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Wednesday morning, Nov, 24;1869
The "Globe" has the largest • number of
readers of any other paper published in the
county. Advertisers should remember this.
'ALABAMA has ratified the Fifteenth
Amendment: Tennessee has refused
to ratify it in the Rouse, and the Sen
ate will do likewise.
"Dad" struck "'le."— Guerrilla Organ,
' That's so. We took stock and com
menced boring immediately after the
adjournment of the Republican Con
vention in August, and we struck "ile"
When we "succeeded in boring the guer
rillas out of their holes.
CREMER was counsel for the County
Commissioners, but he was removed a
week or two ago. The, majority of
the Board wore nominated and elected
by the Republican party and they as
honorable party men should do nosh.
ing to encourage guerrillaism if they
want their party to live. "Treason
must bo punished."
CREMER has been trying to make the
people believe that ho and his clan are
opposed to secret political meetings.—
Now that the editor of the Journal &
American has "Wowed" orib held at
Cremer'S own hobse after the Conven
tion' and before Me election, his prob
able that Creamy will soon withdraw
all opposition to secret political organ
izations,, and :take the' Doctor's pills
ONE fad to be remembered. There
is not a:Republican paper in the State
that has approved of the course of the
Guerrilla organ or its faction of disor
Another fact to be remembered.—
All the Democratic papers that have
said anything about the political trou
bles in this county have spoken appro
vingly of the course of the Guerrilla
organ and its faction.
TEXAS and Mississippi hold their
elections on Tuesday, the 30th instant,
when 'their Constitutions are to be
passed upon, and State officers . , inclu
ding Legislatures, with Representa
tives in Congress, chosen ineich. The
contest in each is spirited; but there
is no dolibt' that the Constitution of
each will be ratified; the irn`scriptiire
clauses of the Mississippi instrument
being - I;Oted idown. No such were
framed in Texas.
TTIE Legislative "Rings" are already
at work dividing the offices. A. com
bination is forming to defeat the re
election of Mackey, for ,State Treasu
rer. Gen. Irwin, who was defeated for
re-election last winter, is again ,a can ;
didate. The 'Republican party— will
have'a majority in both Houses. Guer
rillaismgave the -Democracy, .the two
members frOm this dsstrict—no open
ing far:any Republican from the dis
trict for a, situation •on the Hill this
rible inining aceideut, almegt, equal in
extent to our recent Avondale horror,
occurred in an old silver mine, near
the city of Guanajuato, 111exiCo, on the
9th of October. While the miners,
with their wives and children who had
broaght them their meals, were eating
their dinner; an immense portion of
rock forming the roof of the chamber,
400 feet - in height, fell down and crush
ed them to death instantly. Over one
hundred" men, women and children
were thus crushed beneath 25,000, tons
of rock.
THE Guerrilla Organ says it is not
true that the men on the B.epuhlican .
county ticket were as much the nomi
nees of the party as were Geary and
Williams. - We can't seo the difference.
The delegate elections were ordered
by the Republican County Committee
--r Delegates were elected—they met in
County Convention and nominated the
men voted for by Republican party
men. Geary. and Williams wore nom
inated by delegates elected by county
organizations. The county organiza
tion is as much a party organization as
the State organization is a party or
GOOD , and prominent Republicans in
Blair, Cambria, Centre, .111.ifflin;"Junia
ta and Perry, our Congressional, Sen
atorial and Representative Districts,
are concerned about the "condition of
things" in the good old county of Hun
tingdon. The "situation" is ' bad
, snougb, and promises to be no better
In the next campaign, for we have the
promise of the Guerrilla Organ that
its faction will oppose the election of
any . men . not of their choice: If guer
rillaismriitorbo made respectable by
bestowing upon it the' best offices in
the gift'of our Senator and Congress
men, then the Republican . party will
not only have the Dembc,ratic• party
to contend with, bud,-also the-import
ant money offices in this Congressional
District. When Andy Joimeon Was
• working to defeat the RePubliCati.Par
ty be kept in or placed in office i3uch
men as were willing to work with hiM
—the Guerrillabenders aro doing tho
same thing—giving office to those only
who united with the Democrats to de
feat Republican nominees. The Guer
rillas bad better all get appointments
for they will have no show for an elec
tion to any office for some years to
'What is our county coming was
the exclamation of many, upoth'imar-
ind on Thursday, morning last: Of, the,
nesday night of'a s inipeCtable'family,l
near Pleasant Grovo..!' On Wednesday
night the trial Of fon; persona
cated in the murder of a Mr. Mackey
on Broad Top, had ended, and the
verdict of murder in the second de
gree was brought in 'by a jury that
had been listening to the evidence pro
and con for over a week. Aud
to think that immediately upon the
close of one murder trial came thnsad
intelligence that another murder far
transcending the previous ono in atro
city and extent bad been committed,
by two fiends in human shape,' and
within eight miles of our own firesides.
