Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, June 18, 1862, Image 4

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    .,L,rT,...,j-iii -in " "Tg"""""1"1" rT"
Ml lo Mini ui M t
II Mi l It K'S
U.i U' " t v ' k if r
MtitKii Mini, idniititt, r.
rimf:(i"'ir Mate Convention.
. .1.1 . r
lit'' V 1 1 I ) fl I 1 Mil II i ' ) 1 11 Mil'
v . - 1 I t'nl ll It'll I 'l .til tt I ( I t t
,, ..), miir '""' ' 1 '
,, 1 V V '" Fl s- I VAM V Will nin I
,, , si All" i i'W IMli'N nt I i A K 1. 1
J I ;, imi 1 'l:!l'U , 111'' ll ll '!' "I - H I ,
f t ii (i i lm k, v m., to nominate c m i lor At I'l k li ' 1 1 M mi. li in I Si h l -
, K I I M IIM , i.l 'l to adopt Mil ll IIH'UMIIIM
.. tn l e dcviin'd tieccti-ai v for the web
'ti'eoi til" pcniootiitic (;!( v ninl the
in,,,,!,). WM. II. wi:i,sn.
Cli'iittiian affile iVtu. State Fx. Con.
Agricultural Meeting.
A in't'titie; of the Clearfield county Airrkultu
ml f- 1 1-1 v will bo held in tlio o urt In, use mi
lhiim,ly fvtiiiiig I'Jlli in-l. (fuurt wrfk. Tin)
puni'iunl A'teiidinieo cf ail prrsmia interesto-l n
urportftilly invi:o,l.
Clenrfieltl, Jim- 4,
To I.t'M!;ruiit:N. Tin' intuition of our
liiriilicriiK'ii is oallt J to tlif mlvi-i ti-i'
iii;tlioiui'il ' tlio Councils of I hiltulc-1-
liin oHci inj! for sulo the timln-r lcnvc on
tho "llouilinot l.undi'' in Cfiilio l oiinty. iuifiit, aUn budtit'il sevtiolv. nJ nu'n
W f Itflicvo tlipy are very valuuhli-, niitl lions tho nanioof IvIwHitl Kulkorsou being
v.c'I located for lunihoring ,urr,oho.s. 'Jhoy wouinlctl in the loj?, n hich was amj'Uta-
IV fouth of the river, helovv Jiuttennilk toil at tit 3 thwh.
t illf. I'.iild nr to he receive l up to tho ... , T,
11 ' 1 Ikrriiiiv DisTiRtifi in lnri.Ait. There-
L'lih inl. Wo think it uiifoi tiiiiiil; tliat' ilestiiuiion and sulleriiig in lfo-
tnore lime is not iven hiil'lcrs to make lami ire fully eontirnn iI hv a etuiHmnii'ii exi'loi-fttinns, A,:. tion lrti;u .luhn I llinois Majjuire, M. 1'.,
' . . which H'iears in the I.nndon Times. Mr.
ShKttK Tut'Mitit Siorm. tint' nf tho Maruir? ndiU to Ids own trstiinonv that
jnott t;iiind, Mihlune and t'-rritic thumler of oIlirLiI ,erons in various j.arls of Ire-
!o, iii we ever wituctd. asH-,1 over our i I,ind- a'' to, sll0l,v "!:,n' f f
, ,, , ... .... peasantry nie reduced to tho lust stages ol
tf.wnonlast Satu.diiy mcht. J he rain ,OV0l.y .lame. Hen v makes the f.iilow-
f, 11 in Ki'i l id torieiit. eoi-.tiiiuirij:, i;h ' iIu. report lo tho guardians of the Skib-
liit intervals, lor tin t-c ijuarters of , hereen Cnion :
an hour-dm in.- which lime ali out-doors ! visited Shetkin and (W Clear on
, ....... iMondav. Tuesday ind ednesdav. 1
r'';" ' I'at.oLnma ol ului.mmtiorH ; fon)iJ U(t u,ui0i, rf,. Uu,:on Bn,j nt of
wi'.li ; ca! uj on jitid of hfiiven.' licnvitt . ew.ry kind, and no fuel except tho drop
urtillcry. I jiiiijr of the cows. I did not iieur that i: y
- - lonotlied of starvation, nor do 1 believe
Sl kti I'm x. A little child ttf C. I. that liny person iid ; hut man;-, specially
Wat-on l't . tf this t laco, fell down !
,, , !
,iuirS on Sunday last, being severely, but,
tii t j.t.iiinuiently injured. for uc. I fearsome will jieiidi."
Anotuei:. At the rawing of a ne barn, Mr. Hurley reports:
on tho premises of A. C.Tate, in "1 found, boll, in Sherkin andCnpe
w. . , i, Clear Haltinioi o 1 did not "vi-tt that
J.awroncL' to'.vrisiup, on itui lav , it m. !.,., , , ,
- i there was a jiieat nuTiinerel persons who
F.t'.i 1, fell to the ground, a dUUnce of some ! hrp K toilleiins reailv. I lliev-, Irnu
1 (r L1.' feet, et-t'M itir, veiy luckily, with insulV'i'nt lootl, and w ho uie tpui'.e ehgi
atl.ght contuMon of the left arm. ' j hlo under the act f,.r out-door relief. 1
. . ! can tullv corroborate w hat Mr. llarrv isvs
Fuost. A flight frost, weieurn.viMted' ,-,.h r(, "..,! to t),ir (h'leriuin.itioii 'not to
pew ral - art of our country lunt Moii'lay
moitiin Nonerious damage was djne,
, r.
fo far us Jieurd.
meiubei of the House of K.-prescntalives . nf.T(k ,vrt.Ici0,ji ilOU.-ts were wretch-
ltsthesicn fiom Tiiyette county, wa re-d."
i.ominateil the other day i y .h lVmo-
ciuts of that, It u unmiimout M r 1 1 iwnit, sav-
' I ' ""l '''o 'd enough :n any houe
jojuiar cte. I to Mij.nly t!i" farinly with the second drty"
T. 'provision. I went into one hou-f wlo-.-e
Klt.iFK AM' Wot. MM) OK TI1K l'LiTII !, , , , ,
' .line hr.d l ei n no ilreiiu or prep.-u.u.,tn .
