Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, September 11, 1861, Image 4

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A n i i c u M n i ;t I.
I" ,,.., B..l 'I I'"""" "J" '"l-i'l "'"
slier '' M f I ' " ' November 4t l tin
., .i .1 iv nf Jannaiv. nHof allien nil
mctf? pewitim lih' laini'd he riiii-ldcnd
. m !! rt 1 1 n l' llm Miirift r. 1 lie nftVns nf the
r'mlrtv mi "I members 1 1 'lie ('"iinnlili'u nf sr.
,,,,, ut will unit n I bk" deslirnntint: ttn-tr
i.ll.rc, I II Kilt hi- their duty Well as pleasure
In attend In III" e'pir'scd wishes and wants nf
jjliibllors and others, If II Is In thtlr power so
totlo. A select police f)Tr will bo In constant
attendance for lli" preservation of order and
protection (if roptrty.
The trotting course if level, Well graded, and third il inilo In circuit. Ample arrange
ments will le made fur tbe nivnicnce uf r
tat.irs. Chiltlrrn n n l r r ten years of age not admitted
unless accompanied by their parents or guardians.
Kvery person wishing lo be enrolled asa mem
ber of iliii Society must apply on or before tin
first day of the fair, and nn the ny tucnl of one
dollar to the Treasurer shall receive n ccrtiflrato
of membership cnntnlninjr tho niimo of tlio np
plieant and endorsed by llm Secretary.
F.vory person becoming n meiiihtr as above
shall in tlic presentation of his certificate, rc
eeivo a ticket which will admit him free during
the fair. Any person complying witli the above
r:gulntions nnd paying $10. fclinll become a life
member mill shall be exempt fmm all col tribu
lioni nud iihall Hiinuully rcreive Iroiu 'he Secre
tary a free family ticket.
All persons must bo provided with ticket.",
which can be bad from the Kxmulive Committee,
Trensiircr or Secretary or at the door. Person,
acting as Judges nre expctteil to becoino mem
ber! of the Society. Persons from othor conn,
tios can become member by complying with the
above ru'es. Ladies can become members by
making application above and paying into
the Treasury fifty cent when they will receive a
ticket to admit them free.
Exhibition of lad.vs' nnd gontlemens'
innnsliip will tnko place on Tuesday nnd Wed
nesday evening at .1 o'clock, fast riding will not
be allowed j those violating this rule will bo ex
cluded from competition. I'lowinjr match will
take place on Wednesday at 10 o'clock A.M.
Tlio address will bo delivered at 2 o'clock on
Friday the 18th of October, nnd immediately af
ter the address the reports of the Judges will be
read nnd the premiums awarded.
Exhibitors must become members of the Socin
'y and have their siiimati and articles entered
on the fecrctnry's books on or belore th" lilh
day oi October; and all animals and articles,
except horses, must be brought within the enclo
sure as early as Wednesday, at 10 o'clock,
A.M., and all persons entering animals nnd arti
cles for exhibition will procure cards from the
Secretary with the class and number of entry of
aid articles, previous to placing said articles on
the ground. Hay and straw will le furninhed
gratis for all aniiUHls entered for premiums, and
-rain will be furnished at cost for those who desire
io purchaeo.
No horso fball be entered or allowed a prcmi
vm nnless be is free from disease. Ilorsra wi'l
e received until Wednesday ooon, but must be
t"red previously. All persons who intend to
exhibit horses, cattle, sheep or swine, or w ho in
tend to ofier stock or nny other article for sale,
,'hould notify the Secretary of such intention on
or before the 10th of Octorber, nnd have with
'iim a list and full description of the same. j
Persons intending to exhibit blooded stock 1
tuui-'t produce authentic pedigrees, and nre ear- j
nestly requested to furnish the Secretary, by the i
10th of October, with a list of their stock, and
ihe pedigrees of each, this will facilitate tb
preparations of entries and In case of deficient j
nedigreer, will afford the owner time to correct
the same. '
Inttruction$ to Jiidyn. No animal tu reoeive
n award in more than cue class.
Judges are expressly required not to award
jiremiums to over-fed animals. No premiums
-ore to be awardod to bulls, cows or heiflers, which
shall appear to have been fattened, oy in the
class of fut cattle, the object of tho Society being
to have superior animals of this description for
Fat Ci(..Tlle juJees on fat cattle will
particular attention to the animals submitted fjr
examination. It is believed all other thini;
lioing equal these aro the beat cattle that have ;
Tlie greatest weight over the smallest superficies i
The judges will roouire all in this class to be I
weighod, and will take measures to give the sh
pcrfinies of each, and publish the result with
their reports. Thoy will also, beforo awarding
nny premiums, requiro of the competitors full
statements as to the mnnner nnd cost of feeding
9 requires! by tho regulations of the premium
When there is but one exhibitor, nlthotmh lie
may show several animals in n class onlv one
premium will be awardod. that to the first, or oth
erwise as the merits of the- animal may be
Tfv superintendent will take trery precaution
in his power, for the safoty of stock and articles
on exhibition afer their arrival, and arrange
ment on tho grounds, but will not be responsible
for any loss ordamisre that may occur. The So
ciety desires exhibitors te givo personal nt'"n
tlon to their nnimnls nnd articles nnd nt the
close of the fair to attend to their removal as
the Sicioty cannot take further cure of them.
?'( or Pluwini. The name of the plowninn
must he eiven as well as the kind of plow to be
used, nt tho time of entrv.
The quantity of ground ti be plowed by enoh
team to he ncre.-
The time allowed to do the work will be three
hours. The furrow slice in nil casesto bo lapped.
Tho teams to start at the ramo time nnd each
plowmnn to do his work wituout a driver oe oth
er sssiMnno.
'j he premiums offered by the Society will be
awnrded to tho individuals, who, in the judgment
jf the e ouimittoe, shall do their work in the best
tiiOTiter, provided the work is done in the time
alliwed for its porformnnee.
Tich plowman to strike his own land, and
uliiw entirely independent of the adjoining land.
Within tho one-fourth of an acre plowed, each
pl"wmnn will he required to strike two hack fur
rowud lands, nnd finish with the dead furrow in
the middle.
Any information desired it regard to matters
of the Society can be gained by addressing the
Executive Committee or the Secretary, who will
be pleased to give any Information in their rower
nt. nny time.
Any nrticlo not enumerated in tho above clas
ses, and placed upon exhibition, if worthy of no
tice, will bo suitably rewarded.
The Executive Committee reserve discretion,
ary powor to njrnrd Diploma in any case for 2d
best articles, TAfor articles not entitled to premi
ums by the rmles.
