Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, October 14, 1854, Image 3

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    , , t'-r I ;'.... .; ,.,, I
!Tfm;i (if (M in llir Wtorrn Mni
I'v Wm, I I. i iii) iti
Wclm-..'! tfs with iho
Mtori'iniiv; pmpiictois (,f llie "Mm. y.
rllK l.W AMI OmitiIMI A'INM,"
V .. M.irki-t Ftn-i-r, in fun.Mi u ,r read.
, wiili neeurulo mi I rouul ir neoiunti ol
h" condition mni (.roMjKct of f.iriuin.r
si rests of tin West. We intend lo nul7.
li those utrttcmi'iiti (is ilnv inav he ro.
t'ivcil (ruin ihn numerous corri-Npoti'liMiu
Messrs. (ioodrkh t,V, Co., assumi" nil
.vii .i'rnrd of tlirir n liuliiliiy, and remind.
in- llu'in ol llio weil-neserved ripudiuluni
of our contributors, as honest and earn.
tul reporters of all fuels calculated to nf.
feci th community. Tho sources of in-'
formation possessed by this .oncy have
been, so Kir 113 wo arc inl'orined, most
iiiJiciously chosen. We present in.ilm-'
some. Interesting statistics iVnm ,.:..' I
in Ohio ;
Ohio, Septoniber, 151 1
Allen Cfc-Whcnt. ono.f.fth of average;
crei, iiijuiLu uy insects. Lorn, a fuir
Bvorago. Oats, n fair nvnrnge. llariey,
an averago crop, but very liitlo ever raised'.
Hye, fair average. Potatoes, very short."
Hay, average. In the. western port of tho
county the yield of Corn will bo good.whilo
in til east it will be quiio li'rh;.
jinguiize una Mercer (Jos. VV heat, not
more than enough for homo consumption.
Corn, nn extra good crop. Oats, more
tlian a gooa crop, liuiiey, but littlo rais
cd an average crop. Kye, not much
prown : good. Hay, an excellent crop.
Potatoes ordinary.
Brown Co. Wheat, rather below ordi
nary crop. Com, not one third the usual
growth. Oats, about ordinary. Barley,
none. Rye, middling ; not much sown.
Potaiors very scarce. Hay pretty good,
but not first rate. Tobacco nearly a fail
ure. Fruit nbout ordinary. Hops, not
over one fourth crop. In conscqiienco of
extremely dry weather, Oats and Hay will
not bo very plenty; these crops have been
necessarily very much encroached upon to
supply deficiency of pasturage, nnd stock
ill bo low from scarcity of fodder; it is
thoOght by the best judges that a scarcity
is threatened never beforo experienced in
thiseounty. I
Duller Co. Wheat, a fullavcraiecrop.
Corn, from one third to ono half crop.
Oats, an excellent yield. Barley, two
llurJs ol a crop, live, not much rovn.
my, a good averago crop,
mcru than one-fourth crop.
Clark County, Wheat not exceeding
hulfa crop. Corn, about two thirds aver
age. Uals, lull utcrnge. iiarley not half, " " lu ""I'l'.y ; ior in every cunumon
average. Bye, about two thirds crop. 'l('0 rnuraU arc either improved or
Potatoes, less than one lmlf crop. Hay, ' ,njL"eJ by individual association. How
say two-thirds crop. Buckwheat promis.i"cn do wo mcct unnJ:) ol ""unikins
cs a good harvest. 01.1 1,10 s:rccls, cursing and sweuring be-
Clermont Cuu'iti.Whcnt, ru'oi "rain, ' hinJ a ''"""J-m'a cia"r, and win, w'h:n-
and a very lago yie'd. Corn promises cvcr nn orpo"""y occurs; prrpctralo
not over halfa crop. Oats, fair. Barley, ! "ttas eiiher on .persons or properly."
but lit.le raised. Bye nol very good.-j OCrl hcrcTs an incase oTcoiradencc
Hay, poor crop. Potatoes, not more than ; pH1.vatin,r iIkj bllisnet(. comimini.V) a
on th.rd average crop ; ji.jured by 1 ! goncrn I anticipation prevails that the times
weather; and the ground is now dry and , wi not ,j0 s0 slrlngcilt durig ,i10C0ulillfT
and unprodvclnc lor want of moisture. !soason a, ,vns nil,icipn,t.j.
Crawford Count;.-AVhoat, on entire! OPicscott, the American and Macau
failure. Corn, full crop. O.ils, good nv-, ey ,)u nnsh historian, hive boon
rmge. Bailey good, but littlo raised. , ,.!l,c!cj honoi.ary mombcM of il:o Rovul
Rye, the small quantity raised is good. . ..jj, Academy to fill the vacancies made
Potateos, one-third crop. Hay good yield. 1 by tho of Moore and Wordsworth.
The principal yield of ihc southern part of I i. , ... ...
.. 1 ' . . . 0j An l.xclia ngo tolls us that paper
.his county is , grazing, which .s injured j co,lars fpr tI10nil obnu, C(M
by the present drought j in(o Mtm ,fhj Kcow. Nolhi ,
Delawan CouHttj.-WhM full avcrn.. 5Woro o(r wcaW lu more lA linen.
Corn, nbout average. unusuallv ; . , J '
Inrn .r. l!,rln,. n.l innr-h rnil.- OCTPctatOCS (1 TO Selling .It foUT for U
Hye, but little grown. Hav verv heavy
J 1 C ;
Potatoes, less than an average.
Fairfield County. H heat below aver
age. Corn, half crop. Ojts, la rgn growth,
never'beltcr crop. Barley and Rye, but
liitlo raised. Potatoes, hardly half crop.
Hay, tolerably good yield.
PranUin County. Wheat, hardly suf.
ficient to supply ihe county mnrket. Corn,
short, almost an cntiro failure. Oats,
Barley and Rye, below average, not much
sown. Potatoes, small and few in a hill.
Hay, an averago crop, but dry wW.her
has made it of inferior quality.
Greene Co. Wheat, average. Corn,
not one-half crop. Barley, not much cub
livated, which may also be said of Rye
Hay, a ood crop. Potatoes', almost a to
tal failure. In the vicinity of Xenia, and
in the bottom lands of the county gencr
ally, tho prospect has greatly changed
since tho latter part of July, and it is now
certain that in some localities iho crops
will l.n almost an entire failure, whilst in
.L- ........ i oclnraonvield'themiincalkMil.'r, i oviUeuee ol inuM.
an ine oiners uy m""" ;-'o
r.s was anticipated will be realized
Hardin County.WhchX, scarcely one
third crop. Com, almost an average.
Oats, average. B.irlcy nnd Ryo, but lit-
tlo cul'ivated. Potatoes not nn overage,
crop; injured by the rot. Hay, on v": i
age crop th? first part of tho season, aii ,
crons in tho immediate vicinity have suf-1
. t. J! I
fcredot late by urougnt, anu m
may be consiuereu biion.
Highland County. -Wheat nenrly an
average crop. Corn might bo called" a
failure, perhaps will yield ono-fourth crop:
never was known to be so short. Oats,
crop excellent, more than average. Barley
and Rye, but liitlo raised. Potatoes, an
entiro failure; won't produco tho sccd.-
Ilay, more than average.
than n fair average crop
V.lf irnn OatS. ll
u.iil mill i-.v-. It...
vnrtr lliilfl rnised. Rvo, none, nay
, av
rrnoV Potatoes, almost a fuiiurc.
trade here is sL-pportcd in a great rncas-
r iron not boing
ure by tnc manuim.u v'
dependent on IDC ch.,' fc of
oo. , ..out, -.-- , .
a crop ; none ior 1 p.:
one half-crop. Oats, first rate y,c J. bar-
Jr . nccount raised. Kyc,
ioy, nono oi y - ..... .,!
about one half crop ; very t
Hay, fair. PoUtocs, hardly one-lmlf "op.
