Clearfield Republican. (Clearfield, Pa.) 1851-1937, March 12, 1852, Image 1

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Broth the tier; Nom Etesstut Post..
the .A.eieoe4l,l
,gsliitsgtme.s Arrival at
His Habits of Ifi,incgs,„4-c.
; Washington's, strict regardjo theAkb - -
th and.lijs general teverence for religion,
tence secarecl for ; him, the ,highest con 4 - r
;flea Nencrgti crp of the people of New.
gland.„ Days wpre,appoiated for ,prsy.
;Ind .. .Tasting, and ell felt that Godtzione
,ald ; save the, colonies. Such ,was tho
ignortirice of, military ; matters in,
s army, that Washingtonjor,more than
•rt !lays, alter his. arrival, was unable ,to
pleura a reliable return of the forges ov,er,
highhe Was placed in, cony - aped. :His
qua of ;dispipline were soon initi§Od into
TggimCnt,,and he was almost con
, ntly : apon the lines, examining into the
-nOition of every department—an entire
tango was seen visible in tilt. whole army,.
d the motto was"new lords, new laws."
pry morning,, naPr. prayers, new orders
re read at the head of each regiment
,im,the Commander-in-chief. The fol-
, ft; v
1 $
. ,11
, -
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e 01
wing extract is a specimen.:
" it is required and that exact
scipline be observer' ,"The General
rbids profane swearing; cursing and
riunkenness, and all officers and men, not
actual duty, will be punctual in ;Womb
)g divine service, to implore the bies,sings
F Heaven open our cause_ .. .
Anoth?r day as follows :! _
1 " The General .exhorts',.. officers of all
inks to . show.aa example ,
ef bravery. and
I nrage to their rnenassuring them that
eh Its . do their duty. on:the .day of battle,
a brave and good officers, shall be. honor
with.-every mark of distinction and re
ard. . On. the. other hand, be positively.
eclares, that every officer, be his rank
ftai. it ,MI:ly, who shall shrink from his
iity in.any engagement, shall be held up
an • infamous' coward, and punished as
c.h, with the utmost martial severity.—
' influence. will'avall to save him." .
The people soon saw that Washington
s the man, who hod been raised up to
ye their liberties—and all were aston
ednt the daily changes that were to be
en, in.every department. Improvement
i dtcipline, cleanliness, self-respect, ecop
my: and order werc.ri g idly required from
le command of every fficer. In his own',
nmediate military family, hems , equally ,
tact--at breakfast he was at his chair, at
ie moment--and every aid-de-camp was
tpected to be , athis: seal--a moment's
asence caused displeasure• to be express
): As. soon •as 'all were seated, Wash
gtondelivered from a bundle in-his-hand,
1 . the different aids, his varions -Orders for
tesption. AS soon as the meal was -fin
hea,bis•horse would , be in waiting-at the
or and ho then , proceeded -to - visit the
ks. Returning , before ilinne r,' he re
fired a report from his aids of the
fis • -handed thernin the morning. 'By
lis exact method An'every 'department,
ider soon canto out of confusion, and this
is the foundation which secured otir in-
iperidence.- -Washington continued 'tot
Rend and 'strengthen' his lines around
'. ton, till' - March 15th, when ho took
session of -Dorchester heights, which
bled -him to :command Boston. The
my now saw another Bunker Bill affair
. 'at hand, and resolved to quit- Boston.
is change came upon the tories like a
'rider clap, and their distress' and that
heir families was awfully severe. All
ship-and transports were at once filled,
;fast as the' families ' 'could -be crowded
-them, and so great Was the confusion,
the -fleet 'remained below the city nine:
is beforepifiting to sea: ' :' • • ' .
Great wag the joy of the Amerieunsl
On Boston was evacuated by . the Brit- 1
I. Addresses were poured in froth Con
.ss, from stateS,iowns,committees, &c., 1
the most -complimentary character to
shitiZon; ' All were now let into the,
gets, before 'nnktio3v n; almost to-his own
iffidential Officers, viz: That - for weeks
had•beeii without Totvd6y.' enozgh to
11Ve ,youaiii.s . to.;0, •otan; ' , Oat • within
shot -of twenty-two•, :regiments' of
kifitiwer ef.theißri6h army,: ho bad dis , -
dded:otienrrrik and' i recruited 'another,
llethis-On 44111y : was' -not -stipefierl ' , to.
liißritish; -and at -last drovethem,- in* deal .
'Minter, to : , a'raliarnefuU and b prOolpitate
t ;from the: etrtnikese!fog ;kit° . , th*
and tit of the intitor. • -;?.I' , ! •:' i :"
hese et/Slits. seo if ititerestefl ilte: whole
eitian4orlk) DAII ,- ,,n6w saw that if
erican fell„ she - wonld not fall. without a
ggle.- ThespitiVtifaskty ( Winftill in,
beeirts.l4tivesi;g aiielieli:AlieltYlinti
2and inciethers)l(.4 ont AM& ISottiiltll
estfedikirl the '4.rilliti.'-'o4Violiiiigtorit's
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t or other 116002444S4tilltb*fdltist4dIvii
itkaibit:pept*T! 'untioloadirvitstrWe,
atever.” .)144:nyfileifirtliigottlitit Zik , ho'
hit r ' pregliine 4-6 IttitiliiiiiAoikdailcifidtAer
is it .treat anyi446filnlfttlfiliiiioi, :lib
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-- -- - -.-- _ --- t_.:l - . 7.z.::::=:_ - = ~ i!)ifTrl(l,l • , :ii , ' V.‘
-- ,p:::) 1 ( !! ',l' ', “st ';:....T1 t ; :•; *J . C' ' )ila,
•..1 11 ~ 0 1 :, l'n 'ill) ..II) 11 ' l . l' 1., ~ P... :. %.:'/ I. !. -ii . .11 ...,; , !11/ . It\ ;TY) ir \:., i.
