Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 30, 1861, Image 2

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o,,, hi li thai .......a... inKllAlf lIKlf a 1 ""'en ju.t arrived, made a desperate leg, en arm. and hit lowwjH. .1,
. .. . .. .,apVWUVia.rOTauOTKas . .. " - - charge on the enemy, but were met willTAsa l Adj. Gen. Harvey of tfce
. ' '"r Jc---wrK tutt aa we can iruiu lue THE BATTLE OF BALL H BLUFF. lernne ore. , ana lata, aiarnae. Mere oaniii.rri
luunius ago yre- tiamertMii nfl contraOielorj report glv-l
... ..r 0,-1. ..... . I vc I) t pponnun XT A I
'ii ui " 'I'l n UllhmMlit Aflminf.tiatiiui rhtnnpll '
'companiea of the Tammany Regiment, ' iatent, was brought from the
Celd 1
State, e , thro' ike AdminLt.etlon channels.' NEAK LEESBUUG VA.
1 . J ) ... .. t, SI .LI. . .!., ..a
Wfdneiday Morning Oct SO. 1961.
lerrifie Ere. ! and Capt. Markoe, were eaMurvd ''J!'
It ii probable that the officer who an ibrisnda returned to ita for,.. a. '
peered in front and gave the order to ment, five mile from Conrad. $J!f
make thia ohargo wa a aoce.sion officer, i tame evening. Score of nioh .j'1
1 1.1 1 . r . . t I I : - 1 . .1 . ' u H. ..
a RiniHun vj vur uiru iur on vi arm ei at tun camp, ha? in,
eir commander.. , aw ay their 0)011 es to1 swim the r,
Lieut llrambatl, of the New York 9th , General Hank cmrMHj a(dt
tlery, loat one of hia gum and him I) at tWt o'clock onTuesdnv in,
If woandod very severely tut not fa 6.000 men of Ida omnnand al'nt
lly. j other side. Then? was fightH,..
..a 1 . I mill la aArtrih AT I hA nnVrllflJaf Vva I I JkeV 1 liAiif aavilli a a- at I a it . 1
The trial, came on in rhlladel.d.iu last ' : 1 . W IWMi'M flntf a Wroe lUW10T Of ""r' 7""-:.T l . r:"'"-:,":"'?.'"'""':?
1 ... . Malu rv tiJL cuuru wi inc urifai iiiui uur, nrru lour vnuia
Adrninit'.raiion, a few
vailed in the rnatern ai t
tht the tyrmo at Vet Chester 'it The fact that th troopa had no 1oata at
the Christian OLunr in Tliiladolpni. xver tj,e river, after beinj there fir over thiee;
; nearly do.troyea, an 4 the fnnnieni la- months ecm ridiculous indeed, and thia
ken aire of by the U. S. Mnwhull, and j, glren M ,ie rea.ol, tlit llmy 0?our
jtlie editor were arrested und held to an lnen ner, bt
twer a cunrge or trCH'on. u woull, be, ,.,,,1,. ... on,j
Our Jinny Again BfcaHdl tSSX.
rri. -r . . .i... ji.'ir '".i r. . a -n Lieut ItrambaM, of the Kew York 9th
Th XawckuHtta the first to Be- Utteryi o4t one of ,lU guftI Rnd mvk bitn.
treat, and ruisn a White Flag. 1 coif woanaod very aevei ely but not fa
t ally.
' week and wlipn i-varv t liini up.miAil lit l .1 1 . ... . 1 ...
. ...... nwj urn i:u (ji. us, a ununr Cl7uuiii'iu
remiy mr irmi, win i.roceeuings wero cut M u,u to wv thev had no b-rnm.
with ln own tianUt after eniraced. lite unntt Imd ""fl
ru 1. f . ... ....... 1 no: : . rVM . j . . 1 j . .. 1 . 1 1 : . . . j . 1 1. . i ,.
W.. . ...M l-'l I r..w.
1 . .1.. t !f. r ' " " I . " . Jr.. i"" J" " but not mortal v.
...o.vuj-..,, orucr irom ma nr i-, For an army ol 40,tX.K.i tnen to oaciipy the the battle ot B.uTa Ulutl. aad uoh aa have i On reaching ihe which he did
ment to the District Attorney tolet thecu bnk cf , Urg Hver which they intended 'or.jeiohand throw no very char light up- by tiroing hi. iworJ and revolver into
nnu ine euiior were 1 Hereupon re irt ratm nn a mnt n 1., n "V V " "'V".U"J the river, and awimmina-acroaa. Uol. le-
boat. ..rei-arod 1 M,t all To U, n,1Ut- 'Vi". th r .f.eenth Mh,-. tjn al ono po.ied thirty of men to
boat. prercJ, U past all excuse lo be .uQl.uaoit., who hid for Mine tune guard-Invent any attempt of the enemv at pur
prepared for a retreat is a much the du- cd IIarnon t Ialand with one ooinpany, da Thii foroe waa aubu-oucntlv aur-
Tha Diffitvanea
Somo of our readnra hav e no doubt read , ? ' ,
tho Abolition speech of Charles Sumner, , ' . ., ....
