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    wolild feel as’ repugnant to the adopti(V
either, as I do myself. ! '
I will-not undertake to fix upon t|-
luount needed for repairs prior to the
sna of die nest legislature on the™
Tuesday- of January, 1840. The wP*
•dilapidations of time," accident and hye
to be provided for as well as preparati™ I
be made for .numerous repairs duiipe
•coming spring. Much is. lost botli4 mo
and expense by postponing thc-dav pop- j
aration until it is too late. From
of the canal commissioners, their cp ers >
! your committees and other sources,; can
■ readily determine this question, an,: ?P'
-Wiodate your- appropriation to th üb‘lc u b‘ lc
wants, and the public expectation?
-I have already'observed that the*® on
our public improvements are all f°
the payment of the interest on public
debt. It should not be lbrgott£i at by
failing to keep these improvement^ l ' shite
■ of efficient repair, this interest fll 18 J 6 ” -
parded—the credit of the state m l e seri
ously affected—and-the future Vi °f our
1 'improvements themselves m deC lm P a h'-
ed. For .if through tht inat lac y of
-means to repair our-pufirc 6 9 « they
.-.should cease-tobe capable tf dcmj'e busi
. ness of the public, it itust itevijj happen,
that much of’ the bnsness upC' em will
pass offintoothcr cjianelsnevtobere
gainedi This would m a no
true Pennsylvanian cold emulate with
out feelings of the deWt/imoFatioii and
regret. lam certain is l rft- which no
- patriot VillJcontributeo-pb#. .. . MU. STEVENSON, _ _
If any tiling 'couldddwie regret'it A gentleman of this city has furnished the
would occasion,-'it wouh bastriking factj annexed account of ari occurrence which re
thit we are in the mids|if p, prosperity | fleets great lustre on the benignity of the
and advancing glory, windrCn a shadow | British’ Queen and the active benevolence of
to obscure the bright pati|e usjMb, MiV Stevenson.- The circumstances shew
Our sjstemjif pubUc4h#nftiSßurm- the high personal estimation in which .Mr,
ly established, liostilitjflyielded its j Stcvenson'is hcld by tlic young and popular
■> ground, and there is nytiity in the sovereign of England.— Globe.
commonwealth that doefttectly-or in-j - “Some time during the the last year,
" directly share and acknjpdlhe benefits alias Ifayid Deal, son oi Mr. Ba
it is.conferring on.all seoasve near and prid Deal of Ship.pohsburg, Penn, a promising
the remote.. ,\£BWc*lancc3, it youth of 19, visited Buffalo, in the State ot
.■would be to the people plsc&onwealtli \ ‘New Turk, where lie was persuaded to en
: to>lhe‘ people of 'lhu‘| er %, and of, list with a comply of volunteers to join the
foreign nations, a sub c t°f «|ishment, ’ Patriots in tlie.invasion of Youn":
that this system, so^fi^hlvilhQahtages,} Deal, with sevc*i| others was soon captured
in the "full tide of sU-' e! | a ' cjriment”] by of British Lancers, was tried
should be suddenly w 3 t' } p~^ l ufinishecl i and sentenced tiWleath. Ills situation, was
portions remain uinished | made known to liis fricriils, by whose cn
parts he abandonedtu uuidentvillfofft Treaty Sir' George Arthur was .induced to
means'to keep thenv^r c P a U a t afe'when suspend the execution of the sentence! for a
• every man in and inf of thiegislyh a d- time, and the young man Was sent to'Eng
niits that such-.a-cofeb 19 atirectriance land and committed to prispn, there' to await
with true wisdom aJ soundolici . the approval of the sentence passed npon Ipm
I make these augistions w.i a fthope., in Canada, and its fmal.exechfion. Theßev.