This intelligence was much more than
our citizens, accustomed to order and
quiet, could, comprehend, and gave oc
casion to many exclamations of terror
and reVenge.
~ No wonder our people
were excited,and no wonder they were
ready to lynch the culprits ere justice
could be meted by law; mid though
we do not encourage, yet we
do not wonder at the threats that
were heaped upon the heads of the
murderers as they were taken to the
jail from the depot, when our people
had learned from those who had been
at the Scene of the murder, the extent
of the crime that had been committed.
A generation has passed away since
the terrible murder was committed by
Robt. McConaughy, in the southern
end of our county ; but enough is told
by those who survive that period, and
enough is revealed by those who are
acquainted with the pirblished particu
lars of the murder of the family of Mr.
Brown, to assure our citizens that, the
murder of Mr: Peightal, wife and boy,
fully equals it in cruelty ; and we be
lieve that bad there been more of
them in the house, the fiend would
not have finished his work of slaugh
ter until none would have been left to
tell tho tale. What in the calendar of
crime is there to surpass the inhuman
' ity of the heartless villain, who, not
content with despatching three vic
tims of his malice with hatchet and
bullet; then deliberately piles bed
clothes upon them and sets them on
fire. This is fiendishness unparallel
ed—crime unmatched—deViltry un
heard of.
Our people can bettor understand
the nature of the crime than• those
abroad, who have no knowledge of the
innocent victims, and the magnitude
of tho deed has awakened great dread
within thorn. We know the world
had Many wicked people in it—we
knew and read of murders being com
mitted daily in other sections of our
land; but wo were npt prepared to
think that such a deed of ,unequalled
wickedness was ,being concocted so
near our own 'homes . and beloved
Another sad reflection upon the..r.e
cent murder is the object for which it
- was committed. The murderers _had
heard in an indefinite way that Mr.
Peightal bad money. They did not
know bow much—but, be it much or
little, all the inmates of the house
must be murdered in order to got it.
How true it is that "love of money is
the root of all evil," and how true, in
this case, has it been the incentive to
a most inhuman 'crime. How often
does the love of perishable lucre drive
reason from its throne, sear the con
science, and lead man to a felon's or a
suicide's grave.
In another column we publish as
true an account of the murder as we
could obtain from different sources, to
gether with the partial confession of
the murderers, 'and We forbear saying
anything more upon the subject at
present. A full confession may be ex
peched—froin both of the prisoners,
which of itself will bo a sad enough
commentary upon the folly of living a
life of sin and pertnittingan inordinate
desire for money to destroy judgment
and blacken the heart.
Wm WILL no IT ?—We want to bo
"interviewed." Where is the reporter
that would like to have,a sweet morsel
to roll under his tongue? We cordi•
ally and graciously invite the Phila
delphia Post or New York Suit repor
ter to come to Huntingdon and give
us a, downright, thorough "interview."
We want no half-way job made of it.
Pere Hyacinth has been "interviewed,"
eo has Brigham Young, Jr., and Col.
Mosby. The two latter told all they
,knew and made up the balance. We
are not aware that we know anything
that anybody would like to know any
thing at all about, so we would like to
be 'interviewed" just to see what we
do know. Who wants to boss the job?
