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    Peter and
- u were. tbrbidden to teach in the
•iPI4 , of , chrit, but chose'm obey God
A - e Come do'Wn
Ae..tintn .When, Engiand. enacted •
her Colonial subjects must usb
N +,, f bilaritt - the gorettunent stamp,
!y ! l f 'hicittowrite or print all .
IrattiL, martiagn certificates,
order to redder the transaction
Tlit'!-se 'they must bny of the
• ~al e uishillings,
\•ortnuent farther enacted that
:ottiewshould pay three pence on
:oottntl of tea that should be re
: t-!. wni• '• • •.::
. lass. were thought by the
p to 'and un just.
liberty wa6
- price 'Of oliLdienee; although
1!1 . t , er.Yitude would not result
oompliance,nothing but merely
, :pie of the pecuniary value.of
: poice a
•.n was at stake, they could
• wonitl,not, and they did not
If their - Aisobetlience was jusi
- -a di-obedience which' related
:it ft.C'retlf--- ' wliat shall
(.I.l'tiAellielWct to a or
• It :meta that strikes down the
• -,mnest: of a Iniman being,
• : - i , ; , :mtre of God iii the soul,
.all sense of justice and
• :ar ci analics man an • oppressor
• ' - • ~ ‘- r aqt. and : Obliterates - all the
• , 'inn' higher sentiments of
Ternt M.
Elefue,ntol'y branches—Orthography,
Geography, Aridnoe'ie, &c.,.....
Higher Antlymetic, First Les-;ons in
1 Algebra, and Grammer,
- • Llligher English branches, Ngeltra,
ie or.r3 case disobedience is 1 ' l'illoopiiv, &r: .....
and prrtiewortilv, in the higher -ThVille'.." 'lie', Latin, Giveli..
) i t: b ecuines a virt - a , e. y,.,, , and F . rench Langulges, -
'n 1 112AI - orlon' on the 'Mom Forte, et,:tr..!,
:t.lins:oon to such a law would 1 Cie of instrument '
ha, a lvielted 01rOnse against 1 Vocal Music, free of charie.
, a Man.
. J. BLOOMINGDALE. Principal_
The nodersinmed' ¶lli ees of the Con
- tO ninia i$ the true,
. ...• •' dersport Acadeltiv; are Mo . ved by a sense of
HI obedionce to the Fugi.- l ollic;:d pied peisoitil dint- to invite the :men
! .1 . .w.v should be
. vi.. , ,wed. I tion of tie pahlic—tif -parents in pArtieular, to
..''' +llk lit ;ht,, 110 AnthonV ' the rising and aseftil character of this itititif
•l ' .f.' 1.• • Juts - , tom of le.opitig. When invited, a.little More
.go c •Inning counts than a ludf-roir ago. to the superni . .endence of
..,,, air of the North to the ' its la'. '••• '• f 2 '‘i .' 1 ' --. •• 1 • t •••o 1.
• dos, ice ~ ti.• h ( epr,O i and ~1., Le-
•I'enth of the prison-11011ee clining. 'We reptested Mr. 3: Bloomonvilale '
,:. in flit' South. Ruston to hecome its PriteiVal Tc . ,:eiter, and trusted
its organization:lnd other most onerom;:oilt:rs
v, jot
6 . 0 . 1 a
Lt." to his discreoon v.nd nrat Tellico!. Exl et eliee
,• I.,:•ol.: , tettling, and slavery : 11. t: proved him to he • f,ithfol, eftleient, end
( !''o a Filent rebuke which 1 pr: , ,,, t—ju 4 such an in , tract or as qt . ! , coht
'• 'lt tiurnb: --_, 1 , monity need. The number of pupil. , in the
. , I school is now ovgj sixty. ,te rcier to Mr.
''' - '" (1 '. cu r aP r ° lllisin g ''''' llii Woomingda le's' adv * erlise . ment for information .
• 'wily tri my estimation to , as to the tens; and conditiOnS on Which pit
verti t ymt,-„ We may seek , pi!s - are admitted, and for utter facts of inter
i:,r p • ea ,, e, , bm ,
no good w i ll ); eAt; and recommend the institution to tho
',into. of
,bealth, lint behold -I l'a""ge " l i i . : l ;j e 1 1 1 ) 1' L L : 1 :r e. P„siclent,
