Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, July 19, 1854, Image 2

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f *})uL y i », 185 i.
tilsytfK' '/ctn-fiefafiXxJitntt/. ,
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.VYW. f ‘ d ruU'Wihg • inp if I Wifi
<• .'irjfrftl S!!*sir?f is xerifietl'ty
lll b^ft;*BPl : rtlWt! li ltVKr iOf, long (Jegcpovuind.
am! itmV expiring Whitrgery. The prin-
«'crc,A®r.n'[ l 9 members
•n fTiy rfliJ M'cbs'ex, hove
1 1 njwrhft''-tfbsohiftf-. Bwy principle they
liu\„ un i' t/e^porl^il, l riiid every measure
tMsv'-fitiVi* otvr‘‘proposed, linve fallen ■ hy
ilie ••> Hhimi-' finjpT of 11:110,'’ and edeh in
di:tre ferr discard®!.! by
thtf ptfqplei iindijttmiideiiiid. by their uull»>
ora. hTJi&i.B :—iltn-fl’ami'oi l tuT-i—the
Fkt Il?t ; rjl)lT urt~-hn*.filil V IW (lie liidepr'ndrhi
Tet-n ■-• u ry — l -l In; ntineS ;i! ioi| of Texas —I lib
ivlq J'VffttfcrrfwfinljMlfey ‘UI »*<%•
mint extHiMtiomodl thor fdexecati wniquud
itfl'niiiods of die wOrtbleSsiteßs
SlMlfil fe’RWipv'' I'otYii.oslnc iho‘ J anM Suite
booc v.. no) :o r :n‘. . “ .li'm.ep
ea l nj l tll'Tibl : 'r~ bayq all byqumo dead (Stoylt
Indi qds ,<bia: wuS lbe case
Srtwrtibtbe .late Presidential 'eloctiori, nnd
6ilcfl‘A)e a candidate’oh
■ "■^Tf, i? r ‘ (L- ! ! u “>cd ! >vaii«\rilily.j
1/^ ;l ljip l)C-f,»OI) .qf ,(iu old su|dief r to Catch !
ihuiUtucy .of ilio.uiifiimiusiic musses—a
nitlH Hlen'iifieti >vi;h «-p.rrtu.*«»lnr religions
(idljdn'.ili'i'ioii, wligpi the desperate
urs,):m ( w arc vain ouuiigii (oj
k-itMPti An'lmtpus u 6y'. (fu. fcicou. lind 1
pemnliud Ins dinigiilcn id go into a mimic-,
ry— ; hif Abtfi'V tendencies were Cathofc,'
and hence 'Jay conrlifdi'-d [ha! he mu-t
obtain [he iiippui■; o| die n hole che' eh.—
Jnirnnd.utely ibey emmueucad to conrfpnii;
tiaiter, ibis pfcibt of our people, lioneral;
PiEftCiihvris' doi! iun , 'ed ns a ‘Hgott'd pro 1
ipiy] ll: ,; (V;is'iA.'.mn of his.Slate'
j^-iic.vijeua;.of lliv; fact. ii|(;iiibcra of
lilt Catholic Church 111 Mew Himpshire
aferfl' appluJded hb ihe' Wliig press (or I
drains; (ho Dcm-1
A siiiiuliiinpous c/Tlji'l!
t'W s Wftd < l*i*. l }|tf' i .softduiis of ibe couu'vy.iol
nhdawiihs,:entire vote |
ifltl) Mhn : *vfd»artihks. A'iid rttrer did 5 to' 1 ’
cbmpltrely 1 '‘sio'djVl.ti ccrffqutt^’'
foicyd, iheir candidaic—the no-1
•,bi# old field, to flat-1
tbp/lhis: cioaf of .people, - The -“n!(ili Iribh j
lirogW^^ , ’ oltd trie “sweet Gi-nnafi lccOnt‘, f ’'
becftrrib'ci 1 th'e’ntL- for YY’hig Yidmirjitiorv." —'j
In coiiieat, it nui> part of ljn-ir|
.Jhwjffldo qu- itiq corners oi the;strecUj, in I
the bax, i twins and on tlie stump, tluit their j
[‘ntid'id.rle would r^ot-iv uU !//•• Catholic
Bui this expedient utlerlv failed, l'eople
voted for President aqcofding to their pre
,irpna-i,ved .potiqns ofpnliticul policy—and
now the. ‘‘ricii Irish brogue,” nnd the
•‘si+ifciir {Stifmftu accent,” have lost their
chann 1 . whole with the 1
church uftfie late candidate, present u most 1
liltjuntts uppoiirriucu. u> v big p,arti/.ms
of ) trM4. Thu Vuno has quiio turned.—
:t Nbw theYrV 1 in, lliuf llteso Dutch and Ir
t<lii M.■ “J S-nU pr>o;)lo_iVl,.»* *dO’' , Cii r’’' ■/:(
‘iSROj9P? »ruiv, unices,. An;., £c. '/'li'' now
' ot I’liiladvlphiu it>sued,un edict
ngdinst litem, and heaceforth no man born
pflill r>flW<?<Mintrv shrtll'bt' otfrfible lo civil
office, and a desperate etfo'rl Is ihude' to
• i. iftst hero .again Jtmv.ry: stands in their
ivayo' .Jt iho appoint merit' ol' naturalised
rhi&niS' (A ofnoo, t>e a W rong,' ''then''ate
!ln v guilty than the Democracy i—
muJte. Hie assert wa without.. fear of
conifodiolion,. that .greater number.of
citizens' Wnvii beeh 'in bfficd under
j>(H;ernnicnf,Of'.tliq old city of
fr?W. .)%•»< far the fast'£ye,
'Ujbi* liiO^iri jieitt Duinucratic National and
'■SWle‘'.Ait ministrations bolh noW 1 have, or
ln'ft’llpiiiM of the StatA iiicludinc
•' ■ "■*'
thee'* I ■'.* 1 ••
yjJW uj(|ioar3 startling,.
