
citirn. I.iur eneiuits seek lo iir.puto t '
us n w illingness to ju'oibice a collision o.r If, by thi-, is nieaiit merely a 'b'
t'.i iiitiiatio'i to have our lights uu ier the.
I 'on-t itul ion, ut w halevei sacri lice, b.l us
i-.sure them that while wo feel that to
-urrender these rights would degrade o;u
maiiliood, and. thotvlere, no sin ii surien
dcr ever will be made, yet us good citizens
we will yield ever) thing bul our jionor
and these right . to avert such colli. ion. -We
wiil appeal lo, we 1. ivo the I :,'iit t i
e.pei t, and 1 Irusland leij.c;, y l.eic,
we shall Ion u the help of the
1 1 o v e r.:meiit to ai 1 its
tenting cur i ights an I a wr
collision. Let us sh-c.v li.e-i.
that wi' well Ulidctstaud ihe la
,'tl.( ci s 01
in pi.
ting such
( IC ti, ie,
i-en'-.-s of
ll e hearts ill it, 'bv.e-niiin"d ui
m tnoii-
.-lious wrong. W'i'jl 1 in'isi.-t iu mi.-L wrong,
and impute" eliietul ciitastrophie- who h
they in. iv thus occasion l" tho 'i lend- (
ibe Coiiatiintion of the laws, and tle rc
Coieol'the preservation of pel feci order.
Standing up as we do, only to le.-i-t ;:g
iiression upon our rights, upon ihe h aids
of the aggressors must bo tho re-pousi'itl-ily
of any cnnscijuences of evil. Hut,
whii b uiav you, my countrymen, and
tho otlicei's of the Government co-opeia-
ling, guided by kind Iieivf n
F. W. I1C
( Von,,! ui ,' lK-,r.-ral'.c
Gil KS,
lhiladeinhia, AuuKt 1 I
Not a Word- the Lepublicaii ple-s had a wold
to s i.y Wendell Phillips, who pub
liely boasted that be bad been engaged
fir nineteen years iu the work of de-troy-iii'i
the I'ni'in '.'
Not a word ',
11. is it bad a word to f.iy nguinst Vice
Picsi'b'ni 1 1 em lin.iv It i kin vniL' 1'hilliin'
trea-onal'l-.' sen'.iiuenis, l"J"liciy leti ine
Sneaker's chair, in the Ciiiu.d States Sen-
Has it had a word to say against Ilepre-
setilative Bingham, who sa'.d in tiiu HoiisC;
onlv u ninnLh u-'o. "Who in tho iiau.o ol
,,r , , , . , , ,
11 inois have been ndonted hv a lrcp inn -
: . ' '
; N, ",,-:r1. or rauUt to sbnil migtate torn -
fcUle , tlls Male (of Ilbnots) afler tit-;
fiilrii.lirMi n I iw I niulilnliitn
.' ,
Non'210 or inn atto sha
. . . , , , ... .,
ritrht of suflratre. or bold any eiflioo in this
, '- ' - j
' !!.l'e' ,, , . , , , ,,:
, "eneval .,embly shall pas nil .
hiu necesary lo ry y into e.led the,
,..,.-i.nflhi, nr ii'ii.
1 yz::.
.rctnirp edit yV -fH
l'!:M CliN'. DOCK'S A
THE r) VT'i'i.E of CEDAR I' 01
I nt
ti i- id
tb Si
I ioi'tii
'Hewing e. tracts of u jn i ..' i
ed Ji h i;i.-t..iit J iio.n a !i: ;
"lid Mj-aehnsetts liej ia; c'.'l
i'.s bri.t.ide, ui', e e.- in .
eif the battle at Cedar Mountain. -'e '
tiie in in tim New York 7V:. ;' . .v,
sM-MlitE I'lCiH TiMI.
Cinwl'ord'a luigade, in out clivi' Ion, i
tinned i.l the cenlro, I ought I. e ti;
er and were dreudti.liy used up. 'l is
varced tl rough n wood, cneii.n.i Iro n
il .
and c.-o-'.ed nn immense fb-id i.nder :i
very heitw lire from force fur nine or in
ti umbels Alt
on;- htitrade w1-
iliey woi cut lo !):-.,
01 dt. it 1 nil. V-.'e r. or
tin o' the smr.e wo-'-,bul mot e (o .ho l i'i. t,
nnd cainn out ic t i ibe sirne broad field.
I he ti:.-d thing I notice I on coming out of
the woo. i yea., the immense hum1 ;-r ol
bo li' s lying nbout the field, and Ihen 1
s- i v n long line of lebei bal lid'-m s, i!.:i vj:
up opjios'te, almost concealed by ll -. lii j
'rem tboir piece;.. ThoSee-omJ Miis-'tchu-sjlts,
the Third Wise msin and Tv-Tiii
seyenth Indiana were placed in too cdjjn
of the wood, bt bind a snake fence, i
could not see what went on in the o.l. ':
regiments Our men were ordered to i.,.
down until the enemy c.itne tu-arcr; nb
most all iho
ol'iioeis kept on their loci
SEVEilE l.Os.SLi.
