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    rorn tlioNllngtiinginn Union.
reutivls a rci aware that thebill . which
ytl:ropi:trted by Mr. Hunter; chairman nri
ka 6 :tommittee of Finance, roduoing the
:4811,?unt. of bullion in the silver coin less
ilkftt ono dollar fins passed the Senate.:=-
The exportation of silver, and the
quent scarcity of tho smaller coins,' called
fot some ofibrt to remedy a great inconve-
Wetted in every-day 'transactions; and the
* . batol . las adopted that of reducing their
letuat value below their nominal value, so
lhat . they shall constitute a legal tender for
a larger amount than they represent as
articles of - eiport or as a medium for for.
o .. 4iT ar payments.
When the public attention was first call
ed to the fact that silver was being export
vd-in considerable quantities, the whip
presses charged that it was owing entirely
to the.operations of the tstritrof 1840, al
thOugh they were unable to show by their
protective theory wf:y gold was not as ea
rly sought after for foreign remittances.
We exposed at tho time the groundlessness
rof tie) , complaints against the revenue laws,
and , ekplained the cause of the phenomena
they were said to have produced. Con
gress had fixed the relative value of the
two metals. The law said that one
ounce of gold should be worth thirteen
ounces of silver, and in that proportion
c.Oll should bo a legal tender. That pro
'Portion 'was in accordance with the rela
tive value of those two metals when the
law was passed, and of course there was
nb 'inducement to export the one rather
rhadthe other. This state bf things con
tinued until the discovery of gold in Cali
folla, and the vast addition from that
quarter to the amount of gold bullion.—
The relation between the supply of and
demand for gold which formerly existed
was destroyed by the, greatly increased
supply-, and, asa natural consequence, the
value of silver, as compared with gold, be
came greater. One ounce of gold was no
longer worth thirteen ounces of silver, be.
cause it had become more plentiful. But
the statute remained unaltered, and conic
in conflict with the laws which regulate
commerce, which made silver more val
uable than the act of Congress allowed it
to be.' The consequence was, that as soon
as a specie export was made necessary by
importations from California, merchants
found it to be to their interest to purchase
silver with gold, and send it to thosocoun
tries in which it would be received at its
full value. By this process the supply of
Over coin became so limited that gold dol
lars bore a premium at the same time that
silver did-,-qt, result which was aided by
the tiretithstance that the mint furnished an
Inadequate supply of those 'pieces compar
ed with the supply Of forger coin,
"'ifad the California placers Turnish - ed
gold and silver in the same proportion,
then there would have been no greater in
ch,lionient to export the one than the other,
tied our smallercoins would not have been
(Mien from circulation. But, even in this
lent, there would have been a largo *-
Cie °spoil. The United States is now the
oetit specie-producing country, as it is the
Oat cotton producing country,;
,and there
in:The'same reason for exporting the one
that'there is for exporting the other. But
was not' our purpose to explain the cans
t!s'et 'the -exportation of specie from the
Ilitifed States : it was to set forth tho rea
sena for that scarcity of silver coin which
hits . produced such inconvenience as to
call for the action of Congress. The bill
whiah.passed the Senate reduces the but
-lien only in coin less than a dollar; and it
4111 prevent their exportation while the
eintinht!of depreciation equals the rise in
the value ofsilver as'compared with gold
bitho authoiize n loan of 13850,000, to
e.opPlete the North Branch canal, passed
'l4 House of Representatives on Thursday
nad wo presume ere this has become
Ot law. This will be most gratifying news
to the whole northern section of our State,
as it will open up a region rich in mineral
resources, that has heretofore been shut
out from a market. The policy of com
pleting this improvement at the earliest
_practicable day has long been manifest,
and whenever the Whigs were before the '
people seeking their suffrages, they advo
cate this measure; but most strange to
say, when this bill came upit was opposed
eat every stage by the Whig leaders in the
Legislature, and every effort was made to
defent it. Through the active instrumen
tality, however, of its numerous Demo
cractio friends, and the, effective appeal of
Gov. Bigler in its behalf, it was carried
triumphantly through both branches of the
Legielaturee—Democratic Union:
T4e Panama Echo, of the 16th Feb.i has
the following: -- •
"We have conversed with very many
- Of the' passengers now hero, and ascertain
'that.tho amount of funds calculated upon
kr them to defray their expenses to 'San
- Francisco, fell far below the liable cost.—
They say that the • general impression of
their own communities is defective in the
'same way. -Once more, then, we would
'say that no man desiring to go •to Cali
• fornia should have . ene cent less than $250
fillet arriving at Chagres, even . for traVel
sing in the crteapest•style. Parties should
•havejust as much in proportion for each
individttal member. ' Those Cvlui, have it
to: bring should not "come with less' than
$800; and'thoia . 4•lie have not $250, had
much better stay at home, whatever their
situation • may he .7
:he observed by the California news, that
-there was n resolutiOn offerd in their State
...Convention to instruct the delegates, ap
pointed te.tlie,: National Convention, for
Judge Douglas, and it was defeated, Wo
i pnderstand from the sumo source, that
f therfiate three. Out of four °film dolegatiOn
I.favarable telhe'nornination orPennsy !Van-
InVdrstinguisite.d snh , t6r"the'Pjeqicießcy.
---Democratic Union,
JAPAI?XPEDITION. . For the Clearfield Ropublienn.
