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offl,—North We'lorner of Fron 11
t and 7alut str
minvtlattely oppo•ite c Joint flares [told, and n above the
Ilahintore Railroad Company's Office.
'ft nes—The sly is r u 1•11.11.1 e very Saturday morning,
at the lose price of I PER. ANN lIM IN ADVANCE,
tir $1.50 IF NOT PAIL) IN All \rA:s:CLI. Single copies.
No Paper 1.111 be d e3sontiiined until all arrearages are
at the option of the publielter
I.eitet 4. to retell c attention, must be post-paid
[Ftfteen I MC 5 or lesc to the square•]
Adyerti.ements will be inserted three times at the rate
ul r.. , 1 per square: for every subsequent insertion alter the
nord.:2s cent, will be charged. The number cot - insertions
deored w.t be marked. or the advertisement will be
continued until ordered oat. and charged accordingly.
hhern l deduction wt Il be made on the above prices
to }early advertisers.
DR• A. cr,AnxsoN
n:KT—Walnut F . reet, two doors above Front, Co
0 Jumble. Pa.
Columbia. April I (t. 1F.52-1f
aTTOTZNEY AT LAW. Colutoln. l',oora.—OrFica
:1 in 1.% ninot street, opposite Col. D. 1 lerr's Ilmcl
REF , “F AI F. , lon. Jame% Pollock, 5111 ton, Peno'n :
lion ‘Vn•loogton cCurine y. Easton ; Ilnn..lutnes 51..
Pooer.l".n.loo ; llnu. J. P Rending.
Columbia. May 15, 1'5 . 2 I y
V I, eell 1.(a.11.1 and Walnut igrect , i, Columbia, Pa.
1TOTZNI:1 - .17 . Arende Row, 11'a I
t.t.tw4.,” front and Second.
, i rrouNl:v AND COI:N:1E1.1.0R Al 1..11V (Vice
.1 on 1.0rn , 1 nbrovt• Front. fornwri ) riteupled I,y
Pr 1 lark nr. C(111311161 a, in.
eolutnln.t.Mny .1, 1.250.
CDR LAND 01 BUlLnircu:. constnntly on bond n t the
I Lime Kiln, near the Depot. f Columbia-pin 12-if
I.I)UFACTURED by oil rselves----a beautiful
Itroele of Liquid Chloride of SCAR. R powerfid
ngeob much better fur di.antreeiing
li/1111 Chloride of Lime. la the bed eliainheig o . the
, n k. opecuilly infectious bn found
loghly 1.1/1 1 111111ed 011 the floor nr bed. For sale
rt LEADER'S ()olden Meant.
Coln:ulna. May 15, 1,52.
bocKET nooKs, Ilnir Itru.ltes,Tonth
.1 Pichq, Taldealix. Pen Knives. Chian Crud Remy
crc Ainha,tcr Jewelry 130xe,. Papier Moehme Albums
mid Pon l'ultos, Padded Desk.. (a new article.) nt
G. G. ci.n.lnostrs:E's
Mtiy I 1F52. Book :Store.
WI: have Jost reeei‘ed n large assortmout of fresh
t;roeera'. Sugars in every variety : Alolasses at
lallpnees...mne very .uperior Syrup : CotPe. green and
row e d: Tong Of 1111 1,11141. :11.1 1111 priors, and every
:uncle usually kept in a well regulated - Qt °eery Store—
all sate Ivry cheap by
11. 11. FItY & CO.
at thr ii New Store, oppu,ttc the Bank.
Cohanhat, April
TE prepare, nttLe Family Medicine Store. an
article of Mint. for Ilavoling Ice+. Jollies,
inn! Custarek, %%loch we down lit•=intre to o
-o,lre superior to anything of the 6nul oflereit for stilt,
tha el Inch we offer by the pint or gallon,
nit 1.4,a the tech or luly e[l.llllllltinti.
ItST received, n new lot of 11011111,F, and SIN
, (.1.11 lIA Itlil. (.UNS. Game Hog.. shot Touche.,
fond •r llot I, 01 tlm fitl,cl qualltY•
mid all Of , 1111-1‘) :Id of %VIII eII the uitcolion of
larrha-er• i. 11, lied. .TUNAS lili:1111.14.
Auguq 'lll, 1-.31. I.ocoqi tired, CUltlllll/111.
Tills t. a certain Cure for 113 , in II(
I very wor-t torms."l'bouqmnla of en..., hove been rnrn
ldrteh by it v.tllLin the Tait year a luk II liiklo Lc. II
de-nntr..d cf by the regnlnr ph)
Ile do tint recommend it to Ctll e cv err thing—wt.
nitaal It In cure 1)1 cpep•bt, min tbn Orittkolkklng
troak• that it still Cure to altnoct every erv.p. mud
recommended for 11011i1iig cl-e In mllll5 Itn.tanyec,
ten the worgt of caner have been conm:etely en. ed In
two and three itinullm but it depend. ,ifinewhitt upon
1 conquonon ot the intitent NVe vv (111].) to all
:1110 are give till- Inca', ay a
renal. und tt It i..11a to du good, our money v.lll be
is the 10051 wonderful Worm De-hos er ever
...Irma. and nt the sane tune Fo pleneant to take. that
.1,1001 eters . child , 111 he fond of. it and mane instonees
have beenlc loStn of children t-0 ing for more alter Olive
thing il
This niediellie IQ in the form of a powder. the oily'
eVer aced m Chat form, nod it operate-1111011 11
dtlferent from any other ineilicilie eVer
ally oilier -ivia it. It I.= the out}
' , loch hat 110 rv0r.,..,,ed 011 or • rurpentute cone
, tzl. it. whlell II believed I.g till other pity-lentil . .
