Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, January 30, 1861, Image 3

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mvs ,i'.,.'mi,n
B ja-ri-.i'
r li"" 1 "'
1 "I 1 M H I M I I IO It U iM( I ,...
It i ' . ill. . I it, ,1 Mi I. in. . )n villi it,. m t
t I n hi-.ct, n ,111 tha tllh i.f 1 i t n,(t, v,
II" w ll f i In Hi e i J i; :'i)r,- tl In .
I I III' 1'i.lit.ll i. u t f, .; ji r i II. j.j.
I hi : i im 1 1 (lie 1 liinii 1 1 in tin n e
l.p w ill i, i. .. ,!, .i 1,1ml ly, I t way i.f (V
r iniiiili In I ,lnmt.ii, ( 'Irvi land, Itud'nl'i
I'nutitf fur A 1) lfli)
1 f.i fi iih.iHMi ft, , 1,.s, i.
I t-t I IfitffM I Minil la Id I orrnv
imU la Hi I Ptritl. I,"l'h
,1 l'fih i tin, In A'.-.nml alih l ..m,
. . i. . , I t" ir .if ll ll r , ir ll I' 1 ir"m ',n "I i"T " iM'li'.B',. A. '. "ni, lo ,
n. ur. r?r::L:i : . :.n,:7. ,... .n..... , . i!.hd.,,.u.n...A.isi:
rllr,t4. , -..Mi,, . , 1... n
fcllnwsi . l' will I i". .1, pi nimbi v , I wnv i.f t in- , '' ,
IHIH'l r I W m H. ' ,', , .' , T "n r I from I nllrrfnO fit llftl) and prsvlnns
-.M.fillt 8 1(1 a. m. ' I" ' - IM m.t. ( levilatld, Hiifhtbl ti-nrs, including per renlng. IMJ6T1
MdlTroln UlOp.m. and Albany. Limn Albany ho Intend to lu iu,' r"m "'" r MM t MO 33
IlF,r.-.v.c.T io i.) r. ,. ln,lU fl.r-;inil,(!ir (lir),,ti tll(uv, ,rt r .iif,.m ',u,-i..i.' . t;
H,rr..rnl'-r'- ..,,.:..., n, ...,., , ' j.y ti.r,tn ,,,,,,
Mail Train 12 1' p. tn. tour to New York an'l I'l.ilmli Iphia is Cinmrmwea'th essn
.( lano 22 p. m. ' . , Jurors' wages
train, run on Pnndsy evc-plth F.prce.. , '" "' I ,H lU' ,,,',,,
r 1 1 Aii.nii.-.,,,, i.t, for Miorinl trnm .l vh 0,,i,,inr.r.'
.. .' Frothnnolary's fn".
i ii tni lie ji-ur. ,,i(ric, Allorn,r-, f,
177 67
372 91
EsrlliTMNMrNT -lho In.l. r. cmp,..n? tlif ,v ,.. thrmi-h .irn innkin.'. No military in Juil ft
winf Pooi..y.,ftl,f M. H. Ct,.irrtil,itl.i,U.,ii,it wi ,1,M.())loi)
l l. .1. ... 1 .
Wilt iipoio i" nuiL'iui inrj inivt innnu ir uroa, t . - l i 11 .
with rtfroshmenn, pnnfcluin, A f.,) lo tale, on . . , . ii . . , i Ti.tfl nl ( ourl Cr r
rbnridny fvimn;, th 7lh of Fclirunrr, 1 S C 1 , ' ' l!epmr Id j utlio luiildioji
. th. CLurch.,f-tfull,invi.1ufltr Ml ''ini'oIn,g tlpfartiiru, under tl.o Wding Jurcn
t4 to psrticirAte intho Tl.o I'rotcrl ion of soniw friuuls, no M to reach KfunJi
pw.0i r. dtf9iKn.l to tM9t in the er.rtion of , Washington Mi.iultancouily wit!i Iiini. A,r,mt of tiuU, Counli,, . .WiV.'l Tax due fnn Cuhctcrt f,r ISliO, anrf ;iiww yrjrj.
I Bw Churcli ulilico on the lot already purohnu- l'l.'iiH' 'kf is will contull their Oivn in-
id for that purjHun. Th Iickct for admif liun i c.osls f,ht.iiniii2 honcfcfoi ill fi oni , ' " 7 , " vl "
hotli im: jv,n;il niul oj.iatolHry uj'plicaiioua va.ia. tow .hum.
fjr oliicf.-i. 'J'ho I'l'Oii.ient rh'tt detiroH
1,7 .1
1,210 77
373 VJ
3.SS M
r. 40
574 01
s:h on
200 CO
179 84
1 21
108 00
10 j 41
I ' l t'fl
Ii .n I'm. ,y ii m
i i,t..i fn 4
I .'l I r I n r n ) i j f i
- ! 1 r I no
M ilit rK umI f n 41
Jnlf (i H
('nwniiiiii.nlil' rll-ik I' JCd
1 A.M"i' . fl ICO "0
Amt'ilnn rr..tli"nii, i an I
ll'Ul-lM I trri.m,! ft)
tnlfi'M on i.nlur M)
l'..ti'11'.t'l Inqitfttl a? .14
Amlilnra' rlrrk 4 1 00
Rliarifl ' frri Jnn oa
lmkl, lnll,miy, i ing f J
Kurvy nf lllmita toDhip 1.1 00
l'ul oontrnrt bH 74
I'ourl h.i rnnlrft,on ar't 1,879 II
ll.tiiMt,,! !,, . Iiiillr if l.'i r:. In
tniM, an nili,,, In l, i , .i t f
; I A 1. 1. A N ! WIN! 1: Ii il tH s
tirtl 1 1 tti tl
VMiY .on- ;i.v ('.(.;.
im; nivr
Ait .h t
uii mm. & oo.
