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TIII'.'ISDAY, MAT 21, ie-57.
Jew? |:0 Cjnpiii
XVr- 7 ' ' '.mi * a h-if sheet t.hi "*
•in or >r t jo: able to preset)t •i, art
numb r ' ■>* >!u..... au
'.ci wees. " 'ln consci i ..i • -yf
filling to r ; ve o;ir apply of p t r gj
Joj:&N At siSsy ed week. We hepe
cTi* reale;>. will forgive the onusjiovas
w.dl us the uaif sheet this week, tin • lew of
the fair prospect of a decided change iu
liv appearance of the paper in future.
We hope every subscriber to the Jo un
it VL will b come a true friend, aad .0 : ui
to extend 1*; circulation, by *>k. ig it:a
neighbor tj .subscribe. For every tea
n-w subs m:rs obtained for us, we will
send au *■<~t\x copy to the person getting
up the club, or we will allow him 1- i
per cent •<" •. i; av. for his troubles.
X one bit " iuc-3 subscriptions will b
received. Our term, are very low, and
we can u)t afford very large cam missions
to those who may favor* us avith their
exertion: to i i crease the list of our pat
rons. The price of the JOURNAL is Cue
Dollar and Twenty-Five Cents per An
num, invariably in Advance.
There is now due us ou subscriptions—
for which the subscribers have already
received the paper —over Four Hundred
Dollars, which would be- 3 great relief to
us in Uie proper uimurpmcnt of the pa
per. Wc are now in great need of money
to purchase the necessary materials for
printing the paper, and hope ALU of those!
indebted to us will either bring or son 1
us the money court week. We do not
like to beg mqney from oar submril) -rs, j
but necessity compels us to do so now.
School Directors of M'Kean
County, we think made a mistake in not
re-electing F. A. Allen to the office of Su-
perintendent of commou Schools. Mr. A.
has been a most faithful officer. Although
his salary was the lowest bat one in the
state, he gave nearly as much time,
aod was quite a; z ..ioa". as those that
were paid the highest. i|e is a teacher
of long experience, aqi is more qt home
in the school room than any other of our
acquaintance, Wny such an officer should
be dismissed for a ne w man who, we be
leive, has never given any evidence of be
ing qualified as the law directs, is a mys
tery to us.-* faithful service should
commend a man to the favorable consid
eration of the school department, then F.
A. Allen of iSmotupurt, M'Keau County,
is entitled to such consideration; and we
hope Mr. ilichok will sooq call him to
JJarrisburg and aford him a larger held
of usefulness than he has as yet occupied.
Death of Mr. Peirikcn.
We regrot to announce the death, at
Harrisburg, on the 15th inst., of Mr. J.
M B. Petriken, of Lycoming county, and
one of the Representatives of this district
in the State Legislature. He is said to
be another victim of the National Hotel
poisoning, bdt editor Qf the Te'tyraph
is informed by Mr. Petrikeu's physician,
that he died iro n disease of some other
pature thau poisou.
Mr. Petrikeu was an able representa
tive, aud for one so young in years (35)
evinced extraordinary talent. In politics
he was a latter-day democrat, and one of
the most vigorous advocates of the doc
trines whicn are hastening the ruin of our
country. He may have been sincere in
his attachment to those doctrines, but it
was more the error of judgement than of
the heart. As a man aud a citizen h e
was aiucu esteemed.
WE have received the May number- qf
a magazine bearing the name of '• The
Ladies Journal and Illustrated MLscel
fanu, devoted to literature, Music, Fash
ion and Art . palms ted moutnly by Scat
tergoud A: Co., lr. .uirui Buildings, South
Third St. Pqnaielphu. Price 15 cents
per number or Sl,sd per annum." It
bcaro tae stamp qf a good work, but *s
we are not judges qf "dadies ware,'' we
have puqed it in the hands of an intelli
gent lady friend for critical examination,
and will report her opinion—if we get it.
W L would call the attention of our read
ers to the advertisement of the '-Central
Ohio Real Estate Association" in another
Column. We are informed that they are
in every way honorable in their manner
of doing business, and organized for per-
1 •' UJP
Tlhe attention of Druggists and
Dealers is invited to "Costar's" Advertise
ment and uuLce in to-day's paper. It
these remedies are VV'hat they purport to
be, our Druggists will hni au feiteusive
demand for them here.