and I will add a #>ng belioho, V they Mr.Cookman, Judge McLdm aqd Dr Sew
will meet the entp concurred B P, j e g. e u f w lio were infonned.of.ithe situation of
islature —tndUhf although? thi 19U al young Deal, and the distress of his family,
’. course of.cvctits : -s session ml bejbricf nddrcssd letters to Mr. Stevenson, setting
duration, it will'mt fail to majuuppro- forth the circumstances of the case, and re
vision for thesc'i"P nl ' tant IMt - e rs. questing his influence with'the authorities of
' I most and moieaC-fly the British Government, to sjve, if possible,
solicit the Icgliature to bestow. thq; n - the young man’s life. Mr. Stevenson made
terests to which ty every effort in his official capacity, but in
. tude entitles fbm. and to pursue)efer ce Vain; when he applied to the Queen, and re
to them, thipath of duty pony O uW huested his release as a personal, favor, uppn
sound wisdof, and due regard foj e ihiclv she promptly granted i free pardon,
and expectations of the people. ahd the young man is now, On his passage
Nothing fit'fhe paramount imptneedi hl me . And thus ah aged falser and mother,
; this suijeetto the public at largeA pa Vij a large circle of othcvfamily connect
ticularily fi that numerous and cntrisijgViSg, are made to rejoice injtlie restoration
class of mr fellow citizens wAhafe If! favorite boy; whop we Hope; will learn ■
thousands of I fautary lesson from the consequences of
' in the operation of our ph; iiV r Jisjndiscrctimi, and long lile to thank Mr.
provemehs. has induced me call yoU teo Itefehson for his exertions;.,
tion to itjgain before you adjourn. \ ,j e ss Queen VictoHa fokthe exercise of
. Beingf’esponsible for tlie perfornia. d|L r fclemency.” - ’. t
the dutiis devolving on the Kxecim j |c'_j , ' '
have feltto be ah essential part of
to make this communication,, and IVye
the’mater in your hands to be dispostjf
t'ink proper: resting satisfied t|f
*ri/ cause the transportation on/ r
hiprpvements be ’ suspended j
Eadequate appropriations, the ves|,-. justly „chacgC a hle.,|oy
Executive Chamber, June 10, 1839. g
\ THE .
Baltimore J}larkjt, JukelA, 1839.
Cfltlle. — Sales hav() been nide since our
t report, of beeves, for slaujhtcr, at 99 50
) per 100 lba., andon an avenge of ,99 75.
re hogs remain at fast week’in-ices.SQ 50.
Melt. —-Potomac hnd Susqqhanna shad
B'ellingati3p<|''bbl.:Herrtes/5 3r3.
i Flour. —The market is veryfull, arid" the
Hnand small; saWs,from storefeof Howard
Jjeet, on Wednesday, were m|e at 96 25
' fiszir which shows a.decline ife-ices froin
®P ■ ~ yi in the wcjk. The wngfi price we
Oil d»e‘ ' [Sales -«ra'«Hi%hinna' at
the-Sedate ofydus State, the fol o A small lot of at
U !ffMiTif«^/TiiaWhe^Govprno r re j
to report to (he Senate tlie loan a« r t ,. ansp i re d aA 25 per
thorifed to pay the contrac ors.onthe
, tysburg rad road, had been taken, and if »^^-j4 on d^H» o 81 ,s| and a
theroasonwhjit wns notj‘ lkc "- nn^--4::OQ d Marflandwjiiteat.tliesafe,price.
- ■\/"TKe'^oltft( o iryaB'conMderedran4=?gree4»-^~- t jj i --^—, 0 j .brdmaiylfirib.o
to—and on the Bth, the Governor.sent Th% re(J Cheats at soaljiSales
following Message, to, the Senate: - , j e Corn at}B3.-iB4 cts.; sale bffellow
. To the Senate of Pennsylvania: _ 4 te> \Sales'of Ryo at 91 Qsal |We
_ln reply to your resolution of ,fhe 6th inst, t r j d d a so cts. ",V-
I have to infprm the Senate,-that in compu- er- _Lg a^s have been made aus 50
anoe sV.ith,the ‘'resolution; to, suspend the g V I •V
-work ohihe”Gettysburg rail road, ’ prompt foreign we have ho tftsac
■ measurerwere taken to ascertain the whole ts a i e i la v e jj eep ma de of: Windy,
. amount of clgims on the line, on estimates, hhijQ c\.]arid bbls. : at 42 cts.ll’he
or for retained per ceritage; also- for salaries w& ce is sr cts, exclusti - o fi
of officers arid agents, for labor or any other ,th&—JV • .4.1
.purpose;” and That during the present-wepk ,Q 1 I - I
the reports of the officers charged witli that fyaJeliia Market, June 15. \
duty have been received. _ - MR— Pennsylvania supele
These are,all the material facts, touching Flo% a g S per bbl.;“ Middling %
thesubject of your inquiry, which it as with- RyeSL gTslCom Meal 4 00. ■ |
in the power of the Executive to communi- bSpa ,\\ieat $1 40a 143 per l
cate to the Senate. • They-fully answer the Rye ftrri, yellow,-94a96-J
call made on me by the resolution, unless. Oats a, n ar (X- aOaSS ,cts.