Mirrllntaul nr,tr
Kl inf rtion lo Ci.llnrlori
l'rr miiiK to collirtori
TrMirrr'i ,r rntga a
amount rm ifd
lio n piytni; out
la!D0 du Trtiarr
bt 41
J30 S
301 99
Oil Miiiki! Mm t '.Mi
1U alto rntiiimiM t d.lla Ll rf al u, ,,UI( I loilM't will"' Mr. .1 r r
kindu, In any y to mt bn tun. mm. jlli-l npcnin till lltHlliall) 'ii i' ;
U t;skf,tu..k.i,t1cM..i itra-df-rai n,1,l wrll n'lotinl htt tkcl' ; i .-.
.. . Ignited to the wants nfllm tou'mn-
kladi nf CHAIN. . ,
tut v lor tli ; I till iiini inter tnl' ,
.7- c a t t 1 v t r r ' -i 1. 1
v , m 4 'J . lUil
Nil ?'iihlnton, Sot. 1, IKfO.
iwliii Ii they otlcr in larre siml .imII
n..t7 m quantities o the most iea-i..ial)!o
Ji.iniS CM-I. AM) I.XAMIK tor
12,408 B7
will b 10 ccnU To commoneo at G o'clock.
Bible Society.
Tha meeting of the County Bible Sorio'y liil.lltlie uinioal j.rivacy tluritig tho remainder
it th ofllco of Krquire Wrigley, during Ci.uit ' ,,f jis stay.. Ilerr.Ll
reek, was adjourned to mei't t tlu Motliodint I
lourch on Friday evening n'tl, 1 -t!i 01 I'obrun- j taT" Alargp and eiidiuniu'tio public nieot
y. Election ofoiTir and otli.-r l.usinm wiilfinjr nu held in Philadelphia conijiood
before tho mooting. J. 11. I.ciit. So.-y. ! entirely of workin'111011.
Ftoon. Merroll ,f- lii'l.'r hare a lsr jo f t.n k j TI10 mcotinjr 'in hiirmcilinUS ami cor.
f floor for U, whi.-h U iJ 10 lo of e col!otit ' cilinto! y, culling upon our Senntora and
uality, an ) bo .,M m the very lowest rate, members of Co;ij!rrs.s to adopt the Crit
Ht them aca'.l and t-t Au mriis. j tendril proposition.
S0Messis. ll.ill :i:ul lilood nf tho Son-I A cotnniitteo of lhirty-thr-e was np
,t, and M-.'r.-,. I. iviencc uii 1 li Jrdm of j P"inted to proo.vd to Y Arlington nnd
he House, ill ple;i-i ui.-eept uji- iliuks j lay their prooec-dinga ho fore the President
"or various Public Iioenmonts. land C'.jnrvefs.
fiWith :i numiier ")f tha m-rrnbers of I t'A. A bill i noiv before the Legislature
he I. O. ofO. F., we 111:1 b; a trip to N'.".vto t'oi in a novr .ludieinl District, out of
iVaaliingtoti last week, here we me: 11 , -fi 'iler-on. Forest. Elk, and Catueron,
itimtei of o;ir fellow citizen-", iind hud counties. To t his we shull make no objec-
dtto an agreeable iutoi ehnn'c of social I tioin, Im 5. it luoked a.' UviUon-isU
ipinions. W'e ii"rer met a more hospiiu- 1 we could not help to notion it.
le people in our life -cel. one attempt-! KESTl-ck"v i-l,riTo;7o71lerreseita.
t0,0utvi" ,l,e o:lK"' ' acU oi ,fri""d-; tives passed, on the l!kt in-tant, by vote
hip. for wl.itii wo rue ivau'.Med tore-; r . - ... f ,
r' 1 nf j( VMS (0 0 nnv a fenes of resohi-
urn the thanks of tho;e from our town 1 . , . ' . . . ,
! tion.. ileelai mi; that 111 view of tl e men
hr were present. I , , , . ,
,. 1 . . , ,. 1 nr.d nionev tendered to the General Gov-
AcJordinj; to piovioji notice, a public I '. . . .....