'!I .: `(CI j.:, ' ii : ''''-' ' l r li l t y, , :": ;:., ::
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; ,j , ;.i, •:,,,, , t, , ,ii ii 'it :', 13)V; '.', 1 ' 4, i ' '..' , N 11C , • % ‘ , 1 . 47.,:.t/.._)' . ,
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5 " ,!,' '7 . 1.11 ''• ''.
I . '`.. `!. 1 ti • `•.; •!'• "....• . •m.
L* * N•.., .. • L ' • 1 • 7 ' . ' • ': •
•• ' • .1
. A '•"*; ,
,• •' ,'• - :j ~ : ' '.. .. ' 7 \ -, •., , . • . ~, ;.' • .1') ; 'l'. i ',i : `..: -_,'.• I 1.,..: ,•. •, ','. . ..' :."•:. • ', ,‘ .. - --, '',i 'i ~.., ,,1 0.• ~
.. •. .:'.-., , .. :'..'; .;: ~ .1, : ...• ',' •:.. . ' ' .' •'. . .. : hal , !' ', '•. ..
• .
,Q~R,I~~M~e .3,
may depend on . :being:imnished , with' 'the;
ntrrtost,;spynrity.,"(-, «I 1 any. officer or sold. ,
ieriisoup reeq i ite / nny.,insult ,from any. in
:habitant, 14 shall' seek redress in lega
way and no othoi,'? ' Otti,er,s'a're
quested; tb hibitirthe nitigistrateSiti the
.exce,ution of their!iinty 4 ;arid: to aid,
I tnetiF ! a,upapp,,o4,:gon4, 9rdor." l „„
In- this way Waphingten, sep?red the un 7
liMiterf contideiice"Of:all' ranks Of`thOi;oo.'
pie;' 'end inarne . .overt 'bef'ore he'
Boston,. was Pla:lst. thei; sole'rroi tante. • •
11/iBIPry PE% )thellipresent
generation with ply, iflca ,9f tt l9 .,pp Th ou,:4
trials of Washington, during the winter ho
held the British army wil.b n the town 'Of
BoStOti.'. Orion' io'hiS refibi'ded Itichds,'he
declarea,..thatulio.would , VadlY 'exclitaigo
all. hislionersfOr-thwiitua . tkft/ofan
'mon sqltliff ? .Fis;hp.,,w4 i s„sp m,r,ip fan -OV(3y,
hadn - ia . ny d4fictiltiep to . pon }' trnd with. , ,
Thb seleettben : Of Ilest6l. - ; r
dresS; •a•ss'iireiF him• that 'theY
mindfut.oll his•peculiar• triald and - •Pdttilitir.
sacrifices ; for his,cpp,,nt;y; ,thoy,:saW;
and the world would .hear wilness,„ tplis
patriotism in leaving hi's Case tigcl comfort
in his own splendid home r ip — encOnnler
for his country the hardshiplit- and trials
'ofwar. His:modest reply was, that - their
appreciation of his motives was An ample
reward for his humble services.
The news of the balt)e of _Bunker Hill
met Washington on hiS Wray to Roston.-•--
He anxiously 'inquired "Did the Arneri:
cans stand the open Mire .ofJhe British?"
Upon being ,assured they stood 'heirround ,
ground, and evert resisted. the :bayonet—
"then," said he,. "otitliborties are safe."
. : •• • NO. 5.
March. , of .General:' Burgoyne , front
Canada to Saratoga— gis s,ur rgider--
_Peculiar p•Osition.o
.1 General Schuyler.
- As late as 1777, the
,sentiment of the
English people, generally wis'in favor of
furnishing means necessary te'rednce the
American colonies to unconditional sub
mission. The Icing had not softened his
iron determination to make no terms with
the Congress that should even hint at inde•-
pendenCe. . Every expenditure,was popu-,
lar, provided success against the Ameri
cans was even probable. In this state of
feeling, an army of ten thousand men was
plaCed under General Burgoyne, with or
ders for him to ergenize , in. Gauudn, and
march down to mee,t Sir Henry Clinton
at Albany; where it, had been arranged
these two armies should Meet; and 'thus
divide the southern and- eastern calOnies
, by the Hudson Ri , ler. • . ' ' • - -
On the 12th of 'Juno, BurgoVne's ad:
vance left Quebec, and 'arrives! at 'Fort
Edward, August 3d; • During' hi,s march,
roads be •made, bridges - built 'or
repaired, and his difficulties increased on
every .hand.. !The ArnerietinS poured in
from all...quarters, and the British army
soon found that any retreat would be Attn.
gerous, and to advance was next to impos
sible. August 14th, they were 'reduced
in provisions for five days only; every
foraging party sent:out•Was•sure to bo cut
off, and their situation in every respect
was desperate indeed.
When the 'lndians saw 'that Burgoyne
was in this trouble, they at once exhibited
signs of distrust and treachery. These
antes of the British had been the terror,
on the march, of the Americans, particul
arly to defenceless wotnen• and children—.
and they now d etcrminecl in a body to,leave
tbe.British serviee., On thetith of Octo,
ber, Burgoyne was ,obliged' to leave 'his
hospital, with Over three hundred sick and
wounded, to the mercy of the Americans.
This clearly illustrated to Gates .how des
perate was the,sittiation of the yperny,,and
he resolved , to : press him hard to . , rneot-the .
Americans in. battle. On the 14tb, Gen.
Burgoyne ,made overtures to 'Gates, who
required the British to be drawn up in
their _opeatnpmeat and unconditionally.
