Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, August 02, 1854, Image 3

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    I mivj'Miwr or iRuiowN.
j H.c IVtmiitht in nrriM'l M
" , Voi" M 'li'luy evening tlm i2i
inoini', l-fnipna tl"' i"te1ll;tcm'(MrilHl tip.
4 finiri.''" ' 'nn ''"!li ortlreytotvnon the
7 inib uh'im by Urn I nit.'d Niut, liii.o.
vnH nno, conminnd.'il by I apt, Ilillin,1
winch nrrived nt ,Nnn "Juan d.l None,
on tl 11 tli inst. in iwriity-ono day from'
,Yw 01 U rommisWoiird luceitle certain i
liirti'Hiltin between Amrrirnn citizen mid
t!io loonl authorities.
Ilia authority end residents if (ho r ,'"; , .7 , tM "r
lown refused to nmko the slightest apology. King, r. che,n,.twi..,. j,ini;,, Ml..M; "J"
Alter giving ampin nnio,.niv no reply .niv
in? been reeoivcd, Captain f lollms on tho
lh instant, issued a proclnmntion to the'
mmt rimmrii witting.
t III HHt! In fITVtiMll ItnM'tO, OlP V
rmiK iv l mmiiMii'n i irnt i I'iri tuns.. .. . . . .
iht. ..ih .ImIj. The 1,. I! Vh. .?? h" m w,n,.,,c, ,, , , . u
"miui'oHincr of
vliun nf the Den,.
mill,... of Vigilance f.,r (he respective tuti..i Candida.. ", . .1 . U"n' t..wr,.ht
and boroughs, were i,ppoii,e, . ' n .', ,h "I County Com,,,,,.,,
..,m..-v. v. Miiuin. Frederick vvur. j.,i, " ' ' """"'-""'"'u.tihf
I. In. ' -"it -vouiiit convention.
" ' -; A. M.-tlhee, Win. T. ll.lhoiL J, W
( mii.lii'll, t'niil. Ueotg.. Wallet. "
j i... j t ' """'I'lJ "unly iulii..i i .i ..
.......,r,.-,,I,r niiue, au. Livingston. Mm.
"""Iri.lgo, 11. Spsekimin, Jr.
ii "fT '"'"K- Si''l Arnold. Ur. J.
V J VUdllMs
I I II 11MUIK, Mil,, xt o
... . r . .. "'" "I 1 Icaiilel.l, as
.. .....j n-i Q
t'cinueiatic Comity Coiucntl,
lli iclion of (ha
( lu.k A lUt.ii, W. L. Murc, John L
(.,y,K.C'UutPrl, Hr. F. 1'anQelO, J. l)au.
11 ' 1. Rr Hndinih,.,! hi nnnn,,,,... u n it... V"
(1::,)rH':,i':L -f" v..
.n rL "",ofCo",.Tr""''"-i-'nor,.rci.1,
crulio l .uuiity Cunreiiijun.
nuihoriiies and residents tlmt unless nii !t'r.
apoly was mndo by 9 A. M., on the 13th, 1 1r L"u'rZv 1 vl ' nx- J- ! Ttomtuou, lLoi,u"""i"i,r of -''-tiiJ county-,
,' 1...11 X...i ' , Wr. II. P. lhnipw.n. lvl 8t.iMt. .acliou ,f (b. liMnul,r.i. t....V-.
"rKnr fttllhorirrJ In ..,n,.M,.. tin.....
he should, without furiher notice proceed
to bomtmrd ttie town. No npulogy came.
On tho morning of the i:ttli the inhabi.
tants ofiho town leH.and look to the woods,
leaving all iheir properly behind tlium.
At 9 o'clock tho Iwi'iity.four hours having
expired, wo hauled abrenst of tho town and
opened u firo upon it from our starboard
Lattery and continued for several hours,
every shot Inking effect ; we shot nwny
their thig-stnh", and down came tho ensign';
tut the houses boing Iraino wo could not
do much injury; therefore wo censed fir
iiig, and sent a party on shoro to burn tho
tmvn, and in a few hours tho whole place
wus in ruins. Sun Juan is now ono heap
of smoking ashes. The authorities have
been taught that our government will not
allow her ministers to be imprisoned with
impunity, and also that the commander of
the Cynne is the wrong man to bo trifled
The II. 13. M. schooner
West India Company's Mailsteamc
and a lintisli merchnntma
1'tcutnr Juhu llui'li. M .i'i , .
Ow jiT'0" rU'r Bt'11, C"Ur,S MoCr," k". T'wi.
till III T
iilijfct to llm
Ctlou of tho . 1 .
uiiir t. nnvrnlimi,
.. ' July 2(1, 1MJ4.
r imtfkorifrd .n...... 1.....M
UM, tTKi k , . -...wu.ii v ..til'
..... -" tunny 1111. am u i...n
luimiit. rr the office of Count e oh 1 1 nml nl.n.i ,.l,l...
- . . : i
i I'lf.irflclcl county.
July 12.
rd, Josoph "1IT HtftEAS. Tk JAMKS Ul !t
L. T i. :,fV hlL,;,Es1-. l'r-iaeiil JndKouf tho Conn
iKcj, Johu of louunon flou ,.f thetweuly.nfih Ju.lioiul Di8
fox Jul. MoorhcHd, J. T. Untidy
(!irar,l-l . .!., Hijrt.t, J.,.. Kylur, llcti. C.rr.
Ghcitl. W. Urul.imi, Th.iuipson Hou.l
Vul. ll.'vi.nor. E. M 1 .,,..
JurJnn Cunrad DnkiT, tloorgo trlturd, J
A'artA,i.Vin. Iiridgcnii, M'ui
limn ll,lii, Milci lu-ud.
it'iCXiiuu t,.r ou,,"un' - w ''' Juhi S!"rri
F. John.n. A. llil. T . I Z V" ' ,e l 'V " f My. Uutt,
It. Denver. ' - "W ' '"'ou. tor inc bol,llns of , ( mirt of Co.,,.
'Ht KJi Bloom. John w.1,.1. t.,. , ,.JS'te.:ni,frit,'f''t''
ie ' ' 4uiiihji, -.!., vtiiirufi wyHranu Jorminor, hd1 Court of
. .oh reter i,.inrdo, jr.. Elian Horn.