Three Judges for each class will he appointed
and announced before or on the first day of tbe
All articles may he entered free of charge, ex
cepting horses for pleasure, and for the trotting
(Signed.) RICH ARP SHAW. 1
JOSIA11R. 11KAD. Ux. Com.
Aug. JA, 1861.
Justice ofllic peace
Liithcrsburg, Clearfield Co. Ta., will
attend promptly to all business entrualed to his
caro. April 4, 1861.
aLuttahQirBlbuirp? 18i a ft 1 ,
WILLIAM REED, Proprietor.
july 10, 1861. ly.
Attorney at Law.
Office on Market street, opposite Mossop's Store
Clearfield, Pa. Will attend promptly to Collec
tions, Sale of Lands, Ac. ootT-II
mwmwir o m am
-nil M VII I V IM, mn,
of VlTTsri lttlll, I'a., begs I
i,..i. r i,i rri..,,,l I.. lonrluded to pay
mid bv arriving at tbe dsy set forth, can be coniulled by tlie ntllii l. d, hmh Mole and Feninle, on .
It, ....... .,r ih. Henri. I.iver and Lungs; l ancer,
Also, nil Diseases appertaining lo Ihe KYK and
tho Head, nnd Discharges from the Kar, can be
J many' other diseases that have bullied tlio skill
Arrui N TM KN IS.
CI.AHION, nt Clark's Holel, from the l.'ith of May tu the 1st of Juno.
CORSICA, at Whltiner's Hotel, June 1st. Again, Sept. 1st nnd 2d,
HltOOK VII.I.K, nt the American House, tr im ;id to Uth Juno. Again. Sept. 3d, Ith nnd jth
I.C'f llKltSIH'IUl, at Reed's llotol, Juno loth nnd I Ith. Again, Sept llllli and Uth.
Cl.KA t li'IKI.I), Johnson's Hotel, June 12 ill to tf'.t'i. Again, Xept I2ih and Uth.
I'.KI.M'FONTK, .Morrison's Hotel, from June 17th o l'Jlli. Again, Sept. 1 Ith and l.'ith.
TYRONK C'TY, nt Mrs. Thomas' Hotul, June 21i"laud 22d. Again, Sept. 17th und Kith.
At his INFIRMARY, from Juno 22d tojuly 17th.
Listen to the Voice of Truth and Reason ani Profit by it.
The time has coino
iliili v, lo see tho well
when all who will, enn escape the iron grasp of Mercury, by calling, without
known nnd justly ct. Mi rated Kelectic huropean Physician, Dr. Rout, who
only true and snlo medicines, extracted from the most choice hoots and hk.ii.,
ider bisown supervision, nnd therefore avoid ng the use of nil MismAL Pins -
will administer those on
u it id i,t,ti mill
ins, which were never designed for tho system,
and gene t early graves.
K. mcml.rr that Dr. Ilort wants no patients but these fully capable of appreciating nnd distin
guishing the services of a regular thorough bred physician, from a paltry, unleurnod and trifling
'lU!riiirnilrr, Dr. Burl's remedies endtrentment nre entirely unknown to nil others in this country;
prepared from a life spent in too great hospitals of Kuropo and tho first in the country.
.'run mhrr, that Dr. ltort has a more extended practice than nny other physiciun in Western Penn
sylvania, i i
Hrmrml.rr, ihntcitiiens of education, and our popular men, are all woll icquaintcd with, nnd tuke
great pleasure in recommending Dr. Ilort to the uMlictud.
.'mi !iCic, that Dr. Hurt uiakcsno false representations to gull the unfortunate, but all he says wil
bo faithfully carried out.
Jti mrmliri; that Dr. Rort pays every attention to diseases of a chronic nature.
KfCertitlcatos of Cures may be seen nt his respective rooms.
Dr. Ilort is furnished will, over six thousand letters of recommendation from some of tho most
distinguished men living. Also hits awarded to him diplomas from some of the must celebrated
Hospitals jnd Infirmaries in Kuropo, for his uuparnllelled observations in Diagnosis, and observa
tions in oiscoveung remedies for the cure of diseases that have heretofore baffled the skill of many
of tho medical profession.
An early call from those wishing to consult the Doctor, is earnestly requcited, so as to receive
full benefit of treatment, and thus do justice to himself. Time Un ited.
Please bear in mind when Dr. Rort will be in your place. Persons desirous of consulting hiui
will eoni'er a greet favor by calling on the first day of his arrival, as his rooms ore so often crowd
ed, it is utterly impossible to attend to the anxious sulicitiitions of all. Dr. Rort will arrive at each
of tli ubovo places on the first coach on the day appointed.
Please extend tho invitation to nil Invalid acquaintances, and oblige yours, Ac.
May 29, '61. - 2'..
TenuKot f ubHC riptnm.
If paid in ndvance, or within three months, $ 1 25
If paid any time within the year, ... 1 50
tf paid after the expiration of the year, - I 00
Tt i niK of Advertlhliip;.
Advertisements are iuserted in the Republican
at the following rates :
1 Insertion. 2 do. .1 do.
One square, (14 lines,) $ 0 $ 75 $11)0
Two squures, (281ines,) 1 00 1 50 2 00
Ibree squares, (42 lines.) 1 50 2 '"' 50
3 months fi mo s. 12 uio
One Square, : : : $2 50 $4 00 7 00
rwosqunres,: : : : : 4 00 (I 00 10 00
Three squares, : : : : 5 00 8 00 12 00
Foursquares, : s : : (I 00 10 00 14 00
Half n column, : : : : 8 00 12 00 18 00
One column, : : : : 14 00 20 00 35 00
Over three weeks and less than three months 25
cents per square foresail Insertion.
Esrlstss netiot not exceeding Siinei are in
erted for 12 a yetr.
Advcrtis MBSuts net marie J wit. tie number of
ttertions detired, will Vt rcntinuei until forbid
snd charged according to these terms.
job pmisnriNc.
An fxtciiMve stock of Jobljin mntotia
cualili's the 1'iililislier of th "Iupuliliran'
to nnnout.oe lo t!.e yutlis tlmt he is prrpa
re. lo Ji inils of
.'os'ior, t..p2:.irs, rniw;riAiiiiF.,
I'LAjixs, Fir-Jit Boois, Ci iter la its,
Lat..i-.s, Ijall T iciirs,,
nr. J tvciy iiind cf piinting usually done
in n countryi ob office.
Ailoiilors witl be executel with neat
ncs nnd '.Icfim'.ch.
county" i")liu:cToiiY.
Time of Holding Court.
Second Monday of January,
Third Monday of March,
Third Monday of June,
Fourth Monday of September,
In each year, and continue two weeks if ce
County Oiflrcr-R.
