Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, November 10, 1858, Image 1

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J. H. LARRIMER, Editor. n;."
TERMS $123 per Annum.
Oh Villi. NO X,.
f.jr il.publt;.u:
Term" of Utilise i-lptlm!.
$1 2;.
I .Ml
. 1! llll
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r witiun inroo inoniii-
.: ..iil.ii, tho veur.
fill1! ".'
I . .. ... ill,. oM'ir
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irnti'in uf t ho your,
;,1 I
Term" " Advrrt Nlnif
! Ii-Ih
i K-,rtl
,iri- insoncii in t'.o itopiiiaii-iiii ,m
1 In.ertion
2 do.
$ 75
1 .'ill
2 (in
. Ii urn's.
$1 (Ml
n no
8 (Ml
12 (in
2(1 no
a iiu. I
$ I 0(1 I
, Minro. (tllin,.',) '
" ' lUStll,,'.) 1 HI!
7, ! mi
It: linos.) 1 all
,'! moil t It
: : : $2 .'"
'. ; : .( m)
: : : : 5 H
' : ; : n mi
' : : : S Ml
jn si.u.. - -
. . ir.'H. 1
12 in, 1 1 Ile.iniilag
$7 no i ,
n in, !ls ,,,u"''1-
'..,ciuiireSi :
12 no j iitu
.e iqiiaros,
1 1 HO !
i s no
:!.i on
;Jf cullinllli
,t coliim"i :
: : II mi
Us mi
,s than tliuo iiimitlif
r.t Pcr
mare (( eiieti insertion.
1 . i: .... ul. .... j .,., in.
i i-,r t'l i veil i".
tlviirtisoinoiii'-i net murke-l with'tho niunl.i'r uf
'tiu.. Josi.e.1. U1 l.o itinm-.l till i"rW
.. .,,.( s mi . l'm.'l'uuui '',.- ... ...
M SMI I " "Hi-is Ins iir.ili'ssiomii ht mii-s (
'...'.I,.. I.mlk's ami t;fiitlciiicii .,1 (-'Kiii-
iiU itnJ vii'inily.
AM annus , ,r ,.i i,. hmi(,suUK. ., eol n-t al ,1.- .'oachi's,
dtB , , , .
I'.-II i. ii. .-.,-
illi n
II iiu' lat,' nni'r.n iiii im., i"-' r" i
rtim-ial ucin in
Stum 's . row.
lut " I
OiSrt ill
lltli. l's-
tr; 1! V. W hSd.N, I
' ... ... ... ,i , ,!u. l. :
tin; 1
.'ull.i stO'l'I. Will Uni4'i:.i -
ill., as lii-ret' it.n'i'.
,H. n. iMiniMrii.
r 1 1! I! I 11 ; .It
Its T j to
Tlt'. AIM all, -v
I i rl. arti. l l. Ta.i "Ul (Ht''l"l po"ii'(ly
l,.,;i, l.all 1 A.'lii'M'S,
An., in I'li'iirlr ,,l,
Julv :iii. y
Cciiiri- no l l'.llif'JiiliiM'"-
. . .. .: I'l..,ir M,.l.iM
1 ' 11,11,
SlTtl T . . , , . , 1 1 1 , II llll1' ""'
d un,l
lltsi-, Sill Kll'l ' 'I'liaiie-au., i r ... .
... -.1
orini'i'ly i'i"".i'M'
1 l,v 1 n.ullilall . ',
..tho fast ,'ti'l "I -Marlo-T su,'i'.. a
I ,.n. I ut .Mark
west ol' hill's l-'Jiui'lry.
Inn,- I-. IK-'J.
lit. (;r.oi;i;i. n "
. -,..-,: fully -.-ivi
nolic-u licit liolin-i res,.i.o ,i toe ira.
Moll-: a,-, an
,1 will .r,,inpoy ii.ii'ia. '' " -
he f-.,.t'i. ssiiiii
LutlK-r.-'.i'i;.Ai. i - ' " '
Iruli I'tmntlci-s. funMi n i'.le. Ancxtcnuvi-a.sut-tnifiit
of Cnstii.-,'s ticiilo to urdoio
Ucc. 211.
iTT(i'.tKY AT LAW, iiilK'L' ii.ljohiing I k-
resiiloiu'O un Seem 1 Mi'ift, t'lia,'.
