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J no. S. Mann.
AT IE "W S' ITEM. ' F ' HamM '°"'w
i- . i ■ ition proposed to (he fitt
-Cman inir* (ilth for their
~r rejt etion, lj the Coneti
, r■ .if lb-- S r t:iry of tin? Coin
. . t- of tl" 4tll ti >ll 'f
1 ~TrmhlT.rnttthid"ft n
ing a Convention to amend
i). approved lilt- lltU day <>f ajs
r, . \ ! >.. Ki
\\"t ' • ]K-->]le of the common-
I i:nvlv:inia. grateful to
. Hod fr the blessings of
, > liberty, and hum
-11 j rivo |iii His guidance, do or
■ ■
k* rights.
h an- ■ • • <>i' enjox ing
i protecting
-. 2. A.. } •i- inherent in
on 15 ji.•:r authority and
For the advancement of
- - ' a a iiavc at all times an
: in k ft a-ible l ight to
Uianni r as they may
• . . I . :mn have a natural
- • ! i_:iit to woi ship Al
- "> the liie
ir "V.n e iiiscifj!..-, >s; n<>
. : i _.t be compelled to
. env r -upport any place of
r : > maintain any ministry
s consent; 110 liunian au
.iv with the rig. ts of
ml no preference shall
. n >v law to any religious
eats or mo h - of worship,
t. No js i-on who :fk:iowl
; rewards and pi.msh
. >!i ■ . .at -
riue. ts. be distju btied
or place ol ti'ir-t o.
v . Kk-ctioii- -hall be free and
v. -hall at any time interfere to
" • • j , jury shall lee as
••• • • ntiiiir pn- shall bt
'ry , ; sun who may under
e or any branch of
. and no law shall ever
restrain the rig!, ti. reol
nimmieation of thoughts
as is one of the invalu
living re' j' iiisiale lor the
" ii'nei tv. N't an iv ion
!<:ul in any prns cution for
• i von iuet of otlicer> ..r men
' .
i nvr for public investiga
aiormation where the fact
publication was not mali
r negligently made shall b
" • ' iv sa ,isf. vi. Hi f tl •
all indictments f.lilted
di have the right to deter
• and no warrant to
legs, shall is-ue wit in ml de
al as nearly a* may le.
i table ci'.sv. support
o: v.ilirmati- i, sua-ci*ibvd
In all criminal prosecn
.-i*d hath a r.giit to be
as. If and ids counsel, to
■ ure an 1 came of the
_ Ust liim. to mi vt the
l.etmeiit or information,
• trial b\ an impartial
'• vicinage; lie cannot In 1
' givt evidence against
Can he b deprived of
."lit of his peers or the
1 pr- >n shall for any
H liens. IK.' proceeded
■ sing in the land or
v - i in the militia, when
r\:vo. in time of war or
r. or by leave of the
or mivlemeanor
■ Ts.' - 1-. 1 tor the
iw k - jiiu ill jeopardy
■ nor shall private
a or applied to juiis.
■ i m i ing first
'•Jits shall be open;
ii ;r a.i injury done
ds. person or
uve remiily l.y due
course oi law. ami right and justice
no ministered without sale, denial or
delay. Suits may be brought against
the commonwealth in such manner,
in such courts, and in such cases as
the Legislature may by law direct.
See. IS. No power of suspending
laws shall be exercised unless by tlie
Legislature or by its authority.*
Sec. 13. Excessive bail shall not
be required, nor excessive fines im
posed. nor cruel punishments in
bailable by sufficient sureties, unless
for capital offenses, when the proof
i- evident or presumption great: and
the privilege of the writ of habeas
corpus shall not be -uspend* d. unless
wlien in ease of rebellion or invasion
the public safety may require it.
Sec. 15. No commission of oyer
and terminer or iu:l delivery shall be
See. If,. The person of a debtor,
where there is not strong presump
tion of fraud, shall not be continued
in prison alter delivering up his es
tate tor tiie iieiicfit of his creditors,
in such manner as -hail l>e prescribed
by law.
Sec. IT. No EX POST FACTO law.
nor any law impairing the obligation
jot contracts, or making irrevocable
any grant of - pecial privileges or im
munities, shall be passed.
Sec. I>. Nop r- m shall be attain
ted of treason or felony by the Leg
Sec. 19. No att under shall work
ing the life of the onbnder. forfeiture
of estate to tlie Commonwealth; the
estate of such persons a- -hail destrov
tie r own live- shall descend or vest
ty. there shall be no forfeiture bv
reason thereof.
