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Urmv-I U():i ycarin advance,
f it's ill duwn nm! talk together.
Let's !i t ilium ami talk toguilwr, '
Of the things ol'oldcu day,
. When we, like lambkins loosed from tolhcr
. tidily tripped iho niiv. '
Time bus tu lied us boll, nii'h lightness,
t.eiivin'; furmirs hero nm there,
Anil tin-in.,' with peculiar lii.-litti.-s-,
ISilvory threads uniong our hair.
I pi's nit down and tulk together;
Jinny yours away have passed,
Ami lairund foul has been ihu
Since wo saw each other lust.
M-iny whom wo loved are living
In a hotter world than this ; "
Ami .niiuo among us still arc giving
Toil i'lml (bought i't.r present His.,.
Lvt'i sit down unj tulk. together ;
Though tl- flowers of youth nro d. ail,
The- f'Trts still crow among the heather,
And for us their f'ragrom-t shed.
Lit has a thousand blesaiiir;-? iu it
KviMi for the ugod man ;
Anil (lnl hu.i hiil in every minmo
tiiuotliing w niny wisely scnii.
Lei's sit down nnd tulk together;
fcoj.i we wore wo now mo men :
Wo meet nubile, lmt know not whether
Wo shall uioi'U talk again,
l'nrtiug time has como : how fleetly
rpeod tho moment when their wings
Are funned by breathings U.-uing Bwcutly
From a tongue t hut never stings!
l)o they ti.iss tne nt home ? Do tliy m'.ss mo ?
'l'wjuld bo un 11a .ur.uicu most, dear,
To know at this inmpenr, some lone 0:10
Was saying "I wish he was hot o !"
Tn know that the group at tho lire-sido,
V,"re thinking o me u- 1 roffm I
Oh yes! 'mould he joy without inquire,
To know that they miss me at home.
Vt'lir-n twilight approaches the season
That ever i snored to song,
. 1,'ues soil. a one repent my name over,
Auil Aj-h that 1 tarry ru lung?
At:.! ia there a cluuil iu the nnsie
That'll misled when my voice is nway
Ami a clmni in eaeh heart that vaken
, Jlv'jM at my n'arUuui luy ?
l)o they mo :v eliair ut the tahle, .
A bcu evening's home pie i.urea lire nigh,
And Immt'S nro lit in the pailor.
And itars in the ialm mure tlty?
And w'jen the "good nights' are repeated,
And ciK-h lays him down to sleep.,
"Po tlii y tliink of the shsent, nnd waft tne.
A whi'ptred "good uighf' o'er tho deep?
Io they mis? mo nt homo ? To lliey niits t-no,
: At uioi'iiintr, at uoon, and night?
vAiil lingors oi.o (;l.Hjiny ghado 'round thi'm
Tlial only my i'ree.euu) ean light?
Aro jnyit less invitingly n'oleotned,
And ple5uros losn hailed than lieforc,
I!cc;iuso one U misled from tho circle
Bocauso I am with tbem no more.
taiiim of imm.
Cookery has become n trade. Like the
rest of the simple pleasures which nature
lias bestowed on man, civilization has de.
