Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 06, 1861, Image 2

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t'tf O.l.ntfititi ,liir!IiM!t,
ll c u:.r,i ii i.i", pa.
Wic'widny Tioriiiiir; Kov. 6, 1831.
The " I'aiiii inuek. " A
Tburlow WJ of th, AUmny W. In
r!n;ioit to Mr;or Onomt Jolin 'J. Fre-
n j I . H I li :.. i , mil in ill nn ni imrv
t-iuttncnt o! iho West, will ho round in
. .. .1 ; . 1 .
The variety chArfrm Aaint Fremoiit. a
ili.ifcil...l in ll,ilMtop nr llm .umi. .,.;.!
en 1:1 tl.iv rivi of Aitininnt o.i..r.,l
1 homn.i. iii nrA mini mlin.f 1 wh.i i.,mim n. ,
v r
,n,,,octftou,w,.i.i.i,oic,i,,t!i,i,l o,iii,,,uj.i ,.,.,,.. rkrt.i
Mr. '.Vera mut havo hiid ncow to thut
rflK-rt Lefore .tiling his leitor.
Ann mailer oi course, fremont mut'uct?r
now be removed. His outrageous conduct
is now exposed to the country, and to con-
tinuo l.itn in his r.resont nog'tion would
bo to acqiiiesco in tliese outrage. This
the Administration could not btand, ami
hence the only alternative is to turn him
When a cai.'lidate for Pretident Fre
mont was tailed "tho American Pathfind
er," "tho Han of Destiny," ie., JLo. With
Sihat graco will he submit to his impend.
png fate f Can he submit to be thus bum
bltid in the face of, not only tho enemy,
but of the whole world for his fame was
not confined to this continent ? W ill he,
after putting on tho regal airs ot a live
raonurch if Adjutant Thomas is to be
believed cotibent to take a subordinate
position, tit-d strivo lo regain the honors
he has so suddenly lo-t? Or will he, as
fome pretend to be wicked enough to fear
ho will, Bttikeout for himself, and, in true
.Mexican style, issue a pronunccmcito, and
ubiuh a dominion of his own away out
Southwest, part Mexican, part' American
nnd the balance Indian, or perhaps go iuto
partnership with Brigham Young t
A ehort time, we repeat, will reveal tho
mystery. Tiuly this H a great country,
:nd these are stirring times.
What tho pewit will be, it may require
a fw days perhaps weeks clearly to in
d;c:ito. fremont has great personal pop
ularity, and commanding unlimited cred
it as a man of wealth founded upon bis
Mariposa gold mints surrounded as he
! by u small army of California "roughs,"
J;c tan, if he wills it, be a dangerous man.
At last accounts he was in pursuit of the
rebels undrr Gen. Price, who seemed to
lie well aware cf the "Gro in tho rear" of
hi adversary, and .ras most certain of
gaining a victory by avoiding a battla.
A Darino Fkat. The present strugglo
in our country will furnish to the world'b
history many feats of unexampled hero
ism, many incidents of unparallellei cun
ning, and many "dseds of noble daring."
Two of the most recent affairs of this
kind took placo a few days ago in Phila
delphia. Tho present U. S. Marshal, Mr.
Miilwnrd, claims to be a very great "smel
ler," and U surrounded by a number of
deputy "smellors." The Matshal was
oouiing over in tho train from Baltimore
ono night, and on the tvny, noticed a gen
lleaian vrho Ftcnied to be entirely ubsorb
el in his own reflections, and was letting
other people' bupiness rlone most terri
bly. This was enough lo throw nuspicion
upon bim. In the mind's eye of the ever
vigilant Marshal, he was nothing less than
A Secession spy a Jefl Davis emis'iiry
and when tho train reached Philadelphia
the stranger found himself in the clutches
of tho United S'ates Marshal, a prisoner
in the name of t!
rica. A search di
ilranger was a loy
government contractor
lent!)' meditating upon, the largo profits
that were to find their nay Into his pock
e'.s, and thus attracted the susj
the officer.
The other instance occurred
of the Deputies, either of whom can
the scent of a traitor in the breeze as toon
... .
as ho sets bu foot on the loyal soil of old
Pennsylvania. On the day in question
onooftheso "sharps" espied a traitor in
cue of tho -rooms of tho Continental Ho-
tel, when ho immediately snt about weav-
enrethe-cus." His plans all laid, and
1 '
the assistance of a detachment or the city
rrnrt ''A 1 lhoi nnnneail rl.iti-it iidaii
. I v v I.!....
xnercLei.anuarnggeaiiimiorinwnn ueiore
a ... 1 I 1 1 P .. . t. , I 1 f
the proper officer for a hearing. But hero
they soon discovered that they had caught
.Tartar-or what was about the same
,." "? " , f
tbing-a New England Abolitionist nam-
ed Anderson 1
tij.. d,a,loirr)f evena forthenr
iUon.J Miauowu ixtus. ''
rest of this man was the fact ol.the
Depnty Marshals saw a copy or me men-
mond (V..) Examiner sticking out of bis
" , , . L ..ii i-
pocket I and another one acally saw hini
reading it at tho hotel 1
How long would it take such men to
gather courh lo "smellout" and
hng witches ?
VSk,ft Js tindfrdooil tlat Oen. McCle'ilan has
imiod orders for the shooting of fonr soldiers,
t tailed
i f . ' : I. : ' . - -11.
no were rouna guniy in suHjuug m. iu j.ii.-
.. TT .. f l,l, ... I . . ,,.! II holif'nB.
