The Columbia spy. (Columbia, Pa.) 1849-1902, May 24, 1856, Image 1

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,iJJi : HT'4T
GOVEN&N J. BULL, Editor, and Publisher.
ojrize "Northern Centriti i'dilrO - act Com
pany's Buitding, north-west corner Front and
• •
" Terms of Subscription.
Oae Copy pit' annum, if paid hindrance.
•• " ‘• -it not paid within three
months from commencement of the pear, 2 00
41kSsavtist eft.
aubseriptfon'reeeived Cora lee'. time Allan six
Menthe; and no paper will be digcontinuted "until all
arrearagea are paid unless at the Option of the pub
lte !Omitted by nialt al:the publish-
Aates of siktiviztising. •
. . .
I iqunre [6 lines] one week, ' $0 23
three weeks, 75
h each ruhrequent insertion, 10,
1 " [L2 tines) one week,., 50
6 4 three weeke;:: ,- , - ' , 1:00
.41 " encksubsequentineertlON• tat
- _
Larger advertisements in proportion.. •
A liberal discount will be anode to quarterly, half
yearly or yearly adrertisers,wllo"ate Strictly confined
-to their business. • ' "
• DR.G. W.
ENTIST, street, near the Post Of-
Ace.. ColumlAtiqrs.: '
Columbia. Alley-3,•CA54: • "
• M; 13."
OFFICE Oni*ftlebee'd Mrs. Swartz's, in
Locust street. between Few* cud Second, direct
ly tha Poet,ol6ce. " - •
Colinobia,lll2echl6(LeWam o •
if. M. ,NORTH, --
Colombia, Pit. •
s, tly made, in Lancaster and. Took
Counties, - •
Columbia; May-4.1850.
.EVA.NS. .
TIISTICE - OTTEI PEACE. Office in the Odd
Pelltirws' Bill, Second street, Columbia, Pa.
Columbia; August 25. 1.855.
A TRORNEi AT LAW, Columbia; .renn'a.
JOlLOrirfCz isi eoe u tsar et, tour doors übo l? roan.
.1010plblii;IMLY ld,
offers kis -Sarni 'ens to. tite-eitizens ot , Colantbla,
and assures therm that he will attend with promptitude
to all business entrusted , to his.-ettre. Offine—Wiisint
street,ltetweeu Union' and *eery. Resldetioottlit
side Second street, and doopbelow Union:
Columbia. January 13,3855-Iy , , • _
31:1006greac.i0c 4. 40;14....416.rtigert5. ,
Corner. Front .s• Locust its., Colu:mbie, Pa.!,
Pictures taken for 25 -cents -
And upwards, and saliSfaction guaranie v ed, '
lETNo•P/aiureuendllos.ialria 'from •TCU'Oltaileit"
artless it Is sa-li as is really desired.
Columbia, March 31.1834.
- - -
D. I'. ezzeora) & Co.,
.I.Wft-M .
GE w., t . A ,,;.e
And Detioerers on mug point on the Colombia and
Philadelphia ;Railroad; to York and
Baltimore and to Pittsburg;
WHISKY AND BACON, have 0 , 4 received a
large lot of Monongahela Rectified Whiskey, from
Pinaburg,of which they will keepu supply coma:only
oa hand. al low prices, Nos. I, 2 and 6 Canal BIISI/1.
COlumtlx, January. 27,16.54.
Pittsburg Glass Ware. •
Tun. received a large lot of Diamond Gltuts Ware,
al in new and beautiful shape., which we can se
cheaper than Philadelphia'wholesale priers. Cull and
judge for yourselves.
Columbia, March 15,1856.
HIRAM WlLSON4rives-this branch of basi
nese particular attention. A, he execute. ail
work in this hue himself, it will be warranted equal
o any in the Country, and ut no kter rates.
Thankful for the patronage with which he has al
ready been favored.he respectfully solicits a con
4nualiCe Of the Wee. HIRAM WIL.e.ON,
One door above Jonas Rumple's Hardware Store.
Columbia, Feb. 21,1455.
Cedar Ware.
CONSTANTLY on band, an assortment of Cr
dar-Waret to which the audition of honvekeep
ery iv invited. HENRY PFAIILEII.
Columbia. 0ct0ber29.1853.
TEE subseriboatakeethis method to'inform
the pidle, that he Is prepared to turni.h the
in gnantitien to ,ult purchaners,"at the shortest notice.
Thin Lime in particularly adapted for plastering and
white-washing. It will be delivered if desired.
February TA, 13:44( Wrightiwille, York county.
Fever and Agne.
THE most obstinate - eases . eared imme
diately, by Dr. Shallenberger's Fever and
Ague Antidote. In no case will the patient have
more than ore chill after the first do,. Call and get
circular, at R. WILLIAM'S,
Columbia, July 7, W 55. Front street.
JUST RECEIVED, a large and fresh supply
01 paints, oils, dye stuffs, burning fluid, pine oil,
ace., &., and for sale at the lowest price* by
March 49. SAM% FILBERT.
AMONG MAHON'S lid of 1 1 eriodiealt will
he found Harper's ,Putsiarnbt.Craham`s.Godey's
Arthur's, Peterson's nod Black-wood's magazines;
Nallou't and Leslie's Pictorials; New York Ledger.
Flag of Our Union, True Flog, Waverle, and all the
popular newspaper. puldished in the United States.
Columbia, March t.V, 1856.
TNT RECEIVED,a large and new supply of
Brushee, and Combs, of all kinds and style...—
For sale by SAMI, FILBERT.
March YR,
ALCOHOL and Earning Fluid, ahoy* on
hand, at the lowest prices, at the Enunly Medicine
Store, Odd Fellows' Hall.
