Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, July 31, 1861, Image 3

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    . t m i, W j- '!
ft 1
1 1 III A I. M,
II I .
I li
n i i mi
if , ( .. i : tin 1 1
I In' 1'nrmiT tui'l lini il ti'T :M :
W I i!on rni it l"H'i"-l I 'In" lev, I'n"
n .. . .i,'i veil in On' (iiH'li ii l Mr.
' :Vi ir n lui'ilf oft i n i it i ii ix i:i:i;"' I"' '.
l idi n i . 1o ii imiiIiv l ti"tr.
cc liir ttr pimi'ssin n yiiimi,tii
. I I'min of Itiidi ln". eclt'dnl, mul
iictt oit down, tlio iirniiciir tiro
iTl'ully I'rcsrrvctl, tliinn'mtf out tlio
nnlliT'twifM, but Kvivin tlie pyii-
i iilnl ftluipu Utiiniiiiiit. Thin is used
nst;ik Mini ulii't) lovcivil with
ties is lii,;lly nrnnmetitiil, n wi'll it"
."rming n Hujiorior purport for llif
rive. A vow of thorn neon from a
'stnncc hin tlio nppparnnt'o of liixu
'.int tnlin trees, or nicnmure nm-
I Mini (.1 I l'H".
In I'M, i HI'-1 " "
I I II. n xi'l-'H i i. ' '
!..! li H I r I .fi i I "i,. ) ir
II l
I '
. ! M
n a tt ii i mi m iMuivr.n
1 1 1 me i.l lil l Hl.lin.
A , r, f In-.Tti- I In ll, l'." hHI' i
II b following I"
I I 'I",
or,, ria.-,(ltlltis.l t M I
Two, ( a"lln. I I
tlitse nn". ( J In. 1 1, 1 I Ml 1
,1 Itii.tilln f. inn .
I : : 17 60 1 1 t'O
mi no
... 5 CO S CO
... (i oo in no
, . . 8 im II on
... It OA 50 00
' . . .. .. tt.. II.
n.-.r Hires ..Vnlv1'""l"i mref '
tents per i...i- l"f insertion
rti'M tlt.c." notHMillr ..Inn f
One Piimn
Twos imr. , :
Three 'unri ,
Four iinare",
II ill f a nil ii inn,
One piilmnn,
it. i.
f I I'O
1 im
J Ml
It ton
7 '0
10 no
11 o
14 00
n oo.
SI 00
l)VH. EAH AX I) I.VXti
piiiiM & snnn
iuu ruiiM iimi iiir j10()D
" ' ...
To kkh'IUtteii Swi kt
cnrrpsoomlent of the Aineiii
' riinlturist gives tlio l'cllowing ili
lectiops for profervinp; butter in good
M'nilition for any length of time. In
l' y or June, when butter is plenty,
". irlc it thourghly two or three times,
v.d add ftt the hist working about one
rain ofsalt-petreand a teasjioonfull of
" llvcrizcd loaf sugar to each pound
Abutter. Tack it tightly in stone
i vs to within two inches oftho top,
id fill the the remaining epaeo with
rong brine. Cover the jars tightly,
.-id burv them in the celler bottom'
!iere the butter will keep unhurt for
nm-tlLnmloflrnl. will ht r nllnu! until forl.l.I
ir.l'plinrcP.UiPonlir.K to Ihpp trii.. I'ttK'KS F 1! O M $ 0 n $ 7 .
JOB PRINTINCt ) Rrai inj of wlilili li liprn rcirppi,tPi, Im n"
' , kpi'oiiia n roroxniu'il fumrito wliarovrr U
Vn cKlensive ntoi k of JoMiins matei in hai ln-cn li.tro.luopil, mi l In, In j-uhd,
nml nil I)lm..s -t i-""' 0-
HH FXnaS, ttit.ctt K ''",
I red t ;l j il AiiuN of
iV.tltS, FllflMrH, 1 KIKiR a t,
f t ?i?tF. Eorn, ('iHeri..ns,
l,Ar.r.i.!-, EallTicii:, lUNntnt.t.?,
nndcvciy Kin 1 r.f pihilins usually done
in n eountrvi ob office.
Ail older' will lo fxerntfl with ne'U
nes nml di'si'ii'.cli.
Cl. II. OO0M.ANPER .fr C
Time of IIoltiiij 'ourt.
Sepoml Momlny or Jnnuiry,
long timo.
Burying Stoxks.
Third MoiiiI:i.7 uf Mnreh,
Thir l Mlomlu.v uf Jun,
Kuiirih Moinl.i.v o'. ti'.lpmljer.
In P:ich vpr, nnd continue Co nook
i County Ofllrrriu
x. IPrrs't JikIl'i-.IIoii. Sainucl l.inn. IlcUi'IoMe
A correspondent 01 llie . unini; ,A,.(C ru,i,j,ll(,n m , Iore, Clenrfielil
Ii.'iitleman fays tnat two acres 01 in
r.i-m ill pro were ouite a number of
VgO PlOnCS, Wllieu m- V Kl, & Hcp. Jam,.. WiiRlry,
Hon lii'iij lluntnll,
Slior.IT, Krod'k (i. Miller
rriithnot!iry,.luliD I.. Cuttle
if r.e
ripniiiK Mneliin now linfnrv the mililic
Xj. I A imnll nud vrv nput M:iiliini fm
Knmily nre.
Xo 2, , laro MiipIuiid fur iiiilliii heavy
wnrk nnd fur l'lnnlaliun uo.
Tin' .Mm liino i much n.lmirpd for It m iiin.IU'i
tv, anil tor its relinbilily nnd durability it in un
uriiunii'd. A iliild twrlrn ypiitii pin run it with
paspj nnd y ct it fill i' frnm the eonrpt el"tli
tn the fi lioMt KtviH. There in no trouble uf re
nin, line (he lh read. u it it tnken from the rpoulii.
It linn no lioltJ I" Kiv trouldu, nnd will run I mm Kno U early grave
1 )lt M I l: l. l'i f M.mii m.l for; i to tl r.rnind.m t.un llo.rliil, if I...