gnfVill i n»i Jouiii anr|irißo many ; but wfc
. yw no fears of itreresult of miexaminn.
jnto its ti gtb- Wo know it to btj sidi
• ■/'ft/’lififfyli l jW' : ricSw prosumptuouV uyd;
~rto4’f^«rfeßljdlffn,,t|ioitttii i j)j>t,: i tn i iho part
odd s*het Whigs, to.excite, prejudice
(JfpVliiB‘ : |<6iiUJ*<irfro-«««/
1 B a£j Vh s i c itri(jn thief*”,
-loa tlf ‘p f ,t b
eWJcliffeiigioniinohoorjiug, ai#iQpg, r iV/no,rigan
bolutzetath to dill. civib stationer: iThcy<-are
b _effrift'nt ,: .td l isi{^ i 'llifr Gtiriifitilliotf ai tf g6ii]e ;
eSoi i Wfois Wwy,jecftgni#£)uo gjght
i «r, fioct.od'i people* iWiHtlejUtr-
No man is-sclucted to fill u vivil station'
a ll irf f&ligioue
oJ bomnm nasd --t ,■’>■ 1 ■ luit-i. d*?.,(. .
litlWPi f s.wh dniMtet .Cops; i.'
odatrpd.braialiowedito stflnd on hJi' merits;
* B AS hW'dllt®' ; ht(s clilimb'tootTigeyso none
should be proscribed. ■ n\> '/en no r: .
on this subject. If Govcpnoe, Biglev^gs
Gov. BIGLER and lUvcr Improvement.' | ... Thcljaiv of Newspapers. y TllC GlofiOUS Follflll Ut Lutlltrsburg, he may live like a Christian and like n
It Is boldly assorted, wen in this county, that l. who do not give express notiee to Messrs Editors: Inm sorry that it gentleman.
Gov. Itigler is opposed, or ut least wislli "B to , |#? )tl 11 0 nto myk to the ; BKist.n. the immorULOods is h 0,.. .
10 111 eiesls o tie um lermoii o( theMistgio ,ttn- ( lii.ti-outinprfftrr of tfeHtl through the wlunTtf|'pf your paper And Cun and sees
1.11 ,1 1,1,1, .e1, <• Nrfness to-whirl. lio .us apont t J ie |r,ndVWp a to , Tj J j| tt«4. porti|lW acCOpDt of 3 Jfc*„d nvck ly"
Jue of hi.< Mo, uudiitYor etMisod to.oxort eond thoin untilirU |»»nL? •' i’ ; V' V} -v r 1V«. ’,/ v! i p , - P. IVI ' J u '
liiH hei,t.{e|Sf,iis to roller’sifi nnit profitable,itnd .- pogloo^^fuM.'titjihlii.cir whfalf the teurlh wndcetc- 1 , H . A fj[ D r the regular toasts were disposed
i™ .•**■ aa«as&Ctfraaßsit jrjau
a, a Mirer.ho l till entoitir.nslho ii\olust soiic(tu,^.p.'thefr.'JljUht'fiihd .'ordered them ili.-coliCriueil. ■ V.'- s*® ~ f, ~. .(j P i By B.Bonsnl.Esq.,—//oii./S, A. Done-
It tit in order to show lnm iuterl.v reck loss'iin> "bin 4. Ifisiibscnbo!# remove to oilier places n-itiiout lice to the occasion, ami credit to mem- ihe star of the west the fearless an
oiicmii * ill thil couiitv—how eo,’i,|.letelV "d,‘sltttH«i J toforniinjrih*~poMMi&<. and the newepupeis me ' selves, than the writer hereof. I however ‘ . , Vifu
: they are of; any rent' and 0'.,,,..t0n to I~ *» *■— ,Ue, me held re. - enl r 0|)On m grß , .eful task with pleasure f
t b,s ; r^|w.,o«. tl,e t«o |IR V, p. ¥ -Jd^fib'i **, t nncj , Vtioi (ff li -ef r| Yd'cliort, he ii Vliil
. ngmpll." front lnh lust nfmunl message : , uoivniiupors Irom the oflleo, or removing und leuv- ; blllty to do USIICC lo the SUUtecl. i - . . , ~. . . 1
“In nrcorilnnen will. il, n ' them uncalled for, is evidi-nee of IVand. ' . , , r , J found at his post, battling against the en
|of the •appropriation. liw.of ;J.asf *««««. U .hI Hit WviHWcMWWIJf 1 ' • I lHiw&oVio •!* Conslimiiortj« Higher hpnort
Inppoinled Georgo Blaltenbcrger, Esq ,to AjntNniNn tiik Constitution.—The amendment' on f; arlh rnoro worthy the imagery of the 1 op.' p pi GoodJander Theauth
IgSIMS of .he painter, or the eye- .{/pLer* & nf do lo
