Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 06, 1861, Image 1

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p.Hi ert'if in the L'ritl Staffs ,Sn
ate.JunuiiDj'drd WA.
In view of these fuels, I feed authorised
to icMiihrni the proposition Kith hich 1
commenced mv rvintirkn, thut w henever
the reuerai uovernmeni nn uuciiijuru to
control the slavery question in nor newly
icsjuired Icmtones, idiennlRUi ol leennfj-ilk-oid,
nnd ftitioriiiUtriff, Imveenniod ;
u,vl whenever ContJi-ess n l'i :iii,ed from
tuv)i. intcrlf rencu, pace, hiiiiiiony and
.nod will. l'Hve. rotui n'd. The conclusion
J draw from lhe pn tnisei is, thut the
tlavt'i'v ii.ioj"tion should he bLislied for
ever troin I lie Unlit of (.'onri-M! ud the
;eu; vf I'vUcral politlos by an irrepeula
roimtitutioniil j,iovision. I Imve deem
ed this exposition of the origin and pro
jjrfss of I lie shivery Agitation rsentiu to
full couipielien.'ion of the dillieultipN
which we re Riiriounded, nnd tho
rmwdie lor theeiils .vhuh tiireuton th
Jhrujiiioti of the KepuUlic, The iiu:iedi
Mte cnu.ie5 which hiive precipitnted tlio
oiitli-i n countiy into revolution, al
thmigli niscpiuiibly connected w kh, nnd
Surin' fro n, th tlvi'ry :;;.'ita:i oi. ulio.-tc
!iii!ov I hnve poilniyed. ure I) be loilnd
in the" Mnidl of the leoont presidential
flection. 1 hold Unit the election of any
man no m:itter who, bv th American
)l!e. nccrduig to the C.iiisMtution.fur
niilipmri eauhP, no ju.ilitie ilion, for the
ilindutioti of the Union. Hut we cannot
tlose our ees to tne :aci una lim souili-
a people nave rereiva tn reu:i ot
llial election as lumi-Ii ng eonclu-ivo evi
dence that tho dominant party of the
uirlh, which its&oon to take possession of
the Tcilera! Governtneiit under that elcc
lion, lire deteriniiied to invade and ties
troy their constitutional lights le-liev-ing
;hat their iloinoiiic io -i :i '.tioi -. their
beat tlistonei", and their family altars, aie
bll to be assailed, nt least by mdirei'l
nieam, nnd that tho Federal Uovern iiienl
in to be Used forth-! inauguration of a line
of policy w hich shall liavo lor its ohject
ti.e ultiiiiate extinction of slavery in i.ll
tlm State , old as well as new, son th -m
ttt-ll ;n ivrlli, the southei n peojilo ote
prepared to Ji m h wildly, inndly, as I
ihitik, into revolution, disunion, war, and
C.e'.v tin.' consequences, whaleierthey may
). ralliei ft t; wait fol tho deiolop
lueiit of eve nis, or submit tumelv lowhat
ll.ey llniiK is a lalal blo.v iiupeinPng over ,
uem ud overall ihey hold dear on ei th. !
ll liltttleis not, ho fai as no and Ihe peace
t l tlio Country nn i im; iato ol tlio I ::on
are edict I ned, m hether theso aiijr;.hen
ions of the Soulhol n peoplo aiu reul or
nimgiiinry, wdielher liiev ate well loundej
orwiinliy w ilhout to.indu io;:, as long as
ihey b.dif ve tliein an. I aio 'ieiermined lo
rt upon llieui. The .Senator from Uiiio,
lilr. WaJo, whoie (.iteech wan received
:tu co muoli l.tvorljy hid polmcil lnends
the other day, referred lo those i-erious
. . . i t it i -
. "
j prenensiJiis, aua acniiowidugoa ins no'tliM the southeru peoplo were labor
ing under lha conviction that thev
vei well four.tlod. lla kind
tnough to add that lot did not blame,
the southern people murh for
w'.cit they were doing under this fatal mi
rpprrheiinion ; but cast the whole bhiine
upon the northern Democracy ; and refcr backs, and w hero they dare not go lo re
ioJ n-peeiady to his colleague and my- ply to 1110, thoio things which 1 wfs in
t-ll', U-Laving niisrepresoniod and falsi- the habit of saying 10 th;r faces, and in
iii'd the purposes and policy of the Ko- ' the presence of tlieir lead it s, w hcl ts they
pubiiciin parly, ami for having made tho! wen. in ihe ninjoiily.
toutlicin people Lclieve our niis.epi-escn-j )at inasmuch as i do not get a direct
uitiou J Ho does not blamo the southern 'a.iswer fiotn the Senator who' makes this
peo;le for acting on their honest convic- elurg'.'ag.uiisi the Northern Itcnioci .icy,
litais in resel ling to revolution to aver! Hs lo the purpt ses of that pat ly to u 10 the
n iuiiending but imagit.ary calamity. power of ihe l'cderal Govei nutont under
.No ; he does pot blame them, because they their construction of 1 tie Constitution,
Wieve in the existence of tho danger ; 1 with a vi nv to the ullimtt'o extinciion of
yt he will do no act to undec'ive (Item : will vliiirrv in the, ShIik. I will imn 1,-1 ih..
tj.,-r sft'p tu rcLcielhilr vu'wful aniirelu ' nsiou.