Juno 1. is j 1.
ii. r.Tiio.Mrsox,
Aliysll-ian. may l.o tiuiieli'itlur aims uimc
' . .. ,f. 1......1 i illi. wheti mi
Ut JCOIK'IU S IIUlL-i, ui ..v...- , .,, is i
liri'los.-n nnliy tii.M'iit. l" -
Mi-iiliant and I'rmlm'c Dc.tli.r, I.tillu-rs-Imi-j;
Cli-arlii'lil ooiitity, l'n.
" April 17, 1S.i2.
VT tho iimutli of hi'-k Hun. tiro link's from
flonrliol'l, MDUCIIANTS, nil oxti'iisivo
Maiii.rai'tiiri'rs of 1, milker,
July 2.'t, 1S02.
1)lacksinilli. Wiigiiii,l)ui;i.'s. .to., Ac, irom il
on slini-t nutiro. mi'l tin- very host stylo, lit his
ji,l rt n 1 in tlio l,'i'oiit;li el' Curwuisvillc.
Dec. Vi, lj:t.
DR. M. WOODS linvin' I'linnsoil liis lucn
ti,in from I'lirwonsvillo to Cloarliol-I, r
feitfullv oiforn his iirelossiunal siTviois t tlio
cili;.i'iis"f tlio lnttor plni-o ami vieinity.
ltoji.lon.'O on St-.-oml street, opposi- Jt -if
J.Crans, Ik-,!. "''' jli'
wsl r. ciiamiu:i:s.
ClAUltlKS mi CliiiirmiikiiiK. Wli-el.vrilit, mnl
liuuso inul Siiin i.uititui;: nt I'lii'wi-iisvilie,
Onrtlolil i-o. All unU-rs (.ruinl.tly titn-mloil t
Jan. a, lSjS.
nAS ri'fiinioil tlio in-notico of ino,lieine, mcl
will iiiteml liroini.tlv to lilt rails in his r-rn-
f.'sM,,n. t,y .lay or ni-lit. ' Kosiili'io o ,,,i,sito tin;
Mi' oliuroli. May t, Is.'iS. Chios.
,T(tsi:rii i'Ltfls,
.hmlirc of the l'mrr, Curirmsrili', ','Mif.
0XK ilo'or fast of Monti'liiis A Ton Eyi'k j
Store. All hiisiness ontiiistoil tn lnm u '
be promptly ntteiulud t", nml all instruments o f
writing dune un short notice.
March, 31, lS.iS.-y.
rERCHANT, riiODl'Cl-: AND hl JIli -. l
M 1.EA1.F.K. AX I JISTICK K Till-.
PKAOE, Lutlieml.urg, Cleiirfiold Co., l'n. !
' i t oit'n'rT i,'
i i. i.iiiiiij.
i i ..,i i ,,.,.1 o lio
l.l. H1TJ 1 in i,B" '
itilioininff hi roi,lonoc, un Maikot stroo
.Miirch:), lSjii.
RETAThl'It of Foreign anil Hmnpstio Mori li
ntch,0, Slinwsv'illo. Clonrflolil oonnty, I'..
Hlitiwsvillo, August I . is.ii.
TH K i.l.ove lli.t.-l, Imvinn r inly l.oon Clint
up fir h house i! out .-rtiiiiim.-i.t. is now npin
fir tho n,'oonitn("h.tioii of tho I'liMie. Trnv.-l.-i-"
will fltnl thin B cmiveiiiont linu-e.
May 111, 185S, ."IN JRU VN.
PI. IWTI'.RIN;. The nihsorihor, hnvinic
locatorl himsoll'ln tho bi.n.ugh of (Tonrfh-lil
would inform the ptiMio thnt ho is prepared to
io work in the above line, from plain 'o omnium
tol nf riy donoriptton in n workniiiriliko inAnnor.
Also whitewashing nnd ropnirir.g done In ft neat
nunner nd on reasonable terms.
Clearfield, April 17, ISST. ly.
I)IIYSICIAN Oflieo in Curwonsvillo.
A Visit to the Hermitage.