U.,itedSt.tMSnatorfromMaMachu.etU, 6 ce, however, the-e 'audaciou. cua
and Chairman of the Committee on For-,!.. pth PW'
eign Relation. In the Senate. ? he,r D0" fin'1
This Abolition babb'er, baa lately been ' , ... .,
, , . , , jOtfice Dexartiuent closing the mails
fulminating Li. p; dogma before the peo- . . 6
. . 0 1 a0.liiftt With fiffliiM mhAM
c j -
Thore might be some excuso
o'clock, with no rexult, J
, 8tiU Another Aeootuit. v (
A eorrepondent of the" New i
pnrtKiar of the battler v.'
The California Regiment took n-.
pie of this country though the channels of
a Ttlack Kepublican State Onventiotv tn
Mauacuusettii, urging upon the War potv
er of tha Oovernmant the duty of enun.
oipatiug all the aUvea to the country.
The two political heresies Secession and
Abtitionism, have trach had able advo
cates i 11 both sections of our country in
the Senate and ii Congress. The South
boasta of her secession leaden, Davis,
Toombs, Cobb, Wise.and a host of others,
who have engaged (o praotically demon
strate their heresy. In the north, we
have such champions as Sumner, did
dings Wade, Chandler, and Hal", who
boldly fuced their brother heretics from
tha South on the floor of the Senate and
the House ; but now, when they have
brought the present tnlamity upon the
nation, these northern champions reCure
to practically engage in carrying out their
Abolition theory. Unlike their allies in
the South, who say corns they meanly
skulk about their homes urging men to
50 I The blustering courage formerly ex
hibited by them on the floor of Congress
seems to hare totally evaporated. It
would look much better for Mr. umner
and Lis colaborers here in the north, to
go and meet their former equal upon the
field of carnage, and thereby demonstrate
to the whole country the honesty of their
purpose. Thus, while Davis, Toombs,
Wise k Co., ara In tha front rank of their
Army, we find such patriots (!) -is Sum
ner, Ureely, Wtde A Co., babbling about
home, and laboring zealously lo bring
about a division in the North ; similar to
that inaugurated by them bet'veon the
North and the South. If as Mr. Sumner
alleges iu his speech, this wur must re
sult in the emancipation of tho negroes
and mutt bo proteoulcd with that result
in view, why doei he not step forward and
lead a regiment ''on to Richmond? ' and
thus demonstrate the feasibility of hit
AMilion heresy.
One of two things is putent in the con
duct of Mr. Sumner and his colaborers
here in the North, they have cither full
confidence that the Administration at
Washington will do for them what they
desirA and claim as a duty upon the pint
of the government to free the slaves ; or,
they are demagogues and cowards of tho
meanest kind.
RiriiKir.xTATivts. Prom what w ein
r from tha vote gin tj the votuntrerifor Rep
rteentativei, wa think that th I'nian candidate
art elected. -.icATcon Miner,
Bully for tho Miner. The above four
lines contain more political truth than
we evor found in one issue before. We
are pleased to learn of the conversion ol
our friend of the AIinr, and we can tutsure
him that Ceo. W. Zieg'.er and Chas. R.
Early are two as pood Union men ax we
have among us ; and their e cction is in
deed a great Union triumph for the 'Wild
Cat" district.
Their Democracy Is above suspicion, and
their ability is unquestionable. We re
joice in common with our extemporary al
the defeat of tho Abolition candidates, and
tho triumph of the "old Union" senti
ment in our district once more. 1
Cam AMTunrr cxpluin why it is comlJcreJ al
most or quite treasonable to call attention to and
demand inveHljrution of the alleged pro ex
truvagnnoe and miitnnnngement at Washington
City. I'ill. l)ttpntr.
Wo hear no ono pronounce it treason
except Abolitionists, and not being a
membor of tht tribe of lunatics we can
not answer. We are surprised that the
e litor of the lHtpatch, who teems to glory
in hi Abolitionism, should be kept In
the dark by his own friends. We won
der if they leave him out In the cold du
ring caucus hours, when treason is defined
and explained In solemn council?
They havo a poet in the otlice of the
Clearfield Republican, Hear him.
Let the Republican party 'wag as It will."
The Democrats 'will be gay and happy Hill."
There -we pronounce that decidedly
the beat and most lru(ful poem of the
eaion. Hereafter the writer will write
exclusively for the New Yerk Ledger.
Cumbria Zem.
