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    -Zte 6Lobt.
Wednesday morning, De0.•22,1869
%V 1. LEWIS,
, .
• !'llte . "Mabe" htio' the liirgese number of
red ilers- of any other paper published in the
cony y. Advertisers should remember this.
cpuUt of the holidays and iu -uccor
dance with the usual, custom , of ,
publishers, no met:
sued from this office ac ; t, Tuck., '„;,,
Editorial Brevities.
U.:ThiiMbrrnon incubdi is tc;r§ceive
`. ulte,ntion frOtik Congie,ss:
t.ll . 43,bettpr. •
' -=The tetnpernneoipdrty in New
llampehiee hal','d a call fora State
ryeu t ri
-•=Revonuo matters on tbo' Pacific
coast ''are said to bo • in "a deplorable
~state of domorabzatlon 7
: • .'.'
,- Ev-Secretary Stanton,• it is rut-
mored; is to be tendeied a place upon
the U. S. Supreme Bench made vacant
. .,I?:y,Ju . dge Grier.
• The Senate Poster Committee
Iftwor d the apportionment of c postage
, s e i tauppcameng members of Congress
as a substitute for the franking privi7,
` . :"''-;,(4',Oiernoi ?eery, hue recalled tlie
:death 'warrant which fixed tlie 22d
'instant : as:the day -for the execution of
oDr: Raul !Schceppe at Carlisle. The
GoCerner'ilid . " ,
-7.o.(ietiebtnent of the Fifth Cava.
ry has been very successful In destroy
ing a nu naberof illicit• distilleries near
. .Toilesville and Cumberland Gap, in
,TirWin l ia, although they met with re.
The amount of now fractional
'Currency in the *vaults 'of the United
States Treasury at this date is $1,812,.
000; amount outstanding, 613,943,913 ;
amount of - Milted States notes, series
1869; of all denominations 'outstanding
at tbia date, $7,90,000. .
.•, —lllinois is still the State for di
foren bases. 'NO man 'or s Woniali'lj)-
pliesfor a . divorce whe is net' forthwith
and everything yelati ye.. to
the marriage relation existing between
the owl() becomes a' matter 'of 'iiublie
---r There was 'another ekciloment on
-the 17th, at the. gold room in Wall
:street, NoW York. ' The room- was
:cro«ded kith an e?...eitpd'and surging
eiewd; and the figures on the gold
indicator's dial- moved rapidly up and
down. At one time the price touched
1201, the lowest point reached since
September 26, 1802, when gold sold
at 120 f. The " bulls" lost heavily,
when Secretary Boutwell accepted
the bids,•and they were disgusted '
Siir Great speculation is indulged
in with regard to our coming Repre'-
sentatives in 'the Legislature. Will
they. be pure; will' they be honest ;
will they he brave are the questions
asked. "Why is it that there ever was
occasion for such questions ? It seems
no legislator is elected by the people
withoiit his character is 'afterwards
open to general remark, and ruiner is
busy'Witli her slande . rs, libels and 'in
eidietis suspicions. How truly canlitbe
said, there is no honor in being elected
to the rLegishittire when yinir every
acti'on:is watched by your constituents
to' see whetl3er you are an honest man.
9Ur Legislattire, it appears, has be.
come , the crucible to try men's souls,
and how many, alas, come oat of it
corrupted and unrefined. We would
that, it were otherwise; and it will be
otherwise, when less bribery is al
lowed to sneak its way into the
halls,' and when constituents cease
to suspect. before the guilt is, commit
-4cl, The people, it is, expected, will
vote for honest men; but how often is
it the case that the "honest! member,
is accused of corruption before ho
opens his mouth, or even casts a. vote
—and yet ho may be honest. While
such a state of things exists honest
men will refuse to go to the Legisla
ture to have their motives impugned,
and political tricksters will have the
Le" The United States Treasury
now holds 875,178,800 in Government
securities, for which $89,282,272 13
were paid. The accrued interest on
these bonds will amount at'the end of
the year to 84,528,728. The Trersurer's
books show the amount of coupons
paid during the month of November
to be 812,304,205 50.
CONORESS.---A number of bills were
introduced in both Houses last week:
The Senate has had in consideration a
bill to perfect the reconstruction of
the State of Georgia, and much talk
ensued thereon. Both Houses have
agreed to adjourn fiont the 22d inst.
to the sth of January.
A red-cedar hitching-post, set in Ply
mouth, Conn., in 1770,iisf'still servicea
ble, and apparently will be good for
twenty years more.
An escaped captive states that twen
ty white children are held as prisoners
tneeg the ()buena° Indians.
Minnesota fartnersare feeding wheat
to their hogs, and California farmers
13artlett pan to their cows.
"Drown 0,11;1111e skating," is already
beginning to be a stereotyped phrase
in the Northern and Eastern journals.
_ -
tional Bank Note Company aro engra
ving from photographs, for the Post
Office Department, a comp He set of
designs for a new series Olpostage
stamps. Th e,,photogr_aphs*ro, takol3_
by Brady, frOrn rthe . - erigieial statues:
and busts of distinguished 4morleans,,
Franklin,„Taok4eii,"' Washington, - 36,
ferson, bi?ty, Webster, Gen. 'Scott,
Commodore Perry and others. On
the_ one cent stamp is - the -head of
Frallklip, on the twp,cent stamp- the
head of Jack4on, on the three cent
- stamp the head of Washington, on the
siX'eentoa,mp the head of Lincoln, op
~the -twelve- cent stamp the- head. of
c.3lsy,,and so on up to the dollar stamp.
The stamps are. engraved and have
been' approved",by - the P.O. pepart
'tneot and by't;ho President apci:G'4i--
net. They:nre larger than the; present,
stamps, are
. more appropriate•-and
elegant in all respects than , any that
have been heretofore used: - They' will
be issued `in .Tannari, and • take' the
place.ofthe,prosent stamps. .;
, ,tie 'The Brookville Jeffersonian, which
has been edited, for about six; ;months
by our genial friend, G. Nelson'Smith,
'under the' editorial
Chilrg r e of •J. P. George, Esq. The re
retiring editor concludes a valedictory
address to his readers in the following
'complimentary style :
' Of late years I have been studying
how to make a fortune ' in an ' honest
Way, but could never hit upOn a mottl
ed of 'doitig . eo until' now. Now I
kno'w hew. , I recollect that some
Scars ago the'seientific men of Friine
were Speculating and experimenting
on an:instance of a young man being
brought to life after being frozen up
for several years on the Alps.' The
blood of a; living man was infused' into
the frozen youth, and he moVedand
spoke. The experiment 'was after
wards tried upon a bare frozen for
that purpose, and with perfect suc
, .
Herb thee is' my' . only
chance to make ti fortune. If I can
'geraway from Brookville, peace
and "safety ; and have one dollar
will put it out "lit interest, ,have,my
self packed in ice, and remain frozen
with suspended fe until the .interest
amounts to a fortune. will: then re
t:arn to' administer to, the poor de-
Seendarits;Of the present'rich men of
Oar National Cemeteries,
Acljt,!:Gen.ldrenio"Thontail has fin
jailed the report of 'his inspection of all
the' cemeteries' that contain the re
maindof•Union soldiers who fell during
the Rebellion.,"
. The report coveys 400
pages, and contains much interesting
and valuable •information. act
of Congress,. passed in 1868; Gen.
