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    f WAB»l««fi||teb. *8,1864..
f The 'of -lbe homealßad bill,
I which b'!® occupied the ottention of Con
_rcss f o r, several sessions, was resumed in
! the House of Representatives on Tuesday
last, hy Mr. Dawson, of Pennsylvania, in
favor of a bill which he claims aa his own,
granting to every citizen of the United
States a homestead of 160 acres of land,
who will settle upon it and make it hia
be exempt from levy for debts
contracted previous to occupancy. The
speech of M v.-'Da wson on the occasion was
very qble, pod goes over the. wjiple land
•yaiteW;.nnd is full of valuable informa-
tion.; . - .■;
Nobmakn-Kanzas bill, howover, is
the all-absorbing topic of discussion in po
litical circles. ...Gen. Houston, of Texas,
addressed thoHouso in opposition to the
bill.on Tuesday—though his objections are
not to tho material parts of the bill—and
on thls accouot there ore some who go so
far as to suspect the hero of San Jacinto
for bidding for northern support for the'
Presidency. We Cannot think that he is
influenced by r such motives. But why
should General Houston seek to deny to
the freemen who go to settle in,these territo
ries the right to decide for themselves the
character of their domestic institutions
This certainly shows a strange inconsis
tency with the eventful history of his life.
It is not certain,", howover, that he will
give his vote against the bill; ond if he does,
it will be the only negative vote south of
Mason and Dixon’s lino.
In the House the opposition to this bill is
growing more formidable, and the pres*
cat indications are that the north are pret
ty generally against it, though not enough
bo to defeat it. This is sincerely to be
regretted. It should not be looked upon
as a sectional question, for tho great prin
ciple involved in it is purely national
—the ability of man in 6elf.govern
merit, Tho southern people cannot have
tho most distant idea that these territories
will come into the Union as slave states,
hence theiradyocacy of congressional non
intervention, must bo predicated on sound
national principles. How was it with Cali
fornia?. There was a climate, soil, pro
ductions and interests highly fuvorable to
the introduction of slave . labor—a thou
sand times more so than either Nebraska
or Kanzas; and yet the question of exclu
ding domestic slavery was unanimously
adopted in tho convention that formed tho
state constitution. So will it be in New
Mexico and Utah, where the people are
unrestricted upon this question. Then
why should this nnti-republicnn restric
tion be continued in force? and why not
declared to be inoperative, when it is no
longer of any practical benefit ?_ Tho
:compromise of 1820 gave tranquility to
the country, and was therefore a judicious
measure at. the time. But if its provisions
am without constitutional authority, an act
ofCongress declaring it to be inoperative
cannot come too soon, and should not bo
objected to by any man willing to sustain
the integrity of that great charter of hu
man liberty, the Constitution of the United
States. The abolition charge that it would:
be a yielding on the part of the north, to
the grasping 6lavo power of the south, this
is nil gammon. The only question for A
mericans to decide is, is it right to give to
the freemen of these territories the right
to make their own laws? or has Congross
the constitutional, right to legislate for
them?. To assume that Congress has
* suoh power is certainly, contrary to the
spirit of republicanism.
The manner in which Governor Bigler
‘•conquered peace” at Erie, is the subject
of general commendation, and no doubt
. those members of Congress who were so
lavish with their abuse of Pennsylvania
and her Governor now see their error, and
are sorry that their sight did not come
sooner. .. ...
, Senator Cooper has not yet resigned his
seat in the Senate, nor is it certain. tfiat
he will. If he docs, it is to be hoped that
the Legislature now insession Mill elect
: that excellent man; Judge Woodward, in
his place/ The democracy ot Pennsylva
nia o wo bun this honor, and with him in
the United States’ Senate, the interests
sod honpr of Pennsylvania would bo well
cared far/- ■■ ■'•' ,
Wawii N<3TOJi» Feb. 23d.—A serious fra
casdccurred laat night,bqtwecn Hon. Je
remiah Clemons, Democratic Senator from
Alabama, andllon. Wiley P.
ocratio member from Clem.
