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Tuesday morning, Nov. 1, 1870.
The "Globe" has the largest ?Lumber of
readers of any other paper published in the
minty. Advertisers should remember this..
'Ohio sends the same number of
Republican Congressmen to the next
Congress that it has in the present,
and on the State ticket the Republican
majority is more than double what it
vas in 1800_ How about the "mac.
Moe there .
> According to the official figures
of the recent census Huntingdon has
now 31,252 of a population against
28,100 in 1860-. an increase of 3,102.
We have not the full census of each
township, but we think it will not be
withheld from the public much longer.
Huntingdon has now a United
States Senator, a Congressman and a
State Senator. Bully for "ye ancient
borough l"—Juniata Republican.
Thank you. Huntingdon was•left
out in the cold so long, that it is well
enough she now has justice.
It does make us fsel good to read
the Guerrilla Republican. The clan
were much disappointed at the defeat
of Mr. Morrell—we were not, because
we knew there was too much manhood
existing in the Republican party' to
permit Cremor & Co. to be politically
happy after they helped the Demo
crats to crush a good Republican ticket
last year. Their grunting and growl
ing is music to our ears.
STRANGE.—Wo receive news from
the war that a certain General is dead,
but further information fails to cor
roborate the report. The last General
placed in a coffin was General Von
_Moltke, but now it is said he is not
dead but has celebrated hie seventieth
birthday, and received the congratu
lation of King William, Bismarck and
others. We are glad he is alive, but
don't enough privates get killed, and
officers, too, without killing them with
pen and ink ?
Last week a delegation of New
York Democrats went to Washington
to interview the President and protest
against his action in sending troops to
that city to he present at the coming
election. The President told them he
was only anxious to carry out the laws
of Congress, and that would have to
be done if all the troops in the service
had to be sent to New York. No le
gal voter had anything to fear from
the presence of troops.
vs..,ln New York city there is alone
presented in this country the specta•
cle of a personal government as des
potic andleyrannical as that of the late
Emperor Napoleon of France. A few
bold and unscrupulous men there,
through a magnificently organized
political machinery, annually re-elect
themselves to place, disbursing the
moneys and controlling the interests
of a great city at their own will and
>Y' New York will hold a State
election on the Sth of November.—
President Grant has ordered General
Sherman to send a large force of troops
there, who will be at the command of
the United States Marshal. This dis
position is made for the purpose of
preserving the peace, and preventing
fraudulent voting. The only ones that
are frightened are some of the Demo
crats, who have been guilty of "re
peating" at former elections. We
hope now to hear what is the actual
Democratic majority in that city.
STATE FINANCES.—The last report of
the Sinking Fund Commissioners of
this State shows that during Septem
ber $109,050 00 of the bonds of the
State were redeemed and paid, and
that since the 30th of November last,
the whole amount redeemed by the
State is $1,576,151 68. Since Novem
ber 30, 1864, a Republican administra
tion has paid the handsome sum of
$8,141,214 67. The State debt Nev.
30, 1864, was 839,379,603 94, and Nov.
30, 1870, it will be $31,238,389 97.
cratic township of East Vincent,Chest
ter County, elected William Johnson,
a colored man, constaplo at the late
election. The Village "Record" says :
"We must confess that we had hardly
oexpected to record the election of the
first colored man in Chester county,
under the workings of the Fifteenth
Amendment, in a township that rolls
lap a Democratic majority of forty-six
on a total vote of two hundred and
rsix. The Democrats voted for John
son out of spite, but they probably
never made a better choice."
'CONGRESS. —The .return judges of
the several counties comprising this
•congressional district, met at folll
•daysburg, on the 18th ult., and after
presenting the official returns from
each county declared the following as
the result, and gave to Mr. Speer the
certificate in such case provided for :
Blair, 2855
Huntingdon, 2961
jta.. The Chinese have destroyed
the Catholic buildinge, at Peking, and
61111 their government does nothing.
meeting was recently held by the Uni•
on League of Philadelphia to consider
the proposition of calling a convention
to levieo the Constitution of the State.
Hun. Chas. Gibbons offered the follow
ing resolutions, the preamble to which
sets forth that as alhpower is inherent
in the people, and they have at all
times an indefeasible right to alter or
reform their government as they may
think proper;
And whereas, The history of the leg
islation of Pennsylvania is strongly
marked by the corruptive power of
corporations, seeking special Nvors by
the tompiations of bribery; the fran
chises of the State are bartered for mo
ney, and our Legislative halls have of
ten been converted into market places
where important public offices have
been sold te''the highest i?l',ltiers by
fkithlcss and venal. public servants;
vested right have been threatened
and assailed for the solo purpose of ex
torting ransom from their lawful pro
prietors, and public acts, which concern
the common welfare, are passed or re
jected without intelligent considera
tion, and thus the safety and happiness
of the people are frequently imperiled
by dishonest and incompetent repre
And whereas, There appears to be no
other remedy for these monstrous and
acknciwledged evils than such well-con
sidered amendments of the constitution
of the State as will deliver the Legisla
tive body from the temptations which
constantly assail it, and improve the
character of its members, by securing
the right of minorities in all popular
elections; therefore,
Resolved, In order that the wishes of
the freemen of the Commonwealth
may be duly ascertained in respect to
the calling of such a convention, that
application be made to the Legislature
at its next session, for the passage of a
proper act, submitting the question to
the people for their decision, at an
election to be held for the special pur
pose, on the Ist Tuesday in May next,
or at some other convenient time.