It is known to ur models, says the ed. , NOVEL READERS.
itor of the P l - 7 .l lol Phia Evening Argus,that Do not professing Christians rcad novels,
our government has organized and are now while they complain of not t having time to
fitting out with all possible speed a fermi- read-roligicius books, not oven the Bible?
dablo ' Naval It To such in particular I write—rand I would
V...., l " ns tiA, ; "ittid 'one brig of war with a ink -sill : novel readers, ifnovels\are not-, y
stow ship, the whole to be under the corn- sayidthey, thatqtradisloel not!tho Prophet
mend of Commodore Perry. Thu Provo- sake their own mercy." I sh;ll
cation and object' of this move- attention to but ono class of "lying veal
ment has been semiofficially communica- ties;" but its name is legion, for who can
toil to the world, and the New York'Hor. tell the number of 'fictitious works with
aid in alluding to it says:—Japan is a which the world is flooded l The. novel is
populous, independent, oriental, semi-bar- found on the lady's toilet, open at the pagci
barous nation, made up of an immense over which she had been straining her
cluster of volcanic islands, flaking the oyes, long after the proper time of retiring
coast of China. The entire population of to rest. It is the companiOn of the Law
the empire is estimated at from forty to yorjho Physician', the Astronomer, and
fifty millions. Joddo, the capital, in the even some tunes of the Theologian. , Pro
island of Niphon, is said to be ono of the fessional men, merchants and mechanics ;
most magnificent and populous cities on ladies of fortune and daughterS of indi
ithe globe. The products of the island are pence, all read,. or have read novels. It
varied and extensive, and the people are is a universAl practice of both old avid
skilled in a variety of useful manufactures . . young, male and : female.
The empire offers on inviting marldit to First, it is remarkable that most of the,
the commerce of Europe and the United novels present fl)r their hero-, or heroine, a
States; b'ut it remains to this day a sealed vain character, not only light and visions
book to all "outside barbarians," except ry in itself, but so interwoven with events,
the Dutch, who by treaty stipulations, en- so perfectly ideal and extravagant, that!
joy certain exclusive, but limited, privile- such events never did, and in many par
ges of trade. The Chinese, a branch of ticulars, never can take place in the histo. l
the same race as the Japanese, not being ry of man, while on the shores ofearth.—
classified among the "outsiders," have a ft is true hat every . prominent character
More enlarged privilege of traffic; but sub. is not that of a warrior or a lover. Noah
stantially, the empire is locked up against or are all novels the same kind of fiction.
the ships of all civilized nations. The Yet a novel is a vain thing, calcUlated 'to
flags of England and the United States are poison the minds, and relax the morals of
especially under the most rigorous exclus. readers. But says the novelist, "theydtre
ion; and shipwrecked English or Ameri. founded on fact.' This is so much like
can sailors among the Japanese islands,a i re saying that a house _is a stone holm, tho'
subjected to torturcs, compared with which built of wood or brick, because, the foun
the suflbrings of Captain Riley, on the dation is stone, with a view of getting a
coast of Africa, are but the details of a holi. better price for it.
day excursion among the natives. With- Almost the only cast, at which those who
in the last two years, the sailors of one or would not founder upon this rock should
several American vessels have suffered attentively look,and which they should se
from the treachery and barbarity of the riously consider, is, that though the foun.
Japanese. But while some died from their dation may be good yet the 'builder has
cruel treatment, others escaped to tell the ruined the site by rearing a superstructure
story. Subsequently, if we are not mis- of hay, stubble, &c.; materials unsubstan
taken, an American vessel of war, the tial as they are unsafe in a world where
sloop Preble, entcrd the sacred waters of temptations are falling as fast as the leaves
Jeddo, anchored off the city, and demand- of autumn, and may - in a moment ignite
ed the surrender of certain AmeriCan sail- tho whole. But suppose we should admit
ors, still supposed to be in the custody of that some are founded on fact's, still the po
the local authorities. After considerable sition assumed is tenable, that novels are
chaffering and a threat of bombardment, always false. The truth is never stated,
one or two men, we belive, were recover- or is so mixed with falsehood as scarcely
ed; but such was the jealousy of the autli- to be discernable, and on this very account
orities, that neither the officers nor any of they aro "lying vanities." The truth is
the crew were permitted to land ; and it pretended to be shown, yet so beclouded
was only by threats of opening on the and despoiled of its briliancy as to answer
town, that water and provisions were sup- the purpose of a bait. The unwary seize
plied to the vessel by the natives them- it,not reflecting that with a drop of the nec
selves." tar of truth, they receive a draught of
deadly .poison, so prepared as to render it
pleasant to the most refined and intellectu
al. How vain is this shovel As little re
sembling reality, and of as little use as a
painted fire. The truth was never indebt
ed to a lie, and yet its mistaken friends
have labored to promote its interest, even
those of sacred truth, by the agency of the
enemy of all truth. Satan is a liar and the
father of lies. Why do not novelists con-,
suit St. Paul upon the propriety of their
project, before they dare to place unhal
lowed fire upon the altar of their God ?
They would expect to hear him say in the
language of withering rebuke—"shall we
sin that grace may abound God forbid,"
Again an advocate this species of liter
ature will probably say, "but when the
novelist, romancer, prize-tale writer, &c.,
improve the taste, and raise the moral tone
of the world, by painting it with those
pleasing attributes which the wicked are
unwilling to allow it, then I assert that
fiction accomplishes tho noblest work of
truth itself." BUt hero is taken for granted
what cannot be conceded—that the nov
elist's do thus subserve the cause of piety.
Yet this is not the point at issue, and hence,
we still maintain that the point we have
assumed is tenable, if truth is more power.
ful than a, lie. Again we contend that;
novels are "lying vanities," because they
particularly suit light and vain minds.---H
They arc the food upon which they sub
sist. The plough may stand but the love
tales &c., must be read. The novel is their
companion by day and by night they think
of but very little else. How deplorable is
it to see heads of families (and them pro
fessing Christianity too,) set up for half a
night, reading fiction, poisoning the minds
and morals of their children. 'F OF L.
BURIED ALIVE.—Pliny mentions the
case of a young man of high rank, who
having been dead some time, as it was
thought, Was placed upon the funeral pile.
