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    The Improvement Bill passed both houses
of the Legislature late on Tuesday evening,
-and was sent to the Governor.—lt appropri
ates over, one million and a half in all. The
Election Billalso passed same evening.
The Legislature'adjourned sine*dic on
Tuesday evening last.
Look out Girls. — Ei.iza Emery warns all
the girls out South and West—ho.osicrs,
buck-eyes and all—to look out for her gay,
deceiving, runaway husband, David. She
says that he has cruelly left her, and told
the folks when he started that he was going
South-west to preach universal salvation and
marry ahoosicr. Eliza'thinks he can easily
be kiiown, and to prove it says, “David has
a scar,on his nose where I scratched it.”
pTT’The Philadelphia Butchers have again
resumed their stalls. The Speculators had
to yield. Good.
From the Washington Metropolis.
The following table of individual and bank
defaults, will initiate the reader into some of
the secrets of the cry of so rife
among a certain class of politicians, aim
which has afforded some fictitious capital,
used for certain sinister purposes by these
gentlemen. '.The cry of “mad dog” was
never so admirably illustrated, as the case
ill question. The reader will perceive that
the aggregate amount of individual losses
■from receivers, collectors, &c.,-is at
about $12,000,000; and that opposite to this
array of figures, we have the total losses
froni banks and merchants’ bonds, amount
ill"- to' about $15,000,000. The greater
portion of the first of these sums lias been
either liquidated or paid in full, while the
latter still stands,.-and, for aught wc -know,
will always stand, a living monument of the
beauties of the banking and credit systems.
"The tree is known by its fruit.”
O-- O Q
, ,g s s
'll s' § g
3 S -VI ri c *
s |f S £
S is pj* "
«> ... -0 =1 5 5 c 'g, o
1 - =» S I
« 2-0 o fl O .=.
fe O O 10 g S f?
•2 =■“ -lo ?«S« *--
£ 55 . s.
W ’ (-rK . r O b
ft; rtOw^.S
.^• T «c £ OO O Q I O
s<U'U_ O Q O O O
.g cj v 0-0 O j O
g .£ , c*J o* o o . o
o' 4, • i • CO —• ID O i CO
§■* J ■ ■■■ ■ ■*" C) *
** V- -
5!? <r. Io O O OOP Q o
«“S i- <? 5 o oo S S o
to *2 o I Soq oo o o o
to U co* o’ o* o* o’ ‘o' o’ co*
,§C £ s."s ss 01 ” s
g I O 5-
<U ♦. I -
J- r* O} ----- . _ , _
• ?5 -M i WOOOO o
p S 1 *■_ O O'O o o
£ I e-q = " <=>.- °.
Sue ■ 0.0 OO C 2 <N
» ell. 70 ON ■<* r-.
cs (S ELS“ M
•S' ’ -
>» . I I I -I.
O !•» '-I Ol N 'O Oi N.
*•“» 0100 1-MPi CO
m K. CO **
<u 1 . !f.
5 c oVh
* i R.“i |S” s 2
•1, s . t
-PS c 2 . g ■ M
Cl c == c - tc
I .£ B I g£ g- -S <
< ■?. ec. .2 £ £ «
-a; w tiit •=! c=J
-Cute 5 O’O
?cJ! sac c
."Adminißtrat’s. Nam. under each
" Administration.
789 to IT9?
All paid except
Sj.onvery small
1797 to isol
7 out of 1t not
yet settled.
The larger part
1801-to 1809
A small portion
only of individ
cured,. '
1809 to 1817
1817 to 1825
\ 1825 to 1829
1829 to 1837
ATarge portion
Due from insol
vent banks be
fore 1837
Due fiombanks
suspend. in 1837
Total losses, in
cluding loss on
depreciated pa
per in 1816
" The Irish. —When the instruments of
new-born Whiggery'speak out the real fee
lings of the'party, it will be found to be pre
cisely that lately uttered by Balie Peyton
(late a member of Congress,) at New Or
leans. Federalism has always abhorred tills
persecuted people, because the oppression or
British tyranny, for centuries, has made
.them the sworn foes of a government which
the federal party has always held up as the
exemplar .for imitation. Head the two fol
■ lowing articles: '
From the Louisianian.
We-copy the following, article from the
Louisiana Advertiser of Thursday last, at
the request ‘of - several- of .our subscribers
who are not in the.habit of reading that pa
per. The attack therein described, blade
by Mr. Balie Peyton upon the'whole mass
iof Irishmen in this country, is certainly
) most unwarranted by the character and de
-1 portment of that class of our 1 population.