to he the only t,u llontt , that will de.tri - 4
th'"chvo Ilungs eoutlaned, together ettd, en-tor oil. vii e
lie Relict, artnetpleg of till other worm medicines, et loch
^ tar) aer.on tt ho has es Cr or -iii. 11. th 1in0...v.; In
he the 1110.! iinUseoll Of All Igiusenti 4 triol an
'r eo . l,l of gen% ran) added in
Pvlrcq' Ili. liati , entiv trite ; and 111 Itins,
thing stronger thall the nudge OW Itself. vital
Tl ,, 'ref'Jr'' it aunt nocessat ilv droorov some. of its inedtet
,l,ropertie• These powder, ar.• - •,i,n 1 ,1., and no hens..
that a child may eat a whole box at once. tool It
l int by lout ,I 11.• et the canal a vile. the 1,1Z1V.1)1 1 •
tr,oll 01111 h it nets being durerent onm
used, it will destroy al! hold.; ut NVOI . III , with a
never erutal;ed. II stilt not old) destroy the
!!‘it mortar, or A:eat - ale, and long. round worto• of
, /1101. but is the most ellectun I medteme for the ili,tritc-
t at the Tope Worm ever known. Ten Jo=ec 1110,
mußht ti many us Pl\• C;l•upe truth per-on.
tear a hthlren late any synntuttng of worth , . to
Powder., and in 11111 e cures 0111 of ten. int toll
1. ter use oilier. Thee ore al.. warranted.
CO MPLETELY CURED In there days. by Dr J. W.
C OOPER'S Vegetable Compound levee and Agin.
Theee Pills are composed entirely Vegetable
nod to ametvmune ed.en out of every
,t 1: perform aperfect and 10,111.01C111 dare ni three
No instance has ever been known. where more
dot have been required to 10,1001111 eanq'h•td
"ell 111 the very worst case, and on the .0 .011 / . . ,
''''''llll l lollll. We Mould curneldly stty to all who are
, •tdettdv.ith du.ea-e. toga 01111 hoz and
It , them. and an all ears,. two IIOXO4 arc wnrrnalt•d 10
",". 11 taken accordwg to the dlr.-011M, or the mone3.
rennin core for Indigestion. Imhtht y, Steloses, or
us the Stomach, Pnin in the Sule and t.iiinistacti.
0 • 11 Velle“.. ,11 , 1.1011 of wo,ght lit Ilse s:omooh alter
al Ureathing, Itesstlessmes, Want nt
:^rPrlite. Palpitation Of tbe Heart, cud all oilier diseaseo
‘,. 1 1 . 111111. 1 , front Intlig,snon
Ihr r medic lire are all separate and nor for each
and each for only one desease. They arc 1101
11, innoy other ntedt^wes are, 10 cure
oinse tutees, or meaty du - set...Ls, and all of different
' hat they lire each to core Isla one license,
3 1,51 that they scull tin 111 In•it ty•:.ine eases out of every.
ana o6ere they 1181, a fair trial mid fast in all
the money will be returned.
'Oast "thealeis may lse .een at the Agents. of come of the
ainonislnisg cures on record. which Cure, 111050
have erected
ror sale by II WILLI.% MS. Columlna I A Wnr.r.
vr,A7'.}..o VS
;;;;Zif d or
. 7
- ' -•-••
ror MO CILITO of
This invaluable remedy for all diseases of the Throat
and Lungs has attained it celebrity front its remarkable
cures. never equalled by ally medicine before. Other
preparations have shown theme.l••es paThanceP, and
noznetimes effected notable cures, o. t none bat ever so
fully won the confidence of every community where it
is known. Alter years of trial in every climate, the
r o, llll..itace ineisptilahly coow•m it to possess a mastery
over lids dangerms eln.. of disease., whu•b could not
fail to aurnet the attention of Phy,telan , t, Patients, and
the publm at large.
See the t•tutententc, not of 0L.C.0 nut]
from distant lilac' lint of no, who are known find
re-peeled throughout the cooniry.
The us te.ely•yelebr.ned Surgeon, DUI I. VALENTINE
MUTT. of New York City. sal ,
It giver me great tilearttre to crrnfl lain value and
cfliettcy of• Audi s till nil PIY - I,llt W1.11.)1 I ron , tder
peculiarly adapted to cure di,euset, of the throat anal
and Inner-.''
Dr. PEP:Kr:CS, the vctierable l're,hlent of the Ver
mont Aletheal College, one of the Pllllllolllly lea rne.l
Plt yrictnur of th IA country. avutec, the Cherry Pee toi al
is t xmairively it-ed 111 the: uvher, it 11.1 , .
unnit.tul,eable evidence or its hupn oleo-, apart pal
11101Iary dice clot.
Dl/OT. J. C. Ali:a—Dear Sir—about three or our
s t , e ha ngn, 1 sea, taken with a ..,acre cold. ',inch
n.rellled to , 1 1 1 1 14• on my Lrcutt and lungs. and I hecatue
very murk alarmed about It I Weld to one of the Lett
ply vrmu., in this place. olio told 111 e 111111 my lung.,
Were very touch militated I then bee/1111e 1110ic nlllllll.
ed. and thought it IS as 111110 Wiry to do Noinetlititi; for iity•
melt I hardly knew what course to tithe. lint at lint I
made tip my nand to try moms of your •• Creme ri:C4
I Did:11110d One brittle 1111 d LOU tinctured 1111.111 d
11.111111101111 d In two or Ili ref. (111).4 111111 11W11 4 ifilviing the
disea, out of toy sy -tent I knee 1105 v taken one bottle
and in half, and feel better. I heliece. than I have for the
lit.t year. I have, dole:inv. belt it my ditty to 'end yon
these few line. , , hoping that they tunits. elleolll l llne 011ter
-1411 tiering under the tame iliseni.e. I re-ale in die Lm on.:11
01 Columbia. MILES. Surgeon Detitii.i.
PiII:PAREDES 3. C. All it. CIIENI,T, Lott Cat.. Miss
NV. A. LEA DER, Agent, Columbia.
