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Important Notice /
• «*r __
! ; Advertisements andOommunica
/ions to insure insertion in this paper
nwd be ftdndfd in bp i DEBDA7 noon.
Advertisers make a note of this.
MBOhaNicsbdbo .is troubled with
thieves. ' .
York Ib so6n t6''have another Metho
dist ohuroh. It will coat $30,000.
JoaßPfl:, HEBSptp, a,, prlsdqer 'ln the
Lewlstown jail, committed suicide by
hanging hlmself-wlth a woolen scarf.
If you hear ,of a larj»s porker being
slaughtered, please Tael to this
office for publication.
The dropsy prevails among the horses
of Harrisburg; A number have died of
the disease the past week. .
I Meohakicsbubg is about petitioning
'the Cumberland Valley Railroad Compa
ny to run early and lute trains between
that town and Harrisburg.
Gov. Geary has appointed Senator
t Elisha W. Davis, of Philadelphia, as
brevet brigadier general. ,
I Now is the time to begin advertising
jChristmas goods. Those of our business
men who purpose keeping a stock of this
kind, should begin at once to inform tbs
[people of thp fact.
Six young men have been arrested In
Cliambersburg, charged with setting fire
lo properly. One of the number turned
Blate’a evidence and Implicated the reat.
GaUncross DrXEY’s.Mlnstrels' per
ormed to a very large audience on Tue
lay evening. The company is an ex
jollent one.'
William Zbipleb, of Silver, Spring
township, slaughtered a bog last week,
jwhich measured seven feet in length and
[weighed 65G pounds. The age of the
porker was twenty-seven months.
I The second of the series of sermons to
lyoung taen, \J?IU be preached next Bab-
Ibath afternoon, by Bey. J. ‘Dobbins, of
IPloklnßon Oollege, in. the Second Pres*
fbyterlan Church, exercises commencing
ini 3£ o’clock. All are invited. Young
[men particularly are invited to bo pres
ent. .
} Bivalves.— We return our thanks to
[Mr. Wetzel, of the Franklin House, for
[the. handsome present he sent us'la the;
shape of a couple dozen of his'mammoth
loystern, on the half*sbell. They were,
[indeed, beauties. Mr. W. informs us
[that he has plenty mote of the “same
bort." . Give him a call. : •
,Guano Concert, of .vocal, nod instru
“;|.iueutal music by tbe Mendelssohn Quia-;
:||tottee Club, of Boston, id'Tlhedrh’sHaU,!
||Fridivy evening, December 20, abi eight
j&lo’olock. To be followed in January with
from tbe poets by James
3|Murdoch, aad a lecture by Mrs. Diver-;
p|mere in March., Tickets, with reserved'
seats for three entertainments, $1.50.'
''■sSingle admisaioni 75 cOhts'. To be had
pinl PipsrU book Btore,.aud of John .&■ Orr
rfumi Andrew Blair
' ■ • ' CrtUKGItTOWN,
i Dec. 12, 1872.
Kdilor of American Volunteer,
I The first grand fair and festival of the.
[.Monroe Cornet Baud will be held lb'
[Goodyear's Hall, in Churchtown, com
[ menclng on the evening of thelTlh Inst.,!
ito continue one week, closing on Ohrlst-i
Irmis night. The-prbceeds to be appro
priated to defraying the expenses for In
struments of Band. The band la cou
f ducted unde# the leadership of George'
Plank. Professor McKeeban will be In’
attendance on the evenings of the 19th,
20th and 21st, to sing some of his comlo
songs. The band will be In attendance
every night. Samuel Baker.
Suicide .op an Insane Man.—A cor-
respondent of the Harrisburg Patriot,
j writing from Millerstown, 'perry county,
;;i December 7, furnishes, that paper with
S tile following particulars of a suicide in
ij that vicinity:
ijs On the night of the 12th of November,
i banc;Himes left his home in, Uillers
■ lowu during a fit of insanity produced
” ■ y ,(he too frequent use of intoxicating
’.Jj drinks, since which time nothing had'
| been heard of his whereabouts. This
,i morning, while two boys were skating
on the canal at the lower end of town,
they discovered his body under the ice.
A Jury was empauneled, who rendered a
verdict that Isaac Himes had come to
[bis death by deliberately drownieg him
[self on the 12tb|of November, 1872. The
nlecensed was a’paiuter by trade. His age
(Was about forty years. His family oon
is/sied. of a boy aged six years.
I Celery as Medicine.—The Doylcs-
Mown Democrat , in Us last issue, says
[Celery is In season, and it is asserted of
[it that it is one of the most potent antl
| nervine remedies known. Until recent
ly, It was said of oelery that it possessed
| no medicinal qualities, biitA writer In a
[leading plctoral asserts that be has
r'knowu "many men, and women, too,
|who, from various causes, have become
Isomuch affected With mn'VousnetM, that
Iwhen they stretched out their hands
Itliey shook like aspen leaves on a windy
[day, who by a dally moderate use of the
| blanched foot stalks,-or the celery leaves
!ai a salhd, became as strong ,aiid steady
jlu llmba as pthor people. jCjijlv?
I others so very nervous that the least (an
noyance put them In a state 1 of nervous
agitation, who.wero lu nlmost constant
perplexity and Tear, and'who were ef
fectually cured by a daily use of celery.”