The heat of the flame revived him but he
perished before his friends could rescue
him. The great anatomist Vesalius had
the unspeakable misfortune to commence
the dissection of a living body apparently
dead. Less unhappy was the fate of Abby
Prevost, who fell apopleptiC; but recovered
his consciousness—too late—under the
scalpel. Preparations were made to em
balm the body of Cardinal Samaglia. The
operator had scarcely penetrated into the
chest when the heart was seen to beat.—
Returning partially to his sences, he had
sufficient strength to put away the knife ;
but the lung was mortally wounded. In
on© of our journals is recorded the strange
ly interesting case of Rev. Mr. Ten
nant, of New Jersey, who lay three days
in his shroud, and was saved from inter
ment almost by a miracle. •
cent per annum is the increase of popul
ation in the United States, according to the
census returns. The Baltimore Ameri
can alluding to the increase, says :
Leaving out of the account the additions
which are made every year in the aggre
gate of our population by emigrants from
Europe, the natural increase of our own
people may afford the basis of an estimate
which could not be applied to any other
country. We arc bound to bo the most
populous and the most powerful of living
nations. This is our destiny, and it is our
responsibility also. Kossuth has made his
mistake only in point of time. We arc
a Power on earth, and such a Power that
its presence must have significance. We
cannot abnegate our being; but it is due
to our dignity that we raise not a hand ex
cept to control, and that et once. No
empty vaporing, no bravado, for this Am
erican people. We hold our own against
the world, and we will do it,corio what may.'
Jowl MacriELL.--The following is an
extract from one of tte speeChes for which
this Irish patriot was expatriated, by the
government of Grate - Britain :
"I can tell you frankly, that I, for ono,
am, not 16yal ; am not wedded to tho
Queen of England, nor unalterably attach
,ed to the Houso of Brunswick; in fact I
love my own barn better than 1 love that
ho . uso. The time is long past when Jeh
ovah appointed Kings. The thing has
lona' a since grown a monstrous imposture,
andhas been already in some civilized
countries, detected as such and drummed
out accordingly. A modern -king, my
friends, is no 'more liketmancient annoin.
ted shepherd of the people, then an arch.
bishop's apron is like the Trim and Thum-
Min. 'There - is' no divineright now 'but in
the soverogn - people.
' ' Connecticut Election.
I - rron, April B.—:--Seymour the Dem.
d'a '..Viinclitlate for, GoYerrtar will have a
inajo yof near 660V,Rt returns bavp, been
received from allbn,:citi:, ":tOwn ''d can
' t teeterially eh *AO re /,- . The
i tit
Semite elands Democratic fifleen t higs
eili l J ,lo llt . thOiousd tte Demoeralj..m?jor
ity is girty.olte,'unii their majoritiren joint 1
ballot just filly. •
Woman's Rights Convention at Syracuse
SYRCUSE, April 8, 11 A. M.—'rho conven
tion assembled here this morning, and or
ganized by the appointment of Fred Doug
lass, as Presiden, James Mott and Lucr
etia, his wife as Vico Presidents; John and
Rachel Jackson, as Secretaries.
The bone of contention now appears to
be, the "Platform" on which they are go
ing to stand.
The feeling is riming very high, and
considerable acrimony is magifested in
their discussions; How it is going to-ter
minate, I am unable to say, but will keep
you advised fully.
. [Scowl Despatch]
Svaaousiz, April 8-114 A. M.—The
speech of Mary greer has had a wonder
ful effect this morning in favor of "Wo
man's Rights." The Convention has de
cided by an althost unanimous vote that
they shall be henceforth entitled to • the
right of suffrage.
The man named Castaneda, Who captured
Lopez, has returned to Havana,laden with
honors. The Queen gave him $O,OOO,
and made him a captain in the rural militia
with, a salary of $llO a month ; ton ne
groes and 'a tract off land have been given
to him. The order of Isabel decorates his
person ; his children Are to bo edUcated at
the expense of the govtirninent ; and while
in Spain, ho was perinitted• the farce of '
kiEising the hands of the Queen, and the
little princess. He Can: neither read nor
write. .
In Clearfield County, for Taxes.
TN pursuance of the let reetioA of. n Act of Assembly' the
1. Itlth 0 Ithiroh. tlll, entitled, 't•An Act to amend en Act
prow Mice the manner of selling Unseated Lands for 'faxes.
and fur other putouts'," there will bo exposed to P:181.41.,
BALE. on the IT3EUUNIE rauNuAY If 3 JUNE NEXT, at
the Conn (louse iu the boroughs)! Clontfielt. Vleattield cm,
(and adjourned from day ` tO dtlY until the whole are *Ott ) Ito
tollOwlmt Unsuited Lands end town Lots in sold (Monty, for
the samara am set onposlte each tract.
PS, ecoarza Township. ,TaX.
74 1:10 ecrom,,„ .„ ~, i 1,„,„,, . -
4J3 153 William (trey, "'"'"'" Al 51
4 lc
433 1311 John' Ford ney, one year, 18 It
811 John Tries's'' s
50 Campbell & Turner • idtva
ISO l'lnnkaL 1 Dll
1114 Jacob Al assenmlth. four rearm: %woe
bu . James Bain, ' 'lf 90
480 John Allen, 11 70
Bell Township.
John II loholoon.
Vicklin & Gtilllol.
Me 1000
41.24 do
wcr, 410
6918 191.
6011 1130
Boggs 7bwnship.
BO John Thomas
John Hull,
John Hall.
10 reter Pastors
• latbarn Snyder,
Join Henn.
Goose Hootman,
Henry France.
do. do.
do. do .
Bradford Tkwnship.
63 John Campbell,
Asahal Gam
Krantz.% ',match & Fallon %
Matthew Foray .
?Ames Hoses heal
4.thn Nwholso , . •
Jana Camottell,
61 James Doucin,
John Irwin.