Columbia, Nay e.
LIVER corvarza.xivir,
nn dm
ctmes arm
ing front it dm
ordered Liver or Sto
mach. stroll its Coo- t,pa.
tion. Inward file..
or Blood to the I Avidity of
the Stoma, h. Nuuora, Heart-Born.
Itmgmt lor food, F 1111111,4 or Weight in
Ile Stoninch, Sour Eruetniimm. Sinking or
Fluttering nt the of the Stomach. Swimming
of the Bend. 'hurled and Diftleallt Itienlhutg.
nt the Ileum SuiroTtip,.; Sen.aisons
. .
%A hell in it Ding po•nore. of Vi , ino, Dot, or
NVehs Before. the Sight. Fever nod Dull Palo in
the Dead, Deficiency of Per-pirattoo. Yel
lownees of the Skill ntol Eye 4. Polo in
the Sole. Back. Cheat.
Sodden Flt=lies of I Burn
ing, in the Fle.h. Constant
Imaginings of Evil. and
pleat depression 01
Spirits, can i.e
Ckl. 1: 11 RATE 1) C; 11 11 AT A N 1T T S ;
Pt /73'10 By Dlt. C. M. JACKSON,
At the German Medicine Store, 120 Arch sq.,
PIMA D ELI' 111.1
Their power over the .11,0,0 is not excelled, it
equalled. by other pieparation la the I'unul cates.
rts the cures nth -.t, in many cane. after bkilfulphy,cian=
had failed.
The., (litters are avorthy the attention of invalids.
Posse,inc, cleat virtues in the rectification of di..enk,
of the or and lesser glands, exerei,ng the atn.t
searching powers in weakness •tied M 1 .0010115 of the di
gestive organs, they we, withal, sate, certain. and
plc an ant.
tFprrn the ' llocton Bee."J
The editor rant. Use. th . . 2.1—
4. DR. 11001'1.‘slin Cl-.l.l:l3exTl:ti Gr.nNIAN Ihrrnna. for
the cure of Liver Complaint, Jaundice. Dysin.r..m.
Chrome or Nervous derervedly 1111.• 01 the
most popnlar medicines of the day. 'these 'litters hose
been used by thousand< iota a friend nt onr elbow ...ay,
lie has I evict eil ctrectiail and permanent ell,
nf Liver Complaint loan th use oireinetly IVe
re Cons tot ed thin. ill the e
nt 11111er. 1110 inon-n1
con.stautly strength and votor—ii t.O t svortln
Arent con,lllvratton. Theyule ploo•not w ut.ie0.,,1
smell, and can lie ti , ‘Ctl by pe,ons ,Oli Titus most dellonte
stomach , : with safety, Welt r any eirctimriances. We
are speaking frin . n expel ielice. and to dn. atila vie
advise their ‘l , l .
Scull ' s Weekly: . one of tine hest literary papers pub
lished, sand. Aug . 1)
" 1)n. Donn :AND ., 611,1 '0; BITTEI... manufactured by .
Dr. inch...oll.V, 110Vv recommended lip mottle of the most
prominent incniliers of the lineally :Is tut Cuticle of much
ellicacl in eases of female v.ca1.11%.".. As such is the
ease, ISO would mts ire all mothers% bon,,unta a t,ottle.,,nd
il.ur ras e them-els V- 11111,11.ickne.s. Per-oils oidebit,.
inted constitutions will find these 13itters ud vantageous to
their hi arils. a• we know trout rtpencace the salutai)
ruses the]. hale upon weak s) steno,..
The rilitor of thc•• Philadelphia Saturday (kraette." tht
be=t t:ro••paper puhli-hed in the United Sluice
s of
DTI. 1 1001'I.AND'S IrtaTr.rlS
that AA e I I,ollllllelol 55 . 11111 110: 11 1 011. 1 1:
I'lll l oll M 00.1 1 1111 04 10 the confidence and patronwre of our
reader , : and. Ili, reiore, 5 , 11101 We recontiliend Dr. Hoof
lan,Ps brrnuut Ilitor , ..wo wt-11 it to lie dis • inetly tooter
-tood that We 111 t. 001 spe thing of the 1111.irtnnl 01 11111
lilt)'. that tire not.eil 0110111 for a brief period and then
tore,..iten, after the!. have done their guilty race of
cloy! ' but of a medicine long- 41. 11111"
pri2e.l. and 55 101.11 11110 Mel lint Ilendly approval 01 the
111:5 lint It
Fvul ' ence upon ,rid, nee has been received (like the
1 - 011:3:1•1010 110111 1111 1A...V(1011n 01 the 1 . 01011 , the 111,1 three
)vain. nod tl.e .000111.. t le -noway ill it, fiver that
there r more CI I I, 00011 in the practice of the regular
Ph) sicillas of P1111:011:11111111 1111111 1111 other wearily.% cont.
toned, a tact tliat 11111 cu oils c , labli.lic 4 l. :ma fully pro(.
layr dint a nelelllllle preparation will meet with their
11111 1 t approt , d. 55bru preneolet l event 111 :In, 10011.