and'i:ttl furnish no 'iaiuntcft, tin tccui'ily u
ynt'i.f Ikt tlanyrrs vh '.ch tiny liclti'VC til exis!,uid
tli existence of which litfl denies; but on
(he contrary, he demand unconditional
p'jhiii'.s.siou, threatens war, and talks u-
.0111 aiuiies, navies, nnu nuiiinry lorco, ,
!ur the u:'poseoi presorving urn C uion ; It may not bo impioper hero lo reinaik
und enforcing the laws! 1 submit whelh-1 that this puhhciti .11 is unfair towatds uje,
cr this mode of treating tho q.ieslion ii for the reason licit Mr. Lincoln pctsonal
tiot calculated to confirm the worst np- ly icv iscd and coi reeled his ow n speech
prt'hensioiis ol ihesoulhoru people, nd ' wil hou t giv ing mo an opportunity to
fmce thent into the most exueartJ nioas- correct the numerous circus in mine. In
ure of resistance! uiucli a the publication is made under
1 t egret that the Senator from Ohio, or the tanclion of Mr. Lincoln lumst ll, ac
Htiv oilier Senator, shouhl have deemed it companied by a loiter liom him he
consistent with his duty, under present 1 has revised tlio speeches by vcibnl correc
circumstances, to introduce partisan poii- jtions, nod thsieby nq-iroved them, il bes
tics, and attcinpl to manufacture partis ' coiiius impoi taut to ho'v w hat his views
sii capiu 1 out ot u question involving tho are, since ha is in the daily habit ol rcler
l'C'acc and slety at to.) country. 1 repeat ring to those speeches lot Lis present
what 1 have nnd i'n another occasion,' hat opinions.
if 1 know myself, my anion will be inll i-' Mr, Lincoln was nominated for Uni'eu
:iced by 110 pinii-jn c .Lmdorali ins, until States Sen -it or by n Iiepul'lioan State con
o thail have rescued the countrv from ' vention at Sorin -lield in J une. JSott. Am
the perils w hie h environ it. Hut since ticipaling the nomination, ho had care
the Senator has atle mpled to throw the ' fully prepued a written speo.-h, which ho
whole responsibility of the present, dith-' delivered on the occasion, und which, by
rait es upon the 1101 ibei n Ieuioeraey,and order of the cni.riTtion, was published
lus clitirged us wil Ii niiMepreseniing and among ihe proceeding as contain i 111; the
falsifying the purposes nnd policy c the platform tl .rinciples upon which the!
Ilt'publican party, anil '.hereby deceiving canvass was to be conducte.l. M010 im
j tin-southern people, I feel culled upon to poetance is due to this fpeech than to
I'opel ihe charge.idid show that il is with- these delivered Jndr the t-.xcileinent of
" OUt m l 1. ...l.v... -r-f i . I .. 1 tl 1 Vrt ... . I .1 ... I t . . I! . I .1
- i-iiii'iwii .'i I...1..S...V. ..v. until
1 1 ... . . , . 1 . .. . 1 1.
"'"g woui'l re oice more uoin niyseu m
11 in
a v 111 .
, tne
1 par.;
1. ifl conviction, il 1 could nniy Tecnnvin
1 of ilithict, that 1 have uusu nderslooi
"I'd ron-eqiieiitly inisreiu-csi'iitcd
Policy and ih-it'us of ti e Kopu'olican I
i lv. Pioduat the evidence and convnico:
4 tiio of niv error. nmJ I n iil lake more
sure in making tho correction and ro- j
tl ' -- - .... -
j'liring the injustice, than I ever have in-
Leii in denouncing what I behoved to bo
Kit urjust and ruinous policy. since a jolicy was initiated with the a-, miles.
Witii the view td nscertaining whethftr, vowed object ond confident promite of ff,j-A "Washington rorrespondent of
1 Itnve Misapprehended or laisiejiieceutt putting an end to slavery agitation, Un. 1 the N. Y. Express makes the stsrllin" as
p the policy and purpose. oftho Ktpub-, der the operation of that policy, that agi- nertion that ollicers of Msaehueits reg
'ii'an party, I will now inquire of the Son- i taticin li.-u uot only not ceased, but ha iments complain that they have been com
"or, and yield the tloor fur n answer; , constantly uugmcnted. Ilsniy opinion, ' pelled to pay front SliOO lo ?4dti rh for
"asther it 1 not the policy of hit party It will not ca"? until n crifii shall bare ' commissions from the Slur,
to confine Invci y vviiliin i l h pro-eni lim - I been reached nnd pas-ed. A house divi
its by the uc inn of I In) Icdorid Govern-led nsjinst it-elf cannot stand ! I believe
rneir. Whether they do nut intend lo 1 1 hi ( hivcrnmciit cannot endure pcrma
iibnle-h ntc.l prohibit ,.!av("V ly net ofjiionllv halt slave .ttid half free, 1 do not
Corwres, ti;nivillin(iiini,ii ; tin; decitinn '!' 1 eviicJt tho Union lo I " 'lissolvcd - 1 do
the Suj f.-ine Court to Ilia contraiy, in nil
n ijp i err. tones wo now possess, or may
1 bote after :t i u i i-e f Whether ho unl his
,ty ,IU! ,r iilV(T r ,.,.,, nil)J, ,0
j their master tint fugitive slave Hint
wn j. ? l ., t, J ,Tj Kivotl0
jtcnnlur mi oiiJirt miity now to snv
:ir. iiAi), .nr. I iHciu
! Mn. One other qm-stioii, and
1 will give ivny.