::r.,.!vi vt. Among the k ill-d and wound- anJ t ,.., SB.,Nr,m lny solemn oath that 1
-d(ifthe llvth liegiiucLt oloiiel. Mc- nw in th:.t v.,,. nan's lnniv, about f ,'i-
Knii-htl at Ihe l atlle Ilichinoml on , u-tt by ti:in I- :'-. I t v -.,., -- ''
- -. . .j
the ii Ut of Mi.y, u fi iend gives us the fol- '
J.ninp ):t, .t'ni:it;tT lo tho ccmiiiiiv. Not I'ttn. - 'J'h - reirtei dca'h of
that w t nt ficm il.e uri-er end of this
-. uiit . under (omn.Mid i f (': t. Iioo :
liuUd. Cnn. Wood iitnl V.'m. IVniiiiu-
ton, of Che.-t tiiwi,hiii : ar.d . hi' a:
j tnnsido townkiiiji.
lii-i.uV..--I.saao I. riatl.i ' Serg't,
Wm. J.ighlncr, i.nd C. I'. liosn, cf IVcca-j
l a townsh'jt ; Aichil aid Miion f f Curi '
wTiisvi'Ie ; Win. MiCarvey'l Chchl ; Jno.
lioralmisli. of J'-urriside, and 1!. Hodcl!
(residt iiee not given.)
TllL I'lATII.E OF THE Cllll K AllOM I N V. We
devote a large t-hare of our outsiile cf this
week to another description of the late
terrible battle before Kx'hmond. In read
ing this account of that bloody battle, we
desire our renders to bear in mind that
the w riter who thus the brave
men of tb Ur.ii.i as "cow," "pol
troons, :ii,d as 'T.K.king mean a tdif.:
tliiwes," Ac., ic, i, the writing editor of'
the Xew York Ti.' '..'. a puper whi.-h. ;
more than at.v other control the Uepi-b-
lean parly ; at l wo fiar, iL.o, in all itl bad
ai'ts.the Ad'iiini.-tratiuii.
T . U.I iit w hear no mrre charge
l't'tnot-mts of failing to "praise" th ft-l-
di(.'i of tbelnion cause!
friend has kindly called out attention to
tyui it tun: nr- u . - - " -
inl'erenthillv charged the late address of
7l .'..., ,
IVniocratic rrml.eis o, t oogrefs i sj'ean-
inc of the I't mocr.itii' tv as bt ing "Jis-
. .... " , .
organized. 1 his mi 1 an over .sight in US.
The position t f thf ad'lresi js as right in
tsajs, "The l'etnocratic j artr was founded
more lln sixty vear. a;o." h Lit rr
1 j it, "
iern htl-unltil !"
We trust our i,f-ighbor of the Jwia
wiil survive th? n bir. su of the J-wocra:
,, ,f -, , ,
n-mon-.bers of Cor.gres.. 1 hey have al-
ready devoted two issues of tht ir paper,
a'.most excluaivt-ly, to a refutation of the
unans wremble arguments of that dot U'
me!) t. Half the ttpare occupied in i ro.
Half the tspace occupied in pro-
t - 1 .... .1 . fi -o- . . ,
lht ir rea.lcrs that Thihips. (ely ;
wz to
k Co., re tuc Tcul enemies of our country
-riulU a dangeiou. .TctT. Fat is anJ Lis
, 1 -
IjHowers would Ini f-CIVilig a much
MTA lV a I. ., .- t .m . r. vntetiiniT 4sitli tome
- - o it- v ." ' ""-i, ,
"iiTiety for ntnc fur'.hfr action Of OUT I
i.vernniniit in reference to the conduct ,'
r,r . r V,,,, K I
. ...v in-,, liiiiiiBii uutt t i.t.'. ... .-vie,
Carolina. Kesolution of inauirv were'
...... .41 in I'i'in tuuet.i Lsiiigre-, 10 i
Tuieti Necretary Stanton replied t j tran-
mitting a cop of his inMructiori to Got.
e , I
Manlv. and Kavmr; that a ninv nf i hn r.
lions httra Unci aunt tj hnu for ex
, 1
rtiorr- i
A M '''lit: Mill I '- I If '. 1,1 ' l 1
Hi. c' ll g In I I lit A fin t( 1 1 i 1 ,11 p, ,
v 1 1 l,i I I in Cn' i'ii 1 1 I . II," .. j ..i
I' nil nl I lii ItiV i out Im u , u i i i . n ,, 1.
Sj i tld'd pf i clics V . l. tK'l ! 1 in t , ,
'li '. W. V W , ll,,, .. ,,. ( , ,,,,
II I,''" I.I .'I 111 I W.I. ) I . It 'I It 4 1 I' I 'f
I'm .!! .' it. - Ik I, 1 1 -' i:t '.I I- . :" it.M'
li- li .' t ill l'it .' , '"'l., I, I '.-1,1 i .1;,'K,
and tln ether il hyiie i oil '1 I'tl.i- I'Olllltifa - Ml Kcilll l pi'i MHIIO ;
and IV W. Moon-, .1. IF. loins uikI .1.'m!i
K. limnl, im to nppoiiiti'd rotiti t cos to ir.i 1 1
t lioc of 1'iluir and Cambria at lv 1 1 ,tn. to
sfli t l .i Soniiloi i.i delegate. Tlio pi omit
dings will he given next work.
At 1 Iomk it. n nift member of
(, n.rPs u ,Knv in our mi'Ft.
,, . r , ,
' '" "iy ' f''0,t of Ku IiUoikI on
tlieSth iiikI ., wlipro ho Kpcrt snvial l.iv
h) ,, , w(,nhy Juty llf ,.,.1r, ,n',r
kii ' an, I ninulotl toltlii'n.
In ti'Mitioii to the loss iiifti tiotntl !- '
w licit1, lie informs tin tint Catt. McKit r- .
nuii'd comjiuiiy, lulongiiif; to tho 5.'IJ vi'
t lie cliili'ren. w e: e etnaci.iiea to me preai-
et neiriee, and ntilos inimdiJ
. n m ,
iae relief i-
tatoefi are fit
j enter t he woi khou-e - t he ilan'leis at any '
j ru'o. They st i tii it tlx v w..uld lathei
Mie down aii'l die :!:,!!! enter it. The;
I wnau n and ehiidren looked ai if they
j wei aj-proiiching the jraduai iltcay ot
( iratr Johnson, noticed !l wfrk, i in- J
'correct, lie was in the Hll; regiment
and not in the 1 ''.tii.
I SIAItRII -On tho l' lh .p-taat. I t J.i'oj'b II .
I I'.rf.h, Lt p. Mr. Williarrj S. Kilch -n t.f Hum-
t. If, to Mit-f H'r lVr.n'itS'.on i f ( hf't tn-m-fhip.
On U.e 12:h int-t., at I 'airy Hill. Vo.'.wirl town
plop. Iy J. W. rVrixht, '. , .Mr. II. 1. Wil
l.nnn In Mi. f, MarT I. Krlarl.