Thomas was ordered to this duty, and
concluded hie labors hut a few weeks
since. During that time ho has, visited
eve'' , State and Territory in the coun•
try where there was a public or "pri•
vote cemetery in which a Union sol
dier Was buried. Re has full lists of
the number buried in each and every
place ' known and unknown, white or
black, officers; soldiers, or citizen em
ployees of the government He gives
in detail the , names, companies, regi
ments, divisiops, corps; and general
command, in which the deceased was
enrolled at the time of his death, and
where that information could not be
procured; as much data as he could ob
tain in reference thereto.
The total number of white officers
and soldiers, knoWn and unknown,
buried, is nearly 50,000; the number of
colored soldiers nearly 50,000, two
thirds of whom are not known by
panted. '
Gen. Thomas states that the expense
attending the burial or re-interment of
these bodies, and.the laying ,out and
improving thO National Cemeteries,
has reached $4,000,000, and he esti•
mates that it will cost $2,000,000 more
to complete the work and' keep the
National Cemeteries (35 in number)
in good order. At all these National
Cemeteries there is a keeper and assist
tout, and the expense attending the
care of each cemetery will range from
$1,500 to $2,000 per annum for salti
ries alone, while the other expenses
will reach ' $50,000 per annum. lie
makes statements to Congress and
gives data why various appropriations
should bo made at once. If the come
at Mound City, Illinois,' is not re
paired and the levee 'strengthened
there is danger of a general washing
out of the bodies buried there. The
iron or stone inclosures for the Nation-
al Cemeteries, as ordered
,by Congress
cannot be erected on account of the
failure of an appropriation ' for the
, same. The report will be delivered tb
Congress at an eatly day.
mond Whig says Mr. and Mrs. James
Hayes were two of the oldest, most
estimable and best known people •in
Mecklenburg, Val Thousands who
traveled Cox's road partook of their
genuine "old Virginia" hospitality.—
Before the war they were prosperous.
Thursday,•the 28th ult , they were
sold out under the bankrupt act. •The
old gentleman made an unavailing at
tempt to retain the dear ..old home
stead. None could tell from the
cheerful look they both wore hew
keenly the pang, of giving it : up was
felt.. ,But in.less thap a vveek, name
fy Wednesday, November 3d, these
two people, born the same year, and
that eighty-six years ago, wore gath
ered, on the same day, to an eternal
mansion above.
* DS. The latest intelligence received
from Dr. David Livingstone, the emi
nent African explorer, states that he
has discovered a'tribo of nogroes liv
ing altogether in underground dWel
lings. Some of these subterranean
excavations are said to tie thirty miles
long, and have little brooks of• pure
water running through them, on the
banks of which the natives live. The
people are very dark and well formed.
Their expressed history or legends aro
painted upon wings of birds in hyoro
At a meeting of the soldiers of the
war of 1812 held in Newport, It. 1., re.
eon tly, 22 veterans were pri3sso t whose
united ages amounted to 1675 years, an
average of about 77 years each.
The finest, most pleasing. and costly engrav
ing ever published in America, to be presen
ted as.,,a premm
iu to each subscriber to
"llembledt'siVrogli,jy," elqugazine of prac
tical uCilttl , y in'thiclioAhohi;:e mirror of the
fashioffi, Lind aAliterti:ry. mineetvator of sur
passing ii4ereatiiilil,qrtistie .efoellence, nc
'knowlellged. the Model Piiilor Magazine
of America, i 7 i ! • '
The sugrarlag, inches, is from th&
oviginal,paipting, 4titiqedi-"The Pie-Nit on
the 4th
• OfJuly.' •
The 'paintin'g took a whole year, and is
considered the finest of the entire list of nu
merous popular productions. M.
Spencer. The engraving was the labor of
font' yeliFs . , by three eminent artists—John
Rogers, John Halpin, and Samuel liollyer;
the last named havingleen induced to come
frdpfEuropp-to e*fressly)fel, fidish
The engraveis. !hive iecondhd the
successful labors-of-the.painter,...,None -but
artists can fully l ap"preciate the skill and la
bor lavishedon this 'clip:Ash:4.i LTho gener
al effect is very tine and impressive, and the
delicate finish to "the headswill bear the
,mirmta ißsppetion.!. Miamian ;s1 -, line
- Watt - 840'0th azesitted with Cuiuluitir ability,
and their skillful combination has greatly
nttribute'd to the success of,theengravefs
. in
this unsurpassed proof of - their , ertistiotil' ge
nius. • 1 •
kThe work mrthe engraving alone cost over
seven thousand,dollars, besides the cost of
the copyright, and,is.apknowlcdged by com
petenOwliges' the' Most elaborately finished
*large work d'art ever engraved in America.
• Fine copies'of this magnificent Picture, ou
heavyplate paper, worth $lO each, arc to be
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!•lleinorest's Monthly- Magazine." ; , • Yearly
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Thisis certainly the largist, most liberal
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subscribers by any publisher, and affords an
,ensy, and economical way for any one to, se
,cure an elegant work of art, a, Pprlor Picture
thatis on)) , next to a piano in the, way. of or
namentation, and perpetual reminder" of, a
day which ought to be 'cherished 'and hold in
remembrance brevery true American.'
• The reception of this magnificent picture
will take every one by surprise, and we do
not venture anything in saying that $lO will
not proptire another that combines so • much
of interest and beauty. ,
' Specimens of the 'Magazine, with circulars
giving full particulars, will be sent to any
given address; post free, on' receipt of 15 els.
Address, "Demorest's Monthly," 838 Broad
way,,N. Y. • •
advice to the Maiden ; Wife and Moth
er," is the title oft Book by Dr. G. U.
Ilapheys, ofPhiladelphia, just pub
lished by GeorgeiMaoloan, 719•Sansom
St,, Philadelphia. It. treats onAhe by
of female and married life, as
may be soon from tho following ex
tracts from the table of contents:
"The distinction of the sexes.: " Persons of
both sexes and-of no sex. The age of nubil
ity. Love. Love is eternal. • Of divorce,—
Of courtship. How to choose a husband.—
Shall cousins marry ? The wedding night.
The dignity and propriety of the sexual in
stinct'. Advice to wives who desire to have
children: :!The•limitation of offspring._ • The
signs Of fruitful conjunction's. -'Ho* td•have
beautifulchildren. Teansmiesio'n of talent—,
of disease, . ?low to have
,boys ; and girls at
will. Birth-marks, and, prevent thcro.
Signs of pregnancy., Confinement. Nursing.
The change of
~ '
• These', • ,
and inany • iandied, subjects
of equal delipacY 'and importance, ar,9
handled with such scientificPrecisiou,
and 'yet
,in such an elevated moral
tone, that 'the book has received the
highes( praise, from such ' distinguished
authorities as Surgeon General Ham
mond, of New York, the Roy. Horace
Bushnell, of Now England, thO'ReV.
(7'eOrge A. Crooke,D. D ;Philadelphia - ,
and many, othet:s. The
. autlior t is
regular - physician, holding - a .responsi•
poSition in the, Jefferson Medical
College, 29fP,biladelphia, and, his style
is throw hoot chaste arid agreeable.
'Rev. Henry Ward Beecher says of
it:' "Every mother should Intro this
book, nor should she Saffcr,d child to
be married ' without 4 tho' knowledge
which it contains."
