Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, September 04, 1861, Image 2

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WKlnMiUj- Morninff Arpt 4. ISO!
ton AOxfMIU.V,
( . ..AltliY, of Klk county.
K J. NlCKOlsoN,ofJi-lftnioiico.
ton AKPoriATi: jnor,
J. I). THOMI'SON, ol'CurwenHville.
JAMW It LOOM, ofUloomTp.
K I) WARD PKItKS, of Morris
JACOB KUNTZ, of Brady Tp.
JOSEl'll yilAW, of Lawrence
('HAS. S. WORRKLL, of Chest
ISHAEL TEST, of Clcnrtind
J. W. FOTTEH, of Girard tp.
Tho Meeting at Carwensville.
A meeting called by gome ninety ignpr8
representing themselves nf Democrat, v. as
to be hold at Curwensvillo lust evrnin p,
!br tho purposo of "spitting upon and re
f.udiating" the St. Mary's platform.
Among tho signers to thit call, vre rrc
ognizo the names of several who have
heretofore been recognized as entirely
consistent in their adherence to the usa
ges of the Democratic party, and, w ith
out knowing the facts, we venture to say
that their names were obtained through
misrepresentation of some sort or other.
The instigators of this movement may
probably be incere in their motive. 1 1
tuny bo that it was not intended as a means
of securing the defeat of certain Demo
cratic candidates. If so, they can easily
eatisfy the public of this fact by at once ac
quiescing in the action the Assembled Democ
racy of the county in this place last evening.
The professed object of the meeting at
Curwensville, is to repudiate certain of
the resolutions adopted at the recent leg
islate conference at St. Mary's. That
they are susceptible to objection, wo have
heretofore admitted. But we submit to
those at the head of this movement
whether it would not have been wiser to
have waited until it wu ascertained
whetLer those entiaients were assented
to by the Dornocracy of this or any other
of the counties composing the district ?
or whether, it they would prjaerve the
harmony of the Democratic party, they
should not have applied to the Chairman
of the County Committee and madea
formal call of the Democratic, party of the
county? Their fuilure to do either of
uxw tniugs, ana m;. .n;-e - meet
ing in the manner they did, is entirely
irregular and disorganizing.
As to the St. Mary's resolutions, we care
but little about them. The delegates
were sent there to nominate candidates
not to make platforms. State and Nation
til Conventions do this. And nobody is
bound, in any degrco, to the expressed will
of ten or a dozen gentlemen attending a
district convention. If the people enter
tain any doubts as to the sentiments or
opinions of the candidates, it is to them
that application should ba made ; or to i
the countios presenting them. And how
is itwitk Dr. Early and Maj. Nicholson ?
Does any one doubt the loyalty or patri
otism of either ? They cannot that of the
latter, as he is now in the service him
self and has also a eon a mere lad
in Capt. Brady's company of Brookville,
now quarterod in tho same encampment
with tho brave volunteers from this coun
ty. This should place him boyond the
reach of suspicion. As ti Dr. Early, he '
waB present at the greut out-pouring of
tho Democracy of Clearfield in this place
lust night and unqualifiedly endorsed the
proceedings therein exploited.
We deeply regret this movement
this lime-not that we apprehend any te
rioiw consoquonccs in a political point of
view ; but bocause this is a time, above all 1 ists in any Slate to secede from the Union,
Other., when Democrats should set i ' or to nullify the laws thereof.
. , . , ., , . . , licsolved, 1 hat thik is no time fcr d:ssen
harmony, ihey know that the lustory of j,ionB criminationSi or U8eleM discussions
th country is the history of the Demo- M to the origin of the war, or where the
emtio party. Thoy know their party i responsibility rents ; that a rebellion ex
wuhout power in tho General Govern- J H,,fl R'' ,llt,u,cI lrive to bring about
nit nt, or in any of the States. They know
that it is. their parly that hasslways resi-u.
ed the country from all its previous perils.
They also know that if the power bad re
mained vith them, peace and prosperity
would have remained to bleisour land.
These and other reflections, to which they
lead, should admonish every Democrat to
lay aside'allpersonal andindividual prefer
e nces and prejudices all minor, local and
side issues and unite together as a band
of brothers to place that good old Union
making and Unionpresorviug party of
Jederson and Jackson again in power.
.5iy We would merely say. in reply to
tho Titteburgh Dispatch, that inasmuch as j
the Republicans in Congress last winter I
rejected oahe plans ol compromise and
...... . . . . . .ipreacnea witn impunity, ir truth
reconcillialion onored-at loast two oifree j0 COmbat it.
which plans, according ta the evidence of Resolved, That so much of the
Senator Tugh and the late benstor Doug"
las, would have been satisfactory lo the
Cotton States it is hardly fair, honest or
logical to say that "to all overtures by
peace conventions,' the Secessionists-
were contomptuouslv deaf." Zither those
Senators or tba Dispatch is in error, udidatesin8tLe eountv and the District of
wa ure perfectly eatisbed that the public
are to judge which
..i.v)' orrrofinsti
! rrir r.vo.v - mu voxstitftios
T u k t. a r .v .
