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    The Potter Journal
COUDESSPOSTf PA., May 23,1373.
s „ ijitji.ti shall lw allowed to run over one
' \.'ir in arrears. Due notice will he given of
iti.m ami if not paid the paper will he
popped- B.P.HAJUMEOH.
Coudersport Market.
I y ,at No. 1 white, per bush. SI.BO
I •' Red winter, " 1.60 (ty 1.75
I •• No. 1 spring, kk 1.50 (a 1.60
In ♦ - - • " -40
I U;ltN
I Corn, - *'''
I petaloes. - - " .80(0 .40
Onions, - " • " 1.50 C 2.00
,j. lV . . - per ton, 15.00
Hides, - - - " * -06 @ -08
llutter, - - " * -25
(..., - " doz. .15
I * J r>n * • |
11l our notice of the game law last j
week we stated that the time for killing
(her was "from tl e lirst day of D'cem
i,.r until the lirst day of January in any
veai " For "December" read Sqitnn
] ~ and the statement will be correct.
[ Stewart & Co., clothing merchants of
r , n.svdle. have failed within a few days
last. C. II Simmons is the Co. and it
L said iif will suffer a heavy loss by the
iransaction; we have heard it reported
el the way from $12,000 to $-5,000.
han't Fail
rn stop on the corner at the store of I'.
I. Stihbins. Jr., and see the improve-
Lnts lie has just completed. As yon
111 m W cptcr direct from the sidewalk
I ,„ut climbing a pair of stairs, you
ft tied it for your interest at the same
ft,,. to examine the stock of new goods
ft . ~i, just receiving from the city.
1. p.-;ire :-oine things that the hard
K itml the cold spring can't keep
I Tiie show business is opening
I: Ti.f circus is coming to Couders-
Kj . .ore will lie a line chain ■to
■ i - ■ half-dollars.
■ ..1 attention to the list of pre
■ , 0 d for the County Fair next ,
I. ...... i,. the Constitution of the Ag-
I. . i S'.eii iy published this Week.
Bi Arrangement.
■ . . ss relations have IK en ef
■ the Pennsylvania Cen-
I ! the lb. X. V. &P.K. W. which
■ ~ 01 * the latter a through line .
■ buffalo and the Past.
■ •to have any ohservainv of
■ ra , . thaw the lirst of this
■ it. eevs of the Jersey Shore
■ .. i k Railroad v 'ompan\ are
■ . <u. uinee 111 .1 ersey Snore.
■ ;k on the road, it is expected.
■ uuii!- need soon. —C Union in-
H . aili of Mr. John Nelson our
B. Ms anot her of its oldest citi
■ is in the order of nature for
B lie, but it set n.s to us that
B 1 r two the grim reaper has
I in the ripened sheaves with
B* son was known to almost eve
■ m the county, and his broad j
Bt.iv . hearty salutation and apt
Bull long lie remembered. lie j
■ .wore than his tnree score and
before he passed away.
8 1, '$ the towns in the eastern
Slate a man apieared in
a J'iror, recently, clad in a blue
B he wore at his wedding forty |
B by our exchanges that the ■
■"'aities in tiie counties north
t- Uuig their cheese lnunufac-
B N'tiiig at from 14J to lof
B i 'Uiul. At such prices can !
B '■ by this business cannot;
B pursued in our County?
B "f the 13th inst. states
I'naun ,] Caldwell, of iv t-,
' uer County, made a nar-!
■ "Mhstant death last Sal
s'' ll! * o his raft at Mal i- j
1 u was thundering and
.Overman put his hand
B.7'"J- 'hid just as lie did so
B 'j -; struck a pine tree over
!;yl. a "d shattered it to
off it entered the
• : "U up his arm and down
, way, passed out of
■ the river with an
it! . Wa,s somewhat
■ii, f to insensibility.
l "| I'laeed under medic-,
H Psterday his condi- i
• and r H -V Vi surcharged
u e could taste it
F u 'y u ' the lightning
K ' ll mark is visible, i
KWv,, 1 " 11 '' 1 ' wiUl C'ald
bmned but not in-1
fc? ruus 11,0 stil ge from!
have said enough to
Dan" and his
■; but for the ben
■ add bus
.'''" T; tljle coaches and
|Hj.. When vou go
iß k, ;u!!p lhUl,hewi " U
■ the fann
. l'hftmg in oats.
Sad, but True.
TIK* Westfield Index is destined to die 1
young. Such very smart tilings as it
says in these, its early days, indicate a '
precocious development of brains that ]
! is unfavorable to long life, f
Pay For
And read your own paper.
Xptt fcpnper I'ostasc.
We give below the new regulations'
in regard to postage on papers and other
publication, that seem to be the result
of the rei>eal of the franking privilege:
The new postal regulations in regard
to newspajiers, periodicals, etc., go into
effect on the Ist of July. These regula
tions provide that all newspapers, {xui
odicals, etc., sent by mail must be pre
paid by stamps, unless " regularly issued
and sent to regular subscribers'* by pub
i lisiiers or news dealers, when the follow
ing rates per quarter are charged, pay
able in advance, either at the mailing or
j delivery oiiice:
Dailies 35 cts.