.. in requiring mie to state, "whyThe.,delay: in r- 75 pi
procuring the money-ond paying the con- seed, lfc 4 . Tilothyseed2
tractors has taken place,” the-Senate mten- . r-r/iflLg ro mVagoris S7a:
. ded to require" me to communicate, the rea- gal.- frq.g ggigl ;
son dr motives by which I have Been governed; ■—"
in relation to this business. : If such was the
design of the Senate, I must; decline To
' comply with its requisition. Being an
bennentand co-ordinate branch of The gov-.
ernment.T do riot recognize its right to make
such demand, and also because the time and
manner of advertising for ' and procuring
loans are duties belonging exclusively to the
' Executive, in which the: two Houses.of the
Legislature have neither responsibility, nor
’ share. Claiming to understand arid respect
the rights of the Senatev. f shall studiously
avoid. any infringement,.upon ; .-thera:a ( V!
claiming also to understand the rights/od)
duties of the Executive,.under the Con/th
tion, I shall take especial care that?“ le y
shall not be InVaded, and will maintajr“ iem
tothe utmost if my abilities. Independence
.and harmony of action only can bo'P rcser ‘
ved by strictly observing; the " ridts of all
departments of the government, yui.s course
I shall pursue at all times, withoif deviation.
, The' resolution for suspending the said
work authorizes the > Governopto negotiate
a temporary loan for the sufi of 150,000
dollars, to be rfcpaid within six months, for'
the purpose of paying the contractors and
others. This loin,'if negotiated before the
month of July, will fall due before the next
meeting of the bgislature, and up to the
present time no {revision has been made for
its redemption.; I have waited with - much
solicitude for sone legislative action on the
subject of proviting for the repayment of
this money at thi end of six months from
the time the loan'may be negotiated; for it
certainly could ii(t be the-intention of any
one that the Executive should be required
to promise to pay,'hat amount of money, and
to pledge the fipth of the commonwealth
therfor, whenheknew that'no. legislative
provision was nude for its" repayment. —
Whenever this'provision shall be made the
matter shall be taken into consideration.
Executive Chamber, ?
June 8, 1839,. ■ S'
• :D3teD's ■ ■
kIGHEAi, consort
thth Middleton,
kher age.\: .■
the 5£
li Cling
S aale by; .. .
f nntttx*
, A T a meeting of the aluntlni of Dickinson
'at the chapel, mi the 17th day of
■July,' 1831, it was resolved to revive the former
alumni astociation of said College. Every grad
uate is debited a member of the association.—,
Messrs. Junes Hamilton, Thomas V. MnnrCJ
John Zug.’f. Reed, Samuel, Alexander 8c Thoi :
mas. Buwiian, -Lwere_ appointed la Standing;
Committee*! to prepare business and make al|i
necessary ajrangeiiients for a future meeting, tpj
I be held at tin same place on Wednesday the
110th day of lily, 1839, (being the day befoije
: commencemAt’,) and to give public notice thefs '"NOTICE - -
° f -i J ! t e ,? 0m V itte , e young men. of West Pennsborougli and
Carlisle, June% 1839. _- - fej une 13 . 1839>: iiAJNY -
THE subscribed having lately
stock of goodsVwndil by J. H: \VeayeiV SABAH E. K. OBEAKT.