(ne of lli largest, moil imposing nd
most enthusiastic political demonstrations
ever made in Ilia county came off in thi
place Inst night. Hut tnree ) "ullluiand ,lt
was given, yet every purl 01 m couniy j
was represented, nnd that too, hy ti e
(rue and genuine representative men of
the people. Hut one feelitig pervaded tho
I . 1 I 1. . I . n n aliirllnif IaVA fllf
ninBBUB, llllll Hlfc nnr ' " g .-.
tne I'nion and the Constitution, an J a
firm determination to sustain the orgnni
'zation of the Democratic party, au i so
jcuro tltf election of ii candidates, as tho
;only mean through which our country
can be restored to its formor condition of
; prosperity and happine'.
j Tho meiling r.'M called to ord'r by 1.
J. (Vans. Chairman of the County ;m-
'tnittee, by rending thecall nnH moving
'that John M. Cumir.inga, of New Wash
ington, net as President; when,
On motion cf W. A. Wallace,
lowing gentlemen were selected
tho fol-
as Vice
Presidents ird Secretaries.
Orier H.-l! of Ferguson tp.
Amos Hile of Lumber city.
Jno. Flegnl of I'enn tp.
Cyrenus Howe of Decatur.
II. J. Uite of Girard.
Francis Coudriet of Covington.
James Duiigherty of Law renco.
Geo. lleckendoi n of Karthaus.
David Tyler of Huston.
Andrew, Jr., of IiraJy.
Jacob Wilhebii of Graham
.mac Kline ot Bradford.
J. II. Jones ot Morris.
Dr. G. V. Stewart of New Washington.
W. W. Worrall of Chest.
Andrew Tauzer of Pike.
Kobt. C. Shaw of Goshen.
Philip Miller of Boggs.
David Wlcty of Union.
Fatrick Kerns of Curwensville.
A. K. Wright of Cleat field.
Conrad Baker of Knox.
C. M. Cadwalladcr of Woodward.
Secretaries?. T. Hegarty of Ccvington,
S. Floral of Tenn, A. C. Tate of Lawrence,
and D. F. Etzweilcr of Clearfield.
On motion, L. J. Crans, Hon. J. F.
Hoyt. Jr J. W. Fotter, Hiram Woodward,
Eli Bloom and D. W. Moore were ap. oin
trd a committee to draft molutions ex
presiive of therensc of the meeting.
After the Committee had retired Fx
Gor. Bigler was loudly called for, who ap
peared and addressed the meeting during
the absence of the Committee.
At the conclusion of his remarks, the
iitiee tnrough their Chairman, Mr.
Crans, reported the following Resolutions,
which were unanimously adopted.
Whereas. A wide s pread rebellion exists
which has for its object the dismember,
men l of our glorious Union; and the Dem
ocratic party of Clearfield county, having
assembled in Mass Convention to express
their vie rs touching the present condi
tion of the country
Be it litsotved. That the history of the
country is the history of the Imocratic
party ; that as in the psst, the Democrat
ic party has ever zealously and actively
supported the powers that be in
i i.minir th nntionitl honor, and defend-
in tlie .ymbol of our nationality, so in
the present and in the future when stout
hearts and willing hands are needed, the
Democracy will cordially give to any ad
ministration all the moral, nnterial and
physical force necessary to crush rebellion,
to relist invasion, or to wipe out any in
dignity which may be offered to the Na
tion. Jicsolvcd, That we will stand by the
present Administration and aid it in all
legitimate measuies whilst its objects may
be the preservation of the Union, tho en
forcement of the laws, and the maintain
ance of the Constitutional rights of the
people, but will not countenance any et
for t. to destroy the institutions of any sec-
jtion of our common country.
I Resolved, That the Democratic party
allhave evor held that the Constitution, with
lhereofi ron(ltl,ule tll HupttZB Uw of
the land ; and we deny that the r ight ex-1
sucn a soeeuy ana nonoraoie aamsirneni
orouraimcuit.ejas wm mane us again a
happy, great and united people.
. j,. i.. i
juaovm, mat rnasmuctias sucn a statei.
ftf .IV.:.. ...1 .
ofallairs as the present was never antici - .
patea, and no provision exists which en-
able the Fresidcnt or anv other nower
w,,or any oiner power
in our povprnmonl In ,..,.
adjust difficulties, and as this may cause
.. 7" . l'"!'"" '
the war to be prolonged and the bitter
ne..sand horrors thereof incrprl . mnA
since a
. . . . .
canons.! wravrnilpn u hn on v
competent au
.1 .
-- - ' J UIUCI riietn
nnr iv in nn lai r,,4..M.Hn...i
between the btates. we are in favor of ear
ly provision being made for the call of
such a Convention that thereby a prompt
and lasting peace may be made.
Resolved, That whilst we think the con
dition of the country may demand ex.
treme and unaccustomed measures, vet
we regard any attempt to control freedom
of speech and freedom of the press, as a
1 .1 ........ -
aanro"8 "l'.enmcni. trror rosy
tions passod at the St. Mary's conference
as conflict with the above expressions
opinion, do not reflect the views of the
Democracy of Clearfield county, and we
disavow and refuse to be bold responsible
Resolved, That the Chairman of the
v :
' Cl.nfltnil rVmmUiAA ! T Pi"! t Ka HBnili.
ihe action cf this meeting and request
, Afli r Iho l tl"n l th irhuilii,
the tnfi'linf a l.lnTi , lyV. A.
, Walln. i itnl Wrml Tr., Pi( , nnd v. l
, If. tally and Dr. T. .1 D"t, h illo
J ihnir hisrty npprowil 1 1 lln t solution
lad opted.
