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COTfDE vSiORT, Pa,, Jan. 23. 15*14.
Tii" donate haw ji.a new flec
tion law to conform to the provisions*
of the New Constitution. It d< es,
not materially change the exi ting
av, except in the city <>t l'iiila
,Kl;i'.h. When tinnlL passed, vw
will ei titer | .I*-• h>t ;.i lull or give;
those parts change the present
methods of conducting elections.
in the House, on the 22d. the fol-j
lowing ! his were vex 1 in place:
Mr. W..oh, one to provide for the
cullcc. ion i against lr-ii-rest
der.t debtor-"?.
Mr. IJ rock >va y. a supplement to the .
act est.".l !i s !. n_rjo dcial courts in t!.is
Mr. F c- td.angh. >. ne to establish '
• ■_■ -.> p. hie hospital lor the!
in v ne.
Mr. Thorn; >n.-up; lenient tot lie.
act to exempt properly to the value
of"? I'M) from lev y an.t *>nlo on execu
tion or (list re-s for c ut.
Mr. lb yn ids. ; niil'.oiix the stall-,
<l:u t weight of bark.
Al -s, one t" persons who j
leliaiouslv oi.> rve the seventh day
from iiie | nahies .•; t tic : •! ot 175 i I.;
Mr. Ditnmick, one fixing the sal-J
aries of tiie judges of the Supreme;
Court and judges of the several S
ciat '.ii-,o :.-ls.
Mr. I'vie, one to repeal tlr act ap-,
proved dale a 2T. I-72. to permit j
votei -i to vote every three years on ,
tiie <pie-don of belling in ox.eating
• ■ ————— i
Tin: very best opportune:*. are
worthless uni: ■- they arc used. Tiie J
man who stands round compi nniu
of Ids ill-luck, or that he can fin 1 no- j
thing to do, will never prosper.
r l hriving men always find something
to do an I bay improve such oppur-!
tuidtii s i r. t'.'-y meet with, no matter
bow srn- 1! they may sta in to !>•. •*ll
tha'. will not plow, by reason of the
cold, shall le:> in harvest and have
nothing.*' The man who alvvay s sees ;
a lion in the way will never make'
much pro;;.' i towards a bcttir life!
or more p u.-p -ron-. condition. V. ith
such the tlmis are always hard.
THF.UK are uni k a-aii* stoi !• s afloat
that several heads of departments in
Wasliii";..* 11 ri lc in canlages claimed
as tiu-ir own which were | aid fr out
of the Tivr -myotthe I. F. If there
there is any truth in these reports, the
practice ought to beat once wholly'
prohibited. Like its kindred wrong,
the frank::.g privilege, it is :i practice
lending duvetly '.o demoralization and
"Impossible, is t!:e adjective of
fools."' ll is never used by people
who have fiith in the power of plu k,
patience and perseverance.
THE importance of goo 1 road . and
good schools is not understood by
our people. Let us dctenniuc that
both shall be improved in our tow n
ship or borough this year. To begin,
Id each voter att< ml the election on
the 17th of February, and vote for
the best m.ii in the town for every
cfl'ce to be filled.
— o- a .
THE :■■-EII.IT*- confirmed tin- nomina
tion ot Morrison I*.. Waite, of Ohio,
as Chief Justice of the Supreme
Court, by ike following vote: yeas,
k-'i; r.: \ -.n Absent or not vot
ing: A! •< in. Am* s, Dennis, Sprngue,
Sun .a V. ir.lo li :uiltom (ot
In !.)
The 01:: > p pers are enthusiastic
over this appointment, and we hope
the light mail was finally nominated.
"LAW AND (MMME." —See the ar
ticle on this subject in another col
umn f.oin tiie Went Branch Bulletin.
1< is a t<_r-e, well-sustained ar
ticle tin * cu ; Ist to be read by every
one who desires to form comet con
clusion- on tiie subject of the eJt'eet
of prohibition on the use of intoxicat
ing drinks. If the prohibitory lav* is
it . openly viol .led, it i-v q'iAly a: ■:
certainly doing good.
♦> V - -
MW .. nv l 1< !: over this County
and s. e bow it has improved siuce
10-ti, v.e rtj-'ico i:i the great changes
for liie 1 " - i". \\ her v.. call to mind
how very poor we all wi re at that
time ami how little the farmers pro
<i;c <■. nuoe than thoy consumed, and
mil " • quantities of produce now
aum d , it to market, we cannot
coui" tin- general prosperity of the
' uitly. For this is measured, not
' t e pr -cut condition of tilings,
I 'I .'i po -cut ci in] irc-d with its
l ' ... .. 11. I . ii'.l V. t.'Uii U
so much as thrill that indicates pros
p rity. lmproveim nt—progress—
, going ahead-—th se are the only
i proofs of real thrift.
But while the County in general, j
'and a large portion of the people,
are prospering as fast, probably as is
good for either, there are quite a nura-
Isor iu this County, as in every other,
that are not prosperous; who think
the times are hard and that every
thing i> working against them.
It is to these we desire to come
with vvoidsoft neouragement. Every
person in tins County in the posses
sion of moderate health, can prosper
i it' tliev so determine. True, it will
cost something. It will cost self-do- i
nial and industry and perseverance, j
That is all. No person can prosper |
who does not make it an unalterable
rule to keep their expenses below
their receipts. Having engrafted
this rule on the habits of your life, :
abundant prosperity is from that mo- j
mont insured.
We do not mean that people should |
never run in debt. So far from it we !
think the judicious purchase of prop-;
city even on credit is frequently the j
wise-1 thing to do. It is the running !
in debt f-r something that is used up !
without producing more; that bars j
the p>u i t > prosperity, and this habi'
must he overcome or you will neveri
g out of financial troubles. It is J
not so unpleasant t • deny oneself)
-ome of the comforts of life as to be
unable to p i v when a-ked for the debt
made to procure them.
