Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 01, 1860, Image 2

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    tho only organization now left which State organization invaded by a body of to Mr. ILUdenia,,inviting ui to meet
holds togetter hortli, South, East and men at Washington, of whom they know them in the Senate Clumber, Harrisburg,
West, of this great country if you would ' nothing, or by a cliquo or tingle person in on the lame day. Theao gentlemen aign
nid in overturning the barrier which ;t,e State, whose caprise may only induce tnemselves "members of the State Execu
heretofore have Mowl impenetrable t ) the ' an agitation in favor of our opponents, live Committee," but do not state when
maddened assaults of the ralicitc of the; The present" Stale Committee, with a and where they received their authority
Republican party, than fallow the course delicacy which doea thora honor, atayed to cell a meeting of the Stat Committee,
yon hare marked out ai d mod surely far wjthin the limits of their lawful now.), To me there Ti but one regular organi
will you accomplish the Jeign. In such ergt when they merely recommended the zution of the Democrat io parly in this
a work I desire to have neither part nori Democracy of Pennsylvania to Unite their States and having -been honored with a
lot. 1 am of tht Uemocj-atio party and !ynte (or President on the electoral ticket place on the State Committee by that or
for the Democratic party, and shall stand nominated 'by the Reading Convention, ganization, I shall treat oil others with
steadfastly by its principles and its or according to the plan set forth in their the contempt-they deserve.
aiiizntioa.. Through many, many years resolution. If I could not have conscien-' I support Mr. Douglas because I believe
plan 1 houd in- him to be the regular nominee of the par
have shared its triunihs'nnd it) trials
in stmahlne and tn storm 1 have followed
its ling, keeping step to the music of the
Union ; and now when it is assailed on
every side, and its organization threaten
ed by foes without, and foes within, I
liut I am too old soldier to W .led off
by n Irilso note from a deserters bugle in
the enemy'i campr ""Respectfully yours.
' ,.::.- JoU II A Jlll.TOV. Jr.,
.-To Mew. A. L. Roumfoii, W'm. H. Mil
ler, and olher1' ' ' ' 1
letter fitm Mr. Keiai i
; IIo.v. R. J i HaLDHuy :Siri Your clr"
rnlar, unsigned, duly reached me by mail.
' Presuming that if it were for a sincere pur
. pese, you had forwarded it, I sent it to
'. JlarrUburg for recognition ; it was then
. authi nticated by your . signature,' and
herewith be pleased to receive my reply.
Tlio f rat resolution signed by il. H. Sib
ley, temporary ohairmaM at Washington,
after an insinuation thai all Democrats,
who may be opposed to his paitioular or
ganization are secret enemies to the Con
stitution and the Union, recommends to
the several State Committees "that they
. take uieisures to socure the adoption of
B'n eleotond ticket in their respective!
Statos p'odged to the unequivocal aiipport
.of the nominees of the National Dumo
. eratio Convention, Stephen A. Dsuglus
and Jlerschel V. Johnscn." i. 'i .'
, The second resolution, re.olves "that if,
any State Committee shall omit to ta ke
. the proper slops for securing such an elec-
loiai hckci,- men ine mcmucr ot this
.Committee in tbat State is hereby author
. Uod, either in conjunction with mombers
oft lie State Committee ori Ait own act,
to take such action as he may deem nec
essary and proper for that purpose." I
copy the resolution verbatim ; the italics
are uiino. The conclusion of the circu
lar is in the following unusual and unpre
cedented style i '.May I beg thot you will
bosokind as ta reply before the 24th of
this month of July, whether your vote
will be cast for Stephen A. Douglas and
Ilerschel V. Johnson, without compro
mise, equivocation or chango ? Ycur fail
ure to reply by tho dato specified, will be
considered as hostile to the Democratic
I prssuioo the Sibley resolutions are in-
i red need in order to show mo that you
have some kind of apology for the abrupt
inquiry whether my voto will bo cast lor
Douglas and Johnson, "without compro
mise, equivocation or change." I answer
emphatically, that I ao not recognize tho
authority which assumes this inquisition
al and arbitrary control over tho Dcmn
cratic organization of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvan:n, and I have yet to learn
that a peremptory request, couched in
languago that in itself creates distrust, U
calculated to inspire either confidence in,
or regard for, the sourco from which it
comes. I amof the oninion that neither
Messrs. Douglna and Johnson, not Breck
inridge and Lane, are regularly nominn.
ted candidates of the Democratic party
wbioli party requires neither prefix nor
appendix to its name to designate its na
tional character. That feature is stamped
upon its history, U founded upon its im
mutablo principles, imd will long survive
tho miserable controversies and disputes
of oflico-liunter and more politicians
which now temporarily obscure its glori.
ous pathway.