vated it to new importance. It has been
cultivated with-ejeut assiduity by all en-
lightened nations. It has been moulded 0f,,racc in a curved spine? Di d r.ot Nim- j uiiucgroom was mule so loud ns that 1110 "g"1 Pu' ui nt once because no can
into extraordinary shapes, and hunU d ' ro,f n-et up in tho morning wiih a fur rid , stunning liulo monosyllable. Uhink better injhc dark ! In ihe stillness
down into tubtlc itfincmcnts. Earth, air ,ono, or was ho tormented with the dys-1 "iNo 1 nt'ver will !" said sho most cm-0rthe night, ho wonders not how ho can
nnd sen nro ransacked for discoveries by 1 pepsin 1 Had Esau the gout or hepatitis ? p'"tically, nnd walked away proudly (olrousoup his energies and drive his busi
which new combimtlions may be il!eclcd.'imlir,o lOW the tou-'h old Patriarchs her scat. l(-'nvin her nlmost-husband look- ness to a successful head, but how long
Tho sciences descend from their widest ' 0(,k nt bcin" asked lo subscribe ' ,nS Bnd probably feeling just tho least tri- 't will be ere he shall havo. reached the
fliehls to minister Jo their wants und vary ' for a hosniial, or on hospital, or . n ' )' M foolish. end orhis rope ? Ilo has a suspicion that
. r i . i i .... 1 J. . .. . i Mr. I hnmnsnn rnmnnc) mind nM tn in. it Will not ho Ml; Ion rt. nnd hi wnn1ir il
lis pcriecuon. nnu it orancnes uui hjii
nrh inn.imr.rnl.lfi ramirmatiuns. nsin ma-
ny instances, to seem iho sole, and oiten . mutes. What would their eagle vision
the la'nl oljcct of man's rxislence. The nd swift-footcdnoss havo said to the pro
suppers of Ilcliogabnlus, tho Roman cin-'jPCt 0f n blind asylum or nn orthopedic
pcror, were said to have cost thirty ihous-
r . . ... ... i . .i I
and dol UTS every nigbl, nnd iMarK Anmo-,
ny c.-t;.wdcd ihrco hundred thousand dol-
lars !:i aa cntertainmenl Riven to Cleopo-
tt E.op.thclhTnousUmanlrnaedian,
had upon his. tabic single dish valued at '
four .Lsand dollars, filled, wo arc told, '
Van siskin-nnd singing birds, some of;
: u'l .. ..,nft.5,l ,! lifiv dollars. !
His son dissolved pearls for his gtictjts !Oj ra!?eous excess and debauchery, lo drain
drink a pi. co of silly cxtravagauco not0y his electric energies and mnko him
uncommon among tho ancients ; and tho j even accessible to disease; nnd then it
Kin" of Wurtcmburg, who proceeded the, 0(Jk ngrs more to breed nil these vilo dis
r..Ai mansmh. is r,-tioil.;d to have "luit-1 tn.nocrs which now nestle, like vermin iu
cd his brutish nppcli'o wiih n hash com-
nosed or tho tomiucs of nighlingalcs.
N. Y. DuUhman
. v.
OCrSuspect men nnd women wlio nUccl
r,rnaiii nf manner, n nd unrufdjd even
ncss of tcmpor.nnd nn enunciation studied,
slow nnd Celi!)eraiev ai.csu um-6, ...
unnatural, and bespeak a degree 0l men
tal discipline into which ho has no "nwlcrj
Fil ,n el Thi
f'nrn hhurn hn N
I T ov af-
motive cannot 6Ubmittou
most successful knaves
..iK ua rjjrora c innnd in OH. Aim-"
. . . ! rru. i. i
feet tho innocence of the dove to nioc tne
cunning of the serpent.
A-When Ihe domosli virtues display
themselves in the midst of privations, ond
brings, and anxieties thy then shine
most conspicuously. I hey nro hks the
snow-drops and crocuses, which imexnect-
dlv peep out ol me irost-mru,,,, ,
diversify the depth and and dreariness of
Rive os a cheerful taste of the
coming spring.
. (fcJ-A very modest lady sent her very
modest daughter, n prc.ty young damsel
out one mining for some articles Among
the many, informed the derk m one
if or slores, that her mother wanted to
Veo yards of cloth, "for pnrm.ive
San-ular appendages for her infant.'
ftV-A country schoolmaster br-an one
nJSlS fS duL of the day wilh prayer,
.1, t Lis eves during the rray-r'
wuu ''", ,, ,Snonded.wonre
Urhnrm !. certain kind of vico that
" mi .i,,.n .f ihcy ate ever
! 05 if paid wit!
mi tl.rcc months,
nil! rnmiTivE man.