A Disgusted Democrt.
Mr. Carpenter, of the Madison Patriot,
the organ of the anti-Barstow wing of the
Wisconsin Democracy, writes to his pa
j thefollowing:
'•lt i well known that, ii> company with
„ ■>. score of Democrats from Wisconsin*
f remained in Washington about a month
Wo aid in so exposing the misdeeds of thft
'!' I\>rtv Thieves" that we should forever
I Jje rid of thv'H hereafter, ami it must he
jzotjilus ere this that most of our endeav
ors have failed. The hopes for qjjr party
in the ft;tpre are vanUUed, apd we hate
been cleaned out! The "40" lind ikv.r
, at court, while the old stand by Democrat*
' who have never been indicted for stealing.
1 • • i
gambling, cr perjuries, are per.pitted to
; suek their fingers at a respectable gis
w<tii v
That the writer Js tjisguated. but notun
uterably so, with the Administration, is
evidecnt from his closing paragraph :
• ! .. .. araagiug some business prcpara
!.y rvc is kins: a boc-linc for Madison to-
; mo;"fO-7 or next day, with the full deter
mla&.iou that the Union may be rent
asunder, the Potomac, Wield ur> its waters
w <•
to old Ocean, and become as dry as my
pockets; revel in rampant
luxury aqd dominion at the national oap
i itul; that Chimborazo may nod its tower
head at the feet of a mole-hill; that
: cholera, yellow fever, croup, and chicken
pox may vomit forth pestiferous and do.
' v.-i Anting alias 1 1 to sufiocate the prisoaed
f rati of Washington; that lice, frogi. and
all the pingaes brought up>n Egypt by
the wickedness of Pharoah may overrun
iand devastate our country, bofore I go tu
Washington again with a view of prevent
ing thieves from filling places of honor
'and profit.
The Lai lon. Quarterly Review,
The N AO Y>rk Daily State Rejliter
and others on
"COSTAR'3" Rat, Roach, &c., EX
for Ants, Ac.
The London Quarterly Review contains
near a column, and the New York Daily
Slate Register , of May the Ist says: "'No
judicious housekeeper should defer pur
chasing a supply of invaluable remedies
for oi aring their homes of oil sorts of ver
min. With all confidence we can recom
mend them as iudispensible articles for ev
ery family."
The New York Journal for April has
the following: '• 'tjQSTAtt's' Remedies for
all domestic posts, such as Rats, Cock
Roaches, Bed Bugs, f Ao., arc
said to be invaluable; ind- ed, wc can speak
from actual knowledge of their rarp mer
its. The name of 'Costar' is a 'household
word' to New Yorkers, and hin Depot No.
o*3 BROADWAY, New York, is thronged
by thousands daily. As the summer ap
proaches we advise every one who would
be rid of the above named pests to send
and procure a timely supply of the Exter
minator. DRUGGISTS and DEALERS also
Jaoqlq segd their orders early, if they
would secure a trade in. articles for which
there is a constant demand , and on which
a fair profit may be realized.
©afSee advertisement in another col
have until lately supposed Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral was the Ultima Thule in its line,
and that nothing had been or woqld he in
vented which could surpass it in its line
points qf excellence as a medicine. But
we arc eoniidently assured by those com
petent to judge on thq subject, that L>K.
AYER'S new P{LL,s excei in high medical
artistry even that widely celebrated embod
iment of his skill. lie has succeeded in
making them not only pleasant to take
but powerful to cure the large class of
complaints which require a purgative rem
edy.—Lancaster As jus,
removal and permanent cure of Scrofula,
Dyspepsia, Bronchitis, Puligeuary A. Sec
tions and all cutaneous eruptions arising
from an impure or vitiated condition oi
the bllood, it stands unapproached in the
history of medicine. It may be used at
all seasons with very decided advautage,
bnt especially in the spring and summer
season.— loica Republican.
Sold wholesale by Scheilielin, Bro. &
Co., N. Y.; Russell, Scott & Co., Philu
delphia, Pa.; Park, Cin., 0.; Wright &
Co., JN*. O.; Bacon, Hyde & Co., St. Louis,
.Mo.; and all extensive drug merchants.
From Kansas.
QuiXDARA, K. T., Monday, May 11,
1857. —District-Attorney Weir has enter
ed a nolle prosequi in the ease of Gov.