.ground their arms. Burgoyne replier]
that this would be inadmissible in any ex
tromity, as he British army to a man
'Would.rirder. death to :Stich clishotior.---r•
•G,iites at last allowed them 'the: kivillege
'of marching at, With . theitOtiors ' of" Wa rt
and then the ternia Of the inriendei . Were
'mutually-.agreed.upOri; and 'ori-thO morn
athe' 17th'Of Oetobnr;.Gen.Burgoyne
,Witlyitie:gerieralnflieers,surrentlered• their
, swords , tt) ,Gaies. : • Bo ig4 km, , in , .eriatt
.reynl, unifermilwasredeiited_byfiatesalthe
lead of tha.sdiriunican . camp, :thd . 'former
ittumecup . ffi lithhialswpas:iength, , :roindd
•Opiandihalted;dlurgoyno, ,t•diSing)lhis:hapi
most,graciously,+,isaid;,:tl Thefc*tune. w? I
F4rl,PqicK : If, J
ag1 . : , 914AR ,1/14 V
# ~.K 'llpur
PrigAnterrtiq z..l±Yiu0 1 OP.; , c9/1111Wzr.ort.1 Ye r
-4# FRIA g ,P, , cei'Mr4Y, RI4I4):PATt MAY , 11:114iCA:
`,ili 6 7 14 fi Nalhs. ke 'l'Ffifteg , k44" Mini Pity
that it has not been 'through any fp44, 0 2f 1
Ilvf. l ,T.c l,ll l, l illtt"Ln ,tPrtil4 ~ 1; q ? g l ACYlber
1144:4.41es..P4VAliWAS.A° Pi° .175
1..61 et; and what wA,pfintm . o.)o,, l . w
wrote of a word, to
, 1 yVj . ts , i t t,t,t r ig, : t i o,
~ try a
. 6aod i3flsill'h'iqi• N Ottr?4e, ,. I6olng
Ili`ii` q micioirdra i ti t ' . l?:?,nioritiq
f lu,
T w i t 0 vdli..B 00 1 . 61! . ,), 1 Jio g 10 , i....
"Siii" iir:TihtiqT6tittr ) 411cri t r i
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C,l*' da idOINIP etalligi l riVi Mal '
t il
la fiV d liYobraieOpiiios 9ff f
tieeahiplTilied! vt•blirelniftifitf4 1 2;
wore related after thiflYegfilili Ves-bii444).
'l ::. i': ~,i,i
' • •• •I [t 1;; .1
Lady Harriet Ackland- was among tho were in danger Of . fellinginto:Burgayriterf
number, 404 .01fffienlati§idetititignished by hands.. As:Seen/as ; Schuyler sayt , the 'ad- •
her,.heroip fertittide,i'atiCdevolion to . .her yantagehiscrop Weald be to theettemy,he '
litisliand,.gajor, Ackland, rho. ,was spyere 7 sent - an express: toiMrs.'•Schuyler, request
,ty .yiiovndo, and leTt on* thelfi t ehf,' in ihpi tag let tetieell Itogether:llB tenants,'take
hands' f' .l O 166' Kale riCitiiii‘ 'Whlle*Aittiglnk therri into . the-field rind.with own'hat hands
et the licad,icefi hititieruid lois:: .!'Asi.sofai tie fo iset on fire the crope.find barns; and burn
tho.fige Of .t lii. major , becArne known,' La. eiveryWestage that could benefit the.enernyi
(br.garit:iet,i,interintly; re,solved,to
. gopy,er Posterity,.. will this 'patriot' justice. , :-.-i
to die . enemy to attend her .linsbarid. : .,,At Washirigton , WrOte him, "Stand hythenr
her earnest- solicitation ,. Geri: ))urgeyne my :.generations yetuebern will ;approci
' furniSli6d'her With:a 'flag,"ivith 3,VhiCh; in rite,youriferviees,and,reward your. meritelY
the dead.etnighti emidelerrific-storni of .•iißurgoyna.was .a . noble, specimeW of. a
rain, ,occompaniett only le her 'seryants rrinn.',l He.acted strictly by :his :iinstrue:
l a c ydthe ) ( . 1400910,f JO regiment She , ,op 7 tionis;, and when:thelast;couneil: was! cell , .
'l i
,proaChed.the 'A niesican camp,.
,`lle Send- ed., .he stated:that .eVery Officer was exhbnJ
eel WaS O'CiSn'etitinde r d' by',' W pe'a 0 cii74\ . bra tedfrom blame for theiLlossiof lhe , a oily ;
of sitc y it party,that:ll6:forblide' their‘kidi that he atone AYH S' rep pon si &to , to: the •Itingj
Nene° for n..long. time; ' nnelintil '3lnjor a . s .he had i inever oskod. their. adviee,: but
.Dearhornobecominander 0104,1:pest was merely' igiven • them' , orders, which :they,
'sent for.. Thia gentlecnanlycfliceratorice i were , • bound to'.,obey. ..4n.,Parlierrient ;his
.placed his own ,quarters at' lie dispoSal of! defence Was generous! toWards. the Ameri
' Lady Iliiiribt,:'(vlio" Viiii id a delicate Stii 4 d I cons.: ~..HeWarried the naticinthat T'Vmeriee
of health; end after assuring' herof the.Mito' could not be..conquered:•' He introduced.
joes , Safety,..deipatChed. a d ragonn; id . ini..l before , the , British people! the. injury he. had
WM. him: of the .arrival of Lady. Harrietii, inflicted on, his' march; upon the property:
whoiwould. join him the stoNt morning.lof , Mr. Schuyler, and ,ihow much: he had .
