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Virednesdak morning,.Sept. 22,1.869.
The "Globe" has ilud laryist 'lumber of
readers of any other paper published in the
county. Advertisers should remember this.
JOIN N. SWOOPS, Alexandria.
T. F. MnbOT, Lewistown. ' •
MILTON S: 'LYTLE, Huntingdo'n.
,F. 8. FPUSE, iluntibgdon:
W. McK..WILLIAMSON, Huntingdon
BARTON GREEN, Bariee tos6iship
`;`_itfit:::CLOßE. l .!
Fifty Cents for Thiee IVlooths.
The:eampaign promises to be lively,
interesting and important„lid we
prop's() to t,alio, Subscribers for : lhe
earivaign,'or three months, for Fifty
Cents, in UdVapee... Our friends will
aid the cause by helping to circulate
Tine GT;ouu: -. ; 'Ail the nominees, State,
District and County, shall have our
MA's the Globe the sworn eneusy„of all
who are outside of a certain secret organize
tion.—Cre2ner's Republican.
No:- The . Globe is the sworn politi
cal enemy,ofall disoFganizers inside or
outside.of any "ring" or combination,
secret or open. •
Iterlithe memberii Of the disOrgani
zars'"ring" refuse to sign a paper_ de•
sying that they are members of 4 se
cret,.politinfil Society, would it not be
considei•ed piettretrong evideucethat
they are members of such a society -7
That is just the "situation.":
. Thgt.Theo; It `Cromer charges that
theltepublican ; Conventicin was con
trolled by fraud, bargain and eale, be
cauge it did not nominate him' and de
feat. somebody else. Does Mr.- Cro
mer deflY prof:l:Used .to give al
delegate money? Who tried to 'buy
ia orritliatien. 7
'419,,,The disorganizersldisrmte- the
right of 'a County committee to remove
ofr - appOirtt , a chairman'. A consity
committee is the recognized head of a
party organization and as such has a
right to Ir s esitov,e any man from the
committee who is not 'willing to - stet
with' and fOr.the success of thet:
par y,
.and fill his place with a hatter man;
.The Democrats are assured by
the disorganizers that they will exer
cise enough influence with Republi
cans in the county to defeat a portion
of the Republican ticket, if they, the
Dereoprats, nominate a tioket.—
ThoPemocrats will not be slow tp,ac-,
cept such an opening if they can see it. It
would not be the first time 'the same
disorganizers deceived the Democrats.
itis..Cremer don't like to heat him
self and political - ebnipaiiiens, called
disorganizers. "; Pray, 14 hit else 'are
they. Are they not. trying to disor
ganize the party defeat five
good party Republicans placed in nom
ination by a Republican County Cori
v.ention,? ; Of coarse- they are
ganizers; and very mean ones at that.
geli; as a
paper, open'our columne,to:Democrat
ie candidates as to open them 'for .the
Use of the guerrilla candidates. Both
would expect to use our celtimps' to
pp:moatheir political interests to the
injury;of.the candidates it is our duty
tie party liaper to'support, Because
a'maia, may t 6
shOuld not give him, right =tq„ claim
the use of our columns, to defeat our
ticket. -',Guerrillas and disorganisera
liaverie'peliticatrights party
organization. ',: They are 'outside as
soon as they refuse, to support party
nominations. They cannot remain in
the party:siren' by toleration.
izE.-The meeting at the Court House
on Wednesdiii - l0;,Of committee then
appointed In acoorince with a relit)•
lution of the Republican County Con.
vention, was'larger than woo expected
to see, because we litii;W . -that'' efforts
had p . eoi made: by . . the disorganizers
'to keep committee men away`,:, ; . Smile
thirty Committee men were . present,'
wfth4l'six a# • manyas attended the
' meeting hi' "Aly Committee:" Their.
• • • ••
,*ercipto 7 .,disorgatiiiers had
no business-there , :the new Chairman
will soon able:to' fill the Committee
with men prOperlY appointed and who
will be true to th . 6 . _party. lieldgates
to the August Convention are exp,ect•
ad to send him _the aameS "Of ' gentle
men they wish' to serve' as committee
men for their districts.
"The• Republican."
The now piper—the disorgAiZers'
organ—the mouth-piece of Sinnflilmta
to Andy Johnsouisp—has mado.its ap
pearance with Thcio. Cromer is Ed-_
itor and Publisher. The paper . is pub
'shed at Mt. ;Union and -Huntingdon.
"The Republican" is only Republican
in name—not in party or principlo.—
It supports but a -part of the County
and District. ticket. :It etits Swoope,•
Fouse, Lambertson, WK. Williamson,
and Richardson, five life-long Republi
cans, and supports McCoy, Smucker,
Lytle and Green. It supports these
men because the "ring" had no objec
tions to them beforo they were nomi
nated, and opposes the oth'er gentle
men on the ticket - ,b4a - use the ring"
was opposed to thembefore they wore
nominated. Mr. Cramer, after 'hold
log office for twelve years, wanted to
get' in again,
_hut was defeated - by a
wounded soldfor and a worthy ,and Ho is not willing to
_submit to nominations he does not
like; and he is foOlistrenough to believe
thatlie can,deceive' enough Republi
canal() give the victory to the Demo
cratic candidates to be nominated in a
few days. He names his paper "The
Republican"! That's stealing the Hy.:
ery of Heaven to serve the devil in.—
And he asserts that he circulates 2500
copies of his Rpublican. That num
her:costs more Money than subscribers
will over'iniy, or the "ring" will ever
contrihnte,and the,only conclusion any
man , Can come to is, that the, Packer
fund or Governinent plunder must pay
expenses—to do what? to disorganize
and defeat the Republican party in the
county and district, and perhaps in the
State.; We are sorry to say it—Scott,
Dorris, B. X. Blair, and others, helped
to start Crenier's'AuCrilla, sheet. True
Republicans of the county, watch the
disorganizers, and do not permit them
to poison your township organizations.
THE DIETERENCE.—Last year when
Mr. Weaver was Chairman of the Re
publican County Committee, an at
tempt was made to pack it for him,
but he took the responsibility and
placed upon* the Committee all names
sent him by delegates, and where they
failed to give him names he selected
committee men himself. The Com
mittee was a good one and all worked
in. harmony for the snceeSs of the tick
et, but Mr.'Weaver did not fail being
denounced by the " ring" as rt,Woods'
man—and why? Because he would
not be-controlled by men who wanted
to-defeat Sheriff Neely, and who pack
eil Logan's Committee, and now Want
to defeat five gentlemen nominated by
the late Republican Convention. Last
year, with a true Republican as Chair-
man, the disorganizers could not get 11,
foothold for mischief, hut with Logan
they have been able to start an Andy
Johnson organization and an Andy
Johnson organ. Last • year by this
time in the. campaign- the Republican
party,•was working for success—now,
Logan's Committee is working to de
feat the party. Thanks to the corn•
mittee men who met in the Court
Souse on Wednesday last, for.the firm
stand they have taken to save our
party- from defeat. The Chairma n
they selected has brains—honest Re
publican brains, and can't be influenced
by the disorganizers to do anything to
defeat the Republican ticket.
* If the disorganizers were always
honest in their opposition to secret po
litical Organizations, why is it that the
fight was not made months ago, so
that the people could have had the
"light" when they elected their dele
gates. Before that time the " ring"
which for years controlled nominating
conventions still hoped to be able to
rule, bet, failing, they are now deter
mined to ruin: If there is a secret po
liticarorganization in the county, we
believe some at least of the loaders of
the disorganizers are prominent mem
bers of it. The secret political society
excitement ie only used as a•hobby by
personal enemies of rising men to in
jure them; If ThOo. ll:Cremer had
been nominated at the late Convention
does any sane man suppose he would
be publishing a guerilla sheet to-day ?