On thf. li-h itifU It A. Kreih. Tip. Mr. II. L. 'a cm li-' -k-Il.
iinfiM ti t.ili-t K.l-erca Suiiiii. l-tli t.f l:t!l i 1 f
On fanilav !. Iy Jnhn H .!t V.? ., Mr. .Iimo i
I.Ttle tn l'..,s !-ara!i J!cI''.t!I, a'l of (irahs
On tht- 27:h ul: . hy Jtiih Enii4. Ehi
'! -Mr.iCJ
of IVnr IO
1 hnma W'uln t,, M; El.ia Niektlf n
Dll:l--In LraJv t i, ,l,il. on the el infant,
Mrf. Snrh I'r'ssler, age J 3J'frf ! tn"iit'..
nr. J 7 ilava.
4 1 T t J f T 1 1 5 f 11U H 1 S .
( 1 1 A:' 'rr"n
j e-l npain.-l j.uri-t,:i-ii,i: t.r in hiiv nat inej
d'.iar miii t-trteia i.'rav .Mure'iiow "in tin
i .n nf I-aac l'.ri'.a'n iu l?r-:ur ton n-bii . '
! as .-tie l.e..nr4 ta mi ar.-l i. I It with him on l-'iin
,,,. ' TH"S. IIKXI-l-K.-OX.
Wot.ii'iand ij.., June is, isr.i p.i. ;
'rplMHKlt I l.M; 1'oit .I.I'. s-KAL-'
I X Kl 1'KnHiSAI..-' f...r th Timber Lfaieif
ti l;.i;.iri"t I-ami-. fittiatfl rn the ..u!h riM
' of ttc uj-nauna in KurnjiJrtown-.
. v .... 41 .... v. . -..14.1111. utMtiii m IIII isr II I -
; uwuiiu n n. HI nf TIT' ilfl HV I lit Ml1-
rmtrn.!ciit t.f Trt. .-f t,e -ity el Pbiladelt lii'a.
at his t-fEcr in Will' H jiiHl tin tie touth fide
tf L..can t-.r,; until tiie tweaty-t.,iirtii rljy
of June, next, anJ ij be rpened byhimat
.three a'clerk ir, the r.f!-rn...n of ihM iav, in the
,.rPMnrc of ,be o-mrnitt on Tra..'. "anT Eire
: IVpartmet. asil of nivh bidl-rn may attend.
SiiI-er.iit.-nJenT of Trmta. and to be end. r-eil.
-v.'re.i,.'..r .'?., y i' m.ipi.j l.aU." .Su:h
'pfx - '" M'-;' tut dura:i..B ..f th. leas.
asked fur. nt tl -eeJir.j ten years, inj the pm-e
ff, red per rubie b-i-t I -r srjiiarc lilnber-p tie
and nak and per tin u-and f.juare feet,l
ima-nre fm vaw-lti'. They mii-t also be ac-
""lnr"u''''1 nf io r-p..n-ii.:e sure
tie. refidri.t of 11 i!a Ji !pl,i a nuld be 1 rft r-
red 1 who are wil'-re to p,e l-nds in the aui-uat
"'f ifn tbmnand d .i,r tnr the f,:bfal l erf.rm-
Th tir I.-.t. wiil
l-raee onlT eneh of the w bi tiuk an 1 W bio. and
Vetlew pine an -ball eiceed tmelte inches in di
n'ttrr tbe bun ; but the mil be permit-
n'ttrr tB l'ult : t'u' '!:' l''s. "iii be permit
led u. use tree of ai y kibd and me withnu
ch-re.. fnf tb, rpB,tmcti..n ..f re !, and bnder
," lu landj. Tbe cutting an 1 measuring of the ,
T un,;1rrr ",i;-rT'"h' of n '
aj pointed ty tbe City. Tbe timber to l.t .-
crar; that is, after commencine on a traet. 1
,t. ,.e un.ier niperti-fm ol an Acent
l" ""V"' tbteeoa must 1. cut b- fore proceedinz
, to anoiber. The meaeurine tube en the, anl t-e prie ncurel bef ire lautir-'alr J me
i tintltor.
Tbf City ..f rhiiade'pbia reserved tbe rifbt t-
''''! ' 0'on l1"' 1bJ' " ti by it.. AFeDu,
7. b'r"T.r f ".tnbrerfon,.ne.
nj me roniiiiitiap oi i&e iiu f.. ,i
P" tater.T, and als.. the r,cnt to explore. d,K
' or mlut ore or coal, and tu rrrrt i
i r m iiin r tr rriKi ta ri .1 t.. .11 1, -
IUrea. aad to eoi,sirt all, raiiroaii and
jonasea neeeary
nt c7 oall
for mining purpurea.
reerTa the ripht abtnlnle!y
i h 1 ,1 for in...' . r
h j v( flice,
insuiheienrT of uretie. or other rsaism
fiy orueroi uie vounciis ot iniiaaeiptna.
( ait
...-.j"T' r
j - i -.-
i inuiiiii
i -i'l- t c i.i i ,
I -11 I it
. I I tw-
it ,
Sit HWI d' (ioods
I i,. I t i! k nj. to, l it I : I, I f " i'l
t ;i it ti . f ev. in- ' !' I " ' 1
t , I. ,U. II M m k t vt
.'t;l i, , - ii I'KIMMINiis.
V.I'M IN I'l I IMX l UIM'll
i i I N i ; 1 1 A M v I'iVM!
Ti" iN't-
I I! I. A I N .- ,
IliMWN A I'l. I 1 1 -I.t
Mrl..N.--. l'hl N IS ui"
Al l. l'A I I 1-. it'NS. H'M'i:': A
SIM1 Ul, ri.uillS ,.Nli I 1 1 N'is.
Toj;.-!!.. r i U! i- - hMi.-',- hi lint ,; ti""i!
line. A I-... l lM.Sli 1- A.M1I.V li l: K'KK 1 KS "t
the llt,. -,ri:lilv.
Iiu tvit-n.i- :ii , i fl... ptii.t. fiifii'iy "ro "
f. t in i". Ill, nl . I ll; ' Jit' i'l vi-i.i : 'i
(.tHIJtS.i! !,, r.-it " I'tr i ;i-li .r t uiii.ti v I'f"-
!,i--,'. l! -v i iii.-: i i I. ol t ,
j:tzvi:iu:i; stohi:
At tl
I 1 "tnii'l til -Mf .r.: A l.t ' i i r . :. I
Stret-t. I 1" .irli.'M.I'ii. .'m Is. '-
SIIAMM.i AM''i:iI.N(i.