H omitnnrA ll W ti
... ".vuun, jiuuiuu iionutron
. '..' . . .
f . f-.Y.V
tl tntii f tp rni
(ti' til .r In. rum.
titit ..rrt ill nil
till. (if.,itfl fof
whl' h It in frriitn
IllKlldH M itllly
rnlli'd t rmnlr tV
J .!... Of th...e
ttrtt I'B o t. p f
1 Ti nt, nr KnlliiiK
ol i lie Wtunli i Fi.t -oit
A 1. 1 11 , or
Vhitt ii , I'ltttiitiir
Ikhihtiom OK
R(nliiliiiii rnpusliu ninriiliniiilit lo Uif
r .nvtitntlon of Uif I omitionn i nil h.
( uiitmonwfiillh, l. n d tint utiini-v in rnlm. Ii.ll I...
itplilifd iii (Jits purpos fur wliil h the .Mil iav It
tifrtms 2. To pity the puldlc dcl.t of the Com-
trl,.t I r -"" "I
V. Imvn i,iyii,..l .1...- .
bctirin,. .l,.t.l. vi v.. .TL-I. l'!'1
1 n t..i..
.-...-.n. wan j.ruvt'rv. Bl I enrt A .1 ..n ....I r
I!'vr.?i'l.M,?!,n'-V' "'' .' THIK1 MOX11AY of
. Tl,eforKoi,,Comuii,,oo.VreI 18lL 'fll'p-
o vtui mwungi l tlto Democrau of tUeir rtner-
f, tTl 1 -7n l v1;''1 'l theU"UBl P'f hoU- f-r tl.c .aid county ! c "irftol to
" L C uumuurot " ', ncoonu, lufiuuniou., Kiaminatinnn. n.l
es of the same, laying in the harbor at .ta KCT
Tho Cyano sails for Boston on the 17th
instant, and takes Mr. Fabins our Com
mercial Agent home. Officers and crew
all well.
tlif lilll nlfo to
i t'otifer-
On luohon. Where,,,, Thcro has let-n mmdi dif-f-rcneo
of opinion at to the modo of inukiiiK our
count, nominations, via: Whether wo coulinue
the Vi tnjutr, or adopt the Cran-jord, PvMem. The
Standing Committee, having aloue in view the
concert and harmony of the Democratic party
deem it proper to make the following rccoumu-n-dntinn:
That the Delegate oflhe oeveral di
appointed on the 12th of Aiurunt nexL
1 cntiticl. I at f,.llwi. Bradford 4: Hnidv i -
Lawrere 4: Morris 3; Pike ; and all the other
diftrieii I esch.
State Government Qvestiok. Suf-
ficient returns have been received tocna.
l!e us to slate tlmt this favorite project of "ame tilu''' intru,,td as to bi.0i ystem
.i rv i t . . ' ItV of the ..f ....!. A
, i uumam aemocracy has been voted that a fluRi .din,, m ?""': .TV,
finwn hv n nrim mmn, in-r .1.. n . '
D" ..."jviiij ui uiu iiucinen cumm to oe nem on thc'lUUi
ol uregon.
Indian ArrAJi:s. Cen. Palmer.thc Su-p-
rintendent of Indian nfTairs of Oregon
mid Washington, hns just returned from
a visit of two months among tho Indians.
He informs us that he succeeded in gettin"
'till the Indians ia the Rogue river vicinity
to go on to the reserves under the
treaty, witli the exception of the Tipsev's
bund. F rom Deer Creek and Illinois riv.
cr the Indians have all removed, and there
is now no tribe or band between Jackson-
vi, te ami Crescent City. He found tle
Indians on the coast rather quiet. On the
Corjuille river, however, there had been
fume disturbance, in which ten w hites and
several Indians were killed. The real
murderers were afterwards found, and af.
lcr tiial hung. He left. Mr. Parish, Indian
agent, with his purty, at Port Oxford. He
met two hundred Port Oxford Indians in
council. The Chief complained that the
utiles ill-treated their women, by coming
nbnut their lodges in the night, and in case
of Jcninl would threaten to shoot them.
At Gen. Palmer's request, Gen. Woo! has
tiefhehed twenty-four meu for Port Oxford
to keep the rowdies quiet. lie Uiiuks the
number of Indians in the Port Oxford dis
trict ditcs not exceed 2,000.
Licit. Mcllen and Pah tt Safe. A
rumor was put in circulation thut Lieuten
nnt Mullen and party, who were engaged
in the Northern Pacfic Railroad explora
tion, had been killed by the Blackfoot In
dians. We are glad to be ablo to state
that the rumor is without foundation. ,
leave, at their peril
OINt.N under my hand, ut Clearfield, Ibis 27lu
duy or July, il, Jeurofour Lord one thous
and eight hundred and filiv l-mr.iuid theaeren-eiity-niiith
year of American Independence.
Clearfield St lect School.
V BOTE would announ-v to the citizen
11 r fl..4:..i.i . ....
, , .... v.iuciu ruuiiiT, mat tie linn nommeii.
v' -.: i.,Vi v:.T
BV-m-j-i- mnnm-rmiml-m' JB H knit. HP Kliutil i n v . ' v "v
11 - i ai.i r v i pip
i I, , '""""'A"' i:STnt;.VTioN, Jc. n.ncnlih, an t det.t which inn v hereafter l.e
w. I nil their e, it., (Cancer exec,,, coulmeted in cum, of war, lo roH'iny.sjo,,. .,,.
ltd. ni.tinitter how severe or of how long stiinding. ' pre insurrection and to redeem the public d.l.l.
ll.t I admit.-on far siirases other remedies, in ' the Legislature shall al their next se..'i.n alter the
being mine cerl.ilii. less evpensiv... and h aving the adoption of this section into Ihe Constitntiou. pro-
in n neuer eonniiinit. BU llltcrc.te.l VtilD tiv nw I ... ,.r,..i;,. r . .i..L;....