Resolved, That a committee to con
sist of ten persons, five of whom shall
be taken from the body of the League,
and five from the Board of Managers
of the League, be appointed for the
purpose of directing public attention
to the subject of the foregoing prearn
ble and resolutions, with authority to
confer with any other committees that
may be appointed by other organiza
tions or meetings having the same end
in view, and with power to take such
measures in the premises, as to them
may seem meet and expedient.
"J. S. BLAIR, ESQ.— * * With
neatly one-half of the Committee
against him, actively engaged in circula•
ling mixed and spurious tickets, and two
secret organizations working against
him, the wonder is that the county tie
ket was brought safely through the
campaign."— Guerrilla Republican. •
That's cool for Cremer. Committee
men actively engaged in circulating
mixed and spurious tickets! That is
cool. But Mr. Cromer don't tell the
public who printed those tickets and
who placed them in the hands of com
mittee men to circulate It wouldn't
suit Mr. Cremes purposes to tell the
whole truth about those tickets. We
did not intend to make any exposo of
those "mixed and spurious tickets,"
but now that Cremer opened the ques
tion and tries to throw the blame upon
innocent parties, justice demands that
theßepublican party should know that
Cromer printed the tickets and Mr.
Blair distributed them to committee
men to be voted. Woods and Beaver
were to be struck down—crushed.
m,Butcher's moat in Paris had be.
come so precious that no ono person is
allowed to buy more than one quarter
of a pound per day. We suppose this
means a quarter of a pound to each
person of the population ; and even at
this rate the two million of consumers
of Paris will oat up from six to seven
hundred cattle per day; and Paris has
no grass and forage for her cattle, so
that they must be nearly used up:—
What then ? Paris in peace is not a
great seaside depot in which provis
ions of all lauds are accumulated for
exportation, but is an inland city
which lives from day to day on its
supplies from the interior. With this
siege, therefore, Paris, with all that
could be done for them, was poorly
provided for the subsistence beyond
a month or two of its two millions of
consumers. Before many days, there
fore, wo may look for peace, or des-
perate sortie by Trochu for the a deliv
erance of the city.
riZr . Since Bedford has fair prospect
of a railroad, it bothers its people Ns ho
shall get its patronage-41)e Penns} 1.
vania Central or the Baltimore & Ohio.
We see by a Pittsburgh paper that
in the Supremo Court, last week, an
application was made for a prelimina
ry injunction to restrain the Directors
of the Bedford and Bridgeport railroad
company from executing a lease of the
road to the Pittsburgh and Connods
ville railroad company. The com
plainants are Wood, P,lorrell & Co., of
the Calabria Iron Woiks, who allege
that:they have subscribed $150,000 of
the stock of the Bedford anal Bridge
port railroad. The injunction was
granted, to continue five days, when
further action will be taken. The main
point in the ease is whether, under the
general act of 1801, a Board of Direc
tors can lease a road without, first hav
ing their act ratified by a general
meeting of the Stockholders.
4. - Z" The sad fate of the Cambria,
which we publish elsewhere, is anoth
er illustration of the perils of the sen.
A ship load of passengers, about one
hundred and fifty in number, besides
the crew, perished in the waters, and
only one escaped to narrate the mel
ancholy disaster.
Summary of War News,
The groat news of the week, and ono
of tho most important events of the
war, is ti; capitulation of Marshal Ba
ztinc, and his entire army, at Metz,
which occurred on Thursday last. Tho
Prussians took ono hundred and fifty
thousand prisoners, twenty thousand
of whom are sick and wounded. Tho
surrender of Metz is announced by
King William to the Queen as follows:
BERLIN, Oct. 27.—The King tele
egraphs to the Queen to-day:
"This morning Bazainc and Metz
capitulated. Ono hundred and fifty
thousand prisoners, including twenty
thousand sick and wounded, army and
garrison, laid down their arms this af
ternoon. One of the most important
Vents of Proyjdence be
thanked. r - Mt:4Am"
The qr effective French army now
left is insido of the fortifications of
Paris, and that is so completely sur
rounded and cut off from supplies, that
it too must soon capitulate.
The Prussians announce that the
fire will be opened on Paris to•day—
October 29th. Paris is said to be giv_
died with ruins. The country without
the walls for miles around is desolate.
There have been a few skirmishes
dating the past week, but no great
battle, and the only important result,
that of the surrender of Metz as above
Proclamation front the Governo?
In continuance of an honored State
and National custom, and in devout
acknowledgment of human dependence
upon Almighty favor, I do hereby ap
point Thursday, the twenty-fourth day
of November next, as a day of gener
al Thanksgiving and praise, being the
same day, and for the same ends and
uses, set forth by his excellency, the
President of the United States, in 'his
proclamation of the 21st instant.
Pennsylvania, unsurpassed in bless
ings, should not be surpassed by any
in acknowledging her gratitude to
God. Lot us, then, as citizens of the
Commonwealth, abstain, as far as pos
sible, from our usual avocations on
that day, and assemble in our respec
tive places of worship, and let us there
and in the festivities of'our assembled
families at our cherished homes, re
joice in the goodness of God, and ren
der thanks to Him for His lovingkiud•
ness and His abundant mercy toward
us. Let our thanksgiving and our
praise find expression in dedicating
the day to deeds of benevolence and
charity, and in ministering to and al
leviating the wants of the poor, the
needy and the suffering, bo that all
may "rejoice and be exceeding glad."
"To do good and distribute, forget not;
for with such sacrifices God is well
Let us ir.voke divine favor upon out
beloved State and Nation, and pray
that all who arc called to administer
their governments maybe actuated by
the ",spirit of wisdom and uuderstand
ing, the spirit of counsel and might
the spit it of knowledge and the fear o
the Lot d."