It is said to be a cure for palpitation of
the heart also. 1
Paid Locals.—The following sensible
artloie 'ivel.lake from one of our exchan
ges, audheurtily endorse every line it
contains. It Is true to (be .letter, and
should be carefully read, especially by
thosej who are everlastingly bothering
tha printer for gratuitous locals 1 : 1 ■ ;
j There seems to bo a-good-deal of tul?r
| conception In regard’-to the use oftiia
a local columns of newspapers as advert!*-
I lug agencies. The proprietor of a news
■ taper depondalargely on the profits of
I Ida advertising columns forsupport., The
I subscription rarely pays the cost"of the
I papsr. The advertising oolumne oot*tl-
I lute the publisher's stock in trade—tbs
I commodity whloh'he sells to the public
lat stipulated prices—Just as the. merchant
sells his'goods.' And yet publishers ate
constantly ashed to insert gratuitously
locals, notices and advertisements In aid
of money-making enterprises. With Just
as much propriety might, the merobant’.
ho asked to donate goods from his ooun
lor in aid of thoso enterprises—a favor
that few would think of asking. The!
sooner the public get a correct under
standing of this matter, the better. All
local news of general interest, wo are
glad to publish ; but we sell Che right of
advertising private business, and at fixed
Prices—whether this advertising be in
“Id of-lectures, concerts, exhibitions, or
ordinary business enterprise. Tbe wot
H'at the enterprise baa a religious or
moral bearing, does not give it claim.for
gratuitous advertising, any more than'
it does on the merchant or mechanic for’
u donation oi his goods or products.. If
see tit to contribute to these enter
prises, we prdfer to’do it ns other people
do—iu money—demanding pay for that
"bleb wo sell. There is a question of
sound morals as well as sound business
1,1 all this, which will be approved by
an this, which will be approved by all
"ho care to use a little rolleotlon:
Usport of tiio Board of Health,
Carlisle,'Pa., i
r - , -i Deo. 10., 1872. / .
riie Hoard ol Hballb report one now
case of varioloid and six oases of small
pox, for week ending to-day. i
John Campbell,
President Board.
(I • .. .
The Doubling Gap Lumbdhlng and
Mining -Company, composed mostly of
gentlemen of Lebanon, sold 8,000 acres
of land, located In Cumberland and Per
ry counties, to' the Messrs. Grlng and’
Grill for $2,000.
Farm Sold.-—The farm Kings-;
ton, the property of John S', l-uial ■ i l
vertlsed In our paper was sold at p..b..0
sale un the sth in-1., hy Hi-lltli-k,-
Assignee of Ricker,'--- .Wlttum-, Parker
and William Huuier, for $173 00 pel i .
This was a good sale, but the farm is u
very flue one;
Deputies —J. P. Brlndle has been ap
pointed Deputy Protbouotary by Mr.
Worst. Samuel Blxler remains hs Dep
uty Clerk and Recorder, and Joseph
Neely as Deputy Register. These gen
tlemen have had large experience in the
duties of these offices, and will thus be
enabled to give general satisfaction.
Fire.— At an early hour (about ten
o’clock) on Monday night last, a fire
broke out in the large stable belonging
to Mr. Robert Given, immediately In the
rear of his fine residence and banking
house, West High street. Our firemen,
with their three fine steamers, were soon on
hand, and managed the Ora remarkably
well by confining it to the stable alorjp.
The stable being brick with a tin roof,
the fire was entirely In the Inside. The
wood-work, therefore, of the building,
was consumed, but the walls are Istlll
good, and the building can be repaired.
The night was intensely cold, and the
firomeu Buffared fearfully. The Are ori
ginated In the hay-mow, but In what
■way Is not known. 2
: Union Fibb Company. —The first lec
ture of the course for the benefit of the
Union Fire Company, will be: delivered
by Prof. C. F. Himes, of Dickinson Col
lege, on the evening,of fhe 17th Inst.—
Subject—“ Fragments of Travel." We
learn from the Committee! having the charge,/that the.course tickets
have been pretty well taken up, and but
■a few remain unsold; We advise per
sons wishing comfortable seats for the
course, to secure them at once, or they
will be out. This enterprise should
commend itself J to'every property-holder
in our borough. Our Fire Department
is a volunteer onej ond this is a very
commendable way of coming before the
public for encouragement. We owe
much to our fire department—more es-;
peoially during the cold,; dreary winter
mouths— for their services in case of the!
fiery element visiting bur property.
. Dedicated to Tattlers. Ever y,
community is cursed by the presence of
a class of people who make it their busi
ness to attend to everybody's affairs but;
their own. Such people are the poorest
specimens of humanity which exists!
upon this blighted earth. It is well*
known that almost every person is some
times disposed to speak evil of others,
and tattling is a sin from which very
few can claim-to be exempt. Bat the
objentof this present article is to speak
of that distinct class of tattlers who make
tale bearing the constant business of
their lives. They pry into the private
affairs of every family in the neighbor
hood ; they kbow the exact state of one
(neighbor's faults and no blunder or mis*:
'demeanor ever escapes their watchful
ness. They are well posted upon every
thing connected with courtship and mat
rimony, and know who are going to,
marry and to whom, and can guess the
exaht time by every movement of par
ties suspected of matrimonial intentions,
and if.there, is the slightest chance to.
,create a disturbance,.excite Jealousy, or
j ."break up a.match,*? they take advan ■
tugy of It, add do all in their power to
keep people in a state of constant vexa
tion. They glide quietly from lady to
geuilemau, from mother to daughter,
from father to son, and into the ears of
all. they pour their Jbitter whispers of
slander and abuse, and at the same
time pretend to be the most sincere
friends of those they talk to. Their
nauseous pills of slander are sugar
coated with smiles and with words of
friendship. . Tattlers are confined- to no
particular class, and they operate in all.
We find them among the rich and poor
•—.“upper ten" and "lower million" in
the church and.out of it. They are peo
,ple who have no higher ambitiou-thun to
be well informed in regard to otijer peo
ple’s private business, to retail scandal
to their neighbors, and to exult in fien
dish triumphs over the wounded leelings
add bruised hearts of their innocent vie
R ival Insurance Company ofLiv-
Elti’oOL.—The | annual ‘ meeting of the
shareholders of the Royal Insurance
Company was held at Liverpool Eng.,
on; tl}? 2d ult. The ,chairman of the
Company, C. Turner, Esq., M. P.| pre
sided on the ocqasioh. The annual re
port showed that, the .receipts of dr.e pre
miums for the year bad amounted to
12s lid, ($3,480,305), and .the
idsib's hy fire',' Including Chicago losses;
to £384,000 8a 6d, ($1,920,300). Alter pro-
viding fob unexpired liabilities, jio., tha
net profit for the year amounted to £OB
- ($344,355.) The business of
the year showed an Increase of £185,425
In tire premiums alone ($927,125.) A
very large'proportion of this vastln
cniaie of business, in one year, has been
produced in thp United B(atos, where
the Company is rapidly extending Its
bußlheesland’/grawlng daily la popular
favur. The Are reserve fund of the Royal
now faippanta to iMSbVIGG ($2,4-i2,!ldOJ.
This places" the Company amongst the
most secure and solvent Are companies
of the world. The total, assets of the
! Company are now £2,290,023 Os Bd, (sll—
to' meet Its' life and Are liabili
ties. Tho chairman in his speech mov-
ing the adoption of the report, referred
ICo .the progress of the Company in Amer
ica In complimentary 'terms, and ex
pressed bis belief that the people of - the
iUn 1 ted.States wore patronizing 11 iat com■
pany, and others front Groat Britaih, be
cause they had been found prompt in
settling all claims arising from loss by
Are—even in such extensive losses as
those of Chicago. The entire position of
tbat company places it in the front 'aid
of insurance organizations; and while the
huslhssa of tfie year 1871 must be highly
gratifying to the United States agents of
the company, we have no doubt tbey
Will still further increase their business
during ’the current year, and appear in
even a still more favorable, position in
tho next annual report. Insurance
Times, Be sure and patronise the
Sam’i. K. Humruui, Ar/ent,
OfUee, No. 20 West Mala St., Carlisle.
Suicide.—A man named Richard H,
Lookard, of M£. Holly, aged twenty-five
of thirty years, committed suicide some
time on Saturday night last by hanging
himself to a large nail or spike in a shed
close to bis .bouse. When found (Sun
day morning,] he wAs In a sitting posi
tion and. <xulte dead. The deceased bad
worked In one of the paper-mills, and
was considered a useful and reliable man,
with no bad habits. It was noticed for
some days previous that ho had been de
jected tn spirits, and when ho quit work
oh Saturday evening, he told some of the
hands that he “never would work again,’’
Ha leaves a wife and one child.
Coroner Smith held an Inquest Upon
the I ody on Monday, when tho jury
found that “the said Richard H. Lookard
voluntarily and feloniously, and'with
mollca aforethought, banged and suffo
cated himself.”
U*br the Volunteer,
With the view of arousing the people
to a full sense of the importance of the
Spring election of 1873; when the voters
of the State of Pennsylvania shall decide
by their ballots, whether dram-ddnklug
shall be legalized, by human in opposi
tion to Divine law; the second meeting
for this purpose was held in the Union
Ohuroh, at New Kingston, Saturday eve
ning, December 7th, For the purpose of
carrying out this design, a permanent
organization was effected by electing the
following offioees, to wit: President, G.
F. Sbeafibr; Secretary, Dr. S. M. Whist
ler; Treasurer, W. W, Wanbaugh. The
opening prayer was made by Rev. M.
L. Jaokson, of Meohanleaburg, after
which, In a few pertinent remarks, the
president introduced the Rev. W. H.
Swartz, of Harrisburg, who delivered a
stirring address, to which the large au
dience gave close attention. Mr. 8.
The existence of the liquor trafflo as it
Is now carried on in this country, is at
war with arery principle of government,
and destructive to the Interests of every
branch of industry, as well as an enemy
to the peace and happiness of society.—
“ Of ail the observed laws enacted in an*
dent and modern times,” says Nsal Bow,
“ this is the most absurd,and wicked to
license the.trafflo in intoxicating liq
uors;” It is a violation of common na
ture and Blvine Jaw. It declares that to
be right which God has declared to be
wrong. It tends to destroy the very basis
on which society is organized. • Society
is organized on the principle of mutual
' benefit and benevolence. The employ
i ment of a man In lawful traffic may, be
pursued without violating the , right or
happiness of others. Nay, it will not
bhiy infringe upon the rights of others,
hut it will benefit them by promoting the
Interests of the whole. He supports
himself and family, and .at the same'
time contributes to the welfare of others
by promoting a healthful exchange of
various commodities ond of various na
tures. It is on this principle that the or
ganization of society exists. The tnanu
fucturer, the merchant, the mechanic,
the agriculturist, the laborer, while per
suing their several callings, are not only
thereby 'supporting themselves and fam
ilies, but are a mutual benefit to each
other. If one prospers, all share in his
prosperity.- If one suffers, ail sympa
thize to an extent. But the trafflo in in
toxicating liquors as a drink, is a viola
tion of this benevolent arrangement. It
tends to benefit the traffiicker only'. Nay,
it tends to undermine tne whole'. Tire -
man who drinks is not the man tosup
port the farmer, the merchant or the
manufacturer. He supports the grog
seller, while he and his children go rag
ged and hungry. Gan such a traffic be
right? Moreover, ft renders no equiva
lent to the persons who support it.
Where a man receives the results of
other's Industry, practice demands that
he return an equivalent that which will
be of corresponding value. In every
right employment this principle is ob
served,. The agriculturist receives in ex
change for the fruits of bis farm the traf
fic of the merchant, the .production of
their lands. He receives that which will
be of equal value to him, and thus mu
tual interest is advanced. But does the
trafflo in Intoxicating liquor do this? It
receives the hard earnings of laboring
man and what dues it give in exchange?
Does it give that which will make him
happier, wiser, richer, a better husband,
father, citizen? None of these things ;
.but on the other band it takes his money
and gives that which will madden his
brain, drown on bls.consolenos, rob him
of his manhood, destroy bis property,
fill him with loathsome disease, send
him to an-untimely grave and drunk
ard's hell, while his-poor wife and neglec
ted children are thrown as wrecks upon
society or are compelled to drag out a -
miserable existence in penitentiaries
or almshouses. Can this be right?
Will the act of a corrupt legislature de
claring It legal to traffic in this abom
inable stuff make right what the com-
biued Interests of the whole body poli
tic declare to be wrong t And now my
friends this question is soon to be
thrown into your hands for a solution.
What answer will you give at the polls
next spring? We shall see.
A vote of thanks was tendered to Mr.
Swartz sor the very able lecture deliv
ered in the course of the evening.
Adjourned to • meet at Hoguestown
Saturday evening, Dec. 21.
S. M. Whistled, Sec’y.
Tha Pennsylvania Eailroad Disaster.