• Tulet, B• TyLkit. ,sSeercitirti",
lIENtz,T J. Ottts•rtn,.Treasurer,
F. L. Jags, ' • .
CiIAs..L”IAN, Truolees. . - -
G. G. Colds, . . 631.
epnntepance tint lrac^ and
~opposition to the law,
. determination to .have
- Keith it. And. if every
, 3 nntic,:liotli public and private, •
;A:o that position, if every
• :orn the highest to the loW'est,
that pkmition, WhoF4 tzer
,chl be needed or called for in
.;.tion of a fugitive, would act
•• part of the Boston police
reign his °nice rather than
the Wicked business, the
•ad rz'atain a dead letter upon
• ' look
,ee so many who, for the sal.'e
i,r honors of place or disfinc;
• to, fall down and. cry,
DiMia, and do the slav e pow
?tutit heart grows
• burns dim, and the future looks
,ry. And 'were it not for the
:od reigns on the throne of the
that he can twlre,,ev en the
n praise him, I slimed despair
. • freOom, both civil and cc
;.'Mk above the clouds the sun
and CCM% A few more revo
moral world may usher in a free
d•iy —atioplitig 'the I t uquage
It is both de:lee:ea, and hopeful,
• •.y pray for its speedy thmning to
art thou cast down. 0 my
art thou dis9Meted within me I
. l:cd; for I shall yet praise
fi - ietid. is the, ground of my
Ss on the side of right, justice,
We shall vet prase hint for
crannen Ince. Not that I sup
' i by any tArarulons inmipost
' i--..tverthrow the vile system of
• ••,,ng and oppression; my organ of
sou small for that. .13tit God
of his will in heaven and
and agencies. The
, nries to over Throw Slavery, he
1.11 . ; world; they are within our
• f WIT dl.pos , al; and it-is by per
!, I.imi.throlvdt the influente anis
• f 1:-.! of these means, that the
a-ctnplished. - Do you ask for
agencies t My test gives that
• ", v: r'', ley hearers. for our country's
protec!ion arta safety of our
• i our homes, depend upon its oh
- .• 7. rhou provide out old/ the
..1): • n.c I, such as fear cod: men of
e:inistic.;s, and place theul
v. be rners."
t 0.•., frlends, en this bright,
r. this szuctatiry, dedicated to the
ti,o .tiod, of truth and love, and
and to the uplifting of our
1• , .. as a minister of• Jesus Christ
r: and holy religion, iet me piainlY
s ile:,k to you as christien men
n i u.n the important subject of
r: end your duty , mutiny duty
• ' ,. •1 it. Tell me not that c6istianity
... to do with civil govkroment.
the gospel is to bless men
; mas ni= r,!'atioits, to improve him as a
'o be'ng. And how can this
wi government? If there , is
• ..•o•t.. so+ life in which man needs to be
... h .he. spirit end wisdom of Christ,
.. • u citizen statenutim constituting
:" a'. ;Air: of civil government. Anti
exercise christian virtues
- •*..-.lnge-than as an - e.,ector and
•• • and' ehristian people I The
• shiitild - he a christian iu
•••• 'Ere, except in' the electoral,
•-• v o'fare o•;societv is at his di'Sposal,
• . to be wrong. • To say also that
should nest he made A theme
• ) • fioedut , se, seems equally wrong.
't..gainst sheep-stealing would be
toir.patible with the- gospel. But to
..:ttost electing es sheep-stealer; or
man-stealer, to the rulorship
• would, by sortie, be calkid.riab
'dlut for my parr I ennnot
ni difference in the two cases in
Si:I: THIRD PAql:.
New Cae
. .
S.,JONZS takes this method to inform
!1..J.-the people of Coudersport and the puti
ljegenprally, that he has just opened a Gro
cery am! Provision store, where he Will keep
corSztantly everything in th* line of ." eata,
Liles"! and which he will sell as reasonable its
can he desired. The ", - Mbstantials", . can he
fomni, here at all times; such as 'FLOUR and
PORN, while the appetites of the most
dainty canals() be satisfied. 'therefore, should
you wish for anyt_hing, of the kind, please call
and •examine. before .purchasing elsewhere,
and if la cannot s:nist'e you, your case 11.1U8t
be desperate. You will always .find HI
assortment of Groceries, consisting of Su
gars, 'teas, Coffee, Saleratus, Spices, Ginger,
Rai.ius,, Candy, Crackers, Cranberries, Sal
mon, Codlida, Mackerel, Blue Fish, Rice,
Molasses, Syrup, &a. Abe, at all times.
Pork, Flour, Lard, ,Cheese, 'Butter, (roll and
tirk:n.),Satt, Ilams, (no. etc.
Grain and all other kinds of Produce taken
1 in exchange ihr good.; at the cash price.
C A'SA lug Water and Eggs. la th 6
I'iIUVISION. s-roitE.
Jtme 1834
-17,11tENcivat'sTARD—A. new thing en
tirely, for Salt; iIL C. S. JONI:.:F.
Coudersport Aeaueray,
rilm: summer term of this instithtiontrill
cononeune ou Wednesday, July '2,6, 1154,
and cow aloe eleven weeks.
New 800k s at Tyler's.
I‘II. T .N ai N : E by II T E I2I I O A \, N . , \‘ a .. le r s o r w T n emperance
Comlict of Ages, by Beecher.
Review of the same. Barium .
1 Moral ,aspects of Oily Lifa Chapin.
t tliSicred Streams, Obeuver.
t Spirit Manifestations Examined
1 and Explained, Dods
TIM Old Brewery, bi- Indies of 'tie.; - Mission,
Ms:my ef the Frenillt hfJtestat
, . Refugees, by N'Vei?.s.