Plan hl4.enahrtn.
Isabella Jordan.
Cadwaleder Brans.
John S. Skyron.
Thomas P Cope.
17 Polly 111%enahan.
Martha Houston,
MIL Cunningham,
Jos er. William datum. •
63 Frannie West,
. /John Hanna, •
do. do.
11 B. Conway.
Thomas H. Forney,
.1. S. 1( let,
V H. Bolt,
W. Graham, Jr.,
John Graham. Ir.. •
Will am Murray.
Brady Township.
Jarod luyersoll.
John Hart.
do. do,
Jonathan LI Smith.
Joseph Ferree. roar-yams, •
Samuel Johnston.
John Dunlap.
Honed, and FOX,
James and,
Ortolan Sliver.
Joseph Perron.
do. -do
George A. Weaver,
Jesse Lines
Hasid nnotap,
Merest You,
do. do.
do. do.
do. do.
do do.
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do. ilo. ,
do. do.
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254 230
831 813
t'4 I 203
645 303
5 , 114 1../9
sb7ci 840
933 b3l
3603 60
800 11 , 0
195 77
54 0 1
X6Bl 135
8574 63
3577 123
600 611
8118 117
3117 832
I I9i Vikl
1897 130
Burnside Tnanship
881 John Biro%.
160 Christian ittake.
Chest 7bw2 ship.
ln 11:8 William Cook,
433 IS3 John (1 undrcker.
60 130 Mitchell dr Wood.
433 11l John tamper..
41t3 163 Daniel Evans.
16/ Philip Thomas.
iri (:.,rao Itow,
610 Fredrick Kuhn.
104 John Uticnioirtitim.
1641 MatthiakPlongn. -
03 63 John Groh,
110 Paul lAntzinger. ,
211 U Peter Getz.
kit!. Ilenry Musser.
1 , 23 Jacob Ninssersmith,
Covi'itgtotz 7b2anship
658 Mol do ds at Stewart.
Fat do •
6tll do do
645 do do
11.41 do do
1051 do do
18/1 y 1200 do do 114 60
itlll /03 do do 9 IX.
Decatur 7bumship.
oJosopli Roper ,
640 Ira- Jorrphe li pi a• 'a ri t. 13 t9sr o. . 841
id Kr
Ferguson 71nonship.
am John Siloam'lz. 19 67
213 119 John Baruhr l llll. - V 711
453 153 Ilonl6l Turner, 14 36
433 163 Gnome Rau. 8 161
1(41 John Daginnton, 6 8.1
11:13 I'. Glen's/jet. 819
103 Johu lowan.
101 Wiley's entire. II 10
Fox 7bumsbip,
467 44misWilsle. 16 64
993 do do _ SS 96
921 .do do • al Si
do._ do do LI 63
do. do do 89 63
do. do , do 89 ba
do. no do - 8983
100 Benjamin II nllll 6 4 40
60 Philistine Clark 2 64
Girard 7btonship. •
1210 867 43 Morris& 81ewart, " ID 28
WO Bamuat Ful•od, boor lean, 11 65
1843 210 Monis& Blewart. 966
1931 64/ no do do 1060
1811 63i do do 18 r6l
036 1:13 do do 2 74
1918 115 18 do do 6 161
1918 118 do do 880
I#Bl 918 63 do do 761
MO 964 kal do do 881
11 160
1837 97 103 do do 884
8817 10 do do 16
Goshen Thwnship.
• 50 P. P Durxtool, 8 9
/KXI Jazeph thaw, IS 44
52Z 200 ()roma Mead. 040
Ruston nwnship.
15082 2961 William Power,. 20 76
105 David Caldwell, 4 04
5178 1(41 Moore 5: Delime/. 8/ 70
5674 Soil 51 do do 85 74
50,..7 990 William Powers, 20 76
50GG 990 do do 20 76
5675 104( Moore & Delaney 91 84
4256 990 James Wilson, 9.26
4902 420 Wilhelm Willink, 882
4889 990 do do 10 36
4902 55 do do 112
5063 100 ' William Powers, 812
50 1113 d do ,
5670 4
1041 BO Mooreo 11 66 &
Delaney, 21 84
5671 1041 80 do do 21 84
5679 1041 80 do do 21 84
5672 347 27 do do 790
5064 990 William Powers. 20 76
200 Wing and Rider, 4 20
GO Wilhelm Willink, 1 86
50 do do 1 54
100 do do 2 10
Jordan nwnship. .„
. 433 153 Richard Peters, 19 73
dq. do, Peter Kuhn, do.
do.. do. Fredrick Beaten, du.
do. do. John Dunwoodie, do,
218 156 Adam Reigert., 9 92
197 80 Silas Wilcott, 910
300 William Wilson, 13 80
600 Geo.& Mary McCormiek.27 GO
200, James McNeal, 8 28
120 William McKee, 7 38
218 William Wiley, 15 02
163 Isaac Wampole, 19 73
153 William Hunter, , 19 74
153 John Corsoy, 19 74
Karthaus Ibumship.
600 Morris and Stewart.
778 . do d 0,..;
507 do do
200 ' do do
79 22 Charles Wihink,
88 • do do
683 147 ) do • - do
513 Q 5 Morns and pis:mart,.
Woodward 7bwnship,
300 William Parker, 11•-T0
58 William Wistar, • ' 2 13
240 William Drinker, , 8. Etp
70 ~ Henry Faunee, 259
300 ,J.. Morgan .• , ,11 10
.260 ,: C..& P.'Lc:uden, ,9, '
116 ,Charles Leaden, ~ 4-24
443 77 Samuel Enalin, '10.35'
;120 , 'Henry • •OQ 78
Morris 2bwnship.