IlioiU, >U Ihdi • raft l eliatiViel m the ,|,g ,M,anS,o„; “pproliatio,, tirll! heii'rl ol the lover of nature in her. j’ u 1
.lutnna river at Brubaker's Island. ’ . w«,.tl>ipU t il:tttttjiop.piti.ttre uni-loveliest .phase, it4»4hat spot-. Scofi' not ‘p.y-.f l ppi 1 - r -’ r pip_LTf le Sunreme JiMo 1
has caused the work to be completed io a ! ,I J K,r lk''J' llc f l ' lo vb summer, denizens of Nowport, nor'yuri v. D ’ ! . - 1 ‘■' ■* ° SlO- 00 of the appropriation on- over hie sup,Wis e.oeit May, Bedlord (.nil Saratoga,-sincerely do \ tianit the powcr fc and fi ehne Sß of i„
; expt mu (i, in u o irousury. i« inriro und couipl<Mq. (Jive him u call. I hiiv vo who huvQipx6bribrV / iicver in vciur 1 •!, 1 . • .• t
; “I deem it prbper to' remark, in this, 'fceVji.'i.irrh,!'.' Wftl \\ ve J .|nounlai:ri'dir, or j.P ri ‘’ c, P 'he varieties ofmtnd
connection, tha't th-re arc obstacles itpl'be, H, hy .Mhn c o L.,u,vOd spirituUuslyr.lvith the glortous!;‘ n .t f Chnr ° C,ot - ' vh,Ch a<,UCO, ° “ d
i ooY points ’ '^‘'U7ib,!n V firvpod,,,,.,; , v IHV hirf -rptire et w lt ,°W lh(i " 100 “ to *« ,0 P- ne ; er tn ' d f By' S. Arnold.- The Sabbath School
ots points l tha stream the 'etiM.tul of „ f J, , M„ ( i,yi,„hiug „t m.d. ~ . cd. ; joyously: along! tho.„mountain -side.. Tetl( . hns _ , h ey In the language of
j which, by the Stale, would be but on act 1 I ~ jcltuored. by the ijtouahts w.luch suebrn . to
ofj'iiiicn lu 11i0... inlurv,U(l ill ils .Mim-iMVU. rt.UKANOtM#-.S'|..l i [riJl „ (1 „ yo |,| jp p c.iciio. Hia! mpin P "'' “ ,
.| im , in Vi™ of ll,l 1.y.11,,. «W ,f „cl. |
in comlort .ind [wcumaijr |>fuul, matiM, l»bihulclir)iiu, ibiiruimu*. anj M.- bijnii 'u scuuvry, \ ou,inAV . rn . r . .
'in COI|SC(JUC'U(!ti of the conslruction of ihc niftSl irtWhJr 'V-' n-»W-•nVcl -hi anr *l> fniA *H | VuUf Ku;k(.)i 1(1 <r Cm).fr nj ss waIUTS. while I I *’y H, °* • * #nT) S; “ *’ tC J-'UtfK'rwUrg
1 nuhiic works ° hoars.. Tli<j iinportmioc oi'ithn ;iro|jrovnirioi)l.'ron |' ‘ n - M ’ r ”, v f \v' ' r'^ nt ,i„ t Guards —inny ihcv increase in numbers
.:- irprvppily.utguef.U'tyd '^^,ll, ,r, Wvu. Uiitt ,<!•»•» "ipo . («•«)» lill|i , : a[m kjt|i \g -I ,j|; , |„. vu ,e a hie to swallow Cota, gouge
. rtnuiwintniiin. 1 -*«sbsman «*uL
. 1,.i, nitsri it nm »i»e ..«'i .lu'a
jhuoo.pp-ss, that Iho objcol of t|io Nebnts. Ole„rfif\«l/,,i.y „.ay«.rv,et.. iji.,,l iuii- ih of ti 1,..,, Mat, but : rne from its , each V nc “ l *' a . v ® w , ear “taring ol an
,ka-liunzfls bill ivtis to force slavery into "'h„ nTi 4 n,tt airt'adWMitlMied of the fret, fhat tire stuj.iJily, |!ul were l longor lo discard 0 .' nl P lc >J e ,ri j"’ 0 rp ons nml
I . ... present cfflfmnt and iiniHgatie ll»«<l.ul th« Post) „*, t • '•,'•« • i,,'-',.,i.i i, i i i Ihe bust ol nil A polio Bel vlderc.
.these now territories—that is, tmritorv outve Jnipaiunajul i« sUiUn-miunl Unit, the pnhli,., "*• tins snbjUrt 1 might JUMI > bt licltl nut-, 1
“ntSw free.” This allegation is persisted , ''<b nt.g’to my trust-so »>' Arnold-r/twrcA Or^nn^.
t o i HAn nffho tlint \mll <• j,, IH . ,/tuns the muM '•iiccfml ins* r 11 mon f a 1 1 1 v
in, notwithstanding the positive tfeclara. vViULpnipw nvt«nii..r, dn. tb.. pan of )M-.tmrr-iem.i ui . Im . W(11 . 1 . i llltl . r 'of reform.
