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'filUiiSDAV, MAV 217 i yr-r. *"
JVs,? s:J-3 |fetyg.-§atysti\
'•> c i \' V\ only ahe I .' sheet this v?oe>
~ i
in t ye- able to present fostj
T.M\JUL> a" o. v jla me 1) in aa entire;* new <
d: Ji4 i 'i: week. In conse.'uenoi of
faaiug to r-wcivo our supply of paper no
J y A*. "T>. issued last week. We hope I
** reader 4 will the omission. (as i
v/cii <*3 the half sheet this week,)in view of j lair prospeot of a decided change in j
in; appearance of the paper iu future. j
\Y C hype every subscriber to the .JOUR- J
NAL mil bio ae i u friend, and aid us 1
tj ei-'rttad iu circaiitiou. by asking his j
mig ibof io subscribe For every tea J
air sib.j. bars obtained for us, we will!
ss#i XA extra capy to the person getting|
4# tae crab, or we will ailaw him ii\ j
par c;ut of the annual for his troubles, j
Na.u ba: ilrMuei snbieriptbru will be ;
received. Our terms are very low, and
we can not afford very large commissions
to tliuae who may favor us with their
exertion* taincrease the list of our pat- \
rona. The price of the JOURNAL i 3 One!
* \
Dollar and Tweaty-Five Cents per An
num, invariably in Advance.
There is n>jw due us cu subscript j'ons—--
fyjr which the subscribers have already
received the paper —over Foi'.r Hundred
Dollars, wnich would be ?. great relief to
us in the proper management of the pa
per. YV e are now in great need of money
to purchase the necessary materials for
pfintiug the paper, and hope ALL of those
indebted to us will either bring or send
us the money court week. We do got
like to beg money from our subscribers,
but necessity compels us pg do so now,
Sfeir*The School Directors of M'Kean
County, we think made a mistake in not
re-electipg F. A. Allen to the o;fiee of Su
perintendent of common Schools. Mr. A.
has been a most faithful officer. Although
his salary WAS the lowest but one in the
state, yet he gave nearly as much time,
aud was quite as zealous as those that
were paid the highest. lie is a teacher
of long experience, and is more at home
in the than any other of our
ac such an oificer should
be man who, we bc
leive, i ven any evidence of be
ing qualiGeaas the law directs, is a mys
tery to us. If faithful service should
oommend a man to the favorable consid
eration of the school department, then F,
A. Allen of Smethport, M'Kean County,
is entitled to such consideration; and we
hope Mr. Hichok will soon call him to
Harrisburg and afford him a larger field
of usefulness than he has as yet occupied.
Death of Mr.
We regret to announce the death, at
Harrisburg, on the 15th iusi., of Mr. J
M B. Potriken, of Lyoo aiug county, and
one of the Representatives of this district
in the State Legislature. He is said to
be another victim of the National Hotel
poisoning, but the editor of the Telegraph
is infor.ued by Mr. Petrikea's physician,
that he died fro.u disease of seaie other
nature than poison.
Mr. Petriken was au able representa
tive, aad for one s > youag in years (33)
evinced extraordinary talent. In politics
he was a htte •fi uerat, and one of
the most vlg. ;oa; ... -s of the doc
trines waica aro uaiteuia; ;aj ruin of our
country. may have boe-a sincere in
Ills dtviji neat t J those doctrines, bat it
was more tae error of judgement than of
tae aeart. As a man and a citizen he
was much esteemed.
Wit have received the May number of
a magazine bearing the name ol " The
Ladies Jjurnalgind Illustrated MUcel- :
lany, devoted to Literature, Music, Fash
ion and Art; published monthly by Scat
tergood A Co., Inquirer Buildings, South
Third St. Philadelphia. Price 15 cents ;
per nu nber or Si,s J per annum." It'
bears tne stamp of a good work, but as
we are not judges of "ladies ware," we
have placed it iu the bauds of au intelli
gent lady friend for critical examination,
and will report her opinion—if we get it.
W£ would call the attention of our read
ers to the advertisement of the "Central j
Ohiq ileal Estate Association" in another j
column- We arc informed that they are j
in every way honorable in their manner
of doing business, and organized for per- j
manent operation.
attention of Druggists and'
Dealers is invited to "Costar's" Advertise- 1
mcut and notice in to-day's paper. If j
these remedies are what they purport to j
tie, our Druggists will find an extensive
demand for them here
A Disgusted Democrat.