Hreel eoittniiiiiiLr him-' wliieli .Tmll 1. ..V...1; . 1....I .:n .i... ..:.i . '
nle nr,H,f fr...n .1.; .... .. ' , A . ....... .. "'" ' " ". ' "." "e sum puone
. . ' ; - . - - ...- i'iin .o in.) "'. no wuotty pain, to conM.-l Of nil Iho net an
...iu ll.iil re.-ults of its nsc ; together will, letters Dual inoniuo from th.ipolilie works and sl.ks own
iron, highly e.tpeneneo.1 Physicians, who have c.l Ly the Coiumimweiilth, or any other funds ari
ue.l it in tlmir practice, and speak from their own sing under ni:v revctmr law now existing or that
mrlTeve.. 1 ""1V '"'"'ilier enacted, so fur as the samo may
l.Lr IjKhNCi.,-. P. II. Pwsiiam. M. !.. Ctien. he re.piired lo pay the interest of said del.ts semi
t ii V. J ,, K-"l,i10' I, Cnnan.luig.1.1, X. i . annually, iui.1 auiiunliy U reduce the principnl
M. It. Mti.n. M, l)., ItoehrsLT, X. V. IK V. thereof l,y a sum not less tliiin five hundred thou
r"iT,K' n , ' ' rr",,,U!"'' N- 1r,,f- ' "d dollars, increased yearly hv compounding at
". 1- 'il"'r. M l. J. C OimtrK. M. J. liul- a rat of not Ic. than f.,e per centum per annul,,:
1 1 more. ,11,1. . W P.kksk. M. J. Xe-V,.rk the said -inking fund rhull ha invested in the loons
Hty. Vt.PitKssruT. M. 1.. Concord. N. II. J.I', of tho Clltllt.lOl.lVi.ultlk Ml.!.. I. u....ll ... I...J
K, .... l .. I'.:.... v v....' .... - v. .nsiuivu
......, jura. jet. t.. r. iroin iiuio lo timo In
UKAItn, tilenu riprings, f. C. . law
1 aniphlets had grali.
lit 'HI It I l(. Ill lll.
K AMI V AT til MAkin I,.. In.i ,..
.ci.ed ft,,.,, ,,. ,, ,,) I'hIU.I, ,,,a, ,
v ;l"tgen. ...ii;,ls,..riii M ui;w KLIt -e.m-
-;-'" o, , ut.l.l Hres-tplm. Mri.ii.g Pins,
,tl,',"", ''" Al'- 'I'Hcnie.i's due
Hold Phis, of ilidcl. Ill ,l,i,c. .I.,. ... il. .1.1
t Im i.f .t..nttv i ..... 1.1.
. .... . " . '"' ".Kit
iticle thereof, to wit. , ' """'''".''"i ' ''rHinir,fiioMI..MPrna,
.. . " . '""'" '""'l Waul, Chain., Kilver Tea and
Piiorosmo, ,, vo ar .mun xt. ''' Hotter hniies, Sugar T,.i,r. "ml
P intosL The nggregsl, tioimtnt of detlsheie. hidin' line Card Cases. Port Monies.
Hrt. reontrs. ted hy the Coinmonwenlth shall never ; '''rf'" a'f l-,trr at.'i Cnsr ll ot. A.s, f.i.m
Cieeed Hie sum of ve hundred thousand dollars, j ()" "t'' - l. .r. from 18
except in case of war, to repel inva.inn, suppress;'" '-'V'i'm.s, from 10 to $ jj line H,vkt Iny
insuireeliou, or to rede, in the pul.lie deld of the H '. from fMuflllj line tlmii .,t,, fno
hacllol I. i'e.tiy f. ,V.non a,t lUior
amis r.Vseen Ammhljl .(, Ilisl ).e l'i,liilig
amenilinent. I,e and the sane ate I erl v pit,p,.sed
ti.r i the i omncnwealili, under l-ar llinr l.,... . i". 1
aiid In eeiii.ln.i.v lli tin., it!..... ... ... ......... ... .! r 'i' ie
manner lo he urovided hv
, .un i on lioruon oi ino at. tk. off rm.t i.ii, i..
at t!m storo of C. I). M'nt-1 applied to tho payment of the del.t of live hun-
son. Agent, Irnget. Clearfield, I 'a. Also sold hv
leading druggists in the priueipul ton us in the ad
joining counties..
JK-f i. V.. MAHf'IUSItt Co.. Proprietors,
CemiiU Depot, J101 Itrondnay, X. V.
dred thousand d.illnrs uientioncd in the first see.
tioii of this article, hut the said sinking fund shall
he applied only to the purpose herein specified.
I Pki-tiux 3. The credit of tho Commonwealth
shall not in any way he. given or loaned to or it,
i aid of uny individual, company, corporation or os
1 soeialiou, nor shall tl.c Comi'iinnKcallh hereafter
j bectttno a joint owner or stockholder in any iom
, puny, association or corporation in this Coiumon-
r.eaitn or elsewhere, formed for iiv i.r.
paction 4. The Commonwealth shall
s.tine tho del.ts of any count v. citv. Iioro.o.h ,.r
... i I " School in the Town ll.ll. H .,.,i.i ,...... ! .
n.ninri """ " uimscu mat tie can render irener. . . !
a u.ajort- ttl satisfaction gen. r- womaa ellt,.r lllU, llje ,,.,, nl.ligntions ..i muri ied
reier, tu , KATES PEIt Of 4HTEIL ' . 0 ,"","u, r"mli."s ,l,e ,,(,('K'1;T AISCL LPIff".
. , I'riniar.- v...,t;.i. i . . t-ei no kUUerii. tnoii a tiiickiueil Lool- .. l'u...
of August, I Arithmelie. li.o..r..,.l. i- " ! ' Pide, restless nights, nervous feelings, auj '
for the future aeth.n ..f .I.a nn...
J. F. WEAVER, Secretary 1 llin Knjrli'h llrauches, including ,M
Clearfield, July li, lj4. ., L e'at'l
Iht nnmhfV of Delegates to which each district: V- "nu J'".n""SP".v.
(io ;
:i no
'. hds, and jilank,
12 00 (ii, Oil
14 00 (a. lis 00
2.1 00 (.,, 30 (10
7 00 H jO
7 it (u, 9 00
8 00 f,(. 8 JO
2.1 00 30 00
2i 00 f,L 30 00
IJ 00 fa, 20 00
13 00 (,l IS 00
20 00 fa 2 Oil
15 (10 IS 00
XH 00 (y. 30 00
14 00 (-,(, 20 00
14 00 f 22 00
2 12 W 2 2S
0 00 (a- ib 00
J j 00 (J) 30 00
The Cicarfifld ieadciny
"WIL b opocned on the FIltST day of Kcp-
temlwr ucxt, under the directiou'of W. A-
Campbell, A. U as Principal.
The Institution will embrace both a Male and
a Female Department.
It is desired lo have the scholars present when
the school opens.
July 28, 'i4. Prctideut Hoard of Trustee!.
IMiila.lelplila Lumber Market.
CurrMrii v r7y from tiirMfi lirpurltr.
Uuty 20 per. ,ent. ad. val W. P.
1st quality hy iuseclion.
White Pine culls,
Whit Pine flooring planed,
Hemlock logs.
Hemlock wharf timher,
Hemlock Seantliuir,
Flooring, Jersey planed,
Step hoards, N. C,
Heart Sctg., X. C,
do. river.
