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T!!StU $ 50 ifpauhvithin six months, $1 75, if pniihuthm iiiiic i.rmtlis, ami if not nai.l until tho cxpinition of the year 00 vi!l j)o Hn r-nl .
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ii r iiif iii
Advent of Col. Archlb&M Yell.
Tho morning of tlio first Monday in
November, 1833, broko on tho mild mori
dinn of Arknnsns, with a sun of almost
riental.brilliancy. . A sky clear ns crys
tal bent its bluoarch ovcrnn atmosphere
snftnnd warm as tlio balmy breath of
May. It was a godsend of golden wenth
cr to tho gathering crowds of human be
ing9 that from an early hour came pour,
ing into the streets and public square of
Vnn Buren, a new but flourishing village,
situatod on tho river from whenco tho
state derives its name, and in the immo
diato vicinity of the Cherokee line. Men,
woman, and children, whito masters, black
slaves and wild painted Indians, with
plumes nodding from their swarthy brows,
continually swelled that living sea, all
burning with impatience to witness their
favorite sheno to enjoy, one might say,
their only popular amusement, tho com-
monplesurc alike of every class for on
that day tho district court opened its regu
lar sessions for the Urge county of Craw
ford. Persons ignorant of the economy of
social life in the backwoods cannot even
imagine what a strong and strango pas
sim tho so fur western people manifest for
the excitement of tho forum, and more
especially for tho concomitants and con
sequences which always attend or follow
in i s train. Rut we should remember
that, in tho paucity o oiher means of
eregnrious amusement, it is to them
church, theatre, gymnasium, newspaper :
and telegraph tho solo focal point of ro
union, where nil orders, and not unfre
quently both sexes, go to seo iind bo seen. !
Tho court-yard is also tho frontier pro
paratory school of party politics, in which
the young athletic of ambitious genius
leum lo exercise their tongues to dart
dnggor-worda of bttter denunciation, and
their hands to wield real daggers, pistols
ond shot-guns.
Tliii, loo, ia the battle ground where
the older heroes, whoso laurels have been
culled on many a bloody fiold, moot to
measure arms." This is the constituted
place for the decision of all matters in dis
puto of every name and description.
The paper, pleas of record form but a
small item of the multifarious issues to be
tried hero. Has the fair fame of a wo
man been soiled by the poisonous lips of
slander, it is here, near the door of the
forum, and within hearing of tho judge
nnd jury, that father, brother, or husband
will wash out tho dark stain with tho red
life blood of tho calumniator, or else lose
tho last drop of his own. lias a private
quarrel occured betwixt bullies, altor
nies, doctors, teachers or divines, bo sure
it is hero, in the public court-yard, before
the gazing, shouting, agitated multitude,
that tha parties will light it out. Such is
the common law of custom and tho pro
seription of immemorial and sanguinary
" Hero, also, is the chosen rendezvous
of rogues, drunkards, whiskered gamblers,
horso jockeys and all office hunters and
demagogues. It is for reasons such as
these "that the docket of a frontier court
is never cleared of its cases ; for every
old one adjudicated, at least Iwo new ones j
are added to ihe list, and thus tno accu -
mutation goes on increasing Trom year to d ho company unperccived.-
ycar. This makes it iho or the j r tr r thnl noone reCogni7.ed
lawyers. There is a sad drawback, how- cqM hnv0-cvcr imvo secn be
ever, on Iheir felicity. Tho litigants, j thj g!anco lhnt beheld him once
witnesses and spectators nre mostly load-1 ncver (orA ,js jmage. Habited
ded down with deadly weapons, and arc i, a"over jn n rrP8h suit of leather orna
equally ready touso them on tho s'ghlcst , mcntrj with fantastic figures, with a pnn
show of insult. Hence nono but fearless , 8urrn0unting masses of ra
fighters need hope for success at Uo, ro,lcd in wjd his im-
bar. Under such a state of circumstances, . cinctured bv a broad belt
: . f onnraivo tho acencs of wild
strife, confusion and outrage exhibited in
' . j- ...I infirm 1 lor-
a Ironticr lorum, wuuro j-"b-
ced Ly ncccsity to be cither a tyrant or a
slave, and tho counsel ore always bullies.
ibh nnticination ol
11 wns, uiciwiuiv, ,
lb6 nntic.pai.on o
violent excitement in tho snapo oi ui.iu.