When you have made it a'rule to
keep your expenses below your re-)
ci iots veil have learned the road to I
pin.-qieruy. "Bett- r is a diy morse! :
and quieiue-s therewith than a house I
full of' good things purchased on I
credit, with strife when the debt be-!
conn : due.
Bi SIXES* prospects are rapidly im
proving throughout the entire conn
try. Its elfects are sen in this
\icinity by the appearance among us
of men from the railroads wanting to
purchase oats and other farm pro
ducts. Oats are now as quick sale
at forty cents per bushel as they w ere (
two weeks ago at thirty-five; within j
tie- next two weeks they will probab- j
I v bring forty five.
The outlook is very encouraging. >
I.;. >r of all kinds will undoubtedly j
b 1 well r* warded during the year j
I'm!; and when labor is properly |
rewarded the country prospers.
Tn t; annnr 1 week <>f prayer has been
supplemented i.i this place by two
weeks more of well attended, earnest
meetings, almost every evening being
occupied. Every Monday evening
there has been a union praver meet
ii g at tlie Presbyterian Church, oth
: er < venings at the other churches and
(>c asional'iy separate meetings have
been held; every church being light
ed and people hurrying through the
greets to one or another of them,
in the M. E. Church beside the usual
meetings on Sunday and Thursday
evenings, there have been held pub
ic or general class meetings on Sat
' urday evenings for many weeks and
many seem deeply interested.
LONPON, JAN. 2Fl. —lntelligence
as jimt been received here of the
! h atli of l)r. Livingstone in the in
terior of Africa. He died of dysen
tery while traveling from Lake I Jem j
be to Unyanyembe. His body has
I I), en embalmed and is being conveyed
; to England byway ot Zanzibar.
WE UKAKD a sermon lately that
was a very earnest showing of the
i correspondence between natural and
spiritual things—that it was a great
; mistake to arraign science against
religion or nature against sacred his
tory. Of course with our limited
vision we could not see in many eas
es how close the analogy may be, but
we see enough to know that it is per
fect in many points and from these
we may infer that one great law runs I
through the whole of created life,
from dust to angelhood; the law of j
culture and preservation. That faith •
can be and should be cultivated by '
use and exercise as the muscles of!
: our arms are. i hat it is as idle to j
| say we cannot have faitli, when we
; have never tried, as to say there is
no strength in our limbs, when we j
have never tried them—when they
are tlabby and weak for want of use.
We need a whole life of active,
energetic exercise—even sometimes;
to the utmost point of our strength !
in ordt r to grow physically strong, i
and the moral, the spiritual nature;
nci ! s it just as much.
The minister pointed out other
coirespondents s. other fallacies of,
excuse for tin* want of moral power,
and we wish there bad been hundreds
iii.s oi.U ot lens there to hear it.
THE cry of the miserable—the
most sorely atllictel comes up to the
legislature an 1 throng it to the whole
I people, by the report of the Board of
Public Charities.
The Board make a strong appeal
for the establishment of more abund
ant and suitable provision for the
Confinement, maintenance and cura
tive treatment of the insane; their
: removal from prisons and poor
! houses, and present a very painful
picture of the suffering and miseries
unnecessarily endured by these poor
people. The gentlemen who consti
tute this Board have evidently been
industrious and thorough in their
j work. They say, as they did last
| year:
"We are prepared, upon a call of
either branch of the Legislature, to
report upon the whole subject, stat
ing the numbers and condition of
| this class, how they are now circum
. stanced, what proportion are probab-
I iy chronic, and what curable cases,
| what additional accommodations are
| needed, and, if required a scheme for
realizing the demand which is made
upon the State for the complete ful
• aliment of this imperative duty."
There are in this report statements
made by the wardens of both the
state p nitentiaries relating to insane
persons in their care who ought to
be removed to asylnmns and put
under the supervision of skilful phy- j
sicians capable of giving them the
necessary treatment for the cure.
A ecordiiig to the report of this board
! there i- stiil a great deal to be done
' and imperatively needed, to amelior- ;
ate tlie condition ot* these sutferers '
•and the legislature is urged to make
!; immediate additional provision for
them. This is a matter in which the
; government may be libera! with the
, money of the people and feel sure '
| that the people will cheerfully and j
j gladly ac-pii see, for t'.l-> is a need !
j and a duty felt by every person if
i not as a charity tin n from a sense of
(justice to the insane themselves and '
'to the public at large. Lew neigh-
I borhoods bur fee! the m cd of protce-1
| tion from one or uioie of their own ,
1 insane. \ cry few are tiiere who have )
' not a sorrowing sympathy v. it!i some
' of this cl.iss, for vvliose maiutcn nee, j
; comfort nod cure they won! 1 be glad ■
! to contribute.
We observe that an attempt is m!
j ready Iwing imuie to repeal the Lo- j
cal Option law, and vve it a: n tiiat in I
i :liis city petitions arc being circul it- j
ed and signed. We expected this (
and it would no doubt surprise many j
to see some of the names on these I
petitions. We presume the effort to I
repeal this law is placed upon the i
ground that it has not prevented the j
sale of liquor and drunkenness en
tirely. The most sanguine friend |
and advocate did not expect that it i
would. As long as we have sinners j
upon earth there will be law-breakers, j
But this is no reason why the laws
prohibiting crime should be repealed.
We have law- against stealing, rob
bing, assaults, profanity, adultery
and murder, but the-e laws do not
prevent the commission of these
crimes. They are to a very great
extent curbed and held in check h\ |
thcui and it will not answer the ends ,
of human society to say, that because j
these laws do not entirely prevent j
the crimes we hav* enumerated, they j
should therefore be repealed. Xeith-i
er wib it be good reasoning to say ;
that because liquor takes strong hold i
upon the appitiic of man, that, there- j
fore, tiiere is no use in enacting laws j
to control this i.ppetite. Such urgu- j
! meats are so weak that the mere
! menti'-n of them refutes their fotee. f
i It might be said with as much pro-'
; priety, that the law prohibiting mur
der should be repealed IK CUU-C mur- 1
derers are being constantly per pe
lt a ted. We confess it would be quite •
as consistent to repeal a law which,
if enforced, as it should lie, v ill do'
more to prevent that crime than the I
law that prescribes the penalty
against it.