Given under my hand and the great
seal of the State, at Harrisburg, this
twenty-eighth day of October, in
the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and seventy, and o
the Commonwealth the ninety-fifth.
By the Governor :
Seo'y. of tho Commonwealth
By the President of the United States
A Proclamation
Whereas, It behooves a people sen
sible of their dependence on the Al
mighty, publicly and collectively to
acknowledge their gratitude for his
favors and mercies, and humbly be
seech for their continuance; and
Whereas, The people of the United
States, during the year now about to
end, have special cause to be thankful
Ice the general prosperity, abundant
harvests, exemption from pestilence,
foreign war and civic strife; now,
therefore, be it known, that I, Ulysses
S. Grant, President of the United
States, concurring in any similar re
commendation from chief magistrates
of States, do hereby recommend to all
citizens to meet, in their respective
places of worship on Thursday, the
24th day November next, there to
give thanks fin• the bounty of God
during the year about to close, and to
supplicate for its continuance boreal_
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington, this
21st day of October, in the year of
our Lord, ono thousand eight hun
dred and seventy, and of the inde
pendence of the United States the
By the President,
IhmtraeN Fisti, Secretary of State
rz-- Thu People's Literary Compan
ion, for November, comes to us as
bright :ld as fresh looking as the
green fields after a gentle rain. It is
published by E. C. Allen & Co., Augus
ta, Maine. Terms, 75 cents per year.
A fine Steel Engraving, entitled "From
Shore to Shore," is presented to every
new subscriber. It is really one of
the most pleasing engravings ever be
fore the public. The Companion is
printed on fine, heavy paper; its col
umns are filled with good things by
talented authors, and withal it is one
of the largest and most illustrated
family papers published.
ne„,, The Third Annual Convention
of the Young Men's Christian Associa
tions of the State of Pennsylvania, will
convene at Scranton, on Tuesday, Nov.
Bth, 1870. A most hearty Christian
we'come is assured to all who come.
air We do not care so much for
Constitutional Reform as we do for re.
form in the constitution of bad men
who will get into our Legislature in
spite of all creation.
L John Quincy Adams is the De
moeratie candidate for Governor o
Narrative of the Shipwreck as told by
The Surviving Passenger.
LONDON, Oct. 22.—Late on Wednes
day evening word reached London
derry, Ireir.nd, that the steamship
Cambria, Captain Cli.rnaghan, of the
Anchor Line, which tuft New York on
the Stb instant, for Glasgow, had been
wrecked off the coast of Donegal. The
information was brought to that city
by the only survivor, John McGart
land, a steerage passenger by the ill
fated vessel. !rho intelligence was at
first disbelieved, notwithstanding the
vessel was overdue; but it has since
been confirmed by a multitude of tele
grams to the agents, the press, and the
friends of the passengers.
The telegraph lines throughout Ire
land have been sadly disarranged by
the recent storms, and the following
dispatch summarizing McGartland's
narrative, has just gotten through
from Londonderry. The voyage from
New York was generally fortunate,
notwithstanding unpleasant weather
prevailed most of the time until the
night of Wednesday, October 19, be
tween ten ai.d eleven o'clock. The
Cambria was then under sail, and
steaming rapidly. Suddenly, when
all was apparently going well, She
struck on Mistraline - Island, a small
rocky island ten miles west of Done
gal and thirty west of Londonderry.
The vessel instantly began to fill tbro'
large holes stove in her bottom, and
fires were soon extinguished. It be
came evident that the steamer was
opelessly lost, and efforts were there
ore directed to save the lives of the
passengers, who were massed upon
deck. Pour boats, crowded with pas
sengers, were launched, and put off
from the sinking steamer. McGart
land entered one of these, and he saw
no more of the ship or other boats.—
Tho weather was very heavy, and he
thinks there is no doubt that. all tho
boats were swamped, and that he is
the only survivor. Almost instantly
upon getting into the boat it capsized,
and he lost consciousness. Upon re
covering he found himself in the sea,
but grasping the gunwale of the boat,
which had righted, ho succeeded in
getting into the boat a second time,
and found therein the dead body of a
lady diessed in black silk. AicGart
land was tossed about many hours,
when he was picked up by the Enter
prise, Capt. Gillespie, who cruised
about the scene of the disaster for a
long time, in hopes of saving life and
McGartland says that almost the
very time of the disaster tho passen
gdrs and crew, were congratulating
themselves on the tempest 110118 voyage
being nearly finished, and rejoicing in
he tact, Unit in one short hour morn
,would land at Movile. There
were certainly one hundred and eighty
souls on board, and perhaps more.
0:D 4atcooenr, LEB T O.
o & P. COAT S 9
(DIV 7..Z .47 .Z .
Thread put up in' the Amin icon market
which is
From No. 8 to No. 100 inclusive.
I , :v 1.
Hanford. Conn. Cash assets $1,4U0,000
Grants Life nod Endow meat pf:liciesol all op
proved foi MI. Ample smutty, low I atm—
Also insures against accidonts raising death
. or total dr-ability. Policies %ninon by the
' year or month: Iles paid $7OO per day tor:six
)ears in benefits to policy holders.
Uct. IS.
The lending Agrienitui al Monthly of the United
: can laming 24 quern, pages; is recommended to
Farmers every where us n thin aughly telialtia awl Well
iliush rated Agt icultui al and Ilot t iCui ut al Journal. It
is largely made op of origiunl matter, mud devoted to
Stock Raising, Grain Orrin mg. the dairy, oichsrd, vow
table and 31,okut Gardening, (hazing, item lug and fat
tening animate, n Veteitnavy department, prior
$l6O per annum, in advance. Suniple copies supplied on
applieatium Liberal terms to agents and cauvasserg,
wuh show bdis furnished on npplicatiou to PASCIIMA.