The work is published by subscrip
tion only, 'but, any one can have a
neatly"-bound copy mailed, post-paid,
by forwarding the . price, 61.50, to the
puhlisher,.to whom all,who wish to
agents, should,lVrite. „ , ,
"A BLAZE or BEAUTY."—The Picto
rial Phrenological Journal for Janua
ry,• 1.870, appears in • bright array. A
new form, .new types,.:numerous rich
illustrations, with sound and ,sensible
rending matter renders this .the best
ever issued.: It contains Hon. S. S.
Fisher, of the U. S,,Patent Office; De
Lesseps; of the Suez Canal ; President
Cespedes, of Cuba ; George Peabody ;
Dr. Tischendorff, the eminent Biblical
Scholar; Portraits of the Kaffir, and
Australian Races; Progress of Science
--:-Steam, Electricity, Scientific Discov
ery, Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine,
Phrenology; Brain Waves— How.
thought and sentiment aro transmit
ted; What can I do Best?---The Faces'
We Meet—What they tell us—An, Af
ternoon at "389;"—The Wasp Waist
—lts 'Physiology,;. Application—lts
culture ; Our. Agricultural Resources—
Productions . during. the past fifty
years;•Natural History—Will a horse
hair become a snake 1 , The Hedge-hog
—lllustrated;.The Sponge—lts Ori
gin, growth and, uses; Joan of .Ara
This favorite Journal has now reached
its 60th vol., and appears in a hand
some magazine form. We ',think it
will prove even more popular than
ever before. Terms, only $3 a year, or
30 cents a number. Now is the time
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WELLS, 289 Broadway, .N. Y. .
'HOURS AT HOME for December has
"The Spiritual Muse;" "Baoltw r tird
Look ;" "Strange 'Wanderers, No. .;•
Birds of Passage;". "Twenty Minutes
under the Knife ;" "Comfort in its Re•
lation to, Physical Culture ;" "Comp•
ton Friars ;" "Bible Animals ;" "The,
Jet:Black Tress ;" "A Now Nationali
ty;" "Our Gospel a Gift to Imagina
tion ;"."Why Love is Blind ;" "Father
Hyacinthe and the Throes 'of, Catho
licism;' "The Childhood of Joseph Ad
dison Alexander;" "Leisure Moments;
"Books and Authors Abroad ,"•"Liter
ature of the Day.". In the January
number of this magazine will bo cant•
menced the publication of a story enti
tled the "Hero," by Georgiana M.
Craik, author of Mildred, Lost and
Won, &c. , New York, ,Oharles, Serib.
nor & Co:, publishers, 654 Broadway.
$3.00 per annum, or.two copies for ,$5.
o t s„Persons in need of School Books
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cards, &c., or miscellaneous Books and
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desired. ' -
A TrrimoN.—An officer of Captain
Rowan's flag shill thilir•describesjt r ip-2
Phoon: . "Every few minutes - driK
Ong rain -;aijuall would .stEike,,,,,tind.
-th,p,paSsAiPidly away. .When every
m fai ti1e,.6.0
of - disjailt - thundi3e; find,. p.,:n0 ! ,J64:-, , c rp-„,
- tbe''same" time' tbo-;.barttro. 0t.0,1'.441g.,1
steadily. At eiglit — ci'clOck-jt.lnifg,iost
morning it was blowjag , Gulf eC gale,
from the sotitheast„tind - Ltll3 . sky was
thick. By noon'it was *blowing a
fi.7403 'gala and. in a few_moments.atter.
We were, struck
.by a squall, the like
of-Wh'ioli•liiiidi;iieier seen before.—
From 12.30 to 2 p. m. the wind in
oreassdi untii a „pan', copld not:stand
doWll.l)OAftlailih 14r e. ;I,tiWas a se ,
gr.4rldlrtigti,t„ times the
rise twenty or,t bitty, 10.e,t,_glien the
wind fvl , Oilid cut iiiileanctiff at:-the base
_take the .whole body of water off
to the lee . dard." 'Oitr . Shifi'ibdn'it out
safely, but seine 'of our neiAlibers' dame
to grief ~..This:•typlmea one of
unspnal;severity, ancl,pstcpded over
space of fll .
undred • Consid
erahle damage was, done to . the' sh p
ping at, Sea, , and"one = ship,'Americanh
the Naples; was driven' ashore' and
dismasted in the' .harbor''
~.I. 4 !‘l.z•lSsy. • CaIS9IFIXI9N.-74
Panes() CriiCitsiOn is
ties' ilbSerib'ed , •
''"Wheir, the Pritiorier"Who:Was to Ue
crucified"had been pleend'ina his 'back
oti qt. sten t• Wooden. cross prepared' for
the occasion;• he; was:" securely Itish&l
thereto, but not: nailed. Then the sen
tence was , road, and- two stout mon
with long spears came. forward. The
one,,on, the right side :of , the .doomed
man stuckthe,point of his
.spear in
very•delitierately, , about, two -inches,
and Under the„felt, abont
awhile with'it to ascertain - that it was
all clear of bones, and then, with a
powerful 'thrust . upwerds,•the head of
the speiir was sent through until it ap
peared on the top of the right should•
er. The man'orr the left side then did
likewise. The victim, who was a mere
boy, yelled fearfully., • He hadmurder
ad his mother by stabbing her thirteen
times.. After the twospears had been
thrust thrtMgb him a„ third man 'came
forward with a spear and .thruit it
through the criminal just
„Where , be
had stabbed his Mothe'r: Thirteen
the sper . .iveht; through: 14e
bodY”' and the - terrible performance.
Another.. .Disaster in Luzerne County.
, .
- SCRANTON, , PCC. • 17..—The- engine
hpuie of. the Jursey.coalmine,operated
by , the Delaware„ ,Lap,lmwanna aod
Weitern RailrOad Cimipany,„toOk. fire
about half,_pOsf,foor 01..Thum"-
day a fteih`O Vi
On. - e` house w - di loca
ted in. the mine,,Ut,the end of a, tunnel
about two Imndied mid fifty feet long
and at the head of .a.,slope leading
down .in to chambers. :Three men were
shut in the mine, and it was `supposed
that they bad perinbed, bit they suc
ceeded iii•gettingouCsafely about two
o'clock on Friaay. morning. A man
named John U j. Warren, tvho wont,,in to
an. ,for the mon, was
overcome with the foul air and periSh
ed.: Ms remains were recovered at
four o'clock this morning, after the
fire was nearly quenched. Ile leaves
a wife and three children. TllO en
gines were mostly destroyed and the
daMage cause ddetention of
from four to' six. weeks. The mine
was producing . two , hundred_ tops of
coal' pie day.' • .
Bravery of a Youni Lady.
CINCINNATI . , Dee. 17.—Mr. Wilkin-
son, an old 'gentleman who watcheda
crossing on tho Cincinnati, Hamilton
and Dayton railroad, below Mill creek,
was carrying a large plank across tho
track yesterday afternoon, and the
switch engine coming at full speed, ho
dropped the plank, and in haste to get
off tho Itrack "slipped, and fell, and
would certainly hap? lost his life had
it not been fur the heron; conduct . of
Miss Brown, ,a young lady, whamming
the perilous position in which. Mr.
Wilkinson was placed, ran to his aid
and, at the risk of her own life, suc
ceeded iii dragging him off the track
rin time to save him from the terrible
fate which seemed almost inevitable.