Tui Peightal niriaer eqUabiiin atro
city and cold-Wooded fiendishness"the
horrible murder of the Brown family,
which took place in the lower part of
this conntY, in 1840, in which 'McCon
aughY'Was' the murderer. Many of
our readers will recollect that MWon
riughy• was the son-in law of John
Brewn,(Wlicilived on the Ridges about
five miles from this place,) arid ie or-'
der ~to„ possess himself of old Mr.
Brown'sfirm, ho went to work deli).
eretely and lo . tho most cold-blooded
manner Poisible, to kill the whole fam
ily, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Brown,
two daughters and three sons. All
were killed except old Mr. Brown,
who escaped after being shot through
the oar.
A large number- = of our renders do
not have, - ofiiiiiitunity to road the
Journal &;:iimericcpi I . for - the n form a••
lin of Eilfql Vt!o 2 copy from .that paper
of-last week a:few interesting political
, ;•.41 • • •
iaragraphs to:show'that our advanced
'pOsition against the Guerrilla clan was
correct. Mr. McDivitt writes from
the "Inner Circle"—he was "in," but
has been "dropped" because ho would
not continue to work up to the Guer
rilla programme. Read:
"We took issue with the Globe in its attack
upan'lktr. Logan, the Chairman of the Coun
ty Committee, believing that _he was acting
honestly in promoting the interests of the
party, and denounced him only when we dis•
covered that he had betrayed the trust confi
ded to him by the, party organization, and
was acting a treacherous part by circulating
bogus tickets and acting with guerrillas and
Copperheads for the defeat of the party."
* * * * *
"IVe speak what we do knots, when we say
that the opposition to the Republican ticket
organized inside of another 'ring' or 'League,
'one principle of which was to 'let no roan
inside, that words outside,' and that the object
was the - defeat of every man on the ticket
who had not been selected by the 'ring.' It
was conceded on the part of the 'council' that
no more 'favorable time' was ever presented
for the disruption of the party. The ele
ments wore all propitious. The prejudices
of the people against secret societies could be
appealed to, The well known personal en
mity existing between Messrs. Scott and
Woods would secure the co-operation of the
former; the Senator, though standing very
square on his dignity, could be reached at
the vulnerable point of his unrelenting and
vituperative nature; and in the 'glowing lan
guage of one of the moving spirets, 'Scott
could be used for this purpose'; Dorris would
'do anything Scott told him,' and Blair must
do likewise. Chairman Logan could be in
duced, 'by a promise front Scott,' to betray
the party and make use of his position to de
feat the ticket, and Cromer, fresh from his
defeat in Convention, was feeling ' sore'
enough to be used for almost any purpose. "
* * * * *
"The plans thus artfully laid and devised
were afterwards more fully matured, by a
secret conclave of 'lnner Circle' members
and 'outer court-worshippers,' held at Mr.
Cremer's residence, where it was agreed that
'negotiations should be immediately opened
up with the Democrats'„to defeat the Repub
lican ticket, and share the spoils. One of the
stipulations was that they (the Democrats)
should have 'anything they wanted, ; in con
sideration of their assistance in accomplish
ing the defeat of the objectionable part of the
ticket, namely, Messrs. Swoopo, Williamson,
rouse, Lamberson, and Richardson. A sub
sequent attempt on the part of the same party
to manipulato the County Committee, failed,
partially, on account of Mr. Swoope having
too many friends there, but•tho result of the
election proved that the 'negotiations' had
been effected. We were shortly afterwards
waited upon by a Committee—appointed, as
we•supposed, by this 'ring'—with a proposi
tion, which, from motives of self-respect, we
were compelled to decline. We were then
informed, in the expressive language of one
of the Committee, that we were 'too d—d in
dependent fur pour men;' that they 'had
money enough to start another, paper and
crush us out. Our answer was that 'they
lied money enough -to ehish , tie,' but'• Lot
enough to buy us,' and here then conference
* * * * *
"Mr. Cremer insitts that we are 'denying
the. existence of the so-called 'Peopled
League.' We are neither denying nor tar
t-ding it. Wo know nothing about it, further
than thecireutustance of hearing Mr. Scott
read, with considerable of flourish, what pur.:
ported to be the constitution of the same, be
fore the County Committee, while encouraged
by members of another secret League, noting
behind the seenetit. men whojispised.him,
and whom he in his heart despised, and who,
if they had been so minded, could easily have
furnished him with a document of like im
port, the property of another secret organiza
tion formed for the same purpose, and having
in view the saute oldect. If any of our read
ers, who are skeptical on this subject, will
call on us, we will satiety them 'beyond the
existence of a reasonable doubt.' "
* * * * *
"There never waS a greater humbug, on
as small a scale, as this hue and cry against
the 'Woods League,' gotten up no a 'stop
thief' cry by old political thieves themselves.