Xf I'l thf llit -.l .
ir ili' i'.v li v
The qiiprlinn hn ttfu-n Itft-n ii-
U Itv 1'i.haaxts r.iii t.Uitv kit r!i.-in ?
Thht ciiittuiiierd wbu .'.have with hii.i
A bfin-tit luust reiip, 1 Mi-t u.
II,' ulinvo f ir a "iir." nn I il'yu uru jrlllir.,
Will laku nil" vmir tin i r in u tn-.-f 1 ,r n"nill.i.i'J."
fit oitintt ul.iitL'. vtt ioi! Ij iv.t s-i .-li,-k.
l-'ur I'li-a.-aiit is tli unti tu ,1', it ,-hf.i, sa l 'iiiok.
Tho riM',n tuny rftKiily Im s -i'ii
Whv his cu' t:u i- -i lar,r" :
II in t.iwcls all nit' cl'au in.- razor nil lira kitfii,
AuJyuu'll ulwayi linj him 'in-oi( in H uliargf.
Ju-t'tlo Plcii-snt'i. ni, I V'tu'il ho
I.ik'f Hlifl, n'it iiiiffii i I "I V
r!o40,l itn-I ,lfi:ght,',. an 1 rxf'.aiiu
Thf tin! T ha- n-.r h.i-n tvltl.
i-tj. Iinu't f r 't the pliit-c in OruLiuu'j Ktw,
ahove Jt. luiii-h 'e thoit ch-'p.
Cl.-firfielil, Juno is. Si,2. if.
V'"", T t iT'
. '. '..' &i ij.
T SMITH A t iV.- i ll I( K (iO'in.-.-rri-i.i
h Iii-p..rtt J walking !.'( ATS. Mai-t.i-lus
m,,t C hutil! r I. -i, !...- . Sti pwi i,,r art !' "I
lila-k l.yi.mtMik YOU I'la:--''-. Sntin .'.rip. -a
.Mur pii,-! Hi, 1 M'tzmul i'pn. Alo a l-,t I'.iri.
SilK ('!ni,rulhi.4.
"ur i-ti: t im-rii c-pecinl!y t!i hi,i.-'--.-ir rt'J
p'-i-tful'v r-.-,:iitii-tl u irivi.. us t!i"ir ni'i-i.i: "ti.
t'lmtrlici 1. Juno ! 1.
ii. V. c. A l i
ii ic!i: w f.oN roi: sm.f. ti.- ..u!.
tcnlirr I'fh-fs l'.ir f i!e -vt-rv clu'iip f-T ri-h-
uliT-'t rule j-lljrc i pmi, w -Hrrn i:t-1 in " ft
rarliriihir. ii. C. rASS.M"KK.
Clearfi-..!J. .Ijno 11, I-l.'.
. j t.
iHi:ATi:sr r.ATTi v. s i:r.'
15,000 Killed .-md Vouiidci
SO.Ofio t.-tkeii Pi'i(.ucrs !
V.Ti'il CAMI lnr.V.K--ANl
70.000 Cor.trr;tands freed frcn the
IVKRV ti -.v thf ha? reii)
J 4-1 ! i.-Inre ,ij .p;, p, i ;
- f th
-1- :
I f n r.
j f.t'ii -1 . rr: ;
.-.'.;. .1- i'.r . -,
in.. I t;
nii!.-.:lii l.t Hal'--- r
1 f
'-l-t' r-.;i i
). -," hnT t.i .-ni ,
:t!.epv..p:.. t.f t -
.N'nrifi n. "fit .-..t
ir slines ! Tt.t i f en j liiii
t'n -11 r -intv ir iv I ,' iiv-ur- 1, i.i,'l thnt U, tt
KUAX'K silfUT i.r slmrt I '.'..
-, Hants v Miot
in a i; in ttir .--.unty ; n;; i
jn?i i;:ve Kiln a -.ail . n r.
lime. nieJ see f.,r v i ".r.-
aiti th' i'ii'.'..,- ti nt i.if 1
1 r
mi .Market
I tin l hin.
-trwet, in liaw 3 i,. it here
i'it ni .''"'f a 4 ii . -.1 'i ' if i; t a little
I'apmi than I e ttu!l !.k" tn he.
Ail kin 1. nf . rk mi ban-U .mil to t r.ler
en h-.rt niee, a:..l up ell uta-le, an 1 i. g. el !.r
1" nf. hen- nr ei--t '.ure.
-' li e .-j. p -en Maik-t .-'ip.-t.
in aa4'i K .-i, '.! i j p 1 I' rv 11, It.
Str.Miitc'j I'ff.i e. ' 1'. ilbjKT.
i-i r...' 1 ....... 11 I t
T of the
Mil. !Si',2.
Clearlielil County Itiink. Mny
I 1 tlllLITIKS.
f J-l." ''I I'll
Capital ?ttvk pi I in,
X-.ti-i iu Cirrti!.-itin:i.
i" fi 1
do. tin. In. V I'TO 00 )'
dit. d-i.Pe.2U.'fil.$2.'i0.;u 1
This l-eiti; thtt greatc t ainniint
in,'e U-t 5Iat'ir.eii'. J
')ue Hunks nf this i lat.
T..tal'w.?'.'3.:!,l .''
I.ial.i'ities, Mar.l.'fil. '..-tT3
Thi be'.n the gr.-jt,-.t ain't. 1
it. .1.1. is'... IS 1
i::..-,;, on
1"; J2
;i,,... .n? .,' . !
r.,4.:o rn
Iiil' I'i'enunte'I, IM 1
I,., ib.. under p'". f.'.T (" j Ct..C7l II
I'er ttm! propfrty bill t-y bank, .'il' 71
Real attate heM t-y tb- bit.l:, fti-.iie)
" " taken f"r del tf. (imne)
Tcr-a 5 per c-iit. I..,nr
pr vulae J'Ml.!J3, T'-.t'i "7
I'ue frnra b.u,k and baakt-rs, .t.s;'! fit
tr nf other baii.i. - 1.1.1 IK O'l
rhrV, draft-, Ar. 2.4fls P7
Over Iirft. - f'l fi.'i
KlTptli.e e! 'Plates, i 7M 7;,
Tai faiJ Cniumnnwe-i':h, . 112 20
ine i.ifpi.itnr - rp.:iv; 02
I'ue nn eert.fieatf s ,-t Pep ..-te, ..!'".' 2.S
Iae Indivi Inals. -' - - ,1.1"7 12
Interest ard Exehans - - 4. '."'.3 72
L1.-1. and Expense, - - - H7 n.(
Ii'ivi-Ierd declared thi .lay, p-r crnt. $.lsl 76
Tax on Fkine, ... ss '.s
I IA PI LITI I' nr nr.l l'T,'l:.