Mr. Carpenter, of the Madison Patriot,
the organ of the anti-Barstow wing of the
Wisconsin Democracy, wtites to his pa
th? following :
"It is well known that, in company with
a, score of Democrats from Wisconsin'
I remained in Washington about a month j
to aid in so exposing the misdeeds of the
"Forty Thieves" that we should forever
be rid of them hereafter, and it must be
notorius ere this tha£ most of our endeav
ors have failed. • "The hopes for our party 1
in the future are vanished, aud we have)
been cleaned put! The "40" find i> vor
at court, while the old stand-by Deim ,cmts
who have never been indicted for * .caliug,
gambling, or perjuries, are pe .mitted to
suck their fiingers at a resectable dis
That the writer is disgusted, but not un-
Utcrably so, with the Ad ninistration, is
evideeat from his e) -rfing paragraph :
' i am a ranging some business prepara
tory, to taking a bee-line for Madison to
morrow* or r.ext day, with the full deLer
mmauou that the Union may be rent
asuuu?. f the Potomac yield up its waters
to o' a Oeoan, and become as dry as my
packets; Abolitionism revel in rampant
luxury and dominion at the national c?ip
iUl; that Chimb or azo may nod its tower
head at the feet of a moledjill; that
cholera, yellow fever, croup, and chicken
pox may vomit forth pestiferous and do.
vastaring miasm i to su.locate the poisoned
rats of Waihiiigtou; that lice, frogi, and
all the plague* brought upon Egypt by
the Wie cedaess of Pnaroih may overrun
!and devastate our country, before [ go to
Washington again with a view of prevent
ing thieves from filling places of honor
; and profit.
The Ltnion Qaarterly Review,
The Now Yjrfe Daily State Register
and others on
"COSTAR'S" Hat, Roach, Ac., EX
for Ants, Ac.
The Lrnclon Quarterly Review contains
near a column, and the New York Daily
State Register, of May the Ist says: "No
judicious housekeeper shouid defer pur
chasing a supply of invaluable remedies
for clearing their houses of all sorts of ver
min. With all confidence we can recom
mend them as indispensible articles for ev
; cry family."
The Netc York Journal for April has
the following: " 'COSTARV Remedies for
Sail domestic pests, such as Rats, Cock
Roaches, Bed Bugs, Ants, Fleas, Ac., arc
said to bo invaluable; indeed, we ecu speak
: from actual knowledge of their rare mer-
I its. The name of'Costar' is a 'household
word' to New Yorkers, and his Depot No.
383 BROADWAY, New York, is thronged
by thousands daily. As the summer ap
proaches we advise every one who would
be rid of the above named pests to send
and procure a timely supply of the Exter
minator. DRUGGISTS and DEALERS also
should send their orders early, if they
would secure a trade in articles for which
there is a constant demand, and on wiiich
a fair profit may be realized.
advertisement in another col
hav until lately supposed Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral was the Ultima Thule iu its line,
and that nothing had been or would be in
vented waic.l could surpass it iu its tine
points of excellence as a medicine. But
we are confidently assured by tfiose com
petent to judge ou the subject, that L>R.
AYER'S new PILLS excel iu uign medical
artistry even that wiuely celeb, ated embod
iment of his skill. He has succeeded iu
uiakiug them not only pleasant to take
bat powerful to cure the large class of
complaints which require a purgative rem
edy.—Lancaster Argus, Kg.
removal and permanent cure of Scrofula,
Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Pulmonary Affec
tions aad all cutaneous eruptions arising
from j.:i impure or vitiated condition oi
the brood, it stands unapproached in the
| history of medicine. It may bo used at
: all seasous with very decided advantage,
jbr\t especially in the spring and summer
| season.— loica Republican.
Sold wholesale by Schcifielin, Bro. &
| Co., N. Y.j Buss ell, Scott & Co., Phila
: delphia, Pa.; Park, Ciu., O.j Wright &
I Co., N. 0.; Bacon, Hyde & Co., St. Louis,
' Mo.; and all extensive drug merchants.
From Kansas.
QUINDARA, K. T., Monday, May 11,
1857. —District-Attorney Weir haseuter
led a nolle prosequi in tue case of Gov.
I Robinson, indicted for treason.