Miolil il to ho morally iir.rsiUo for
-o. lo hnvo crnnltJ, in iho Inmun
such men nnd wonmn as wo fintftlio hu!
mnn mco, in tJ.cir physical conditron.'now
lo bo. Exnniino ilio liook of r.cncsis
which contains iho earliest nnnals of the
human family. As is commonly sunpu-si-d,
it compriso3 I ho first 2,30!) years of
nuinan insiory. nh n child
mo sun-
pi icily, this boo
(.( seniles iho itiOinco rr
iv.v.n Kind. Uuliko modem hisioricsj it!tf n ''!,N,S -nd nniieipations ; it may
details lhoniinutesi.eirciims!anecsofsocia!'c,1i,nP0 wl'olo tenor or a life. In mat
and individual life. Indeed it is rather a 1 ,'imolli"1 "Alters it would bo better that it
series of biographies than a history. Tho slll,ll'J be oliener said than it is, for nianv
la I so delicacy of modern limes' did not ' tlml sox sa.v N when they mean Yes,
loibid the mention of whatever was done onJ s''ould uso ihs shorter word when
or suffered. And yet over ull that c.v 1,my dnnot.
panso of lime for more lhan ono-ihird ' (-)nc Sunday evening, not many nights
part or ihe duration of tho hnman race !n ,l10 ,lcv- Mr. Thompson performed a
not u singlo instance is recorded of a child ia"igo ceremony nt tho Tabernacle
horn blind, or deaf, or dumb, or idiotic,101'1 Partics sr'J Yes nt the proper lime,
or malformed in any way ! During thcinn( ,l10 reverend gentleman said nmen.
wholo period, not a singlo caso of natural Wf,nt J'u to perform tho samo thing
death in infancy, or childhood, or early ! r"r n,e" suil1 " well-dressed, youngish
manhood, or even of middle manhood, is ! lnan' .,0 Thompson,
td bo found. Not one man or woman "W""'?"
died of diseust. The simnlo record is "Now right off to-nicht."
"nnd he died," or, ho died "in a rood old
ago, and full of years," or he was "old
and full of days." No epidemic, nor
even endemic dis-ase pre vailed, showing
lhal they died the natural death of healthy
men, and not ihe unnatural death of dis
tempered ones. Through nil this time,
(except in tho single; case of Job, in his
age, nnd thrn only for a day or two be
fore his death) it does not appear thai any
man was ill, or thai any old lady or young
lady ever fainted. T'odily pain from dis
ease is nowhere mentioned. No cholera
in'hnlum, scarlatina, measles, small pox
not even o toothache ! So extraordiua- presented, nnd a short prayer, ns usual :"ig glances ol his workmen, whom his
ry a thing was it for n son lo die belbro ul)on ?uc'' occasions, oillrcd nnd then two penny talcvt has rendered as two
his lather, that an instance ofit is deemed ' lmnf)? joined. j penny as himself, and afraid lo face the
worthy of special notice; nnd this first . "Von, wiih n full sense of the ob'iga-, dunning of his creditors, ho shrinks awny
case of tho reversal of 'nature's law was llom 'uli f,sutno, do promise, hero iu the j from his business to the store or effico of
2000 years after the creation of Adam. Prest'nce of Ciod nnd these witnesses, that somc other two-penny flunkey like him
See how this reversal of nature's law has J'ou w'" ,Bke this woman, whoso ri''ht ' scl f, and wastes long hours, which n de-
. . I li-n.l :.. . . . I -I r i . i . ,
lor us become Iho law ; lor how rare, is it
now for all the children orn family to sur
vive the parents. Rachel died at ihe birth
of Benjamin ; but this is tho only esse of
puerperal deuih mentioned in the first 2,
100 years of the sacred history ; and even
this happened during the faiigties ofa pat
riarchfil journey, when passengers were
not wufted along in the salooi)3 of rail cat
or steamboat. Had Auam, tniim you,
tuberculous lum's ? Was Eve fml - chcst -
a i -i i .
oc cr JiJ shc cultivate the serpentine line
nn nsv um or unniics. or nn eve nnu ear
;rmrv. nr n srl.nol for idiois or deaf
infirmary, or i
'establishment I Did they suffer any of.
. - ' "i-
il III H Ullll'l B.1IIU." "1
,j1(.sr. revenges ol nature against civiu.a -
tion? No I Man camo from Ihe hand of
God so perfect in his bodily organs, so do-
rilin, 0f cold and heal, of drought nnd ha -
mi(ily, So surcharged with vital force, .hat
it looL.oro than two thousand years of
llic combined abominations ofappetite nnd
: it look successive plU of out-
every organ and fibro of our bodies!