Our mountain friend labors under a
mistake, we litre not been engaged to
write for the Ledger, but jt lias been bin
tad that we would, eie long le engaged in
the Hotel de Lay tuyette, adjacent to the
vicmjty ot l lie b&lgir. Uut if poetry
for this
outrage of individuals and constitutional
rights, if the Administration would aUo
stop papers whose editor admit that they
have laboied for twenty years for a ais.o
lution of this Union, and havo for years
kept fcueh sentiments as tho following,
standing at the head of tlitii columns;
The editor of (his Abolition sheet used
th. following emphatic sentence but a
fe v weeks ago, in refferenco to tha Con
stitution :
"At lartjudsineat bat been laid to the line, and
rtghteounneiis to the plummet; the hail hai swept
away the refuge of lies, tha waters urerll iw the
hidinK-nlace t the covenant with death ia annull
ed, and the agreement with hell no longer
laodi. The Union of 178 U porfidiously
overthrown by the very elaa which fashioned it
at the beginning, anJ which until now has con
trolled its adminittratixu." .
If this Is not treason, what is treason?
Dut it has been 4tll said thnt "truth
crushed to e.vth will rise again," ai'd this
is the only redeeming feature thnt soems
to lnvcr in the political firmamont.
Col. L. L. Tati. This veteran editor
of tho Columbia. Democrat, has been elected
to the Legislature, in connect on witli Ool.
Tutten of Wyoming, in the district com
posed of the co-id ties of Columbia, Mon
tour, Sullivan and Wyoming, by an old
fashioned Democratic tunjority. Some SO
yours ago Col. Tate, iu connection with
Wm. L. Moore, published the Banner, ol
which the Republican Is the legitimate suc
cessor. He was then a Democrat, and has
continued a faithful and devoted advocate
of the principles of the National Democ
racy from that day to this, through sun
shine and stotm. Like most other editors
of Democratic papers in Pennsylvania who
had the independence to maintain the in
disibility of the Democratic party last
spring, Col. Tate and his office were threat
ened with the vengeance of the mob. II in
Democratio fellow citizens, whose devotion
to the Union, the Laws and the Constitu
tion cannot be doubted, forthwith selected
him ni (ht man to represent them at llar-riHburg.
editor of the
battle, and to fail to not do this must
either ignorance or carelessness.
!..... ....I .1. L. I 1 . "
(nine. The rirewned are about fill.. '
,i.k : . J Kinru tinny 1 tue prisoner, throa t.
" .TJ'.an,".fr.ora l!,e. M17 a,:.d. unior drcd. and the wounded one l,un.
Int. I fi. T.Mt
. a .? liuu. , a ii (a Jiua wm muw-tiuvi m hwk
ty or the commander, as lo prepare for a oruereu tupi. 1 niioricn, 01 wmpuny 11. nted by the arrival there of other com
1 .iU"P. M ll OlHil, ! titan iaaai fmn tltm MackUh.! shrui titirl.i
M . , 1.1 - . ... . I'M as a- win anas. waii j tii ni.i 1 a w ikivi i
tt it I al lat anil At ! Ill .n at A mns t . I
'.ho twmoihore in tho d reel on ofi n. - -u-hi i. . i"niy-v . nieiiuiidr lu tu
. . . . .. . ... . .. ' W.. fc' V. ... -V W WW. a.a U 1.1 nA I... .... H A., .1 , '
II . . . I. . . . .. . ... . . . . .1... I. n. .. n ..... F . . . 1 . 1 1
ma nuair n mi iiui-ruvuiiiem uh u i.crivui. mr; uuDci nu:u lsiun u tha breast from a
in me snore', an 1 .eouiea ma oraor by
Bull linn b:it(l. thn retrant lin been
inglorious, and the addition of drowning 7l K. ,.1, ! . . "
6 , ' ., , , , nnle of Leesburg, returning to then atari
men has been added to the ho.ror f ig point about leu o'clock at night dis
ihe fijht. One statdiuent is that 70 wore covering, as they supposed, a small camp,
drowned out of one hundred in th first on mile or more from Leesburg.
trip the Loat made. It is also stated that .0'. reporting to Col. Devin, the latter
r 'U'ltlk fit irtt it L hriM iUtlitrml hiart rnalia...
our men run oct of powder and ball ; ifjf,rw,rd by direction of Oeti. Stone In the
this is so we may be prepared to hoar the aama locality with orders to destroy the
next time of our armv beina defeated. 'ip. At daybreak the scouts returned
that Instead of having 110 boats Ac.,
they had no muskets.
that'10 k''"1 "ho remained with his
D-Daniel II. Nicman,
Kaston Sentinel, whoso cilice, as our read
ers will remember, a as destroyed by a mob
a few months ago, because he most brave
ly defended the fredom of the press, was
immediately nominated by tho Democrats
as one of their candidates for the Legisla
ture and clectod by over 1300 majority,
Dut Dan. ia a glorious good fellow, and
deserved lo go lo the Legislature without
being tent there by a mob !