"-""" 'n""-sw' . . , . ; V, . . . became iinfortunnlelv ronneoled in Mi- '!t. Aliilrew
sflo-oil ttin 'not lint I hf. ui" J wero M.ii-iv neon i iiv i nv me . . , , r ,T ll pi.,,,
scio. ea trie .act lliliino .... i, . .:. ., . , him or.irations. and who hurned ft nm M- vial
, . , , in hi v, umi u.i.-u in iiiuii'iuiv nil i? bicr. - , . . 11. i
ilcnizon-perhftpseomo Mf)asl(,s pnd ,vploW favcrh.ui i,cen (,uitB ! 'ho i ache on leirnmg that he was en-, ,-
who nnu oeou m-
uir.M.wMTiiM inr. Putin
I Yt rrl ) trvi nli'fr ll ' e iii-iii I ' 'i t-i I
t al at lli; I ' ll Iimiii old 1 i.iii" 1. 'm''.i I.
U i Ike tf-niiili ji l'.iltiin ll-. i.',i (. I' -I-kin,
nil') tho n-tm-i I.' ni, jui i, 1 -pi
Wtliinui F i It Tho I. il' iin i - ii li J ' i'
ten i h Monday, and aft'-r ImIii'hu- i tU -n-lily
of naval p (on Rt loilif' Milium',
loll fir Buliim jii in I'u '".lnv nlliii nit
The Louisiana I'-fl li'miit t'UU hours ii u v
'the Baltimore, mi. I t" t into l"il iilmiii
e'ght o'clock, alter a ilnligttlul n-ii up the
Uii'f.upeiik, the i'ctl.i' bi'ing titi"
loner fromii.TT.,; iii:;,:v:: ;; '.i.-rv-u-ui,,, -r,
.1- . ... 1. ...... 1.1
"m 8;, VZ'
,1U.$ ll0 .faiVrj ,ori. ?Hi itti.' In cd
,.,M l T, T fl in t'lvi'iiii in, ,'ri'.",.,
i'M Account ol'rtib im ii:
ii.. . .i.
iiiiiiiu i mi. nn
I ri II ll 1-IPll I. 111!) 11 1. ll". JM'llll
If. Jlroinvv.,11 loft
'hero V.y the Juntos Itiver ft. .1 1'in'l routr
:finm Uimt Putln-l toOKl Point In 00:11-
nnotf with KftViM'iil nlli.-cii of tlio Cnil'.il-
itrate ormy he c-uub down tiio river in ai
II . ... .. ,1 ,-l-.-l -..-ll
.... b . . .'.
leJ r.rooktou n. abimt t wi'lvp 1111 en
or tlio hed I torci-K, tii-iii in Ml undress u-
tiil'orm, and his only in' Noi l 1,
n; rup.I..i m,.,,.
" v iiiv vt v. nintu'ua vi iinnuuiwi v
Jialtimorians in Richmond.
Mr Bromwell was frequently importun-
ed whilst in Richtnond by persona from
jiiiiiininrn 10 curry iiJitern to ineir nienua,
hut he declined n th e f tnetice was lot hid
den, aiii he tvai cautioned not to take w ith
hitn a ninfjlo copy of a news paper, the Pro
vost Miir.ilntl assuring him that if ho did
so he would run the lisle ot being either
fined or imprisoned.
Swell's ro in tFort ificat iong.
In the headouarters of tl e Kiipiiieer's
Department wore u vast number of maps,
ombracing views and sketchen of oil the
fortifications of the United Suites, know
ing their di mentions, number of j;uns
mounted, and means of defence. Among
them was a large nk'-teh of Fortress Hon
roe, drawn, il i' aiil, by (Jen. linger, and
anot.hei' of the works recently er.Hited ut
Jsewell's l'uint. 'i he number of uns, all
tn kvilttit, is twenty-six. of Miioh about
five Hio rifUd cuncon, manufactured at
the Tredrgur Works liiehmond, and the
rest are colunibiads of ordinary size.
Several of the officers of the Confederates,
who came down the river in the tutr. do-1
clured that they werejut as weil acpisin- II" surronmlfd liimH'lf with a nuiier.
ted with the vicinity of Old Point and 'nus .Still', notie of whom were residents ol
Hampton Iloadsus the nlliuers at Fortress! Missouri; organizing, simultaneously, a
Monroe unci not a single move of in:). or- Body Guard consisting of nearly throe
triiico look place (hf-re without their ' hundred lloisomcn, t '.irougli which access
knowledge. A line lelcrcope. and a ma
riiio giass of great power, which were for
merly Uied at the Gospoi t Navy Yard,
but taken posies-ion of in the Litter part
of April, were placed in tlio observatory at
Sewcll' t.oiiu. and constant ol.Pervations
made. 'Jhen the bentrie up'.n the riun -
p.:!ts of Fortress Monroe uould b dip-
ti-vh- oW-rn-d, and the movfitnnts of
the ti.ii.inest vi.s.;cis seen.
Jefferson JJavu.
Mr. Davu, 'Pieident of tho Confedir
ate States," was ni Richmond on Toes- uy
of the previous week, and, in a conversa
tion with a number of military of'.ioevs,
btitted that his health wa much imurov
cd, and that ho was able to discharge all
the duties which were imposed upon him.
II is nevere illness, ho stated, was occasion
ed by exposure consequent upon enrnp
life, and not on account of tho tares and
responsililitiea of official position. Hej
denounced, in the broadest terms, t li e
spirit which actuated some cf the editors I
ol the Virginia newspapers, and declared j
that the various departments of the army
had not only discharged thrir duty with
a solo reg.ii's', for the interest of the Con
federate States, but had done much more
than he had anticipated. Tho Presi-
lent, accompanied by bis lady, stopped I
ut the Continental Hotel, aiut was tnllnw-
ed on Main street bv an immese crowd of
cituetis, v.ti.) eneeieu n.m repeaieuiy,
whibt at the dinner hour he was serena
ded by tiie Richmond Armory Band, the
members of which aro we'd known to Bal
timore musicians.