Disguise it as you may. Local Op
tion has done much good in our city j
and county. There is le>s liquor sold ■
than there was before its adoption
and many of the vile dens have been
closed and the fountains of iniquity,
that lead to ruin, have been diied up.
; That the law is violated with inqumi
| iy by many is true; so are the other
| laws against crime—but this is not
the fault of the law; the biaiue rests
| mostly with those whose duty it is'
jto execute it. Let the Local Option
! law remain on the statute book throe
(years, as it is intended it should,
j and be properly enforced, it will we,
believe, work incalculable good.
I How any man can put his hand to a
pen to write his name to a petition to
repeal a law that is intended to pre
vent the greatest curse upon earth,
and especially if he is the head of a
family and then attempt to justify
his act before Hod or m: n, is ihiiicuit
to reconcile with the gel ten rule of
life.—ll'. B. Bulletin.
j • "BEAUTIFUL serving is aftei all
the very soul of living," ai<i one in
a story. Beautiful serving, which
means, does it not? faithful and true
service, not only willing but glad;
not only watchful but tender, not
only patient, untiring but loving ser
vice; the humblest, the lowest, the t
most disagreeable, made joyful and
beautiful by love; given to (od
through llis suffering creatures—
such "is the very soul of living.''
Another writer, in another storv
too, says "The lack of service is the
; ruin of humanity." It i* not educa
tion that unfits for service, but the
want of it. You cannot have perfect
service except from a lady.'' This
was written in an old world book,
but is perhaps more needed here
; where the idea that one man is just
as good as another, shoots tint into
\ o
!'and a great deal better,' always siqe
posiug "one man" to be 1 and "an
other" you.
For many—the uneducated, the
nnrefined—are apt to forget and it is
• the tendency of our country and age
to lead them to forget, that the true
; democratic principle, like everything
else works both ways, that if I uin as
good as everybody, then anybody is
as good as I; that if some one holds
uiy horse or blacks my boots, it is
i my duty to do the same or equally
humble service for him or for an
other. And the greater the natural
'gifts or carefully acquired training
any one may enjoy, the greater—
which means the lowlier, the more
loving and humble service, he should
sci k to do for those around him.
"Somebody t) wait on me," is a
[ great need of many people; espeeial
: !y those who are sick or otherwise
prevented troni doing for themselves,
but some body to wait on is an uni
versal need and the reciprocal scr
j vice should be a strife on each side,
!to excel. Then there be " beau li
ful serving," and the menial service
will 110 more be feared or shunned for
no service will be menial.
Next Tuesday evening, the 13th
: in st., Hon. 11. \\ . Williams is to ue
iiver the sixth lecture of the free
course at the Court House, on the
.on the subject of Trial by Jury. It
i is one excellence of litis home course
that it enables our most studious and
Ihouguiful citizens to discus those
, questions Willi Widen they are most
| iaimiiar, and give the pubiic the helic
al of ine most tlioroitgu individual'
| research, t'ne thoughts ola lawyer
and a judge on tue suhjeut of trial in
jury eaii hardly laii to prow botn in
l ill uctive ami interesting to the whole
i community, for the theme is one
j wi.ieh is liable to come home, sooner
! -T L I t, to tue b WIN an I pocket ol
. eveiy Citizen. The origin ami growth
j ol Lais, mode ol settling disputes by
; it petit juiy ; the lb-O'.vlie.i and prac
; tical workings of tiie system; the
j utility of the grand jury—these are
i ail questions in which every citizens
| is practically and may become paiii
: 1 Hily interested. it is to be hoped
j tue house wdl be lilied at an early
j uour next Tuesday evening,
! they will be discussed.
The above is taken from the Tioga
I Agitator , and reminds LIS pleasantly
i ;
oi a winter, many years ago when
we, too, had a course of "home
course" of lectures. We have no
doubt the people of Wcilsborough
are both interested and profited; per
haps quite as much as they would be
i with most lectures from afar and for
. more so than they would be with
Our course, though it was when
j our County was younger and we were
j more isolated from the world outside
| than we are now, was lilleo during
! the whale 'lecture season' by the pro
\ fessional men of Coudersjiort and vi
! cini .y ; and very creditably' and hand
| soinely lilted, it is surprising how
| much a person may know in the di
; rection in which he cultivates his
faculties that is new and valuable to
j others. We have heard many speak
j of that series of lectures with great
| interest and stro g desire to have
similar ones again.
We flo not see why we should go
without lectures when we have gen
tlemen so capable who would be
benefitting themselves as well as the
public, by delivering them.
Court Proclamation.
VI ViIKKEAS. thellnn. H. XV. WtI.UAMs. Presi
\ \ hem .1 uu£< - , in I tin- linns, bv MAN NHLSON
uiiil .lohn M. kii.imi KM:. Associate .Indites of
thi' Courts hi over ci 'JVriiuiK'r un<l General Jul!
Delivery.quarlerJSessiniiso! liielV:ice.orphans'
Conn and ('ourt of Cuiniiii >u i'leas fur tlie < .'ouu'y
•it Putter, have issued their precept lieariuir date
the thirteen! h of December in 1 he \ ear of oar Lord
one thousand, eight hundred ana seventy three,
and In me directed, for noldinsa Court of Oyer
& Tcriniiicrand General .laii Delivery, quarter
Sessions of the Peace. Orphans Cou>t and Court
of < ionnnon Pleas, in the Boronghof < oudersport,
011 M> <iny. tiie AVz<'/7i//Mlay of KEHltl VllY,
ue i and in continue one week.