Flooring. N. C.
Step boards,
Shiuglii, Odnr, per M.,
Shingles, Pine perM.,
Shingles, Cypress, (
Lath, 1J inch., per M.,
Staves, White Oak pipe,
Hoop", conntry,
w York Lumber Market.
Timber, White Pine, per cubic ft, 00 1 arid 00 22
Timber, Oak, per cubic, feet, 00 2.'. and 00 38 !
Timber, (. Scant, per M. feet, $?.0 00 and 40 00 MiI.l.lMi KF AT COST.
Hoards, Jf. Ii. per M. ft. clear, .17 ill and 40 00 TIM1E fuhscrilfr intend, to dispose of his entire
Hoards, X. H. 2d quality, per M. 30 00 and 3i 00 J ,(l,ek of Heady-Made Clothing in short order
Laths, Eastern, S 50 and aud to do M will sell them nt . Now i. ,hl
the whol,
up by their physicians, be ait'ither moment with
out consulting the AISOl'l. A PI I'S. ' Have the
Younc men a h.. f;ir..,.t i t . i n"""ied, or llme alwut to 1 n. acrid any iuip.tii-
teaching, may have an opportunity of -bripi te ' "T,"" "r" " I""
ing their idea.- preparaJry for cxamin.tJou uu-! "'a ,nu"nra f "vl" hft"J.'" " unfortunate
der the new Seliotd law ; creatures from the very jaws of death.
liFemnle. admitted. July H '.-.t-t ! "' ",rt,,, ,",;v"'-nv" ''E,T
.-.. u. 'enclosed in letter, will rece.te one coi.y of this
work by mail, or live copies- will be -em for (Jxi:
Address, (Ht paid,) DR. Wfl. Y(I'X(1.
No. 1 j2 Spruce Strcel. Pi:i!a,klphia.
July 12.1S51. ly.
IMK"1X1H VOritSI-.I,!'.
the 1'ocKET a:sci .Aril s.-
iltR FITTir F.liit.m
with (Wie Hundred l.'n-W
travincs. shoniiiL' Diseases
VW and .Mall.irniutions of the township, or of uny corporation or association, un
j.iu,..ii i-jat.-ui ... t-tt-Fv -ra r... .1 muifl occi. coniracteu to repel inva
shape and form. To which ' "ion, suppress insurrection, or to defend the State
is addod a Treatise en the in war.
Diseases of Feuiules, being rnofOMTlnx 2. To BK article XI.
of the highest importance: l-mhihlti,,,, .,,W..-, S..h.;.
TU Lc-isluiure sliall never Hutliorire anv comi
ty, city, ln-nml! (r tuwn.-liip, l.y rote of its eiunfl
ftr fit ht-rtriwi. tit ..,.n,n.. a .....t, I. : t a
WILLIAM YuL XU, M. D.'Htoek comminv. association . .no,,,,..;.,...
Let no father be ti-Iiaincd to present a copy of raise uioney lor, or loan its credit to, or iu'aid of
any such company or association.
E. II. CHASE. ,y,,;j,
M. MX'ASLIX, ,S-AVr'.,te Knatr.
1" Seniitn, April 28. 1851.
Kesolrc.1, That this resololion puss. Yeas, 22,
navs. 0. Krr... .v.,.n ,1.. r.... i
tram of Hy,p pticsi-ns:tioiis. un. 1 given : T A Mllit'INF CI .rV
b. married pcoiile.
those conteinplutiug
riiifc. Hy
r to
to 111. All of winch he will warrant lor perfect
time keepers. AI"o, a largo assortment of Specta
cles, Fob Chains, Vest Chains, (Jitoid Chain., Pen
knives, Pocket Hooks, Ac.
CLOCKS eight-day aud thirty hour Clock,
(Inn small spring Clocks, thirty hour and eight-day ;
Musical liislruiuenl !, and a great variety of arti
cle, too numerous lo iiit iilioii, as Usually kept by
Jewellers. All the above mentioned articles war
ranted good, and will be sold nt Hie lowest prolits,
twl Ais trnut ore CosA. Watches, Clocks, and
Jcweliy, neatly IIk.'aiiifu, and warranted fur one
year. July 10, ln.,3. '
kinds, nt the STOVE AXD HARDWARE
STOKE ailjoining Leonard i Moore's store in
Clearlield, where all kinds of Castings Hro to bo
hnd on the most reasonable terms, such as C. Ful
ton'. Hot Air Cook Stoves, of different sizes; Iho
celebrated Salamander, (ucoul stove,) Parlor Stoves
for wood and coal, Nine Plates of different sizes,
P.afling Stoves, Sled Soles, Sleigh Soles, Mantle
Unites for Wiutcrand Summer, Wuuflle Irons, Ket
tles of nil sises. and a largo assortment of Hollow
Wuro of all kinds.
Also, Tuiifsiiino Machinm, C'im;h Mti.i.s. .VuTs
and Inm, of every description constantly on hand.
Orders for all kinds of Castings for Urist and
Saw Mills, anil Engines eompleto, from ono to forty
horse power.will be thankfully receivedaudprompt
ly attended to.
All kinds of country produce taken ill cxehango
for Castings, aud C'uA .Vol Itrfufd.
L. It. CARTER, Agent.
Clearfield, April 5, 1854-ly.
"VTIC will meet for rade drill ou Saturday '
J. " 12th., of August, 10 o'clock, supplied with 5 ;
rounds of blank cartridge, and all your cipiipmonta
in good order. ' 1
There will be an election held at the Court Houe '
on .Monday Jlsl day of August, at S o'cloek, P. M.
for the purpose of eleetiug Company Officers.
Hy order of the Captain,
July 27, 1S44.
Shingles, bunch, IS inches,
2 r-0 aud 2
drain Market.
Phihhflphia Cleahpield.
68 1 73
01 (a. 1 05
75 and 78
57 cents,
fj 25
1 I (i
1 12
62 cents,
J 37
1 25
I , time Ut eood bareains. and all nercons wishing in
provide good clothing with a small amount of mon
ey will io well to call immediately. He has no
respect for persons, therefore, first conic first ser
ved. He ha. a general assortment of COATS,
Sl'SPEXDEKS, 4c, with an assortment of fine
silk and other hats. MOYEK VLLMAN.
July 18, 1854.
In Ferguson township, this county, on the 10th
of June last, Sarah France, daughter of T. H. and
Hannah Davis, aged 21 year, and 0 mouths.
In Stevenson count; Illinois, on the 23th of June,
at trie residence of bur son-in-law, J. Hunter, Mr.