GiiteS himself Was seriettsly riffeeted with i afterwards suffered in regrets; under the
the courage of this4tmiderful , \Voman, and, magnanimity \ of Gen. Schuyler and his
ordered her every' possible attentien, • find , noble fitinq, while enjoying their imbouri=
begged. her .fn leek:Upon him as a:father, ; ded -hospitality..: Madame; Reidesel -often
Major Ackland recovered, and' a fter f liis,re, i spoke of- the. absence of.: 611.n:cling or re
turn t 9 1 1 ,1 - Igipoil,?ft9 t pspoko.o . r Ilio ,)nie . ri• flection towardp their .new: friends on the
carreliareeter, in th e lnglipt tern - is: ~ :One' , partof tlic*huyler . family. On the other
day tit'din'ner;at aMilitary eltihtheA l ruer , hand, they ,appeured like persons noble by
'can war was discussed', and the courage nature, ready,-clipable, and willing .to for
of the Americans doubted—Maj. ACkland gefvfts'well as forgive injuries.
defended them warmly. i ---
• • • -
A challenge ensued. The Major
,ftill l
dead the first fire. Lady Harriet's reasonc
in consequence bectiine' dethroned; and so
continued for several inenths, When she
recovered; cifterm hich, she gave her .hand I
in i marrkage . to ,the chaplain,.theyflev. Mr.
• Ilroudenel, who, acc i empanied .her .to „the,
American camp, to jein Major 'Ackland.
This marriage on the part of Lady Hrrriot,
was supposed to be one%solelyof gratitude!
for his kind sep-ices 'during her /tore
trials with the army in America, as, by
birth anc; rank she was so Tar his superior i
as to separate him and her own family
friends. forever.. ...
Madame De Reideset,' Whose husband '
was Major General in command of the I
German troops, was another -lady of re
earkable character. ; With three yOung
children and her, servants, she kept con
stantly with the army. In a large house,
Within reach of the cannon of both armies,
she remained holding her children one I
'whole day and night, ulone with her ser
vants, while her husband was at the head
of bis troops, exposed to every dangeroind
. she in fearful expectation every moment of
hearing of his call. 'During tlii@
day, .wounded officers were brought in
and laid dow'n beforelier; and' one.died ut
her side, and there the corpse lay the
whole day and night. Other officers lay
groaning with their wounds, ' and not n
medical officer to attend them. The dis
tress of those. wounded officers for water;
was inconceivable. They were within two
'hundred yards, o f a stream, but an one
would bring a bucket,'es the Americans
were strongly posted . .on 'the other side,and
shot doWn every one.‘iho approached the
stream. At last an English servant worn
an took a pail, and declared she would
have water. Asshe run to the strcam,the
Seldiers' out of regard to her sex, or c ; on - ie
other cause, did net Molest her. The grat
itude of the officers placed in her lap pieces
of gold amounting to over thirty dollars.
As soon as the surrender was settled, the
heroic lady, in a wagon, with throe young
children, one an intent, and her servant
woman, without ether attendants, drove up
to the American ca'mp', 'as she described :it.
"A wat-worn : ()Meer carne up to the wag
on, end - took herchildren and hugged and
kissed .them...,She trembled. herself;.so as
to be unable t 9 sp,eak, • The officer offered
his, arPl. ttnr f l,stO : "Madame,,t l O,. not,be
afraid, you' are now among friends."' She
replied : "I ought not tO'be :afraid sir,' for
your kindness to ',Ay , children proves' that
•you xousfibe.ainisband and 'a , 'father.",
:Tili€ 3 offICPC:w,P.PvidergIY.4.CPP,IY InoVPd nit
the sight- of an nnprotectedi woman with
small children. ' Ina fetirrierneate ? I Was
informed he was Geriertil'SebuYler. '136-
fore j learnt his hi/m . 6'hp
. kindly came to
: itiO; : t!ild'Oitid i "Ya r d add ytitir eliihrt'enhad
]bettor den - lan& 'amain fity.tent;e's;lt will
lin, - mare agreeable' than --clibing :arraing: so
:51.7443ri 91)ggc1..!..' , ,,-.ll4o44 l y:acpoeo the : 4)i.
~y,it,t4iFitl,,,, and rnm.le,wost . e r ntilleat di9ner.
ATte i rivaps Gcp,'Sclitivlei in9ed: den.
Iftr egOync;"aiid'Stiit to hi'Ll'hOUSol . rind'inYL
aetf' end ihuSl46d . !eisel.where' we i We're nll
received by his noblelamily;:notpslerlai
t in is+ r hti c t rl ati , ,ccieAds,,. i general...Aurgoyno,
11-k•9Tw 09,spp ).. iyt
' olpg b ' . ? y ; y n ,t.9 , m . o
1 1 9 r's. lil f ii O P,Q , AqOIIC' YOVS(9fI, - weioi was MA,Qt)P,: i tt o lolNtq , Y.
/ 9Y&nTli ) Y;:i ll / 2 ' B fri di nnt 'lO, - )PRi4t tb
9Pi r ''' 7 .l"-Yki r 'a `: .Ftr 7 l')l4.4 . fiOcif
gq,a.qcrie s .t a ffi4 7 AATTOPP
7/9iiygri e q‘. 4
#,Wrg '..:. SUYIKtIell* i:.0? - il t1 10)99r
arelapts, , ,c 9,•(l9o492l9,h,wanGtiwit f9Pl)li c t ir9
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of QWElPlo§c4lUirSTi w- PlRai n tCliti?YY r Y
sertheot e. word. As43urgoxne s armg
alktirfice ;VW liaahilaWi thYasalfi r dr fir 64
yisonefii illtslOVlteitalhatittd 11$6 1 i6tiAstaris
wero extensive and well eultivfited-LerM
viltr .111.1 In Xrtitiictw , i 530. !i:`l re oi v2e.:>(:l ”:1T .ntl!'•!).1 Ie! 6 1
noilotnI;n1 RI ill Y1!",1,1;.1:1 914;1r.,!
111 1 4 A.'S.) 91111 r n :-1):11;., ;Ivr:i u t Lt, - ,.)
• n lout ~;!! 1 Pr) .
7(.1 Loltt •
arch 4 % - •
A, Real Life.