103 31 Jolla Fry, jr., 368
427. Philip Wager, 16 20
421 Jesse Yarnell, - 15 06
345 85 John Andrews,.; 13 12
330 125 William A. Smith, 12= 50
409 139, ,William Sinith, 36
196 24 , Wm. M. Smith,o 28
486 ..32 do
, f 18,. `44
'9O • John Palmer,' ~ : . 3 .42
.407 ,
86 William Smith, 15 48
300 Peter Yarnell, 11 0 40
183 Francis Johnston, 842
- a John. Fry, Jr., 7. 48
150 Fva. Thoma's, ' 10 80
Tohnston, 7 12
183 Stephen 8 66
170 Blair McLenahan; , 9
, 466 Jacob Wetzel, 22 25
362 Joseph Simons, 14 50
406 150 John Skyron, - 15 44
, 218 John Pride; 4 26
200 J. Nicholson (w. ') 760
08 Andrew Dunlap 350
102 Jacob Morgan, 3 86
221 John• Morgan, 8 36 ,
217 Casper Haynes, -8 24
385 Christopher Baker, 14 62
38 John Best, 1 74
217 Casper Haynes, 822
Penn Township.
583 200 Andrew Rees, 6 00
5962 425 14 John Nicholson, 12 77
" 168 John Nicholson, 670
40 G. R. Barrett, 1 20
5937 90 Catholic congre'tion, 2 46
" 03 Cochrane Tract, W.
Hipburn, 2 80
Pike Township,
81 60
16 64
4 7a
2 181
6 01
0 t 9
61 ES
7 85
6 7t
6 81
14 70
14 67
5781 950
5778 1020
200 A.. & W. P. Reed, 8 65
5777 1020 24 John Nicholson, 31 68
5780 7.0 64. do 13 12
100 Wm. Hartshorn, 200
220 D. &. W. Hartsock, 4 62
268 47 Jno. A/Tenon, &c0.,8 40
Union 'ftwnship.
2006 475 Roberts & Fox, 17 47
3587 350 do do 13 08
3501 300 do do 11 23
4251 850 Jamss Wilson, 31 83
3581 276 Robots & Fox, 11 00
3588 50 do do 1 83
3610 75 do do 2 70
3608 60 do do 1 83
No. Ckarficld Borough.
66 John Fleming, 2 00
106 Hugh Wilson, 1 20
121 J. Kline, 1 20
122 J. Burg & Hof!bogie,
4,yea rs, 2 08
138 Jacob Kline, 1 20
143 P. Shindle & Shaffner 88
170 . Andrew Brown, 80
184 Michael Lentz, 80
185 R. M'Clure, 80
156 J. Watson,
175 Christ. Kaufman,
180 A. Whitmer,
181 11. Barr,
F. G. MILLER, Trs'r.
83 04
CU U 4
47 60
SI 43
87 88
March. 5, 1852
41 Broadway, Ist door below Liberty st,,
11 AVE now an hand. and will rermive daily throuzb inn
Berson. NEW otrOltbtolirect f .ent the Eureocan mut CA,`SII A Ui..ITIONS. Kl 1.11 FASAI , INABIAL.
IFANCY BILK MILLINERY tit MOS Our stock ot Itlell
RABB' INH. comidtses every variety of the 1111t11121 and mac
beautiful designs imported.
Mang of thee-aids are manufactured exorruty to our order,
from our own dodges and patterns. and steed unrivalled. We
.fler our good *ler NETT cAsii. at lower prates th an ant
credit house in America can afford.
All nurah Item will fled It greatly to th-ir interest to reserve
a moven of their mtmey and make selections from our great
Ribbons rich fur Bun oats. Caps. Bashes and Belts.
Houma Bilks. tilting. Coines. Lasses and farletons—
Embroideri , e. Cellars. C•remisetts. Capes. Brtthaa. '
Debits, Nleems. Culls, Engravings. and illiedileg•
Embroidered Renter,. Lai" and Hemstitch Cambria !WU'',
Blends. Illusions. and Embroidered Laces for Caps.
Welton. Meohlen. Velencienes. and Brussels Laces.
Encash and Wove Thread. Smyrna. Lisle Thread end Cot
ton Lace.s.
Kid- LideThreod. Bilk and Bearing Silk, Gloves and Mitts
trench and American Artificial Flowers.
From+ Lace. Enehrh. American and Italian.
Wisner !loaners and Trininil ago. March 25. 11342.
fp Y VIRTUE of an order of the Orphans' Court of Clear.
LP Held county. tnere will be exucteed to PURLIIIt SAW;
at the tows of New Warhington, on MONDAY the titlh day
of APRIL. 1b52, at la o'clock. M., the following described
Late the property ofJonetharr Pearce. decent LA
ed.ahuate in Hell township, Clem 11,1 d noun•
ty. and Itnutvu as the ROE A LIA UGH
P t. % oaatalniag
00 A eyes,
More or lan. bdjolnlng lands of Millis & Crist on Iha North or
Maonsanus on the %%tat ' Daniel r nyder on tho South. and
"nyder on the Flo•t, haying thereon er , ttad a comfortable
Two-Story Log House, a Largo Log Barn,
with about 75 acres of C!carcd Land in
a good state of cultivation, and a good
bearing Orchard thereon.
ON C-lIALF Cash at the coefirmatiosi of illegal°. and the
Waseca to oise year thereafter, with intersit. to be scoured on
the premises by Bend Rea llitatasige.
By order of the Court
Match 19. 'Oa.
Administrators ofJonathan Pewee, deceased.