im.lira that drew such engcr nnu nur
to tho court-hoiiso in tho
rvinrr tbronos
villno of Van Buren 'on tho occasion
first alluded to. The human pu
nisi nil"""" - - . , ,. :n
presented a view animated and busy in
the highest ocgreo. vm ui .t)C C!lst ai3composeu uy
houscsf forty -thrco were groceries, Wltl1 ! 8crutiny and gapping wonder elicited by
every door and window wide open, ami ndven( U(J only opcncj ,he cavern
so densely crowded that it required ha I- j of , is (hro(lt anJ gfVC VRV l0 nn irrcprcs
n.don clerks in each establishment to, ssion 0naughtcr.
supply the thirsty customers, mo
counter tmght uc b ihpir'
dressed gamblers, ringing gctnor ' " I
r.,ii .inr. onsses ocioro -.c
;hampn,Pnoe disappeared beneath thejr
beards. In the center of iho ?n
rude mountain hunter, war. ... - -
hand and a huge quart meas r m
:!, nther iust raised lo his rtcd
One instant more ;
o and the nectar oi nuiu
fire rhall melt on n.s gre- - -;
nol It stopped inlransitu by ibe trong
Tl 'r - Znr-rcl Indian.who snatches tho
overflowing vessel an
" " . . j n:. .u n Jhrounn
wuatnaii D , , ...,h veii 0f,
f rorcou evergreen where ino
sand diamonds bevies of bright eved wo
men are scaled on a carpet of grass tho
daughters smiling at tlio accomnlish
ofthoir beaux, and tho mothers smiliii" to
near tho prattle ol their children.
At nmo o clock, a eroun orinwvr.
doctors.and politicians colonels all woro
engaged in earnest conversation around
tho bar, undisturbed by tlio drunken
shouts and din of tumult rcverberntingwilh
out, far and near, over tho villa ti.
"It is tho hour for calling court," remark
Roub Reynolds, Esq., "und jot our now
Judge has not arrived."
"If he's smart, ho won't nrrivo at nil,"
said Gen. Smoot, cutting fjguros in iho
air with a showy sword-enno which ho
had applied ft el armis to tho shoulders
of a now judgo lately resigned. Gen.
Smoot was tho" My Lord Coke" of Ar
kansas. Ilo had umosscd a hundsomo
fortune in the brief space of fivo years.
rand by universal consent, ranked at the
head of his profession. It is truo ho had
not worked his way up to this proud ele
vation by learned und laborious research,
nor had ho soared there on tho pinions of
impassioned ahd peerless eloquence, nor
had intellect, or imagination, or purity of
icciing a idea in ins ascent; ho had, simp
ly hewed his way through all obstacles
with the sharp edge of an immense bowio
knife, which few save himself had suffi
cient strength to wield. Wo to tho luck
less witness that gave him a cross an-
swer. Wo to tho opposing counsel thnt'jsichn coward's trick as that I Ilo hoi
did not cower before his thunder ! And . Icred "Here boys, throw somo water in
a dceoer wo to the oresumtuous iuden who ni.i IWo'a r,m tn l.rmrr dim in. u lulu I
,arcj to check his brow beoting insolence'
or who assumed the right to determine 1
odo point against him!
hen, therclorc, tho bystanders heard
tho duelling general ultcr his oracular,
loconism in reference to tho new judge,
everybody comprehended the implied
threats, and burst into a heatty laugh.
"What is tho namo of his expected
honor?" inquired Col. Roub Reynolds,' could ho bo provoked to tho amusement
Esq., as ho gave his mouslacho an extra! ollaughtor.
twirl. I Tho by slanders, however, felt no dis-
"A. Yell, from Tennessee," replied ! position lo unite in Dill's explosive each
Co!. McBall, "and ho has come to Arkan-j ination, for Col Leepcr, n Tcnnessccan,
sas with the commission of a territorial and well acquainted with Juduo Yell, hav-
judge in his pocko, for tho purpose of,
making capital lo bo the hrst governor ot
tho new state whon organized."
Col. McBall was himselt nn aspirant
for tho hi"h olfico of which ho then spoke
Ilo did not obtain it, but. he did obtain tho
post of Cashier of tho Eaycttcville bank,
nnd five years afterwards robbed it and
ran away with ono hunlrcl thousand
"How do you call his name?" intcrro
gated Gen. Smoot, elevating his sword
"A. Yell," repented Col.. McDall.
