Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, July 18, 1860, Image 1

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S jt ifpul)Iir;iir.
Terms or !"ittnrritiuii.
a lvunco, or witliin three month), $1 25
: 1 .my timo within tho your, ... 1 ;,o
i I after tho expiration oftlio year, . 2 00
Terms of Advertising1.
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1 Insertion. 3 do.
ne )iimrc, (14 linos,) $ 50 $ 75
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Threo squares, (42 line?, 5 1 50 2 00
. 3 miiBth). ft tno's.
3 do.
fl II U
2 00
2 50
12 mo
S7 00
10 00
12 Oil
14 00
15 00
r.j oo
One i?njxo,
Twoxiiares, :
Three iqunros, :
i' our niiaren, :
lalf a column, i
f2 Ml J I do
4 (10 - - ft 00
i 5 00
r oo
: S 00
14 00
Uno column,
Over three woeka and le than three months 25
ronta por squara Tor each insertion.
Iiuninos) notices not exceeding 8 lino nre in
serted for $2 a year.
Advertiiemonte not marked with tho number of
'.onertioim dimirdl, will bo eontinued until forbid,
And charged according to these terms.
(i. 1). UOODI.ANDfc'K c- CO.
For Iho Republican.
it J. C. MAC.
Sweet N ell fair, nnd licr ryes ro blue
feemed to let a gtevn of Iier soul. light through.
x!er motions wero prare, nnd her voice a naro :
Oh! ninny a heart was enptured there.
Andhcr merry nngh, O, 'twas joy to hear
For it toeniod like tho revel of angoU fair,
And to bask in tho liht of her runny sinilo
Wa to dwell in olysiura ficlils the while,
Hut Xell was of earth ; for no anol bright.
Could wreath tho lips with such lovely liht.
And glow with 6uch ardor, and eem so truo
AVhile loving othorS ns well as yu :
For Xell was a flirt, if tho truth must be tld,
And with eyes o burning, her heart was cold.
She was conscious and proud of her magic power
And sho watched and waited tho triumph hour.
?he hnd lovers in plenty an 1 Irnc hearts cam c
And laid on her altar their vestal flame.
And the true (ini the false, as each went his way
Felt he had won a heart that day.
Hut little ho thought, though ho kncir ere lon
That hir heart triisu li'jhi and her love nnitmirj.
That the next who should ivoo, would hear the
In the low sueet tones he had hoard but now.
Thus moment by moment, hour by hour,
Tlew Nell's days with a eilent power
Till years had inssei, am! the vision flown,
And youth, nn 1 boauty, and ho,o, wers g n ;
And no true heart won no strong arm hers
From nil the crowd of her wor.shirers.
T.ovtrs alj vanished, nnd torsion fled:
7he joys of life, and its promifo dead.
Lonely the went toward that mighty sen
Where rolls the dark tide of eternity.
Bat oft, when the sun's ling'rinj ray
(iildcd the clonds nt closo of day
Then the stars glancod out from tho dusky skies,
" ike gleams of liylit from fai: Paradise,
" e thoughts of tho past oft waked in her soul
T orrcwful notea she could not control.
Tond memory led her o'er Gelds of light
" here life was joyous and hopo was bright ;
uttho b roken vews, and tho wasted years,
Drought hiurs of anguish, nnlflvjds oTtears.
Thc:n she took up her burden of life njain
Eiiying only, '-It m'ght have boon,"
Alas, Ala;;! that tho bright and tlio fair
Should sink by folly to mull dospair.
i istcllaiuons.
Tho End of a Woman's Cap rices.
a i,ov e s ro r r.
"Men are never so awkward, never so
t.ngneeful, never so di-agreeabln as when
they are making love. A friend is a luxu
ry, a husband ditto, I supposo ; but that
intermittent class of human brings de
nominated lovers are miserable bores. It
docs very well for women to blush nnd
look flustered now nnd then when occa
sions mako it desirable ; but to see a man
with his face ns red as a ripe cherry, and
a real parcel of strong-mindedness, self
reliance, and m.isulino dignity, dono up
in broadcloth and starched linen, quak
ing from tha top of his shirt collar, his
mouth nwry, and Ins tongo twisted into
?onvulnions, in tho vain attempt to say
..something sweet O gracious '."