S ral A VING located in Curw•cneville,oflors
Al his professional services to Um citizens s
of [tint places end the surrounding country. S
? When not professionally engaged, he wilt be S
four.d at the office formerly occupied by Dr. S
J, C. Richards, or at Scofield's hotel." Calls
wilt be attended to at all hours. ap.3, '5l
To Justices of the Peace.
frif E Judges of the Count/Quarter Sessions have appoln•
tad we toproseente on behall'of tha Commonwealth for
the county of Clearfield. TheJusticuts ol the Peace will there•
fore please mike re' urn to me of all Commonwealth holdouts
by mail or otherwise. as soon after thesomacomes before them
as the nature thereof will admit of.
Clearfield. 1/06.20.1851.
Notice to Tag-Poyers. •
A LL PEILYis INN'who pay to the Co.tooto of their respe
live townships. tiro whet. amount ol their OTATE. '1 AX
on or before the fire they of JULY neat. shall hove no abate.
silentof Fl VE PLR CLINT allowed to thorn by the Cc . ..hectors
of their Impactive town thlps. By order of tho Comintstionots.
Uosoroluioners t Attest.
Feb. nth, 1b52. S G. B. GOODLANDER.
27 00
35 20
22 80
9 40
3 52
3 95
28 70
23 07
Notice to Collectora.
NOTICE IS lII EttIr GIVEN; that all OJllecton of
Omuta arid State Tax will be charge I biz uer mat AN.
TEtr:ST on all MOIVOI due train ono year after the date of
their impactive Duplicated. By order of the Oonecniselonen,
Colo adolexers' Office. rib 0, Bisd.
MARY' ANN HICKS, } ' In , iho Common Pleas of
• vs,, • Clearfield co., No. 38 SIay JOHN !MKS, Term 1853. Alias subpoo•
. .
•' ' nu' cur vorco. • •
X7OTICII IS HEREBY GIVEN to the Defottdant, that
111 the conitof,Lemana Igoe of Gletufield °minty have
panted an Rill% va')acanni In? diINIDO , tetataable on Ma
VIIRD DAY, t/V.ItIAY kIEXT, commanding the said GO•
fo n dant lobe end. e,peur be Ore said COatt. at ho rattan o r
Sal& xyrit. ao.aliew cause, it any he hay, WIT lbs walnut'Q
ationle not /vivo a' Decree in Divareela hey layer. Orell:
which he wilt tAito Intll9o. • L I •
gherlifs , °Mae, Clew held. April 71, 1833. . .
John Nicholson, 19 92
do 18 32
1 20
. . .
'llherifti Salto! Real: Bildt . .;
ti. . BY 'Vides. Of a Wrlt Of Yalnditkial Roe, ..
rms. Issued out of the Goo rt of Coro_nrcist rim F
.. •
/ cresieelacounty; nod to ore directors:Whinier •-• 1 I '.
posed tq nubile sale, et the court bailee 114_11'814m*
Uleailield. on MI /ND% Y the et. 00111) DAY of y m ewl
tho following, property. to wit;;:nOnoTreator a earls, ~,
I ,
voyeo on win:levet° Jacob Vervains, 111 Dercatar tow -4".
ispanded by Gaols in ihe.nnmee 0(1 enjaraln West,' N. (7
Terror. flash Ely and Richard Thomas. ei tth es said '
pmvernent on the same made bi Jenathan Hen& t. s"' . •
Tract; tho residua or John Hausman, , In fleocarhet.
833 re
33 tiomtme. bounded tIY Delete 01 "^ .:.
i Amick 1 lon, man, John Mello. lands of Joseph dm lb, to ' "I ,
' with an improvoment.on . the saute 11Y blamb/e... Abe 1 -
acres of George Graft. in Decatur tourashie. maned . ~
lands of Edmund Albert, jAtt bhowalter, Henry easels ea
mot. ofjo oph and Wm. Hantorn, idiots' same toleaskip,:f
the residua or rho Wm. Hansom survey.. containing kW
bounded by Ands of Jacob Y. lto nk. Erie tompikei 14'4
Michael Fonk, George Emeal,_ Wm. Drinker and Rio
Thomas. Also, the residue of henry Drinker, con
833 Deo3tur toWashlp, bounded by !audio(.4l . ll_
Green. John Goss Richard ThOMIII. Hugh Ely and
I'. Cope. on which , there 'is 'as Improvement Made biM t l
kfillwoldr Tract in name of Thomas Edamem ; .
containlon 481 soros and 14 pertbee' boat , ed by Rubin s ,
surveys. Jam Winker, and land, of d Daniel Albert. With
, improvements madobn the same by Daniel Kephart; _1
j John Reams, and John Reams, junior. la Decatur me ',.,
Also, survey in (ho DM" Of John Drinker, contslnli ..:
acres 74 perches. In Decatur township. bounded by tr
names of Thomas Edmonton, Petrick Moose,. Jonathan
• /oho ekyron and Dente' Albeit.: with imploveywwk.
WIWI ii.nrY Kephart 3 autos. Also , the residue of Jele
16k F mu ; Im---, tn tlwo . sbin. containing l2o
acres 104171 A.
es,.bounded by g ..l '
o Drinker, It chard Thomas. R
Wilson, rind land. 0: 0.• Ganehman Also. surveVini:
seine M. Wm . WM "' iii um 's^-6 townshlp,•oontalel3
acres 195 perches, branded by soupy. im t he name et we •
Itrisyle. penmodo Young, flew? and frei.....1 Witte ,
i the estate ot Daniel ()amen and Myron N. Mantes, sad wisp'
ed and token In execution and to be sold ad alto props:weer
said Ullman and Statile/. • . . '..
ALSO, . .