Six times a week 30 "
| Tri-week lies 15 " !
Semi-weeklies 10 " !
! Weeklies 5 " I
Semi-monthlies, not over 4 ozs. 6 "
Monchlii s, not over 4 ozs. 3 "
(Quarterlies, not over 4 ozs. 1 " 1
This law will exclude all exchanges
between publishers, and weekly news
papers which are printed in the* county
where delivered, from free circulation".
Newspapers and periodicals dropped in- :
to the local office for delivery must be
prepaid at the rate of one cent for two
ounces, and an additional rate for every
two ounces or fraction thereof; and i>e
riodieals weighing more than two ounces j
are subject to two cents, prepaid at the j
, letter-carrier office. The postage on reg
ular papers, etc., must be paid in ad
vance either at the place of delivery, to
the carrier or jit the office; otherwise
they will be chargeable at trancient
rates. — Gctzdte <fc Bulletin.
X ev.'4
The Legislature last winter increased
the pay of jurors to ten dollars per day.
It also passed a law relating to legal holi
days, which we insert below in full:
Six:. 1. — Be it enacted, etc., Tiiat the |
following days, namely, lirst day of Jan- j
nary, twenty-second day of February,
fourth day of July, twenty-tit'tli day of;
December and any other day appointed
or recommended by the Governor of t Lis
state or the President of the U. S., as a
; day of lasting or thanksgiving, or for;
the general cessation of business, shall
j lie regarded as legal holidays and shall,
fur all purposes whatsoever, as regard,-
j the presenting lor payment or of accep-;
j tanceaud of the protesting and giving;
i uotir ol the dishonor of biils of exchange, j
bank checks, drafts and promissory notes j
made alter the passage of this act. be ■
treat', d and considered as the first day
of the week commonly called Sunday.
SEC. 2. —Whei ever ti.e first day of
January, twenty-second of February,
fourth of July or twenty-fifth of Dccent
lier, shall, eituer of tin in, occur on Sun--
j day, the following day. Monday. shall
be deeuud and (Irelan d a public holi
day; and all bills of exchange, bank
cheeks, drafts or premisory notes falling
due on either of the Mondays, so ob-i
i served as a holiday, shall be due and
! payable on the Sat unlay preceding such |
holidays; and such Mondays, so ob
served. shall, for all purposes whatever
: as regal ds the presenting for payment]
: or acceptance and of the protesting and
: giving notice of the dishonor of bills ol
exchange, bank checks, drafts and i
promissory notes, made after ;
sage or tins act. be treated and consul-,
ered and commonly called Sunday.
[! Skc. 3, —IS*ot hing in this act. shall pre- j
vi nt tlie making or demand of any pro- j
missory note, draft, checks and bills of
| exchange, falling due on said Mondays,
thus ol saved as holidays, on the day
: upon which such bills* of exchange,
drafts, checks and promissory poles
, shall be due,
| OllC
Haines of Williamsport lias published a
I history of Lock llaven and its business,
i The Republican says he ought to lit
prosecute(l for lilu 1.
Coming On.
Grass is looking fresh and green and
j the trees are beginning to show tln-ii
; leaves. The maple trees especially are
discernible by the delicate green shade]
j they have just assumed.
Hold Your Rreatli.
Some fellow in writing up the account
of a murder gets off the following. "Give j
him for playthings glittering fragments;
broken from off the sun:"
What follows in its facts may read
like the recital of some horrible dream
i wherein nightmare mirrors upon the ;
distempered brain a countless number
of uioiistrous and unnatural things, yet i
what is set down in the narrative is as j
; true as the sun.
.lnotlioA* Rig One.
One day last week ifr. Chauncey Grit- ;
tenden caught in the Allegany between
the Crittenden mill and the Brown j
place, a trout that measured fifteen i
inches iu length, nine inches around
the largest part, and weighed one and
one-half jxuinds. He says the trout
took a good deal of string and proved
a severe strain on his patience, but he
finally towed him in.
(rinl I.lst.
J. L. All en, da/., rs. Geo. Nichols, L.
11. Kinney, et Win. V. Keating, el
nl ., rs. A. M. Baker and Luther Baker.
Joseph Smith rs. M. T. Seibert. Mar-'
tin V. Prouty vs. Perry Smith. Geo. j
N icliols, et nt.. vs. J. L. Allen. Summit
Twp. rs. Martin Watson. Hamilton
j White vs. Homer Bruiulage. Win.,
Dent, adibr., etc., rs Susan Bogers, tt
id. Geo. Nelson, et ill., vs. John Bu
chanan. W. T. Jones rs. W. Clinton
ai d Win. Burleson. Win. McDougall
vs. Win. Dalrymple, tt id. Win. J.
Warner vs. Lyman Dibble. 1L K.
Young, exec., vs. James Glaspey. U.
. J. Spalford rs. W. C. Alberger, tt nl.
<). J. Spafford rs. W*. C. Alberger. C. j
J. Curtis rs. H". \V r . Arnold. Joseph]
Mann and it. L. Nichols rs. Sally Sloat,
et al. Jennie Picket, etc., rs. Benjamin i
Picket. C. Knowltun rs. D. P. Heed.