Tho Front Street Theatre Convention,
which caiiea itselt the representative of
i ue iuiionai Democratic party, cannot
claim a regulur nomination, bscauso tho
Charleston Convention had adopted a res
olution by a large majority before its ad
journment, that iij one should be declar
ed tho nominee of the Convention until
he received in the Convention a vote
equal to two-thirds of all the electoral
colleges, tins resolution was never re
scinded, and Mr- Douglas never received
nucu a- vote. Mr. Johnson has been se
lected by the Executive Commiiteeof that
Convention to replace Mr. Fitzpatriek,
who had not received such a voto. The
two-third rule has been proved to boa good
ono by long experience of its salutary ef
foota, and wasenaoto I by successive Dom
ocraiie National Conventions, to prevent
tho vory evils whioh have come upon the
party in ooiifoqucnce of its non-enforce
ment, never navinir Leon rnenti-.l r
liniulv pndnraed that
stent ly have placed my resignation as an ty, but if his injudicious and foolish friends
elector at large into the hands of tho continue to follow tlie teachings of cor
Chairman of tho Stale Committee, not- rupt clique in Philadelphia, beaded by
withstanding the very large and coropli- John W. Forney, instead of the teachings
mcutary vote I received from the mem- ol duty 'and patriotism. I shall be com
ber of the Convention. I hold it to be polled to declare a "separation' from the
inconsistent with fair and manly conduct contaminating touch of these men. "1
to accept a nomination and not carry out will follow where Democratic principles
the views as expressed by the authority point the way, but when they ceate to
that gave it. To my mind it is under such lead I cease to follow." , u
circumstances highly becoming to resign, I ,, Respectfully, I i.-ri J. B 8aksom. '
.1 a I . 1 t . . . - ! '. ,.
raincr man to persist la nuaiwww
position that has nothing to justify it but
a mad ambition uncontrolled by the ad
visory influences of a vory honorable and
proper authority. , . ... - j
- Such being my views as to the nomina
tions and powers of tho State Committee,'
my course seems to be plainly set before
mi, .. Tho plan . recommended by. the
State Commitleo is wise and appropriate.
All true Democrats concede that it it of
tho first impoitanco that Mr. Lincoln
should bo defeated. I can vote most
cheerfully for cither Mr. Douglas or Mr.
Breckinridge in preference to Mrk Lin
coln, and know no other mode by which
it can bo done, but by a union of. prefer
ences upon one doctoral ticket. If tho
insidious devices of those who prefor men
to principles should pro ail, and two elec
toral tickets are thrown into
will not at least, bo the fault of tho Demo-
cratic Party of Pennsylvania, but of those
only who, regardless of fealty to time.
honored principles, would sacrifice all nt, TATA fl DTI UP1TT WTJ TTI H fj
the shrine of personal aggrandizement. Jllll Ji IjilljUAllllillJlTij.
l name iieavon mat ciass oi men nave no
weight' with the conservative, sensible,
thinking and efliicisnt portion of the com
munity, whoso votes must decids the el
ection. The battle must bo fought in
Pennsylvania. A cordial union of all for
the sake of the Tnion upon tho sugges
tions of tho StateCommittee would secure
tho triumphant election of that excellent
and worthy citizen, I?enry 1). Foster, to
tho gubernatoriiil chair, a majority of tho
congressional delegation, a majority of
tho Senate and housoof Representatives,
and as a necessary consequence a United
States Senator Are all theso glorious ro-
sults to be jeopardized for tho soke of any
one man ? Is it to bo douo at tho dicta
tion of a body which can claim no author-
for its interference with our State or-
nml which seems to have so
- - Let ui Beaton Toeetherr'" Tn'ust'ki1 with thing as we find them-.' The Unlucky Lincoln.