Thal 1:0, inethellle 11)'111 cure Liver C 01110111111: 01111
1)y•1101,111, 110 o.le 1,11 1101111/. alter u-ing it at dir, ord.
It nets npeelfleltlif 111101/ the nlOlllll l 10 1111 d 10 eI-11 is pre.
ferallie to calomel in all bilious d,eae. ,— the effect IS
1111111101i.11e The) Pilo lie :10111110..0•1 011 10 11:111111e ur 1ll•
font with safety and reliable benefit, at lune
Thts medicine has attained 111111 lite:11 character which
is Ileeennllo tor all !manna,. to :main to induce eOll I•
tell - eller. to pill forth a ...pillions artiete at the I:1 1. of 11107
fives of those who ore innocently deceived.
They 11ucr the wrllleti signature of C. :%1 .I,AcK;.(i:s;
upon the wrapper, tool Ins name blown 11l line 1/011:1 1 .
without which they are spuriou s
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the
No. 12(1 Arch street. one door below :sixth, Philadel
phia. 111111 It) respectable dealers generally throughout
the country
To eunwe all elapse+ of invalids to enjoy the a dvantage:
of their great restorative powers.
Also. for sole by It WILLIAMS. toil Pim u. . C
A. Mom. tit. Co . Vori.
C. ZEITLER'S Cheap Watch, Clock, a nd Jewelry
Store, Front street, between Walnut and Locust,
(first Jewelry Store below iferr's hotel.)
undersigned, having just returned from
Philadelnina with large oddnion.4 to In, former
block, has now a well-selected asgortment of
WhICII he to prepared to formsk to 111, customers at re
duvet] miens. His assortment consists of
---,Right-Day end Twenty-Pour-Hour
Cold Pen , ; (:ofd and Silver
Pencils; Eur and Finger Rings; Spectacles of all kinds;
Silver and German Silver Spoons. Cl all kind , : Silver
IThimble, ; Wostenholine's Pen and Pock, t Knives—
; tknov,n as the be , t in the world;) Port Mon:tales;
Pocket Books • Card Case:; and es erything of tune)
I nod utility ia his line of li,inc,s.
Cluck, Waich and Repairing done ill the best
insulter, and warranted.
Accordcons and all other mu-cal tritruinenth re
paired and accurately tuned.
As be uitendh to devote hi, enure attention to Lu.uiess,
sad will endeavor to please. lie feels eoufideni that 11,0-c
who favor 111111 with allqr ell1+1011:Nvall never have reazon
to regret it.
Columbia, April 1t..12
IS the new and beautiful stock of READY
„mu,: Ca,,mort,,
le. ;tow opt,ing •glute corner ci L00t...1
and Trout Street , . Tien'. and 1,0!,"c
eviiry Aulf•rienli
1:10111. Silk
Skirt, 01 every I,atiely,
Singular Discovery of a Robber.
A great clearof excitement has been created
in the higher classes of the Austrian Capital, by
the remarkable, and somewhat romantic devel
' opments of numerous heavy robberies, which for
[Entered neencatiet to Act or congress. in the vent.; years past have been committed in and near the
metropolis, by one or more malefactors, whose
issd. to s it.turitreoN, M. .in the ( g lee
oi tt
e Do.tit. t Cowl Mr the Et,tei Distnet of Print 'a..]
o w r .her er e t a a bo g u iv ts e it th l o v r a o s u i g m h po in s s s i i g b h le t to int t o ra t c h e c o m ut a . tte l r n ,
DR. J. S. HOUGUTON S tree lustbegin at a period when the existence of
PEPSIN i ! this'gang was first proved by their actions.
, •
TRVE DIGESTIVF: mum, OR GASTRIC JUICE! Towards the close of October, 1818, during a
PREPARED Prom RENNET, or the fourth STO- fine and clear autumnal night, the travelling car-
OF TOE OX, slier dintetiont , of BARON riage of Mr. Edward C. Brooks, a wealthy mer-
Lit:nu:, the great Pliv‘tologienl Clienust. by
J. chant of London, who was on his way back to
110th :I eroN.m. I). Philadelphia. Pit.
TM. , is a truly wonderful remedy for indtgcstion, Drs. Vienna, Vienna, from a long tour of Upper ltaly and the
pees,a Jaundice, laver COInplaial,C011)1111 , 11&1011 and 1)e
-curing later Nature's own method, by Nature's Loinfiardic Provinces, was stepped -within three
, own neon. Me Gastric Juice. milesiof Vienna, in the most 20124ted part of
ir — r• Half n teaspoonful of PRPsIN, infused in water,
1 sun digest or dissolve. rive Pounds of Roast Beef in the'ClaUntry.
about two hours, out of the stomach. e' •
PEPSIN:is Ile' Wet - element, or Great Di,resiing Prin.
.atie.,:mn only presented himself at the coach
JuicenTall„.'irs°,l=N-;,11:%4144--wLl&is-414,7e.ou.rt.sousitssii demanded
' stomach - runt intestines. it is extracted
no tint Digen- I their surrender of whatever valuables the in
. live Simonet] of the Ox, tints forming' on Alt I'IFICIAI. I .
rixiU. precisely:,ke the natural mates of the conveyance possessed. W M
ith Mr.