■ M. T. s*libert rs. Chuks Jaeklin. H.;
; (Airbill A Bios. vs. Miles \\ tiite. Daii-
I iel Smith v.. J. S., P. C. & B. It. W.
Co.; Benjamin Card vs. same; Reuben
' C'aid vs. same; John K. Burt rs. same;;
' Alex. McDowell rs. same. Win. Dent.
| adnir., etc., vs. Edmund Cain, et nl.,
heirs of Redner.
l> Il<:l>.
' In Comic rsport, May 1(1. 1573. John X'olson,
aftcl T.'i year*.
Xocal Notices.
' To receive prompt attention commu
nications in relation to subscriptions
| and advertising should be addressed
| to 8. F. HAMILTON,
•§ d * " * rf ~
> s "5 ' S S s? £ S
g Z rf ei cd -
*cs 5 - £
tt o 5 - 5 : s <
CU x g? 8 £ g g ~
o -f ri . C
CO r-s I ,►*.
jR ' B,* '*■ •
I s s K
•3 i 4
w . b > j-j
§2 H
s g II s , H
| £ rl Ms< i J
, te u; * c K H
3 <u H
"F I S - 3 I
ui -~- r - -"
-J _s £ - -■ 3 -
L 2 • H ~ a
<S~SS ;) S S
p- p. z 1-i d o5 sj rf :
UJ =
2■-Ss . 3 . .
I— 2 =5^22
* rJ ;i -1 4 -
| All work done with nearness and dispatch.
PLANTS.—Verbenas at 10 cents each
lor 51.10 per dozen. Also Dahlias, Ge
ranium* Salvias, etc., at equally low
prices. 'Asparagus, Rhubarb and all
kinds Vegetable Plants Grown and for
| Sale by M. B. PRINCE,
May 7, 1 ->73. Wdhbow, Tioga Co., Pa.
ISTirder* given to JOHN M. HAMILTON, will
receive attention.
Coming.—By a monster bill-board on the
Court House Square is announeed the coming of
pie Keystone State Circus, and from the display
of paper and the promise that tliey do all they ad
vertise, wo arc inclined to think this is a ttrst-class
exhibition. Prominent among the artistes of t his
establishment is pie wonderful South American
rider, W. W. Nichols, who has carried away the
champion medals from every etiifu lie has ever
appeared in. At eaeli performanee he will ride
I >ii s great Leaping act and also carry bis infant
son ltertic (only 4'st years of age) in many pleas
ing i*:-i.i ms. Mr. Nichols will be fully support
ed by a full and efficient corps of gymnasts, voi
tiguers, equestrians and clowns.
Itcmcin'nera free exhibition at one o'clock out
i le the Man -lly, tho<; .E4T Bem
• NAKIHO. So be in time and have your .STAMPS
Saturday, May 2ith is tlie day.
"V"OTKT,— Scaled Prupos.'tlsforbuild
x a iuga bridge over the Allegheny River at the
foot of Main street, in the Borough of Loaders port,
rill lie received until the tirst M" 'NI)A Y of J I'ME
: next (June 2d). Said Bridge to h buiij in accor
dance v ith the ln-aft gml Spe ificatimih in ttie
la i ts of !>an Baker, which Kraft and Speciiica
iims can he seen l#y calling on hltn.
:.iav 1-4:; 4t Bv order of the Town Council.
ivioro ptireiinsing elsewhere call and
examine the SINGER MACHINE.
A. M. Reynolds, Agent-,
ojict in O'.msteii jf.ock, vClJclsrsport, t2 l.
f the Real Estate Owners in tlie Bo
lioe. —That you who Jiave side-walks out of re
pair will have the same put in good repair before
the SECOND day of JUNE next under the supervi
sion of Boi j. Hcunells, the Street Commissioner,
without further notice.
May s. 1 -y j-tt By order of Tgwn Council.
SI BS< turf ioss tnlke Buffalo Daily "Ex
prcis" aud the Einiira Daily "Adver
tiser" rect iveil and forwarder! by
j 133-ly Arthnr B. Mann.
Notice to Collectors of County Tuxes.
By reference to the Act of March lis, IST.:, en
tit led "An Act to change the mode of levying and
eoi citing the dog taxes in the County of Potter,"
• ii will he seen that the duties heretofore exer
cised by the County Commissi tiers are hereafter
to he performed by tig' I directors of tile several
! Sen K1 Districts respectively.
Tlie CniVetorsof county taxes for the year 1873,
I will therefore take notice that they are m>t. to
j collect the nog taxes carried out • 11 their dup i
eates. as the County Colliliii winners liave no au
liioril vto lew said taxes. Bv iirderoftlie Board.
L. B. COLE, Clerk,
I Comiiiis.gigk.i s' OSice, May 2, 1873.
The Eimira Advertiser.
The News Paper of this Section.
ing jiaper puhiisiied every day except Sun
tia Is. It is I'.uUlished at such an availahle point,
that it is aide to give ail the latest news to a very
extensive tcrrttory earlier than it Is possible for
inv other journal to supply it. Over e. large por
tio'll of sol I'IIEKN NEW YORK and NOKTH-
KltN PENNSYLVANIA it reaches points early in
j the inoruiug, and west of Llinira even to the Lake
i it is in
: ofanv metropolitan journal.
Its'.speciaities and features flat recommend it
to the | itblic are numerous and known far and
; wide.
It is the representative journal of Southern New
, Yark aud looks earnestly and perststently to the
Interest and aJvaneeiuent of that portion ol the
i State.
It has an interest In and care for the large and
constantly increasing In population, wealth and
power of Northern Pennsylvania, and although
i printed in another state seeks hy all reasonable
means to forward it on the high road of prosperity
and weaith.
of the ADVERTISER are: ttsfuli,latest Telegraph
ic Intelligence flout all quarters ; its faithful re
ports of the daily Markets at all the Commercial
Centres of the country: its eommeuta on political
and passing events an IKs full, fresh and readable
1 local intelligence.
It combines all the best features of a lirs.t-elass
general Newspaper ami a first-class local journal.
! Is a large, eight-pace, fifty-six column newspaper,
! issued every'Tliussday, and contains the cream of
; ttie Dally edition.
It is especially addressed ami Intended for that
large and Intelligent class of community who re
side oif ihe great main imesol communication ami
■ the facilities for reaching whom make it inipos
: silile to supply themselves with a daily paper.
For these, besides tee late general and local
news, arc provided reports of local agricultural in
terest.- and full reports of late markets for country
I produce.
It Is eminently a readable paper ami farulshes
la eace issiiea vast amount ami variety of reading
1 matter.
DAILY, reu VEAR $6 00
I Iu the matter of the petition or; Iu the Orphans'
Wit. D. ATHKUTOX Court of Pot
! for the partition of ttw estate of. ter Couutv
W'M. ATHERTON, deceased. No. 130.
Take notice that, in pursuance of an order of the
>' j Orphans' Court of Pott r County, Inquisitors up-!
f ; pointed by said Court will meet on the premises of
tlie said William Atherton, deceased, ou the 29th j
day of May. A. 1)., 1 47:1, for the purpose of making
! partition uf the sane, at which ti.ue and place •• ou
: can attend if you think proper. 3u_j
■ April 25, 1673. Ally* for Petitioner.
W. l>. of Pennsylvania.
( Pn-rsucßGO, Aprils,ls73. j
Tine IS TO GIVE NOTICE: That on the sth day of :
March, A. I>. is. 3, a Warrant In Bankruptcy
| was issued against the Estate of Charles Secly of
Hector Township in the County of Potter and
; State of Pennsylvania, who has been adjudged a
i Bankrupt, on his own petition; that the payment
of any debts and delivery of any property belong
: ing to such Bankrupt, to him or his use, ami the
! the transfer of any property by him are forbidden
: by law; that a meeting of the Creditors of the said
! Bankrupt, to prove tiietc and to choose one
:or more as>y„"7iees (J { |ii s Estate, will l>e held at a
, Court of Bankruptcy, to lie holden at the ofllee of
E. E. Smith, Esq., In tic Borough of Tioga, Tioga
i Co., Pa., before F. E. Smith, Esq., Register, on the
17th day of May, A. D. 1813, at lo o'clock, a. in.
i 83-4 17. S. Morula it for said District.
Register's Nolie?.
FJISLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that the following Administrators' accounts ;
i have been filed in the Register's Ofllee in and for j
; the County of Potter, hnd that the same will be j
. presented to the Orphans' Court of said County
for donfirmation and allowance on MONDAY, the i
i 9th day of June next, at the Court House in the i
t County aforesaid:
Feb. 18 1873. —Partial account of Maria Bab
, cock and Win. 11. Hazen. Administrators of the
estate of LYMAN H. BABCOCK, late of Uoulet tp„
i deceased.
Feb. 19,1873. —Partial account of Hiram Baker,
Administrator of theestateof ABIGAIL M. BAKER,
■ ; late of Uoulet tp . deceased.
Feb. 22.1873.—Final account of John M. Lvman,!
1 Administrator of the estate of CHARLES CHAND
LER, late of Clara tp., deceased.
| May 23, 1873. Jiiyvster.
1 Administrator's Notice.
WHEREAS, letters of Administration to the es- :
tnte of ft. C. RsYNOt.ns, late of Allegany, Pott":
[ 1 Co., l'a., deceased, having been granted to the
| subscriber, all persons Indebted to said estate are i
requested to make immediate payment, and those
having claims or demands against the estate ol ,
the aald decedent will make known the same, ;
, without delay, to iFI.IA A. REYNOLDS.
Allegany, May -23, 1573.
AtimlhH rator's Not ifo.
"\TT"H KREAS. Litters of Administration to the
W Estate of S. I*. B. Howe, late of Bingham
tu p.. Potter Co . deceased, having been granted |
: to the subscrtlier, all persons indebted to said es- j
s j tate are requested to make immediate payment. !
, I and those having claims or demands against tin* ;
estate of s id decedent will make know it the same i
1 | without delay to J. L. RAYMOND,
■ j Bingham, May 7,187JJ. Administrator.