Pres't Judge. Hon. Sninuel Linn. Rellefonte.
As'te ludges.Hon Win L Mooro, Clearfield.
Hon I'.enj Ilonsnll, Luthersburj
Sheriff, Frod'k U. Miller Clearfield
I'rutlmnofary.Jolin L. Cuttle, "
Reg. i Rec. James Wiigley, "
District Att'y Robert J. Wallace, "
Trennurer, G. 11. (Joodlandcr, "
Ci. Surveyor, H, I!, Wright, Glen Hope
Coiniuiss'n'rs,Wm. M'Cracken Lumber City
Wiu. Merrell, Clearfield
S. C, Thompson, Morrisdalo
Auditors, U. C, llowman, Philipshurg
Isaac W. (Irahait Clearfield
J. li. Shnw, '
Coroner, George Richurds, "
1. 1st of Tost Olfices.
-Vitmee of I'. O.
Glen Hope,
Clearfield llrilfs,
Jcffcrjon Lin,
Now WashingtoaJ
.Virllrs of P. M
ii. W. Calwel
T-l ...
T. "a. M'Ghecl
J. ir.ftrr.r-r.'i!
Lewis f u.iih
P. II. Miller
Ed. 'Williams
R. II. Moore.
C- f. Sloppy,
John Hcberling
Jas- llloom
J. M, Gummier,!
Jas McMurray
M. A. Frank.
P. A. Gaulin.
J F W 'chnarr
Samuel Way
Centre county
Edm. Williams
Elk county, Pa.
C. Mignot
William Carr
A. R. Shaw
T. II. Forcee.
J. A. Hop arty
C. J. Pusey.
David Tyler
H. Woodward
Kliia Chase
(i. Heckadorn
D. E. Mokel
J. W. Thorups'n
Jas. Thompson
J. McClelland
H. W. Spencer,
A. C. Moore,
Samuel Way
Michael Wise.
W. F. Johnson
Curwensville, curwensville,
Decater, Philip-i burg,
Ferguson, Marron,
Fjx, Helen Post Office,
Uirard, Lecounte a Mills,
" liald Jlills,
Goshen, Sbawsville,
Graham, Grahamton,
Oulit-h miths Mills.
" Madeira,
Huston, Tyler,
" Pennfield,
Jordnn, Ansnnville,
Karthaus, alt Lick,
Knox, New Millport,
Lawrence, Rreckenridge,
Morris, Kylortown,
" Morrisdale,
Penn, Lumber City.t
" Grampian Hills,
Pike, Curwensville,
" Rloomingville,
I'nion, Rockton,
Woodward. Jeffries.
T. Henderson
This Post Office will do for Cbest township
t Will answer lor 1'ergnson township.
"l)OBBRTJ. WALLACE, Arrsanar T Law,
J.V Clearfield, Pa., Office in Bkaw'i Row, op.
osite tbejcnrsal office.
dec. 1, U58.-tf.
AM) l.tXa
Surgeon to the Uromplon Lung Hospital, nf Loiid m. Knglund, now
es leave to announee to nil lnvnlid, tlml, imiug i.i Ilf many solic-
profei.nnl lslts to tit, following n timed places
r Its, M-roiuia, nn-i nil niHeasis of the union.
HAH. V. UTI A L Dh Ar N KS, Kinging Noises in
speedily cured by tr. Hoar . Scientific Treatment;
of the so-called distinguished phynicians
to take which mun thousands have fullcu victims
ATTORXKY AT LAW, will attend promptly
and faithfully to all legal business entrusted to
his erne, in the several Courts of Clearfield and
adjoinlr.g counties.
Off.K tie one formerly occupied by G. R.
Oct. 2Cth, 1859 ly.
MI'.KCII AN'TM, and dealers in Hoards und
Shingles; Grain und Produce FRONT Street,
above the Academy Clearfield Pa.,
June 12th, CI.
jas. n. I. tkkt
J A It It I M l .U &, TTXT, Attorheys at Law
J Clearfield, l'a., will atl.nd promptly to Col
tAiohs, Land Agencies, Ac, Ac, in Clearfield
Centre and Klk counties. July 30. y
WOODS harlcg clanged his loca
J tion from Curwensrill o Clearfield, res
pectfully offers his sorvircs to the
citiina of tho latter place and vicinity.
Residence on Second atroet, opposite ti it of
J. Cruns, Esq. my'. "150.
A (i H I C U L T U IX A L SO CI K T Y .
Tube held at tin' boroutfh nf ( 'leer fit ll
on TiifsildiJ, Wedncsiltiy. Tturxdm
ami Friday, Ihe h1h,th,th and
Wh days of Oetobcr, A. !., 1M1.
KLLIS IHW1N, PresiiK-nt. .
D. F. Ktzwkilkk, NftTt'titiy.
Lkvi V. Irtvix, Cor. Secretary.
James Wriglky, Treasurer.
John V. Weaver, Librarian,
(ion. A.M. Hills, Marslial.
W.m. Ten Kyck, Chieidf Toliec.
Fee for Admission, Entry Fee., if v.
Siiifrle adinisKioii, - - - 15 cts.
Children under 12 years, - 10 '
Tickets for a Millie day, - 25 "
Single tieket during Fair - 50 "
Tickets for a family, to admit
lad- and gentleman and ."
children under 15 years, $1 00
For trotting jireiniums, each
horse, 2 00
For pleasure, 50
Class No. 1 Siceepstakes, open to all compet
Rot Bull, $10 00 2d Best Bull, $i on
All brcods come together in this class, and
compete with each other. To be judged by their
good points, symmilry of frame, ability to fatten,
und the stock they will produce.
C'LAiS No. 2. tirade Cattle.
Best Cow, f 10 00 I 2d Best cow.
Best HcifTer, i 00 Best Calf under
$ 500
2d Be. t calf under 8 months old, .100
8 months old, Itndtl't Cattle Pmtur
Class No. 3. Oxen.
Best Yoke of Oxen f 10 (10
2d Best " Dndd'i CottU Potto', and 3 00
Class No. 4.
Best fat Bollock, Cow or Heiffer over 2
years old, - - - $4 00
2d best do do AioWs Cattle Dortnr, i 1 00
Class No. 5. Thorough bred JLmes open
to all.
Bost Stallion, J 15 00 I Best Mare A Colt 10 00
2d best do 5 00 2d best do b flfl
The premiums In this class are Intended only
for horses whose pedigreti render thtro worthy.!