The epithets which MfTPcyfoh thought pro-'
per to bestow upon them, are unsuitable to
any description of human beings that we are
acquainted with—except, perhaps, the Sem
inole Indians. The Irish are not deserving
of such abuse from any man, and most as
suredly not from a native citizen of the Uni
ted States; for though Mr. Peyton denoun
ces tlicin as. ready Jo flee to any foreign en
emy who, may hereafter invade our snores,
and to rally around the banner of despo
tism; yet we are persuaded that no one,re
gards the declaration in.any other -light
than as a vile aspersion, contradicted in the
most pointed manner by the history of our
country. There were Irish tories and trai
tors in the revolution and in the late war,
as there were tories and traitors natives of
other countries. But in limes of national
difficulty, when sound hearts requi
sition, the mass of the Irish were found true
. to their instinctive., love of liberty—true to
their attachments io the soil of freedom, and
ready to spill their bloo'd in its defence.
This is matter of history, which it is idle to
dispute. Wherever the star spangled ban
ner has been unfurled in the presence of an
enemy, it has waved oyer Irishmen among
its defenders; and, should other occasions
require a similar display of patriotism and
courage, the Irish, we are persuaded, would
not prove recreant.
We.are astonished, and mortified that an
American, like Mr. Peyton, ddio has filled
a conspicuous sfatioh in the national coun
cils, and who-stands almost at the head of
a very numerous political party, should have
expressed himself with so much rashness
and rancour in relatione to a whole nation
whose heart beats with [yhc warmest love for
our country and her institutions.
From the Louisiania .ddvettiscr.
Mr. Editor: Presuming that you have not
seen the Evening Times of Friday last,, in
which a report of the trial of John W. Red
mond, mate of the steamboat Osceola, and
■five negro men, charged with the'murder of
James McCarroll, an Irishman, is given, I
now send it to you, marking such part of the
report as I trust you will publish, and there
by afford your readers an opportunity ofj
knowing their friends, as well as of judg
ing of the kindly feelings that influence
such, men as the would-be great and dis
tinguished Balie Peyton of Tennessee. At 1
the close of the trial this Mr. Peyton, the
intimate acquaintance of the Porters and j
other eminent Irishmen, according,"to the 1
Times,, “addressed the court in a speech of.
■three hours’ length. He commenced by:
Way of preface to the remarks he was about
t) make on the testimony of the witnesses I
sworn in behalf of the State, and delivered i
one of the most sarcastic, bitter and invet- j
crate philipics on the Irish character that
ever fell from the lips of man. He com
pared them to “ beasts of destruction,' I'’ 1 '’ andj
of. "Jicndlike appearance,” who bore the very :
“marks of vice and iniquity branded on their
countenances;” and that they art'a “bandit
ti of unprincipled, malignant and abandoned
wretches, who are all hound together by one
secret tie to overltirn our institutions,'” and
strike at the-vital spark 1 of our very exist
ence. Men void of the least principles of
“hono f, patriotism, or virtue;” and if a fo
reign enemy invaded our shores, this “law
less gang of hell hounds” would'hc the. first
to flee to the'enemy, and then rAHy around
the standard of despotism with sill the bra
very imaginable. Mr. Whiggingtpn
cd in a similar strain of language.”
, „ ‘ EMMETT;
The Chambcrsburg papers, in speaking of
he withdrawal of Penrose and his satellites
from the Convention, neglect to tell us
whether they retired by the Way of-the win
dow or the door. CouUUnt our friend of the.
Telegraph give the desired information.
Carlisle Volunteer.
Yea, verily, good neigliqSßßdf fhe Volun
teer, we’ll cheerfully give yfflPnll the Infor
mation in our possession concerning, the
shameful and unwarrantable exit of Charley
PeuTOse and his suppliantdupes. Itappears
that the friends of Mr. Clay anticipated the
retreat of thi notorious traitor, and accor
dingly barricaded every avenue Whereby, he
could escape, by placing a few of their Hum
ber in the immediate vicinity of each window,
thus blighting all hopes of a “back-window
flight; 1 And, no doubt, the thoughtof ghosts
and hobgoblins occuring to the seccders, (the
graVe-yard being back of the church in which
they escaped through .the “hole tbe carpen
ter left.” —Telegraph - - . ‘
On Tuesday cvennig the 18th instdby the
Rev., T. Sprole, Mr. Samuel kf. Hav
erstick, to Miss Henrietta TFilsqn, afi of this
On the ISlh inst. by the same, Mr.Tfif
liam. Davidson, to Miss Elizabeth Barn
hart, both pf this county.