BY VIRTI E of an ordr of the Orphans' Court
of Potter County, and to me directed, 1 shall
ex'ii>se for sale ai public vendue or outerv on
THURSDAY, the FIFTH day >f June, A.D.. 1873.
at one o'clock, p. m., on tiie* premises in Sitais n
j tow nship as the property of Ceo. \Y. Humphrey
and iiattie Bel! Humphrey, minor ehildn n of A.
: W. Humphrey, late of Sharon t))., deceased, the
. ; following described real estate, situate in Sharon
, tp., Poller county, l'a., to wit:
No. I.—The luidividi il one-'mirth ]>:irt each of n lot
jor tract of laud, beginning at a po,t corner im 'he S
bank of the <Mvayo Cm k in fhe W due of land nr.
enpi- il by W. L. Starkweather; thence stw > huu
-1 ilred and two perch"* torn pest corner; thence W cigli
. ty-tive and seven-tenths p relies to the 8 E corner of j
, I a lot Wintered for Henry Mattes n: thence, by line of t
. said lot, N .'no hnudred and uiuely-eiglit perrho* I ■
the Osway.l Creek; thence up the S li nk of the -aid .
" C eek to place of beginning. Coutai .iug una hue- •
■ tired and eight acres, gtore or less.
No. 2.—'l a< one.fourth part curb of an- :
• tin i lot situated a* al> beginning at > li Corner
of M chae Lamb's laud: I lienor S forty-sev-'ii perehe
to p >st corner; thence \V one hundred and li\ e :• ■ < L.- • '
to post corner : ihetiH V forty seveti p. rtl' - t" post
. corner; th* ncc, liy line of Michael Lamb's land E one ;
1 hundred and live perches to place of begituiiug. C n- j
t.lining thiiiv and eight-tenths acres, more or less,
and being p Q rt of •t. No. 217' i.
j No. 3.—The undivided one-fourth part rarh of an- !
other lot situated as aboye, tntmiof at a p st thl ,t ;
1 j K corner of land conveyed to John . est, lot No. 3vJ; j
j thence W one hundred perches to post corner; tboucc j
, ! A . ighty-four perches to a p-'St the N K earner of lot 1
| 71; thence E oqu hundred perches to a post corner;
■ • thence S eighty-four perches fee piace Of beginning.
Contain: ug fiftv-two and five-tenths ac. es, be the same
, ] iu re or h ss, being lot No. 47 of allotment of Keating j
lauds ia Sharon township aud part of Wt. No. 2104. i
i The above described real estate is held as ten- 1
' ] ants in common with Nelson Parmenter, wlm !
j owns lite UHiiiviiled one-hall thereof. Terms ■
one-third eniiliii niatiou of sale, one-third iu one ■
year ami one-third in two >e;ua thereafter.
• Sharon, May 9, 1873. Uwirdian. I
. j
SHIP FOR 1572.
To orders outstanding 123 95
! | " balance due ojt judgments 283 51
. ! too 4i;!
r Clt
' IBy Com'r's certificate of Road Tax "01 "6
,i C ** h " 754
i | " cash on hand 1 25
- I I
Bal. of indebtedness over twp. funds $-0 99 :
i U'm. 11. CROSBY, J. E. KARI.E, ) ,
! 41-3 Clerk. G. IE HATES, ( Audltors
{ DR.
; To onlers In circulation 565 89
! flue on judgments 100:"> 71
! 157160
, Clt.
• By cert ideates of taxes ret'd for' 72 420 35
due from county treas 64 33
" Jno Mctzger. sup., 't'S 27 18
j " AltH'rt Reed, " '72 (34 94
" Collector for 1572 87 93
Ctish on hand 70 00 _
, Indebtedness over township funds $836 87
r | Clerk. C. W. (JOKAM,
I' Also one order for SIOO, No. 17, (registered on
page 17 of order-book B,) drawn to Norman Slier
i wood, which is lielieved to have been obtained
by fraud aud will not be paid by the Township
| unless compelled by law.
t WESLEY ALLEN, Gu]*>rrisor.
C. W. CORAM. \ Audita) s
I J if i :roif T
I it'tlie Atitlitwrs of r.iilaliii Tftwnslilp.
A PHIL 8, 1873.
It \
U '
y f?r. To town orders In circulation. 6W hi
Due ou judgments 1075 UO
! Cr. By receipts for taxes returned 179 50
" cash tat baud 21 00
* $ 20050
Bal. of indebtedness over twp. fuinU $1520 01
i 3 11. A. NELSON, T. B. ABBOTT, )
Clerk. ALMKUON NELSON,f rluditors
Tlie SINGER is a lock-stitch macliine
ami makes a beautiful, even and uniform
f : stitch whicli will not ravel and is alike
t on both sides. It hems, braids, cords,
•- tucks, embroiders, rutiles, tells and does
'• all kinds of work ou the finest muslin or
! the heaviest full-clotli.
v TTUANTKD. Agents and Peldlerß for our
■ ; Btraiusf jams, jellies, herbs, vegetables, lard, tal
g 1 low, meats, cheese, etc. Over 60,000 sold in a few
; iocalittes. Sells quick. Every family wants it.
Sewing Machine and other established agents are
' finding this very profitable. Circulars Free.
102 Washington Street. Bn-t"ii. Mas*.
The undersiged having neen appointed l y '.lie
Court of Common Pieasof I'otter Cotmtv an audi
tor to Uls aimte ths funds t>i the hands of tnr ad
lnini-tra. >r*'f the estate of I*. L. ("o 101... dcecdsetj,
j hereby gn on .. .tioe that he will attend to the du
ties of the appointment at hisum< e iathc Borough
of Couderspoit on TUESDAY, the TKNTH dav of i
June next, at ten o'clock a.m., at which tiuie ami
place creditors of the estate and others interested
can attend If thev ,we tit.
)". W-C Auditor.
Divorce Notices.
ty her next friend. I In the Court of Common
CUA3. A. JoKtis, Pleas of I'otter Co.. No. i
145, Sept. Term, 1872.
Jerome Dickinson, Respondent above named,
will please take notice that a snbpueua and alias
suhpiena liave lieeir issued and returned niliii; i
yon are therefore hereby rewired to appear op,
tire tnst day of next Court, June 9.1873, U, anstver I
to the co'iipxamt made ihD oa-ie
n >r s. P. REYNOLDS, Sheriff. I
Coudersport, May 16,1873.
AMBROSE R. WOOD )In tire Court of Common 1
„ " > l'leas of i'otter Co., No.
STI.VANIA WOOD. ) 112, Sept. Tenn, 1872. ;
Sylvaitia Wood. Responderrt above-named, will'
please take notice tirtrt a subpo'oa and a ws sub. I
po'iia have been issued and returned nihil; vou !
are therefore hereby required to appear on the 1
hist day of next Court, June 9, 1872, to answer to 1
the complaint in this ease
„ J s. P. REYNOLDS, Sheriff-
Coridersjiort, May 16, 1873.
i Potter County Agricultural Sccieiy |
List of Premiums, Rules and Regu- i
lations and Constitution.
C. I TTLE—lmproved and -V alive Breeds. j
Rest bull, 3 years old ami upwards, each... i 1 (XI
2mi " do 300 i
, Rest bull, 2years old ~ 3 00!
' 2nd " rlo 2 (JO I
| Best " 1 year old 2 (X) j
i 2nd " do 100 1
| Rest bull calf 1 SO |
! 2nd do luo j
Best tuileb cow _ 3 00 I
2nd do 200 |
Cow to la- kept on grass during the. experiment I
: and for twow eks previous to each period of j
; I ia!; eaeli period to lie ten daays and at Intervals j
i of not less inanoite month apart. The statement J
: furnished to contain tire age and breed of the cow,
j time of calving. i|uantily of milk in lvith we.girt
and measure and also weight of butter during the
' period of ten days; butter made to be exhibited
i at the Fair, and also the cow; statement to lie
verified l>\ the ailidai it of the eomn titer and at
: least one other person having a knowiedg of the .
| facts.
i Best lreifer 2 yea-is old 2 00 j
i 2nd " do 100 j
j Best '• 1 year old 100 j
| 2nd " do 50 j
| Best heifer calf 1 00 !
" yoke of oxen 300
■ 2nd do do 200 \
i Best do steers 3 years old -..2 00:
| 2nd do do do 150j
Best do do 2 do 150 |
2nd do do do 100 j
Best do do 1 do ...100
2nd do do do 50 :
Best training of steers (each class) bv boys
under 10 years of age Hook \
HORSES—Thoroughbred; Draft; For all work.
. Rest stallion, of each $4 00
j 2nd do 300
j Best brood mare (with foal at her f ci) 4 years
old and upward, 3 00
1 2d do do do 2 00
; Best eolt, 3,2 and 1 year old, each 2 00
12n 1 do do 100
; 80-t sticking eolt 1 50
2n 1 do 1 00
IBrt -Ingle cari Urge or saddle liorse, each... 3no
2n i " co ... 2 00
| Best inntche' span carriage horses or mares 400
2nd do do 3 On
I Best span o draught horses 3 UU
| 2nd do 2 00
i Best span of mules 3 00
! 2d " 200
! Best mule 1 00
" jack 200
: SHEEP.—ljivj-wmled; Mlddle-irnoled ; Meri
nos; Saxons; Cross breeds.
Best buck, 2yrs and upward, of each 3 On
I2d " " " " 200
i Best '• under 2 years, " 200
id " " " l oo
I Best icn of 5 ewes, 2 yrs & up'd " 200
|2d " " " " 150
Best " " tinder 2 >TS " 100
| " " 3 buck lambs, " ~100
j " " 3 ewe lantbs, " 100
I " samples of wool, not less than 5 fleeces. 200
! [Samples of each to be deposited in Museum of
Society. ]
: Best sbeei) dog 1 'JO
I Best boar, 2 yrs a over, 1 yr, a 6 mos, each... 200
; 2i ' ...100
1 Best breed's sow 2 yrs old a over a 0 mos " ... 200
;2d " ' " " " . 100 ;
Best lot of not less than 5 pigs under G mos.. 100 .