So said saucy Sophie Lynn aloud to her
self, as she snt swinging backward and
forward pefore the window, half bmiedan
the cushions of a luxuriant armchair; and
playing with a delicate ivory fan which
ly upon her Isp.
"It also seems so strange, not to say
"?some," she continued, with a running
isical laugh, "after ono ha waltod and
rtc, quoted poetry and talked nonsense
- ith anybody till one is puzzlorf to know
fhich ono of tho two is most heartless,
one's sslf or ono's companion, to hear him
comedown plump on tho subject of mat
rimony, as though that was tho legitimate
result of every such insipid acquaintance!
For my part I nover had a lover (hero So
phie fluttered her fan nnd lookoU pleased,
for she had more than oi.ol that I wasn't
sick - of after he proposed. There was
Capt. Morris I thought him tho hand
somest mn in the. wholo circle of my ac
quaintances, until ho wmt on his knees
to me ; and proposed, and swore if I didn't
tk pity on hira he would dia. Somehow
lie always looked hkfl a fright to tne nftcre
wards. Tltrn thoie wni Dr M'ilk ins lie
was really agreeable and people said very
learned. 1 was delighted witli him for n
time ; hut he spoiled it nil with that offer
of li is whnt long-winded adjectives ! nr.d
how tiio poor fellow b us hod. tmtr.xl n,,,l
perspired! Jlo enlled me nn 'ndorablo
ereiitiiro,' nnd hiccoughed in the middle
of 'adorable,' Horrors I I have hated him
ever since. J lien there was n
Hero Sophio started. Slin bnnl ihn
doorsbell rinp. With a nervous Fpring ' ovc,r hi fnee his nrn:s crossed tightly tip
pho stood before the mirror, smoothin 1 on hreast ns if to keep his heart from
down ner bronn hnir with a tn?te trulv 1 l!u,'st'nS wit" "prising indignation, his
comical. j lips compressed, nnd his dark ayes Hush-
"It won't do to seem" shn in?. Sorihie, cruel .Sophie! You tres-
said n she took a finish'ng survey of her
pei!-on in me glass, nnd shook out, with
her pltimpjowollod fingers, the folds of
her tury nitiltn dress.
Tho moment afterwards when a sorvnnt
entered to announce Mr.' Harry Ainslee,
she was back to her old seat hv tho win.
dow, rocking nnd playing with her fan,
apparently as unconcerned nnd listless as
though that name had not sent a rjuicker
thrill to her heart, or the betraying crim
son all over her pretty face. "Tell him I
will be down presently." she said.
The girl disappeared, and Sophie flung
open the window, that the cool, fresh nir
mipht fan nway the extra rosiness from her
J lien sho went again to tho mirror, and
nfter romnosinc her briclit. mo-rr Imi.nv i
face into an expression of demureness, do- j lowed the words, and could Harvey havo
scended to thepnrlor. A smile broke over seen the beautiful pair of eyos that watch
tho features, nnd she reached out both ! 'i'111 fi eagerly ns he went down the
hands to the guest; but ns if suddenly ! loi,fc' street, or the bright face that leaned
recollecting herself, sho drew them back nivaJ' through the parted blinds with
again, and with a formal bow of recognit
ion, the passed him nnd seated in a fur
ther corner of the room.
it was very evident that somet ime wai
wrong with "Sophie j that sho had made
in. l,n r-5n,l nitlir., i I ..1 1
not please. Conlu it bo that she had fore-
.... ...... .unit jii.. v IVJ IU lU IMtil!.ll.Ul
. ... . ... ...
seen what was coming? that n presenti
ment of that visit nnd its result had dic
tated the merry speeches in her chamber?
I'.o that as it may, u half hour had not el
apsed bfforo Harry Ainslee's hand nnd
fortune, (tluugh tho latter, by the; way
,vas nothing wonderful.) were in' the
same phice where Capt. Morris' and Dr.
Wilkins' hnd been befro them.
"Tho first man I ever heard say such
tilings without making a fool of himself,"
muttered Sophie, emphatically, from be
hind her fan. ns sho sat blushing and evi
dently gratified, yet without deigning any
reply to the allnnt, straightforward
speech in which her lover had risked his
.ill of h "pe.