SSiSirs, refused, to acknowledge an
SSn «o Harris, whereupon angry
words ensued, and,.the jesult was that
Clemens knocked Harris down. The
ligerehts' were‘seperated, but a duel is n
ticipated, . '.V ' ; ' ■ :
reader of Arimr
ir _ a light literature has.not heard of Geo.
LiDrant -or read,his works? His ‘Quaker
Cif?alone, gaVe him name end lame «n
country end on the continent of Eu
rone of genius,
:; -ir«U -residing, in an almost dying
«S}»t3 iiUn’unfrbquented part of Phila-
And H wa* but- last week, we r?“d that
the scholar" and patriot, Patrick G Dono
i hue died man obscure part of the city f
' NftwTork or Brooklyn, almost destitute
Sd unwwd for. Truly, the happiness of
tjS SSfo is Stort lived, and dregged to the
twentyrfiyO cent pieces
mi lyrrarwetir.Tftw
| for ©a ft fisbiagdxduwuin'
(KrAn insult Is twice as deep as on a-' ' FOCE BAIS LATER PROM EIJEOPE. ‘: v
pology. An insult sinks to the heart, and; Arrivalof the Baltie.-*Alle!iMal War Inevitable,
wrauktes there, whilst an apology merely Withdratoel of the Russian Minister# from Paris and Lon*
skims over the surface, but never heals the don—All Negotiations broken, of— Preparations for War
wound. To persons impertinently dispo- by England and France—Advance of Consols , and Decline
sed, what a warning ought this not to be. of Breadstuff#, tf-c.
with nine children ore to New Yohk, Feb. 29.—Tho U. S. Moil Steamship Baltic,
bo exempt from taxation in the stole of N. Captain Nyo, arrived at this port this morning, bringing Liy-
York. very safe legislation, that. We erpool dates to tho Bth inst., four days later than previous ad
would like to see the printer who has ony | vices. ; ; (
- P‘
tiling' to tax after feeding nine children.
young woman who was lost in
tho’t after wandering in her own mind,
found herself at last in hor lover’s arms.
On Wednesday noon, Consols for money closed at 9Jn92 ;
Account 92. 5 * '
Flour had declined ono shilling; wheat three pence, and
corn sixpence.
The British and French Ministers to Russia have been or
dered to withdraw from St, Petersburg.
The final proposals of the Czar have been rejected,
Great preparations were making by the British and French
governments for hostilities, .
i Three million of cannon balls have been ordered by the French
‘goverment. "■ 1
| Half of the British revenue, force has been transferred to the
inavy. -- _ ■ ■
! France and England are both making immense preparations. |
I Several cunard steamors have been taken by the government
Ito convey troops to Constantinople. Six thousand men will.go
I from England. The others will be foken from the different
'stations. About ten thousand will soon be collected to form
‘parts of the first expedition. There is no doubt but that the
(Brigade Guards will form part of the expedition.
] The 40lh Regiment, under orders for Australia, is now to
... t hold itself in readiness for Foreign service—taking all the best
AIIC Republican, men, and leaving at home the young soldiers and recruits.
.Is published every Wednesday, by D. -The combined fleets are at Bavcos Bay.
W. Moore & Clark Wilson, at the low <i>he Russian Ministers nt Paris and London have departed
rate of $1 a year payable in advance.—-'f or R uss i a>
If not paid within three months $1 25 will j g; x ships have again been conveyed by a Turkish steamer
bo changed. If not paid within six months : troops into the Black Sea.
SI 50. If not paid within nine months!' is understood that four British ships, originally taken up:
51 75. And if not paid within the year jjy tfj C government to convey troops from Ireland to Malta, and 1
52 00 will bo charged. ■ hence to li e West Indies, have been taken up on monthly char-
Advertisements inserted at the rate of j ters. So they may bo available to proceed to any point at the
SI per square for the first three insertions, shortest notice.
and twenty-five cents for each additional i government officers have seized some artilery and mu
insertion. A liberliil reduction made to chinery at Greenwich under a supposition that they were in
those who advertise by the year. tended for the service of Russia.
