Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, July 21, 1858, Image 1

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    3 i f 111T ' T
.T.H LARRIHEU. ) r,.,
R, FENT WAItD, Jr., ) Eihtorj
VOL Villi. NO 'JO.
Term of iitisrrl(liii.
rf pii-l In mlviini'i', or n ithin llni'O mini tlif t fl ;,'i
If (mill liny limo wllliin llio .vi'iir, . . . ,',n
(l'miil uflcr tlic rxiir.iiinn nf tlin j our, . 2 an
Trmn nf AihrHlsIi:.
A Ivcrlisi'iiioiili iiro Inscrtd in IU Itoi'iil.licnn
it the f"M" in;; rutcs :
I oil . 2 tin, ,1 tin.
One H'l'tirc, (14 Iinc,) $ Ml $ 7.-, J no
Tro iiiii run. (!!N linen,) 1 0(1 1 .'.() J (H)
Tliroo uplines, (12 linc,l 1 Ml 2 011 2 .'.0
It uinntliji. (1 nio's. 12 nio.
One Square : : : : $2 JO $ I on $7 mi
Two'iiurti, : : ! : : 4 00 ll no in no
Three ni'iircs, : : : : A (in M 00 12 (ID
Four .Nnre, : ; : : ft 00 10 00 1 1 00
11,'ilf a column, : : : : S M 1' no IS no
On column. : : : : I I 00 20 no no
Overdue" weeks nn,l 1,'s.i (linn tluco ini'lilli" 23
cents 'or 8iiniro for eii. li innorlion.
liu-niicM noliees not uxcceiliiij; S linos nro iu
nrled for $2 a year.
Aitrt'rlieuiont not nmrkel wilh tlio number of
lniertiiin ilc-ircl, will ho continued I ill forbid ami
cljurgeil nceordiiif; to thin terms.
la it rim in. & wa ii.
Till: SUA xiir.i.i..
DT U. I'. llll.rS.
'. i it wilh thee, uIi lone sea shell ?
Why litter this rcusclt" i Muuti
Art yi-iii ninjj ntiin
l-'nr lli)' home in tins main
Where tho sunlight hath never shnno!
I.ilr tl c nuiflVi! t ., 1, ,.( ., 1.,, ., i,, ...
T!,y ii.ii.-i. i iii .11" ;., no- ;
Ail uvmrniii,' the In-. .
In "imo far c ir il -nvo
Whii h blos-suins down under the -.ei ?
They rty that the Mh,- of the iritive win es
This melancholy ilii-go dotli Ice';
Whi h, though far nway,
lloth ever hetrny
lliy Lirlh in the wild neenn deep.
And is i thus with that mystic il voii-
Which nji-nUs to the c hiklien of earth,
Ait tflen unfolds,
To lioj-iimied sou's.
F' trice of tli.-ir heavenly birth?
Ah ! many n spirit like thee, Uno shell !
Now mourns in its prison of clav .
While it eiitei.L'fl faint glciiins,
Iu soul-thrillinpr dreams,
Of the ocmn that's fur mvny.
bt 0. w. n iin nr r.
'Tis sweet nt the t lo in? of day, the w turinoil of life,
To iviind. r ,!':. cuciiiiiV-r'd a v.iy,
I''r.m its scenes loiifndon anil 'hid.
A way to the lonely retreat,
Where r.i jarrin or .li-cm 1,
lint con. ord an I ii.iniiiiiy s vet,
The beauties of luitnr,' .tvj1.
Whero the floweret iiihnlc' the la-t r:y
Of tho sun. ns ho sets in t:i. west,
And mournful to part w ith the dav,
Drops its head on its mother' s fond breast.
To lie:in-ehi'Orin ; pleasures like iVhj,
In solitude let me repair;
To lb 0 wo uy of life they give cui,
And d -ive uHiiy roiroiv u'ld enro.
The Orcat Maryland Black Cat Case,
"If you incut u Ihii k cat, shave him to the lail.'
1 Li- ti I'tneiiiliiiis chm is now 1 1 1 ijr
l.rliii a jinliciiil tril.iiiinl ol' tli Stuto d'
Muiy hmil, ninl ,n':ciit- lm.ny 1 cn;ai
lcatui-s'.-. il tli iiij. iniit v c.ii'i . i uiii;'i (
i npnoity of I l;o l i. : danh in tin' cn.,-.
)"'if tli( lu ncfit fit' tlic li'.ll 1 1 id.'ssicii nii.l
p'litli'tiifti (.'ninilly wlio nmv wisli to 011
trr a now ticl'l ofsjifriilniion. 1 will jiivo
n short liistory of thr r!io mi I linnni it.
t;nnio yenrs noo a pciitlrtnnn nf Mnry
luiK.1 conci'ivcd tlic idcii lli:it nn iimin -ii--(
fort tine roulil ln ronli.od hv tho rfinini; of
hliu k outs for tlio Nik ol tlioir skins' 'I'ho
U'inoiinl olistficli' to tlio jil in ;h tho iin
Jiosiliility of kccpini! tho niiinuiN t. oothor,
mid ;n'fvont thom li-otu uniidoiin oil, 11s
tlioir activity, nssihtod liy tho - ! 1 1 t i-a t il ir
iiialitjs of thoir clans, would ciniliV tli:n
toilc.tvnnv onclrwiiro ; mid nt l it. nftcr
imicli thinkiiij.', tho ido.i suapsiod it-'-ll
10 ins inni'i linn wiuer was (in only 0..1
rior tliai outs would not i.s. I'nitnr in
IKis-ossion of 1111 island that a).o.iifd to
he just suited for tho oxiioriinont, ho found
all ohstnolos tin- success of his jihin roino
vod, mid sot iihout orrani,inr the utl'nir.