"He ough t to do penance for Iho pretty
way in which ho uses his tongue. He's
altogether too calm to suit me."" And So
phie shock her head mcaninplv. hnldins
the fan before her for a creeu. Did she '
forget what she had been saying? "I
wonder if I could snore the way old undo
.lones used to in church ?" she soliloquiz
ed, "ami wouldn't it be fun nnd wouldn't
it plnrue Harry if ho thought I had heen
asleep hile he was talking?"
Sophie's blue eyes dan red with suppress
ed merriment ns she gave two or threo
breathings and followed them up with a
nnal explosion worthy of an orthodox
deacon. It was well done theatrically
done nnd poor Harry sprang bolt upright
surprised, mortified, chagrined. Human
nature could stand it no longer, mid So-
phie gnvo vent to. her mirth in a burst of
"V.n.ll lilt In tvllfli
vou mischief vou
spirit of evil ;" exclaimed the reviled Ilnr-
rv as he sprang to her side and caught her
by Iho arm with a grip that made her
scream, "vou deserve a shaking for your
behaviour " Then lowering his voice ha
added erftvelv :
"Will you never have dono tormenting
mo ? If yon love mo can you not be gen
erous enough to tell mo so ; nnd if you do
not. nm I not worthy of n candid refusal."
Words sprang to Sophie's lips thnt
would have done credit to her womanly
nature, for the whole d?pths of her being
were stirred nnd drawn towards him as
they nevr before had been towards nny
Put she could
nrt nuito give tip Ler
railery then. She would go ono step fur
ther from him ero she laid her hand in
h's and told him ho was dealer than all
thn world beside. So sho checked the
tender response that trembled on herlK"'re',. , .. , , .
tongue, and flinging
off his grnsp, with a
mocking gesture nnd a ringing laugh,
danced across tho room to tho pi.ino.
She seated herself, she ran her fingers
vtnsmf ul 1 if S r Mist V- vf e nnd 1 . tr 1." n Ml f
in a wild', brilliant, defiant song that made j
i i:. i, ...i
iier ii."hcihi a rttig iiiiiu nn 110 nn.n
watching her, nnd choking back the in
dignant words thnt came crowding to his
lips for utterance,
"Sophie, listen to mo!" ho said nt
length ns ho paused from sheer exhaus-
1 1' ' 1 1 in it lv i' tiu3 n b int. i it m.' ,
...:.i h ,u
nnu uiu ru tu nun Jinn ii'iiuuir tim
most reverent affections? I have loved
you because beneath this volatilo surfaoo
character of yours, I tliought I saw truth
fulness and simplicity, purity of soul nnd
a warm current of tndor, womanly feel
ings, that would balho with blessings he
wholo lifo of him whose hnnd was so for
tunate as to !ouch its springs. You aro
nn lutiress, nnd I only a poor student ; but
if thnt is the reason why you treat me so
scornfully, you are less the noblo woman
than I thought you."
Sophie's h end was averted, and a bus
picious moisture glistened in her eyes ns
Hairy ceased speaking. Ah! why is it
that wo sometimes hold our highest hap
piness so lightly carrying it carelessly
in our hands as though it were but dross,
staking it all upon an idle onpriee?
When she turned her countenance, to
wards him ngain, the snme mock ng light
was in her eyes, tho same coquettish smile'
brent lied from her red lips.
Speaking of heiresses" raid Sophie,
) "t,,',' ls. Jl Myrtle, whoso father is
j worth twice as much as mine, Perhnps
;.vou hotter transfer vo'tr attention to
:1h''' Mr. Ainslco. Tho dill'denco in our
boweries would no doubt be qtiito rn in
duoimont, nnd possibly she nnidit eonsid-
er your
case nore serioi'My tlion 1 have
Liko nn insulted prince, Harry Ainsloo
stood up before her tho hot. fiorv. in-
' diL' blood dashed in a fierce current
' 'P0'' his lorbearanceonelittlestei
turther than you would have dared, hail
you known li is proud nnd sensitive na
ture Not till ho hnd gone gono without a
single word of expostulation, leaving only
a grave, "good-bye," nnd the memory of
his pida Jace to plead for him did'tho
thoughtless girl wake to a realization of
whnt she had done. Then a quick, terri
ble fear shot through her heart, and she
would have given every curl on her brown
head to havo had him hesido her one
short moment longer.
"Pshaw ! whnt am I afraid of? He will
be back again in twenty-four hours, nnd
as importunate os ever," she rr uttered to
herself, ns the street door closed after
him ; yet a sieh that was half a sob. fol-
such a wistful look n ho
disappeared, it
might have been his turn to triumph,
In spite of Sophie's prophecy, twenty
four hours did not brins back Harry.