I The lutest news from the seat of waron the Danube, reprdt
TRMPFRANfiE AIRKTING ! senls that Omer Pacha has effected most important movements,
r?r..ri‘ii UA tbplr having crossed the Danube with 50,000 men and divided tho|
rpHE W ashingtonians will hole the ; A q arm , s ri ht wing , which i 9 a , Krajova. The left is at:
Ji remperance Meenng m.lhe Court nnd > h(J at b ßucharcst . j
House in Clearfield, on Monday the 6th of om(jr cr£)ssed in person al oitenilza, and, nt the last accounts i
March, at ear y candle Addresses, , wo day’s distance from BuchaYcst, where the llus
may be expected, ri.e people are kindly K wag J oak I
invited to attend. . j t is suppose( | that the object of his movements was to attack j
„ , OD rres '■ ; 11 10 rear of the Russian army on its march from Krajovo against:
February 28, 1854. | Khf|it
A despatch, received at the Turkish Embassy indicates prep
arations for an attack by the Turks on Bucharest. . .
Vienna, Monday night. Feb. 6.—An answer has been jubi
received from the Russian Cabinet to the last proposab for
peace. The four powers consider it entirely unsatisfactory,
nnd not adapted for transmission to Constantinople.
Admiral Seymour will undoubtedly command tho Baltic
fleet, assisted by Sir Charles Napier and lord Dundonald.
The failure of Count Orloff’-s mission is fully confirmed
It is rumored that Servia will refuse to receive two firmans
of tho Sultan without the consent of Russia. ,
It is said tho Czar is about to write pn autograph letter to
tho Queen of England, in which ho will endeavor to prove mat
he is not tho aggressor. .
The allied fleets had returned to Beynos Bay.
a rumored scarcity of provisions at Sincope.
One account says that the-Russian fleets are at faebastopel,
and another that they are at Anapa
MARRIED—On Sunday the 19th day
of February, by Josiah Evans, Esq., Mr.
Calvin Baily, to Miss Louisa Elliugcr, all
of Pike township.
DIED.—In this place, on Friday the*
I7th of February 1854, Mr. David Saekett,
oged about 35 years.
The deceased had for many years been
a resident ofthis place, was oneof our most
industrious and enterprising citizens, ond
was highly respected- by all who knew
him. He leaves a wife and several small
children to morn his loss.
A LL Collectors previous to 1853, will:
7\. take notico, that if the whole amount)
of thefr Duplicates arc not paid in full on .
or before May Court, they can positively
expect to pay Sheriff’s costs immediately
after Court. And a number of Colleolors
for 1853 will bo dealt with in the same
manner if they do not attend to this notice.
We are determined to have those outstand
ing debts due the County collected in or
dor to make cash payments for all liabili
ties in the future progross or the business
of the county. By order of the Com’rs.
Clearfield, Feb. 25,1854.
stockholders of the Snow Shoo
X and PackervilloTurnpike Road Com
nany will hold an election at the Court
House in Clearfield, on Saturday the* 11th
day of March next, to elect a President,
Treasurer and Managers for said Compa
nv By order of the board.
Clearfield, Fob. 28, 1854.—2 w.
ifjlL3®©2s 4® Y®mir lEiiktoffssftJjl
II Purchase Where You Please! |§|
$9 ff take pleasure to announce toourSbj
$8 4 old friends, that lam prepared top!
gSsell all kinds of Groceries cheaper®
any other house this side ofrlnl-M
swjadelphia. Call and see prices. Don t®
the place, at the corner oppo-p,
feSsito the Pennsylvania Rail Hoad De-p
Ppot. Goods delivered at Tyrone two®
£s3dnys after purchasing. 'Mind that 159,
Sitreep Mess Pork, Backhand Tobacco,Ml
Load, Oil, Ropes, &c. AUffi'
HHof which will ho sold at a very low_
fflproGt for cash. U-mi.