Tho Democratic party is now divided, cur u.vts.on. we r.eea no, oP .o mquuy ,
nnn nr.rlinn !. .imnortimr Mr Douelas and ler "Ol i lney .' :
the other Mr. Breckinridge, v, . ' . ' But the question that now arises ; is our
If we are perfectly united, and ' .11 cast "te organization in any manner
All this occurred before
the Charleston and Baltimore Convene I The Detroit Fr 7Vgavs of tit.
tions. Are not the&o the regular cundi- "ng1 of his life , . lo ( i
nnort of-and cast nil our J H 'g",r Committee of " nen "e K ,",a ln ngrit)
pport oi ana casi nil our t, , -. , ,- -country was war, i, )
;le Electoral ticket, this the he Democracy of rennsj lvaniaf what brave patrioUo sons of the cL,
nave wo to ao with, AaUonal 'x)mmittees were making tho most beroio cffbrlj foJ
or the home made thunder of Richard J.' tain the national arms in the interior
IJaldeman. The path of duty to the De-1 en,0,ny country, and . this they J
trt , , itinued to do until the close of th
mocracy of Pennsylvania appears to u,and in thoenJ 0lme off ' 'Jror? !
to be plain and clear, it is, to sustain the nioie than conquerors, notwithsta'nl
action of our State Executive Committee ,all tho adversa powers with which t!'
and voto for all tho Candidates nominated !hftJ t0 contend. While' they wero dou
y the Reading Convention. ' iSS?00 nni'
'Thi :ki:J. .1 at home who not only opposed ft,
..... j, m.. ...wuCO,, yi ana sj mponnzou ; wiiii ino 'oneiny. L
! ' ,' ','rOB--:.'.WlESII'feST,V
ganization, mul ivlncli seems
lilt lo confidence in its own innate strength
as to transfer all it possesses to the keep
ing of a tinglo individual. I trust, how
ever, that better councils prevail. How
promliy you couiu return air. tsitjiey s
let ter and join the gallant forces of our
Democrrtic Commonwealth.
Thoro is noroom for a midillejcoursc.
If you wish well to our cause, you will
not act -villi that fragment of a party who.
under the pretext of purity and good
faith, carried their treacheiy to tho ut
most reach of the enemy's tamp, and des
ecrated tho name of Democracy by voting
in the ranks of those who have constantly
opposed it.
In Berks county, for severnl years past,
a fusion of factions, under the lead of the
present Clerk of theJHlack Republican
" Senatorial Electors.
. Richard Ynx, Geo. M. Keim.
Dhtrict Electors.
-Fred A. Server, ,14-lsmio Reck how.
2- W. C. Patterson. I,)-lieo. I). Jackson
3- Jos. Crockett, jr.jlli-John Aid.
4- Jno. i.'-Jotl B. Danner.
18-.I. II Crawford.
!l'J-H. N. Lee.
!20-Josh. 15. Howell.
1-N. B. Fetterman.
22-Saml. Marshall.
23-Wm. Book.
!4-B. D. Hamlin.
!5-Gaylord Church.
o-tt. w.jacoby.
C-C'has. Kelley.
7- OliverP. James
8- David Sehall.
U-Joel Lighter.
0- S. S. Barbour.
1- T. II. Walker.
2- S. Winches cr.
13-Jos. Lnubach.
Profoundly improfod with the importance of
llouso of Republican Houo of Represen- nrompt, viuorom and Biitriotio aetionon the nrl
tatives, has accomplinhed . the gloomy vf tbo Democrntia Istoie Committee, in order to
picture of the invasion of this citadel of,avortt If pOMible, the eonsequencoi which must
Democracy, and for once succeeded in 1 inevitably roult from theuuhappj divisions now
levelling it to the oarth. To this achieve- i'"',1' rnnk' ? "J r State and
... , fi i hi. ii r.i nation, we cordially and honestly recommend to
men , nil douo in the boasted name of he tho De nocrftcy of Bta lhnlh uuneen , 0
rogular Democracy, wo owe tho Reptibh- heart and voice in the mpport of our excellent
can organization of the llouso of Repre- and competent nominee fur Governor, Ilonry D
sentutives. More than once a single voto ! FoMor, and that is oil the local elcollont they
might have saved us tho disgrace wo now I1""1 n" on9 Pnrtvi forgiving and forgettiug any
witness in their defection and our diseoiu- ""'forfnees that they may bavo entertained for
fiture. I find, too, that every movement i t.rf w " Porfce"inl
which h made in tins Mate by those who
a.a .aiib.I it'l,. l-iiffiiln , anrl ni-itt.nllif .m.... '
.i v srv unit. , vtj t. j fun..