After aw bile the re bebs got us
under a
.t -js tne, uuel our brig-.Kie had to
The rebel ' iidvanced so cb-e to !'.:
end Mis-achusctts before Ihe )att -r
way that it xa e.isy to lislinui-l
their let i; a-s. Wc lost oust at tbi
i all
I nil0.
but also iiiihcted a heavy on l.r-
i ppj.-ei lo us. 1-" i 1 1 ! hundred ti..d
seventy lour enlisted men were taken into
iK.tiioi if. I ho Second- 'M' these one bun
dled ..ii 1 t.-.etity were billed ami -voundoJ
nnd thirty s.-v.-n niis-in.t- We wmo not
under fir' more than '. airly ii::ur .e: -
1 u'en!y-tv
came out
ivo were
.ft m, nnd .'ilit
d, five won:; b.v
.-I' of wiiom re
It is ;tr,e,i(.-. d
a:cl I'u ui' capi Ul'ed,
t liomtlit to he wont
t hat, Onptnin Ivi'---'
Major S ivtig , wii
i II i'l i.SO'O.'l-.
: nd lo take eu: o '!
,.s wc tiided nnd tai.-
aa.-e.l nobly. Tbosa
1 ti'.id away wouldn
ate and Soodien "
iil, but ii ould not
All our ofllecr
who ought l li ti
Go idivin, i ' -"y,
kins were nil qui
away Irom toe lig it- ' b ate is tho - 'V
one ol ih'j tour n ii i.ille I. Good in cc. .J
not keep up with the regiment, but- I t.nv
biiM toiling up the hill, some distance be
hind, n-ith the n -; - nice of bi.s seivunt.--He
h i 1 b.i.dlv re. I -ed the front when ho
v - I. !t w... p'.-idid t i -co tl... , leiiows walk rig 1 1 -. lip it! ! o t hit lio -i
v of bullets i.- if it -.ver.j -o much lain.
s' l-JN i; i
II K DAT It, 1'. Hid .It.'Jd iv
went over lb" battle field
villi I be General. I'lie lir-d man I 'ee
, I ii. l.'-iiy. He was lying on his ha. L
uilh h;- be.i I on a t'iei . of wood. Ii
iooki '! f dm and p"aeei il a.' if he ly.ts
inerely asleep. His face wa. beautiful,
nnd I could iiavo stoo I and looked ut il
b'r a long while. Next we f mud Captain
Wiibains, tlien Goodwin, Abb il and Tor-kin-.
They had probably been killed nl-mo.-t
insianily, w hile Caty livcl until '1 p.
m. of the dy after the light. His lir-t
sci ::c nit was shot in Ihe leg, and lay by
. nan ail ll.o tine
lie sflv-i bo was voi v
(pi id
little, and elid'nl seem to
found a dippei ot yvater which
d Per ha J btoiigh'. They
; r.'l et
k ei cry!
rt him rtic! ho oieil,
arc' locket- with bia
-.v l !
- m in iii! 1 n e lo ih
, 1 . tie se ti . e Wei '
i'i i."-ant.
a-'i'ir inen. L
;.n ' i i t il f"
v;i- 1 'id d iv
i iirnt w as ifceir friend,
to us u hen they were
1 1 nli
in dea I nnd they cannot be r.i
D. is bald lo believe that we shall
them ug.i'.n, alter having been
llv tog"tbi t for more than nvear.
I don't i einembe
r a biii
q-iiarrel of
tt ;i v
e niuoiig i,ur olli '"!'; during ail
that iim". Gordon's brie. id" was kent to.
get o.- it.' I 1 reinaliie i in no-,, tin
all mi it
nnd the next (1 iv, fior.
eointae in ret Iv fast .-inc;.-
have bun
e fight, md
fhere is a
we have .i strong position,
gnovicg cull lid" o.'e ill I'ope.
Vni. 7V w'- Vwl
( '.,n .'V.tVr id
1 i'm G' .r.'.n.ov'
...;n f.f
- " i.i ia.
into t'
in 1- of Pope. Desperi
t 1 1
i.j wdl ih 'tefore be m-lde t'j
licit position at t lord miviile.
t inoro of the de.'id rdn ,s wum
onaodi near lii Hi dan yes.
w ere imrie I bv our o-. o
' neon .an.
ion no i n
I iv
. . ,
- I'liu Cuniberlnnd i'l, t'p-i.
.' i.-i ' y on S it in-. I iy d uate
'i.ielv in IV a liiMU'ton J r tc
tt'i'l woundeil ' 1 viii.
i "iiel ot mi
, i!d,er