, , , eminent by fo ernl northern .States, that
lrnemn 111 i w 11 .im 111 t'.vii ft 1 .uru 1111
I'huridiv. Not-vhlist.iud.ii'' the ilclem-
ncy of t'n? weather, quite a number of
ue mamoer.s appeared m p ua J. 1 lit'
nemberj of Cie 11 -field Lo le were met by
1 numbei of excellent fellow., (r-ini C'lieny
jibe people of Kentucky, uniting with
Mlieir brethren of the South, will resist
I such an invasion of the soil of the South
at all lnrzanla to the last extremity.
mdt i a bad omen to find that Sena-
free Lodjre. who together proceeded to ' t'r Seward, the cluisen Pi imier of the
Line' In A 1-niniatration, voted against ev
ery one of tlie propositions oflcred by
Senator Cri I tendon, as a basis of compro
mise. This is not all. He voted with
Toombs utid JUvi, in the Committee, to
defeat every proposition that was caleula
itd to quiet the troubles in our National
he new Hall prepared by tho New Wash
ington la il-c, n,d then organize 1
tnd elected the fullowirj; ofii
:er: K. !. James Savage ; V. O ,
rohn Ro.-e ; S., .lames iMivler; A. S , Ed
vard Smiih ; T., A I im P.: eth ; who now
!onatit' New Washington L'l:e, No.
iC7, of the I. O. of O. F., ol remi'yh aiiia.
tl53uWe ee l y the late Pi-port of the
Auditor Hi-nerul. that
lank ia the crlyoiie that ha been origin
zed UDder the Freo Uanking l;rv pasred ;
ast winti r. !
The Auditor iconnm-nds 8 nutnbi-r of;
;hangel :n the law, for the purpose of ,
Cllderhii-' it mote acceptable lo the publie. I
Winalow, !)., of li. r.ezi-tte iow n-h:'. Elk
county, whilr t engaged in siipei intending
:he hauling of some timber, had his l-g
broken in;iuedi'itdy above the ancle. lr.
Early was railed in toatiendto hiin, und
tt hist aceof.nt Mr. Window was duinj
very well.
LoDCELl IN ,).M1..
Ifa e.institL'ti'in: 1 niii.irity cannot be
tlie . l-eai f.'-Iil I Dni'ed in support ot tlie .n: tenuen res
olutions." or the aubstamvi of them, then
dissolution of the Union is inevitable.
Hum, id
Curwi niville
C'ovio jf ton
Lumber City
New Wathicgton
Atfrfgat nmunt du from C .llfflor
coLLXeTORi' ataa. cocstt. tati.
' Jamf K,j $204 il 92 ll
It. Wetiel
II. .Vwan
. Spneei
Win Wiley
Tnoinni Fcnton
J. Funderland
J. Iinvii
J. Young SO Ot
1). Williumi 3 I4 8 29
J. I. llundy 1 09
V. Kcpbart 1117
J. Caldwtll 4 72
S..T. Toitr 44 85 42 20
J Putierion 1 42
T. K. McClur , 2 82
J. liiirmoy 14 94
O. Kephar'. C3 89 111 ill
Z. Mi-.Naul
J. Ptraw .VI 00 6 41
E. It. LivrrKood 12 81 12 04
William Williami 9 41 21 yt
J. Kei'.cr
R. J.Wallaco 31 95 48 .12
A. Itaughman 10 89 41 42
It. K. William 4 02
D.N. Heath &00
II. Orr 115 12 T 59
R. DatiTor 1 110 29 44 85
I). Uom 16 95 6 41
J. Mt-Clellun 2 88
J. McNoal 5 It 10 84
II. Y,.thfT IS 33 41 41
5. WhiUiide 17 80
II. Whilefid 290 27 ' 130 88
J Cainphall 153 18 108 4S
William Wilioa 144 6 85 13
J. Cowder 32 47 4 71
F. Win-art 495 50 508 80
J. Sunderland 39 119 46
J. Tbompioq 27 79 99 18
J ltenaut 2-19 47 2
II. E 6aydr 131 21 74 4s
J. Erani 34 71 41
J. Straw 109 93 TS 74
J. Mulkiri 36 45 15 14
J. SpackmiB 11 20 44 23
J.Fankry 49 36 35 98
J. P. Neltoa 146 83 81 89
J. Pundy 78 38 5f 81
P. Bloom 74 1 1 53 f4
M. O fitirk 70 63 42 3fi
M. Nicboli 306 70 214 27
J. erguon 74 01 49 94
J. P.auing 2"9 72 108 3S
R. Kiemao 21 40 29 48
T. Wain 187 38 tt 70
II. Uile 274 46 14 - 99
II. BmbaVer 13 83 3141
6. Urndemca 131 48 70 05
.lleelor - - - $4.101 73 2.748J0
Mil. ITU.
riMWV.Uir Avn rmii-n
12,50097-- ' , 1 'Ik ir nssoilinent of
v A It L - A 1 . extenuve an I will -ae.e' te 1 1 n D V nrfrV.i MOTIOMQ
!'f rv l,r- and roniptele: cml-.raeing nhnott
every ki'ii.-if l.ih it tu,lii..n and eifiee. I.-
perisl dtli-nti .i. Usi Miid (n llur eleelliin 01
LAL'lK.-" Mlli.-'f Ui.'OliS. wliirli are f every
variniy and Ibo H-tr ln:il fyl'S.
c'i'l , l'.nii,-!. I', Mrrinnf, Poplin,
A'-a'-i,ri. In Vtu-ro", Frfnrli, -ol'ili
nd I in " f 1 c Ii inli iiif, Piinl,
l.'.rf y. I'umbrlr. brilliant,
i i.. and plain 11. bilmtH,
Ii ish I.iimn C'.ntl.f i e.