&3"Tbe following latter from a welU
known Missionary appeared In tho New
York Obterver some time since. The sew
ing machine having become a household
necessity, the information is of impor
tance to every family j more especially as
it would seem by this, a very superior
Machine can be purchased at a much
less prico than is gunerally supposod.
Ntw York, April 4th, 18C1.
Mr. Jumet Wilcox :
Dear Sir I hove now in
use one of your Machines rix mouths, and
am ready to thank you for introducing
them to the public, and furnishing thorn
so reasonably to Missionaries. Having
used one of the best double thread Ma-
commanu conceaiea, and word wa. sent
back that no enemy was in sij.-ht, Colonel
Joocb Mr.K.rr..-Thi. gentleman is one I1 ""',Ck company Ukmg an advanced
... , , .. position, while the remaining companies
or Ihe Judges, or the District of Columbia, Wttre concealed as a reserve in cue of an
and was lst week arrested foi treaon. 'attack on the advance.
His brother Judges, Morsell and Diinlapj w',cn ,out n'l "J u-tlf ftoru the
issued an order to Provost Marshall Por.j";"',"'1 b u..'lra;rda in .dviic
. , , , , of Col. Devin s reserve, Capt.rhilbick, ac
ter, to diow cause vhy an nttachmcr.t for 'compunied by Col Dcvtn in puraon, at-
contempt should not iisuo against him tacked and drove back a company of
lor obstructing the process tnd cause of Mis.iisippt riflemen, and then fell back to
justice, in the case of Judge Merrick. I lhe reMfrvtf c-insjaled in tha rear, on the
.... t, , . - i- . i . . , appearance ofa body of rthel e.ivitlry. In
lhe President immediately instructed te skirmid. Capt Pl.ilbick had a diffi
the United Slates Marshall not to serve culty in gelling near uno-ogh to t!-4e ene
the rule, but to return it to the Court, lny 1'- smooth bore guns to have much
and it form tl.em that the President had ! e",l'ct' ,v''erCi" theolheu uiod long ranga
. , , , .Tines on our forces,
for the presnt, suspended the writ of( At d iyliiiht. and the same hmir that Col
Habeas Corpus in all cases relating to the Duvin'a ci iimand loft tha shore to make
mi litsry, for leabonscf public necessity. the advance, Co!. Leo, of tho Twentieth
The public mny learn from this that so 'i.isetis, aeni over one company or
lilt. I'fliMttlPlif uli1ih PAtiHimaJ Ait m ltrn tn
rar as the Judiciary is concerned, -u.d 'cover H r,ll)r of Co, ,)evin n)0 Col.
whatever little of civil authority still n- however, maintained his ground, and was
mained in Wathincton, the last iestage reinforced dining the morning by 300
has been swallowed up by the military.
ed a slight contusion in 'Mfe( u,ut ono hundred and eh,. r
musket ball. Col. Cogg.wcni0r iUa Tammany tt.
CtKARfitLD Pno-.ntssiNo. Wehare beet
more of hi regiment under Lieut. Colonel
About one o'clock he ws attacked by a
i .1 . .I
much nlensed to learu that Dr. Foster ' consi.terawe tirce ot riilomen wm at-
thecnt-rprUing proprietor of the st igei !L r,,!"i,nk V?' liT" l?ml
,. , ' 1 ,. , , , they miglil bo succossful, and after rcsia
line from Tyrone to this place, hasetlect- ng ,llem for onle limb (j00Ilei i)Jvi
ed an arrangement with the proper au slowly retreated, in perfect order to the
thorities bv which in the space of four or'""", where Oen. Hakir had arrived with
a oauitnuu oi ui" lamornia rcsiment.
live weks, the mails, passengers, freight,
Ac, will be transported on tho Tyrono A
Clearfield II. U., from Tyrone to Sandy
Uidge, thus reducing our distance from
civilization, from thirty-five to twenty-
winch waa commandud by Lirut. Colonel
Vt i.tnr.
Gen. Biker then look command conn
plinienlinx Col Dvin frr his succesiful
resistance to a superior f.rce, and givi nj
liit f-ntiiiimml iimv I.-..K il...n f'.iul
throo ruflca. This arrangement wil n ake! right of lhe ,j;,c of .JtlUlo . ,u Clllfre,ailj
soveral hours difteronce i:: the arrival of I jtt being formed of a to it 300 of tho 20h
tho mails here, and save a vast amonht of i Massachusetts, under (."hi. Lee, and the
Continental prayers frcm persona passing t Caliiors. ita battalion, abont OW in number,
over the
lUld lugle A Tyrono flunk
toy According lo tho message of Gov
(Iairis of Teim., that state has raited and
equipped, since the sixth of May la-it,
thirty eight irgimrnts of Infantry, seven
battallions of Cavalry, and sixteen eoni
pinies of Artillery ; iu all about 40,000
Th state authorities have also orectod
a Foundary at Nashville, which is turn
ing out 50 cannon per week, and a per
cussion cap manufactory, which turns out
22i,0(K) per day, besides manufacturing
an immense quautity ol muskets and n.