.1. W. Krllv, will) WHS olio ol
,'l!ateo i
'if Nashvi
( 'ollferenee, pill,, il
iMplii'i'l', the fol- to
in tin1 Yorkville
ai't-oiiii L
(l II
to the 1 1 ei nii-
the I'ollowin;' inipres live utterance s to perferiiieil t heir duty fom lessly and re
ioli the South Cu'oli- the value and iliiiortil!li.'e of the Sahoa'h : yardle-s of conseipieiu'es. Wo ale told
lveil on a visit to the "I luu-t suspect the virtue a:id sus)iect that from his early manhood l.ehleii pri-
Kiirlv in
lo ses
:liiiii !cm
, v lirri-.1 :n k -i hi livi d
It is a tine iM holm
died, mm
tOil' 1 sitti-
in the soti'heiii brink of thi 'umber -
laud, alioiit cloven miles north rn-t of
Nashville. W'f ilivitril. I',ll' thosakcof a'
rioty mid good rliri'i', ii rmiili' of I'm lie?,
mil' littlo tiny, .loiiio S'oiu s, ami four out
side delegates, to wit : one from Virginia,
ono Ironi Tennessee, inn' from Missouri,
anil nnotln'i' from Louisiana mi'l took it
lino snecimen of tlio "peouliariiistitution"
in tho I'orsini of Adolphus, from (leorge
town, ivho generally attend.; mnuial con
fereiices, with !!cv. C. Petts, iiim! as liis
1 iilv servant was also in atli mlance al the
general conference. Thus, Is in all, in
:,i. ,, ;;i t i. .1 -,.t ,,r , (,,,i i,, i
m. ., n... , ..
thowlinlc truth, it liter little I. ox ol wjpv
! thou
j tel. a
rh 1 -
t I'll
i t loach su, h
ueh su, h tl,
; w i- iar-
t of .1..11-
.leek ,'tl the y,h,
M..V. and l-;.:t'.-l;
. mair, U..1 .Mecca o
mi mi,.,::. . ,
ol. e Molll
..r i i,,
11 W 1,1 o , .' lie
ir couiitiy.
al! -:if.- ! a
Vol.l the plih-
American lovers of
our-' ill .vc 1 i', .ohi
id country .-cat, a.v,
. '.V
lie load uhout n .iiai tei of a mile in Io
wa' 'il.- the river. You enter from a lane
or el',,.-. load an il'cli gate: stone Jo-Is, 1
think ; mid then up ii giavelh-'l cedar a
yctiile : it should have keen hickory ; mid
halted at the front of a yenerahle old
mansion now occupied fy the loudly ol
.r. .faiksoli, an adopt, d mhi or nephew
of th old hero.
.lolni, the old iencrid's ho ly .-, -rvan!, as
he told us, duringhoth rrcsiilentia'i terms,
was soi.ii f jl'thcoiiiing. I'r. Wightmaii, a
on,' chief, Mir, in a cud, mid we had
;h" liherty of the h.i',1- and pallors, gar
den , ai,d ground-', and ph-lity of ,,;!. .- -
t,r. t e al
siid lo Lav
to ( iviiora!
he. 1 1 e i
Vi leliee ,,s
set dow n in mi mit-'i'ie el.aii'.
!, n Washington's, aiidgiveii
i.u ;,son hy Mr ( 'n.-li.-- ni.iy
ntly apl'crtain..d to aiiotiier
n.-t he'.e. - wit ii h-clings of re
! il as of i tilio-ty, we looked
tu on it. -:t in it ha- a moment, having the
honor ol' hi doing w iihuit heing in a.iy
liiaiiuer rcled. 1'iiiiilings on tin- walls,
iU,diit and tasteful gilts oil the shelve,
mid takles there were, hut 1 mn no cunoi
sour, atcl therefore will not attempt a des
cription, especially us I made no iiot
tl,,. to,,,.. The (leiieral mid his wif.
hm id under the same plain tonih. at the
northeast t orni r of the garden, hetween
the dw, lling and the ptihlic road; ''life's
ut,l ('..-.. i- over, thev sleep W'f
having l'.cd in tho foith and the hopi
the 'hi i tian religiiti.