February 2,1850. •
0! come from the village, the mountain, and glen,
Ye sickly and ailing. both women and men:
No longer let gloom shroud )ou r comfort and looks.
For Ayer has a mixture that beats all .The llooksr
Unfortunate creatures. and victim. to pain!
Look forward, and hope yet for good health again;
Consumptive disea.eli man yield mud be off.
The Pectoral cures every kind ofa cough,
Pneumonia and plaids's! and asthma and cold,
Succumb to its virtues like misers to gold;
It gives to the wasted the rose, of good health,
Of value far greater than rivers of wealth.
Deter not a moment'. but hasten and try.
Thus wonderful cure,ere voa langul.h and die;
For all can obtain it,the price is PO small.
A blessing derigned (or the poor—and for all.
Received a large and fresh supply from the mane -
setury, and far sale wholesale and retail, by the on -
maligned sole Ageut kir Columbia.
Golden Mortar Drug and Chemical Store, From , tt.,
Columbia, Pa. (Feb. 13,1856.
1 4 - 11 lit is THOMPSON'S jolly celebrated Com
mercial and other Gold Pai•--tbe best in the
rket—jaro received. P. SHIZEINER.
Columbia, April 28,1855.
QAPONEFIER, or C,uneentrated Lye, for ma
i.) king Soap. l lb. in sodirient for one:barrel of
SI Soap, or Ilb.for 9 lba. Hard Soap. FaU •diree.
• at* wall be given al the Connuer for lambing !Rai
II rd and Fancy Soaps. For sale by
Colombia, March 31, IS=.
OTLAll.—lnal received * fresh supply of Paint. Oil,
Greasing Oil, Rom ing Fluid, /a For vole by
Yawl. V. Front street, Colombia, Pu.
GERHARD nitOtiwir,
OONTINUE J S loyeeenpy the. large building
nt the enrolee 01 - Second and Locust streets, and
offers to 11014 detdring cointortailelwardinE 4l,o Ere.'"
es: *convenietweei At- Ithi-Snlociall and Restaurant
will Le found Luaarteii-of ail' klifdsild , season; which
.wllllii served I.lp,t,ii the bes(reannerandat,the short.-
est notice. He rerpectfutirSoliciti a share olostron
ake. Mar 10, 1850.
Mount VoriOn.,Minse,_." - Omit Basi n, Co nmb'a
. •-
AlOrThe bee , ' acrorninoltalionw and every.utiention
given: to guerg, who:411113 , ' firnrcer shin ettiabliNliment
Tit!' ;heir putrouQge: - . 185641 "
PrankliTt Souse, Locust st..CO/u*bia, Pa
AB subsiribtr ld'Aielipy this
well-thoWn Hole': and will do everything in big
power In comfortubly mileri h fitintrwrio may patron
ise bini. "fiir uccrnomOdming
.I)colita, &c., pre soperiaC. , -
-A:WO Id, 1&56-1 ,
. .
Waihinktoi House,Columbia, Pa.
TIM old and well-known house is sllll. in
she oteafit tit y ZifitheiullieriGer; and oßers every
indiwitneat to the traveller, iu the way or comfort and
convenience. The, Cars, east and west. *inn from
lAts let ildroltratni. and 4t barrothirridvantages Linear.
passed by any. Term, reasonable.,
Columbia, Alia! 14, 1.5.564
Beuevae Honge,
L CORNER of Fiat end WORM •streets,
(oneve.imi lotto ia well dz. I.lreneman mid Mrs. Haines)
-.The •Mooso-iii hirstiohodessith•all Mod' ern Improve
mid every attention-will he given to serum
the eomfort.of gmems....Cliargef moderate.
Colmqin G gliall Ig, tAso-tt
TWO : ItlYitit.Ao%. needy .opposite -the
Waiithingion Huey., in the borough of Columbia
—one. frointneon the dthiqueliatina River 101 feet,
and extending-in depth IMO fevi, to the track of the
Columbia and Philadelphia Railroad, the other front
ing .on the river 56 Met 6 inches, and extending in
depth same as above. There la a railroad track.whiele
extend. the whole depth of this lot. These lota are
well wharfed. Fur terms enquire of
Feb. O. 1 511.-4 • • or It.
For Rent or Sale: •
OEV..E RM. 1101114•11 ditli•rent parts of th e
Hornlike, for rent or sale.
- , •-- " Enquire of
Columbia. Jan. 5, 1a56. N. W:H. WHIPPER.
• - Rent, . - •
, A : ,BASEILENTIMeaIIabIe-fai an ifil4
. ri f ot e rand Suloou,iFituated onwaulls.
.Front letreet; 7 fitiweElt tuid
ilnittge.z Foctertne,,,lce..spply to • - -
Colnuabia;Novehnber 117, 1 etri.",tf
Enquire at this niree.
January 19, 11041'
1114117SEACEprEiirili, - 01r01016.111.
nii .Wr -Mt • ,
RUGS, &C., &C.,
Manufactured expressly for spring snletn . and to which
the special attentitnt of Housekeepers is lashed, as we
are determined to otter them bargains.
Columbia. rebruary 23, .1150.
ZH. SHEPARD would respectfully inform
Li, the citizens of Columbia and vicinity, that he Juts
effected an tummy 'With the.
Philadmphia Piano Forte Manufacturing
whose Pianos for superior tulle, finish, and durability.
have for yettra stood unrivalled.
Hers prepared to deliver theta here at the lowest city
prices. nod would most respectfully solicit the patronage
of such as wish to procure a good and substantial tn
.A•sveciinen of the above mentioned instrument may
be seen by calling at his music room, cast corner of
Front wad Loeunq Ares ts. Columbia.