Jonx Brow.v, Jr. This notorious Abo
litionist Is i ai-ing a company of Abolition
Sharp shooters in the western part of this
state, intended for Montgomery'. Kansas
regiment. Montgomery was the leader of
the notorious Jay ll.uvk party, during the
Kansas troubles, and has lived the life of
a murderer and highway robber ever
since. Hereafter, ho-vevcr, he can con
tinue his business in a legal form, as he
now holds a commission from Washing
ton, and in connection with Brown they
will, no doubt, continue their old busi
ness in a lagal way.
What Should
Two mountain howiize.s, commanded
by Lieut. French, and one piece ol the N.
Y. Battery, commanded by Lieut. B.-am-ball,
were in front ol the centre, immedi
diately previous to thecoiununceinent of
lhe action.
The at lack was commenced by the en
emy ok cur right, but was soon directed
more heat ily lo the centre and left. For
about two hours the battle raged ternfi.
cully ; a complete shower of ladeii hail
feP. Thieo times lhe left of the lines
made an advance, but w.-re compelled tn
letirc as often. The right was tatter pro
tecteJ, and held their position.
An oiiir came tiom Uon. Baker to
throw two companies of the Fifteenth
Massachusetts to tho centre, which was
immediately executed. This produced
the impression that th hattle was going
against us, but eauel no confusion cr
Tim left wis hard pressed hut remained
firm. About this time tho news rpread
that l7er.. Baker was killod. While in
the act of pushing a cannon forward with
his shoulder to the wheel, he was pierced
l-y six balls. It is very evident that he
was the object of the enemy's aharpshoot
Attor tins ihere wn a cessation of the
fire lor a few minutes, during which Col.
Coggswell, of the Tammany jegimer.t, ar
rived with two companiea. and, ho Wing
thesenioi olhoer, the command devolved
uf on him.
In a short lime it became evident lo
locgawell Hint the dav war. lost, and
DoM. Kvery , ,ie t'wght it b-st to out hi way through
young mau not ong.igod in tho service of j "jf"",1 ' Cn ?mn
.. , til - , -i I " 1,1 charge, throwing over reiutnrce
u ivuuuy, aimum biiiiv nun an men is ty direct lun ol den. Stone who
chines iu lha Market, wa srpk in t t li
, .... .ii... r. i:-... hie dispatch to urenare lumsef for use- was iu aieht ni the battle fmbl VA
kvn.ij " . . c maj llll k lur MIIIIU1CUV, I - I ' L- I ' , "
ease and preci-ion of woik, your, is tm-i ,H,nci,,i h" ttl,e,uun8 "me school adapted "X Uireolin, the general ntove-
i t? lhe WBnU. f t.',a 1,rCfent. ! n... in I An'order wa, now ied to transfer lb.
It is the Machine whose working, ms ml,ecl ,.ron '-'V ColloKt r 1 Mussachiifetis 15ih from the right to the
ia so sure and simple that I should ven I UU'K. '-. "'O'ns a nigu reputation, as; en, men waa ,
i. . ..... I IS SllOwn liV tho luimninns nrominont nnl , "nuniiuu uiiii
line m iiinuuuce n in ".yria- among peo- ' '
executed as calmlv as at a
...t.-i i resDonsible and t.rominenl nosil ions now .i . . became fntirfiod of
joo -iiu imie viii- b iuuuicuiu oi mccnanw ', ' J , impossiwiity of reaching Edward's
ical skill.
ij ..uiu u.i CT.iiui.1. rerry as denied,
I am quite sure I shall be able to bring Se,,i for H'eir Cataloguo and examine for , fall back toward, the river, which waa ex.
it into use to some extent in that court' yuriUe- t as. ! e ciicumstance. would
Disheartening Details of the Affair.
Upwnrda of 1,000 Missing.
Capt, F. O. Young, of N-w York, aid to
Col. Baker, atd who wai with him when
he died, gives the folbwing account of
the ie:ent engagement neur Edward's
(Jen. Stone ordered Col. Baker on Sun
day evening, to have his brigade ready to
mote at 7 o'clock on Monday morning.