The columns of the Pioneir and Dem
ocrat ara entirely filled with the Laws of Mosca Thompson, aged 73 yean 4 month, and Ii
the Territory, and the-names of officers I. "J?- frmerly .eiawn of MorrU township, clear-
, - ' field county. Hi. sicknet. and death was oeea-
flpointea to serve UriUI me lirsi general i,med, it i. believed, by overexertion of travelling
By the brig Tarquina.uhich arrived on the
fth of June from Puget's "Sound, we have
ipecived the following :
It wrre understood at Whitbev's Island
Purviatieo's stock is uow cotn.iete,
From Utile cares, very neat,
I'p to tjiose of largo dimensions,
Suitable fur high pretensions.
Come on. Ladies! come on, tlentsl
Come on. all e men" of sense !
And get iuipres'ious of your faces,
To show lour friends your many graces.
The dress i better to be dark.
P.ul brown on red is just the mark,
For then the contrast fairly shows,
Hdwceu the person and the clothe.
It's well enough the snn should shine,
A. this will serve to shorten time,
Rut if it don't and cloud? bo rile.
He'll l;ike yonr picture to the life.
Those little sinners, 'yclept babes.
Should never come 'midst clouds and shades,
l!ut w hen toe mi.e.rch of the skies,
His shining role put? on, arise
And bring your . .., lo me,
And.brigbteMyictures you will sec.
. Another theme the mue suggests,
To put all gloomy duuhts to ro
Such honest mot as scruple feel,
Lest wicked craft fresh from the den,
Shuuld be invoked in place of art
And made ...ct a w 'tr part, .
Are told with conseicme clear of evil,
We have no dcalinc with the rfer.V.
Clearfield. June 11. 1H..4.
In House of Representatives, April 21, 18i4.
Rooked, That this resolution puss. Yeas, 71,
Xfs, 20. Extract from the Journal.
WM. JACK. Clerk.
Skprktamv's Office, I
Filed April 29, 1854, c. A. KLACK,
Secretary of the Couimouwculth.
rxxxsri va.xia, s.-
PK.citETAitv'n Office, 1
Harrisbiirg. July 1. 1SS4. i
, 1 I do certify that the above and fore
Seal. going isa true mid correct a copy of the
. I original ''Resolution relative' lo n
umemluicnt of the Cunsittution," as the same re
I mains ou file in this oflicc.
lu testimony whereof I have hereunto let my
I hand aud caused to be affixed tho seal of the Sec-
reiarv . orucc me u.y and year above written.
Secretary of the Commonwealth,
Journsl of the Senate.
"Resolution Xo. 5r.2, entitled 'Resolution propo
sing amendments to the Constitution of the Com-,
luouwealth,' was read a third time. On the ques
tion, w ill the Senate agree to the first proposition,
the yeas and nays were taken, agreeably to the
Constitution, and wore a. follows, vli i
Yeas Messrs. Eucknlcw, Darlington, Dursie,
Furgmnn, Fnulkrn.L Friek, Fry, Uoodwin, Uulde
mnn, Hamilton, H. D. Hamlin, E. W Ilatulin,
Ilci-ler. Hoge. Jamison. Mel'linlock, MeFarlund,
Piatt, Vuiggle, S.u;er, Slil'er. and M'Cal
1 ker 2i. '
I So ihe question was decided in tile affinnaU've.
j CATES! Lake's Vegetable Compound
is performing more wonderful euro, than any other
medicine known I It is perfectly safe to tukc.
it. If you are not satisfied ufter using one bottle,
tho money will be refunded ; if not ablo to pay,
one bottle will be given gratis to try it.
Prepared by Z. LAKE i. SOX, Conneiuit, Ash
tabula Co,, Ohio. E. F. WELLEK, Travelling
Sold by CD. Wal.n, Clearfield. F. K. Arnold
Luthersbiirg. and also nt Philipsbnrg.
May 2J, 185.
frillE subscriber has just received a large and
L well selected Block of GOODS of almost eve
ry description suitable to the season which he is
selling off at extremely low prices. He respectful
ly invites Iho attention of all who wish to buy
good Ooods at tho lowest prices, to call ut the sign
of the Cheapest tioods.
Country produce of almost every description
taken at market prices in exchange for goods.
Persons wishing to purchase, and receive a fuir
equivalent for their money will do well to give him
a call.
Remember the sign of Ihe CHEAPEST GOOD.?,
on Market street, and cull and be convinced that
there is truth in Ihe wonls thereon inscribed.
May 31. 1854. W. F. IKWIX.
1 ICHARI) SHAW A SOX, would respectfully
! inform the publiuthat they have just opened
at It. Shaw's old stand in the Horough of Clearfield,
a largo and well selected stock of Goods, guitahlo
to the season among which may bo. found, Dry
Goods in great variety; Clothing, Hiirdwaro.Queeus
ware, Tin-ware, Groceries, Drugs, Bonnets, Hats,
Cups, Boot, and Shoes, Ac.
They defy competition, and invite persons
ing to purcijnse to call and examine their Block,
Clearfield July 3, 1854.-tf.
LOTTEIt .'.'
(Bt At TBORiTT or toe State or Alabama.)
Cvndrttd tie llnrana phm.
Class C To be Drawn on the 2Plh of July.
CvriTAl. : : : : :
Sliei-iif's Sale.
i "I J V l ir'ue of sundry writs of Fira Facias, ismed
: f f out of ll.e I. ourt of ( omioou Pleas of Clear-
held c..untv, ai.1 to me directed, will he exposed' "L" , n rw,urrlnS npou ll
to public sale, at the Court house in Clearfield, on , ,b ' ?1'"1,ltl"n'' 'he first prnposi
: Saturday, the 2l'd dav of Julv. I.si4 at 2 o'clock i v '" v" :. , ,
j P. M., the following desribed real estate : Lot I SA Messrs. Ahrahnm, Adams,
I) EMAIXIXG in the Post Office at Clearfield
1, July 1st 1854.