Brooks there were two ladies, his wife and her
'l.tiee in its Chemical power , . nod furnishing Cum
, PI.F.Tr. mid PERFECT *I.IIISTITT for it. By the
atd of this preparanon.the pains said evils of IN IMO'S- younger sister, the latter of whom had drawn
I her purse, and was in the act of handing it to
TioN tour fIYSPr:PSI A are removed. ttii they
would be loy licultliv Stonntelt. It is Mang %louder.; i
for Dy.ltemies. curiae eases of DEBILITY. ENIACIA- ! the highwayman, when her extended arm was
PTION •tappremil to he m, the voceof the grave. fractured by a pistol shot from Mr. Brooks, who,
without having perceived the movement of his
The rseieut ceuteitee twee tio: rt 1- based ism the
highest degree CURIOUS and ItEAIMIIiALII.I:
sister-in-law, had from the back seat of the ear
flaron eeteltruted work on Animal Chem. i riage, (Juicily taken aim at the robber, with a
iktry. "Au Artifictul Dtg.c.‘t, VC reined" "-' 1 "=". - f° ! view of answering the insolent demand. A scene
1 Ile (acme Jtve. 11111) be readily prepared Ca)111 the rim
eon, membrane of use , ftottotch of the Calf. ii whielt va- of terrific confusion then ensued ; the report of
rta , articles of foodot< meat and erg , . tall be solicited,
eliate_tial, and , t at the ...aloe manner un Ice y
' the pistol brought besides the Iwo men who
woura ,t, the rune.. soutrach. , I guarded the coachmen and horses, three more
Dr. Pete. 11. w 111. ItallOtl , I retails), on " Plod and Diet,' ,
milin-hed lot Fowlers A. Well, New York. mu, individuals to the support of the highwaymen ;
-awes rite sum,.irtail r.lei and Ale•terthea tit; method or
u that 1J tin. traces were cut in an instant, the coachman
preparaiion. I heft: ale tea mg, mt . an tuns- .
was lashed to his seat, and the highwaymen pre-
Dr. Comloc. in his tai ul.Lla waders: 011 the I•111) , 1-
010 g ). of Digi,tion." Mewl v. , that dintintoion 01 ilte'pared themselves to avenge the death of their
tine 011011111) 01 the (11.-trle .lance I. a MCOIII.III ltdhty
apparently , nain
mate on the
preuititag eat), 01 1)) Ile ••
all.llllglll.llell.prote.sor to initilienie tit 'miion, who was ground.
severely afflicted unlit ti e s
, monilamt• Ittottnq everyllootz
else to lan. Inad reetlarc) 1 the (111.1 rte Juice. oblacted The doors of the calrshe w etc torn open, but
from Ilse stomach. 01 ll,ulg anitrial , ,NN hit 11 It run ‘l,l eOlll- the spectacle which there presented itself was
.Iteert , lel
such as to make the robbers pause before they
Ur ot., author or the ninon"- WOO, 011 • Vet.teltt-
Iflc It .• a reale I lotble 111,1 iti I'llyeloOgy,
11011 the .I.lllllells of animal , macerated at water, rtii- launched out upon the mission of revenge. .:11
p to to the Raid the plop., y of t , eattot , an l•
Perry, the wounded lady, lay in the arms of her
,•les or food. mid ,:beeline Lied ailittelnl 111 get. :, 1011
of Own, 10 1.0, I-0 illaereul Iron. the Itataral thgeNove t sist er, whose speechless agony proved the bor
prole...cur Datigh-011. of the rolfe.-7e.of I'M roe which she felt at the occur ence. Mr.
delphia. lit h, peat at all 03111010 a. sil , hf* - . devote:
Blooks, still ignorant that it was lie trio had m
inor° 111 w 1/1t) itage.textertlitiatitl DI Ihn .11.1-
jeel Ili , k pertmetti, Dr Beau:nate, Oa the Ulla. flitted tine injury, had nevertheless abandoned:ill
ins Jim,.thictntl 11(110 lite I" WU. 1011,131 .1011110/1 and
1101111111....1 . I•1/0 , 11 la 411 I .I.W, • h.' ' , N\ ideas of resistance, nod was vainly code:trot ing
e as re , teed% "
Ih'' n.'"`"" .
" to staunch the blood, which flowed in torrents
.Itee-1,1 ,
Dr.. 101111 ty . Draper. Pr01)... , 0r 01 Citron 0.1 r) I. ibe : from the ghastly wound. For some motncutc
0,11.• 0 . 01 1110 rttivet.:ll) 01 New Not k.
••Text .1) '• Ims hoes the highwaymen looked upon this mournful
until a low moan front their leader re
:. scone,
7, 6 % it oioae, t, ors- 00 ciouni.try Nnterta Mettle. and minded them of the necessity of giving, him that
Pro rioloe trot all good Medical de-eribe
the ciao:.: , and popeitt , -, utt•l -late Many attention which his condition peremptorily called
interesuna derails' for. A few moments sufficed to prove that lie
be wet th at an A lithetal (laCrle
Joie, tn. ll
p, ) o muablimr the adult - di thud I,e was not dangerously wounded : the bullet after
retuli , ) prepart.d. not 111111111 ill ,1,11.,1ig. /,, unit'
e t altittr that It It, &tulle:lWe bee. attplunl Int not cure shat kering the arm of Miss Perry, had spent itself
altd D)-peps,.—:u n.'"r ahl Y " afsJalltSt lis chest, causlng whet the Germans call
use sueeest to the ned.