February 2. 1P.56. •
signrel iut lie the attention of the public to their
extensive mock of VICARS ' of tall kinds. which they offer
at pricer rh.niar than ever sofd in this town beam.
Air*. just received a fresh supply of F.A4IIIXGRO-
Corner of hocwO and Third mtruete
Columbia, 'February •f,
WHOLESALE and Retail Bread and Cake
paken—Constantly on hand a varie ty of Cakes.
toomimerona to mention: Crnekerst Soda, Wine, Smolt.
nod Sugar Biscuit, Confectionery, of rverrdeseription,
ace. LOCUST sTRRE. - r,
Fels. 2,Tia. Be'Meru the Bank and Franklin House.
COMIIISSION Merchant for the mile of PIG
1111K1'AL, AND BLOOMS, No. 27, Wood tlircei,
Ptusburg. I's.
Joint Graham, , President Dank, Pio:burg;
E. D. Jones, Esq., Cushier Citi7Elllo Deposit Dank,
& .1. H. Slice3,llerger, Iron Merehanle, Plamburg
Coleman. Hllllllo.ll & Co. alerellana., Pm/Marg.
Lorena. Stewart de Co. U erchn me, Pittsburg,
14uavelmn h Won., Marietta, Pa.
January 19, Ith6.
ZR. SHEPARD would Inform the — ci tizens
. of Columbia, that he is trove prepared to give
tistruettons in Vocal and Instrumental music to
epeeial intention given to tuning and repairing Pi
anos and other invtruments.
May be Pound at any hour of the day at the Music
Room adjoining the Ambrotype rooms of 13111EPARD
& CO.. corner of Front and Locust. streets.
January /9, U&;6.
THE undcrsign^d has constantly on hand
the best qualities of Baltimore Company, Dia.
mend and Black Diamond, Sunbury, Millersburg, and
Pine Omen.
A II coal weighed and warranted to give neli•fortiOil
Ale°, by the car and cargo, beet quality Ilituminors
C 0..!, for blatekemithing.
l'inehurst Otte Coal on hand.
ichory and Oak Wood always. on hand.
Columbia, October 6. J. G. GESS .
ort ziaVylr:sai•irlo:ir3ll
BOTHER large-arrival of BOOTS, SHOES,
tke. The subscriber has milli received, direc
rout Philadelphia manufacturers, a beautiful assort
ment of (tem.', Ladies', Boys' and Misses', Booty,
Shoes and Slippers.
Amonz which may be found a full and large assort
ment of De Haven's Ladies Gaiters and Velvet . Slip.
A large and beautiful assortment of Cent's, Ladies
sand Mirses' gum shoes.
We do not think it necessary to enumerate all the
different styles of, work always tobe found at oar es
tablishment. CA LL AND SER. every variety, from
the pretty little shoe for the Wanton the elegantly
finished gaiter for the lady and the splendid [mot for
the gent. at Phila. CASH PRICES.
in. Please remember that all oar work Is manufac
tured in Philadelphia, expressly for our sales, and is
of the best material and vrorkmanship, and is war
ranted as such. CYRUS R. IticCLUNE,
Locust Street. 4 doors below Town Ilan.
Columbia, Feb.lo, MO.
THE undersigned bas inst.neelved a large
and frenh supply of FANCY SOAPS, for the toll
et.pueb an almond, ambrosial, bonny, rose, palm,
mammoth. laundry, floating, penclne, brown windeor,
erystaline halls. the genuine white and mottled can
tile. and 'lbw a large astortment of common soaps.—
For sate by rtt M9. FILBERT.
March CO, ISM.
- .IA - -- I .2. ......,..: .1 ~ . - • ----' .
• _ ..: .
. 1 . • ir.: — ..... r.c.: - .12. ' A.,
.': .1 1. -....-. ii....., _. (....: 7 1 -,•
: .•.,
. .. ~,.
strwr vaicrEFirtak - • ,
A - AESII supply ifT. cliotee _PERFUMERY
IL (role the eifehiated "eitritifislunent,s of diositi,
Peter. and Hatief, - Chesuni inreer, Maisie/Flint!: Tim
following inciu& - m,-frwmilhor artseletir?" 4, 6o •
evolve •for
Rose; sweet Pert." life,`A hima i .Znarmtila,Tuherofe
Lilly *film Alltley, - PearhAßlossoia,Neibenu, Mag.
Italia. Gyro:limn...Sweet Briers 4 ke. ' -
"PiThimorsvon - Tntr If A iti.—Bnzio's o.s hlarrow,
Peter's Urn Pomade, Hanel's Phi locome Cydoulne,
Globe Pomtril , ., ••
*RAVING CREtlsl.—Annhrosial,Roseand.kimond
Shaving Crenins,'Ereponke*Oes CoMpound tee,
.80APit.- - Delerstrve Ft:Melee, Mork,Orninibus. Na
tional, White and: Winibrori Nymti) soCironii•
shin' and blirsh-111allow Sanas , Wransperent Wash
' - -
.Amandine Cold 'Creom and Pomade Divine for
eltspned intiods.
Balm of Thowand Flowers for the removal of Tau
Freckle*, krt., from she skin, •
. iter sleems it - needless to euememte any
farther,indinvites the admirers of choice Perfumery
to glvl him a cull and 'examine his stork:
ilarelt 72, - Front street,.Colmnaia, Pet.