; lions of almost every friend of the mcas- ,'X’ 'n.f'■n*;. Vy tem''aiu li'J'iK' '■nn,ie,v.,.,Mhw’iiti„.i t1,,.,n truth.- Hy j. H . H lla!an d. — The Sons of Bui
tire in Con"ross, lliut such was neither their ‘'vpri ite tic-ur mure . ninptiii.its; nu till- .ut<■. ceremonies nf the day commenced d// —may their hours ever he filled w ilh
ohiect nor their exorrntion • nml nUo m,■ ‘'""T"' In,. In re,,,, j salute at snnnsh, from u hat is known ' peace and plenty ns their bosoms arc tins,
ouifici nor men , xprciution , tintj also m a,,-,, i„„„, tn.,.iui,Uv, • viiiiiriU, • t?,,mo aJluauiiei- - , , , i , , , •
the face of the declarations of several of "''“"W a «■■», '«1...1 1.-w Oivhr, r.yjill, tin- ordnance Used was day will, happiness.
r ‘ i,.nn aa--t.efi.r.. ilr.v riiitruii'l wns i i.iiipli tv.l : i-n-I stamp' d Aloasr //o/c, anti 011 liy Wm. Montgomery, Esq.— 77/c /><■.
i' 4 lnorc enmlid oppem. nts, stall as Col. at. the tegt.lar .*u,u.i«.i*n.. lellare-an.l paperelr s j Mrd g, , w „ , M V v i U . »j r- 4/ }\ tNs -it pi caches without
Ilcntoi), that the law* ol clun.Uo und \>m. IJllMlna , u , t . lin i„. t . xlni . A rd i Hlnck<mi'h nuop. 1 vmrr, yot ::s mIoiH oloqiw* nee moves *v. n .
duc!ion, as well as the policy of the slavu rnpi..v,uv^, p t H ,_, ~n . i the mi-an.. ihu- nG'...?| q <,'cl. ■.• k the r roc es - ion eon -istiu"' ' •"" s * al '' ■'••nv<f rls.
interests, piescuted harriers to its introduc.' 4 *k'^kVwX , Cmtrds aud (lie scho!-' .( • Ihehl. —i‘hc run ~1 light,
lion there fur toil-powerful for unv net of 'llls gri.iit,d, r„'-t, uml O'ui uiiiit then Mr. tteli in s and tcaclvi 'from ihc Sabbath Pchoo'.s, eonsnev? :> r,, se in tlv r-p,, but :!s ..cams
Vwrrss to rem vc Tl„ ,„V , wi 'f ' V "V' ;!I v '' 1 wa- f.reif.lal the I.ullieru-r’lmii.di, under’ »>="'e n-n-hed the tar vnllies, pmtri-s and
f. digress to remote Ihe act of 1 Soft a. __ the crnmn'irM ~f chief M,Xgam-' = s ..ftl.t- twist, ami wM :w tiil
gave to the people of the territories ul New. Pl , v _i !v ~1 ?; ,r\ . alid h.V ail! A t n-ihl, whi n iV,e it, y, l f.Hras-footted Tt'wim--i'he coldmt- iHjiit of
[Mexico and Utah the light lo control their T «r it. Enrepe ~he Tti.s-iahs „ t>rVat.”„g L. , a). !■' 1 C >« 'iH.-hl nppiH red and addressed them in' lr " ;|: - ■ • , ?
domestic institutions, including ihc- <l«jea. IMul war.i.o-t the “ --.J »<■ r
• tibn of slavery, and which net Was hc«|ui- [ «y.-r.- un .|uivUy uvru|ii|.d bv ilut Aiutrinu., the Lnther.shurg Guards under the coin. ,; ' u "i& o' ! 11 air.'c'tuiis, nrJcnt :n jpetr.
Cseedin hV the Vmeri,-.,, neonle vid, „n '2" 'Vi' " r " 'l' ''i'j!. rO 5» * o '‘" m'dilil of ('apt. P. W.Boncll t<C re station- ‘ ~,;v0,!Ollst
t ?r( um»\ me .\meric>in pfO.fH '■ Mi on* stnn* til* itnr T wi» I from . . , i , ... Ti., r r..HV.'rf n,.T.. T,f ...Jiv m.>,l •
prucrdcnlod unanimity It xwt> ' ,b " W-! i. tho wlm-b ai:d ,ar.
to he unii exsal in its application, and nut to j '.n the wnr. I.v « riti-r-lM 1 1..- Ttrfii-h mi.ri.-t-. giv.- ~r uipl, | ,! ~ | ;1 Cf . selcelcd flu' (lie' eelehra- d'dm K’eller.— G then. I \d’a = h.n-!T.n
depend upon degrecaof latitude, or wheth- t i. O X IrX?Vi < oVn- Jo. notl.Xirsft to »«o». The procession consisted of.scyerai w ?"'!>’, el imbed the craggy mm. a
ibe laws of climutd and production fa- ttuir timt fill thi-f m liundird in(Vn, w t'rurn and t w 1»o ; • ’* l n &, 'de °*, “*«! m \.o.idmn. .iberty
vortd or forbid the institution of slavery. * U] ' '}'f lh ‘ j;,n " ,, . r . s :' U,J ,: '. ,si ii ns -l ,re '' "'gf-p", °X,. r ' ‘Ccic'ral d ut
,TK Nebrasluf Kaozas hill docs vo m„,c. ■“<— uftUv fonaw. » very .musing a,. pAar- x > •'> 'f *
..r . . . - - < ea rainw I hey arrived al ihc *4 rove al - u/ uta o £t "c.itu lup UoCi, t l|iai u.i\ h«ui
But oy submitting the queMion oi tlw c.\-; /,”• TIU- Ih.trl.d.urg r ~f f.’ii,'-t „botit I o’clock, wdum the serv ices com- been his last
.islence or non-existence of shivery to the ' W '*"* fr.irtuttin' justly .-..n,| n, i j pyeneed wi'li prayer l.y the Kev. Mr. pie- v )-<• Sclnv-lh —The ■ list's,
peoplo immediately concerned, it hi t ro- P.''!''™ f ''’ '' ' Ll ' ' " /■ "• V' ' ' Cal, and the rinding oi'tlio Declaration of diefr iondition is ! lie true criterion of our
nlßrms the le'o-islution nf and re-Core- i'nr " , , „ . ■ fndop'Cndcnee winch wa< d> no in a \er\ rnGioivil prosperity.