Affair it in Jlichnond.
liiehmond was described a equalling e-
veil New York city in livelin-ais nnd gaity, j
as tho principle stteots wijro thronged with ;
citizens, ladiei and soldiers, and tho vr ri
ous departments of trade wero brisk. Mr
B. slates that although he expressed him- j
sels on several occasions as a Union mat),
lie was riot molested hut lr?ated with j
marked courtesy and respect. All the!
tireva out, nut mo itt cm tia. report ot
i,. Q,.-AnOn0el nnnnnn.libr. i,,.,l, I,
oMb ifrmvusimnrovin. and the siek loss!
Li... nr. u .f,. .i.. . .,'-', eeern to have obtained either a voluntary i lpclui es on the fcenes he visited that were
'icion ftfl h. and of liiehmond "flour sold f-.r S7 or constrained control of the Quartermas. memorable in Scripture historp. He lias
barrel (wholesale) ; mess beef $10 per bar- lL?r an,i Uunmissary Uepartinents of Gin. j ntten teveral works of a religious char
with onelrel j corn, per bushel, from 72 to 75 cents; re.monl M,,',arr f't ,ht ' ,s, T'JIVT'V vhC ? 'V-'T e,ltul.w ." J, ie
' 1 . . 'inI onn 3fifiM(nfi nrt ftal iIiL- f iV..lifiW 111 t lift l , niiil . ci-hmli iu i-nvih'if il v Mm
snnfT oiitt, 40 to h'j cnti per bus..1. ; potntoo ' " J, n " t-
. . ' . , ' .,.. oo'.. -...mess and reputation of the Cormnnndine
'i:cuin M.'r 1 m lun u 11 -1 witui'ii .11. 1.1.3. '11 ,
I pound retail. j
The shoo and leather trade ras lively
ld at the very highest rates. Mr.
ii . r r ,
": U'V.' y.7 V Rl.fts.Iiir ns 1,16 q'l'monu.
U ..... '
o. he.c.,i.,erate troops n,e concerned,
pric.s ruled high. A good article ofic ncerneu. u s itot w.ncn, lor '-fc urB.' ?"
leather brought 33 cents per pound, ! w,lc,t,r "lckefi or ft weaI' G'ntrul, he , u Philadelphia, to take the place ot the
hides rt. Bro:. aH for urmy use, nit-j " "nhtted for so great a trust. one it,. -ar Alexandria which has been clos
rom SI so to SI CO ner imir bv the iNor ftr0 thpsc ,a,,lt"' Prava a the' rr(, CcJ b,y ,he,ft ar- is.,a 1?,lhA w,'."er. a
...i. ;i n. u.... ... i.: i . '.n . i i the only ones to which he is obnoxious. cooa speaacr, ana win nu i us oince or
.hf, Mw no ,mu.,.,,nce l.Uvec0 tl,,,,,, and,""'. "'"""".W"H'" 'lu '
. . . ...
the Pe-lenu troops. All were uniformed,
wore lifcht blue cloth overcoats, carried
" T.JVr:",.??1. ,oU-in
i ....1 .... ,. . .
i , , 1 c ,V,,"!U' cvor-ln T
gard to the Subsistence and Quartermas-
ter's department, especially as the ration.
weie provided at beadqunrlers, but not ;
di rtributed among the various brigades:
, with rromntitude. ;
, jntcrvifU.-,u.;th G(n JcaurCaard.
w,i., j . n . ir r,
Yftd & t iMI tah r l'
I , I)a(la" nteniew with Gen. Beauro.
prd. at his headquarters about one milo
rXrStXtei the
, ' " f ? D it kt I"1,?'
.S. fZ
I Gen. Johnstun's command, consisting of
neariy uiirii iiiijush;: '"i n. o"- in s
on0 0f the most imposing military pageants
he over behtld. Tlnie weri nearly twen-
In r-niniAnle in Ilia linn n ,1 1 ft 0 t K a Can
(,, v...- --
ml and .ff, all elegantly uniformod,
' I.- rp lf ll - 1 f, I'm hi 11 M '.It'll"
' I n iltr I I i I ' 'I il I1 i llm Htm" Ml -
(l.ii.iu.m Al I ir'il the lii i-rtnl f " ll'l
I .,. .' ."I e rtii-nii -til. -i,i n hl.H.t lsv "I. Ait.- Ins t' IiM U'dfii-.
(Mi "I ilii li'ic i'i I - ti 1 1, n iM'i'ii " ' '' ''' v '""I "'
p,ti;i..,n. lit- iif u Hn'n in. I rt r, ",WMi ('"''. ' IH." nn I I, is Af
ft', tt 'it ' ') ''I ' ll In, l.'l' I l"l ( 'I :l II' I I' V HI" I" " In"!'- Iln'tl T" lull"" lilnit'1
a ('i.. ..I l:i(ii"r . ii Tii tl ;,.. Hp b-ivv a -l "in. I'm-"" ml " i" t fi-, m.r
I . i Mr ll ' i t iii 1 1 1 1 nil tl ti- r .II I !)' i Mul .Un I, mi.
t -! 1 1 f' ' ; . 1 1 1 ; 1 1 ! tn-.ti j, i 'hin 1 1 mi I Mil-,' ' I "'i H'" I""1 '''""'' 'l f ' " 1,1
h t 1 u Ii 'tn ini'Mo . f i, i, iv It "Hi I'm tit, Mtvl ml A imiii imII in f nitini .
lu tu ,. ,!. 1 1,. i. im m ,!. ,! umi n l it ', l. ll Urn i"iy- f' f "li'i'l Invi- I, It 1,i..
ii Li- .! i."ui.-,, In. j I,. i, iMiii' l.iii'l ' a iii'i ll.'in"l, (:' iri-l. Ii. 'niOiini:.
. i,t ,r. 1 v on lift I.'l.'iHiv.', i.,i,i!l". 'li'n fti'ti"! "i.iitiii. in I't-'li ill'"-'1 l'i'
tl, I'l-.i, r. 1 in n,y 'iln n, vim it in . I. nn wi-i'ii Uni' ii iii. it tin iliivi iiro, mo I.Mliiy
A'lrrnn. nl'nu mi i.'.rl !ii .:n. lf. (..!. of "''I mo I I' i tii'iiii.'K."
(Al. I'.' I'll nn I MM t i'.i-.'. , nr.', 1 1 1 t!,i
liH'l.,-1 t. im-. m u'icv w,,. Km mi i..-i
ll lit I' I 1 11 llll. I I HII'll ."" I ll Mil, 4 (.
... ' M,.
il""i'"l conniil.-ruMo ivunntli, Unit
--... " m
ii'"'""'"!? uii-fi'i:p oi vii'i'inm. i.ii'i
iivl'TH--! to the ptibliciitinim in
I no
1 1 p.
'" ll"'- "l'ji'i-.. If any i.ti L-ncU il
'"ll.v it wan urtrilnituol,. to ordi-m
'H l 'Hl, Who tt:i I tl UH'l In M'OCIV lli
i of tl'UCO.
Weed cn Fremont.
... . i . . '
incc it cannot uo coiiiViUe-l or Uenieu
that On. Trentonf comlaot in Missouri
l,. l,.,r. tl,o -l,i....t oCmn.-i,.! inoni-v ,h1
i - - - - -....j. , ... ... -
is now llm oivasion of I xeeuliv o delllier-
tion:and Tt puu! solicHudl! it.
made it mv hi si7ics to obtain, from vn-
notM lint iiiifule tioutces, in
nut mir.uie sources, iniuriuation
from which the People, m Jurors, may
eiifi-ly render a Verdict.
In coming, as I have, to a conclusion
unfarorablo to Oen. i''roii)ont, it is BCHire
ly needful '.o say that 1 had, in doing m,
to "conquer" many "irejudicei." Jly
rtl.-.tioiis with lien. Feinont have lii-en
intimate and pleasant, 1 believed hi in
emiiiiintly.utirij'lit and watiiotic. I thought
him well lilted for the hiirh coinniiind
(with which ho vvft.i invented ; and ho went
forth with nty heartfelt aspirations that
ho would render good servioo to our
Country and win lory lor hinwelf.
Passion much tlnit might, he said im
pugning the st.nso and t.iste of Gen Fre
mont and confining myself to accusations
undeniably true, I submit to the readers
of the Journal some facts w hich will show
them how lamentably a fi vorod Gvnnral
disappoints the popular expectation ;
V lien Gen. Fremont reached St. Louis
he look as hi Head-Quiii ters, a llouso
lor which the Government in pay ii:g ijO0i'
ft vei"',
to thn Chief is as ibflicull a the ai-nroneh
to a Monarch in tho Darkett ages of Des
potism. Ho has Appointed and Commissioned,
without the t-hadow uf .Authority, more
than Fifty OUk'urs. .liih the rank" of Col
"nel, Lt. Colonel, Major, Captain, La. Co
Andrews, tin-United States I'ay-Ma-tc-t
!w - h required to Pay
1 ll'.-ft I I.S'l'S
itipon ins rt.iusai 10 ao so, wis tnreater.etl
j with 1 111 j 'i isoumi'Dt. He liiis 11I-0 diroo-
; ted to make an illegal Iran.-for of
Tho Omen Iclonciui! to fien. F;e-
monfs Stall at.) interested in Army Con -
1---W.1. c...i li. j!, ..ti ., ;.i .,' I',., 1
ner of Col. Degraf in Mule, Hay and other
dipt. Turnlt, a Unitotl States Comtiiis
sary, was brdfrud to receive and pay ex
horbitant. pi iocs for inferior Mules, I rem
l.ipt. llaskall.and upon protesting against
th wiong, was ordered ftivny trom the
Po'.t bv Gen. I ipmont.
dipt'. Ii. M. lMvh, of Geti. FremoiH,sin,'l!-fd I. ) his oh-rtion.
tatl, received a Contract for Blankets,
which, on delivery, proved rotten and
worthless, and though condemned, were
paid for and sent to the Hospitals
The Musketj purchased by le;:. Fie-
imonl, in Fiance are worthless.
After Gen. Meigs limited the price to
i)0 ror o,its. at liO oi'iits. Corn at i!S.
.ltl, p.iy (U jjpr -,() C"on t i;ul was undo i
with Baird ami Palmer Palmer. Cook ,t
Co., of California notoriety at ; cents ' "'P lo P'feuce rneuicite. uui n f non
for Oals, SO for Corn and $p) for Hay, , turned his attention lo theology, arid af
amounting in the aggregate to f 100,000. i'f rthe requisite prepnrni i-n, liecatne a
Gen. Fremont.nnTiis arrival at St. Lou- Minister in the Epi-copnl L'anroli. Ho
is, was met by Ihe Aid of Gen. Lyon, ao. . "a.-rhosrn Professor of Belles I el ires in
cniqunied by Major Phelps. M. C, ak-1 'be Kniveraity of Georgia, iwid ivas ap
ing for reinforcements, nhich a ere not 1 pointed by the Lrgtsl.iture to write a His
sont j tory of the Slate. volume of
j Tho indoblrrlness of the Quartermas.
iters Department, for Gen. Ftemon.s
uommanu. i over sour
Million and a
Uatfl Mevi.ns marneii iMiss Coppee.of that .Stale,
fli: disastrous conditioa of things, is ' sihter of Professor Coppee, of the Uni
attributable to tho "malteii infhunces" of versity of Pennsylvania. About tho year
Cttliforniana with whom Gen. Fremont
;; .v.... ......... -
Ibese ill-omened men, aonn or all of
wll0m l (lnrk California.