An prineipal, I'r. ? 7: 7 PI
As t!iT rserj, .'..2' t 2 1
i.uaii.iTtr, 1 r i.ft!i,.i 1 rr".
At p. itH-ipul, $7.7"'.' C
Ai end ir.-rs. -t.'j.-.l itj
Tbe ab-tie ftateiuont i enrre-t, t-i tbe bet cf
rr.T knnxleJe and belief.
J.? i:. ; t: A I? f. r. .li.r.
SwernanJ lul's-rlbe 1 b-fnre nte the 2,'th M.iv,
l;t':. T. J. M.-n I It ft. it, X .ty Pub.
a if,tm.t'W-i -V 1 a a 1.1 ,
i hereby pivm that I.ettire of A laiinistr.i .
I'Ml.liniU.l IWII I, It .,.0,1
tma bare l,en r-rant-1 ti t e ml.s-riber on !in
e'tut of TllilMAS tVP.I'JI.EY. late nf the'
lt.irnnith f.r f'lenrl L A...m..A ill
iod-bled to aid estate, are reti L-e-led tt make
immediate pavintnt, and those having eiiiiini
ara!nt the ,n .ill .,....,! .hn, ....i.-.,.
licatej fr n'ttleaient.
C2. Adin'r.
( leirfield, June 11,
4 M4r!'.ATIIf Mil III'. Letter.
1. f A4miniTat--n bivin5 lieen pr.nted thin
iitaar r tKo n.t--i.. at . .r 1.1 t
E'JX ii, l.t, of P a ly totrasbip. deeeavd, all
persnntt indebted to aaid estate are re iiiestsd to
"k imm-dia'. pamaetit. and tucne bant.i;
elaiml ,e,inai il... . ... . w:ll . . n 1 . 1. . .1.'
-s.--"-. ...c t-...., "Ill .ll,,' Ill 1.114 'I.,..,
authentleatr.l f ,r ol .,r,i
rj.l . A li I. : 1 1 l.l'Mj 1
in-ce ttv..--- '-Admr.
.rT:J-'-y'--. 1
i'iay f'-.Jit. prl.
f .1
;:.! ' ui:mh nii.u)". '
irriTTlTTi nmnnn
.'l ,v,
..i.riiy I'.iniii h f It. it iit. in ir.. . i:n
iM'llh I lill.l Mltfl, rlii!i,,,.u,hiii.
Mi i" io
in .1 1 -1 . -1 1 ii 1 ' y ll li ll "ll llt'O tn ll,tl
' t I'!'',,,!!, !-l i .-jiiiv, ami id,.
.it i
I - ! li'' t' 1 -fialiv, ll. it il,,.v I, ,n,. ,,, ( ii,,.
..... ni,it"l ,-.t. ll.,. MiS I' :xi i:.mvi: im,
I I -T l l.l. IT i s'l oi k up
i:i:i)V M A 1)11 CLOTIIIXC,
A' ' ' iill' iiit'ii's I'uniiMiii,,; lint,, In, Unit hiisev
. r 1 1 en t'xl, hilt .1 in tu:, htiruiii:!,, ii lit win..-!,
lli.'V ill 'i ll
2b per crnt chraner than Clothing Las
c-er been sold in this part of the
o.i: -' li n nuJ p.iinpli'tr at.rt
" ".' "' :ll iJ.irini-I.N (r .:ily lliilN. Hiil.l.. ,, l
(.' I lf.atfi'iils, in 1. 1 m tlit- lit:.-t plyli' llll'l Hulk
II,.. ,-;-.ip.
Fiirnisliiii (iiH)ds, 1 lats ic Caps,
'JV.TVcllino; I Jars. '1 'riiiinicd I'laic
nol and White JSliirts.
In ktittrt. (tVfrviltinn Kt,,.r:,l.v Ioiiii I in a welt lis
8i,rti-,l ft.-rt. i,l tliis kin J. Wi- ulsn kf.-p a tint- ii
is., i tiui'i.t iA'
Faun (.'oo!s and ofions.
Such a., l'l.t k.-t llitukf. I'ort iiKitin i s , I'm ki t ki,iv,.
C'tllil.s Uli'l linl-hi'H. Wat-h tTi-iin.s Ml"l Itiiaoi-.
Violin an I loiitar Mrinyh, l'i-t,il-', K i ,:w,-.
Cap?, Spi'rt,i:-, .-, nut.; u nn-at iiiany . iln-r lam v
.'iii.l ii si l'i . 1 iii;ii-l,.4 i.i.i iiimeruus in mi-iiti-.n ; nil
of vtli.iTi wt- iiiiM-li a- iti-ll n tl,o C,,tlii,i .,
AT Till-; l.ivi:-,T (.'asm l'l-:,.;i-;s.
Wo im iif t-vrry pi-r..i.u in m.i-,1 ,,f (T,,tliinir. or
iii. v ll,.' ai,,, w-ini'iitinni'ti urt it'le s, l,i Un , r
-jp w all a i ill in,. I v it'W our (ii.,,il, aii'l rrii-i', an 1
tn aro i-i nt:,tt-i;t thai itt run j;ivt- i,.ili.-i'.n-ti. n
that fVi-ry piTf-ll -hull 'ft I incliiifil tn lili hi-.
J r i -1 1 1 - mIhto ;r..,',l nn.l eli en p 1 1, .thin;; i-nn In ;-,,t.
V i' are it,i;.-t.-i:itly it ,'i-!i in; :n-fi..--i,,iM tn our
.s t1 ... k 1 iuir ,.;i;- mtti .M.iiiiiliit-tuiin TI -tn 1 1 i li m e t, r
in rinhi i. , l.i.i, ;i;.il -hull iiinat -1.,- Mipp!.. tt i !ii
a P' t.i... it : ail iirii.-l. in l.iit-, whir!)
-h.tll Milp,,-- in .-lv!t'. tut. :,ii! w tn 1; ai.ic-hip, a. el
. I.t iipi,'.--. tl,-..... ..(' 1','y i,:lu-r similiir,
iiii-lil in pan nf Ih- Slnti- ; an, I I v f.lil aid
l,-.n,.-t tifaliii--. tv,' l. ,pL' tn lli. Tit a lil.iial rl.ii-f
I' I'lll li. pi.Il"!,:,.',,.
i;i.!KNSTI'.IN Iil.HS. i CO.