O'5 niatured into weeks, and still he did
not. mm p. nnr In nil tliofr f !w. ,1t,t cl. -
i " .iiuv iiv nuc BVC
t .1 l
lum. Am! now aim l.f.,.n.. ifi i,;t,
self a martyr, nnd acted accordingly. In
fact, she did as almost any heroine ivould
havo done tinder tho circumstance I
grew pale and interesting. Mariana be-
eun to SllL'PRt delif neipa tn t
palate. "The poor dear child ,...( tin t 1
so thin." In vain Sophie, protested that'
she hnd no at. petite. I
In vain pupa bought dainty gifts am
PI ed 11 1) COSt V f ressen Pefnrn li ... r.nt A
faint smile or abstracted ' thank vou" .
was his only recompense. If sister Kate
suggested that Harry's absence was in j
any way connected with her altered do-.
meanor. Sophie would toss her ritndptorl
head with an air o! supreme indifference
and gonway nnd cry over it hours nt a
time. Everybody thought something was
thj matter with Sophie. Sophie among
tho rest-
ller suspense nnd penitcneo became in-
supportable at last. Sister Kate, who had
come so near the solution of tha nivslcrv
1 should know all so said Sophie" Per-
li n ikQ elm nt i M mlvian l.w ...v... .1 f..-
to givo iiairy up lorever seemed every
day more and more of an impossibility.
"Will you come into the garden with
me, Kate?" she asked, in a trembling
voico, of her sister ono day, abouta month
after her trouble with Harry: "1 have
something of importance to tell you."
"Go away darling, nnd I will be with
I J'u. 111 a fuw moments," replied Kate,
citing ft searching glnnco at Sophio's
j flushed cheek and swollen eyes,
Kunning swiftly along the garden pnlhs,
n3 if from fear ot pursuit. Sophio turned
! Jo '"1 her favorite arjor, and, flinging
i herself down on a low seat, buried her
! '0!ul among the cool vinos, and gave her.
self up to a paroxysm of pnssionnto grief,
, Soon 81,0 lKi,rd one approaching, nnd an
"in was twined tenderly about her waist,
nn(1 a w hand wis laid caressingly on
1 her drooped bend.
I "0, Kate, Kate!" sho cnod in the ng-'
'onyol her repentance, "I am perfectly
, wretched you don't know why, though
you have come very near guessing two or
threo times. ITany and P'
Here a convulsive sob interrupted her,
nm( t"e Hand upon Her head passed over
; ll0r disordered curls with a gentlo sooth-
ing motion,
"Harry and r another sob qunrreled
two or three weeks sgo. I was willful
nnd rude, just ns it was natural for me to
be, and ho got angry. I don't think ho
! is going to forgive, for he hasn't been here
f-ouiu ieiv iivrscu urawn in a closer
naca.and was suro Kate pitied her
would not Have owned it to anybody
if it had not been just ss it is," she con
tinued, rubbing her little white hands in-
10 "creys
most ns I
butl think I love him nl-
do you and f.ither and moth
A kiss dropped on Sophie's glossy head,
nnd tighter was sho held. She wonder
ed thnt Kato was so silent, but still kept
her face hidden in tho vines.
"Ho nsked mo to bo his wife," she con-
.. i i
tinued, "asked
me as nobody elso ever
nnnly wav that lie made
t I i i
mo foel as though 1 ought to lftve been
tho one to plead instead of him. I could
not bear that, and I answered him as I
should not. He thoucht it wns because
1 ha n-oa rivn mmi T wna rii.l. . nttfl oil ll.r.
time 1 was thinking I would rather live
in a cottage with him than in the grand
est in the world with nny other man, only
I was too proud to tell him so to his face.
What cac I do? Tell me, Kate, you are
much better than 1 am, and you never
get into trouble. I am sure I shall die if
you don't." And poor Sophie wept
"Look up dear, and I'll tell yon."
Sophie did look up with a start, and
tho next moment, with a little scream,
leaped into the arms not of sister Kate,
but of Harry Ainslee.
Sophie declares to this day thhtshe has
never forgiven either of them, though she
has been Mrs. Air.slee two years.
Dead Hon John SchwarU, represen
tative in Congress from Berks county.
not MEN.