"I'll change his name to A. Howl," re
joined Gen. Smoot, perpetrating a meta
phorical pun, whilo tho sword cano descen
ded with a most belligerent flourish.
A boisterous shout from tho group tes
tified their general approval of tho men
ace. 't
"Is any one acquainted with this Yell ?"
asked Col. Wallace, who was also a con
didato for tho fuluro gubernatorial chair.
'I is." answered a deep toned voice,
that started tho listeners like tho roar of
1 I
, . , sneaker, who
a tnunaoruoii
j.. ... ,!: .:,i, niai
literally bristling wilh pistols, of almost
gignntic stature, with a faco of bronzo
and hands of iron, tho latter grasping an
rmo.ia mm. doubled-barrcllcd, and
hammer9 ot iaf.cock, tho unknmvn
i , r lit llin rmhndied
, d fof M
tho world tho embodied
of mHfCUnr
forco and diabolical
j ' WflS rivtcj 0l, thia strango
lower of hinpan strength, but for several
:,,i.,0 rirrv lin wfls dumb. In tho
iinii"iv-' -
i nnwhic ,hG giant xlid not appear in
. Kncourng(,d by ,his nrbiguous sign of
idiocy or good humor, uen. omoo; ven
lurcJ l0 address tho organized phenome
"You say, fellow, that you aro acquain
ted with Mr. A. Yell!"
I reckon I isn't nuthin else, replied
tho unknown, proudly.
Smoot "What sort of a man is hot
Tnknown "Ho'a a man."
Smoot Will he fight I"
Unknown "Yes, he'll fight every-
thinff and anything, from tho devil on his
Kurn.n throno up to a wy
- " .
nMholhisskull empty of brains and his pocket
tun oi
ever secn
'! haint I seen mm
barj ? Uo ddaT mind
their teeth os much as you or mo would
tho scratch of a blind kitten." Tho com
parison was nccompanied by another cho
king fit of merriment.
Smoot (angrily) "I do not doubt Mr.
icll is n perfect hero in a benr fi"ht. but i
can ho fight men eh I"
Unknown (indignantly) "Why bless:
rny soul-caso, that's his reg'lar trade, !
whilst bar fightin' is only fun to keep his
hand in practice ! I wish vou could have .
seed him whip old IIoss Allen! You , brief definition of different snccics of crime,
know as howthcy were both bully lawyers, ! lie began a general lecture on tho necessity,
but Archy Yoll was nllcrs tho cutest, and ( importance and duties of courts. Ilis
that mado old IIoss tamal mad, and he clear tones, nt first low and persuasive,
thought he'd scare tho other off tho track;! gradually rose, and rang, vibrated, and
but ho might as well havo tried to scare ; thrilled the air, filling tho ample forum
a steam engine. Arc. y dodged two bul-j and rolling far out over tho public square
lets, and bein' without weapons hisself, j till crowds came rushing from every gro
cotched old IIoss by the throat and bt-jcery, thronging tho doors and darkening
gau lo squeeze away iiko a cotton press. the windows, all anxious to sco and hour.
Then old IIoss jerked out a big knifo and j They stood breathless, fascinated, won
began lo licklo Archy's ribs, but ho der-struck, yet delighted; whilo thero
couldn't make him laugh, nor let go his stood tho bluo-eycd magician, weaving the
hold on his windpipo neither. Ilo cut ' spell of words which held them like a vice
out his intrels, but Archy held them up ' of steel.
with his left hand and choked harder than! And yet strango to say, his eloquence
ever with his right. At last old IIoss
lost his breath ; his eyes turned red ns
blood and his faco black as a buck nig
ger's ; and he fainted till tho knife drop
ped from his fingers. Archy picked it
upt but ho didn't stiko into the enemy's
heart ? No, by 1 and Gen-
crnl Jackson ! Ilo wur loo bravo for
m, iiKoa doctor's shop and cot my intrcls
sowed un I"
y0u are a capital 'story teller," said
Gen. Smoot with a sneer". "Will you
bo so nood ns to favor us with vour own
name ?"
"They cnll mo good-natured Dill Ruf-
fum, replied tho giant, with an obstrcp-
erous roar, such as a red tier mieht emit
ing come up in lime to hear tlio narration
j ol that singular combat, substantially
confirmed tho tale, baling only the figu-
rative flourishes of its rhetoric
"Tho new judgo is a real hero then?"
inquired Roub Reynolds, Esq.