Notice is iltercforc iicrehy given to the Coro
ners. . I list ices of the IVucc and Coiistali'es within
the County, that they is- then and there in lueir
printer persons, at 10 o'c!" k, a. in., of said day,
with their rolls, records aii-l iii'iuisition*, exanii
nations anil other remembrances, to do
things which to their otHceaapiiertain to IH- done.
And those who are hound by their recognizances
to prosecute against the prisoners liiat are or shall
lie in (he .laii of said County of I'ottt r, are to lie
then and there to prosecale'against them as will
bat is I at CouiiersfKirf, Jan. Jlsl, 1R74, and t lie
tlTthyearofliiellniepeinlelic. billet ui ed.Slides
of America. S. P. UKYNOI.DS, Sfirr.-ff
SHKftif I N naIIK,
V V IKTUK of sundry writs of Ven
) .iiooni Exponas, fieri r'acnm, Levari Facias
Uun Sur Mortgage, Issued out of the * ourt of Com
j nion Pleas of Putter County, f'a., und to me ol -eet
ed, I shall expose to piP.iii sale or outcry , at the
Court House In Conderspcrt, on MONDAY, the
SIXTEENTH day of February, lsra, at cr.e o'cliek,
p. ui., too following described tract:. or parcels of
laud, to wit:
Certain real estate situate in Oswayo
Hvp., laiiUCiCd ano a- toe i i-.liows: i> ato
ning at a po-( en, .te; on tie r. ih-cof Up; to! kimiv •,
as 4'.n> acre iot and being S K conn of nil tor i er
!> surveyed to Anson t o.e, now IJ poe.-ervio , of
Alpbomo Hani-; thence along .sai l line ol 4 u
acre ml I.VA (.en hes to po-t corner state:ing iu
sain hue; thenee K 14.S l urches to post corner
i standing la partition Uuv lorm—l made liy and tie_
! tweell S lift ftt b lH Mini It. K. .xtehois A l 1 one
; part and Peter B.ttetuan <>f inner part; theuce s
along -iai'l partit on Hue '.>s perches to post corner
In said partiUon line; thence **MIIII about 31° xx
along partlti >II line fg perches to posi < nraer
■ in Mai 1 line; then e W lnii.2 pe ehes to the place
■ f beginning. (iM('iini(i LC a '"cs, more or less,
1 ix-dug part of lot Known as 9ut acre lot, of ivl.tch
ainni' is acres • lmprovc.l, vvttl one frame
It nise some fruli trees thereon. To i*.- sold as
Cue property of ALFRED UAUKIft.
ALSO, certain real estate situate in
R miet iwp..bOdiiJed ami des-a-tiied a * toiloxv-: Be
gin at pr3t in N line of II vlarthv's lot N'o. pg
pe relic* W of SW comer of !:C No. 129 In."an! twp.,
then e >V 124 perches; tli -nee N U."> perches to N
lim-of sail! twp.; thence E lit perches l>y -aid line
, t> a hemlock; t leiee s H2 |>errbes to place of i>c
gluitLig. I'oHlaininft Nt.l acres, more or less,be
ing lots No*. !M A li of Renting lsn Is in sai I
iwp.aud part of \Vt.4ftat. ihout 4i> acres improved
wit a me frame ho.t.-;. ta • > ftattie 'Min* and suite
other outbuildings ami stone fruit trees thereon,
f'o lie sold as the proper! i of JOilN ABBO l"i and
A IX), certain real estate situate in
tieuessee twp.,t>on letl and oescrincd a.- loiioxvs:
N t>y lauds of (I. iV. Pierce; K by lands of Win.
■ Baker; S by lands of Alouzo Uace; \V by land*, of
I ,t. Easton. QjtUaintng In acres of land, more or
I icss. hve acres ltuprove<l, with two frame houses,
; one frame barn. o:n* water saw mill ami some
I fruit trees thcreou and being part of 11 1. No, 125 H.
. iii be goli as the property of n. G. slawson.
A1 .SO, certain real estate situate in
Vik'irauy twp., bounded and de*erP , e las follo-vs;
!'. 'gi'iiil -if at j'liu tiou oi HI i-mirg s-.u 1 \ttdr '■'
Settlement roads in said twp., thence K along
• centre of Andrews' fte.iiement .oad to Wt. line;
tiieiii e s along Wt.line about 2<w hes to slake;
' thence W about so pt ;.h"s to Ceorge Bird's lot;
' thence N to corner of 1) (li o ieaotigh'd lot; thenee
V 22 pen-he* to centre of < uidersport road;
: thence N K along cen re ot su; 1 road *►! perches
! :o the place of beginning, being lot No. 2 of a'lot
aient nf lau Is of W S Joiiiisoti in *ai.l tup. IVti
'' t'lininr/ be; acres of land, c ore or !•■.*-, being part
! of x* is. Sis. .1 l2ssof which about 2ft a-p-s
' are improved, with otic? frame house,one log barn
: and some fruit trees thereon. To be ; uin as the
| property of JOHN PY'E.
ALSO, certain real estate situate in
I Pik t-.vp., • iiuiidci! and described as follows: N
| iy lands of Aaron shcouover; K by land* of tiun
| sicker and Harris; ft by lands of Wilkes Davis; W
j ny lands of llunslckt r and others. Cont'iinini / :<*s
i acr"3 of laud, more or less, of which snout ho
' acp-3 Impiovcd, wllii one f-aine house, two frame
| • arns, -.em other ou'cuiiding* ami some fruit
trees thereon and being part of warra- r No.
Io be so.; a* tli-' property of la lIA i •*; i i ON.