A Co!Waiktinula, cosrespondentof ,the
Lpnd9q,,figreild ,Oritea , undor 4tite of the
We . have a most. curious ntlhir hero,
which .may greatly, embarrass the Porte, I
and which does the Turks much injury in
the eyes of,Eu rope.. -A young' handsome-
Turk, a sougoldgi (watorman) in the ser
vice of the Sultan, Being the neighbor of
an ,Armenian; girl, fitlis, in love with her,
and invites,hor to turn Turk, and become
his. wife. • She, refuses. The lover thea
ofFers.jewels And a,round, sum of money,
if she will comply with his request. This
tempting • °llia, after It world of negotia
tions, was accepted, and their conjugal
felicity was undisturbetlfor fully six Months
when, .owing to the,earnest representation
of. her parents, she let her home, and'
sought rehige •in the Armenian hospital,
situate,at I.Sttzlichestne, towards the Soyen
'rowers, where:she abjured, the Mtissel . 7
plan titith, and returned to, ChOs,ilimity.--,
The • liuslx.4o,, ,i . llO „it , appears is .greatly
attached to hip.• wife, sought her in li very
direction, and finally discovered, .her
trent,. and claimed 7 he from the director:7-
The.latter declared that the girl in ques
tion had become a nun, and that he must
renounce her forever. The Turk applied
to, the Sultan's 'mother for redress, who at
once sent orders to deliver up:the
The. Armenian ecelesiastiCaL authorities
refused to obey ; and, notwithstaqding the
representations of the Ministers of the
Porte, positively refused to recognize their
authority in such a matter, whereupon the
Minister of War, accompanied by a strong
escort of soldiers, and preceded by the
husband, repaired to the hospital, and, con
trary to the laws: of the country, which
guaruntee the inviolability of the domicile,
forced his way into the establishment, led
away the girl, and gave her over to the
Turk. Tito 'Armenian authorities have
protested against ; this net, and have come
to the : resolution of placing the matter in
handa ofSir Stratford, Canning, who some
years back so stoutly advocated..the rights
of Christianity iqitho,Levartt."
NEW Svnu,mo.—The new
per, "The Youngster," has, the .following
coptributions tq a,proposed spelling•book
on a new plan, never, thought kif either by
either b,llworth of Vebster,;
80 you be—A- Oh ,
,eh,! pea--A. top.
• ,130 80-Bat.
See 80—Cat.
See, nix t double you , sl-sTcomr.lii ; .1
Sge a'ber-rCab. 1.113
Be you double teast-autt,i s., s I
LI Bo oldotibleskill-4—Ball.
=•HOW, can ryou.qxpleslpirt foul. units.thia
,food ,is ttecessaryi•for 'Moil :,I.s 0; • 2
Oner-ough-tcrdrit; .s.
NEW SUBSTITUTE 1011, 01111x—Tlfeebnik
moiiWeidtWita!trek.iliallittinew illuminating
fluid has b4en doveldlied ) in .
which will to digi'sdat 1 tithilgur.'6Upai'sed
spirit lamps, as somrristhe • pittent Office
bttli sj lltl its 'doubts:l Etii•be'tniinii(irc7or
ib'9 of
2X14/6' ' a •hyd rbon: Whiciii
ihesropeky 'of pfe'dubing siaellent',il . -
.liirriittatsitig:grisiby l iloeitittllSsONed hi MoSSI.
alit, lista 1 ,,„'oloi up lii i Tll&!kit'lYorlt rind fridolil
iyn..ti The' i'substOndb "is IMrintiftictiirCd
fronir‘tar 45r tiiindrd) lean
frtild" 'pet g.h11(4,-`iilwill'9l6lcicAticlifinitelk
tNni3 (Nfie'use'l
re"xiiiiiiisit ) gtts6trigef tide ekta
tiEtai Ntitisaßilii,g4ligni4atgof d&gliniph
tiNSClllint , :irToVekilleStnlpa 6fabiy' ) kinEl
nearly out of use. •
'THE , BOY I AM) 'THE rAtiITHER;' . '
a A WILD VEsTEut scErit'.'. i '"
'"9h, how the moihei)ovii the o!i . i,:it she nursed."
It us ,a fino i nloining an t AUgu9tov.l,4o,u
ItiO .cqliiii r i elon.,Who.was ) abe,,
y, ,
eRS 011oyTi . making a darn io'. the hrook,
that rani 'before, his' father's doOr., .de,waS
an only and beautiful,Chil,, an his motif.
'di hliiio'st idelize,d ..hilli,; .:(oel'o,•lip was
with; hi `trqilier.4„:tHCl4 , ea,up„,,t,t,fißve.,•his
fences. NYYt;k l ,9g iii,S"ci , 7hVOrer,t,lit,rtlOlNr'P
eye lite nc trig out :, frep i , )n,e,rill), 'his .. sti p
beret Bair,", and With Sento or his
n 1.•.1 .. , ; i ~ 4.• fathersl
strett,,,ath !Jigging at a;largo i stoir i irl tbo
0 . 0 . 4 the stream: "Sammy,, you, ,i.,),ttr
ter cOMo r in, hadn't,.yc i ni 'I" said ,yo.
•• ,•a lone
of ha !t l f,
mo ! t ' e r
a ndhal .
f mate ' ;,
' . ' .( 11 :0,6. f r is'snot ' Yet,'' Sala i
nk, ,
del, ,
An acorn came floatiniidoWn the water. !
The:boy took it ;'tip—looked i)t .i,4 7 r.Wris I
pleased, and."reelterted 4 ,in pip, mind there
iyas:inOre up ‘ tbe "gelW,"' and: when lit§ 1
Uotlier'sbac.k was turned; OF' he' Starred
for the,acorns:.