Dos'r DRINK.—Boys, don't drink.
It may be ,fashjotiable. It may seem
smart. You may- think that, like a
mustache, it looks manly: You ,may
say that Mr. A. and Air. 8., who hOld
prominent positiOns in the world,
have guzzled for forty years. This
may be trite. Many moderate drink
ers arise to distinction, but they reach
eminence not on account of
would spite.of U. . They would - be
more esteemed without it. Just look
around this city, and see- -if you can
find ono man or woman ivho has been
made better or happier - by drink. You
will not - find' one. On the other_ haul,
you will see wrecks all along th:osho,ro.
You Will see men whose lives aro fail
ures solely by drink. It: ,may have
cornmenced:i n, the social circle,- where
wit and beauty added their charm to
tbo sparkle of the wino. << It may have
comenced "at the ireipectable'.saloon
to which mon are sometimes driven by
the mistakes at home... But , it too of
ten ends in the lowest and last place
to which-fallen men go. '
PACKARD'S NotvrifLY loses none of
its life and sprightliness as it grows
older. With, each'otimber its friends
and - circulation increase. It owes its
great success to the talent employed in
Writing for it, and to the low rates of
subscription, which have 'been $1 a
year, hilt will be in tho future $9, and
very cheap at that. No nonsense nor
continued tales aro ever found • within
its covers, but, with leaves always
opened, it brings 10 - tho young men of
America rich treats of intellectual
food. The third year of this in hgazine
will commence in "4anuary, when
every young man should subscribe. -S.
S.. Packard, publisher, 937 Broadway,
New York.
stock of the best Sugars, Syrups, Teas,
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6 gallon - stone crocks, jars, jugs and
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Grocery and -for sale Wholesale and re
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the county.
af - sok Partner for the
"j-lhale s ititntest inn mid Wood EngFriving, Litho
graplifigi;pirSteam Power printing Lasine”, in Phil
adelDbiatOVll 9.72 11 144. - Slitin d ts i t2 e. C . apital nod a
Pr*. o .4 ol V l l4eS , rIE L Psrn
M. It. LONCIACREek",.,
2.: CTi"? & 32 South ith St., PPR.'
—Dsc;, 22, ,
1,1 The Comelisvioncreof Lientingdon County will.*
calve rivaled proposals foe rektrkling a bridge ;wrote
Shaver's Creek, et or near Cie residence of Patrick Pet
tis, (known as the old red bridge), on .TIIURSDAY, the
18th day of January, 1870, up to 2 olehick,
Plan and specifications can be seen at the Commiasion
• Petearoirridiai -
in , jfe w leaild allicome prepared to give
1 1 , 0 1 t
0 1%r
a t r li t e , gex g tmpt i ps i t i Or et w o o r e , lt x -- yidi,ap ,m t i e;,
stoners. W. MILLER,
Dec. 22,1868 -It. Clerk.
I( ; 4 1 0 k k
For sale wholesale and retail at Lewis'
Red Front Grocery. This Lye is said to be
Ithprel apij . 11j:e0e#,5in
15114114104. - Ailhlt 7 ' .
. .r. _ . tis s 2 .
On FRIDAY, January 70, 1870.
... Tip ,ileatiefsleptittwip expose ctrazptilelef eale, 4 ltrthei
plezolifee,? sit. iti..iaabgek,io.4 . theAttovU that
valuable LimEsToNn F.1.1E11, n as ;he Means
farm) containing 145 ACHES, more or leas, situate in
Wylie township, ilunAngilou Co., two miles from
Spree( Creek Spition, two Mika froili , Unfon' Pains - co
Mills, and two miles Dom Water Street. The improve.
manta consist of a LARGE STON P 11013 SE, with Log
Kitchen. inrgo, A lIKAA It 24.1% tth wagort,eited and corn
crib attache:l. nitd,all'necessaryanattatildiptis. There are
an old and'y citing orchard each beafilig fruit, still, an
abundance of other thole° fruit on the farm. A fine
stream of soft stater runs through the property, and
limestone water at the:door About 120 acres um clear.
ed, under good fence, and in a high state of cultivation,
the balance covered with good timber.
TEEMS —Cine•halt in hank end the balance foa eo
eiputlannuttl,mty ments,,with interest, secured byr, Deed
'cud miiitgiige of We put chaser. ,
Dec. 2'2, 1869.50. Truateo ofJosphino Seeds.
v •I Fon- -
, - .; •
A:Creel estate known isalbe eWoolverlon" or "Milli
ken Mill Property," situate on Mill Creek and Sadiar's
Cceek, in Brady, townabip,Mun tine:ion county, Pa., two
Infle4 N. r. of3llll.Cieek Station on the Penna. It. R. is
ofterodfor sole. It .11ar been divided, lute' tire parcels
which will be sold separat: ly or together as purchsnere
may desire:, to aft '
" A."—Marision Farm. ,-152 •acres,
130.2 perches. Bounded Henry Wallkill; N. E. by
Mill Tract; E. by John K. Mete; S. by tract "N" and N.
W. by tract , d).." baring thereon. twa..deeellin; Louden, a
bank barn - end other Improrehteifti. A fage parrot the
lend to cleared; the balance in well tin:bored. The Mill
Creek arni ICinhocoquillas rondo pane through the tract.
II f e l ' PO4. 4
N. 9ATRerki3V.r}2"--77'
.o.lquefii. xp 30 : m ; lh
• , c"; S. E. by John K Metz; W. and N. W. by tract "A."
Includes the gristquill. saw•mill and miller's bonne. •
portion of;the land in in cultiration; the balance In well
• ' - "C: 4 '.a=-95-fiel'ers,6B'4'perelis: . 11`titisid
ed Nth. by Juno, Orrery: by 511111 Creek .Furnace
Company: 8. W. by Jobs K. Metz: won by tract "ty.
henry and Job:: Waddle. nix tract is boiCied
with excellent timber—principally oak.
" D 150 seres t: 3MT perches.
Bounded N. by John and David Simpson; E. 4 Henry
Wolfkill; 9: E. by tract • , A"; S. by 91ilb 'Crock Farnade
Company and Andrew Simpson. The principal
part of this 'tract /sin tirobbr.'' " "•• ' -
" E." 138 acres, 48.2 .. porches.
Bounded N. by tract "A," Isaac Gorsuch and John
Tates; S. W. by ahorgo Hawn; and N. W. by 11111 Crank
Furnace Company. About ono-half of the land Is in cul
titation; the balance Is well timbered.
The tilißit(oll,lltrilibrirtfo Cl. Mothers
who resides upon tbd":priverly.'L g
31 itp Purit I bit: s h OLY
. 111,:tt II d inade icrpietn fat !implies.
Bonin . '" ""'"' - ' " • "
Dec. 22,1965
Ia ISTVIi'S , N o.:l)l7Nitice ;; is
' C'hoio4 g ivon, to ill persons Intervalef, that an ibi•
1 Jig
named pet sons hare settled , theirgetannislit the
Register's °Mee, at Huntingdon, and that the said accounts
will Ito presented fur continuation and Mhos tines at an
Orphans' Court,jo he heldiat lkuntipgdoncin‘antl• tor the
coufittoflluhthigdok 'on WednesdnAthg :ctit2ijifylof
JANUARY, iii'st, (1810,) to wit r-
1 Adminigtilwlion Recount of John Russell. Executor
of John Russell, Into of Hopewell township, decenbect
2 Adaiiiiistratiou account of Charles' P: lint 9e1f1,40-
rninistrator of Eliza Bucher, Into of Alexundrla borough
3 Guardianship account of P. 31. Pnro, guardian of
Frances Vanzant, formerly Ptances Shaker.