YIORRIS, editor and proprietor, IS Not tit Thirteenth et.
now Co be obtaiutd for fits donuts Plantations,
tattoo, Pdht seats and town lute, at the Great Premium
Land Onto, Nilsen, S. U. :tile -isinatoga of the
hems horn New Yolk. 'llto 111000 delighttul climate
in the um Id. Free hum the I tgorb of 111111110111 n inters,
exempt front throat diseases. Vine)ardi mid orchards
in hill beating. For demo iplive pamphlet, ant dtesa,with
hm, J. C. DEll131", Auguste, CM.
‘, , e y Young men wanted as local Mill travelling
ale.mten. Ilddres.q, with stamp, R. 11. IVALKER, J 4
Palk Row, New Yolk.
I_lo Pri7e9 cashed and information furnished by
114.11A1L l moudenna, It. L
Tins IS %NO
sending 3 cent 4, nitlt ago, tght, color of
e 3 es and hour you oil! reoetvo by return until, 11. correct
foot., of ynu Intl., lm-L,ll or unite, v. lth 001110 rtud
Jute of mat ingo. FOX, P. O. Mower, No.
148 Fulton, file, Nem York.
1101111113 LE-
I Bulb:led mitt) Catarrh flinty years and•uas
out t a In FiX a eels Wit t•nnple restudy, and as Plena the
ipt, postage paid, to :kit tt he areallltcted. C. 1. 311.1.3 D,
limner, tits, ::,yraeum,, Net' Yotk.
DUNI] :Mont, Private Conversation n ith mar
lied ladies by Ono Of their nlintl, . Boat frOo tar too
ettunns .Ithht,s 311 e. IL MI.T:U2II, Canova') Pa.
A Clerg% m.n bile residing in Swills America
114 11 Missionat y, di4eo‘ered a sale and simple venielly for
the Cure of :Ne:Toun, km I y Decay. Dlivaties of
the Ut nail and Eewimd orgies, and the n hole tlain of
dist:ldyls brought on by baneful and vicious Lnbits. Ut eat
numbers hese been clued by tine noble t emedy. Pre:op
ted b, n cleollo to benefit the afflicted 511 1/11101 tuurte,
will tend this n cope lo: Pi era: ing and u-ing this mudi-
Cilia, in ft bealeti VllVelOpe,to 111* 011 , whe IliTllB it free
Of di :lye. :I(l,lre,a Y INMAN, ..T.lntion D.
Bible House, Nen Yolk City.
By virtue ofa writ of Fior, Fici.ta to me iii polo,
Sill expo^.o to public I. , ,tht 00 SATURDAY, ItiOVEll
BER 19th 1670, nt tho COURT,IILiThtE, Ituutiugkku;
ono o'clock, p. m.
• •
All that certain tract or parcel of
land sltuato in Juniata township, bounded ox follows:
Ninth by lands of William McCall, OM t. by lon to of Geo.
llao n and Isiothius. n est b 3 hinds of Wm. Cleisslnger,
booth by lands of Duni Weight, coati] ring Slam es, 20
peaches. more or Ipso, Well thnbeicd xa ith bw It and other
valualdo timber. Seized, taken execution, and to bo
sold as the property of Dane] A. Weight
D. it.r. Sheriff.
- [Estate of Joseph Rutter, dee'iL]
Letters 01 ailnitnisti Mimi, main the estate of Joseph
Rutter, late of Shirley township, Ilinitingilon County
deceased, 11:1{ tog been wonted to the imiletoignell, all per
WI. Indebted to the estate will make him" Mato pay
orient, and [limo hat tug chinas 5.111 ptesrnt them for set
the neat.
Nov 1,1670.. Gt
All Cavalry Line 0111C011 who wore in the eervtco
224119611 ml Job Vith MU ate entitled to
allowance fin 11 4 f3 and IN: of Moses, amounting for the
vibolo ti mo to about $lO6 ; for a less time, totL plopor
t foliate amount. fikehm gen mast accompany claims.
licks of those entitled' lad rho were kilt,,l ur died in
the service, and tiro ems of pay having been collected,
are only soaked to giro a pun er of Attorney.
P.irsons having daring 01 this kind, or nay other claims
ngainst the Government can hew arom promptly collected
by applying in pet sou or b) let ter to
Ilamtingdon. Pa.
July 12 1810-tf.
The Lost Cambria.
FRAN iturrnn,
Li Caine to the premises of the undersigned in the
mouth of August lost, a lied and White Heiner, supposed
to he two years old. The owner is t °quested to come
forward, prove property, pay charges and tutu her nutty,
or she will be sold according to law.
Porter township,
October 22,1870.1 SAMUEL
.3 Came to the premises of the subscriber in Jo Orson
township, about the middio of August lost, n Red Heifer
Oboist tOo yearsold. The no our is requested come
forward, NOVA property, pay charges, and tube her away
other Ise rho P ill be disposed of according to law.
rt.rt, Oct 181t*
RUN TIN GD 0 _IV CO T T Y, i.72
of the day- the Lest commissions gir on, insuring a In•
outlive return for intelligent and energetic effort.
For terms and circillard address
Oat S B. TAYLOR, Huntingdon, Pa.