Hiuinih> lilt: ItTp, IMu 11 till Ul JW, HnU If lOTP >\\ o ti tM *m It li:s)t'-'flf . r.rimr'rf. »n <•. V * • * n. h I^n. F -.r.H t.* , ■ *r) r J)
lUp practice of our govern riicnl in it r r ■*. :t »>'»ro fitiomf vm. Ir.-iuhiH.otts niwtuK«\i>il inmn. ,n, «’ r( "; >lV ( * 1,1 r upils 1 rro’.t . ailci • ‘ ■ ' bp: "5 ’ ‘ r , U °
■ : ‘ ' In roi :ho Ix-i JH.m.-c‘«i lUnovy-»vjr, n-)t ■' which u and ta sic I'll! dinTiei* was <;:i °J may-jthu sun u. heauu
cnce to popular sovereignty, to the princi- i! ,i t.,ly. spread before the company assembled,--and ever smile on them as they hate this day
pies which prevailed in the form.ttion.uf .nXetion.''"!/! ws’ !irvcr dld " i,,u '" ain bettet* de- to i"ul'- on the son’s o( ,
our iN’utiomil Constitution. It the people as.-a.iio,.!, I,t.iiiin »j|,t i.f tin-Aj-ciutil..." serve the unanimous conimondiitidn w liich „ '--'aik. Ihc Gals oj Bi.’di/,
were capable of di.i.i'mtg upon such M ue S - t A-rt-me. it .eceived-cakes were never better, and ' t , tag , , ,
. 1. ~1.,..,, , it- t. - , : 'nut never made fWTet.T; The fire cd pa- Am-t cnofht r salute had been (tied, at
ions l( n > .mv •” u '! 11 - 1 " ,A ' it.,-iin„'i.., t;.„ io.-»nu< w. it.-. t''..,igr.-*t/.ri»l triotism, kindled by the associations, und : ”hout 5 o clock the w!io!e company was
1! pu\\ ui vs us ;>u !u ui I nci i hands i lie n, * 'gulVr f. .. t*L j' U.j- j U'. '*r ’■ > ■ <t. v J'i:, \ L.t: <!u} hi n n°d [>ihc (*n fliustn sinoflhe da v, burnt ■ * 1 * into p; c cession, and hoa dud b \ lho
why is it less so now ! The peoplo of tin "in runny a fnir one’s eve. After dinner, M-ii-hM s ami remmanded hy Gapi. Bar-
Males have this power gunrentied to them Tut: T.ati: l.n utji ,ir t)!m,i imi.ii'pi.i.r another solute was fired, w hieh was follow-, rL "» par.mod through town. riirongh-
I,„ f. ,1 • till- manner in wl,i,.ii oar !,. •• n.n.i.-rs-irj ed bv tin nraoniznticn Thw Chief Marsh- : out die day the utmost harmony and good -
bv Inc* * uuslit uf ion. i hr' iean v reason pi)mm ( *i^('iv , t , (] *it r - v.ui in« rmp./i 11< p . . , , r.tjiv,.,. ...'i i . - j t »• • , ° ,
; ' , , i . •, ’ A .u Va>i ' l r r’ .. *. n? ralb’d ih^ 1 meunmz to order and renucsl* ‘c-ling prevailed much credit is due ihc
wllvl ho v should not have the same null! ,in « hn r J intproceotliW Vn n \ V , , worihv nronrietor of ihc T Pn
* i n on bri-nthi- tin* mtuic ul true l ‘U ilio 1 iy.*>idt‘nl I>. Honsal, Ksq., lo lunCj ' propr. lor oi me Ho*
1 10 the territories? It is not pretendcJ, Amcrii-un which lms ulwjivd n*» ihe rhnir j Vito President, D. Weltv, hnd! Ir . r ' all ,ihe lopers sober. On
thut, hy removing into the territories, ilicv il'!amnV[v''m’ f <>ur' t ’.aX. 'or’the h'w'v P - Kirk - R r. Wilson then took the stand ' ,,e B P o! - beauty jeigned supreme, and nev-.
are any iho less qualified io dccideintrdli- nf tvJifdnu* I'l'i.'.Gni.Tivr ir. .mho V'lurC., n n r>tl rend a very neat, chaste, eloquent, :e . r W ‘ IB u fM' UVt ' graced bv a larger collect
t gently upon public questions than (hi m- u>= ..W- tu p-ah. a!...'M d -rv. mid npprnptta-e oration. He was followed ' {' r f n °f highly refined and well bred ladies.