j " cured ham 200
: [Ham to be cooked and brought to Exhibition.J
: Best lot (not less than 1 cock and 2 hens) na
tive and improved breeds, eaeli 1 00 j
" general lot of poultry owned by 1 person 2UO j
Best butter In firkin or tub, not less than 50 ft? 2 00
2d " " 150 1
Best roil butter, not less than 10 its 1 oo
1 2d " " 50
j Best cheese, " 1 00
Best farm 5 00 ;
2d " 4OQ j
3d " 3 CO I
Condition, cultivation and buildings will lie con
sidcred by tne Judges in their award, and a state
ment of the management w ill be required oi each
competitor. They are requested to notify the Re
cording Secretary at an early date to enable the
Judges to visit the fawns during the growing sea
First premium 4 no
Second " 3co
Best acre of each 3 00
2d " 1001
Best sack winter or spring wheal, each 1 uo
2d " " 50
Best " rye flour 75
2d " " ...i 50
Best " buckwheat 75 '
I 2d •' " SO
■ Best " corn meal 75
2d " " •••• 50
Best and most timothy hay from 3 acres 1 •*•0
' " " clover 150
" potatoes or turnips, each 200
2d " " lu
'. Best Vi-aere fleets, carrots, beaus, peas, flax
'j or broom-corn, each IW>
i Competitors for premiums on any of the above
• i niii-i exhibit asample of theeronat the Fair, fur
; nish a statement of tbg mode oi cultivation and
• | also a certificate of two respectable neighbors as
j lo product and measurement of ground.
TIMOTHY. Oaroe and small,) CLOVER and
r j EL A X SEED.
' Best bushel of eaeli 100
" 2d " 75
Best assortment of vegetables 1(0
2d " •>'
Best sample <>£ each ll<o :
" raised by youths not over
16 years old
Best specimen niaplesngar, notlessthanlOfi>s CO j
" honey, not over 6 as, to be tak
en without destroying the bees and a J
siateineut of management and kind of '
hives to be furnished 50 I
Best assortment of each 100 1
2d " * 50 1
' Best sample of each variety 50 <
1 Not to be removed until close of exhibition.— |
i Precautions will be taken to prevent injury.
I Best 1 bunches sliaved shingles 100 t
| " 4 " sawed " 100 ! j
" 2 bundles " lath 50 L
i " manufactured 500 ft. lumber 200 i
" " boards or veneers hard :■
wood, not less than 100 ft 200 i
" collection of specimens of woods the ,
growth of this.County 3 00 j
A committee of Judges, composed of ladies,
will be appointed with instructions to recommend j '
: awards to the most deserving, not exceeding *1 1
, in any case. 1 ;
I ! ,
A discretionary committee will be appointed,
with instructions to recommend an award, not i
| exceeding $ 150, for the best arliclesof any kinds i
that may be exhibited.
! ]
I The above Premiums will be paid hi money or,
!at the option of the-depositor, a NEAT DIPLOMA, '
in which will be inserted the name of the article '
' for which the premium is awarded.
I. All animals, to 1M- entitled to com- ;
pete for Premiums, shall have been kept -
and owned in the County by the persons
(presenting them at least four months
! previous to the Annual Fair. Noani
i I
mal shall draw a premium two years in j
succession, other than certificate of lion- -
orable mention.
If. No person shall be permitted to;
(compete for a premium on any article j
of domestic manufacture, or butter or i
cheese unless the same shall have been •
made or manufactured by such person
or persons, or his or their family or fain- j
: ily or families, within the year it shall
he offered as a premium.
111. Exhibitors must become mera
i Iters of the Society and have their arti
j cles and animals entered on the Secre
tary's book on or before the day next
preceding theopening of the Exhibition;
and all articles and animals must be
| brought within the enclosure as early j
! as noon of the first day of exhibition, in i
j order that they may be suitably arrang- i
i ed. The Managers do not intend to AS
si'KE any exhibitor who NEGLECTS
i these requirements that his articles can
ibe submitted to the Judges. While
! every effort will be made to secure the
j examination and proper notice of every ]
j article on exhibition, justice to those;
"•ho comply villi the rules of tin So<iely j
, requires that they shall in all cases first j
i receive attention.
( IV. Articles or animals removed be
fore the close of the Exhibition (except,
by i>ei mission of the President) cannot
! receive a premium, though awarded.
V. Should any individual enter aui
-' mal in any other name than that of the
' bono fide owner, the person making such
1 entrv shall not be allowed a premium'
I j
j should one be reported by the Judges. '
and shall be precluded from competing
' at any future exhibition of the Society. '
i VI. Persons entering stock of the age j
I jof three years and under shall furnish
II the Judges evidence of whsn the ani-j
mals were dropped, to he filed by them
with the Secretary, and the ages of ani
. mals above this to lie given on making
| their entries.
VII. The Judges shall in all cases;
withhold premiums where the animal or j
1 j article is not worthy, though there be no .
' competition.
1 VIII. No premiums will be awarded j
' to bulls, cows or heifers that have been I
, fitted for the butcher—the intention of
j the Society being to promote the rearing
of superior animals for breeding pur
IX. Whenever it shall appear to the
Judges that articles of superior merit
have been presented, not noticed in the
Premium List, they shall make special
report thereof to the Board of Mana
X. It is particularly dasired that no
jierson shall be present while the Judges
are examining the stock referred to thein,
except those taking charge of the ani
mals, unless by special request.