The brigade waa then stationed five miles
irom umrau s ferry. At i o clock in
the norning, ho.vevcr. a Mecscnzer from
Gun. Stone ordered the first battalion, un
der I tout. Col. Wisiar, to move immedi
Hlcly.soas to bo at Couiud'a Ferry al
sunrise, whioh they did, and reported
ihemselvos to Gen. Stoce.
Ordors wore then sent fro-n Gjn. Stone
to :he battalion to stand fast until they
nhould heir heavy firing in front, and
then to crosj. About un hour al'ierwards,
musketi v bavirg been hear-l prcvioudy,
doail and wounded began to bo btvugut
over to where we were. At 10 o'clock
the number of killed and wounded bro'l
in whs increa e.l. General Stone or
dered Col. Baker to take command of the
forces on both sides of the river at that
place, ard to bring up his brigade and the
Tammany regiment, commanded by Col.
Coggswell, which was in camp about three
miles distant, and to cross hi. mediately.
Capt. Young carried tho orders to the
I ain many Regiment, and tha whole force
proceeded aoout a iniledovvn river, ready
to cross. We found two scows, each of
which could carry from forty to fifty men.
and managed to get from the canal a dug
out, which would take sixty or seventy
Six companies of tl.e first battalion of
the California Regiment, threo pieces of
anil lory, with men and horees, belonging
to the Tammany Regiment, with Col, Ba
ker, Jo. Coggswell, Lieut. Col. Wistar.
Assistant Ailj Gen. Harvey, anil Captain
i oung, got io tne island, wiiore we were
joined by a battery or the 2 1 Rhode Is
land Artillery with two fiwall howuicr.
The parage to the Nland was very dim
cult, with our insufficient means of trans
portation, the distance being a quarter of
a mile and the current swilt.
We poled ourselves up t'-e eastern
shore a long distanco, thunoe were drifted
down to the landing, i'lotn the Ulam'
to the Virginia shore, our only means of
transportation was one aoow and a metal -ic
boat ol littlo or no service. We landed
under a steep bauk, 100 foet high.covered
with rocks and jungle
Scrambling up tha bank, we found an
open fiiel-l ol six acres, with thick woods
on three sides, out of which came a con
stant, irregular firing from the enemy.
Here were Col. Devin'a Fiftenth Mas
sachnsotts Regiment on tha right line at
the head of the woods, baring been driven
iu aiter procicding a mile aad a half to
wards Leei-burg. We formed on the left,
and presently advanced two companies of
skirmishers to the woods in front. The
concealed enemy drove them back with a
heavy, telling volley, and followed the
regulai with an irregular firing. Our men
fell on their faces under tha brow of the
hill, lhe enemy not being in sig! t. The
artillery could not be seived because the
gunners were not to be found.
Capl. Stewart, of Gen. Stone's stafl,
camo with a messaae to Col. Biker to
IK .HI ,1
lit. I anl f-J 1..I .
jor was .afe.
The engagement took place on a,
height above tho landing, ocmniMej,,
at 4 o'clock, P. M., and continuing d
dark. All through the day the ea
had been firing skirmishing slots, oi
troops were drawn up on the e-lg-'ofik,
hill, in a semi-circular field or openio.
skirted by dense woods. ' The Califi.
sns, tinder Lieut. Col. Wistar, on taeU
the Massachusetts Fifleei.lh pud Tn.
tirth on the right, and tha Tsmm,,!
skirmishing. - " . . '
Two howitzers an J two field !eci ,
the Second Rhode Idand B.V.tery
also hauled up the hill a:.d eslTt.-etual'r
hand'ed during the fight by Col, R,
'lim.elf, aided by Wistar, his Adjiitm
GeneraL Hawly, Col. Cujrpswell. of a.
Taiunniny, and Company U, Capiain Ber.
nel, First Calil'ornia. Only the RyJ
ri I .,.
isianu nmcera siooii oy tneir gUiii.tlj,!
men irireHiinji euuy in ine irsv,
The enemy charged from the woodiit
all diroctions, converging upon ourfwoi
They were bravely met ; but the slaujht
er ofour best officers and men was so let.
rifle that the Federalists were at lastobli.
ged to retreat.
Col. Uuker was killed by a liorsemss,
who rude close to him and fired five thoti
from a revolver, all taking effect. Tin
slayer was nt once brought down in tun
by Ctqit. Burriel. The same brave fallow
recovered linker 'a body, heading a cliirn
of his company for that purpose. 'inalfv
Col. Coggswell, just ns he was taken, pt'e
the order to retreat, and an individual
rti.h was made down the hi'l lo the rim,
i.)nly one gun was brought a-sray.
The scene at the river side wai liorribli
in the extreme Tho tebels came to the
edge of the hill and fired down upor. our
retreating niasea. The one boat fi lied and
sunk, and those who did not attempt lo
-wim across were forced to surreniler.
Many were drowned in crossing, and (be
rebels kepi up a murderous fire on those
struvrt.'liiii' in the water.