Robinson, indicted for treason.
iimiliiimmiiiitnn""m" ,,,,, ""wijP"MiiiM ,
BY VIRTUE of sundry writs of Venditioni
Exponas and Fieri Facias isgqddout of the
Court of Common Pie is of Potior Co., Pernio,,
and to directed, f shall expose to public
sale or outcry, at the Court II use in the Bor
ough of Goudersport, on Monday the loth day
of June. JSgj, it 10 o'clock, A. M., the follow*
sqg described rfiil estate, to wit:
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Gene
see Township. Potter Co.. Pa., Bound.(l on
the north bv the laipis of Harry Ellis, east by
lands of tin Bingham Estate, south by lands
of Verscl Dickinson aqd S. Preston, and west
h. the ( vayo road and lands of Ilarry Ellis,
containing forty a- res. with about fifteen acres
cleared .with one frame tayerq-house and two
frame barns thercoq.
JSeucd taken in execution, nqd to be sold
4.3 the jjr/jperty of Thomas Kee}er.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Gene
see Township, Potter Co.. Pa.. Bounded on the
north by the New York and Pennsylvania
State Line, on the ea*t by lauds of Gannqq &
Chambers. >onth by Bingham lands, and west
bv lands of C. Leach, containing two hundred
and seventy acres are improved, with one log
house aijd one log barn thereon.
Seized, taker* it) execution and to be sold as
the property of Patrick Burke.
Certain real estate situate in Euialia Tp.,
and Borough of Coudersport, Bounded on the
r abv the Jersey Shore Turnpike Road, on
the cast by Nathan Woodcock and east line
of warrant 212;:, South by lots of V. B. Gor
dinier, and A. F. Jones, and west by A. F.
Jones, and W. T. Jones, containing IG9
acre?, of which there is about eight acres im
proved. with out fvanp. Uqusj; and frame barn
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Daniel F. Ellsworth, and
John Crittenden.
ALSO—-Curtail) real estate bounded aqd
described as follows, to wit: Situate in Swe
den Township. Potter Co Pa.. Bounded on
t ie north by Bingham lands, east by Bing
ham landssouth by lands of James and
Keating Estate, and west by Bingham lands,
being lot *0 .">7 of the all£tn)oi)t uf Bingham
lands in said Township, containing eighty
acres, iqore qr less, fifteen acres improved,
with one log house and one ]qg stable thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to bo sold
as the property of Stephen ftedsoa and Jona
than liedson.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Al'e
gun? and Qenesca Townships, Potter Co. Pa..
Beginning at a post at the south e ast comer
of lot No. 3, standing in north line of lot
number five, thence north one degree, east
ninety perches and one tenth to a post, thence
south eighty nine and three fourths degrees,
e tst, on the south line of lot No. 23, two hun
dred and eighty perches to a post, thence
south on the west line of lot No. ill, ninety
pqpqh&s anc} one tenth of a perch to a post,
thence north eighty nine and three fourths
degrees, west on the north line of lots No. 5,
G and 7, two hundred aqd rpnoty perches and
five tenths of a peroh to the placo of begin
ning, containing one hundred and ten acres
and nine tenths of an acre more or less with
the usual allowances of six per cent for roads,
being lot No. 4, of the allotment of the lands
of the F >x Estate, with ninety acres improv
ed. two frame dwelling houses, one frame barn,
and two apple orchards thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and tq be sold
as the property of SJ urjuel Rogers.
ALSO—Certain real elate situate in Tlecs
tor Towrfship, Potter Co. Pa., Boonde ! and
described as f illows, to wit: on the north by
unseated lands of Bingham Estate, east In
lands of Henry Haines, south and west by
Bingham lands, containing 50 acres, beiug
lot No. 70 of the allotment of lands of H. 11.
Dent, in Hector Township, and part of war
rant No. 1736. —A LSD —one other lot situate
in Hector Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded
north by Bingham L tnds, east by Biagh am
Lands, south by lands of Hunsucker and Gar
lock. west by lands formerly of Jesse John
son, contaniing 90 acres and nine tenths of
ap acre, being lot No. 77 of tU" allotment of
lands of H. 11. Dent, in said Township, and
part of warrant No. 1788, of which fifty acres
are improved, 6 acres chopped, with onefrarfle
dwelling Atuae. two frame barns and fruit
trees thereon.- -ALSO— >ne other lot Bound
ed north by lot formerly owned by Henry
Haines and Bingham Lands, cast by Bingham
Lands, south by Bingham Lands and lands
of 11. H. Dent and west by Bingham Lands,
containing 100 acres, being lot No. 93 in
Hector Township and part of warrant No.