Thlm nro hard times for our fdrmer
merchants should buy, small stocks, as
'v,s tnav ensue,
UOItnlV. ' i"-ul ' Timber, Oak, per eunic ici'i, '" '"" '
J r, ,.,.l, I n i ..... ..... yt r...,i m oo mul itt 00
Mmimuniw mihion
ll'.v.'th. r. t.. t.t .1
'in il o
.'ill 1
'tr ... l'.
1 '
; ii
n ii
ill i i,
(i I
1 1
1 .i
v v
HlMll,,,, ,
Hudy I
02 1
pi! ;,ii
ihi'i i'l
.'i i I 'ii
i ii
i'!,'"',"' '
'i imrinn.
1 I
(I I I
1 T i
ii .V
1 1'
1 1
i!H ir.'
lj' r.s
i:i; us
L:i! no
2 L's
;is2 Duo
luiui, his i ism i : nml
in.",!;; :is2
Majorities. 2liol(iuili) oool -till
ooo oho
ltl.'il 0011
.Vr-Donioorolie Nominees in Swam, (.'
laiiili,lii1.s iimtki'il Hum (.)
Dclow will I
! we linvo reerivnl .m ,i. r
i lo press : '
IScrks county has given Higler 4000
uyne, .
Carbon, "
Wostmoro'nd, "
Clearfiield, ' ' '
Union has gone for I'ollock bv 150o!
JiVcoming' . "
Nortlmmpton, " "
Centre, "
Dauphin, u
I'.'air, '
Allegheny, "
Jellbrson, "
Look olt for voi n P.ovs and Gikls
10 Vabllinton Sentinel, speaking ol
3 arrest in Washington, of seven llnrt.
charged wiih iho crimes of incendiarism,
a's : " 1 1,0 '""'or.V f thtso boys shows
l" ud"Z"r (" pcrimtiing youths tonssem
Potatoes notU!c' '"'''scnminattly, at all hours of the
night, fur awny from parental oversight
nuu control. halcvcr ol nusehief is
lacking in the youn'-er the older will
iu',no uw ,u,lo;,n, i,,u "ca.vune
I ruin. I n.. u U umn Umn r. M.ilUn,..
XT V I flM II-
"J " "u 'V um """" 1 ,
suuu uaiiuia tm ic, jas.1 iiu.v, uuuiu ui.iivu
a fortune.
(WTho Rochcslcr Union has brcn
shown paper from gasivood shavings undo I
by U. vv. Beardslcy, of Albany, lhc
Journa! is soon to be printed on this paper.
Getting Stiff in the Joints Tho flics
and musquitos.
The Law ol' Newspapers.
1. Pulifcriljcrs h'.m tl'i net ;iv (xiri'." notieo lo
the contrary, nro coiifi'I'Totl us i-liiug tt cuitimio
tlieir Hilijt 'riplion.
2. If nibsoiilivr ortlvr the tli-'Pon'.iiiu.'iiiro of
their now.p;',,ci.', liio pnliiishiT inny to
cn them unlit all iini-ini'cs ari
3. If ntlifcnher. ncplcct or r''n -o lo Ihko their
iK'W.pii.crH from tho oflH'0, to which thvy nro di
rcctvil, Ihcy nr.' hohl rcspnii.tihlo until thry hnvo
nettk'.l tli.'ir 1'il's nml or.loicl Ihoin discouiinueil.
4. If Fiilii'criher'' rcmuvo lo olhur j.lufcs wiliiout
informing the, nil J tho iH'w.-iiiiois nro
cent to the former Jireelitm, tlioy are hold rt.-yon-fiilile.
Tlie r.mrl.ihavo ileculetl tl. Jit refiisinj ti(:,ko
ncwnper from tho ..loco, or removing and lcnv-
i Pliitadftjiliia I.umlier Market.
CurrrcU'l K:il.l;l from UUknrtft U'purtir.
Duty 20 per. cent. ml. vnl.. W. P. hils. nn,l j.lnnl;,
1st (piiilily l.y iu.peciioii.
$12 co a:i oo
14 00 (,o 19 00
J:i oo (.ii ui) oo
7 (HI 8 SO
7 60 9 (10
H 00 (,.) 8 60
i.t oo oi) ."o oo
2i 00 (.r; .'III 00
lj 00 (at 20 01)
13 00 (( 18 00
JO 00 (m 2ii (!0
i 00 (.!, IS 00
15 00 () 30 00
it no fm 20 oo
It 00 (,ii 22 00
2 12JCO 2 27.
60 (10 (,u 65 00
23 00 (.1) 30 00
A) hilo l ino culls,
Mhitc 1'ino fiooring planed,
IjIk wKrf .in.ber,
j,,,!,, FcnnilinK,
ri..rins. Jeropy pinned,
Clan lii.nrdg. . ('..
n : X.
do. river, ,
Flnorinp, N. C.
Step hoard?,
Siiii(:lei, Cedar, per M.,
.hinf.'loii, l'ino per M.,
Shin'h'.". CyprefK,
laith, U "" l'- l'"r
Slave, Vi'hito 0,ik pipe,
Hoop!, country,
I,nl!i., KiiUcrn,
PhiDgles, Iniiieli, 18 inches,
2 60 and .
2 60 nnd 2 75
i:im!coiai. !i;nvitr-
nicnnii POTTi:it will ureaeh in (h
li Ll at Clearfield, ami adiniuifler th
of Confim'alion, .n Friday evening Iho 20th
iusU ,t eftrly candle light, wu Ja-
, Term j of Ailvcrlising
VPVr.nTlSKMKXTS ro iiiferlc.l in Iho no
publican, at out dollar per mpiarc. for the
lir-t three insertionn and twenly.fivecenU) for each
additional insertion. Fourlom linen make a ("fiiare.
No ndvertiMcmcnt inserted forl tljan a dollar.
A Liberal reduction mado to tliore -ho advertise
by the year-
Xtw York I. umber Market.
... . Timher, Uhito l'ino. per euhic ft. 00 IS nnd 00 22
Uorn. UOi inuv..i , inn oer, o. renin. .v. -
'll nrZ BarlcV. ' H'-ard, X. H. por M. ft. clear. 37 60 nnd -III 00
ill crop, nancy, ' ,. ?1) ftn ..,! no
mims, nrimu, ipr n7
I'u'i An I,'..
t,. t.
pr. ml
1" '
in ,
1 ,11
f, i
n !
(I I
I 'M ii 'i
7 - "''
l"l mi
I'll mil
21: mi
i-1- 'in
1 1 1
02 1
I. ,
" H
Oil .
41 i
-1 1 :t.
'' i1
lo on'
I , IM.I
0 1
1 1
1 17
A no
i cm!
ilia Hill;
1 2.'. I
OOIIi21S7oO 1170
0011' 1 Is
AVIiig.i in Um,ui, Nalivv.t in liiut, l,,.',0Uli
,",i',:t urn)
(iraiil Mai'ki'ts.
l'iiii.Mii:i.i'nii Ci.FAiniia.o.