On the corner, opposite the Exchange lintel,
The undersigned lin; pm chased the above mentioned
Drug Store, which was all bought new lost May. The
selection of Drugs, Medicines, Ay., ore warranted to bo
of the Lest hind, bought from reliable Druggists. Also,
A \Taiiety of Fancy Articles,
Perfumery, Patent Medicines
l'ollet :Maps, Brushes, Dye Stuffs,
Paints of every description.
Will Le conducted by Or. James R. Patton, NOn basso,-
ed a t egular npprentice-bip in a first cltws Ding Store in
Pitsab urgh, cud studied medicine, also, but will nothave
anything to do %MI the practice of medicine. Prescrip
tions alit be carefully compounded, and every attention
Oct 254570.
A Patent Self fleeter has been attached to the colebra
obowo machines will oink° either the chain or
Lock Stitch,(stitch aliko on both surfaco3). Call and
cc th em wowk. For further Information suite to or co
Leintor's Building , up stalls
Ar YO-If.
Professor Sillman, of
"The expel ience of the London Hos
pital shows that this Aerated Bread is
digestible without inconvenience to
stomachs which wholly t eluse fermen
ted bread. Whiter, sweeter, lighter,
more digestible bread, and more from
a given quantity of flour, is made by
this process than by fermentation ;
while entire cleanliness and the ab
sence of any deleterious substances are
secured at the same time."
Oct IS, 1870-tf.
Farms, Town Lots, ITOIIRCH, and all kinds of HEAL
ESTATE, bought or sold. Bonds, Mortgages and Deeds
accurately prepared. Money loans negotiated on Real
Estate security.
Lot No. 11, West Huntingdon vacant. First oliolo
lot west of Fulton Street on Southern side of Mifflin st.,
Good lot and splendid location. Price $77.0.
Too story frame house' largo stable, good well and
uholo of lot No. 224 Good location. Piles reasonable
Large Frame Dwelling on Wushington street, West
II u»tingdon, west of Fulton, ton rooms; good water
Price, ; :ssooo ‘ .
Frame Dwelling on Washington street east of Chest
nut. Price,42LOO.
Three lots of gat and in Wilsoutown.
A good liineatone feriae In West township, soven lulled
flout It It. Station. 230 not es
For any information in regard to conditions, adver
tising, Ac., apply, in peron, or by lettor, to
Office„opposite the Court House.
;July 1° 7-inane.
1 K 511 4 .1 IrdtgArd
-4 um,
, 4
it in the most popular machine in tho world. Over
4;100 sold et ery month I It inakes a beautiful Lock
mild], alike on both olden. Will seam. quilt. hem, fell,
tuck, cord. bind and brai i. IVorks eandly w ell ripen
sill, linen, woolen and cotton gouda %tall silk, cotton
or linen thread.
is agent for Tluntingdon county Call at la, Cat pc
Store and bee tim nun Aline, oct It '7O,
[Estate of nankin. Land, deed.]
Letter% of ailimnisttatlon upon the estate of Franklin
d, tato of Dolan, township, tieeemeil, having been
grunted to the mule; .igned, ail persons Mated to the
estate a ill make imoo•diate payment, and those lowing
claims will preNerit them for settlement.
Slouto Cep, Sept. 20.6 t
[E , date of 111.117117 STEEL, late of this boro dec'd ]
utterl teldamentely on the 00tate of IIIdIPY STEEL
to, of the borough of Ilmaingendlecea=tl-luning been
granted to the undelsigned, oil persons indebted too re
quested to melm im)thent and those hosing claims to
preec et them duly enthentkated for netticnont.
JAIIES ti S'l'llltClH,
Huntingdon, Oct 2
The Cr.mmonn earth of Penm3lvanm to NEVIN
HEW, lato of Hunt nigtion county, Greeting:
Wherein, Louisa C. Herd, by her lather, nod next
Irk ud, Fredei ick ochneider, dot on the 11th day ofAto 11,
A.D. 1670, pi der her petition to the Midge, of the Com t
of Common Pleas of the nod county 01 Iluntingdon piny.
ing that lemons, then rim set forth she might ho dam ced
from the bonds of matt 'MODS entered into with you the
said Nolo Reid, no thereloro command 3 Olt, al before
commanded, that settnig .t4rio all other hurine, anti eX•
CUSPS whatsorn er. 3 OU he and appear toy our proper per•
roll INtore:ollr Judges at Huhtingdon at our county court
of Common pleas, there to he held for the said county on
the second Monday of Nor 1:,70, next, to answer the
petition or libel of rho said Emig C. DM, and to thou
cause, if any you 11:1,r, by the sled LOIllYa C. Reid, your
stile, should not ho drool ced from tho hood, of tint•
Dimity clamed into u it h you ogreeably to tho Act ot lha
General Assembly of this Common, cal th in such cases
made:And plovided, and hereof WI not
Mote. the Hon. (leo. T.r3 lot, Drelident of our
Court, the 13111 of Auguet,lB.O.