1354, of which 25 acres are improved, with
one log house, one saw-mill and fruit trees
thereon.—-\L,So —one other tract, situate in
Hector and Ulysses Townships, Bounded
north, east, south and west by lands of the
Bingham Estate, containing too acres; being
lots No. 148 and 155 in Ulysses, and Hector
Townships, Potter Co. Pa,, and part-of war
rants No. 1260 and 1 Buy.—ALSO—one other
lot, Bounded north by unseated lands, east
by lands of Henry J. Leach, south by lands
of Hunsucker and Garlock, and west by C.
Loncks, containing 100 acres, of which twen
ty ;icre3 are improved, one frame house, and
one frame barn thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Cqrnclius Loucks, and C.
H. Lqucks.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Alle
gany Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
the north by lands of A- Bresho, on the east
by the lands of Fo.x and Ross, south by the :
lands of Jqhp Haga, and west by the lands
of Luke Dar|ing, containing one hundred and !
twenty seven ogres and six tenths of an acre. 1
About fifty acres arc improved, on which are
erected one frame dwelling hquse and one
frame barn
poized, taken in execution, and to he sold
gs the prqperty of Urial Atwood.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate iq Hec
tor Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
the north tjy unseated lands, east by lands of
Thomas Lanuing, south by lands of Melvin
Martin and west by lands of tiie Bingham Es
tate, containing one hundred and ten acres,
of which about fifteen acres is improved, with
0 in frame house and sumo fruit trees thereon
ALSO—,another lot situate in said
ship, Bounded on the north Lv the Highway
called Genesee Fork road, east by Francis
Strang, south by A- p-, and west by D.
Sunderliq, containing qne half of an acre of
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Henry Ervay.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate in Clara
Towuship, P >tter Co. Pa., Beginning at a
hemlock tree for a corner, being the N. W.
corner of the lot originally sold to Wrtrdeq,
then north 352 poles to a bccch tree, being
the south corner of C. Byam's purchase, thence
east 23? po,ies to a corqqr in thjj east line of
| said Ridgway's land, thence south on said east
| line 352 poles to a post corner in said east
1 line, thence west 232 poles to the place of be-
I ginning, containing 510 acres of land bein r
! part of warrant No. 5864.
I Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
, : r • ■*- '■ ■ —• — " " ~
as the property of Foster Reynolds and W7T.
' . . .
ALSO —Ofert tin real estate situate in Ge.i
e3ec- Township. Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
i the north by , the laud of W. T. Jones, L.
Plants and Job Cavcn nigh. on the east by tlie
land of V. Dickinson and John Reckhow, on
tho south by the lands of John Reckhow and
Win. Kerch, on the west by the lands of W. T.'
Jones and Plants, containing ninety four
acres, with about fifteen acres improved, : *.ud
erected thereon one frame barn.
Seined, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of S. G. Rouse.
ALSO —'Certim real estate situate in Alle
gany Township, Potter Co. Pa,, Bounded on
the north aqd oast by unseated lands, on the
! south by lands of N ithan Cobb, and On the
| west by lands uf T. 11. Collar,. containing one
hundred acres, about forty acres of which is
improved, with two log houses, one frame
barn, one log barn, three log sheds and an
apple orchard thereon.
Siized, taken in exooutjoq, and to be sold
as the property of Luther Oubh.
ALSO —Certain real estate situate in Pik '
Township. Potter Co. Pa.. Bounded on the
north by lot No. 1 t. on the east by lots No*.