lie ciiiloyi'd mi tijiont, and put out a
circular, in which hoFtntod Unit ho would
(jive so much a head for every hlack cat
that could he got. This advcrtisnioiit was
whs circulated through nil the counties
bordering on the Chexnpcnko buy, mid nil
the negroes got holdof it. In a very hhort
time all the black cuts through these coun
ties were stolon by tho negroes mid sold
to tho agent, who had depots established
Ht different points. lid ladies missed t heir
f ivv jte l.huk eals, imd mourned tiieinns
I - Lot the negroes, incited I iy t he t ice
"I'lii-ed none. In this way rc
1 ' ' -lid fifty black cuts in 10 01 l:. . :-
" . 1 i- I'l-p "' oil to t he il
a. . n 1
; u" ir.s an nil. 1 1,,.. ,. 1
i-r liobill - on t 'l Us-,e, il-i slipei I
gonid'-iv of 'he cats. "I i.osi
, nicy ti.i uisoivcs
; n tl e ishii.d. nn.
iiteinleiii an
ciiiii-i''. .
va-tlv vfoi.
spent i.e. i
I. or playing wilh eiic.h tie r. or
li, e ng biidsor gloilhs! mice: bin at li st
' - ganie tailed thfin. nnd hiiving no ot h
i -'apply of food, they beciiino hungry and
bv . erato, and roamed around the islam!
in largo bands, yelling for food. They nt
I.i -t bM'nme dangerous, and the ngeid
v. , . ! - his ctnployor uslateiuriit ofthe
l;;:i '. .i "ompnnied by a rfpiest to know to
Ic-lti em. He mote back to tlx1 agent
to set a couple of negroes to entch and open
ov"ter f,-r the cuts, which orW was rnr
ried out. .The rats, linving die alternative
of oystervr starvation before them, vei-v
natural clioi-e th former ; but. not being
A Publishers.
iicoii-d-i!,,. 1 t . in h iinnatiirol food, a -.o-eios
,, eln.l,.... l.i'i. keont ;itiioii!rt!i,-iii. and
one-halt died,
'I his onlaiiiily drove the Mirvivn 1 md,
and I he eilher eonmiilted siiiri nr. in a
I" o il.--!'ol,ilii.ii. -.wiiii In tl,,
iniiiii 1 in 1
At any rate, t h.-y disnppoiuvd, mid
novo- neurit ol 11101, .
The agent then wrote again lo his em
ployer to iii'iiiaiut him w i h the result of
I his new treatment, which news w as m
piuiied by the modest rciiiost for the pay
ment of his wages for tliiseat e.pei iment
occupied a space of upwards of a year.
The latter was so indignant at the conduct
ol hot h I ho agent and the cat.-, thai he llat
lv refused, and tho eoliseiieiiee of the re
fusal was a suit Lroiight hy llio agent for
hiswngi-. This suit has lieen defended
for some two veins, and during its progress
I liave bcciilne acijtlaiiiled with the fai ls.
As far us ti,o theory of the speculation
w ent, it was a magnificent idea. The skin
of the 1, hick cat is worihin Hoston f0 cents.
Tin' cats. I am told, cost the agent just
that sum. It was supposed they would
ineiva.-o exactly ten fold peraiinuni. Then
say, lirst year, number ofeal, l.'iil; second
'year, l..'i(i(); third, l-'i.lilHl from which theie
eouM l,o nhtain ", M M ) tonis for tale, hring
ing sj.ridii, and ,.aV(. lii.iHiO stock cats re
main, which, ni. the al.ove ratio of increase,
would give the enormous sum of I111HHHI
cats upon the? island, after which till the
surplus, over and above the hit number,
v.ciolo I e caught in box and lh
'': .'-I ni l'...-loii1rri.!-'. J'lii--..l; of
l'"v ' ' ' w io : 1 1 pi i 1 1 1 1 'e 1,1 '0.1,111 it I, ,i-:-arn.;;..
;.n I therei en lie, -11.-1.01; ! . he il.
rived Iii. 111 tiie island v. ouid ho in too
ne;ohhorhood of live iiundl'ed tiiotisand
ilolhiis per annum.
The principal d:" whack to the on tir prise
was the utter inability of thecals to organ
ize or hand together lor the purpose of as
sisting eaeli other, anil thus laeilital ing
their hunting operations; so. after deep
rolled ion npon the sulyot t, it was deter
mined to impott a couple of wild cats from
South America, wli,.se admixture with his
cats would luit only add strength to tho
body and value to the fur, hut lio-p ex
i . ulive oiialities might 1,. brought .i bear
in organizing (heoriginal settlers into hun
ing packs and thus enable them to sue
cesstuHy pur-no the fipiin-i'Is and ground
mice u it): w hieh the i-land abounded
and, in liict, to tciu-h these'
animals, who, torn from tie: com fori able
lir. -' b wi i", of eouiso, ignorant of the
n-o'i's-ilv of -avago li; .1, tlio niy-i.-ries of
i he eh. iso. lie re.-idi'v found a irieiel n ,1
ling to procure him tlio now cais, J j,m
afraid ihis frit nd egardei) tho w hole nia'
tor as a joke, but at any late ho was faith
ful to !iis pronii.-e, am! a :-o.-n ji!,ei his
irrival in Kio Janeiro as possible, he (
-(-1:1 iii.'.ivo hunling. who f.iught nm
young tigar cat" of exlraordinary feiveity
whi. li he pl-ieed ill ,1 OMgo llll'l shipped tn
l'lalt'iuo; e.