1 14 . i.i i . 1. 1 i, . i ii i... i..... i. .. .. i.i k i, i, ii i,ix lii H In' nlid, llill, '
. 1 . ."' .... V .' . . i.i.i. .r..r...l..nnl lil to til Ml" "i'.li
Im nn i.i ii" in i"'.. '"' vi i' . . : ., ,. . i k.,i, .., ...I
. . ... . . t ..i. i... .... im m, l.v it h Hilled, ni'th . .tie .i.u
an i in iii.imk . ... u rt
ll.-Paie, of the Henri, l.iver ...d UnB-: Mieer. .., HiWul..
iml linny oThVr diene ll.nt hnv bullied lh. kill of.b. iu enllid d,.ln)!u!.l,.d rdy-li
CI. VIUON, t (Murk's Holol, from tlie l.Hti of Mny tn tbe lit of June.
......oi.ii ii'i.i, ... .... i I..,,.. I.i A nnln. S,. ill. 1 lit and 'Jd.
I OllrH rt, 111 . Illllin r P i'.'1' 'i ... ..i
JlHOOKVll.l.K. nt tho AmrriniH lloup, Irjin Jd t th June. Afrn.n. Kp. . 81 4 h rina t)tti I
l.immiSlll im, nt Itieil- llotel, Juno lUtli nd llth. Aniii,tii't. IDlli ami llth. I
CI.KAftKIKliD, Johinon'i ll.itel. Junn Uth to lt'i. ARiiin, He.t Utli and jtli. '
1IKM.KKONTH, Morriuni Hotel, from Junt 17tli o lath. Ariiiii, nept llili and IjIIi. 1
TV HON K C'TY, nt Mrs. Thon.ii Hotel, June Sli-tund 22-1. AKnin, Me.t. 17th and lnih.
At hia INFIRM AHY, from June 2M to July 17tli.
Listen to the Voioj of Truth and Reason anl Profit by it. j
Tin' lime lipoiim l.n ull who will, rnn enpd the iron k"'P 'f Mercury, by ca'linj;. without,
JnlrtV. to nee the woll known and justly etlebnited Keloetip European l'liymeiuii, lr. boRr, wliu.
will iidiniuimer tho,.) onlv true und i-ufo, extrneied from the most cli.m e Boom and iiki.iis, .
which in iirei.ared under hinown lupervisii.n, nnd tlurelore avoid ng the ui.p ol all Miskiial 1 ns.
.. .! 1 . j. ..i . .. ...i.l... u,l.:..l. n. il,.,ii.,n,Id 1:11' I j liIl VOMIIUH .
onh, whioli wer never utsigncu lor iuu yi'jiu, in urn: "uitu .... - -- .
a .. i 1 1 ii ! .. it ii.. r o
n i.t i 1 n d i ii I m , 1 1
a ii.HM.k.ll.k.. fe,.. ...
I'lmplta, V"a''i "Inl'i ht."
tllnliK, ami all kVln In.,.,,,,'
llll.1 Miw ,' .
,1 r. At.i '... n,..,t.i I i. ""
i ,,. i vi,.i i ,1 i,R... I.... r i.
' II , in. n liv t.,il n , i, , i.m i ii. h, ii i ' '
ii n ii iii mihii i.".. li in., a. 1 '
.it in I hri i ii .i I V , H.J ,m i , , 1
Inline li n.i.l Milil.llnv I,. II 111" 1 1 . , '
; j. .1 ti 1 1 i.i i ii i in mi t mi i ii.i i. .. i 1
I , I. u(,l ami, now , rn I will. 1 1 . m i., wlmli m .-1. i i 1
.. 1 1 ,. i. i y Milio j I '.jr..i.i i'.i'Tl 1 " I Iilnl ii .j i,.., ' i. ,' '
, ni.-.n,! placi s i' ',, .' . ..i.i . . .,. ,.,
'. J.u. llI ' ''
I.. ti-M' Ii, ll l'i. .i-l . i s i i,..i j , 1,,
. K'l),.li. ui ri ,11 1 I,. i I ,n, f,,,, ,
ll' 11 ll' ..I l J ll INK ).. Ii.ll,. Il,l, I .,
I im ai'mi ln.4 it, i.i.J in, I It Ml li ,
! in. mil. ni.fl e. hi ii- 1 il.rr , I'l,ii', i, N,-w s,, ''
I i inio in Lii. i nn. In Mm uLi i,n'
inn. t,.;i oil y ,i..n i. li . ! ,n, mil ,, i
fi l.. 111:" lli ll 111. .It.rrty li.ii .ini, Ir.ilil hty t)M.ta ''
rui wi ll l'"li..i I f. ,1 ii I ,im it,nl( ,lir, 1 i
J'.'ll, Ulllt I lixl.l ! I I I" I UiU A.itlli 1
and riuinlii wtr i itil'ill; V .un, ' S.
St. Antliony'a l''lrp, Una or Krriln.i
Tettrr ami Hull Itliruiu, H,alai,''
llln K worm, bore l)ra, lriii,j.,
Dr. n .lK.rt M. 1' IviHion fi nn flnu,
lit., l.'.'J, Hint 1.0 Ilia iilirJ
Said., i..l, Hint liO Ina i-utril ;o, ll, , ,-tvj atM rJ
iio;.iy, whl ll IlilPullliml In Ii -t t.-.i mat.- UjIIj, .
.,Tarrlll ll.i "f ...ll par.irill;. ui.. ulwa,, '
I'"' MIW; ,.
ulikl.,,.,!. '
U. Surveyor, 11, It. Wright, (.Ion Hope
foinmi.ii'n'ri.Wm. MTracken, Lumber I'ity
Win. Merrell, Clearfield
S. C, Thouip.'on, Morrimlnle
11. C, Bowinan, f Uilipsbur
Isaao Y. Urakaiu,CleurtieU
.1. II. Shaw. "
tlcorso Kiclinidii, . "
A tiditur",
1 1 oroner,
Uicgini; undor them, atul thus yinkini,' )Utrirt A,f'y Uobert J, Wniince,
lUmmit nf renrll of the lilow. lie Treasurer, 11. 11. Onodlanilcr,
I -ivied eome "that could not have been
: !ccn from the field with three yoke
: . oxen. But one tiling is very im
t n-tant in doing this work, and that
, be sure and dig tlio holes large c
t,.mgh especially for large stone
I '('ore tunibling'thein in, so that if
?';eyfflll either side, or end tiji, they
'iall be out of reach of the plow, for
r s very diflicult to move tlicm when
the hole. To bury very large Btone,
. :c hole should be partly dug under
t' eiii. as it is much easier getting
T.i n"h y.t.