ALSO, ctrtain real estate situate in
BLPiam twp, in Holed aim I-s • i ■I at totni xs:
i beginning at post corner in E" li:s- of lot No 54 'hi.s
j ,erehcM N K corner ih-rc if; t,rt: ce, N t'si.s
: perches to N i. corner -ai l lot \ ,if .•,; N n cor
, ucr of said lot; taencc. i. -, 0 tl li f.ft porciies to
,N E corner of 11:1.* lot ano xV corner of lot N'oftT;
; iliete i S iiioug xV line of lot N057 is;.;: i s;
' Uicnee iv bft pen hes •<> place of brgln a i.e.
j laininrj 41.2 acr-v, xvith us-ial ail >wancc of s {Hr t
i ■ lor roads, and isung fli : S naif of lot No .v>
>f allotiiient of lau-is lb sai I twp ati 1 part f Wts
'Nm i.'aii a it! 123T, aoou! tea ■ n improved, x cii
I itu frame house, me *ha-tf.t oarn nan • f ait
ires thevciili. '1 o lev ud js probe: tvof NA l'ilA.N
xV If AY Niks.
ALSO, certain real estate situate in
ibiighaiu twp, lio'iniieo a . i dpsevnesi as f , ■:
beginning at post s iv corner of lot No ftti; tiienre
• perelie*; them * E 15 pe ches to £ Hue of
lot No of; tnen- • s iji'i 3 per in * to v xV -ornarei
ot No ft. ,t;ij S K nun rof sai ' Jut; IV- a ■ '■ i : '•
bp'ches to j liii-c* of begi tiitig. C'af fining 41. t
i- res, with ailor aue" of i> pr •• .1 :• on—, is;-
ig s part of iit No ft., id aiiofaieiit >•! iati i i
a 1 twp an i pari of xVis No* l a id 11'.-', I'-o-.t
. to—c- imp'ovi-1. To ne sol las the p tijxerl vof
MHfiß 'oil
ALSO, ctrtain real estate situate in
■■ x euen tx-'p, o,ii deii ii. -;!•<*. : ..n
. fc. lip \,l .j) n' allo'iilc..-. of is- oi liMg-
State; Y. ay ,o No .*> .- Alt !! :
i v tot No ! "c by tot No 1"1 ' i ,of
i>h i Stsidt .• i. Mill i 14; * of Btnghaiit. ta
C'fi<t>iinin<7 iicii'.-, 'i,ore or mss, o i a i c -o
•fa i;|l lie 111 I 1110.- n. f|l 111:.OS 111 i . ~. •
piri of At* No- ilift a-:.} _'l:tf, aoont !■'< *•••■j iu .
toe -on. in be sci.. asp • j of >.VM .1 iC -
i.EH. o.t!
ALSO, x'ertaiii real t-state siluat: in
'.bill. O tlx* i*, b em*.o*l a.l< ic.c;,;. •,II . I),| •; s
■x l.ycoadng .i.el l oit-r iurninri t.y hig way
■ a nag in Avr.'C rlttt; s ny ut ids of Nathan
,no!..* k; Iv t,v 111.ids in pa*s*'sS!Oh of ; -M.i. K
• itn'-r and \i!'rt IVOKIKKY. Conl nn.tiii :■
; i . •a. an vxi'b f .a
--l "a xc, One fr.iiu nam aim anpl •'i ttioi eod,
;r of Wt No i'o ne -old ... propei!'.
t JONATHAN t;:.A- ii. il
ALSO, certain realtstate situate in
.**•; IWit, i . .t ;i*l tS itiiUlWS;
x l y laiid- of Mich*' i Dwyer and iine; 8
> laud- <if S'V)or; S by !u l is < ! John ilavt at.d
fainsa U I each; V by lamb of Th* na-t Katvei)
rod Mi liad MeNuity. C'di*<bin.n{/ lift acres,
uore or less, abubT 40 acre." *nip ...g 1, .viiu o.e
tracie house, one f.-a ue barn and some fruit trees
■i ot'o i. i'o be s jas property of 1-" ti BtHKg
and T I BI RKK. oji
AI*S( ), certain real e-taie situate in
ieiuon twp, ttoiliioeo and des -,loed .t* [onov. ;
N by lands ot Adluiu Estate; K by |ol No n.. it al
otbicul Of lan.u of Bibglium Esiklc in . O i ,C
adada twps, contracted to In' sold to Daniel
lark; s .y im No 2o Eulaiia,contracted to ">e sold
"' Simeon B J.uce; V, by mi No 72, lici.ron Eu
•a la, convf cd to I. oris Ii Bali and by Adluui
tod.*. Cimtoi/iiny tvt.ft air- 4, more or lc- being
,0! No 3ft oi iiiioiiut bt of Biaghaia lamls i?i ii. -
■ ron twp and part of XV'* 1 -g*r.' aud 21 4. iitmut
•'si acres of ,xhich are improve*!, -.. itli one frame
louse, one f* a*ne barn, on* frame H ic*9mlf:i shop
ind good orchard, i'o lie sold as iti; proport x of
Al>o, certain real estate situate in
*xveneu txvp, tioun ie*! and dem riicii a* follow*:
.•.•ginning at N \V corner of io* No tU in posses
duo of John E Edwards, then*; • 81yo.8 perches to
orne: !>i line of lot No 32; fnence along ' N
loc *if lot No 92 sad lot No *0 surveyed to Oeorge
Npsbil, lfti.2 pen.hfts to ci>! ue:'. being N\V truer
if sale Io No ; llicin'e, Ni> x\ tift.r. perches "o
oruer; N l c \V ;!G perches to comer; llnuicvs. E
tTI.S perches 10 place ( ,f beginnbig. t' o*,N: iniiuj
I HA acres, lietag lot No SS ot allotniei.i of Bmg'. it" sw ieu tw p ami part of Wt No 2tU,
b.out 20 acres of which are improved, with one
"g house, one lug t-ara aud liftv f:uit i.e.tb ug
■ o". i'o i*e .'oi l as the property of ROBERT il
iiAY NES. oil
ALSO, certain real estate situate in
* x- il .i i.vp, 1 .ouuded and "ies> n —I a* fo:l< xv*:
N bv hit No ill conlmeted to fie soU to l.cxrl' .4!
htci; and 'oy lot No 116" E by lot No fta couxe," i to
. li.istophi Ta .sell •; sby lot No *vl: W .1.. lot No
111 a lei highway. OnMaiNp 44.* r■.nol eor
lean, being let No fto of allotment of Riughawi
lauds in sai.j 1 .vp an 1 put of Wt No 2' sft; j,u
, ox ebient. fo i*e sohi u* the proiiertv of 1 \M'.s
NELSON. * ovl
S. P. KEYNOLIVS, Sheriff.
Coiulersport, Jan. 21, 1574.