Jtfo fMmlisfiitnits.
-k JLcgqi ftoiictf.
""""""""SHERB?P ; S ,,, saijS. .
BY VfRTUE of sundry writs of Venditioni
Ezpofica and Fieri Facta* issued out of the
Court of Common Ple is of Potter Co., Penna.,
and to me directed, I shall expose to public
sale -or outcrv, at I he Court House iu the Bor-,
©ugh of Coudersport, on Monday the 15th day
of June, 1857, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the follow
ing described real estate, to wit:
- ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Gene
see Township, Potter Co.. Pa., Bounded on
the north bv the lands of Harrv Ellis, east by
lanti3 of the Bingham Estate, south by lands
of Versel Dickinson and S. Preston, and west
by the Oswayo road and of Harry Ellis,
containing forty acres, with about fifteen acres j
cleared Aiith one frame tavern-house and two
frame barns thereon.
Seized, taken i$ execution, and to be sold
as the property cf Thomas Keeler.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Gene- j
sec Township, Potter Co., Pa., Bounded on the j
north by the New York and Pennsylvania
State Line, on the east by lands of Gannon &
Chambers, south by Bingham lands, and west j
by lan Is of C. Leach, containing two hundred
and seventy acres are improved, with one log
iiQu&e aijd one log baru thereon.
Seized, taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of Patrick Burke.
Certain real eit.ite situite in Rulilia Tp.,
and Borough of Cnudcrsport, Bounded on the
north by the Jersey S ore Turnpike Road, on [
the cot by Nathan Woodcock and eist line
of warrant 2123, S until by lots of \Y. 11. Gor
dinier, and A. F. Jones, and west by A. F.
Jones, and W. T. J one--, containing 100
acre-, of which there is about eight acres im
proved, with one frame house and frame barn
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Daniel F. Ellsworth, and
John Crittenden.
ALSO— Certain re il estate bounded and
described a3 follows, to wit: Situate in Swe
den Township, Potter Co P.'.., Bounded on
the north by Bingham lands, east by Bing
ham landssouth by lands of James Fisk and
Keating Estate, and west by Bingham lands,
being lot No, 57 of the allotment of Bingham
lands in said Township, containing e:g ity
acres, more or less, fifteen acres improved,
with one log house and one log stable thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Stephen Redsou and Jona
than Redson.
ALSO—Certain re v! estate situate in Alle
gany and Genesee Townships, Potter Co. Pi..
Beginning at a pot at the so ith e vst corner
of lot No. 3, standing Iti north line of lot
number five, thence north one degree, east
1 ninety perches and one tenth to a post, thence
! south eighty nine and three fourths degrees,
cost, on the south line of lot No. 23, two hun
dred and eighty perches to a post, thence
south on the west line of lot No. 21, ninety
perches md one tenth of a porch to a post,
thence north eighty nine and three fourths
dczreos, west on the north line of lots N >. 5,
i an 1 7, two bun I red and ninety perches an 1
rive tenths of a perch to the pi ice of begin
ning, containing one hunlred an l ten acres
j and nine tenths of an acre more or less with
the usual allowances of six per cent for roads,
being lot No. 4. of the allotment of the lands
of the Fox Estate, with ninety acres improv
ed. two fr vme dwelling houses, one frame barn
and two apple orchards there m.
Seized, taken in execution, m l to be 3Qld
as the property of Sinrue! R >gcrs,
ALSO—Certain red estate situvte in Hec
tor Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded and
i described as fillow;, to wit: on the north by
unseated lands of Bingham Est vte, e i3t by
lands of Henry II tines, south and west by
Bingham lands, containing 50 acres, being
lot No. 70 of the allotment of lands of 11. 11.
Dent, in Hector Township, and part of war
rant No. 170G.—ALSO—one other lot situate
in Hector Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded
north by Bingham Lands, cast by Bingham
Lands, south by lauds of Huasucker and G ir
lock, west by lands formerly of Jesse John-
son, contaniiug 90 acres and nine tenths of
an acre, being lot No. 77 of the allotment of
lands of H. H. Dent, in said Township, and
part of warrant No. 1788, of which fifty acres
are improved, 0 acres chopped, with one frame
dwelling house, two frame barns and fruit j
trees thereon.- —ALSO— me other lot Bound
ed north by lot formerly owned by Ilcnry
Haines and Bingham Lands, east by Bingham
Lands, south by Bingham Lands and lands j
of H. 11. Dent and west by Bingham Lands,
containing 100 acres, being lot No. 93 in
Hector" Township and part of warrant No.