U i?Rrin,
l.W uf Tost Ollicm
i em into the hole and they
I nt leat a foot below the
hen buried."
Java wheat.
According to a correspondent of
1 ':e Country (ieutleman, this variety
T spring wheat was introduced into
j ds country in the following singular
Tinner. A woman who was roast-
j ig some Java Coffee, found among it
.i gruin of wheat, which she plat. ted;
t ared the product and planted again,
:.nd so on for three years, when she
distributed the seed among her friends,
v ho ore reported that it is an cxccl
1 nt variety."
How Much Conx to the Him..
A correspondent to the Ohio Culti
vator says that he experimented with
.orn last year to determine the nuin
' cr of stalks for a hill. lie planted
i ows with two, three, four or live ker-1
rols, nnd found no difference in the
ield. That with two stalks was heav
i st and ripened the best.
.'-Hr.F.1' as aMeaxsof ImI'UOVIMI out
'To pursue sheep husbandry most
successfully ," says the Homestead,
i tots mus bo raised and fed;
urain, either raised or bought will be
r-onsumcd, and oil-meal will be ptir-
based forfood . This is better for the
'.irmthan purchasing Hupcrphosphatos
e guano.'
jJaisixg Early Chicklxs ix a Hot",
Ukd. j
A writer in tho American Agricul
turist has raised two broods of fine
hatched January 17th and 'JOth, by
keeping them for aseason underglass,
in an unused hot-bed.
TheN. II. Journal of Agriculture
says : "We have known a aukco
fanner to seed down newly burnt land,
lor pasture, entirely with sorrel
veed, believing that sorrel would
'hango to white clover but pro
red i tic man was laboring under a
wi mistake. "
.Vn if. of r
(Hell Hope,
CleurtieM Uriig e,
" .leflerson Lin,
I'.lonn, Forest,
Er.riiilc, New Wmlungtor J
" liurniiiile,
Clearfield, Clearfield,
Covington, French ville,
Curwenf villi', i tirwensville,
(1. W.
I'll ili ps lurg,
Helen l'ost O.Tice,
I.epounto'a Mill),
Ital.l 11.11',
(i ruliainton,
luithii Milir.
Aiiaiin. ille,
alt I.iek,
Xew Millport,
Lumber City.f
(iriitnpiau Iliild,
2 Tliis 1'ojt OfTcc will do for Client towuthip
fWill iinfviei ior Feritfon tuwmhip.
uf V. M
M.,rv y.'.l-z .1
T. A. M'dhce
J. V.'. Ces-tlil'
Lewis .l.uii
'. II. Miller
EJ. Wi;:iaa:i
R. II. Moore.
Jacob Kutitr.
John Heberling
J.u- lilooin
.1. M, CuinmiiiRt
Jan Me Murray
M. .. Frank.
1'. A. li.uilin.
J F W Schnarr
Samuel Way
Centre county
F.din. Williiiinn
Elk county, l'n.
C. Mignot
William Carr
A. It. Shaw
T. II. Forceo.
.T. A. lief arty
C. J. Puscy.
David Tyler
11. Woodward
Eliza Chaso
(!. Ileekudurn
I). E. Mokel
J, W. Thoinpj'D
Jn. Thoinpson
J. McClelland
II. W. Spencer,
A. C. Moore,
aiuucl Way
Michael W'iiie.
W. F. Johnson
T. Henderson
backward, n. well at forward". ai:d atill cw
fiual!y perfect, and without danger of breaking
neidlea. It ruin by friction, and by ulnping the
box over it, it in thrown out of (,' r. In fuel,
we have no licdiliitiou in recoiiiiuendiiig it an the
bet fan ily tawing Machine in use.
Tk' j'lUi'H tiHi Premiums A warded the oUiee
At the Fair of the r"rnnk!in Institute, 1358,
the Kirnt 1'reiiiiiim.
At the l'eninivlvania Hlato Fair, nt I'hiladel
ph'm, Septoinber HI, lS.'ill, tho Firtt l'leiniuin a
At tho Pennsylvania Slnto Fair, held at Wyo.
mint;, lSOO a Silver Medal.
For the be.t Double Thread Machine, at Lan
eatcr County Fair, held Oclubvr, 1S5U a .Silver
At the Maryland Plate Fair, held at tho Mary
land Iimti'ute, Itiiltiuiore, Md., October, 1S5U.
under trnn eompelilion, a Silver Medal wa
awarded to tbi Machine.
At the Xew Castle County Fair, l:eld at Wil
minton, Delaware, Oetolrr, lsill a Di.oina.
Tho above Machine arc manufactured by
( HAItl.l . IIOVI I.AM).
Wlliiiliitoli, Del.
Xo. 720 ArcL Street, Philadelpliin, Pa.
Xo. 801 Market Street, Wilmington, I'd.
S. D. HA K VAl,
maiKI-ly V20 Arch Street, l'hiludelpliin.
.JWlVraoti" wi'liing to fee tho above Machine
in opcrnlien. can do no by iiillin at the reM
dence of D. V. Moore, in Clearfield borough.
lUmrmU r that Dr. Burt want no palienta but thuo fully eapablo of apprpiniiiif; and (li.'.tn-I
guWhiiig the .ervieei of u regular thorough bred phyMcinn, from ft paltry, unbiarnud and tritliug ,
iiunck. , , . .
lUmrmhrr, Dr. liort'n rcinedii a nnd treatment are entirely unknown to all others in tin country ; .
prepared from a lil'n fpeut in toe groat honpitala of Europo and tho in the country.
..,. .m'.cr, that Dr. Hurt Iiuh a more extended praetieu than iiny oilier physiiiati in Westera Ptan- .
.ylvania. . . , I
h'rmcnibrr. that citizens of education, nml our popular men, arc all well ic(Uiuiitid with, ana Itke f
L'reat plennure in recoiniiiending Dr. Hurt to the nfllicted. i
h .. r . ... .. . r l I. .1.. ....T...I .1. t., n 1,1, .IV. U'l
lii nir mlii r, Unit Dr. Duri luuKef no lame reprei-emuiioiu in gnu um u i,i,....v, ..v
be faithfully carried out.