Divorce '-oilres.
Arises M. BOOTH 1111 the Court of common
by her next fnend j Pl e"s of Potter county.
Win. J. kola i l f No. lie, D"cem. Teiin,
f'.f. j 1573. Litte! in Divorce.
1-Ht lY B iOT'I. j
Leroy Booth, rfspondent above named will
please tatce notice that a subpoena and luias suli
pic'ua have been issued a.i I return"!' i.lhli; von
are therefore hereby reguirc l to appear at the
next term of CetM, or th*: said Court xxill dec'ci
t divorce a vinculo matrimonii in favor of Libel
ant. ,1
EVl.mja smith "i In th" Court of Conimo<a
by iie. next fiicud j iheas of Potter coauix,
Atelbert Smith No. gug, *epteio. "i'eiic,
vs. j id.3. Libel in Divoice.
Arnold w. Smith, respondent above named, cl.'i
pluise take notice that a sii'ipieiia and alias suo.
jmi.a have been issued au-I returne-I nihil; you
are theiefore heresy require i to *; "the
next term of Court, or me - lid Court will it. p.-
a divorce a vinculo matiimomi in favor 01" in .
ant. h
Al.trK !•:. Iluu.KSliK' K"| Iji the Court of Common
by her next, friend j i'ieus of Pottc coiib-
Datiiel W. t'an Wegin * ty. No. lbs, .Sept, T.,
vs. | l.St'3. LMtelSt;Divorce.
Wallace Hotleniieck, respondent above named,
will please take lioili c that a subpuma attd aiia.*
.suitpo'ua have iieeit issued and returned nihil •
you are therefore lierei*y re-iulr*: i to appear at the
next term of Court, or the said Court will decree
a invoice a vinculo matrimonii m favor of Jjiiei.
laut. k
KUANCK* ILK"! In the Con t of Coinmo.:
by her next; ilea i ; Hen* of Pottereouiuy,
Danle. -xiiy Jer y No. lift. June lenii.
es. | ls.'J. Lioci in Dlvoix:.'.
Ileuty ltoot, respondent, above named, wii"
pi' ase :ak" notice t iat a sin.pu oa and alias *m
puma have oeen is'tte*! uu I returned null; you
are therefon hereby requirt'd to appetr at tit'
next t'Tin of Court, or t e sal ! Co'lit le*- .
a "ilvorce a vlucui J iiiatmnouii in favor of laud*
NKIXIE J lloi.MxN, | lit the Court of Coiiim >n
by ftt'i next lilt 11 I, Peas of Potter Co.. No.
A. K. HOUXJMB, J- IS"-, >ept. ieriti, 1573.
rx. i Lita-i in 1 >ivoice.
Diver P. llobiiin, lb'.poll-lent aliovc nimird,
will p.ease take n "lice that.. siil>" >na and ;• io*
sui>|Ki'iib liave been issued ami i"'turn:sd nihil;
votl ate therefore lieieby miiiirexl to .tp|H' .i on
ilie first day of is xl Court, Pel) H>, is.4. to an
swer to tti"' complaint made in lids case.
ft. P. I*E 1 NOLDS, Sheriff.
BherUf'M <ICN Coudersi>ort, Jan. 3!. !C4. o*l
* still nLtrtUorV
AiniKUF \S lcitM— <>f administration toilie
\\ ' --f Ci-AUK Inokam. litte of Hebron
township.. Potter <-•. "lew . , having Uen
If i .in I I'd to tilt' stllisc! iK-vs. all J>eiSotls Ilideb.Cll
i■i<t '-ma!'' are requested In make hunu-diate
payment, and thio*' having claims or demands
;J 1.-4* iti tlt'i'l'il* Alt U'ill ii.kK6
nowu the saiiu* without deiav To
S.VMI EL ftKKHK. i A( , mrK
Httrak Nov. y. 1873.
Administrator's Notice.
Whkkk is, letters of Administration to the estate
, ; OfCbJIOAU Hol.l.KNi.Kl'K. il.lCOf '.ebroll tWp., Pot
ter i'u. I'a., deceased, having been granted to the
subscriber, all persons to sal'l est at. are
recju.-sted to make immediate payment. ami those
tiaviu'a claims or demands n/alust the estate of
. the >rtnl ilece.lent wilt luase known the same,
without delay, to JOHN iiOIAKNBKi'K,
Jleorou, Dec. 10, IST3. Adtn'r.
i'irr>".t kou, Janus". s, is 74.
rrillis IS TD i;JVK Nt'l tt'K: That ou the 6th
1 <ia\ of January, A. I)., ist4. ,t Warrant In
. i Bankruptcy was Issued against the Estate of
.James Clark of Wha>t<m township lu the county
; of Hotter and sr.ite of Pennsylvania, who has
been adjudged* Bankrupt, on his own petition;
| that the paymeut of any debts ami delivery of any
j projiertv istlouglng to such Bankrupt to hnn or for
! ills nse and the transfer of any prupertv by him
; are foroidden by law; that a meetinpof the Cred
■ ' Itors of the said Bankrupt, to prove their debts,
ami to choose one or more assignees of his Estate,
will be hel-t at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be hold
"ti at th" office oi I'. E. Smith, in tin- Borough of
I Tioga, Pa.,>.•• F. E. Smith. E-' p, Ib'jftst.r, on
the tilth day ot February,, !>T4, at Id o'clock,
A. M. " John HALL,
I'. S. Vai-stui, as Messenger.
i j _
In account v/th
Geo. VV. Colvitt.