~, •
~ ,
The gorge'ef the 'rriontitain, into ,whie i i
hews tibellit to :ent'er;',hild been .formed
(1)10:A00'i, ..:ir ;qcniil ries) by !lie atifition, Of
the stream, he"' had, just lieen ) pla)%ing.,M--:
and walking On a level that bordered each
side 'er. the Water,' he bcildlY
,n,atered. 'the!
ravine. An almost perpendicular'Wall 'or
tHank ascended on each side; to the' height
elan hundred feet, composed of cragsand
rocks fretted by, decay and storm inte'fan
-1 Ostia Shape' and 'positipri, A. few seatter 7
ed bushes, end' trees" sought n'onrialimen(
I,f i r44m'the earth that 'had' failed from "016
i!leVel , alieVe; and --- excepting by,
of `the, 1 • • •
. assistance and 'the' UneVen stirface el 'the
rOcle this natural path seented.inaccessi
-1 ble, but to bird and beast. About an eig4h .
lof a mile from . the entrance, a 'cateraet
I closed the gerge,lhrowing blots' White,
veil of mist in seeming guardianship oldie;
spirit - waters. Tit,. verdent,,houghS badge,
ing over the hank, cast a deep gloom upon
the bed below,'while so lofty Was the dis
tance; they seemed to arow out of the sky,
blue patches of which itrere,seed peeping
, between theist. .
Hannah Eaton 'Soon - missed her hoy,
but es he had often wandered to the 'fields
where. his father was at . work, slie,ocincl4-
ded he must' be' there, a ed'eheckod* coining
fears with the hope that' he wotild return
at the hour of dinner, When he came,
neither Joe nor any' br his Men kneWW•he're
he was. .Then'the agitated, mother px=
claimed, "He's ldst ! h'C'S . ,lSll',and niy
poor boy will . .. Starve in 'the wood.'' Oatli 7
' eriag courage, she hastily summoned 'die
family around tier, and despatched them all
, but . her hatband to search in dill:civet di
rrections in the neighborini Ire St. ',To
him she said,'"scoui 'every field you call
I your own, rind if you-Can't find him,' join
me in the gorge."
• •" Ha wouldn't got° the gOrgo, Hann4h.''
' "He 'Would go anywhere. She knew
, not why, but the presentment lhat r the boy
hail followed the course of the streani,dwelt
stronger in her mind.
" I can't find him, Hannah," said the
I husband, as he rejoined ' her at the mouth
:of the gorge.
An eagle flew past the mother as she
entered the ravine. Sll t e thOughnOherself,
the dreadful birds are caring my child to
pieces ; and, frantic, she hasteheaOn;rrib ,
king the walls 'or , the' cavern echo back
with screams fbi her off4;ifng: ;Her only
answer was the eteinal.thunder of the . ctitl
. eruct, as if- In moCkery' of her • woe, and
flinging its cold , sppty;-upon her hot and
, throbbing terepld.s. "Fool that I rn, how
• can he hear me 1" She strained her eyes
along the dizzy height that appeared thro'
the mist. s till she could no longer see,: and
her eyes filled with tears. . ' ' ' ' •
•WhersbUt a mOther ; cantell the feelings
of ‘a inother l d 'heart ? Fear comes fin=k
and fast 'iipo'n' ,
the' hertrinf poOrlitiiiiiith!
"Oh, my poor boy 'Will' die, • find 'Wr?iiii:ing
her hands in agony, she 'stinleto her' has
band's feet. " 'I. : .1 ' •:.! ;i' .: .i. - . ~
pain e'l ' nr- A .I, h a d,.
They e._"nope.uwerteu, strain.
ea hat. lielirlitringe:td the' griier&i tension',
tinait'Seerried'itilf'the, 'rude 'hand:of . dei;
pair hadbrekin'theiri'all."' .• ' , ' ~ '": '''
The terrified husbanatlirav'Water upan.
her pale face, - and atiove'by : tillillfe pits he
Itheviotd•Win 'her brick 1.6 - 11113; I . At' lust she
'opened her 'I
j angt.iicl 'OYes,'s;a f ring 'Wildl'y
around . and • TIA tiOnilAingpi 'tibr'ketH
AS she elikall We'd — beak 'bil.'6l(6li .Ni'obe,
I "tt il tetilig;i'a r fraitaiii ! iirrak!le: tiiiiic , idnll l -,
- filing doWn ' 1 he''OpneSiie 'bahli.'''"SliblOOti'.
a 8 up. '' ' Slid W 4.4 li6rs6ll` i tiikaiti;:tbi l liitit'Up
llie!O6il!!Wbd"Wi'o‘'inlickar,boS%:;" ''''..
I ' ' Bat ..6van 'While'thglad i e'd '‘vasi..4S'tie'
ing . t'riiin 'Vt.' Tiph'l'it' ' ttirtit!'d litio iiiete of
#l o l4.6i4uoiviiiet4V- 1 4-d6e . 63;1"2 - :' "' '..' 1
,-, The ar,fidii`WhPifi t 'lviitoorl' ProjeCte4
froni'the,'Soliiir'oek I'd ''Sneh'il n 1 / 4 v.ii,jr 'die tal
halig alio& 'dv'eliib'fB4‘mibr the : baffle.' jAhl
lOWIone:;:if thkedge:s'or ' this' 'esilt.,f"'Preifi3 ,
"concealed aniolig sotri'e IMSllOC46Vii'd
t ii i i it y l bi:.:,! ~)! • . ~ , i . :;; 0:1t; JO
. 1,11111
' I 4116)61 d ' yOu th . . .NV l ag 'ti SI/ 1 1 0 1 a iiM v i?ick3e.