Havm S resigned her situation in the common
lisle, consisting ot a lirgeand general assoiW hobl^^as op * ned on her ownaccoum a select
ot seasonaoie y. Kjschool, not exceeding thirty thchouse.
* yCfvOIJSj ' ' - f' formerly occupied by JVIr. James' Brcdin, and
GROCERIES, mEENSWJIREi now occupied by Mr. Andrew Richards, where
.. .Cl 1 f.«•, iT ,xj she wtll be happy to receive the children of any
Also, a general assortwnt of Hatters Fpi w l lo .jiiay.feel disposed to patronize her. For
1 mornings all ni with they will selW apply cither at her own residence in Han
most accommodating rcros. ij over strefit, at any time between school hours,
" 1 iV a ilrr\r'i>ci or at" the School room from 9t012A. M. or from
■ ;11. ANDEH| 2to 5 F.'M. -■
1 Hr JBefeREBCKJ'T ■ ■ - ’•
June-20,-1539 v .l \
Arnold t? co.areVi
assortment of GfcodsVi
wear. The public aie rejbi
-Call. : - ~f— —\-
lYi meves. suitable/
sale low at j
"IS UlllfliliY-
sons, that no fislfmgor buyingf^ 1- ®'
alter be permitted onfthe lands w tn; s 9 rl '
bers, on the Letart Spring* east otCail.t)!?.
Inv will be ’enforced iigainsf anyuiidl P C1 ’’
sin who may hereafter lie dctecrcMp 1 ’ °‘
the above pursuits within our bouw Rl ?y
person giving such information-t)s|( ac \ t ?
the,conviction or such offenders sflr ‘ l
reward of §5. (even under our hjf 15l “
day of June, 1839.------ -h
■ ; Samuel Ki
, ; Jacob Kri|
• . ...-.J:.... JDAviDEtq
i CnnisTiAK-,
Jacob EhS
f - JIENRY lii
and •
'RTUST rccdred some splendid* Jv*'
- figured : l 6ios-de-Nups
inks, which bt offered at unustf> v ¥’
June 20., . - ft? &\9 : ,
■ noticj® .
NO funeral'expenses of (mt«t’ :nl P c, i' v
be alluded after tins datV ss un 4[^ e ‘
01 relief from.i Justice of the s f or a
tor be obtnihrJ at or before ! t(i/-' ra '* ,Ht *\ng
that the imlivdiial is poor,
means to buy-him or her—aj? * nysicVn
will he pari for ntorc than Jo sll * un * ess V
an order froa one of the \
A. WAGOONjtf''^ o ™-
♦Time 20,1339. v
f OOMPj**
In the Cmnties'of Daupt l 'l Schuylkill.
Tfl/VI lli pursuance ofet of Assembly,
iucoiiinriitini; the Vv> s Valley ifail
read and Mining coriipan the counties, of
Duiiliin aid-Sclisvlkill * will be opened
tor the company,
undeiMll:direction ,of,oiwiOTCef.Jhe,coiii.,
itiiSsinnjf/s named in the jtfrom the 4tli day
of Jiily-nitil the 10th day'ly inclusive, from.
IQ o’clqA, A. M. until £ck, P. M., at
TlieiJotel of GeprgeHe in Harrisburg.
of Josepfibertson in Cham?
bersouftr — -rr- ——
Tneftoteljtf WillianpUlen in Carlisle.
AndiSfom.the Bth upp 14th diW of July,
in dusty, from the bouton o’clock, A. M ,
until 2'i'clnck P. M. fie Philadelphia &
c/muisc in the city nf jpleiphia. "arid'at. the
hotel p Thomas McCf in the borough of
York.] |
Thaatßount hf.cacf
doling on whichtfS I
of suTicribing, amVthi
red tjuhe President*
sons c lawful age m*
own ’pines or the naj
* ■- |v
• ml
r.;: '•■■■' • I w
,| Li
■: a:
I. their Ne;
lust receive
i 7 sti
l/L’ subscriber i
OTut one rnile j
nnkSof the Con
iMay Inst, a Bj
J.— supposed td
(lof accordini
; Gijittt
U'G o.
me 19,183;
list «-ceivin6pf.
vitable fora*' 1
Secifully ifi t 0
|TwSd SuTrtn&V
;■ ■ Samuel fr.