Harrisburg, Feb’y 8, 1854. jgjj
Clearfield Pottei y •
LBITZINGER, respcctrully in-
V forms the public, that he constantly
on hand a good assortment of fancy
Pettery ware, such ns Crocks, Dishes an
Stove Pipe Collars of every convenient
size Farmers if you wa nt to buy .cheap,
give us a cdlfat ,ho Clearfield_ Pottery,
near George Orr’s Blacksmith Shojw,
Country produce will bo taken jn ex
change for ware, and a liberal reduction
made to wholesale purchasers,
January" 11,1854— -ly.
■ AMfliffmtßy JksfWV
HAS removed his oftico to_tlio room
adjoining on the east the Drug Store
of Dr ID Lorain, and will deyote his
whole attention to the his pro
fessioh. HO may be consulted_in French
and German,
:AT It. AW,
XkFFICE, adioining his residence on
Q Second Street Clearfield, Pa-. Hav
imr^charge of Judge Barrett’s unfinished
papers in Ids hands, and obtain Trom him
such information as thoj may desire.
'*J36aiCDfiWl|i ,; >\ ••/
m Xuijsday night last, a small Gold
O bS‘ Pin.ofliulo value tojanyono
hiuhe owner.
February -?
Receipts and Expenditures
F G. Miixeh, Esq., Treasurer of Clearfield County,
'count with said County from the 13th day or January, ISod,
to the 6th day of January, 1854, inclusive:
To ain’t Rec’d from Collectors for 1853, > §4708 03
and previous years, $
“ of jury fees mid tines, 21 \
“ Rec’d from owners of unseated lands, 100 04
•• Balance at last settlement, . 104 50
u 0 f road fund of 1848 and ’49 transPd to Co. 38 60
>< Balance due Treasurer by County, 364 68
By ain’t paid Jurors,
„ .. *« Election oncers, ■
“ CoftauxlM - r-Jill
“ Premumßott. scalps,
“ Assessors, *«9
“ Commonwealth costs, o»7
“ County Commissioners, 169 06
«• Repairs, J®P
“ Prothonotary Fees, , *“*
“ Printing,
Attorney,: i «u
“ Jail, I 90.80
“ Talisman, ■ - , , r ®
“ Court Crier,
“ Refunds,
Tipstaffs, ■
“ Inquest Fees, * “"87
“ Justices,
« Weights and Measures, . -?* o u “
u Cl’k to Commissioners, 147 78
“ Auditors’pay, -46 60
“ Road Views, 00
“ interest orderi redemed, • 102^0
“ Exoneration, Ana ,)•
“ Percentage allowed Collectors, v 223 oo
h Treas’r “ on @4,807 02atljperct. 72 11
n « •.«; paying 0ut@5,105 87 ? 77 48
at 1$ per cent- ■ ■ r
1854, Wy O. Bal. duo Treas’r _
F G. Milter by County, ®384
J 3» Amounts dtvfrorn. Collectors for 1853 and previous years.
Yeabs. Township •; Coe. Names. a>u*TV. State
i»a7 Tnrd&a : James Rea 8151 57 857 7o
1848| Lawrence, Philip Antes, |OO 469
« Penn Abrm. Spencer, 304 lot
\ - pike’ Samuel Spencer, 668
Clearfield,; ; ? av ‘ d^ l % }J JJ
Boms.' James H. Turner, 18 40
Burnside, James M’Ewen, 634
« .Woodward* . G.' W.Shoff, 23 * .
1851, Chest, Elms Hurd, 6 74
u Bradford, Wilhajp Graham, jr. 500
« Bell, Henry Breth, 80 42
v Clearfield, David Sackett, 35 84 .
~ Burnside, John Young, 62 00 068
Ferguson, . Wm, M!Crackt}U, 15 41 a 8
Jordan,- - ;■ ' David Willfomi, 3 15, 8. 29
Morris, . *co> Wise, J| -®
1852, IScina, Samuel Shoft; .18 38 »
There was
5539 11
®5j589 11
10 79
13 00
B e H, J6hri Smith, C 30
Bradford, Bazel Crowell, '4310
Burnside, David Smith, 45 53
Cheat, James Curry, ll& 71
Ferguson, James Wiley, 4 HO
Jqrdan, '. John M. Chase, 67 23
Pike; Wm. Caldwell, , 120 18 .