BY virtue of a similes writ, awned ent of the same otribs.
end to me directed t will be exposed to.publio =is at the
same time and . place. 2 (Attain Tracts of I.9nd SitGatab! Ng
township, pot tided and described 'as folloWis : , --Une of Mit
heninning at s fallen white ink comer, thence by tact demur Illodget south . 47 degrees east 130 perchcs'so a few,
these, north 13 decrees west 41 and five tenth perches let
poll, thence south 7 des.. east 60 per, to a post; thence Mark
18 degrees east 91 and live tenth percher ton white pine, meals
south ti belches ton chestitit•onk (I alien ,) thence nest 111 per.'
ohes to it post, times north by Inert of Haab flail 7t3 "MAIN.
to a p,,t, thence east 63 paroling to lipoid, tnence pent, CD
chat to a post, ths nee west 183 and seven tenth petthel we''.
white pine stomp, thence north PA perches to a post, tholes
thence north if degrees east 40 perches ton post. thence milk.
tgidegrecs en. 2.6 and flea teeth perches toe post, thell
south Lthlegrece east 74 porches to a post, thence by load
Wm. 11 arts hoot south 5,1 greets wort 111 perches ton hemlock,
thence by land of Deno liloum south lo degrees east 111 poi
ohm ton CUn tuber. thence south el de es east 4.! I) mhe i t
the place "( G DEL
beginning, containing TW lIUNED A (EN' ',-
SE Vii V-EI (. la acres and eighty and seven tenth pore
with bile wane., for Towle, ate. , with about EIGHTY ac. A
clouted, with l'hiCo ilweiling ironies , Siabling and a sun .
droiths. , o9 thereoa erected, The other piece of toad h des ;
od as lollows .—lteginving at a.; white vine. thence by Med ef
Abraham iluolock neon 70 perches to n white oak. theneetir
land of Hugh !fell south Sitt, clegrsee east 07 perches l,
~,,hile , t on e , thecae east 47 perches to the place or besinehie,'„
coo:LIM:1. TEN aces and a lowauce, belted and tekslisa
execution nail to be scld as the property of itleme (1,p4;
ALSO, .. ~ , , ,, i
• ,..1c
gl. Y Vi RIVE ofd writ of Venditiosi txpentui, furled ed.
UP or thy shme court, and to me directed. will tie setpotel
publiu s lie, at tne cams time and oleos, a certain Trader
Lot of Load si unto to Penn township. Gleartiskt county,*
l'eanv,lie, It:mooed by John Stall. Lileha Fenton wed tic
(Pen li.rpe tom inte road. with a Mute and ft lacknilths*
thelJ , l 1 erected. Seie„,d and (then la execution and toes
soul as the plopotty or henry Lon g . -=
All the tin ht tl le and illiefeit of dm Dereadimt, of tout.
too elf tin tract or oleos of lend. situate In POI IDWllititp.,
Clem field county. bounded by ',lndio!' Chau teeny Dwkwo.l
Chii.tino ft ult. t3tutt and others. containing pblot eine,*
(Me,. with no old eaw mill and two wand homes Memel
Lrectot. nod nhont eight awns of clewed lend *. solvd r g
Lukoh in clecntlou. and to be sold an the property of
All the right. title nod Interest of the defendant, ern lutdlli
villat of a certai• Lot of:ground in the 110I0V10 °feat's*
end County of Cleilfield, known as Lot no kr',
pla a said town, a.d boon led and described RV followa.4ll,
wit: b log the usual width ufa 1.31 on dlatte wliks
strewth is bounded on the south, rind tieing 60 feet dent ski
Filbert streid , by whlon street it Is boooded on the Isett,kar
tround.d by thu nihilist, of the Lot now baling/he to Intin:
ltlo~w jr . on she ninth, and by Lot no, 26 tia the east, Witik
iwu•stury frame building occuutedas a Studs BOLIN!. We
.I,u nod d wading rberavn errawtl;,sis;zed end taken 1111111,14.
roc and lo be sold as tbo prouerty of L. Jackson 117111/14
At the same time and place a certain tract of tend gni*.
i a tleccaria township evatlield county, contaIDINE St 6
wilt about twe acres cleated and a loschiuse therms t
bounded by lambi of John epaugler and °then,
taken le etecotion and to be told as the property cfJ
Henry fibbers,
. ,
At tho IMMO lima AEA place a Cerlen lot OrgtOtlllidilit
in It. 11.0fPUI:11 01 f.;lrariinitl keg) , it try No. e 9: honadadenll6,
;Vest by Second :fleet, on the north by an Alloy, on UV gar
hr en Allay, null on tire South br lot No 60. &dud nnglg
ken in ex •nutiun, and to La Buhl ai leo Limberly of efft
A; lbe some II too end place. a certain. Jot of - ground afiliiidif s
~be Borough el Corwresville clatrtiald county, on tiro teak
adv of rlatentrect. wtst. or Walnut 'treed, begnsuuld at
corner of a lot now. or late of Win Irwin. extending emt,
ward ah,ee tat I tiniest:tut to feet to a Lot ofrramnel
illation aloud the same twilit II:idle:4, MOM or lea to en
thence along lir a amo 1‘ cat bd fret to acia lot now.ot Lea
Wm Irwin. and lambed along thosedna,s , trle. Iff) feet lb*.
Waco or thhiarini , g. with ti two story Irma hone and *Or
inhoovements thereon ehictcti. tioized and noels In blend
holland 1.0 be acid as the proocrin td B=lned
4v;,t00 of a wilt of nor' Facie , there will be espoteili
pv11110.11%10 at the Cor rt Home to tits Borough of QM'
tied on finial the iCt.h day of Anal, at 2 o'eloco, p. altlo
100.oing .iftcri bed t toot at land. begtnnieg rtt • buroh.doliall
by land! of II tizh Dabot. Jacob ran and H. 5110.2'mo:ft
500 ptychcs ton white oak, tnence by land el John
awn, decro-s. cant gib perches too pot t„ th:o co tri
George Itratton and (Mitt lands. north 400 perches to II pi:
then,* by land ot John Minter, west 145 perches to Ike*
ginning. coutalniog 403 acres and 10 perches. oad anneal
01 sr n Jac t to towns! Ilambletoa t *risen. takes fa g; gnaw
nod to be told es the on:titan. or R. %woos. • .