The IliOier law, by . Thisnier.
Lif_ on the Plains and in the diggings.
Cyclopedia or Eutertaining Knowlt'aige•
life of Christ aril his Apostles; Fleetwood.
Poetical WorkS of the Davidson Sisters.
American Fruit Culturist, Thomas,
Th, American Farmer, , Bloke.
.1 nit rican Lady's Cook Beok.
Dairyman's Manual.
Collier's Sind:spew. S vols.
A.- Popular Cyclimmlia of Modern Domestic
Medicines:comprising every rc-cent improve
ment in Medical knowledge, with a Plain
acconnt of the Medicines in MIIIIIOII use—by
bean Ismsy. M. D.; to which arc prefixed
by the Anna:Maur editor, popular treatises on
~hammy. Phytiolugy, Surgery, Ditties, and
the management of the sick. Designed for
general use.
VIOLIN Str:ttos at •
Drft,c.- and BookStorc
VWLINS and Flutes just received by
WAALL Palters. Is 4: v; and bcautitul pat
/terns at 'FY LEICS.
s6;l PO wrsm EN \l:Ellin(' Powder, Shot, Lead,
cud evervthing in Ow line of Ariannliitinn,
li.dliniTackle of the best titialiiy tdttl at
low wire;, it TY LEICS.
Scl,vol,• OCillYo, anti Quarto
Oitions, fur sxlu by . ELYLER.
KATILURON and .other
,x.sellta preparations for (ileaning and
alicatifying the Hain, fur sale at T.YLEICS.
rEi.:66):c6. about to build or repair ; ‘villfial
a complete stock of \Viutlow Bash,
!lulu s& alai Oils, for sale at fair prices by
- I. VI. RMAN, - Horse and Cattle Doctor,
ai .respectfuHy inibrans the public that he has.
located in I eliron t owic-lfql . ( at Yosepli ,Stone's)
where he 18 prepared to attend to (talc in his
proresion. Ile is. of long expe'rienee in the;s, and hopes by his superior :lull end
assiduity' to secure the patronage of-the pub
DATENT AIEDICI2ES at Ifluletale.
JL Merchants and Pedlars will be supplied
with all kinds of Patent Medicines nt Mawr
facturerr'.wholesale prices by TILER.'
New Goods.
rP 13. TYLER hns jinit returned from the
•city, and is now prepared to show the
largest and. best stock of Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Bcohs, Stationery, l'appr Hang
:nLtS;'and Fancy Goods'in 'the' county.
- 11 e is also prepared. to sell lower than at
'Wellsville; and as low as any other establish
ment' in Conderspor't, ' -
April 15, 105' .
• • eabintt Otaittr. . •
to inform the citizens of Coudersport.
and the surrounding ceuntry, that he will exe
cute all orders in his line of business at short
notice and reasonable prices. • . •
Place .of businea9 near the Presbyterian
Church. 7 1 : .4 ly.
RT.O Ticklee in yetis for ''sale by
ASS ti
c. 8. JONES.
Xe i -Tfaiin
Ts again the Noith
.leut.cml;ter:Of the, public:tuna - re, and is re
ceiving tlireet from New-york city—,itot
"mammoth stock" of winter goods, but suffi
cient to till Itf) the old store; which goods ore
now offered ;or inspection -and ~examination.
He would th6refoic - say to The old customer,
step in!Eand ztee his assortment: and ito the
people generally, that ult. his goods are for
sale—he will be happy to receive "calk"
E Indies will find at Coch
-- coo, ‘Vashingtini,'Slerrimack,Phi!ip, Allen
& Son's, and other choice v:lricties of Prints,
tv:lrouted'hy' the sule:criber Sol' to FADE.
A 1.1.AV1 )01; Delaines at Miam's4. Alpae
/-Las,' Paramettas, Eng ishand i'rench
Mt ri
-Ims ;a MANN'S.
I N'iillAslS—a good assortioent
MKS' and UresiTrinnuingh at
HANVI o(• various pattern.; and qualities,
anlGnildren' , ; Ifink, at •
ri:ol.llil,l'l2:S T 13isltop Lawns,Victoria
1:,q(..,e, Crape, u;(1 1111;4111,
Embroidered do., .3litsrm
Cotton du. , Littuen do., Ladies' Collars,.ll - r-.'
lets, L'nilcrsieecc., Ladies skirts, do.,Caps„l , ,
to 1),.?. 11‘tilid at MAN A's
],urge lot ery ut
1 you utt warm rl..toehMg:: for the
..kerm yon will Mid them at ill
(2 . AITER BOOTS, [Susi-w tt
ho:, and the .iter
k.lyttriety Shoe s , ran be found ut
`.l.lNN'i •
ATS,Cf/l)iColorori , :!r. , , I Vl_ ~ r., , - 1 1raw•
(More•+, do., ill;
Lined Gloves, Carpet Bap,
ers. Call at
B OYS' and Youths'
QUE.VIING, z 4 bining, Butls, .uud Colton
k) . Yarn at
L7[GA Coffee, Rice, Ginger, Pep
per, Spice, Stnrc Saleratth4, Cnnsntritly uti
hand at :MA*" \'.