Art. L The name of the Association
shall lie the "Potter County Agricultural
and Horticultural Society," auxilliary to
the Pennsylvania State Agricultural
Society* The objects of the Ssciety are
to fostey and improve agriculture, horti
culture and the domestic and household
; arts.
Art. 2. Tiie Society shall consist of all
such persons as shall signify to the Board j
( of Managers their wish to become mem- |
! bers and shall sign the Constitution and j
i pay to the Treasurer not less than fifty j
' cents, and annually thereafter not less;
' than fifty cents while they continue i
. their membership.
There may also lie honorary and eor
-1 responding members. The payment of
twenty dollars at any one time shall con- !
stitute a life membership.
Art. 8. The officers of the Society shall
' lie a President; a Vice President from
i each township or borough in the Coun
ty, three-fourths of whom shall lie prac
tical iarnwrs or gardeners; a Treasurer;
a Corresjionding Secretary; a Recording
Secretary; a Librarian; and a Board of
, Managers,consistingofthealove-named
officers and five additional members.
u Art. 4. The President shall have the
ii siqiDriutendeiice <>f all the affairs of the
•Society. I n case of the death. illness or
inability of the President to |Krform the
duties of his olttee. the Board of Man-
sjludt elect it Vice President to art
iu lus stead, who shiill have the san/
power and perform the same duties ; s
the President until the i t gimual elec
Art. u. icePreside
charge of Ihc atlairs of the Society iu
their several districts to advance all its
objects, to call upon fanners to repot t
the condition of agriculture in tneir
neighborhoods, to ask for iuturmatit n
of the modes of cultivation adopted by
different farmers, and. as far as in their
power, tu make known the resources of
their districts, the nature of the soil, its
good geological character and as all such
matters as may be interesting to farm
ers generally.
Art. IS. The Treasurer shall collect
and receive all monies belonging to the
Society, keep an account of all
and all payments made by him, furnish
a statement of his account at any time
when called for by the President or by
any meeting of the Board of Manager*,
and shall give such security as they may
require for the faithful performance o!
his trust. He sjiall not pay any hill
except they have l<een audited and ap
proved by the Board of Managers and
an order drawn for the amount sigiled
by the Chairman of the Board and at
tested by the Recording Secretary.
Art. 7. The duty of tlie Correspond
ing Secretary shall be to invite a corres
pondence with all persons interested in
agriculture, that new seeds, vegetables,
or live stock maybe introduced and their
fitness for cultivation or propagation in
this County tested, and generally to ob
tain information upon subjects of inte
rest to this Society, and also to invite
mechanics to forward models or imple
ments for examination and trial. At
each stated meeting of the Society, or
when duly called upon, he shall read his
correspondence, which shall, either the
whole or such parts as may be selected
by the Society, form a portion of the
Art. 8. The Recording Secretary shall
keep the minutes of the Society and of
tiie Board of Managers; attest orders
drawn properly on the Treasurer; aud
at t lie close of each year shall prepare
such parts of the minutes and transac
tions of the Society as may be designat
ed for publication.
Art. 9. The Librai ian shall take charge
of all books, pamphlets, etc., belonging
to the Society, and shall act as curator
to preserve seeds, implements, or what
ever property the Society may possess.
Art. 10. The Board of Managers shall
transact the business of the Society gen
erally, shall superintend and direct the
publication of such of the rejKirts and
transactions as they may deem proper,
designate the time and place for annual
exhibitions, regulate the exjienditures,
examine all accounts, call special meet
ings of the Society when they may deem
necessary and keep such general charge
of the affairs of the Society as may best
promote its interests. They shall se
lect their own Chairman and meet
| monthly. Five members glial! cpm-tb
; tute a quorum for the transaction of
! Art. 11. Any member who may be
present at a meeting of the State Socie
ty shall be duly qualified to act as Dele
| gate from this Society,
j • Art. 12. The Society shall meet annu
ally on Monday of the December term
of Court at Coudersport, when all the
I officers of the Society shall be electe d
bv general ticket for the ensuing year,
and until another election. They shall
also hold a general meeting at the time
of the annual exhibition and special
i meetings whenever called by the Board
of Managers. Fifteen members shall
constitute a quorum, but no member
iu arrears shall l>e entitled to the privi
leges* of the Society.
Art. 13. This Constitution may bo
altered or amended at the annual meet
ing in December by a vote of two-thirds
of the members in attendance.
Tib' Baflfclo,N. 1,1 PbflA. RaJlwaj
offer for sale, AT A H.VRUAIN, the bonds remain
ing over ami above those already retired by the
Towns themselves—being of the following Towns
along the line of its Railway, viz.:
S6OOO of Olean, N. Y.
SI6OO of Macnias, M. Y. —S-100 retired
on a Bond.
S4OOO of t ranklinviHe. N. Y.
$5300 of Yorkshire. N. Y.—S2OO re
tired on a Bond.
The Bqinjs are of flow each, bearing lute rest <.>■
seven per relit., and are a " PI I.ST-CLASS'" S.\ Kg
SKI'OKI I'V." For particulars aid rests
K. 1.. I.y iiitin. Trent..
O. Drawer 175. X. 1.