1 f. 22 and 35, on the south by lot No. 2'd and
unseated lands of the Bingh tin Estate and an
! the wast bv unseited lan is ill bv lots 13
and 30, being lots Nos. 11 and 12, of sub-di
vision of lands of the Binghmn Estate iii said
Township, containing one hundred and fifty
I five aci*es, of which about fifty acres are im-
I proved. On it are three frame house*, two
'frame htrnt. one saw-mill and some fruit
l trees. —ALSO—Lot No. 3G, situate in Towa
j sh,ip, County nqd State aforesaid, bounded on
the north and east by lot No. 14. on the south
by lot No. 13 and unseated lands, on the west
by unseated lands and lot No. 15, containing
104 acres qf which about twelve acres are
j improved. O.i it is one log house, one frame
; house and one frame barn,
i Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Elijah Johnston,
j ALSO— Certain real estate situate irj Allc
j gany Township, Potter Co. Pa., Bounded on
the north by Unds of Johnsqn and Jones, qq
1 the east by Uad-> Qf A P. Cone, or, the south
by lands of Johnson, on the west by lands of
1 S. P. Lyman, containing ninety five acres, or
thereabouts, about twenty qf which is im
prove 1, with one log and oqo jqg and
; board stable thereon
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
|as the property of William Scranton and
' Schuvlcr Scranton.
ALSO—Certnit) real estate situate in, lec
tor Township, Potter Cq. P.a., Bounded on tho
north by lands of 11. Lounks, on the east by
lands of IJ. 0. Leach, and south and west bv
lands qf Hunsuekep and Qarlqok, containing
fifty acres of which about fugr afires are im
proved with oao frame dwelling house
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold
as the property of Matthias Young.
ALSO—Certain real estate situate iq lie-;
brqn Township, Pqtter Cq. pa., Bounded on
the north by the lands qf Daniel Clark, cast,
south and west by lands of Fox, containing
about fort}' acres, of which five acres arc im
proved. five acres chopped, and one frame
house thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to bo sold
as the property of Philo S. Baker.
ALSO—■CfsptAm situate in Alle
gany Township. Putter On. Pa,, Hquu led on
the north by I iq<l> of Taylor, oast by uuse ti
ed lands of i'ut and Ross, south by lands of
John Glace, ana west bv lands of Frederick
Dasher, containing about four hundred acres
of land, about twelve noros of which it im
proved. with one frame bin. oa log'louse
and so ne fruit trees thereon.
Seized, taken in execution, and to sqld
as the property of Michael Gross.
ALSO—Certain real oblate situ ite In Gen
esee Township, Potter C >. Pa., Bounded o i
the north by the lands of S S. Robv.rts, o i
tho east, south and west by the estate of M.
Dolley, containing six aoros and fourth
of an acre more or less,
Seized, taken in execution, and to he sold
as the property of William Amis.
ALSO— Levari Facias. —AH that one-and-a
half story house, and one-and-a-half story
shop appurtenant thereto, situate in the
Township of Genesee. Potter Co. Fa., on a
farm lately owned by Moses L. Sears, and by
him purchased of Win. Cobb, and being on
the State Road leading from the Genesee
Fork through the Township of Bingh irn in
said County, Bounded west by land of East
on, and west by land qf Mill—said house or
building being 20 feet front, with wings on
each side of ten feet each, extending back
two feet, nyvking it forty feet in the roar—
and the said shop being sixteen feet square,
and the lot or pieQO uf ground and curtilage
appurtenant thereto described as follows—
Commencing at the road four feet west of the
shop running northerly nine rods, then east
erly ten rods, then southerly nine rods, then
alu&g the road ten rods to the place of begin
Seized, taken in execution, and to be soid
a; the property of Mose3 L. Soars.
A. C. TAGGART. Sheriff.
Coodersport, Ha.v 21, 1857.
VI7TIEREAS the Hon. Robert G. White,
T ▼ Pre.-ident Judge, and the Hons, Joseph
Mann and G. G. Colviu, Associate Judges of
the Courts of Oyer k Terminer and General Jail
Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the Peace, Orph
ans' Court and Court of Common Pleas for the
County of Potter, have issued their precept,
bearing date the thirtieth day of April, in
tfjeyearof our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and fifty-seven, and to me directed, for
holding a Court of Oyef and Terminer and
General Jgil Delivery, Quarter Sessions of the
Peace, Orphans' Court, and Court of Common
Pleas, in the Borough of Coudersport, on MON
DAY, the 15th day of June next, and to con
tinue one week.
Notice is therefore hereby given to the Cor
oners, Justices of the Peace, and Constables
I within tf\e county, that they be then and there
in their proper at 10 q'clqck Al. of
-aid with their roils, poc.Qrds, inquisitions,
; examinations. and other remembrances, to do
those things which to their offices appertaiu
jto be done. And those who are bound by
| their recognizances to prqsecqte against the
| prisoners that are or shall he in the jail of sain
j county of Potter, are to be then and there to
j prosecute against them as \yiil be just.