ALSO, . - • r - . 4
BVvirtue of a writ of Teutaturo (mei
alio Pup rick Cuutt.of the City and County of Phi
and to roe directed, will be oxoosod to nada We on
day the td day of Ides next at I, o'clock. A. If.. the f
log detonbed property, to wit .I.—A onrtain phloem pawl
lend situate in Fox township Ulealflald county, Pa.,
sing at a post or corner of this lot no. 4.172, thence by ke
4181 4 , nest XX perches and thirty•fire bandretkui of a Rugg
toecorner. thence north in a direct lige parallel "ilk
enalmo:t line of lot no. £27d. three hundred and tweedier
dies to a corner inn line of lot n0..470, thence west 'Wile
sane fa:4 perches. and thi (7-five It adeetbs of o gi st
port. and thence south Mons lot no 4474 BA perches t 4 di,
place ot begisalne, combining 475 acres. mato or km el*
an ailowanue of aix per wart for roads km.. being tneeratini'
mat moiety of lot no. Lril. which Charles ft Ilan end Beek
his will, by todenturu dminl too lath cleg t or lieeembet WWI
scar of our Lord loti). and intended to forthwith gene*
el, did g , abt and convey unto Harry er Is tie firs.,.ein
seated itr.d ; smell and taken in execution and to be lOW 0
the property of tient! tuber.
A. CALDWELL.EkeIf. - .t
Sher:ff s Mae. Name 26.18.111.
Masilittaira Notiscr).
ruoTicx ft ',awry Given, that the rot/01,114 seeetA
LW have been examined awl putout by me. and temab f 1t
el seems! in dos office for the inermcdon of heirs,
itOta, and nil others Ls any °Mu way lotatelted. e l f*
be ptotentril to Ere not Ozoltana' coon of Cloarfietd
to b; to Ii at tho Court h , oso to tie Itoough Cleartal
Tuesday rho 9th day of !day next. flroo/IfirMaliall 1144101
. .
lit 'llia acccu at of Geroge WeavrrErccutor of Codified*.
sm. late of grad r tow nslsitt, o rl isti e :d coun ly o s ee m im a ,
ed. rite Acaount of Gerilied btlliot. I r ecatorof %al
of Catharine WOBVCZ. late of thinly township,
county. streamed. , :, : 04
31. l'ho Account of Simou Thom ton Adminharatojf d l
Jaws estate of Jas I and. lute of be min towaehio. Vle
mows,. deceasrd.
4 . tfa. The coconut ofJonathen Keldinft. Administmlor
estate of 'Phomes Morgan. la eof Decatur township. ,t
fi I:I county, deceased.
fah. The Acclunt of eiza Irvin, Admlntstratris or the ROW
of John Irvin. late of Pike township. Clearfield wristMlP
6th. The Ace:Aunt of J. R. hicEnall i t, Atimlnbtrattyo
Es'ate of Margaret Nivliny, Into o the boronili 14
fit/1A.10451190'd comity. deceased.
. ,
7th. The Aloount of Andrew Moore and Elisha reatar4
coluistiators of the estate of James Moore. Iris 0 •
township Clearfield county, decanted.. .• r
WM. PORTER. geltist!fti,
Resisters office. Clearfield. March 96,1662.
4% .
Court I"roclatuation.
TATIIBREAS. The Honorable 11011 EAT 0.
•' President Judge of the Court or Common Maeda
Fourth Jed( int District. composed of the oouottes of Close
field, Elk. litatiean, Potter' nod Theo, and the Roam
RICHARD bllitW and JUAN P. 110 rT. Associate Jig
in Cies•tield county, have suu oil their precool beatnik%
the SIXTH day of Pebruar, le6l. to tae directed, Cat
et iUItT (IF QUARTER t3E....b.4tONS_,AND (MKT
At Clearfield, in and for Clearfield oonnty ba tI nfe.
MONDAY of May neat-.beige the 8d day of the month,
To the Combo r, Janine' orthe Peace. and eons`ablel In gi
for the count y of Clearfield, to num/ In thaw Own pre .
portal's, with Rolls. Records, laqulsltionr, Ertunlnatloes
other Rennin Lannon*. to do those, thins% which thaito
and In their behalf nopertain to be done, and atl w
and other p ors OM. prMcPting i a behalf 01 the Ceanno.lwesa
ageing any pr'soners„ are required to be then and there ett
tending, and not depart without kayo, at their yea
VEN ander my hand at eleaeld, Ihisl2oll3 day of Alar
In sili
• tho year of our bord ono dionsand eight bundled IV., and the hfoventy.eizth year of Altasoloaa loaf'
youdenoo. . : r
ALEXANDER CALDWALIe. 1 3/04. 5 4 1
. REMOVAL::• o•:•• ,•:. •
ruinE r subscribor, thankfol for ;pat, favorsirri .
. U. pectlupy informs his customers,and tho • public
gonorally, that lie has rernoVedhie she'll fa the 10
ding over tho Am 't Office. lately occupied by R.l'
Ward, and that he, will boAcre pond atoll Wlt.
"on hand" to supply his Customers, Unlike soiriVii !
his cotemoornries. ho is unable to-Firotniso
Fashions are of rho moat. approved Style Of -MVP
QUITY, bin will insure them made accordiag , teli
Latest Pishign of more Moirkni . days.
• • . • ' THOS. SflEk:ri
Clearfield April I 1851 • ,
.1 • ,1 Wheat Wanted,,; , ii_w , '
J. kifiliguzillerintasj an quittratit
-SE EN AND NW/11R VEgi E b z , ...,.. ...
la GOODN al the lowest cub seifee. et Le 1 1 4 0 ;
allab 014:4018•14;.--,.) r: • .