I At the rotx buion nf W, Itom's re-
marks Mr. CrniiH i.Iii'mm tho mrr-ling,
ktntinft Unit I n had consulted ith nil the
candidates in the county mi. I district cx -
rrptingMr. Nli hoUon, that be was advis
ed I hat Mr. Nicholson hint since hi nom
ination rnteiTil and left with a company,
son in the aimv and that
each ciiiiduliite had drcliired the senti
ments of this meeting to be their senti
n cnts, as each candidates name was men
tioned, three hearty cheers were given.
Wm. F. Johnson, T. J. McCullough,
F., and Maj. Jas. Blocm, severally ad
dressed the meeting.
Hon. J. P. Hoyt moved that this meel'g
pledg' the support of the Democracy to
all the county and district nominees, and
that the proceeding bo published in all
tlie Democratic papers of tho district.
(in i.-inMnn ihfl inoi'iii.i niinuriioil with
V., - 0
.i i f. .1.. it..:.... i . i. 1 1
three encers ior m union anu mc icm-
J M 1? ' f inv-vs sin niu ""-'l'"
ocratio ticket. 'sibly be spared from other Suites, until
Three cheers ivero then given for our ' tho fortifications thrown up around these
valiant boys who now are Uofending the ples shall have been rendered aullioient
rapitalof Lc nation-nnd tho assembly 'y strong to nuke it possib 0 for a small
ciijmni ui ui. j ,llimher ot ti-onns to seciiro the r defence.
then quietly Jifpeued.
Another Battl? inthc Kanawha ValUy.
,,,,,,, , , vi T .
Cul. 1 vlcr'S til OlWO KeiJiniCnt
Surrounded by 3000 Confederates, ciousiy erected batteries have added nu
Kmiv. j trial strenaih. A position at Cape Girar-
ii'Pit? 'IT rif'TfT
A Dh-hl VAlXliU 1'lUltl.
CiNCtNSATi, Aug. 27. e leuin from
the Kanawha that Col. Tyler s forces t
Sumiuersville, Va., were surrour.ded and
badly defeuted by the rebels under l loyd
i.nettl naulair HIT lllnrri t II IF .X 11 IllLlLIt.lllHI B i
.1 v : .. . .
have vet been received.
l tj T50Wi wrtj smv ft - - 1
ClSCI.NKATTI, Aug. 1U O CiOC 1. M.
The next boat is due at GnlLpohs to-
morrow morning, ana nouunj; ;urinei
from Kanawha Valley can be obtained
till then.
Cincinnati, Aug. 28. The following are
all th j particular we csn learn of the bat
tle at Cross hanes, near ummersviiie, on
the 2Gtb, (Monday,) which appears to
have been a bloody affair :
The Seventh Ohio Kegimeut, Col. iyler,
was surrounded while at breakfast, and
attacked on both flanks and in front, sim
ultaneously ; our men immediately form
ed for battle, and fought most desperate
ly and bravsly, while they saw but little
chanco ol success I he enemy proving too
powerful tor Colonil Iyler s lorce lie sent
forward to his baggage train which was
coming up three mile distant and turned
it back towards Gauley bridge, which
place it reached in satety.
Companies B, C and I, suffered most
severely. They particulai ty were in the
lllMl.nll" Kh I1I1B11J I'JUgUl
their way through fearful odds, making
dreadful havoc in the enemy's ranks.
The rebel force consistod of 3.UUU mtan-
try and 400 cavalry and ten guns.
The Federal torccs. aner cutting tneir
woy through the enemy s ranks, were
much scattored, but soon formed again
and reneaed their lire, but received no
reply or further pursuit fron the ene-
mv. .
Our loss is not yet definitely ascertain
ed, but not over v:00 are missing ot the
900 men engaged. The rebels los was
Lieutenant Colonel Crcighton captured
the enemies colors and two prisoner.
The following is a list of the officers
known to be killed: Capt. Dyer, Co. D,
ofPainosville: Caul. ShurthO, Co. C, of
Oberlin ; Capt. Sterling, of Co. I ; Adju
tant L. Do Forest, of Cleveland ; Lieut.
Charles Warrant ; Sergeant King, of War
rn. The other field officers are all safe.
Summersvi!le i the county-teat of
Nicholas county, the next east of Kana
wh county, and is about fifty miles from
Charleston, the central position of the
Kanaw ha Valley. It is about twenty-five
miles from Gauley Bridge, and Up the
Gauley river. On the 17lh instant the
Richmond Enquirer staled that General
Floyd's command was ten miles west of
Lewisburg, in Greenbrier county.only a-
1 1 va " to ivii ajio ii v v v t
bout filty miles distant from Summers-
villn . llmt Gn. Flovd's bricada had been
lately "reinforced and supplied with
proved arms," and that he would '
vanco against Colonel Tyler in a
Advance of the Federal rickets to Bai.
. J
ku's Cross Roads-
The Confederates
inrowingup Antrenenmcnts.
Wamunoton, Aug. 19. A messenger
from the Virginia side this morning
stat..' that our picket forces advanced to
! tlai'la,.'. Pkim. .....u.... n A 1 . ... a
I'aiivi wu'D) luuui iroiiiuin
tho,eofthe ,ecessionists half a mile be-!
d wh ., u .j t, , . t,.'
'oj ivj i ii'dj i uiiui rniiHiiij, siiti uiuio
f .. :,
never antlCI!.ntfi ' ,u...: , .