The men engaged in it have joined hands
with the Copperhends,and with them are now
dividing the spoils of office. They have de
ceived you once, and will do so again. The
only question is now, will you give them an
opportunity ? If so, then you may expect to
see every office in the county filled by Cop
perheads, and the county hopelessly given
over to the Democracy. We warned you
°nee, and our welds were prophetic—we
now take the liberty of •warning you; again,
against the men who, professing to be
publicans, aro traitors to the party, and faro
leagued with Copperhoadism for its defeat."
[`Ve•may expect (\labor light from
the oil Republican organ, now that a
family quarrel ha's commenced in ear
A Sad Affair,
.U.AmE,sroirt, N. S., Nov. 11..—This
usually quiet little town is this morn.
ing intensely excited by reason of a
very shocking and sorrowful occur
retie() which transpired last night.
There reside hero an elderly Quaker
and wife, who were in good circum
stances, so far as worldly goods are
concerned, and who held the esteem
of all the people of the town. Last
night their residence was entered by
two robbers, who proceeded to the
bedchamber of the old couple. They
summarily aroused the man and his
wife, and, making them get up, se
curely tied them to the bed-posts.—
Then they commenced to pillage the
house. While they were engaged in
ransacking the house, the old lady
managed to free herself, and running
to the window, jumped out. She was
so seriously injured by her fall as to be
unable to move. Her husband soon
after sot himself free, and securing his
gun. started in•search or the burglari
ous two, who it seems had fled with
their booty shortly before. Upon
looking out of the window, from the
ledge of which hie:, wife bad 'jumped,
ho saw prostrate on the ground a form
which he at-once supposed to be that 4
,of: a ,burglar. - . He discharged his gun;
and in a moment was horrified bjr'the
discovery that ho had shot his' wife.—
The contents of the weapon had
lodged in her breast, producing inju•
ries that will most probably prove
VIE Republican press of the State
don't recognize the Guerrilla organ, as
'a Republican paper. Its clan. stands
about as' fair with all true party men,
and thoy.feel it.
The,Detro!.tyree Press inentibei6 ue
an illustration' of . 'What can bO'nBoont-,
plished by industry and perseverance,
that "twenty years ago Henry Thom
son wasn't worth a cent.. To,-day he .
owns a hand-cart, and does hauling at
thirty cents per load."
The End."
doebt.ever existed in the
,Of_gopublictins, as , to . the fear
ntentibrCtifaticilounder, of the': Liter- -
ati and his folloWers, tiakdoilbti,Aust.
(after the piiblicathin - oixtlie..::anfiAlie.:.
tml letters) forever 'Viiniihrfi . o!f: - eop.: ,
test this fall for office has „eiihopolleil
them to show their cloven ffiot" bald
and bare. In the face of their declar
ationsto,t4,,,contrary ; in the teeth of
all their arnesi, - protestations" - of 'Re:
publicanism: CoVerecrover with pled
ges to the party and national princi,
pies; they disregarded all; voted and
elected men to office who declared
Opt !.iNo man can be a good citizen or
patriot without first-becornifig'a-Di3m
ocrat." . liatlOrrid treason I , What
do you think of it, Republicans ? This
is the and to .wbiCh. the Guerrilla
Chief's Republicanism leads; and be
cause you do not follow him and trans
fer yourselves over to the Democrats
you aro denounced • by that paragon,
of political honesty and principle, Theo
traitors to the party I
W. 11. W., has been pursued by him
and his followers- with the bitterest
malignity; and the vocabulary of
slander and defamation has been .ex
hausted to find epithets base enough
to describe him. And having done
all this these men claim to bo Repub
licans; they control our conventions,
make our nominations, and fatten
von party spoils.