The remnants were gathered in a U J
mal rain on Harrisons ManJ, and tbi
carnage ceased.
When our skirrci-.hing ompanu. IikI
re.iclnd the edge of the wooiU, susJJeri ty
(he enemy, hitherto concealed, rose hh
a yell and fired a volley; thon bspt
fighting in their usual manner j first jir
ing a yell and volley j then loalin; id
firing al w ill for a few minutes ; then em
iug an equal lima ; then giving anuba
jell and volley, and soon, pouring mur
derous fire into our Ii lie band fur tin
spatte of half an hour. The whole woMi
around swarmul with them. They U
no artilh-ry and no cavalry.
The Rebel took all our gum but nrs.
When I loft yostorday they hau shuutnl
to u., tel'ing us to come over anJ take
away our dead sons of b s tiiiilrill(
of trnoe; had also mounted ourownguni
on tha heights, and warned ui to leave
the island in tour hou's.
l ha causa of this sad havoc wai that w
had no proper mean, of Vransit and retreat.
i jt Towv.- Charley Holes' Anihrnlvj
Car has again made its appearance la
fronl of our oflioo. Charley lakes mm
celient picture at a very low figuro. W'
advise those of our readers who went H
get a lifa-likfc picture taken, to csll oi
SIIEItlKK'sl SALn.-n. rir,ue cf of i Hl
of Ven. Ex. limed out of the C -art of Cta-
uia Picas of Centre county, and to me direetel,
will be exposed to nubile tale at lhe CosrlbwN
ia the borough of lleilefonte,
On Monday, the 25fA day oXov. not.
We are particularly jdeased
We would prefer th
; permit he reached the liter bank
Vi. The new beef contract has been nlout twenty minutes beforf.
thn awarded to TV K. Kiinhln an. I .T T. fol.. Here, Ihe I5th deidoved ns aklrmi.l.o-.
of the work doneby the hemmers.'gar, of Harrisburg at $3,49 per hundred U!ls llie ll0'ft-
jld t.refer the Wil,t rf- Oil.h. M.. Uro.. w.iU , .L. ' J . . r" ? I lnc',n, ?f oonveyinc on .hore
- ! o"-' " -'f. vo-.. i' . to me isiaiui was a I j
hold his ground, as (Jen. Gorman, with i 1 , "t" ah def l'BdBL' J J
,oThic,i'iniorrm EJ--d-'
to reinforce him. One company was ad-1 the township of Ru,h in the eounty of Cestwss
vanced to the left, iho direction from ; the township of Decatur ia the county f Clear
which Gen. Gorman was expected. They j field, ceutaiiiing seventeen hundred sail'
were met by a yell ami a volley as before' !,crf" n,l allowance, telng held in cimm-iavai
and fell brck to the line, f ho hid-len Ki ,' Cur,in' D- Priner- 'n, J- ,ul,'
enemv now anneared to h.i In f- .. urw "cu are described by wW sides of ale. whirl., with .,. Ji" . ?"d 'in '.. Kivn '"'Vl
their back, disheartened the men.
Tho line othcets of the Massachusetts
Regiment ordered their companies to re
tiuat, and the enemy coming Out :if the
wood foi the first time in sight, general
conNsion ensued. The men, running to
tho water's edge, and finding no boats,
rallied, ran up the hill, discharged two
volleys, when an officer of the Maisnnhns.
etti loth tied a white handketcb iel to bis
.word. The enemy ceased tin
prisoners Many escaped into
iwwtii. tn.niiui in u iKiuiiu. ul Rr lAiiiui m.l . I:... . - j h.rinr
.1.,, .i ,, , .... .-. ,' iiiiiurumia liniment, inu iii-c
ancvc: .mall skills, home were diown.-il imn-,i iiiim n,. ..m ikn dlf
r i.. i i . . . . . . . 1 ... . . . i, -ciik-1
se siw l, f -J I v fJII ij IUV - "
Lincle toM'm. 11. Illair.dat 1 8ih Sdl. I3i7an
ree-inled in the offloe for tho reoordiiig of D
ic, in Centre county. In tnortgsge b-mk B psp
34, 4e., with the improreuients an d sppertenss
ees. Boise J, taken in execution, and to beioK M
the property of Jos J. Lingle.
Bellefuote, October 30, 16". E""1
uf AJministtrBtinn h-v!tc litn trraQtf d tbil
nr. a. H innl. dBy ,,,e n"d"ig.ied on the ost,i:e of PUlUP
ng, and took KRINEB, late of Drady tonship,:dec.sics, sll
O the woods, persons iudahtod to said estate ar req'Uitsl1
nightfsil. them many of the wounded.