1 th iiiwichiwii vi i.v.ii ujnim inic t'llllliriiuo
- j ' .L . . 6 .
tl ei c j
m. There was much 6ring durrng the day,
l , lh , ftl ,
I - " - 'fr i ' vinn iiv.iMi.viH.-'.
, anil am 1 111 im iiiu un siiiiraiirnMinnii
1 ". . .
Th. nk.k i.nt. ......11. -r ...
jtion have removed eUewkere,
some of
. 1 . .1
k'is cuy.
I A rth nl SunMCinn e.v. r t 1 .finnr. I
. .,, ..
lea ov tne messt-neer. was mndn t wnat
lliAlf .iir.linDn1 I - J......J
w r: . -
they supposed to be a deserted cannon.
After about twelvo rounds had been fired
at it from their howitzers, on making a
near approach, they discovered it to be a
sham, some of the Michign boya having
for sport deceived the enemy by mounting
a itovt pipe on an old pair of wheels.
uaniet h.nirnlo. or the !ecoiid Michi -
( gan Regiment, was killed by the aociden-
iai discharge of a gun m the hands of
SHOCIlNO. The Cornine. Jo irnal aavs
that one dsy last week, a young man na-
L j r.i. , . -
u,ed Sherwood was killed at Bath, by be -
ins acc uenia f inrnwn 11 r.r,n - ;-t, 1 a,.
. " . .. : , vi.v..
.aw av wmcn ne was at work. It cut
cross cis nip ana into his back to the
1 1 . 1 . , .
to the
ZLTi a 1 ' K,n8 Tew steps,
JSFetor Ritner, a brother of ex-Gov.!
Riter, of Pa., and formerly a resident of
Clearfield county, died in Cass county,1
j Ind., on the 10th Aug , at the sge cf 67.
,1-fi'.n.v. ,.f tV r f ,'...! 77.r..
i ni'.f IiVii, 'mnnif irfif iiri' f Af
( Sf n-. iii n ,Vii ,i I'umiti.f n, 1 1
Tlu'Kl. ,(inU rot Itspoii'lriit tf the N.
Yiik 7'imn, willing under 'Imp nf August
VI. vt
I'I.a ..,! I in u it I lntlilAI-t- linA aixillK
'0f t,. Mimomi livrr snd wri of .N lU'i nn
pity, in now in tlio hand of the pinvuy. A
'f1"'1"" l ' "!nl'i'l Miomi iiill i onoo
show that lhi line- isd-awn by the 0Btf
river, and thnt its tnilitarv cccii'Plnn is
ofthn hiiihest iiniioriiin.T. This liilP is
almost completely in the hands of tho en
nmy. Bodies of troops belonging to Jsek -
sons southwestern Army, nave ihkch
possession of Warsaw, TuHcunibiu and On
ccoln. And what makes it worse, tho
most important strategical points on the
Missouri liver, north of this line, viz:
Kannaa city, Lexington nnd Boonevillo,
are unoccupied, and the lust two plaros
are now virtually in the hands of the ene
my. Should Kansas city bo added to the
list, and Oon. lUrdeo'a or lien. Price's
forces at the same time mako nn advance
from tho south, tho western half of the
Stato will be entirely lost to our forces.
It muy bo impossible to prevent thin,
since the first and most necessary duty ol
the Wtstem
Department is to sncure St.
Louis and Jefferson City, ror this pur-
. .., ,, inn. 1I1..1 e,.r. im
'whilo the great body of tho army can bo
'pushed forward in offensive movements
against the enemy. The most important
strategical points for the dofe-.ico of the
city of St. Louis and hflerton City from
an attack from the South are Rolla.
I ron ton , ai:d Ciipe Girardeau, lronton
' v.. -j 1 .r c :i. 1
mJ l coiliiueriiu nnie uuin in iu nu n
n.,llr.i -dvantAje.. to which a few iud
tleaii could bo much easier secured by the
(:oniedcrate troops ; and in that case they
J would have complete control of the naviz-
ti . r ., Misfis.,ir.ii. Boats niiuht be so
red to convv ti, iroons within a vorv
hort di,Innce 0f St.. Louis, if thnt should
;be ,no a,... . Bl,d tle lato af.emnt to
erect a battery at Commerce seems to
warrant this conclusion.
Unfortunately, Cape Girardeau ii not
very strongly defended, nor is it at pres
ent possible to send down more men
We must simply it, and if we lose the
position, try to get our troops in time
back to St. Iouis.
The most expoi-ed point at present is
Holla; and ail the movements of the en
emy seem to bo directed towards thai
place. The greatest portion of Gen. Sie
gel'a army consisting of the Third and
Fifth Missouri, Fir t and Second Kansas,
snd First Iowa, all three months volun
teers, whose let m of fei vice had expired
long before tl.B battle of Springfield
have returned to St. Louis, to L'j muster
ed out of set vice, and reorganized for
three years. This leaves little more than
six thousand men at Holla for the present
Gen. Siegel is still here, arranging plnr.s
for future operations with Major General
Fremont. His chief want is artillery and
cavalry, which the Department is at pre
ent unatle to supply. The only cmalry
mc havo t present is Col. Marshall's Firs'
Regiment Illinois Cavalry, now at Jeffer
son City.
Jefferson City itsell is garrisoned at
present with liv thousand tion s under
the chief command of Gen. Grar.t. Forti
fications will be erected, mid Homo!