We have some here endeavoring to
carry favor with the party while at
heart they are in sympathy and con
fidence with the followers of the Guer
rilla Chief They have,no claims upon
us, and while we aro anxious for a union'
of the party upon a proper basis, we
much prefer an open enemy to a se
cret foe. It is . useless to , cry. peace
where there is no peace. If men will
desert the party to secure the support
of a corrupt faction, they must expect
the just rewards of their treason.—
Honest differences:" of .opininti t , aro to
bo tolerated; but toleration must be
mutual; and political differences be
tween members of the same party, be
come so great as to lead a, faction,
professing to be Republican, to oppose
regular nominated candidates and to
rejoice at the.suocess of.the opposition
thoy prove themselves to be against
us, and wo will have nothing 'more to
do with them. .In this plain express
ion of our sentiments, we are support
ed by the masses of the party of this
county, and ;le, hope we are under
stood by those for whose benefit wo
The time for fishiness, has gone, and
ho who does not plant himself fairly
and squarely within the regular or
ganization of the party, will find that
when the time for recognition comes,
he is not "chosen." TODD.
Congress will have to• decide nine
teen contested elections. •.
'Me emigrant travothvertho Pacific
lisilroads is rapidly
The coal discovered in Lbaven worth
lies only 790 feet below the surface.
• A Germ . an ,fitriner in Mekelumne
county, Pill.,leedti his co*s on Bart
lett pears.
It is,computed •that in the United
States there is one mile of telegraph to
every three inhabitants.
The or`ange crop of• Florida is unu
sually promising. St John's river is
lined with trpves.loaded with fruit.
• In Worcester, Mrs.• Ann Shaw Green
was nominated fur the Governorship
by women sliffragans, and one woman
voted in spite of the officers.
in some of the .heathenish negro
tribes in Africa, when a man dice Ids
body is cut up and sold by auction as
butcher's meat.
Extensive fires 'recently ravaged the
Missouri prairies, devouring shocks of
corn, fences and haystacks. The fires
were communicated by the sparks
from passing locomotives.
Ito order was sent to a Chicago
bookseller which, among other things,
enumerated "Six Primitive Christiani
ty." it was sent back with the re
sponse pencilled opposite, the item,
"No Primitive Christianity to be found
in Chicago."
General B. F. Butler, on behalf of
the sailors of Farragoes fleet, has in
stituted a suit against the Government
for the prize money captured in New-
Orleans. The Government has thirty
days to prepare its defence; $1,009,000
are involved.
In a forest tree lately cut down in
Wisconsin, was found an Indian ar ,
row-head completely imbedded and
grown over. It appears, from count
ing the layers of wood over it, that
ninety years have elapsed since the ar
row which it Lipped was 61.10 t at the
According to_ the Court. Journal, a
lady thought it would look interesting
to faint away at a party, when one of
the company began bathing her tem
ples and head with vinegar, upon
which she suddenly started up and ex
claimed : "For Heaven's,sukc, put no
thing on that will change the color of
my hair !"
A murderer recently banged in New
Hampshire made the singular request
that a quartette of young ladies of that
city, who frequently sung for him af
ter his Conviction, remain in his cell
when he passed out, and sing while the
final preparations for his execution
were being made• He also asked that
no one related to his victim be a wit
pees of his death:
If it be true that Dr. Livingston has
discovered that ,one of, the Lsources.of
the,Nile rises tondegrees . south of the
equator, that river becomes the long
est in the world. The distance from
snob a southern latitude , to Cairo is
about equal, in an air=line, to the die.
tance from the mouths of tho blissis•
sippi to, Sitka, in Alaska, or to Uper
navik, in Gieeniand, or from the'lsth
mus of Panama•to the mouth of the
St- Lawrence River.
A few days since Captain Joseph
Coppage, while plowing in a field near
Naples, M., turned up a pot of gold
coin. Ile stopped his team, examined
tho glittering mAN closely, counted it,
and found it anioubtedrtg 0060;'''.110
'feared . the metal might possibly , have
been deposited Alien) by •counterfeiters
and might prove worthless. lie,took
it to Winchester, and sold it to one of
the banks for 85000 in greenbacks.