4 Guardia.lop accooat of 0. M. gore, guardian of
3lary J. Cehaffor.
5 The fourth and final two aunt of Dewey Erewster,:ox
eChtor Of John Ilrewatee, late of ;Maley Da p.:decenied.
0 TrUst . acomutof Moo. S, Orbinim, Trustee to sell rho
rat weds of•Jolik Ruttier, lota of Cromwell tifp.; deed.
7 Administration account of Thomas E. Orbison, Ad
ministrator of Rebecca Putter, Into Of .Cromwell town
ship, deceased. .
8 Administration account of George IV. Genrhariand
Dautelaroutivine, iiiimenistintOrs of •Chrlstiatt Cleat hart,
late co Barre° township. deceased.
9 Administration ntemint of Dania! Etter, odministrm
tor of Thomas Spencer, lute of Union townaldp, deed.
10 Administration account of George 11. Weaver,Ad
ministrator of tiettlik Russell, Into of Hopewell town.
ship, deceased, .. -
11 Administration account of Elijah 3fordson, execu
tor of Samuel Drake, ducensed.
12 Partial Account of,Dlicimel Stair mud dolin,A,Logno,
executors of ,fDatfol J:,,T.ogio,dei9asod, c as tiled' bY
cline! Stair, nitrating executor.
13. Account of John xtiverthorn, Trustee to sell the
rent esta to of Win. Campbell, deceased. -•• , ' •
14 Adminiatretion account of J. R. Ilugle nod Andrew
Ilegle, administrators of John !legit', late of Tell town
ship, deceased, as tiled by J. It. tingle.
16 Administration account of Iton. John Scott, admin
istrator with the will annexed of Dr. J. D. Loden, late of
the borough of Gusitingdon, deceased.
16 Administration account of Samuel 31. Cox, executor
of Elizabeth Cox, late of Warrioramark top., deceased.
17 Fluid account of Ephraim Kylec, niimutiatrator of
Jolts li yler, lota of Clay township, decea sed.
Register's Office, 1
Huntingdon. Dec. 14,•69.
VOTI.CE is hereby given to all per
j_ l iodsluteloited tut tint; follow ing. feliCniOrles of
too gouda and Chattels act to - widows, under the provis
tons of the Oct of 14111 of April, 1851, hive been tiled in
the office of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Routing
dolt county and will be presented for "al proval by the
Court" ou Wednesday the 12th of JANUARY, (1810,)
InvedtorY sinhappraisetitent of David Attlebarger,:lato
of tarrlorrnsark too nship, 'dere/tilted, talien•by; hie wIldL
o - w argent, t Attlebarger.
Inventory of goode and chattles, taken by 'Catharine
Russell, widow of hieek Russell, deceased.
Inventory and appraisunient of the personal property
of the estate of Davld Petelson late of elarley tow nehip
deceased, no token by his widow. Hannah Peterson .
Inventory of the goods end chattles of Jacob Weaver,
deceased, retained by-Ina widow Diary Weaver. •, • •
- • •
. .
, , , J. E. SMUCKER, ;
Clerli 0 rplums' Court.
Iluntingoon,'D6c.l4, 1570.
a precepi to toe directed; dated at Huntingdon, tree
loth of Novettiber, 4 A: D. 1800 ander tho' hands and seal
of the Hon: George Taylor, !'resident of the Court of
Common Pleas, Oyer and Terminer ' end general jell deliv
ery of the 24th Judicial District of Pennsylvania, ccmpo- I
wed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cambria counties;
.and the
/lone. Anthony J. Beaver and •Liavid hisiisadcL
Mee, Judges of the county of Huntingdon, justices as
signed, appointed to hoer, try and determine all and every
indictments made or taken fur or concerning all crimes,
which by the laws of the State ore made capital, or felon
tea of death, and other offences, crimes and ntiedemeanors,
which have been or shall hereafter ten committed or.porpe
tinted, for crimes aforesaid-1 ,am commended to make
public proclamation throughout my whole bailiwick, that
a Court of Oyer and Terniiner, of Common Pleas and
Quarter Sessions, will be held nt the Court House to the
borough of Huntingdon, on the second blontlay:(find lath
day) of January, 1810, and those who will 'prosecute the
said prisoners, ho then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be just, and that' all Justices of rho Peace, Coroner
rind Constables withlß said county, be then • and there In
their proper periong; at 10 o'clock, n. m. of wild day, with
their records, inquisitions, examinations and remembran
cor, Bide those things which to their emcee .respectlrey
Appel tam. - • • :., e
Dated at Huntingdon, 16th
.of.Deceinhor, In tho yetir of
our Lord ono thousand eight' hundred and sixty-nine
and the Old year of Amer/can Independence.
•• - •r D. Jl, 411tELY, Sheriff.
a preceit4fitilfreetld by lb inapt; lit the Com
mon Pleas of tho o.ottntst of Iluntingtron,"beffring test the
25th of November, A. D. 1269,L alai commutated to make
public Preciamittiokthrotigliota toy AO° Dailittick, that
Court of Common Picas mill be held at the Com t House
to the borough of Huntingdon, 011 the 3rd Monday (and
17th day) of January,l. D. 1970; kir 'tlie trial 01 all is
sues in said Court which remain undetermined before
the said Judges, when and wherealljniors, xvitnesses,and
suitors, in the erials of 4111411 es tiro required.
Dated at Huntingdon, the 15th Decanter, in the year of,
our Lord ono thousand eight hundred and six traino
and the 93d year of limeLim Independence.
D. h. NEELP, Sheriff.
PLEAS of Huntingdon County.
TO ILLI A WALTUN.—Taltenetleo that ri rule Ims
been granted on you by the Court, to hi hind
Court at Huntingdon. on Monday, tam 10th day of Janivi
ery next, WO, to ehow causo a by a Divorce Iron thu
bon do of matrimony entered into with Mary Anil Walton
should not be decreed by the mkt Court.
D. It. P. N.S.ELY,
Huntingdon, Dec. 8, 180.
jeetate of iitit A 11A31 W, 1111UMBAUCII, dec'll.l
Lettere ofadministration upon the estate or ,Abrithi'm
{Ti. Brumbaugh, late of l'enn trip., deceased. baring been
granted to the undersigned, all persons indebted to the
estate will make payment, and those liaving'claime
present theta for settlement.
Tames Creek, Rec. MO , • Administrated'.