Hen). Agnon, Mr. lioyd, Patrick Brion, Joseph
Buck, Jos. Burge, Martin Cathclmiin, Jacob Crow!,
Geo. Dewitl. Jos. Emerv. John FvHIlS, A If Vrnm
V . I. ......... 1.1. ii ... rti: t t ....... '
I .. ii..,,,, t.ressweii, iienaricKs, I """r rry.anii, air. nance, rasuaoella fullertou,
j Kinier, Kunkie and Skinner 0. I Lucy Faust, Xnvier Fraiu, Mr. Oampre, Calharino
On Uie question, will tl.c Senate agree to tho Jritrin, Isaac Goon, Jesse Ilarter, Orvil llovt, 2
I usnn,l nrn,i...;.;..n l.n . I . , Til... 1.:..- 11 1...1 ts.i , i '
, . f-...w, ...v ., mm ..a., s were uiKen i W",1M 11,1 j. i.e.ioH.., ,.imuua iii. Jones, i en-
Bsreeaoiy 10 tne constitution, and were as fol
I lows, vii :
! Yeas Messrs. Burkalew, D.trsie, Furgnson,
I Fonlkrod, Fry, Goodwin, Haldetnan, B. D. Huinlin,
j E. W. Hamlin. Hen.hricks, Heister, Hoge, Jami
! son, Kinier, Met'lintock, MeFarlund. Piatt, prico,
j (J.iiggle. Slifer, Wherry, MeCaslin, Speaker 22.
I Nats Mes-rs. Crat.b, Cresswcll, Darlington,
Hamilton, Kunkie and Skinner S.
inequestion whs net 'rmtnediu the affirmative.
Journal of the House of Kenreseotiitit-e
'The question recurring npou the final passage
.sition was agreed
dolen Roule, John Lemon, John Lockard, Chnrle.
u. isiniuieum, Harriet l.ynch, A. J. Jjinich, E. C.
Mullion, Richard C. Mead, Jns. F. Mulleu, Mr.
Wrill, Richard X. Morris, Matilda H. Mills, F. O.
Miller, Hiram M'Gliuey, Melchoir Ruuss, Rev. P.
Sahin, J, L. Stahel, Cha. C. Bhirklcy, James Scott,
Earl Simpson, A. K. Stoner, 2; Hiram Tolbert,
Edward W. Titr.ell, Mnrv Ann Young. A. Montgom
ery. JOHN. II. HILBI KN, P. M.
July 3, 1854.-4t. .
on foot through a cold rain, change of climate tr
The deceased had been a memWr of the Baptist
Church for over 20 years. He died with that hope
that buoy, up the aoul in death which reaches be-,
yond this world of pain, sorrow and disappoint- I
menu - He talked more or lest every day he wa.
with n of dying the first remark he made after
he arrived on the 10th day of June was, "I have
lliat the people of Bellingham Biy were come out here to die with you." He had bought a
.thrown into considerable excitement, ow.j ft,rm ri"r to hi toki"' '"
ing to bo anticipated attack Irom a body ol
Queen CharloH's Island Indians, and a call
had been made upon the acting Governor
: : : : : '$75nO
:::::. 5000
" :::::: soon
" : : i ., : : l.MO
In all. 233 priies, amonnting to : : 30,1M.'0
Tickets $5,00 Halve, and Quarter, in propor- ,eo, Iniundcd by land, of Jon,
&Q.A11 eonimnnieation strictly confidential.
SAMl'EL SWAX, Agent 4 Manager,
Montgomery, (Ala.,) June 20, 1854.
Ladies and (;cii(lcttir n,
T BELIEVE it a good maxim, that every person
should nurehase roods wherever tl.v nln..n
Atlterlt. P.ill 1. ..... .1 1A ... 1 i '
... ,. ... . - - - i lu,-. P....UK. no, ..i.v ioo nasinv neioro inev as-
N... Ij in the borough of CnrwensTille, with a dwel-1 , , ;..' "'K""'"' "".vu. JHisn, llyerly, certain where thry can he best suited. I would
ling house, store house, stable and other out hou- i J, 1 ,,' l'vlu. Carlisle, Chambcrlin, Cook, ; most respectfully invite all (ladies In particular) to
ses erected thereon, bounded by lot late the es- , .n0' tu,"V"". Daughcrty, H.yis, De Frances, ! call at It. Glennan'. store, and examine his splen
tnte of John Scot on west, Stephen Graff on cast, I , ""n'"S 'l'ert'. Eainger, l.htred, Evans, Fo-1 did assortment of goods that rnn not he excelled ill
the Erie Turnpike on north, also 75 acre, more or ' Jf ' r-v,(. ''."'"'me, Gibbony, Gilmore, Grey. this .cction of country for C1IEAPXESS,
of limber land in Burnside town-bin. Clearfield ! .,.r!',?m' I an"llon. Hurt.' Herr, Hiestand. I ity or style. M'hich consist, of Gentlemen's boot.
onathnn Snyder, KiU-h-1 "'I'l''. ""rn, Ilumtnel, Hiinsuiker, Hun- of all descriptions and prices. Ladies and Getitlo-
jacKmo, u.ii?orc, hnighl, Laurv, men's nailers, hoy. and eirl's boot. shoe. n,l
en aud others. Seized and taken in execution aud
to be sold as the property of Isaac Smith,
william Powell, .ser.vr.
June. 2lt, 1854.
FIUII SiUMMr.R t;oois.
Estate of Frttlrick W. Shornin dee'd.
r Mils .utiscriuer nas yust received and l. now I 1. 1 J r. Its of Admiiiistratit.n on the estate of
X ojtening a wen seieciea lot oi iry t.ixwis. i J J r. v. Mioeuiug. deceased,
Diitolntinn nf Pirlarrthin.
. . ,. I J. t'fiii.iK eu u tu iry t, i j j t. tt . fiioeuiug. uereaed, lateof Jordan In
mTIITIni i. k ....Ii. mr.n .n .ill k V i n .1 mnr 1 1 ... 1 SI.. . Ti i 1 .... '
. ,....v .-- . " . rr,,r., vu. snare, nix.... mil rows. ijcarucM ciuntv, Having t'cn eriin ed to the sub-
W .am.... 1,B I.M ,i.r,nnsl,ttilirf,.r..r(.T I 1. L ... 1 .... t. r . ., ' ..... .. M
r . ., m j-fL- h- ' , ... i , , ,. , , .tn" "'- "J"... ... .10 j.orougii 01 rcru.irs, unpersons ui.u-i.ted to said estate will
o iiuuis u iii'.... ii.c.i uv.w.v. , ,ng m'lween uie unacrstgnca is wis uay aissiiivea 1 icarncld. fcrson will find It to their advantage make lavinent and the.., havimr
Tt r -r .i. 1 x u:r. r -.1... 1 1. i ...n..n, tl. kn..k. .,r !, firm ir i . j J: , .v . 1 ... ..; ' . ting
A HQ BOll Ul UIIC Ul IIIC licau UtllUia U. Iliai : ...un.." . -...p. .. -0 . ... . .. , ...u .....v m ho .111 til ll.r.Il ou CI
irilioli id born recenllv killed bv a U'lule in the "'"d of yeorire '.-Orr. by whom all tho fair terms for cash, credit, or in exchange for lutn- ly
iriuelua been recently Kllla Oy a W lllie apcounts re bc aet,led, be having purchased the ber, either at or wholesale to soil dealers, j
innii nt'ar jiympin, utiu 1110 atiaca wi iui j interest of Jo tin Hunger in us outstanding mc- WM. I.. MOORE,
'ihe purpose of revenge. These Indians, counts,
tire realU- brave, and are much superior!
ia intelligence to any upon the north-wea-tcru
const. ' '
G. W. Orr will tetile all the firm lel.t,'
'aearficld, July 25, I W.