Mifflin, Pa., Dto. o.—The correct
list of the killed by the disaster to the
pihcinuatl Express on tha Pennsylva
nia railroad, near this place, about ten
o’clock last night, comprises Matthew
lviiowles;aqd J. W. Bacon, of Chicago;
W. W- Donlz, wife and ((child. Mr.
Dout/, was an employee of Congress, and
was from Michigan. Ail the bodies
were removed from the wrack. About
five persons wore injured. One lady
was taken from the debris very severely
injured, and a train band was hurt bad
ly by a stove falling on bim. Coroner
Joseph Meddah had a jury empanneled,
and is now holding an inquest. The in
jured were taken away hy the railroad
officials. The men are still clearing
away the debrie on.the side track, as it
la thought by the porter of the oar that
another pereon Is buried.
Harrisburg, Deo. o.—Thera were two
sections of the Cincinnati Express east.
The engine of the Aral train was making
steam badly when about one mile west
of Mifflin. The near oar of Arst train
was run into by tbe second section,
knocking tbe rear , car on to, tbe bumper
iatari half way through the oar immedi
ately in front, killing tbe persona al
ready named. It is supposed tbey were
killed instantly, as tbe bodies ware bold
when extricated. Rumor says tbat there
is at least one body in tho debris, but
there is uo certainty ot this.' Five per
sons were injured slightly, ail of whom
weut on their Journey on the same train.
The first section was behind time, and
was expected to reach here half an hour
lata. The second section, which ran in
to the Arst, was to be one hour behind
it. Among tbejwounded are Thomas M _
Sayre and wife, of Elizabethtown, N. S:,'
and C. H. Renoy, of Indianapolis. It
took over an hour to extricate Mrs,
Sayre from the wreck, but she was able
to walk away when out<
Harrisburg, Deo. o.— At a partial ex
amination here this evening in relation
to the collision on tho Pennsylvania rail
road lust night, the Aagmau of the Aret
train testlAcd that a few minutes before
the collision, and when two-thirds over
a straight piece of track two miles in
length, he observed the second train com
ing, waved a red light as a warning sig
nal, felt sure be was observed by the en
gineer of tbe train following, as there
appeared to he a slackening of speed; tbe
first train broke a coupling just before
the accident, but was moving about fif
teen miles an hour when struck by the
second train.
Tbe engineer of the second train testi
fied that when he reached the two miles
of straight track he watched for the rear
end of the first train, but did not see it.
When he struck the straight track, tbe
headlight of an approaching freight train
on thelaft track prevented him seeing
the waving red light; as he ronnded the
third carve beyond he first saw the rear
of tbe first train ; appllsd the air brake
and reversed, but the momentum was
such that when the coupling broke be
tween the tender and his engine and
first oar he could not prevent the colli
sion. Ha had not tbe slightest idea that
tbe first train bad lost any time from the
lost station nntil about to strike U., The
engineer is one of the oldest and Is con
sidered one of tbe most cautions on tbe
road. The examination will be continued
The following Is the list of Jurors for
January Term of Court, commenolng
Monday, January IStb, 1873;
Grand Jurors.
James Brooks ;
John Basotaoro ,
Samuel Brelz
Andrew D. Bnohanan
Benjamin Corbet
D. B, Oroft
Daniel S.Dunbap
Samuel Ensmlnger
Geo. Elobelberger
Joseph Foreman
Robert Green «
Christian Hoflbr
Joseph Helser .
Samuel Hess .
Curtis East ,
Samuel W. Means
JobnrOrrls • ,
D. J. PJslio
William Patton
Peter 1 Hebaok ,
Walter Stuart
Joslah Webert . -
Philip Zeigler
Thomas Zimmerman
Traverse Jurors,
Philip Boldlo
Charles W. Beldlo
. E. A, Brady
R, A, Bucher ,
Adam Bowers
Gearge W. Buttorff
Qoorge H. Clover
Peter Calvert ,
David I*. Clark
David Crlflswell
Samuel Cooper ,
John M. Davidson
Jacob Dorsbelmer -
Jonas Eichelbergor
H. F. Qeyer.
Alf. M. Graham
R. M. Graham
Samuel Qroen ,«
Isoao Heikes .
Levi K. Hook •
Edward W. Hurst
Geoige Katz
James Hagonlgal
•George Martin, Jr.
Henry. R. Mullen
D. H. Miller
Jacob Myers v .
Henry Myers
Luther M. Myers
Joseph W. Ogllby
Win. Putt •.
Jesse Rhlnehart
John Rinehart,
David Reeaido
Martin Stlokey
Christian Staymen
George Shrader
John S. Snavely .
Samuel Welgie
Daniel Wilson
David Wldders
John Webbett
Robert H. Wilson
James Weakly ,
Jacob Zng
Jonathan Zelgler
John Zearlng . .
Jacob O, Zelgler
Traverse. Jurors.
Peter .Brubaker Carlisle
"Darnel Brown East PennsborougU
Abranam Boelem —..Carlisle
E, Beatty .. ...... ...—.Carlisle
J. D. Colston South Middleton
Jacob Coovor .. .Upper Allen
Joseph Cramer...... —.Southampton
R, E. Cralgherd South 'Middleton
John W. Cook Monro*
John Dalhouaen.'. Frankford.
Dodld Boner West Pennsborough
Christian Eshleman ——Silver Spring
James P. Ewing .Newton
George Fortney Shlppensbnrg
John Ferroe .... Lower Alien
John Grablll .... - «... Sblppenshurg
John OJsb,.,,—„.„.,.,„„„sblppeDßburg
Simon T. Bale.
George Hall
David Hollord.
Philip Howe
Jesse Bettrtck.
William Jacobs...*.*.
David Jacobs
Jflha 8.
.„..Eaat Pennsborough
:. Mifflin
George Kissinger
David Long
William Lusk
John M. Mossier...
David Myers
Zebuloa Mail
Benjamin Ott. Br,.
Bam’l Oiler
Henry Pilgrim..,
Philip Relghter.
Francis RUuer..
Robert Sharpe...
Adam Senseman,
John D, tihollenbergor.
H. W. Slbbott
George H. Stewart
John Simmons
Adam Bbolieuberger
John Umberger
John Wilson, Jr
Jacob M. Weiglo *
Henry Welker
Henry Zolgler •.
Travene Jurors.