During all tins lime, however tlio latai
causes were nt work, which wore away
.. i r..,.,llir nvliii.iv'pil thii rdorious and
I Cl.iiJ IJUiiJ n
j nuoull,jm vi"or of the pristine- race. At
least ns early as iho third generation Iroin
A.lnm. nrilvaamv beiraii. iiitermarnages
were nUnjiing the order of iho day. Even
,u ni?",irricd his half-sister. Tho ba-
,arolry wtt3 not beneath ono of iho
dl!3t .har 'ry vv h3" I bo , Z M I
,u t Jj fSf
itUS T.nJ m! VL. ZC, . Z
conibineu onuiM;u' ' ...w
father ond daughters, ihe highest pleas
tiros and forces of tho races gradually
narrowed down to appetite and continence.
At length, its history become' almost too
shocking lo bo leferrud to. In its great
est men", its wisest men, its God fuvored
men, like David, could bo guilty ol mur
ion, H.V1-- j.'... -, a -
er for the sake of adultery, or, like Sol-
i . . ... ei, i rnti i. i in run v o. mur
r To ,l i
omen, couiu ucep n sewgou u. muunuu
Wl ves
nnd concubines, wuai uiuckuoss
could to black enough lo paint the por
traits or Iho rcoplc they ruled, and the
children Ihcy begat I
. After Iho Exodus, excesses rapidly dev
eloped into diseases. First camo cutane
ous disicmpcrs leprosy, boils, elephanti
asis, &e. tho common effort of nature to
throw visceral impurities to the surface.
As early ns King Asa, that royal malady,
the "out, had been invented. Then camo
consumptions and the l.urning ngue, and
disorJcrs oflho visceral organs, and pes.
tilericcs, or, os tho Dible expressed .t,
Trent plagues and of long continuance;
until in the time of Christ, we ko how
diseases of nil kinds hud become the com
mon lot of mankind, by the crowds hnt
, nocked to him to be healed. And so
Hl 50 if paid within six months,
rnghllully, bo disgracefully numerous
liavo diseases now become, that if wo wero
to v,riie down their names, in tho smallest
legible hand, on the smallest bit of paper,
there would not bo room enough on iho
human body to paste tho labels.
Hon act Manx.
No ! This is a verv short word It I,
f rv snort meanim' mmpiimw it r.r
i "c;t"i't you pot it off a little ?
It Will
mane it ranter lute."
"No iho ladv says now or never. nnd
I nm anxious. Will vou "o1"
"Yes; where is UP POOR DEVIL.
"Close by only n few steps west of the The poor devil is a character by him
I'ark. We urc all ready, nnd will not de-self. The poor devil is n sort of living
tain you hut n lew minutes on your way
nomo. and brains to run lo seed, ho impairs also
Mr. T. went to tho place,' which was a ; l'ic energies nnd brains of all around him.
respectable boarding-house, andevcrything ' Perceiving and growing ashamed of his
evinced decorum. Tho lady, young and!utcr want ofcapaciiy for the business in-
pretty, neatly dressed nnd altoolher a
j desirable partner for the gentleman was
' """" " " K"' " yours, to do vour law-
lul wedded wile, nnd ns such you will
love and cherish her forever?"
"I do."
"And you, Miss, on your part, will you
take this man to be your lawful, weeded
o havo heard in limes nhst. when
c uiuira (t-ii r-s i . .!.: i i .. .
. ----- i ,
i "'-' iushumioio, soma preny
! ,,cnvy l' 'Ps of thunder; but none that ev -
cr. "tt.rd about tho tympanum of that
i i ...... uu.
duc0 hpr to change that No for Yes,' hut:
for trifling with him in n solemn duty of,
his calling, and nsked for nn explanation,
"I meant no disrespect to vou. sir. or to
. - . .
'J'"10 Blln J'our "u'y. " the solemn obliga -
linn vnn u' r-ollorl iinnn i .ni;r.i - 1....