Col. Leepcr answered "Ho is the
bravest among tho bravo. I must own
that, although wo two aro sworn and eter
nal enemies."
This avowal elongated to a most lu
gubrious stretch a dozen legal visages, and
caused even tho duellist, Gen. Smoot, to
ground his sword cane. Little time, how
ever remained then to speculate on the
consequences of tho astounding fact, for,
at that instant "good-natured Dill Ruffum"
shouted with his inseparnblo chuckle
"Yonder comes Archy, God bless his
brave soul !"
With this exclamation every eyo was
turned towards iho door, through which
n man of most sriking appearnnco was
secn entering, wilh a bow of dignified
courtesy and a smilo of irresistible sweet
ness. Of a tall, slender, but sinewy
frame, and a shapo elegant nnd symmet
rical as n woman's; his bluo eyo beam
ing wilh a brilliant yelculm light, ofa soul
full of passion4s fire, but thoroughly self
possesed, his whola person wearing the
indcscribablo nir, and his faco tho coun
tenance of a gentleman lo whom popular
manners had grown a sort of second na
ture : dressed in rich but plain clothing,
iho stranger looked iho double personi
fication of ono born to power, yet educa
ted to please, and thercforo suro of com
mand, becauso ho would excite in others
tho will to obey.
Ilis bluo eye went like a flash of mild
summer lichining around tho circle of
spell-bound gazors, his fine head almost
imperceptibly nodded, and his winning
smilo seemed to melt into every separate
lieaj-t. Ho had held out his hand to only
a single acquaintance, for ho had but one
thero who was a friend ; but tho greeting
ho gnvo that ono acquaintance made him
a hundred new mends "Mv d'.ar nul
lum, how happy I am to see you I Hear
ty as a buck, too, nnd looking good n a
lured nnd brave ns ever !" llss voico was
clear ns tho tones of a silver bell, wilh n
rinnini echo of soft music that I ingcred
on tho car nnd penetrated tho soul.
Tho giant Bill BulTum grnsped the prof
fered hand with gesture ofnwkward bash
fulness, lie blushed ; ho did not orcould
not speak ; but ono great tear of joy,
prido and pleasure rolled from his wild
black eye and fell on tho judge's fingers.
Aye, that was a grateful tribute ofa rude
but faithful heart!
That trivial incident caused an immense
sensalion.nnd was fruitful of consrqjicnces. I power to annul the law, nor any w ill to
A loud murmer of backwooods voiecs see it annulled."
swelled up "Here's n gentleman ! He Tho judge's calm and business-like lone
ain't ashamed to shake hands wilh tenth- nnd manner only served lo irjitato the
cr hunting shins I Tie bows to common1 bully, who retorted, shaking his sword
folks! IKi'a tho right sort of judge I Jrnnc in the direction of the bench "what
We'll fight for him. jovcr may bo iho law, I, for one, will not
Then tho faco of Gen. Smoot was like u,nrn jts principles from the lips of an up
the convulsed face of a domon, nnd iill'S(Drt demagogue and coward I"
his legal myrmidons turned alo with si
lent rage.
Judge Veil immediately proceeded to the
scat on tho bench, and ordered tho Sheriff
to open court. Tha bland smile on his
hamlsomo features was renlaccd bv nu ex
pression of sere no but determined majesty.
Tho light in his blue eye grew firm and
steady a something lo bo feared as well
as loved. His charge to tho jury was a
masterpiece for that meridian. After a
had no profundity of learning, no polish
of rhetoric. Ho never used a trope, and
had no power of logic, ho seemed incapa
ble of copulating premises with a view to
keen argument ; but still that eloquence
wns incomparably insinuntiii'i. It wound
around tho soul, pierced through the heart
and rivited every thought like a fine thrend
of golden wire. It aroused no sudden
cheers, no boisterous feeling. Its cflect
was not admiration; it wa& conviction.
Men did not exclaim, "What nn orator!"
but they murmured to themselves, "How
true !" ,
The1 judgo concludid by alluding to the
dangers incurred by himself in the admin
istration of even justice ; and this Jast sen
tence, uttered in a terrible voice, thunder
ed forth the fearless nvowal "I will deal
out to every one jurors, witnesses, par
tics nnd counsel iho full mcasuro of le
gal right portaining to each, and no more ;
but I will maintain the majesty ol tho law,
nnd the dignity of my own person, or leave
the best blood of my heart hero on ibis
bench, my own place."