Pia/schuss, and although it did not quite peite.-
, • ~,•,, , ••I 11 e 01001 mar- Irate the flesh, had force sufficient to break a
Or 11011gclOtt•••• has pro< la
;lOU. ell& ei , , tit t mane, ea-t, of 'Milli., Ein toter- bone or two without any oilier outward sign.
nom Net vomi Decline, tool -peptic Colisoimitton• It I
tinpokiMole to ate details tot eases in tliv limo , of than a small black spot upon the place w here the
this 01- hat alltlienlll,llle4 t•••rtifietit.. have leaden
messenger strun. The chief soon re
beet, _,tea of :not . ..Matt
covered and was able to ride oft', whilst he left
Into followers in charge of the carriage, giving
I strict orders, bow ever, not to plunder the Eng
lishman and his family, but to gi% e them every
assistance to enable them to reach Vienna as
coon as possible, that the young lady might
tatn medical aid. The orders were executed to
I the letter. Mr. Brooks saw Ins horses put to the
carriage by his late assailants, who exhibited the
most respectful bearing towards him, and seemed
rather to wish him good than evil. So much,
' indeed, was lie taken by the conduct of these
men, that on parting he gave a diamond ring of
I great value to hito who had been left in command
Iby the chief, with orders to hand it over to Its
master, as a token of his gratitude for thin con
sideration which had been extended to the suf
' fering lady.
The occurrence caused an extraordinary ex
citement in Vienna. Apart from the boldness of
the act, the standing of Mr. Brooks, and his en
ergetic action, the result of the encountei, so
far as Miss Perry was concerned, gave sufficient
interest to the matter for it to remain the stand
ing topic for many weeks. As fur the injured
lady - she suffered greatly from the severe wound,
but recovered without theloss of her arm, which
at first seemed impossible to save. Though Mr.
Crooks disenuntenaced all efforts to :rare oat :he
floor the fincqt French Cn!land Patent !tool , t•lnoes.
dOW/1 to Inn continotto-t nt no:l,l[dt, low price.
—all of which lute been ,eleemed ooh Sri:it earn at
the bent] of din Ea-In rim Market. :Ind 11. V litri•red
to the rnhhe nt pun,. whielt eannt,t fatl to plen-e and
•tint-hp the sno , t unrin, tnl - it. Call and
200 11.1731AlZKAB1 , E C[TRES,
In Philadelphia. New York. nod Ilntott Tliee
werelltrily al•-prr.11.• 0101110, C.f . ,. VI etc llot
010 rapid and trolth roil. but permanent
It i. a great Necerio. Antidote and ;tar ',Oar!)
for tennency to Houma-il,order. loser Cony:a tot -
ver tool badly treated Fever 11 11 ArLlt. rod
the ell , •ets el Quintile. Mercury, and oilier .11 ug 4
ripest the Inge-nee Organ.. n't,re A
Illr else s, 1., Voting, tool tire 1,, 5.4 ttol spir
its It alino.t re:collet:es health ssith 10IL111prrIti
There 11.110 forts of OLD t..,TONIACII CO ‘II`I,IIVI .,
Whlt. It It doe, not in to reach and fetllor , a , llr l.
matter hose had they rune be it 01V1 , . , INS l'A NT It I:-
LIEF A .inele do, ririnove. all ilie
toms, and it only needs to he repented. for slr‘l l 101,,
In 111111, Oleo. is 10.11111111,11 1:1 I l 01'
01.4,11, and \ - 11 . .;01t 01 , follow at rive". It is
tort cularl) eleelleot to eases of Niiii•ca. Votittlitig•
Cramp, rit the po of the a
tllllllt.loo. shllt 01 tilt 17.100 a.
Of Spirit.. DttpOlhitlley, Ettteollloll, NVeakiies..
p to Insanit). Suteide.&e.
Dr. Houghton's tOl.l by 10,111) all the
dealer, sit line ding., and Popular Aledicine,
the United Slale. It Is preporp,l ~, pow der Had in
Fluid lorrn—usid nil resertpterls l .ltio fur the Use 01
ti 11111 S
I'ItIVATI: CH:CI - LARK for tile ate of Pli).iciart s .
mg t ) t
obtaned 01 Ds. Houghton or los Agent..
1117. 0, hole prove.. 01 preparation and gtelmr. the
'loonies upon w Inch :lie chitties of 11, I. lie"
rancdy ore
I,llsrti. An It It \0 1• A SI:(;121;1' sto otQue•
11011 Cllll he r.l{ agnimst lit 1.1 , 0 by .ICIIIII. 111 re
,reelable ~taittling and regular practice Price,ONl:
1)01.1.AR per bottle.
I,Er 013 S Ell. VI; THIS I ---OVrr) I.We of the 1,1:111111.r
PI:I'SIN bears tilt Written Slgll.llll, Of J. S 11011;
TON. M. D., sole preprietor. Philadelphia. Pa Copt
rigid and 'rustle Alarl, secured
.10 . • Sold by all Druggists and Dealers in Meth, knrc
Ma:NTS—a WILLIAMS, W. A. LEADER., Columbia,
Dr. J. Lot... I . .nnearter. C k..MORMic. York. J rt.
S Hutto:litre
l's! -I)
Colusribio, Arra :1,
From tLc Low-vill, Journal
Den Bolt's Reply:
. At, yes I remember that name with delight. •
Sweet Alice, so cheriolied and dear •
! I seek her grave in the pale hour oral : flit,
And moisten the turf 'Aid, a tear
• And :here. when the heart is olerlairden •d with woes
- I wander and muse all alone.
And long for tl•e ti me when my head shall repose.
,• Where •• syseet Alice lies under the tone.•'
I 1 - 00:11 through the wool tvhero r-o j. 1501.15 we , trayed
And reclined on the green sonny hill;
Al' thing , are bright 111 that beaniti - ul
1 But lug heart is all lonely and chill.
j TlicAland that so fondly I preasea then in tow-.