1 -y j v ......y , uul
. 1 l)ad I,0I(5,llcr y o vindicate my char -
I lo city a poor sewing
. S5"- I worked for this man.' Ilo mado
ftoU of marriage to me but from o.h -
j tr circumstances doubled his sinceriiy,
nd lelt his employment nnd went hack to,
lha country for a wh.lo. W hcif I return-
cd, I found that tho door of my firmer
boarding house was closed against me,
and this lady, whom I had esteemed ns a
kind friend, cold, und quite indisposed to
renew my acquaintance, and I insisted
upon kjriawing tho reason. I learned that prudence, energy, punctually and firm
this maa had blackrncd my character, do-' n"si his claims to consideration and re
nied his proposals of marriage, and said t sPcct in tho little sphere in which ho moves
w as no matter w hat. 1 said lo the lady, n'id docs business, to be looked upon willi
"let mo come back, and 1 will prove my , tho samo contempt by his very household
innocence. .Will you believe what say, i not to be borno without n burning sense
if lie will now marry me ?" j of humiliation and 6hnmo. Ilo 6olnces
"Yes; I certainly will, nnd so will all himself with the hopo that he don't talk in
who know you."
"I renewed tho acquaintance ho re -
n"vcJ llis Proposals- accepted nnd said
Y, get the minister nt once. Ilo Ion.
d"edbme-I deceived him. I proved my
words true, and his false. h was the only
way a poor helpless girl had to pveno
herself upon a man who had proved him.
self unworthy to he her husband. It was
only, at the right, lime, to say tne word
one lit t lo wood, 1 have said I hopo
it will be a lesson lo men, nnd nn example
t . . . . . 1 .
l0 liM,r UIIS au,j llmt in many other and :
, 4l
i uiueii'i.i tuv-y ... iuu.ll 10
say No." .
"If I was angry for n single moment,"
said Mr. Thompson, "I carried none ofit
over tho threshold. It W'n n severe less
on, but well applied. I went homo pon
dering opon tho value of that word No."
N. Y. Tribune.
CSrTho "Bible Union" soys that the
present version of the scriptures contains
21,000 errors j and yet the litno has been
when pcoplo were sent to becausu
they would not believo that all those errors
were written by God. Queer world ".his.
Dr. Lono mosliingungo to day with regard
to tho Old Tcstument, that only need to
havo been uttered GO years ngo lo have
secured his election to tho rank of Infidel
nnd Atheist. Tho world changes and
folks do the samo,
1 75, if paid within nino months,
From tho New Kngland Farmer.
kom; ov tiii: 1 itMi:it.
BV Till: "I'KAMNT BAHb."
Oivo lo tho lord his palace grand,
And halhi of splendid pride;
A tig for all his dignities,
And all his pomp heside !
(iivo mo Ihe Farmkii'm peaceful home,
HcucHlh the uuiples high,
Where iNature's wnilili rs wako the Pon;,',
The waters prattliiii; nigh.
The eili.en may love tho town,
And Fashion's gaudy show;
The brilliaut pageantry of Art
May pleam the eye, I know j
But Xati iik's charms delight tho heart,
All simple though they he j
Tim aer?s broad, tho streamy vales,
The lowing herds for mc 1
What though the bronze Is on our cheek,'
Toil-calloused is our bond,
With honest pride wo stand erect,
The nobles of tho land;
For "patriot Tiii tii," that spirit bright,
In this wide world no rare,
Points proudly to the Farmer's bouie,
And erics my own is there !
cuo.eij. ,
Then here's to him who tills the soil,
The true, the strong, the brave !
Without him Art would fly tho land,
' Aud (.' leave Ihe wave;
And yet no frown of hauteur cold
I'iftains his manly brow ;
Hail to the Farmer! thriro all hail !
Lord of tho mighty plow !'