Jtciiirinlirr, thai Dr. llort jmyn every nttention to licntet of a chronic nature. ,
TTtf-Cortilientes of Curea may bo neon nt hi.i revpeetive rooms.
Dr. Port is Itiinifhi'd with over nix thoin-and letlein of reeuinmcmliition from some of (he most
diatinguiilied men living. Aluo has awarded to him diplomas from ou. ol tho mo-t celobrutod .
Ilospirals .md Infirmaries in Europe, for his unpnrallcllcd objervnlioiih in DiiigimMs, mid ubaervit-
lions in oiiieove ing rcmcdica for the cure of di.eascs that have hentolon: batlled the skill of ui.uiy
of tho medical pr ilenfion. . I
An early call from thufC wishing to consult the Doctor, is earnestly refuelled, so a.- to receive
full benefit of treatment, and thus do justice to himself. Time lin ited. J
Please bear i ind when Dr. llort will be in your place. JVrmiu desirnu of consulting hun (
w ill confer a great favor by calling on the first (lay of his arrival, ns his rouins are so often crowd-1
ed, it is utterly impotable to attend to the anxious euliciliilious of all. Dr. Dort w ill arrive at each j
of th ubove places ou the llrat ouaeh on the day appointed.
Plaatc extend the Invltutlon to ull invalid aiipi.tititair-es, nnd oblige yours, Ac.
M.iv29, 'ci.--:;.
jamk. t. t.roNinn.
Kl 1 N t Y
. I N N II Y
J O II N O I) i: L L
hctedt A. If. .S'..i'-'. Md. one
of Clearfield Ivwyiylt,
vide 1'
it ml
lite Srj utif
Attorney at Law.
Office on Market street, opposito Mossop'a More
Clearfield, Pa. ill attend promptly to Collec
tion. Sale of Lands, Ac. I.ov ill
ATTORXEY AT LAW, will attend promptly
snd faithfully to all logal busincsi entrusted to
his caie, iu tho several Courts of Clearfield and
adjnii.;tg counties.
Oflict the one formerly occupied by G. R.
Oct. ICth, IS59 ly.
itonhinn anb (CoIItttion Wfitc
C 1. K A K F I I. 1,
( LEAH I'll-Ll COrXTV, PA.
i) ioits iu:t i:i i:i,
f 'otVi i'tion.1 Mn'e and irueeed) vromullu remitted
l'.xcliane ou (he Clth's constantly
on hand.
Office on Seccod St, nearly opposite the
COURT not'si:.
f-;-JCfr time will bo of great
' benefit to every one
' isr-' j point of health,
comfort, nnd convenience.
lilt III l.l.S c-r, i.!i;,'S be round ut his of
fice, on the corner of Front and Main streets,
when no notice, to the contrary appears in this
A IV operntioni ia t':.6 '.'.no of his profession
performed in the latest nnd most improved
style", and gunrnntced for one year against ull
nturul failures.
Respectfully informs the citizen of Clearfield !
and niljoini'iig eontities, that he is nt ull times I
prepared to iiiautifacliirc, nt the shortest notice, ;
Hair, Husk, and Straw Mattresses of all .
kinds nnd sizus, one of which is a hul ling .Mat- ;
tress, suitable lor CAI1IXS OX RAFTS, which
can be folded in small compass, nnd emptied ind ;
refilled nt pleasure: and very cheap. He also'
trims Carnages, makes repairs to all kinds of j
Carriage Trimming and Vpholstery, nnd makes
Cords for Mason's Tracing Lines, of any thick- j
uess or length. !
i,Country Produce, Corn H.isks, or Cash
taken in Eli hnnge for wurk. J
,?iJAII orders left with any of the Merehnts
Clearfield borough will b promptly attended I
to. decL'il
Ba)" For fide very
NKW KtMi:lll'S KOIt
s r i- it m a to li n n (: v. a .
a. I FI
O'VAItll A S'll lATIllS, I' ill I. Mil: I I'll I A, .1 IllKtitlltUll fUllllltilllu-lt iff KJHI'itlt En-
lriirmriil. Inr I In- iWi.7 . tin .Si..- ,i llmtrrfr't,
nlHivtril tcith Yiiilrnl nml (ViniinV Ititntmr,
r.iiei l'fi'i fur tlic Carr uf Jh'tnitrt
.M K 1. li 1 1. Apvii-k jjiven gratis, by ll.e Acting
Vai.i Am i: hki'iiiits on SprrH iitorrlncii, and
other diseases of the .Sexual Oigans. and on (lie
nkw itr.uKPir.s impli'Ved in the Dispenr.iiy, sent
in scaled letter eneel.ipes, tree ul charge. Two
or thro S'.uinps fur pust.ig" Address
Im. J. Skii.I.i n lluriiliToN, II. .ward Associatiuii.
Xo. 2. S. Xinth st., Philadclplii
K N - K C II O
2'.ituy ly.
& c
In linsoment uf Morrvl!
CltMi ti.M. Fa.
for Cash, V.y
it BigVrV Stoic,
1V Clearfield, Fa., Cfl.ce it. tttiw a ttow, op-
OliERr J. WALLACE, A7T2iiKr at Law,
. Clearfield, Fa., CfB
osite office
dec. 1, 1P.S8. tf.
rpiIE undersigned rei.eclfullT
:..r. I... ..,.1,. ...... .. I .1... n
" ! Stuffs
puouc genernuv, no an just
received from tho East, nnd m en
cd at his establishment in ti li.UIAM'S HOW
Clearfield, Pa., a fine assortment of Ci.nrns,
Watiiif.s, and Jf.wei.iit of different qualities,
from a tingle piece to a full sett, which he will
sell nt the most reasonable prices for cash, or in
exchange for old gold and silver.
CLUCKS of every variety on band, at the mi st
reasonable, prices.
ALL kinds of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry,
carefully repaired nod Warranted.
A continuauco of patronage is solicited,
Sept. 19, I SCO. II. F. X Al'liLE.