Dated at CooosaseoßT, 3OTH, 1857,
•■and the rilst year of the Independence of the
J United States of America.
■ A. O. TAGGAFtT, Sheriff.
Sarah Vtillet, ) No. 83 Deoomher X'*rrn
j by her next friend, j 185 G.
David I). Smith, [ Lihel In Di vorcc
r*. j To Eclbert J. Willet.
j Elbert J. Willet. J Respondent,—Whereas a
i Subpoena and alias Subpoena having been is
sued in this ease, and returned by the Sheriff'
j Xihil, you are hereby notified that application
will be made at the next Court of Common
Pleas for u Divorce, at which time you can at-
I tend it you think proper.
A. C. TAGGART, Sheriff.
! May 18, 1857.-tc.
Real Estate Association;
TilS ATTENTION of the public is respect
fully solicited to this Association. The
propertv enumerated in the Schedule below, is
among the MOST VALUABLE in 'he City of
Co\umbus and Franklin County, and is rapid-
Iv increasing in value. It will be distributed
among the Shareholders on the
fifitl i);)ij of Iquj, i 5.57,
or sooner if the Snares are all disposed of.—
The distribution will take place under the im
mediate supervision of a Committee to be ap
pointed by the Shareholders, in each County
arrd State where Shares are held, the number
to be apportioned according to the number of
Shares held in.such County. The total ex
penses of the Committee will be psUd by the
Anv on: can become a Shareholder by the
payment of
which entitles him or her to one Share of
Sock. Think of it i'or a moment, by the pay
ment of only One Dollar you are constituted
part owner of over
SAO,OOO W'orta of Real Estiilc,
and $23,000 worth of other property. In the
distribution an ELEGANT HOUSE AND LOT,
valued at $B,OOO, may be allotted to you. In
any event you cannot lose more than a few
cents, as there is
Si'.oenti/'Fioe Thousand Articles
to bo distributed, and there is only that num
ber of Shares, so you will see once, that
every Shareholder g.-ts something, of more or
less value. The Dollar that you pay for your
share you would not miss, but in all proba
bility would spend it for something of no [in-s
-ent or prospective value. If after reading the
above vou are not convinced, and still feel
disposed to stand in your own light,
For $.! we will send any $3 Magazine pub
lished, for one year, an 1 OIK- Certiiicate of
Stock, entitling the holder the vol to oaf
share in the distribution.
For $2 we will send any weekly paper pub
lished at $1.50 per annum, for one year, an i
on- certificate of Stock.
Fpr $5 we will send any of the s■! Maga
zines fo one year, and two Certificates of
To those who would prefer to subscribe for'
the stock alone, >ve make the following offer: i
Tor Uqe Dijllgr \yc will spqd one Certiiicate
qf S:ock.
Fqr Teij Dqllars v, T e will seqd eleven Certifi
To clubs of fifty and upwards, we will send
otn- certificate lor every ten ordered, and al- !
low the getter.-: up 5 i r cent on the amount]
they reigii. pa vies ordering Certificates j
shqiil-l been; eful to vrile their Nam -s, pq>t<
Office. Ca mi;- aiy.l State n full, i- ahi qaine
is registered. >u U; ir w • ten 4 u" i !h>-ui a'
Sc.i rtiulv afUa th • ii -ti ii. of oa
We invito* jo i; earnest attent on to the-1
Schedule ■> -.0.v and would Ua I o; w to
o.d A ;ag- . • So .i ng eu r •no . ug 'a u
iiat|.v Xu..-> cn-rem in ::i of iat Si
where l-.Uvjq will d- •■■■■•■ veu ,n par, fl'or ah
situ*- Ui Tell Doaar o. .. - a d-, .-eq : I
diUtL Oil Nc a 'i o— i' i i . .i >i iM-i C
less tile pr -in 'UU i'l-1 -• . u
11. snow dc e o J . i
I Oiumuu -. Ou'iO. an-1 a-.-
lor .varied • rd.. u .44,1
Cj CJ i i iLu 1 > t * , i . ,
g.iiK li.-.o - iio.i-.- >u < o < a
S l --, ColuuibUs, 0.. .a >ia.-. s•>, u■ j
i uo do do uu .-j
-land Avouue, vat .i,. i j
1 Flam.- ~o agj oil .louu-. i
t v, •• l c a ; t.. ■
; Lioj
i -- 1,000
1 '• '• " " " i,ooo
1 " '• " 900
1 Fi m Bull,; ,g..uto.i vYa ning
io.i A\c-:i,te, valued at i..'