iMity 'of' his lareniS.Jind t is'iii : Lisedoeqir
his ciaripObiie'e&if,iy;f,4o4({: oilaijo
tirrie. l ''lloltlid' MO 1," d'd‘ViVitiii'giii?i6' l ' in
nitiltliticinNi".'aii‘lha'lM i biti. a§ Orilid
higioluiti64lolool , ilkiilinklll:66,ol l l
/ 1
. witif Willothdf,Th 9 lillitiii'd d ilikViiiig' ft
pk 3 / 4 414 1 iiiiOlikrigrAt 'VIVO, hilil V naii
xkl4eliof Adverilting., . ,
Sliante, lingert4oll . , 40410 0 egtlertil Stooltbll, t 6'o)
aft at. 'do I'oo 3 do 6 magtbe, tga
nob gebtconebt do, 20 3 do 12 mbuthe, 00 IV
square' 8 months, 2Ed oolerun,B reottait, CI 06
e iMrit i iEt%141,1 'l62 , , lttf:
*GI -800
do motdltt, ' 4 ? Et I eg, 6do 1 1 PO
do 12 - tom Ithe1 the r• Si( I' oti 116111 db •, _ :''tO OJ
A Detail reduction will, be intldo tan ftltrOhOnirei ld • ol "
9 ho twtetthe by the Vont.
Oar lover etroolntel in ertratttieflidtibrititt„ glidlsVeltd by
ttuatif Inuit in tho Antnnts--nrd therefore•elholdt, a
uorortrovatit MO cheep meant fontint bethlhasetonen. Of 'dor
°Minty—the tnombant. mechtinicon d MI 9 hets — ,_to gxl ol ld
tho knorrletite of their let atlon end din‘forts 't IlMtild
nice to Imam "A Card' for evert A'eoher ie ltletchunt, obit
rtta c O4lfogol moo to the googly. %% e btlye ,ountk t room
tvitliont ontoottch 04 upon ant rondo g euluntnt. 9nd nOl6 l O l
Pr lolttutime hnsioesi Imo by aevert tltuttiVenatteit --
tor, as at getterni rule, Ito memo :cum AY ut 4 ,0' ,1 1 41 rei.
the grehlet 9611 be Me t rants.
Nitniber I G.
Hooks, Jobs and Blanks,
OF OVgRSt togStAlltitOri: 114 'l4 i; vp
-4Y "
; • . "CTlll'U'Attrit.EßAD Rp.FIJBLIC ..,, •
. .
haw ; , 0131 bPfore hien. ; 'Filitcthom,ritife
mether seemed immoveable: biller' 'end•
pens,e,..but pouscipus,of' tholittnetvori her
s,pu,' if, he : irritated the; heaSti i 11 , 0'8116
some, distance , uPt the rock Ind-itiotibned
with,hpr beadtlhet hp should not . throw4- 1 :-
IT - et,,,,ivitit c ,the, fearless mino 4:4 'childhood,
Laud al temper littl,e_,utetl to iebiltrdii . Ito fehtl
14CsslY". OrpAir -.the fragments . ; tvitlic7till hih
l iknight at, the, forocious,,,sitvagel . . , i . drstruk
.on9:9f, I.le,'gtive Isadden'grow),
lashed ; his , tailf '4l.ll:fitry,!;tntl.eninedahottt
Pa ' r .I'.;.t
;(.14.A13 . 9u Jrifle, , Josiah Th'o (poor
meg stir i red
0,.1Y 4 11 a 0,0)c, of . deativti Owl be panvher,
and, ho aPPO.O rot' Paralyzed :withtfcti.'iliis
wife . ..Iqappd ! front , hot. ~ e tand;and,lflabing
hor, I)ands-upon her,hushand's'. shah:Were;
looked in his, (lice and cried i ;
man, Josiah Eaton 2'. Do;,
child 1" , lio started as if trorn.sreot),..t:iid
run Nyttl,furious. t hasfp dawn the ratibet
,Again the, foother , loolied toward Itermont
fie had eallen upon ills igef)s, , and tv4r:3ooll
ing the, fittlo,pra.yerßlshp; Itatl,tuught:ll:dat
Dot in epwnidly -Tcar, Wit aq,boughttcnini ,
AR r!)ss _his.,roP4 pt .11q,mosb /limo!. I The
distcactecl •mothey , s,ould keeplatill:noilong•
rushed OP altittoP tweent,Nvitledt6
eno , liosPair,rgoliNFmPfilungtit ., t l tinlei
ing only of Itctc sun. . TlN:tWks crumbled
and slipped beneath her feet, yet sha.foli
The ferocious creature paused :a moment
1 7i, 1150 ..he-, 1 ,,,/9E} . 4 it ! 1 9, ‘Y rPtq4S( l -, 11 , 10 .t box'ff. girt,
PI:Pi0 1 - al l - r .k9 .- 49 AitA 44.44 rQ, .1)9 , ati rot ot t all
ih6';llo l ,. u . n . 1.19, ; h, 9 r Y .t 9. kuthgti iihP. cing 0114
rot: wick wa rtts 4;3 ;Hunt - Ks h-asee tided tbet
oppysite sido. . ! .;, i , ..„,; ~,,i . r . c li.
".411",,5a h
id she, ughing - ,..dithrinsisly,
"the pailOigF; must tTY,it,again bP.forephi,
P'A,i.,i,1%.,T1,Y dear . , boy.; Il' i g!-,tv,e,WPIAPAtlf , ;
ars'S'Pfl K i 00 , ner, ; }t!P9 ! l:, l- ?efor.qiliiiXti tihtt
irchit)i,y•ltitt-{vd. hipitp „her, Areast, bathing,
his y,:pun'g forehnd, with : Iter warl, ;:,, „dr
• -
Unalterable in hisfctoeity„and the rriasa
ncr of grati fyingit;theptintheragainlsprang
from his. situation, , This tirne.hd wacnuiller
*,§llll.,- ,t4i.-.,fercfo.olistruckrAimyedgis
of I .. llo Pva• ".ii‘l 'Will. Itill ni3,:elatikri:lid
;wilt kill us t" and, ill? ,byy,:pg:ltlca . ciosolo
i 1.4 . tnAh, 0 r'fi ~4!).$1:11/1,!: %he animal tztrngl
, 00 : tp Laing:. iiis,,body I tq,•,tho : orb-Mid
'savage. f,eatyres..but-a step-,1001; LIM. giodi.