RedfOrtljajairer says: some time ago
Wiri:.;sl l :. , A4l6r . ;:itt,..the instance of
Miiifyilline'Aeating,, Was convicted of
seduction Alie resultol-whieh was im.
-priSontrieritriaild,fincii-tbe - first of which
be . se'rye'dfiiLthe',Ctiinty jail and for the.
Sec - osi'dik4dliniOlvency. On Monday,'
iti - Oortiti-;'While the authorities were
effecting an arrangement regarding
the plea of insolvency, the plaintiff
signified a desire to speak to the defen
dant, which he granted, and walking
across .the room-to where. she -was,
stooped down to hear what she bad, to,
say, when in the twinkling of an iy.;
she dashed an ounce of vitriol, which
she had in a tin cup, in his face. Part
of it flew into her child's face, burning
it badly.-- The,: defendant screamed,
plaintiff fainted, and the court room
was all uproar and excitement, no one
knowing what the matter really was,
some supposing defendant had been
stabbed. Judge King ordered the
plaintiff arrested and sent to jail. De
fendant wtt Feen.t to Dr.`Marb,Oarg'&
office, ;110,1 the 'child to Dr. - ,Reameeti•
office, 'for. Medical. - attention': At-last
accounts both parties were improving
very rapidly.
On the east bank of the North Riv
er, in Hampshire county, West Vir-,
ginia, is Sr ice - mountain from 400 to
500 feet high. Tho western side of this
mountain is boveiedwith loose stone,
of a light color, from base to summit.
By removing the stone, pure, solid,
crystal ice can be found in the warm
est days of summer, and it has been
found there as late as the middle of
September. It may exist throughout
the entire year if 'the- rooks were re
moved to a saficient depth. Whit
seems strange is, that the side of the
mountain rhere the ice ;slotted is ex the.sup throughout the day,
and it is said the san',does..not have as
much effect in melting the' ice as con
tinuous rains.
We learn, says the Times, that the
rate of postage between the United
States and England will very shortly
be reduced to 3d.—or six cents. This
measure has long been talked of, but
now it seems to have been finally de
cided ,on. Theresult will be. an im
mense addition to' the correspendence
between the two countries, and the
Post Office will in the end be richer,
instead .of poorer, for the change, Ev
ery reduction hitherto made has had
that result. The new rate will come
into,effect on 'the Ist of January next.
Poor immigrants will be the first to
benefit' by the wise policy of the two
.A Maine paper objects to 'the
way fairs are conducted, and wants
to know if there is any consistency in
paying five hundred. for the fastest
trotting horse,: and only ten dollars
for the best, wheat field' in 'WO coun
try. That query is very tirriely"and
in more latitudes than that of Maine.
[}state of 114.1nmin:JObutiortle ' rea . kg,V. 't
{prim undersiglictl Andnor :ppainted by the Court of
Common Plane of Huntingdon county to determine ex
ceptions to the account, o t Caleb Guyer, Committeo of
Benjamin Johnson,. lunatiellfsod report distrilmtion,
hereby giro notigenstrt.he will ,Alfend to tho Autie of
Isis appointment at hie °Mee In ?nun tintada, On WED.
N.EBDAIi, the 15th tiny of DECEAMEII,IB, nt 10 o'clock
A. hit, when god where 01l P'‘irious interested ore re
quired to present thoir claims or be debarred from ma-
Jog in fora sham o 1 the hind.
GLEN 11.15111.14..,
Estate of Nicholas 3111104 dec'd.
The rend, reigned. appointed kedlter,by• the. Court of
Common Pleas of 'Nati:3oon County, to dishabille the
fund in the handtiotthe Pherlff, arising from the enle of
the real estate f Nicholas. Miller, hereby rives notice
that ho mill attend to the dettics'of his appolietauluCtit
his Oleo in Huntingdon. on THURsDAY, the Mk thy
DEOHNIBEIL 1669. at, which timo.und lingo all penning
Interested are required , to preseht their• claims or be de.
barred from coming In for ashore of the fluid. •
Lien Scientific, Classical Institut.