Clearfield, July 19, 1851.-tf.
The American IlnanlitiiT House.
riHE subscriber would inform the public that ho
claims against the same will i.rerent them Kroner-
au'iheulicited for soltl. inent.
Jordan towuship, July 3, 1S54.
Estate of Garland Irvin, de rcaitrd.
TATf-T :. i .1 . . .
J-Tl,. L...;nM. .Ill h.r..ftsrk. carried on bt 1 I l w:,..." :i ,X iv . ncrr-.y gn en tnai letters 01 atlmin-
'v :7Z7i -Ltnvw.n i.;.,.u .tr v",;,.,iL, . v ,f.:a uy. ' ' te of ari.Ud irv
ter. Hunt,
(Lehigu.) Linn, Magee, .Maguire, Man.lerfield,
M Ckmnel. M'Kee, Miller, Monaghan, .Montgom
ery, Moore, Moser, Muse, Palmer, Parke, Parm-
.ee,, fattcrson. l'ortcr. I'ulnep. l(nr.
J lius. Roberts. Rowe. Sallade, Scott, Sidle, Simon-
ton, Muitli, (Uerks.) Smith, (Crawford,) Stewart,
Stnckdale. Strong, Stmthers. Wheeler, Wickleiti,
Wright, Zeigler, Chase, Speaker 85.
Nayi uone.
So the question was determined in the affirmative.
' On the question will the House agree to the
seoond proposition, Ihe Teas and naT were token.
agreeably to Ihe provisions of the lOUi artiuie of
me i onstnulion, and are as follows ;
Ykas .Messrs. Abraham, Atherton, Ball, Bur
ton. Beck. Beyer, Bigham, lloyd, Caldwell. Cat
lisle, Chamberliu, Cook, Crane,' Cummins, Daugh
crty, Davis, Dcegan. De. France, Dunning, EJitig
er, Eldred, Evan., Fry. finllentine, Gibbony-, Gil-
moro. 1. ray, (I room. Gum. Hamilton. 1i.....nri
It wasal.0 Slated that UDOD the Sa n' Ceo. W. Orr at the old .land, who invite .11 In, old U:e Soulh end of Second street, Clearfield Pa.. ' 5 .;l. ... "!j il. i Hillier, lii'ii.le, Hunsccker. Hunter. liorti J..7
Ju.n ( lVlivuc) Islanu on armed body of PT hi . 7" " I"""? .e' which be ha. fumi.hed and fitted up ... the most ho, pran,Vtf t the mWrihers. Ail persons in I Ki' K.ni1"' '-"T. (I-chigh,) Lowery,
A , .. . ," .....'i. I can make it convenient August 2, 1854.-.HL , eotnforU.ble manner for the accomodation of trav-: a,.,0a . :,, m.t. :,,: , . ' . 1 " " (Tioga.) L,nn, Mmree, Maeuire. Manderfield. Me-
ellcrs and permanent U.ardcr. j hvin)r rUimf wiI pr(cn, , ,T aMhfa j "i'l, X Kee. Monegh.n, Montgomery. Moore,
y aucuuvti . - . , ,, w,r,,j of Clearfield . """B oi.s.v,.m.,,uD nonse con-, tlcaU,a for actllement. 'uul'' rarae, lannlce. fassmore.
sand, to prevent ihe seizure of sheep be-' . . twi.t It. M. n,r"" """: ". wcriy manner. JAni r.iLr.rR. Jr..) . . . ; ""rn' 1 lr """". nibcrts. i;.,we. Sal-
t . . . . ' . where all nu.ot and neace net... e. wlio w.9v 1 ...i.t. s A.lm 1
Curwensvi!' ?. July 3. 1 ;4 fit. pd.
tcrs. Children of all ages can he necomodated.
June 24, 1854.
WE the subscrilies intend to mako application
tothe next Legislature of the Commonwcaltli
of Pennsylvania for au act of Assembly to incorpo
rate a Banking Company, w ith Banking aud dis
counting privileges, to be called the Clearfield
Bank," and located at the borough cf Clearfield,
with a capital stock of (100,000,
A. K. Wright, C., Ellis Irwin, J. F. Wea
ver. William Irwin, John Patlon, J. W. Smith. J.
B. McEnnlly, Jas. T. Leonard, Ruhnrd Shaw,
James II. Graham, Jonathan Bovnton.
June 25, lHM.-fim.
tSThe Harrii-biirg Union, will publish the
above one month, and send bill to this office.
.seventy-five of these Indians had been pla
ced by Governor Douglas of Vancouver's
July 19, lS54.-4f.
longing to the Hudson Day Company, by . one heavy act and in good 1 eondiuon. 7 or yea-. t.(U 0wj(J csn fi'n( . ( J.,,,;,,,
the U. S. Colfector. This is one of the ,",aln' 7 '."1 7'. " ,ZZ . Jolix s. Radebaigh.
disputed Islands, and some Clashing Ol U- j the. face of either of them. Any person taking up
llloritV between the OtllCISIS OI me l0 aaid animal, or giving iniormation 10 01 ine
; suoscntHtrs ncre luey can De touna win oe suiut
bly rewarded.
Clearfield, August 2, 1854.
cove rn me tits had recently occurred, since
which time Governor Douglas had mado
nn attempt to arrest the U. S. Inspector.
The Colleotor, Col Eby, was absent on
a visit to the Island, and when theTarqui
rtn cnilorl wsl rlnilv ex nected to return. It
seems verv evident by a
Trnns of Advertising
DVERTISEMEXTS are inserted in tie r.c.
Oriilar DnnanMnliuiis. scoit, Simonton. Smith. Smith, (Berks,)
j Smith. (Crawford.) Slockdale, Wheeler, Wirklcin,
j Wright, Chase, Speaker 71.
! Nats Xo.'srs. Adams. Baldwin. Tie.n. n.,i.