Clearfield, R. F. Ward* 7 00
' Ctirwensvillc, ■ John Askoy,. : '0261 .
Beccaria, :•. John .Weld, jr. 100 04.
Bell, John F. Leo, 106 15
Bpggs, Cornelius Shippy 82 87
Brady, Jos. Lines, .194 51
. Bradford, V. B. Holl, 126 10
Burnside, John Myers,.:. 196 12
Curwensville, John Patton;' 37 61
Clearfield, A. M. Hills, 10 .1®
Chest, John M’Cully, 124 05
Covington, J. B. Gormont, 58 18
Decatur, David Kephnrt, 90 31
Ferguson, Jos, Moore, 08.27
Girard, Bernard M’Govcrn, 15 20
Goshen, W. L. Rishel, 30 08
Huston, ' F. Brown, 42 10
Jordan, Enoch Wise, ,120 27
Karthaus, Edwnrd M’Uarvcy, 85 06
Lawrence, Jos. Shaw, 290 71
Morris, G. R. Diller 5 197 84
Penn, Moses Owens, 148 30
Pike, Jos. Caldwell, 415 03
Woodward, James Alexander,. 131 14
Due from unseated lands for 1853, ■ 1800 00
Georor Oan. John KtihiJEß.
npHE subscribers respectfully in(p'rn) j
X iho residents of the boro* of Clear.' r
field and'vicinity, that they have entered' l,
into copartnership, and intend carrying on'
the above business in all its brahchoS, tit
the old stand of George Orr on third
Street,in said borough, and they hope by
strict attention to business, and being con
stantly furnished with a good assortment;
of iron, to bo able to give satisfaction to
nil who may patronize them. Every ef
fort will be made to have their work dona
according to promise, and in a substantial
manner/ Country produce of all kinds,
; taken in exchange' for work—and cash
•• - never refused.
RECAPITULATION : -, .i. N. B.— Our shop will bo open from
G. Miller, Esq. in tux't toilh Road F«nriyb/‘1852 1 . *s3daylight dr» Ittonday morning until 4 I .
To Bal. at last settlement, $631 61 Saturday ofoach \vceU._ !
Am’t received from unseated lands, 498 17 j CRYSTAL PALL ACE, ■
■ ftl lon7B i TTS about to close, and so ?s A. M. Hitts'
9 “ IX' Sloro. Being desirous to close out
P a ; his stock of goods, ho will sett for thores.
-fdycash for cost and carriage. Ho has on
!hand a splendid assortment of all kinds of
‘ I goods usually found in a country store.—
“ “ I Some-' good pieces of Deoskin Cassimcre,
ia choice lot of Cloths of almost any and,
1 every desciiption. Beautiful Cashmeres,
’ a nd some of the latest patterns of French
“ “ , ~ oo Merinoes, and a large lot of Calicoes,
“ Ferg- I Ginghams, Books and Stationary, Boot#
~ cn I and Shoes, particularly ladies wear of
~ 10 1 Shoes, Hats and Cups, children’s Hoods,
0 0 9 i 5 ] All Wool .Delanes, SaUiuots, Tweeds and
4 28 Flannels, Hardware of almost every kind,
iQucensware and Crockery ware, Fancy
i articles,.Gents, and Ladies Hosiery, &c.
The subscriber is bound to soil out his
entire stock. A.'M. HILIS.
Jan. 25i 1654. .