Guards organized in a similar manner as
has been done in St I oui-, with a view to
-rt.s - . p,-. A, fH .U f,A a.
the least pi.Kib! expense of men, who
will all bo needod when the proper time
arrives for offensive deiuonstr.itions.
The forces of McCullocli and Price arc
for somo times dvancing towards the
north. Both Price and MrCnllmM,
have issued aprnclauiations to the Peo
ple of Missouri, inviting them to
return to the gove:nmont of thoir lejal
Governo, Jackson, and prorniung pardon j
to ait union men who win so aeknoui
edge allegiance to his F.xcellency. Mo
Culloch is especially profuse in his protes
tations of mild treatment, and to give the
devil his due, he has been nol only mild
hut even kind to our prisoners, who all
unite in praises of his gallantry and cour
tesy. Most of the prisoners have been
unconditionally released, and are now on
their wnv home. This mildness has a
significant meaning. Jackson inlendj
projably to stake all on theeleclion, nnw
so ntar at hautl, ana so kicdl arranged
. . 'IU tl It C
7r "'"F "' '"Y ,T
ul,v ' ."V" , " , l'""1""' UUU!
. . . .i . . . .. i. .i
day conies
and unlei-s the mol vigorrus nieBsures
are resolved upon to clca.- :he State of the
traitoas before the 1st of November, lie
will be re-elected, and the whole action
jof the Convention declaired null and void.
",M9 ibe.Mo-r Icr Miasou-
1 r l ul fn Iiia uhn a l.pinn I h Uiit u iif h
. muil fi0 our ntmot to avert.
n Southeast Missouri matters have
been quiet since the skirmish at Com-j
j merce. Get:. Hardee is atGrec nville with
i about sventy-five hundred men ; and
. .1 1 fF Tbrm i itnn ittiri l Ke i-iriiiit v rf Silf !
ton, with a simdar ft.rce. Our advance
- Uard in that direction is Col Hecker's
I ro0ii,.rt T-.niv.fnrih Ti'i
t,r. wliiMi . f trcan ,...r.-J .t
, b - - -J ...... ..o . . u . .
i i.:t. ;. j
- -- I - - 1
11 1. . n iii,ii lasau 1 'i ( irii l v 111 uui 1 !. 11 ai.
. . , '
Marble creek ... , .
Troocs are sti 1 nounnir in from Ohio
. . '..
anil nUlinni I inra in a . mnunl .
bout twenty thousand troops iu tho city.
i B&SrWe are verv much obliged to the
, ui:: - t xi .fi..
"tcnrui uuu ouheihe . i u-
, thersburg for attending to our business at
hit office. We hope he vill not neglect
his own while he is attending to ours.
FRy ViHGiNl a. -Un Wednesday last. Cap'
tain 3riracue, of the Ohio Seventh, was)
i ,i,.j -.m, i r hi. v,ii. i
bis way to Weston. Va. Another of his !
cuards was killed by the rebel cavalrv.
?d the fourth escaped to bring the sad
jh or A ftIK1,t Centsn aiuak. -Mrs
AfrAJ Cl ur lfllAUUt.iik.ianuiii wia
! Mary Parmenter. of Rochester, died ro
eentiy at me ace 01 io- years, ror a
... .m
etury she had never known but
Rontnrv ah a liaii ncvpr known but fine
jRy gickness, except that incidental to
,.hirtcen additions to the Aaierican
"The price of ptseage from New
York to Albanv bv the steamers lsasn
Newton and New World ha been reduc
d to fifty cents.
To Hip tVmpft alt n( l lrai firM ("nnnty
n lh mi .n!in, lVm'Tints, I
In i irj' th it tlii' mU wnv I i"'" n hin
oi ililn 1 1 s' o and to t i i'M r t In-1 'nil in, i
I lllt' llv rtush this rtli ki'd t 1 1 i'Mi I y
bi iii)(iii(t to bnar np'Mi it nil tlm inilttaty
Plul lili'tnl j i w pis of (lie jfovpi mni'lit,
that it is the duty tl nil "od litrilis,
wiihi'iii ii'sp"'t to putty in this cur hour
ol liotiMo to Lilly t i tho auppott of tho
p.ivri nini'f.t ai'iiiti'-t tlio neiiuln of trui
i.ui nliiulirr ouch niults t li.ri r.l from
rebels in nuns, or thorn; in our midst wbo
. . . ..i . a i ..... ; i i
.,.,1 i,,,i,.vinf (m I liov llintnnv Imlf.
; j,iirv 0r pretended scheme of compromise
, wj(, (..1k in nnns, is only cnlculaled
to eneouinue rebellion, divide the Union
and disgrace us ns a nation ; and that the
patriotic ciuro of such Democrats as
Hon. Joseph Holt, of Kentucky; Hon..
Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee; Gon,
Itutler, of Massachdsetts ; (len. Dix, and
Daniel S. Dickinson, of New Yoik ; and
the lato Stephen A. Douglas, of Illinois,
in giving their powerful uid t the admin
jiatralion in suppressing treason nnd re
bellion, merits tlm approval and imitation
of a 1 1 true Democrats.