M U'.u,k. ' Very well.
JIr,- l)'iri!i..w, ' 1 will give the Sen n for
an oppoi iimity of saying now w hether it
in not lint polny of his parly to exert nil
the powers of the JYilmal Oovei nmer.t
uii.uTuiei.oi.Mi.inion, accor.lmg to tlieir . -.f . i . . a
l,";U"n "lu" 'urwuiiieui, 10 res-
train ai:d cripple the inslituiiou o! slaw-
ry, Willi u viev to its ullimale ex t inet ion
;.. .. 1 1 . i. . . .. . .. . .it. ...n . .
in i tin .jiaiis, oi j tis wen as ih"., sou Hi I
tin well as north.
An; not these the views and purposes
of the parly, as proclaimed by their lead-I
ei", aii4 iii.d.iion..l by the peo)le, in
speee.ifs, iKiitreses, sermons, newnipei s,
and pubiio iixetiiis ? Jiow, 1 will hear
his aii.swi).'.
Mk. Wahs. Mr. lVsidont, all these
qiiesl ions are mo-,t pertinently nr.sweifif
in th j speech i in- XeiiMior is profe.-siug to
tinswi'i-. If hu w ill read my speech, he
will find my bi'iitiiacnlii uj ou ull those
Mil. 1 'oi'ulau. Mr. J'lesidt-nt, I dill
Dot expect un lineoiiivoc d ai.s.'.er. I
k now too w ell t liat I ho Senator w.ll net
!euy that f itch (, these inlet rogat il les do
expre-K his indiviiuud policy and the
uy oi too jk- piioiiCiin party as liu tiiuli'i'.
'lands it, 1 (tliould lint have propound, d
Ihe interrogatories to him il lie had l:ot
licensed me mid the northern lA-norr
ol having nilsr.ipieselitcd tl
pOlll'V Ol
uii: lUii.ii.MU 'i . IlIIU Willi :1V II''
deceived lint southern people by sucu
misrepiesoiita'tioiis. The most obnoxious
. ' ' 3
Keiituueiils 1 ever attributed to the ll
publican ptrty, and that not in tho South
out in iiorlh-rii Illinois and the stiong
, hohls ul Abolitionism, Was that I hey iiis
' tended lo e.vtreise the pow ers of tlio l'"tid
eial 'io oi nuiMiit w illi a v low to the ulli
mate v.:tiiit;ti':i of t.!.it.ery in the souih
ei u dla'.es. I have expressed my hehct,
and would b - g..d to bo c in oc:e l if 1 am
in error, that ii u iho policy of that ptirly
tocxcuid.i slavoiv from all tho Torrtiories
wo now ijos-cii or may iioquire, W illi a
iew oi s-o rounding th" slave St.-ites .villi
a cordon of abolition Slates, and thus eon-
Dti" the instituiion within m:cIi narro'.v
lioiiti that, when tl
Iiiliiibcr liiLtreasei
li 'vond tho capacity of tho to.l lo l.iisu
food lor I ho Mibsiilonce, .ho institution
must end i:i btaivation. coljnizatiou, or
set vile insurrection. Ihaveollen expos
ed the enormities of this policy, ai.d ap
pealed lo the poop kv ol 1111110111 to know
- -
w hothci this uiodo of getting rid
evils of sl.iverv could bo iuslifiod
ot the
evils ol sl.iverv could ho lu.-lilioil in Ihe
liainn of civilial inn. tiiirnaiittv tin.l Chris.
tiinitv? 1 l.avo olteu used these nr-ii-I
' .
moms in the Htrongi-st a'lolition portions
of the North ; but never in tiio ISi.uth.
1'iitt tru' h it, 1 have always been very
mild and ge'nllo upon tho - Kepiiblicins
, w hen addressing ,1 southern audience ; lor
it seemed ungenerous lo sav behind theii
lecord ol their 1 resident elect, and tee
what he :iy -i on that subject. 'Ihe Ko
publiciins liav e gone lo the trouble to
coiled and publish in pamphlet form, un
(iei the sanction of Mr. Lincoln, the tie-
dates which took place between him and
niyvjlfin the senutt.ri.'il canvius cf Ii-jS
ticii.tiii 01 loiiu uiscussiou oy tne cxit'oiK
.. . c
cies 01 llje con est. Tin t iaL fiv
cie 01 1 ne con est. 1 he first lew Para-
erni.lw . 1 i ,1 !..-i 1 "-".l'1"
grnpn.s which I will now read, may Lola -
L.i n- ., r,.; . 1. , I.? - - 1
i.etn a-, u tin.' statement of his in-mion and
f....lit- ,a ,,, ' it uj'on tho slavery questioii, Mr.
Lincoln said?
"Mr. 1'iesidcnt nnd Gentlemen of tho
Convention, if w ennhl (irt !,....
....-v !tl!W, nuviQ
we are and whii her wo are tending, we!'"'"ie niarcLing four abreast, and uc
could belter judge what to do and how to
do it. V'e are now far Into ih fifth vsr 1
1 t expert the liouso to full but do ex
I ,,.i.r it V ill MK) to bit llil'illlMl It will
I'i'iVUHP all onu thing or all ll.e other.