er's litee. . "Go away, go away,' bligickivi
tho mothe,r,hoarse with:horrox,`Vodhihmit
have niy 01114 1',,. 014suri--;stili .eloscethif
came—his red EltisibiAtitig firer. =1440
' tlitPk,pip!li!te, 04 littit brpotit qttor,,foll. , is
ItRF : tAn.,,T. A t . Ih i :t i ftw,ly I. rnotnctitt , sh,P.batlit
the.fiintfifflporti of; fire. a rms.,:frcttlt ilto „gulf
below..--the , PP Pt 110 .0iti , firAbot a. fit ilv,vills
sharp claws - loo snispin.the reelts o pad:the
I baffled bem..4.
,rollcd:4own .thetpre4ipieeilti
!by . fQct. Priosittit Etitpri . . . , .. ~.., ...!;.;ft
~. Tho•stm!ll,last.ray gleamed:on the Ilittli
group.' a t•thip. mut . h. ofi , thie, - gorgo - .oo'illits*
were, PEI I ilipir, knees-t—thb:raelhePsibleeKil
ing hands ,Over the hoed of heilsnn,' f ind
the voice or prayer gping to their Guardia&
for His tnerey in thwarting the l'anthqii's
Leap. -
TI/E NEW4E#FPF t f7 In q°
. 911 - ker CiWAY
can so IT11.1pb ? 501[1,TICU, 60 . Uslll‘itinformat
tion be kraPart,e,cluantlllifld9r clip 4 49t.tilficfnl
go fa vorabiefor Fq4cati'ng kite clitld'tbmindi,
as. ,th,reugli,,a
~t,it!liplous„,vpll 9onfhiplatj
newspaper. ~„ •,
, ~, -, . , ~, ,-- 1 .,: , • ,
'l.'o live Ina vilfage MO one° tp ho shy;
up and ,c. eat etiv,cd:.,.., r t io.,A9y , „ : l-A clagn, f ro x
ba • a herrpFt,,an,d! y.,,,t ,a.,,ep,s;n9pArtlO A ) tl,l O
may live to a forest ,wal4inz ; Ludes to ;Ito
post office, Itaving a mail but °ace a,veek.
and yet, he shall be found as farnili9rwitl;
the living world 'as the busiest tictot:,j.n,it4
For, the newspaper,is,a ,spy : o44.ll,ty,,wbich
he brings near the mot ', , di,tittit. i tt,t,ings ; ti
microscope by tv,htelt,l?eeyfrtmluel,therl9sl
Ku ip u te"; --a n eiir-trumpet, u ntpe,t, bF,. ,‘t . , 4 i eh, iq
.(1 1 ,IC,Gt§ r,t,ad 'lime wiihitLlns„,ll94rmg,a4
C i T t, ' l :?ii ld b S (I '9!!) I .PYR e AP,ti9:544,; - 7'l
int,,t.fp iilli oreprigAtiet.—,7,ml i tre v 6a -
• b ' . , 1 ', I,
ic riY , r;9 l . l 9 1 :4 1 '1iRA , p'9!Pro'h: ll :4AiiPi‘ i l ite,
drawn botpit
, canvaso4 fx:qpi ,printor'e
init'on ptTer,
~.., , ~ ,
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thQ, ' inlnol,o,c - 419 .1 y?ting.,al t iltilY9P.If4Y cotr.i
merce WA"' the' wprtd ykl be apparent to
1 i... , et r r, , • -
.i, 111 's':. 6111• I'v ' llo w,O!-P° l l cY ° , 9°, ( 1.8..k
lilielii,t,litejttion,could oul,y, bpli i ? lelckest
bylore . ikia travel.. ; pie so . rt.s,qr,;. q t,NAVAI,y
only' could indulge in this easily b,I, In A,
PPAP, (?;,v,, , . 0 19 Pc,9r,plag:r;„rt) c.o.4lcirn "
qlv9/1. iv.c,ll,cP,lo , a...iti; `. 1 ). 1 / 4 11 . ,qrgilafiMittibilfr
.it f,e, n t i l,e,rn a n er? if 41,19 rpt 1 mrn9y.ina i che
v,(ll.ld,,pv'erl:;oNios h
' l;fffi)9lqte ld ?l7
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t ll. 9'P °° l . Ak an, s 'i )l ,9ilCA7 44dk\ IP.: n. w 5T 9
99111L I I I? 10 i A l e(3 1 1,1 11 11 /t 1, 1' 16 4 1 6 FrY i s, L PIIP:9fI 'il 4
I,,teat L,nticctor., a great ~..tayFir Fr. g 4
Lectu,r e rt !) ti V , 4l l c? 6, v - r 0 . 9,1) 58C,i? ,' .' 41-
6,:dlip, r. .di_ 7 (464, ,, , lt c„,kil, r ,ti itr ilvz 7 l .4. tit
01 11,110:,.• , ,••1 'L. P?!‘-',.,.4]...f":"Lt)%611110(1
•;-3 - )n ' , ' 00.
.111(07g , vK,Mq TO/liftAiis tANCitnAli*
rtY Pri Pnßetitiwybil(6hm4i
14'5 ~,1P9Rt.,,zg!6, 1
.v)!My..rglittfA ~. 490, t b0t Roti.llllo l .pdffir
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, 4ventili4M4,o69. ri4(1.4.40,914 Cladi
At:4:B 11 PRPVPY.M.IpM the IPIN49 1
PiPrP,Pnicslkt 0 1 14P4 111 4 o F.gfitifoslllo'itil
IC l 4 e (1 0, n 94 iohis-;bAQ9 S,
by ono.
I ":‘ ..A