$1 2 (-ii 1 M !r2 12 (,i, 2
1 I'" ( 1 ti.". 1 2.-, (1J i :;r
00 nml tl.'l 12
,'"! emit:., 02 cent;',
Al.VUItl 111).
On Thursday tho 5th (' Octuhor, by D. Di-.-s"lT-r
'.si.. -Mr. Saiiiuil ll.dlopcter, to Mi.s .v,,..,,,,,,,,!,'
J.mlmkcr, both of Vnt,m tonsl:ii, tUU county.
On the funic day by Hie Mime, Jlr. ),,,ni,-l jlni
bnker t Mi.-., Anu Kliza Jlotue all of fni,.n t,i.
( leiirlii'hl c.'Uiity. '
On HiL"7tti in-liint in Lawrence town.-li!.. this
county. Chirem-e Aii-iisli,., infant s,,n t,f .lonhm
and .Sn-.ah Ki eil, (.(red 10 months and 22 diiys.
In Morris (iiwnship, on tho 3d iiitaut, Jumes
Allpoit, K-.j., n:;0d ij y,.;n.
The deceased mis n native nf I.'n-iantl -iiiid had
been a i-c iilunt of Clearfield eountv b.r the la.-t 2i
years. II,. l.,v,.g R ;,;, nn, flv9 V-1 1" 1 . 1 -, besid-s
ii host, of friends lu moiirn his .,t .-. Jl,. ,Uisk m.m
ol hljcral education, and ulilnni-h bodily iiiili.-tions
have pr.-seil hard upon him f'r many veins, yel
his luiii.l was uncloiiih-ft to tl,,. .,st,' and his
reiisonin powers have seldom been Mirpassed. lie
vais a ctrii-t and cnii5,..eut n,eil,, r of tin; Jr,'t.
ICi.isciipat Cliineli, and his daily III'- for many past
yea...... Inn shown an cain,l.'' to his f.-uni! y- ai,,
fii.-nils that true piciy sii,,orled hii.i. an, I render
ed him an e.v,iai).'o nf resignation i,ud even ciai undir all hie uillklioiis.
( t ' ,UI, HHtV'itr
J. C.ltiXTlARas
IJHYSTCI.W, l!e.-o.-,,ia Mills, one uiilo n-st of
(ilea lloj,,., Chailic!d county, Ta.
October I I, I SM.
1 I X AM) LOCK PMITII, Luinher Cily, all
V.T Inisine-s in his liIm! attended to on short no
Oct 21, ISjl.-ly.
CAI.l. AND Ma'Ti.U.
VLL persons know in"; themsi Ives indebted to I'LKliAl., of J.iHhersl.iirjr. Clear
liehl c.uiitj, for UluLk.-miihiiifr, nro rc,i;csk-d to
call and si-tile tht ir accounts iinmediately, as he
has (ii. pu.-ed of his . lioii, and is Jcsirou.1 oi .-tttiir,";
up his accounts. LLVLJt FLLCi AL.
Liuhersbiirj.', Oct. 1 1, L-51.-,''.t.
.iiool Teachei-s Waiitid.
Q IX School Tea.'hcrs cupablu of ooiidUcl'ii"; llu-'
O CoiiniO'ii Schools of Morris township will find '
employment and p..'...t sahnies, by applying lo'TTAYIXli in. r-a ".'d f:-, ililies and made cxien
. ohn II. Jvylar, Prc.-id, !it, ( r to the uiiJ. i. i,:nol. stye arrai..'iiiei:ts f,.r d..itiK a lar--e Wh.-le-lho
term tocoiutiieiiceby the middle of November sale & Itotuil bi:,aiess. 1 um now prepared to , (a-r
or Pioiur. JOXATIIAX LMHiJI, Sec'y. ; I-, ,he pu'.lie a "eneral a-sortment oft,,,,,.!,, .-uila-
Octubc-r 1, l.j. 4I.-1.J. ;i.!'. fr Hi" country tra-W ot a miill u-l.aii.-e f-r
I.iuiiHiaiikrH Take Notice.
r p:n: m,
I I'mnr
iorris Claims, (-f t'ne late Itoloit Morris,
innneier of tho War of the Itciohttioii.) will
he sued out. Occupants and others can have Con
firmatory, (juit Claim, and Fee Titles, by early ap
plication to
John Moss, pole (irantee, Xu 50 Walnut Street.
Low. W .u., Km,.., No. 2 York Liiihlin-;.
J. L. Ill sii.ixn, Ks., Xo J! Stm. um Street,
Attorneys, at Law, Philadelphia.
October 11, IS" 1. It.
atti:m jon i:i;;i i. iRsi. :
rOlT are ordered tomrct forrarade. on Fatiir-1
iloy. October 2S(h, Ht 1 o'clock, P. M., each
in ember prepared with 5 rounds e.J' l.liiiik eanridfe. I
The company will appiar in winter unil'man. " I
There will ! o .i d:iii on Saturday October 21, at
J v ciock, 1'. .11. l.v order o
A. :.L II ILLS, Cantain.
ti. IV. LIirK.M, Jr., V. .V.
Cleailicl l, Oct. 1 I, 1SJ .St.
IS hereby piven that the following dcseri'icj
pn.pcri.v now in the posse-sion of Henry Yoas,
Jr., of llr.idy town, hip, Cl.-arlicld county, bciom.'s
to me. and is only wiih him on loan, z : Ono
Yoke of Led Oxen, ll years old, and one H.-itl'-r, 2
year? old. The public are hcrd-v nofticd not to
buy or fell the same. P. W. L'AKKLiT.
Luthcr.-bu;;,, October 11, LsCl.-.M.
ii iti.ic xoiiti;.
ITE School Directors of Ilni lv town.-hin Clear
fill, 1 county 'n., will meet nt tlio Luther?
i.nrjf M'hnoi j louse cn SaiiiMtiy I lie 2SUi day of
Oct-her, ISil, at 9 o'chn k A. M., to transact busi -
ticss for Iho coining winter. The County Superin -
tendent will be prtasctit to i-xninine applicants who
may wish to beioino teticliers. Xine teacher.-; are
waiited in this townshit. lo whom liberal wares
ill be given. l!y order of Ine Hoard.
JOJIX It K A MS, Secretary.
Litthorsburg, Oct. 1 1, lsjl.-ilb
riHF, undersigned nn Audiior nim.ii,ted to dis-
X trihulc tnoiicys in the hands of Wn'i. 1'owcll, !
SherilT. nrisimr from tho tale of real estate I'm the
case of Fatten aTiguce of Ellis' Administrators)
wiil nlten.l nt his ofiiee. being the same occuniedbv
John L. Ihiltle, Lsip, on Monday llic 30th insUiii,
at I o'clock, P. .il., of said da v.
JAMES II. LAliltlMER, Audit..
October 14, LSjt.-3t.
Estate of Jarub Bums, Dmascd.
TOTICE is hereby piven that letters of mini
S islralion on the estate of JACI il) 111 HNS h
XI isn-aMnniniiiec- ..e...,.,. n.'SinKi.
1 X. ,...!. . ll I tll.ll III 1 1 V ' 1 . .
of I'nion township, dee'd., linve in due form of law
been granted to llic mihscriber. All pernont in-
dcb.ed will make iuimediulo payment, and thZ .l7,LT
bvin,r .'h.i will i.resciit tlu m ol onerlv .ulhcn. " '"' '' T W,M ,''. '" f,Me, and on
ticatod for setllernnt-.