Kilher tlie oppnncnls of ol.ivery w ill nr
rest tin) furl lit r Hp rend of it, and plnce it
w lif re the public mind xliull rest in the
belief thut it U in tint coinso of ultimate
extinction, or its advocate will push it
forwurd, till It hhall alike becomo hwful
in nil the State. old a well a new, North
us well as South."
There you ir told by the President
elect thut (hit Union cannot penuiiit-n tly
endure divided into Iron and slave States ;
that these Males lnu--t all l;i;ionnt l:ei' ot
) i.ive, nil become o.,e thing or :ill
' . . r .
,.. t he other; that tiiH iiL-ilatiou
never cease until the opponcii's of slavery
have l es1 ri'iiu'd i's expansion, and lave
olai'ed il where the public mind 'v ill be
I sati-lied that it w ill Im in the course of
. ultimate extinction. Mark tho laiis
gunge :
"Ki'lier the opponents of slavery will
i arrest tic furtiier spread of it ?"
We are now told that the otjeo! of the
Kepublieun piu ty m to prevent the exten
sion of slauery. What diil Mr. Lincoln
;iy ihut I ho opponents ol blavery tniitl ) ami lus imcniiqiif rahlc troops huve : cluev
,'iisl prevent the further spiead of it. liut ed it deed t hat will make their memories
that is not nil What cIm) they do'.' , glorious lor generations to coliie. To
"And pltiee it where Ihe piibl.': inincl
can rest II. the belief that 11
course ii.'" ultimate extinction."
"The ultimata extinction of
w hich Mr. lincoln was theiispi
lated to tiie S.ates of this U
had leiereneo to tho i-outheiu
lliis Confedi lacv ; for, in the
is in the
slavery, ol'
nkir.g, i or.
nioii. lie
Stales of
next n'li-
tclicc, he s:t s that t he Statec mii-t ti 11 be--come
on ti ing or all the other "old as
! well as new, north as well as booth"
Ll . I,. i I,,,.,. Ml lli,. I., ' ,, ,,l
. 1 U Itl i U ll ' I . 1 U A 'I I U 3
' .1 . 1 ' .! i . 1 .
the Lepu'ohcan parly was lo keep up this
agitation in the i cdoial Government un
til slavery in the Status wns placed in the
process of ultimate extinction. Now. Mr,
when tho Kepublieun committee have
published mi edition of Yr. Lincoln's
speec hes containing sentiments like ihc.-e,
and circulated it as actuipaign document,
is it surprising (hat the people of thu
South .should mpposo that he was in e u
iii st, and inteinled to carry out the polis
cy which he hi I announced ?
10 l;u W.MI.Mtl).
7,'Z.r.l.7.1. .S'.S':
In ikf i.jivr (nil; ihe aulhvrily if the f cm
HlitrtlitJifl J C'Oi.o, ouK, AM'nKW ti
lA'm l.v , O'ucttrnuf 4 01 Cuiionctitecuuh.
WIILKLAS. Lveiy geod li'l H irom
above and conies lo us Inmi the A I-:
mighty, to whom it is lnct!t, right and iho i
bouniieit luty of every people to render
thanks for Ills mercies; Therefore. 1, AN-!
DlibW (J. CL'IM'JN, Governor of the
Comnionwealtn oi rennsvlviinia, do le-i
1 . i. . . ,...! ., i- 1 1. 1 v..
l,l"lmtllu lu ",c i"-"i"" v.w....v,...-
weallli, that tlieV t
t apart
N'OVl'MllFK i
N LXT, as a day of Kolt'inn .Thanksgiving
10 God, for having prepared nur corn anil
watered our furrews, and blessed the la
bor of the husbandman, and Clowned the
year with His goodness, in the increase 1 f
Ihe ground, and I he pallif 1 ing in ot tho
f;u;l I hereof, so that our bams ine filLd
with plenty; and for having looked favor
ably on this Commonwealth, and slieiith.
mud the Lars of her gates and hle-sod
the children within hei, and made men
to be of one mind, and picsei ved pence in
her borders; lleseeohing Hun also on lie
half of these United States, that our be
loved country may h tve deliverance from
those great and apparent dangers where
with fhe is compassed, and that the loyal
men now battelim; in the field for her
life mav have their aims made stron' an
1 heir blows heavy, and n.ay Lo shielded
by His Divine power, and that llo w.ll
mercifully sti'.l the outrages of peiveisf,
violent, unruly and jcbellious pcopls, and
make them chaii hearts, ami renew a, und giv them
grace tout, they inny see the error of their
ways and bring forth fruits meet for re
pentcnee, ani hereafter, in all godliness
and honesty, obedienliy walk ill 11 is holy
commandments, nnd in submission to the
iost nml niHlii' niitholilv of Iho lennh-
. . . . . 1
. risburg, this Fixteenth dav cf 1
October, in ihe year of our Lortl, 'one ,
thousand eight liundred nnd ,-ixty one,
and of tho Comtiioiiwenli h, the riehiv
sixth. A. G. Cl'UlTN. '
tr the covruNoit:
Y.i 1 Si trtK,
fii'irrctary f te C!,iri"iMalth-
A Cattioim Jtucir. An Irish judgfl
tiled two liotoriotn fellows tor highway
robbery. To the ustonishnient of nle, 1
court, us well a the jTisonors thciiisclvas,
they were found not guilty. As they were
being removed from the bar the judge,
addressing the jailor, Paid; "Mr. Mur-
I phy, you would greatly ea-o toy mind if 1
' J 1 1 1 1 .1 " .