Sec. 20. The citiz, ns have a right
in a peaceable manner to assemble
together for their common good, and
toapph to th —e invi-ted w th the
powers of government for redress of
S • 21. Tiie i ight of citizens to beai
•■ ■ - ' ,i- <>i tii ra- ive- and t:i<-
S c No standing army -hall, in
time of peace, be kept np without
t . consent of the legi-lature an 1 the
imes. in strict subordination to
tiie civil j <wer.
Sec 23. No soldier shall in time of
peace be quartered in any house with
out tin nsent of the "Wta-r. nor in
-crib' : : y ;:.w.
See 24. The legi-lature shall not
grant any title of nobility or heredita
ry dis i notion, norcreateanyotticethe
longer term than during good beha
See 25. Emigration from the state
-ion- of the high powers which we
iiav, delegated, we declare that every
the g<
The L<<j) <l<iture.
Commonwealth shall be vested in a
of a Senate and a House of it pie-en
s. ■. 2. Meinb rs of the (.ienerai
s neir term of erv *e -h :! I- gin on
-hall occur in either house the pre-hi
ing officer thereof shall issue a writ
of election to till such \ acam y for
;; i •
S '\ 3. Senators shall be elected for
ti,. term of four years and Represent
at.\ - for the term of two years.
Sec. 4. The <ienerai Assembly
sliall meet at 12 o'clock n- m. on the
ti r-t i n sday of .January evi ry -<c
convened by the (I ,vernor. but shall
bold no adjourned annua! session af
tt r the year Is;-:. ]n case of a va-
Sen-.t >r
bv proclamation on notice not ex
ceeding sixty days to fill the same.
S c. Senator- shall be at least
twentv -five .ear- of ago. Fbey shall
of their respective districts one year
next '•••:'• e their el- lien i miles- ab
-Liit on lite public bu-ine-s of the
Ih i : - i Si: te- or of this State), and
shall reside in 'heir r:-peetive dis
tricts during their terms of service.
See. . No Senator or Representa
tive shall, during the time for which
he shall have been elected, be .ap
pointed to any civil office under this
('oinmouwealth, and no menilKT oi
Congress or other person holding
a..y oiiice (except ol attorney-at-law
or in the militia) under the I nited
>• or tin- Commonwealth shall
he a member of either house during
Lis continuance in office.
Sec. 7. No person hereafter con-
victe<l of embezzlement of public
moneys, bribery. poijnry or other in
famous crime, shall be eligible to the
General Asscmblj, or capable of
holding any oil ice of trust or proiit
in this Commonwealth.
See. 8. The members of the Gen
eral Assembly -hall receive such sal
art - and mileage for regular and
special sessions as shall bo fixed by
law and no other compensation what
ever, whether for service upon com
mittee or otherwise. No member of
either house shali. during the term for
which he may have been elected, re
ceive any increase of salary, or mile
age, under any law passed during soch
See. 9. The Senate shall, at the
beginning and close of each regular
sc-sion and at such other times as
may be necessary, elect one of its
members president pro tern., who
-h ■ J•. rform the iutes of the lAeu
tennnt Governor, in anv case of ab
sence or disability of that officer, and
whenever the said office of Lieuten
ant Governor .-hall In? vacant, the
lb use of Representatives shall elect
one of it- members as Speaker.
L.'-'-h house -hall choose it- otlicr
I ofliccrs.and -hall ju igc of the election
land qualifications of ii- members.
Set*. 10. A majority of each Lou-el
shall constitute a quorum, but a
smaller number may adjourn from
hay to day and compel the attendance
• •!' ab-ent members.
Sec. 11. Each house shall have
• \r to determine the rules of its
. ... ,
' lr and pun:-u it- member
>r t!ier p :- >n- for contest pt of dis
| orderly behavior in its presence, to
.T-f! r-of bribe-or private "ikha
not a second time for the same cause,
and shall have all other powers nec
essary for the legislature of a free -
State. Anoml ; r expelled foi <• ir
ruption shall not thereafter he elig-'
idle to either house, and punishment '
for contempt or di orderly behavioi
-hall not !• .r an indictment for the
>:une oiioiicc.
See. 12. Km !i 1. u. -hall k- 'paj
j nmal of it- proceedings and from '
cept such parts a- iv.p.iire secrecy. •
and the yeas and nays of the lncrn-
I" - any question shall, at tin* le
-ire of any two ol them, be entered
on tlie journal.
and of committees of the whole shali ji
-uch ought t•bek- pt -cent.