Were before. Yet Lr some unexnlaih.4 . lr <m <-dit..r n partw.spl, bv Bt l ingland. Rsq., from Philadelphia, Vb« was clegar.tly decorated with
. r ii uiii iwuotijt-r whfilitii-ur •• of "ho wii svc ry (cl i'*i lot.: sin l bo nti;i pin l ion ol uroalfjcs and flowers ofcv
reason, the Whigs and Abolitionists re. t,,. ...i;,..,i„i „i.i. a. r biii remarks to the occasion, and deserv- ( ' r - v form nild hue, and u!!"t!mt genera!
fu>o to trust the' people with these, thou yXpftamiiXorit wo'™m',r'XlT odl - v '•' tile appreciative itpftlause nl! t oud and unbounded hospUahty
natural rights. 'J'hurt) is no danger of tln'.i.iiJ «itit«r tlmf, .'udurMyiu.i maitnnH his audience, lie was followed bv Dr.T. to ' dd accomplish, characterized tho enter-
Slavery going whero it will not bo-profita- at lu,u '' '"'i vr " K ''‘ ’' fr “ sr ' ,! ' h ' nnd Rev. C. Diehl. After the i «ainmcnt. 1 had , mended discoursing at ’
bU» H„n ton o«vm it (-••» im,-t k p JU.Ai,. «... Kau. JUmd fSr«v kv.- V\> uiWnrunu'i tlmt p orulions thn I J r#*siflnnt rolled for lhe regtu j J5 reQt J- 1 hngth on me bcauly of the Judies,
. j - 1 t . furjj.** <>/' Kni'inecr.-f uro u* njL'wt at tbr (jt»p nf t in* Inr (ousts, to w liirb Dr Dover, chairrtis’in *he exccllcnco of t ho wands, (no coni*
in oitVr Kansas or Nebraska ; nhd'there muumui... 5..... 1 .t r r..«- 1 r , ih.- p.irpns.'- of of the roinmittrc resnonded and read the I 1 ' s intended,) hut iho increasing
• i • . i . . inif Uw» route fUr lht» Tviont* prul ri«*nr- .... ’ l . t \ • ■ °
is jusGap Utile danger ol our people, whuUp u u | ( t ruiWoad itw« Ataat point io the (Jcniir.t roud following, each-fine of which was gtafefu!- , ,°‘ c<l ' n iiumicaiion warns ntr
or northem or southern, -adapting any al Tyreuc. tvliuold a'.ty wiiua ly received. l lul ' already oectmied iqoro space
. .... 5 ■ t ir «p"r Krintc. i,v t'onn.i iii-r.-. w luo. .-ry:. •■ , ... . .. . I, t. thau 1 should. Duttnt' the whole ‘fc&tiud
system or institution that they cannot snren<>eifii.t' ihe-wafk will h.. nn- ,sl - \\ c luive this duy assembled here i - . ‘
make money out of. ’ m-aiatoly uncv.n-.-i dptas: «id. -va«..reu e l.v i m tnnndVsMhe spirit that was exhibited jli 'Z'u'TuM.U “r t dXe'p X? Xtb,. "tur^e."
riKATBIi A BOUT. .rtvy-Tha uhoi.n. U'.oewur. l><* nlinm *2d. 'lMiis day may it he proudly and ‘ IOW ,n <«>'
'i’b* Washington Union of Wctlnes- to prm-,.it....... 0pi,i,.,.,. grn i o r u || y romemhei'cd as (ho birth ddv of n B *' UCo ‘ q iUi l’“ alloU »"» llia t the men -
, . . ° cNci-nt J',l ( M'»nlit>ub ultliouirh U exist®. ° ■ J . \ r . . , , *. 01 lifadv mav ever, remain failhft.l find
day last, publishes a letter addressed t 6 u met njaii.V deiifft'-orcur «itli (Lis t.-mpte ilisya.-i. u nation, to ho forgotten only with the last l ... •lu ■ < n. , ■ ~ ;
•,’ , r< . r, • ' rinllmastfua iße lnrysr ■eitios, U.oili east h-e-t. expiring sontimenls of a love for liberty 1 ““T'T 1 ? *- a /. h «" A»W fynae, and that
member of Congress by one uf Jus qpn- i4uit. wcuk dmthe iu iSfv Yn-k t'r«in. ,gj Mav (he name of Gen Washington 110 9f d'sscntion may ever prcicut
atituents now travelling it. .Europe, detail- (XoWoTi^Star. 0 "' • iiro, ’ klju l,u ' be ha'nded'dowtf to poster',tv,' nnd his gib- !' h f, r uni,cd eir ° rl r 8 and
mg a scheme of piracy undertaken tindhr i ' nsj-tioiuu U .wC,..— • riohs' deeds he remembered till Ihe sun h l^, .° lcra 9. c c, Co me from whatquqrter n may;
Itrjssiiin »u,1,0 r „,i M |„„;or,vh i cl,: ? |„ w H* no ■'
wo,o ,ci„ed,o u, vj, ow«i. ••• «*
Bnush B(eaipcr. ihe design of tl»o piyl wbdo ,iv. :\ M ’ t - 1 * ■ oine a [^, Bt ( l • J9B. ua. ihey wore irue lo iheir country