1 you would keer, these two re.speetu
, t .1 1 tr .
J-'C'd cmen tinti seven, or half-past e
, fc. , , r T .,,,.,'., ni
lo clock, for I mean to set out lor I'ul
1 ... , . , mt . ,,, , ,
at live, and I thould like to have al It
would Keep inese two respecuime
two hours' sturl of them."
B5ulftho army of the Potomac was
companied with wagons, ambulance' and i
ammunition trains, it would extend J30
lie, so that we, leading a quiet and peaoo ' ueu 11 wns ihumi hiui. ueu. oaus-s e..
lul life, iny continually oiler unto Jluu vi.-ion was cio.-sng over to Viigmia, to
our wicriliee of praise nnd thankf-givine. I Mippoi t Gen. Suine. ex. Semi!or Benja
, , Give n und- r my hand and thei'1"11''' wh 'Vvas in the 'S a: Oilico in Kich
i L. S. s Made I' lie Suite id iliir. ! umnd, snapped Ii i3 lingers an J exclaimed.
Battlo of Call's Bluff.
We tiiUe the follow in;; account, tiik.-n
I'ioiii tint Richmond, Vj. pnpers, fro, the
Philadelphia JWs.i of (ho '2Mb.
Oi-n Victory at I.l:Ks,u;1;o.Thrt victorv
of Colonel. (now d.-r.d) Kvaiii, at Lees'.
I, org, o:j Monday, wns even inoro com
plete mid e'licus lluui we vesicrdny re
norted it, In addition to tfn? despatches
wo then published, one was rooiive.d by
tho l rcsident, Tuesday night, from the
chief of licneiitl P.eaurcgard'.H UX, Col.
Jordan, in r hieh he ?ays:
"I have to report tlio capture of (V)'J
prisoiH-r.tind l,'M0 stand ofurms. Their
killed (lt d wounded amount to between
l.OoOor J, ':". Tin; rout was total. The
fight was un infantry engagement exclu
sively. Tho forces engngod were the
Kighlli Virgiira and the fcei cntcenth nnd
I'ighiee'illi Mississippi regiments the
Thirteenth Misr,issippi being held i:i re
serve. No ariilierv was tired by us.
"lhese gn at rciiilis, bi, it remeinV-red,
.veto ichieveil by il.Ur) men, tighting
against pn iii), wi'h live battel ics of ur-
I 1 1 1 1 - I v "i: their tide, nnd nniia in use en
Mil's. Oic nun tokf, with a strong ar
tilleiy loice helping tin; four. Iliitoiy
shows lew fentd 'ol arms so upl indid.
llencefi.i lh tin? namtt of (ieneral Kvitis
j w ii
take its olnre on the roll of heroes.
; have. beer, witn l.vnns at I.e' slan ir. will
! he for each one id', hci Oiifier, uu in.
j disputable pro. if of dauntless Void', and
j w iil constitute (or each a title and pass
i port to the gratitude of his countrymen.
I Wi'h l'orcc criialiy dispi opoilionej, Ihey
I have stricken the pn ,i:n:j.tij.)i;s imadeis
i bloiv that has bent ihem h;n"erii!" and
1 1 1 1 i 1 1 - is i 1 1 :g link from the sod their I'oot
: steps polluted, and that must make the
! L'ini'.t usurpation at Washington bhirl lof
I I; i-riii f rill Its linn a
t. II
uv, as yet, without the liitnies of
I any of the brave men who have fallen on
our side, inaityrs in the -.acred struggle
I for impel Hied liberty Uiu.1 a leleagut led
jhind. We hymputlii.e in the anxious so -;licitud'
of (hose whose friends met the
I foiluiies of this memorable fight, and
I .-nine of w In m now .sleep beneath the noil
1 their Kell'-dovotion has consecrated. They
; l ave fallen nobly, as true men. and the
! country mourns w ith those who are be
reft. Let this bo their consolation."
I Hessians h. 1 pkctku. Order;v vest
;terdav given to the officer a in charge of
, the Viinkoo prisoners to prepare for the
I reception of s-ix hundred inoro of Old
I Abe's niorcenariei. 'I he. capacious to
, b icjo Wai f oou-e of l'obert A. idavo, oil
iwenty, nun oetweer. -vJain and i.-ary
strottis, w.ts I hereupon ingticctl for I heir
reception. They will be hero about 'J
o'clock .his morning. Ail tho inconve
nvnee and trouble they mav bo put to
vhilo lo re or ehonhero will no doubt bo
"taken out" in lefi-hnnded praveis
their master, "Old Abo." Extihthcr
Tuk Coast or NoiiT'i Cwiouva. We
are glad to learn that Lri jiulier Gene; al
Hill is putting everything in motion in-
department 011 our coast. lie is erect
ing new iMiieries, ana pulling everyuiing
in order for the reception of (lie enemy.
We .earn th.U our sounds will bo covered
with nniied vessels to uect the fto at ev
ery point. We observe that Gen. Hill'
makes 11 leq-iisiiiou upon tho psople of
Craven for cut: fourth of their slave force
.'or two weeks to ni 1 in the construction '
of the ballt lies. II .? also proposi s lone.'
cept a regiment or bait' lion of volunteers
for "local," from the counties of,
Hyde, l'e..utoi t, 1 '1 aven, Carteret, Jones,!
t'llslow, linn ..C lio:'-, to serve 111 the coun
ties where ll.eV belong, except ill HI!
emergency. HVi'.j.
SoFtEXINO.- The Mcni)'his l;';'"'learn:'
that rait-on L'i -ow i.lnH , of the Klioxvilhi
HV.'v, has become so sol'leucd lo the Con-
altcdeiate Slates, 1 hat h-j even whi-peis of
raising a regiment, mr mo war joi i.
A Washington letter is the au'.lioiily
for Ihe 1'ollo.viiig story :
The wisdo;n of General MeCMtan, in
oideiing ,ien. Links' nnd lien. Slonc's
. . .....
columns irom Virginia uafK to tlieir on
giual posiiioiH in Mary land, on Tuesday
1 1st, will bo lecogniiit d and fully uppre-
ciate l, when the tact is lhat'.
I'avisand Cabinet at KiohniOnd wore do.
I'ghted at loo a of capturing the Fed
oial f.iici-s on the upii-T l'otouiac; and
. 1. , I ..... . TI..1. 1
" We have gel Iho Yank.
oi-der was uiimediately h.-
ecs now.' Iho
lssueu to scud 11!)
1 1 einloi ceine ins irom 10 uenei.ii
j Lv.ins, ut Lcesburg, to the iiiiinbcr of for
ty thousand men, 80 that at the present
time there is at least filly thousand men
i i.i the vicinity of Leosbur;.
- r t . 1
t3. The Nashua, N. II. Manufacluring
Company have contracted with t ne Gov-
ernuiciil lo furnish ."Oil, Odd cotton flannel
dia v ers, all to be sewed by hand.
frjf The New Oilcans 7c!l4 exults over
the lact that six bundled i-harcs of the
Ii.ilik of Louisiana, owned fy Win. Ji.
Aslor, have I
n coidi-ci.ted. In good
was worth fl-iO a shine,
times the stoc.
which makes Mr. Astor's loss ;J,),t)Ui).
Colonel Raymond Io, who was
capturetl by the Confederates in Ihe en
gageuiciit at Edwards' Ferry, wns former
ly a particular friend of Jell'erson Iavis
Leo eradualed tit West To'ini in the tame
class wi'h Davis, taking the first rank,
while tho latter stood iwcnty-tlirte.
C.-liJ The newspaper correspondents
have begun to kill Hrockonridgft One ol
them has shot him "by one of his own
pickets by n isiako." It is the same kind
of death that Hoauregard and Jed". l;vi
and Hen. McCulloch ttulfefed only stib
bod with a quill- ssva the rrovidenee
Srlinious JHisttI(;irn.
flfSuTheie are, persons who forgive in
juries but cannot (01 get. They bury
their "rievftiiocs but set a s'.oim at
the ruvc.
Btu When wo rliK ourselves morn in
clined to persecute limn to pei'Hiiade. we
may bn very eei tain tint nurzoal Im.s a
greater amount of pride in it than char
ily. IP-I-carn in childhoot), if vcu can,
I hat happirten is not oipHde, but Inside.
A gocd hem t and a clear conscience bring
ha piness, hicli no 1 'i-he-i and no cir
cuuisliiuites alone evt'r do.
Ci".Suppoie there whs a little pond or
lake in the immediate viciuiiv of the
ocean, unconiteeted with it what would
hinder tljal pond or hike I'ioiii being cone
stuntly full 1 Nothing; but cutting oll'ils
suppliit.s from the ocean. Sn with Chris
tinus nnd their Savior, There is a le.-s
sullicieney in him, and if th y have not
grace niion grace, renewing, pardonim.'
justifying, und sanctifying grace, it ii be
cause they allow their coinniuiiic ttion
with him to hu interci'pled. It is eve:
their privilege to be replenished from his
great abundance, to bo "complete in hiui.'
P4Manv Chi Niians are nlilicte.d with
'evil tenipeis ; they cancot ruhiihtir tem
J pers, or rather, they do not try. Some
j indulge occasionally it: tils of anger ; and
I others' ,ite haunted by habitual, daily, life
1 long fretl'ulncss The one sort ji (jener
; illy calm and pellucid 11k un Alpine lake;,
j but on some special trovocaiion. is t-ed
t up into .1 magnificent tempest ; the other
I is like the ii.i-phoi us 011 a c-Jiitinual stir,
1 and even w hen not a bieath moving, by
I the cotilmricty ol its internal currents,
vexing it elf into a ceUt.ole.s3 .whirl and
CrWe are intelligent beings, eniinved
with minds crpable of lormiiig ideas and
gaining know ledge. It is certainly noc
ttss iiy that w e should g iin a knowledge of
business ; but b-t us learn to comprehend
tho great cause o( oor existence; h.-ain
that '"tis not all of life to Lvo" and niako
money, or glory for otM'.-elves, but that we
should improve wlut tion has given
us, sloiing up knowledge while heio
which will lit us lo d o good to our fellow
men, and which wi'l prep-ire us to enter
jojlu'ly upon and everlasting eternity.