By time li. ortlee 75 das .. 225 90
travel 2S -*4 o0
<iicUrUiUig papers 19 <l*B ft
time at Hli.C Creek Bridge 3 :ias 900 375 iK)
For orders drawn 24.'. no
B:tl dim (J Culvfn 133 W
R. L. White
By time 1:t oiU..e lb das 225 00
| triv cl 11 ... 33 to
rtindbutiiig papers 13 <ix- a; Oil 315 Oo
For orders drawn 31# 00
bitl due li L V\ i.lto ........... 5 til
J.. i>. Esti s.
travel *• M i.'-i
listrlbuti ./ pxp-Lj IS as IV.
trip to Hll.* < ei kbndjf 4 lis . 11 M
toCou lerspo. 101. p n iltlig i otnt
House 3 Cits J iK; 3.9 lie
roi or .ei ■ .ira s a ; An ■>
1 .'•, a.t ■ - Cl -- tO ■ -.1 ,lt. - i..wl.
v. 1 \ 1.
I>. . li V' : .v
S. i . Reynolds, ti. ,ji".
ill UCc'lU/lt Ji'if/l
i o j;;:. fe • ii. the fo.lo.viu/ eases, viz:
Liu/!ial.i Est \ ■ Est Michael Berry 4 00
Est -• in s dotiiisof. v 3vi oiii iiey. 4 trj
Al C Barber vs Est Elijah Kliis (a,
Wm Ik'ut a.lmr Est saui'i I Rojfers. 4 i.-0
IV . irei.t ail.ur Est Sautuel U.'iliier 4 iHi
VYm M liub/ai admr Est Win Datryuipie 4 i-o
| Co.tioii Bros for use vs Miles *<> hlte . 4 t'
2s Oo
I). W. tiAv ENs.
iiiaccfHiU with
Lynmiisviih' A Gvrntuuia State Rtl.
By coma to co treas ou i4P 40 3 62
pay 11 it in full to J Schwartzeu
baeh, com 30 ir>
pay mt to .1 i£ Merrick com 34 50
in full .5 bit
road plank, etc 4.96, 90 5 s0
payiuta to J Merrick, eom... . li S8
work of self, ham la and reams .. szi 23 935 90
To ba-l from old account. 6+s 40
fun is ree'd from co tr'iai< 240 -pi
taxes recti J M Kilbournc A Son. 3 .a 532 on
Bat due I> White, treas 43 21
I). W. liAYENS,
in account irilh
tor IS7-1. Several State Roads,
llojijier Iloitae &. Paddy Run.
, To uai m hand from old act 26'J so
By pay mt in full 1) F (U&asiulre com. 3D if)
li rtiiiiu for bridge ir> ird
It Baker, clerk 10 ta>
26 las services oy sell 0. 60 1.2 .V)
lia! in hand of treas
Ereeman Run & Forest House.
. By '.idl -hie treas fiuiu old at 12 71
0 Ms servlr.'-i.. '.'2 50
Arat due treaa . iv vl
Coudersport A. SliijijH'ii.
• t'o bal in ii&ini f, out j acct. .. 12 69
tiee'd from Cameron ci r.4 00
Norwich tp, MeKean c 0... .24;99 )6
1 B>" pay nit to A Nelson, i-wrn 2 40
It Kesseii-leu for work. 20 011
' Traveling expenses. 6 2^
j stationery 76; clerk hire 109 5 75
' 29 <!as services of self . 5s 00 92 43
j Bal In baud of
l. .. 11 a v
In account xcith
K. Fork Road District.
By 8 days' services 1,; Oy
; To bal in han I from old account •>
Bal due A. Kounseville, tseas l;i 44
Audited, Jan. 8, 1574. J. M. H 1 MILTON
I). W. HAVENS," '
[J. M. SPAFFORD, l\eas..
In account w.'f.'i
for 1873. FoniDionwcuith of Pcmia.
! Reed from coirs '72, '.is l;', ; 7.;, p>. 7c, 27s 89
Overpaid t 1 state treas 378 67 657
By ieels state t. ea. Al 29. jo •> <u uO 613 82
o-inn on 278 80at i> pc 13 m ,y. 7
Her tries per rep t A A S wet land, app'ser
brewers, 10Oi-; retiii-ers, .I93t)i) 4c3 00
By p in init advertisement a on
| receipts state i.eas 17261*>
commissionoa 689 Ut> 19 4.=. 37.;. 45
Bai due by co treas ;L .5
Reed on lie- uses as follows:
\ Dan Joj; F Hayniond lit• 00.. iTOou
Meuigerie :'ob-; II So:oi:on 2.14)
istac Strait :>iu); .1 '■ an.ien iiOij Xl UO 173 tl)
By reets state treas: %> 79, 12100 1R179
commission on 175 00 8 75 14., ri
[ fUI due by co trcaa 35
! J, M. SPAFFORI), Ttti
In <o co lint irilh
. - -IS I'< >TTKR ( OFNTV
J tii 1 Reed of A I. Harvey. U TE
Feb 19 A DoeriiiK2.lA W B, I, H ,.