The society wishes to encourage the raising of
high-blooded horses. i
Class No. C Riding, Carriage, Ihafl and
farm Jlorses,
Bost Saddle -Horse,
Best matched carriage horses,
$5 00
)'ouof( 0
the J Inr r, and ....
Best single family horse, in harness, Yo-
alt oa the llurtl, and -Best
Span of Draft horses or mares, lotn-
nff on the Jlarne, and
Beet Span or Farm horses, or mares, )-
aff o e liorte, and "
tost Gelding, or Mare, for work, over 4
yoars old, Yountt on the Home, and
Best Colt under 2 years old, 'onaff oh Me
iorte, and - -Tbe
horso that moves the heaviest load
on st Stone Boat, without whip,
FoiioI oa the Horn, and
9 00
t go
4 00
Clash No. 7. Trotting lionet open to all.
Best time 3 in fi, trotting in single har-
1 ouot. on la Hon, and 30 no
I No premium will be paid unless Five entries
are made. Each bone to trot against time.
lie I r
!. I i-i r ...
i .T . .-id
I Mi.
tlnllltie rlntsn, t Hist", lih let Hibltn,
1 -,l nil Vivr.
tl Imtllfif, hone, nt nit, In incle bat
el Jnl.n'l ,n r- 'ifur,
!nt tti'ititig I air of h'.ni, r mares. In
haifl""", ) niiofl nil A ll ttr,
Itrsl nrlng (", or ii, do dii
ll Wnlklnr; h'ilc, or mnr, it i itr,
('l.S No. 0. iV'ii-.;i rt)i7 W'n l.
t'rrl ttiirk, nny breed, Alhnt r'.iw .'."I, if ? ffl
llrst Kwe, any breed, do dn do 2 ml
IUM .1 Kheep fattened fur mutton, 2 t'u
l!et I Lambs 2 'in
Itest I'leee nf wool, . . . I t"0
Het Specimen nf wool, . Diploma. No. 111. V im; iyii In nil.
Itc.-l Hoar, any breed,
oi.m; r ttrnu i 1iiMin , and "0
; ., ;!r,ii.. ..,,, ,r.,l.
yrm,rn,l Oanl,,,,,-, and 2
!n(;i fVirmfrmnf U'anUnrr. nuJ 2
Rett I'ig under 6 months old,
Ci.akij No. II I'dulir'
Rest Coop Spring Chickens, not leas limn f, I
Heaviest Turkey I
Rest display of Chickens, - 1 00
Class No. I'J. l'louin:.
Owner of team nnd plow who
plows green sward the best,
Voiiii; t'urmert' .Imiii ', nnd II
Owner of team and plow who plows stubblo
tho bent, .4rn arm llovk, nnd 3 00
, c v UPl J!ollcrt aid w
.,,.. ,, r ,,;.
! Jh" ru tultuutuis.
. Rest plow for stubblo or sward, - - 2
Rest sub-soil plow, Ititrry't fruit tlnnlm, A I
Host Sido-llill plow,
1 llest Cultivator, .....
Rest Clud-Crushcr and Roller combined,
llesl tirain Drill, Allen Farm llwik;
Host Horse ltal.e, f I (III
llest Corn Shelicr. 1 00
Rest Threshing ma
chine, . - .1 no
Best Reaper and
Rest Corn pluntor 1
Il.t ....!.... Mil. 9
Rest Hay-Pid'hing Machine,
: . . " ,
Hot Ox loke and Rows, ...
Host Stalk or St.-uw Cuttir,
Host Horse Power for General Purposes,
llest Originul Invention of Agricultural
Implement, -
1 00
2 00
2 00
5 00
All articles enumerated in this class not made
'n the county, but produced upon exhibition.if
worthy of it, will be awarded a Diploma,
Class No. 14. MUcdlamous I'nrnuiij Im..
pit incuts.
Rest Reo Hive, 00
Rest Potato Digger iO
llest 6 Hand-rakes I 00
Rest Stump Pullor .'I
Rest Graiu Cradle, 1
lio.-t lot ill I, a rile lung tools, - 00
Rest set Farming utensils, owned by Fa .mor .'1 0U
Class No. 1."). Wheat, Hurley . ' orn, ilr.
Best Acre of winter wheat, ri, d (innl. d$
Rest Acre of Spring-w heat,
.Ihki-iYhh A jrii nlturltt I voir and 3
llest field or wheat, 4 to 10 acres,
Amrrim Aijrieulturitt I jnr, and .". (1(1
Rest Aero of Corn, Am'n Ay. I yr, and 2 Oil
Host Field of RaHe, not less than :i acres,
Aim rivtn A'ji ii uihii i'i 1 yntr, and 2 00
Rest Acre of 0.tts. .4,'ii .(,,. 1 u,nr, ami 2 00
Rest Aero of Rye, Am'n Aj. 1 yn.r, and 2
Rest bushel ol Corn ears.
Rest II acres of Ruekwhent, "
Rest buhol winter wheat, "
Hert bushel Spring do "
and 1
" 1
" 1
j Rest I acre of Potatoes, "
i Rest 1 acre of Deans,
Rest acre of Clover seed, " "
Rest acre of Rroora Corn, - -2
Rest 1 acre of Sorghum, - - 2
Rest 1 acre of Peas, . i
Rest i acre of Rutub eras. . 1
Rest 4 bushol of Timothy seed, - I
Best j aero of Carrots, . 1
Rest 4 acre of Turnips. . . 1
Crops being equal, preference will be given to
I'llH Nr(
those that yield the largest net proOt. State-.
uients to bo furnished by too exhibitor. They!
furnished at the Fair.
uii-nniireii, or weiirueii. ana
Applicants fur premium must furnish the com
mi'leo with a statement sinud by themselves
under a bledgcof veracity, of the quality of grain
raised on the ground entered for a premium, and
must state, as correctly as they can, the kind and
condition of the previous crops; the kind und
quantity of ssed used, and the time and mode of
putting it in the ground.
Persons Field Crop, for exhibition. 01
intending to do so, may give notice to tho Exec
u:ive Cunnuittce at nnv tima ,, ..,1 1.... 11,. k.i.i
measured and cviiained by a coinmitto e, while1?''" available Manure for l'ann P.oducU,
growing. I Rest nvailabln material fur Glue,
1 . - 1 - t, 1 1 r- ' l'1'' Linseed Oil.
C'-,i No. 10 llread and Lereal fwd. Rest Talln.v Candles.
Best .1 Loaves of wheat Bread, Diploma.
llest Lout or I orn Rreml, - ilu
Rest Loaf of Rye Bread, - . do
Best Pound, Sponge, Fruit, Jelly. CoRee,
Lady anil l'luin Cuke, each a do
Best Pie, any kiud, Dip.