TJ. MIIxE9, d.SOY rrsiiectinlly. inform
. the aitLiens of COltimbis, a n d - the public generally,
that they have removed their Root - Store from Mechan
ics' Row - to the store roourrecentty occupied by P. Shel
don, on the south side of Locust Street, two doors below
Second. where they ' "conitatitiy* have 'on- hallyLa
large and well'selected aisortmenfof4liscellattenagend
scbool-Books, all kinds ; of Bibles,. Prayer and Alyniet
B on k., Blank Lkoks, linttionjery, jogether - with every
article in thiellooir byhtiftegi: •
Theiratock is-all new. and hes been selected with,
great rare, and they invite particle* attention to it, as
they are deferaiiited to sell at prices that will give sat
isfaction:` :^4 , 5 •-' T 1 I.IIIIL 21: :SON.'
GPIIssUbiN Lei, / a,
THE ThittiengetaVrinins 'on -the Viik - tiLia
iVr)glinvine end Vohnnhin,nadrond .
Nl:drive in rollowei•oii'and oder Monday,
the nth of July, 18W - '
LearaTork,for-Wrightsvilleand Colombian'
Returning; leave Columbia at
14ove York ot-11.,4....M., orou tbe r arrivai of
from-Dahimoin. , ' ""'"
Returning. leave Columbia at 12.,415 and Wrigi
at I o'clock for York.iarrivittg there in time to,
with the train to Ratuntore.thus affording a,
tion with Latiencer and Philadelphia, and w
Leave Yoik for Wrightsvii le at
Reurning, leave Wrightsville for York at
The Plailndelphia tram (dears arrives at Cc
in "one forpnowgiwrs to
Columbia, July 11, l 8 ii.
1866. 1866.
New Cexpetingo, 011.01oths.
At Haldeman's Cheap Cash Store.
TIIB subscribers have : now open a large and
entirely new stock of heavy three ply, Su
perfine and Fine Ingrain ; new style Venitian, Heavy
List attd Rag Carpets., all very superior goods both as to
quality and price.- and 'worthy the attention of House
keepers. We offer them at such prices as will in
sure a quick rule.
ALSO a splendid assortment of Table and Floor Oil
Cloths. Rugs, Parlor and Door lilats, Window Shades,
Stair Rods, /he., &c.
Persons who want real bargains in these goods, are
invited to call early at
March 22, IBla3. Cheap Cash Store, Columbia.
Tin, Copper and Sheet-Iron Ware
MINUFACTOKY, Locust street, opposite the
Franklin House, Columbia, Pa.
The subscriber respeetnilly informs his old friends
and the public generally, that he has resumed the
alcove business, at hi. old stand, and is now prepared
to furnish all articles in his line, made in the ben
manner. at the lowest prices.
BELL-HANGING, ace., attended to at the shortest
toilet and on the most reasonable terms.
Long experience itl the buninera w'armtll• me in
raying that full mini-faction will be given to all who
mity favor tne =^nh their paironnge. '"
with our Confectionary estahliehment, we are
now prepared to turnieh
Milk Ihmuit, Hook, Fee., freph from the oven, at all
hours. .
• • .
A trial °roar Bread is most respectfully solici ted,
as we are confident it will render sntisfisctioh. Or.
for Bread fell at the Store will be punctually at
tended to; and when requested, families will be
eerved regularly. Fresh Cream and Boston Biedvit.
Tea Rolls, New York Twist, Ru•k, dic., ready for de
livery every afternoon at four o'clock.
Old Established Stand, Locust Street.
Columbia. August
OF MUM WILSON, comer of Lo
cost mid Second etecen, Columbia,:
The undersigned re•pectfullp inform" die citizen~ of
Colombia and itarrounding country. that he boxier'
received a very large and ex e si vie uttrortinent attic
!Meet and moat improved pattern' of
to which he invites attention. 01Cooking Stove.. the
Morning Star, Globe, Girard, Champion awl Portable
Range, are acknowledged to be the best in nee and a
foil 1111.0f1MCIlt will be 1001111 nt hi• •tore.
Ile has also reechoed a Iota( BOAT STOVES. Pas
saur wishing staves are soliciled to give me a call
before purchasing elsewhere, as I am deterna ned to
sell at the lowest cash prices.
Corner of - Second and Locust streets.,
Colombia, Sept. B, 1555.
Apple Butter, Preserves, &c.
OF COPPER KETTLES, all "dim - Ladd
ptrect, opposite the Franklin noose, Columbia Pa.
The subscriber bap constantly on band and make*
to order, the bestoaality of Copperdreukut which be
is prepared to sell at the most reasonable prices,.
wholesale and retail. Purchasers will find it to'tbeir;
interest to give him a call before porehasingselse•
Colombia, August te,isn.
Tin and Sheet Iron Wa're.
Ihare constantly on hand a large assortment
of all • kind, of ti in and Sheet Iron Ware. used by
Housekeepers and ethers, which, will be sold at vary
low prices. FUR MI WILSON,
corner of Locust and Second rAraets.
Columbia, Feb. 24, ISM.
VINT RECEIVED, a large and well selected vermeil ,
e of Brushes; consist ins in part of Shoe, Nair, Cloth,
Crucat, Nail, Hat and Teeth Washes. and for }lie by
Marsh 22,'50.rreni sires/ Columbia. Ps
.*OsEpii YEWDAL7y•--
• Practical :Gardener and Florist,
Cherry ilea; iv*
r efffflly id--
fOrmss bis friends end : geni 4 rdT, thaf
be bacortband cud Ibr salsreoliorlee , 'sapply nt
111bruts,10..., suitablelor 'pleitiare, grounds And gar ,
dins, .Ceboldis • collection • of.tonstrunty 'bfdefirdng .
roses ofeverysbade ofeolorrofiboamoatbardlskladi.
He r 'also LA Y$ :OUT „AN D lAI P.HOVHS BA-
SURECIROUNDPAND 071,RDENg - tiliblastgoni
does all klnds.orplantlog arid. piraiing, rotdorwand
country,witbelcill c and.coro. !kit rassetntbls terms:
He invites attention to his 1111.1Q , ERY,, where a' I
birgo-vonetrofall kindi:of bloontine Plab.triO sea
son, may in alt imes be teen: .
Columbia •April 5 1b36-tf •
ToilicT Viogplirtpt pLusigi:
Colutnitioduly 14,1555.
_ .:... , 4 ,-,:- ::, awn;
tre . of-0166
She heard in the : city
.Unheeding the' spier
-Shotsilently knelt et
The hitir
itid eu irlialakitiespi
e - A - Stri=eiti the rntirma aeb than all
That eine so unlitft wedsbt 01 4 4. 1 i
esfn 're - Said theitiiiiicinfil Interned,
'For'thervfrealth of tltoTerftirpest '3lll his feet:
h.ea4b9.ti 4 ST o . cuntr. sAhtlix itiot sigt
An¢ she 4 his eyeL
11.. 0 c!"-'!0 ilgtotevE her
.vrfallt!.•to his siinclals h svete tfthititglyinessed.
1.0 theity, oftettetnpest r esshinettow+-..
lit the of the sonbertm ss mad
iTtiket on the lost,orng her eirts ephreteke•
.l.ntrAltiky went forth initheijetityei '
•,, 1.4 .....;,...
=Ot 0V I WTI, p., ... , .. t t
~.. f...". ...--; +' ::'1:;' ,
A FUR TRADE ' ' • . 4...
.: - BY . WASITTWOTON ITillSfri.'"f" ' "•,r-'.
• - Attu
Molter, with the luirdilieiof - feriiiciftif
trader,•bild I, :i4M l l l4 llre - g4Y
of d-CI
a in
. 11 yhear t Af
the wilderness and had : neti•to trap
• • •
beacer•-alone, A
•"the- heail fhislS'eth
..txRAPPi." ) ,* - 040914, Araol , 'N'Ate ,
'anti they ogroeitto,:skeeir er.:1414
mete in theA•very region: Of
feet, at '04";
death of 0 4 4 T imew.they
iim.4 to- expect tioAt mercy ieirP hands',
' They -Wore.4:ibliged fd treepo Wiraity
in-tho'woody nmrbina oT'th 741:131"4"ni
thei:i liar' li'Ogaikit!ir 4106:
-• •• • -
banks.- •-Colter ininiediately, gtiveithe alarm
of• "Indians!" and Was ibrintlianCretraat.
Potts scoffed at him fur being .frightenod : at
the trampling of- a herd of buffaloes. Colter
checked. 'his uneasiness, and paddled,:for
war& • They -ha not gone much Birth&
when frightful whoops and yells burst forth
front' each side oftheriver, and several hun
dred' Indians appeared on either _bank:
Signs were made-to the unfortunate trap
pers-to-come on ithore. Thep` were obliged
to comply. Before they could got„ out of
their canoe, a savageseized.the rifle of
Colter sprang on Shore, wrested-11M weapon
front the hand of the Indian, Jed restored it
to his companion, who WAS still in thecanee
and immediately,:pushed -into the:stream:
There ,wasit Sharp 'twang of 'a bow, 'and
Potts cried Mit thathewas -w,mnded.
ter urged him to come on shOiO and 'submit,
as his only chance of -life. ....But:tho other
knew that there wizen° prospect of 'mercy,
and deterthinad to - die 'game. ' Levelling his',
Tifle, one of the savage's dead .on the I
spot. • The,next moment itc,fell,hinaself,A
pierced-with numerous arrows. • • • • I
• I
The vengeance' of ..the savages was nowt
turnea upon Colter., Ile was stripped na-,
ked, and (having - some -knowledge of-the-
Blackfeet language) • overbeaniu consults-1
tion as tebto mtele of dispsitching - him, so
as to derive
,iho greatest amusement. from
his,death. Some. were for setting him-up
as a mirk, and having a trial of skill - at his
expense. The chief, howeveri, was for no;
bier sport. Ile seized colterby_the collar,
and 'demanded if he would- ran'Tast. The
unfortunate trapper was too Well acquainted
with the Indian customs not•to comprehend
the drift of the question. ile , was to run for
life, to furnish a kind of human hunt ferias
persecutors. Though in reality he was
noted by his brother hunters for swiftness
lon foot, he assured the chief .he was a very
1 bad runner. Ilia. stratagem gained some
vantage ground. Ile was led by 'the chief
into the prarie, about four hundred yards
from the main body of savages, and turned
loose, to save himself if he could.
A tremendous yell• let himkoow that the .
whole pack of bloodhounds were in full cry.
Colter flow rather than Tun; bewas aston
ished at his own Blitzed; but he bad six miles
to travel before be could Teach Jefferson
Falk of-the Missouri; how - could - he hope to
hold-out such a distance -with the odds of
seven hundred to one against him? The
plain, too; 'abounded with prickly, ,pear i ,
which -wounded his rmkedTeck. Still-he fled
on, dreading uaelt numtent toWir the 'twang
of a bow, and. feel an-serow•qnkvaig at his
heart. Ile did not even, dare to' look-round,.
' lest he should lose anlinetroteltundistance
on which his life' - depended? Irellhad=irun
nearly across the,plain, whirs Ste sound' of,
pursuit grew somewhat fainter, r and. he sten
tared to turtritishead.—Thestastin -body of.
his pursuers were a - Considerable distance
bahindhim; several of the fastekt - runners
were scattered in the distinale while a swift-
Tooted warrior, armed-with A.:mum was not'
more than a hundred pods behind him.
Inspired with new hope, Colter redoubled
~, ~.
•-• wdr..•43 • •—4 . t 4 r4 , 41 1- ` 73- :: • ' - ' 7 77;r7.4......
PLEA.B4X4 E. 4. 4 . 4 .5 . . 11 P;49)1:4 "" 44 - • 4.1i60 PER - XFAltrair AVV I ANCE42;4OOIPIERYI I -130.1
. • _ ;4;41 „14 . - tdeit.taller4'443
:41 r -
IT Y Mitt. 9- 1846.
his exertions ; but strained himself to such a
degree that the illopel gushed from hismouth
and nestrils, and streamed down his breast.
Ile arrived within arni:leeof the river. The
sound of footsteps "gathered - upon him: A
glance behind him showed his pursuer with
intwenty yards,. and preparing to launch
his spear. Stoppinaihort, he turned round
and spread out his arms. The savage, con
foundelL by the•audden action, attempted to
stopanetteurthis spear,-but.fellin the very
net.. Jibs spear stuciria tho-qtround,-.and
the shaft brokein his hatuL - Colter- picked
. a.p the pointed -part., , pianedrikes , eavetp to
the earth, and continued; his- flight: The
Indians, as they arrived at their.alaughtored
: companion; stopped to howlever him. Colt
er.tuede the. most of -thiti -previous delay,
Valamleilmakirts of the-nottanspaod -.border
ing;tho river;.daslied fivrmgheit,ititd-pliarrg:
edinto llteletreana. ; , mulatto the treighi
glowing itaelAtietlattietet tho.entlmf whicleahe
drift r waefribestahslgtelLittspelopeautities
to f4IIIR. titiadzepdived;
.141.4-10'019.7....100101y inatcr,untiblaustetreceeded
in getting a breathing platar.abetteeen: the;
floating trunks of trees, whose bushes and:f
Abe laserwlttar, t{'-hollredlten*,Wicetlify
vatuoMtvplurigadlintotthel riveromd .-'train
to ,, theertft,-..patabitgr-addezralettlii ler in
)slidiroothinstmellhey at:longthe gervo , ntetth - e
nenrelkomad;hmtbem - stiontirdewn flit .
.L,T.Auloinzalorz ,atblicem).
•;; grejkowas. a -little.nago? tW.ltoAclongel..l4 - ,
.P.c.,,,TAllinfoYrP,• and 3vao : asitl;torintreimphis
littkoiramesk Iligirtoa B big as:Cien:.lngksonia,
%ash. Taylor. Ile 4.4.l,nbt,,fealw..eson , :old :
Nick, and as for coolness he was as cowl as
OnoldtsyiNT'rtitltafer4 : like dig
10g,i3-.4*-IdchAker494ll 2 M Ant aLtlatialit
'strokettitOint - 11*
iptiikoairt*api lea
'TaldslfseistiAlt hi!
4ostizt Natio tenhttlb
WRAC*, tfittelP
.st, ,he wanted ha
w, "I have tot al
irlicid;..and you
'"Berry ' well; Mimi," 'replied .TeXe;
tell dis rtitger What'
it, shore."' " ' '
"I want You to go to the dissecting rciom;
you will find tiara dead 'bodies ' fit °ie.., Cat
off-the head of one with alttige . lirtife Which
you will find there,-and bring it to us. - You
must not take a light, however, and do not
get frightened."
"Dot's all, is it?" enquired Jake. "Oh,
berry well, I'll do dat, shore, for saran; and
as fur being friglten, old Satin himself ain't
prim) to frighten me."
Jake accordingly set off, and reaching the
dissecting room, groped about until he found
the knife and bodies. He had just applied
thejoirner,to the neck of one of the latter,
wh . en from the body he was about to decap- '
itate, a hollow and sepulchral voice ex . -
"Lot my.head.aionol" • •
Jake: "I ain't tick-
War, tudder head 'll-do jes as well."
lie. accordingly put the knife to the• neck
of 111 ce next corpse ; -when another voice
equally_ unearthly in its tone, shrieked out:
"Let my. head - :don e!" -
Sake was puzzled at first but answered
"L'oel a yaldMassa Tullifer bed I must.
tring - mte Oblle heads, and you isrt.t, gwine
to fwd me no howl" and Jake hacked away
until he separated the head from the body.
Thereuponhalf a dozen Tutees all screamed
"Bring it back: Bring it back..
Jake bid reached thedeor, but, on bear
ing this, turned round acid said:
"Now, now, see yah! Jcs you keep quiet,
you duco ob a fool, an' don't waken up de
Women folk. Massa only gwine to look nt
de bittnps."
"Bring back my head at once!" Cried the
"Tend to you, right away, Sall !" replied
Jake, :ladle marehetirff with the head. and
the next minute ho deposited it before the
"So you've got it, I see," said .Jake's inns-
• "Yes, nb," replied flue unmoved Take,
please be done lookin' at him 800111,
kasc the gcnanten told spf io , foldi him back
rig/4 away.
SAIMI wricavizArrlNTHENl3E
. TFMTH tzliTtritY.
`,An interesting case has recently come be
fore the Supreme Court of Massachusetts:lt
Salem, in which the validity of •a Rill was
sought to be impeached on accountof singu
lar mental deinsions, amounting to insanity,
which influenced the testator, one Obed
Woodbury, who had devised his property to
certain cousins, cutting off the heirs at law,
who were a nephew and -niece. Zebulon '
•Woodbury and Mrs. Elizabeth Ludden, chil
',dren•of a deceased brother. The latter con
tested the will, end showed on the trial that
the deceased had, until within a veer, ex
pressed his intention to leave his property
to them, and that, for many years, he had
been of an unusually weak and superstitious
turn of mind.
Some of the deltutionstby.ueitichAte:wat ,
possessed are- so singular as =to - recall-the
days of Salem witchcraft and the 'wholesale
hanging and,hurning of the eol
onists. Isis two physicians testified to an
insane delusion on the subject of his neplt7
ew, founded-on alledged supernatural -com
munications.. lie said that spirits had spo
ken to hint, and that the wall had called• out
to hint and-warned him. He also :believed
that, the uophew's wife had a bottle" with
seeds in it, by swinging which 'overberhertd
three times, she could, at arty time;%punrint
into agenr - aud:tarlAtt lastai9kness,b - e- at
tributed his painsstolttilices':'
On one occasion, he twins ? - 2 relieved of -min
for several weeks,' which-he attrilinteel to
her having &lame area, tao , that ,she
not Owing the bottle; and he attributed the
-return of his pains to Itetneavering tlio. use
of her arm. lie thoughtsthat , his cider, and
,breadvand inedicines'were poisoned, amtl he
-buried ,the hread in his-garden: lie kept n
,rtailjn hitt pantry, to stmxttaway the- witch- ,
ear and hacharged the -nephew' with having
,rem. eyed _the Wit and ::exposed: him teefhe
4Xrwer:of..l the spirits. Ile-thought - t hat ! his
Atrp-footherimol power toriatftatelsiatopmatintel,
her will, though severat.tcdleit:distant: I.fiv
tltgsglht.lte,had seen •Jesgs, ClAti sts4l;thati r,
- 1 414% 4 4.1 that there wo.§.. aaft44.laPpditt in .
3ltinghpster who could Al.wotostiglvota mated:
a fair ;wind, And thouir,ht,tbar k utAnbalf,tioatin
.doal4l.wo,l44Appen with thnothdo of Altettiaida'
siekue# 6 ~lifttdiatelioado ota
nags to
1,314-44 wi- in , „tlitexintwatifn
t 1049,1145.1 ./taen !taoS4tSnisgtallnrownoi l i
slirinm . .aersinee he watt Itorp4taxl,toppeetati
/ 1 9/ 413( 14 4 0 4t.4 10 ALMat klaw'
*Agtitax OA spirits ware,.gata nr.Joask.-tilla
4 4.4 . 4 )1 4* - ixis death 4.4 o 4QuittittOlk!
era Itaia nephew ant1445,244,44,0fere
tqrr ni . '4 l s.iti°-w4t h Ailirt4toitersptat4tat
4; l *.flli?g ;flttonllit 44,*'1191PStacifftaie
show tinitthylteliaf,4l4magtaviotiiput„
f;;soi 4 soaint was.onleletuatiket
I ana., Jr., J lskplost4,„anasest,
ejceedinAzo.ble elusiwitxtgapylahhtalf
'initikantions , from the tituartartitittight
ortiwelsortes, thAffirlMWefffi lli ttt
tor and neat*: itilluihr
Lea John Russel has hitely delVveredzan
address in Exeter Hall, London, and ,- we
take-thelollowing extract from - the'fitlr!re
port of it in the London Times:
Young men in these days, and, for itiiiht
we knot-, in all ages, expdet
and religions progress mationot only easy,,
bat pleasurable, triumphant, and - ingeniOa
I—dignified with theories and sweetened
! with indulgence. They want a royal" rdrul
improvement—a wide road, a pleasant 1 . .41 .
anditot very tedious. So Lord - John IttTS
sel does not hesitate to disabuse them;'
he gives them the stern old advice that the
only way is to be found in good habits.—
Bad passions and vicious inclinations, in
one form or another, arc the real iilistaeles
to progress, and they are powe.rfril
Strong restraint is necessary to subdue
them, and that restraint is to be fonnil ttlY
in morality and n good teacher. Good mor
al habits are the very sinews of the frame,
whether that frame be of one mind or of all
society. They arc the liber,that-nz .? kesjie
Cry muscles, that forms our solid consist
ency, that gites us working, power and
makes us true men. All the talk in the
world goes for nothing if it dues net t end . in
good moral habits, the want of, which is
sure to make a clever man afoul, wise, re
forms nugatory, and a great nation profli
gate and corrupt. Let Heaven scud good
harvests: let our cities resound withal° hunt
of factories and the traffic of streets; let the
earth be covered with our railways, and the
ocean with our ships; but let the salt
be wanting—let luxury spoil the rich, and
intemperance degrade the poor: let
be set against emit other: let the moral '
sense be once blunted by bad habits, and
then all that should have been for our
wealth becomes an occasion for falling, and
harvests, cities, factories, railways, ships,
art, science, everything on which we were
lately boasting ourselves, passes over like a
traitor to the camp of destruction, and ob.
streets that moral and political progress of
which it seemed to be the chief means. Tin
morality, whether public or private is the
one source of mischief, and Lord John Ilus
sell has real a good lesson to a self-flatter
ing and self-indulgent generation, when he
points out that nothing is to be done and no
progress made, without good moral habits.
Whether all the young men who heard him
last night thought this more than so much
sermonizing, we know not, but if they live
long enough they will find it all true, to
their pleasure or their cost.
1/65" "1 sec an infatuated person expect
ing happiness from some beloved one whom
he has made an idol lie k told that his
love is returned. Imsnediately he secs an
Ibis dreams of felicity TC:llize.r: lie feels hi.
heart leap with joy. Jacob did not see with
greater happiness the approaching end of
hisSourteen years of bondage to which be
had submitted from love to-Bachel. Alasl
the inconsistency of the human heart, or the
instability of life, dashes his idol to pieces.
annihilates his hopes, and fills his heart with
bitter grief. A tomb to bedew with his
tr-ors is perhaps, all that remains to him of '
- oLg, NumßEkt,atx?..,,..