form Irt the present contest ; 'l’hL* adfntn of V lO New York 8 at CHb^res 1 ; 1 Jenftii,( 'c®imh : y , fo b'o.SS u mo»f .' ' , fhe 'of{he declaration of die dpy would be reft of half its eucfaaul
i) l [r«lii>.i«,iiLl,Slafc..,,<lt),. l ionil 11 »Vin »"<l «'»„ «,„;!„ d.i,,,,,,.*, |t«» iS?"- '«4. »■ Wliftr ,S. '.. A.d
, tbuir hands; and both thus fair havo'haant Australia. The writer professes full KaraPw*-iu.,(t evoa.iviit,- d lQr J) shameful combination , fpy did 1 not a(, u.ll, (itpp»,. on ,flll
iiAif —«• -h -*r. - »"* -i»“ &lyBKsS flf •** ** *■ sir' ”■ r? w-*» •
that malm L■. torties-to hdbn the lookmht '• ■' : i" ; axistos a., ina..po t io t hthaaiun.u h VOfranta.bie, W eao3. .. ;■ MVit|t Recency, dignity, und djeeprup, avpty,
tha malm up ,Ue. greatness, pros ( ltmty ' '.q ■ "yv t ,-r-r- 7 , .I. : • ; ... fhh. Q ttf departed y«(Aei: 5 -where-ope my nita.clm,ent to ? titmions, my rpv
“P d >.ldf 1 ?)fl? n mM?®. 01 “..nation, ,are now : • C<»UN'rv com VUJVTJOW. , , l»ov o l.bci n !n 'he eross—(hey r ? rc « c ‘» CftF.W dojiftr^d,t W rf.Wr/», and,my
tWJPypfA toiW people fo 4.greater ex-r. T '*«» ..'stiui<lin f ; Cqaimittoo met: on 1 pnwitioa fooA uniftmni rirapr.ysystotu of tihißobcnts qrpytn, Music is,the-ulehlf:ic tyl-:d ov 9. a'/png, and. übiding .
tfontiithhn, .at, «tiy, former pPfiod-andLr '^-^Wgmph;.hy„whi P h,. with them,, we can' hoW *9W l(W*B.a»d ,
among ihe nalions of Europe thd (Sreat for l/olofttirt.i, awl thiHfortrt4- *Cfel<lb«Fhoxf, l thfiix'goi/Wwni^Rgs J f| s . i! m.i : ■ jrl; ■ ; l|/ lt3 -VPRV- 6 '■».'9Hl rn y. iH^sra,. •
\tii-- ttr "U •E- tin V - I'. Saturday ,(fli© IVtb) lor tho afraid fi-.,; i.j'.iG ni*L >.i7iht Th&tf&vglane Stdfß i*-Ah know ll ‘ al you are not of thntiSLocK— * trup
udion dj fh6 coftinrtrfAdis ■b‘J | Thopvooavdi^ga n ...pfptsay ;a,,tbo title. Qf a d *i nf j n (i t i,* n'rJk- hna' i\i -)* v J sons of Pei/nsvlvynia aB-l know vou are,
led roincc—lhn' or.'k'J M k will Kpnbllshod horeaftor. " \ °' ™* the beat: position lOr • * 5 .
.I.' J 1 .f' j.. 9i. °! dh s pp|s enp ineju • - - —— - • '■ uy;Ba'er,v& MitoiNN!B. TVo itaU Hakdngilbroaduriews on al). sides, muv we rnUa A bo ,p9triotß ; ,pnd 1 lr,u?t ■
'hop?,: of. (he oppressed 1 '! (hrpughouMlhoi : fAUTESi—This is harvest wook .with our (Urm- 1 «UWJbr nai'tkme C'W-i fjevij’waliujtiptmp nf.thfintU- look to. ihoiistato. of Mri Penn for liberal l ' mt tyilb mq in .top :
world; • Standing, thus' accredited beforefa i jf P g^.rZt! U^ V 'l.sontimentstatrdi'gimerous dbedsr .' . :declaration -t,ha(. «ihila: (ifo, nod memory.
■the American 'pcfo'ploj the' Demdcfacy IjaVe! "While there are many 'didi that J Stsmiship r.t ; ethr-’T/th President'df the United Slate!;. 1 “X’ ‘n it ", ll '
/It, .iii. •* < U’„ V -r,, .iTiiLßCOTf; th&.t*xponao c£ tP al U°J 4*0, /joined Now. York j9Q r, „ ( mUd ' i • - .,10 tho evorgr^ep.s
f nd . abotto s her. SW /iiiipdJiS^ l^^ip7Ll £j2ut , iSssfi IjaIJ ?/-'* - kw.lliq.h,cluster!ground us on’that beav. •
*k 9 :a»fiiw.r^:' :.... ■ £*■:■ '■
pqf ; poljtjeal enefoios, ppd ’■horathmunaka/upttiioidofitioncy. u <. i 1 npvfeat,i,9p„- ,^,-i!,!■>iuMl -i. M |,,’r i' ~|.: h th, T4ie ; Sabbapb h ..■AP,9lfJgl?iwg: for tho length,,
fdofcndirigibp'Stattennd NaiiojinrCbnstinj. l : ' 7 • ' «»«iHtfC-sA lt tt«*'B4UkWl dfNew York, i*l. AnCW;%» )>X. >y.hichi.>ve expect to nrieet. 0 ' l P,dis(;puj;sivenc ! ss of tbisfippe.r,, -...m
'tidh4, n ind:'hh'r ) free.ii'n,i‘'rhVlqnrfn ■in.tll., 1 -m, ~ «,, . . •„ '" ! tho othnr.ddy lhe: foree of error. .; . . , Uremnjn vours, &c„ v
pttbho opinion fojr p, -of rfnetm»flSe«un,«C.4j>.l4Bheßt attainments, ud« weathfir in.-thiSireaiori for. tho tut f«w Ils 1 b. 0 ,' the total during the ftiprith .