Rest Jelly, Dip.
Best Ice Cream, Dip.
Bust Preserves, Dip
itest display of
Preserves .( Jolly Dip
Class No. 17. lintter and Cheese.
Host 10 pounds of Butter, 1
Best F'irken of 2o lbs., or more, of Butter
made in May or June, I
Best Cheese, 1
Class No. IS. I'Uir.
Best Barrel ot Fhur, 2
Rest Kid lbs. of Flour, Spring wheat, 1
Bost 50 lbs. of Bye Flour, I
Best 50 lbs. Buckwheat Flour, I
Best 50 lbs. Corn Meal, I
Clash No. 1'.). Inmestic Ariicltn.
Best Box, or Jar, of Honey, I
Best 10 pounds of Muple Sugar,
Best Peaches, put up Air-tight,
Bost Tomatoes, put up Air-tight,
Best Blackberries, put up Air-tight,
Best Currants, put up Air-tight,
Best Fancy Jar of l'i kles,
Rest Gallon Syrup, Maple or Sorghum, each.
Best Cured Hum, cooked, 1
Best Dried Beef, with mode of curing, 1
Class No. 20. Janic.stic Manufactures
Best 10 yards of Flannel, 1
Bts, 10 yards of Snttiutt, 1
Best 10 yards of Cloth, 1
Bsst poir of woolon Blankets, 1
Best 15 yards of woolen Carpet. 1
Best 15 yards of Bag Carpet, wool chain, 1
Best 15 yards of Bag Carpet, cotton chain, 1
Best Woolen Coverlet. 1
Best Woolen fringed Mitts,
Best Hearth Bug,
Best pair of woolen knit Stockings,
Best pound of linen Sewing Thread,
Best speciinen of Knotting, Knitting or Xeo
dle work, by Misses under 12 yrs. of age
Bert pair of cotton knit Stockings,
Best pound (f Stocking Yarn,
Best Foot Mat, 50 I Bert Tidy,
Best Straw Bonnet, 50 Bost Straw Hat,
CLASS No. Zl.Xeedlf, Nliell, Wax work, t(c
, Rest anecimen of Xeedle work.
Rest specimen of Needle work, on Machine,
Best group of Flowers in worsted,
Best specimen of Embroidery in worsted,
Best specimen of Fhnbroidcry in Lace,
Rest specimen or fcmbroiuery in .uusuii,
I.. ...... , - - ....It .... nf (.A
' Jlesl M.irt maae DT missunuer i. ji. .&
Best Patching and Mending
no 1 Best specimen of Leather work,
, Best ebecimen of Wax Flowers,
00 1 Best specimen of Feather work,
1 Best speciinen of Ornamental work,
00 Class No. 22. Dress Making and Millinery.
Best Dress muking.Jl UU lies t . 'Millinery, I OU
Class No 23. Artistic work.
"e't Painting in oil,
1 nesi 1 aiming in water colors,
' Best Portrait Painting,
i Best Landscape Painting,
I Best Cattle Painting,
Best Ornamental Painting of any kind,
Best Daguerreotype taken on the ground,
Best Ambrotype taken on tbe ground,
Best Photograph taken on the ground,
Jiest writing,
Best Ornamental Penmanship,
Beit Architectural Drawing,
t'nM Ni , ;m i
l'rt ll.vlffl fit 1l l.
t i j It.. mi. and fiat. I,
ti-M 1 ' .- I f n M DnliV II im-,
!'et l'etn t.f 1 ' t J lli'Htn,
lie.t 1i"in f"t U' Hh
mt l M than 2'.fl ti lt,
I'nin, t at.
I lain
', No,
ftet CinVIng r'tnve, wood ol conl,
1 Sd best Clinking Stove, wood oi cnsl,
lid best Cooking Stove, wood or coal,
Rest I'nrlur,
?d U fl Parlor Stove,
lii ct ( nst Iron I'l'iicc,
Jd vl Cm ft Iron lince,
llest specimen lot of Tinware,
.1 tin
2 mi
2 tut
1 nn
S tut
2 tin
II HO A Dip,
2 mi
2 Oil
L' no
I (Ml
' 2d best do do do
lti't specimen ol Itliirksiiiilliin;
i Rest sperlini n of (iiiiisiiiilliing,
Itcht speciuii n oT I inn Turning,
1 lti.l Mn.wcr Until,
: Hi st l'llllll Cllklillg,
Itest Orljjlniil liivi'iitiuli in the county,
i The above premium,) are nllon-d t'n
fi (H
111 I 1 I '. 4
i iniintllaotureil in thn coiintv. A I liiilini.:! nu.v 1.,,
(H) .
a ward i" I for liny rf the above nrlicles on oxhihi
tion, without regard to where it was manufactur
ed. llest display of Table nnd Pocket Cutlery, i
of American Manufacture, Dip.
Rest display of IMgcd Tools, do
1'cst display of Fanning mid Field tool--, do
Class No. L'ti . I YiVi , all !;'. I.
Host Family earrings t'j I Hot Hug;:y, 3 (10
00 i
j l,;",
R,sl hcolbarrow,
00 A I,I,I, my "
licst tarm Miigon 4 Rest lcigh, 2 HO
2 I licit Horso C.irt, I
be awarded for articles in tli's
class not manufactured iu tho county.
Class No. 7. Cdbiiutu-iiyc intouutif.
Reid Dreeing llurciiu $.(
Host Lounge, 1
Rest set of Chairs, 2
Rest variety of Chairs, 2
Rest Sofa, 2 00
Host F.xtci).talile2 00
llest Wash t;ind,l 00
Host Centre table2 00
Itest IletUead, 2 00
Rest Ollice Chuir.l 00
Rest set I'arlor 1 urn's, i
Rest Looking-glass lin'cl
on "' ""Kl'Ig g'llSSlll. e
.. l Uisjilay ot t.'ubinet ware. Dip. and 0 00
tLASS .no. ( nopmnif, I urprntiTini;, ilc.
Host speciinen of Pino waro, $2
Rest window sash, 1 Rest Lot of Rackets, t
Rest window-Mind, 1 Itest Lot of liucUcts, I
Restsot gruin mcnsiires,! Host Panel Door, 1
Class No. '2'J. Routs ami (,'ur,l, n WgctM's.