Whr 11 ho hnd fdm.tst forgotten tho mat
ter he iv. is sni-pl i-ed by by the receipt of n
h ttoi api'i-i-ing him of the arrival of these
w ild l easts, and was v-eiie ted "In come
for.', ard, pay liai-g"-ami take them away."
!le hiiir:ed lo tow nand found t hese young
tigers about tlio size of a medium seil- r
dug. end a bill of charges of several hun
dred percent, more than he anticioated.
II 1 --i ; ' 1 it and ordered two ii.'L-roo- to
eiiivl ;. !...,.;. in a eiiii io bis country
home, I1.1 !,- i-hcil lo exhibit them Le
!ore ho -1 iit 1 nem down dow n to take i om
mand of the island en!.
( M. the road out to his place I lie e-its glar
ed and spil at tho negroes -n such a licn-di-h
111..11111 1' that, lo get rid of t In 'li 1, they
turned the , ; e oer on the bar Mde,
hereby one oi thecals was sinol in-i cd.
The survivor, being deprived of his male
became more ferocious than ever, and it
became a question w hether it be safe for
tho eats upon the island to turn it loose
among them. The owner was very much
worried until his negro man suggested
that t hey should try tlio experiment In
putting a tamo cat into the cage.
The idea was the very thing. A eat was
procured and introduced into tho cage.
In 11 bout two minute it was torn intoshreds
and nt terly devoured. ( If course it would
have been madness to turn the beast loose
on the island so the idea was abandoned
and it has been kept ever since as 11 small
Mienagoiie atlaehed 10 the gentleman's
house, with the exception of a periodical
visit to the agricultural fair in Baltimore,
when it is placed among the poultry, and
causes the henrls of the ehichens to die
within them. This is a short history of
the groat black-cut scheme and the suit
arising from it. Whether there is legal
ability in tho State sutlieent to settle tho
latter is more than 1 am able to say. f.V-v.tyo-,,.c,cV
nf lie ll'.voH.inN l'nivn, AniHiji
"o.v, .1.-, Joy ,'j, lll.'.is. "
Valuable Ixformation. The width of
the United States is 2,6,i0 miles.
Its length 2.r.00 miles.
Area of siUiire miles, l',0.'"!f, 1 ("17.
Coast lino of rivers nnd lakes l,'i.201.
It has thirty two Suites, of which 17
are b oo nnd 1 slave States ; and seven
'' : '. : :!'..
! '.ol . io'.i I- Co, I ,i, s'r:'i, of which
:' 1 ' ' . I 7 ! ', i co at lie Xoi ih ;
. .. . , . '..:::. '. nii.l3.'-i''
.i.i.. .oe id i, i' . . ,1 oe j ei Mins
. . ! i.
Tne area ofs,piure miles of tuo St. Law.
rence is l.ln.i (Kh
Atlntitic slo-e, of ..ijiiare tiiiles,
-I Ki.coo.
l'aeitie slope, basin ol square niile".
, .Mi'.iioil.
I l.'inh sloic, basin of siUai-o miles,
! '.f-1 ).( hi.
! b'ed liiverof the Norlh, basin or square
' ,, i!e-. fi'.OdO.
j Area of the Nonh in square miles,
! .'1 11 I It. f
III.', " u.
AroMoftiie Territories in square mile",
Number of miles of Knilroad, UC.000
Kiver r.nd Lake navigation, Il.l,"20.
rX - Tl.
- qnl
The fi.llowing evhact. taken i
account w i illcii bv the Rev, -lain,
and iiot.-d by tho a'liiioi- of (
;i an
.t"lie, will give the read-'f n ine jdc 1 oi
the pecuniary eiubarra--iii( n!s of early
ministers nnd of the geiieral slate ol'lhe
Western country, ami al-o of tie leinai I.,
able interposition ui' Jiivino J'ro i-h-n ...
for the relief of those minister .',
"Our story." sav. Mr. .Miller, will car- J
l'V the reader back to ihe perio 1 wlen all
iiort h of ihc 1 ihio river was almost an im- '
broken wilderness the iin - tenon- red
men's home, (in the other side, u hold'
hardy band from beyond the mountain-
had buill their log cabins, and were I , ing
to subdue the w ildiil'lies-. To Ihciin Vein
hour was full of peril. The I ndians would !
often cross the river, steal their children j
and horses, kill and scalp every victim!
that came in their vu . Tin v Worked in;
the held with weapons tit their side, an
on a Sabbath met in a grove or rude b;
church to hear tho Word of (iod, wuhl
their lilies in their hands. Jo pre.u li to
these settlers. Mr. Joseph Siniih, 11 1'ii s.
byteriau minister, Imd lelL his jiarental
home, east of the mountain:'. was
said, was the second liiini-ler wiio had
jcrossed tlic Mulioiiguheia. ile settled in i
I Washington county, I'ennsylvaiiia, and!
; became the pa toe i,,'('ro.s 1 V, ok and l'p- 1
per ;l!!'.;!o c"li''iv.;:e T ' j 1 -. d; -.'i. !;,).. j.;. j
!. . - I . , . 1! .', i 1 . -i.,-.- ..1 ;
cany niiiiistei'.s, am t e'lltiviite .,
1 Jl' ptiicli.'ecd on ere. ill, proiui-iii,-: to
I pay foi it il h the salary pledged to him
I by the people. Vear pawl uw ay . The
1 pa-dor wa.- 1111; aid. J.inlo or no' in nicy
j was in circulation. wa-abiimi.oit,
I but there wa- no market. Il could ttn be
I bold for more than tweheanda half con's,
linclsh. liven the salt, whicii had to be
I'l.iughl across the niotintaius en p.ick-
hor-cs, was wortli eight dollars per bii-'bel.