The following Lrief hut comprehensive
remarks on the decline of the authority ol
parents over their children, seems to tu to
have -ii much mini in tneoi. aim io .
such general application, tha'we cant
refrain from t ratislerring them to our c
. , .i l . .. i ...
mn us :
"One of our religious exchimge.
.line to the iirevulenoo of crime
, allu
hoys, el v properly a
rls: that one of the
main causes of tin.
decline of morality i-
HI af .uirri'tat msnj'iin'
the domestic hearth
1'he family
is the true
fountain of purity or cnrruption to piihlie
moral-'. Most people kceome what they
are made at home. 1 hey go lurth into
,, . . i .1,,,-
the worm, io m i mn im- im,.. .
1 .', ed in the first fourteen years of
their lives.
ltis alleged in that
children have l.ecome more unmauagea-
i t , ii...n (1PV sed to he
U'e reply that
I, n. ,i...n nature and human relations are
line iniiL'oit. i onui . .. ,o
, i M.:i.i..,
o lis inn. .na,
1.1,. 0 authority as
they ever wer
is the main purpose tor which i ro oi nee
I I !IU 1111)1 le them helpless and
th" t"'V "". " " ' " "
. .. .. i ,1;, ....... to
r,,, r.toindusy ... vntue It is not
tvu, ()m parents Inn. no,!,:,.,,,!,, eon-
wvMr :"" :y
"""" '; " , : , t
n,av he enforced .he real lact ,s. that
1(a,en.s are too in Men,, too negiig
too,n(Ii)1, t1()tlke,he pains,,, ,, n
up .heir children,-, the wiivth.y shot,!:
,o. It rcpiires perpetun. vig, a.,'.- and
th.-v get tired. It retires sell-conf ol to
exereisoa proper authority over others.
So f-eonnuest is the createst victory of nil.
There can ho no just parental discipline
when there is no charueter to hack it.
r very Lnie (hey are told.
Sydney Smith on Sunday Observance,
Tin- eccentric and saiiriealsidnoy Smith
was iM Vi r rl'ai'cil with lioin' "iini'o.
ri ' 1 1 1 . n i -. ' ' Dot thoi-o iti'o voins of ilicp
aod l ohlo thonlits in his i.'ijicrs, which
ro well if miiiio w ho iiro iiiito ready ruin, all of which could have Imon pro
iniiieiid his w it mid laxity of opinion ventel if Iho- e eittru-ted with the mlniiii-
ui a few suhjeets wouM resort to. Take
the roli;'i, ,n of that man who imagines he
can attain the itiality or the i xeell.-nee,
without suhiiiittilip! to tin- rules mid prac
tices ly which tlie excellency and ,ti.ilily
are found to he attained who holievcs lit
em he a Christian without Sahhaths and
without player, mnl reach the end wilh
ort suliinit ting to the melius : and means,
I'enieiulier, not only sanctioned hy the ex
perience of men, 1 nit einanatiii-.' IVuin the
willol'llod, reduced to n positive com
lnandil'.eiit (Hie of the laws of the pill.ll'
on which nll.t 'hristiau nations have found
ed their relitions u-ages ; mid if we did no
understand the reason of Uie law, what
i.,.,.!..,-' ifif w (I,,- law. lint who does
v,.t the rea-on of the law '.' AVIm. 1
would lie-'uale one moment for an answer
it I were to a-k'hun why the Sahhath was
illslitllted .' to stop that tholllltless
reatiire man. in headlong pur-uit
lire and of wealth ; to loll him
'! 1'
that '. oi,l is inn, lortal ; that mis'
.KM.- (l.wn iil'on e nth h his redemption
that the In avcu- ahuve an- spread out
(.. 'i . loio to -loii hilil when he is
,,.;", and to ..-11 him to look into his
own -our- to, too him when ho is enjoy i
i,. and to warn him of his salvation: to
su-pciid hiscontrac.-.toarrost liis .schemes
- to eMc, hi-emotions, to ,,111-11 his h.i-
ir. ds to l,ur,t into his soul with thesphm-1
.In of (iod's futh : .rn.l while l.o is urn-1
kin'.- l altrv ueotii.-itioiis, and panting af -
ter foolish pleasures, to oiion to him tin
he .'.eps, ml to shor him tho throne of (
,' i l toonen to him the earth, mid to :
show him the depth uf hell, and to hroaeh
, , t
to ti
icrance, anil i igiueoiisues, mm
judgment to come."