' authenticated for settlement
Soon after Cant. Stewart's , Brady ip.. Oct. 30. 1881. 6U
Col. Kulcar kvl.n m... .I...:... . i' .1 i '
engagement, perfectly cool 'and brave, on ' Dissolution of Partnerihip
or more anon after our arrival in
remain, your, truly, A. T. TRAIT.
Missionary of American Board.
ISuThe Christian Advocate it Journal sav.
of the MaehinA. "For familu i!nii In I
. , --.,.. -.-...H ...
foot, cheering and hading on the men rPUE partnership beretoforo existing bet"'
wa. .hot from lhe wood, several balls mal' A ,h( I" 'kV'frffi
kint? fatal wnoiirl. .-il I kal... A . . " at Lulhershurg, was dissolved by
k!2! It. "f"1"'""11 'l behoved to have .,, on th, J3,, in.tant. The sccoest.
chine to any other, at whatever price. (pound. The contract is for 4000 cuttle carrying about forty persons ' which was!
Hoping to have occasion to send for one or may be increased to 16,000. to be de-. overcrowded and swamped, and another
yna,I livered at. Hamsburg or Chambersburc. ' ":" . ""ZL- .r":'"' lro"P re- oeen shot from one revolver. The rebel Hnr u,,. .rl i.r, iVxT r" v.i. furc.Hee-
. - i mill i u n ni i inn inntA ramiA .... sf.i i - i s . . . VH nn nuW ini. s " . .
ding wa, very.p.iitod, there being ninety, my took comparatively fow prisoner, in approached the body tf CaVt Win i HEKRY MS IX
eight bid. for the contract. 13.l!e"?e' Bieral, of the 22d. and Wardh. r,S' Lmb.r.barg, Sept. 24, lsl.-tt
Fia.-We le.m th.. tH iii : ... . ...w.". u" fwim plunged Into the with ten men of hi. company. roaLeS for I TIIOM H J.' MTl'l.I.ol'Ci'i
...... " -,... . .. . - . ... " w.i.j si 1 1 v i a uiHii v nirrv nt i maii nnme .a. ik .l.a .i. . i ii I
mane, one ell.gible to write for the " '"T. or, ot thia g.inple Ma- house of Nicholas Tulda of Ferauson to them, and other. throwin7 he7n inf V" r . v " t' naa.w! "Jr ,ha ' Attorney at Law.
palca, a. hi. Iatiu contained no leas j Bine, and to any width, ad U pen. Jt4 '""ed to the ground, and four of the I,!:,''' 'i? Tm V001'61 b?L ''h'-ee hundred and twenty of the fir.t 00' Bu .nd.( 4o.
than three ''original pomes I " Tha man accurate beyond comparison." i younccst Children were burned i..ih '"1 !?Il?fta .darkne ( battalion, the only onein tbi ecsaiieuient a rwijiu-ri. ..n.u .nin- iiuri
rnuit be, mmarried or intend, to qualify! FiltlLr CAnB1CK,.0ur lait The oldest wa. about 12 yea, old. The' known to'
towr.teior tne agT. . pM,B,, ,)nd ,0 church about ,
Gov. Curtin has aunointed Thuridjv.'"cabbaM heads." Ha lft a .iL- f .,!. and Wf dilnf.
the J8th of November as a dav,.. family .i.r,io .1 AR i... phildren in tho bouse
. ... """l"- . "uiuu ua .iu
: t.--.i .-. .1 ...... . "re
t:.iug ! irnniiMinii. tnau six perfect iieaas upon it,
thawaorknT ' tl' A Adminlnrstion baving bee. tbi. .
tOe wa- dock on lues-lay j of two oompanie. of rrantrd to th undersigned on the eatats f
... , u i ; , .-lujuny regimom engagan there ntlSIt AIl'I.SOM, lata or Covlngwa
having locked the ,iOP ,,In . P" VOr ,'re 100 niiawtin ; of 60Q of the Maachu. ''P. Claarfleld eounty, deceased, all i-
ratio, tepi otih 1'p.toiuao.
. a MIV WHVIUT. TV IAS 1 1 1 iftl SB tJttl 1 1 V IHTr. T-sft rv t m kn I -a I - I
nnoiedl lie nnh ... ...i 7. . " "e"""1! "ere raisstnc. :. " ,-, - -...ii
originated from tha nanriu ,k " " V.Tr'. D,,u ,r"oco-. V , ioro wore about 1.700 in all ei.t7nad. f "-oiswpsyent,.Da tnoeebavm-e.a.u....--
er fir. jp at the ritoH TTM ?U T ,w" h&.Z?!&J W ' IZtoZ-Z
i - .... , , . -, timi. vvi, -i mr, ui t. ot. aKf-r . raj-'
i same will present Ibem duly aatbenticawd''
lie meet. r. r, cvtiavra"
8-pt. , 1MI t. al