1354. of which 35 acres are improved, with
one log house, one saw-mill and fruit trees
thereon.—ALSO—one other tract, situate in ;
Hector and Ulysses Townships, B lundcd
nqrth, eist, south and west bv lands of the;
Bingham Estate, containing 100 actes, being i
lots No. 148 and 155 in Ulysses and Hector
Townships, Potter Co. Pa., and part of war
rants No. 1260 and 1800. —ALSO—one other!
lot, Bounded north by unseated lands, east
by lands of Henry J. Le ich, south by lands i
of Hunsucker and Girlock, and west by C.
Loucks, containing 100 acres, of which twen
ty acres are improved, one frame house, and fcame b irn thereon.
Seized, t iken in execution, and to be sold
as tiie property of Cornelius Loucks, and C. j
11. Loucks.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Alle
gany Township. Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
T IC north by lands of A. Presho, ou the east
by the lands of Fox and Ross, south by the
lauds of John ijaga, and west by the lands
; of Luke D irling, containing o ic hundred and
twenty seven acre - and six tenths of an acre.
About fifty acres arc improved, ou which are
! erected oac frume dwelling house and one;
I fr ime b irn.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
; .us the property of Urial At wood.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Ilec
| tor Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
i the north by unseated lands, east by lands of
Thomas L uniting, south by lands of Melvin
i Martin and west by lands of the Bingham Es
t ite, coat lining que hundred and ten acres, ;
of which ab uut fifteen acres is improved, with
oae frame house and some fruit trees thereon.
—ALSO—another lot situate in said Toivn
j ship, Bounded on the north by the Highway
: called Genesee Fork road, eist by Francis
Strang, south by A. P. Cone, and west by D.
Sunderlin, containing one half of an acre of
I ground.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
| as the property of Heury Ervay.
ALSO—Certain re tl e-tate situate in Clara
Township, Putter Co. Pa., Beginning at a
i hemlock tree for a corner, being the N. W.
i corner of the lot origiually sold to Worden.
tnea north 352 poies to a beech tree, being
i the south corner of C. Byarn's purchase, tbsncc
e ist 232 poles to a corner in tlie east line of
' said Ridgway's land, thence south on said east
[ line 352 poies to a post corner in said east
hue. the ice wist 232 poles to ie pi tc<? of be
ginning, coa. ..onn 0 510 acres of i inu bemg
i part of warrant No. 5864.
1 Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Foster Reynolds and W. T.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate iu Gen
i esee Township, Potter Co. Pa.., Bounded on
the north by Ahe land of \Y. T. Jones, L. j
Plants and Jbb Caven-augh, on the east by the
land of V. Dickinson pud John Reckhow, on
! tho soitth by the lauds of John Reckhow and
Wm. Keech, on the west by the lands of .JY. T.
Jones and Plants, containing ninety- four
meres, with about fifteen acres improved, and
, erected thereon one frame b ira.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of S. G. Rouse.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in \!!c
gany Jownship. Potter Co Pa.. Poind jot
| the north and east bv unseated Lauds, o i th ■
south by lands of N ith an Cobb, md on the
west by lands of T. B., coitain ng o i ?
i hundred acres, about forty acres of -which is
i improved, with two log "houses, on* fnmc
i b iru. oae log b irn. three log sheds and au
: apple orchard thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
| as the property of Luther Cobb.
ALSO—Certain red estate situite in Pike
i Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bo inded ou the
! north bv lot No. 14, on the east bv lots Nos.
14. 22 and 35. on the south oy lot No. 22 and
unseated lands of the Bingham Estate, and on
| the west by uuseitei linii and by lots 13
and 36, being lots Nos. 11 and 12. of sub-di
' vision of I in Is of the Bingh ira Est ite in said
Township, containing one hundred and fifty
five acre 3, of wmch about fifty acres are im
proved. On it are three frame houses, two
I frame b irns, one saw-mill and some fruit
trees. ALSO—Lot No. 36, situate in Town
ship, County md State aforesaid, bounded on
the north and e ist by lot No. 14, on the south
bv lot No. 13 and unseated 1 mds, on the west
bv it n* sated liuls ami lot No. 15. containing
104 acres of which abo it twelve acres are
i improve I. Oiitiso I-lo g iio i ie, one frame
house an d o ie fnme bira.