- mildew. Hy permitting his ow n energies
10 wnicn no nas plunged so recklessly,
grow ing gradually sensitivo to the sneer-
itl lu i"' l" -eigv inigut renuer vaiu
able, in dronish conversation, till it is time
to close up. Ilo then retires, and assumes
on his way homo, the air of a man who
has done his day's work. Ilo meets his
wife with a studious air, mechanically re-'
ceivcs nnd returns the caresses or his thil
dren, who litilo funcy what n rich, whatn
complete, what a supcrla'ivcly-fino, what
a I mrr in imi iiwri'tini ii,r, rMn. " i,ni
; uiuu,.,, .,rA,u,i j1Ui Utui im;y
: ,nvc fot " Cat her. When tho poor crea-
'ure lays himself on his pillow, ho wants
-- ---- -- j ---0,
hi wile his patient,
wife dreams what a royal clown, whatn
matchless drone is lying by her side. lie
perfectly conscious that his business
'II .. ,
, ncignoors regard nun wt.d contempt, and
tnnt his hnnrrrv rrnditnra InnL- iin,n Kim
- 0-j
j" httlc less than ha fa knave, and more
, than halt a foo ; and ho half-yea, more
, than half, believes that they have measured
, "l cocc'ncss. As ho is
nbout .cM hi mse f to the drowsy fjod
n idea i es up in ihe honzono his dark
nnd muddy mind. Docs ho talk m his
sleep? If so, docs ho betray his business
weakness? That's tho rub. If ho docs,
then good bye to tho only consideration
md respect, which now erect him at all,
fr having forfeited, by his total want of
I his sleep, and quietly yields himself lo
, slumber, innocently unconscious of the
! fuel that .he fair being lying so still and
qiet by his side is glaring at him in the
dark, reading with unerring accuracy his
very thoughls, und silcnlly wondering how
she ever came to look upon him wiih love,
"nd ully hersell for hie to so small, pal
try, nnd contemptible a carcass ! W'hcro
'could her wits have been where those, of
nor menus io permit ncr lo.inrow ner
! self a way upon so transparent, so disgust.
. c , -
mg a niass 01 inane lmbeciii'.y.
TV V Jw,.,
. '
It man.
Aim Ilron. Our farmers bhould aim
higher. When we see tho prices which
first quality goods sell Tor it is really w on
dcrM, that any person should ever think
or raising inferior fabrics. At tho Into fair,
wo saw a pair of small Suffolk pigs four
months old, sell for $250. This is as
much as a score of ordinary hogs would
come to, and yet tho cxnenso of feeding a
Suffolk hog, is no greater than is required
to give development to iho "racer breed of
Ohio." At the samo fair, we saw calves
i sell for $100, and chickeus for S12 npair.
i 1 hese are the prices which birds nnd an
imals or unquestionable excellence bring
Every fanner can have birds hnJ animals
of this class. Why do they not have them!
That's just tho question we were about
asking, who'll answer it? A'. Y.Dutc'n.
and if not paid until tho expiration
C3A lady of Sun Francisco, being in
vited to send in a toast to bo read nt the
anniversary or tho landing or tho Tilgrim
Fathers, furnished litis. It is spicy enough
to flavor half a dozen anniversary din
ner: "Tho 'Pilgrim Fathers,' forsooth ?
What had they lo endure, in comparison
with Iho Pilgrim Mothers? It is true
jthcy had hunger, and cold, and sickness,
nnd danger foes without and fous wiili
in. Hut Iho unfortunate Pilgrim Mothers,
they had not only thereto ensure, but
they had tho Pilgrim Fathers ulso; and
yet their names nro never mentioned.
Who ever gave a dinner in honor of them?
Who ever writes songs, drinks toasts, and
makes speeches in recollection of them ?
This sclf-sufliciency on the part of ihe
men is beyond endurance Ono would
actually suppose that New England had
been colonized by men, and posterity pro
vided by especial act of Providence ? (July
Mrs. Ilcmans has volunteered to insinuato
that Ihero ever wan a woman in the case,
that Iho Maj flower ever brought uny
thing hut men across tho Atlantic. I ns-.
suro you, my dear fiinnds, that I nm per
fectly disgusted with tho self-conceit of
men. They nppropriate everything to
themselves, even tho settlement ofa colo
ny, nnd tho peopling of a whole conti
nent. I 'did hope that there was ono pre
rogative they would leave to women.
We have submilled quietly to their inven
na : i-f
' . 1 ul" ,scu:"o us ""y ii"Ss.
7;1" ""amc.y uomu t deprived ven . with ll0rn9 rowi from his head,
of lns one pr.vilegr,; we w.ll not ourselv- nnd barbed tirrowsfarrom ft, rnoulh . with
os be deluded into belief that Now Eng. ,ong lai) of fuds behind, and n
and was settled and peopled eni. rely by ong armwith many claws before, in short,
I.lgnm lathers low could ihcy have) -A monster of such frightful mien,
Been tathers, ifihere had been no mothers?i Tobo hated needs but to bo Been."