Wo therefore ulU'rfi r-putlite and sp'.t up
on, a great portion of tho platform l.iid
down by tho lato representative conven
tion held in the ltoi'Diih of St. Mary's
Klk county, by a few would he leaders in
our party who in their zeal to destroy
tho Republican party, would rnk the de
struction of this glorious government. and
cull upon tho Democrats of Clearfield co.,
who would not have fastened upon them
and their party tho odium ot disloyalty
and treason, and w'.io njiroe in sentiment
with us to unite in hiking measures to
havo persons bl represent us in our legis
lature, who tiro in f.nor of maintaining
thoir government arid 'he Union, (no
matter what party or prrc0n for 'he time
being administers thnt government; at n.'i
hz.trd.i nnd at every sacrifice; and who
nro opposed to treating with trtr.ej rebels
and traitors on any- terma. To cllec! this
object wo invite all good Dcmocrit. to
meet at Curwensville on Tuesday evening,
Sept. 3, 1801, to tnle such action as may
be deemed test under the cii cur.sta:ici s.
John McNaul
Thos. Bloom
H. P. Thompson
R. W. McXaul
Henry Hih
Gainer P. I'.Inom
(h'o. A. I'.l ;oni
Samuel Ii win
Samuel leort'O.
Adam Su her
I.t-wis M. I.n nite
Jno. Guilm
Fd. (locdwin
Solomon .1. Gates
B. F. Sterling
(!co. Ivott'.obcrpcr
W'ni. J. Hemphill
Hugh W. Mullen
Daniel Sloppy
Wm. M. Henry
.'ereiniiih Klino
Wm, G. Joliusoii
M'illiaai Weight
t'osej'b A. Setter
Jes;o G.isis
Edward M. Peters
John Kline
John Livingston
1'enjntnin Hloom
Thomas A. Hoover
Joseph R. Miller
James Arthurs
Hiram Passmoro
John J. Miller
Mostii It. Donning
. P. Wil l-i-JuniPs
F. Shoop
Geo. H. Hail
Jas. Hilo
Ros P.loom
JhcoIj Koulo
Win. L. Horn
Juo. W. lluvs
David Hor.i
Jno, BiirjH
Win. H, do
Jno. W. Cleaver
Henry Kern
Daniel Faust
A. T. Mason
K. J. .lohiison
.las. II. Fleming
Jarob Hoover
Jno. H. Hoover
G. B Dulo
Jacob Iligler, Jr.
Wm. K. llarriger
Ino. (. Shtiberts
Jno. Y Dinger
U. C. Taylor
Jr.o. Smith
Win. Henry
Jackson Bnn?a!l
Reuben I!. Horsall
Jamc P.loom, Sr.
S. W. Horn
J. A. Murphy
Jno. W, Derrick
Jrcob S. Colo
ll'l S:
James Richards
B. I!. M Pherson
Frederick Haney
John Hull'
W. W. Kelly
Joteph A. Passmore
Joseph Dale
T. D. Dvutiing
James Thompson
Joseph Potter
Andrew Baughmnn
Vm. B. Peters
A. J. Mode!!
Joseph II. Hearing
J. B. Caldwell, aon.
Stephen Graff
r lece
Win. A. Dido
Wm. P. Heck
CiWllUfl M
C 1 t
I , , j, ,vfr
j '''I"; ' 1,rf?v. r
I Abraham 'a'.cs
:V V 7'ifipsn
; lirl!'llan SmiWi
"ivnt n . t i,i,koii
Samuel Arnold
George WiNon
Levi Draw Iter
John J. Iteanis
Dissolution of Partno ship.
N- OTICF. is hereby piron, that the partDirfhip
li!y exijtirR bct"ren Stmmf rtiold Flegnl
snd Kctward K'.CRal, of l'ennviilc, in tho Llack
imithiBR bnsinrf, wss dissolved un the Sid day
of July lat, ty mutual roniert. Ail debts ow
ing to mid pnrtn?r.l:ip nro to be rocoivpjby cid
! Suinmerfipld Flegat, and all i'enumds gsir.kt tlio
i said f.nn are to be nn spr,!.- tr, him f r nnvm,.i
The businesi will ts onntinued by Summerfield
.riegni, at ths oiisiana.
EDWARD fli:oai,.
Tenu townfl.ip, Aug. 1. 1861. 4t.
yy President Jndpe of the Court of Common
Pleas of the teuty -fifth Judicial Iiistrirt, coro-
I posed of the counties of Clearfield, Ccntro nnd
Clinton and the Hon. Wm. L. Moore and Hon.
Itenj.imin Knnssl, Aftoc ate JndRi-s of Clearfield
county ; have isfued their precept, to me direct
ed, for tho holdinjr of a Court of Common I'leus,
Orphan's Court, Court of Quarter FeFriooi. Court
of O.vit and Terminer, and Court cf General Jail
Delivery, at Clearfield, in an.l for tho county of
Clearfield, on the
4;h Monday t'23J day) qt iptrmber next,
ard ccniinut two wctks.
NOTICE IS, therefore, hereby given, to the
Coroner, Justices of the I
, j 1-. . l 1
Vace, and Constables,
,,, , ., . .
t leai Tie d, to appear in
.1 t, . 1 i , 1
their Hulls, Kucords,
, 1
ns and other l.emem-
1 to their officers, '
, 1 , '1
in and for raid of (
, their proper persons, with
their proper perioni
. . -.