. On Saturday last, in this borough, Mrs.
Martha A. Alim, wife of William H. Allen,
A. M- Professor of Chemistry in Dickinson
College, in the 21st year of her age. /
In this borough on Monday last, Mrsi——
Crean, relict of the late Richard 'Cream—
Bhe bore her afflictions with Christian forti
tude and resignation, during her protracted
x. . • Communicated.
DIEDrOn Tuesday .the itth inst Cath
arine wife df Wm. Culbcrts/n Esq. in the
S'4th year of her age. /
To those Who were acquainted with this
estijnable woman, her life requires no eulogy.
The remembrance of her kind add ‘amiable
temper, the consistency and symmetry of
her religious character, and the concern she
constantly./manifested for the- welfare of
W> 9* <il« i£<t tt ofn n t itx .
Christ’s Kingdom, will not only secure a
tribute of respect for her memory, but settle
the conviction that their loss is her gain.—
Her death strikingly displayed the .power of
that religion .which' adorned her life. The
illness preceding it, gave her friends ample
opportunities to witness the patience and
submission of a spirit, resigned to the will of
God, and confident of its.acceptance.
Her reliance upon the merits of her Saviour
was simple, but strong. The approach of
dissolution occasioned no alarm,'and when
tlm hour of her release had come, she seem
ingly lost all the bitterness of dying, within
the encircling, arms of her Redeemer.—
“Blessed are the dead, who die in the Lord.”
Temperance Lectures.
A series of lectures on the subject of Tem
perance are being delivered each evening this
week, in the First Presbyterian Church, by
the Rev. Mr. Hunt, of Philadelphia. We
understand that on Sunday anil Monday
evenings next, he will deliver lectures in
PROPOSALS will be received by the com*
mantling officer of the Carlisle Barracks,
until 11 o’clock the 3d of July, for the delivery
at said Barracks of such number of Rations as
shall be required for all-the-U. Sr-Troops that
may be stationed there, until the 31st of Decem
ber following.
The rations consists of 12 oz. of Rafted pork or
bacon, or 1 lb. 4oz. of fresh beef, 1 1b.2 oz. of
flour, and to every hundred rations , 6 lb. of cof
fee, 12 lb. of sugar, 8 qts, of beans, or 10 lb. of
rfce, (in lieu,thereof) 4 lb. of soap, 4 qts. of vin
egar, 2 qts. of salt, and 1 lb. Boz. of tallow can
Beef, neatly slaughtered to be furnished twice
a week (necks and shanks to be excluded,)*and
all the parts of the rations to be of good merch-,
notable quality, and equal to the best in the mar
ket. r
The rations to be furnished from time tp time
as required; or, (beef excepted) iivbulk; and at
such periods as shall be agreed up0n,...1f the
price varies, Proposers arc invited to make a bid
for supplying the rations by each method.
Bond and security wilt be required for the
faithful performance of the contract.
P. ST. G. COOKE, •
Capt. Comd’g. Carlisle Barracks.
June 2 7, 1839.
Just received and for sale a lot of CORN
BROOMS of the best quality.
«lunc-2r. Hamilton It? Grier.,'.
THE Proprietor respectfully informs the pub
lic in general that he is now. ready tnhp
commodate a large number of Boarders and Vis
itors. The Springs are situated 44 miles forth
of Carlisle, Cumberland county, Pa. and 3 piles
sdoth of Slcrrett’s Gap, on -the North Mountain,
in a fine, healthy and romantic place. Tlci'cis
an extensive
creeled (bolhjvarm and cold,) and eyry
comniodation may be relied on.
June 2?, 1839. / fit
N. B.—A Barouche will, run daily .lorn Car
lisle to the Springs during the seaso, for the
t accommodation of Visiters. . D. C,
.m rt i jl I, mr i*.
are ordered in pa'ide on your
H usual ground on Tliujlday the 4th
ol July, at 2 o’clock, in til morning, in
smnmcM' unifornlv ‘
* By order "of the Oatnin.
.1. U. KIiIUAN, O. S.
June 27, 1839. r .