His face was illuminated by tho gloiving
fire of passion, his eyes literally blazed
and his very teeth nppcorcd lo shine wilh
savnge-nicaming raditnco Ihrounh hnlf
parted lips, rigid ns iron with tho energies
of indomitable will. Then iho insolent
sneer which had produced that final peal,
faded from thccountcnanco of Gen.Smoof,
as he whispered to his myrmidons
"By heavens! I think he'll fight ond I
mean lo Iry him before iho day is nn hour
"Ilis pockets lie smooth ; I don't think
ho's armed," suggested Col. M'K. Ball, by
way of encouragement.
"I wonder what he carries that cano for,
it would nid him but little in a combat, re
marked Rcub Reynolds, Esq.
"That cane, apparently so light, is a
powerful weapon of solid iron," said Col.
Leepcr. ."With it ono might fell an ox."
"So much tho belter," muttered Gen.
Smoot. "It will not then be asserted that
I attacked an unarmed man."
"Go ohrad, we'll all back you," whis
pered M'K. Ball.
Can the reader comprehend this scene?
Can ho imagine why this clique of law
yers should harbor such deadly hatred
against. the unoTtnding stranger? Tho
singular problem is easily explained.
Some of them had been unsuccessful as
pirants for iho office ho then filled, and
they all felt that he would hereafter bo n
dangerous competitor for future places of
profit and honor under tho State govern
ment obout to bo organized. This painful
consciousness wns aggravated lo madness
by the extraordinary impression which
their supposed rival had already nnd so
obviously produced in the minds of the
people. Hcnco nothing remained but to
test his courngi) to (ho last extremity an
awful ordeal to which every professional
man must submit who carries his ambi
tion to tho perilous market of the back
woods. Tho first rare on the docket was called,
und iho plaintilf stood rcadv. It was nn
old caso that had been in litigation for fivo
years. Gen. Smoot arose fur the defend
ant, and remarked in nn overbearing lone :
"Our witnesses aro nbscnt, nnd there
fore I demand that iho case bo continued
till the next term, in course,"
"Let the proper affidavit he filed, for
not till then can I et.tcrlain iho motion for
a continuance," was ihe mild response of
the judge.
'Do you doubt my Word ns lo the facts ?'
Gen. Smoot exclaimed, sharply, and in
voluntarily raising his sword-enno.
. "Not nt all sir," replied tho judge, wiili
his blandest smile; "but the law requires
that iho facts justifying a continuance must
appear on record, and tlio court has no
Judge Yell's bluo eyes shot lightning,
but he only turned to iho clerk und said
quietly "Mr. Clerk, you will enter a fino
of fifty dollars nguiist.Gon. Smoot, ns I
sco him named on my dockel, for gross
contempt of Court; and bo sure you is
sua un imtnediato execution."
Ilo had scarcely enunciated tho order,
when Gen. Smoot was seen lushing to
wards him, brandishing his sword-cane,
nil his features writhing with murderous
wrath, and pallid ns n corpso.
Every clane'o was fixed on tho counte
nance of the judgo, for all wished lo know
how ho would brook tho comin" shock of
tho duelist's fierco assault. But nono,
however, could detect the slightest change
in his oppcarence. Ilis cheek grew nei
ther red nor while; not a ncrvo soemed
to tremhlo ; his calm eyes surveyed the
advancing foo with as little sign ol pcrtur
billion as a chemist might show w hen tcru
tiiiizing ihe effervescence of som" novel
mixture. , lie sat pcrleclly still with that
slrdl ol painted iron in his right hand.
Smoot ascended the platform nnd im
mcdialelv aimed a tremendous blow wilh
his enormous sword-enno at tho head ofj
his foe. At that blow five hundred henrts
shuddered, nnd more than a dozen voices
shrieked, for all expected to seo tho vic
tim's skull shivered lo atoms. Tho gen
eral nstonishmcnt, then, may be concei
ved, when they beheld ihe litile iron staff,
describe a quick curve ns iho grent sword
cane flew from Sinoot's fingers, nnd fell
wiih a loud clutter at tho distance of twen
ty feet in the haH. Tho balled bully titter
ed a cry of wrath wild as that of some
wounded beast of prcyr nnd snatched his
bowie-knifo from its sheath ; but ero it
was well poised for the desperate plungo,
the littlo iron sto tl cut another curve nnd
the big knifo followed the sword-cane.
