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Qfe. t&irkishi QitQtion-r-CtomiidiGlorij
Reports—?Thc Ticrks Arming—Be
' .din&yt'Ftotirf' \ .
~ _ J u J lc 3o-~—The Royal Mail
" Siwmisliip Africa, with Liverpool dates to
the jBft, heipg thpft days later, arrived
hqre.thH morning i»t 7 o’clock.
''WPyidiiva by tfts arrival possesses much
The advices from Turkey hre very con
xftdicttyy/butit appears that the Russian
forcie(shaveenteredt)iepanubian provinces.
.Thnl'LiverpOOi Grain Market was less
nciiye, /and prices downward. Flour had
declined a6d.; Wheat Id., and Corn
,was idOH dnd drooping.
At Manchester irado was quiet with a
doingi '
-Thesteamships Washington and Frank
lin jiad both arrived out.
Tho -reported insurrection at Milan, in
.consequence of a circular frorji Mastpinito
die soldiers, had caused many urresfs.
The armaments in Turkey and Russia
continue. The English and French fleets
had sailed. ,
‘ A nttd dispatch'from Vienna says that
tho Russian Ambassadors at' Berlin and
Vienna insist on Austria and Prussia dis
continuing their, passive attitude on tho
.eastern question: or, in other words, they
must back Up the pretensions of Russia.
The press is occupied almost.exclusively
vDi’tfiythe Turkish question, which indeed
aeeniS.ta 'occupy tho undivided attention
ofthe whole public. But it is almost im
possible to arrive at any truo estimate of
/(Shearings. The Russians seem deter
/lifted to occupy, if they have not already
{his Dahubian provinces, which Franco ap.
pears determined to prevent','while Eng
land ovidently lias a strong disliko to the
whole ’business. Tho Turks aroofming
at ail points, aro paying liberally for
everything with gold. Tho mediation of
Austria has beon accepted by Russia. In
die rmdst of these conflicting appearances,
ifte J*nris Bourse remains comparatively
England. —Nothing of interest to tho ]
Agie/ican public was dono in Parliament 1
on Wednesday or Thursday.
’A resolution for (ho repeal of tho dut;es
on soap, was agreed to in tho House'of
on the 17th. ' 1
Hon. Rev. A. P. Perceval, tho Queen’s
Chaplain, had committed suicide. j
In the House of Commons Lord Beau- 1
/nont called attention to the State Law of .
South Carolina, in respect to colored sea
ineti, British subjects, and moved for the
.correspondence which has taken place be-.
Iwheß England and (be United States on
(he subject. The motion was agreed to. 1
' Franc?:. —Tho Horijieur Echo'men- 1
rionf that orders*have- been received by '
the maritime Board of that port to make
tor all mariners fit to serve, and ex
ienjl pone. ' '
Rugene Sue, it is said, will soon return -
foParjs, by permission of the government.
j Ytetbif Hugo is iiow in tho east, and a
bout to take upr-his residence in Portugal.
It was stated in Paris on the 16th, that
the Italian refugees in France have been
officially informed that any altempt at in-
Correction at the present time will be fatal
copptry, as Austria would readily
avaif herself of the opportunity to proceed
tor eifremities, and that the French force
■in Italy would also be increased.
The weather in France was unfavorable
and the harvest unpromising.
Numerous arrests 1 have been made in
Pnris of persons supposed to be engaged
in ? conspiracy to take tjie life pfthe Em
: Italy.—A violent agitation has taken
place at Milan, in consequence of another
appeal by Mazzini to the army having ap
...To, be prepared for what may happen,
the Austrian government has ordered the
concentration of a largo force at Gallarate,
between Milan and Arona, not far from
the'Piedmontese frontier.
‘ Austria.— The announcement is made
that a new loan of eighty million florins is
wanted,'; ' ■
‘ Swjt^BKt*ND.—Tho Council of S\yjt-
Zetland have resolved to resist at all costs
the unjust demands of foreign powers.
'•‘'Spain.—The has placed 20,000,-
000 reals at the disposal of tho govern
ment, to meet one half of the yearly inter
est, payable at London and Paris on the
ISth inst.
.- ■Gonzales Bravo has declined tho mission
to Washington.
. Russian force now on
the Dsntijbo frontier is about one hundred
(find thirty thousand, under Generals Lu
bers dnd'Dandebar^.'
. Rear Admiral Rornileff has a fleet of
40 gunboats, carrying 'l6O guns, capable
.<if transporting ten thousand men across
Ihh river 1 upon any point.
'• -Tpbkey,—Constantinople letters state
rhe Turks |transmitted a note to
Itft'dfiftrent Ambassadors' declaring their
jntentiop of defending themselves, their
piflpayatiops for war have been more evi
■ The whole Bosphorus fleet has been
towed north of the Straits and. put in the
Jo.rm of a crescent, to defeat a northern
. Entrance. • ■ ■' ■
9th ult., the Sultan held a grand
jpeview oh the plain porlh of Pera, when
* about (ep thousand men, consisting of in
faet/y,cavalry and artillery, wall through
"devolutions. With the exception of the nr-
.which is in really a very efficient
, s{d%it was quite evident to even an
'jperiepcedeye, thattho evolutions of these
g;ar no comparison to a well drilled
n army; but the material is deci
ibd—the men are strong and heal
-11 fed and well clothed. The
ire small; welf' made ancT active,
such too fat for active gervice. ,
& young widow was asked .why she
\#h4 cbing to tako dnother husbond so soon
f|p®gr/ : ?the death 6f, her fiwt. ?*O, la!”
; Mtjl?|hsV “I dcrit prevent 'firetting my*
t on accpunt of dear Tom V\
Timber, Qftd
Iron Ore for Sale!
FTlHEsubiatibirwtllsell the folfdwiog described valnablo
1 REAL ESTATE vis! f *\ ■ • ~ ■ _ _ '
mr '% __LTheo»e undivided .half part pf a TRACT
-w V* * *T7uF LAND contslaMitf llJOnereSiOrniorr.sii*
uateoa Moahaonun Crtea, which is the Use between Ceetre
atui Cieaifiefd oouab** Most ofithU tfftotti LU&bte laud,
aadf«artdrit well liinbend .witlsWhttePlne, .