The Killing' i Desperado-
y ',-,., ,'.' .Y, 'VA',.? lull I'm.
I We have pulL-in-d something of the
' : iML'. dv referred to l.elow, hut further mid
I interesting particulars are here gven, and.
j:,: a moral that om.dit to he heeded every
i. ...... !,.,,,h, ,l in it. we luihlish the
'; following account of tin
transaction fiom
:! A hi cil!e (parish of Vermillion ) Mr:
,; .,. of the ' nit. The three person
charged with killing I.i-hleu, it has alrca
,1 hi en stated, were taken to "pelouses
hy a change of venue granted hy the Dis
trict ( Yuiri of Calcasieu Parish, and the
next day after their arrival tiiey were set
at liherty we presume hy competent au
thority. Tii.o'.ii.v Th oi:i.y .1 i sTii e. A great
criminal offender, Paul C Lehleu the
cohl-hearted murderer of Fwing and Par-
sf)l,s the cold-hearteil sedueer and kid
napper, the lawless desperado of the pur
idi of Calcasieu, who once dared and did
force his own negro slave, to sit on a Pencil
of tlio District Court of that parish during
court time, mid in derision of the presi
d'niL!judg. ha. at last met the fate he so
, i, hly d.'.-erveil. As to the particulars of
hi. death, we uro indehted to the politos
lies of S. Ilelllell.
Lso. who hasjti-t
,1 from the court of the parish : mid
tin in
we here give them as communicated to us
liV Unit genuoiiiim.
On Monday, the l.itli inst., the District
Court commenced its regular session at
Lake Chailes, the seat of justice of the pa
rish of Calc.' sieii. livery thing ahout tow n
indicated that a deep under current was
known to'
at work for some purpose un
for the western wing of th
: In
, ,
tel displayed i fmo order and ... good
i. l...l.l. 1,i.i...11.m1 imtia liis.
keeping, many v.ouo,. .-,....... ..
. i i -.;., l-,,ivisc T ike iniiilements
: " ' ' ....
Ol war l arc were uio ..,...-r.. j -
in the court room. I lungs remained m
mat, suoe
I.... ..... i
till Wednesday morning, ut
which tune ran un v. nu, cnung ...
, . .i... t. r
.... ... t .1 t., ..:,. :..
from the country, roue u io mo iuli ...
the h' tel, liesoondod from his mule, and
stin ted towards the house with a pair nf
, , ,.,,, l.-ft mm.
... i -
- ' 1 st tll0
t. wig of ,e no,..,. .,,,
he was shot from the front of tl
- liln0, ,,v
ic vety
a mail
Foux several others,
n n J rf
w (lf ,,,,,,. E(l,h
; ,is1(ll.nflly. llis ,,ght .
M; four huckshots pene-
Jrily n J . W(.k , on u..g,, his
'Illllnn r .. , ., .
.... i . 1 ........ 1 . (l.r lmvcr nnrt
right . ' hp
Ol V11C H.u--'iiivit
turned at the first fire-took ellect in his
. , J V.B1, If nnimara tilflt llO
iiim ii i ii iiiii iv . v ii-
1 , from tl.irty.five l for., Wk
h""1 1 J
shot through tho most vital port ion of
his pcMon.
I.i hloii fXiiii'il iilinost instantly, Anil
t hus rlo?, I ho 1 i ( o of one w hoso earthly
oare r has lucn titainoil with Mood inul
ist ration ol just ice ill that parish had only
del hii:i-i !f in the violation of the laws of
his country in the mo-t otitraucou-, mall
tier, and that none dared to all',' t him
fol doiiu; so. I'roh.'ihly -ome immaculate
ollicials will look upon this aertion ns li
lieloils : hut we cai e no! : mid we say bold
ly, alt holiidi with ri-L'let. that wlclleVel'
criminals are permit led to escape, either
through tin- leniency of juries, technical
ih fects in the indictments, ahsence of the
, witnesses, or any other moans then let
, Jiopular justice he done.
! The Value of One Square Mil in Vir
! ginia.