Inquisitions, HiammaUons ana otlicr Mmem-
! do those thing, which to their officers,
.1..;. n.r.;n i. 1.. .t,.n.
i: VVV
jl VEX under mv hand at ClearBcld, this 14ih The account of Mntthew Tate and William PoJ
r of Aug., in the year of our Lord, one thous- Administrators of all and singula 0
I eight bnndred and sixty-one. Roods and chattels, rights and credits, o
and 1
y. G. MILLER, Sheriff.
be opened for the reception of pupils I
I'"1" nd '""') n Monday Sept. 2nd, l61
Term per ees.'ion of eleven Weeks
' Orthography, Reading, Writing, Trim-try
j Arithmetic and 67eogrnphv. $2.50
Higher Arithmetic. Enir'lish Grammar. Oena-.
raphy and History! fH.OOf
Algebra. Geometry, Natural Philosophy
ana iiook Keeping 1.00
Latin and Greek languages. $6 00
To students desirons of acquiring a thorough
hnriish education, and wbo
ih to qualify
desirable advantages.
No pupil received for less than half a seiai.m
land no deduction made except for protracted
Tuition to be paid at the close of the term.
C. B. SANPFOUD, Pumcir-Ai.
Aug 7, 1861.- ly.
CAL'TIOX. ALL persons are heroby cau
tioned against harboring, hiring or trusting
my son JOHX, on my sooount, as I am deter
mined to pay no debts ef his contracting after
this date.
Peratur township, July 19, 1SC1.
MtinUF hm.vs
1 1 V lllH" "( !!.. h ,! ,
I I t "Ml
f IV. t
I mi ni i h ni l 1.1 i-, ,
ll'ill-i'. in I III- Ii..nKl I I II , I
Ii . .1 .1 . .
inn hi nil J I ri. lr.,i f, 1. f (
llf'til nd li' lit
1 H,.
A reitiuti tm, l of hoiil m.,ms
Int limihl I'll nr.lclil furmv, p, (
Hi tl
1 n t a ii f (ilKfll. una nl jlihn I'..... i . J I.
i w r. ii p.. i ,., i. . kuiih I . ii. .tii. A. I .
'Jf hunnsr's ssitu, now nt t.
. - ' imii ij-m ill v. t,
l inntt
( s.w. nmooo i rum flirur. m nontitt r sl:.
Tl" " W.V,,V !. M
! ri..i ta.i, mi perrhs, to Hsr!o.7"lV,l
! north, 54 r s duiresi tui, t pst'oi , '
ith ok, theiics mirth, or sotth.j Std,.", f"
-- ...., tuvut' Bdrth l , i
out, ( nr north 69 dug. wsst.) 5 ptnfo r '
plu, thenos north, 20 degran noil, ,,,
Whits oak.tlienu norUi, 6 dorm ,,. T4"
( nnrenaa in n a - -
cues, to disjiIp, tlieucn nurtti 2i itfnt,,
pprciirs tu it l ucumbor, tliuuce noru jgj J
il) pon:lio to linwood, thunco north 31..
7 pi-rchi-s to pin , llionco north M dec "
i n . . j Hlg
una of Un t now of John C'rnna, dJ butt
puaea 10 coniuiu u acres ruoro or leu T
inir surveyuj iu tlio uunm of 'flitniu'u-:..
which by fundry confcjuucm tu.'.nm.,ii"
rosted in Thrnnas Mays, wliooouMiyddu,,"1'
In llaviil I. I'riiiinr. havinv Lliurann .
jTt'lliiiK-hou8"s, two itore roomi,
... - - - - - - a virgin
bliickruiilhahop, brick-yard, and othar oat ba 11
in2", und 3U or 40 acres cloared tbeteon i
nil iktVnJunt's Interest of, in and to ill nljj
tain tract of land aituut in llecatur towoitT
Cli urlii lJ county, Pa., surveyod oannutnu
U-d to Juioph Harrison, eontiining iiti,,
allowuuce, and boing uneeated, ot tiubit U
Suiiod and Uken in executiuu, aud to b Kldu
the property of David 1. Pruncr,
A certain tract of laud situate in. jj
ria township Clearfield county, Pa., oonii,.
160 acre, bounded north by lanJi of j
Hoover, east by A. K. Wright, ou,h bj L,i
Potior, and went by lufde of Wright aliomg,
having ttbi'iit 00 a'cros cleared Und tlnrulUj
honre, barn und young orchard, boiugnatp,,,
iaos bou-'ht by dufendant of UiaU aLdotktu,
I s;;tcd, Uikcu in execution, and tob loldm,
it.A . ce.-'iia lot of groucd situiteii
t.wn of LlbotMu.
at tho southwest corar oflu-. u,1"""1
citaK on the Erio turnpikt, w"01 bH"
along aaid turnpike l'J3 feot to lands uJPl
Goodlimdijr, tiieiica north 35 big- est l?e ."M
i pout, them-e BJiith 71 deg. eait 120 fut (j,
post ou bt of I'arlilo's estate, tbenct 10 dwrM
west ulong mid citate 198 feot to th plactatai.
cinninr, with largo two story frsuiu dusm ui
I ice huaiiv erected therecn. Keiied anduku
'execution, and to be sold the property offi,,.
ton It. tebbius and Koxana Mebbiui.
Also, a certain iractof land litunttn
Decatur townehip, Clearfield oU!if,r, iiwadmj n
the eouth by lands' of Ueo. V. ilri4a Cg.,M
by lanils of Jubu Crane and othnri. liUth J;
lands of D. I. 1'iuner it Co , nd othui u,
west by lands of t-folomou Hauituerilanja, cot.
taining about 200 aoros, bavins about Uu
cleared, a two utory lug house, 'ug bata, m
other out buildings erected thereon, will u
orchard, toiled and talieu in cxecutios ul,
lc noM us tho propir'y of J. J. Ltngls sudAm.
hr.m Gjfi.