I " " 723
u u „ w 4.
valued at S7Uo oaoii, 3,501
4" - "
valued at $550 each, 2,200
4""" " " "
valued at $450 each, 1,800
1 " •• " Friend St. 775
I " '' " " " " 725
5 " " " " 44 44
valued at $<UO each, 3,300:
4 " - . " " " "
valued at $550 each, 2,200
4 14 41 " 41 14 u
valued at $450 each, l,Booj
ti '• -• " il Cherry 44
valued at $530 each, 3,ISU;
4 .. 41 4. IV v
valued at $5OO each, 2,UUO
5 " "
1 Fine I - arm in Norwich tp, I* rank
lui Co., in an Elegant State
0: Cultivation, 3,500 |
1 do vlo do do do
111 au elcgaut state of cultiva
tion, 3,300
Total oi Real Estate, $50,500 I
/•-. Elegant G.oJ.d ilnnmug C^sed
atones, val a at q,i 2u cacn, si,soO'
12 do do do do
do u 44 100 44 1,200 !
12 do do do do
do 44 44 75 " UOU
12 do do tlo do
do 44 •' 00 44 72 0
12 do do do do
do 44 4 4 5 0 44 000;
12 do do do do
do 44 44 43 44 540 (
12 d' —Silver do do
iffo U u 30 44 3001
25 do do do do
do 44 44 2Q 14 . 500
1 Elegant Solid Silver Tea Sett,
0 pieces, valued at 420
20 Setts Heavy Sterling Silver Tea
Spoons, valued at $8 a sett, 100
20 do dq do do du
do t- 44 7 44 1401
20 do do do do do
do 44 ** b u 140 j
20 do do da do da
go 44 44 5 41 100
30 do do do do do
do " 4 44 80
(Q do do do do Table
do 44 44 35 44 350
(0 (lo do do do do
do 44 4 * 3u 44 300
10 do do do do do
do 44 44 33 44 250
Ju do do do do do
do 44 •' 20 44 200
10 lo do do do do
( do 44 •• 15 4> 15u
I Diamond Ring, val'd a. 50
i " w '• '4 4. 5P
10 44 ' 4 •• •• $2O ea., 100
I 44 Breast Pi ii, 41 44 50
1 ' ** 44 44 " 40
10 44 44 44 44 '- $2O ea., 200
500 Gold Pencils, Ring?, He., valu
ed at $2 each 1,0.X>
1,000 Subscriptions for one vea r to
any $3 Magazine, ' 3
| i ; o00 44 ,uuo
any "W oekly Paper, published
at $2 per annum, 2q
72,161 Assorted Articles, which want '
of space prevents our enum
erating, 9 33(J
, 73,000 Certificates, at $l,OO s7sbo)
To Agents.— We wflnt Agents iner
-1 cry section 6t the Country, to whom wc maU
: the following liberal offers :
To those Ten Agents who sell'the
number of Certificates, (in addition to a fib<s
i ral Commission allowed them for selling \ w
will present with the following: Totbeg rst "
I Elegant Gold Watch and Chain, worth Sir,,}'
To the secqgffi 1 jElegapt Gold Watch anj
Chain, worth $75. To the third, one Elegant
Gold Watch and Chain, worth s6<>. To the
fourth. 1 Gold Watch, worth S'.w- To th
fifth. 1 Patent Lever Stiver Hunting Case worth
i $35. To the sivVth, 1 Patent Lever Silver
Hunting Case, worth $25. To the seventh, 1
Diamond Ring or Breast Pin, (at hi option 1
worth $2O. To the Hth. 1 Diamond Ring or
Breast Pin. worth $l5. To the 9th, 1 Di.
I mo ml Ring or Breast Pin worth $lO. To th 4
j loth. 1 Heavy Chased Gold Ring worth
Those wishing to act as Agents, must sen!
us a written recommendation signed by stun*
responsible person in the place where thev re
side. For anv further information, address
9; RWtjl Columbus, Ohio.