Jacob Hii
; Jonatiia§* g »
i ' ’ Ulrich'S' !in
bborstaribb; btobsitb;
Stands*' &c. &c., ami will be thankful to all who
may please to patronise him." ,His terms shall
he as moderate as the nature of thc<vtork and
the exigence of the times will afford,^
Approved country prorhmetaken ViTpayment.,
To close the. concern t BEDSTEADS °f
various kinds will be made, upon which the j
ill weary may re//—and, should Death overtake i
'.‘r them, corriws will be made according to !
order, in which to deposit? their remains thati
* they may he at rest. 1
• call at his shop in North Hanover |
street, Carlisle, next door to Mr. Abel Keeney,
where all ordcrsnvill he thankfully received,
and the utmost punctuality observed, by I
6teow i
lire of’ stock is fifty.'
me paid at the time
jdue as may lie rcqui
»Vtanager»7 All per-
Scribe, either iu their
If others. ' '—r-
injamin, Frick,
iw Marquart,— :
[.as Harry, '
•I.D & CO.
frein Jtlechtthtcsburffja
large assortment of sun*
Cassimeres. Urillingß.Li
Nankeens,£s"c.;f#c. ‘
- '' A
Kißsingon thepiemises of tha,
ffeat'Pennsborough township;!
Ih. of Smqkeytbwn, on the;
Joguiriet, creek, about the first >
NDLUNtEEB, '.wilh
| ahoui thf ee years old. • The
i call, proye pay
Uh atfay orhe wIU beißispff
!av?r T-O ~Sr- '*r
\tilcmhefa of the Society of Equal High Is
|A.T ilie Treasurer has been instructed
j f to notify the members, that unless all
i, irages and quarterly contributions are fully
previous to the 4th of July, next, the ac
i tswjll be placed in the hands of n Magis-'
for collection." ■
7 . R. CAMERON, Treasurer.
jnc 19th, 1839. Sts.
June 13, 1839.
ipiAME to the. public house,of .the. subscriber
in Silver Spring township, on theSOthult.
a Sorrel. Mare, about 11 years old, between 16
andl/Miamls high,-with-a-star-on*the forehead
and rough shod before. The owner Is requested
to come forward, prove property, pay, charges
and ,taUft_her away,.or she
the law directs.
June .13, 1832... ** 3t
sirsiirasß..: ;
THE subscriber wishes, 1 respectfully, to in
form the inhabitants of Carlisle and the
public in general, that.haying received a regu
lar course of instruction in the above business,
he has just returned from the city ol Philadel
phia, with a complete assortment of tlie best
and other necessary-materials, andis now pre-'
pared to manufacture in the iftost fashionable
and substantia] manner.
May 23, 1839
N. B Two JOURNEYMEN wanted
[RESERVED from Carlisle Barracks, on the
night of the 4th inst. JONATHAN
vVp R T ZS, a Dragoon Recruit in the U. S.
Aihy.'hscd 22 years, s*feet9 inches high, gray
ey4,*dan£ hair, rudely complexion—born in
Cumberland county, Pennsylvania—by occupa.
tioila-farmer. Enlisted 22d April 1839, at
HarUlmrg, for. the period of 5 years. The. a
hoveUnvard wirThe paid to any person deliver*
mg tl\ shifNcSerter to the commanding officer
at CaipdQ. Barracks £
, r. s. nix,
p— —
Sit Carlisle Barracks,?