j and twenty-one bushels (,f wheat had i f
I ten to be given for one of salt. The lime
t came w hen tne payment must he, j
; and Mr. Smith was told he must pay d'
; leave his farm. 'Three years sahu Wa.-I
now line lioiu ins neopie. tor tuo want
of this, his lands, his '.inpi onienis up u i; -1
and his hnpo.-.Jof remaiiiiii-,' anion;: a bol"V-
ed pie mii-t be abandoned. The p
pi.- w.-ro o .lleil logoth"r. ami the case I.
befm e them, in, 1 I hev wei'..! greativ tin
ed ; -plan
iiim-ii from on high wa.; sou-.
ifler plan was proposed and a'';ui-
t"iio ; u. i-.ingr. :d,oi, wa.; .ii. i!.." to
pnv a I ll In- of I heir debts, and no uioii-.-v
could be borrowed. In despair they ad- 1
join nei to in,-"' again the following wool:.
In lie- I,,, .ui.,,. u was asici'lainod th it .1 j
Mr. Meo;e, who oiued the only mill in j
the i.'o,,n;y, would erind tor th. .11 whoa! ;
on I eas. -1 teni.s. At the next ll.ei-t-1
ing it was res. livid lo carry their wheat Jo '
Mr. Mom's mill , some gave fifty bii-hel-, j
some more. This w,--8 carried from li ft,-. 11 i
to ! .'.only-six mil on to mill, in a ,
niouth word came that the Hour was ready 1
to go to market. Again the people were I
called together. After tin carne-a prayer j
t In.-1 iiieslion wa-, a-.ked, "Who will run
the lloiir hi Mcv (.). lean .'" J'uis was a j
startling ipic.taiu. l ac wea k was perilous
ill t he ex 1 leuie ; months, .nil: I p.,.-s he I ore j
the adveniin or could hope to r.-turii. even , his jo.n uoy Would be foitiinale; j
nearly all lue way was a w ildoi no..-, and
gloomy taie. were told of the 1 ivaehel oils j
Indians, More than one bo.o crow had
gone on that journey and had come back
no more. "Uiiotheii could endure the!
toil and brave the diinger None volun
teered; the young shrank back, and the
middle aged had their excuse. At length
11 hoary headed man, an elder of the
church, sixty-four years nf age, rose, and
to the astonishment of the assembly said,
"Hero I am ; send me." The deepest
feeling at once prevailed the whole assem
bly. Tosco their venerated old "lder thus
do vole him.- If for I heir good, inel led I hem
all to tears. They gathered around rath
er Smiley to learn that his resolution was
indeed taken ; that rather than lose his
pastor le; Won
nave ilanger, toil and
even death. Alii
leal I
r some delay and tioilb -
le, two young men were induced by hope
ol a huge rewind, to go as Ins assistants.
Aiuiy was iqyonne'i lor siannig. Jim.'.' ---."ue. i miu-.i you win go there, and
-.uiui ihio viu, Hum on an. i lieai, iiiiiii
love to father Suiiloy nnd deep interest in :
the object of his mission, gathered logttU- j
or, and with their pastor at their head,
cauie down from the church, filteen luik-s j
away, to the bank of the river, lo bid the
old man farewell. Then a prayer was of-
fered up by their pastor, and a parting
Iiyiiin was sung. I hen said llieold .Notcli-
........ iii.. : . j i.i.. .....iii.. ...i a
- v
the Lord will do for us." This was done
nnd the boat tloaled idowly away. More
Illilll. LI L l LI1U (ill 11 Hllll 111. IIS SI" WI i! II
than nine mourns passed and no word;
came back trom 1'atlier .-snuley. .Many a
i,. 1,1 1....... I, ..... il.... I r.... i.l... i..,.
-i.i-M-i ua.. .i,, "".""' -" mi", "III
wind was ii is lute was unknown. .Another
Snbbiil ii cnii" ; the people cnine togemer
for urn si. . ..i. i llnie, cm ln. iiidc l, on on,
bei"H , ,,i l.O'li.j o.e, i niei .io, : .
sat I a :.o .-:.. lev . , ,ei si , . ..- i ho , ,
-le w., : po ,- ! : , ... ,-, .ii ih
Wee , .i..,. 11.0....,. . i c,, mo ,.r ,i, .
A ,1-1 'in. .1.1..) II. el 'n illl 1-l-t li.'lioii ,u (jtlu e i'
lis -ji.c le,:,: ii, i.iii.ii' .viniie rose and
told his moiv: ihat the hold hnu ui-s.
t'Olod hi
mission, ili.d he i, ad sola h
llour lor tw ctity-scvi n dollar., a bai id, nnd
thou got salely back. Uu th.u Uicw u
huge purse find poured upon the table a
larger pile ol gold than most of the ,-cta-
tors Imd ever seen before. 1 lie young men
weie paid each one hundred dollars, l uih-
cr Smiley was asked his charge, lie meek-
ly ici-l.i i, lie thought lie ought to
hue tin- same a., one o, the joun men,
though he hail not done .puto us much
work. It wi" immediately proposed to
piiy him Ihree liundred dullaiH. This bo
rtlused till tho pastor was paid. Upon
counting the nioiity it wns found there
, V.
en. 111 -! lo 1 ;iv
'vhat was due Mr.
"al.irv for one ear
Smith. l- advance hi
t" 1 oino.-i-i r.-- iod I'.i
ihi.e hiiu.ln I ,
I it dividend
end then 1
jeli e.titi'iii
p'i-1. ;!iei,
' l.isto 1 he bp
The b ,
1 ill tho-aine.
Tin'-, lie j- i l ;s v. '1 i
I'd-M ed. .nr! u l:i! P.
in-Ill the I I ii i; ,.