This Institution is located at Shade Gap, Huntingdon
County. Pa., on the Nail route between Chamborsburg
and the llama Union &Mien a a the Penua3 /walla Rail
road, being thirty miles flunk the former. and seventeen
from the latter. There is a regular line of Stages between
these places and SIIIVIO Gap.
ho situation is one of the intent beautiful and healthy
in the State; people moral and religious ; and churches
convenient. The course of study Is thorough and
including iill the branches usually taught in our
Ataideini ea and Collages.
Aoard and tuition, her y0ie,51,5.0 ; Aneicit,ana Med
ern Language., Jostrutnental Music and other Orniunen
la I Branches, extra. -
511iiistere. eons and disabled Solid ier's recoiled at r.
duced prices. :Sze', tetra opens JANUARY fith, 11 , 70.
Fa• particulars, address, L. U. llltElte, A.
Nor. '25, 69, tr. Shade Gap, Huntingdon co., re.
' trn
From 85,00 to $150,00 a set.
. ,
marhularim GOOD fl
Notions, Ladies' Zephyrs, Kmit
Hood,s, Zephyrs- And Yarnsgpf all
kinds; heavy l'inkjßllteltßatVisi Cloth
for Ladies' Seeques, Shawls, double
and single, Corsets, Boulevard Skirts,
Dress Goods, Domestic Goods, Hats
and Cups,
thoueund and ono otherthinge, all cheaper than any oilser home in towu
10;000 buiholit of Wheat, Bye, Otte, and Coro,
tit tholluntingilon Strom .55111.
Iluot ingdon. Nov. 17,160 tf
1 7 1,_ [frsthtei of &rid Paterson, deed.]
Letters of administration, upon the estate of Darla
Caterson,lato , of Shirley tow nahip, Huntingdon county,
deceused,Aling beonkttinted underaigned, all pet
al,. indabted'to — tlieetititto 'irilrotako immediate pay
moot, anti thoso f Laving claims will present them for sot-
Benicia! ,
Aughwlek Mills, Huntingdon co.,
Burnt Cabins, Fulton co.,
norlo-60. Administratot a.'
all persons knowing themselves Indebted to the es
tate of Henry Elias, deed., either by note or book or..
Count, that the books nod papers ore in the hands of the
undersigned, Trustees of said ertato. Y, arty attention to
It Wilt cove cost and trouble.
Shirley tp , NLy.3.31 Truckee.
The "Globe" Job Office.
Valuable Farms For Sale.
BY virtue eon order of the Orphans'
Court of Blair county directail . to the!undereigned
administrators, there will be offered for sale at the Court
House In Ifollldayeburg,
On Wednesday, December, Bth, 1869,
AU the rent entnto of John Wertz, late of Catherine tp.,
Blair county, decd., coastating of TDB KE VALUABLE
BARBS, tr! t
. .
• ' z FARM NO. - .1.
A aplendid tract Milled (formerly owned by Walter
Graham, Esq. ' ) beautifully located on the Huntingdon
and Indiana turnpike, within one and a half (13.5) ndles
of the Penna. canal, in Canoe Valley, Blair county, ono
otthe bestlgraingrouing Talley' in the State. This farm
contains 800 ACRES of the beet limestone land, perfectly
Clear, and in a high state of cultivation. The Buildings
(Fonelaeof a largo Shinalon House and other dwelling
houses, a large bank barn, a grist mill with (water pow.
er,) and all necessary outb uildings for the farm.
• An unfailing stream of pure water flows through the
tract, and the home Is supplied by a fountain pomp with
good apring water. There are two good apple orchards
on the premises. There are four churches within cote
and to half milsarand the poet office at Yellow Springs
and school house within one-half mile rf the property.