B'.a. L and Tuncy Cm ii.i'M, Sat'nctu. jeana,
Tivteil. l.r,lur,yii, lli.-kory Mripr. Ticking,
Crali, l'if.j , r. lilenhid and nnl.lniched mua
line i di-i'.lj, it' Uitv, Wliiieand Canton Fian
uels. Also a Inrjj tocK of leidifj' i.d (J anils
u,ni' ,-li,nti, DvuMo and Sini;!;!, Stella and
Cbo.-iiil", Itlack and 1'rib I'lota rape of the
.r v liii-.-st it?bin.
f, 00 1
4 10
SioveI'ipe, (.'uiUra, and Placking,
,J t Meat Cutters and Snusage StuflVr", Corn
?s BlJ I Shellers. Corn (iiin:!era. Cider Mill,
Oar-Kinj;8, Quoits, Plow and
Harrows, a variety of
32 50
6 00'
80 40
16 28
7 00
jllingea, Screws, Nuiis and other rtici I
10 40 , ued fur building pjrpoc-, 1c. I
7 54 j c 4 ' ' I
15 50 .nrmlimllw All l.n,l ntirl fV.i. .1.. !.,. '
17 f5
19 I'S
2.1 62
14 3s
4 35
' 10 00
Joseph l. cruLV.
dee4 Lumber City.
5 to 'M m r o if snr&i
ICV. AM aII.Vl'.U IV A I'. 10.
TTT'fc would rni'L.ctfiilly iiil-irin our friend,
p-.roui and tbe piridis ...r.illy, i lint w
.n.i K.,.; w. ie.. . . i nave now m ?: in. nmi ocr ii! .- nu iv
JlKI,!. !t4;l at I
. . , . . .
21 40
!-, w o.-i ( u.'it l'ric-!, a large and very
THE TOWNSHIP ANI LOCAL LAWS .'"C0!'f atcii. .lewt-lry. Mlver ana i laiea
Of lbo.Sr.taof lCn,vlvui. I nr everv vauciy aim .i ,a.
Compiled from the Ael of A nuin'ily, by Wiilimi
f. llaine, fc.'.i., and i.nlilisbud bv Elwi.rd
F. Jauiei, F.'., Wet Cbfter, Peuu 'a. I
Fverv do.-r ipiion of l,i:i tnoiid Work auil oth
er, lenelrv, mnde M ordt-r nt ehort Tiotlce.
(WAI1 Foods warr.-in-ct' to bo an renretenUd.
Particular attention (riven to the repniriuj of
Thi. work contain. .,r.r 400 Pa5e of eWv ! bJ J,''?Verr7.;,Tlf ThT
printed matter, and i. id be jold by .ubc-ru."- i v ,,Mnr,r,-r , . I Tiik'.
' ' 1 i No. C22 MIRK Er truot, (south silii,) Pnu
4 30
22 50
11 36
Sept. IK!b, IstiU. 6 mo.
Il teai'kel the dutioi cf Jujiiec tf tbc TeMo,
with forma for Ibe transaction of their butines.
It teucbol tbo dutiea uf cons (ab!e wit', ail lb
oei-euary form, appaitaining to tbe ollirc.
It eontaiin the dutie of the Superri.,n of ev
ry County and Towu.bip iu the .Viatc.
It contains the mod of procedure f.,r tbe ia v
nc out nod mieninr; of uubiic and i, rivals ro.-nU.
3- I earocatmg and altering road, tb buiidinir of
' ibridj;. 4c, 4c.
41 32 Itpolitaiue lb CoinLi&n FrS.,,.l T.nw w..!!'.
H DlnIialiou. decinion aud directiur.'. lei-rtlr- '
A I In ......... r '
l " i with foims lor Heed, Uond Coiitrartf , l.'er-tifi 'F1. ...-,... , , t , f 17 ,-,',, ,,
yJ. I o 1 i.iouio ly ,,i, ,i
:ri rs
36 10
20 90
33 HO
of . y- ,
th ex-
THE above Hotel, l aving recently been fitted
Hp f .r a hnu.'O of entertmniuent, ia now open
fir the accouiinodatioii of tbe public. Traveler
Kill find tlii a eouveaiont bou.-e.
Jli, IJ H5s OHN JOI !).iN.
diet' Hornets and Hat.', triiotned and un-
trimmcd, f tb I.atiK Style? at
R. W. t C0',
2s 50 cm, i, 4c, 4c. Tbi dopanmet.t tf ibe
17 iv I waf compiled at IIrriburg by Mr. t'ainuel I' '
a dn , r,H,l. llet-uv Kut.rinL...i.liil no.l '
worth tbe price of tbe volume to any one inlwrec-1
d in Common .Vcboo r. !
It cotita-n tbedutietof Township Aodilor.
It r..ntin. 'he 1aw riaiiv Ii.,.. ... 1
J 57 ribeep.
' It contains tha dutic of Arierir.
It contain th low ia relalnio to ftraya,
Mu'e and .Vwiue.
It remain tbe law ivUtii to FtLcct an
Fence Viewer.
Ii contain th law relative l rime huuticz
I rout and Deer.
i U cenraiu lb Election Law with all beeei
tary Form.
It dill im the aturlita'.wn I.awt, wiih all
16 15
8 07
14 2
19 00
40 sj 1
7 f.0
39 42
14 72
17 57
15 41
14 25
23 27
1-012 " : tbe necessary Formt tot Applicaliuu.
Aggrepnt amount due County from
f Ins is the c.osir Ian cuiiie of the mi- Arjrerato amount due from U. E,
ii'.i ity report of the Committee of Thirty-j lands
J.iwir Hinise of ( ongres. judgment. Ae.
of i Outran 'ing County order tl.22 78
l i o nn
Lea Er Li., On Friday last, Reuben alt the inmeeis from the South who net- Tr.,,.r '.-2 fl
three in tho
submitted as the unanimous
ed with the Committee. Their language
cannot be tnisun lerstood by anv on1, and
is as truthful ! s it is emphatic.
I" ritTRist -tios. When it hall be pner
jally admitted that the American Union is
i irrevocably broken up, settling day wi:h
wtj did not learn, was brought to jail bu t
fvening, by Constable I. H. Panlhemtif,
tho Northern Abolition will have arrived.
A man, whose name . Tli-n. the r.uthors of the stupendous mis
chief will have to meet a storm of indig
nation before which they will wither; and
charged irith an attempt to commit rape. ; ieendiary lecturers and preachers, of
JorTiie "7ioop."of- wnrIh-i,okiy n failed hatever nnme. will alir.k away confound
from Not folk. Va., on the 21th instant, 'i self-condemned, from the gaze o:
ivithaealed orders. Siie took two com-j llll'ir outing-d countrymen. In Phila
panieiof soldiers from Foil, Monroe, snp. delphia. in Boston, in Ohio the other day
poied to Do destined for Tort Sutuler or when Abbey Kelly Foster nag mobbed,
Fort rick ens. land in Putfalo, Lock port, nd KiK-hester,
they have already received a premonitory
xqsiui l euuers iiihy rciueiuue: m'- . . . . ni
3. rebuk" frotu unexpected quarter, l he
Iu County Tren-orer
Indcbtedneii of County
11,104 t2
$4101 73
2,703 15
1,053 22
3,216 72
11,101 82
f 30 12
8,053 66
Dialogue published by us sometime since i , . . ... , - , , ,
. ..... I arch-agitator llinton Helper fared no lc-t.
ter in this city. X. V. Journal j Commerce.
JtsaTKellej-'a Island, in Lake Eri?, iaall
which refined incidentally to that good, j
itaunch old Jou: Hal for the Farm, Garden
anil HousrhtilJ. The publisher's card now
appeara in our advertising column":, and
we recommend all our reader s, w he'her
residing in eoun'.iy or village, lo respond
to Lie invitation to try the Ayricu'lnriit for
we feel quite sure that the do'Iar it co.-ts
will boa good iunstiiient. When you
write tor it please say it w as upou our rec
omctndation. imd we will guarantee you
good aatist'acl ion. We have received the
first number of th 20th volume of the
Agrieuh trist, which indicates u valuable
treit to all who subscribe for this vol
a 'ineyard. The principal grape is the
Catawba, which yields admirable wine.
An a?re in full bearing will pro'iueo 7,000 j J,"
lbs. of grapes, mortu Zijh, at u cents peri Vnion
GronoE B. fl.,'i:, Ee.. Treasurer of Clear
field C unty, in account with the different lown
fbip for Road fund, for the year A. 1). 1S58-9,
To balance due township last fettle
meut. To moant received from nnffated
lundi for 1854-9
Tvirnthipt. Amtpd.lp:
Clearfield bor,
Hunt on
Pal. due tp.
Cir On one farm nt Monterey, Califor
nia, tliere are 50,000 grape vines arranged
on thr slope of the mountain, from which j
I .SCO gallons of wine were obtaine I iu
$177 2S
448 00 $27 16
126 ti
6S 07 12 08
460 44 S 9S
254 1
233 73 62 63
112 12 66 44
1 41
32!) 00 24 39
31 73 2 07
219 r.
K,4 '10 54 65
2 0 00 9 06
176 68 14 14
1,620 2 3 257
67 ?l J 96
161 84 59 49
291 i4 84 00
1C4 "4
721 60 26 36
148 00 23 44
104 43 75 22
250 04 1 42
41 23
617 SS
P.055 78
Hu.-t en
271 36
214 SS
230 OS
472 44
31 25
M 45
68 32
254 91
230 41
33 11
88 23
8 24
314 93
229 20
147 02
006 8
259 hi
4266 76
107 16
SI 01
111 37
2 91
74 72
5 71
3 63
27 14
470 63
266 54
1C2 74
29 11
402 81
77 27
57 77
62 76
.'3 06
In every County of the United States,
riv) n jr.? in tho :;le of f.iuia of tb beat and
, 1. tn-iKi el"inily illustrate.! Works pabliihed.
j Jur publication., aroofth 1110H interesting
ebarac'.er, a luptel to the it mis of the Fanner,
.Mechanic and Merchant; hey are 1 ubli?hed in
1II19 bettileand bound in the most substan
tial inannT, and arc worthy a place in tbe Li
I brary of even- lt-.ui'chiiM in tho Lnjd.
I 'iS-To men of enterprise aud iuduitriou bab
ibis bujine.'.i i.rTers an opportunity for profit
able emt loymeDt Ftldoin to bi met with.
I 5ul'crsonr Jeiirint; to act as ager.ta will re
eeiv promptly by mail toil particulars, terras,
rfc, by aJfin Lr.AUV. liii T2 A Co., Pub,
o. 24 :w.u ttrci-t, l'hiladeli.'!lia.
t. . 1... ....... . ..r I 1 T- , .
1 il cull Lain uMiuui-i x A.r?ni ..rm' ,
, wbit-h re Ufd iu tbe every dav traucii.jn of, Oct I (, 1 r? 50 ly.
.bujm s, euch. Ai-kno.ied.ocuts, Atndaiii. YrT larje .lock of fprinff end Jammer
: Articles of Ag eemcut., aud Coi.tract,. Parlor, 2 elottiintj -f the Intt styles for a'e low br
;ship. Apprentice., Assinim-ma, Aitc.Uitiun.r , c,.i wensv.lle. l.'a v 1 0. I .-60. V.. A. 1KVI.V.
j Hills cf bxebane ajii I'lomissory ute, UiHt. , '
"a!e, llonue, Check., CovcLai.i., iVeeds, Depuko. "II !I f ! ! HI f St' El tVe" t.
ions.Du Rill, and Produce -Notes, L.ieliou p-'i '" 3
(Tenant, Leatt, Lctn r ol rttiori.vy, AiaiiiiJe Ijllalilhlo Vc,"'elab'c I'OwdcrS
j Mortgage. P.cceipuaod lielea,r. Iben.jr, a 3
bound in Law ab.p. mid a ill Lo ejld to kba 1 t Tor the rpeedy and effectual Cu-e nf.1l! fitjtnm
b;r at $l Si per cij y, payabla ou ueUvcry il roifom. l.hi.w, titm, I'yp'pti ond Ztirr t'im
. tb work. Tb. oia ba pamd Ihe rci.-ion of pUunl and all ytr.i'r .iwi t'i.onro Din net of A-
many of ibe be.-t luwrcr iu Ibo i.ntj aud La lull lid Children, Send 3 cent Stamp to
! receive! their utquaimed approbaai u. a? a reli- ber '.-e-if. ii. Ii. JOXES.
Bal. duetj. 2,6 160
I,1S3 92
8,193 92 !
able baud book ot reterenco upon all rubj-.-cts
upon vi bich ii treat, i be wboie is arranged iu
fucb a mai.ner as to present a pla.n, c -iici.c aud
i t, licit Itatement ot ibe duties of ,i T.jBbipj
( Oftcer?, may be readily uudertl ji.J ty aiiy one. '
' ClearSeld C'UHiy will b thoroughly c..i,i.ed '
I for the work, and (be t upper: ul tbe milt us it ie-1
I pei tful'y Mi'icKrl.
! If .1 WAI.I.aCF rn
fLaarriEiP. cLtaariKi n eoorr. rrsn
j General Agent for C.earficld
We, the Commitioner nf Clearfield County,' T- S. Good rsnia'.-r are ante J in all ra-te
in the Commonwealth of I'enay'vania, having of this County for the abjve work, to w hom a lib
examined tb account of Gen. B. Good!nder, eral comp.ufatioa w 11 be given. Af plirati. ni,
E,q.. Treamirer of the County of Clearfield for which must be made a: an early dnte, addresid
th year A. D., 1860, Ho certify, that w find lh as above, will receive prompt attvuiiua.
iteonnt ol Geo. B. Grodlander is follow : Tb December 12, 1.-60. 4t.
amount du from all foune b evn thousand
eight hundred and eighty-eight dollar nd ten
eenta. We also fiod the amount of outaianding
order to he ten thoUfnd tevrn bondred nd
thirty-two dollar and eventy-eigbt cnU. of
which nine thmsand five hundred are on Court
boose contract. The balance due Treasurer,
tbre hundred and eventy-two dollar and four
"witness our band thi 12th day of January, A.
D., 1SG1.
WM. MFRFLL. Com'r.
Attest Wra. ?. Bradley, Clerk.
lluii.lrvJi of testimnnials Cot 2070 Philu. P O
?rAjn,c S. W. Cor. TbirJ & Arcb tt.
Oct 21. Ibfiu tot.
O Tl i!i.VK, fur the mcuth ending December 1" . c - i 1. ' V ...1.. ." V,.:iV. .
Th underfiirned will have ennslantly on hand
a we 1 stlcr'-d stock i f Dro;, Chemical. Dye
Stuf. Oi!. Paim, Tobacco and Segars, Station
ary, I nun err. Rrubee. and Taney ailiclei,
wlii'-h lie ti! di'pore of cheap for canh.
lie invites tlio pul.lic to call and examine hi
1, liZi:
liills discounted ...
l'enrylvaui State S'.cck
Specie .....
Due from other Rank
Notes of nlher Rank
Checks Drafts, ic.
F'urniture ....
Erp. of Plate eugravm,:, ie
Suti'.ierv 4c.
t'"i'n'iv I'hv-iciiin, furnished wiih Druisl
Medicinre, and Surgical instrument nt tha mo
re:iuHal.le rates. J. O. II A KTS WICK.
Ci.-arS-ld, Pa.. Dec. 26. lsfi i.
$lf,r.?3 ."7
l;,7f l : 0
4.::i 14
1 .1 2S t'0 Iu'' ,,nr "r5'g
8,0s3 78
Salt .
7"ERY CHEAT at the .tore ,.f
janC3 WM. F. IRWIN.
C.kc B. rtoonimntR, 110.. Treaaorar of Clear
fiel 1 County, in account with' the different town
ships for School fund, for the Jar A. D.
To balanc du townships from lst
! To amount received from uneatcd
I lands fur 135S-59
1 in
Am i pa. t
279 28
27 48
127 40
78 79
371 73
$132 93
8,350 99
Toirnsh 7.
1! rail ford
Bal. dn.
363 36
1 S '8
42 66
31 0!
21 H
Clearfield CountyAgTicultural Society.
A meeting of tjP Lxeoutive Committee
of tl Cleai field Count v Agricultural So-
citty was held. pnrMiant to notice, at theiri UPHOLSTER AND CARRIAGE THI3I-
pffipa, in Clcnifivld, on Saturday, the Cih '
Of Taary. 18C1. , r : J , a n Slaw't MUh, ete mile East
R. Shaw, John MoOnughev, Josiah E. cf C!eirMd borough, I PhilliDsbuTff und Waterford Railroad.
Heed, and George I!. Kairett were present.' , ., . r ... ' ' 4 JvtEETlNO of the Ptockho der of th
n .,: ii,,n 1. c., , , Respoctfully informs the citircci of Cleareld A rhilifburc and Waterford Rilrod
On mo .on, lion. It. Shaw was elected and'adjoining cunntira. that he i. at .11 time. ZllA at th. o8,ce of said Com-
lrehlOent. ( ,,ro,,HreI to the shortest notice. 1 )b tirjeh of Clearfield. Clearfield
Tha resignation or Isaac Johnson asHlnir, Husk, and Straw Mattresse cf all J," pa-i on X'OXDAY, the 18th d-y of
Treaaurer vus received nnd accented. I kind and sites, one of which is a Folding Mat- JJri,' j jj isfll, between the hour of 12 and
Resolved. That Jnmrw Wrigley br. and trl; suiulda for CARIXS ON RAFTS, which . . k' , 0f',id dav, for the purpose of
lie ia hereby, elected Treasurer cf ,iic n b. folded in small eoirpaas.and emptied snd , (j one President and twelve Director to
Agricultur-l'Sooielv for the present year, i"!i"e.,t ?tur : vo7 cMPr. lsof erv. until the c.condMonduy of January, 1862.
. ' , , -, ' , J ' , lume tnt riiiges, mi kc repair to I1 kind of . , n .. 1..., 1. ri,eted
ID room of L-ac .lolmwr. les.gned. Carri.r. Trimming and l-phoUtory. and n .ke. ,uU " T j CRASS, Secretary.
Resolved, Hint Jonatluin Pinton, Gen. Cord, for Masou Tracing Line, of any thick-! . . ,. ,, ,!.
1kI Tinii r,o,lD.i-.b n M:ilo,. 1l i..k b ' Clearfield. Jan. 21, 1M1.
Willi AlllLCll ,111V. t...
and thev lire herd y, invited to meet with I ta-Country Troduce, Corn Tlutk., or Cash
.11. . 1 1 . r . 1 : .. (:kun in Kti.l.nn.. rn. ...1.
ue executive conitmtiee at an 01 men- - -- - b-- ""i. i --
anecial n,r,.tin. nn.l Inks, i.nrt in ! 'he :7T.A',,,:"cr " '!" ny or th MercbanU I lh. ..... nr , W. F.
sU. ,- . i r - .01 vuaruciu oorouirb will b. promptly attended dL? " "
reparation, tor the next Fair I a dec2 tf. I Flour.
1 siiiveu, i lint, .Sirs. itacnri iket-u , l
be, and alio is hereby, made
We, the Auditer. of Clearfield County, having
lamined tLe accounts oIGeo. 11. Iloortlanoer,
Fsa.. Treasure r of said Connty A. D., 1830
report : That the eerpnnla ar as a' ev stated.
Th amount du the Road fund by the Treasu
rer. i eight hundred and seventeen dollars and
eighty eight rents. The amount due tha School
fund, i two thnu.and ix hundred and seventy
one collar and my cent. Tb amnunt of
outstanding order, ii ten thonsand seven hun
dred and thirty-two dollars and eevrnty-eieht
cedt, of which nin thousand fi hundred dol
lar r on Court hu contract.
Witness our hand tbl 12th day of Jacuary, A.
D., lSf l.
J. . I. II A II. V. VI. I
J. 11. SHAW. VAaditer.
Attest Wm.S. Bradley, Clerk.
Jeuuary 30, 1861.
Crpitai Slock pij in
.,IC l ia firruUTluU
Due '. epositord .
Iuterrs: and k'xcbaijge
745 fi) of Adminislratiin having been granted lo
e l. it t d..v, upon the etate ff
lu GEOIiGE MU CKER, (iertnacl, late of Brad
7t'.4 7i """'''ir. Clearfield county, all persons iudcbtaJ
2o2 il ,a ta' e.-tnte ere r.- tie-iel to make immediat
layineiit, and tli".-e having cljiir.
$3- " I C 'be sam wi'l preset. t ibem iulr authentic!