... Miflim
.«..NorUi Middleton
-..Lower Allen
Lower Allen
- Fenn
....... Silver Spring
South Middleton
Booth Middleton
Dickinson ,
New Cumberland
South Middleton
.Silver Spring
..West Pennsborongh
Robert -Allison
John Boyd *
George Clay..*
Solomon Carlfltlelb,...^^,,
0. B. Clark
Samael Diehl
William Daner....._
.John B. Eberly
James Finney „
Samael H. Gould:
J. A. Graham
Charles Qarver
. Harvey Gatsball
Mode Griffith ..
I Ell Hertman
David Hays
Samael B. Kerr....
John A, Keller
James Miller
Solomon Mohlor
John Morrison,..
James M’Carter .....
Peter Mlnlch
John G. Miller*.
George wangle.....
John Newcomer.
Adam Orris:,,;.
A. 8. Pague
Samnel O. Rhoads....
Samuel Spangler
George Starry
Edmond Sbaploy
John Sites
Alexander Tarman...
David Vegleaong.^..
W. H. Woodbnrn.
West Ponnsborough
The following la the Hat of,pauses set
down for trial at the January, term, 1673 :
Frederick Watts va‘. FhlUp Baker. ]
No. 63 August Term, \Sffl.
Htmderaon & Hays, |
Frederick Watta vs. Samuel Neff.
No. 51 August Term, 1807.
Honderaon & Hays, |
Samuel Hume va. David Homes' Ex’rs.
No. 189 August Term, 1807.
Joseph Woodburn ra. Jacob A. Graham.
No. 301 August Term. 1863.
Rhoada & Son.
Henry HiJdebidlo 70. Jacob Long.
No. 200 November Term, 1800.
| WlUlama, Moglaughltn.
P. K, HofatadtTß. William Lory,
I fto*BoSAnfftut Term,l&7X
Feigned Issue.
Henderson & Hays. |
Colombia. Ins. Company yb, J. M. Maaouholmer.
2 No. 1-lS January Term, 1370.
I Henderson A Hays
H, Lelter £ Co, vb, Thomas Collins.
No, 87 April Term, 1870.
Henderson A Hays,
John Fallen and W. 6. Woods vs/C, W. Ahl,
and D. V. Ahl.
0 Ko.2o3AprUTcnn.lB7a
Trespass on the case In assumpsit.
Sharpe. I , < Todd
James E. M’Lean./or mo, rs. \Vm. Fonstomaker
7 / No. US April Terra, 187 a
Thrush ißharpe.
Jacob Abrahlnu vs. A. Qoodhort and 8, Plpor.
No. 67 August Term,-mo.
Trespass on the ease In assumpsit.
| Maglaußhliß.
J. W. Ulflh vs. Eliza A. Wolf and Johnson Mortx.
19 No. IGO August Term, 1870.
MaglaughUn and Kenned;. |
Wm. c. Houser, vs, Geo* SlngJser's adra’ ai,
11 No. 240 August Term, 1870.
Summons in Trespass on the Case.
| ' Henderson <fc Hays.
liower Allen
. Hampden
Bait PonnsboroQffh
, Newton
'liower Allen
Trustees Conodogulnot Lodge vs. S. Ferns,
12 ‘ No. 350 August Term, 1870.
. Southampton
Weal Pennsborough
, Middlesex.
. . Carlisle
. Sliver Spring
' Sliver Spring
. Shlppeasbanr
. Frankora
. Newton
. Dickinson
. . • Carlisle
Rhoads and Kewsham. )
Dan’l Bdiley's Ex'rs, vs. Dr. E. B. Brandt
and Carolina Brandt, his wife.
No. 870 August Term, 1870.
. • Monroe
. ' Shlppensburg
. MecUanlcsburg
. . Nowvillo
. Meoliunicsburg
. Southampton
West PonsborougU
. . Monroe
. • Penn
Columbia Insurance Co. vs J. B, Leldlg and
M. A. Leldlg.
16 No. 16 November Term, ISAJ,
Colnmblalnsurance Co. vs, Wunderlich & Moll.
16 ' No. 16 November Term, 1870. .
. Mifflin
. Mepbanloiburg
East Pennaborougu
• Monroe
• . Fnmkford
West Pennsborough
. . • • Penn
, Meohtmlcsbarg
. Middlesex
Columbia Insurance Co. vs* Jacob Abrahlms.
17 ’ , ' .No, 17 November Term, 1870.
.■ Dickinson
South Middleton
' Southampton
South Middleton
. Newton
Patrick C’Conor’B Adm’r. do boats non vs.
Joseph Bnrd’s Executors.
18 No. 20 November Term, 1870,
Alios Scl Fa to revive, Ac,
Kewlln; Tenners, Cora- I
man and Fonlk. • 1
, . Carlisle
East Penniborongh
* . Carlisle
. Carlisle
Bomb Middleton
. Hampden
Meehan labnrg
Stiver Spring
South Middleton
Patrick O’Oonoer’a ndra’r. do bonis noa vs.
Joseph Bard’s Executors.
19 No. 27 November Term, 7870.
Alias Set Fa to Ac.
Nowlin, Tennery, Corn* I
man and Foalk. r I
South Middleton
South Middleton
North Middleton
Upper Allen
. Middlesex
Colombia Ins Company 78. Adam Bowers. !
No, 88 November Tei m # 1870.
Columbia Ins. company vs. Samuel Q, Wild.
21 No. 43 November Term, 1870,
Jacob Sheets vs. P. A. Ahl and D, V. Abb
No. 45 November Term. 1870.
.West Pennsboroagh.
Roumfort, Hogeland & Co. vs, C. C. Faber.
No. 40 November Terra, 1870.
....Sliver Spring
Harry Y. Dravrbaugh vs. Joseph Schumpp. i
No. C 4 November Term, 1870.
South Middleton
Silver Spring
Joseph Whitcomb vs. Joseph Elcochf.
......Silver Spring
Lower Allen.
Wm. MeLl and Ellen Moll, his wife, vs. M. W.
1 No, 04 NovomberTerm,lB7o.
Thomas Liken vs. Wm. Natohor and Son,
No. JOff November Term, 1870.
Henderson A Hays, |
Jacob D.Mohler*s Assignees vs. W, Ulrich and
J. G. Hupp.
a No, 121 P November Terra, 1870.