Ain’t of otders outstanding,
By balance due County,
By ain’t paid Beccaria,
n «< “ Bell,
« •> •* Boggs,
•• •» “ Brady,
“ Bradford, 805 “
» «i « Burnside, 71) 48 “
ii ii “ Clearfield, 10 84 , “
it •• “ Chest, 54 01 “
“ Decature, 122 44 “
ii a ii Ferguson, 21 30 “ 1
ii i* “ Fox, 34 50
ii *i “ Girard, . 14. 94 • >
„ ii i‘ ’ Goshen,
•i ii “ Huston,
i. “ Jordan,
‘ •* Morris,
ii ii “ Penn,
n «». 11 Pike,
« »» • *> Union,
ii ii it Karthaos,
It 11 11
B Y virtue of nn order of the Orphan*’
Court of Clcarfield county . tiiere wiil
be exposed, to sale on the premises .itt
Burnside township Clearfield county, bit
Saturday the 11th of March at 1 o’clock,
I\ M. all the interest ofßebecca S. Barto,.
minor child of Isaiah Barto dec d», of.ftod
in a certain farm or tract of land there sit.
uate, containing about one hundred acres,
with about thirty acres cleared, and-a
I dwelling house, barn and other building*
’thereon, adjoining lands of John King an'd
RECAPITULATION: . : ollierBi being the late residence of said
F. G. Milleb, Esq. in acc’i with School Fund for 1 J ; laaiah Bar[oi deceased.
DR. To am’t rec’d from owners of unseated _ ! 'Ferjis.—Cash at the confirmation qf the
lands for 1852 and’s3, nr« no Sale. Bv order of the Court, . .
■« bal. at last settlement, JjU , : - JAS.THOMPSON,. Guardian,
: 81000 .82!.. February 15, 1854.-4 t;
i Bui. duft Road Fund from Treas’r
i- F. G. Miller, 8327 23
llec’d, January Oth, 1854, of F. G. Miller, Ihree hundred
'and twenty seven dollars and twenty three cents, in full for the
! above balance of Road Fund — .
By am’t paid Beccarin,
“ Bell,
“ Boggs,
•• 11 Brody,
“ “ Bradford,
“ Burnside,
" Chest,
“ Covington,
“ Clearfield,
“ Ferguson,
“ Fox,
“ Girard,
“ Goshen,
“ Huston,
“ Jordan,
“ Karlhuus,
“ Lawrence,
“ Morris,
“ Penn,
*' Pike,
“ Union,
“ Woodward,
Bal. due School Fund from Trea»’r
• ;F. G. Miller, ■ §lB6 85' .
Rec’d, January 6th, 1854, of F. G. Miller, one hundred and
eighty six dollars and eighty five cents, in full for the abovo
balance of school fund.
Wo, the undersigned. Commissioners of Clearfield County,
in the State of Pennsylvania, haying examined the accounts of
F. G. Miller, Esq., Treasurer of said County, for the year 1853,
do Certify that, we find as abovo stated—aria the amount of out
standing debts due the County, to bo Five Thousand, Five Hun
dred and Fifty Six Dollars, and Twenty Three Cents'. •.
Witness our hands, this oth day of January, A. D. 3854,
i : samuelshoff! 1 '
Attest—G. B. Goodlander, Clerk.
Wc. tho undersigned, Auditors of Clearfield County, having
examined the accounts of F. G. Miller, Esq., Treasurer of said)
County for the year A. D. 1853, Do Report that tho accounts I
aroasnbovo stated—that the balance due F. G. Miller by tho
County, js Thrpe Hundred and Sixty Four Dollars, and Sixty
Eight Cents, and that the said F. G. Miller has paid oyer to
hia successor iu office the sum of Three Huridrcu and
Seven Dollars, and Twenty Three Cents, balanco of Road
Fund found due by said Treasurer, and also One Hundred and
Eighty Six Dollars and Eighty Five Cents, balanco of School
Fund, due by said Treasurer —and also that the amount of out
standing debts due the County from Collectors and Unseated
Lands, to be Five Thousnhd, Five Hundred JFifty Six
Dollars, and Twenty 1 hreo Cents. •'
Witness-ouc hands this sixth day of January, A; D.‘ 1854.
G. W. SHOFF, V ;
i ; ' ; : C. KRATZER, } Auditors.