' Seized, taken iu execution, and to be sold
as the property of Elij ih Johnston.
ALSO— Cwtiio re i! estate situate In Alle
| gmy Tow iship, P > f .t;r Co. P i., Bounded on
th) aartu bv 1 1 I 1 of I>h iso I 111 Jonss, o I
the east by liu Is of A P. Co i". on the south
by 1 mds of J Jnnso i. O.i the west by 1 m Is of
S. P. Lyman, cogllining ninety five acres, or
thereabouts, about twenty of which is im
proved, with one log house and oae log and
board stable thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
ias the property of William Scrantou and
Schuyler Scrantou.
ALSU—Certain real estate situate in Hec
tor Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on the
north by lands of IL Loucks, on the east by
lands of H. C. Leach, ar.d south and west by
lands of Munsucker and G irlock. containing
fifty acre 3 of which about four acres are im
proved with one frame dwelling house
Seized, taken in execution, an d to be sold
j as the property of M itthias Young,
ALSO—Certain real eat ite situate in He
bron Tow iship, Potter Co. Pa., Bounde d on
; the north bythelmds of Daniel Clark, east,
south and west by lands of Fox, co it lining
about forty acres, of which five acres are itn
i proved, five acres chopped, and one frame
ho ue thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Piiilo S. Biker.
ALSO—Certain re il estate situ ate in Alle
g any To"vaship. Potter Co. Pa., Bo in le i on
the north by lands of Taylor, east by unseat
ed lauds of Fox and Ross, r.outh by lands of
John Glace, and west bv lands of Frederick
Dasher, containing about four hundred acres
of i md, about twelve acres of which is im
proved, with one frame bir i, one log house
and some fruit trees thereon.
■ j Seized, taken in execution, ind to be sold
is the property of Mich lei Gross.
! ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Gen
esee Township, Potter Co. Pa.. Bounded on
the north by the lands of S S. Roberts, on
the east, south and west by the estate of M.
Dollcv, containing six acres and one fourth
' ( of an acre more or less.
' Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
1 ; as the property of William Annis.
ALSO— Levari Piciax. —All that one-and-a- j
half story house, and onc-and-a-half story j
shop appurtenant thereto, situate in the;
Township of Genesee, Potter Co. Pa., on a !
firm lately owned by Moses L. Sears, and by
liim purchased of Wm. Cobb, and being on I
the State Road leading from the Genesee
Fork through the Township of Bingham in
said County, Bounded west by land of M ist
on, and west by land of Mil!—said house or
building being 29 feet front, with wings on
each side of ten feet each, extending back
two feet, making it forty feet in th< rear—
and the said shop being sixteen feet square,
and the lot or piece of ground and c irtilage
appurtenant thereto described as follows—
Commencing at the ro id four feet west of the
shop running northerly nine rods, then east
erly ten rods, then southerly nine rods, then
| along the road ten rods to the place of begin
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
. as the property of Moses L. Sears.
A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
Coudersport, May 21, 1857.
\irHEREAS the Hon. Robert G. White,
▼ T President Judge, and the Hons. Joseph
Mann and G. G. Colvin. Associate Judges of
the Courts of Oyer .t Terminer and General Jail j
; Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Orph
ans' Court and Court of Common Pleas for the
| County of Potter, have issued their precept, j
bearing date the thirtieth day of April, in;
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and fifty-seven, and to me directed, for
holding a Court of Oyer and Terminer and
General Jail Delivery, Qrarter Sessions of the:
Peace, Orphans' Court, and Court of Common
Picas, in the Borough of Coudersport, on MON
DAY, the 15th day of June next, a id to con
tinue one week.
Notice is th irefore hereby given to the Cor
oners. Justices of the Peace, and Constables
within the county, that they be then and there
j in their proper persons, at 10 o'clock A. M. of
said day, with th :ir rolls, records, inquisitions,
examinations, an 1 other remembrances, to do
those things which to their offices appertain
to be done. And those who are bound bv
their recognizances to prosecute against the I
prisoners that are or shall be in the jail of said
county of Potter, are to be then and there to
| prosecute against them as will be just.