Nit <ii 1 The Übdliriddd half Jpait cf a Trftot of
ljnntl,alM>»Uoaia <m Mwhannonqreea.
asd adjpiainff Ite Above fcamel pi'ceof land, otmtaint 407
ncie», » r more,' Tbete ii arent YAaUr-Puwcr on tbi»tract, the
Creek gulfkierit power lor a forge ftotf Rolling*
Mill. IrieHiiMile Ran and the Three Milo Run (la wbion
art plenty of 'in»oi)etntuy into in*- fila»fiannon on tbirtract,
•aoh or which eilordf omoaoio two gobd mill «eat«. There
ii a first ia'e newly bollt Genre*! Baw«M>[|. IB feel wheel, on
this tieot, on the, power of Use Tbrte Mile Ron. The Tom.
pikeleudma from Clearfield to Beltelonte paiitethrooibthii
Uaol The diitaoc* Iron) this plaoe to unioville, on the
Bald EaglePiank Road, W milee. To Jollan fnrnnoe, ned
Honneh f-nrnaoeaboat 14 to ifctpitee. The djitanoe to the
near by the road If or 1<) miles—to tha month ol the oreek, by
water, lUmllea, There It a
Vein of Iron Ore on this Traci,
And within BUorhhodsof waterpower; This Is the place
ipokeo of by Proletmr his Geoloaloal Ueporlot |B4l,
where he eoy*. *•»* mile* norihc&st of on the
faronlke. Is the red shale of forern tton XI, immediately be*
low tbew)naiottjorauiofiotmitiotiXU.''&o ,&c,—end olos*
et b(i rtraafU by saying, ‘ Thii pluue U worthy of a forther
inyeiiitaiion 1 * • HIiUMIOUS COA’< and the best of TIM*
DICK are abundant in tho neighborhood
The Terms will be mads easy, and an indisputable title
given, Apultto the subscriber m mue» sooth of Corwens*
vllle, near Fruit Hill PoU Office, OloirfieM county, Pa„—or
(o JuHN JU. THOMAS, Oatoovitle. Centro county, Pa„
tPtatnittg P* 0.. J-or to David ttflger, who resides on the
praues. w
o Jhi®gS'
I will olio Mil Irom FOUU fKJVUEGD to ONE THOUS
AND good Haw Loss, Which will cotn good deal 01 Pannel
Lombot. daid iocs are about one m<ie above Dr Hoyt’s
a 111 on the river biU. and about 41)4 miles above Mr. Owen's
m il. The liver is wide hero, and they can bo drivefc, or
•awed at the above mill. Those logs can be pat into the
river for le-J than 43 CO per M leot nnj lime.
Jane 16.1853. t
The‘’Lancaster iQtcingeaoor” will insert the above three
times, omitting the latter part relating to saw logs—and the
•Vllot»n Democrat" will insert that part of the above relating
to the sale of saw togs, three tunes, end send tbftir bills to this
medical nrousE.
Establi.licd 18 year, ngo by Dr. Kinkeum, JJ.W
cpmcrpfThird anil Union si reels, betivoen
Ei'pruce and Pino 0f,., Philadelphia.
IGnTEEN r,.nor„Uaii,s and aulnlenaDted areotlo,
.own i» ih!. dlf. h»»0 reodoiod Ur. K. tbo raojt eipert
and snooesslul practitioner,Tsf and near. In the treatment of
all diseases of a* prlvato nature. Pe sonsafuicied wfth ulcers
on the body, throat or legs, paps n tbo head or boaes, mer.
coreal rheumatism, strloturef, gravel, diseases anting irom
youthful excestesor impurities of tho b'ood. whereby the eon
tlitntioa has become enfeebled, are all treated with svccess.
Ha who places himself under the care of Dr. K..may HI.
gioudy oontideia bis honor asa gentleman, end conUdentiy
rely upon his skill as a physician.
Young men who havelnjursd themiolvcs by acertaiupiao*
ticeindDlcedla—a habit frequently leaned from evil com*
paaiont al scbonl \ the effects ol which, are nightly felt, even
when asleep, and destroy both mind and body, should apply
Immediately. Weakness and OLnititatfonal debility, lestoi
musoalareaercy. physical lassitude etjd general prostratioi,
irritability and all nervous Mfootlont, ladigeition, sluggiih*
net* of the liver, aad every disease in any way conneoied with
the disordci of the procreativo ludclodi cured, and full
restorea. „
A Vigorous Life, or a Premature Death .
Kinkelin on Srif-Frtscmtion—Only U cents.
This published Is Ul!ed with ussfahnformation.on
the mfirmsties sod diseases of the Generative Organs. It ad
dresses Itself alike to Youth, Manhood and Old Age. and
Tho vatnable adviooand Impressive warning itgives wlil
pievent/ears of misery aad loitering, and save annually thou*
sands o? lives. - . , y
parents by reading it will learn how to prevent the desuoo*
loa of their Chlldrea. ■ , . . . ■ .
•-•A nmitunoa of 25 oeats. enoloted in U letter, addressed
to OrTKINKfiLINtN, W. oornerof Ihied and Union streets,
betweea spruce and Pie#; Philadeldbia. wilt ensure a book
ender cover perretorn mail. __
Persoos at a disisnce may adUrau Dr. K. by letter, [post
paid,] and be cured at home. .
Packages of Medicines, Direetioms.&o., forwarded by send
ing a remittance, end pot op seoore from damage or cariosity.
Booksellers. News Agents, Pedlers, Oanvassers, and all
others supplied with the above work at very low rates.
October 87. IBM.—ly.
LIST OF TBAVIS JURORS for Sept, terra, 1853.
George B. Dale Parmer Pike township
Samuel Caldwell do do do
kbrebsm Rady do dp- do
William Prioe do t 9 do
Nathan Clever do do ' do
J.P. Norris., do do do
ijotenx Eartline do . Karthaus do
fobn Patterson do ' Jordan do
3oo?ee Erhaid do _-dd, do
Joseph Putter do Morns do
John Bhowaiter do do °°
George Beams do do do
JohnAlUler Lumbetmau do
Richard Gleaaa Bhoemaker Clearfield borough
G. W-Orr Blacksmith do do
Wm. Mapes Parmer Lawrenoetownihip
N. K. RJoMollln do do do
lohn Daugherty do do
Levi Lata Merchant CovtngUm do
Samuel Bpeaoer Farmer Penn do ■
J. B. Begier Tailor do do
W.». Pprler laborer do do
Patrick Daily .Fairner „ do., do
O. Farmer Burnside do
John Weaver Merchant do do
JoMi>h Lovaac Tailor tio. .5°
Bamn,l P. Sbotr Farmer Woodward do
Darnel Philin do do do
Tho,, McObeo 1 do Sell do
T. B. t)a,ia do Fermion do
ThonatOwrai do do ■ do
(ieorae U.Maa do Beocaria do
8. B. irillar Bladumith Bom do
lofin Gaarhart Farmer Uaoatar do
John McOulljr do Cheil do
Henry Hit, da Girard do
LIST OP GRAND JUROES for Sept.tcnn, 185 S.
JohnC, Ban! Carp inter CurwenavUie
John Keamt farmer Drady
Johnßochtol do do
John Ureaaocd do Glianl
James Gallagher do Ilnrosda
John Mitchell do do
Jure Hatton do do
William Miohaeit do do
James Orotiruan do • _ do
JaocbFearoo do Bradford
John Turner do do
AdamGcnrha.t do .. do
Abraham Kjlaa (to Morns
Richard Denver *lo Fen#
Jonathan Wall . do do
Hamuel Moore do a _ .do
Ijato Southard Carpenter Boro* Clearfield
Wo, Beady Lumberman irostoo
David Dell FuiLi IJeU .
JohnßhowaKer • Fanoe* Orator
JimetApeaoef: do riao
J.A.T. Hosier do do
Anderson Murray do S^ara
William Michael, da KsiUl.u,
Common Schools*
OTATEMEN f ihowmg the amount or the Btalo Appro-
O Dilation to each School li atriot in CUaxiield county. for
the School year 18*4,ns follows: t
Diitrict9* < Am'tDistricts. amount.
Beccaxift township. $B5 88 Foi township . $lO 34
Hell do - 64 84 Girard do 83 40
Bold do 43 83 Goshen do 85 18
Bradford do , Si 60 Huston ; do 23 Ji
Brady do 1 IWOet Jordon ■ do B*B3
Bornilde do 101 <0 Karthaus do M j»
Clearfield botouch 6JM Lawrence do 1U?44
Carwenaville do 44 28 MonU do - 74 63
Cbeaitownihlrp fcOWPeon do WW
Coviniton ,do ./•48 W Pike do M4U
Decatur do 47 id union „ do 27 W
fer*own do 87 07 Woodward do 4b 24
1 certify the above atatement to entitle and correct, ao.
cordlajr toatromcrlpt fur p Jibed by the tJnperfaiendaat of
Common Schools to *he Commissioners of Ciearfieid county,
uudoa fll. mthU G .A}te« 6otjl ANDEB>
Commissioner*! Office, June 10,1853.
and Retail Grocery, £
s 532€8iir»a»aa3lbt!acf 1 s i Q i s
S W.C. ED Yt having made arrangements tocairy on S
\ adelphla, the subscriber will continue to Beep at the C
? corner ofMarkeland6tbit*s,ttearitheP£NN.UAib r
> KOAl) DEPOT, ft full end complete ntsorlmentof >
S ON.NAILS,DRIEDFiiUIT.Hnd hftlfaeleadmg ar. S
l tioletlatiftde.'-ThanftfQl for oast favors, be would ask C
? hie old petrous to give him a call, fti be U prepared to J
p uil at prioea that cannot fail to please. ?
S FebraanrW.iB63.~ly. JtR.EBY. S
Hannah Wiriterniiz.Y ' Intho Common Pleaa of
by her nevl fnentl j Clearfield counly. No. 35.
David VViutornilz, > Fob, terra. 1853. Alias Sub
v«. i prana in Divorce a vinculo
Joseph Winternilz. j roafrimoni, returned “Mot
' Found.”
fTtAKENOTiUE. Ihtt you are rtanirwJ to In the
JL Ouuit of Coni mo. I’le n of Gl.srttstd county oa th,
Ibo onmpltlnt at HANNAH WINTEHNUZ. by h.r next
fii.ndotvtd W 'nlernilt, .sdibow onu. If say you bay*,
why itld Usnath ibaaid'bpt b. Olvorosd from tht bcndt or
Matrimony. <
OUlce. Clesriielil, Juno iB, 1863.—pd. <
;•; 'CvO ulioii. ■.
At£ p»rtoiu known'to nie YALE'S BELF-SBTTBHS
'*o*oo»nif or Clearfield, will pleaia como and tattle
Copper, Tin lron-Vfare!
nriIIANKFUI. for.tb, liberal nauooaaa ha hathereioro™
I . receivedi Mipeotlallir.anaodacai .to tha publlo lhaiha
has removed to his now shop on the f»Eor- Id tne rear orMer*
reil’e Hotel, where hole vyell iuoplua with stook, andis well
prepared fill all order* for /
Copper, Tin, Sheet-Iron and Japanned
AaCIIGAP andai GOOD ai oaaba fooail la any conatry
town in tbo intatlor of tha State .
Old Brass and
Will be taken at tho blghiil prioo, in luchaago for work or
jSF'Mondlni,dono toordor.
Cloa-flold. May 4, 1533.
A Great Rash at the Cheapest Comer.
c© uciSP'ur£Lim c©»
HD. PATTON, Has jott returned from the Eastern CL
* ties, with a Presu and splendid nsionmetA of Goods,
consisting In oart ot
Ladies and GsnUemov's Diets Goods: Cloths, C&almeros
acd Vettings, Hats, Bonnets and Bboes
Silk and Cashmere Shawls, Hosiery,
Trimmings and Notions, Sfc.
Hardware, Glass. Paints and Oils, Sheet Iron. Zino, Iron
Nails aad spikes. GROCERIES AND PISH, Csdarware.,
Tinware, Looking Glasses# Clocks andß&ddlery. Books and
Stationary. Drugs and Pataot Mcdiolnet, Cook Stoves. Two
Hone Wagons, and every othar urticloUiualiy found in &
Country Store. '•< _ _
Please call at the CHEAPEST CORNER, and examine my
stock, before purchasing elsewhere.
As I am determined to sell at Wholesale
or retail, cheaper thananyothor establish*
ment in the county.
H. D. PATTON. Carweiuvllle.
MarlS 18a.
Ao ME o KL]I Ed Ed S
WOULD reipeotfally Inform bl, friend,, and tbatmbllo
nnerally, that he atiil ooacinnea to eitend to nllcalU
la tho line or . _ ..
Dental Operations,
At hitcffice adjoining his dwelling, in the borough ofClsar*
Held. He rovy be found at neatly all times in his note In the
west end of toe Mention house.
Artificial Teeth
lntertod on Plate or Pivot, aad warranted to give entire satis.
,a KX?RACTING TEETH dono without danger to the pa
tient, and with but little pain. , ,
Teeth FILLED and CLEANSED lu a proper and scientlf*
IOO,IU,, ‘ M ' May 5. 1853.
RESPECTFULLY aonounoe to the Citizens of Clearfield
county, that they are manufacturing
(n tha borough of CorwensvlUa. at the Old Foundry, where
all Work in their Uae wIU be done in the very beet manner,
and on the most favorable terms.
A superior article, will also be manufactured and sold cheap.
ALSO-All REPAIRING done to order on the'honest no
tice. ' J Y D. MUnrUlt
CunvenavUle, May 6.lBs3.—Sm—pd.
Valuable Real Estate.
BY Virice ofan order of tbe Orphans' Court ot Glearfiold
county, cranted at February term, 1&3, there w»h be
exposed to PUUI/IO SALE. at the "Beceann Mi'ls.” in
BecoviaiownthlD* Clearfield county, on BATUHDA Y THE
TUUU> UAV OP BEPIEMBEIt next, tbe following des
cribed PIECE OP LiANU, situate in (he said township of
Ueocaria, Ja'.e tbe eitale ol JOHN W. MILLER, deceased.
I °ALL the Ictereit of raid deceated of. in and to EIGHTY'
NINE acres 104 perches of land, sitniitein said township of
Cecoarla* beisf paitof a tarter tract In tbe name of William
Half, beiiaaincata white o&xstump, thence cait 184 perch*
at to a hsraock, thenoa noiUr Sf perohei to a white oak.
Ueaoe by lied of John Ileojy Abbes MX dexraes west li(4
perches to a post, tbenoe south 3 dentes wrst by laud ofThos.
Wilson ua perches totho place of betianlox bounded by
lands of Aaron Weld, Jsoob Myers. Job a Li* htner amu Hard*
mao Philips, beio* neimprored land, well calooiated fora
small farm. The soil is ofaxood quality, and has some tim
ber on it, suitable Tor Lumberma purposes.
l)ae attendance will be civenontbeday of sale by tbe ad
On* half c&ih on the confirmation of ibe tale, ana the retr
doeinonejrear iobeiecared hr jatigment bond and mart*
ia*e. 8) order of the Court. _ a ,
Jane 3.1853.
riillEiobscribari offer for eaie a valuable traot of unlmpro-
X veJ land known a* the ti AMU EL ELM tract, belonging
to (be estate of U. LEAVY doc’d.. and PATRICK UAU.
LAGHHK, •itoft.e on tr.ecast ilde o! O'cailiald Creek, to
Woodward township Clearfield county. adjoining raid creek,
and lands of Uaac Wilson. Joseph Ueet and Wm. Alexander,
and abont nine ml e» above Clearfield Bridge, tfold land has
A large quantity of timber thereon, and a
'portion of it is well adapted to farming,
and containsiSQ acres and allowance.
For further particular* aoply to
Hash Leavy. dec’d, or PATRICK GAULAUHEK, Clear'd
Clearfield, Jaaeii, 1353—4t'—p<l.
ooened oo MONDAY, the iJvh miL, under tba charge
The object of tba Trustee* la to place th« Academy opoiT
the fooling oontemolaled by the original founder* ot the In*
stjiotion. by cflorinc to the yoath of Clearfield county, op*
portanlaei of receiving the benefit of a
Thorough English and Classical Education,
A.I well &i Uso f inionUUes ol Radimeatvr Instruction.
Bates of Tuilitm ••
clog Reading, Writing, SpeUlnir. Arithmetic,
Geography, English Grammar and History, per
quarter $3 00
ISP~Pqt>iU detl/oui of acquiring the modem languages
wilt be afforded facilities to do go, upon manioc application
to the Principal.
By order of the Board of Trustees.
J. B. MoENALLY.Bec*/.
Clearfield, April 30.185 J.
OF CURWENSVILLE, would inform the ladlei ofClear
field counrx, that she has just received a targe and ftil
assortment oi Spring
■MfiMfimmiry ©®®dls 9
Contlttlne or RUTLAND BRAID. BONNETB. wjpoLE,
Silks, Ribbons, Capes, Linings, Illusions,
FRENCH FLOWERS, PABS, and every variety of trimro
ines, Person! tending orders from o diitanoe shall have them
immediately attended to. All repairing done In |ha neatest
and best posatblß manner, and oh Lbo sbchUst Botov.
Cniweniville, May SO, i863.-Bm. E. A. W.
rpUEundenlcMd wonidtowwetfulirnnuoudoeto thelf cm.
A lomeii aaftpitOßi Koncrully, that Ui,y hove common,
ed boiiuM opmtb, “HEADY PAY” lyitera, belle via,"it
to bo th, beet lyitem.—lit.. beoatue there wbl be no bad debta
to bo paid by tuine thoia who ai* williad to par, ai U too
much tba cata .under the Credit intern.— Secondly .wa can
•all our itock lower than ou credit, became we oaa make our
return Kroner, end thm th ore will been advantaxetotho nail
er a* well on tba buyer.—We intend keepinx uoaitantly on
tend, n rood auo rtmen f of LEATHER, iccb ei Bean. Bole,
Ipper. Kipi.and UaJkuklni. Ilaraeu leather. ahWax.fco.
For wbloh we will tale in exchange * t the bilheit mallet pi l
oaa, all kind! of country nroduca. inch an GRAIN of every
deecrfptlon, Beef-hldee, Calf ikini, lumber. Berk, 'Pillow,
so., end men a little caih would oomn very bendy. Wo will
BAo, furniib cuitomen with lead, made Boot, nod Hhoei,
Gaan, llaraeii, Collan, Bridlm, uau,Saddle! So., on ihori
notice, and at the lane price! which they would beve to pay
the nannfactufin If they bonnhtoftham. Uatneu maken,
Bhoemaken. and olhen, will pliate call and examine onr
■tack. MayfiU.lkfi3.-fim. JOHN RUSSELL & GO.
'i, Estate ol Henry Dlle, Br., dte’d.
NOTICE IBUEkEBY GIVEN. TbatLetter, of Admin
lltretioßbavebeea rraated to the enburlbcn on tba
Miata of HENRY, WILE. Sea., let. cf Peon townihlp.
Clearfield oounty,tjeoeaiea. All peooai idaebted to uid a
tat® am requeued to make payment to the inbiortbere,
wllhont delay—and ihotnbaeinr demendt nralntt the tame
will pmaent them duly authenticated for letilemeat.
May 87, IHK.—fl.pd >
o'.siwan'a'Kffis?: 1 " •'
ClenrfiW.Sep »”»- : “ r \;;,!;^%P*VßEfli - iW«r-'.