. . J. B.BEYLER, j -
!■ Attest—G. B, GoontANPEH, Clerk.
9 65 j
74 94
6 02.
34 13
20 03
4 50
41 33
73 40
83 14
101 52
-■ 77 54
78 19
11 40
63 03:
95 87 i
24 40
67 00
17 57
13 02
2 05
30 59
, 53 80
17 58
02 72
48 88
124 19
52 62
1225 84
85556 23 2759 22
1600 00
00 13 Bal. due
-193 59 “
1 03 “
59 80 “
3 02 "
Ot 48 “
32 18' “
802 55
, 81129 78
§93 93 Bal. due
-90 41 “
42 90
41 20
20 08
12 07
5 93
3 08
38 89
l 45
65 23
143 71
4 57
39 29
120 70
60 82
873 97
! titww
rIpHE undersigned have just received'/
JL d largo anil well selected stock of
j goods, suitable to the season, consistingiti;
part of dry goods, staple and fancy,
; dy-mado Clothing, Carpets, "Hats and.
i Caps, Roots and Shoes, Over shoes, Gro-:
ccries, Quoensware, Hardware, Clock*,,
Drugs, paints, anil oils,Salt,fineondcourae,,;
Trunks and Carpet bngs.Cedonvare. &e.,
which they respectfully invite (ha attention/.,
of all who wish to buy good article*, bna...
very srnoll odvanco on city prices to cpll.,
and examine Lcforo purchasing elsowhere,
las they nro determined io srfl off at (he
i, lowest "possible figure. . , , -
■ Jan. 25, 1854., (> '
7 33
. 33 72
12 00
3 94
327 23
802 55
OTICE is hereby 1 given to aitr'jiaft
J3l sons, not to purchase or in anyWa#
meddle with the following described ,p'rop>
erty now in possession of A. Warren, in
Brady township, as the samo belongs, lb
us, and ore, only on loan to,him,.Vizi
One two horse wagon, one bay horse and
harness, one bay mare and harness, one
cow, 2 steers, 2 tons of hay, one wind millj
four acres of rye, and 12 acres ol wheat in
I the ground. .
’ Feb., 15th, 1854. _ H
7 . ■'TtwlWttW«V.oT
]S5y o©K«lbEl2iO(sl J’flliDQ'ib'i
AND the cheapest, best and largest as
-sorttnent af-Baols.and Shoes ip tbg
s county, can be found nl R.' Glcnnans’-es*
■ tabllshmont, two doors west of At M. Hilla
* stoic. If you doubt it please call and be
1 'February 1,1854.
14 92
1 50
2 47
49 70
18 09
23 04
, 157
10 96
4 34
. 200
46 11
JB6 85
873 97
Blsso’utioii of Partnershlp-
N OTICE is horoby given, that the
partnership heretofore, existing .be
tween J. Y. D. Murphy, and W. H.Smith,
of the Borough of Curwensville, was-dis
solved on the 29th of August, 1853.
Curwensvilio, Fob. 15.1854.-3 t.-pd.
§lO6O 82
■ ■■■'= . ,• i
A FARM oil the river, near Curwens
. yille with nbout ninety acres of clear?
ed land now in the occupancy of Benjamin
Moore. For terms npplv to ■ .
WM. IRViNi Curwensville.
Jam 25, 1854.—pd.
Pbilipsbnrg and Susquehanna Turnpike
-/ , ‘Band Company, '
NOTICE is hereby given!to tho stock
holders in this road, that an elpcr
lion will be - held at the house of Richard
Atherton in Philipsburg, on tho find
day of March next* between (ho nours™
2 and 5 o’clock; P. M. to elect Ala nagere
for the onsuing vedr. ‘ ■
W, BAGSHAW, Sec’y. -
Philipsburg, Febl lathi; 'Pfly ,;c-
blanks, blanks*
JUSTICES arid. Constables Atefel&pf
for sale at this office. Also;
cards, circulars, and joba of,every desctfpi
tion, printed on* tlie shortest- notice f dha
most reasonahlo terms. ,