, 1 . 1 . . , . . .
General. 1 hey impeach either his head
or lm lien".V ,,nu 'V"r RS 1,0 ,,s r.c ticaiiy
I1 h V bc"fi r'-cuted by the Army
.miliar 1 1 1 A ro nmi hi. in n wnv ivlnMi rp
. , ,
iT;, " iV' . I
1 I ,, , W I ( 1 . t r,niMi.isiin T1.... t K n ia
I ..n ! , tl I In tn t-tiAn in l l'nmna ll'.m
; .u""3 "lu '"'. ."'-
; ponviTi ufj union mnn nm r.npm ps. ii s
'"eotinarcn iiDstsra ana memm
i Lit ci .n in I tons fi An ifiVHi'fiii whie h , mrrnrA
n -p l eivili,ntion. V b'nv Tetter
T'LS ..Ti;,on Mo Oct 17 " from an in -
oMed iiPton "
Wligent. ob erv ng, truthful Friend rrora
"bjc'i we take tho following ex ract:
"From Tipton to V arsaw the march
was one continuous devastation, with
ut thf lcost. rePrfl. for principles or
mf tA a, ,n..v,vi..u ...u i..,i. Huv4 IIJU M i H I ' " ' l J -
"'vni9, me union man who uau yom'B Cabin," in a letter reeently written
f P V f V f,;m jrinin, the SooT to the Earl of Sh.ft.bury, an English nbo,
, forces, had his place literally gutted, the litinist aavs
men of Asboth'a and Seigel's Divisions -i ,". advocated dianr.ien 'or fifteen
killing, on his farm abnet forty .h'Mft'J i"SZ
'M ""'t! ", "r8' ?J stealing eight 0de of fieeing the North from the guilt
S iLo Ssh ftSir? "
sheep and hogs, then chucked the.o into tion
uieir aireauy over-loarted wagons, i hero
is srsreely a feathtred bipod left within
five miles on cither aide of their march;
nnl a wlirtl. ll.;., '. :,!..
......v,uiineii or nn uu iuou
bureau, or blanket that has not Wen sei-
I J 1 r n'hld II mp i ho ri III
Alll Jr tilting kri ill tlti 'In I" i f a m
,'.;i,'li ll '.'iimi ni.l" li'.rr.'t'
;l, '!l II '('IKll 111(1" ImtTi'tS 10 the Irani- iiu.l imtivoiili.til.! eiil ol nr. An
AlUIJ innv nun ..ii, . .j
; It ,.m.'. o rocor,. O,, lliinp cU
yculhlul from ivlnwo oiwi-cr llio
Oouiitt '' loolu-.l for luTduru li-uit i tcU
Counti'' loolu-.l for lllTOHIIJ
ii nil liutinitiity. lii.t Ingli ns our lioju'sl
v cm of Oi'tii nil ri'iiii'dtil, we iiitinot uf-
ford, wlo.-ii ivln-iiifi' I'ror.i fault or mu-j
f,,, illiil....f.ii mur'.i ili-ii'iuls on tin1 wisdom
nn, I jnlir'iity nl' MiMHinils, t" bo iloci it i d.
1 am, liy tlio fon'o of uvidi-inf i which ran-1
, i.oi liu ri'sisli'd, i.o!i!,tiniiied to admit that 1
.' he 1ms bigniilly lail. il to discharge, with
' iiiofiilnoss to tlui Country, or credit to!
i. ' "
. , . ' i i .. ..!, i
M f I'1";V ' f -
alftimty. Ii.- liutllool .-all t Hlull, like
11111 ftl 111,11 IU'II.whs a (leie.'ii, mm ll umn -
'M, - 2.00W Troops with
a11 .'bo conditions and surroundings
.1 . i. ii i ... - i.
nllinill I imni t ll .t tl trill llllll WUI liniL
., ....- . ... - -
voiilalile. I'I l tie u(uiui.t i wilinot speau,
beeauso I do not yet know who is repoil-
sible for it. Totln'- who wore in the
hittlo, whether they survive, or "sleep!
their hist sleep thr re," nothing but honor
and gratitudu is ihie. j
I was with tho Prnsident hist" evening
when the Brother, von and Nephew of
,1 , -' u. ijii Ker, I'M" "11!'1Tn'l
called to sliow his Orders. I he.i.o Orlei
were on his person, and were crimsoned
and consecrated l v his blood. Tlioiigh
.i . i . . . , . .. 1 1 . i i i. , -. .
tho blood pnrtiallv effaces the Order,
eno'jgii is leiiiiiio to vindicate his memory
, i i- . i
-;!ilil3 to vindti'iite his memorv.
1 1 is sufiicietu to say that the Order were
clear and explicit, and that they were
galbituly, generously and literally obeyfd.
Gen. linker, with inadequate means of
Transportation, went to tin rescue of 600
.Spartans who wore engaged with an ene
my 4,i00 strong.
From New-Orleans and Santa Kosa, wo
have intelligence of a more cheering
character. '1 ho braggart HoIli:is, whrtfe
only exploit was in binning defenceless
Gravloivn, published a lying Dispatch.
His preti-iiiled Vi ;'ory over our blocka
ding Sq'iadron was a poor, cheap false
hood. So, too, in regard to the attack
upon Col. WiUor.'s Zouaves, r.ear Fort
Pickens. This pretended Victory was a
positive defeat.
Of the Naval Expedition I am not at
liberty to speak.
'e have an immense, and reasonably
well equipped, and highly ciit-ciplined
Arrjy. ttretcliing along the line of the
Potomac Utver. It owinnt remrin lang
iniolive. Let us hope that luiure euc-
'.' - - 1 r.v..-.
uZ ZZri.i'"
. T1!l( ; I'roieslant Episcopal Co-.ver.tion of
1 lh1l'TUl0crj;?o' 1 "" 1 huf'-biy.e.ect
led Kev. Williani Bacon Stevens, the Kee
tor ? Sl- Andrew Church, Fhihulelplm
to the Ollico of Bisfiop, ma le vaonnt by
!hn do-' tii of the lamented Bishop Bow
man. Although tho rhoire U regarded
us a triumph of the F.vangelical or Low
cum on pnj tv, ur. Meven is known to tie
no active r,, and his l ii-ty and qual-
jifiealions are acknowledged even by those
I'he Bishop elect is about fifty years of
age. Jic was born in Jliissucliiisotts, nnd
was educated a physician, 7hen quite
young he w ent to the Lust Indies nndt'hi-
a, and practiced medicine in the latter
country, to.- a time being associated with
uie wcn-anonm Ur. OutJail. He visited
theSandiMch Islands and other strange
countries, and returning to tho United
.'aie, i-eiuen in Aniens, ueoigiR.intetni.
, t!'is w nrk inch is we.l written and ex-
"emciy vaiunnie, ciiiv appeiireu .vittnn
'be last two years. While in Georgia, Dr.
lM-'.he received and accepted a call from
r s t hurch. sticceeclinc th Lev.
k, now Bishop of Rhode Island.
continued there ever finee. A
a , art 1, ft 1 1", ! n T",,.nA
(,tr, T j j i- , 1
- 'be Holy Land, mid on his return wrote
. " nleresting work, nnd nlso delivered
be had a call to a church in Savanah,
1 : 1 t 1 1 1 t 11
which he declined. More recently he
; 1 ". i.,,w?or ol uocml01!
. bishop wilh ablhty and dignity.-Lanca
! JKT The mother ot Jackson, the mur-
rWrof Col. Kllswnrtk. wa, token rrison.
f.r on Sundiy, in her house, near Prospect
TT 1 1 I 1 - - T Hf ."VIM- C't- -
.' - . . .
ill, uj M'niuoi .ucouii a iiit'n. one
Las k.efP' hou". for rftbel
1 y. and tjer pmother. who was ar -
rested at the lame time, has been regular -
, ftCling as a rebl!l spy. h
, ' "
Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, a sister of,
p Henrv Ward Reee.ber. nd autlinress
ofthat Abolition dipunion book "Uncle'
Ttf fini titW Ann Pori .monrnmMi
u . . . . . , ' , I , , .
lhhii-j )iuoiiiiiii.hi, nm us uo nen A ere
11,200,000 per day 1 Btjlly for 4meriSl
,-...,. ;.i.nn.r, H.b-ex.,
(iitAM) opi:mnI
I m;v srcitr.i
a : ir vi n mh
(iltflt I fit 1 1 1 C llt: til I'lin h;l?t r."
ii, W. SMITH & GO'S.
om: I'uici:, cash .stori
Smith's Comer, below Judre Leonard's.
q u u i:x ,s jvm li 1:.
r.ST WkUo Gnniita MnUn.
' P, , n..i.
" " " Biil(ir
Ten Suit".
" " C iffce hi.tu.
" " ' Ciijin .-','il.'.
" " 11;, 11. 1, Ml (.'till fvlt.
ST rV.ul M'liilo Ten Sctu.
" " KniT nn'l Huniii.
" runtmiti T 'li Si.tts.
" " Cup I'tts.
" C'oinit on Ti'H,!. roinnioa Thru.
Odj Kuii'rinr hunt Kprig Ten Soft.
Crenum, I'lcs, Puhiii, by tlio luilf dojen.
t", C. Koppici., C. ( b iwIh.
OlasH l'rosirvui, (Jla nlt.
C 1'lu t TiimWers
PI. in Ao.
Exet'l?iir do.
Alot Tan, Cvfl'ers, (to., Xo.
1 l.n ii i. ... i
i nnu u r icmi n.imny -n in a country mini,
U kept her, M ul,0 many not ...ual.y,
l.nt much n.e.Ud, at grrutly rrduenl pneo.
1 Ami ua l,iul Anf .l..n II. .1 n 1 1 . 1 n 1.
"u- ..... ..i.
trial puni)iHe. will find ll to ndvuntaira to
oontinne m vustomers.
Puporinr articlo Hwei.jiliij ruW.
Largo Ait't Waitcri
-oft convenient ariicle
IMnrU Improved Co floe ?pieo SJill.
od Curding. Drum Cording. '
wn p ui. ..r
, n..., r , ' . .
iniui-iuiTiii i-iiiioi', j.'unuvaiiv.-in 1.01110,
Mackerel by barrel or pound,
Varied aaioiuncnt of
f tu rib, by box or pouud
Knlvenni" Potka
Ftusl l'eiia JO cte fer grots,
I'm Knlvei,
Tooth vruche,
rtc, etc., eta.
si:v GoonK.