Carlisle Light lijuitry!
~1 You are ordered upgrade on your
Jkl usual ground on Thurb l )' morning ihe
Rh 4th of July next, at in sum
mer uniform. * Each»embcr will pre
pare himself with s* rounds ut blank
E k 1 cartridges, ’
'll By order of Cpt* Moudy.
... J T. SPOT>WOC)D, O. S.
June 27 ' 183? ‘ ‘ * r
DESERTED from Crnsle Barracks, on the
night of the 4th in* J ON* A I HAN
W OKTZS, a Dragooßecruit in the JLJ. S.
Army, aged 22 years. S%‘t 9 inches highygray
eyes, dark hair, rudtlymmplexion—born in
Cumberland county, Petsylvania—by occupa
lion a farmer. Enlist l 22d April 1839, at
Harrisburg, for the perd of 5 years. Tlie a
liove reward will lie pfl to any person deliver
ing the said deserter tdie commanding officer
at Carlisle Barracks.! ’ ~
t -R- S. mx.
Cap Ec Ass’t. Qv. Master.
Dated at Carlisle Jrvaclis.,?
June 6, 5 ' • • 8t
l«r past favori; res*
-_Lpeclfully irtfolc 3 tlie public that he lias on
ha ml a large assdpieht of ready made clothing
at-his establish™*. a few doors west of the
Post Office, in Mn street, Carlisle, which he
offers for sale on:ry moderate terms. He al
so continues tojtry on tlie Tailoring business,
and will always: grateful for a share of public
patronage. M ’PHERSON.
June 13,1839 ' tf
Estate^ Jacob Myers, <feces*e^; '.A'-.'
liar ETTEB°f AdministraticnoriAlje estate
/[ 4 of JacoMyers.-laite of South Middleton
township, Ctberlahd county, have been issued
to the subsqicr residing in the same,township;
All ncrsonS any to said estate
will make/pnient, and those having claims
will presenuemi properly authenticated, for
settlement JO «N MYERS, AdmV.
Junel3;39; ■ 6 t
AMlo the residence of tile subscriber in
t'Wtileysburg, East Pennsbprough town
ship, cGierland county; on the 25th day of
May.lasthe is a dark bay, about 16 hands high,
has a ail white spot on his forehead, and his
shouldfevas sore of the collar when he came.
The ofer is requested to come forward, prove
proper* pay charges,alid take him away; oll>
erwisfe will be dealt with according to law,
1839r il3t
literary notice.
AT a meeting of the nlumlni of Dickinson
college; at the chapel, oirthe 17th flay of
July, 1838, it was resolved to revive the former
alumni association of said College. Every grad
uate is deemed a member of the association.—
Messrs. James Hamilton, Thomas V. Moore,
JohaZug, J. Heed, Samuel Alexander 6c Tho
mas Bowman, were-appointed a "Standing
Committee” to prepare business and make all
necessary arrangements for a future meeting, to
be held at the same place on Wednesday the
10th day of July, 1839, (being the day before
comrticneement,) and to give public notice there
of. The committee have performed the duties
assigned them, and now give the notice icqui
red. It is hoped there will be a general attend
Other papers friendly to the College will con
fer a favor by inserting this notice.
Carlisle, June 20,1839.
THE subscribers having lately purchased the
stoclPtif goods owned bV'J..’H. Weaver, at
thJ north-east corner of the Public Square, Cai
lisle, consisting of a large ami general assortment
of seasonable -• _
Also, a general assortment of Hatters’ Furs and
Trimmings—all of which they will sell on the
most accommodating terms.
June 20.1839.' tf
: fresh summer GOODS.
Arnold t? Co. arc just receiving a large
assortment of Goods' suitable for summer
wear. The public are respectfully invited to
call. / J“ ne 20
MiLbOURKE and Tweed Summer Cassi
imeres, suitable fur. summer wear, for
sale U\v at ARNOLD-& Co.
sonsi ’that, no fishing or hunting will here
alttr be permitted cm the lands of the subscri-
on the Letart Spring east of Carlisle, The
’lay” will be enforced against any. and every per
sqj who may herealter be detected in either of
tlie above pursuits within our bounds; and any
jßrson giving such information ns may lead to
tjc conviction or such ofTendcrs shall receive a
Toward of §5. (liven under our hands the 15th
Jay of June, 1839,
Samuel Kutz,.