I Andthe lips-that were inciting with love.
Are cold in the grave, and l'in lea to I rpm,
Till 1 meet w.tli sweet .Alice aiOUVC.
Ah Well I re•mermber the school Lou•.• and hrool,,
"And the twister so knid and so true,"
The wild blooming flowers in the cool shady nook
So fragrant with incense and dew.
Dot f it cep not for these, though so dear to my heart,
Is;or the friends that have left us :done
I The bosom will heave and the tear drop. will start.
I For " street A lice lies under the t Loire "
individual who stopped his carriage, the police,
nevertheless, caused the most minute inquiries
to be made, but without any success.
A month or two passed quietly by, when the
news of another attack on the highway, this time
accompanied with a robbery to a heavy amount,
startled the police from their apathy, to which
they had abandoned themselves since they saw
their efforts to trace out the perpetrators of the
previous robbery fruitless. Attack followed at
tack at four or six intervals, and they were di
rected only against the most wealthy, with a sa
gacity and prudence which defied every precau
tion on the part of the authorities. Years thus
liaised without the least success against these
depredators, and late in the fall of 1851, three
robberies were committed during one night, not
one of a hick led to a discovery, though the booty
consisted of such articles as could not have been
disposed of in the Austrian Empire, without es
tablisluing suspicion against the seller.
In the month of January, Miss Perry, who
since receiving tine . wound from the pistol of her
brother-in-law, has been married to a Welch
gentleman named Trewyth, arrived at Vienna
with her husband, where her former adventure
wac by no means forgotten, and was frequently
spoken about in company. Among those who
seemed to take the deepest interest in the mat
ter, was a Baron Pregli, a Lombaldic nobleman,
who for the last ten years had stayed at Vienna,
and was apparently enjoying unbounded wealth;
he became an admirer of Mrs. Trewyth and her
constant attendant. Rumors of an impure re
lation existing between the two were soon
started, and the question was often asked, why
the husband allowed so close an intimacy as was
exhibited in their frequent rides and walks.—
None, however, ventured to prognosticate the
result of this intimacy.
At an early hour on the 2d of March, Baron
Pregli's mansion was surrounded by a body of
officers, the leaders of whom thereupon demanded
access to the building. • After a while-the doors
were thrown open, and the commissary with two
of his men entered, whilst others were left to
guard 'he various outlets. Nearly an liour thus
passed over, until the officers returned, bringing
with them, and carefully guarding Baron Pregli, I
whom they took to the prison usually assigned !
for political offenders. From The action of the
,p01ipb , 479A6/134,ANL--tell, w hat its t he—offenee:_witit ,
which he is charged ; he had no hearing, and
probably may have none; his friends may see him
again or they may not, just as it suits the des- !
potic will of him who rules over Austria. I
In spite of the precautions which are always I
taken in Austria to keep secret the offences of
the nobility, the story in regard to Baron Pregli's
character has leaked out. It appears that it was
he, in connection with several devoted servants,
who had rendered the highways near Vienna in
secure, as he could carry on these depredations
from his country mansion, without the slightest
degree incurring the suspicion of the authorities.
It is a remarkable fact that the Baron had ac- 1
tually stood in the pay of the police, a situation
which lie probably coveted only for the purpose
of leading any suspicion that might arise into
another channel. Becoming deeply enamored of i
the beautiful Mis. Trewyth, he sought vainly to i
gain her affections, and at last, in a fit of silly
despair, showed her the ring that Mr. Brooks had
sent him, as the leader of the highwaymen, three
years previously, and appealed to her to become
his : since she had once been chosen the insti it
meet to save his life. So fir from this confes-
sion having the e ff ect of softening her feelings,
1 she became all the more pii , judieed against fern,
!but promised faithfully to keep los secret, if he
moonlit not repeat his offensive proposals. Pregh
I did not come near her los a week, but at last at
tempted to carry her off by the aid of his satel-
lutes, and being f0i1.,1 in this. information was I
Igiven which led to Lis arrest, a 3 before staled. I
i Three of the Ilainti's men have since been ar- 1
rested, and at his coast i y residence a large quan- I
lil y of ar t ic les were IMI Id, all of which were
identified ac having been stolen. i
1 1 am Oise 22anclred Yvars
The attention of 111.1t1) of our citizen, has
doubtle,s been au ie , t,il by the appearance of an
old colored man. who ni.:l,t be seen sitting in
front of hi, residence, Bast Union Ft., tirdn
mdd clear days, recpect fully nai ulg li:s hat to
those v.ho !night be I,assing by• Ms attenuated
flame, his silt elect head, his feeble movements,
combine 10 prove that he us very aged ; and yet
comparatively fen• are a‘%are that he is among
the ,urvivors of the gallant urn nrniv aho fought fan
the liheities of our eountiy oars
tried men's souls..•
On Monday last we stopped to .peak to him.
and asked him how uhl he was. Ile nsl,ed the
day of the month. and, upon being told that it
was the 2 Ith of May. replied, with tiembhug
hr. <• 1 am very old—l am a hundred years old
to•diiy. • '
Ili, name is Oliver Cromwell. and he says that
he was born at the Black Horse. (now Colum
bus,) in this county, in the family of John
Ilinchin. Ile enlisted in a company commanded
be Capt. Lowery, attached to the -2,1 New Jersey
Regiment, under the command of Israel Shreve.