Henry Snyder vs. J. A. Graham.
No. 389 November Term, 1870.
Rhoads and 90n.
H. O. Carr vs, Christian Eborly, Quard’n.
No. li2 November Term, 1870,
Mogiaughlln, Hltner. )
Colombia His. Company vs. D. S. Crbft,
No, 144 November Term, 3870.
Mower <t Hawk vs. Jacob W.altLsmUh and
Uriah R- Corl.
7 No. 103 November Term, 3870,
J,J, Bender’s Adm’r/vfl, N. W, Woods.
No. 100 NovomnorTerm, 1; 170.
Conrad Myers vs. H. M. Bobb A W. O. Houser,
9 No. 244 November Term, 1(170.
Colombia los. Co’y. vs. A. F. Mullln, surpar. Ac
10 No. 259 November Term, 1870.
Colombia Ins. Co. vs. Wm. B. Mnllln'a.kdm*is.
II No. 200 November Term, 1870.
Solomon Low’s Assignee vs. Samuel Hepburn.
12 No. 201 November Term, 1870.
Jos. Eloholberger vs. Cbas. and Oeo. ‘Whitcomb,
lii No. OS January Term. 1871.
Jacob Rbbem vs. George First.
1 1 No. 57 January Term, 1871.
Scl Fa to revlvo Judgment.
Sadler and Foulk. | MagJaughlln.
Joba Hoover's heirs vs. Anna C. Hoover.
15 No. 05 January Torm, 1871.
Ueftdowon & Hoys, MHJor. | Shearer
Gilbert & Oo; ts. John Baetem ot 01,
No. 141 April Term, 1870.
| Badler, Henderson A Hays,
Lewis H. Maas vs, Samuel Hepburn.
No, 160 April Term, 1870,
Jesse Kurtz vs. John Beotem,
Ko 474 April Term, 1870.
Joseph Trego vs. John Weary.
No. 372 August Term, 1870.
) Henderson A Hoys.
| Miller and Miller.
No. 03 November Term, 1870.
Bolt xhoover;
D. D. G. Dnncan vs. William Clark.
Ko. 07 January Term, 1871.
■ Debt. .
Rhoads and Williams,
John Wallace vs. W. 8. Morrow.
Ko.loo January Term, 1871.
Bharpo, Herman. ? {
A. K. Shoafor, Endorser, vs. H. 8. Myers.
Ko. 100 January Term. 1871.
Graham, Jr.
Cumb. Val,State Normal School, vs. H.Ruby.
10 No. 113 January Term, 1871.
David Q. Rhlnehart vs. Francis M. Stoke.
No. 133 /an nary Term, 13*1.
- .Trespass on the case.
Henry MUtenberger vs, Fsgley A Co,
No. 2 April Term, 1871.
Caao in Trover.
Sadler, Todd.
Dan’i Harsh vs. E. J. McCano.
N 0.162 April Term, 1571.
Leonard Lins vs’. Dr. J. J* Zltror.
No. 237 April Term, 1871.
John Matter vs. Wm* McKee and C. Molliugerc
203 April Term, 1871.
| Beltzhoover, Mnglmighlln,
F. W. SearigUt vh. Twp* of S. Middleton, ot al.
25 No. 2M April Terra, 1871.
la ease for Damages.
Sliarpo and Foulk: | Henderson & Hays.
No Lady's Toilet Complete.—Un
less there be the fragrant Sozodoht; unto
the breath sweet odors It imparts, the
gums a ruby redness soon assume, the
teeth quick rival alabaster tint, and eeotn
as pearls set In d coral vase.
Spalding’s Glue, aheap, couvenlenl
useful. .
Fobs, Fobs, Fobs t—AH who wish to
purchase furs this season, should not fai
to make an examination of our stock.—
We claim for our stock that they are of a
superior quality and fini-bj and we can
sell them at a less price than .Inferior
goods are offered for. We are ogenls for
one of the largest manufacturing fur
houses 1l New York. We have the
goods on consignment, and can sell them
25 per cent, cheaper than those who have
purchased their goods. All we ask is to
have our goods compared alongside of
any goods in this market,
Duke & Bujikholdeb.
.- The Pubest and Sweetest Cod-
Hvor Oil is Hazard <fc Caswell’s, made
'on! the sea- fresh, selected
livers, by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New
York. It Is absolutely pure and sweet.
Patients who have once'taken It prefer
It to all others. Physicians have deci
ded it superior to any of the other oils
in market. Nov. 28,12\v.
business notices-
IF you want Coal that will give you satisfac
tion go where a fall stock of all the standard
Coals are kept; None rocoramondod but the
best. Call at yards of A. H. BLAIR A SON.
Prime Honey, Vinegar, Bwool Cider, Araerl
can Bweltzer Cheese, at Hnmrlch’s.
49* The “DOMESTIC’' excels In light work,
and heats all on the heaviest.
SS'l wish It distinctly understood that 1 do
hot sell Pittsburg but COLUMBIA OIL, which I
guarantee to equal Pittsburg Oil in every par
ticular. . GEO. D. HOFFMAN.
N.*B.—The trodo supplied lower than by any
otaer bouse lu Carlisle, and if oil docs not prove
satisfactory .return at my expense.
cannot afford to purchase a sowing
machine wlifroattlnt giving tho “DOMESTIC”
a careful examination. J. W. OGILBY, Agent.
US-East Notice.—All unsealed accounts on the
books of A* i 7. BLAIR will be left for collection after
December 10, 1872. A. H. BLAIR/
Tho “ DOMESTIC” is tho " Klng”*ol Lock
Stitch Sewing Machines.
purchased a Pepper Mill
I am now prepared to offer a pure article of
ground Pepper, which I can warrant to be pure
as ground under my own supervision, and
will forfeit tho sum of-TWENTY DOLLARS lor
tho slightest detection of adulteration;
S®*New Qoodajuatreceived at tho live store
of Duke & Burknolder.' Now Dress Goods, New
Shawls, Now Furs, Flannels and Cnsslmeres,
Beautiful New Style Prints. We are now open
ing a largo and beautiful stock of goods for
Christmas. All who want to make presents
should not fall to see our stock.