Byerly. Eckert, Ellis, Hart. Ilerr. Horn. Ili'.in,l'
Blacksmiths, Look to yonr Inlrrrxtt.
nHE nndendpned offers for sale his well knnwn hy the year.
glance at ihe X Blackemithing establishment situate one half
mil E '-proof of the Pudding ii chewing the M CornK Miller, Poulson, Putney, Sidle, Stewart'
X Bar." and the surest wsv to get cl.ean eorf Stroiic. Stru hers. Zeie-ler HI ' '
. ..1. . it t t. ... w .-. .
toe question was decided in the affirmative.
SerBrTARv's Ornrr, )
U iRittsarno. Julv t tti. f
A particularly Urge! TA'.Vrjt, l"l.7.l, '.V. ' '
) I do cirtify that the above and f.
., . , ,i, m B; channel be. ! mile east of Clearfleid Bridp aearfleld county.
published maps, that the maio channel oe , Mw.(
tween Vancovers Island and the main,ftbeforilTaih)rort;boemaker.. j broi
land runs tlirouuti ine ciraus 01 uu
throwing San Juan Island into American
Territory. It is estimated that the Hud
son Bay Compauy have here 8000 sheep
in pasture at this time.
For further information inquire of the undersign-
ed living on the premise.
Boggs township, August 2, rS54.-tf.
' li.lflllS. is to , l on A M llllt s; ,1..
publican, atone dollar' per square. l"or the! "11M f,,n..r '
! first three insertions and twenty -five rente for ea h Where he is just receiving a new recruit of almost
.....loom meeiuou. ..... unrr uiur a s'.ia.e. fverr thing in the trade line.
itu i.trniwinriii inpriir,. 1..1 irss nmn a ..uiinr, anri well s.Ieetr.l stirk of r.. kl.. I, 1
i A Liberal reduction made to those who advertise Trimmed BOX X KT. an.l S;ik l.i.l pi.j. in.. '.t !
' I Siik, Watered Silk, ank Fauey coloured Silk Msn-
T ... - , , tillaa, wit in Ihe latest and n"atct stvle. Also, a !
Tnree Lots for sale. jsuperioriot f c.ixgham i.Awxs-i,iik nih. j
5, and 2fi, in the Mossop plan, in the Bemeinher at the REti EL AO.
borough of Clearfield, all eneloed. I July 12, 1854.
For terms apelT to W. M. BEEDY.
Cnrwensville, June Jd, 1 S 54- pd.
Jl'ST ariuvi:i.
THE .(ilendid stock of Cloths, Cassiincrra, VeFt
iiiS. Trimmings, 4c, recently purchased by
uie sin, senior, w hich he will sell or make up toor
dor, in the mot fashionable and durabio manner,
at his .tore in 'Shaw's Row.' Tito material and 'fits'
warranted. No charge for showing hie beautiful
and cheap goods.
He would inform tho trade in Clearfield li st he
is the authorized agent for D.-vere's London and
Paris Fashions. THOMAS SHEA.
Clearfield, July 3, 1S51.
Adjourned Trrasarcr! Kale.
-V. SELL i
I A land warrant issued to the rubsrriher for hi.
- Aerriees in Ihe war nf Ii.. Kfwn Inut mni it u
- - --, ... ..... -1 ... H i 1
i-l A
court bouse, in the borough of aearficld, on MOX- Should the warrant have been found the person onl- Lvr- ""V t",T ""'r- J"'.T 12 pd
TO ItltllH.K III 1 1. Ill .Its.
field county will receive proposals for buildini
Bridge across Chest creek at or near Gilbert
. coin!, i. - i . " , jowr s u uoesi to. iisui p, on i i.csriBy, me lyin aay
' Jln.iL !L,...;Vf keU n "J H."-J I''"' d speflction. will be exhibited.
the ConstitnUon of the Commonwealth,"! 1MmKiiTl7 IA! i'FY
Comm'rs Office. 1 Commi,iiecr
Clearfield May 20, 1853.
AitfiO. 11. Coot.j.AVDrn, Cl'k,
July U, 1S54.-IU
1 w ininrnvirri Rkl.T. nf I nwtlsd Ltndi my intention to make on la the fuia. 1 " v .nicm.-n ii,i liuici wear.
A in Clearfield eountT will take place at the .loner of Tensions f..r a duplicate of the same. ' wP'rior qnalii. m.1,1 very cheap for (,.
a the same appears on Ihe J on roils of
me two Houses of the General Asem
bly of this Commonwealth, for the Ses
sion of 1S54.
Witness my hand and the Seal of said
offiee tin first day of July, one thou,
and eiht hundred and fifty four.
Secretary of the Common wealth.
The Insurrection ia Spain
a. rtiun niruni. in t.ije vtrvi:uui vi'
WASHISOro?!, July 28. Intelligence pxy, Sept. 18th,tl0 o'clock, a. m. t which finding the Kme will please return it to me.
7RANCIS SHORT announces to the eltitens
of ITcarflvld and ricicily, that be has again
commenced the manufacture of Boot and Shoes
has been received here by the Africa, from time all the tracts bid off at the former eete. and ran be of to any other person as a cniwir '
. , MM .,.,; ihnt the insur. fr aieh dcede have not been lifted, will be re- ha. been entered In the Und office to prevent the "1ITILL
responsible sources, stating inatine lnsur, iwaing i,f pa""' i empi
rcction in Spain was spreading in all dt. - JOHX McniERSOX, Trs'r. ' ( CTRrs THURSTON, di.telyto ii
Treasurer". Office, July J4, 1854.
Jordan toanhip, July 12, lrM. f.u-pd.
1 Jonrnrjman fibincl Sakrr
TILL be afforded liberal wajes and constant
loymrnt by making aprliration imme-
Ihe ubscrilr. JOHX GCLICH.
Clcarfif M.July S, l-5t. tf.
tit le. Cheap for cash.
-an excellent ar-
July Z, l!54.
fllvR FOR SALE, at tho Elacksniilh shnn nf i the Borough f Clearfield. He can 0 found in
M. Urr klii.ger, in Clearfield an excellei.t r I the shop formerly occupied by Thomas Shea, nn
stairs iu Shaw's row on Second street, where he ia
prepared to do all work in hi. line, and will be
pleased with a eall from any nr all of hi. old cus
tomers aud as ni.dy new one as may see fit to ex
tend to him their patronage.
Clearfield June 2 1 451.
li:i.K .kst AM I.I).
TiIE Highest Pr.cs in Cash will he paid by the for onfft;iv of Deer M in.
May Jl, 1-51