Rest 4 stalks celery, Dip. Rest J Im. carrots, AOo
Rest fi heads ciilibago 60e Host j bu. rutabag.iOc
Rest 2 do collallow'r.'itle Rout 4 bll. til. beeiy.'.nn
I llest half bushel table pot.itos, 'jOl-
00 i llest (iiiart of t.i ml.'c r beans,
Host variety of Squash,
Itest varisv of melons,
ltet Sweet Potatos,
Host hull' bushel of Tomatos,
All veget bles um.t b;tvo been ruisod by
Class No. ilO. Curricri, rttddlm unj
i!ct (ientletneiis' Roots and Shoes,
Rest Ladys' Hoots mid Siloes,
15 ei-t display of Rnolsand Shoot,
Rest Tiavelling Trunk,
Hort Tug Humes.',
Rest Cnrii.igo Hufnc!
00 j Itest Single Harness,
Rest Riding Rridle and Ma tingale,
Best Gentleman' Hi. ling Saddle,
Rest Lndys' Hiding Suddle,
Best display of .uddlcry,
Rest Solo Leather,
Rest Finished Harness,
Rest display ofuny kind of Leather,
Rest Robo lua.le by exliibilor,
Class No. 31. ami ljlw!Jt'.crcrs
Rest Suit of Clothes made by hand,
Rest Coat made by a Lady,
Rest llu;k Mutrn.-s,
Rest Hair Matrass,
Rest Straw Matrass,
Cuss No 'V1
'-, Vtn(.' in C'luitty.
Mp. I Best Blank,
I Rest Handbill,
Rest Card. Dip.
Rest Newspaper,
Best Ornamental Priulini
Cl.As.s No. Xi. iStnnr-wre.
Best Tlrain Tile,
Rest Brackets,
Best Pottery,
Rest Fire Rrick,
Rest Brick,
j'i iW Criri'iCal
' eoi'i'iy.
Cuss No. '.j I. t . ?'.
U1JI1 ill ih
I Best availabln Manure at
ui'i'l.TaH' cost.
Best Specimen of Soup,
L'est inognr.
Best Wining Ink,
Class Nil.
). II (."' S'tl;lC.
Rest Diesscd Stone
Rest lifind Stone,
Rest Butler Ladle,
Rest Butler but I,
Rest Split or Shav
ed Ho .ps,
Jl Rest JM Ml Stone), f
I Rtst Floor boards,
oOc worked, 1
50c Best wiullietbimrils. 1
. Re. t w.isliiu inachincl
i.flc I Rest Cbiiin, 50c
f I Rest Tumid Article.?!
Rest Minifies,
00 1 Discretionary premium- will be recommended!
OP ;for nil articles of merit txhibited bv mechanics '
in all the vnriotis branchei, nnd il is hopeda
general axbibitivn will be ui,tdc.
00 I'.ir nil iinm ovemcnls n.',.f,i1 I., il... r ..,,,. .,..1
nn . . '. . . ' . v "nuu
" iini itip' I-,.
. lim ine- valuable rrunerties. ili tcrn1i.111.1rv ,,,-,,.,;
Oil I u. ..'.' . ., .
1 "-s.
inns i.iiiy 01. reeoinnienceu nt I lie (.'01.1111 !!,
and awarded by tbe Board.
Class No 'M Natural Minerals.
The best suit of useful Mineialj of Clecrfield
county, including coal, $3
The best Cabinet of Minerals of Clearfield
nnd adjoining counties, to be the pro
crty of the Society,
The bi st Limestone,
Tbe best 1'iro ('lav,
" ,Thc best Potter's Cluy,
iu ;Thc best Collection ol Foss Is,
00 i The best suit of Crvstatiicd Minerals,
nn 1 '
Class No. oT. Fruit.
The best display nnd greatest vaiiety of
(rafted Apples, summer and winter
Fruii, named and arrnuged, $3
Ihe best display and greatest variety of
Pears, named nnd arranged, 2
The best display and greatest variety of
l'cachet, named and arranged,
Itnrry't Fruit
The boat snerimon nf Annies. I tick, do do
00 1
00 ,
00 j
00 1
I The best cnllortion of Plums. do do
t Tho best collection of Cherri 's, do do
y 1 The best collection o.' (Juinces, do do
J 1 Best speciinen of F'oreign tirnpes, do do
I Best specimen of American (j rapes, do do
?J Best spcrimtn of Currants, 50c
0 I tA.f .,,i.,.ii..i.n of' (.nnseberries. 50c
50 I
50 I
Best M'ccimcn ofBlackherries, 50c
Best specimen of Seedling (Jrapes raised in
county, and worthy of ruiture,
Btst specimen of Domestic Wine,
'0 Class No. 3S Hortemanshiii, (r.
50 '
40 1 To the Body that tiinnnges her horse beet,
$0 1 and sets most grnecfully, Dip.
1 To the Gentleman who manages his horse
jo- best, and sets mo-t grace fully, Dip.
r,0 ! Tbe best display nf horsemanship, not less
jn I than five couplo, Dip.
50 1 The best driving on the Course, by a Lady, Dip.
HO 1 ine best company 01 lavatry,
i0 1 Tho best Company of Infantry,
j0 Tho best Band, with Brass instruments,
1 Th. beft 10 Sinf,t
1 he best Martini Hand,
tLASS AO. u.. urcrtet.
The best Ifursery, containing the greatest f"n e had elsewhere in the county.
variety of Fruits and Shrubs, cultivated His stock of Cabinet Ware now on hand, eo
in the most approved manner, (the ex- ist in part of Dressing and Common liurea
hibitor to furnish written description, ' Sofas, Sowing and Washing Stands, Desks
stating variety and modo of culture, 3 Book Cases, Fronch and Field Post Bodsto
The Second best Uo Harry' 1 Fruit Garden Dining, Breakfast, Centro, Card and Pier
Class No. 40.- General List. ' y, dCe'en(l.,nnnnfttCtUrei dU'iVer"
Tbe heat display A greatcsljvariety Flowers, Dip. ' February 9, 1859. no. 4, Vol. iv.
The best display k greatest variety rianti, Dip. - - T.
The best display of Floral Ornaments, Dip. T IflUORS for Medicinal purposes llraaa
The best hoqnet, with handle. Dip. lj Tort and Shorry Wine, Nectar Whifksy sni
The lest hand boquet. Dip. Hol'anl Gin at HAKTSWK.'
urn rumt vino rE;
Ao'l l i ii,. i, ,,. , , ,. f "v'i 1
ki l nf ill nn.1 . .... . . . ""ll. .J
r a 1 It III
HIIIMI.. I I.,,,, Kn, ""l. .... 1
I... I'LOrtl... ,!''
-".,. I fill a . v - , , a
i im 'it, no n n. i.i..... "
limits, mi. i kii Nln i,;;';;"". n
..... . .