New! Nkwl—A full lino of New
Furs Just opened ut the CENTRAL DRY GOODS
STORE, full Sett of Furs as low as $1 U 0; a'Hand
;somo Assortment of all kinds ol Furs at Low
Prices. Splendid Betts ol Mink and Sable Furs,
from 825 00 to $76 00. Now. and Handsome Pais
ley and BroCha Long Shawls, Blanket Shawls of
ail kinds at great bargains. Full lines
of Blankets, Flannels, Quilts, and everything
else In tho Dry Goods Lino, selling at such pri
ces os to defy, any House to sell cheaper. Don’t
fall to call at the Control If you want to save
money in buying goods of all kinds.
N. B.—Wo have Just opened a Now Supply o
the.lCarrls’s Seamless Kid Glovefiln the Winter
shades. 28riov2t
J* Fall and Winter.
Wholesale Notion House.
No. 24 South Hanovor Street, Carlisle.
During tho season they lutond to keep In
stock a general lino of Woolen'and Buck goods,
Gent’s Underwear, Ladles, Gent's, Misses’ and
Childrens* Hosiery, Scarfs and Wristlets, Goat’s
Buck Gloves, Gauntlets and Mitts; also, will
have constantly on hands a line of Suspenders,
Head Nets, Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs,
Cotton Hoslery, Neck Ties, Fancy Bows, Paper
Collars', Cuflk, Stationary, Tie Yarn, Wrapping
Paper. Paper Bags, Drags, Fancy Boaps, Hair
Oil and Perfumery, and an endless variety of
nick-nacks In general.
Cheese at Moans', No. 78'S* Kano,
ver street. MayO-lf.
J®-Patent extension and castors on every
Just received,'.a fresh lot of. Cranberries, Co*
ooanuts, Oranges, Almonds, Ac., at Humrlcn's
49- Only boo and you will buy the light Fan
ning " DOMESTIC."
A^CASTORIA—A substitute for Castor Oil—ls
a physio which does not distress or gripe, but is
sure to operate when all other remedies havo
failed. Tou may confidently rely upon the
Castorla In Stomach Aobo, constipation, Flatu
lency, Croup, Worms, Piles er deranged Liver,
It contains neither Minerals, Morphine, Opium,
nor Aloohol, but la purely a vegetable prepara
tion, perfectly harmless, and above all, pleasant
to take. The Castorla soothes and quiets the
system, and produces natural sleep. It la a
wonderful thing to assimilate the food of chil
dren and prevent them from crying, A 50 cent
bottle will do the work for the family and save
many doctor's bills, 14nov4t
FALSE DELICACY,—The friends of those who
are troubled with bad broalb, and, tbroagb
ovorsqueamlstaness, dlsMUe to refer to It, com-,
mlt a positive and cruel mistake, especially if
(hey ore aware of the merits and great efficacy
of the fragrant Sozodont. This is true and only
remedy for the difficulty; there Is no valid ex
use for ft bad bream now.
| . Henderson <6 Hays,
Men's and Boys’ Wear, of all Kinds, Gieall) Reduced Jn Piices!
Jlutnan Roof and its TAalc/ilnt/.—K the
m daserves well of his country who makes two
blades ol gross grow where only one grow before
surely ho who produces o glorious crop of hair
ou a comparative barren scalp deserves tho
hearty thanks of tho obliged party. All honor,
therefore, to Professor E.T. Lyon for, unques
tionably, his renowned Kalhairon accomplishes
this object. Gentlemen whose whiskers arc shy
of making their appearance in force or the llbors
Of whoso moustaches disclose those vutr/nijlceuC
dUslanec* for which Washington City wus once so
famous, will find this Hair Persuader tho most
wonderful en'courager of fibrous dovolopemcnt
that has ever yet been Invented. Both sexes are
advised to use it, as, by all adds, It is the bes;
article for Improving the growth and beauty of
the hair, keeping It fice from scurf and dan
druff, preventing It from becoming harsh, dry
and gray—giving It a rich gloss and endowing it
with flexibility—that Toilet Chemistry has ever
evolved from tho vegetable kingdom.
HOW TO GO WEST. —This U an'lnquiry
which every one should have truthfully an
awerod-beforo ho starts on his Journey, and a
little care taken In examination of Routes will
In many cases save much trouble, lira o and mo
oeo. b: HOFPMBN.
44 and 88 Pomfret St.
Tho “C., B. & Q* U. R,,” running from Chicago,
through Galesburg to liurllugbon, and the '*l„
B. A W. Route," runulug from Indianapolis,
through Bloomington to Burlington, have
achieved a splendid reputation in tho last two the loading FassengOr Routes ,to the
West. At Burlington they connect with the 11.
A M. R. U. and form tho great Burlington route,
which runs direct through Southern lowa to
Nebraska and Kansas, with close connections
.to California and tho Territories; and passen
gers'starting from Carlisle, on their way
ward, cannot do better than lo take llio Bur
lington Route. .
This lino has published a pamphlet j colled
VHow to go West," which contains much val
uable Information; a largo correct map of the
Great West which can be obtained free of charge
by addressing tbo General Passenger Agent B
&|M. U. IL, Burlington, lowa.
at the residence of the bride's mother, by the*
Rev. H, O. pardoe, Mr. Samuel Riokeubaugh. of
Mexico, fo Miss Battle Oswald, of MlflUntown,
Juniata county.
SaNNO.—In this borough, on tho sth lust.;
George Michael, only son of Mr. Charles P. and
Caroline Banno, aged about 4 years.
His disease was of comparatively short dura
tion, but painful and distressing. Ho was‘an
unusually attractive and Interesting little boy;
Wholesale Tobacco Segars,
No. 27 North HanoTor Street,
Prices as lovr os in Philadelphia or BaUlmo
April 25> JWIJ-Jy.
QOU 8— ; ;
Corrected weekly by Geo % B. Hoffman A Son
Cakliblb, December 11, 1872.
BEANS per bus.
The Best Display of
Holiday Groocl^l
shades in DRESS GOODS, at Popular Prices. The Largest Stock of
LARS, HANDKERCHIEFS in every style and price, for
Christmas Presents !