("i:irf..-;j. l'a.. Anil I'i'.J.
v ic''nr ii .i( ( inntflrt :!('(' rlirije
' II I It A I i: I. 1' II I A , I' A
VII INMTII I IIIX, v, hi, h wa4 (-,t,ru-
li-lii-'l iii l-ll..'fiil '4 i;i, 1-..H-; i ;i-nt ! in
ci.-l.t- fi?4 y.-nr nf its i-xi.-t-,i,'i', iiiiihI i is
f. : rrnTii r,-4. li u n-i rf.I ,.!' tl,-. m-. t .- :c
I'll M.. r.-aant.- anJ liii-im-.t.- M-:, t.f mr i-i im-
T r Cr'i'i i
' -il'.II Ili.'ll I I-
f ,!,.. Ins'
..ins f.,r I
'tlt'Il I.- Fnle'y t-
nl, uh j r. lira1
'"nr. l'.ii.iv. n r s
.: ; il.-al 'e t the V
I'l SVl AV.-Mif, -.!
i:i', i tl, l. i-.f. M .
tu ciii r .'... I I.
. I.
tre I i
, ; (',,
ar . -r s .1-p irt'. leu ' . nf Ir
'.- .n 1 , rn: ,i-. rit.,l
ni ev Aries, N I n. n i- .
c, .
K I !.,.. I:.S.i. 1'l.t.s 1 11 V. 1II..1 II' i.
1. 1 v.i mr .
it:M-;i ni 1 1 i imi.i cn., i-p,-. an
. - t .,-t 1 --, .ii- me ilia.!" u.-e til, hut e:i -h
,1,1 it imijht in' -., that he may
i en. c :il uny ti-iitf. fin I -. tter.T nl whati'ier
- ar- n.-et ('"nv-.iit-'.it.
, ..:;
'.-.TAI.nnl l Hre ; 4 ? ; i - .1 ! I n I ; . 1 1 '. y afl-rtlr- I.'.tll
V i ril. t-n-.i.-iinin.' 1 1 nie 4 -,f the , tn-i -nl I : tin'
ari l f,ill t I li-rM.-. A e , t, 1 n:ay
l'l.:il,e l -It n:.v Ilia- I'V a l'ir.'..-in ill-.' 1'file 1-
V '
nxTii-;il: A.-,
m -I' 11 as. n iJ..-Ppriii.',
'I,y 1 .V .. rieli(f nf the
II nil, T- t 1, ilti s'lp.-inr
r.-pm iii ai. in i tl.e li
l'i in- ipi.l, tin. in-tiiiii
ai v t'ther iii tl antv. firvn'irir men ui-h-
'rt I '.'.-. (" i- ii j: tpnp,ire ..r b 1- n an I I-, . l.'-iin i.tliie
1.4 l i. r, 1,11.4 .-ir.y .ah'-r m a:- , . n.e a m e: . : . i h i-li it i ! j ;- ,1 .- a r -:.i
,:' 1 1.11 ! 11 't I. i - 1 ii. : 11.1 i, Utimi f.r tie 111 t.. any M, r 'until,- Umi-e.
rt-t'i-V., .rat ai-y ..llifrj '.rCniTn mhinVS. n.'.. nf Tr,ati--nn 1: ... 1:
v--. Ito .Amu.. ji;-t re- '..,.. ,,,,,.; 1.. , ,.:.., .,,,,1 ,i.. ,.
,,i!i.i i. tk 41a the .-l.t jit t. an; fir '.lit- at the I'el-l.--e.
t. HOl'iilii ClIITTEN'l-EX.
Alt .riu -.- nt l,a ,
rhiiaj-lphia.jali., "2 Iy. Ptu, ii'.il .
M-.XT I'D A MIli.VCLi:!
VE'.tiX n.v.-r ,!r ai,
Iir, .l 1 y Am:i:i .-.
Every n .v ;i-r ,.f a hnise
hi-h enr-p I -'.uinttT
1 , t !; Mn. ii--r whit
l.-eover. 1 li' ei.ll'll'llil Y.
;ni-l nirn it. Sn-neihii..:
in 1i,,-m - ir. i-hn't a
time and o rn 1 i.-.i 1 !y as t,. only he Mi:p,',-M',l !.y
a i.iirai-h-. It t t(.i .nch '.y ( iii iii-n:, .- th-i !),, : 4
Irmn the 5-tein in frtiiu 12 to 21 In 111.-. m that
ymir l-.r-... -till tn-tia;.' that y.ii e,i,iii..t tr. t
biin nut ..f 'be stui,,,., by -n is r-iely t 1
take hi- i-ia.-.- in th- ti-ani. 1 i"' bf f I'ii -1 i 1 s
n.'wr .li..i.uif I . i it, nn-1 it ml- ai-lie very b'.ly.
It i-i;. l;,er .'.,!. 11 1. ,r I' , ,"., :i - ar.v
1 emnpnllli.t , f mini
im 1 niinr. 1 li.! it -Iveii 'imp.
e-it in drill., ainli'ii y
I y as Xarrne . ... 1 1 1 ,-t
( nee. y i!.,.i,.:,iii
; l a n, ti-,n, an 1 r-:-1: 11
fe-t-. fi,-,. r .'thn,
. The rein Iv 1- s.vm 111
t pi'. iiiit- ni. ilijiiri'Ml- el-l:.i-'..4
ev, ; i n her" :n 1
' R ill 0 11 re to the
hiiiiil.iil j 11:, 1-
l lrl "f tiiu '. Thi r- 1.- 1,-1 ,.lt. lit
r 1 -i, -h 1 1 in. v 1 11-ii.i ss ale, nt this,
; t ut i lie simple tinih 1
lustlv staleil. l.t iy tipnn
ttint. l.a-h ( tie .'. ti'ii'i me Hue Pnlmr, v. H i
ibt-ir name nn l 11. 1 Irv.-s, I will pmn; t'y inf-rni.
in a feiih',1 i ni e! p.-, hn! t'nc rt is, '1 11 i.-o
n iu .ii 11 1 ,.f .,,,i ev rel,in,"l ini.i-eof fa'.lni-
j inliti'l, is imp. -:l .)
A I Ire,-,
.1. i. fk;
mil, li''
April D. V..'. -I 'm
Iiiiport.'itit. luloniiatioii !