He was at the battles of Trenton, Princeton,
Brandywine, Monmouth and Yorktown, at which
latter place, he told us, he saw the last man
killed. Although his faculties are fast
yet he relates many interesting reminiscences of
the Revolution. Ile was with the army at the
neglect cf the Delaware on the memorable cross
ing of the 25th of December, 1776, and relates
the story of the battles on the succeeding days
with enthusiasm. He gives the details of the
march from Trenton to Princeton, and told us.
with much humor, that they i• knocked the
British about lively" at the latter place. He
was also at the battle of Springfield, and says
that he saw the house burning in which Mrs.
Caldwell was shot, at Connecticut Farms.—Thir
lingion X. J' Un:rtie.
Zunban itcabing.
' The Lord Looketh on the Heart
When in Thy temple, Lord of hosts,
NVall prayerful lip we Low,
lfevery vain and wayward thought
NVere written on our brow :
And lithe =earehing eye of Imui
Might each emotion see,
And ever!, motive ell unveiled,
A , Clearly r., ad by Thee :
I low would the most familiar fin:ad
From ht= companion start,
And neighbor scan the netghbor'u fuze
NVith terror in his heart'
Yea, man:, whom a datteram NVOCid
Applauds a , just and true,
7t!mht to the rocks uad mountain, taut
're shield them horn its view.
th.iTholl to si Lose omniscient ei e
Our every thought on earth
Huth stood uneurtainod and reeenled
L' en front our day of birth
How great must Thy forbearance be
Ilcv measureless and vast
'fbe itmvs, of llts atoning love
Tbut pardoneth at, at last'
Do you Pray ?
iWhat! shall we ask a christian person if he
, prays ? Why, all people pray ; the Jew and the
1 Mahommedan, and the Hindoo, and every one
that owns a religion, however unworthy of the
unknown God, whom they ignorantly worship.
Do you pray more than they ; and in a more en
lightened spirit ?
Like them you pray, of course, in the public
congregation. You can hapily excuse yourself,
lif you would. Public opinion and public decency
Icall for your Sunday attendance, no less forcibly
i than the chinch bells. Then the pealing organ
i arouses you, and the chanted hymn enkindles
you ; and your neighbors' voices shame you, and
you cannot help praying, for every petition is
suggested by the clergy, all ready to your lips.
But do you. pray out of church. For the Ma
, hornmedan, remember, prays !several times a day
to Almighty God..- And it is xeported,of people
' the farthest removed from civilization and Chris
Ltianity, that they offer up a - prayer before *they
eat - their 'fi:Had, wheit' they, till, theis.ground ,„13r
. .ini;ill - idrns, i,ViiliiiitiZuk,- -- Cir latinch'-eanoes;
or cast nets, or begin or end a journey.
Then again, for what do you pray? Like the
savages, for health, for safety, for success, for
I some temporal want or other ? Nevertheless,
this selfish, slavish practice of asking merely for
1 what you want, or returning thanks only for
what you have yourself received, is of no higher
, character than the heathen custom. It is beg
ging rather than praying.
Now our blessed Lord, Christian friend, never
taught you to apply to God, as a pauper to his
relieving officer, but to "pray to thy Father."
I O think of that privileged name ! What a fond
and filial relation it discovers to you! With
what a noble-minded and generous bearing it
seems to inspire you! Observe also what kind
of prayer the Lord has exemplified in the "Our
Father." Out of nine addresses to Almighty
IGod, the first four and the concluding doxology,
refer exclusively to himself—his heaven, his
name, his kingdom, his will, and his eternal
power and glory. Christian friend, go and pray
thou thus. When thou hast learnt to consider
the honor of thy heavenly Father as much as
thy own wants, thou canst answer in the affirm
ative the question—do you pray?—Penny Post.
How Near Is Heaven?
Christians sometimes look far away to heaven.
But that rest is not far off. The clouds that hide
the shining woi Id are thin ; they are transient,
and soon will obscure no more. The journey may
end this hour; one short step may place the
Christian in the world of light. One dark hour
may ling upon him; but the morning comes,
and no shades behind it. Day, bright, peaceful
and eternal succeeds it. A pang may be felt for
a moment, and then it flies ,away forever. A
conflict, sharp and painful, may continue for a
night, but victory, eternal victory ensues. How
soon, 0, how soon, the Christian's cares are over,
Lis struggling soul at rest, his eyes suffused no
Ilune 11 h tears ! Near at hand is the land of his
pursuit. Hope cheers. How glorious the object
that hope embraces!—how holy its spirit! Who
can contemplate the home our Heavenly Father Is
fitting for his children, and not feel his soul. athirst
for its enjoyment and employments? Well, these
delights. the happy clime, those ever-vcrdant
plain, are not far distant.—A. Barnes.
rlie Stranger Within our Gales•
Recently, while in a conversation with a
shrewd and highly cultivated lawyer of Boston,
upon the relative importance and influence of his
profession and that of the ministry, he related
the following incident:
When a thoughtless youth, he wandered away
to a distant city. The Sabbath Caine, and he
was alone, with nothing but his own fancy or in
clination to guide him in his selection of a sanc
tuary of worship. .As he was going along toward
a church distinguished by its pastor, he passed
by the door of the Bethel chapel. Hearing the
voice of prayer, lie turned back and entered.—
Scarcely was he seated, before the preacher,
among the subjects of petition, prayed for c , the
stranger within our gates." He remained till
service was concluded, and went to his room in
tears. The isords of supplication gathered
around the word stranger, rang in memory.
After relating the circumstances, he turned to
me and said, <, In your public ministrations never
forget the < stranger within thy gates.' You
will touch some heart. which will vibrate t.i the