Dated at COUDERSPORT. APRIL 39TH, 1857.
and the 81st year of the Independence of the'
I United States of America.
A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
Sarah Willet, j No. 63 December Term,
by her next friend, | 1856.
David D. Smith, j- Libel in Divorce
v*. j To E'dbert J. Willet. j
Elbert J. Willet. j Respondent.—Whereas a
Subpoena a id alias Subpoena having been is-j
sued in this case, and returned by the Sheriff!
| Xihii, you are hereby notified that application!
! will b* made at the next Court of Common
Pleas for a Divorce, at which time you can at
tend if you think proper.
A. C. TAGGART, Sheriff.
I May 18, 1857.-tc. I
Resil Estate Association,
THE ATTENTION of the public is respect
fully solicited to this Association. The
property enumerated in the Schedule below, is
among the MOST \ ALL ABLKin tlxf of
Columbus and Franklin County, and is rapid- j
Iv increasing in value. It will be distributed
among the Shareholders on the
fiirjst Say of ISST,
or sooner if the S iares arc all disposed of.— distribution .viLl Jake place under the inl
ine la e .tpcrvision of a Committee to be ap
points! b> t# Shareholders, in each County
aui S a.e .vuere Shares are held, the number,
to oe apportioned according to the number of j
$ iares ueld in such County. The total ex
pen es of the Committee will be paid by tire
Any one can become a Shareholder bv the
payment of
which entitles him or her to one Share of!
Stock. Think of it for a moment, by the pay- j
rnent of only One Dollar yon are constituted i
part owner of over
$M>,OOO ATortli of Real Estate,
and $25,000 worth of other property. Iu the j
distribution an ELEGANT HOUSE AND LOT.
valued at $-1,000, may be allotted to you. In
any event you cannot lose more than a few j
cents, as there is
oenty- Ficc 'I housand Articles
to be distributed, aui there is only that num
ber of Shares, so you vyill see at once, that
every Shareholder g-ts something, of more or
less value. The Dollar that you pay for your
share you would not miss, but in all proba
bility would spend it for something of no pres- i
ent or prospective value. If after reading the
above you are not convinced, and stiil feel ■
dispose i to stand in your own Fght,
For $5 w.- witi s nd an.- $ 1 Mag.i/.inc psib
lish -i "or on r-ar, and on* Jcrtiucato of
So- . i ug . ? i i-. -• ry to one
s iuri i -ic wi. >\c> o * Jii
I*o y- * - -V*i ; . ot.i * .*iy vv c*. uy ..'"v* ;r pub
lijuei a- $l.OO per ann-ra, fo- oaj Viar. and
on .e/,. -cat. of S.o>.
For $5 w viii sen !an o"" the $3 M iga-
L ae ; fo one /ear. aai .wo On. fi o
To uiose'wao wo ii.i prefer o subscribe io.
the stock alone, ,v 5 make the 0..0 Oder:
For OneJdouar we wili sea! on: Ccr.'ilcat-:!
of S.ock.
For Ten Dollars wo will send eleven Certm
To clubs o. lif.y an lUp sa. i we w.H „u 1
on - corttnca.e .o eve/ . u o v .ed, aui a.-
lo v tii • up o pc. .jo on n amo-iii
lucy rem -. Parties o: i .ng Jc*. , a.e
alio at be a iiii to we. Nam :s. i'o>.
Onice Co.iu.y aui S a a . i,., a etc aim
,s -g.o 1 :1. aO mat V- .an tor .rat u ... ma,
St.i'd *.e uiccr tile disti'iOii. .on.
Vc n i e your earnest ,o tu :
Soiicduio oriow an i would rem.UljO 10. -uc
o.d Adage, --No u ug venture no. . ng tju.u
J.iua Noto.j ;n anj o, .ne duia.
wjew issued will be received at par. tor ail
sum. o I' n Ooiiar or upwards, please seauj
draft on N.- v Fork. FiniadeipUia or Baltimore,
less tne Address au orders io K
il. jJNvJWoieN, S>ecretary o; the Association.■
Co.ambus, Uh.o, and tue Certiiicates will bt-j
forwarded by return inkd
i L :gant Brick lloaso oil Town
St., Columbus, U., valued ai sg,su'j
1 do do do on Cleve
land Avenue, at J,suo
1 Frame Gonige on Mound St., I,UUU
I Pearl •• 1,200
1 " " 1,100
I a " " " " 1,000
1 t. it it " ti 1,000
j it •' " '• yoo
1 Fine Budding Lot on Washing
ton Avenue, valued at 775
£ (t 44 4 4 4 44
valued at $7OO each, 3,500
valued at $550 each, 2,200
. .. 4. 4. 44 41 44
valued at $l5O each, l,t(0o
1 " '• •• '* i' l'tciiil S— 11 t>
i .4 .4 44 .. .4 ..