Advertising and Correspondence Ofiu-e,
4 N infallible destrover of RATS, Mlpfl,
kr [No dangerous to the Human Family.)
lirtta do not die in their holes, but. <:o 11 - or.
and di ?-
Put up in 20c. 35., 03., $l, $2, $3, and
$3 Boxes.
Njver known to fail—md u*ci every day
by thousands in New York and elsewhere.
Put up in 25c., 50e., 75c, $l, $i 5J t
$2 3d, and .*4 3 J Bottles.
cor the destruction oi Mo s, .Mrsqiiror*,
l-'i,ii;.-.. FLEAS, PLANT Yzkkis, ox
Po.VIS A-to -VSiMAI VC. diC.
Put up in 2jC and sdc. Botes.
Sold Wi.oa .-ale cr>C 1, :i. ii ai (iSTAR'S'
Pji X ; 'iP.\l 1■ - i'O l Lcifc i.liO.'.icM Ai,
3 aIV 7CRI- ■! b- thfe [ ra.cip i I'RFR
• >ISVS .'ltd DKAi.i-.Rt Uuo ,4. Oil I tin- t mud
. ~ .•..? Jh-.iea, L-otijoritW,
m t , i '-net. ,
' i- 11 / b' acc uip;'
No uu 0.. eonini .s. o
-l •!= •"'n.'V'.-C i't qV4 pul UJt at ;.v
iu. •• ' ' • lo- O'l . . ill new
, '... (s, ~s''iO'V -iii. Po -rs, xc.
aO> P ;, -> cajuc b: :-n: l.p for Ship?,
n i-alllboa L.-', iloiei. , P tllliC t ltiii.O AC.
ui p o'ticui iv to B itOMtiUe Ocditrt—
c.i ■-l ol p..1 4, s.c. v-.c., vill be j.rj;a[Uy
.1 ii d on appitcalion.
v-id.V: > "COSTAR" No. 3SB Broadway, N. Y.
OiLer Great Induoomcnsts
Gioss X* £n'rtliei}toin,
8: F{-3mo. - !
tct 4 N3 PcN NOR INK USED. NO Ct {
every que to write with the greatest cage, ele
gani e and rapidity- It has been amply tested
and permanently established in the Public
Schools, of New York, and in the counting
rooms of our first merchants. The Procen
complete, with full directions for use, will he
sent prepaid oti r.-c-ijif of $l. To f-luhs o r
Agents, six copies for $5.
Address LEL AND A MAC LA I" REN. No-
Broadway, New York. 9:43-3 mo
Mm\UmilU"M >illllMtllllllll>>llll>llillil>llHll,tl>l>l>>>ll " 1111111111
Patter Cqjinty, vs. L. Johnson.
N- Hills, !•. John Crittenden, garnishee of
Martin Musto.
Ita-.vnon Harman, vs. A. B. Gibb*, ct c.l.
Ransom Sloat, vs. Owen lto-k.
J. B Smith, Joseph Smith aaid E. Penh
Smith, vs. John Bensley.
C. Evelyn, J'",, us, Jonathan Card, ft al.
G. W. M. I leister, vs. H VV. M'lntyrc.
Wharton School District, rs, Julius Johnson.
J. Pierce, use of Doty & Duty, vs, F. Gaie.
Levi Annis, vs. AY. T. Jones,
Warren Smith is. F. B. Ilrook3.
Ho-,. i thisiiitvg. vs. Benjamin Barse and A.
Samuel Haven, vs. A. M. Benton.
Vesta C. Dike, by her next friend A. Young,
vs. p. IVfke
\N". T. Jones, vs. S. V Ja' kpa!i and Eh P.-CJ-
Thomas D. Lillie. vs. 11. Courtright. ft i'-
D. J. it E. W. Chgpp*!, vs. S. H. Martin.
Same. !\*. S. If. Martin and James Martin.
O. S. Sheppard, vs. George W. Lewis.
Collins Smith vs. M. S. Carpenter.
Coudetsport, April 27, 1857. /
\TOTICE is hereby given that the COMMIS
meet at their Office, in Coudersport, on
Monday, June Ist, f
for the purpose of receiving th R turni
Road Taxes from the Supervisors of the rPs
live Townships, and drawing : heir Urders •
the same, (which must he receipted by
respective Township Treasurers); and to m
not vet come forward to settle up their
1 counts. By order of the Board,
T,. R COLE. County Clerk.
i Commissioners' Office, May 5, 1857.