"inMiP. lull I'ak. I
.1 T. Ana I n, ...,., til it Jl. !!"'
til...iil"U-.. t,n , ", s., ,.,.! Vw.',' K
Usui, f int.. i H-l a 'i,,r,, tfi-ii. il
In. Ill II III tail, nt .,r .,,,, ' ' I I III t I' his i.n ,V l,s,l, B,', ,,, . I.
'"""I Ii ii'ii'l t .ll.ti.-.. .1 ts M , ' "iiiH..
.! nun H U:n- nil n i i :
mi" iH "i.'. v. In. h mn t.,1,,,,,1 .rA'
I".' I ill-.. in..... 11,1.) ,,. L.h, UmJZTU
-'. Iciciiwi, At I. Kva, T'"""r.
'"a.llnt ,,,1 M .),t V"
si.!.. ( r,i i i Itn 1. t--r I lii," 1 t" ,'
ll '.i .my ilm,:: ti.u m .. i.i,i 1, ,,""V''t
( ll. l.l.M .lll.lK" l, , 1H,, II ,,U , ' "
it. a. i.'i. ...In-.., h. ,,., ,,,,f n,-,.";. I
ll.'.l.lll, liict n.,.,1 nlui.'.i , I . . 1 1 N , i"'
kkm ... it Uv,.iii tu I ,i in 1,1, 1, i- tho'w-.'il, ' '
inie mi I'll i .i now .1,, ii Viu ,
f.'cl.ns Hint Ibi. .h.i'ii.i- tin. t.llu f, , , " 1 : .
run wil .,.ln-ve th n I I. .'l ..l,t I , niuiii ?'.'
you, thai 1 bold ,,n I,. I,.. . ,, ,.," t
uiid rciuaiu over uiul, lully, Yi n.., .
-I.I It I. li n.TAU
St. Anthony' I'lie. Itone nr Krv.i,
Tetter unit Salt Hit. in.,, s, ,? ?K.
ltlil worm. Soie liyta, Urop.y, i
J)r. It..l rt M. IVel.i.i tviii
Irmii, N.Y,
F, !.!.. I .VI. Dint ... I.... f'iii-...l i.i. 1
ih ii)n: tsblrll llneiit.'ii.'.l In ti'iiiinialu Ininiir j "
.'l, 11,.. "I "in Snr.i.,i. 11, a. att.l iilw.,1,1, ' "
.ljiyunif ii'i, f.ii l.t biKu limes of lli,. ' '
be cuius tlie enti.iiinii I'.nii 'i-lii hy it"t.uiii, 1
Hronohootle, Goitre or siwrtiril j(.t
Z.'lilllull Mi.lll of I'.il.f.'l, T-xa., ril' : "
ties of your fursapin ilia eio.-il int. l'n.1.1 a '."iirr.i,,,
eons stt.lllii on tho Ueik, I Urnl .uUend tm
over two j ears."
I.ptirnrt lin n nrtVliila-a, Ovnt-lnn Tamer
I tei'ine t lctiHlloii, l'Vniitfe liuaMly
l)r. J. II. S. Chaoiiliii:. i f Ni-w York City, nXH, 'ut
most eherfiillv coiii..v iv 1 1 1 II. o np: iituf y ur cnt u
snvlnii I liava fniiiid your Nimii'itrillu a imutt xUtirt
alterative in tint uumci-toia ciiii,..iloln fur uliklj m
employ sin Ii a but cspecl.illy In frmuU lnt,K
of tlie ticrnfiil'iiis (HttiliHls. I l.ntn riueil ninu. int,,
ate cases of lin'iirrlm-a liy It, anil smiie tilicvn IWrtaj!
plaint was cnoseil tiy uh,triiti"ti of tlie trn'.ii. Tkmi,,
atioit ttself was Kimn tiin rl. Noililof; within tnjkia
etlfl eriuil. it lor tllt'HH frllmln llijnil.KeHlvnta.,
Kiltruril . Marrntv, nf Netvlim y, A la. wrilee, A4.
(reruns irtritt tumor on one of the fcrnil-. in tin lata,
wkfi'li bail ileflcil all the ri'l.leilii'H tie r.siUt .tiMikt.i
at liiliKtli Intel, ro.eil Ky ycr Lxtijuluf w
sapuiilln. (inr pliysir-ljoi tlinnlit imlliini; l.i.t titna.
tion could aftmil relief. I. nt be llif 14
farsaparilla ns (lie lust rs'irt (H.oie riittiiiK. iai
proviril finVctnul. ATut tuKiuyini' lenit'ilv eijjult
no symptom of tlie discuso ii ai.iijis."
tiy jilt 11 Is uml Miiriu d.l Dlxrais,
Nw (Iti.niM. 2,''lli A.II.-II.I, K4
Dn. J. C. At:B : Fir, I ehf-a fully r fy willi Has
r. ie..t of ymir nreiit, ami retmrt In ynw mnitw of Isjeafira.
J Icitii ii'itlir.e'l with yntir sj.irsa.iitil(a.
1 hare iii.' il t'illi il, lu my practice, moat otlUm
pUiniri f,.r tvhicb it is recoutiiieiule J, anil liarc tiinrtb
eff'-ro. truly ttoinl.'iful In (be rnvo of Fro rr.if aW js
eurial IHsratt. One of my nutiuiit. bad J'l-F. ilitjc ulrgri
in his tlir.iaL, wlik-h wero ciitisuniinir l.U lutljf., aMi
tup of Lis inntiOi. Your .iuimriili, ileajiiy
cunil Liui tn Bve el. Anollirr i.aa llm.,,-. ulT
oudary aymptonu in lii. n.w. und tl.e uliTraii, w
eaten tway a ;onsleraMi.- .rt nf it, t.. tlit j ujnntu,
(tiei?! il..v H.'Ulil hhiii tent It Ins Lniiti Hn,t 1 ,11 ,,,, ..T
JI. I.I.-.I to my aililiiliifllalh.l. i. y.rtii Kr-itrilU-111
ulfeis lie is ttt ll again, i"l uf eww ,jj,,u,
nr,,,. .iip.i.mi.ik'ii u, 111 n ii'.iunli ti.i !,,.! L....
tlc-tl. il tur tlie same itlei.l tier by liieii iifv
a aiilltii
. vn
I I... ....!... ... I I 'I I 1 , .
