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V-il-OHN J. MYERS has this day taken SAM
UEL W. HAVEKSTICK into full and
equal partnership in his Drug, Book ana Sta
tionary Score , They will do business under the
firm of John J. Myers & Co.
Carlisle, March 18, 1839. 3t
Public Sale.
Will be sold at the stable of the subscribers,
corner of North Hanover and Louther streets,
Carlisle, on Saturday the 23d of March,'
Bones. 4 broad wheeled road Wagons.
with aiyhe fixtures complete, 24 sets Horse
Gears,' nearly new. Wagoners’ Beds, wagon
Saddles, Halters, See. Also, one Sussex Cow,
and one. Canadian family Poney.
■ Sale'vrill commence at 10 o’clock, when due
attendance and a reasonable credit will be given
March 91.1839. __
Estate of Jacob Fried, deceased.
•WTOTICE is hereby given that letters of Ad
ministration on the estate of Jacob. Fried,
late of Allen township, Cumberland county, de
ceased, have been issued by the Register of said
county to the subscriber who resides in the'said
township. Allpersons having claims ordemands
against the estate of-the said decedent are re
quested to make known the same without delay,
and those indebted to, make payment to .
JOHN MATEER, Administrator.
March 21, 1839. 6t*
Estate of John Blessings sen. deceased*
*■* ETTERS of Administration on the estate
B i of John Blessing, sen. late of East Penns
bmough township* Cumberland county, decease
ed, having been issued to the subscriber residing
In said township* This is therefore to notify all
persons in any way indebted to said estate, to
make payment immediately, and. those having
claims will present them properly authenticated
for settlement without any delay.
DAVID HUME, Administrator.
March 21, 1832. 6t
Estate of John Mahon, deceased .
AliL persons indebted to the estate of John
Mahon, late of Newton township, deceas
ed, are respectfully requested to call with the
subscriber and settle their respective accounts;
and all those who have claims and demands a*
gainst the estate will present them legally au
thenticated for settlement.
.. _ Executrix of said deceased ;
Southampton township, March 21, 1839. 6t
Estate of Joseph Walter, deceased.
is hereby given to all persons in-
JV debted to the Estate of Joseph Waiter, late
/Sot Silver Spring township Cumberland County,
tjec’d., to make soon as passible to
the subscribers residing in said township, and
those having claims against said deceased will
present them properly authenticated for settle
ment. '
March 21, 1839. 6t»
WHEREAS. Jacob Slyder of the borough
of Mechanicsburgi did in January last,
execute to the subscriber a deed of assignment
of all' his effects, including books and accounts
for the benefit of his creditors. Notice is here
by given to all those indebted, to the said Jacob
Slyder, in any manner, to call on the suhscriber
and make payment, and those having claims
will present them properly authenticated.
JOHN RUPP, Assignee,
March 21, 1838. 4t
WILL practice in the several Courts of
Cumberland, Perry and Juniata. Office
Ifi South Hanover street, Carlisle, lately occu
pied by Judge Hepburn.
- March 21,1839. , tf :
Volunteers of the Ist Brigade, 11th
[vision, F.St
Your country having experienced two wars
•with Great Britain for the malntainance of her
-rights,_the necessity-may shortly arise to enter
into a third. Your commanding General earn
estly'recommends to the Volunteer lUgithents
and Battalions, Independent-Companies and such
as are attached to. Militia Regiments, to recruit
their proper strength and volunteer their servi
ces to the .President of the U. States for the term
of one year—and should your services be requir
-ed and accepted; -wounds and a glorious death
shall be your greatest honor. ' As the sons and
grandsons of your revolutionary sires and of the
'late war, 1 trust you are ever ready to defend
with your lives the soil which was watered by
the blood of your forefathers. The haughty
Britons are wide awake, whilst we are compara
tively asleep. ’ Let our motto be—‘‘God and
our country—Let Tyrants Beware.?’ ;
Head Quarteri, Clarkt Perry Pa.
Edwaud Akmor, Brig. Maj.
Brig. Major’s Office, ?
Carlisle, March 31,1839.5
r nHE subscribers respectfully inform the citi-
I sensof Carlisle and its vicinity, that they
have purchased t been tire stock of John Thomp
son, and intend to Carry on the
in all its various, branches, at the Old : stand in
If est High et., next dtfat. fO’the Poet Office,
where they are prepared to manufacture to or-
Vier all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, of the
best materials and in a workman-like manner.