Jacob Kutz, «
'Christian Ruhl,
Christian Crotzer,
Jacob £lrb,
Henry Bitzer,
.Samuel Kinney,
Jacob Hershe,
Ulrich Strickle#.
Henry Paul. ..
Figured'and Pliiin'Silks.
JUST received some splendid plain, watered
Grns-de-Nups arid Gro-dc-Swiss
‘bilks, which are offered at'Unusually low prices.
June 20. , Arnold & Co,
..NOTICE. •'
NO funeral expenses of outdoor paupers will
be allowed after tliis date, unless an order
ot relief from a Justice of the Peace or a Direc
tor be obtained at or before the futletal, stating
that the individual is poor, and that there are no
means to bury him or her—also, no Physician
will be paid for more than one visit, unless by
an order from oneofihe Directors. ... -
A. WAGGONER. > Directors.
> J. DUNLAP, 3
June 20. 1839.' tf
In the Counties of Dauphin and Schuylkill ,
THAI’ in pursuance of im act of Assembly,
incorporating the William’s Valley Hail
road*"and Mining company in the counties of
Duphin and Schuylkill; books will be opened
tor the subscription of stock in said company,
under the direction of one or more of the com
missioners named in the law, from the 4ih day
of July until the lOth day of July inclusive, from
10 o’clodk ~ A. M. until 2 o’clock,T*. M., at
The Hotel of George Nagle in Harrisburg.
—-The—Hotel-of-Joseph- Gulbertson.-inC'/icwi
Tne Hotel of William S. Allen in Carlisle.
.And from the Bth until the 14th day of July,
inclusive, from the hours of ten o*clocK f A, M>>
until 2 o’clock P. M. , at the Philadelphia Ex
c/tanget in the city of Philadelphia, and at the
hotel* of Thomas McGrath-In the borough of
York. * • '
The amount of each share of stock is fifty
dollars, on which $5 must be paid at the time
of subscribing, and the residue as may r be inqui
red by the President ahd Managers. Ail per*
own names or the names of others.
• .Benjamin Frick*
Silas Harry,
James Burns,
■ William Gilmore,
.Thomas Himes,
Wm. A: Petriken,‘
Val. Hcmmel, Jr.,
James Fleming,
U. J. Fleming, .
Jacob Babb,
Ch’n F. Hahnlin,
Wm. D. Boas, _
JosepilW. Cake,
James Wilson, •
William Ilgenfritz,
Leadner Ns Ott,
' Commissioners,
June 20, 1839,
TAKEN up trespassing on the premises of the
subscriber in West Pehnsbofough township,
about one mile north of Smokey town, on the
banks of the Connodoguinetcreek;about the first
of May last, a BRINDLE STEER, with a bell
on—siippnsqjl to be about three years old. The
owner is desired to Call, prove property, .pay
charges and take him away or he will he dispo
sed of according to law.
June 19, 1839, >, 3t*
By the Keg, Sect received and for sale at the
store of - . •'
la-now opening d splendid assoftment of
Spring and Summer
At the south-east corner,of Market -Square,, wet
known as JBredin*e L’other, and recent-.
,- ly occupied by Geo. fV. Crabb ,
Blue, Black, Blue Black, Invisiblc.Grceh, Ada*
lade and Brown
Ribbed, Striped and Plain
splendid assortment of Black,Blue-black,Green,
Mause/Fawn, Gro de Naple, Gro dc
Swa, Gro de Sein, and Ress Italian SILKS;-
Florence assorted colors, together with a splen
did assortment ofßalgues, Figured Silks, a va
riety of‘Prints and Chintzes, new style Lawns,
Mouslindelaiiies, Ginghams, Painted, Cross-bar
red, Striped, Jacbhett'Bc'Cambric Muslin, a'find
assortment of ’
a superior assortment ot Veils and Handker
chiefs, a general assortment of Summer, figured
and plain Satin '
Summer Cloths, Satlinets, plain and striped
Linens, Irish Linens.Velvct Cords,Beavertcerts,
Checks, Colton Drillings, Tickings, 6cc.
. , of Leghorn,. Tuscan,
and colored Nun .Bonnets, Palmleaf and Leg
horn Hats. * *
A general assortment of Gauze, Mantua, Love
and Satin Ribbons, a splendid assortment of
Hosiery and Cloves.
Rio, Porto Rico, Java and Sumatra Coffees, Su
gar, Sugarhousc and Oilcans Molasses, Young
Hyson, Imperial afid Black Teas, and Soap.