, ty against the common enemy, we recommend to
tho llemocracy of Penniylvania to unite tbeir
, rotes for Prciident on the electoral ticket formed
lillious, il prescribed and heralded forth ntltcadinu on theletdnvof March. 1860. on the
by tho Elilor of the Prss, tho manifest following bniis and understanding, vii ; That
object of whoso editorial labors is not to , lr ,nl11 electoral ticket ahould bo eloetcd by tho
elect Mr. Douglas, but to defeat him so Pr1"; nd It ihould appear, on jicertaining the
tor forever. From such chicanery and phea A. louglas and Uer.chel V. Jobnioa, It
deception Berks county has resolved to would elect them Proeidcnt and Meo Preaideat
rid herself. It h not to tuch sources she over Jfeurs. Lincoln sndllamlin, then said eleo
looks either for Democratic principles cr to" shall be under obligation so to cait said
Democratic usages. She is this very day i T0, I ""on th otllor hand It ahould appear that
as leady to manifest her attachment and ot VW0U.II "fi " woagias and
devotion to the principles as inculcated 5 V?' M "Vl !lrt9h.,B,,'?!idf!
v.... t(r.0 ', i V r , iend Joseph Laae President and Mc Prdsident
by a Jefferson and practiced by a Jackson, over Mc.r. Limolnand Hamlin, then laid vott
as in tho palmiest period of her success, ahull i. r..t frthm, .nj in .... ,k. r.;,.A
am at a loss to understand tho logic which .ner "''"S intelligence cannot be rots of Pennaylvania would mnelcot either of
...... I j v. v. ... II" ..... IWI II .... 1 UT lllilun i - - - . .uwu !.. V II U IU1 D 111 I. . Ulliun I . . I.
strong by division. Bho holds in abhor- trding to their cwn judgomcnt of what would bo
renco all who hav
and for my single self,
ed with any of them
oiaims a regular noaiination for Mors
IkmuIasnnU Johnson.
The Maryland Institute Convention,
which also claimed to be tho representa
tive of the National Domocratio party,
demands its recognition upon alleged in
justice to Domocratio State delegations,
and it.i decluiotion of sound ' Democratic
principles. Although it was composed of
members from all tho Democratic Stutes,
its proceedings wero equally irrogulnr with
thai of the Front Street Theatre.
" In this lamentable position, when those
to whom the Domocratio pnrty of tho
whole Union had confided the direction
of affairs have proved themselves unnblo
to control a political structure heretofore
magnificent and powerful, and thus failed
in giving it the force that should charac
terizo it, 1 look at home to our own Stalo
organization for relief, and linding that
li.tact and perfect, have ro occasion to
consider tho opinion of Mr. Sibley and his
iiiwviuiii no u, me icn importance to
the well being of the Democracy of our
good old Commonwealth,
According to my understanding of tho
custom and usages of tho Democratic por- ro((uesing "National
ty in Pennsylvania, when a Demociatic'all nortions of tho
Slate Convention adjourns sine die, having Pennsylvania, to meet in Harrisburg on
appointed or made provision for the np- the 20th or this month, in Delegate and
pomtment of the Executive Committee, ! Mass Convention, io." As a friend of the
ir. connues me wiifio organization or tho election of Judgo Douglas, 1 look upon
party to that Committee. In any emer- j this call as tho most impudent and proi
goncy they have full power to do what is'sumptous ever emanating from a man
neocssnry. I have no doubt if a candi-! having Iho least pretensions to cood
"" ,ui ur niiy oiner sense, i ue Democratic party ot iennsyl-
State officer,' died or declined so shortly vania aro nottoboled by thenose by suoh
before an election that it would be inex- excital lo little matures as Mr. llaldo-.
pedient to call a convention, a noinina- man,, and I trust there is not a true
tion made by such Committee to supply ttiend of Mr. Doucuu in thereto who
e caused such results i r lne coun,ry t"d tlio Dcinocratie par-
I will not be link- ""VV T-"."'? 'f i,on..D tbnt."
Tim ..,"""" uiKiiom. umj ui an uemocrais,
. illO COIlClUSlOll hewm-or lh. .,1ifr. . I.'., j
Willi which I close is briefly to say, that puiuta of principle or policy, to unite ngainat tho
I shall, it elected, cast my vote Jas Elector, common snemy, end to avert, if eonibIc, tbe
at Large, "without equivocation, compro- Sntost ealiitity that could bofnll the country,
tho olcotion of a Wlnek lUnnblican l'rniiliiit
and further, Iho 'Charmau of this Committco it
hereby anthoriicd to correspond with tho aereral
elector! in the State, and obtain from him his
written pledge, within thirty days from thiidnto
that ho will faithfully carry out tho opbjcet of
this resolution. ,
misoor change," according to the action
of tho State Committee. If that Commit
tee should doom it proper to suggest any
other servico for the general good, it
would be equally proper oithor to acqui-J
esce or resign at once. There is, in myi
opinion, no conditon tnoro degrading than
to misrepresent thoso who have confided ';.AnU-
to you a publio trust, and which no pri-j vvv....,Wviuiani ,
vntn ennaulnrnt inn bliniilil imnl. 1 A t tte meotini of the Rlntn rnnimlti.. nn 0.1 l
Very respectfully, your ft llow citizen j 'njt-, It was reaolved that tho next meeting be ible to get it,
GEORiiE M. Keim.
our votes tegother for the Electors made at
Reading, we cm defeat Lincoln by more
than 20,000 vo'os. If we are divided of
course we have not the shadow of a chance
of carrying the State, and thereby Lin
coln will certainly be elected. It requires
no calculation to make thia out, it is at
clear a the shining sun. What then is
the remedy? There is but one that has
the least promise of success and that is,
our united - su
votes for a single
friends of Mr. Breckinridge agree to do,
but some of the leading friends of Mr.
Douglaa Indignantly refuse to do. , There
is no doubt about the success of the com
promise. ; It gives Mr. Douglas the first
chance.' lie would thus got the votes of
all the friends of Mr, Breckinridge, and if
the 2t electoral votes of Pennsylvania
would be of any benefit' to him, he would
have them. '" ' .' :'" " ; ;.: t
'"And why do tho fiiends of Mr. Douglas
docline this liberal offer? . Because say
they, it would bo a departure from Dom
ocratio" Usages. Thero can. bo but ono
regular nominee and that nominee is Mr
Those gentlemen arrogate to tIioni6clves
tlio privileco of thinkins for others en
, tireiy too mucli. . iliero aro luose
, are just as honest as themselves, nud men
who are as old, and consistent in the eer
'vice' of tho Democracy, , who deny that
(Mr. Douglas was fail ly nominated and
, therefore cannot bo convinced Ihatnro-
fusal to support him will bo an violation
ofpnrty fculty.
The say and believe that somo of the
most cherished pnd sacred rules of the
party wero violated, and disregarded in
the Convention both ut Charleston and
Baltimore. Thoy point to the fact that
no certain Democratic State was fully rep
resented in the Convention at tho time
his nomination was declared to bo made;
that two thirds of a full Convention was
not then present, and that the highest
voto polled for him at any timo was 181 J
when 202 vofo3 wero required to m;ike a
nomination having been ruled so, both
by tho Chairman and the Convention it
self; which ruling is unrepealed to this
dt:y. They also point to Uk- fact thnl all
but about .HI of these 181 delegates were
from states in which the Democrats arc
either in a hopeless minority or havo but
an even chance of success (villi tho Ro
publicans. Ou the other hand it is said that in the
Convention that nominated Mr. Breekin
ridgo 210 delegates casting 105 undispu
ted votes wero prescrtt. Theeo delegates
represented states certain to cast 127 elec
toral vot-es for any Democrat regularly
and fuirly nominated.
Now when tho minds of men ai e so wide
asunder, in relation to party obligations,
is it not the height of madness is it not
rediculous folly, to undertake to drive
them into tho support of nny particular
man ? surely it is, and thoso win under
iuko it cither cannot have tbo. good of the
party at heart, or elso they are destitute
of charity which wo haven right to do
mand. Wo repeat, that thero is but ono
way of whipping Old Abe Lincoln, and
that is for every Democrat, to cast his
vote for tho Reading Electoral ticket.
This will do il but nothing else will.
Thoso who docline doing so, whether
they are the particular , friends of Judgo
Douglas or Mr. Breckenridgo, are aiding
and abetting the Republicans. Tho case
is so plain and clear that r.o man can bo
mistaken ; and we are quite sure that tho
thousands, and the tens of thousands of
the Democratic Yeomanry ol Pennsylva
nia, who unlike the hungry politicians,
have no political aspirations beyond that
of the honor, tho welfare, and the per
petuation of our glorious Union in all its
length and breadth, aro ready, and wil
ling, an j anxious to cast their votes as a
unit, audit is throni.v possible kaxner, in
which it can bo successful ' against d10
coitmon enemy.
Democratic Organization.
We dovoto a largo portion of our pa
per this week to tho question of tho pre
sont position of tho Domocratio organiza-
ed by this divisioc ?
tod party
didate for
the same
sett of Presidential Electors,
the campaign in charge of
State Central Committee.
t , coin," is a proverb popular in EDf.
;.i and it soems as if the unluckv aiTT
i , is our pjy, lon -under the same supervising
impair. In, g00ti iuck w,, t8 hahad sat,
neon worse titan Ins bad. He haa li
OJ I l i . "
nominate.!, our excellent can-"s ainvm i
rr, , m-iCii.. variably, been beaten. Up for Cr.