They will regularly receive and strictly fol
io w op the latest city fashions.
They hope by strict attention to business to
merit and receive a liberal share of public pa,
tr ' >D ‘‘ ge ’ : , MILLER & MALOV.
Carlisle, March U, 1839, ‘ > tf
lib* op oAUsaa
For tried at Jtpril Term , 1839, First Week,
commencing the Bth Jlpril.
Duncan, adm’r fee, vs Moore’s adm’rs
Moore et al v» Weakly et al
Clark vs Wise
Church, Burv’g, tec. vs Cart
Harlin, etal x»» Moore, et al
Clippiueer vs Moore ■'
Same T - vs Patton
Churcn, surv’g, fee. vs McCluhc
Lamb/ vs Duplap
Kutz ( vs Corntnan
List of Causes for trial at 2 d week of Jlpril
Term, commencing 15 th Ftprxl.
M. ,Ege cx’rs vs McClure adm’x
Himes vs Keller
Bank vs Ege et al
Cook and Wife vs Scroggs ex’rs
Woodbum vs Noble
Meixell vs Diljer
Bullock ,vs Martin et al
Pierce vs Waples
C. V. Rail Road Vs Meily
Same ' vs Kevin
Dobbs cx’rs vs Eby surv’g, fee,
Thompson vs Davis
C • V. Rail Road vs Moore
Same xuHolcomb
Dysert v«|Dysert
Lee < vs Anderson
Hursh . vs Smith..
h' vc adm’r vs Eby, surv’g, See
Rcdettadm*r vs Moored
McCune vs Mahon
Edenbaugh - vs Atherton
Leeper vs Herron etal
Martin . vs Wilson
Crotzer vs Casey
Slough vs Moore et al
Goodhcart vs Huston adm’r
Phillips for use vs Same '
Melxell \ ‘ vs Dtller
Welsh vs Moore
Moore ] vs Johns
rIgORMS his friends and the public, that he
has resumed the duties of his profession, and
will give his undivided attention to the practice
of its several branches. -.
His office is in the stone house adjoining his
drugstore and one door from the Post Office.
- Carlisle, Feb. 28, 1839. Sm
To the Heirs and Legal Representatives of
JOSEPH SHROM, late of tht borough
of Carlisle, deceased.
fIIAKE NOTICE that I will hold an In
quisition on a writ .of Partition and
Valuation on tire premises late of JOSEPH
SHROM, sen. deceased, on Wednesday the,
27th'day of March 1859, tit ten o’clock, "A.
M. where all interested may attend.
JOHN MYERS, Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Office, )
Carlisle; Feb. 21, 1839. y 5t
To Bridge Builders.
' The Commissioners of Cumberland Coun
ty, will receive Proposals at the house of
JolifrCornman innkeeper, in the BOrough of
Carlisle, on Friday the 12th of April next,
between 9 o’clock in the forenoon and 2 o’-
clock in the afternoon, for the erection of a
good and substantial Wooden Bridge, across
the Conodoguinet Creek at the place where
the state road from Landisbnrg to Carlisle,
by way of Waggoner’s Gap crosses said
creek, in the township of North Middleton,
of the following dimensions, to wit: To
contain in length from one abutment to the
other 190 feet, & 16 feet wide in the clear,
the abutments to be about ten feet thick each
or more if required in a splaying direction,
with a regular slope, and to be eleven feet
high from the bottom of the creek, from
whence a wooden arch is to be started and
to extend across said creek from one abut
ment to the other if practicable; if not, there
shall be two spans of 95 feet long, each sup
ported on good and substantial stone abut
ments & piers, thefloor to bedouble floored'
with two inch plank, the Upper floor oak'and
the lower pine; and gable ends to
be sufficiently high to admit, covered and
Hay wagohs topaasthrough the Bame, say
twelve and a half feet in the clear, to be
closely weatherboarded and painted red, the
whole to be well roofed with goodwhite pine
shingles; the whole of the wood work to be
well secured with iron bolts, ready eyes Sic.