His present stock of Goodshavc been selected
with much care, and’will be sold at
as‘will'norfairto"glve‘satisfaction toTlVose wish
ing to purchase. He is very thankful for past
favors, and hopes by strict attention to business,
and a<-dispnsition to please to merit and receive
a liberal share of public patronage.
(C/'A large supply of WINDOW GLASS
just received, and for sale.
, Carlisle, April 18, 1839. tf
JE&z'jtß&isrg.wjßjrzi, - -
f subscriber having just arrived from the
' B east with some of the best workmen that
could be procured, is now ■ prepared to finish
work in the most fashionable style and of the
best materials. . He will manufacture any thing
in that line of business, such as
of evcry’description.' He has now in his ciriploy
probably one of the best Spring Makers and
Coach Smiths that is mow in the state; His
charges shall be moderate and his work will all
be warranted. . -
-Repairing done in the neatest manner and with
despatch. - -----—■- i
The subscriber humbly solicits the patronage
of the public, for which he wi// tender his most
sincere thank's.
Car/is/e, Vpri/ JB, 1839. tl
THE subscriber wishes, respectfully, to in
form the inhabitants of Carlisle ami the
public in general, that having received a rcgu-'
far course of instruction in the above business,
he has just returned from the city ot Philadel
phia, with a complete assortment of the best
and other necessary materials, and is now pre
pared to manufacture in the most fashionable
anti, substantial manner,
centre And end,
Stands, &c. &c., and will be thankful to all who
may please to patronise him. His‘terms shall
be as moderate ns the nature of the work and
the exigence of the times will afford.
Approved country,produce taken inpayment.
To close the tfoncern, BEDSTEADS of
various kinds will be made; upon which the
weary may refio'se— and, should Death overtake
them, COFFINS will be made according to
order, in which to deposite their remains that
they may be at rest.
d/”Pl easc call at his Shop in North Hanover
street," Carlisle, fiext door to Mr. Abel Keeney,
where all drdet's will be thankfully received,
ami the utmost punctuality observed, by
May 23,1839. 6teow
ThcMcmbcrs of the Societij of Equal High's
are hereby notifi e d
That the Treasurer has been instructed
“ to notify the members, that unless -all
arrearages and quarterly contributions are fully
pa'uhpreyious tb . the 4th of July next, the act.
counts will be placed in the hands of a Magis
trate for collection." ' '
,-R. CAMERON, Treasured;
June 19tb, 1839. 3ts;. • .
Having resigned her situation in the common
schools; has opened on her own account a select
school, not exceeding thirty scholai s,in thchouse
formerly occupied by Mr. James.Bredin, and
,n6w occupied by Mr; Andrew Richards, where
she will be happy to receive the children’ofhny
who may feel disposed to patronize her. For
terms apply cither at hey own residence in Han
over street, air any time between school hours,
or at the school room from 9 to 12 A. M. or from
2 to 5 P. M.
June 13,1839. . .
Estate of Jit Harsh, sen. deceased,
THE subscribers having taken out letters of
administration on the estate of Abraham
Hursh, 1 deceased, late'of Allen township, Cum
berland county; hereby give notice to all persons
indebted to said estate to make' payment, imme
diately. and those having claims will present
them properly authenticated for settlement.
_ residing toxtfishijfc 'j
‘r*i *‘ r
The subscriber, respectfully informs bis
friends and the public geherally that he has
taken that well known tavern stand at the
West end of High street,' in Carlisle, for
merly kept by Mr. Henry Rhoads, arid that
he is now prepared to, accommodate Drovers,
Waggoners, Travellers, and all others who’
may favor him with, a call,- in the very best
manner; . ; •
His Table will be constantly furnished
with the best the country can preduce.' His
Bar is supplied with the,choicest liquors,
and his Stable which is' large and convenient,
will be in charge of a careful and attentive
ostler. ■ '' ti t *
lie flatters himself that, from his experi
ence as an Innkeeper,>he wilLbe able to
render general satisfaction.
Carlisle, May 9, 1839,. tf
Notice to Cretlitors.
TAKE NOTICE that t)ie subscribers have
been appointed Auditors.tq,marshal-the as
sets of.the cstare of David Nciswaiigcry amoni;
tiie creditors, ami that we will meet for-that
purpose at the house of John Hoover, iti Meclian
icsburg; on Saturday the be! of August-'next, ai
-10 o'clock; A. M. where all persons having
claims will present them for settlement.