ToiWt and Promenade Prints of th: rnont fash
lonahle ttyle and color. The now much worn
materkl of Colored Alpaca. !
N';v. is tho time to buy nn extraordinary cheap
I dr? for next Bcamin, as wo will c!oi out our
I tock of I.awtu, Or;anilie, .iregc, TopHiu'
iCrnpudo Paris, ialiniues, and oil Summer poods
nt fabulously low prices, to uiiiko room fir our
Kail A Winter stock, whith we will noon bo able ,
tn rffir to our ruttomeri', ad the public
lr, nt llio CaiH Store if '
Ainu, a limited amount of County Ord-.-re want
ed in exchange for goodo,
Wo lmve-jnut ciTeued
1 1 nl are aollmg v,(ry low, a Urge and ouni
). ict tturk of II.j.jih and Efcoos, vi :
.Mena best Kip B iut
noyt host Kip Boct.
Mens beet Cnlf a i.l. best Cnlf Bnnt.
C'liilile best Kid soel.
Wi'in bent Calf Monroes:
Buys best Cnlf Monroe,,
Voillh'i beet Calf Mnrnee.
Cltildj be.t (Jnnt Pumps bet Welt Pumjn
Cbildsbest sultou J'litupj
ChiWa bet Fronch Moroco beet.
Woinans Mr. Jefferson heel,
Woman flost Jefferain heel.
Womans Kid Slippers.
Womtins Sup. Velvet bound pait-r.
Wouinns extra fine kitting pikers
Wi.mani aup. extra he?ivv iurocco.
Ilniir of bukines from 7 A M., to S P. M.
July 10, li'tl. tf.
Tbcv biive iunt rocoived n iren.-ral assortment of
.5prinj and Hummer DKY 000US, coiisi.flirg of
nrv t i -rnr; 11 lT)'',c
BAH KG hi,
I Oi'i.IN,
C A P S ,
W 1NE.
O I L S ,
All of which will be sold on tho most reasonable
terms for CASH, or approved Ceantrv Produce.
ek-arSeld June 11, 1861.
Vli M I X I WTH A TO It 'S X O T I C r Not i eo
ia hereby given that lottorsof Administra
tion hare been frranted to the under.igoed nn
tin e'tuto of JACOB K0PINS, late of lleooarin
townchip deeensed. All porsona indebted to said
estate are requeued to niuko pay ment without (In
lay, a"d thone having claims apiiinft tho same
will preont them duly authenticated for settle
ment to my AttornoT. b. J. C'R ANtf, of Clenrfield
er ANDHEW SH0FP, of Oulich township.
October 14, 18C1. CU Adm'r.
nXECtTOIt'S OTlCI-NUce i. herl
1 JLjby given that bettors Testamentary, on the
1 ..tat i of BAJll'EL M00KE 1st, if Tenn
Itown.blpr, 'd, have been granted to the nn
designed. Al) persona Indebted to said s.tate
are required to make Immediate paymont, ard
i those bavineclaima reainit tho ame will nrosent
'hetn iaXl fTuTvz rr- "t,1m('Dt t0 01 J
Attoraev, L.J. CHANS of Cienrfiold. or
ANDREW 6. MOORE of IVnn (p.,
Oct. 14. 1801, Executor.
TVB. M. WOODS, harlir elanced hli loe
X tion from Curwonavills o Clearfield, res-
Residence on Sooond straet, opposlti ti it of
J. Crans, Esq. my 1 J 158.
- lOCAted at LlOlntel
ur. vi. ,v. .,.,, ji..
'SS. MlnoalMmw W 'Tm.0'
I? A It H I'M ! M 1 Im V t i
riirt'Fs FROM Ho im'.
Krminiffcf ulildi U hr rn.r,'.,ei,iH 0
'i"" err:
I'M-i.rita i.. "'
!ih1 Li-.n
ir.lrn l,i.'..,l ,1 i.. i... il
v ... .... . (r, i-m ,i fl
inn n n , iij Wi ,i ui tu'i linnfli-.-.i!,,..!, ,,,
.icwmK lUHCiuin now iii'!i,r.i thn pul.ij,. 1
.No. I A mniill n.r.1 vnj ,' i;,,.
No. 2. A liny Mi-l,ii,. fr q tiiltir - V...
wrrk ml! r.r ui-e. " mf
Thin Mucliinn iv irfn-li mlinired for t( tjm.i. .
'r, iiriil for it roliu'oility n,1 duubility it ij 1"'
aui jjasa. d. A eliilJ twilip jett nn rvi jt ' J" ; nd jet jt wiU w from the foart ts
to tile tin ot Sif. TLrii Is ii" tigubls of
wimliiic tb Ihrua.l. a it i iMken f,O0l theipuu','
It ha r..i :U t" tfiv tr.juM, 8i,d r,
backwurds well an forr.nrds. (tj)i f,
o.unlly ).-rfic, m'l vlllimit dimgnrol breakin'
mibdics. It. rum 1-y friction, and by cloir.j ti
wn .. .,.,;.,. , Pr,,;:J,. .
U.J( n. m "i.:" '
1 1
boat fun ily fcv ing Machiuo iu us.
The fvlkvirg rrcniwr.s AiMrdcd th tUvt
Mucftim :
At the Fuir of tlm r"rauk"ln Int.tuta, 18t?
thu Fir? t Premium. 1
I At the Punniylvnnia Mate Pair, at PhllaAtl.
'"e,uuor rremlum-,
Ii una.
Attlie IWsvlvaiiU Plot. Tslr, held at v
'ming, 1SG0 n Silver Mdal.
i Pur tlio lint Uuuble Tumml Marlini. at Ua.