Front the back of the abutment the filling
(shall consist of earth and stone, and .to be
well supported with vying walls .three feet
high above ;the filling on each side, and to
extend in that manner oh the two extreme
sides of the bridge until'the filling and wall
ing shall meet the road with an ascent and
descent not exceeding five degrees elevation
frorq the road to said bridge; the wood work
to be built of sound and substantial timber;,
the stone work of large good stone, lime and
sand mortar well pointed. The party'con
tracting to give such security as the Com
missioners may require foi- the faithful per
formance'of the workmanship and perma
nency of said bridge.
Proposals to be accompanied with a plan.
Should none of the proposals meet the ap
probation of the Commissioners they will on
the same day, between 2 & 5 o’clock in the
afternoon, expose the said bridge to public
sale, and sell the same to the lowest and
best bidder.
JOHN CORNMAN, J nonerg -
Attest—Joan IftWlN, Clerk. v
March f, 18S9. , ' ,
The creditors of Samuel ttcdett, deceased,
late of Shippensburg, will take notice that
the subscnlmr has iKen appointed an Audi
tor by the Orphans’ Court of Cumberland
county, to settle and adjust the rates and
proportions of the assets in the hands of Da
vid Kenotver, Administrator de bonis non,
of said deceased, to and amongst said, cred
itors—-and that he will be at his office in the
borough of .Carliale for said purpose on Mon
day the 22d of April.
Carlisle. March r, l 839^'"^
% can a fun it* v*
hereby notified that unless a final settlement
of their duplicates is made on or before the
Bth day' of April next, measures will then
be taken to compel payment.
By order Of the Commissioners,
Treasurer of'Cumberland county.
Treasurer’s .Office; ?
7, 1839. 5
N. B.—Tavern' Licenses granted at the
last court are now ready for delivery.
Mary Black, Alias Subpoena sur
By her brother and J Divorce, in the Court
next friend, Thos. fof Common Fleas of
Fraily, f Cumberland co., No.
vs. 117. of January Term,
John Black. JIBS 9.
Return having been made by thc Sheriff
in this case, that the defendant John Black
was not to be found in his bailiwick; now to
wit, 16th January, 1839, the said Court or
dered and decreed that publication should
be made by me requiring the said defendant
to be and appear in the Court aforesaid, at
Carlisle on Monday the Bth day of April
next, to answer to the complaint of the said
Mary Black, &c. ( -
Whereupon.l do hereby give notice and
require the said John Black to be and appear
at Carlisle as aforesaid, on the day aforesaid,
to answer the complaint of the said Mary
Black, aforesaid, &c.
JOHN MYERS, Sheriff.
Sheriff’s Office, ?
Carlisle,- March 7, 1839.5 5t
Dissolution of Partnership.
The co-partnership heretoforc e existing in
the iron business, under the firm of Henry
(G. Mosser & Co. was dissolved on the 19th
day of'January last, by mutual consent. All
persons indebted, as well as those having
claims,'will call on Henry G. Mosser, in
whose hands the books and accounts ace left,
and who is authorized to make payments.
"Liberty Forge, near Lisbitm, 'Cum. co.
March 7, 1839. 3t
N. B.—The business is continued at the
the same place, by H. G. Mosser and Jacob
Weaver. ' „ ' '
Remaining in the Post Office at Carlisle,
, Pa. March Is/, 1839. Enquirers will
please say advertised.
A Lamart Easter
Abrahams Elias Ladd Wm
Alter Jacob Lechler Mary
Anderson Thomas Esq UK .
Abrahams Sarah Monroe Margaret
Aurand Maria L Millar Samuel
Myers George
Baker William Morrison Mary
Botcher Joseph Mallinger Levi
Bitzer Samuel Messersmlth Phillip
Barnhart John Miller William H 3
Biosier. Henry Martain Richard
Beltzhoover George or J Moore John (of Wm)
Andrew Gross 3 My era Nancy
Bosserman E 2 Mucfelie Susan
Brown Julian Mitchell Wm
Brown William Mounts Adam
Bell Sarah Matson Peter
Baker Jacob Main Catharine
Beelman Jacob , 3Utd
Beetem James McGough James
Bailey Susan Mclntirc Elizabeth M
O McGinly Edward
Carothers Armstrong McCormick George
Crall Wm or Samuel Mf
Carothers John N Numan Hehry
Cairns Hariet P |
Graver Mary Parker Rev'Joseph |
Cairns Barnet Patten Joseph W
Caloeu Frederick Pool David
Crothers John Park Isaa A
Cormony John- Phillips A H
1} - Porter Robert D
Davidson John W R
Daron Danl 1 Royer Thiana
Dunning Ephraim T Ream John 3
S Rowen Charles -
Eckhoft Jacob Rowney William
"Ernest George Rictor Mary
Ebersole Benjamin Rhoads Rev John
Ensmin'ger Samuel Rugh Peter
Everly Henery S •
- •’p Shaffer John
Pulton Jane Stcrrett David
Fields Elizabeth Steel Mary .