'DUG Tobacco, Fine-Cut Chewing
:ET S'lnnking MAN's.
yOu want Axe:, lintchtlß, Hanauer, Mill
Cros-cut do., Iland-do,, Chi s els, An
gurg; Auger tits, File: of all kinds, Steel
Squares, lion 'Prr do., call at
kee.pß constantly on hand
1, Squares, .11anure Lot. fire
OCK:?, Doors Handles, Butts, Scrams,
.sizes—shou tittles, Finishing
d.)., fur sa a",
- it13 0. 0 LET Kiii‘e , t, Tiße do. Call at
MANN'S Story
• •
L\VIS 3LIN.N hag. for .ale tiliut, Lead
il__JPewder,ll;e4,-.-f, e.
1 - 1 E. OLATS'I . ED
if • 'Would soy to ti. 1 1
is.eow receiving n stock of]
which be will be happy to show to all,
mini may- favor him With call. You can find,
by caliin~ on hint a good assortment of Lawns. 1
101/1V1:. 11Ziregini, IS;u • ese Dr Latin's. De lieges,'
&c. Also, Prints, Gingharns, Do
u.esticsof aldisinds, Groceries, Crockery, and
a larne snick of Emot3 nod Shoes; all of sebitb
wilt lie sold tts lose as they
.c,att be lium„dit
V G 0 0: rCri
!(coma t u rd
111(1i-inks, at . .
pcic.t.Et) CHERRIES at-
Tailoring! Tailcs,!!
. .
4 .1. . . , - I -
ado'. AA 1111‘)1A
a1,..011111161etl to care will la, tiollt
ma l) .110:0111.;: , , 1:0111f01'1.
ov,r Lcu is Alatitis G-37
Xle.E6ll ilurninz Fluid and
and IiOoK.SI'OIIE.
The iliciti—JortiOy Zinc Company ,
liming greatly enlarged their works, and ,
improved the quality t., if their products. are i
prepared to ("memo orders for their SUPE- 1
RIUR PAINTS, dry, and ground in oil, in 1
assorted packages of from 2.5 to 500 pounds;
. also, Dry. in barrels, of 200 pbunds emit.
___ . .... _ . •
--- Their - 1V I I 'Tr:ZINC, whiFl: is sold thy, or
War -Declnred , at -Last,, I' ground in nil, is warranted Pure coil ll:mar
t passed thr body and uniform whiteness.
THE long repose of Europe is-about A method ot preparation has recently been
.L to be disunited by the laude's note and d.',-I,'"'Ll'l'd• winch enables the Company, to
the reville of the drum,' callinir its 5 i,,,,,t„,„ warrant their paints to keep fresh and soft in
ing tn . :Ulu:is to arms in the de fm,se ttf heir' thelu-U reasonaldh time.' In thiss fur "tof
lif e :tide:l and th e ir c ra n pre. E ng l ni ,d and respect their paints . wiii be, superior to any
. ,
France are calling thr men mid llic:11!5c. alla i other to the market. -
sending forward•their armies' to halt;e.coainst Tiutir BROWN ZINC PAINT, which is
the lig ressions of the Russian Bear: but i sold at a low price, and can only be made
while, the Old World is cernvillsed by revolu. 1 from the Zinc ores from Newnlersey, is now
turn, unusual peace and plenty rein .1 in the 1 well - k - unwn for its protectiy : e qualities when
New, . . - ~ \ applied to iron ar other metallic tturfaces;
in the peaceful and gakt pursuit of our i Their .STONE—COLUR PAINT possesses
blisitle ' RS we have thrilled a copartnership 1 all the qualities of the Brtiwn, and is of an
under the mune awl style of S. N. BuTLEK i agreeable ewer for painting Cottages, Depots,
CU., and have -.Liken the store ill Bmiiire
Block, in the:village ....x Olean,.lhrtnerly (wen- I
pied by Thing &. Brother, mid ore 1 /quids ,
eei' , l splsplendidrev;rev;stock of goods adapted
.?_.e Out-latildings. Bridges, etc.
Dealers supplied on Bend- terms by their
Wholesale Paint Dealers and Importers,
N. W. cur. of 10tH & Market-sus,
to the sason and Wands. of the community,
(ion I iii - .
whit'h we intend to sill exclusively for cash i Philadelphia
down. at prices Ih:it will cause consternation
anti dismay in the ranks of old fogyism that j
haS been so Yong established * in ibis section• i
Oar stock will consist in part of the follow - -
Big Conti::
liardwaro, ' - Crockery, Boots 5.-_, Shoes
Hats, .. Caps, Carpets. ' I
Oil Clothe;,'-- Dragg, - Medicines, - : I
lrye,Stutts, Gloss, Paints & Diii, -
Sash. • Putty. Chairs, I
Bedsteads, Math-asses, Feathers '
' .-. Stoon.and Wooden Ware,. . .
And we noun to keep such au assortment of
the abflyt` goods that persons li '::' :: d:-tn.uce
can be assured of finding- i..-:e.t.t.-tt.,.....: ibe-;
usually want ateprices that wilt awn) e cod
Cull and see for yourselves. . ;
N. S. BUTLER' S. •..I1
Olean, 4lay 5, 1,354. 6-51
Magazines fox 'Tune.
tyabam, and ' , tannin,
iLyist received and tor Ja . l o at 25 yews per
number, li)
. .
• New Books.
-LIANNY FERN'S New Yolutue, or
Second Series of Fern Leaves. , • „
, Silver Cup and Sparkling Drops, for the
Friends of Temperance. •
Colton's United States Gazetcer. .
Greece; and the Gulden' Horn, by Ste
plu,n 014.9. D.
Life aiia Saying's of Mrs. Partingtort.
Morw4 Stars of the New World, by
' F. Parker.
'A. 'new and large collection of choice Books
for aildren, Jrßt received by
;I'. B. TYLER._
Draft,Haig Listniments,
.Water colors: Drawing Paper, Yeneila,.anii
Bnishes,•just received at TY L4lt'S.
T EAS,fresli 'aud cheap. at
• Statilttery
AL •T WholiLkale ail(' Retail at
I, The , reople's flasii Store,
• AT co , Dr.7.lsp.tml.T.
keinethilig New. And .Sonipthing
• :Wanted. .
Trim suhseriber has justireceived . frnm the
of ew:Yorl., and opetied nt,tlse
store 'formerly occupied by,Hnskiu & Smith,
en the north side,of the Court' House; Square,
a "selected . fissortnient of Nov Goods,' cern
prisiag Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, and
The motto of business adopteaHs, "the
sure I , billing and the lively rixpence." The
above Gocals will therefore be sold email.
sively for either cash or 'ready-pay in hand,
and upon such tenns • that the purchaser cast,
! not be otherwise titan satisfied that be has
made a good bargain—received a quid pro quo
L—something for something in value: for, his
money. An exchange will gladly'. be rtiade
with the Farmer. thr his Produce: Butter,
Cheese, Eggs, Grain in any quantity; and with
it, the more Cash the better. - The subscriber
will nt all times take pleasure
his Goods to the enstutzter, that quality and
prices may be iAarnined. -
Coudersport, July 15, rs 33. • 6-,lf
A ;\ i, , NG many other articles for Melodies
told rich worth, will be fount
• Cash 'Store, flue Worked Col
lerf, .{illerent 'designs and'vatterus.
Sheeting and Shirting, Brown
Candle 11 ick, Summer. Cloth for
children's wear,,Btei Ticking, Toweling, Ta
ble Linnen, Brown, White dm', a superior
at iglu of Damask, all mire Mix, —Table
Spr.Tels. Au examination will recommend
them better than anything elan. :
AT'The People's Caali ti!ore!' fluty. be
found a selected lot of Priuts, of English,
French, and. American Goo,:s, quality and
pries atliamin" . e admirably. Please call and
see us.
k \'4
- PLACE - and Green Tcns, of excellent Oa
..lLAvoit, and at most reasurflible prices. Sn
gars, NYbite and Brown du., Dice, Ginger,
spice, Pepper, Is;ntinecs, Cassia, Raisins,,Ta
bacco in all its variety, to please those who
love the weed, and a etiperiot article of Cotfce
that cannot fail to please all the Dutch and
some of the Yanket.g. at the
AND Miss Ware, is
variety, that will please
the eyeuathi...lirt hisiieetten, at the ,
MANT , ;' ,
iAIt.DWARE. Sythes and Smiths,- of
ink:patterns long tried and found to Le good,
Hitics one Itub•:l..nes, Files, Dour
Lutebes, Mitkral Et k obs,.(white and
brown,) Alortien birks, It rought Butts tbr
Doors, ISCutleti,linires of good
fluidity for the taLlt.; and kr tik r eek it. ;it the
• Tin and Hardware, .
TIIE undersigned has connected with
his Tie, Sheet Iron, Copper, and Stove
Buiness. that. of HARDWARE and CIiT
LEHY—so that in iohlitiou to the . business
licretoftire conducted by him, lA. , is'now ready
to supply the public with almost tivery variety
of Hod ware. Milt :mil Cres , -Cot Saws, Ifettip
Iron, Nails, Cable and Ox Chains. Ciirrel:!t TS'
Adacs and. ltrea&.ces, ;Manilla Hope for C.Y.
hies. A fleueral assortment of Clocks, 'ills
panned Ware. Toys of ovory description; and
in short, Ito &sit - ins-to keep all such.things as
the public wants in "his hue, which he will
sell, not for less than cost, but' for n VIIIY
031 a LT. profit .ifuleed, mid hopes by a strict
'attention to his business to ree‘ive a liberal
share of public patron:4p'.
All kinds of Produce fakon in oitchan!to for
Chab, at the'hiOnist marl , :et pricos ; also, ton pulti'Mrofd iron.
h-l'! . .IAS. W. SiV.I.TII.
TYI r,
Pri,rnium Panning 3Ylills. 1
laraters antiMechanas.i
has riurchased of 3.
hamuLqough the right to use in Potter and
31'heau ceitnms his'iiatent in the construction
of Fanning Mills. HP has also, at great ,ex
beme, commenced the manufacture of PRE
-1.:11 MILL which will clean ftom 100 to
•.14 bushels per hour. '('his Mill was pate oted
hi . arch'4o, 1ti.17 , since which time it has stood
at the head of the list at all the State and ceun
ty agriculturrasocieties where it has been ex
hibited, and is a universal favorite with all
ariners who have tried it. It tool; the pre
mium at the first Agricultural Fair held at
Harrisburg, Oct. 31st, 1851, when there were
30,0,00 people present ; and at the great State
Agricultural Fair at New-York, held at Roch
ester Sept. 16-19, 1851; this Fanning Mill
received the highest honors.
Ilavinronet with uniform success whereVer
tried, I confidently invite the farmers of Potter
and WKean counties to call at my shop in
Coudersport and examine for themselves. - •
A supply always on hand, to lie sold on rea
sonable terms. • , •
TTlFlEStibseribet hereby gives notice to the
public. that Laving given PETER StICTTS
his note for eighty dollars, bearing date near
the last 64 . March, 1834, payable September,
1836, and having
. '"never received any value
therefor, he Will refuse to pay the shine;
therefore ito warns any, person front btlying
-the , said note with and expectation of his pay
,ing it. [6sl] . CONSIDER STEARNS.
Mill Owners will alwap find a supply of
Oil for machinery' at samfactury prices, and
irrany , quantily, at
. TYLER'S Drug Store.
Ifiachine Oil
sprtfatai§ COLUMN.
New Goods:forAili summit Trade.
DW. SPENCER would respectfully in
orfaim the; inliahttants of Coudersport
and vicinity that he is now receiving a FREe,ii
which will be sold! as cheap as the cheapest
He would also, return heartfelt thmilts to his
old customers and friends for their past patron
age, and would he glad to show them any
goodswhich he hteiontil will try to save them
at least 10 per cent, by calling and eintnining
before purchasing elsewhere.
, R ot ..174-1%. HERE take_ the lib-
I ES:. erty to -inform the pep
' • • pie of Coudeisport and
Potter county that I am still at my new stand
oppoSite the' north side of the 'public square,
where 'may be found GROCERIES of all kinds
constantly on hand, such as Tea, Sugar, Cof
te,e_,,:t3aleratus, Ginger, Mustard, Tobacco,
Sniff, 'Nutmegs, Made, Cloves, Confectionery,
&c. • •
My motto is, '" The nimble sixAnce in pre
ference to the Slow shilling."
Drugs, Medicines,
IDATENT MEDICf NES, Oils, Spirits of
-4- TurpeWitte, Camphipe, Burning,
Soap, Catattei.; for sate low at
Letter, and Note Paper: all kinds of
k}Stationery, 'Steel-Batt Holders Welery,
Sealing Wax, Sand, ink, Pocket-Books, En
velope, ViAting Card., Jewelry, Fine . Cio.•
lery, turd a variety of Fancy Artiele, , , together
with Silk . and" Thread, Mc., at
GRAIN, Butter, Lard, Egg,, Shin%
gles, taken for goody at their cash
Cash not relimed., B. SPENCER. '
UTTER and Lard of a supprior quality
for Ade-at SIiENCEIrs.
• •
•r - -
r one &wow; 0 1 o good quo lily o r
Srriti) of "Aftda,:er4 %will di well to rail at
County Ordeis Taken at Par
Foit tioo WS, at
TAUIEe, if you 'Want a nice Bonnet, von
.11 will do well to call on SPENCER.
BABBIT'S Yeast Puwder for sale by
lEIV TIIING.—Pure Ground .Cotree—
great thing for the ladies. :SPENCER.
T Cod Liver Oil, and
/many, usher popular Medicines for sale by
" Halloo ! -Halloo ! Halloo !
QP E. N C Ell. is in town ! Moinitains
nothing. I have bought this coat, - this vest,
and these pants—ain't broke, either! Hurrah!
All the b'hovs shall bey one of PENCLICS INDIAN -NT VA L and DucKiv MAT eon
-cout ! Murat Ig But, to be candid, friends, i _I-smutty on hand at the
there's nothing like it in all the countbry. 1 , NEW PROVISION STORE.