BC"ille who lives arid toils fo aocti ulu
late wealth ;.iT .", lives and toils to 110
ur:os(. Money i a jiowci I'ul lover for
the elevation of man's condition if prop
erly applied, and lioin this purpose it
should not be perverted. There is cnou.-h
wcallh in the world to male rial ly benefit
the human family il it possessors would
but learn its proper use. Tho n iserly no
cumnlaiioti ot vToalth is one of the most
senseless tilings imaginable. Tho miser
contrive and calculate., counts and eoin
fj ti 1 03, making investments with ns much
care and concern as though hi life de
pended upon the further accumulation
of a cent, ?.ec!iiuula(iiig money with
which to make menu, always drawing it.
from its proper channels and heaping up
to no purpose ; and when death comes ha
got.s into eternity with hii iian Is empty,
and unhappy w ith the consciousness of
being a public robber.
J.'ss-Thero urn multitude of rn-Mi who
all tlieir iil'o lot. g fail of Christian duty,
but always hold la lore them-elves this
revlv shield : "I uieiii iit;ht." Now the
proper evidence of meaning righli.s doiii;
right. 'I'hel e is no ev idi ncc that e-toi bo
justly accepted. An imbecile good Pa
li, re is ro! lie'.n.liig iv'ut-. Toem are
thousands oi men who, if mere nr.itabit
novs is me, tiling riulit, if a kind ust -les
bencvoii iici; is lneaiiing lild, have
ri'ht iiitmitions. There 1110 tlious
ands who pres.- ihrougli I I'e without any
distinct purpose, apparently, without any
seeming (h'site to do riht, who hold
theiilseives to be ex tisahh' for their faults
and failing simply on tho ground of
meaning well, of having good intention.
J 1 : ; 1 it 1 n L a it k M-: .s s T ravelling up
on one of the grout mil ways abroad, as wo
name to long, dai k tunnel, which, on our
entering it, Irom the wh 1I3 -x-tent
.-!' -I e l,i; ;il at, I !! int'ilng 'voild. I
ob-erved th-it. whiie ilio light ol'tl w wa
failing -tuil living otl'tliroii;':i the wmdo vs
of the sw il'lly-relling car, some othei light
till then unnoticed, poured forth its rays
till it illumined lie' w hob; spsce, which
with our fellow passcu-ers, we occupied.
It was I iio Ihinie of a lamp. In-itning out t.f
sight nliove oor beads, but cotniii-; into
use in time ol need. So in the d i.k p is
sages of mortal li e, here ihe bistro of
wcildly pospeiiiv of hie van
beams ol' coin fori from above,
which bo.
fore we never saw, and pt limps ha 1 never
ielie ved in, visit our gloom, and cheer us
in our de-solution. 'ihey tiro the day
spiing frum on high ; they are (he dawn
ol'! her morn ing upon all our nights of
earthly darkness; they lire the true nnd
lively La: 'Lingers of all our human dwlin
io. Patience and iJiscr.riioN. Wliilo
Andrea Mantagii 1 was employed at Koine
I y l'ope Innocent VII I, a vle is inl tiri'l
characteristic incident ocuried, which
does honor both to him and the 1 'ope.
His lloliness was nt this time much occu
pied nnd disturbed by state nll'airs, and
it happened that the payments were not
made villi the regularity which Andrea
desired. The l'opo sometimes visit n.J
Andrea nt his work, and oi.edny he asked
the meaning ofa certain female which be
was painting. Andiea replied, with a
significant look, that- he was trying to
represent J'atienr. The I'ope under
standing bim, ot once replied, "If you
.v.t'iM fiint J'stien'-e in fitting rtij ust ,
'jolt rhoiild paint f ,,ro,' 11 at her side."
1 Andre.'i totk the bint nnd said no more;
nnd when Ins wt'i-K wns '; pit I r-l tho
pope not only paid him tlio sum stipula
ted, but lewai.lcd him niaeiiiticeiitly be
sides. I Kklmon in Ukvvkx, llow short is (ho
earthly history ol a family '. A lew Fhort
I ) ears, and those who ure now embraced,
1 111 n family circle will be bca'.teied. Tiio
childroii, now lha objects of it tender
solicitude, w ill havo grown up atrd goin
lloilh lo lhih' lospeclivo slit'.ioiis in tlio
world. A loiv years inore, und children bnvo passed from lhis
earthly sla;!. 'J heir inuiics will no Inng
ttr be build 1 111 their prcK'iit dwelling.
Their domestic love-s and an.h lies,"
joiie.-s mid sorroa.s, will bo a lo. latid fur
gotten history. Every iiearl in which it
win vvi utoii will bo mouldering in the
du.l. And ir tins all '.' Is mis tlio wlmlo
B.iiinfaciioii v.iiicli ! piovided ha' some ol
ihe strongest letluigs ol our hearts.? How'
cm such transitory l'cnic's, with whom
our connection is so bid', engtigo all tho
lovo we can led .' Vt'liv should not our
feelings loward.v thuiu Po as IcL-ble and
unsatrsl) ing as ihey ' liut blessed bo G iJ,
this is not all. Of this ho b;l' g'vcri U3
, perfect, assurance in tiio go-pel o lii-i S m,
I i'liotigh to thceyo of iiueiilightciicd na
j tui c Hie llol ol dollleslio lovo sue-ill scat
jteied iitlo tho dusl, iho tpuiilual eye of
I faltli peicttives lhat they have btjeu looii
ened on earih, ouiv lo ho resumed under
far ciiouiiHlnnces, in tne region
of tvuriasiing lovo and biiso. 'JhiiugU
the hisioiy ol .1 family may seem to bo
forgotten when the lust member of it is
in thegravc, tlio memory of it slill live'3
with im:noriul souls, and when tho cuclo
is wholly dissolved on earth, it i auin
completed in heave:;.
The Lldtion 1011 Assistant Bisnor or
l-uc lioctss lv i'ENNsVLV.i ma. Si. An
drew 's Church . E ghth stroet, above Spriico
presoliled on vVednesday iDOlliiiig h-t, u
sole-niu and impressive st.-ene. Tne occa
sion was that of the assembling of the
clergy and laity, for tho purpose of elect
ing an Assistant liishop to fill tiio vacancy
occasioned by the dealli of lii-.iiop S imuei
Howman. The altar was tastefully (Imp
ed with black velvet, trimmed with doep
f-. ingo and tassels. The c'mro!) was crow
ded to excess, tho delegalei occupying
lh'.1 front seats along the main aisle, whilst
the pet's on both sidi-st ivcrei filled to their
inmost capacity by members of the church
and the gill"iies contained a large conn
course (;l lad'os. Tho Un. Ii. Stevens,
tho lector of M. Andrew's Church deliver
ed iho sermon After referring to tho
vit isitudos cf life, the speaker reviewed
l!ie career of tho deceased from hi
t-aily youth, und of 1, 13 Hub.equent im
prcssioii cf I be importance ofa knowledge
of the Holy Scriptures. Loni in tho
beautiful valley ol the Wyoming, whiyh
hi-to:y has made e las-sict.d, he began
ut the very beginning of the present
century, the work of the ministry,
and had completed more than threescore
years when bis Master called to. hiiu, and
said: "This day thou shalt bo with tne."
lis was ordained Pcaeou by liishor. While,
in lS'.M ; In 1SJ7 appointed associate rector
of St. James' Church, Lancaster. Sever
al years since he w as elected As?. slant
riii p of tho Pioccso of rent) -y lvairia.
li tliij capacity he uctcd as a true and
faithful overseer ot the house of God 1
man cf true catholicity, a man impartial,
energetic aiil sympathizing ho m ule his
presence 11 living benedn'.iou 111 loo neart
off: very one in his Iiooe-e.
Tho ''invention, at half past two o'clock
took a i.voi.t unlti lour, v. i.en, t.c ic-:li-seinbliiig.
1 in' cleruy procct'tlt.d to ballot
for iho A -: -1 u 1 1 1 Ih-hop. Th" first ballot
st Hid as follows : llcv.s. J.-.ines May, 50 ; A
' '. Cox, '"'J ; W. P. Stevens, "J4 ; II. J.
M 'Hon, o7 ; M. P.'woli lloA-e. 0 ; P. K.
U 'o I .vm. 4 ; G. IC, Hare, J.; S. II. Weston,
J ; P. W. C. Morris, 1 ; Geo-go L.-ed. L ;
'arles M ison, I ; and blank h, making a
lolnl of 1 "til votes cat t. Necessary 10 a
chaice, 77.
Tlio soon 1 ballot was mater; illy tho
same as tin: first. The third stood as bil
lows': Stevens, i") ; M.ty 11; Moitou ;iO ;
Cox ",!, and se'at'eriiig Ll. Tin. to bcinj
no choice, on motion, the Convent on ad
journed ti meet again at Id o'clock on
Tii'irsd.iy morning 1. 1st. b 'fo.-o t!i
nnno'iucemeiit M the oi' ! ho ih't d
ballot, a sci ics of res.ihn ions ere off r?.
ftcpt ( s-1 vii ol' t iio deep regi el ol . he C-invention
at. lh" sudden death of lhshop
li oviiian, though they huinoly bo.v lo tha
w ill of " 1 i i:n w i;o doc; Ii id' lion;, well."
Tiie Convention o'f' .vd thr.r ren-.l tPoicj
to tho bereaved f.onilv of Iho tloccasod.
J'Ll lorr.
Mas. Ii icii rrotc vt i.n's MixiV--. A wo.
iti'iti hat es ti que- tion, but loves imisk one
Tne h'urdt.' ia,u I , . t o p 'eiied 10 be
lui'j.'iy !iieihodii:..L Who tt oui .l in"i'i ," a who 1 ui tic i 'iMi'sl her lov h-tl-rs?
Cupid ij ulind to everything sive pin
1 'raise a woman's t.v-tc and 3 ou may at.
tuck her soil..,' with iiiipimi'y .
Your candid lueiid h.v Ptvir ,r.nvt,ir.g
jileasnnt to -tiy to you. II-, ieo,,no yoa
of his pet virtic t.y wounding yo,i , i' h ii,
j ll'you want to know a e. oux, ti's irco
1 charac ter, lingi r ul'ier the g.ic-. . h.ivi
gone, and I. 'ten to what t.'.a i.a-i to say
ub out tll.'tll.
A wom to wins an old Mm ly listening
to Is 1 111 ; and a young man by talking to
1 Eijoy to.-day, for to-morrow- tl c f.rst
grtiv hair may comi.
Hymen is only Cupid ii cuil papers.
Women confess hula faults, lhat iheir
cindor may cover gre.d out..
There are no ieison which exp'aii.
love; but a thousand which explain mar
riage. Age is venerable in man and irojlu
be iii womnr-if she ever boeaine old.
When a vroimm vo'vi tbnt th never
ft . . . rl.t ,( fi rtiny