\une 6, iBS9. -\ S • * 31
Tiber tliariltful itr past favors, res
linfbnris the, public that he Jias on
Assortment of yeiijly. made'clothing
hment, a few tloprs west. of. the
\Main.street, Carlisle, which he
In very.moderataterms, He al
tearry on the Tailoring business;
\ be grateful for ahhare of public
\ .if
TME sobi
hand alargd,
at his establi'
Host Office, h
offers for sale
so continues t<
and will ahva;
Estate of A, Hursh, sen. deceased. \
THE subscribers-having taken out letters yf
administration on'the, estate of Abrahan
Hursh,, deceased, latc uf Allen township, Cpmi
berland.county ,‘hereby give notice to all
indebted to said estate to make payment imme
diately, and those having claims,-will present
them properly authenticated for settlement. '
Mm’rs, residing in Mien township.
June. 13,1839," 6t ,
Estate of Jacob Myers, deceased. •
NO T 1 C 3. ■'
"j. ETTERS®j^ r dmiriistraticri on the estate
B A of Jacob Mjjfffs, late of South, Middleton
towd3ldp.,.Corfqei'land county, have been issued
to the subscriber residing: in thesametownship:
All,persons lb ahy ! 'iyay i indebted to -.said estate
will make, payment,, and those having claims
will present them, properly authenticated, tor
setilemenh ■ 1 ' ’ v ‘:i . -
6t -
rJunei^lSsk 1 "'
AMEto the residence of the subscri,ber_in.
JLy 'VormleysbUi-g, Bast Pehnsborough town-
V'p> county, on the 25th day_ o!
lay last—hvU a darS bay; about 16. bands high,
14s a small v, “‘>.Bpot on his forehead, and his
slWlder was co iiar when" he came.
Tie owner is requestci to come forward; prove
prlpertVi pay^haj'ges.ane. take him away, oth
erwise he \vil|be deult with u, cort linK to 'law, ■
■V- • : * John long^eckek.
- ; -.. •-v ••• .3^
The subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public generally that he has
taken M* t well known tavern stand at the
West ctto of . High street, in Carlisle,, for-,
merly kept by Mr. Henry Rhoads, and that
■he is now prepared to accommodate Drovers,
Waggoners, Travellers, aud all others who
may favor him with.a call, in the very best
manner.- - • ;
His Table will" be constantly furnished
with thebest the country can produce. His
Bar is supplied with the choicest liquors,
and his Stable which is large and convenient,
will be in charge of a careful and attentive
ostler. . •’
He .flatters himself that, from his experi
ence .as an Innkeeper,' he will bo able to
tender general satisfaction.
Carlisle, May 2, 1839, . tf
The subscriber respectfully informs the
citizens of Carlisle, and Up vicinity, that he
has comriienced the' BAKING business, at
his residence, in Hanover street, next door
to Allen’s Hotel, where he , will constantly
have on hand Fresh Bread, Cakes, and.
Beer. •
Carlisle, May 2, 1839. :l
Notice to Creditors.
TAKE NOTICE that the subscribers have
been appointed Auditors to mayshal thc as
sets of the estate of David Neiswaugcr, among
the creditors, and that we .will meet for, that
purpose at the house of John Hoover, in Meehan
icsburg, on Saturday the 3d of August next, at
10 o’clock, A. M. where all personshaving
claims will present them for settlement.
. . MIGHT HOOVER, Auditors.
HENRY-LEAS, - h ■ "
y riHE subscriber offers at private sale the fnl
' I lowing described valuable real estate, situate
in'Allen to wnship, Cumberland county, contaht
ing 114 acres, mort. or less, of patented land, a
bom 90 acres of which are cleared and in a high
state of cultivation-, and the residue covered with
thriving timber. The improvements are a ’
AndDpuble Log Barn*
two Apple Orchards, one of which is of choice
fruit, a never lading spring of water? and a foun
tain pump at the door—also, a Tenant House,
The above mentioned tract is nearly all lime
stone laud, of a good quality! and is in a healthy
neighborhood—‘within, two miles' of Mechanics
burg and the Cumberland Valley Rail Road, and
abfirft one mile from Shepherdstnwn.
An indisputable title will be given. For terms
apply to the subscriber near the premises.
May 50, 1839, * tf
Estate of Nancy Weaver, dec’d;
i IOTICE. ;/ :|:
THE public will take notice that Letters‘of
Administration have been issued to
the subscriber, on the estate of Nancy Weaver,
late of Monroe township, CSmberland county.