' - ," '..- ".. ju.y na, liccullK HI
si I lie lu I tic ttt'iiti.-i tl,fil nn u dump di.y .Im sutlsrwl n.
crKi'lallli pain in tier j"inl. Itlid l..,lis.. tl, lian
riitt-d iiiliiely l.y rin.npsii'lii in H fti tiwi.
know fitiin It. li. 1 inula, ttkirli yniii nciit pltn
this Piepaiation fi..iu y.titr liiH.iHi.iry iiiili I.'.),
nnieily; conciU.-nily, iIkm linly mma
itjlh il l.ate not suipiised UiO.
i'luteiuullj yours, G. V. LAltlMm, JI.R
KlieiimnlUin, Cioiit, Llvrr Coiitplilit,
iMl'tl'SNUI NLl:, C"., Va.. Bill July, lnJJi
lilt. .1. C. Avut: .Nil, Imve ufllirti.t ttiilnf.
fill . Itlitumutiim fm lurg I ttiie. wlii-tt laifnaij it
skill nf and sln- k In me in , iiF oJiUoji
reoii ilici 1 could Nod, until I li kI vuiii s.H';nlli. m
buttle citre.1 me in two necks, anil tii.l .Kit tuj pnml
bealtli so mueli Ibnt I am far l-tl-r Ik-S'iv I tm
aiUtcked. I think it a ttninlirfnl nie.ll.liit.;dM.
.lules Y. Ge(. hell, of ft. I.onis, writ.: " n ktei
iiftliiti-.l fur years with an vfiivttnn t,f lUt Li rrr. 11,1,1
il. atli'l cd my litullh. I ti led every lkirm.ndc"rytliii
failttl to relieve me; and 1 littveliecn a brokett-Hewu nit
for front ycais fnmi no other cuuse tli..i dtrunpiaaj
Vie J.inr. Sly bel.ncil pastor, the riot . Mr. t-py.U sd
me to try yurSarSiirilla, Is-ntuse In said W knee ),
and any thine you made 11 .i ifwlh It tinj-. PyUtsliar
ltiC of (toil it Las cuti'd me. and Iihs mi piitirtitl my VM
as lo m-ikit a new titan ul me. 1 f.-et tnun,' snin. 1st
li.t that can 1-e said nt y..ii is n,t li.ilf .t.l it, .ttgl.,"
fcr Ii irr us. fit 111 e r 'I'u in ins, K11I111 k'l-nitul,
l ist rnllti 11, fnrlts mitt K.foU.itioa of
I lie JJoliet.
A freat raiMjr of rases have ln i-p'.rt. 1 l.urslflt
Clll'Sof Ibrse 1 -t I. . In I .t- (mn lii ml 1 ,,. Ii-tlllil fl'tl
I lie use ..I I lii. 1 finely, Lnl nm spin c h"it alll l4 dwK
them. Si .mi- of tlniu may n linn ! 111 our Aiihii-m
Aluinnn.-, wliicli tlio a. Lelntt num J ale pk'tml 19
furnish gratis to nil ttlu call kr them.
Dj'Srcjisln, Heart IHnntr, f:plH'
hy, .tlrluiit holy . Xriualgla
Many rnmntkalilc runs nl llic-e ufls' li iis tTelt
made hj the alii luiiiepoitiri'l 1 Lis in-li. mt. Itim
latea tlie vital fiiitclinn intn vit in u -ii i, mid ti a
overcoiiKM disnideis m lu. ti ti.-nl l I.,' mi..mi iHt'isilia
rearh. ho, li a telnfly Las l"ii; (,i-n i.nnn.'l I.i llrt
cesstlic. of ilw i,., and tte are roundi nl ttialUiiivi
do fur them all tliat intdii 1110 tun do.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
roit tub ri a i ll) t'riiH or
C oilli". ( olil., litlliiriiTit. HwarsrM'SOi
1 1 11 11 1., Hi out liKIa, Im (picnt ( "ii
aiinipt Ion. ami for tlie lttlttf
Of ( nnaiimpllvr rmieiiu
111 nili n l.ertl Stnf;ca
vf the lMsrat.c.
This Is a remt'tly so uiiivcrsallv kni"'wn In surt"iw "r'V
oilier f'.r tbe cure of lliroat and limp rumpL'tin's. Ikst
Is liseloss belt to publl.ll the wiileuce of its Tlltuet. IH
linntallfd exri-lience fur i-olitrhs and rnl.ti". ncd i'f tmij
vinnderfnl cures of poluii.tlarv dns-sse. Iisve li'''" 't
known lliioot!liitit the cmliwd li.iii tu of Ilw mitt.
Kew nre the iwM. or etea fiintilu s. anionr tl 'H
w ho li.irti not some nj pei 11 nre of itirt erf" litiiiK tnipliy in tlieir ntidt nl its victmyonr lb
subtle and dangerum disnrdcrs of ili ilmalattd lua.
At all know llm dn adftil fatalitv of ihee ilifimkis.
at they know, too, the elTecttof t lust riimdv. tu"1
uo more than to assure (hem that it hat d.w all cut to
lues that it did Lave when makiit Ilu cuits wliich US
won so strongly upon tbe coii(1Jnro of mat. kit. d.
Prepared by Dr. J. C AYES & CO., Lowell, JCl
.--Sold by C. I. Watson, ClearSol I E.4.
Irwin, Curwensville; i'. Arnold, Iiiilbersburp,
Montgomery A Co., New Saieui : . C. lironner.
j Morrisdule, C. II. Foster, Philipshurg ; oiiti Eiiu
(. huse, Ansonvillo ; nnd by deulcrs ererysliirt.
Thankful for past favors and polioitions of fu
ture patronage. I would respectlully annoon'
that I have on hand uguin, uud will conM.nUj
keep at the Pottery in this borough, on the ow
ner a short distance east of the Methodist Chord,
a large stock of Crockery , such as Cream crocti,
milk pans, Churns, Jugs, Jars, Stove pipe cmc(
if c. il c. ; and. also an extensive assortment ol
different sites and patterns of bracket! f
rosottcs for curnice on houses, and other tuottl
dings. Any mouldings not on hand will Be cade to
oidor on short notice. Also fire brick m.ihv
and kept for sale.
-A liberal reduction on prices mvle t
wholesale deulers. F. LICITZI.VUER.
Clearfield, may 23, 18G1. ly.
Cabinet, Chair Making,
ii72 UI WZX 'Jr&lZZt 'd"J3
JOHN (Jl'I.IClI, of tho borough of Clearficlo,
Pa., will be prepared at all times te attend l
to nny fcunmess in tho n'oovo line on shon
notice, and in a workmanlike mnnner. Hi" P1
of business is at the old shop on tho nt rth aide
Market street, Sd door east of Third st-, nesrlj
opposite the old Jew ttore j where ho will kl
constantly on hand a large assortment of Ahv
hogony and Cane Bottom Chairs, and Cabir
t'.. ,.r . .1 .i,;,i, ha will itistiis
! ofon as reasonable terms as tho same artic"