Large, Splendfd <s♦. Cheap
Assortment ofGoodi, oonilrtlm of error styl. and quality of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Cut
lery, '.Hardware, Boots, Shoes and
Bonnets, Confectionary,
Clocks £ Watches.
ALSO, a laikeand Well .elected .took of
Ready-Made Clothing, Drugs Sf Mali
cines, <J*c.» <f"c.
Id short all kinds of Good* usually kept In a Country Store.
All of which ho la determined to sellC H JsA P ERT HANK V
. 4 . .. . .. EDMUND Fi BRENNER.
Monlidale, Nov. to. 1852. '
Monlelius Brother & Ten Eyelc.
leave to inform their friends nod thopublto generally*
JD that ther have taken Into partnorahlp with them. BEN J.
HARToIIORN, who having purchased the ftoro formerly
kept by, bloom, and hiving united it trltb their
own. are now doing busmen on a more extensive toaie under
Wbero Itoor kro prepared to All at) klodibf
Dry Goods,Groceries, Hardware, Queens
ware, Tin Ware, Hats, Cdps,tyc.
And would call pardon lar attention to tbelretook of BOOTS
and SHOES, ai they keep aietoithe mouaxperienoed hands,
and are prepared to doanyklnd ofworkiathat Une of bail*
nets. They also keep a large and well assorted itoox of
Buoh ns al) rf JA VN EB’.LOUDEN £t CO'S. M’ALIBTERS
tju Poptln. WriihV. Indian Verelable Pill., and all otuor
Mediclnot uiuolly kept In a opuniry .tors,
Cnrwenivillo, ret). nil IS3B.
Machine, Pattern, and Blacksmith. Shops,
, "©lsiiriUMm, Fsio
THE loedcnlgnod would nnnonnoe to the oltlxons of
Clearfield, ana adjoining counties* that be haa opened a
rooraoußeOena street* in the borough of Clearfield, near the
to be made of (he best material, and at prices that Oannot fail
to Dleate. ThefoUowiot composepoitoftbeitook on bands:
FiPltON ’S HOT-AIU GUO KING groVE. fol either
Wood or Coal Thl* Stove has probablv the lerfest ntrp.
auction of any Other rormOt etoves. It bn, mpeneded In
hlmn.t every oonnty. the well known Hathaway and Zle*.
leritovM. !ti» easily nnd.ntood, and the line, being,so
arrnnaed that all can b» oleaaed without any trouble. Tne
peculiar form and cnitrnction I, inch as to rondorlttbe
moit durable of all sloven Notnerons testimonials could
be oddsd.bat It Is deemed anrtecomry.l •
PAR*LOU BTOVEB—for etthorwood or coni.
SALAMANDER do a beantlfblCoal Stove.
EGG do
NINE St TEN PLATE Btovos—very cheap.
MANTLE URATES, with summer niece*. A lane variety
and superior finished Grate, f torn 18 to 111 inches.
COB MILOS, warranted to arind IS Uni. Ears per hoar.
HI.AGKSWITH TUYERES, the best in Die t Jo. MAN
Together with the utnni variety of articles kept at Foundry
Also, Made to Order,
GRIST and SAW-MILL GEARlNG—baring deddedlr the
largest itock. and beat ranatr of pallerai of anr catntiliih.
meat in western Pennsylvania ; MILiL 1)004. HilAijT
jN(i—Jwt® and small, of cast or wmoghtiron* HANGERS*
DRUMS end POLLIES; Koiannd other approved Water
Constantly on hand and for sale,
AflMteed Screw, wuh any dsilrtd anmberof threads to
the Inch, eitheriq .are or V thread. . , ,
Brut,Cooper,andßabbetTsMotai Cutjaumadttogder.
March 4. 185?.— \f. ■■ .■ ' ;
UP QD 532. E3^ilas3 o
Alfenfion, lumbermen!
HP!! E\Hubiatlbors ofler lor tde one of Geoige Pago’s Second
Portable saw-mills.
With an 18 Horse Power Engine attached, all new and in
complete tannine order. having been bought nod potopir
June ia*t. situated aboat Smile* Irom Bald Bugle Furnace,
and about haJfa mile lVo*a the turnpike leading from Bald
Eagle Furnace to Pbilipsborg. Bald MIU will cat B,WJ feet
in Ten boa.e.
They will altosoH tbeir Block of BOUSES. Bledi, Chains,
bo i if wanted.
for "articular*, apply to C. K.Mark. at the Mill, or to 4 I«
fiholtg. at Bald Eagle Furnooc. Any person waste the mill
full operation now. MAUIC St 8I1ULT&.
December 8. 1852. j
HEftifrflltLL’S HOTEL
THE tnbscrlbftr most respectfallT Informs thecllxenaof
Clearfield county, and tho travelling onbllo Maemly.
tbatb* has taken tho above named HOTEL situated on the
oomei of Front and Market streets* in the borough of Clear-
Osld, where he will at all time* bo preoared to accommodate
thoie who roar far or him with theft ctuiom. Ho palm will
be spared by the proprietor tn make hit oustoraers comfortable,
and hl« house a HOME to thorn who mar stop with him.
Hu STABLE will t>© carefully attended to—and his TA
BLE and UAU supplied with ibo bent Oiajaa*rk«t^wlU|arrsr<l.
A'nvmt 11. 1A53. ' VM ' UE
USodDlfc ciundl Slh®© MsMiiigfc 1
ITtRANCIS SHORT, respectfully aononneesto the Duptlff.
A 1 that lieh&sognmenoed the above business at CLE&H*
FIELD BRIDUraJo the new bnliding occupied by John
Condo, on the west tide of the creek, where he will mannfao*
tore BOOTS and BHOEB. Of all kinds, and at fair prices, on
th* shortest notice, and in thevery best manner. ,
Give SHORT V a p 011... Jane 4.1853.
England Whipped,
Tariff or no Tariff
fT*llE sabioribei intends keeping on hand n large assort*
a meatofiUON amtNAlliL which be will sell on the
Gost reasonab lo terms, at the Iron and Fodnary store, adjoin
g Leonard & Moore. • .
tOM 1* B- CARTER, A*ent.
Clearfield. Deo- 5,1853,
OffiMmoU <& Clhfflnff MaiMimgo
WOULDmoectAillr oanonnoeto thecttlxeniofC ear.
if field and vicinity, that he is now mannlaotcriag all
k ‘ '° r CABINET-WARE.
Jllithop i, aitnated on Market »lrwt, between Third and
Fourth, where all hied,of work In hie.line will be madam
and on the ihortat noUoe. ■ “
tSTCOFFINb made, to order ijotloe.
npHEoubscrlbor, thankful for past favorn.reo'
■. pootfully informs his customers,and the public
generally, that be has removed his shop to the buiN
dlngovef the Post Ofitcd, lately bceopied by R. F.
Ward,and that be will be there (ound ok all times
"on hond';to supply hiscu,tomer« f i . Uulikeeomeoi
hißcotemporarleß. hp is unable to promise that bis
Fashionakre of the ‘most’ approved'style of Anti
ouitv, oS will intf ukethero madl according to the
Latest FashioH of more modern days.,
" ,/THO& SHEA.
Clearfield, April, 1851..
'/'■-./ BIR-IKOIV
Extract ul a lKiUer lrom Mf William Gilpin, nTT®-
St. Mbfy’s Stfcbi. VVeymoth, dated Maji 15,1851
"ta pr’«tr.c*ho i. '■*» sn <at>f m»
vlolem cold™ htoh*ml«dln hnlegYnnd •™tL*n?iSS“hl?
ther have been more of In* sore, and greatly lauamed, Her
naunlo viitb diitraatlag. and for monthMogmliM nhnwa,
3«prtr*dra!iral>> dfrail tnd.lMp. Ev,rvrora.dythatm»dl
oalmen ad»iiedw«rtil«l. butwithoat cflect; htalth atjT
fendwv.mly,and tbaifot.of herle»* 1 tiyl
oltea read your AdverilMUHOU, Bud adv Uri limtotry wu
pill. pod Olatmoat's and. u > Initrwoaron, Wi"»i»
remndy had proved oMleM.ihaconientedudoio.Bh.oom;
mttoced six weekeaxo* end strange to rtt&t*, le now Inffood
healthT Her leas aS palnlmi. wfihout seam or.oaf, knd her
sleep sauid end undisturbed. Could jrpti have Kb "
•altering! of my wife doting the last 43 yean, *bflWb£* o i*}
Uicm with her pfcWai enjoyment of health nrttn woola indeed
feeidellghted in having ten t|u rotwu ofsd greatly allevla*
ÜB »tb..»tf«iD^df.T^ora t r. iliL — GAlilN .
Copy ol n Cotter {row Mr. Williom Abba. Builder of
Gas Ovens,, 01. Rnthcliffe, Huddersfield
• dated 31st, 1851.
T BlR > -7«d*«Sd of thirty yenn Ilrom s bsd ise.
tha remit of two or thro, dliftront juDM Work,;
oocompanied by .corbatlo aymntomi. 1 had raooune to a
variety of medwat advlc. without dertVlag any benefit,
and wm iold that the lee malt ba snoatatod. y«t. to oppo
sition to that opinion, your Pill, and Ointment haTOeftooted
a oomplete care Is io ehorta ttm., that few who bad ootwit*
aeued It coaid credit the wtLLIAMABns.
The trnth ofthle nat.mant can bo ratfflad by Mr. W.P.
England, Ohemltt, 18, Marketitreet. Hnddenfleld.
MONTiI. , __ _
Extract ol a Letter from Mr. Frederick Tumor', of
Ponshurat, Kept, doled December 13,1850.
DEAR tilU—Mr wifo had inDored firdm Bad Brwaito for
pots than tlx monlba, nnd dori.g th, wtola panpd had tba
bolt mediclna nttoudanoe.but alliono üb. tlaylngb«rore
honlod nn awful woUnd In mr own leg J’f. Yoar unrivalled
medicine. [ determined ngain Io nia jonrPiUa and Ointment,
and therefore gam them n trial In her oa«e, nnd fortuaatolt
wot J did 10, for in ton than a month n perieot cure wan If
fcotfd, nnd the htneßt that aarlont other br«apa*i ot mr
famtlr hare derived from theb nieto reallr attonUhlag. I now
•uocglr recommeno them to all
These PillsshooldbeasedodnJolnUj with the Olntmrat in
the following otjw j*-
Bad Legs, Bad Brcaats, Burn*, Bunions, Blle oi
Moschetoes and Sand File* Coco boy# Chicgo-loot,
Chilblains, Chopped hands, Gorns, (BuR,) Concera.
(’bntractcd nnd stiff Jdirilf,'Klephantlosis, Fistulas,
Gout, Glandular dwellings, Lumbogbi Piles, Rheu.
mnUsm, Scolds, Soro Nipples, Sore Throats,^ Skin
diseases, Scurvy, Soro«heads, Tumours,.Ulcers,
Wounds, Yaw 9. '
Hold fttthe sst&MUhmsnt of Profwsor HALLOW AY, S4I.
Strand, (near Temple Bar London.) and by all reipeotnble
irrogsiais and Baalert la Mediolnet throuahout the llntiih
Empire, and orthoie of the Uniied'Staiet, in Pot* at
H7«o„ and $1 600. each. Wboleeale by the nrlnoloal lJrng
hoiiei in the Uoioo. aui by MMtii. A. 11. & V. HANDS,N.
ThoreleaconiWerableiavlngbv taking Hie larger ijzee.
N. ii.—Direatione fox gaidance of pailtmu In i»m; uiiorder
areatfized toeaob Pot. Oct. 14. 1H54.-ly.
Valuable Beal £stalc
£g. M ii M
TUB eubscriben t in behairoflheheinofConrad Wlsa f late
of Pike townibip, Clearfield coonty. deceased, oiler at
PRIVATE HALBtbe following desaibed well known aad
valuable REAL ESTATE, coaditing of
A FARM OF 100 Acres,
Site ate in Pike towomlp, Clearfield coanly, on the main
road leading fromCnrweniville to 'X>rune, four muea from
Garwenkvillo. a»d known a« the
Wise Farm,.
S I'he improvements consist of
about 75 acres of cleared land ,
in a good state of cultivation , a
hceUing-Hduse, a Large Bank
Barn, Spring-House, Dry. House, Shop,
and other necessary buildings, together
with one of the largest, besl'selected, tind
most productive APPLE and PEACH
OR CHARDS in the county.
This FARM Ii well «nopU«l with esceli.nt water, a never
failing Spring dote to the door, with other* aozltoeieu that
ate little ezptaao water oonld be conveyed tJ eey part of
atbenhe home or barn. To thote who desire to procure a
HOME FOR Paraotleniadacamenu ndl|o be
exoohed in the coanty. The land la or good quality, highly
productive, and well adapted for both gram aud gia*i-«d
ilia located In Ihe midalofa popolona and iodmtriona settle*
meat, oonvedent to a good market, good gmt mills, aad a
f < ry»°jfffrn.ingwnaiilcnlar» apply to eithetof Uwinbscfi
bea. or to Moses wise, oa the premises.