Taken altogether, chid is - one - of the, Vat located farms to
Blair cenuty: • • ' •-• •
Situate on Clover ere. k, in Woodberiy township,Dlair
county, one and `a half (IM) miles east of the town of
Williamsburg, containing 1.50 ACRES of good limestono
load in good fanning order. On this farm is erected a
good atone Dwelling liouse, octane spring house, a bank
barn, n carriage house and corn cribs, and all the nuces•
nary outbuildings. An uncommonly lino spring of lime.
stone - vi nter, is near the bons% and beautifully:enolosed
with wall of cut stone. There is on this tract an 'excel
lent apple orchard in'good bearing condition. Schools
aid churches convenient.
Situate on the Juniata river one mile east of ) 30 . 11141 .0,
burg, Pa., containing about 160 ACHES.'on which
erected a brick Dwelling Ilona and bank barn. together
with all the neceesary, outbuilding,. Part of this Farm
Is a rich alluvial soli; tho other part' good limestone—
both in good *tato of cultivation... On this farm b also a
good apple orchard. Its proximity to the thriving town
of llollidayeburg makes this a very desirable Taunton.
I'DlMlS.—Onathird of the purchase moneyto Is paid"
on confirmation of the /ale, the othar twiethinis in tiro
equal annual payments with interest, to be esental - liy
the bond and tuovgage of the purchaser.
Further information can be , obtained by addressing
J. 11. lataTs ,
"Yellow Springs P. 0., Blair en., Pa. n010.3t
subseri6eioffers his new Grist
bull and Mill House, titillated In West township.
laid Mill Is situated in the heart of Shaver's Creek'
Valley; good grain country; has a good custom; Midis
within six Miles of the Penna. railroad.
For further particulars write or sin
,022 • Neff Mills, limit. 5.0., i.e.
Buy Lots from first handa at
Purchasers desiring to build can base 'very liberal
tonna as to pa ) meets. Now is the time to ;wrest. Ap
ply to [3y2111) It. ALLISON SlM.Llilt.
`'lB'iMrse Power: " -
For particulars address J. W. DICKERSON or
- Bedford, Fenno,
4. 4 4 4
Ladies and Gentlemen's Sizes,
Ahso "4 - '
TheNourist or Grant Hat
AT.r7: ?: r,
liaßUPgall 011 1 watmuon
llrßriNopos, PA
' FOB; ; • • • •
Ilan removed to the second floor in Bead's New Build.
leg, %here he intends to keep constantly or baud the
latest styles of •
Being a practical workman of many years experience
ho is prepare& to make to order Clothing for men'and
boys, and guarantee neat, durable and fashlemable work.
mauship. He is determined to plemooverybedy.
.fa- All are invited to call e!nil examine my new
stock of beautiful patterns before purchasing eisewher!
Huntingdon, Oct ' . 4
Candy -Manufactory ,
TILE undtirsigned have fitted up a
lirst.class aeon] BAKERY the Castilian Garden
on Church Wirt, and are prepared to furnish all kinds
Plain and Fancy CAKES, &c ,
In huge or small quantities, at reasonable prices.
, We would call especial attention of country dealers to
• We manufacture all . kinds of Fancy and Common Con
fectioncries. equal to any that conies from the city, and
are prepared to fill largo 'or small htders on short notice
'We also keep on band a Imp and constant supply of
which they will furnish at reasonable rates.
The proprietors flatter themselves that it needs hat a
Biai to convince tlsornost sceptical, and please rho' most
We respeitfally solicit a liberal chars of publi c patio-
nage. and shall endeavor to merit, its continuance.
5e1,1869 SUMMERS Sr, REILEY.
A complete rocket, Ready Iteelninee, InAollars
and cents; to which are added, forms- of Notes, Re.
velpts, Potitlons, &C., together with a sot of useftd• tables
contalnlng,Fate of interest frdm ono dollar to twelvetbou
and, by the single day, Will, a table of wages, and bowd
by:the week and day, , fqr sale at
„ . .
. r.- buy CLOPPIIING 6cm me le Huntikdon et
,WIIOLESALE es cheap es they.caulu the
cities, as have a wholesale etcre' nilndelph
~Vil.r i~f' 2~:i~JY~;~s
XC., (be , A., ( ta, &o„
fi . 1
TO T 11.13
i.,, . .._
- I . '
'1 I'l
IR !I 1
01140 N: