Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, September 04, 1861, Image 1

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II ft 1 II M
- TO A 1-"HI HM.
Hr li"l i "'. di'W frit-nil,
Mv wul with Rrw-f i hoKttl;
nd Hrit, though wearing jorom smiles,
sntt rowrcd with shroud
Th brtM which roiiuJ me piny,
Whii'Per"'K lu"rnfu' tones,
liiniii'J 'n; ' "''l0 P"'80" sway,!'
Aal toll in "I'm alttiie."
Pti down nittiin the sili nlgnivo
A ch rlrhi rt form we've lnin ;
0 ! OB it be thnre wall-loved tonca
H' u'er linll lie re again ?
rf tllMO bit" "rt" forewr clood ;
Anb that spirit fl"l ?
,lint, nn so foully loved
' .No nnmbi-ied wilh ihD (icud ?
(1, g.itic, nje ! K"tt, to come Ho joor."
Tlii eiil- ettrnil y,
JV eroded the billows, gained tlie h jr
Of lif' toupestuus sea.
Thtfaraeretl nietimrirs of the pint,
K lily mid o den,
Ml treasure as a precious boon.
Though nit they bid me weep,
r I "
The Duration of Life.
When the world was fir hi created, it
.!..... 1 I. - ....... 1. .
yg Qtinoilliuu now ninny ytrnis uacii o
jravliniild exist. So the As came and
mijuireJ ho long he was to live. "'J'hirs
ir years, lie was tout, ana men no was, "I Umi bulliiicnt?" "Ala:" re
iiiit'l t!ie As, " is a long time. Think
sow niuny wearisome burdeus I shall huve
io carry from morning till night ; corn -ticks
to the tnill. that others may eat
limJ, and I receive nothing; but blows
anlJiirks, and vet keepelw ivs active und
jMii'iiij;! Ta'ie aw ay some of my yea 's 1
.rj :" So tho Ais wiw pitied, and a lile
ofenly eishteen yeurs appointed to him ;
ulirrcupou he went gladly afay, and the
Iljgt'icii tiiude his uppcaruoce, und asked
ibenanio. "How lung do you wish to
,iu'!" v- as iucpiired of him ; "thirty years
terc too much lor the Ass; but perhaps
iMisill be satisfied." "Do you think to?"
aid tl.e Dog; "icnieniber how much I
!pll have to run ; my feet will not last
wt; and then when 1 have lost my voice
mil ciiniutt Ivrk, and iny teeth and emi
m l.itiv ivhut will there be for me to do
!llo crtl and liowl from one cornet to
uotbt-r?" So Hie Dog's plea was allowed
u I twelve years wan appointed lor
. . 1 - J
i, alter whioli he departed and made
ivjui ror uie Jionivey. ion win nve
iLiiii- rearK willinulv. no doubt."' was
slid w th ilonkey ; ''you need not work
like the Ass imd llnuefore will alway lie
icUoir." "Alas! it should bo o," said
llie Monkey ; but really it is very differ
tot, 1 must always be making cetuical la
if(ir p;ile tolaugh at ; and all the ap
llo oUfili i sadness hidden by a joke!
But thirty yMi 1 enn nefer endure!"
TheM'jnn:) ten year fW0 nllowed to linn
bit f all, Man nppcarca, Jji;Uthy ami
ijii-oui, r.nd requested a timfl It? "A
poinlcd to liim, "You shall live illli i.;'
)..!," ts the reply ; "is that enough 1"
"What a short time !" cxclairr.ed Man!
'j'utvIiB I slull lui'd myscif a house,
md lighted a lire upon my hearth stone,
n.iljiiU when I shall have danted trees
lolxiir ins fruit in their season? and I am
lliiiilting of enjejing li!u, I nuts', tlie ! 1
I'rpy lt-t my jile be lengthened !" "The1
einhleen yeurs of tho Ass shall he added."
'' is not enough !"' taid Man. "Vu
di ill have alo twelve years cf the Dog's
lile." "Siill too litllw," replied JIan.
'Well, then, you may have the ten years
ulloiridto tl:e Monkey; but you must
desiro no more." Man was then obliged
((leave, but lie was not fatifieil. Thus
)In iivet veniT. The fust thirty
rc the u.ivs ofliis nianliood, which
and I
finekly away ; he is then healthy
npireu' work.i with iileusue, and re
i"Mec in his being. Then follow the
ijfttttvn years of the life of an Ass, which
brings to him one burden afler another ;
I must work lor corn w hich nourishes
oihcs; and abuse and bhtme become the
Award of his labors. Next come the
ltive v-r c f tli n lifonf the Dkl'. tlni ins
Man liiis to sit in corners, crumb-
"1"? hcrnuse he has nr Ioiil-'T any teeth
t-lilcwit'.i. And when this time! up, wholesale price, in New York, in conse
llien the ten year of tho Monkey bring , quenee of the blockade of the North Lar
tbeclu,of the scene. Then Man beoonies j elina ports, and tho ktiiu.ll quantily w i the and foolish, and docs strango market. Before the blockade l sold from
tilings which make h'nu ridiculous in tho at) lo 40 cents a inillon. -onini m wm.
I'M of children
Tils lit KiAi. Pi.ack What a multitude
of tlifiughtB crowd upon the mind in the
wntemtilatiou of audi a scene! How
much of the (ut ure, even in its tar distant
w:uc rises beloro us with all lis persua- i
i v.n..i;.i r. t. u n, .1.. ,..,.,..
... i .
Pf of time, and how t fleeting are its
ti -s .i . i . r
gr, gathered here ? of the cy of Ridimond.
rieut'vynfni ,, Vli"Xor of nai:' A womav of a satirical mind wa. askeil ollyn,,f8thy and cooperation, nnd we
Wl.n iy,rfjU !,,,- he V6 ' , i bvher rrien.Uifshe really intemletl ma.- I believe, that of Democrats and conserve
SS h !"? il ' ?. ig 1 t rying Mr . adding that Mr. was tive men generally. Hut, in all soberness
S' TUX . ihe L n y S kind of a mnn'butso very sing..-'Bn(, car.llo8r. w9 ask such men if they be-
"nd ih. ? ! 1 ulVf ,h?,V- r. 'Well.' replied the lady, 'so much live that military force will restore the
'" fe witlthwl lhef.vonle.of o : ' I , mu,., unlike Uir,ever bring back the citizens of
other me.: L. .much more likely to he .eeeded Stalest loyalty to the Fed-
inl I " l V6i i ' r1 i feo,o" ' make a good husband.' eral Government ? Can we conquer the
K 1 "n ,k'nd,', f.f l- I i ?! i' l . . -South ? With the disadvantage ol conduc
hmT.y',llJhpr0,'Ury ll7rii " 1 'I nu peppermints on Sunday.' re- tj ur in t,,eif territory, i it roa.
H i or blasted expecation! How many mnrked '0(l 0id lady who kept a randy S , to ,)elipve ,hat tllig can be done,
"w tears will be shod . How many ag-i
oauing sighs will here be heaved I How ;
tany trembling feet will cross the path-1
4 reluming, iwtv uc.uu .ur
' dearest objects of their joy s l-Fverett. i
,T"i lea Caors.-Ti.o wheat crop of .
,,0"tt alunlant this season, tho' scarce-
T M Ww r..,'. It is esliaiated
4L . .. J .77 .
nl thn niwvnla ,.f nut trill liAVO a suf-
?''' of twantv million of bushels tr is
- u ..... V w. . . . . . -
. ... . -
A Kontleman who has travelled
four hundred miles throuch South.
ior .v desi ribea the eron of wheat as
T7 Jood. ud corn as never having look..'
w hoKer. '
A Queer People. I Democracy and the War.
Chambers Journal, discussing a recent ! We commend to the attentive considc
beok of mission try travels in Africa, thus ration of our reuders of all political par
alludes to one of I lie tribes which are ties, the following article from the Albany
found in thitt terra incognita. J Atlas and Atym the lending Democratic
Hut the strangest of all are the stone journal of New York. It present, in a
told ot the Dukns, who lived among the calm ami temperate manner, tho several
luoist, win in baiuitoo woods to tl.e south of phases of the war question, and gives its
Kiilla and Susa. Only four fuel high, of .own views as to the best and most prac
u dark olive color, caviie and naked, (hy I ticnble niv;ie of bringing the war to an
nave neither houses nor temples, neither end. It opposes separation upon any
lire nor humeii food. They live only on ' terms, denounces the attempt to make
ants, mice and serpents, diversified by a the war one of shivery emancipation, us
lew roots and fruits; thev let their HHils directly subversive of the Constitution
gro.v Jonir like talons, tlin bolter to
dig for ants and the more easily lo tear in
pieces :neir lav irite snakes.
They do not nuirrv. but live iudiscrlmi-
nativo lives of animals, multiplying very
rapidly, and with very little maternal in
ulincl. The mother nurses her child for
o: ! u short time, accustoming it to eat
n tit ..nil :riK.'iit as soon as nnssible : and
when i( Ca.. ln''o itself it wanders awav I
vhere it will, fln'u ('" mother thinks no '
more aUmt it. Tlifl L'''k:i ate iiivuluuMe
as slaves, and are tak.-n in iV're ituuibers.
The slave-hunters hoi 1 up b'lglii, coli.'C'J
clothes as soon as they cjine to the rrtoi.-t
bamboo woods where these human monk,
eys live, and the poor Dokos cannot , re
sist tl e at I ract ions otlei ed by kuc.Ii supe
rior people. They crowd around them,
and ar taken in thousauiN.
In slavciy they are docile, atlached obe.
dicnt.with few wants nnd excellent heidih
They have only one fault luve for ants,
mice and tti pcnt, and a habit of speak
ing to Ycr with their hcH on the ground
nnd their heels in the air. Yer is their
idea of a superior power, to w hom they
are dispiritt d or immy, or tired of ants
und snakes, and longing tor unknown
food. The Dokos seem to come nearest
of all people yet discovered to that terri
ble cousin of humanity "the ape." or Tut Yoi.I'.ntkers. A correspon
dent cl'lhe','iuciniiBtli O.Hwifiru.w ho re
cently .visited the tamp of the Federal
troops in Kentucky, became much inter
ested in a you ill uttached to the "Boone
If ingers." Ileis just sixteen years ol age,
and hai ono of those mild, phasnnt faces,
which are so attractive in u youth. IK
eat quietly, but coutentedlv, with a
f group ot
L. oj ,i .
his corv.r ,de. his large grav
ics 'lancing with delight n. unsophin- I 1 tiliiKi t I'.k tl 1 it I
1 pictured him some mother's favor
ite son, drawn away from the lil-Uel nul
protection by a love of adventure or a spir
it "f patriotism. 1 at last apiuttached Uim.
'How old arc you V was the iiiestiou.
'.N.vtcen years,' he blushingly unseretl.
'Are you noi too young to attempt a sol
dier's life?"
'Too young !' lie exclaimed, i s his I right
eyes flashed. 'No, sir, I ain't. I guess 1
can fight for the Union as well us any
body.' 'Hut you might fall under (ho fatigues
of a inarch."
'Well, if I do, 1 guess my brother's
along, and he'll take care of me. I ain't
afecifd. (Jud protects the right.'
This laiit f.vp""iioii continued the im -pro.-sion
thai tho ,'iiel eolith was relig
iously inclined, but at the same: moment
1 discovered a pack of curds' in hi
What are you doing with these cards?'
I askud.
'Doing with :hem?' answered the mild
unsophisticated Voilth, 'ah; I Aiv ".'''',
;!( li l ;l'in, dfiiiij, r, I alC n;i Iwld i l '
nf a k ind ."
1 stirrcii'lered at discretion.
OnitKHKD to iik Kei.kaskii. We learn
that orders have gone from Washington
to Philadelphia lor the i t lea-e of Messrs.
("urson. Kellv anil lVgram, arrested at
Ilan i.,burg a lew tl.tys since, by or of the
government. It is eiml lo h ive tteen sat
isfactorily proven to the government .that
the vii: of these gentlemen lo the South
was purely on privulo business, and that
the IiiikIs found in their po-session are
the proceeds of collections of money due
tlioin, lUdt. Vhh.
Anv.tvr. in 1'nu r.s. Spirits f Inrpen-
tine has liseii in value to SI ,( er gallon,
t.i.tli I uKtnii lint ltinilv'II(l(. Hilltl Mil- T I
4IIVylf - ' I V v -
S4 oil to
per barrel, now commands from
Jons Miti iui.i. i-.n his Sons. John and the Constitution, and wo have notn
Mitchell, the Iri-h r.-limee, bus two sons ing to urge against llie motives of those,
.u me i,uiiiiM-i..m .. ) , - j
rmle snn u in am nb e to bear arms. John
... . . i ri ti, mo ins
Milchel!. ir.. U captain of a Sou ih Caroli-
...t .i.niAa iiir(tinii i it m i v:u h
nnrked a goa oia ia(iy
1 11, nnxriria 'atll tC I
. ...,-carries 'em to church and eats I
' . BWnke to )ieur lne sermon;
bul',( u 'nl pickled lime, you must
J . . . . .
roma Week days, 1 hey
, J '
:y are secular com-
Faili-ius asn ScipniiOH j-l m i mimb
Commercial Bulletin In ot
The Boston
rlmnpns for the past week, gives nv tail'
O . - . . I., ni.ln.
ii ro nnd suspensions ID v"v...j-
. nt.:i.
. . . . I I I I-
three in New York, two in f hiiaueipina, i
and fourteen in other places toiai oi ,
44 lor tne weea.
Thesa two lines thlt look m olemn,
Are just put hereto fill out this coluuiu.
points out the danger nnd almost absolute
impracticability of holding ihe rebellious
States in subjugation by military power
and finally idviscs the restoration of the
I'nion by the exercii-o of the tamo spirit
of foi bearance, conciliation und compro-
misethut inspired our lathers when it
was oi iginally formed. SureN these sug-
gestions are both rational und patriotic ;
and the more they are considered, tho
more will all reflecting men seo their
torce and propriety. We le!ieve the
tune is not tar distant when the people
w ill take the very ground here prisented, I In the light of Liesc principles, we
,'nd demand a conclusion of the war up- think the Union is to be restored by the
OH jut such terms. Jn this belief, wo ame spitil of forbeiranee, conciliation,
copy t lit article, and give it our hearty I ond compromise, w h eti Inspired our fath -endorsement;
jers in its original foi nation, and that "a
There mnylfl four different modes of ( vigorous prosecutior of the war should
treating the present war, each of which be accompanied by the mom liberal prof,
probably finds more or loss favor in the' fers of pence." If .e are tauntingly ask
minds of the people ut ths present time. I ?d what terms of conpromise we propose,
Let us dwell briefly upon them severally.' we answer such as Holt, Crittenden, till-
1. Xparalinn : -The Administration. thrie, Johnson, and other tried and de
pressed with tho terrible responsibility of voted Union men in the Border States,
conducting such a w;r as this, is likely to t I"H ny "ch as are nceessary to build up
be tempted lo tind relkf from it in let- n Union party ami restore loyally at the
ting the seceding States go in assenting South.
first, perhaps, lo a truce, but finally to a1 We believe we have fairly presented
separation. Whatever denials may be in-, tb views upon which the Democrats and
terposetl by the friends of the l'resident and conservative mui of this State intend
indeed, whatever may be his own feel-' to stand- those whi-li have just been put
ings on this point at this time it is easy forth l y the State 'Jominittee tlinse wo
to see that, as ditliculties multiply, as the anticipate the State Convention of the
ful! magnitude of this war reveals itself, 4th proximo will approve, and that upon
tho tendency of events w ill bo to incline bese views coupled with a stern con
liiin to escape from the horrors w hich demnution of the coiruplion and jobbery
cluster around him through the pathway which hnve thus far Jisgraeed tho prose
of separation. cution of this war the Democrats of tho
To this mode of relief a portion of the -stale. und all w ho synipathi.e with them
Republican partv-the extreme Anti-Shi- d t'ndenin the imbecility of tho pres.
vei v nortion. und The Intuue sc hoo . wi
midilv assent, and. indeed will demand
ibis course, unless their wish to convert
the war into an abolition crusade can bo
giutified. We need hardly saj w hat we
have o often reiterated that to this
mode of ending the war, we are emphat
ically oppostd, us full of calamities for
the future. If such result becomes
necessity, the nation must submit to it, as
to any other unavoidable nltlicliun, but
w e are in favor of resisting it to the ex-
tent ol the anility ot me oovernmeni.aiid
.. . .... .... .i
until further
uier resume ... uiu.u .....
Kmanriitat'um : It cannot be denied
that, there is a largo class of zealous sup
porters of the war, wnose principal inter
est in it is the hone that it will assume
est m u is me none unit it win assume
the character of a wur of emancipation or
the slaves and become a grand t-rusado or
freedom. It is mule upi'iuent thut this
can never occur without an utter dis-o-gard
of the Constitution, and practical
subversion of our present form ol (Iovern
ment but this matters little with the
.iJ'.'ounles of this plan, they are men of
"on, idea" abolition of slavery is, in
their view ti.O only i;ood to be accom
plished and every thing elo should be
saciitieed to that end. Jf tbe ivur cannot
assume this mission, they are lor separa
tion, Ihe men ol tuts class arc more nu
mcrous than may bo generally supposed
Th.-y include not merely vour Cheevers
ami Iieecheri anddreely s but a vast An- tolcrant n.llUiiemenl as ihe party in pow-ti-Slavery
army which swelled lho tri- cr 1V0Ud yoke upon the country. They
unipli of Republicanism a. the last elec- w wUfc u1.m tia lawless stridos which
lion. The Adinimstral ion has already a.e jj,.;,,,, miu! beyond the spirit and ob
disastrously felt the presure of this rath- :prU 0r0'ur institutions, and fuel it their
cal wing of Its party find given way be- Jd tQ mwi(tt Wltll ren0wed enerpy, all
tore it in its "on to Ificlnnond
tiu-iit. It will continue to feel it.
amid the difficulties and trials which this
w;-r will involve, w ill be sorely tempted
l.n'.ut i Im 1m nu nt fif unrrn nmnnrmnti in.
IK u uuiat tin. ui O I
and, it is quite witlrn the limits ofpossi
lilitv. may do it. We need hardly sny
that sdeh a movement such a usurpation
of power and subversion of Constitution
will be opposed by Democrats and cons
i ...
servative citizens to the bitter end, and
can hardly fail to produce a counter revo-
lution in the North.
S'lbjugatim: There Is a plausibility (
In insisting thut this rebellion should be
crushed out and rebel Slates brought back
simply to their o nlty to the federal laws
no in vocate ine nroseeuuoii ui uc
- , , M-lmv hi-p ai-linir with-
solely for that end. I hey aie acting wiiu
in the limits oi me v,onsu.u.,. ii-r"p.
im u i hiuiui n u mv
blood v strmrele of vears' dura-
. w , ,
tinn? Admit that we can neat mem in
the field and dUperse their armies and
inarch our victorious legions over every
teliellious State, will that restore them to
loyalty ? Will it not become necessary w
" ' SJn lhewholo South, and hold it in
bjoction with an immense army and ftt
n nxnnnsa ulterlv ruinous to usr In a
. . r . . w think not -Dem
word, win more uojugiiiiou m mc-uun.
. ... :i -r i. f..ii.
. n,ervat:v0 metl Ht the North.
'..r......tnnntUr views, think no
i -and this brings us lo a consideration of
wtat u ncessury
4. IiUtoratwn t- Eight millions of peo
ple cannot be conquered. They may be
beaton in battle ut every point, but the
war which seems to be ended to-day will
break out at soma new point next week
or next year. Mere defeat will not res
tore their loyalty and make them faithful
citistens nnd willing members of the U
nion. Hebe lion may thus be smothered,
but its fires till burn in the bones of sue
cessivo generations, und flash out anew at
every opportunity. Loyalty cannot be
restored in a -ebellious people except by
concessions o tte part of the Govern-
nicut. It (.ever was restored since the
woi Id mmmenoed.lii any way. No great
j revolution was ever rtfrctually ciushed
out by the iron heel or military power.
An iirunesty, a libtrnl consideration of
causes of complaint, jenerous concessions,
i have often triumphed where ball nnd
I bayonet failed triumphed, too, without
weakening the Goveriment. without in
viting the repetition f rebellion, but nd-
ding strength to tie (iovernment by
bringing willing hearts
nnu strong arms
lo ill support.
...". .- ....... .
l? tho l"tl' nnd abide their verdict.
ll'Cte principles alono can the w
ded with honor nnd ll.o tnioi
war be en-
nion preser-
Position of Democrats.
Our friends, in their tleterinntion tore
sist i lie liiyli-liundi'd designs of the l!e
publicau leudeis,by u continued m.U more
zealous support of the time-honored Dem
ocratic organisation, must not permit
iniiiion . c.i iiiiuui.ii . .
themselves. throui.'li the heat and rar.cor
,ii.ll.i,1 . l..s of tho
lose sigli
.ecui,lir s4Ues M.:,cl, tho
i before us. 1 1 is
ouri'rjf duty to render a cordial allegiance
to the Government, and to obey the laws
which have been enacted lor our obedi-
elK.e i)Ut ,i,is obligation is lar from requi-'
us tjJ M nll out.s,)0ken opinion'
..g,, t l ose acts w e deem improper, or j
prevent s from striving to eieci oineers
who, we Relieve, will rule with more lion-'
esty and efliciency thuu thoso now in
place. Tho republicans have set up an
unti-Democratic test, which virtually is
an attempt to overthrow entire freedom'
ot Speech, opinion and el the Tress, und,
with uniaiallelled bigotry and hatred,1
they endeavor to lix the severest sligmas
on idl alio do not bow down to this new '
I fangled doctrine of theirs. Tho Democ-
,racy, in vhose hands the Constitutional,
..l.rlitu ft t liti. neoiiln have
always iiecu
, -, neyer MUbmit to such an in.'
.... i ....;.;..,. I ,.i..,t,.n, ...a nml niL'cnioiH
i l e in iiuwiin.". i'i- .." -
, i. r.;,.
which Republican leaders
aim to blind tho people to their own base
dishonesty and mismanagement. In do
ing Ihis, so far from committing any act
of injury to our present form of govern
ment, we are pursuing tho only lino
which can maintain it. It becomes plain-
hut the present managers
f i,,.' I1(i N,.tional atl'airs ure une-
. o nnJ l)l6 people will
M (he -l0(l givc(l tlonl ,m op
portunitv to fill Ihe high posts of te
(in,j wj,,
occupants who possess nioro oi
the public confluence. vwerur.
Testixc. Coin iiy Smell. Connected with
the New Y'ork custom-house is a clerk
who-e business it is to receive ami test all
money. Ho is a Spaniard by birth, but
has boon a long while in tho country.
Into a scale he empties a bag of gold or
ilvcr coin, and from the weight in a mo
ment announces the amount in dollars
and cent. He then runs his fingers thro'
the coin severnl times, and applies them
lo his nose, after which he will immedi
ately take out eveiy counterfeit coin. Hi
infallible (acuity of detecting spurious
metal is located in his olftctory organs.
Extract irc a Debate in the Senste
Last Winter. Seward 'The day ol com
promise is past.' Toombs I am glad ol
ft.' Seward 'And so am I.' Crittenden
'I would compromise to the last mo
ment of time, provided we could preserve
the original principles on wniciiiuo gov
ernment is erected.' The 'glad of it' and
the 'o am 1' have got their machinery
pretty weR woik, and w suppose Ihe
managers are glad yet.
Minister on Trial tor Mi-rdeb The
trial of Rev. Henry bridge, for the alleged
murder of his wife now in pro
r t ITtica. New York. The indict-
m.nL contains nine counts, charging
strangulation and cutting the throat of
deceased, also, smothering auu uuttiug
her throat, on the llthof December, 185 J.
The accused is a Congregational minister,
Krom ilio l.ur.crno Union.
The Democratic Party and the Country.
The old issues that divided the Whig
and the Democratic parties, as national
organizations, have pretty much become
obsolete, and the rvhole tendency of par
ties for years past has been towards radi
calism, or jerhapswo should s iy, vltruism,
upon sectional questions every day nar
rowing down the differences tliat former-,
ly divided conservatism, till of late, those
who formcily differed moat earnestly
have found themselves nelim. In,.tlu.r
upon an entirely new political basis.
Four months aeo found us in a new ios
ition, because it found the country launch
ed out upon the untried und untrodden
pathway of civil war. The Democratic
party hud long predicted that such would
be tht result ot u persistence in slavery ng. 1
itation by the two sections of the country J
ery avenuo by which it could reach thel
public conscience, but its ndmor.itions!
wete unheeded and tho shock came at
SiiSt 11 Lh,""derteU:,. la:'0' !!!?! t0.!
Democratic party of the north rallied to
the support of the government a gov-
ernment that uas then and it now pro-,emocrais to opinions sake- ftt a rremiuin. In defeating me I believe
not thai they loved the administration, I ,., ,. , . , , ,'. , .
but because they loved their co'in try and n,y 'noctatic friends only d:d so that
the Constitution. 'bey might yet a stronger ticket. I think
flushed wilh political success nnd in they have done this in the selection which
fatuated with the idea of sectional ubju ; ihey have made ; and ono which will bo
gation, the party ol the administration . r , .. , , ,
would tolerate no ditl'e.ence of political Ui vcM ifdetnccrats are proporly arous
senliment oi action. They inaugurated a e lo l'ie interests of their cause. I would
reign of terror and promulgated the su not wish to crowd myself forward as ucan
preniacy of mob law wherever the actions didate. to tho injury of our cause : but
ol the administration were questioned by ,i,0 . , ,
the press, by public meetings or by nhw SMr,iv '"X own wwhes, and pecu
vidual opinion. A determination was , nmr' interests, for the good of tho only
evinced to accomplish by violence, if political party now worth preserving. Hut
necessary, what political action never had I think it is due to myself here to say that,
accomplished, the destruction of the Dem- ceneidcring tho nomination or Mr. Test a
ocrutii: puny of this country, l or u tune , . fcr , ,. ,
the timid faltered, but those whoso con- hxo1 'ltct' I ad little or no exertion lo
science told them that the Democratic be nominated, and if 1 had been allowed
party was light, und who had the boldness to consult my own feelings, I would have
to stand by their ny.ctions still stood wil,ulrawn fl.oln lho cont(Wl long boforo
hrm, appealing with all the cloquones ol . b
patriotism and of national history to the l" election, lho reason I thought tho
traditions and doctrines of their ialhers nomination of my opponont so certain
foi therectitudo of their purposes and the u as, that ho had been a candidato before,
correctness of their doctrines. 1 ,ir,..t i i.. ii., ,t
.. ., , it i it and tleleated. Jn tint contosl ho canvas-.
four months have rolled away and Im- , , , .....
hold what a change! Democrats now ; feJ tho county tliorouhly, and since ihen
know thut they were right, as their history bus spared no pains to make his election
has been right heretofore. Every step sure ; thus he becamo acquainted, whilst
i!'4'nJ':!lSil,e""V!nf,1 by tl' ?tate or Nft" 1 1 -o.nrnrntivo strani-er to most of
tional Adininisiraiiuii utneo tins war com- ' . -.- ., . T . .
menced has but revealed the 1ncompetcn. t,, clUie"H of the couuly- In talklu
cy or criminal corruption of those who witl1 n,iuy members of our party, I found
have the destinies if the country in it to be their opinion, that for tho abovo
eiiarge. wi lions ot doi ars voted uy a
geneioiisand loyal people for the support
ol the govcinmeut have been squandered
cn speculators und political robbers,
while the soldiers of the Union, for whoso
comfort and efliciency this money w as vo
ted, have been forced to subsist on b;nl
food and fight in rags. The merest polit
cal hacks, who never saw a militia nius
and had no idea of service on tho field,
have been made commanders of tens of
thousands of gidlaul men, over the head
of Ihe tried generals of the Republic, on
ly to march them into Ihe jaws of des
truction and leave them there, while they
saved their worthless carcasses by timely
retreats and the superiority of fust horses
over human locomotion. Hundreds of
millions squandered, thousands of gallant
live lost widows and orphans multipli
ed commerce destroyed, industry para
lyzed, laboring men by the thousands
turned out ol employment and their
families starving.every in't of tho country
prostrated and lho Union dismembered
such are the fruits of tho last fourinonths
of the present lion compromising civil war
administration of this covei ntnent. And
then how dark and gloomy the future !
Who can prophecy or tell with certainty
where these things shall end ?
Such being the case, wo ask in all pat
riotic cundor, ii not the country satisfied
that there is .. necessity for the Demo
cratic party ? With all this accumulation
of disasters, is there not need for the con
servative counsels and administrative ex
perience of that party that carried Ihe
country triumphantly through tho hist
wur with England the war with Mexico
and in fact through all the great tribu
lations or lho government sinae its organ
ization until this present lime ? The
heart of eveiy honest man tells him, yes.
Tfca great conscience ol the country has
responded to this sentiment like ono
great throe of distress for the last three t,e nominees of the party ? 1 answer,
weeks lhat after all we have forsikenl . ,. .m i ti .
tho gods of our rather, and plunged head , n,ost unequivocally, yev fliongU I have
foiemost from the rock of our nafely into, hecn defciled, my hulli in Denxicraey ha
the billows of discontent and disaster. not in tiio least degree been impaired.
How shall we rocover? Is row tho qucs -
lion llie ati.ious tp;jt-siiuii ti evut yr pan i- j
olio citizen in tho land. We answer only
by unceasing effort, and by the strictest
pro ervation of our Democratic organiza
tion and discipline; and now is the time
to eoni nence. The administration party
must be arresled in its blind and reckless
career this very fall. So far as Slate ad
ministrations can bo controlled it must bo
done legislatures must bo elected with a
view for instance in Pennsylvania of
exposing the robbery and corruption and
of bringing the guilty to punishment.
Every department of government that can
be reached must be filled wilh honest un
swerving Democrats, and thus gradually
we may acquire power to take ihe difli
oulties of the country into safer hands and
bring about an honorable and lasting
Peace a peace that shall perpetuate the
Union and re establish the government.
It may be too late, but it is worth the trial
the people are with us. Democrats, on
ward to duty,
4sSNcarlv the whole amount, $10,000,-
000, of the new loan, assigned to Boston,
has beeu already lakon.
$1 25 per Annum, ifpaidinndv ance
Tor the Republican.
Messrs. EJilom :
Since tho 10th of this month, a great
many persons in this county have been
sailing under the above caption. Eying
one of those common personages myself,
and not hiving an opportunity before, of
giving my endorsement of the result of
ihe late Primary Election, by your permis
sion, I will do so now, through the col-
umns of your paper,
In locking over the returns, as eiven
last week, I notice Hint only one hundred
undthirty-thm, free and independent tit-
I'7'6"8 0,t,lis county, wish me to continue
us a candidate, while fourteen hundred and
thlrty.-sU; (whoso voice I intend to heed.)
T- I- view ofthis
'uct' fc'enl'emen, you may dncoctinue the
announcement of my name, for I hare eon-
eluded, alter comparing figurct with him, not to
I " candidate ,,,ge, It is true, I have
oeen defeated gloriously, too but inise-
i 'Tt m
niy case, has plenty of company j
for, defeated candidates just now, are not
reason, hij claims were stroim"r than thosn
of any other mm, and his success certain ;
theiefore I never cutcriuinoil tho most
remote idea of success, but hopoil, by fol
lowing in his wake, tho precedent upon
which lie was nominated would not bo
disregarded throe years hence.
Upon thoso persons who promised mo
their support in townships whore there-,
turns show that I did not receive a vote
I have no refloclions to cast, lut would
merely suy to them, "honesty is tho best
policy." I will not condemn thein, but
cun only excuse them upon the samo
ground that a certain man named Jones,
did his friend Smith. Jones was a candi
date for office, and went to Smith to know
if he could depend on his support ? "Oh,
j 's" iJ -Smith, "I will vote for you, and
; do all cau for you." "Well, do," said
Jones, "and here is five dollars lo pay
your expeuses. I ho election passed oil,
nnd the returns showed that Jones hadn't
n tingle vote in .Smith's district, lie went
to his friend and si.l, "Smith, how does
il come that jn your district, where you
i promised to vote for me, and do nll you
I tiiii1,l Cult inn T Viiutl umifkiirAil n t rt t 9'
"Oh, w ell," said Smith, "1 will toll you all
about it. 1 tried to get every body I saw
to vote lur you ; I did all I could, and on
the day of the election I roluinod home,
went into my closet, got down on my
knees, and tried to persuado myself that
1 ought to voto for you, ar.d I'll bo d d
if I could doit!"
It muv be asked bv some, will I support
' j though rny party slay me, twill
serve it. I will not support a man, who
is not a strot-g Union man, at a timo liko
the present; when our country is in dan
gor ; but as I believe all our candidate
are such, 1 can snfoly say I will sopport
them. I am not of that peculiar cIium of
men, who, because they cannot rulo, they
would ruin. 1 won't secodo and run
against the tickot, for I am a Union man,
and opposed to secession. Tho only ob
jects 1 have in view, therefore, in this con
test, are tho success of the Democrat io
nominees, and the preservation of this
government. Trusting that both may bu
equally successful, I remain.
Respectfully yours,
General Lvon. Tho belli of tho varioiu
churchos at Webster, Mass., wore tolled
at noon, on Thursday, in respetit lo the
niouioiy of Gen. Lyon.
:'t '