The property will be sold on the most rewonable terms and
n wanaatM deed given. ulcllAEll WISE,
In twhalfol th. hsira or Ooarul WUo, deceai«l.
January 12. IHsB.—tf.
At Clearfield.
undersign*'* rctpeotfolly annoanceis to the people ol
. Cirarhdd and the adjoining coanUeslflathesliUconlin
on to carry on tn* above holiness at bis extensive establish,
moot la the poroegb of Clearfield, and tsnow prepared to
manafacinra all kinds of •
Castings used for Grist Mills, Saw-Mills,
and all kinds of Machinery .
HiiCastinki are now of » mperlor quality—eqoet. ifnotio
Kiior.lo any other in the tttaie—es be usea nose bet tan v««
it material, and employs none hot the very best of workmen
With two inperlor TURNING LA'i’BES, driven by itoam,
is now in luccesifal operation, and under the management of
a practical mechanic—where almost any article of machinery
cao be FINISHED Id the very best style, and on short notice.
He bat now an hands a larce assortment or Cnines, such
as BTOV ES of Vanob s sixes and patterns. Pi «01’G (1 IKONS,
WASH KETTLES, which he offers to sell low for
Cash, or on a reasonable credit. Ue Is now casting, from
be most approved patterns.
ALSO—Fancy Air Tight Farlor Stoves,
Nine Plate and Coal Stoves. Also,
Wiard’s celebrated Plough.
Anil sit kind.of HOLLOW-WARE, SLEIGH nod BLEU
lie intends Uos ell on reasonable terms, and trusts that the
citizens of the county generally will find it to their advantage
to give him their oostom, CASH will *1 wars. De preferred—
butthe highest prices will be eiigwed for Country Produce
and OLD METAL. Asheiiveshiiestpbluhtsenthupcrsooal
supervision, all orders lor work will receive prompt attention,
ri*nrO*M. Nnv 2P. IRfi|.
THE tiobionber is now prepared to exhibit to Merchants
and Milinors his usual heavy stock of Ladies' ana Mi*-
Palm-loaf, Ftaßtna end every vuieljr of
buaunsu HATS
For Gentlemen: which fbr Extent. Variety and baanty of
manßfactoro.B> well a, uniformly doia price., will ba found
unrivalled. '
„ No. U Sooth Second Street, PhUadelphta.
Fobrnary 10,18i3/
A forfeit S5O llfaillflx 10 oureany oiMofewret dityaiathat
may com, tracer bli oow, no matter bow lone ttandlaj, or
how iDlioUna,'Either Sex aio layitod to hit Fr irate Room,
BS North Uevoalh ilreat Philadelphia wlthodt .fear ol latar,
roptlon tromoth,rpatiaatx. . Bitaa«,n and other, who hare
beenonrortanaum uia Hlaotlon or'a Fayudan aralaxitcd
local!. _ . .
IMPOTENOY.—Tbrooirh oßrextrained ladnlyenca In the
pal, exoen or the «ilk am nutaa-oui.—
Frematare impotaner, Inrolnnlaiy atmlnal dltoharaet, wait-
Ins or tha orsaa,, low ol raemorr, a dlatae a fbr female aoolety,
aeneral dibllity, or oonatitntlonal deran’tyment, are lora to
follow. If neoeuary, coaanlttha Docror with ooafidence;—
Ho olfeixa perfect cere. ’ ' ,
, HEAD AllD BbFLBOT.-'Fha afjliotwd woold do well to
lentot beipre tnutini Ibolr beaith. bapplaeu, and in many
eaaet their lira. In the band, of uhyilclnea Ixeorant ortbii
olauormaladlo,. It la oartainly lmpoaaible for onomaato
nndentand, all thaUUtbahnmao family uainbjMt to, Kva
ryrespadablaPhysician hai hi, pognllar branch. In which he
l« more ,ucooulB( thea bli 'btotb,r profeaaon, nmT to that bo
derote, moat of nla and , indy
YEARS OF rUAUTIOG,eioIii lively derotediothoilndr
and treatment or dlwue, of the Miuel onenx, twethar with
oloen npoa the body, throat. 1 nose or ten. paint fo the hud,
or honea. meronrlal rhenmailiro. atrloiute,, aravel, irrexnlajl
tier, dlaaaaa ariilm fYom ronthfnl axmiies, or lmpoiittn of
tha blood,. whereby Ura. ctmUitutios haa baoofata anfeabled.
anablea tha Doctor to offer,neody rellaf to all aho'may place aaderhl, care, 1 ■ ■
' Medlolne forwarded to nay part'of thh United Btatee.—
Prion Fir, and Ten Pollan per paokua. _ ol
■ ■ Papt.B,lBs3.—ly.
/ ToMJllOwners.
ry. .Forionadeilronatoooatraot wri|do w«ll to call and ex
emiao the oatalOßda or Patterna, and apaoiraena of tha work.
ohlnery la tha anma paoDonloa. amplpyin, .none, bat tha beat
workman. o,ln* tha very bait Pilt min and OOnl. wlth many
Fo,puUonWr,, o allonMr.OA#Tß|. A A~L
March «.lBia-|y;;, a',,;, *
.... OBtF 1: Kent ■; ;
Dwtliin* p'irt AOADftMV.
•A iSw6RF.II n.;:.".,;. a'i.i
Clutßald, SPill®. lt». ■
-V: DBI r: V
■’ ■■••• ■ fS RESPKOTniTI
ield Mil.; Vioicitr !W £\ ;
) w&ftiktybfc ttff ssiurii v\ i
,JN win cnro &f* jfti
i]ldKroi!?vi£:v;* 1
It hit** l. Cfijilc. ,
> WomU: JnSTwiT
SappmtM .;bd lrr«' \!
.tit ncoompaot In* tnli, .
(Otßw. iwwdroftowloa* *«*■.■■
on of thli mtdlclnt t <ud-': *lut wlintUlni iu moun or..