Just go over there, and for a little 0 ' nothing i G RAIN and Produce of all kinds taken in
he'll sell ye a rig that, though ye 'r6 the big- i exchango for Goods at thiA NIKE , . -
q. i est rascal above ground, will make ye as furl_ C. S . . JONES
as a praist to look at : though ye paint a cant I -
- • -
,ve'r pockets, folks will bow and scrape 10
ye as though ve were millionaires, and • real
gel:dem:ins: Fashion! Great thing! Bet-
ter dead than out of it—many an hozie.4 fellow
Iris been ' cm' bernve of the snit of-hi:: coat:
but nn dnOr it ye 1311 V .or sp,....,—liis .1
cloths are just the fisition. l ' i
The subscriber has just rectil% ed a large'',
stock of Ready.Jl:ide Cl o thing, of the latest
•-tyle quality, which are well mule,
and will be sold low. I). W. SPENCER. i
P — VAN ERI ZED Corn Stall!), for bind, for
e .tt, rit'ENCEIFK.
.. - .
Q( 1 1).‘,, erN.til Tari•ir, Magne;lll,
Salts, and O;Ite; for,alo zit the I
COPE!. Dud ro•u•h vlrraFti rsra b, had at
Sp•'urrr's on very re:lsmnible
Or 'l'. Merelmo:'s ti•tr,trlivz2; Oil, to
'LP be at
1 HOT AND, LEAD at tower, figure , than
down tOWIIItt. VENC ER'S.
7v EW articie.of Su:miter lint. rit '
A FrT.F.II se:eeliou of rniTef. riot foltid
_ , "liin the county than it SPFACKII:ti,
TEA by the chvit or pound for ,ftle by
New Goods.
W. SPENCER has jnst returned from
• the city with Olarge stock of Gump
rir,), clothing, I)rng , and Medicine , , and a
general assortment of Fancy Article, , ,*
many other thing+ too nnmerona to mention,
which will he sold low for cash or ready-pa}',
TI"IB.ICCO—Fine Cut, Chewing,
and Smoking, by the pound, at
"1 CUllle to bring you l.i/iaaad _Health."
IThhit. rt . WITS‘ - 111:GEN1 A,• or Inhaling,
Hygenn Vapor and Cherry St rap, for the
cure of Pulmonary Comumption, .I , dhrom
B ro u r ldtk, Com.dok, Co!d , , ;Ind nll Lung and
Liver mimplaim , . 'new method of luhala
thin for the cure of the :More named di , ease4.
Perpetuate Family Faces..
ALL who dc,ire to do i•lionld not long
delay going to Cast.'s DAGUERREAN
GAL L v. 'NH. :weekly pro
ducing 'beautiful miniature portraits in the
114 ost plea-ing 14yle and at lined reaminable
pricm.. A pleasam romn is open. and every
one is welcome to call und exrunine rpm.
mend whenever they choose. Those who
wish to be M!ellre Of a sitting , hould nut conic
lam 111 the day.
Gallery open only nn Saturdays.
64;fitr J. W. CASEY
TTIP:iTEIV'S celebrated Instructions
fot• the l'iatto-Forte; •
Burrowes' Piano-Forte Primmer;
Union Glee Book;
A new supply of F,beet Music:
For sale by T. 13. TYLER.
- -
A - NEW supply of Fluid and Cam
rlphiue Lainps—snme new and beautiful
patterns just received and,for - salo haw at
YLEft' S.
rpirt. Governor of the State of serrxork
aL hai appointed the s ubscriber a Commis
sioner for the State of N e w-York, to take the
acknowledgment of Deeds end other instrm
ments and to administer oaths pursuant to en
net of tint Le g islature of the, said State.
, .
Coudersport, Dec. 1&d. •
Clothing; Clothing: t.
T"E place to buy welletnade Clothing a
a low price (a large stock tn 's•elect
lain) is at OLMSTED'S.
D01;8TM there nye many- pawns in
eouderspirrand vicinity who hay &rim er
visited the fameni BOSTON STORE•st the
fast-growingvillage of Wellsville. Th . ' ' , N u.
of this store is 94, which number is over the
D'E.A .I . ll£ tenon.
This establi'sliment Is one or the larien
ING Dfluits in Allegany county. Hundreds
of customers from Potter county buy all their
Clothing, Boots 'and Shoes, and Other fixing,.
at this great uarraf'bnoiness.i But sill there
are those who have happened to Lll
into the path that leads,'.utost assuredly, to
economy and wealth. That path leads ill
cash buyers straightway to the.
• We hare no enemies to •paniah, nh-frielkds
to reward. We sell for ready pay,. and take
in exchange for Goods the -following -useful
:Cash Wenwon•• Oats
Beeswax Fur Seam Socks •
Hide. Wheat 'Yarn Rag*
Potatoes Woof Butte r f
• We are now receiving• OUT
Itneltester,about ten cord: 01 the br.e. BOOTS
and SHOES Fold in the Wn
cow -dainty on hand—
-1 3len'a India Rlibb. , r 13001,4
With t r,nt. TRI KS,
VALISEri. ;and
Black and I'. !orpd: llt^ - •e:, 1:p
Clotii3t, Print
othitr ,1 r ,„ l ,
variety of 1)n. ';ocitH. •
Slit ITIB, Shecrif
In particular, yVIII:1(1 ;:• •
the ladir ,, lo our zrent
metuns ilitni“.l)
We have the large , t ;fork" or 11;P dreqPnt
kiit+ of ilbettressis in We-tero Nett-Icrk
Ilotel keepers can be stinplied on rentouab,r
Three Cheers chr the contemplated (* . am'
from NVellst illy to itoclicAert . anti
that the Plank Road will he coritinued onto
Conders•port during the cooling spring,
that the COIN and daug.liter+ of fienigly,
Potter may - bit more frequentlf, sepa in on
piling city.
remain your ob't serv'ti,
L.tNCET Z,•:, Co.
Wel!s‘, Me. Jan. Kt, 1?:"..1
51 A CIil.:REI„ Salmon. and Blue rob
Q.II:PERIOR. Spirm and Tallow Candles at
IT:114:i and :Sbouldert--a new BPS ortmez
tat , C, 8. .
(`SACKS OF SALT at the
i✓the quart or Int,ltel, at C. S. JONES'.
Carriage attO Sleigh-Maker.
THE • - .111) ••ritier respectfully gives await
that he i•r-opared to 'do all the busir,"
in the above idle, at the shortest notice, at 1-:••
new shop, twn doors west of the Votidertar:
flr-xsmur?.l,("oltri,--- , nrt,l'a. Fin* ArIT4
.111,1-1 notice.
" Tuk er:ort.E's cAsur S ronr.
" 1 01 : EAH11-3IAHL CLOTHING I.ept
..ittstatl, an hand by the subicriber,
rip and tnanufacunred by the best viorkto
-1 front eltithii selected for durability and,lo.l l i -- ,
the object tieing not lto supply" the own:T. ,-
' with a hithibil.? a rtiel r • inly h. .
1 dneetflo.porchase beeanse it 14 So rrry
butt which iri the end is rery drar: but to
him in the tirit instanee an article tt hich
1 do hint hottest and good service for a repo.
aide price. Ail Ovate desirous of bruin;
accommodated. call at 'lite People . . (la.
Sture.•' L. F. 111 AISHIH.
lh: er•choe
( f Lit ,
' Pap'
rit ttr
11;treli :;, I=4'l
The Cloth'ng ,Department
0 HK
ECEL) GINGILAMS in' vnrinty. nn
1 , —./ 'rice , to snit. L. F MANN:IRD.
• TON STORE, No. 94
Ai AV be found nn ham? ::rd:
_LTAoIe, au" eNleiNive -Variety of SpenrPr
Granger's ,nperb 7'T/IL'SSES, of ever .
wiry, hind, and price, froiii a :;43.50 rah]] 31 '''
tres: to a ..nrier•Englisb hair M . :Wm.. , 0. SY
finktari., and
which . are.. Miered to lintel and hard r(
keeper?, and all other,. who have r^".
moo i•eme enottgh to know that , a 111.
li - either bfd, to make the he-t of it, i. b* , "
breeder of alid
lower pr:ee4 than can be Mum! at an:, '-
stora in the comity.
I.ANerY & Co,
Side Agente (in the t ouutt ) f o r iho
the above gociik., •
zitore, 1-:11
Academy T'ert•lEct:l, ,
A mai, srippi . v !ftW
T 1.1
f and 31inerat v. AL (;:r.
.L/lor wing, ut 'l'. It. T 1
ITENT I'M! Bed CordF, • 1:- , "
Har:e Curry couth., fir*
IlniYitag, to !JO Pith] st 1?
FOR trial in the Court ni 7 Ct. t
Potter Comity; ;it September
James 17. Car-on %s. Ver,el Dick. ',AL
John Keating et. al. vs. Verse) Dieken:o
John Keating et. al. vs. Edon Worner.
4fitt M. Lamberton vif. James 11. Wright.
l'hontWitech V tiflik - L. Jones. •
Jatnt Ayers vs. JtimeA Bartnm,
Bingham School District vs. C. C. Crum.
Chester Andrews vs. 31. J; N. linskin,
f);iniel Clark vs. Daniel IZ.lla,le.oi,k
3V .
W. .I'. & A. F. Jones vs. 'blind 13
W. T. I nnei J. A. F. Jones vs. Edmond Al%c c '
NV. 'l'. Jones &.:1. F;.Jones vs. C. P.
Henry llorbnrt vs. - 3farthia Mahon.
Cerson.vs. Charles. W. Johnson,
Neth'l W: -Abbey vs. J. C. Bronson ac.CILIA'
N. 1.. bike le. 'lsaac flrroon.
V. 0. Spencer yr. Nutipaz AV nodcDck.
J. O,I.3IiTED ,
Prothonoiary's Office, l'rothnnoff.r!
CoudeprportJuly 27, IE6I. S
,t ,