Sec. 14. Neither house shall, with
move ti'.iU t hI. e -lay-, n. r t-> an .
other place than that in which ti.o'i
wo lions - -hail In- ting.
cral Assembly shall in all cas ex
cept tree.-on, felony, vi 'l.n on
their oath of office, and breach or
surety of tL • l-ace. be privi 1 ged I
from ;.n -t I; r tl; .• at; ,> ' n • i
at the .is • f their i ictivi
ingfroiu :lit me; Midforre y spew
note 'question- dat any >i!.cr pi. .*e. <
Sec. I'd 'ii S ate - .o oe liiviil-
e l into fifty Senator 1 tl di-rriets of i
nearly < .j .;1 in population as ma\
■ . .-t one Seuat-na 11 reh county •
; - - .. ;
populat: n sliall be entitled to out i
S or for ■*: <•': r >. n • to an ad- .••
d tion d S;u: "or for a urphrs of r . - J
ulati >n x ceding three-ii I'tlis of a rn-
tio; but iio county shall form a-• j- !
arate 1 t tinle.-s it s. all •• nt: t i
ur-t:T - of a rati cx apt where
tl .i Tuning counties are each enti- 1
tied toe;, or more Senators, wlu-n 1
-uch county may be as-igned a Sen- j
ntor on 1" - than four-fifth-. :nd cx- :
co-'f'i: one-half of a ratio, and no i
cu:.'y Ldi be divided unless ei tl- 1
tle<i or more rs. N
c 'v or e vintv shall be entitle! t-- i
S'-p.irat.- representation exceeding
one-sixth of the whole number of |
Si tutors. No ward, borough or <
township shall be divided in the for- <
m .tion of a district. The Senatorial <
ratio shall be- ascertained by divid- i
ing the w 1;ole p qmlation of the 1
State by 1
Sec. 17. Tin? mi ruber- of the 110 ;-e i
•f lb : -I r.l: ' Yc- 11 be appo: it- •
id am ng the -v era! countic-. on at
ratio obtaine 1 by dividing the popu- <
lation of the State as ascertained by ;
tin most recent 1 id? ate-census i
by two hundred. Every county eon- t
taining h-s than five ratios shall ;
have one representative for ov< ry full 1
ratio, and an additional represent®- <
live wlo n the surplus exceeds half a i
ratio; but each county shall have at i
least one representative. Every 1
countv containing five ratio- or more t
-hall have one represent a live for i
every full ratio. Every city contain-
ing a population equal to a ratio ]
-ball elect separately its proportion ]
of the representatives allotted to the '
county in which it i- located. Every
city entitl i to more than four rep
re-entatives. an ) every county hav
ing over one -hundred thou-uid in
habitants, shall be divided Into dis- :
triots of compact and contiguous ter
ritory. each district to elect its pro
portion of representatives according
to its population, but no district shall
elect more thaw four representatives.
Sec. I*. The General Assembly at
its first - cs-ion after the adoption of
mis constitution, and immediately
after each United States decennial
census, shall apportion the State in
to Senatorial and Representative
district- agreeably to the provisions
:ol the two next preceding section-.
Ij' jt*lul tun.
Sec. 1. No law sliall be passed ex
ci-pt by biii. and no bill shall be so
altered or amended on it- pa-sage
through either iiouse as to change its
original purpose.
Sec. 2. No bill shali be considered
unle— referred to a committee, re
turned therefrom, and printed for the
u-e of the mt iiiiN-rs.
Sec. 3. No biii. except general ap
: pri'piiation bill-, shall la-p —ed con
taining more than one subject, whi< i
-hall J.e clearly expre-sed in it - title.
Sec. 4. Every bill -hall be read at
length on three different day- in each
liouse; all amendments made thereto
shall be printed (or the use of the
meniiK i s before "lie final vote i-ta
lon on the bill, and no bill sliall !?-
I come a 1 iw unle-- on it - final pa--ace
the vote i- taken by yea- and nays.
I the names of the persons \oting t* -r .
and against the same be entered on
the journal, and a majority of the
. mem In i - elect 1 to each h use be re
: corded thereon as voting it. its favor.
Sec. .">. No amendment to bills bv ;
one liou.-e shall be c-oncurre 1 in h\
majo; ty of the- members elected i
th'.lvio, taken by y a- ami navs,and
t .e names ol ta<-;- voto g for and
against recorded upon the journal
thereof; and report- of commi to. -
of conference - lall IN? ad opted in
either house only by the vote of a j
majority of the memlx-rs elected :
thereto, tak.n by yea- and nays and ■
the name-of those voting recorded
upon tlx journal.
See. i'.. No law shall be revive!,
am ade'l. or the provisions thereof
extended or conferred by reference
to it- ihlr only, but -o mi; hti. ..
as is revived, amended, extended, oi ;
conferred, shall lie re-enacted an i j
; af I;-he<l at length.
Sec. 7. The General Assembly shall,
not p .-- any 1 i! or -peciai law; j
,uf hoi zl ll_ the cii ating. exfen-;on.
or hi..p;.i; .Jig ol' !h-ns ; re. biting t!o
. -
o' i;i'l.i!.- till m.U)e- of ,M rs- li- O!
<>r criminal c.-.-'s; autlx i;;ir_" tin
• r alle\-; r> filing to icrri> - org
rid- -, or iiicorg".ruling feny or <
ii c? u • .' f*. i _ - IT- —ing -t ■ tin— :
wnich ldm. the b un iaio-- 1.-c!v.-ceii j
tliis and an? ••? her State; vac.tthig
■ ..iig t-< i p.t v.-ti■ •-.
•r pu!li.-? grounds not of ? ,c w ';.ite; j
... t'.ing to adoption r Itgf.itn.i
--' i uOi chh ircn : i- ca* h.g -r o! ,rg';
o c.r.iigig count;, line-: in
i; cit • ?• - ol vll i: or
changing t iei. <. imrtcr- : it; i;c i q -n
--uig and c uiuucting of elei-' i >n-. or
■ :ig : iinrfingdivorec.-; erecting m—
township lin -. i-.rough liin; - or
sen© -i 'f-t; I--.-; civ.r; ;ng ofiic'- or;
j> -ciibing tin p,.,wii- and dulies of
:iv nshij ei. i-f on or -chool dis
trict-; I g ilg i I? law <>l 111 -Cell?
r -ucc, -ioii: regulating the prac
tice of jurisdiction of, or changing
the rul. - of evidence in any judicial
proceeding <>r inquiry belore courts,
aldermen, justices oft c p. ace. siii-r
--irt's. eomrnis-ionci-. :ri
tor-. masters in chancer} or other ;
tribunals,or providing or changing!
methods for tiie collection of debts
or the enforcing of judgments, or
pr<- iribing the effect of judicial sale
of real estate; regulating tlie fee-,
or extending the powers and duties j
of aldermen, justices of the peace,!
magistrates or c< n-taqle-: reguiat-,
Ing th- management of pui.lie-eh 01-.'
the liui.ding or repairing of scliool
house- and the rai-ing <a money f-r
such jiurposes; fixing th--rate of in
terest; affcctiii_ ; i;e estates of minors
or person- under disability, except
att'-r due notice to all panie- in in
to. to le li'-fcd in t .e special
fuactmcnt: remitting lines, j-i ua'tie
and fori. tuiv-. oi i vfun iing m met s
legally pai'i into the Treasure; •x
--empting jr q. rty from taxation;
regulating labor, trade, mining, or
manufacturing; creating corpora
tion-. <>r amen ling, renewing or ex
tending the charters thereof, grant
ing to any corp nation, n—ociatf.n
or individual any sjiecial or exclusive
privil. g • or iminunity; t > any eor
poiation. a--H*iation or indivihu-il
tlx light to lay d.own i c.f.lroa-i track.
Nor shall the general assembly in-Ii-
Ti ctly enact such -pi • ■ ll or io< ; 1 law
by tile partial repeal of a general law.
but lav.- repealing Ix-al or -• c<-i;;i
acts may be passed. Nor sluUl any
law b p;,— ,-d granting p-wers or
privileges in any case where the
granting of -m-li powers and privi
leges shall have been provided for
by general law. nor where the co irt
have jurisdiction to grant the same
or give the relief asked for.
Sec 8. No local or sp, curt bill sliall -
l>e passed unless "notice of the in
tention to apply therefor shall have
been published in the locality where
the matter or the tiling to K? effected
may be situated, which notice shall
be at least thirty days prior to tlx
intro ■ uction into the general a-sem
' ly of-itch bill, and in the manner
to be provide i by law; the evidence
of -uch notic-.- having been ]cibli-h -d.
shall l?e exiiiitited in the g -neral as
, setably before such r.ei shall be passed.
.Set*. Ihe pre-* ing o.iiecrofeaeh
house shall, in the presence of tlx
'louse over which he preside?, sign
all I :iis. and joint rc-olutioj - pa.--c 1
by t.:e general as-eml y. after their
title- have b • n paMiciv rea-1 imme
-listely before signing, and the fact
>f signing -hail !h? entercl on the
S'-c li. Tie general assembly
-hall prescribe by law the number,
duties, and compensation of the offi
cers and employe- ■ erxdi house, and
|no payment -hail be made from thel
-late tn i-nrv. <>r be hi . nv wav :tu
tiiorizc 1 to m y ]•< r- n. xccpr to an
• t ing oilicer or employe clcct?'d oi .
; appointed in pursuance of law.
Sec 11. N', bill -hall be p.-sod
giving any extra compensation to
any public officer, servant, employe,
I agent or contractor, after services
-nail i;ave been r- ielereil r contract
inadenorj-rcvidingf.-rt • p-vmcntof
any claim against the commonwealth
without | !• vi< li- Ml.'i; i; hy of
Sec 12. Ail -tatiiuiery. tirinttiig.
i !'i . used in the 1 -g'sl 'ivi
v ] .a - ; uii nt - fgov-i Tiuient j
-it. ii fin.i I. end tlic printing,
bin..lug ai; I di-trilmti; _ of the law-. .
journtd-. department reports and all I
other printing and binding, and the J'
repairing and f'uri i-iiing the hall- '
and rooms u-ad for the inciting- of! '
the general a--ein'>iy and I'- com-;'
mitt • -. - hall be formed under con- i
irac". t- I-.- gi\ n to tli * lowest u— 1
pon-ibv biihi. rbi low such iii-.xiruu:.. 1
i. ■ •<• ' uud •; i -!i it .?i"h-as .
>dai jwt .■ r;i .ii ,y ! w; i.o nog.;-;
In i or officer oi any department of
"!a govciiiment -hail !-■ in any we\ 1
such contract- shall be -id led to | '
the approval of the governor, editor j :
><<• Id. No , ,w -i;-i!l extend tic- •
or i.i.n u 1.:- • ii"i orcMoiununis
after his election or appointment. j 1
See 14. All bills for raising teve-j*
Hue -hall oi l rinatv in tlie house of y
| 1 j g . ; as 111 i? 1: -i'i'i 1 i - .
I I !; • "a. g but a;- , :
propria?;.). - for the ordinary exj n- '
ju . ial dep- s.m xit- -1" tie mmon- '
wealth, interest on the j.uhiic ttebt 1
ami for j jl'lh- -cix.'o's; ad other ;:|c
rat hill .cm ; embracing but one i
•Ul of the 11 ry except ujion aj - U
jii"; i.'tious made b\ law ano oji ■
wai i.nt drawn by the prcqter officei '
In pursuanc ■ tdereof.
17. N
• .
than normal m in-1- estabai-hed b\
l.g.v for the } tr.cuing of
teacher- lor t e jmolii schools of the 1
state, ex-cp? by a vote oi two-thir I- i
of all the members elected to each '
• 'U-C.
Sec 1 No appropri- tions excej t •
f r pension- or gratuities f military 1
services shall be made for charitable,
educational or benevolent ptnpo-ef. 1
to any person or community, nor to J
any denominational or sectarian in- :
stitntion, corporation or aaaociation. '
Sec 1 Tin general assembly may '
make appropriations of uiouey to in- 1
stituti a;- wiierein the widows of sol- 1
• tiers are supported ora.-sisted or tlx- i
orphans of soldiers are maintained i
and educated : but such appropriation "
-hall be applied exclusively to the '
support of such widow- and orphans. 1
Sec 20. The general assembly shall 1
not delegate to an} special eommis-1<
sion, private corporaUoa or a -.-ocia- :
tion, any power to make, supervise;'
or interfere wit'a any municipal im- 1
proveuient, money, property or ef- 1
i'ec?s, v. i,, ihi-r !iei lin • nisi or < - mt
wi-v. or to levy taxe-or to jK iioim "
any municipal function whatever. 1
.- <•2l. No act. of the general as- ■
s -iit-iy -ha'i! biuit the amount to be \
recovered for injuries resulting in '
death, or for injuries to persons or A
prep-rty. ami in ease ©l*death from
such injuries, the rig at of action shall
-grvivt. : nit thi- . > rai assemi ly
shaii piv-eril •• for whose benefit such t
action- sliall be pro.-eeuted: no act -
- ;Ii prescrib. any iiini!i.:ion.s of '
time within v.. i<_-.. suits may be j
brought ag:iin-t corporation- for in- ,
juries to \ i r-oii- or projKTty, or for
otl. *r cause- i liferent from those •"
fixed by general laws regulating ac- '
th.;.- i.atoral }>cr.-<iu-. and
s'.icli ac;- now existing are avoided. < \
Sec 22. No act of t i;e general as
sembly shall authorize the invest
ment of tru-t funds by executor-, ad
ministrator-. guardians, or other
trustees, in the bonds <>r stock of any
private corporation, and such nets
now existing are voided, saving in
vestment- heretofore ma le.
Sec 23. The power to change the
venue in civil and criminal ca- -
shall In? provided by law.
Sec 24. No obligation or liability
of any railroad or other corporation,
held or owned by the commonwealth
sh. !I !i vcrlae t'xci.a;: tr;;,i-x ; d.
remitted. jiOstp m 1. <r In ; nv way
diminished i-v tlx- general assembly,
nor shall such liability or obli ration
be released, except by payment
thereof into the -tati trea- irv.
.See 2"). Vi'iu u the g, m ral" a - m
blv -hall be convened in -oeri d -•.•—
sion,there shall be no h gislation nja
on subjects other than those
nat.'il in ll,e proclam ition < f the
gov. rnor, calling -mm -<--i
Sec 16. Every ordi r, resolution <•;•
vote to wiiieii the eoncurren • ■ of
both iiouses may be;. -ce.-sary (except
oil the qii: -tioll oi a'ljoiii'xnieii? i -hall
l e pr. si-ii?,-d to the governor, and b -
f. >re it shall take effect Ik* ajq-r. v-.-.l
by In in. "i b. ing ili-apjir- >ve 1. sh.nT:
be rcjiass d by two-thirds of b- di
houses, acc irding to the rules and lim
ilatioiis prescribed in c <se of a bill.
Sec 27- No state office shaii i>e
continued or crcc'cd for thein-jH<-
tion or measur ng of auv mereli.;i>
• .
but any county or municipalit;, may
ai.-poln* ,-iU'h <>i!ic i s wlo n a itho; z. 1
tion of the capital of the slate .-hall
b< redid until ti.e -ame si all haw
been submitter 1 to the qualified
eleetor.- < i the <• mini"! ,ve. Itii. ; ■ .i
g- neral vice*ion. and ratified and ap
pi OI * i . t.i I'll!.
Sec 29. A member of the general
:i>-. nb!v who - all s<>li- deas .1.
or ri-ci iw . or con-nt to r< -cive. di
rectly or indirectly. f.<r hini-elf or
for another. fr< ;n any compauy. cor
poration, or person, any money, of
fice, appointment, employment, te— •
r enjoyment. < r of p r.-onal a -
■ or ]'.'• :;;.-e tL r.of. to. ; i
hoi-ling .lie same, or wit Si an aahr-'
standing,. xpressed or implied, that
his vote <>r official action -hall be in
any way influ need tin relc,. or wiio -ol'cit ei' 'i- :n;us i anv
money or oth-r a : *.vantage, matter,
or thing aforesaid for another, as the
eon-ideration of his vote or official
influence, <>r f<>r withholding the
same, or >iiall give or withhold his
vote or liitlm lice in consideration of
the ] : vnunt or promise of such
to auoth- r. -hall be held guilty of
within the meaning of th :
<•' 'is' tuth M. an 1 sh dl in- -..r the dis
aMiitic- proviih i thereby for -aid
11?' lit a-iM>r-I.ail i>" ]a < ide 11. 1; .
n<- r iieii; c? > . on ;. a I v. ■
promise ary mone -. or thi'ig • Tren a .
ci..l offic.; or meinbei oft e general
as.- )\. to in.. . in ? fie ]< :-
if'"'in nc. of any of hi- pn 'h or o
'••• . and I . . • I.a - h "ii.aa
S- • ... i. I r i - 2vie < i t : pt -< .-
licit ;;• ai ;t iix'inl ' ■ ol the g no• >
ass rnbly or of public oil.,- rs of the
st; t l , or of any municipal division
th .eof. an i any occat . '.I n tw
practice <•;' solh-itatif u of such i:x m
bcr- or officer-. * intluoice th ir of
ficial action, -h. li be di li cd b\ law.
aixl shall be puni-I;-.. 1 by line ;uid iia
prisoiuiM nt.
Sec 32. Any ]>erson may be com
pelled to testify n any lawful inve-ti
gat ion or jud icia i j -roceei I in g. against
any jx-r-on who may Ik- charged with
Inning committed the obelise of bri
1n ry or corrupt solicitaticM),and -I
not be permitted to withhold hist-
timony u]>on the grouui that it : rev
criminate himself or subject him to
public infamy; but -.u<h tv-timon}
shall not afterwards be used against
him in any judicial pro"i edtng. ex
cept for perjury in giving such testi
mony, and any person convicted of
either of the off n-c- aforesaid, shall
as part of the punishment therefor,
be di-qua]itied fre.ii holding any of
fice or p- :ion of honor, tru-t or
profit iii this commonweal;!).
>. > 33. A iuciuln r who has a jh r
-• * nd or pii'< te interest in any meas
ure or bill prop-1-od or pending be
fore the g neral a -emhly shall dis
eloso tlx fact to the house ol wiiieh he
I- a member and .-hall not vote there
1 i<e Ks' v.Urf.
c t. The executive department of
tl .- coiiimoiiwe..]th sliall ensist of a
governor, hi utenant governor, secretary
of the conimoiiwealth, Attorney general,
auditor general, Btatetreasurer,secreta
ry of internal affairs and asuperinieiul
etit of public instruction.
-■ c 2. Tin- supreme executive power
sliall be voted in the governor, who shall
take care that the laws le faithfully exe
cuted.: lie shall In cl.< sen on tie day of
thi gi IM ml election by the qualified elec
tors of the commonwealth at the places 1
21.75 ft YEAR
wherethey shall vote for repn - entat ives.
The n turus . . t very t It • tion f- >r go\ •
nor -hall b > aled up ;i d transrnitUd
t'lthi >. at < h govonitu t dr. cted to the
pre.-: i nt of tie senate, u: o -hall open
ami pulili-a them in tie- pres ncet f K>t!i
houses of the general assembly. The per
son having the highest Dumber of w to*
i. 'kg '• * .1 t\ KWe 1
equal ami highest in volt-one ef them
shall l>e chosen governor ly the joint
votei iti eMtinli; rs 'l a ithlio.isis. t.'on
tes ed elections shallledet'mined hya
< ominittt t to \A' sel. cted fi in both hous
es of the general ass* uibly . i:d forme 1
;jj<l re., ilajttl in such manner as shall
lie dl'eeti d by lav..
li e during four ytars from the thinl
Tuesday of .January next et suing his
t lection and shall not i-eelij; a to the
oll'.ee for the next succeeding . au.
><■<■ 1. „V lieutenant governor all \ >
( n at the saute time, in th ' same
manner. : >r the same term and sub*l
to ;iie ..tine jirov;>hms as tlie governor;
he shall be president of the senate but
- ad ~avt n • Vote unb to tho\ leoinai y
'• No j" rsoi! s .all I t eligible to
yi nor < \ pt a <"it:z'-n ~{ I'iutHl
"tales, who slmll have attained the age
"1 thirty years ami 1 ave l>eeii seven years
mm preceding his election an in'liabi
tant of the state, unless ho shall have
I***ll a I'-.-nt on t'.e j; "lie busim >s of thi
I in. 1 states or ol this s.ate.
!Sec. 6. Xo member of (./engross or per
son holding any > nice umler the I'nitetl
ot riior or lieutenant governor.
m nder-in-chicf of t i army of the com
monwealth and of the uniitia, except
elicit 1 ! . i.-v shall lie called into the actual
■■ ;
>• c -. I?-, sr. 11 i:< lain: 'e .-.:al. by ami
will. *.?:•• ■ nt Oi two-liiirdsol all the
! ar *: t 1 . t,j .•• •dan at tot -
la - .a ..d do; h.„ ; 1 •. sOperil:-
t; ud tof jn.hha instruction for four
yint ■ and ich '.!.< r o Jiceisof thee u
monwealth as he i- or may I#* ami- ized
1\ t: e ( ii-t:: .?. .f ■; In . pjoiiit;
:!l have j-ow ." t • till ah \..< ai s
t" it i- :.y napjM-u iis itl - ie wi ich he
i ". ipp' .nt during the n -s of the
■ ■ y g;.. ;tu _ ! ei'itiir--ions which
• 1 * xp:re at 1 end of tht ir mxt ses
'.f ihe - uate m ti.i oiiic * <.f auditor geit
p..d. -tat" to a-'in i. - r-1; :y of inter
n .. i - • r ,-1151 rintendeut'of public
instruction. i;ia judbial office or in any
other • l-.vt ive o;ii < which h is or may
] nuti . "/. dtotili; il the varan-y sliail
i- 'PI ii tut? s- . iii < i t ht* viKitt 1
" g v. itors' . li -inmate to the senate
b fort -had n jouimiient. a proper
: sliali Lie chest j to . at tie
i • xt g nrvt flection, n.d ■- the v.— nicy
shall I ■ ppeii • i* s, 'n three calendar
in ml - immediately prc. liingsuchekx
otiiee s'.ali It.* la*!.| at tl so:;-; succeed
nor tb vote r !1 I** taken by yi as ami
nays : . : shall i> en len d on tat* journal.
See!). He shall have jnjwer t > remit
fines a: ! n rfeitu.e. to grant reprieves,
cotnmutati u.s of sentence and pardons,
except ill - •>' impcachm ot. hut no
patxb-n s'.M, graiitid nor s -ntence
' :
at ion in v.-.'ti- gof tie Ii at.- mt p v
t: d h. a ring, i : po;i doe public not 1 ■ a* ■ i
in oj n - .-sion, and ieh rec uiiincn ! i
to:i. wulithe•; - i s ther f< at it 1
of the sec. , tary of th ct mninnw altb
1 r ingfn rutheofi v" i-. ftlieexecuti* •
the drti s of tbelv nsyect.w otfices
• ■
give to Ihe g ia ralnssi i.dly •: a-nn. ti i
of tie state - : tb<- t :amo..\vi ;dih ro d
recomait ml to their consith-r itim; m. ..
the g{ 1.f.rl lOsf-iiihlv,
'•!.<: !?' C:'s< 1 di-ngr einei.t 1 t Wis Uti i
tW'" ;:ut".i'Ci> Wi.ivspt ct to toe time of
add inn in nt. adh>u:m ti.em to sicm tin- •
four months. lie s v eii ■ ave jw 1 to
. !
tion oi , \ .p.,ve .... - •
v > c 13. In c if t' <!• '."c• i> -
ti 1! t n imp •.ciunent. failure to <pir. at y,
nmats of the ofiice for the reniaiiidi 1 of
toe t rin, or until t! c disability be n -
inov. (1. shall devolve ujion the 1: utuiar.t
lb In ease of a in the of
fte of" nt u: :it g.iverno .or w!;en the
lieutenant goveimor .v.a.i be iiu,eac!.tl
by tb>. 1- iH-e of r presentatix > - or -i all
be unable to exercise the duties ot las
men's the reel for the remainder of ti
term, or 1 ntil ? <!:>;.biiity U- rein d,
si.oil 1! vweup "U tie pn-ident, pro
ii- 'it. pr< t* in}H>ie. 'd tic senate shall in
lik 111 am • rl* <"iuegov riU'Vif r> vmnn
cy 01 diSiibility shall occur in the office
ci lue vacant when- ver iie snail Iwouio
ff "Ve: i. ; and .dhitild by b < ti< n
li,u-s d i>t!i hoi s. - sltail !*• {-j i-s. Nt- I to
the gA* ni".: if hea|qirt ve He sliall sign
return it with bisobjts:; to the house
in which it or;.in de l. whit h bouse shall
( liter the • jeciions at large upon tneir
journal and ]>r. • dto reconsider it. If,
after such -v. ~, -id; ;;;ti."ii, two-thirds
of: 11 lite nciub 1- •! c ted *■ t lint bouse
ed. tnd ;f. oved '•' t wo-t iirtls of all
the m- loiteise • cted to that 1 it s'lail
l>e a law: 1 'it ... such c st -• the \ ;• s of
l-'th i es (! i.-nnincd by'yeas
and nays md 1 sen a-iesof thenmmWrs
v-'l . ' . . li e ... U'entcr
* !
i\. y. It any 1 .1 >baii lot H* returned
by gov. rn-r within ten days alter it
s:.all bv\ ben pre-ented to lrim. tiie
-iiall U- a law iu like manner s.- if