.' lister Cutiiity Fuir, bold Oclylr, IhiO-a ilter
At tho Maryland State 1'uir, held ul lit Mir.
'land Insti'iite, Ealtiinore, -Md., Ontnber. 1851,
under ftrong nompetltiuii, a Silver Medul (l
awaid 'il to thin Miicliine.
i a. ik. v,. rai.. ' r..i. u.u .. ...
I . - i.bbiid lVtlilt, Uir, I1V.U ai ll. f3'u, I'rutnniu, utiuiiir, iri'll d iipiopil,
The above Machines are tnRnufacturtil by
cn.viti Ls w. mm r ivn
I WllmluKton, IM.
SAL K S K O O -U S .
Nu. :i0 AroL Btreet, l'hiludclpliia, Fa.
No. 601 Market Street. Wihoicftin, I)tl.
i marlS-ly lib Arch Ftreet, Pliilndolnbu
,S!i?-Pcrsna wiahlnj; to see the Mackini
in oporntien, can d i rn by cal!inj nt the rei.
dence of I'. W. Hoor, in C'lenrGeld boroiii'h.
be of crm
bi'liifitto eicryoui
tn point bcn'tii.
fonifi rt, and conriuicn co.
PR IIIM.X tii. slrari I..W1 altii..,f
fice, on tho corner cf Front and Mais it'frif,
wliep no notice to t'uc contrary prari in ibii
Al oetrctioai i; tii tiro of lib profen'm
perforinod in the luteit end mot imprntd
ftylef, and giuirnalecii for ono Jar ajaiust ill
alurul f.i i 1 tt re s.
rplllt CI I'. Alt ' l I'l.J) ACADIOIV
1 J bo opened for tho roeeptin "if f uill (aiilii
, and fuuialoi) on Monday Sept. 2d, IsCl.
Tf rBisptr iiraslcti of lilcvcn Weeks!
i Orth-Rrsphy, Itoadin-, Writing, Primary
Arithmetic) and licoKr"!,l'.v 5' M
jllii;ber Arithm'itin, Bnc;!Uli firammar,
tieompby nuj History, i C
Algebra, iJeometiy, .V.itural PhiloJophy,
and liook Keopi'.i;-, 4 0
I Lntin and ilreck Iianuajea, fl
io rl'ilenta donrouf of ecquirlujr a tliortr.;!
I'nglinh Kilrrutii'ii, :,nd who wit(i t- qonl'fi
theiuselres lor Tcr.eber, t his InHituiijB oittl
.lesiia'cl adnntap.-j.
Xo pupil received fr less then lu!f jKMioa,
ord no deduction i.udo cxeepi fur protutlti
Tuition to be paid at t?' . !"e 'if the tenn.
C. .'.. hANIiIOl'.l), fnrijl
tleartiell, Aug. 7, Hf l ly.
PPIA! 7-cmcnrf"iif .Vn'itn-f vt irmono
.lnn(!!.'-K.CITlNG FOOT KtUU beli
the Phibidolphia I'-lirc r.r.d the r-tnri.;ii To'
per nid cuiinivrfvitrr, Ja ies Huchnnan Croes !1 1
I ,;rf lieenpturcd ! ! i ! It aietns to be the gerir.
al cpiniou in ( leurfii'ld, that il Croia hail wnrni
pair uf Prank Short'. Krenob-ealf thntti
would not be tti'-tin yi.t. Jtowever, f-hortjlt
not Much put out r.t mirsing hit custom ; to'
woa'.d Biinminee to all L'rcckinriilyt, Dnvylui,
Linrolu rti, .' ft, and women and ebildrfu
in Clearfield, and FinncinnhmiiniC in purtif.
that to is pri piired to furnish them witbrWid.
fihoee and Oaitirs of sny style or p itlern, iti'eli
ed, rewedor VZgod, (mid ai he is a iliurt it'
low) on abort nolico.
Ail kiuds of country produce tsl.en ia ft
cbanpe, nnd esi-'h not r fused. Iti-palring done
in the neatest manner and charges modcrat, n
the tihort Shoe Shi p on Second Street, ffpotW
Kced, Weaver A Cm store. I JiAAh Mitnii.
N. P, Findings for f alo Kept. 10, If'W'
rpiIK undersigned rcstH'tW'.'
JL informs his cudtoiiu r! and Ik'
public generally, that he par jost
reeeired from tlio Past, and ei 'ti
ed at his establishment iu GRAHAM'S HO'
Clenrunld, Pa., a finn usanrliuent of CLOftli
WatiIiiis'. eiirl .1 i:w ki.k v t.f dilTorent nunliliei.
from n ini;le pieco to a full sett, which Lt!"
sell et the most reasonable prices for cn U, er IB
cxelmnce fur old gold mid eilver.
1 1.01. hs of every variety on htind, at the tw"
reasonable price.
A 1,1, kinds of Clocks, Wntohes and .lewnrji
carefully repairod nnd U'nnvriifciZ.
A continuance of putronucs is solicited,
Sept. 13, 1S00. H. F. NAUOLt.
CtjrFor ile very rhenp for CAnn, by
In basement of Merrell & Bigler's Store.
Clearfield, Pft. feb
G L E N - E C II O M I L L 6 .
Gerraantown, Pa.
Importer, and Wholesale Iealer In
e A k i k t i c w, imirooHTs
Warehouse. No. 1.09 Chestnut Street,
(Oppoaiu Btats House,)
sprS'll ly Jan,itrVt
,J V'Lvff' t ;r..., I'roperattwtw
'Vfi,'.W.VV'Vs':.--?' lhe teeth in pn
lr7-:.J&J?Mlr' time will