'his fond iiretimta
witnets.;-iirntallai the itislcr;r4ifyotii
ruritt `of lib serVing every aiiy, ,theonoit -
4 1 4fre . .i: of 4 - imt •
wharis undei a more
huintle ' exterior, in the . 10g15 , 103344!..01 - :,b130
ar2iznn, acid the rustle Aotfilge ! .,..o.f . .t4e
- penstuar gut,Jesus , 0 mi.Savl:9hr . L . ,_,lrrr
differnt - is - tile:lca:of theep.wyput . tbp,u,bpv,4l"
itl9 *ler .i 6 4 4 .1#11.11 t4d57
alcd - ar,t
the hiaris of themi , here.
Peace; jUir . 'and I)esti4l,cax;-.441
net onlyaq. thou .thepithty God, the
big - illy - love is - saliaiionl • Thoutlaust
eotte to procure for thy-Zoolovod;oneey not&
few- p3s•ting moments :of happipcl.l„, ever
inrtgled ellrr_tay of
1:o6r nie . rta,l4 cninptspn
eelNe. The l o ve wherewith thou lovest rue
it, like thp.elf, eternal; And4he4tua love
laoll eutistiLute, , in- oternity, - -the eltinmeif of
• -..t•.tr.
prz_LAV:B.,OF K GO,I).•
XII 9 3 AAAFiAitukanfi 1:01 1 44%014-4110
- 31 4 4 4 5 , 4 1 .„. 1 944F141/
'ati14W 1 „11,4 5 1 1 401. 3 '640 , 2;4 1 )41 Xliks
19611;P.1it4441.441104 0 . 94, .04 gliteArataiwis/
iiig.944 9 ,OeStett; AhhitO
4 j t e l t tktehlaftva a iiiiituag i eve r
t,,.1. ter on, the amb, wit11:02.444
. lerf l e
~cac stiseoptiiiirentiffieirrifett ric.cmr
v.; nel syn',Voli6arrirnirr6T64, th e th`o
idea tlint'thistifie ''OF:diiiitribeebnrd' 4 6 61 4
no other -atm Ifedrild!releisritet
along with4lie ;c4iiiiiiirifiee`iif
cd Deliverer:lEle
him. r 4 talc. r aat**,
John the 114#1it°'"rppenis Itillie' 4 Alife t Z
ne4; and , the'first .iitietirit **illi cr arag lie
welcomes".resus, wifeii :-4
crer he - satritim, ie,''''l3clityld - the Lain% of
IGod, -which-ittlzeth' :in -:tithe iin h ireditir i
.world!" thereby directing the attentiori 4 ;e l
the whole ' worhtrto-Jesns, :is if there ieere
I thenceforth nothing.- eiveworth "seeingiitt 4
Jheaven in. on •erirth' than thil 'Leah of - Ciod; 4
I and doing he Certninly'dfreets - iti to'
I the -and 'most''beatitifyiitg gran '
mysteries, "tind'lo;the' pith arrinat'remi‘ bf 4
the entire Goiter . Porif "Ohrh3t hlcf fieeie
only the - " Lion OE'tlie fr'ili'c' Of . 2itchi l hZu lr iire lt
not :it the nrinit'''tirrie ile -44 13:1M15;" 1 'what .'"
would it hare-awn - led us? ''AttliisStinftr, hil l°
is the desire of all netff'sne;4ll6 s ititi a "
- to the erilei; from Eden,• thrstirfe t fthfr"
„, mrsness -in the night of - sericretii: v ilitiose 4 . ,
.. horn the law condemn*, rind the higritbi' '.
lamp to the wanderer in the*ioiny isic'or
dentlm—lcrumnine7n-r: - •'”' - ' ' ' '
WORLD. *-- -
[The following copy of a remonstrance.
presented to the lu, , t . court, we lake from ,
the York lhavican Eagle. If any ono sup
poses that the Schoolmaster is abroad in
that district, we _hope he will,be convinced
of his error, upon the perusal of this beauti
ful production. Vie Connty"'Stiperiniend
ent ought to see after this individual, and
embody his remonstrance in his next report.
so that the great Commonwealth could profit
by the experience of the "man who did'nt
like Myers Petition:"] -
york Con ParadiNe township
A Few Lines to the llonuriable the Judg
es of the Court of york Countcy that I Bean
in the News paper as 'Daniel Meyers has
Petition for A Licon to keep tavern or pop. , -
lick lions iu Paradise 7'p with I sink it
wood Be lloung if the Court Wood grand.
him A Lison I hallNossing Janst Meyers
But it is Bit on pichen hill he - Lifs it ,
is A Rat Mose for young Boys and it will
Match von.t yed if he ants - Lison I, am a
N ear N a ber to Meyers I Das Notgif My
Name. a, Long, for fear he wood fin it out
But I runt you to Require hen he is situnit
11,r tavern & sea nether you Dant lint it this •
way that Movers Liff Boy him self & has
onley one Bad to Sleapo in & Little Bit of
one storey Irons With one Rum in & A
Small kichen Reaper A Little-Bit'of A store
that a Mans Cut Garrey all the goods on his
Back and we Must say that Meyers is Not
sober twoßays out of seven and the way he
got Iris titters he Lill' in Bringasan Howe
Itudysill'Cant Rite or Reade and the others
ar Man that Licks-Liekervarrywell & Dont
keer moth the Shia if the onley, Can git A
Dram Nod & then the Cort Can ask S,iitun
uel Hays Dapitl , sharf or Mart ester the
know year Ile Las So I the Cort Will
Require. A Bout Meyers Caremnstains Be
fore the grant hirn.A Lison •
Sor I cot Of you fifty
Name :toast Meyers Petition
" But if Be gits Doxicatit lie, is
So smith that Nabers beats him
yours A Pliebt,
We commend the above to our handsome
fricnd of the York Rerntblimn