I'll', 'l'.'lil i older i.-C,!-
1 rd :
' e
1 a f.i
'C -I I '
i :
.'I"l ' 1
sti'l V i l tie
1 il
ls I
'1 is
I 1:.--
I ! . I , W i i 1 1 I
e; .mi-hing 1.
i l -..Il Collin I 'ed
r.;n-ell nil 1. t je- 1
he is bii;,, v.'ilh ll,,
binl -r. h im
hilic-elf wi, ii the
lilll'ls !'..!' the dull
00! man ; he 1 un
ite,' : hegi . - and
i.'l.'e n'. ; ,-:
iilli r-
ll. tl,"
limn, v to to.- i.iiim , 01 at celi. ..; ;
jltllc llo.'s Wh'i.'h lie Wolihl l.jel, llt';,,
'" smiles at old -tol-ics whieli v.-.tul-1
: ... 1 .. 1 . . .
1 I '; out III V.IW IIS W ere tie v
I 01
anv one I, ut a : he hi ,,i-s -a
hi mai'leii. ho i eat s time wlc, n ,
tile I'.iliny pert a m
III-!' piece on
Wicked, live!
Ilee OM'l' ill- Si,
I l.lll. I.
tie li .
Mll'l Mlllh'-. w ,
llp-e-..-, the '
I.l I
Till. Of A 1'
i.Nii W.TK.
dow .:;: l:."s( I,
ufll 1.
U i.l li
f li.e j,'.
i'. and
till 1.
' I J
a- leln
V.IV io!
-l-l While
:i!eh over
i. and the
o W ill b" i
lips V 1 it! ,
ping us lo
' fo "i'lell j
-od will '..0 growing given lhar snail hole
ioio'.ei' from you'- sight the du-t 1 f 'one
who has oflen nesth-.l close to 011v wari.i
heart. I'or i.i.inv long 'ind .dec). I. nlgiiis,
u h, 11 .ill bill m v ill I Igills l . . e I '! I est. 1
have w re-il -d v I'll Ihe e.- i, u-n. , -. i f
ap'l-o:i( -hing !.-:: ii. Mil! at f.-t il has ft,-.,
cod ,' if ni 011 ,ny : 1 1 1 1 1 1 i ; and dthough lo
u, 10 olhi is, i; nii:.dit s, , bu: the
ncivoos iui e-iul;,..' o' a girl, ye. ii,ar
(ieorge. it i- s,,. Many weary nights
1 pi- cd in lie, lei.-avor io r-- oil'-;!.. n;'-
I .en lo :!,- ,n. ye. 1, v, j; .,, 1 j,,-, , -,
and iii;. hi-;.. i.i w, ild oi tu, and
J beauty ; li 1 1 1 hal ! ill-Iced i- it t. tr-.gile
I "ii silon : ly am ! alene v.itli M- sure 01,-
1 1 ' I H '1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 I ;l ill .o.oiil to
... and ,: 1 -". '.. into the
"bu . I know ,11 w li, .m I
I n;i '. . ,1... g on Iii. arm. I
i "1 H"t blf'ii'e me for l
'I ar li" 1
opll'g e
1 Mlbjl
! I
1 , 1
'111 yen. 1,'ow 1 oiih I
I at
n id
'. i!
of all .
t her., to -u, h s, ,, v.,,.- , 1 ,. ..
'. win ll I hue w ill in ike ; j; .1
; ail ing
lo yon ;
oniv t"
h.l'll ,:
lllV 1 lo
I 1 oi.ld have wi-hed to In '
I 1 rJ our s iif '.i hen '. on
II-. i ) !'1--W ill" y ,.;ii- !;.-:,,
', ,1 '1 e ih" i;ii
! upon
I s; ir::
ii 'i in
not t" i
i .lege
dro; 11 ,
nd .'.:
your blow, and li-hcr y.-iir dois'i ic
into it. M.ikir's j-rv-onee, nnii-di
woin, ill's lu ll. - t !-'.;', or. lint a is
be and I - libit. 11. Y ill's is t ue p.
ol v. a !eii lug. tor ,y'' long ami
nighis. ).,r the spirit V final ihgi.t, ;
ii.iii-.ciing i.iy
bio.i- t t-i mv
shall share mv
.-inking he
;a,i,-i;i-s bo.,
hi-l thoii,'hl.
'fill" haul.
-I b"ni oi.
I ll,,-
i in
H -. -sine
feeble kiss shall be yours until gi:iv
deal h ; and our spirit, .hall hold en.
couimunio-,1 until gently faded livni
view the last of earth- you shall niingle
with the first bright glimpses of the un
fading glories .if the better world, whcie
partings are no inure.
Well, do 1 know the spot, mv dear
(ieorge, where you will lay mo. (!t
slood by the place, and as ivewatcht
n wa
I tin
meiioiv sunset, as it glanced in ouivermg, war, to learn the fate of our i .
11...)..... ll... 1. !.,. 1 1 1 : I il .... ..'.
.i.i.-n. . . ... ..ugu me .en es, nun uiirnisiioii
the grassy mound around us with strines
of burnished gold, each, perhaps, hasMho'tj When I su .-go-tod to the agent. jn tlTi
that someday one of us would come alone 1 council, thai' 1 nr ..posed to inquire into 1
and whieheyer il be, your name Would be the faleofMi-. Wiener Airs I !,.,. :
; n the stone, but we loved the spot, and
, i mio". you win love it n"ie the less when
'you see the same sunlight linger inn
aioe tuo grass mat grows over vmr
.. j... . ..I -.v. .1 .1 -, .iu i iiou. nnd w nis-
T01' i-H-ong the waving branches : - nin
not t, but gone before."
KebuchactiaCZar'8 Hunting Diary.
It is to be hoped, says the New York
Kvcniiig T.s, that the follow ing rem, u ka -
hie corroboration of Scripture may not
meet with the fate of J'rofe-sor Maury's
... ... . . . "
-!..(. ..... . f ...... 1 .... If., .,. 1, t .
tu.niii i; I - iiii.'i i f 1 1 lilt. ' 1 1 I I
world," which unhappily were
1,,- .1 , ,1 , or anv insiiired writer
s "round
not used
"A correspondent of the Aw,'!,v,i
,.-, says that a book i.. shortly to be nub
.-' . .-, i ' I. . . ., ,. '
usiieti oy I ol. nils on u on in lUII.'l-l
vcrie. he hns ma do. He's hunling (iiary,
io e and t hoi .- a ort tail
foi.nd Neb
wi'h nolo-.
f hi - d,
bv h
i, -ui ,.
w ll
lia'.i" l
ill I.
li.V .11.. boo, ,.
iie 1 noil ., i,
.ho I o.e
il io gi.i.:
1 - io ,, 1 1:1
1 sol , pi III 0
f pro-i'l'Ve-.ollie
!o t !n
a w...o!-iiil i n ,,.
Ihr.Wiii-' n al o !
ill ,.ll e.ioclient.-l.lle
in, en lo taste. II,,
a pel of preserve., in ,.n 'client.-!. ite. .md '
gave sonic !o th,. .pi, on o tn-te. Ib,w Iii- j
lie No Hlchadi,'s cook .ll'eilliied. when
nnikiug them, that tweniy lii,. ccntui io. ,
,,';er, i ho .pieoi, ol KiiJ.tnd w oiild eat some !
' tl,e ,e-ei yen which lit-urcJ at
r's tabic." Taste in Italy and Ameiica.
An American sojourning at Home. wi ile-
to lwight's Jouriinl of Music, us follows :
"rerlias the only 'l hing in which I am
disappointed in Italy, is in its musie, and
the musical cultivation of its inl abitunts.
It in true that even the smallest towns
Imve oj era liouscs, but the style of pr-
f.. malice i poor. Then, like maliv other
pc" lo, I had evpectcd lhal in 1 1 .1 1 v tim
Jo wa. in ihe ilone iic eir, J.. t.r.-t.i-l.t al
ino.-l to .r,iie .i.,n,il .ei and I ha!
eviiy o'.lici M.uii:,' liian, w a aM.uio. ami
al in..-! ev.-i-v oun : w un ,11 a '. il 1 -i. I ,ii
i '-n i l.-v-elf iiiueh !i(ta!;. 11. A - .1 u. n-
..1.1. . . 1
' " ' ill'1!'. I 1 1 1 ' e 1 1 . t . ; I ! ' - lo l.o 11
II "lo
ll t.
mil ic I:
1 "ia'niy
o n.anv
n than in tie- 1" ni
di, le 'lie 1, ut a half
'i.ino f ii '.e- 1 1 j- haml
I. I
!'io "itieii to the j oj illation,
lo I
an nr
: :s of
AN( If N'T p
I hi
l;o ea.'lv k;;- :s
'IK lo secure l.i- I'll
1 I ' M 1 1 1 1 . .
I id ti
i" .-ha
in tr.
II!'" le-'.l-c to I
t. .nieieiing t
1 1 . 1 v
0:1-1, iv, in-Ion. I nf liiii-hin .' tie l ull
'Oliiplelelv, placed oil" of the stnnes
! m so m llul a, tiiat it could I
ir, tuat it could be t.i
, k 11 out nnd -ii! in again by one 11, an. As
j he wa. proven!' d by deat h from ;u i -ai.i-
plishing his ile-ign-. on his death-Led ho
' gave lull instruction-, to his mji.. Innv to
execute it, Al l.-r th.-v had for some time
boil!" ,
'-I the I
::i!:' wlii 1
iili w
ei tl.
dun: 1111; nn 01 hi w
i.ov. t!
to i;, liieiing his
d s, v,
ti. .
';.' trap-.
loo US
: f"'
' e1 -
o -:e-
il l'i. HI
' ' 01 ec gi 1 ,1,.-t :,!,!! : ', f.h.l con. 1
'It I' '-Ve-.iH.- i.:i, e!f, he o;,i".-c tl;,- ,
!V t-l I " f":; . . o, oil '.he ,.;(. i.e ,,f tj,.'
Waii of ihe building lo ihe joiblio viols',
barging the gij,-ri- j.hie. d around it to
00 .-no lh- count. -naii' 1 s (: the ,-pocia-t-'i
s, and to sei.'e t hose w ho i'p ican 1 1 sor
rowful. The surviving brother, urged by
his mother's frit real ie and throats of .x-
J.OSIlt (
his bv
his a--
, '01 nn d H.e i, -ign ol i-in-i vntg ot!
i-other's body. Accordingly driving
--es ( :,i!l:i r I nl.-n wit h - kin- of u in,-,
nnd lie, 1 -'. by lie si -, :d;.''.-i,i o , .
ting hi- w in
'ii; ei tlif
.!. . p -loop.
each of th. !
the middle ,
,'. v u 1 11" o
' T. is !
run .mi. to
Hill il-. Whd
cliaied tlx-
ii loii.-.i'e and
' llu v w. ie in
right chock ol
a -ii,
d off
ine ,!.iu
-I to
fi ' .
ao; i,
wiio I
the f,
.' rdd
.011 e, 1
! a
1 oiu;
.-uid :
-. to
, llnd e
l.'-l- ll.o
l' ' on:, -.
1 ll" i 1-1 1
res") ing
Vr -'
111 I
1 n
; th
Wei.l to 1 1
i , ' - 1
'.'lilel'. an. i i
r I ii d he
, and alt.-,
out o,'f hi -
- carried "! i
f.-r. d to l.M I
bl, 1
her's 1
v. al ,
'11 o
the 1
r p;.
a d,
- r 1
V h.
1 n
'rel. hod out to her th,
ti. w lii.-li 1,.-- had i-T'i i- .
I , ' --i oe: I: . ' l .,o jut-ii
. 11: e"
In ii lid
III -lis "
sli ha,
el o-ll-l,
.!..: . and w 1
'im - I t he en!
he , llj, .-..-be
jiiaoo hi-
' se'ipo. '1 in
.ui !! d i:
;-ai-,lon an-
km i'
l --! 1 1 in. I t being now
i.lm'i.iiioti. l,e juoiiiised a
w ard t,i t he i ,. r..oii win
I leii-ury. i !' h" w, mi. i i li -,'nvi r
I'l-e ymiiig m n upon this pro-
clamat l"ii,
known, an
inLr him -o;
I hen living
ma! : i.igo.
i ti i n, -. 1 iol i-l v mad '1 him-. If
tl"' king l occipoii a, , oiint.
i ioi- i.i dexterity lo my m ,11
gave him his ihiugiotr in
A Slcry of Tcindo Heroism.
In th an e of a rei -.-nt speech
CollglVss, Py t,. l,!M. ,,,..eph I.ntie
( 'logon, h" rehiiod the lollo'.viug incident '
whii h oc-uired in the Indian Will' of Ore-1
g, n.
W bile in ( ll cg n la-1 .-Uiiinier 1 took r e.
tension to impure o) the ehief who -va' '
j mainly in.-ti uinoiitid in gvtt'n" un this,
who !
(i i-a ) iji.-a re-1 in the war ol J.s.i-i,
1 whom we had !,.. ..i.Ia l. ,,.,ii.;.,,.
mil ol
others, ho was inclined to think' it would !
: riu-e the bit ter fee iiil's of t Ic I ndi.ins l,ni :
: said tioii. he eoiild Ii.. ill" ihe ilepiiry. l!
loid In:.: I nil h:: i I..!--,-, il, inn, I,
1 ., , , ,, i i
, m, i y where ll,,,c people had lived "U'l
: i uai i noir n io: ii i - w.-ro anxio-.ts in learn
. t heir fat.'. We inquired in relation to Mis.
j Wagner, who w;:. a Well educated and
i baii.l.-i.oie w oman from New York, who
had lived b'lig in the coin dry , and spoke
I t1"' ----- toii.tu.' Iln.-ntly. '
i She kept n public house by the road -
'!'. "H'l the good cheer whn h ..healwnys
Im ni.-hed ni.c h- ,t a ph-e w here l ra eh-rs
i i t, ft-i i-
hiiiii.-hed in. ah- it a i-hi.-c where
alway s di-iighteii to s'.,,p. I In- Indians in-
V.J ' i- I Pi iU'iiIi I bi. huliinc in ' ,
j -s'l'iucd us fhiit .in the 'gin of ( viober Ihey
ic.ime in sight of the house, where they
: met sonic t.-ainst. i -. a ....-li..i of w horn
, l hey murdered. d-. !!"' ing the w ngons nnd I
eai-g'oi s. a. well a- t!i- anil
Is. while she
was standing m the door.
As soon ns liiov had i-uii'-lercl
pie Olll-i
w ' : i i i w ,
le, I hey nunc towards the house,
-iiongly built of hewn logs. and
v d" w iiich fa-',oiie, w ilh
w'heii she saw ihein running
.,- iioii-e. she . hut the door and
..' :.,) S t l j ! en 1 1 u -i i om llg
i .I'ne to ti." door ioi 1 ordered
'" '' " "" -"'J' little girl.
- ,':'' ""
1 1 '-r ;:-. ... in 1 w a. :,! imd bv ih.,
w ny, hew..she (,ul r, ai un that" fond
w Im e.o.i.ed. Th.-v siol that if she did
l.'.t come out they would shoot ).,. She
doclined, and ill!,".' some le-bbera'ioh they
di I, i'liiiiicd lo -ct tne hoii-e ..u live. The
house was directly envcloj.ed in llame-,
and the chief who watched her through a
little window, told tne that ho saw her go
to the glass nnd arrange her hair, then
take a seat in the middle of tee. room, folded
her little girl in her arms, and viit calm
ly until the roof fell in. and iley perish,
ed in the rlnmes together. And the stale
1 tl iii per Annuii;
NKVSKI;KS ()L HI. no 2C.
men' w us oonlirmod by the people w ho
"iin, I their iciiiaiim lying tej. il ,- in t...
nudillo i.l he hoite.
Til ll II N I O !' (iilKA'l MTN.
) eiiiii.; 10 c.i-., my cVOS l.f"
I page 1 t immal nro port rait", i v. -
ce;v 1 that the four most coiispicnoi: 1 ',1-'-weie
Alexander, llniinibal, ("i';,i r..d
I'.' ilapai'lo. I had seen tho sum . unnum
bered ti before, but never did tin,
(alii" h lisidion arise in mv bosom as my
iciiol fliiiiei il over their si ver.d histories.
A 1. .under, nfier hnvine (iimbed tho
dl.-.-y heights of ami. In ;-. and with his
toiiip!,--: bound wilh 1 haplels dipped in
the blood of (oindios- nation;., looked
dow a upon a ( ,ni,Ueiod world, and ivept
that thole was not another woild for him
lo eoii.uor, set a city on lire, anil ,,;cd in
a sc 111' of debauch.