Loudcn'M IndiAn T.xpecto ran-j
III.-" EI'MVIA is 1. fi red tn the c tiniiiiinitv
h. ll '' i.n.b e fe,-l in an .nth-It.
wti't-h i--.ii t.. ten.;?., the bap :,--t etieets ran I 0 .:-.-.!. .-'1 wi. '.'.- tl, !'-: 1 nf i!.
iisef.ilm ss. n. d r ., miir. emit.- tlie casts nl it, -iin iltm s, 1 1 ei i sni tlmi of the cmintry ah .iin is
with 1 "i. 1 1' r. ' v I. inn n, h i bin v Lei ii n-s-
t- I'.'.l i-v ii - n-e. Here i- '-lie ense i f n n
I A T (I X" IS II I X li f V 1! E '
t T ! i. v vt ('1 i-iii v, That my 4,11 lny si. k f .r
inch" mm ih", under tiie I'neti.r'-' cur", ifiih tt e
il:-t .- ! t'. ' l.iitit. at-. I eiery reiie-uy pr. w 1-r it .
el i.i ti . i' .el-r lie If I tn pile relief. 1 jl- lip
al! 1, . " f I ,4 i.'-nv.-ry : so i'ii! the jhy.-i-ian.
At ti i' .'!-ite I i'1-v.iii. .l ii , r, 1 nn tn trv a I. mile
if EolH'V .1 CO .-. I.N I'l AN K.Xl'Ki f iJltA.N I'.
iii.d ibc result ka mi st lmppy, as the n-e .f
three I '-ttii s ilTeet.-.l a ,( rn-11 ner f enre, uinl he is
una a in-arty bny. J A M h'S I.A VT' 'X.
I'triv T'tiishii . Tn .1 in t, n f ,1., I
Xi l'.tmev rlinubl be nitlmut it: and those
a lie In." -"! it, never ill. I keep nil ef 1.01-
I'r.A I A . n.A li 1 r .Al 1 1. 1 .iltl'iL i.a .. nr
fale. I nil an. I fee the list.
A. I!. ? II A W. Phn Wsvli n.
'js.F, r ale by olh. r Mer-hnnts in f Ii nrfielil
.iprii nj.
TIllE iinilersijne !, baviiip taken rh.i'ge of the
J well kiimvn Morris iule llmi.e. nt Mnrrin lnle.
learfield fiiiiny, re.pwttnlly ...lint a share of
pumn" I atrmitic. . pain or t ipense ,ll b-
n.nrrii 'f 1 tn ui 1 l urpts v tMiivi iuiu. 1. n 11 1 "n
tn SUIf III' tunes.
April, 9. si',2.-y.
fiEO. RICHAItliri
VI.AliE EOT of uW. jmtly eelenrated
X A II. Cur nil " rbaap fur rarh b-T
i. F. ETZWRH.nR.
.Match r-, 1?:.
I At . I
MM .s A ( MI.MIi Al.s,
l .in , in i i i i. in, i pi. -ii it ,
I it',. I I'm I.i-". aid li!i-li.. ,1 n l km I , ,
I'm linnet y met I an, j Al iiH.'., (
T'llnt'-' l nil I Srlll
I lipim I'ur Mcillrlnnl I'm p.ives. n,. ,, lin t
III ainly. liiiki'V , Hin , I'm I, Mi el t y mil M i -I, u.i
Wilier. A i'., ,t,. t .'
LJ iX-l & ii3 X iiJ ,
A Inrv ftucl v iiituiitlv en IiumI, "t thf tu M
!i l mVi- 1 lli.'lkt tnr illtl nl'llit V HI I 'till "I I,
lu l(n t r ll pt'i'i' -iiiil! nj'tr,i;l(i
tlllf U'l'lll 1 IIl'-lll ttltj lU. I IMV-
I'li-nrlh 1. 1, May 1 I.- Ijiii.
rpili: mili-iTih-r i ii.ithnt-iz.'.l t.. mak.1 .ile ..f
I tint e.llnivinjt Tiial, . r I. aiiils. wl.i. h ho Mil!
il nil r,-ll-,,l",l,li. t.-rn... v i :
Oni' T l'.ii t i-niiininiii KM) arri't, in I a
tur , .iti.l, ,p, I. ft, n r,4 tli. i, 7',.el, lni-alt-tl
i,l., nil tun mil, -.- f,.,in I'l, in!',. I, I erei k.
One TTai't m ( ln-t t..i,-hi. iiniiini- a,, t
i.tnt neres, Kiimin a- tin' -e i, in, nt.-.
unit i, in I li Inuitli inili-f li. ;;: Client frrck.
Aim, i, in. n-elivi li-il half p. nt nf the li"n..,i .1
IWtti-'lt 1'rmt in hi'., tnwnphip-
Al-n, thtt mil- lin,livi,l,.,l l imlli pint tf '.let A-r.
,'.,, i," ,r i'. Vcief, in t ..wn.-hi;t,
i,.i;'i-lh.-r uilh t til - nr f.iui- nl her Irni-I-.
'I I, n i,l,-. v 1 1, i, i.t n!l in I Ifin lejl.l i-nlillly,
in, 'I are re p re -en I e. I ,. I,,, ti, limhi-n.,! inel ,,
ea-y in , aiej v ! wii i.-n t n. p ,i,.l naiigtnle
si I I'l. ii.
W l'iri,i iii-hmtn iiiiri-li'i'i' n-!i
wtu.l.l .1.. well tn upply mi. ii. either personally el
l.y letter tn the 4,; I,. ... , l ,- j I ",.;i i fi-! .,.IU1-I.
. w 1 1 Mi l I.I , .1
.... " .... .
ttt'l ION I.L i...r.."ii lierchy eiiu
tiniit-'l a - ni list hn in ir nr tiailii,,; l,.r a i-er-
i I '. 1 ,
I !. . I. I .1 I
V' """ r-v. ';V I" .l-MT'!' ",,, fa..: nf Clieirliel'l ,- ,v. there ; ' !v
ita I."l n,I,l,l l.llil, the last til N, veinl.,-,-, , ,., ,; al t,,.. ,.,',., M ,,,, , .
t. lit.- l lln-etnl,,-,-. p ni, , aiiin- l-.r l mi.v s.-v- ,
ill 'Inlliirs llli.l l-eli! ., l.ii -, ulile -ix inuMhs Itl . tu t-.i i, . v 4 il' !' -l-
mine,! i,t t p:,v it aL-i ,n nn',,..-.. t nie,-!!.-! I,y "'"s "'- ' " 'li'-K. 1 . ."i.. tho P ll'ni in;; ile.-,t-r.ltc.l
law. (JMulilil". lll.Vl.LI.Nli,
l'"!. t'ihip. limy 17, I-"',-.