The freaks of nature nro generally
preceded by a peculiarly sultry uud oleoi
trie state of tho atmosphere, when thun
der is apt to bo expected. A black cloud
is generally formed soino distarce nbove
tho ground nnd travels with tho tornado,
its shnpo in many cases resembling nn in
verted cone. Tho storm is found to rugo
beneath this cloud. Occasionally it ap
pears to revolve on nn axis. Thero is a
rushing toward it of tho air from North
nnd South, both currents gradually bond',
ing to tho lvistns they approach tho track
of the tornado, l'his has been abundant
ly shown by tho manner in which trees,
grain, grass, buildings fce., have been torn
down. Tho breadth of tho track usually
varies from 00 to 1 "() rods, seldom exceed
ing 100. The speed of .the tornado often
exceeds 100 miles per hour. In many en
ses especially ... one which took place atjnh pr(mrated himse,f .hmj lhJa on ,,ie
N tchf m h4l), such n vacaum is created l)0tly of Ul d,ad clliJ. iSamson deceive,i
in the centre 01 mo lornuuo, mat mo
strongest walls have been known to fall
outward, sometimes in the face of a blast
travelling over ono hundrod and iil'ty feet
per second. Bricks havo boon cairied in
every direction, and portions of tin roof
ing .hundreds of yards. Even men nnd
wonjen havo been lifted from the ground
in tho sudden rushing upward of the cur
rent, nnd safely dropped nt tho distance
of several rods. The locks of desks have
been broken open by the sudden expansion
of nir within. In other case) buildings
have been saved by having trap doors on
their roofs opening upward. Plants grow
ing on the line of the tornado, if not des
troyed are so seared nnd crisped that they
never finally recover. Some have been
damaged on one side only. Little or no
wind is feU outside of the track ; so per
sons assert who havo st)od cloio by,
land common observations confirms these
statements. 1 hese visiters are also lound
t0 iJulfi ' 80mo strange freak), ns
stripping fowls of thoir feathers ; carrying
articles ot clothing up chimneys; drag
J ging ploughs, carts and the liko for a con
'siderable distance; emptying ponds of
water and fish, nnd even scooping out tho
ven scooping ou
l ftf Innkimr r
nluJ ! taking frames of looking glasses
witiiout further injury to either ; drawing
,r nails out of roofs, witiiout disturbing the
1 r . ; i ( i ..!
root, Stripping 1101SC3UI iiiuu urn lies-., hihi
burying objects thus carried eh", deeply
n the earth. tricks
nro too coaly to mako a repetition
t them desirable, liul they show that,
like tho elephant with hi trunk, the
monster can pick up a pin from the
ground ns well as rend ai oak. Some years
nP a tornado occurred in central New
' York and cut a clenn path through the
.woods of aliout one eighth of a milo in
width, leaving the trees and shrubbery
stnnding on racn tiue iiko n vast wail 01
' masonry, and lrom a distanco presenting
the same rules of regularity .ind order.
T'lm TftralKu lines were regular almost to
tho measurement of a foot.
I ning and sensible crow, somewhat sniall-
Tiie Wife ok John Apamr. In a few'er than our own native one, having a
weeks the proclamation reached the col- glossy back, nnd altogether rather an eu
onies nt several porta. Abagail Smith, the ' g-ighig. pretty bird. Now, in tho yard of
wife of John Adams, was nt tho timo in ! tho governor of Cjj'.on, a dog was cno
their home near the foot of renn Hill, day amusing himself by gnawing a bone,
charged with the solo caro of thoir little ''C scraps of meat upon which attracted
brood of children; mnnnging their farm ; the attention of ono of theso crows. It
keeping, houso with frugality, though flighted on tho ground, hopped around
oneniiif her doors to the houseless and
giving with a good will a part of her t cant
portion to tho poor ; seeking work for
'er own hands, nnd ever busily occupied,
IIU.V HV 1 1 1 u Pliiiii)-n lieci, Iiuw IIIIlKing
nniends for havin2 never been sent in
school by learning French, though with
tlinnid oflKioksaone. Smcn t he donnr-
ture of her
husband for Congress, thear-
row of death hnd sued near her by day.
i nnd tho pestilence thnt walks in dirkness
nnu entercu ncr nummo mansion ; sue
herself was stil! weak nfter a violent ill
ness ; her house wrs n hospital in every
part; nnd such was the distress of the
neighborhood sue could hardly find a well
person to assist in looking after the sick.