Hannibal, a Iter having, to tie asSrish
liK lit and coiisterii.diui' of 11 , .- : ., :,ed
I he Alps after having put to iiici;l, thn
armies of this "mistress of ". and
made her very foundation., r, ,,.! c fled
from the, country, being half y those
w ho once ( xullingle united i.r. name to
1 hal
f their eod, iiii'l called hi :i
--ami died a. hist by poin.n .1 liiiinir-"
r t
IV la
ow n ii.nn
I'.ll.V. p-, ,n a f a
' oi .ii land.
I ( ';.-eir, ilil.-r Jim ill.- eolliiU, ! - ,
; 1. .ud.vii cities, and 1 ed'hls :,:ii
1 e 1 p 1 1
en 1-; r
1.:: - bloi, ,,1 Olio iniillel, llf hi- f 1 .ll' el'
I. 1. Ing pur.-.:-- ! : d. .:'.. the onl; . ..1 he
l a 1 "ii earth, w:s i-ah!v n. - , -ioa'ci
by t iio-e he coie idct i d his lio.i". - t li-.e.-oi.-.
elol ill ,11. il Very pi.ieo ihe lit hii .1 ll.-.'i 1 1 of
'I which li.. I been his greatest niiibiu;...
Ton. ip arte, whose mandate .Kir .-.
ri.)ies obeyed, after having lilled l...
earth with the terror of his n.ur'.o.-'.firi
having d lugi-d Jiuroie wilh tc;u. nnd
b! ooil, iind clothed tho world in sackcloth
closed his days in lonely
rnosi literally exiled from the world, ye!
w hore he could sometimes sou his coun
try's banner waving over the deep Imt.
wlii-di would not l.-rii'g hiiu aid.
Thus, tin so four men, who. from the
peculiar situation of their portraits, soein
i ed to .-land a., the dives of those
whom Ihe woild called nrrul tiio..o four
w ho ,-ach in turn made tho earth tremble
't.iits verv centre bv their shin Io tread.
i Severn! I v 'lied one bv lnloxiciitiu'i. or. nn
; some s ...pnse, by poison mingled in hi
I '.vile--..ii,- n suicide one murdered by
Ibis l'i ieiids and on" a hmelv exile ! il-iw
! are the mighty I'dlon ;
j (I,, i, liors In the trial of "Jim" Line
. i at I.awi .-nee. Kan-as, for the murder o:
'.-likiiis. the ntlorneys indulg' d in n good
, ; de.d ..f ).iincoiit wit and sare.isni. One lil
' ' tl" -. i.v lietwecn the conns 1 wnj so
ed and opportune it is worthy of note
Col. Young ins- ted that, in law, tl
man slain is s u j jr
ed to be wronglully
tie- law of IlngluO'',,
Mr. f'.ii
i ua
1 li"f of Aiiii-ri.-a.
Young . 11
anv l .f,k on
' ' i oil's r-arih ilia! roi.i.oi.s any ' d-e
1 trine, I'll agree to eai it without greasing
' .
.lr. (oe 1 lien you il have more law
in 'our stomach than you ever had m
vmir head !
u"vWe once heard an ignorant but de-
ait convert, at a camp meeting, telling
experience, in winch, niter speiikni
of the great mercy of the Lord, he said :
'.My brethein. 1 havo crossed thogroa'
Ati intie Ocean, I've crossed the Hudson
al Albany, andthe Oriskany freek at Oris
kaiiy : nnd I've often thought, if the Lor.i
had only been ii little ,,',7t about it, how
he could have destroyed me.'
An up hill Bnsinesi.
Ik up.
oil lli.
fumble up.
Step up.
.1 ump up. . ,
(.'limb up.
linn up.
Skate up.
Kide up.
Hush up.
Swim up.
Fly up.
Crawl up.
1 lift up.
.Till 'ill SU1UC 'Ol ll" l-.llll 11.HLI. ll"
Vor Snb.i-ripl ion Hills.
What ii is cot into the K irbxiis. -A:
j Chicago a few weeks ago, a je".'"'js iiarbf
' hangivl his mistress oi7r:-;oi '-j ,.0; . - irkc
! her up in a barrel and cotisien"'"? ' ::cr t
j New York. At St. Igv.r'- V:.-e"b'i.'rix-r
j slrangh-.l customer, and a'ter robbing
. him, threw his body into a ceih.r-wnv. Ii.
I phila-1, li.hiii nnolher jealous hir-clrerr,e.
i. .. i
shot a "f.d.e one," thou rotr.rnitted sui
I eide. At liio.-n Island, opposite Tror, n
I f,w nishts since, nnolher barber killed, hi-
w if,-, and then killed himself.
'iisidered nn unl'ortiiiinte
marrying inon.l,. A down cast edito
says n girl was usked tiot long since
uni'e hei-s.-lf in the silken tie lo a bgiI.
lad, who named May in his 'ropos,il,
The lady tenderly intimated that May -
an unlucky month for marrying.
'Well, make it .June, then." hone ti
d the swuill, imxioil. to ii"ooiiilii('
'lie- dam-vl paused a moment, en...
down her eyes, and said with a 1-hisli :
"Would'nt A.iri' do no well I"
"Will you please tr, permit u I..-1- l
occupy this seat?" said a gent leni. ' !
another, the oilier day, iu n rnllron i .
"Is i ho nn advocate of woman's rights,
a-k.-d t he gentleinan nhowus muted t,
vacate." "She is." rep lied he who wa-
landing. "Well, then, let her take the
bonelit of her right and stand up."
A Western editor expresses bis deligh'
nt hat, ing been nearly culled "honey'' by
the girl be loves, becHiise she sainted bioi,
ns "old befwwnx," nt their list meeting.