Beautiful Assortment of Understeeves, Neele Ties, <£c., &c.
Special Bargains in Low Priced;Dress Goods !
Largest Stock of FUBS, at prices that defy competition.
HOSIERY and NOTIONS, CANTON FLANNELS. *O.. during the present month.
Wo have just opened,the best Bargains in SHAWLS, ever offered in
this market. In fact my stock la now complete, and it will repay any
one who desires a bargain to call and examine for themselves.
Deo. 12.
Prices Hednced 2
New Goods opening at the )
t I . , , f , ""
Central Dry; Goods Store !
Great Rargainsin all kinds of Ladles’ Dress Goods for ;
Handsome Falsely Shawls for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, -Very Cheap.
All kinds of WOOLEN SHAWLS cheaper than ever at tho CENTRAL! • - 1
Furs ! - Furs I! Furs M l Furs I!!!
from SI 00 a Belt up to the finest qualities,of M Ink Babies, at tho Greatest Bargains in tho
Country. BLANKETS, FLANNELS of every description at Rodncode^rlces.^
_■ . IJilfidtilrl ’
a, ncy Grood s •
• . -•••:/ -• 1 i •'-.•'■’■■l'] J-
New Styles Ladles’ Neck Ties* New Shades Ladles* Neck Tiesi Em
broidered 'Handkerchiefs. Loco Handkerchiefs. Hem*Btltched All .
kinds of Ladles’ and Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs, put up In.boxes* very ‘
Christmas presents.
■ - ; o-rcO' . '
Please do not fail to call at the CENTRAL DRY GOODS STORE
and examine tho largest and bust selected Block of Dry Goods and Notions, before mnkJ
Intr any purchases, as wo are detonumed to reduce the stock before making a change la
Softly, the angels came,
And bore him to their homo;
Softly, his spirit loft,
’Mid Heavenly Joys to roam.
£>. J, S.
Carlisle, Pa,
Corroded weekly by J. H, Botler tfi Bro,
Carlisle. Dacembor 11. 1972
• <0 50
8 DO
- i 00
• 1 70
1 00 to I TO
• ■ 2 60
* - (a
03 O 06*4
18 East Main Street.
DeHaven & Bro.,
3 o'clock P if. Phila., Deo. 10, 1873
Netr U. 3.5’s of 1881, liOTtf
U.aO’aof’Bl. Jl7#
•• ’O2, not «nllet) . 113 ■
“ ’«3,lst called ’ • -118 • ■
“ ’B2, 2d Call ' W&
*• • |«2.3d can • m*'
“ ’Ol,
'• MU.'n#
■* ' ’67 ' '• •
“ •*» . . . nSi
•• vu, kmox 100&}
(J. 8.:» Tear fl ptr «crft. Cy., HIM'
aow, uaJ'
silver, . my,
U. Pacino H. U. Ist Mort. Honda. 89
Central Pacific It. R, 101
Union Prclllo Land Grant Honda 77?£
CABiiisis Deposit Basic,
November sth, 1«72.
Tbo Board of Directors have declared & .
tlond of FIVE PER-CENT, for the lost
mouths, clear of taxes; payable on dorw«ind
' By order of the Board,
7n0v72-!hn. QuMer.
1 GENTS WA.NXED for Great Klrda of History,
ACUlchro. Hoston, Pontlancl, Now York, lion*
non, etc. Causes, systems of Extinguishing fire,
lutes, nrc*proof buildings, bank vaults Insur*
unco, Ac. ThrllUng.lumiorous, pathetic, Only
complex, illustrated work.* Going -like hot
cukes., Write Worthington.Dnsynd*Co., Hart*
ford, Ct, n ‘ JNnovlm*
Jiqb nr.NX j
Empire Hook & Udder Company
- r ’ • r. l4hu Ji
offer tholr HALL torrent to parties bfoMlhg
Halls, JSveniny Parlies or Concerts. Apply to thu
committee'. J. M. GREjsN,
I ®bfl undersigned. Assignee rKobetti M.
Iliac tr, of Carlisle* offera for sale ihe , 'propfny
corner of Pitt street and , Locust. aliqzntThe
house is a now twoatory,bricky und ; laluiBtwd
condition. The Improvements nremodern, and
the entire property Is a very desirable one.
: ALSO for talc, a vacant £OT OF GEOt/ND
on Bedford street, 30 feet In front by 210 In
depth, more or less, bounded by propertle so
A. Jr M. Boyle, Brenneman.and ;
PBIEIiapAHK;.,. [J
m dlrigrw, -
Sopt, 12, 1872-^tf.
A. H. Franciscus & 1 '(&>!',
Mo. 613 M&rkeLfittoet, Ehl&lfllphUy
Wo have opened for tho PALL' ttje
largest and best assorledstoolt.
Tablen, Stair and Floor
Oil Clptbs, Window Shade® .
and Paper, Carpet Chain, Col- ' ‘
ton, Yarn, Batting, Wadding,
Twines, Wicks, Clocks, Looking gJss* . ,
sea, Fancy Boskets. Broonjs, Baskets, .
Buckets, Brushes. Clothes Wringers; Wooden'
and Willow wore in the UnltedBtates.:Oorlarge
Increase In business enables to sell at law;:
prices, and fnrnlsb the best quaJlty. or %;
Goods. Bole agents for the celebrated ,
The most perfect and success, ; • • . •
fnl WASHER over made, • <J
Agents wanted for the
American Wnshorin
all parts of the
Sept. 5,1572—3rn,
6 25
• 450
QT RAY HEIF3E R.—Came to the
Opromtocßof the subscriber in. Olivet Birina
township, sometime lu Beptembor last,
ted heifer, supposed to bo a year and a*ha)t oW
Tho owner Is requested to come forward, prove
roperty and lake her away. Otherwise she
pill be disposed of as tho law directs.
TI 0 K I
Au election for Directors'of thc Farmers’
Bank will be bold at tbo of Hp»iHng Hocue
Carlisle, on Monday November mb, proximo,
between the hours of 0 and 12 o'clock. a.jc.
Qct. 10.1572.-U J. 0, CWWf* 1
r ? f ' r
/' ■’{ilKV.'oil
• .113 <
• 1 ' .113#
. I I}#
i .C.A