stewardship. .hwiuo-.o wlo’e-nue X. r ?to<i . a u^ i n !P>Wl da^a®’a ' >een oxolodmgiy^rßvjtJbefth<)rw?mfih>r J ' l t ft‘WorrikhJoi ll Hwdh'Jt)p'ti\iilitfpft d )oP - iUbil6ii , olfor ,< .laa(/Word r •
nua , ■ ywcpollWos. r| •* .3 nr. v .. U. '■ n. ran(?ing from 85 to 90 do(? . , acts, not only that 'twieflty thoisftttda)dl(ufs.' 7/ '*
appointed adopted. cilizcnts lo office, il is!
c'erlnin 'that ho hns turned out a greater!
ripmberwho had been appointed by his'
’whig predecessor. 'ljTlio same remark is'
n tfyc \vi|njre(br{JstK ;|p 1 he|f>[>ppjb(meu£;oj'
1 lplic lit [til. |jlt so jM
Vlov. Bigler, utlcfrly dischrds"" 11
tests,) that hut itvo or three persons of the
Catholic faith are now holding office un
der Jjldi* ifiiit! 1 itbtnJ aiH ini a ivy- adoptbd citi j
•/.ens. How unjust, then,---nay, huw wick
d tt| is le he attempting ttu excjtd prejudfco
! against these classes ofour fellow citizens,
and against the (lovemor, on such a ftjjse
' UM !• M.
Wfire tile"cliTffge made hganiit Governor
Bigler iliut ho had been controlled by re
ligious prejudice in making Jus appoint
ments, and had given an undue share to
his own church, it would be much mord
difficult to meet the charge—for we \en
tuic thp assertion that lie lias appointed at
least teii I‘rcsbyleriuns, andus many Aleth
odikts, tor overv’dfatholic.
| lii this connection, the appointment' of
j .llid^c'Cti'rnfilicll is'frequently referral tuJ
T-Iml, difitiiiguished statesman, us, we un
derstand ii,,\vus raised u C.iithohcy hut the
idea that he tvnßaiiher beaten, forjudge,!
or's'ppointcd AlfdrnbyGuffefaKTor this rea.,
! !. !n,v ’{ ' i/-; • Ji a! ... .|
son, is pimply absurd. If lie was beaten
fur Judge of llio Suprcpie Court, because 1
jot llis (Jntholic fuitb, how comes, it that u|
;caudiJnto ftjr n city and eiYihity ! o(Tice, en
tlib same ticket with him, run the full par
ty vole? Ilow does it come that Catholics’
have repeatedly.since then been elected by
I tlie same votes to the Legislature? Mow
| does it come that the s-amc'Yneri Who were
.active in defeating Judge Campbell, aided
' in electing J. R. Chandler to Congress, wliu
| is a communicant in tbo Catholic church ?
iThe truth, is the Judge was defeated l>v n '
j cunningly devised scheme of a fraction of
his own party, who. embraced this opporv |
j (unity to wreak their vengoauoe ti|>on him.!
, But, suy some, the people rejected him for
Judge, and it'ivas n great wrong on them
to rquke him Attorney Cu(icr,al, Thisde
j vice is, (qq shallow, to mislead t|io most
dull of comprehensions How bfien have
mdn litid run again for the
same .officq, pud ho man thought it n
w rong.or an ihsult. Instance the cases of
Be pry-Ha yt. of Geu..Jack son, of Ritnqr,
aod,, Smaller alights by tlie score. The
question' of the Judtresltip was a matter
for the whole people. When the Demo
crats bqd carried the Slate, thb disposition
of the pulrunage, among which was tlie
Attorney Generalship, was a question for
them only. The whig party were not ’o
be consulted. If the 5,000 Democrats,
who voted against Judge C. were entitled
to consideration, how much more.was due
the 15f?,000 who had voted for him. The
idea that a beaten for Judge, and
particularly by the appliances that defeated
Judge C., should not be appointed to a
mere nominal office, with a salary of three
hunched dollars per annum, is too nonscu
sicnl. It might os reasonblv lie said that
a inuu fuiliDg in his first enterprise, should
not be permitted to attempt another. The
plait), trulli jij, tiierc was nothing in (his
s': .'•:■*iM-p.! Lilt a domestic feud uinom’M
t ~-i.: _ .. . . °
I '.he Democrats, that iiad no morn connec
tion with sectarianism hud with the
inhnbittuifs of the moon. The'inert "Who
effected the defeat of Judge Campbell ptif-
Jwps cafe much less about religion than
they should., VVe say this muph as truth
and. history—’cohlldunt that the people
will judge the whole subject by the nnAr
'flfig'tcsls of constitutional ÜbeVty!
(jOY;'tfiglo<,hafJ,t/i(} undoubted fight to so
leqf whom he pleased to fill the office, and
until .itiCan be shown thnt the duties were
’libiwctl and faithfully performed, We main
tain that no wrong has beim dolie.' J3ut
has public interests or honor suffered 1
by 1119 appointment? Tim negelivo must
be the universal responsp. Then let us
hedr ho more of these bugbears.