AWaiey -.A .. J
May 1G CI I'eaiaoll 1:4 ; L Kviialuv
\V t 2124 ' # , V
27 \V Washlnu ala WHoh IS *
J unc 11 Vl' Carter 2CHA M LAUM
wt 21M 4 , (R ,
<lo 80a Wt 2210 1,,,
M 0*2.7 I N Scott lOta Sharon 1 4
{ May 16 Pd A Kouusvilie 154 Wt 2^4
Ealalia S<#
26 do do *O2
do do 117419:,;
Juno 12 J<-sMai,ii2fiaWt2l<i4Sharoii4,.,.,
211" i,' U
Sept 4 J W Allen 501 W Bch
Nov 25 Jos Matin lciaSharon 1
1)00 11 S Koss .76.1 Wt 467S Summit L"- .
197a 467*
156a Wis 21.19 \ 21m,
• .< in hands of Treas
Reed from A I. Harvey late treas
collectors for 1672 55.,
D ° <^U4FT. E
unseated for 1872 > :
do 1673 10 J-,
011 judgt vs Eulalia tp-luuatic 5
Refunded by Amies Fire Inse Co <•
By orders ro com rec<l and canceled :
*73 March 27 27457 35
Sept 4 2670 64
Dee 19 687131 11,32950
iess applied sped fund 3,035 75 7093:
coiniun on celln ♦IH:7S @4 PC LA, ,
Recti from coirs for "72 555 04
'73 2031 44 235." 5G
sted A unsted '72 2009
*7*s 7' 7 ,r ~ l '
from A L Harvey late ttcas 2816 77
By interest on bontls etc L'Hti 4-7
| county purposes 2289 20 IF .'V. 7",
comiiin on 12013 74 1 4 • 374 ,
Bal in Treas' hands ]&, _
Keod from A L Harvey 'ARE treas 2'.' .'ft
collectors for 1672 1 -P.
Bv orders co com eanceVd :
'73 Mch 27,16 00. Sept 4,16 75 >".
column 011 l.'o 98 t", 24
Ba! in Treas' bands ,
We certify that we have examined TLIEAE- UM
of J. M. Spartord. Trea .. with Putti . n,.;.;
f.N the several Funds aeove iiauied ai.-;
them correct, showing BUMIIEES as i- -
above stated. J M. it VMIL'i
* I>. V> HAY I'N
A -
J. M. *PAFFOHI>, '/VE.T.S..
f i IH7 1 hi account IFF; U
P;t(Ul\*s IT'HJ & H<p;H*r,
K -d from \tdvott tint' 1 !-! 72
ON' half rf ;:uia ß TOAD
Potter A Clinton.
HE 1 tins'; CD: 7, F ; "73 V
< lie ii.-T.if RG r'D: '72. .37 . '7.. .
T.'midersjMirt &
R-.-J UIS'LED Euia'ia: '72. 36: '75, IS.
I.yiii.uisviilo & Germaniti.
IJecd 'iii< te 1 So. 11:111: 72 1 1
otie.liajf ret: road '72 0 ■ 1 2
uns'tcd V Branch' 72 122:
three-quarter re .hi' 72 . .6 64 OS
Audited J any. 15,1674.
J. M. SPAFFORI). 7VF'<.S..
In account icit 'i t'o
for 1*73. Several Supervisors.
Ablxitt Township.
Reed un .'ti-1 "72, 1 75; '7.5, "0 2 25
lessapportioned t state r'd. 112 115
.special r'd '72,1 77; '73, -70 225
poor 1572 and 1875 22
ALH-tftiny Township.
Rued special ro:ul 1572 64
poor tax 1572 IF
E.IST Fork District.
Reed tins' ted road: '72,7 00: 715,7
EI. In! in Township.
Reed till 'ted '72. 120; '73.2 40 -61
SIIECIAL '7O, tiO ; '72, 1 20: '73,1 23 '<
p-sir tax 1673 12!
J-atst Fork ' T?7L
Genesee Township.
Reed road on seated duplicate 1672 I
special road 1672
poor tx x c 2 245
Harrison Townsltip.
Rued uns'tcd road : '72, 12 60; '73, 12 .6' 2" 20
special '72. 4 41; '73, 3 7'. 81'
poor TAX: '72, 5 <4 ; "3, 6'M 1131 44
flojner Township.
Reed special road '72 •
I'ike Township.
Reed sjieeial road "72, (V>; poor '72, 12" • 11
Summit Township.
Uecd road "72 120
less to i, A. <i slate r'd 60 •')
special road "72 12" 16"
bountyT2 R— &
West Hrnnch Township.
REED road: '72. 50 66; "7". 10" "•! •'"•
less to I, & (J state r'd 36 '"4 1 •22
sjiccia! road: "72.2543; 75. 0.. 2'
Iu account rith U
for 1673. Several chcol istricli-
ITFH-d school and btilidint: 72, 4.V : 73,1 '
Reed school and building 71,1 92; I''
Uecd K Fork di<t school "72,11 5;
Reed school '72
Reed School & build'g '72,10 71; 7:6 12 W
KCIHI school and hvilding
Reed seliool and hui'.ding '72
Reed school and building
Reed school and building 72, 44 50;
We hereby certifv thai we have exami"'"' 1
counts of J. M Spa 1 rd :•
Coantv. with th<- several R<- 6®'H'T- :
District* in said County, and MI 1 h M> T>
ed T<> them respi'ctively the AI" ' T(l \
above stated. .1 5'- VA IV'X
I W ,UU 4 ;,<:!"*
--KOK TUB V EAR I*'* -
r.uiiHl.ig new school house
Uepab-Htg, etc •• i','„
Kud, etc 4J
Exonerations FI,
•..0; IXCII ns • ■ '!•
- EAC I-rs' saladej ... J.
DLC -O->' ,S( ..I'.l SL
lt> ecijiUc ..
; a .:i'r, duj.iie Ite when
" •• —buil :' < ... a
STATE SJ>| mprtatdou
BA-DM. frocni I -.N' ••• IF®
Amount of tnUebteoucss
J. H. OK >ST, K-"• >