Also, a certain tract of land eituat ia
Morris township, Clearfield county, bo'Jndid n
tbt euft by lands ol lieates it Co , on thMli
by Joba Miller, on the nest by J. 1). lirU,ti
the north by lieu tea d- Co., contaioiug 87 urn,
rith a two atory lug home aud log bum andiUl
twelve acres cli-urod thereon, feiwd tsdutn
in execution and to be sold as the pronrt;:
Michuul Miller.
Also, a ccrtp.ln tract of lurid situste ii
lluruside township, ClenrBeld ounty, C0Dtiiili
100 Hcrvs, about i0 sens e'.iiired, tithim
story log house and log barn tuereoa irmt,
and bounded ou the cast hy land? of Juho irtn
and Adam Johnson, souih by William Limn,
west by John Mehaffy, and on th o north by Kith
o!ai seek. 5eiicd und taken in executiw ui
to bo sold as tho proporry of Jacob suck nt
Mary mck.
Also, a certain tract of laud siiuatftiniV
catur township, Cleariold county, contaiDinlt(
acres 130 perches, 70 ucres cleared sad unk
cultivation, two good log hocif, to Jjud !(
bams, and unall orchard therein. Se ltd HI
taken in execution and to be sold as the jmijrtj
of David Kephart.
Also, a certain lot of ground sitmitsit
Anconville, Clearfield county, wilh a two 1W7
fiauio house thereon erectod, Seited and Uka
in execution and to b sold as the propertj i
James Mnitli.
VLSO, by sundry writs of fieri Facia, u'A
out of the same court, aud to me directed,
iil be oxposo.l to fullic sale ot Uie nmt li
and place the fallowing described property, rut:
Also, a certain tract of land silimein
I'nion township, Clearfield couuty. booiiid kl
lans of John Brubaker nd by lauds f RokurU
a tex. neinj parlsol two larger tracts, c.wu
and 3588, containing 78 acres, more or led, kot
35 acres of which is cleared, with slog hoonui4
log barn erected thoroon, and a young Bsno
orobord. Suited and taken in execution, sad S
he sold as the property of John Laborde, jr.
Also, a certain tr.aet of landsitustita
Cell township, Clea'Ocld csinity. bounded fol
lows, to wit: beginning at a post cormr, thm
uta S9 5-10 east 70 perches to s poit corott,
tlienco s' uth 63 west 70 perches to opoitconw,
thenco south 39 6-10 west to a nort cornsr,
(hence north 60 6-19 east 70 perches to wU'-
nor and place of beginning, containing 35 Mta
more or less, leiug part of larger aurven
name of E. I,. Miller. Seized and taken in lo
cution, and to be sold u the property of , L
Also, defendar.t's interest in a eortsii
tract of land situate in Urady townrhip. CU-arSeld
eountv, bounded bv lands of Dubois it itl
j lands of Young, and the Jeffersi'n
; line, containirgCO acres, moro orleai.with!
50aerus cleared, aud two small housesard
barn erectod thereon. Seizi A snd taken in w
cutiuu and to Is sold as the pn serty cf Wi
F, 0. MILLER, Pbnl
Fh riff's rffce, Clearfield, Aug.2s. 11.
RIUaSTI'.K'm NOTIC IV-Notice. iil
bv given that the following acconatf '
ben oxumincd anil pusied by me, and ra
filed of record in this offico fur the inspect!'.
ueii., niaiw p, vi uui vni n.auu an unu
.1 , , , j ,, .
other way interested, and will be pn
., ,n . ,-. . r ,-i r u
thu next Orphan Court of Clearfield
. . , , .', . ,, . ,
bo held nt the Court House, in the t
. c ,, ., . ., .
Clearfield, cimmencing on the 4th J
o . ,cm e e . 1 ,1
!M'pu, lbol, for oniiDrmation and allow
heirs, legatees, croditurH.and all ostieri is )
spnted m
bo held nt the Court House, in the boroufH
Clearfield, cimmencing on the 4th Mob 4
PenL. ISfil. fnr nrilifirmntinn nnd nlbiWanCS:
wore of Samuel Tate, lato of Lwrcnc IN
Clearfield county, deceased. .
The final account of Wm. Feath, Esq., os
the Executors of tho last will and Testamftt
Thomas Wilson late of Chost township
eountv. deceased.
The Final Account of Arthur Dell, Adminitnt
ef all and lingular the goods snd chuttel
William llaslett, late of icll township, Cl
field county, deceased. ,
The final account of Win. Rex, sumving Amio"
trator of the Estate of Richard Curry, in
late of Pike township. Clearfield connty T
deceased. JAMES WKIGLEi.
August 12, 18B1. fl!-
is hereby given that lotters of AdminiiW
tion have been granted to the undcrsigpo"
tli MiatA nf Mason Garrison, lute f 1 ,
township deceased. All porsons indebted
.....initnil In mfeV. rmnn t W i thoOt fl
Cl l ft I II .IU IVIJHWriva " H.nmv , .
lav, and thoso having claims against tae
will present them dulv authenticated for s'tu "
ment. JOHN 11. GARRISON.
Aog.14. Administrator
TUSTICHof the pee -Luiheribnrr.
Clearfield Co.
I lll .ll.nil nrnmnllv In all hnsineSI eDtrfl'" '
I to bis csre. Nrrk 2, lS60. 1y.