• ' . • OP VARIOOS SIZES, !or P;t1o , olt, 1
Zii{rlS , Jloo4" AND srATIO4YERy STOR
r -
ki sundry writs of Tend Exp.. Ft. Pa., Len Fa., directed
to me, I will expose to public sale or outcry, nt the Court I
Ilouso ire the born, of Huntingdon, on MONDAY, the I Otu 1
of JANUAIg, `1879„.at.2-tecygk. P. DI., tho following
described nrpnerty%to , ,irlki - ,..- -in k
All Wit; ceiriktra:dt•of land situate,
I far, iiobe town hili,:ltr4.l2(litertrn,_r_to a w ,,,, ll .s rtoly,!*
._,, e ir.,4twor Mill Cinelti corn" g li
Loo ' rObes;pripitt 80 RC ettifl*hi ism c le ated, Lav ine
•theitiert It largo Blast Iftn2Radq, wittil neces fury machine=
Try fOreblooluidg the multufbither itideam or water mar=
I ,Or, 4‘ionnoior.c., '''-f; ' Al; /
I .1 Altitv6s,pfeott'ar \parent of c latidjiatijoinlng the above
1 deatilbed tts'eVeral bliss between-the Ramo anti Juniata
riitti4intaining 16 act - Re - had 121 porches, said land I M
eludetOdill Creek from the line of the last mentioned.
trect to.l4Junction with the Juniata river, and to go od
bottom land with two dwelling houses erected on it. 1 t
Also, the tract of lend adjaloing_the two last mention.,
ed fructerand•thaJnnititiCriffr - ;*purEfied — ftroin:Tlnti- I
than .1. Milliken containing 32acreikand laporches un-,
flpiivhfOlditi4Rtirthree dweloFig ;Maws, Bilabld and a.
'large Itailui - thielling hbuse, called the Mansion Housd,.
fronting the turnpike and canal, with commodioue
grounds, garden, yard and out houses.
Also, A substantial wart; and o'railroatl, lendlnt there.
from to the Furnace, abou l twoibundrodl3isrds on this
Mao, Nine tracts of unseated lands,jltuateArt,,Atild
tornalitrinflidifdeliOn - ;"liintßendy, to rift: one tract
contaitting,43ll Acres,: aurroyed,:on a ;warratit—ln the
nada - 0;lb 'Ott, hoollter - Cadtaitting,4oo acres hi note of
4 nate* Burgart;finotheiiontainipg til•;totrie and 31
plirchni; in the name of Adam Houck, anotheitutain
leg 412 acres, in the name Frederick Hater, another cos
talaing 411 acres and 155 ferchea, in name of, hevt . La.
tiniO4unetheectieSialning 4thOteret to %hit name' 01 , 81 N.
Green and J. 11. Dorsey, another, au improvement right,
in the name of William Lightner, containing 300 acres,
and the other, a tract containing about 20: hi the
'tartlet& S. If.'Gicen; adjoining IV& Furnace Tract; John
Goodman and others.
li9ct9fland, situatodn the said ton nenip of
Ifylefsdn, ebb tattling aboutl ii gores; Of T.illiCht about
90sttrulrara cleared` adjoining:lands of - Jdpiekr Wilson,
SManel Sithpitolintid-btnerektdtdlncrudinktlicCerhat and
Turnpike, on which era erected two dwciling houses nod
,a good frame barn, said tract being kuOwn as the! Sugar
Gray.° orfted flown tract. -,1 .11.1 /it..
Ahro. A tract of land containing 130, acres and. dg per
chea, situate lu the said township of 'Dradi';'' abAtl one
mile east of the said Furnace, adjoiningthtuds of Jantell
tamer's heirs and others, about '6O scree of which are
cleared, known by7thetainie of Duncan' Fled,
Also, A tract,eflatid, situate in said township, con=
tattling 197 OCiee and 'l3l perches, about three mica
north east qtlt? Furnace, en the waters of Mill Creek,
adjoining lands of Morons Bead's heirs, Michael Hawn,
itudiathers, having a tract of about 50 acres cleared;
knownsa th Wartiuld.
:Mao, The 'thereapwhieh Jonathan 11. Dorsey, had and .
held in, a tract of laud, containing 305 acres and 35 per
ches sufJoyed and warrautod,in the nano ollantel Pen
ainglowen „whisk isithet Dorsey .ore .barik,eltuate in
Warrffiranutrk and Franklin townships.
Also, Sewed adjoining tracts of ilnaeutdd lands, Minato
on Stone Mountain, in Brady and tleudenton townships,
one thereof in the name of Abram 'Dtiffield, one thereof
in the name ooleorgs Eby, ono thereof is the name of
:tnnel Rein, one in the nalue,ofJeS3o 111 CA UM, -onb:ln
Ate ;lupe of Thoninsllutchetter, and one In the name of
William 2WICIC/IVIICf, ' COMMIIIW 14CalOr ,theut 'Three
Thousand Acres. • , •
seized, taken la execution, and to be sold as The yap.
.erty of Edward A. Green.
. .
•r•ALSO—A lot of ground, in the vil
loge of Carnet, Carbon township, fluntingdOn county.,
fronting 60 feet on piihno road leading trout Bread " Top
City to Cpalmont, and extending back about lOU foot to
a loVbf In dim liulffiger, having elected thereon a largo
frame stable and foundation of what wan known an the
• • • • ••• •
t'Bupn.s .
.", , Etized;takeh in execution; and to bo•iiith aV-111b prop.
erty of Wel liam H. Coxueirdnd A. M.
Tortain , .Ijeg dwelling
house, one story and a loaf high, the size of the building
la twenty-five feet by sixteen, loom d mt is lot of piece of
ground,. ,hunts In Jnekson.tov liship, Huntingdon, court
-11/91,61InkfrikliYaoudil Setaliel ntow art on the ,bulb
meat, by Janus of George M. 801 l on the west. 1101 tb, and
north cast and aouth by lands of Ilichael Ileminger.
Seized, token to exec-tion, end to, be sold us the, prop
ty of George Porter.% .. •+ • • •
ALSO—Two certain_lots Situate in
the borough telftinfhigdoti, designated on tuts Noe. 331'
and 334. in plot of thlitl borough, benuded Olt the north by
lot No.. 339, on the east by. Mifflin street, on the west
by an alley, on the south by Cypress street, fronting 50
feet:ME:on Iflnlin - sirent, sot ' eitendlng back-151.) feet
to a 15 feet alley.
Seized, taken In execution, and t• he sold as the prop
eri); of P.
ALSO—AII that. certain -tract of
depth-situate In. Ted township, Huntingdon county, con.'
hailing about 50 acres, more or lees, adjoining lands of
Benjamin N. Baker, John linker, A131.0.10s lawns and
William S. Entrekln 20 swell which are cleared end
lender fence, having ;hereon a frame house, Se. "
Seized: taken in execution, and to be sold its the It 'P
etty of Daniel 'awe.
ALSO—Deft's title And'intpr.
eat in and to,ftle following described farm. tract.oivarcel
of landlituate,in Shirlq.township, Iluntiogduu cunnty,
Penri'a. ffiltaTiling"in acres. adjoining lands of Charlea
I:verde:lr, Jelin Alexander, tleorge ttlyinvo, JAM" hip•
pie, and others, and having ti eandl log house mud lug
barn 'thereon erected.
- Seized, tubes in execution and to be sold at- the prop ,
arty of William Young.