Hunting,lon, Oct, 13, IS7O
, v4cr Loy CLOTHING ['Gnu me in Huntingdon 4
IoLCSALIi as cheap as they can in the
as 1 !ar c a stem iv Philadelphia.
precept to me ditectorl, dated at Huntingdon, the
27L11 day of August, A. D. 1870, under tiro hands and seal
of the Hon. Georg° Taylor, President of the Court of
Common Pleas, Oyer and Terminer, and general jail doll,
cry of the 94th Judicial Diet ict of Pennylvartra, comm.
sod of Huntingdon. Blair and Cando in counties; and the
Hons. Anthony J. Deaver and Dm, id (ill k,Oll, Den associ
ates, Judges of the courtly of Huntingdon, justices as
signed, appointed to hoar, try rani determine all and Booty
it ition:mils made or taken for ur conk:tarring all ohms,
thick by the lan s of the State are made capitol, or felon
les or death, and oilier offences, et hues and misdemeanors,
which have been or shall hereafter ho committed or pet pc
tinted, for criers AfOleSaill—l no, commanded to make
public proclamation throughout my whole bail], ick, that
a Court of 03 or rind Terminer, of CO1111110;1 }'lens and
Qum icr So,ons, ,ill he held at the Court House in the
borough of 1111111ingdon, on the second ,Monday (and 14th
day) of November, Isle, and those who still prosecute the
laid prisomns, he then and them to pro,cir to them as it
shall be just. and that ell Justices of the Peace, Coroner
and Corrhtablon within Turd coma), be (JIM 1111 a there in
their proper persons. at 10 o'clock, 11. at. of said day, n ith
the:' tecords, inhDti,i lions, examinations and remembran
ces, to do those things which to [holt ollico3 respectilely
appet tarn.
the 10th Octol,r, in Ito year of
Dated at Hun angdolL
our Lot d ono tin,m.arrq eight hundred Milt smentY,
and the I: :7 th year of A:not ie.' , n Idependenec.
NLELY, ,Shertff.
a precept to mu directed by the Judges of the Com
mon Pleas of the county of Huntingdon. homing test tke
29th day of Almost, A. D ;1870, I eta commanded to make
public Proclamation throughout my n bolo bailiwick, that
a Court of COIIIIIIOII Picas mill be hold at tho Court !louse
in the borough of Iluntingdon, on the 3rd Jlonday (and
21st day) of NOVE3llltilt, IS7O. for the trial of all is
sues to said Court which remain ondetermined before
- .
the said Judges, when and IA here all Di ors, wituesses,and
suitors, in the trials of all issues are required.
Dated nt Huntingdon, the 18th October, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundre d and seventy,
sod the 95th year of American Independence.
1). It. NEELY, Serif.
by virtue of a writ of Foul Fn. directed to me, I
suit expose to public sale, at the court house, in Hunt
ingdon, en Friday, November 11, 1870. at ono olclock, p.
in., the following described real estate, to slit :
No. 1. Being a lot of ground in Lin
coln township. Huntingdon county, bounded by lands of
David Lynn, Eli P. lit umbatigh, John Eittlorman, W
llan Stapleton and others, containing six acres, mom or
less, liming erected thereon a la: go thice.story frame
building, a.,ed as a hotel, and liming a store room, a
small frame one story house, a mare bons°, stable and
oilier buildings. Tile Huntingdon Sl' Broad Top Railroad
runs through this lot. This la known as the' Hon° lum
Station Property."
No. 2. Being a tract of land in said
township. bonneted by lands of Nichol. and Renjannn
Lynn, Cotharino Househobler,othei lands oldie said Win.
S. Entrildn, end 1.3 the main brnnvh of On Raystown
Branch of the Juniata River. (the island in said liver is
included in the above tract.) The said tract lies elected
thereon a large two-story Wick. dwelling house, us itli out
buildings ; a large tsuestoly stone duelling house, a
stone barn, flame stable am! other outbuildings, also,
apple orchard. (C. KIION,II es the Mansion propel ty, and
contains 291.1 sties mote or lees.
No. 3. Being a tract of land'in said
township. hounded by lands of the heirs of Lau is Keith,
by other land, of the said Win. S. Entrikim and by the
tteystown Branch of the Juniata Hirer, having erected
thereon It log house and barn, containing till acres, more
or less.
No. 4. Being a tract of land in said
township, bounded by lands of Lewis Keith's heirs, of
lands belonging to Rough and Ready Furnace, by Nicho
las Lynn and others, containing 115 acres more or less.
No. 5. Boing a tract of land in said
township, bounded by lands of T 110111,19 Keith, Robert
Mara Powell and otllol4, containing 17 acres more or less.
Hoeing a log troupe erected thereon.
No. O. Being a tract of land in Car
ben tow nship, bounded on the north and west by lands
formerly on IRA by .le , se Cook, deed. on the east and
south by lands formerly owned by John Farrel, contain
ing tuomnd-a-balf rwrol, more or less.
No. 7. Being a tract of wood land
In Tod township, said county, bounded by lands of Fred
erick Crum, A mandusllavid, ttenjamin Baker. Juo. Baker
mid others, containing 300 acres mote or less.
No. 8. Being a tract of wood and
ore land in the Salllo townOdp, brooded by lands of
Nicholas Crum, Conrad Snare's heirs, .1. t.impson Africa
and Whets, Containing 105 acres more or less.
No. 9. Being a tract of wood land
in same township, bounded by lands of Jacob Hess and
others. coot:thong 50 acres, more or less. Seised, taken
in execution and to be sold as the property of William S.
Butt ikut.
Huntingdon, Pi
D. li. P. NEELY, Ellerin".
Iluotingilon. Oct. 25, IS7O.
SHERIFFS SALES.—By virtue of
.by xrits of Fieri Fa and Vendi Ex dil noted
ttyne, I 0111001,000 to public gall or outcry, at thu Court
House, to the boro.ot Iluntingdun, on MONDAY. the 14rit
ot lei% at 2 o'clock, P. M., the following
described property to wit:
A certain lot or tract of land situate
n the borough of Mapleton, ..bounded not th CO feet on
piing sleet. eatt ICO net t), , tot ofJonie., Snyder, ne.t.
40 f, et on Church street, booth LI feet en Urant street.
laying Wetted thereon n taro , ltOry plank dwelling 11011 mo
renting Grant:urea, 25 feet, extending back to Church
eut 24 lout ,nHO. a frame stable, etc. Seized, taken in
•xecution and to beeuhl the pro'. ty of.l.un, It Me-
Also—All that certain tract or par
cel of land, situate in C.u•bon tow•nsh:p, bounded 11,, fol
lows: Beginning at a hack,. y un the west side of Siding
bill, ne lino Cl Leas A: MuYitty's, on the John Evans star
toy, thence nuatir 0, it-green west lir% perches to a white
oak, thence by br u in) of Ephraim Tingling north 93 de
grees west 230 perches to it atolls bite, thence south 9 de
g, ees west 191 perches to a Mane heap, thence by land
surveyed in the name of James Johnston south 67 de
grees east 133 perches to n post, thence south 19 degrees
west 100 perches to rod Irak grub, thence south 60 degrees
east 10 perches to a stone heap; thence south 74 degrees
31 7 10th perches to 0 stone heap, thence north 24 degrees
cast SI 0-liatit perches to a chestnut oak, thence south
773: degrees east S 0-10th perches to a chestnut, thence
north 133,4 degrees eas 103 4.1011: perches to place of be
ginning.; contaitrang 228 noes. and 48 porches, being
parts 01 tour II 'lets serer) erl on thlterert war rents, 5101
WIII 1 wing, John karats, Thomas (Ilse:, and Alat:lrew
Ath ineon, the most part being in the Wm. Ewing survey
or betrant dal: d Sept. lot, 178 i, the title to it Well by
C011,03 . 11111:04 I/IMMO VC9tOd 111 David 111010, Fart, Ilun
tingat ar and \ lary 11., his tole , ho by deed rtatrd 31011.
2d, 1857, come) tel the same to Lphaarrn Tingling party
breathe, recorded in Record nook b, No. 2, page 453.
Seized, taken in execution, and to he sold ns the prop
el ry of 1111 son Bet gets es er aa•i tioorge Dunlap.
Also—A tract or parcel of land sit
uate in Ibidewell township, adjoining la . .ds of John S.
Miller, on the son, h and oast, and on the northeceit and
west by linystown Itnatch. con hti Sing 200 netts, mole
or less, thet eon oreete.l. it log house, barn and other out
buildings. Seized. when iu 1,112011[1011, and to be sold as
the pm Sporty of Adam Speck.
Also—All that certain tract or par
cel of land situate in Union township, bounded nor lb by
lands at Ephraim '1 pomp-on nod If. Col bin east by
Joshua Johns, west by Robert Jacobs, son th by !tuber t
rinks, and others, containing about 140 runes, more or
lees, laming thereon erected a two-story frame house,
frame bar a, saw Min, and at 6, r outbuildings. Seized,
taken in es, cation, and to be sold as the property of Ito•
mer Nett°.
AlEo—All that certain lot or parcel
of ground situate in the Lamont, of Mapleton, bounded
as tritons: Fronting 50 on ma, het anted, extending
Lock to eland. sheet, on the eaqt 150 feet to on alley. on
the south and on thu west by lands of Dr. Oettys, haring
thereon erected a two storied frame house with basement,
stable, and other outbuildings.
Seized, taken in execution, and to ha sold as the prop
erty of Samuel Dell and Archibald Dell.
Also—_lll that certain tract of land
bituato in ilopeuell too nship described and bounded as
follow,: Beginning at n ,hllO oak on the bank of the
Daystown /inch al Juniata liver, south 41 degrees west
112 ',etches to led oak, st e..t. 82 1.1.10 patches to a stone
heap, south l) degre. s west 247 perches to a dog Wood,
send] SU degrees next. lOU vetches to a white oak. south
3 degices went 21 pet ches to a maple on bank •aid
Choler, don n said river by the several course and dis
tant,oe thet eof 6 9 ..10 perches to place of beginning. eon
taming 303 :me.; and al lowduces, about. GO la.t es of a Licit
are cleat ed, having thereon 4 log house and log barn, Se.
Seized, taken in. execution, and to ho sold 00 the property
0111, etgOC
NOTICE to Pacutscns.—ltialtleri at Sherifro Sales twill
take notice that Immediately up'. the property being
knocked down, lifty per cent. 01 all bids under $lOO. and
[nool3-file per cent. a all bids over that bum, must be
paid to the Mao in, or the motto ty will be net tip again
and told to other bidders hho h ill comply N, Ith the abut e
If court continues too weeks deed achnowledged ou
Wednesday 01 second wok . . One week'x court, in operty
knocked down on Monday and deed acknonledged on the
folio, tog caturday
01110 E,
11121. Farmers having Broom Corn can ge
it manufactured on shares by calling on us
The SHOP is located
c. M. McN
ointlw kiln I. Taylor, Mar klesliorg, prov
on by cipinical dualyrdi to bo of qual:t3. con
stonily kept and for silo in any quantity, at the d,pot u
thu Huntingdon and Eload p Railroad.
TV - Apply to Homy Leibter, Proprietor of tho "Ilioad
Top IluuJo." une-indf
I). 11. r. Sheriff.