Governor, Htnry D. roster hQ Democrat8 boat him yf
Convention nominated n, full Stales Senator, the Republicans
and placed
the present
him. Stumping for the same honor Do
las disUnced him. He got intoConr
in 1840, and so disgraced himself ,
,.L liad to go intoretiremont for eiiht i
the split at in orcler t0 be forgotten.
all pemocrats is, tbo defeat of Republican
ism, such being our aim, hoT shall we at
tain it T - Is it by ' engendering bickor
ings, divisions and strife among ourselves,
or is jt "ty each ono yielding to his broth
er, in order to unito upbn'o common
ground of action.'1 ' 1 " ' " ' !
All sensible men uso means to attain
their object, the object we all dosiro in
the success, of our principles, the way to
succeed is, by prompt vigorous an i uni
ted action. ... . .
In I85(i Republicanism polled in Penn
actually encouraged the Mexican! ta y
sistance, -Then were men at home
i . - i ., . .. .
nopeu ana prayed mar, mo aiexj
would welcnruo them with bloody 1
to hospitable graves," and ther wern
who retipondod to, the sentiment-,
mong them was Lincoln. : nm 1,1; j
"During the war George Ashmun,
Massachusetts, tho samo who pretid
over the Chicago Convention, intrwJiW
resolutions into Congress declaring V
tho war with the Republic of Mexico i
unconstitutional, unnecessary and unW
and these resolutions received the prrW
and ardent support of Lincoln. It i3
. . -pi.:. . ...i. ..t .
inuiier oi iiis-.ory wneiner ino oppoij,
syivaniii tut i-J.,uuu votes, 'viiiist its op-.iou ui.u was mauo 10 mo war in mo w
ponenU polled 312,000, thus ghowinc a! tod States but served to prolong ar.d
i.. .nr.7 nmi n.i . . '.bitter it in Mexico. Tho spoechos tk
I J 6 " "v -" warn ntntln in mm
iinni-c nf riipIi n;rtii.i:.J
and dogmas ofSoward, Sumnor, Hale, &Co; I wero promptly transferred to Mexico J
since that timo tho John Brown laid has published in the newspapers, rend at t
practically exemplified tho beauties 0f uoa'1 f lh? .n,,n,.v' and otherwise u
Republicanism. , tat.ot.sly displayed. These proceed,
I linpA .nr. lin .Ia...h.i IT. a fA..l . . -
...v.v v..... m ..u uvuj inu .Mi. renco, servoa to encourngo tho
t'ennsyivania 11 conservative, ln ln;ti
tho Democratic party had a clenr mnjoi
ity overall other parties j and uni'ed ac
tion now, well throw our noble old Com
monwealth into the scalo upon the sidoof
the Constitution and Ilia Union.
Let moderate counsels prevail, let each I
wing exercise tow.ird the other a just shure
of forbearance, let each hearken to tho
mon enemy, prolonged the war, andtW
hundreds and thousands of lives of voW
teer soldier who had flocked to theflrfj
at' the call nf their country. It wiw fa
this reason that Illinois rebuked himC
refudng him a ie-fdectton, and it hh
this reason, among other, that tho W.
counsels of tho snccs of tho party, and
spurn the teachings of known traitors and
youthful Hotspurs, but abovs all standi
firmly by our timo honored organization
and the voice of the gallant Democracy of
tho Keystone State will bo heard above tho
din of battlo in November next, proclaim
ing in thunder tmns, her devotion to the
rights of tho people and the equality of
the States.
i$aForney, Hickman & Co., have de
scried Douglas. Hickman makes a clean
breast, of it. and walks squarely into tho
tho Republican ranks. It is too soon
yet fcr Forney to do this.' Ho can do
much better service to Lincoln and his
abolition followers by opposing the united
action on the part of tho Democracy of
Pennsylvar.ia. Forney is bound to aid
Lincoln in every way lie can. If he can
prevent a union Df the Democratic party
in this State, of course nothing more will
bo asked of him. If the party should un
ite to-morrow which would givo Doug-'
las the only possible chance he can have
of an election we would sec Forney the
next day following llicknnn into the Re
publican camp.
fcaSrTlio Committee is to meet at Cros-
son ou the 9th inst. Tlio friends of Doim-
las at their Ma Meeting at Harrisburg.
Call upon the Commitlo to rescind their
resolution recommending tbo Democracy
to vote for the present electoral ticket,
Sc., i e hopo tho t'ommiltea will do no
such thing, or ai least that they will do
nothing to interfere with that Electoral
ticket. We believo every elector named is
Democrat. What their personal feel
ings may bo as bctwoon Douglas and
Bieckenridge, we neither know nor
care, ir thov wero known to bn timnrln
mon wo would say ;tho samo thing.
.ouen not urn ticuct. it was rormed at
Reading whero Foster was unanimously
nominated and when any s uch unpleasant
division as thnt now existing in our party
was not thought of. Therefore let it bo.
BQuTho "Rump" convention that as
sembled nl Harrisburg on Thursday last
plo of tho wholo country will but conSra
thouoclsion ot his own State in tho eon
ing contest. Americans want some txvi
i . ., . . .. ii -i ... ...
lo rule over wiein uno will not IUKO
18 Nk
war i
villi tho enemy, in tho time of
gainst his own country." ' , ,
For Union.
I ho tollowing Uemocral;c pnpen j
Pcnnsylvanic ndvocalo union mid Li
mony upon ono electoral ticket:
Tho Jeffcrsonian
National Kve ling Argus,
Gazette and Democrat,'
A. If... rna.mnr. 1
juuiaia uegis'.cr,
Kaston Sentinel,
Huston Argus,
; Danville Intelligencer,
Democrutio Standard,
Xoiristown Register,
True Democrat,
Democrat ic Standard
Response from the Editor of the Fulton
Correanondonce of the Patriot and Uuion.
M'CoNNEUiii Ro, Pa., July 2a, 18G0.
Ge.mi.emex: I have just" received a
printed circular from Mr, R.J. Haldoman.
Democrats," "from
Commonwealth of
nicmborwill be iireaent.
.JMciuocratic pipers will please tnpy.
July 20, 1860. ., . , Chairman.
Democratic Convention. '
The Democratic voters of Clearfield
county are requested to meet in mas Con
vention, at tho Town Hall In Clearfield nn
Saturday tho4th day of August. 180(1. at 2 Vod them
the vacancy, would ho entirely satisfacto
ry nnl pertdHly regular,
will respond to this unauthorised call.-
in connection with this call, I have also
It is true that they can and irenorallv received, as a member of tlm stuin
do declino so great a responsibility, yet utive Committee, a circular signed by A
the power to call conventions or supply j L. Roumfort, Philip Dougherty Wm. Ill
m iii h-iii ii-s, irsm nun mem, anu no, j'-ckcis, o . ai. ivreiter, lilliam D. Boas,
whero ebe, mid the Democracy of tho John II. Ziegler, and William JI. .Willor,
S(Mi will never mbmit to having thoir' who appoar to bo playing "second fiddic'i
uon in lonnsyivania. jh so ilomg, wo odjournoa without doing anything it
have endeavored to give tho facts as thoy was a second edition of Forney's assem
are I and have given the coricspondence bly which mot at Harrisburg last April a
upon bothsidos, as fully as wo have been year ago ; except that Fornoy & Hickman
We have no lit si tat inn in worft tint tlmm ' Tf um m..-.. 1 t
held at Creaaon, nttbe call of tho Chairman." In reaffirming our,. V . f. ... 'l .rv.,.i. , ., i 1 !. L
purauonce Ihcrwir, the members of the Commit-1 ,T . , , ouumco i uouc, aiate Ollice
tee will aaaemblo at Croaaon. on Thuradev. th I Union of the Democracy. B 'e are for mam- holders a lot of old Cnnnl Kn,.kOH
n.u .1 r a . mm . ... . 1 . . . - - I - " !. , f .? i . i . . -.. . . . !' . A i wmnS our Mate ana uomiy organizations, in- those who have
. k"imuuo win ue imu-uciure .... .
the Couiiuitlo. It la upimii, knn.i n... . (,
. . - j I........ ui,. sicrr .
v iinoui mis, tieieat stares us in the raw.
Disaster must inevitably follow divided
councils. We have no sympathy with
any man, or set of men, who in a blind do
votion to men, lose sight of the principles
of their party, and seek to run a tilt with
the organization thi t has so long preser
Iiuoitia; that organization
ago of
with instructions thnt ti should not be discarded
onioT 'f!0lV.e!f "f" Ly th Conf'irence ! In nmny ft fought contest, it h is
The attention' of the Comn.i.i. ..'broufih,tts out nquerers. and when the
not called to the fact of their nieetimi nt
leaioverwiioimod us, its Vi'ous form I , m. P. Wilson, to bo Notary Tublio for
ana poweriui action have en td us to, enircouiy( resiae at bellofonte.
regain our position with wondul upid
ity. Its prestige ii equal to50.0iA) tei.
Kveiiliowour foe trembles nt the prM'fia-Brih
1-ecfs of "a.f united ' Democracy!." We thildren . h-
Y i.. ,.. .... ,ur ineoniy purpose orsolect- is OKI it lias grown hoary in the
WnVXrZZ irihe 1)0,TrnCy' "e" lhi8
held at Brook villa on the 8th of A..r,n.i, Profir J "revolution," all old
that time until very recently, and it there
tore oocomes their duty to oall a Conven
tion, as the return Jndges of the primary
eloction will not have mot until the day fix
ed for the Conference shall ' have pas.
sod. . . By ordor of many. D. F. Ktxweiler,
i -.-' .t Chairman.''
fat.,, were .gainst us, and tbe tide of do-i firVt of luV. I-eu on
Monroer .
VJnionv ...
. Clinton. ,.
CentreBcreichter. ( Jorinan CeLtre. '
Huntingdon Union, HunlingdoBw
Washington Examiner, Washington,-
Craiyfoid Democrat, Crawford.
Clarion Domooraf, Clarion
J'Kean Democrat, M'Kean. v
'J'iogu Dciuocrnt, . Tioga., '
VcDango Spectator, Ytuungov .
True Democrat, Juniata. ; i.
Fulton Democrat, Fulton, m i
Domocratio Register, Mercer.
Republican, Oerinan, Lehigh, . '
Of tlnwe pajjers, as far as wo have best
ab'o to classify them, fourteen sujipfl
Breckinridge, and tho remainder haves
yet expressed no preference.
Inters-sting Works FortiicoslmH
Messrs. Lippincott & Co. havo in press""
"Reeolloctions, Historical. Political.
graphical, nnd Social, of Churlos J. Incer-
soil." They will also soon publish "0a
sional Productions," by tho late Richari
itusn, euileu by his executors.
fe?!TGeorge Bancroft, Esq., the histori
an, is to deliver an addtcss at thn inaup
ration of the Perry statue at Clovolan'l
on the 10th of September, the aniverrtr'
r., i. - - -
vi ii-njf a uctory on line. - ttlM
INJV-Tlm II T SiMi.. r .titnti"!
.' TTT V " rVanaylrt-
Hum, ii us recently preaenea a0 frnifhin'
murder, in whiuhha stateil " . i...i.,ti
-n .:n.... , . i- i i ; ---.- ,,,,-,.....
"ii mi, iwiom regain io tlie oce or tox ofi resilience in mat citv t ieT0J,nwUiifi
the victims. more than one hundred .murders, or
crt E. Wright, of Lehigh county, to bo ro.
porter ol the Decisions of tho Supremo
Court of Pennsylvania, in the room of Jo-
Democratic Sentinel,
Thb Mountain 1-x'ho,
Solinsgrove Time",
Rerwick Gazette,
Columbia Detn.,
Star of the North. .
Krio observer, '
Lebanon Advrrtisei',
Philadelphia Detn.,
Sullivan. Democrat;
York Gazette,
York County Pre, -Patriot
and Union,
Getty burg Compiles,
Butler Herald,
Carbon Democrat, ,
Clearfield Republican..
Wayne County Jlevuhl, Wnyne.
Millord Herald, Tie-,
Luncaster Intolhgemcer, Lancaster.
Chester counli
Berks counli.
Nort ljiitnptou.
Montour. -
Erie. :
Ibanon. Fliiladidphio.
York. " "
Vork '
Ilarribburg. .'.'
KutW. .i;
ClearfiehL r
Carlisle Volunteer,
(ireensburg Democrat,
Montroso Democrat,
Mon raw Democrat,
Lewisburg Chronicle,
Allentown Democrat,
Clinton Democrat,
Ii 11 -am .
iH'iicionto uatciimau
grown ft by holdinu of
fice : "
We learn by tho latest arrival from Eu
rope that the Massacre in Syria still con
tinucs. i ,
The number of Christians massacred
in Syria reaches from 7t00 to 8000.
One hundred and fifty villages lnve
been dostroyed,
Tho details are most sickening, the
fciuasosi, oaruanties Having been inflicted
average of two a month, whilo in no m
stanco had the
rrepetrator been execi
8F"Do you love m
love you ask tho sun
ask a cold kitten if it
i bat. Love you ! show
aava 1 rinn't snrl I'll J
o- l . . r - - w
rouuuei m. aiooro, to be an Associate' a cistern polo I"
Judge of Jefferson cauntv. in tho ronm nrl
Joseph Henderson resigned. ; j 3uThe population
iam. Voung it the father f 217
the ner census, is aboi
the population was 6, i
w 'rrtftn.t ' !'Do
U. him '
en,' anient'
! very haudhotue incieai
' t