All who have claims against said deceased are
requested to make the same known to tliesub
scriber, residing in Dillsburg, without delay,
and all who arc indebted to said estate aye-re
quired to call and settle-tbe same.
May 17, 1839. • V-k 6t
JUST received anti forsaleat my lahdihgnear
the Steam Mill, on the Canal, 500 tons of
Red Asli Pine Grove. Coal,
•warrnnted^tO“be‘-the" , lsESt"TiVti6ljFof“t]ie'inn3
known At the present time: It will be sold in
lots to suit purchasers.
Also—a large quantity of LUMBER of difc
fcrcnt kinds and qualities; superior Shingtoi
P/astcn Salt by the barrel, &c.'.nil of'which
isposed 6£at the most reasona-
articles \vil
ble prices. .
Harrisburg, June 6, 1839, 5m
. .... P.OR SALS. ■
THE subscriber will sell at private sale, a val
uable tract ufjand, situateiiiNewjfpn town
ship, Cumberland county, about.a half mile west
of Stbughstown, on - the turnpike leading to
Chambersburg, adjoining lands olTbhn Stousjh
and Samuel Browneller, containing SIX TY
BIGHT ACRES, of first fate LIME:
STONE LAND, about fifteen facrer-of which
are covered with thriving Young Timber; the
remainder is under good fence and ]n a high state
of cultivation, having thbi-foherected a
S -Twosiony
isq'on the premises a thriving young
■H.' _
a wishing to view, the premises will
: subscriber, residing in Frankfqrd
bout one! mile north of Altcr’s mill,
listance from Hetrick’s store.
339. • ... 3m.
teachers (three male and one female)
I-B *4*e wanted to take charge of the schools of.
theMfcchanicsbuvg District, Cumberland epuw’
ty* : ra, Proposals will be receiyedby the Pres
ide!* of the Hoard, from teachers who may wish
a sitaatKm,in which they will state the salary per
Ijnonw, for which they will7teach.recep
tion otprohosals will close on of July
nextfrninediately after which.s selection pi the
teachers will J be made.byj the - h oard,_ : . School a
to comfiehceon ihe^«w^NoVembmoiiowin&-
It ia &pected that satisfactory evidence will
. • Gt£Oß;iE-F..CAIK, SecV. /r "
June.6;,lB3». ' Keg,’ &*^.
h now ppcning.asplenQidizsoriritent of
Spring aiid jgummcr ~
, , ■
M tKesoutk-eqsl,corner of-Market 'Stfuarejviell
/cnown.aaßredin'a Cofn&rdrid recent
ly .accufiicd by Gea. fV. Crabbf
IN PART ! ' : ,
BliJe,-Black',-Blue, BlackjlnyisibleGrecri/Ada
' ,la,de-and Bi;pw»'. ; '"'s,'
.'■dfi&T3rao%/>V ■'
Ribbed, Striped and PIain'.C.ISSIMERES! -d ,
splendid assortment ofUlack,Bluc-blaqk,Green,
Mause, Fawn, Slate, Grd de Napte. Gro de
Swa, Gro de Sain, andeliess Italian' SitKSf -
Florence assorted colors, together with a splen
did assortment of Raigues, Figured Silks.'a va
riety of Prints and Chintzes, new styles l.awns,
Mouslindelaines, Ginghams, Painted,Cross-bar
red, Striped, Jaconctt & Cambric Muslin, a fine
assortment of
' CALico^k 0 ;: ■
a superior assortment pi Veils and Handkgr-'
chiefs, a general assortmentof Summer, figured
and plain Satin ... .1 ’
. VESTINGS,. ;- ;
Summer Cloths, Sattinßs, pluin and striped
Linens, Irish Linens, Velsß Cords, Beaverteehs,
Checks, Cotton Drillings, Pickings, &c.