ALSO—AII that tract or parcel of
Imp 1, in: lirmierson towrrelitiLt ,bohlaidd: 011 . the
iidrtit,biiiittulti f John Warfel; on tllu Usti bs .11Wile of
TllOlllOO Sllhkey, Oli 010 south by lands of As•ib.l COlbin
and Clezirge Steel, and on the west by midi& Crock
cuntitining,4'l acres, more or loss, havkag thefaall °rect
al a tou.story.botineOirebirn and Stilt r 'twin °rennin Hi,
and about 80 acres cleared. , ,
Seized, lateen In execution, an'd to I &Sold no the prep•
erty of Samuel Sankey.
certain dwelling muse ? of
two stories, being to enty-six by, tbirt) r tbi es 11-el. situate
on a certain tot, or piece of gtoitild, ost rho south stile of
Shirley sneer, in the borough of Mount Union, comity ul
Huntingdon, nod now in the acrupaney of JoineA 0 and
Cotton ine Lightner, and nu mach of the'ground Immedi
ate!) itil,lotarit tin In necensory for the ordmarrand awful
purposes of tho some. •
Seized, taken In execution, and tube so des the proper
ty of Cathaelne Llghtner;owner'or repined owner: nod
James U. Lightner, her husband, contractor' or reputed
ALSO—.AII that cot tain tract or par
cel of land, - situate in 'eltirloy township. Huntingdon
county, bounth.,l by lands of Hunter Campbell, William
Morgan, Peter Miller, bhoperm•l others, conntleing about
lOn acres, more or loss, baying thereon eternal I, two eau
ry log house and log barn, and other outbuildings. -
Seized, taken In execution, and to be Fold as OM prop
erty of Mary Mations and Joseph S. Mathews.
, ALSO—AII that .certain lot. piece
and parcel of lend, covered principally withltintbor with
an iron ore bank on the premises, situate in Cromwell,
Ornierly Shirley, township, Huntingdon enmity, at the
bass of a bill en and bounded on the south by the great
road •leadjug front James Colegate's farm' towards and
.intersedtlfig‘tho 11111 Valley read at or near Jas. Lane's,
adjoining lands of Andrew Molnar° and ?V Illiam Mcln
tire, and with an Iron ore bank thereon, us the
Hitury'Datison - Dre - Bank, eantilininkonti acre,of ground
and Iltlng - that - parl,mul parcel of the fleecy Datoson land
w}uidh:se as laid tAT.:sold and convoecl:bYqbe said Henry
Dateson to .Dr. James Lightner, prior Ito 'the Bald Bale/.
son's conveyance of the main body of his tract (utter
leariuOut the weld one acre ors hank) to Eli Wakefield.
Selorsi, (ikon ii, exert:Aloe, find,to be said atilthe prop.
erty of Dr. James IL Lightner.
ALSO, all thateel lain tract orparpel
of land situate in Tell township, hounded by lands of
Jacob !Ingle, Barbara McMullen, Stephen Walters and,
others, containing two bundrial acres, more or less, titer
on erected a log house, frown barn and outbuilding..
Seized, taken in execution, and to be sold as the prop.
arty of John A Briggs.
NoTICE TO PURCIIMIEREL-IThlllere at Sheriff's Sales wit
take 1/011Ce that imnfodiately, vp,n Mu property being
knocked down, fifty per cent. of all bids under WO. and
twenty-five per cent, of all bids over dint atm, must be
paid to the Sheriff, or the .prpprrty:wil I be set op again
and sold to other bablera'who Will comply with the above
Irconri continriedtwo 'Weeks deed acknowledged on
Wednesday of second week. One week's court, property
knocked down on Monday and deed acknowledged on t h e
following Saturday. -
D. It. P, NEELY, Slivriff
Sannwr's Omen, : ,
Huntingdon, Dec. 15, 1869. f
: • ;
:cll A iri*red to the ecioidiloor in Riakd's .
log, .whore Ito *deeds to keep constantly on band the
latest styles of
• • AMERICAN, exedlen Arm Gutted
Doing a practical work Man of many yearn experience
ho I ; 3;,prepared , to,Malco to order. Clothing 'fur mote and
tiojet,,4nd guiirdnWu , n4at, duraltbi And fttstdonithlklderii,
manship. Go IS determined to pleas° everybody.
Any- All 'are invited to call !nd examino ,my new,
stock of beautiful patterns before purchasing elsewhere
lluntiugdon, Oct. 4
1869. 1869.
• H. ROMAN. .
bt TV
' •
For Oenthonen's Clothing of the host materiel, and mutt:
to tho beat workmanlike manher, 61111 at- ' ' '
opposite toe Franklin Mouse in Market Square, !looting
don, Po, . _ -
[TAW.) w d Soft Coal fur mile by
nytll24;tl • ittriax sce
---oOrd •NS • • 0 "tre-i
DY vlrttie et at:. order otLtfie Orphans' Colin' or mint
ingtion connty; I trill cAlitutele Public gale, ou
the prem
ieee, in the village cf:,lceviburg. irod"townBl4; fle.ld
county, . r 4, 4 . •• •
lVediaeaddy7•Januarv-a ? ilB7Ol
at s, ,f. ,• •7
..... • •'
0120.Dvock:in the ellen:loon of said
'„; (;;;;.;:k' LOT .0P• Gi2bligii-1:
.. .
leitnate,ln t le.vllolo • of NewburPoTal Gawnehißunt-
AißfOn County. RW,..fee.u.ting.ifty feet on life pobile'road,
ene hundred .uud sixty feet tdOend
.91; tkenJamimifelierOtwd!hounded on the south by lot of
Mrs, ,A.lby,Clatk,,hpling,thereett ~„.
TERM.? OF SALE.—One-half of thlitAditteleiriiinWto
be , paid'onvowlirumtlow - ote - fiefltri- MMErf&tift''Arhen
the deed will he made, awl, the bAlanee In onelear,ooth
•hrleFost, , to be; seem made
hyAllepulfmppt± Stet
Guardian MA° minor, children of lf
Iseia,llelfer i .doM.
Tod twp., Dec. 15; .11 n
rf RUST BE '
rt.EAr . :I,II , AW
lly sirtno of on ord:r of tho Orphans' Court of Bunt
lngdon county, I will MoSe . to;•1',011ii Sale, , on tholife-
I :mleerm.,routOl'oll tOwnefilp,,lluittitigdoin count, A•al,
alt Thzirhday, Jdhuary 6th, 1870,
at one o'clock of said day,• ~i• • t
V • '1';) i.
jin Clomwell township, ..bohnclod by lands of ''
Tiiiittz.on the north,•lielriof tihuon Orals on tee` ides,
lanai of Minted *Vernon MI thernithf and laude - of Abra
ham Miller on the went, contztnlng.loo•ACßE•S;l , I 0 •
more or lees, about 70 tone cleared and In'good
etato of colds anion, the balance well limbered,-
having thereon te good two•story1001 UOLISB . ,
log stable, and neceeeary'Cultbuildlngi ; 'good well of.
wuter at the door, and an orchard,oceltoice,frult! There
Is, also on the ritenthict is tine „'water,inwer, and situate
about three 11111 , 211 from the borough of Orbleonia,
TER:mB , O sALgw
Ono third of the purchase money to; be mild_ oft Con
firmation of tho ente,at January court, when deed will be
made. and the balance in two
,equal anfipoi PoSolrtln
thereofter• with Interest, tho'irhole to 'be secutod ke
judgment bonds of the purchaeor. a z..!:
, u . - . • ;•, • • f 1111,LIAM )IINKEIT4 •
Trlisteo to sell the real f , etato of Itenj. Milker, deed:
:hftloy twp , hen, I
- 3P1E7331a3CC5, OULT-iM.