' '"' Mclimonil i.,:rra- says:
imond l:ni'itir says: ( )ie
- "jiiaie mile in the city of NewJYork, oven
I calculating it al Sliin.liiMl per ncro, which
is much more thuli it would hring, t-xiept
in favorite loctilities, would ho worth !sh l
t ii m i.i ii a i, and yet ti c ran lind several IocjI.
iti, - in tho mountains of Virginia, which
are in reality, more valunhle. . 'tie of
: the.-e may he found hetween Smyth and
: Washington counties, on the north fork
! of lie- lloh-t mid is known as K'dtville,
'l''''-- Tl'u1 J''estn. ( ne
'l''Uv nnlo w.thm tho circuuilerein e ol
the salt ha-in, inchidmg al,,. tho gypsum
formation within tho same urea, wo can
show hy close cadcuhUio,,-, to ho worth
not only more than one -unrc mile in the
''" 'f N'-' Vork, hut more than the
The .-alt rock within this square mile
ranges from seventy to one hundieJ feet
in thickness, which would yield u net ton,
til- forty hushels of .-alt to every solid yard
it contains, or over three thousand mil
lions of hushels ! which, when manufactu
re I, is worth from forty to (illy cents a
hti-hcl. Hut, iirt-sitmini: it to he worth
twenty cents per Lushcl in the ground,
and we have six hundred millions of dol
lars, to which we must add two hundred
and til'ty millions of tons of plaster within
the same space, worth with the ground a
kout one dollar per ton, making a total of
eight hundred and lifty million dollars
New York property is valued at seven
hundred and fifty million dollars.
In another place we estimated the value
of this mineral deposit at only twonty'eight
hundred million hush, salt, without ref
erence to the plaster or the land improve
ments. Put the present one we make ns
a hoa.-t against any thing that tho world
can produce, and, of course, have not al
lowed any "contingencies in our calcula
tions. The oho sipiaro mile, idhidod lo a-
hove contains uhout all tho salt, hut not
one tenth iiart of the l.laster. The estate
contains uhout ten thousand acres.
We migh also choose a square railo on
tho iron mountains of Alleghany County,
which, when properly developed, would
he worth more than ull the farms in Vir
ginia: or we might choose a square mile
f.f the lead property at the Old 'Yityne
Lead Mines, and, only estimating it ac
cording to the yield up to the present
! time, at a moderate profit in tho ground,
and our ligures w ould run into millions.
The Havana I'rin:n notices a rcmarka-
hie incident as one of the results of the
shock from the explosion ; no less than
the restoration to reason of u lady of that
r'!.v wnf n!, oiitiroly lost her min l.some
six moths ngo, from a severe and protract
ed spell of sickness. During the whole of
that period she did not recognize any one,
not even her parerts nnd other near rela
tives. When the explosion took place
she. was instantly thrown into violent pa
roxysms, which the family considered ns
an indication of tho speedy approach of
death. The paroxysms gradually suhsided
and all were rejoiced to find her situation
Unite the reverso of what was expected :
her :eason was entirely restored! This
case presents an interesting iiuc.stion for
our medical philosophers.
CjJ"A lady once conulled Dictor
John-oil on the degree of turpitude to he
at. ached to her son's rohhing an orchard.
'Madame," said Johnson, "it nil depends
upon the weight of the hny. I rotneniLcr
my school mute David Ciarrick who
wn always a littlo fellow rohhin.,' ten or
a dozen orchards with impunity; hut the
(list time I climhed up an npple troe for
I was always a heavy boy.thehough broke
with me, and it was culled a judgement.
I suppose Hut is w hy justice is represent-
- U'Hh apairofcs!"
'l'n k 1'lmai k No trait of char
actor is more vahuiMc in n female, I han the
poses, ion of a swvot temper. Home can
never he made happy w ithout il : il is
like, tlio the (lower that spring up in our
piithwoy. reviving mid eeehcing u-. I.e.
it niitn go liome wearied and worn out hy
the toils of the day, mid how soothing, is a
word dictated hy a good disposition ! It is
sunshine falling upon the heart. He is
happy and the cares of life are forgotten.
A sweet temper has a soolhing intlllelice
over the iniiids of the whole family. When
it is found in the wife mid mother, you
ohserve kindness mid love predominating
over the natunl feeliiigs of a had heart.
Smiles, kind words and looks character
ize the children, und peace ant! love dwel
ling there. Study then to aeipiire a .-vei t
temper. His more vuhiahh; than pld.
it captivates more than heauty, and to the
class of life retains all its hower.
Tho t'ollowing touching" tmd tugjji .stive
incident, is sadly illustrative)!' the uncer
tainty of life, or rather'the eertainty of
death, and of: Is inexorahle disregard of
all the ties w hich hind frail mortality to
an earthly existence.
A Cincinnati paper notices the solitary
la-t haniiiet of a "l ist man's" t luh in that
city. In the cholera heason ol lifa'2, sev
en gentlemen agreed to met annually ami
dine once together, as long as they lived,
a hottl-- of 'vine to he sealed mid drank in
meiiiorinm hy the last survivor. The lirst
le-uniou was held on the Cth of Octuher,
Is3ll, and on the (it h of i ictohor, l'-'i.'k l'r.
Vattier, sole survivor of the seven, drank
from the Lottie and pledged the six dead
friends, whose empty eliitir- and empty
plates were his only society ut the lust
melancholy feast.
The Beli.s of Moscow. Payard Taylor,
in an excedingly interesting letter from
Moscow, gives an aeeountof the great hells
of that city the largest and most costly
in the world. The Russians have a pe
culiar lHTtrhmn for large hells. The larg
est among them, which is on the Tower of
tlie'Kermlin, w as cast hy order of the Lin
press Anne, in 1730, and weighs one hun
dred nnd twenty tons. It is twenty two
feet high, and twenty one in diameter at
the bottom. It cost olio million and a
half of dollars. There isnnother hell near
it which weiiihs nxtv-lour tons, it iukcs
three men to rln its tongue. It is only
rung 'A limes a year, then ull the hells nrc
silent. It is said the vihration ot the air
is like the simultaneous discharge of a
hundred cannons.
Bi n in ii r n it -:
Election Anecdotes.
The manner in which defeated Candida
tes for political honors submit to their
fate, often atlbrds. interestiii!: ilhts'i'tition
of the varietis of human character, am
sometimes results in very good jokes he in
perdctrated hy thoniselves, or sonichody
else ut iheir expense.
Among the most amusing that we have
met with laetly, is related of a respectahl
gentleman in Windsor county, Vermont
w ho some years ngo, had an amLition to
represent liis native tilwn in the State
Legislature. Though u mini of good nor.
al charueter, and in every way ipialilied to
fill the office he sought, ho happened, us
Aunt Peggy used to sny, to have "a gri ut
many winning ways to make folks hute
him," and was, in fact, the most unpopu
lar man in the town. doing to 'Sitiiire X.
an influential man who happened to he
friendly to him, he laid his ease Lcfore
him, and nskod hia influence ; saying that
he didn't expect help without paying for
it, and declaring that if he could get X's
influence lie was sure to he elected. The
'Siiuirc "put in his host jumps" for his
man ; hut when the votes were counted,
another man was declared elected. The
disappointed 'candidate culled out to know
how the vote stood, nnd learned that he
had pot just three votes! "Put I don't
understand it," said he, turning to the
'Situiro with a chop fallen countenace.
"Nor I either," said the 'Squire, "I put in
one vote ; you put in nnother ; Put who
the deuce put in th. third is more than I
cm. imagine !
Put who tvou'd not desire ,o possess
such a genial temper ns Mr. .Limes A.
Jones of Arkansas, who ran as an indepen
dent candi atefor Congress, nnd was de
feated hy uhout seven thousand majority.
Mr. Joues is the editor or the Otm.-A :hi
Ifrralt, and discusses his defeat in his pa
per in a manner that should at least enti
tle him tn the credit of taking it coolly .
Hear him :
nr.rEATr.n, or it salt river,
"Wo i nve." .'f.i:7't'.
".Vol in min phi. ul 1 mu ll pxatn; lo bo." fym
We that is to say, James . Jones, ed
itoroflho Ouachita II,rtiil, und Into can
didate for Congress are ingloriously de
feated. To use a classical and entirely or
iginal expression, "we have met the ene
my and we are thciis." Wo evidently
cast our pearls hefore sw ine. We mag
nm.inioiisly, and at a considerahlo Kncri
liee of our habitual self respect, offered it,
servo a people who Inul no appreciation of
the ottering. We cant help it. Wo did
n't make the people, and are not under
contract lo supply them with brains. If
they were w ilfully blind to our merit, the
fault is theirs. If they are opposed to re
ceiving individually one hundred and fifty
acres of land a piece, they have a perfect
right to reject it they ought to know
w hether or not they deserve it. If they
ilon t want the rights ol the south pcr
mrr,,l inviolate" why, they may havo
them iH-kkd for all wo care.
At an enormous expense ofsixten dol
lars and thirty-two cents, wo printed a
multitude of circulars, sufficient, we
thought to elect any man, tvith which wj
Hooded this congressional district, and a
hu ge portion of the Cherokee nation. Wo
w rote to our friends, and to some who
were not our friends, to rally to our sup
port. Put they d'.Pnt rally. Wo then
coiiiiealcd oui'self us well as wo could at
home, refusing positively t o extend our ac
quaintance, or to see more ot the public
than the public did of us. With these
l eciiutions mc deemed success certain.
A great many persons wrote us that we
houhl be elected, we should have all over
whelming vote ; they were iiot deceived
I was overwhelming. Many credulous
K-rsf.ns told us thatjwe should he. elected',
we listened lo (hem nd were deceived
Put w e forgive (Item, for (hey made us feci
comfortable for u while ; and all earthly
iappines is transitory. We shall never
iceoino a candidate again without consult
ing somebody on tho subject first, and 4
ertal.iing whrther they do or do not de
sire us to run ; for we are satisfied that it
is folly to be a candidate unlesB somebody
Iocs want you to run, and will vote "or
you on the strength of that desire.
We are not without consolation. We
ire not the only candtdato that was de
feated. There arc numbers in as bad a
fix as oiirself. And besides, greater men
than we claim to be, have been as badly
Among our numerous friends, ex Gov
ernor Drew is entitled to our warmest ac
knowledgements. Ilisintention, doubtless
was to assist us in beating Rust, hy proj
curing a largo and influentiari majority of
the Democratic party to vote for him.
With this object in view, he mado a hril
iant canvass, ending in rio less a hriliant
failure. Put, notwithstanding he carried
off a considerable portion of our vote, wc
honor him for his laudable intentions..
Hereafter he has hut to command us, and
we will obey if it suits us to do so.
To the fifteen patriotic nnd chivalrous
voters, who cast their sull'rages in Tike
county, we beg leave to tender our sincere
nnd unfeigned gratitude. Wc owe then,
a debt that will be diHicult to repay. A
a slight evidence of our appreciation and
lasting regard, we propose that if they will
forward us a list of their names, wo will
send them the lln-nhl for life nt tho usua'
price, three dollars per nnntim, lrrtfrbihr-
in advance.
In conclusion, we desire permission to
reiiinik, that the small experiment w
have ju-t made is eminently satisfactory.
Whatever aspirations we may havo hat'
for glory are entirely suMuod. The pur
suit of a son, in congress, under diflicu
ties "is ono in- which we havo no detil
to re-engage. We are satistind that ff,
curry with us into our retirement the hi",
wishes of a generous though ungrateful
people, nnd nro content.
More aiioi-t the Comf.t. The comet wv
regret to say, is exercising a most corrupt
ing influence in Pufl'alo, nnd will probably
fail to gain there that good will which tin
return of a so long absent visitor should
be greeted. The mischovioiu paragraph
setting forth that four o'clock in the mo .'
ning is the Lest time lo view the celestia
viitor, ha been widely circulated in tho'
l'ji-ulity, und the conserjuenro is that r
great number or the PufT.ilo gontlcmrr
have ,"ot into the habit of remaining u '
till that time, uhout seven nights in tl.''
week, lo pny their resjrects to it. The:"
is nothing radically immoral in tho mei'
matter of setting up till four in tho morY
iug, but it is said that owing to the stiun.
lating processes which they find it nece-
sary to resort lo to keep awake so Ion
these amateur astronomers have cbr..
menced seeing two comets apiece, each
with two tails, besides a great variety i
other stars not distinctly specified. Son.
of tho Putt'alo papers arc in great trihul :
.inn nbout it.'