‘ A general assortment of Leghorn, TiiScari,
and colored Nun Bonnets, Palmleaf and Leg
horn Hats. 1
A.general assortment of Gauze, Mantua, Lava
and'Satin Ribbons, a splendid assortment of
Hosiery and- Cloves:
.&ROdBRIBBj- : - : - ;
liio, Porto llico, Java and Sumatra-Coflees, Su
gar, Sugarhouse and Orleans Molasses, Young..
Hyson; Imperial and Black Teas, and Soap.
His present stock of Goodshave been selected ■
with much care,, and will be sold at such.prrces"
as will not fail to Rive-satisfaction to those wish
ing to purchase.—He is very thankful -for past
favors, and hopes by strict attention to business,
and a disposition to please to merit and receive
a liberal share of public patronage.
Carlisle, April 18i 1839,
JUST received and now opening ar'
of the subscribers, corner’of Handvtraml
Louther streets, Carlisle, a general assortment of
Spring Chintzes, Calicoes, Ginghams, Lawns,
Mualmdclaines, Challies, Veils, Bonnets,, Rib- ,
bons,.Cadet.Cloths, fmeSati-
nets. Also,,a'first rate assortment of Domes
tics, brown and bleached Muslins, Tick
ings, Table Cloths, with a great variety of stuffs
foe Gentlemens Summer wear, such as Summer
Cloth, French Velvet; Drilllngs.and plain T,in---~-
ens kinds, Vclvet‘Coi‘ds, llcavertecns and -
Nankeens—Stocks, Cravats, Breasts and Col
lars, Gloves and VESTINGS. Also agootl asj
sortmentof . ..
Queemivarc ami Groceries,
all of which will be sold low and on accomn'o.
dating terms. The public are respectfully in
vited to call anti examine before making their
purchases, and they will lie sure to get bargains.
Carlisle, April 18,1839.
. - • NEW
ooa c h m a sjLrm
riTIHE subscriber having just arrived from th\ •
H east with some of the best .workmen M
cuulil be procured, is now ; prepared •,to=fiiiish\ s
work in the most fashionable style and of the \ ,■'!
best materials. ’He will manufacture any.thing y /
in that line of business, such as* , * . :: ..
of every description^.. He has nowrin his
probably one of the best Spring Hakcps'and ' : ,
Coach Smith’s that is . now in the state. • ' His
charges shall be moderate and hisavork wiir.’aU; ;
be warranted. ’ ,
Repairing done in theneatest manner and with
despatch; ■ ■’ V-; i, ,
■ The subscriber humbly solicits the’patrcnnge ”
of the public, for which he'wi/f tender' his'.mosfc -
sincere thanks.. : "S.f ' .
Car/is/e, \pri/ }8,i839. _t6.'o..
fjnHE subscriber hereby the public--’-
X that he has commenced the above mentioned ■ ..
businessman nil its various branches, at thp.old
stand, recently occupied by l''ridtey& I.y ne, cn ■ •
Louther street, a few 'doors east of /Lcpnhrd's
store, whtrehe will at all times be rcady toac-;
commodate his friends and customers-at'the’
shortest notice and on the most accommodating
terms.- ■ -r- ;V. . ' •
• The highest fincesslllbegitienfar cldcoMi'ri -
ficmler and lead, ■ ’ vrL
Carlisle, Jfiril 25, 1839: • ’ ■ -
V -
H tnown tavern stand"' jwMariMfc,' .
in llic east- end of, - JBSSf£fsS& ■fiSyj -
Street, Carlisle," t,vs"
Commodore Perdh. , '2J
Ty kept bv William
Strohm, ? > ie shall be MfflTOrJEig'lW: J®
-happy avail times to ac-,
comm*®® 46 Waggoners,'
Travellers and others, withal! thingsneedful,t£>,' _:
VlrfSr comfort’and convenience. 1 ■•,
H's Marshall he const an tly : Euppliod.with tu_C:
choicest of Liquors, and liiv7'oA/e.vt ithAie -
the markets will afifOrd. - atteijt>
| hostler will alway s be at handlo
who play need his st^yices-In^ 1
shall be wanting torehder
ali who.may V
ift’- i
. v- -v.-w'-V--!-•U' 1 .'?;"