vaiued a. $ . oo each, J,.mu
valued ai sooo tfteu, 2,200
taiaed at $450 eacu, i,do
0 •• " 44 •• Cherry 44
valued at ,ja3J each, 3,130
vaiued at $5OO each, 2,000
5 '• 44 " 44 44 44
1 Fine Farm iuNorwichtp, Frank
lin Co., in an Liegual Slate
ol' Cultivation, 3,500
1 do do do do do
in an elegant state of cultiva
tion, 3,300
Total Amount of Real Estate, $50,500
12 Elegant Gold Hauling Cased
Watches, val'd at $125 each, $1,500
12 do do do do
do 44 " 100 44 1,200
12 do do do do
do 44 4 * 75 " 900
12 do do do do
do 44 44 GO 44 720
12 do do do do
do 44 44 50 44 GOO
12 do do do do
do 44 4 5 4 4 54 0
12 * do Silver do do
iio 44 41 30 44 500
25 do do do do
do 44 4 4 2 0 4 4 500
1 Elegant Soiid Silver Tea Sett,
o pieces, valued at 420
2o Sc.u 11 avy Ste-i. g S 1/cr Tea
a. oo . vain-.a a. s<s a IGo
29 do do do -0 do
do •' " ? ' 14u
2o do do uo uo do
do " *' o 120
20 do do uo oo do
do ' 4 14 5 44 100
20 do do do do do
do 44 44 4 •• Go
10 do do do do Table
do 4 * 4 - 35 44 350
10 do do do uo do
do 41 *t 39 i 4 390
10 do uo do <iu do
do 4> •• Zo 44 -Go
10 do do do do do
do 44 44 20 44 200
10 do do do do do
t.O ,4 44 1 5 44 169
i Diamond R wg val'd a 5o
1 i- •' tt w 50
10 44 - 4 44 44 $2 Jca., lOu
1 •• Breast Pin, " 44 50
i 1 L 44 44 40
lt • - 44 44 44 44 $2O ea., 290
500 Gold Pc icils, Rings, Jtc., valu
ed at $2 each -1,000
1,000 Subscriptions for one year to
any $3 Magatiae, 3
1,000 " " " " "
any Weekly Paper, publiihed
at $2 per annum, 2 w
TJ,LQI Assorted Articles, which want '
of space prevents our fcbutn*
erasing, 9
I 75,000 Certificates, at $l,OO
To Agents.-- We wa &* AtnUin tT4
cry section. St the Country, to whom
the following liberal offers :
To those Ten Agents who sell the largest
number of Certificates, (in addition to a lit,,,
ral Commission allowed them for selling] Wlj
will present with the following : To the G m
1 Elegant Gold Watch and Chain, worth sioc
To the second, 1 Elegant Gold Watch hu4
Chain, worth $75. To the third, one
Gold Watch and Chain, worth $6O. Tq .jj,
fourth, 1 Gold Watch, worth $5O. T 0
fifth, 1 Patent Lever Silver Hunting Case worth
$35. To the sixth, 1 Patent Lever Silver
: Hunting Case, worth $25. To the seventh, I
Diamond King or Breast Pin. (at his option j
worth $2O. To the Bth, 1 Diamond Riag „r
j Breast Pin, worth $l5. To the 9th, 1 Di.
moud Ring or Breast Pin worth $lO. To th#
110 th, 1 Heavy Chased Gold Pving worth $B.
Tiiose wishing to act as Agents, must n a d
us a written recommendation signed by so me
; responsible person in the place whertt'hty r.
side. For anv further information, address
ft. H, SNOWDEN, S,c'y,
9:4o —tj 1 Columbus, Ohio.
-f(cli) frOosfiise/fob;:*.
! Advertising and Correspondence Office,
360 Broadway, New York.
"UuifAß'i" P.Ai uXiti-M;WA,...v.
A N infallible destro r of RATS, MICE,
J\. ANTS, GRJUND MiJiv, .'l-J-iSi ac. kt
Ac. [No. dangerc .s .0 mc Hu.u>a Fmailj-.]
Rati do nA d m mo.r uo.iz, co ae m
end cic-
Put up in 2-C 33., .65., $l, $2, ;itd
4-5 Bo ies.
Nevii- auowu to fail—uai nei every d*v
bv tnououiids .a N.w Yora nnd elsewhere.
Put up in 25c., 50c., 75c, sli, $l5O,
yz sj, .tad $4 5j 80..1t5.
o. ,;.e dcstr-Ci oi. oi uoius, Mt-sgt-itoie,
r'..:ES. ittA.', P-...5T l..B*Clt-, VaICUIK, ov
kSD An:-'.a .., sc. Ac.
Put up .n 230 aua suc. Boxci.
Soid V\ iiO-' >:atc mc lUuul in I, *'(.iSTAR'S"
: Nl. V hOitiv, f-na by the principal. BRVII.
I GISTS and DEALERS tl.iougEout tiie UniUd
'■ A a.c<, ,t- L'&Huu t ll ul, Jmlut, Caitjps in,
i iiud South America. .. ~
f kgr*i)r.l.• ra must alicays be accoopiaitd
| by tne cush.
goods sent on cowmigsion
mall Sample Package* put up at tbe
i lowest wholesale prices for first orders in ■
j places, witfi Cards, Suo.v Bills, Posters, Ac.
I jjjQj"-Packages expressly put up for Ship#,
! Steamboats, Hotels, Public Institutions, Ac.
uli particulars to Wholesale Dealer*—
sc ties of pricrs, Xc. 1 e., will be promptly
mailed on application.
Address '"COSTAR"' No. 388 Broadway, N. Y.
feuccKsaons to u. w. haycock a co.,
Oiler O reat Inducemenets
CntLi?s & £qrtlMb!llri,
j 8:43-31X10.
every one to write with the greatest ea®. *'*•
gan e and rapidity. It haa.been amply teated
and permanently established in the Public
Schools, of New York, and in the cotit' B J
rooms ol" our first merchants. The l'rcceis
| complete, with full directions for use,
sent prepaid on receipt of $l. To Clubs or
Agents, six copies for $5.
| Broadway, New
Potter County, vs. E. Johnson.
N. Hills, vs. John Crittenden, garaish** •
j Martin Musto. 4 -
Raw. -0.1 Ilarman, vi. A. B Gibbs , tt *>
Ransom Sloat, vs. Owen Rock.
J B. Smith, Joseph Smith and X- 4M
; Smith, t <s. John Benslcy.
C. Evelvn, Jr., vs. J<iatban Card. tt*l.
G. W.*M. Heistcr, vs. R. W. MTntyre.
Wnarion School District, vs. Julius JahaiO*
J. Pierce, use of Doty k Doty, vs. V. 0*l
Levi Annis, vs. W. T. Jones,
Warren Smith, vs. F. B. Brooks.
Hosea Gushing, vs. Benjamin Barse 4 A.
1 Ansley.
Samuel Haven, vs. A. M. Benton.
Vesta C. Dike, by her next friend A. V •••*
vs. C. P. Diite.
W. T. Jo ies, vs. N. V. Jackson aad Eii*'*
Thomas D. Lill.e, vs. 11. Coartng it. * l
D. J. .i K. VV. Caappal, j.-. S. H. Mart*-
S.t ae, vs. S. 11. Martin and James Mart 1 *
C. S. Sh ippard, vs. George W. Lewis-
Collin: Smith vs. M. S. Carpenter.
PaorHOSoTAUY'a Office, \
Couder .port, April 27, 1H57. /
"Vj Of i 1.4 .erabv g ven that the
:u :i a: their Oifire, in Co.idersport, o
Monday, June Ist, I^^'^
fo • the purpose of receiving the fIU , pt :.
IhM i T,ti a from -he Supervisors ol the r■ v
) Uve To wn -h , s. and their t rl
the same. < whu h must be receipt<
respective Townihip Treasurers); ana ■
not yet come fo-wa-d to settle up
counts. Bv order of the Board, k i
L. B. COLE, County Gi
, Coaimissioiiera' Office, May 5, 185