JOHN L. CUTTLE, Administrator.
October 1 1, 1N54.-CL
1IE Fuliscriher 1ms Feveral tracts cf land f ,r
nalo at prioct from t lo fifteen dollars per
acre. ' JUSIAU 11. S.1UJ.11.
Clearfield Oct 7, 1S51. If.
1, O. of O. 1'.
CLEAnriF.Ll) LOlit iK, Xo. 103, meets in the
tecond story of the Mansion House, Clearlield
Pn., on Tuesday evening of each week.
Clearfield, June 11,1864.
I 11 V. Second street, two doom n'orlVcf Powell
4 Co'., .tore, Clearfield, Pa. auS. 25, it-ly.
liiiHirtnnl V n r K on ruiiihniiiii.
, v '
1 1,
'M I.N's Pi, I , f.l,, i
, ', ll.l. i, I
I'.-llllll I !,).",,
. ,i.,,.,.l,V, ,1
:, iMi lnl I',,,
inn i,i, n- , i ,n ,i .
I. ,,i, , , ' M', I , ' i ., ,t ,
I lln', t,i -. ml It '.i r '.'"it
,M, ,l, ,.,.n. ion l l, l;,ii, '- )
I. I, I I,
Mil,'. ' I'l' r '1 ..-.. I.i. I,l, , . 1 1 1 i ti . II
C, ri'"l I no l I n,,r,, ..,. ) i,,n ,,l,nni,, :'
, ,1,
H.T it'll 'i,::r-. ii. . I,1, , y l,,,,,,
i.iiiil. !., .1 vi ,,-...
I'll., jii,,',,,,- . niillii, in .u, !, SI;., I,. I km
,1 III
i r thk.
I' !m' ' i, ii i, til "it I.i- 1 .nr. r, .,,1 ii hi!
, TV
i'l' iul, i ! n ull. "I mi
r, i I 'i' l-i n !!, ir hi,il, ,'.
in: I, mi,1 of ( in i,i i-r ll,,.
ill, 'I ,li',',il,i:,.; Mih,!y ll,
n.' n Mmii.I r-1 1 1 1 I'l'liiulinr
'nil' I !ir iv iMii, Ii,"
i'',l'l"V.'!l,i'lll ., I: T ilif.i
111.', 1,,t ii hi iio'uir'il r ;,
r."l l.i'inj; C"iil"i,l I., jvi-
:i"l inl Ti'sH hi' l,:in,ll.
I'r. ii, I'livn il . i T '.nii'iiN,
I Ii, -Ii,,-, I, ):.
of nhal Ii" I
1- lli
. l.v
!-r.. tr,r, , t, ). ,.,
' - ..,(,. Kil l tit l" I',',
b" cra-ps al our,,, ih
' nn, all ! in' "v: 'lii'
l-lible l,li"er:il I''- lis
jity, Ii 'vl Ivcnj.'lli : ncd
mii,' :i. i,'tly ov-T l!le-e
d"'lu nil ; Ih.-ir
, I ti-er'i" f a Ih" i.opiihir
r what befoie was onlv ri'served for (lie favored
few; having nii"le h,-r o,:ni-ri.l- otie el h!.; pleas
ant sliidii,-, I,., j-i irl.. in irc-,-,itin,r ,, Penn
sylvania!, -, l'eiinsyp ania's ('re.-ilc t s ,,r,'e of
v.-ealili in Tin; Coll. i'mniA-noN. (In this -nl.ji.el, no man is more at home, and hi." percep
tion! of llic tun 1 1 r is laid t i l'., re Ihe reader, in so
lucid and clear a style, tttat none can be n,i-ed "r
inyslilU'.l. Iai:'i-avi,,'.-" Mill -Haling the lornialioii,
drawn under his own observation, are iuir.i,lii'""l
lo iicilt" tlie nil'i.-ct as j-lear as p. i I , I ; this urli
i le alone Iv ivor'.h double the pri, e of II, . l,l,-.
Tl'e M ivi f.ii Tt i:k oi- laov i - Irealed in tin' same
loaslerlv niaiiiier, uilh iipproprialo .-iicraviiif;.-il.osii-aiin
tlie nianul'.i.-l in e in all its ),aits. :
Tl,e Af.'i iculliii o of I ho Stale Ihe Cities, Towns
and 'i!lires are d, scribed and dwelt iimn, Ihe 1
cliuracleii.aies of the p.-nple pointed mil, anil Hi"
various improvements in projrress or pr.-i- cl.-.l,
ni'lieed. Added lo this i,- (. , implicit'." a',U!-s hcau-
tiflll 'iirlni l-' ,' 11',,,', ' ,
Tlie pie s tliiiiiiejioiit lae Slate have, with uiii-1
t-'il voice, pronounced il Iho bet popular Poo!; ev
er writlcn on Hi" Cla'c. Ao'-,ii,iii;iii;' every
Vi.luui-' is llarne's lai-j'e Map ,,f the S't-ile, ear, lolly
color, d tlie laleilaud bc l .Miip -lied, and
which retails separal.dy nt One Jiollar, and is un
doubtedly the only correct one issued.
The prico of llu: le.ohis pla -.d at the lowc I
ruto for which it could ho loaiiiuacliiicl, m. I ihe
cxeciiiion of il in every ic.-peet is alike b.-auliliil
and subslaniial. liidep.-n.h ally of the line map,
it is a rcinarka',1 y cheap work ; but that iicom
panyin;; it. Ihe po'.li dier ha-- no lie-itali-.n in pn
ii"iiiiairD' il TilJ-; CIlKArList JIUOK I'L li LIS 11-
'I'l-,..- Ptibll. h-r hi, ' cone to preal expense in pub
lishitiR tlio Lnolc j,, a ),-.,p.-r style. Tlie cn,rni
viii;s are beauluilly execuu d : Hie typu lar-'e and
clear: and the p., per of a lino texture j uliilelhc
binding is at tlie same time lasly and durable, and
having .In ue his part well, hi siilimils the work lo
tlie exap.iuation of the people, eontidcnily rctoin-ti-.cdi,,;;
ii to the attention of those iulciv.-tcd in
Itailroiids. Coal and lion. To every Farmer and
every Ciii.en of the cretii Slate of I'enn-vh'ania,
he .-til, i, ills tiiis .pleiiilid i clutrro, an 1 re-pcciftil'.v
soli. -us their paliona'e.
A.7'ii!s wiil c.-!l I'poii fie citizens f,.r their fu'i
seripaoii, and in can - Vi liere no a'ent l,as , ailed,
any pei-.- oi nisiiini", will heve il sent free of
evp.-l, , bv i-i iii-llil, 1 1: .' nluoiint to lhi"l'nlii,'.-lier.
l.WAPl.VLl.i; IIKTAII. Pit U K ok tiik V.OltK.-J.l-.l..,.-,
cd Mll.-'i,:. S'! 00
' " :iit cd.;. ... and si 1", 2 ; II I
" ?iio:'., -mi, .Marbled e.l-- 2 2j '
A:;, nt-' w.-in'.c I i-.i e.cry ( ,,i.i,ly in loe S.a.e.
Any person d. - a-i,,,; ;i A;;i,y plea.-e a ddress the
l'lilili.-hji- iiiimmlictclv.
WM. IliTK SMITH. ',,' 7..e. ;
10i Chi Miut meet, Philadelphia, i
Hept.:in, i si i. at. i
at Tin; t'iii;Ai cash srotti;.
"I fST r . ivci. a lere nnd splendid assortment
i.f lit it)D i . f i'liuosi e try dc'riptioil suiia
hle f,r toe sea-,.", and .-i-'iin olVat very low pri
ce.. Ladies i;u,l OeilllciiH-ii, and every p.-rson
wi hin-.'iu buy poods r'.- hnr. it y.cice, are r s-po-tl'iiiy
invited to call and c.-ainine.
i'rodti' e of all 1 amis recci. cd in i Xi-h:,i' ;e fr
"ds. - MM. '. IPWIX.
Sept. lS'j. y a. itt:T.iifM
Y .T. 1'ha t.sM, Ar.T.
The sl.i -k co.opi-iuej a tcucial kj-oi toient of
D.y i;.,.,d,,
I I, It Ilill;.',
JIils. ,t Caps.
Carpetine-, Oil-cloth,
J-lili S.i best wake.
Oil, Zinc,
''arpel Ciiaill,
1 hair, drain. ,te.
a 2, Arcade Luiidiivs,
1 s j 1.
Qu. en.- , are,
P. e,ts ,1 Shoes,
Steel, Slrap-ii'oii,
Carpent, l's loois,
1'yo Siiitl'--, . ,
Cable, Iron,
lelicfollte, Sept. 1 '.,
HANK ;.)l!C !.'.
H the .-iib--c, iiit; inl' ml to make 'nli.m i
tothe next Lceisiatoreot the C..niin..nwe:il.h
of Pciinsyh ania for an ltd of Assembly to inert,,,- j
rate a I'ani.iui.' Company, wi'li Ihiiikiii-.' and dis
, countin; privileges, to be culled tliu "i ieart'n-ld j
! r,n!:," 1 locale-! r; tlie borough cf Cle-ir.ii Id. '
jwit'i a : j.".'.."! Mo, k of SliiO.OoO.
A. K. Wright, C. Kralicr. l-.ilis Irwin.J. F. Wea-1
!v,.r, John Palt.-n. J. W. Smith, J. P. ,b Ihialle.
.'as. T. Shaw, Jus. D. Oral. run, j
Jonaf, an lln. n;, n.
Juno 2."', I Sal.-Cm. !
! "i'.t.'lhe Hun isliure;, will pnhlLh tlie!
above one month, and send bill ( (bis office. I
i.i.r or m;tti-:hs j
i "I LMAl.'.'l.Nli in the. Post OlTico at Clearfield
1 1, on tlie
oih ol S ptoiuhcr
Aint.i Lciii, aiian, Hannah M. Peaid. Leni. 1 !h, e-
ley, Win. C .onsmaii, C. Cai licld, V.'m. Co.'.-r.-iV. Juo.
liiiiiuis, L. Lven.-teia. Isaac Urubh, i-ih-atior Oali
hi r, .M.-liii.l.i ll.iui-ni.-r, John Licks, Sarah J. Hall,
N. T. llarl, 2: Maria In in, .Maiearel F. JiofreV.
j Henry Joraiii, l.lleii I.. .Ionian, A. Mciit'-omcy,
' Abraham Myers, 2; M. P. Mel win. James Poller,
! 1r' ' s"''k. 2; A. Silrmiin. Krasmtts Suiiih,
I ''"""" ill,'',' -: H'-'iekluh Sniihy, A. W. Singer,
' ,r- P-eoll, Charhs W eaver, John Wiul.lellei.'h,
James P. Wal -on. J'HiX 111 I.Ll'.L'KX, P. M.
. Clearfield, October 7, Lsil.-lt.
si'iti.Ni; t,ix)i.s:
T received, and cnening at C, Kratzer's
V I'lilCH I'ASli STtilli:, a splendid
ft o
rlment of Spring and Summer Cood--. In ad-
nni to hit lifiuil variety, ho has a largo ha ,f 1
'aidi'"' I)n. Cords, sio-h as Plnid Silk, Imliu Silk,
, 1 '"lit laiwn, jiroc.a Shawls, Silk, t rape anil (fossa-
' '"or Jlfnincts. A.C Also, n large lot of (',;.,.. and .
I "nor '""'. i;n"!-M,tii, rtthui;, nnd nil (I.e.
new styles of Kress Shoes, cheaper than ever. I
April 5, 1"5L C. JvIiATZLP,. ,
t' VP.IM'.r AND ( It Wit HIAklNC. t
0 T'OlI.V C I LIC't would reoctfullv announce to t
' , ff (lie cil us of I h nrl'o-ld nod lieinitv, that he
,,,,.;- , ,, ,,,. ,.r I
M'.illE. His shop is siluated on Mniket street, I
....... -.-1 .. . , . - ., . ,,,, . - .1
ilhn IMfiKI III VnrH Mil f (inn a n ii tl -r-.n 1 l.n
slu.riest notice.
( oitins made to order on the shortest notice.
lice. 2, 1S52.. j
VLL persons are hereby eatiord again-1 bur
inr, trading for, or in any way meddling
w ith a oke uf Oxsn now in the possession of Juhn
I'.rigt. as raid Oven belong to me and are only !
lonnc.l to the said Pri ;., and arc lit mv di-p,,-al at t
any time, T. It. HAY IS. i
Ferguson township, Oelober 7, "L j
IVAML1) lMtl;l)IATIJi;v.
CI IX journeyman Hiocniaki r. Constant
ployment will be given.
Apply lull door to
, U" J"vn"U oflice' l U,e h 'f r. . r
j SeI,lcn,uf 13( , . l'-BLK-
I'll; I III s
Mil .win mrrr.ti, ii.t
"''', "I,,,'., 1 1 ,
, i .I , . i , . i. . , ii, , i
.. , , .,, , ,, ,.(...,,...
.,, ,v i : ;, .
1 1
!l n '
i, 1 1 1
I -.
i II
1 1 II I'll
.i ...
1 1 , I
-. le !
.1.1, -.
I, ,
I .ol.. i ii. ii,,n- ..I . " I
lloln toe
.'ale ..I I'.c . ',,, .1
"I, t , i . i I i ha,,'. - ,
f . ':r I ' i I '
-ol V ilill
, d M,:,i An
l! i I nil", I
an I li e
, .-..-, ' i.l.i .0; 1, I ,11 le.
li-lt i ' oil, i',,; mpid pi ,
r- - . I -. l!n' ana, I is, ;',
t ll die-. Il he. lor n !
lif - ll'" 1
mil An,, i i, -a,
,1' linte 1 O
e : l.-ipi" an'. 1 iii la.;-lai,.l in,.; . n ll,
I !iii,,i e. w hi1,' il ha- r: ,' o in ma.iy
ll,i,. 1,1 of
it'tries to
tee p ii i,i! i f nn in licle of dr.,-.-. i
'to d '!..... le ti'ai.- ii,, e laet en.jiiire of any 1 !ii'- 1
ti.-h re i,l, oil in vol,!' vital, ily of bis I, now I, ,1,' of
Ihe l eiiell, ,al cii.-ci- of wca, in;' lln- Pr -le, , r a a.- '
,', , .(ar... ,. il," ( ;'.-.,,!' :a,y kind. 'I he . "-t .u" t
wearing loe.- a nnich is a mere Ii iile, and one will
l:l-L ;."l.le J ei;i s, ,,i one v, hi, i, lues I lie i,c::!t ll of
!:',ii ell,,.' his family will h. -will t tie in. 'J i.e ,
ll'upiitils in this eoiu-.tiy are Jed iil-aie -ce,.n,,n,-ii- j
itui I licin, bt.t rapidly inlridiicin.. llieni. llareoiirl, J
iliadlcy A, Co., ol London, and Manchester. Knjf-
bind, v. ere iiiiinally eutriisled witli the niniiiifac- j
ture of the I'l-oleclors, by the lameiiled Or. Cooper, '
and continue to nam, tin tare ii.-eoi-.lin lo . oi-e-:
i'.i.i in Irneli'iiis. nii.l tlierel ,re reconinien.l those
who would wear "The I'lotcelois," to fee to their
being xeiiuiii".
Itenieiiilier this i ' n f liipb' article, and no Pali nt
ltin in. Vim tat. llcnfs -i.e. :-'l,ollea,h. La -
dies' ,-ie, s 1 ,01! each. It, . Vand .Misses si.e. 76ctJ.
II. It' HI 11 1, j;ii.iu;i &. CO.,
r.S Ann SI. A 102 .Nassau St. .New 1 "rk, 1'. S.
Principal archoii.-e, M2 Wood St.. Chcapside.
London. Manulau ,ry, II aiaila-t slreel, Mauclics
ter. l-an.'hind.
II. II. .V Co. ."re establishing Ievots for tlie sale j
!.l"lhe l.otei'lor in all j-arts of Aui'-ricn. Phys
icians, Su:-ei,,ns, li.-ll;;:'ists. Clothiers, ih-y ;.., Is
Meichaiils, llailers and Milliners ul.-o llentle
tueu':' I iirnisliiii"; St" , '-!.', e'rs are cnlrust.-.t
nod to w hom lno-t liberal b-rins iiio olb-red for
their enterprise, and a splendid oppmlunily opens
to 111, in l,,r sale aud pidluahle htisinuss.
l t I, lias, t.pplv lo
ilAUc'iiritT. LllALLKY .( CO.,
oS Ann sired, .'.ew-i'oil:, L. S.
Sept. ls.-.L oiu.
TliC Clrai'fiilil Acailciny
T a nicetin..' of ih.. Hoard of Trustees Aurn. t '
2 llli, 1 (, the- foliow-in,; rate; raid terms
wt-io ud...tcd, vi.:
S'i per ipuirler for each r.clmlar lcirnlnj Or- ! dnle to iliseiie.
thoa-.-phy, Keadin.L'. M'ritiiiT Oavic's Primary For lientlouicn it w ill he found nsreciilde, warm,
Arilhnielie, and llrst lessons in (leoji'apliy. ji'.iid hcalUiy, to wear iu the cobhst or raiui'jet
OO per iptarter for each , ciiolar .ur.-uin other ; weal her, as the foot cannot bee. one wet if (ho lly
Knrlisli studies. i (lro,nae;eii is inserted. Ladies may wear the lirdit-
t 0.) per ipiarl. r for each .-cho'ai-l. ariiint; Lat- . t soled boots and shoca in the inont ir.elonu'rit
iu and (ireck or cither, w ith or a il li-oit Kn glndi ' w. .it'ticr with iinpuiiily ; while Coilsuniplioli, to
brain. hes. I pi. valcr.t nrami'' the vomit; of our country, niny
Ol) per ipiai l.-r for 1- reiu-h extra.
a'D tl"dii,'ti,,n in, lit- f: ,mi bills except in eases of
pr,,.ra"led :!!u. ss.
The lir.-t ,u::rl, r i-ouiiiienee.-- on Iho l(i .n nj
,'.'-,.'., l,rr, and will end on the 2l!,7i iA'oc,
foi.on 'iu. v
'I n ab,:v- fo't'lulion i-iiov fully oi,-,ni;e.l w iiii
male end !',:.::-!, tinents under the oharj-e of
air. and Mrs. Campbell.
Too T.u'le. s l.i.viiif; procured eoinpi-lciit ui,,i
e . ri 'iiee 1 Tea l,: is, and put fuc rat.-f "f
laiiioii very lew c nop. -ire, I wi-h .-iuiilar fehool-,
eonli.lenfy recoiniaciid the Aiadcmy to Ihe pat
l ana ot llie jaihiic.
liicil ; :i v,', Pre3-tf iho n.-urd.
.T. II. M'K'.- U.i.v, Secretary.
CionrlicM. Au'i t ls;,.
CtLOCK AM) M'ATCII MA K Kit, has iu t re-
c -'ved from Xew Yotk ard Plihvb'lphia. a
Ii:-: and 'pi 'ii.iiit assortment of. I j-IWKLH V con
's! n,; ' f Ladies' O. -id Licn'tpins, MoiirnitiT Pins.
Call' l'L.s, Kiljlmii Pins. Af.-o, Ceiiileuu n's fine
l ,1,1 Pin-, ,,f different shapes mid siito. line O.'l.l
Ear Pin,:; 1 r. .!-, h.le tv!j if Jenny Liini ltintr.-
nnd lir.,.s, L'iacth-..s, l'iu.-r Line?-, line Pens,
and rem il.--. Cold Wau li Cliaiu:-. Silt cr 'Ja and
T.'-le Spoons, Palter Jvnivc.', Sua.r Tones, and
Thin, Ides. L, V '' (ie Card Case.-, port, Monies,
S ir,-.- .", ;l , i , r fimlhl'l Ci;- If.rf ,. ., from
S2 5 I.i 2.-: Vp-.u Front Jl, tal ' I.i
I" S:'0; .,,.,',,-,. f.-.,:,i I'l la SI-.: ti
. ,s. lroiu jl "
" 'i, ,:.-(
!!"', from SS t i SM; li-ie I,',., tl '.. S:..l
I" ?0. Ail of v.hiili be will v, aria'.t for peiiV.t
time keepers. Abo, a tar,:.- r.-.-,,rlia,.nt of ecta-,-lc--.
F "h I'h 'iit . Vst (.li "iii ". l.u.u.1 Chniiis, 1'eu-kiiive-,
P.mI.c; Jl,..,ks, .Vc.
CLOCIv'si iel.t-.L-.v nr l I'lir,-,' ln nr flo.-kn.
fine st:.,.;r,siirini.' ( in, ks. thirty hour an, 1 cich!-il..y ;
Miisic.-;l Jii.-lri.iiient.-, and a pru.t va.i.-iy of arii
cles l ei nani. r.j,! , I, m. ,;.",,!, u oaliy kcj.t by
jewellers, All the ai e n no, f, 1 a.'titi. s war
rant, d 'oi.l, aud will be sold at the I.. v. est profits,
I. t l,i-t, ,-, r, C...4. .7..:;-Watches, Cl.,ck, a-,., 1
Jewelry, lu-atly Itr.rAiain, and v.arr.inl. d.i'.r one
year. July 1?, 1 .:!.
l Ait n l ull s a i.i:.
r"PHn fa "in (! Thomas Mtiriin. silii.ito in ihel-cst
1 fatuiiii't inrliou of Ihe con ,iy, wiilfn
ni,!e ,-f I'eiin.-vii!,', and !' tornpil;.' running I)
'l yrone, is l..r sale. TI., ,,m has in il I(H( ueies.
en,' hail' ,,f which i. under c i fence, and if- in n
go.i.l stale of i 'illivali'.'i. The bahinco is r.ell
tioib. ied willi liite Pine, Poplar, Cherry. Ches
i:nt and oilier timber. The land lies well and is
all f-.iscepiil.' . !' i.titi. alion not m -re ti, in live
acres 1 em,? broken or hilly. 1 1 neras of th" 1:111,1
i- in liiea.'c.w, and about 'Ztt more is si.i.t'l ! '
for i.ieadow all oi'nhi.h can l e we'd wi.leied, a?
there is an abundance of water on the prcmi-es.
1 lure is a SAW-MILL within (.0 rode of 'lie plac.
and w itL-iu one mile, 'j iis iii.-..,ii"e to
Lcll'c 1 ii. -ling ( n t!.'. ri.'tr "s about I tnih s. .
The itiipr-m aii lit.' lire ti J. ,. '..j.-., ai,,l l'n:-,t,
Ttrtl, , i,,j ilunr ii iul i--ii b'iii-'iii , - There is -il ;. a
iii,ii,ii) ,,-. ;, ..;, ,',,' on i'i place in which vv'.l
I," i'oi:,-1 choice crafv I r.;,p, , pears, j.cailuiauJ
other liaiits.
'J I.e life is in 11 -put a', k- and Ihe property will be
sold low ui,d oti in-, 'o,n, in. dalin t-'rins ac the on
rr I. -s made arran;;, uienfs to etii-a(.-i' in l.n-'res?
cLowlur-. I or l-n. npplv to
L- J. CH'AXft, C!"!iif.e;d, JV.
Seplembfi- Ll, 1S3L tf.
SIONi: VYAlU; .HM rACK'ltl.
IlK i ubscribcrs r.-, " 1 f-flv anto nnee to the
if., -us of C!en;iieil t-oiintv, r "1 the '.if lie
K 'neraMy. Hint llo-yt ve i.ow iiu'.i.n.acl. ni:.; the
be t of'xyt.v; ir.i,'; ,, .,,:,, --i, ,-,,, uu-i
prepared t i furnish all ai ielcs in I'i, ir line (-.,it.. 1
to any manufactured c!-ewhere, mi. ton rea-.. liable
St 'f I'i c Ci-'lir censlrnily on Land.
Also, St.. lie ll'odr Conj!;cU,i iiianiifatlurcd to
order. -
Orders prnnipfy att"iuled to. and a libera! dis-
count tini'le to wholesale piirtl,a-,.rs.
IOTTF.I: ) .'.'.'
(I'v Ai Ttii.niir it Tin: Snm -r aiaiuma.)
(Vol'ei t-tl uh tfi, Jt,.l (lnt plan.
Class D-To lie Pra'.rn on llir joili of Sipl.
;,.- oo
0, lilill
I.i nil, 2.1S pri?.., nu-ommin: to :
Tickets i.i,l'U J I, liven mil (;(.. ac
tion. ii-A'! commuiiiesiioo. :(- t 1 v c
SA.'M'f.l. SVT N. Ae-i'd .'
Monl go
In., ) Jon" L' l, I l.-l v.
41 -T Ah it IV
p11E fjndid H"t if Clo'.l..-. C,i'..;,iicr,-. X
1 ti) amir. its. Ac, recently purchased bv
the snl'-rrilier, whi 'h he will f-rll ,r i,.r,!..c i,p t-i.,r-d'-r.
in the m-.-'t fu-lfpa'-le nn-1 in, tun. r,
at his storr in 'S!.'v' It. w,' 1 he tnaiorr I and 'til-'
warranted. 'o for showiug.his beautiful
and clie:i r'-fols. ,
Ik' would inform the trade in Clenrfi.M that he
is (he nuiborirol n-'i nt f..r i.-v---e's ,. rrl .n Bi.J
I Psri Fashions.
I Clearfield, July S, IS.'.J.
ii (. r, k s n .
'i ii ... .. !.. , ih- i.
I , , i-"i I si t- e,,i t I c, n
I II !
. In ll.'-' I" at "
1! ,1 , .., .,(
t .
, i -' ' II -i ..1,0. or
, i ,,i, I i In tiy i i'-p." -I
I ', . I . I,s I . -lore I man V
! Ii :
! i.i'
ns nn im idi nen of
' 'I''', SpeilltitlK
nun h s : It is i i-
I ll
.1 f I
,..: -. I .
'. Illll
' tc dl,
b. .. liihy nn airrce
in:, I prop, 'Hies lull"!
: v hole i f (lie til inl
the inarv noil
i it, . in when inlro.
, ; vp.
,-, t , ,
.,1 C,
,1 u;
a h, I ,,'t M ' ', I led ;.. tl'l pro
I i.e ll ana is f ir rule at all
i hi ill the country ,
.V. ) . ..). ..on, ..Vi... II.
TI," fi baler is wcii nn li e breast under the.
lin.-ii w il In.iit the b-iist incnx ciiieiicc the heat of
IIi.I-.mIv I'oinjf 'i t 'ei' iit to evap rale the lliiiil.
Ilm.d'.vds id CASKS of Cl'Itl'.S like Hi., follow
in:; ii,';..,t be ).: 1 n-L tine Packno of Ilygeana
I a. ui-,.d mc of the ASTHMA of fix years ,-tand-in-t.
,n., '. A . . ... ri-', '. . yio:rf.n,ii,rf, Vi.
I am cured .,!' fie AS i JIM A of 10 years i.tu':d
ing by l)r. Curtis' llyecanii.
.1., r'urrt lftsl'Hif llrimk1!!. X. I",
Mrs. Paul of .No. a, Main,, ecu! rl., N. V., was
enrol of a severe ea-e of llroiiel.iti.- by the 1( vircana.
Jlv si d.-r has been cured of a LlSTKLS.-'INtl
1 COl'li II of sever., 1 years sluiidin, and decided to
j he incurable by her Physicians.
j She was i i ni:n in ut: mom ii l.y the TTypcann.
i J. II. (.'o,i' i7. '. .1., A'cimnin, .!.-.
1'rico three ibdlnn n I'aekatre. Sold bv(TR-
1 TPS t l'LUKI.NS .t Uu VI) i. PALI. Xo. 110
Chainhcrs street, N. V. I PacUairesI uout froo by
icxprcs toimv part of the I niteil Stales for RIO.
X. V. Or. Curtis' llvircnna is the OIlltllXAL
and ONLY C K.N LIN L A KTICLK. all others aro
ba:o imitations or vi.o si.d X.I I' It IKS counter
leils. Shun 1 In-in as you wutild l'Ol.-'IfX.
. Sept. 25, '5L- ly.
Tin; in ihsom
Munn'lrhtrttl hi lUll. ol IlT, UltATlI.KT A Co., '11
I J.icAv t Htr tt, Mittn-hrKlcr, Lmjluinl.
I Principal Warehouse, 1U2 U'onii tti vt, Cliijislih;
I .,oi'oa, Ejht,v.
J American Kstahll.-h'nonts, .'18 Anil itwt t- 105
A'osmu , Jl '.
' Tiik Iiydronia'en a vnlaablc discovery for
tj'idectimf the feet from dam, or c.,!.l, and fuere
'W re a ineven.lve of niiinv Lunir diseases, withnut.
t'lty tl'Ht-jrtiti't u-litttifrr. The liylromajfen is ih V
the fonn of u sole, nnd worn iu.-'.d,) tlio boot or
shoo. Its i.ii ,i'niie chnructer i.- n i,aivcrful nnli-
thwarted by their f.'iK-ral adoption. 'J hey eu-
tiv dy ta" ruili- m-er-so,..-, an the latter cnuso lh
! f.: -t P. perspire in u very nnlicallliy niaiiiier ; nnd,
be: ides, uie not dan, 'roiis wear t" pedestrians in
icy weather, like India rubbers. While tho latter
cause the feet (o appear extremely lar-e, the lly
ilrnma";,'!), beine; a mere I ll in slice of cork propar
.cd. pe-ailiarly placed inside, does not increase tho
i . 'ue of Ihe bo .1. or cause the foot to appear untidy.
To children they are extremely valuable, ns they
may Ciijrae ill exercise-with comfort and laulthy
.fleets. '4 heir expense is so slight lis to vearco
need lu.-ntitoi ; beside", those who patroni'.e Uietn
I will find their yirlij oV-fort hill mwh liimini'ici
; rWc'iy.
I As tlie Ilydroinapen is becoming more known,
I its sale is iiicrcu.-in;; to an a most intredible ex tout,
i La d year in London, Maticlu-stor, IPrrninghiim.
j Liverpool, il!usi;ow, Leed, llaldin, l'aris, Ant-
v.eri. Ilalnhu: ' I,, and llt-iiin, our sales reached
1.7. 12. 1 jl) pairs of Cork S,los. Thisyeartlie num
ber wi'l far .--'.irj.ass
i Ask the Faculty their opinion of (heir value as
a prevei.iive f,,r ( ono,, c,t,U, M,-onchitit Atthmo,
ami i ,,iii,iu,ti,,n.
Mt:xs' .-'i.t:, p, r pair, S3 cents. '
h auls' do (1" ' .".0 do
i..vs' Miosis' do 25 do
Xoti. i:. From the K tatl Prices wo nuiko a
v.-rv liberal allowance in Jobbers and Wholesalers,
so that anv storekeeper ia.iy make a fine profit on
.their fale. while Ih, y nro an article that may ho
' k 'pt in any sloi-e, uiuoug any class offend.,.
For terms, npplv t-
3S Ann hlreot. Xew York.
Sept. 25, I.sol. Sin.
itioo iiuoii a;i:ms wamkii,
T ) Canvas fur- ih,. V.cst and most f..ilonble
ISuui. piiblilicil. They are wii.'ten by iho
iuost popular Authors of tho day, inrlodins; I'lnonj;
i. tilers, T. S. Amiup, of who... hist preat woik.
Ten NigliU in a Bar Roor.i,"
Iicfe1;; r.i i.-s hav e been si.l will, -u a mouth o.'' .11.
Tiies. Lool.i tic beauf fully illustrated, (tnniir
of ti.eia wi'h liuely colored plaics) and are priutod
uod i'oiliui ill tilt' Lest lii'inuer.
A,, ul.- whl tied a pi, -n'-rni And prohtal le em
ployment in'fi.'ir cireululion. F-,r phiiicuhir
. H.i'ti'v-s po.-t paid.)
i:i:ai)Lky, r,i.t;.i
l.eet, Philalieiphhi. .
1 "111 Ml S
s it; v
CD'. i .
(1 Mf In tho rc-i-i'-nce . f th.
J i'.aWT'-m-e t- so hip. ncarfi.-l
i subscriber, in
Id county, on oi
i i, I Hi" tir-tof Au::n. la.t.aDAHK lilil.NHLl-
Jl lill-T XX, nip,u..,-. t be about two years old
V.,f. p. -lliaii in '.i.e 1 . id. The onuel
Will C IS.! f.reald, ! .,.' j rop,.,-(y, ,lo! tiku hl-l
aw ay. ...1 n ruise .'he w ill be di-p.-ei ol i-- f .e l,..,-.
I direcis. 'J 11'iS. J. Mi.iOiiK.
Luv.renc..- to-. , J. 2.', IS.',!. ).d
' ' I '
u.i) run ...ue.
.UT.KS LAND in Tlur i id" town-bin.
ae,cs , f l,ii li are ch ared, and Hie t ab
nnco well liinbi'u-l. will l.o s. ld cluaji. A ij .o '
h .use lti by 2.1 feel i.. cr I liii r-"ii. ) he j',u.,t
lie" on fi" II "li', ley burr road, f. r uiile? frcm
X' w Wa-b 'glon, mid c pii-distunt from the Hivci
ui.d ( best Cr.-ck.
.i.-'f or fui lli.-r infoi motion and lerms rj plv (e
( le.-irli.-br. Soi.i. 2:.. i-;
Valiinlile Tarn nml Ti-ulur Laml for S;;lr.
"'Ill: 'ubscril er i f er.. f-.r ..-,1c a vnliiable Farm.!.' in Morris t wn. hip, ( lea: lie', I eountv.
containing m-res ami', withabou'
J lo acres chare, I, under iro,,.l I, i,-, and in an er-
jc il.r! stale of ciltiuif on. Tlie iiiip.nieiucnt-
are Two Oo..d liw llin H oi-es, e Stable nn, I
Lr..,;.-- Ih.rn, with two thriving Orchards. Sni.,
. i'ar.u is .-it nr. to on tlus voa-1 1... ling I,,,,,, Phil
ip I irg to Lvhutov. n. ab ait one mile iiorla of tin
'J'lirn'-ike, n' "i it 1 I ni'h s ens! of C.-:-r1c-l,l.
, 'l lie OO of wood land is covered Willi oak am'
w hite p:ne t'.trb.-r of .uperioi- ,,t:Hlily.
.; ;: F r lunln r pariieulais ap 'y to the "ib-cri
ber on the p.-c-mi-e.. Au indisputable title wi!
. l. piven.
i Y, rri- ip.. Sept. 25, '6 I--pd- Hoi.
i K'lioor. rr.At m;i:s tvANi in.
i ? 1 K VCli 'IRS. compel, i.i ! imp .it an I-'i.g
y li.-h l.-.u -i'i..ii lot!,,;, pnpUt, viil li.:d a r-.i-itionl'os
siluaiii.n. and n Lb. Mil salary, by ai.plvii.;
to J l,n 1 'lomnsoii, Pro-id -nt of the H eird .,( J'i
reel or.-of Jot, Ian town-lup, l.arli.-l-l county, i
lo Ike uud, r-i'.ncd.
I'v order of lb..,;, I of Iirc -t'.r.
P. J. cat liC.U'.T, yry
Sept. 25, 151.
1Y oid-n.f I
c.n.ity. tin
the Tn ham' Court of Clearf,.-! !
iiat vilu'ible liol'SK and Lot.
h the ai-purleniinces, Utely iicciipied ty Alt,
1 ! i:. X Li ling, siiuiil-' in the illag" of "Ccba."
better l-nown n Si.-i'l.'.- 'ill-. in W,....iwar'l town
siiip. Clearfield count. , an I known in the plan et
. aid hn nd Lot Xo. 1 1, will be mid al I'l'ilLlC
VF.NUI-la hi, 'ii llic preuii.-t-., on iolncj iy -u
lfrtfiif.V.,ri'sr, 1S..I.
..J--Tkiiiin. Une-hKlf ea.-h in band, and nn-
liult i one ).'.
A l:f!A HAM MVLI.NU, l-.lm'r.
, Sept. ?.", U