Frieze Michael Stevens George T
Fields Sarah - Sheaffer David
O’ Seitk Joseph,
Guyer Casper B Spottswood Harriet
Gray John . Stewart Elizabeth
Goodyear Abraham 2 Stehman Jacob
Goold Christian Seller John
Gorrell Ann Sellers Johann
Graham Isaac . Stinacker Jacob
a tr
Horr Andrew Uhfler Elizabeth
Hershe Jacob Ulrich Nicholas
Hoffer Daniel Uhler Sarah ,
Holbert Joseph Underwood Mr (Editor)
Hogendobler Joseph ' > ■ V
Hunter Thomas H Venasdlen Isaac
Hawley Andrew
Harder John Wincoop H
S' • Windemaker Jacob
Johnston John H, Weibley J c
Jackson Mary Ann Walker Eliza
B’ .Woodjyorth Francis M
Kenyon Sami M Wortzhaugher William
Kelley Robert .. Wernz Charles
Kern George Williamson H
Kuntz William Weaver Jacob 2 ■
Keller William ' Williamson Col James
Knisley Fredk Weitsbach John
Kdffman Charlott Wert David
Xi. Williams Josiah
Light Henry or Mr ? Wolf Daniel
Breniser J Weaver James
Lechlar Henry . 21
Leonhart Daniel Zeigler Samuel
Eitale of Robert Me Olttugfdin, deceased.
giVentliat lettera testamentary on
P the will and'testament of Robert McGlaugh
lln, late of the borough of Newville, deceased,
have been issued to the subscriber by the Reg
ister ot Cumberland oounty—he therefore re
quests those Indebted to said decedent, to Call on
him at his residence In the said borough ofNew
ville, and make settlemant and payment without,
delay—ahd those having claims against said es
tate to present them duly authenticated for set-,
WILLIAM-BARR, Executor,.
"NewviireVFeb. 21, 1839. 7 ; - .
Poop House Statement for the year 1838.
David Emminger, Abraham Waggoner and John Dunlap, Esquires, Directors of the Poor and offthe
House of Employment of Cumberland county, in account with said county, from the
Ist day of January to the 3lst day of December, 1838, inclusiye, viz;
t)R. . CR.
To amount due institution' at settlement in 1837, by ]. Lou- *■ By purchase money ahd for deed for 14 acres and two
don, Esq. Treasurer, 9 17 7ii perches of land, 9 1,20 89
Do. received of Franklin county, for support of paupers, 432 04 Funeral expenses for out-door paupers, ' 44 50
Do. do- of York county for do 175 00 Piaster ana potatoes, 190 87
Do. do of Perry county for do 83 131 Blacksmith work, 50 66
Do., do of Philadelphia city_ for do 35 S 5 Medical attendance for out door paupers, , 26 25
Do. do of Lancaster county for do SO 00 Beef, _ 17 761
Do. do for damage done to sheep, 75 00 Shoemaking and hatting, ' 104 991-
Do. do of A. Ramsey ,and R. Snodgrass, Esqs. for . Support of out door paupers 140 401
' blank, indentures, &c. ... _ 16 571 Printing, 4© 00
of Isaac Angney for support of R. Robinson, 25 00 Tailoring and Weaving, 89 311
of R. Snodgrass, in part, for support of A. Justice and constable ices, ' 166 481
• M’Cartney, 12 00 Groceries, merchandize, drugs, hardware, cloathing,
of Miss Massy for support of E. Handson, 500 bedding and part improvements,'
of A. Blair, D. Shrom.J. Shrom & B. Kutz, Farming utensils, tools and coopering,
far hides and skins, 114 36 Leather,
do of D. Reisinger and others for lard & tallow, 83 771 Sundrys for kitchen and house, expenses in waggon
do of dec’d paupers and pension of M. Mitchell, 42 291 ing & settling with other counties, and postage,
do for Siberian apples and cider press hire, 714 M. Fisnburn, steward and matron salary, hirelings,
do for flaxseed and fish nets, 9 121 butchering, farming, clerking &c. for one year,
do for working on public roads, 19 50 Treasurer’s salary, James Loudon Esq.
do . v for fines, shoemaking and old iron, 14 011 Attorneys fees, _
do for onions and red beets, S 121 Director R. M’CUne Esq., for extra services for ons
do for hauling, &c. 8 28| year,
do from County Treasury, 6000 00 Director D. Emminger Esq., for extra services for
one year,
Director Abraham Waggoner Esq., for extra scrvices
for one year,
Dr. J. Baughman for one year salary.
Firewood and coal,
Grain and grinding,
Munster stove,
Road taxes.
Materials, improvements and post and rail fences.
Do. do,
Do.J do
Slock on Farm Ij< January, 1839.
5 head of horses, 26 head of horned cattle, 5 breeding
sows, 53 shoats, 29 sheep. Farming Utensils.— 2 nar
row wheeled wagons, X wagon bed, 1 pair wood ladders, 2
pair hay ladders, 1 dearborn and harness,!, cart with gears,
3 ploughs, 3 harrows, 1 roller, 7 wheelbarrows, 1 winnow
ing min, 1 scoop, 3 log chains, 6 set of wagon geers, 4
set of plough geers, 2 shovel harrows, 2 flax Drakes, 2 set
carpenter tools, 1 set butchering tools, and a variety of
axes, shovels, spades, grubbing hoes, diming irons, single
trees, double trees, scythes, cradles, forks, rakes, &c.
To balance due county by Treasurer,
JAMES LOUDON, Esq. Treasurer of the Poor House and Hpuse
the said Institution from the-lst day of January
To amount due at last settlement, 17
To amount received from county Treasurer, _ 6000 00
Amount received of M. Fishburn steward from differ
, entsources as exhibited in the foregoing statement, 1190 '62
To balance due Institution,
Schedule showing proceeds of farm in 1838. ' , , . t ,
. 725 bushels of wheat, 135- otcorn, 735 of oats 105 of potatoes. 24 of bfnShy seed, 14 of 6' of 120
of beets Bof narsnins 125 of winter apples, 36 of onions, 2of seed onions, 2of peas, 184 of dryed app‘es> 14 o» dryea peaches,
gallons of appfo butter, 52 loads of hay, P lO of cornfodder, 525 heads of cabbage, 550 cucumber pickets, 19 barrels of good and water
cider, i of an acre of flax.
Beef, pork, mutton and veal, fattened and killed on farm in 1858*
24 weight 11773 lbs. 46 hogs, v/eight 6413 lbs. 23 sheep, weight 1043 lbs. 16 calves, weight 843 lbs. whole anwnl weight
There was also ntade and manufactured in the Hbtise and Shop
267 yards of tow & flax linen, 511 yartfd of bagging, 90 yards of flanhe.l 31$ yards ofruggs, 198 shirts and chemise, 75 calico frocks,
67 pair of summer pantaloons, 102 pair of knitted stockings, 65 pair of footed stockings, 9 petticoats, 65 sheets 56 aprons, 18 chaft
bags, 45 caps, 13.1 feather pillow slips and bolsters, 3190 dipped and moulded candles, 87 comforts.
The Directors of the Poor, £c. of said County annex the following exhibit of extra tabor, &c. performed by the Steward, Matron <fnd
. Paupers, from the Ist day of January, to the 3lst day of December 1838, as follows, vtz: - .
Filled up and leveled one acre of a pond 12 inches deep fbr meadow, made a flowerhouse and toolhouse, 2 cabbms m the hospitals for
close stools, 20 coffins, 9 large and 20 small benches 1 panttel door, 7 small windows, made and nailed 44 paimel ot nailing fence,
made 3 small and 1 large gates, made 1 rack to feed sheep, made 1 wheelbarrow wheel, made 1 small library case, made 22 spitting
boxes, madelS pot lids, made 2 rakes, 'glanced the Poor House and Swelling, cut 80 loads of wood, made-700 new rails, mode 10
hickory brdoma, and a variety of other articles made & repaired, made 3 roundabouts, made 40 pair woolen pantaloons, made 29 vesta,
boiled 30 barrels soft soap,'made 143 lbs. hard soap, colored all the wool and yarn. ,
The number of paupers in the Institution Ist January 1838, (of which XT were colored,) ,
Whole number admitted up to the Slat ofJ)ecember_lB3B inclusive, (of which 29 were colored and 9 out door paupers
admitted atshortperiods, sr
Making the whole number through the year, ‘ •
Of which 20 died, 3 children bdurtd put, 192 discharged and runaway,
Leavingthe Humber of paupers in the house Ist January 1839,
Out door paupers supported at public expense through the year,
Whole number supported Ist January 1839,
WE the fiirectots of the Foot and of the House of Employment
of Cumberland county, certify the above and foregoing statement
to contain a just and fame exhibit of the affairs of the Institution,
during tile period above stated according to the best of our know
ledge. Given under our hands this Ist day of January 1839.
( i
”* JiiUailg f , - Runaway from the subscribe? '
SUHOSOK bXJWPHnf. tending in the borough of Me- OomUlon Bohool Appropriation*
jaegnrstftsu m asMsasa*
r* " ”■ dHiffiSSliteiSAa fevi
March 7, 1839. . r3t Hina*ay had on when he left a blue frock Diekmsotn
i—. coat, drab pants and a good black iur hat-—, jjast Pennsborougb,.
.. A is about Iftyears of age. about 5 feet 4 inch- Frankford.
.AUu|tOE S iMotlCe* es high and stoop shouldered. AU persons flupewll.
The undersigned having been appointed are cautionedagaint harboring saidJjoVi—- jfljgjfo" urB * .
Auditor by the Orphans’ Court of Cumber- Any person returning mm to me shall re- Monroe<
land county, to marshal and, distribute, the ceive the above reward, but tto addifional Newton,
assets of the estate: of,Andrew Boden.Esqchanges. . THOMAS H ARRIS. .-, ~.
late of the borough of Carlisle, deceased, in March 7, IfISQ. ’ 3t
the hands of John Lehn, Administrator of ■ ll 1 . . ,Silver Spring ’■
said estate, wilt ideet for that purpose at the CANDLES. • -Shippcnsbuns borough,
public house of Mgjor Jacob Behrar, in said subscribers have on hand a few boxes Shippenshorg township,
borough, on Thursday the 28th of March JL prime Candles, which they will sell low, Southampton,-
instant, when: and yvherc the creditors of' . - HaMiwoN & OSten, - West Pennsbormigb.^
said deceased are required to attend and - March 7i
present their claims, : , ■ ■’ ————: ~ .
JOHN IRWIN, Miltd*. ELOlfft is selling from stores itt Carlisle
March r, iss9. /, , —of atr«6 rs. ~ :
Balance due county Ist Jan. 1839 by Treasurer,
$7208 341
1054 71
of Employment of taid County, in account with the Directors of
r to the SUt of December 1838, inclusive, viz:
By cash paid on Directors orders as stated above, 6153 68i
'Balance due Institution by Treasurer, 1034 71
7208 34$
1054 71
WE the Auditors of Cumberland CoUhtV do certify, that having
examined the accounts and Vouchers, of the Directors of the Poor ®
and House of Employmenf of said county, from the Ist day of Jan
uary to the Slat of. December, 1838, finds balance
due said county by the Directors of iaid Institution of one hundred .
and 'fifty-four dollars and seventy-one cents; and we also certify
that we find a balance due by Japies Loudon Treasurer of said In
stitution, during said term, to the Directors thereofi amounting to
one thousand and fifty-four dollars and Seventy-one cents, all of
which is particularly set forth in the above stated accounts. Given
under our hands this 96th day of January 18S9.
GEORGE M. GRAHAM, Iduditort.
- --W..
tW order of the Commhwiohera.. ~
1 . JOHN IRWIN, Clerk.
March'7,lB39. ..
1703 86*
109 70i
101 78*
190 68
600 00
40 00
5 00
31 00
28 30
91 00
ltBo 00'
45 45
804 65*
999 59*
48 35
15 00
840 01*
6153 63$
1054 71
7208 S4s
7208 341
!2ft —
1273 &
506 9* •
328 88
593 28
188 39
132 or
80 92
18$ 39
98 40
239 83
- 21)9 Iff" '’
238 89
193 28
. 38 12
25r OS -