MIC H’L HOO VEU, h Auditors.
... -HENRY. LEAS,-, _j :t -
r - . : FOBS ALE. \
7 riHE subscriber offers at private sate thcjnl*
A. lowing described valuable real estate, situfttd
in Allen township, Cumberland county, contain
ing U 4 atres, more or less, of patented lun.o, h
bout 90 acres of which are cleared and in a high,
state of cultivation, and the residue covered with
thriving timber. - The improvements arc a
fln||. ■ STOWS HOUSE,
tllilsJyegj - And’-SJoublo Log' Bare,
two Apple Orchards, one of which,is, of choicd
frnit, a never (ailing spring of water, and a foun-‘
tain pump at the itypr—also, a Tctiaht House,]
Xhc above inentioned.tractJSj;early.nll lime
stone land, of a good quality* : an‘d a healthy
neighborhood—within two_rt»ilcs* of Mechanics
burg and the Cumberland Valley Rail Road, and
about cue mile front Shepherdstowri.^
An indisputable titld wilbbe given. /For terms;
apply to the subscribe!’ near the premises.
j , James graham.
. -May SO, 1839, tf
Estate of Nancy Weaver, dcc’d.
THE public will take notice tluit’Letters of
Administration have tli'is day been.issued to
the subscriber, on the estate of Nancy Weaker,
Ijite of Monroe township, Cumberland county. 1
All who have claims against said deceased arc
requested to make the same known to the sub
scriber; residing in IJillslnirg, without delay,
and all who are indebted to said estate are re*
quired to-call anti fecttle the sanie; - lUI --
May 17, 1839. ■ 6t
JUST received ami forsaleat my landing near
the Steam Mill, on the Canal, 500 tons of'
Bed Ash Pine Grbve Coal, .
warranted the best article of the kind
known At the present-time: It will be sold in
jots to suit purchasers. , i
Also—a large quantity of LthMBEU of dif
ferent kinds.ami qualities: superior S/thiglesi
Plaster: Salt by, the barrel, ts*c» all which
articles will be disposed of at the most reasona
ble prices.
Harrisburg, June C, 1839. ' ... 3m
THE- subscriber will sell at private sale,-a vah
uable tract of land, situate inNcwton'town
ship. Cumberland county, about a half mile west
of Sloughstown, on lli’c turnpike leading l l(V ■
Chambersburg,-adjoining lands ot JobrtStough
and Samuel Brgwnellcr, containing 9 1 X T V-_
EIG HT Mii ES, of first rate. UME. ■
STONE LANU, about fifteen acres,of which
arc covered with thriving. Young Timber; the
remainder.ia under good fence aiid ina high state -
of cultivation, having thereon crcctcd a '.
_ There is also on -the premises a thriving ijoitng
‘aftjtlc orchqidy.. .■ • • / ; *
"Any person wishing to view the premisesttill,,MVhldhig~m;rFranfcford~
township, about one mile Alrev’-rmill;;
and a short diatarice.from Hetrick's store. !
2m. : .
June 1839.
Ij AOtJß'teachers (three male and one female)
B' are wanted to' late charge of, the schools of
the Mechanicsburg Districtj. Cumberland coun
ty, Pa. Proposals will be received by the PrcS.
identof the Board, from teachers who may wish
a situation,in which they will'statc the salary per
month,.for which they, will teach.■ The recep
tion of pfopbsals Will ’of' Julv
next immediately after which a selection of the
teachers will be made by the board.' ' Schools
•to commence on the first of November following.
It is expected that satisfactory evidence will
be given as to moral character and’quaiifications,'
. . . - JACOB WEAVER, Prcs’t. '
Geokge F. Cain, Sec’y.
■ Mechanicsburg, June 6, 1839.' 4t
CAME to the public house of the subscriber
in Silver Spring township, on the 30th ult.
a Sorrel Mare, iibnut ll ycnrs old, Intwcch lG
and ir hands high. with a star on theforchead
and rough shod before. The owner is requested
to come forward, prove property, pay ciydijes
and take her away, orlilic will be as’ :
the-Jaw directs. A
BEIDIG. Sen. .
.June Jo, 1833.-. . ■ / A.’ .. i 3t‘
trmbrf^ 8 Shd alarge assortment"'of; plain, ami
Parasols far sale by: ' i ' - ;
... co;- '*