* ;
° T&t liflatnoa'or.thli o&trtoitlion tipon rti fa»»i»otwitli«'. 1 I
lion It of tire moitftltndlr kind s ttrtmoit deilottttnd rnrtl*. I
femila naM htvo no lint in u» nufor any, fourth pT timo. for. I
it ponuliino mtraaty < not ujr ajtulg trhKh PM pnwp in Mt I : *
wiylnjnr'onl. btlnttnidt tntiMi or Vet&noU ittrncii, ud
p raX\»i l §A6 , ; throoifi tho.Mturil wanomtof. thi MMotnJi i
FEOOP 0? iSu OUtwSiMt'iS*.! tiolllili ! j
crtbVomfloonct ort¥« offlictod. u a SUOCK3»TuL, SAFE ;
AND CHEAP REMEDY. will 1» found lnU» pnmphlu. ! I
toieUut with Important aburralioni todehin* th» potortr I
soil lympilhlM 01 tbo d Utuw. fowhiokth* ftllolilion or 1,4\ .1
dieiandPraotlUonen iirtipeotfol r inf Ifod; . . . I
THE INGREDIENTS. «i cifljfiidJW htfkttwllonUnlli > 'I
Orily. (uo pamphlet.) in ALL VEGETAEDE.nnd trlhot. fl
uioclnttd with nnr nrtlole nnltitndlr lOUiannimaitootianit.
Prof. DUNBAR.M.H., Bnlt mdra.«d. ... Jj
J. O D. •• '■ ' • : I
P. H PEOKIfAM, M. U.,Ctioa.Now Jfork. i I
D. V. FOOTE. M D., flmoaU. New. Voile.
• fr&WklfiM'F&Wi.t.r. • ■:
W.,W. HBE3E.M.D., City ol New York. , I
W, PRESCOTT. M. U.. Concord. N.H. ,
Aiio ro, mi. bj -!
I , . . CaatraiDepot.3U4 Bftodmjr,N. V. - j
"March 16,1853.—5 m. .... • , . .
from the Wuhiof ton Unloo. Ann) U. ISkJ.
Wo publish liolow the projpecimof lho!”l>emo
cratic Month ly Ueview," which Mo sett. Wiftiem._
H. Lctvift Si Co. propose to publirii kimuKanUomly >
in Now York and Wailiingtuh. the first numbo: to- ;
be insuoti in May. Ovid F. Johnson, eaq.,‘formerly
attorney general of Pennsylvania, and well.known,
asannblo and vigorous writer, will tokd'chnrgaot
lho editorial department of the new Koviiw with,
pufposes/hs shadowed forth in lho prospectus, which,
challenge the Sympathy artd gooil wishes of the rle
mDoracy. The daily press cannot, Supersede the.
necessity for Well'Canducled monthly publications.
There is a separate field of usefulness lor each when
properly edited, with n view to the maintenance of
important principles, und not to the aggrandizement
of individuals, factions, ond classes. Wo trustlhsl
the now enteipriso ol Messrs. Lewis & Co. will bo ;
managed with that prudence and zeal which insure 1
The Right* of the Slate*, and the Union if the Statet.
r’ Is the latsatioß orths subscribers to publish oaths tint
dsr ofsvsrr month, bezlsoioi with lira month 01 Mar
next. aimulianeotulr la the cities ol Waihiagtoa and New
York, ap srtodioai* to bo eatitied the “JEMOCKAfIU
MONTHLY REVIEW.” Kadi ft fata tier will ooatais it
least Vtf paxes. and be printed on fioe piper In every an pert,
or style. Itwillaso be embellished with a finely eaffiaved
portrait of a dUtiacoUbad jivtne mao, embracing statesman,
soldiers, artists andaotbon. lie political character of tils
Beview will be. m It* title tadieates, demociutic, aad aae
of its mala objects to elucidate tbe tioe principles ol (he dem
ocratic patty. li will examine, ia a spirit of fiiraaeeand,
caado’« all the leading measure* of the present adminliua.
tion. aad accord to then) a cneerfal support. Bhoultf mt,
however, uafoitonatciy differ in ©pinion oa ant puist froth
the President, we shall not hesitate to express our owe watt
meats, and oreseatthe reasons that oonstrala as to do to—
submitting to the democracy of the country the deoUtda be
tween us. . ..
This Ueview wilt also aim to furnish its readers with a
graphic and cooprShentlve aelioe ol tbe new works publish*
ed b wbioh may teem to be entitled to it, and also a record of
all scientific discoveries and improvement*.
Tbe prewnt condition of the nations of Eorope, akd the at
titude in which tome of them stand towards certain oorliooe.
of this ooitiaent. have invested ©or foreign relations with lho
utmost Importance. Never was this government placed ia a
•itonUoa of mote critical difficulty man at tbe present moment.
The most inflexible firraoe**, lar-teela* wisdom, and adroit,
skill will be required to avoid complicating oar interest* aal
aflairt wiu those of Europe We confidently iron the ad
ministration willbeeqnalto the task We shall
unsUeping eye tbe progress of affairs ta Mexico aid the Weil
ladiet. Hcrealoneisour vulnerable pert
This Review will abstain from all pertdaaiUf, end stek to
harmoaiu aad dnite the democratic party, both in feeling
and principle. U will bo the exponnet ©f ao Cllqoe. faction,
orlndlvldohl. The editor willsueak for himveli. intiepeed
eatiy end fetilessly. uudei a thorough tease of the rosponii-
Dility, be sinaiaes. Tbe undersigned have teuoted pa editor,,
after a careful consultation with their prominent democratic
friends, and have chosen oa* wboio ability aad expenrnee
they believe will seenreforhim universal Confident* end res:
peel, from thisarticl* the pnbho can fond a correct estimate
of the merit of this publication Wevemfof the mbit dulla*
euiihed writers in thecoaotiy have engaged to become regu
lar contributors to oar pages. We ask neither confidence nor
patronage if they be not deserved, . j-
Our first number will contain a general outline of tbe 000 no
we design to puna* in future. , „
The editorial deparmeol isfindgr Uieoontxolof OVID i.
iOHNHON.gsq. ,
TESMi —Eonr Dol'.ats pm annum, pbyableln advance.
New York, April* 18*3. • • • . Poblubers.
Communications mnst t>e addressed to ‘The Democratic
Monthly Review, New York.**,
Ed’tors who insert ibis I'rospcolus and fo»waM (heir paper
contumns ;t will be foroi-htd with a copy oftbe Ueview.
■ • —.
An invaluable Book, only 25 cts. per copy.
“Every Family Should have n copy,”
ennn COPIES sold in less tuan three
OVrUly MONTH d. A new edition, rovited and improv
ed. joitixaner.
line of the Oiixln. Prokreu. Treatment %ad Corn of every
form ofdiseaae, oontrected by PromucnonaSexoallntoruoarte,
by S>lf,abnie. or by B xualErcen, witn advioe for thalr pre
vention, written in a Ihaibiariiyle. avoldin* all medical toch
binaliilei. and avory thin* that’ Would o'fend tbaeerpfde
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