IvM'.ci Toi:.' x nut: s:. Mniri; i
ll li.T.l.y fiv.-i. i.eiteis l.-lniii-nr i'v mi
tile.-':.:- nf H llllam 1.. ll-1, h, nf (in.-hen
p.. T.aili..-M e -ni It. .l. -'.l, Im,., l- en h-.i.t-l tn
In- i,irl, r-i.,,., - ', 1,1 i,, ,,-,-.,,, ,,,,1,1,., l
t,,i- lil,'li l 'l',,. t - ., it ineii a -I 1
I". I f - l.ii e Hi,, u : i i. e i in nj.. 1 1
I ' " " 1'a.l il.'' t'l .III.- t ..
M- :tl.
it l.. p'i -l.l
iIk ui liul v h in i.ei : . -,i-I t r I i ii- ;, -i
lioiii i: i.i.ox.viiii, i:
.-Lou tp.,.M.iy ::i, i-i'-2. ;-t.
DMIXIM'l: I'l'tm'S XUIT'l'..:.',.'ii.e
f is livre'.iy j.-iifi lt-!ti-it.f Ailiiiiiii.-t.-a-
ti.'li have li,
"1 tn 1'ie l.l,'
ll, i-t.fe ef (I. 1'. li.I'l.JI, late ,. Mollis
t, w II -hip ilei i-:i-e J. Ail J i r-nl: - ill lel.Il'.i tn.-.u'l
p in i- i e, ii-.-1, I :, ii. nl... pat me ill ii ill, ,ut ile
1 ,y. ii"'l li:.-e-h.-ivii.e; elailnj n.aii:-t i'ii' .-.1'i.e
ill pr'j--:it th ?iii ilnlv i-in !,-i ' :-.,t .-1 f-.r s-ule-int
nt tu uie. i;.".M. M'll.lil'li. A.Jn.r'.tc.
M'M. CAM!'!:K1.L, Aim'r.
.Tune 11, ls.'.2.r 1. ,
I.MllC.V'.-ll. W. i-'MI i ll .1 I'll. ri- re.-d ''
J i"- th-'ir m itisii i.-iei t. Ynti nr- re-f tlul
li in-.-:i .-l t i en 11 ai. I ex-iiiiin,' lii.-ir jfi--"!"1 int.
Ai"i ti-c ot.'.er sex. April 31'KJ.
D xnr.i.iox cor: r, '. a :i--ii,i
lar.'e -i ppiy nf tl.'.s e-'i -'.lale.i I'nll. f jil.-t
ii-ei ii "! ami f.-r -iih.t fi
ll, r. Krzu rii.i it.
Miir-li :',',. 1
Dissi liui ui if l.ii!ii( i!ii;).
rw4j'lj;c , ..r, ; .-r-li i - i.c-'. Ir ti-:.i'' i -.
I. fie. 11 !!!!. '.', i...,t, ,1 H-.'t, a: '..! fl;:', t.".i;:-hip.!;.-! 1 intv. i-
i-,l l,i innl-i i! r.j,.-"ii ..n tite ."It M:ir 1. hi-f.
Th- li., -k- lire in the h n, Is .Jnhn lC'l. f. r
i.'Illeiil.-l:!. l.y vt mi, th- I. '.-ill-.-- v. il, hi e.-l, Jile
t, I a' 'h nnl -till.. I. 1 ere he i-n np-liill u
li-vi -Inel: ..!' --.It 1, 1; 1 --.,,l.',,i 11 ,-,-niii m 'nt.: ' e ' I
nil,, ruav I. in: with th. ir i n-lmn.
Mar 7. l.-'2.ff.
LHjfn;s or a i.i. r.v'X.
SALT. ull.S, TAINTS, a ( i b'( ii KK 1 F.S,
t-i" For :de verv cheap for ('--i:. 1-v
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l o e. onoiuise - t Hi to 11 li', S. A Co r
here ou will reoeive a siipct ior
ai tn. In at a ki mill no.
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mkn awaki:::
I '.i i't throtv awty jour
luean.i w hen by p'lli;' to II.
W. S. A.. C'o's. 1 o::?l get I'e'd
poo. I ni t li' J e tit n Ml Itnol lor'
. ("nUiil.'l -et nll llieli's t-.xl ni ht.,tVy
i'l,,,,,.), ',rH.
, As Times are Easing: s; are our T'r.ccs.
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at p ,-l .N". W. r.-rn-r nf Jnl.n in':iii, 1'.. .-'-. u.
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I''.' pel-I,,'- P. p ;r! hy , in-, th, nee S. S!i 1-..
I '.'' i;--I ' I' I!" I,- A. I ,e'Ii-'.' I'.. 1 'J;' p. 1 .
I"'"1' tlieiiee l.y Julia IVii- N. W. IiIU per. t..
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1 h . r- .n it ' Sun
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aliiiut iii lici t s nl' cli-ari-il l iiil-t .,,ei' r
with a ymiiig and llirivii.ji Orrhai'd -Into th"
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in ta.-l:, mi l the halaiieo ill three e.piel nna:.i
ii p'tyiii-iitt, iiitn ii.t-risl ir- ni-iate ni en', in t-
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A. M. lll'.L.- 1" prepai-. J tn u i j' t'-!;i
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fl.'.n'KS ,.f mry variety mi hand, a' C? m
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far ;' i.iy r-pa iretl and II .in-..i.e,t.
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I X. I!. The c. h rnl pn.-itn'i t-jtii
I , .i . i - i '
v. .en t iv v. ,;i ,i '.s, dc.ivered.
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flenrr.i'e!, l'a. April '.1, Wi.'.
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i Vai.I'AKII! hi riiins no r-pern nr. rrh a, Mel
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In srale 1 letter in felnp-s. free of ebargt'. I ''
or thn " S-atn'-s f r p. iue ue-epuhle. Addren
I'll. .1. S k 1 1. 1. r n 1 1 ii i -, n : ,i n- , IIumiiJ A -ici..t! m
Xu. 2. S. Xitilh .-(., I'l il:i-.!el.-ii.. 2!lu.y 'y.
Admin if trator's ?rot:ec
ATuTK II is le.rihv pivir
kTtiTIf II is hi r,l,v piv.n, that 1,-ttrr. of p
1 tl .,i',l-tr:i!ii,ii on Hit' e.'ata ol l.'tfi'n
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ti.ii!!, lale nt lowti'iup, i i"ii o'
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e'i!. All pi r-nl.s ind-bte 1 to thi.l i-t I'- ,.' -'
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' b-iv irr i-'a ni" i--.;i ! tti" s.' Kill i re lit I. -;,i
,iT lll:il,. r tiiat-l for s-ttlmneiii.
' AMOS Iit' 'r
prulv totrtubip, May tt. 1' IJ.-i'i. p,l
liLANKS for A at clllrc
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