Ho then hastily drew a revolving pistol,
but before ho had lime to touch tho (rig
ger, his arm was stricken down powerless
to his side.
And then, for the first time, did Judge
Yell bctrav perceptible emotion. Ilo
stamped his foot till the platform shook
beneath it, and shouted in trumpet tones
"Mr. Clerk, you will blot this ruffian's
name as a foul disgrace Irom tho roll ol
altorneys. Mr. Sheriff, lake the criminal
to jail."
Tho latter officer sprung to obey the
mandate, and immediately a scene cf con
fusion ensued that no pen can describe.
Tho bravos and myrmidon friends of Gen.
Smoot gathered around to obstruct Iho
sheriff, whilo many of tho citizens lent
iheir opportune nid lo suslnin the authority
of the court. Menaces, screams nnd hor
rid curses, iho ring of impigning and cros
sing steel, ollcrnntc cries of rage nnd pain,
all commingled wilh iho awful explosion
of fire-arms, blended together a vivid idea
of pandemonium. But throughout all tho
tempestuous strile, two individuals might
be observed as leaders in tho whirlwind
and riders of tho storm. Tho new judge
used his liitlo iron enno wilh terrible effi
ciency, crippling limbs, yet sparing lite;
whilo "good-natured Bill Buflum, imita
ting tho clemency of his honored friend,
and disdaining tho employment of knife
or pistol, actually trampled nnd crushed
down oil opposition, roaring at every fu
rious blow " I his is tho way to preserve
order in court," a sentiment which ho ac
companied with peal? of wild laughter.
In less than two minutes the party ol tho
judgo triumphed, nnd iho cliquo of Smoot
sullercd a disnstrious dclcnt, nnd Iho bully
himself was borne nwny torion.
Such was tho dibut of Archibuld Yell
in Arknnsas ; nnd from that day his pop
ularity nsn man, ns a judge, ns n hero,
and ns a politician, went on rapidly nnd
brilliantly increasing (ill it eclipsed nil tho
oldest nnd most powerful na"mcs. Within
tho first year of his emigration ho became
a enndidnto for tho Governor's chair, nnd,
notwithstanding liic bitlcrcst opposition, ho
was elected by nino-tenlhs of tho votes pol
led. At the end of his term he canvassed
for Congress, nnd again swept tho State
Iiko a hurricane. Ho continued to serve
with success in tho supremo councils of
the nation until tho period of the war
with Mexico. Ilo then resigned, Lurried
home to Arknnsas, nnd raised a regiment
of volunteer cavalry, with which be made
nil possible despatch for ihe yceiieof nclion.
Tho w riter of the present sketch saw
him on his lino of march to coalesce with
iho grand nrmy of occupation, nnd never
will ho forget 1 ho evening passed by his
hospitable ciuiip-lirc on Red river, within
iho limit? of Texas Tho prophecy of hit
fiirewidl words still rings in my cars with
mournful distinctness.
"I go," said he, wilh a look of fire, and
in tones of thrilling emphnsis, "to make c
namo which shall bo co-rxlensivo wilh lb"
length and breadth of iho Union, or lo ex
tinguish life itself in a blaze of glory I' .:
lie kept his word, he did both. He ar
rived on tho gory arena in time lo witness
tho magnificent storm of the great day ol Yis'a ; nnd where is Ihe truo child
of American birth i hut ennnot namo ihe
three transcendent stars of chivalry who
fell quenched -in blood tlmt day ? nyp
who fell, but us they fill shed a (.nrtini;
sun-burst of everlasting life-light over thai
field of glory and of graves I Dost remem
ber? Ilurdin! Clay! Yell!
We havo only spneo rcmnining to glance
curraic calamo nt iho striking character
of Gov. Yell's eenius. It seems from his
childhood to havo been u liiplo compuiind
of courage, prudence und love ol Approba
tion. Although born of very poor parmts
ho was distinguished even w hen n boy
aliko by his daring, hia thirst for practical
know ledge, and the refined courtesy of his
manners. As a lawyer, judge and states
man, ho was fur from being profound.
Ho never sought for centrul problems em
bodying first principles ho hud no skill
for tho analysis of ca.scs; but ho had an
eyo for consequences near and remote,
piercing and far sighted as Ihe eagle's.
That ho hat! faults, we do not deny, but
whatever their nature or number, wo will
not discuss ihcm now. -.,-..
They were till amply expiated by that
heroic death tho, rich libulioii of blood
poured out on the niter of his beloved
country ! And on that alter,, too, nt tho
sumo hour, and on the same point of the
ensanguined field, before iho snme sweep
of fire and whirlwind of battle, fell another
sacrifice, humbler, yet not ihe less accept
able to the genius of our glorious father
land wo menu him who lias figured in
this sketch ns "good nalured Bill Buifum."
lie was always the inJbpnrablc companion
of Col. Yell. Ilo carried a slundard
through that storm of steel and lead. , Ilo
was cut in two by a cunnoii-shot, nnd the
colors of his country drooped over, him
like a shroud. . Poor Bill ! ho shall laugh
or weep now nevermore till tho last morn
ing ! Glorious Bill 1 he died near his
idolized friend, ond tho banner of thirty
stars was his winding sheet.
From th'. Mimouri P'ptilUcmi, 23.
A good deal of unnecessary nlarm has
been created in regard lo tho crops of the
present year, in many cases with specula
tive purposes in view. There can bo no
doubt thut tho wheat and oat crops, as a
general thing, were usually heavy, and
wilh the prospect of very little export de
mand for breudsluffs, there is a prospect
of an abundant supply for the home do
mand. In every section of Missouri tho
diouht has seriously affected the crops of
corn, potatoes, &c, and it may be said
thut thero is a total failure. Tho extreme
ouuiiVcaslern counties form exceptions,
our accounts leading us to believe that fine
crops w ill bo raised. Those who have
failed in tho production of corn for their
own uso will of course have lo rely upon
others, and to pay what even now seem
evtrnvagant prices. Still thero will be
corn enough produced in this and Iho ad
joining State to supply the demand. ,
Wo learn from Minnesota, Wisconsin,
the northern part of Illinois, and much
more then ono half of Iowa, that the crops
of corn, potatoes, ccc, never promised
belter returns for tho lubor of the farmer.
So it will be as we have before said, in the
counties fronting Iowa on tho Missouri.
Added to this, there is much corn of lasi
year's growth yet in tho barns. ' Wegaw;
an instance ot this yesterday, in specula-
ilnn rvtniln nt T .nv i n ntf-m Tlirt Pr ril ( It I
G w , other d ke of a ,Q
amount still on hand in that county ; und
thero are lowns on tho Upfper Mississippi
river where large amounts of old corn may
be purchased, l'eoplo should not bo de
ceived by croakers. There is nn abun
dant amount of grain for a year to conic,
and an inflation in prices predicted on n
short crop everywhere is likely to operate
to the prejudice of speculators.
The Ohio Slate Journal has an article
on tho same subject, from which wo make
an extract ;
Tho drought may havo injured the
crops, but it has nol destroyed them. The
wheat, what thero is of it, is of nn excel
lent quality, nnd onls ncver produced u
better yield. The hay there never hai
been cut in any former occasion so abun
dant a crop of hay as tho farmers have
now stowed awny in their stacks, nnd in
their barns. Tho corn crop is not n fail
ure by any means. Take the whole Stntc
together, thero will bo nearly nn average
cron. "Through Madison nnd Union co's.
nnd in parts of this county t ho corn wan
never better. As for potatoes, ihey nre
too small lu talk nboul. The trees in iho
orchards are breaking down with fruit.
Tho poaches arc good, iho apples neve
better, and tha grapes are luscious. 'On
markets nre crowded wilh nil llio luxuries
of iho senson, nnd though tho buyer com
plains of tho silvery ttiste of evr rvthing
that is purchased, tho mdlcr is very w illing
lo gratify his lusl.c for iho ensh down.
Flour, to be sure, is vinr. dollars n barrel
but it is very g.wJ (lour and plenty ol
it at that price.
fclT'Look here what are you sweariug
at lint poor old i.g for?' . ' . : .
'I log ! Bless my soul, (hiccup) I tho'l
I wns addressing (hiccup) tho o'd woman.
(Hiccup.) I ask the lion's pardon,
(llii'cip.) Just aik that bnck h.miu to
s'nnd s'ill (hiccup) till I get around llin
corner (hiccup) that's a good fellow
now f-r ii.' 'And awny ho went into ill
ccller. .
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