• t
Tho nnde,rigned, Mociitoria the tit Jolla McM
in, Eq.. lute or the borough of Huntingdon, .1, ed.,
will WIC, tit !tithe Court Ilutice, in limiting
'Oh" Wednesday, January sth, 1870 j
situate in l i orter ' toWnship, 41tmG Wgion Chtihicr, contain
ing 210 Acre., mop ,or jg..„ Lout;7o acres of this labd
fence, are cleared, under 'did in a pretty .good,stata of
cid tlyntiod.lnow fa 'bribd by'YJe:'Stuntiel BldoricYand the
remainder i. avoll timbered, adjoining lands of George
Lamp, dec'd., A. I'. l• than, Do., Wm. P. OrLlton.'l:eq.,
Thomas Whittaker'. •heirs; ontP,othrra, The nod
lending road froingliittiitigdon'tWlihrtshid Valley,paise•
through this Wort of land ,
titillate in Putter toyaship, containiug, respectively,
1134, 102 ACHES,
learrnntell In the thime - of
Acres; warranted In tho naini,sofJ.itin Patton, adjoining
Lintla of N. Bryan, Jooeph O'Hoinj - pillnll6thers i , A.
AV 11 si 't.sij.,Jhoonif dd'othess .00 thopre.
mites, area Insg i DWELIANG 11011S8 and Fir 111
1.1 .iltn owl' a good spring. In teMini,otiehimuol
Moore. A limit TO owes fit - tills land aroci t te.l.
andlirider fentd,' and ,
, Inseno, Thopuldie'roada
Ilartning 'alloy and A' mmtl/i'l pass Ihrough thise - traihe..
The, trails VIII ho sold ns 0 - 113 Lady, or !aspirate, 'Si
parchlisiirs in'ajiiieffre. P. rs 111 desiring infw maim' re
opecting ninive 7 d.., , Crliviti I mil, will please call upon.
mistier .of (110 undeisign.d. or upon .1. inip-Mi'Arrica?,
Esq Ilimlingli in. Tim con 'filo!s will ' ho made known,
on the day nit sale. .T r
- -.7011S 10. 31cC,C111,1,
s.• t
, n . Li11114534/,g1..1.; 1 ,1
' Ex - ecntero blotSahan decd, December 2,
T 'TT .
9 , 11E' subscriber dfferS
Mill and 31ill House, eitiiatild in iVest CoWnship. ,
I‘l‘l Mill Is sitnatud' in tits Ware 'of tilatyeep,Crsek
Valley; good will. COMM) ; has a gaud .:agozn; end is
n Vida six aillvis of the Penna. railroad.
For rut titer V'-''"lslPt".l ''!""'ilI
I'i tY.t.lO UTNE%
Aell3litta, 11nat.11.5
-1 - • rII.2,IVtI t ST i1t1:VTIN!1110!:
llny Lollo'frorri Drat l'autthrnt - ‘-‘ ,
.4200 •
Pomba:v.l . s de4rlug to - build end havo'reriSiva
terms es to psymentd Now is the timo to threat. Ap.
ply to (AMU] - It. ALI1: 4 0N; AMU.%
19 hOrce pOWer. ,
For pttrticuldre addrass J. W. bICKERSON:or
Ina undersigned 'editor appointed. by. the Court -
of Common Pleas of lin ingdoriCounty, to rep:lndia-id
button of the fond In he bands o a It. P. Neelyastl4
Sheriff of said County, arising from the sale areal eetattr
of George Hedy, hereby glees notice persons Inter
ested, that ho w ill
. attend at the calks woo4+l llP'r
liatcoon;in liontinAdbel on VIESDAY,-the .l 2lst-dai of
Dr.CE7IBEit, 18t 9, at ten o'clock, a. in.. for the purpose
of making said distribution, lt ben and whore all persons
baring claims, against said food. are required, to present
the same or be debarred from coming in for anyelthre of -
) 'I tf a:4ll(Pter.
Estate, or Benjumin Johnvorhil
0. no undersigned 'Aitdifor • aPpoinied • by the 'Conrt"cs.
Common Mean of Huntingdon:county to determine ear
ceptions to the account o I (Web Guyer, Committee t
Benjantin Johnson, a lunatic,. eel rep irt distributiori,
hereby gives notice that he will attend to the ~dotio. IBC
his appointraentat ‘ tinidorf, oh 1941
EBB AY, the lfth day of DBCEMIt6It,IBO9, at 10 o',elocit.
Ai Mt, when and whefe perscins interested are to.
ed to present their claim, or be debarred from cam.
log in for a share o 1 the fund. . .
, Auditoti=
The underetgusd. appointed Auditor by the Court of
Common fleas of Huntingdon County, to distribute the
flind in the hands of the Eherlff, twitting frotn the solo; of
the r.eal eittattr . of ftflehislas Allll6r,Herkey'aireit netted
that he will attend to the dntles of his appointment at
Ids Milne in Huritfpvlow". , on the 18th day
DECE3II3Etti 1869. at which Ifni& ana fildde all persona
interested are required, to present their-elairna or be de.
barred front coming In - for ashore of the fund.
[Estate of David Peterson, dee'd.) , •
Letters of administration, upon the estate of Davit)
Peteteen, late of Shirley township, Huntingdon county,
deceased. baring been granted to the undersigned, all pen
sons indebted to the estate will make Immediate pay.
ment, and those baring claims will present them for eats
Clement. •
1 . 1 'BENJAMIN A 1713,; 1.1
1 / 4 • Angliwick Hun D Hnidon
-Burnt Cubing - Fulton co.,
'mow opp_:-.4.cliptr.c4
----:- .--::, -- Classic:. ~,ii
Literary,„Scightific, llitittite
MALE AND FEMALE.. -,,,;;:6,
This Institution Is located at Wide dap,` Ifuntitigifig
Cooey, Pa., on the - Wall "route bitween Chembersbure
and the Mount Union Station oit the Pennsylvania Rails
road, being thirty miles from the former, and seventeeq
from the latter. There is a regular ltuo of Stages betweeg
these places and Shade thtp,
situation is ode of the mostbeautiful and healthx
in the State; people moral and religtoits ; and churches
convenient. The course of attply is thorough and extent
- sive. including all the broaches usually; taught In ou'
Academiel and Collagen.
—T ER MS:a'•
Broad and Tuition, per year,Slso.ltoi'Anclent and Sled
ern Languages, Instrumental Music nut other °manual.
tut Branches, extra.
Ministers' eons and disabled Soldiers, received at
dared prices: Next term opens JAN ilaitY sth,
For particulars, address, L. 11. BEER:, A. B.
Nov. 25, 69 .tf; Shade. Gap; Int iiiltigtlOn'-fo
ItuNTINpDs)? - 4: 14'9'41q,:.sTATILN:'
ii underSlgnitl, hailng purchased the Livery Stable
recently owned by Mr. btmon Weston, neo now pry
paled to accommodate the publie`wfth ;Horses aq4 . Cprrlr
agos,ort reasopatno terms., • , _
btablo at the rear of tho Jackson noose, nnnr the D. Tr -
Itpitron.), .• .
aug2.s•6R, LAM - DEMON & M
ae. COUNTRY IYEAI,Eits , c a rt
m e n l2lslo from l me lu llunting,.loe at
eitioe, ..1:11ave a x holooge ' el i e e re 'e ;:i P li ' lltetpTi n r,: n , th l
IL MNitti. '
41, P. KERR,
Ledford, Penns,