And I hope, dear captain, 1 have succeed-1 I tell thoo, reader, such n picture is a
cd in convincing you that you will be 1 gross slander on tho personal appearance
lending youiVilf to' nn act of injuslico 0f tho Dark Prince. Ilo is "black, but
towards us, iryou do not propose for your comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as
toast 'The Pilgrim Moihers-'" j the tents of Kedar, or the curtains of Sol-
Sii-KHB Gkain. The California Fur-lmn" in,., ,
me rs snys :
Th mhr.r s,;nr;,
splendid shearof four kinds of grain, form-
was of oa.s ; the second formation, a cos-
n,i .' a ..n,., ..i.o. . .t.:'i r,,...!
cado of Australian wheat ; tho third Chili
harlev : nnd lh C.uh. CM I! ;, u,,...'. '
tho heat fom.inKonc of the finest .heaves'
- j , . , r " I-, " " 1
, vuui sunlit win a ,
rrr-n .rt K... 1 T.
has been estimated that thoonis w ill yield
D '
one hundred bushels per acre ; the Chili
w heat lilty bushels ; iho barley seveniy
five bushels; and lha Australian wheat,
f rty bushels."
CO"Look out for a regular "philanthro
pist. II he don t swindle your confidence,
drain your pockets, cut up somo shino
with your female friends, or lug otf your
hat, good name, and umbrella, then think
yourself a lucky fellow. Professional phi.
lanlhropy nnd "chequered" conduct coto-
gethcr us naturully as a heavy head and
loohsli conscience the morning after a lalo
champagne supper, with its four horse
03"" Do you love me, Simon ?"
"Do 1 love you ask the sun if it loves
tho flowers nsk a cold kitten if she loves
a warm brick. Love vou. Milissa Jane ?
the gods know I do. Love you show me
iho man what says 1 don't, and I'll cave
his head wilh a cistcin-polc."
fjO"Becauso man and wife sometimes
quarrel, is no sign they do not Move' each
other. The sweetest of flowers have the
bitterest of buds. Try a quart and dis
semi note.
Gt-Thin spare women are very apt to
bo made of cross grained material. There
fore young men in making selections for
tho parson nnd census-taker, should nvoid
such, nnd get something in .he round
plump programme.
(ttrThe greatest rake, it is said, makes
tho best husband on the principle W3 sup
pose, that the greatest drunkard makes
the best temperance lecturer.
If you don't wish lo take tho consump
tion you must learn to take flannel shirts
and ihick boots. Fur preventing coughs
nnd catarrhs, one cobfer is worih ull the
doctors in Christendom.
CO"'I nui going to the Post Office, Bob,
shnll.l inquire for you ?' 'Well, yes, if
you linvc a mind to, but I don t think you
will find mo there.'
fJTA justice or the peace nt Lafayette,
Indiana, refijscs lo perform the marriage
ceremony w hen the thermometer is nhiivo
00, on iho ground of unconstitutionality.
CCTiTho aying that 'iherc is more
pleasure in giving than receiving,' is sup
posed chiefly to rpfjly to kicks, medicine,
ond ndvice.
O'Ncver dispute with a man who is
more than seventy years of ngc, nor with
a woman, nor nny enthusiast.
C3Whcn does a lady wish lo win
more than seven betius at once? When
she tries to fascinate (fasten eight).
04rFrorn tho liule gratiludu shown
now-a-dnys, you would imagine no one
ever did on act of kindness.
frrThe Insf case of jealousy is that of
a ludy who discarded her lover, because
in spooking or his voyages, ha said he
hugged tho shoro.
of tho year $2 00 will be charged.
Start not, most timid reader, at tho
name of this thino old acquaintance; for
why shoulds't thou bo frightened nt tho
nomo of so famillinrand popular a char
actor? Thou has known him from thy
youth up u good looking nnd courteous
personage, who could tell thee, of many
a forgotlon reminiscence of thee ond thino
nnd who is, withal, ono or tho blandest
and most afluble creutures in tho world.