-----V- ir .etilomeiiL ILIZAIiETU SUl'CKER,
jr.r.J ft Adm'x
$:4,f.00 f'O
fr.l'O ao
i.K.S T.3
1?5 31
S:;si:i f7
,'AS. B. CBAtlAM, Cashier.
Cleirfi.l , Ta , Dec.!, I SCO. jat,3
Important Notice.
Tlie'igii..-d, late put,liher of the "Clesr
fell ljubli-an" lakes thi method of calliaj
upon :lioe rh.. are indebtej to him, or to Lari
in.r.t- Ward lot rubicription, advertising or Jew
w.nk i'lcurred dur-uj the three year commer
cing July lsJ7 and eliding July 160, lo call im
hirJi:e;v at my in ,be borough of Clea--lis-Kl.
and mak? settlement of the same, a lhe
an I FIRKIN BUTTER, for ! at
, A Larg.tnd splendid f Dre... trim- 'V:u '''' r; ' I ARR1MER.
A wing. Belts, U. ad I', Xe,. piuul., licarLelJ. Dccemlir 12, 1H0. tf.
; .-Why slnnd ycall llicday Idle
STIt AV lli:il l:it Came to the rsi,lenco LADY rr Gecilemen in tbe I'niiei
of lha subscriber in lulnlp, about five States. p.uses. ing from $3 to $7, ran enter
or six week ago, a HEIFER - red. crumple! ,t . t,,T und re.peetbl bnsine', by which
horns, and about two years old. The owner from Si to '$ 1 per day can be realind, For
is requested to come forward, prove property, pay particulars, address (with stamp)
- - ruarge, and tak ter awsr or she willbe ,tipo. V H ALTON A CO.,
CLE VRFItLl) ANI) CENTRE ,,,Iofc,orJin,n,1,w- " WILLIAM HOVT. , Oct JI. lf.0-3m. Nonh C.h .Ireet, Phila.
, January 9, IS61. 3if Sw J7.V"rT"Trv7.7r:iri.
w . i:.. a.. . i r ! , ' ' " ; 11 sL'ion. Locks, F'iles, Naila. Cow Bo
W auie tlne.f I. Afr.t tern . .ti -I lev lire. ! r. .. . .
I I t.U... .11 -iiik. t .j .. .i . .... ... .oittanl Uand ufi and .Mill sw at
lull ufld examin. th. Patent .ir-H.h, r.u. 1 fl. 00. ABTlCI.,for aal ?''
honorary Lifcnneniberrftne Society ; and vnoeiaruieyaro just th. tbing'yoa
tha lw,l I c ..,i.n..LA I ",r "le "
R, W. 4 CO'.
tbal'residontand Secretary are authorized
present her with a certificate for tbo i Large tock f Mn Bov'. elstUlnr. just 1 00D ARTICLE of N. V. CHEES fir aalo
atae. L F. F,-Z, Seo'r. reeeired at R. W. 4 fxV Jf at tb or of ja!3J WM. r.IRWl'.
- T r - r , .i -
Si. Sl l ' s mm i v auie 1..
, . 1 I s please i
Tyrone, iair tounty. renusytYama ..( turwinsviiie. May io. lsoo. e. a. iuvi".
THOMAS MATS, PROTRIET0R. j ... t.ineiarn. I. trst
TI AKKIMi:il im Ti:ST. Attorbey at Law
j Clear&eld, Ta., will atteud promptly lo Col
in Clearfield county, and the public general- 410,., Land Agencies, 4c, 4c, in Clearfield,
ly, that ne na again taaea cuarge si toe aoove : Centre aad klk counties. July 30. y
Hotel, ana is tuny proviaea wun cveryioing nee
ary to th comfort and convenience of bis
guest. A large Warehouse fur lb Storage of
good, ia attached to th establishment.
Jan. 16. ISfl. St. THOMAS MATS.
R. W. A CO
-'.il r"Tl?l"TH.I1 UA larg quantity
." UN BI TTER, f-r sala at Ih
(nor31 W. F. IRWIN.
I . ge variety at reduced pri-
.ur. Curwenvi!le 16, '60
MT WIFE BARBARA baring Uftmy bed
and board without any just can or prov.
cation, I hereby eaatioa all persons against har
boring or trusting ber oa my account, a I will
pay bo debts of ber ooatracting.
Boav tp-. Ja. 23. 166C
"llfUolealt and Retail .Merc ha lit a. Also
If xtensira dealer in timber, awd lumd
ber and shingles. Also, dealer in tour an
graia, which will b told cheap for cash.
Oct 14,1859.
C ''.!
C :
I sawickerei and norriog for a'e at the corner
I ill atoreof E. A . IRVIN.
Curwensville. My 15. 'CO
Boot A sbe of everv kind f-w Ladies. fln.
tlemen, and Children at R. W. at CO',
' C tella and other ilawl la rariety at tha chat r
lkS-ore-f a. A. 4ilV43
' "- r. i ,n
JUSTICE ef tha peace ' uurwenavme,
Rockton, CnsoB ta . will attend TRCIT. Triad Apple". Farad aad onpar. Vo all hnsioe-s mrustd to Vis e-. s peaebe. CberrUa. rmne aad Raistr
rept, 13, 1811. ly- we eorsior ftor of X. A. lai la
t t