Manufacturers of
~c l ll~~lS~o
(I tale of OF.OIIGE Quultlty. doe'd )
In porsuanne of an order of the Orphans' Court of Tfun
tingdon county. the underme ' ned Trustees appointed to
sell the real estate of fleorgeQuerry, do'cti., will sell at
Public sale., on the premises,
nt one o'cicck, p. m.,
The tolloAleg, described
~LAN- D ,
:innate in Cromwell township, in Bard tenuity, irdjiirning
lands lig Tilos B. Orbison, David Irvin, and the heirs of
Benjamin Doers, deed., containing,
22i %CBES,
or thereabouts, being mostlY Auginvick creek bottom, or
which about 150 acres are cleared; the residue in timber
and haring thereon •
now frame hank Darn, with wagon shed and ?ern crib
and other 111111,114 s t also, an applo m chard. This farm
Is two nudes south west of Orbisonin nud has an excel
lent meadow thereon, and good water.-
One-third of the purchase money to be paid on the con.
firmatlon of the sale: one-thltd in one year thereafter,
and the other third es the death of Elizabeth Qu'erry,
uldow of a yid deceased, the interest to he paid to her
yearly dm tog her and to bo secured by Judgment
bond 00th mortgage.
.701 IN M. QUERRY,
Situated on the Itnystown Brunch. of theJuniatn
at the mouth of 311111C8 Creek, one n half miles from Mar
klembutg Station on the Iluntingdon end Brood Tor
ltaillood, Huntingdon county, la.
1701i5e,43.A0 feet one story stone;
and two of Frame,
Vet y strong and, ,permanently built, Four pairs of mill
stones, too oater %heals 14 feet high, over shot, in good
A Two-Story Brick Rouse,
For miller; with stable, garden. &e,
Fara, contains 3.:0 ACItE.S, HO acres in cultintlon,
50 in meadow, haring thereon, a large
two stories high, bank barn, wash house, and other out
buildingu. Alan, two tehant }MOS.. /Old Blackmail
bhup. For fin titer par timbers, imp], of
J .1 C 01 2 1,11. ISETT,
James Creek P. 0.
Au ° 23 t f
The undersigned offers for sale a
Located In Barren township, Duntingdon county, hear
Goss'll,ltind containing :00 acres of good farming
land, well watered, and in a good state of cultivation.
The improvements consist of a good
Weather boarded, A. LOG BARN, Wagon shed.
Cm a Crib, blacksmith shop excellent spring house and
oth, r onibtaildings. there is an orchard of choice op•
plo trees ea the premises.
For terms and other information regarding the prop•
erty, apply to tho tindeisigued on the premises.
Cornpropet Mips, P4O
July 26, 1879-21 n 3m,
Buy Lots flora first Lands at
Purcimaere desiring to build can bare very liberal
terms as to payments. Now is tiro time to invest. Ap.
ply to
tko , tiilteriber ele,ires to disposo. with part of Malaria
situate along the Big nnghn ilk Creek, In Crum 01l twp.
I inutingqou county. tori ono nillo west from Orbisonia.
Thiq laud i. of I% gout n mlity of bottem.lamil, well sup-.
plied e itii never lotting swings and sufficient amount of
good limber, convenient to mills. stores, markets, Post
offices sod Om reliefs. it ill sell to cult purchaser., both
in amount of land [from one acre ups aids] and in terms
There is a save mill on said premises iu ample order, to
saw all kinds of building lumber. Title, good. Coins and
Bev! Now i. the limo to scone youiselees pleasant
homes. Apply to the enamel' her on the promises or ad
drui. JOIE, tr ill fit, EFELT,
Aug '2l tf. Otbisoni.‘ P. 0. Mutt. co. Pa.
1870 u
Is constantly receiving at his new
Itenotifol Pattern. of ^ OII , OIR. fresh from • the rooms of
the moo ofacturem. this chuck comprises
®IL 40 IA C> wi'' 3E-1 S; ,
WINDOW.SIIADES and Fixtures, Bruggeis. Velvet
Rugs. Door Mats, Extra Carpot Thread nod Binding.
./re.t make a specialty of furnishing CHURCHES end
LODI; Ex. at City Prices, and invite gut nishing Commit.
toes to call nod set, goods made expressly for their put,
dryers will save money and ho better suited by 'going
to the regular Carper and Od Cloth Store for any of th
above genii. I defy competition in prices add ravel) ,
of beautiful patterns.
t AR PhTS 25 cents per YARD aud UPWARDS.
I have also the Agortcy for the Original
so well l:nonu ns Ow best Fendlylllnchine in tbo world
Can at the CARPET STOREand see them.
Huntingdon, Oct. 4, '7O
06 - llujust returned from the east with 04*
IVbich Lo (rms to di° Inspection of his customers and
the public gexmitilly. Ito will sell his stock ut the most
and those who purchase once will surely call again
and REPAIRING hone in tho neatest and most expect'
tious manner.
Call noon Mr. Schaeffer at his shop on Dill street, 4
few dowel went of the Diamond. op. 14 , HO
1 4 1
op lu n f o o l o r,lh t i h s e jd ulic ua tli n at t k e o
„„44 has lnat
A Fine Assortment of all kinds of
For Ladies, Gentiorneu and Children.
All of . hick a. , sill sell at fair prime. Quick sales and
smell preps. ('all and examine my stock.
Hinmeicturing and Itepairittg stone to order as usual.
Huntingdon, Ap. 14, IS6U.
Boot and-Shoe Emporium,
Ilespectfully informs the citizens of Huntingdon and
vicinity that ho Imsjust received from the city a Haw and
splendid stock of
Hosiery, Shoe Findings, Carpet Sack
Trunks, &c., &c., &c., cte.
ail of a Lich he is prepared to eoll at greatly reduced prime
Don't forget the now Mend in the Diamond. Old castor
met s and thu public generally are Welk:4 to
Iluntingdou, v.?, 1869.
M. LEWIS, Dealer in Books, Sta
y Monery and Music. "Yulytuinents, corner of the