Her youngest son had been rescued from
tho grave by her nursing ; her own mottl
jerhad been taken away, an J, alter the
A"sre manner oi ner loreiatners, buried
' without a prayer. Woo followed woe,
nl ono affliction trod on the heels of
another. Winter was hurrying on ; du
ring 'ho day lamuy ntia:rs tooit ott her
nttdntion, but her long evenings, broken
by the sound of the storm on the ocean,
or tho enemy's artillery nt roston, wero
lonesomo nnd melancholy. Ever in the
silent night ruminating on the love and
tenderness of her departed parent, she
needed the consolation of her husband's
presence; but when, in November, she
rend tho King's proclamation, sho will
ingly give up her nearest friend exclu
sively to his perilous duties, nnd sent bin.
the cheering me?sag?: "This intelligence
will make a plain path for you, though a
dangerous one ; I could not join to-day
in the petitions of our worthy pastor for
a reconciliation between oar no longer
parent state, but tyrant state, nnd these
colonies. Let us sepnrnlo; they nre un
worthy to bo our brethren. Let us re
nounce them: and. instead of supplica
tions, ns formerly, for their prosperity and j .
happiness, let us beseeen the Almighty to
blast their counsels, nnd bring to nought
all their devices."
Swearing. I think a nun that STcars
is liko a man that fires a gun in the street
without seeing where the charge is going
to strike. When a person uses profane
language ho does not know what or whom
it is going to injure. It is a habit which
comes upon a man gradually, but grows
rapidly. It demoralises a man'sconscienea
wounds his honor, injures his own soul,
and hurts the feelings of others. It is
profitable in nothing, and mischievous in
almost everything I scarcely know of
anything for which there is so little ex
cuse. If you say that you indulge in it
only when you are ar.gry, I reply that it is
worse Ihrn than at Buy other time.
The Number Three.
When tho world was Treated we find
there was land, water and ky ; sup, moon
and stars. Noah had hut three sons, Jo
nah was three days in tho whale's belly;
Our Saviour passed threo days in tho
tomb. Peter denied his Saviour thrice.
Thero wero threo patrionrchs Abraham
Isaac and Jacob. Abraham entertained
threo angels. Samuel was called three
times. "Simon, lovest thou mo ?" was re
pealed thtee times. Daniel was thrown
into a den with threo lions, for praying
three times n day. 8hadruch, Meshech und
Abednego wero. secured from tho flames
of a furnace. The Ten Commandments
were delivered on the third day. Job had
three friends. St. Paul spetiki of faith,
hope and charity those three. Those
famous dreams of the baker and bjtler
Jiolinh three times before she discovered
tho secret of his strength. The sacred
letters on tho cross I. II. S. ; so tilso tho
lloman motto, if hoc signo. Thero aro
throe conditions for man tho earth, heav
en nnd hell. There is also a Holy Trinity.
In mythology, there is three Graces; Cer
ebus, with three heads; Neptune holHing
his three toothed stall' ; the Oracle of Del
phi cherished with veneration tho tripod ;
and the nine Muses sprang from three.
In nature we havo morning, noon nnd
night. Trees crow their leaves in three.
, there is the threo leaved clover. Every
ninth wave is a ground swell. Wo have
linh, ilesh nnd fowl. The majority of man
kind die at thirty. Whnt could bo done
in mathematics without the uid of the tri-
jnngle? Witness the power of tho wedge
nnd in logic three promises are indispena-
! ble.
ArrECTio.v and Intelligence or tiie
Hrlte Creation. Every one has heard
the sympathies of animals toward each
other. Cries of distress will often call
them forth. When the dam of a new
born lemb has died, some affectionate
sheep, ul t hough sho may have one of her
mvn litiu L nnwn f,i fnutftp ntit un.L-lf,
the helpless one. In my own imnwdiate
neighborhood, the youngest of a largo
Kturofpigs a poor little helpless crea
ture who was not able to get at its moth
er for nouri-hment, was warmed under
tho wings of a good r.atured hen. It was
fed by hand, but when turned down the
hen was always ready to lako chanjo of
! it, and thus it was reareo. 1 hese lnstan-1
and thus it was reareo
ces might be multiplied to a considerable ,
extent, suowmg meacme oenevo.eneo ot
I some animals ; but tho following fact will
i prove tho existence of a combined inlelli-
' genco in creatures which I have reason to
i '-c no iv-n muicnu uNu.ju.m f.j
, naturalists :is existing amongst uic leatn-
j ered creation. Iho accuracy of the anec-
dote may lie vouched lor. in the island
I of Ceylon there is to oo found n very cur
i the dog and bone, and evidently waited
nn opportunity
for seizing tho hitler.