He moves in the best society, is rigidlv
scrupulous of liis outward appearance, and
prides himself no little on his knowledgo
of the human heart. Polite to a fault, with
a voice of tho richest tone, and an eye of
tho brightest glance; bewitching by his
smile, nnd entrancing by his eloquence ;
with a mind laden with knowledgo and
overflowing with light, ho has ever been
ono of tho most popular and influential
characters of tho day. Full often has ho
taken thee by iho hund, and led theo into
green pastures, and by thesido or still wa
ters, w hilst ihou, poor deluded soul, imag
ined thyself in the society of one of 'Hea
ven's elect."
And yet thou tremblest at tho mention
of hisnamo and the very idea of contact
wiih him blanches thy warm cheek, and
fills thee with terror. Mistaken soul !
on iho pages or the primer, and on tho
tublet of thy mind, this gentlemanly and
accomplished Devil is paiuled, perhaps, as
a poor flcshless body, gaunt and grim,
r . "j
having eyes of fire and feet that are clo
. ' l,ul- ououius i Know, is ine so
ucformity 'ha8
cret of his power tho churm of his life.
no attractions. Men are
S not-unless
barbarians indocd worship at tho shnno
r. m
of 0n' moDSlor" No'
He who would
i j ,i . ,
1, v cf"y. l"
'uli,,i:iJ UlJfil. UL lUttbl lllinHS
Inn rrrQf.nnrrn in nnrtcti
tion, and ho actsac-
1. He comes in the gilded habiliments
of pleasure. Wilh smiling face ond light
some step he trips along, followed by a
gay and thoughtless host, who sing nnd
dance along '.ho road to ruin, unconscious
of their danger, and careful only of imme
diate and palpable enjoyment.
Lured ou, step by step from innocent
recreation to unlawful indulgence ; from
unlawful indulgence to gross licentious
ncss; from gross licentiousness lo loss of
self respect and utter locklcssncss ; with
besotted mind, nnd broken hcr.rt, nd
withorcd body ; their polite and fascina
ting conductor leaves ti.ein nt the portals
of the grave, w here a press of other busi
ness obliges him to bid them a polite and
afl'ectiouaic good bye, promising tho on
ly promise the deceitful wro!ch keeps to
meet them on tho other sido of the grave I
2. Ho comes in tho flowing disUalille
cftho Idler. Willi a jaunty air, a mind at
peace wiih all the world, an enviablo in-dlfil-rence
to oil tho storms and calms of
life, an unwrinkled brow and a spotless
hand he allures many sons and daugh
ters of industry from their toil and soon
teaches them to look upon work as a bur
den, and industry as a disgrace. Cunning
and crafty, art thou, iuJced, oh Devil,
with thy oily tongue nnd bland address,
and thou dost truly erect the busiest work'
shop in tho brain of tho idlo man.
3. Tho devil comes also in the "sober
black" of hypocrisy. Gentlemanly, in
deed, is he in this favorite characlor. In
cowl and gown, with smooth face and
smoother upecch, ho walks cautiously be
fore tho people, and gathers into his dark
fold many a wandering shsep. bympa
thizing with all sorrow, subduing all pas
sion, regular in attendance upon Church,
loudest in exhortation and longest in pray
er, he 6oon wins upon iho heart of tho
credulous, . nnd ingratiates him into his
black art. The name of his followers is
legion. Il needs nut, oh reader, that we
describe them to thee ; for thou knowest
them too well alicndy. Neither is it no
cessary that we shoold show up the loo
fascinating Devil in any other suit from
his many colored wardrobe.
In conclusion,' sec to i!, oh ya people,
that ye look not for his majesty as a horn
ed and bloated monster, but rather a
blooming and accomplished courtesan. .
Not in rags, not in deformity, but in pur
pie and fine linen, works ho about all thy
paths, mid lurks ho about ail thy hearts.
II. Claip, lit.
O-Ellis Buffingion nnd William Eng
land, Cherokee Indians, recently met
each other on Grand river, in tho Chon
kce uulion, and in a fight with pistols
and bowio-knives, both were killed.
tCrVVhy is n lady walking in front of
a gcn'lemun like ih j latest news ? Bijcau'
she's in advsnco of the nrnlcs.
' i
omo persona -
so. bad.. Itii nd t'Vr,