"IUtinu" tub Horse, A genlleinun,
travelling iii a one borne trap, clutnceil lo
f topnt a small rtiiul.iido inn, ivhich ri'joio
i'd in tlio jns?os!.ion of a very intelligent
Irish ostler. Handing tlic reins to
worthy as lie nliglitcd, tho traveler re
iuesteil the runii to 't iko his hoise to th
stnl.le un'l bait hi in." "Surer.n' I will,
vonr honor," answrrt'd the Milesian,
briskiv, nnd awav ho went. In about hall
uti hrmr the gentleman having refreshed
himself sufficiently, nnturlly concluded
thai his tour-footed servant was in equally
gooA care, and accordingly ordered his
trip to the door. The horso was trem
bling. "What's the mailer with ruy
linrse?" asked thetiavcler. What have
you been doing to him?" "Only what
yer honor ordored me." "He don't look
as though ho ha 1 anything to eat." "Is
it ate yer honor said t" "To bo furp."
Soria the word like it did yer honor nay
to nio. More betoken yer honor tould me
to bato the beast, not to at bim." "Why
you stupid rascal, w hat have yen been
doing?" "Och, I just tied him up to the
-labia with a baiter, then out wilh me
'-tick , and bate him till me arm was used
out !"
BuT" Whnt'K tlio nin of nnold maid?
When yon see a laday sitting drink
jn.' ton with the cat on licr 'lap, and
her tooth lying on the tablo.
Jerpov BIuob.
that won't run Tho A TIT, Attorneys at Law
J Clearfield, l'a., will atlutul promptly to Col
tAiobs, Lahd Agencies, tc, Ac, in CiearGold
Centre and Elkcouhtiea. July 30. y
I li j s I c I a n and burgeon,
Clej rfield P., Hay 30, 1860.
Dlt. M. WOOD!, havlt; clanged his loon
tion from Curwenirilia o Clearfield, res
pectfully offers his professional services to the
cit.Dus c f the latter place and vicinity.
1'e.iidoncc ou Second street, opposiia ti t of
J. Crnns, Ksij. my I M5S.
JL'Sl It Ii of the peace
Lulhirsburg, Clearfield Co. V.,
will attend prtniptly to all biisinna entrusted
to his tsre. March I, I860. 'y. d.
1) W. II AYS, Justice of the Peace, will atten
. promptly to collections and other matter
ell in his charge. Addrera Kersey, Klk c l'i
Oct. 3d If-Gll. ly.
UK SK V W 1 1 IK 1 1 KAI),
JIIXTICH of the peace
Koekton, Union lp., will attend
promptly to all business entrusted to his rare.
Sept., 12, 1600. ly.
The undersigned will have constantly nn hand
a we 1 selecteil stocK ol Drugs, Chemicals, iive-
Oi's, I'aints, lormceo and fegnrs, Malion-
ary. Perfumery, llrushes. and Fancy articles,
which he will dispose of cheap fur cash.
He invites the public tn cull nud examine his
stock of goods before purchasing elsewhere.
Country Physicians furnished with Drugs
Medicine., and Surgical instruments at the mo
reasonable rales. J. 0. HAKTSWICK.
Clenrfied, Pa.. Dec. IT., Isf.O.
Mil-. C I. ICA It l-'I I'.I.I) Af .Il"..MY, wil
f pupils,
0th, ls6
Importers, nud Wholesale Dealers in
A It l li T 1 N c; s , I) ii i.i c; ; -,
Warehouse. No. .lo1.) Chi.-stnut Street,
(Opposite t ;i t c House,)
a pr."' Ily Put I, u.ri.i'ftiA.
Hit? utdL-r.-incil lias now nn IuiikI. i his Kur
uiturc Kiom on Market t., Clcnrlk'lil, P.i., n
short iii t a nc c n.'?t of XMr's rnundrr, u .irgc
?to.k of
innnufjctureil outcftlio lJ"t matcrinlr, fmislicl
n a very npor:or muiincr, ami w liich he will rf--1 1
l.O Y FOR i'.XSJ!, Hii: 1oik i xicrit iice in the
bii!,ine!!' innliei-' him feel eonfuK nt that hi? cliniM
nre made in n ?uhctantiI mxl workninnlikr mnn-
ner, nnd w ill !tmnl tho tet of trial. Person
wishing to pnroha-e i-hnii -Imuld cail at onee !
and et theiu w hile tltey mii he had nt the lowest !
Milmn.tnt tlrtjifUt lv Urz ilor
ho ciirvn tin C"iiiii"ii l y it
IinoiM lior"lc( (ioltre or Ktvcllctl Xer
..'I.llloll Mmtll ''I -r""l, i' vi", lih: Wn-r
tln of cnr Har.tiMiriH tH t1 mr t i : f,
to'tn nv. llhiif n the rtr. K, v Iii. (i i 4j IUjllw
ocr two yeiir.'
lif iirnrrlitrn or liH . h hi Uh Ttt,w
I ttilno It rinl dm. I'l iiinlt llUtKir,
Dr. J. II, H ChuitdiiL'. ft N-w V-nl, wrnrt;(
lnMt ctiitf flllty cuiil ttilli thu l-ili''al u your 4grnt
ityilltC I h:Vll f 'I ll 1 y-"ll K "' "'U: lt. pn
Itoritiro in lh iiumrroiK iih I unit w),,!,,,
einjil'iy in li i . . 1ml i in l',.U
of the 'cmnil.MH ilitili-H. 1 In- mrnl mnnv Iw,
Hti i'14'H of ,...l I ll I' I I.J If, Ull-I -"Ihi'Ikk w,.
ilninl WH r,m--i) J v '',-i'i '''( m1 (lie nUnn. n, H)m
alldll Itm'll Yitim sMKiii lllfit, Nl.Milllrf Wltlilll hi)
l' r'illitl lul- tli ' hrtl- -I-Til.:? Iti'it'i"
Ktlw nnj S. Mai uf New l-ni v. In,, vtntii, f
(TOIH II IIH tt'HUI) t (ll: l'i lilt ! Ill tl III ,.
hj. . Ii.t l .l.-ll. l nil lh- I'M --.tlH '-liti-l.,..
nt .-itrili l-.-ih ! l tf) f .j l.ittui,
M-ip:uftla. Out' ) ln-i. iiin tlr illit n-.tLin-; lt n,tr(fc
tli'ii r.Mil.1 itf 'i I ! Im I, hut lit, ,i'!ih"l (!, iri.,1,; )Mt
S.ii4uMf illm llm Inut t a f I- ' -if rutins, (
. cv.-d ntftiml. A ftT lukiM-'v-nt uiimi) ilHfty
ir' "viiipfiun t tin: ili-f isc p-iii tht t."
ylillltf niul illrri nrlitl Dlnrmr,
Nt;w Out. r in, -- 'h Ahciki
Pf. .? f. Av:;n : Sir, J ihiilullv t.iu, i'
'iiit f nitr mrt-nt. niul t-f ''''ii mhiic ui linrj
Imvc r"ittiri'l i'li vonr rt.n m tlln
1 Im i nt ! )Mi ir, hi my n.u tii o, tn wl ;.f il(T.
)i:iin'H f- i vlit'li it i tr I'tnlMt lnlfil, titxl hnu lnP,
fftvi-tn trulj WU Itul in thu 4-Hiu . 'ritfi',irm ,.
C (' -". Our .f in v I. it ii-ntn I i.i I iiliilui,
In hit llu out. whiilt ivfu I'DtiHUiuitiL; l:l ihIh hAfu
top ol I iixmlh. Vuur Sursiivm Ultt, itcnlilt
CllrtXJ iliui ill ut vrin, Aii'tnivi .i- Hihut"! I,
ondiiry nyn-ptoiii m in iimi, nmi " ufoivk Wl
difiiil-r wtiiiltl ""li ttt,n itif i. mm i.m-i i hi in,, yyi
ykiii-il in uiv ;ilutnir'itvi("ii ! xmn nuMri 'a; i,
III. vi lifrilmt ainl iu- l ui-ll i'nlli U - ut iiism-itl,
(ttltP tlifhm Hli ti t M f.xv. V- Hi.l1. Vlf. nr .n
ticnlnl lui tlit: hnniu dfuil 1 i- lia -tin y.. nfitin4
fi..ln i hi- ji' iviii ill ht-i lim-. 'iluj lia.l U-i.iii, s,,
llf I" III W JIIIm I til it tl n il.tlHi i l.ii tin lltft ifdn.
ci tii luting not in If j ini niul Imi.-. li",tn,,(U
until t-iiiily I') "iir M.ttiiilta in r,.k.
khMV UtXll it 1 liiiili. Wl.l'ti ill Hnl :tv Hh.iu
(hi l'.'-HlHli"H flIU W ill I: l. Hill-l 11.
i 1 1 1 1 ; oiiis"iicti!l, tiinv n i.iji'W . nt,
with it I'-iw tiot. ftitiiiv-J in' .
Ki.ii.Tinilly fl V. l,.M:MJI'l!,M.k
l(!ic iiinnl Um, (out, 1,1 vi i ( inntulm
J Mil l'i MH V . I'ii--.-t l't .1, I li .In:-. J'i
Ih. J. Auk; .-ii, 1 h.t i u hDIu'l-iI nii i w
fill cliP'iiic Ji'huno In,, u I I Him v i Ii I , f., i.
kill "1 l-liVlt Inti.. ;ili'l rui K t'i ini' hi ) itr nt !1 rV
icil.t 'iU't I roiil-l In il. m I ll I I i.,.J "Hi ."ni.(;,iila. 4
; I ii tt tit ( UM'il tl I t v n ,i Lt ;in 1 lift. -ii I t:it v
. In ;i!tti h. inn. It that I iuu fm l-tt r Mi.ili loriiult
i ii'lur'l. I 1 1.l ii k l a wi h-i.-itiil 'ii ill iuu- .1-Mil.Vl
.1i:!i- V. VI, ! ll -T St I.- nk w : It. : " 1 t-i
! .itlliil-! fur ' M- unit nil ttiUittv tlit hrtr.ii
: 'I. 91 . t .1 lii In ;il III. I ti ii-it . ry tMliK. nn'l'in It
i fnili ! t rtl im ; i t , 1 I h r l m n !inikiiHli
f.r 'liit? jiitih fi it- t ili r raii-p il. .in tirn'i.ufnMii,
I tht Ltrrr. My h . l-.ul po-l-.t. tl.r lv. tr l(r,R4ti'
Die Ut try your .ii".t'iit illu, lfrtni-t Lc mom Ih kr.rn w
nixl uiiv thiiit: V" ih:iI wmtli t rvti v. l't tl-l4
iuu "f Ui'il it Im i hi. il nif. niul lu's. M. i.i iidcd um I4
, .i t.i n in Ice a iiiw iniih "I ii.-. ) I-fl ui c ntm.
1 In tr tit. it cm Mid 'f -ii it li'it li l! .'t"'l ' i"nU"
A It K 1 A C V t.llDI Being a privatf
instructor fur married per, -"inn or thofe
about to be married, both mule and female, in
.rv tli i i f PiiTtrorttinv fh nhvsiohifTV ainl ril:i.
tinm uf niir anTtinl ivitntn. ttnA tho iiro(iiirttnn tit ai1'
males and female) on Mondfiy, Aug.
Trrm per eMon of e'even Veekfl
Oithoprapby, Reading, AV riling, Priimry
Arithmetic and Gengrnphy, $2.50
Higher Arithmetic, hngluti Oramumr, (ieo-
riiT.hv ami Hitnrv. S"v 1)1)
- i j - j -
Algebra, Ueomotry, atural rhilo'upliy
Wake ibi! Wake up!!
BI. t KH T11IC. TIIK subscriber res-i
pcctl'ully iiifunns his frictuls nti'l the ,uViI iu j
generally, lluit lie is new well o alili-heil in liisl
NEW S1IOI ,n pine ftrccl, o msite tlie Tuwn
Mall, in Hie biimu;h f Clciirlicd, uml iimn bi
own li imk, mul lure lie is .renrnl to J. hII
work in bis line in tlu" very best si) le, and nnj
the shortest notice. His uM cuMui' t rs are rfs-l
l.ertl'ully iisheil niit to forgi t him, uml nny iiuni-l
bcr of new ones lire respectfully invited to give
tii iu k trial.