1 he dog, however, was on niscu.ird.nna
j 'Y certain grow.s nnd probably angry
I .. ..." ..-..-.v., j.v--
l tecled his property. Tho crotv was too
cunning and too hungry to bo bnffled. j
lie Hew away, out soon returned witn
n companion, lhey hopped up to the
dog, when tho fresh arrivul watched his
opportunity, nnd gave a sudden pull nt
the dog's tail. Not being used to such
nn insult, he suddenly turned round in
order to seo who had taken the liberty
with him. The bono was for a moment
left unprotected, and was immediately
eized bv the first cunning crow, who
flew away with it, joined his companion,
nnd they doubtless had a merry feast up
on it. Once a Week.
Kind 'Words. They never blister the
tonguo or lips. And we have never heard
of one mental trouble arising from this
quarter. Though they do not cost mush,
yet they accomplish much. They help
one's good-nature and good will. Soft
words soften our own soul. Angry words
are fuel to the llama of wrath, ami mako
tho blnzo more fierce. Kind words make
other people good-natured. Cold words
freeze people, and hot words scorch them,
and bitter words mako them bitter, and
wrathful words mako them wrathful.
There is such a rush of other kinds of
words in our days, that it seems desirable
to give kind words n chance among them.
Thero are vain words, and idle words, und
uas.y worus, ana spueiu, worus, nnu rmp-
ty words, and profane words, and warlike
i . i i-..ri i i
words. Kind words also
pro., .co ino.r,
I .1
own image on men's souls. And
II liriAlt.
tiful imago it is. They soothe, and quiet,
and comfort the hearer. They shame him
out of his sour, morose, unkind feelings.
Wo have lmt yt begun to use kind words
in such abundance as they ought to be
used. rwal.
A Little Girl Blown Into a Trie. At
Fnrn.ington, Iowa, hist Sunday, a littlo
girl four years old, was carried by a sud
den gust of wind and lodged in a cherry
tree, a few rods distant, her clothes hav
ing caught in the branches of the tree,
where she rcmainod unhurt. The anx
ious father ran to and fro, seeking her,
when the littlo innocent, Gripping ivih
rnin, peeped through the branches of the
cherry tree, exclaiming "I'm here, Ja!"
B55u"I can't boar children," said Miss
Prim disdainfully.
Mrs. Partington looked ovor her spec
tacles mildly before she replied :
Tcrbaps, if you could, you would liko
them better."
TEJ1MS-$1 23 per Annum, if paid In ndvance.
Kon;.z Sknti mknts. This is nn ngrceablo
world lifter nil. If wo would only brirg
ourselves to look nt the subjects that sur
round us in their truo light, we should seo
beauty where we beheld deformity, nnd
listen to harmony w hero ive heard noth
ing but discord. To be sure, thero is a
great deal of vexation and nnxity to meet ;
we cannot suil on a summer const forever ;
yet if we p.eserve a calm eye nnd' steady
hand wo can so trim our sails and manage
our helm, as to avoid tho quicksands, nnd
weather the storms that threaten ship
wreck. We nro members ofone family; we
nre traveling thesame rond, nnd shall arrive
nt tho same goal. Wo breathe the srmo
nir. nro ulject to the same beauty , mid.
shall lie down upon tho bosom of our com
mon mother. It is unbecoming then that
brother shoud haiebrothcr; it is not proper
that friend should deceive friend; it is not
right that neighbor should deceive neigh-,
bor. 'We pity that man who can harbor
enmity against his fellow, ho fonts half th
enjoyment of lite; ho embitters his own
existence. Los us tear from your eyes tho
colored medium that invests every object,
with the green hue of jealousy unci suspi
cion; turn n deaf ear tosoaudal ; breathe a
spirit of charity from your hearts; let tho
rich gushing of human kindnoss swell ux
as a fountain, so that the "golden nge"
will become no fiction, nnd tho Islands of
the blessed bloom in more than "Ilyperw
on beauty."
Gen. Henry D. Foster. In all our po
litical experience we have never seen so.
much enthusiasm evinced for any car.di
date in this State ns greets the nomina-.
tion of Gen. Henry D. Poster for Govern
nor. From the Deloworo to Lako Erie,
the Democratic newspapers coino to us
filled with exultations nt the courso pur
sued by tho Convention nt Heading, nnd
every member of our party whom we meet
is sanguine of triumph, now that the Kev-
I stone Democracy is unite!. Hundreds
1 who had grown lukewarm on account of
tho dissention and personal differences.
! which for the list two years have weaken--ed
our organization and caused its dofeat
I nrn linu' nt'ilpnt. in Biirnnff fP mitt
I1'03 an'1. n'"inoc
Every Democrat is,
p.epaiedto do his duty, and that our Slate
will be most gloriously redeemed from the
disgrace of licpublican fanaticism cannot
be doubted. J'ot tsr'tllc Jlcrord.
Keen Satice. At a ball one evening, it
plain country gentleman had engaged iw
pretty coquette for the next dunce, but a.
gallant captain coming along persuaded
tho lady to ubandon her previous engage-,
nient in favor of himself. Tho plain yco-.
man, overhearing all that had passed.,
with a rigid indifference moved toward a
curd table nd sat down to play a game of
whist. The captain, in a few minutes nf
torwnrd,. stepped up to the lady to excuse
himself, as he was engaged to unoiher ho
had forgotten, Tho coquette, much cha
grined, -approached the whist table, in,
hopes to secure her first partner, nnd said ;
''I believe Mr. It., it is timo to take our
positions." The old-fash ior.ed suitor, in
the net of dividing a pack for the next
dealer, courteously replied, "No, madam,
1 mean to keep my position, when ladies,
shuffle, I cut."
SricmE Atioi'T a Leuacv. A man na med
Perry Johnson hung himself in,
Freedom district, Carroll county. Ild., oi
last Tuesday two weeks. lie became dis-.
satisfied about a distribution of a legacy
between him and his brothers, supposing
partiality had been shown his younger'
brother. Ho had a key suspended on n
belt, tied round his waist, which unlocked
n chest tint contained S.l.Cll: which it.
seemed ho was also troubled how to dis-.
pose of.
EXTo be hated by her friends is In a.
lot of every good looking girl ; but to bi
secretly cursed by the wiiolo n.-L'Ubor
hood, is a joy reserved for tho transeen
dently beautiful only. Without even sec
ing a young ivoninn, you can tell her ap
pearance by just rnrefully analyzing tht'i
scandal in circulation against her.
Bc?L.A gentleman having married a In. .
dy of the naroe of Lamb, who had ven
little beauty, but a very groat fortune,
was told by nn acquaintance that ho.
would not have taken the Lamb had i'..
not been for the fleece.
U'tfUMr. Harris "was never moro b-s-sm,
ber in tho whole course of his life," but.
when his friend Jonc3 asked him to taki,
a chair, he said ho would "w-w-wait tiU
ono came round !"
Jry-Many a true heart that ivou'd have,
come back like a dove to tho ark, after its,
first transgression, has been frightened
beyond recall by the savage conduct of art
unforgiving spirit.
fieSImportuit decision- The X. Y.
c f g hfts un;nne(1
... .... . ' ' . ... . r, .. ,i' . i
'V'lliiivji'.eiii.'i id siLii uiun itai i uin (VI
. .,.... nf I ..lfi t n ro.
The Couri,
UUiUllT lU'UIUl-U 11IU WLlll-l W UJ
Bffl-itoth the candidates for Governor
of this State, were stopping nt the Girur4
House, Philadelphia, on Saturday Inst. .
A few sly looks were exchanged, of course,
ri'iTlt is said that the Pope is very poop
nt the present time. Material nid will
be sent him from this country. His cxs.
penses have been very heavy of late.
BfesyThe returns already show a do-,
crease in tho population of Ohio. F.mU
grntion to tho western Territories lias af
fected that State.
tyMri. Swisshclm savs sho wore a
$2.51) bonnet seven winters without niter-
tcring it. Whet do you think of it, young
ladies ? ...
y-Sorrows come soo.i enough withou
despondency ; it does n man ho good tt
e.rry around a lightning rod tosttrsr,