EDiJIi TOOLS. His re.iit.iti..n ns a M.iker!
mul Heimirer of Kdje tnolt slmuM uf itself secure
li i iu a 1i1ht.i1 I'titromme. I
I April :i,
Si Ii in ii.( nm i Tiimnr., Knlni enuirt,
I I. , i nl Ion, ( in It nail Ki fol ml i.o f
Hie lluiira.
A i;i l wn i f ,. linv.-),-. pii . ji-.i !..! t- siiW"
rlir.-s nl" lit. r f.-iiiii lal li- , in) lulu'. li.. I..IIIM1.
Ii. UM- ol this lilt ,lii .i.ri,.(. Iirtrvlllli'lil..
Hi. ill. in., . lin in xha In (,,iiii I iii iir AU'ia
.llin.iiiar. wlii.'li tin titriMit. ii.iiu-il ri.w,
llirlll.ll H I 1 1 t., .ill Ml,, rail ( r lliilil.
Dynpi-pslii. limi t IHunir, I-'tl., r.jiHip
, .'I In in li . I , Arinnl);!
Many (.n;ll l,;il!i . III. . ft li.-p tiflftli II. 1i.i
lua.le l.v tin slt.-iHliu- i.i.., r .1 tl,. ii,,-. Il.i
lull, till. Vital ttillrli'ltp into Mh" 1-.11. M. fl li,n mill
1 (.VITlTlllll. ,H..I.I . Yll..l W..III.I Irt' .ll nl 1 T. li
! iimIi. . Ii n iPlu.-il v lm I'.iii: I- i n I- .iuu"' l'i
' ci'.-ili. . ol ll.e i l., uli. I virnli i " HI t'.,Ai UU-.
il.i I t tli tn all lint liiriltcilit' cau tin.
jAyer's Cherry Pectoral
; t un the ii win ct nr. nr
I oiit;li. I "tils, Infliim-!, lluM'".
I t i inip. It, on. Ii II I., In, Ipii nt l.
a. nm pi Ion, mul for ilir llriin
of i oii inn it 1 I'nlUliU
In ii ll VM liC ! il Slnfrt
of the DImi-hm-.
Tlii. Is a rrmnlv uiiivriMiItv I.m '-n InHiri"
ntlicr for tlic fine of lliront mi l liiiitr ri inl l.ii.l-
is ii'i'lrss hi i lo iniUi-li tlie n lilniro i f n virtun. I"
mirivnlli.,l i.xci.U'i,i-f f,.r roimliN Mul n !.!.. sml il" 1"
woiiiliTfnl riin-ii of pulmonary .lii". :M". lis to'1'
kn.inii tlu,-iiL' I liu ilvilir....! i,.n..ii. tb i'!i
rft Hlo tin' c lilinlllli.if.. or l Tin falnillri, uss-sr '
win) lmvp not some rcrsolilil .'iii'iii t,t of lilt.'1
si.iiie livuii tropliy iu tlii'ir nii.i.t of it. ii.l..ryes1
llt.II. nnd ilntl'loiii, ill.ol'lrrs of III.' llinii ana m
As nil know 1 1 ilrcri'lfiil f..tnlilv i t H ' "' .iii.."!"..'
II11.V knou'. Um. tin, i.lnrt. of ifii. rPllH'ilV. I.1'
da mnro In U1 llieu ll.ul U l.u now all Ik 1
tne. llit it Hid lisve l,en mul-ing tlio cures liiiiis
wnu so itroiiKly upou tho cotifM.'Uce of inkiikind.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYES U CO.. Lowoll,I:
?-SjIiI bv C. P. AVuljim, CleuiMJ tl
Irwin, Cnrwens ille : F. Aruolil, I.uMirrb-
Montomcry .t Co., Xew Suii'iu ; .. C. llrf"1"
Jl.irn.iliiU", V. U. 1 osier, i iiuipM.ury ; an. 1
. Clmse, Aii.ouvllle ; nml by 'li'iib r? fri-T'-iT'J
tntip, mill 'Jrfck liiucu.aces. f 0 00
To students desirous of nequirinK thorough
t'uglifh IMncation, and who with to qunlify
themsnlves for tetiehers, this lustitutioo ofTers
desirnble ndvantnges.
No pupil received for less than half a session,
and uu dwdurtivD made except for protracted
Tuition to be paid nt the close of the term.
C. H. .SANJtFOUD, PuixtiPAL.
Mij 2'5, 1SC0.- Iv.
preveotinn of eff'pring, includiag nil tlie new
discoveries nevwr belore Riven in the hngli.-h
language, by VM. V Jb'XO, M. D. This is reully
a valual.lo and interesting woik. It is written
in plain language fur the general reader, and is
illustrated with numerous engravings. All young
married people, or those contemplating marriage,
and having the least impediment to luurncd life, .
should read this book. It discloses secrets that
every one should be acquainted with ; still it is a j
book that must be locked up, and not lie about
(he house. It will be tent to any one on receipt :
of twenty five cents, in specie or postago t tamps,
Address Dr. M M. YOUNG, No. 410 Spruce st.
above Fourth, Philadelphia, l't.
Affiietrd and L'nurtunnte No matter
wh.itmay be your disease, before you place your-; TUE LONDON QUUTKRLY.
i f , .1. - . C . r.i. ..: , r
sen unuur inw iinui iiur um ii. hi. i lour ; Conservative.)
Quacks, native or foroign, who advertise in tbii 2xhe EDINBURGH REVIEW,
or any otl er Taper, get a copy of either of Dr. 1 (Tory.)
Young's hooks, and read it carefully. It will be : 3THE NORTH DRITLSH REVIEW,
tbe means of saving you n:auy a dollar, your. (Kr e Church.)
health, and possibly your life. 4 THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW,
Dr. Y'Ol'NiJ can be consulted on any of tbe (Liberal.) '
diseases described ill his publications, at hit SHLACKVOOD'S EDIMU'ltCH M AfJAZINE
111. ! Trrmrndi.ut Kjcittmrvt anion, i th
,1o.v. ! ! .'EXCITING FOOT RACE between
' rliiluil.ilplnn F' liro and tbe notorious vur ture patronage.
Tliiiiikful for paft fnvorf ami fi liiiti""
I would respectfully w'
It It I T 1 S II R h -1 1: w s
ii k
office, No. 418 Spruce tt, above Fourth. n7-ly
to CONSlJMPTIVIXThe advertiser,!
having been rettered to health in a few
' weeks by very aiinple reninly, alter having suf-
l)lBCk!mllh,Wgons,nuggics.4c.. Ac., ironed ftrc1 for vernl years wilh a severe lung ancc-
J) on short nttice, aad the very best style, at hii tl0n' nd tblt Arrd '"'", Consumption, u am
11 (land in t:io Corougn ot Uurvensville.
lc .29. 185S.
Mf.KCII ANTS, and dealers in Hoards and
fhingles; Grain and IWuee. FRONT Btreet,
above the Academy Clearfield Pa.,
June 12 tb, (il.
AT the mouth of Lick Run, five inilui frm
Clearfield, MERCHANTS, cl ejWniir
Manufaoturors of Lunber,
J'jly 23, 1852.
ioui to make known to bis w sutlorers me
' means of cure.
To all who desire il, be will send a ropy of the
prescription used, (free nf charge.) with the di
i -ictions fur preparing and using tbe same, w hich
'they will find a sure cure fr Consumption,
; Asthma, Vrcncbitis, c. The only object of the
advertiser in sending the prescription is tn bpne.
j fit the afflicted, and spread Infurmaliun w4p)i bp
'cuneolrin tote ipviilunhlo, and. t,o bonus erPr
ufferer will try bit wedf M jt will coil them
nettling, and way prove a blossliig,
I' wishing the jiresorlntion will plea
i address her. EDWARD A. WIL60N,
j boy? ly, Williamjborjb, Kings Co., N. Y
i T
I viury-;
T E II M S . rcr annum.
For any one of the four Reviews, $3 00
For any two of the four Reviews, & 00
For any three of tbe four Reviews, 7 00
For all four of Ibe Reviews, 8 00
For Illackwood'a Magazine, 3 00
For Rlackwood and one Review, 5 00
For Blackwood and two Reviews. 7 00
For Blackwood and three Reviews, 9 00
Fur Illaokwoud and the fuur Review., 10 OA
N, fl.The price ia Great Britain for the five
periodical! above-named i( $31 per Rnnuw.
Republished l."
wftM3 fiw 61 QoU riip( Kpw york,
7"ERY CHEAP at the store of
jan23 KM- F. IRWIN.
ft Inre slock of ('rookery. Siuh uf CraTO (
milk pans, Cbin n, Jugs, Jr, Move pip
tf c. und also mi extensive sioriailH 1
different sues uml pattern! of brsiV'M
rosette! for o rnice on houe. and ulU'
llill TS.
Any mouMitig! not on br.iiil 'ill
ni,ler on short nulii'i. Al.,, firn hrirk Bl
and kept fur sale.
JV-A liberal reduction on pric'i ol'j!
wholesale dealers. F. I.LITZISGE
Clearfield, may 23, 1S70. ly.
Cabinet, Chair Makin?,
T OII ii I'T.Tf'll nf lliA Itnrnti 'h of Clfirt'
J l'a., will be prepared at all times teatl'
to any business in the above line f
nntico, ami in a wurkinanliko uiiinner. "i'f '.
of business is at the nld shop on the north n
Market street, Sd door cast of Third st,
oniiosito the old Jew store : where he wil".
l Mil, iuu uuimii.'ii, f ur I 1 i """o '... Ui
ger nrd coiinteiTc'er. sies Hurharmn Cros? ! ! ! 1 tua 7 ni'e on tn. ?5in, and i.l cn'
Cross r.ecapturen : '. . It rccms lo be (he i-ner kofr l ottery m this boroiii'H, '
ol opinion in Clearfield, that if Croi-s had worn a ' ner a short dUtniK-e cast Ot tin, Mcthi'di.-tr'
pair of I-rank Short's French. calf Boots, that he
would not be lul nn yet. However, Shorty ia
not much put out nt uii.-sinj. bis custom ; but
would announce to all Hreckinritlijr, iJnuiIttt,
Linrulu and llr.ll writ, and women and children
in Clearfield, and Sinnciiialioning in particular,
that he is prepared lo furnish them willi Boots,
Shoes und Gaiters of any .tyle or pattern, sti'ch.
ed, sewed or pegged, (and as bo is a short fel
low) on short notice.
Ail kinds of country produce taken in ex
change, and vush not n fused. Id-pairing dono
in the neatest manner and charges moderate, nt
the Short Shoe Shop on Second Street, opposite
Reed, Weaver A Co's store. FRANK SHORT.
N. 11, Findings for sale Sept. 20, I860-
To Persons out of Employment.
In every County of the United .Stutos,
TO engage in the sale of some of the best and
most elegantly illustrated Works published.
Uur pub cations are of tbe most interesting
character, a lapteJ to the wants of the Farmer,
Mechanic nnd Merchant; they are T nblisbed in
tho best style and bound in tbe mo- substan
tial manner, nnd arc worthy a placo in the Li-
hmrv .if .rn,. lf,i1...1.1 !n .1. r l
-.-.j ... i,.uriuii, iu HI, 1,1,1111. i ' ' - - - - - - ......
,-Tu men of enterprise aud industrious tab- rrt of Dressing nnd Common HJj
iU, l!i buklnom ofluri an opportunity for l.rwfit- s"fi"i ""'l Washing Stands,
.i i. , . . . . . ti. t.
oiu empioymcni leiaum lo be met with.
ittsUi'iNoni deiiring to act s cimti will re
ceive promptly by mail full particulars, ter.oi,
c.,by addressing LEARY. QETZ A Co., Pub,
No. m Kurtb itrept, I'tiiUJelpbia.
Oct 4, ISiQa-Jr,
constantly on band a large assortment
hoponv nnil CmH IIiiIIoni Chnir... and l-'
Ware of every description, which be will 'ir
of on ns ri'iisonablo terms ni the same w"'
con be had elsew here in tho county.
His stock of Cabinet Ware now on bund,
Book Cases, French and Field Post llfl''"'
... . , . .. . j p;r I
bn i, iu, (.'tTin manufactured and dclivsr'
apy place dusirad.
Febrm,ry 9, 1850. no, , rol. !
VI HI MM Mil' of Fresh Drugs Just reeelr
e ant opened al HATSWK'KS.
Flour- .,
OOD ARTICLtv.f'ir laie al the stort
J ien?J W F. 1K'V