Not. a bit of it. The nominations
would Live
,been all right, and he
Would have worked for the success of
the party. • But ho was uotE nomina.
ted, and because he was not nominated
he is willing to join hands with , other
traitors to the Republican party to de
stroy it. There is nothing ,in the so
cret.political society fuss to frighten
us from our duty to our party and its
ticket. After the election is over will
be time enough to hunt for . ghosts.
*a_ The vote in - "My Committee"
on the motion to nominate a new tick
et stood 60 nays to 16• yeas. The sdis
organtzeis organ ;says that •if 'Rm.
ingham,'Warriorsmark; Franklin,Mor
rig and JackeO6 hadibeen represented
the majority would probably been
on the . other side, and a new ticket
would have been put bp—probably
Mr. Cromer for Prothonotary.' What
,a,misf,ettene it .wasthr Mr. Cremer
.that those• townships ` didn't. ceme • up
•to . the actatch. But who has author
ized Mr. Cremet to say that the Re
publican'. toWnehips named would have
proved talse , party• nominations i:—
Were committee men selected' in , those
townships-to dolhe • bidding of disor
ganizers Y •
"The old woman's peddler is :again
at worlr,"—this tithe as a disoriranize
of the Republican party.
"My Coiximittee,"
We wish every Republican in the
county could have been in.,,the Court
House on ; Wednesday last when M. M.
Logan, Chairman. of fel* Committee,"
was Speaking to members : of the Re
publican County CoMmittee he refused
to recognize as Cotninittee men. Ho
did not.speak of the Committee over
which he preside& as the Republican
County Committee—no—it was "My
Committee"—M. M. Logan's Committee
—packed for him by his "ring" of .dis
organizers. If ever M. AL Logan felt
mean and dirty it was then, . when
even the boys in the. Court Room
laughed at his impudence. "My Com
mitt ee"—a Committee intended to rep
resent and speak for the Republican
I party of the county to be known only
as ".My Committee." Why, Mr. Logan
must thinlc, that some men are only
dogs, , and that "My Committee" are a
pack of dogs to do his bidding—or,
rather the. bidding of the men who
are using him. "MY Committee !"--
white men, "MY Committee," to do
my dirty work, and the work the
Chairman of "my Committee" has
agreed for a price to have done. The
Republican party of the county have
new properly organized a Republican
County Committee with a reliable Re
publican, Mr. D. M. PAINTER, as Chair
man, and "my Committee" can attend
exclusively to the interests •of the
"ring," or secret society of disorgan
izers. "My Committee" is not the
Committee appointed by the Delegates
who unfortunately for Mr. Logan elec
ted him Chairman. But as he has re
pudiated the party, it was very prop
er for the Republican County Commit
tee on Wednesday last to repudiate
him and put in his' place an honest
party man:
terAir. Cromer attempts to justify
his, and the course of his associate dis
organizers, by referring to our course
when we defended Andy Johnson in
his attempt to disorganize the Repub.
lican party. We were wrong then—
so said Cromer, Scott, Dorris, and the
whole "ring." We are right now,
fighting for the Republican organiza
tion and its ticket. But where do we
find the "ring"—the gentlemen who
wore true party men then 7 We find
them in our old shoes playing disor.
ganizers. What we were then Cre
rner & Co. are now—nothing more,
nothing less. How do you like our
cast-off shoes, say ? If the Democrats
would be willing to take you we would
offer you to them cheap.
We understand that Chairman
Logan has selected speakers to travel
the county to enlighten the voters as
to their duties in the present campaign.
The voters should know that Mr. Lo
gan is no longer Chairman of the Co.
Committee—ho is only Chairman of
"My Committee" packed by the ring
of disorganizers. D. M. Painter is
Chairman of the , Republican County
Committee, and we can assure the vo
ters that ho will not select any man
to, speak at public meetings who will
not pledge his support to the whole
ticket. We hope all disorganizers will
bo sent home with a mighty big flea
in their car.
thinks the delegates who voted against
him were bought, or influenced against
him by a secret order. Does ho know
that the Republicans of the county
think he has had a full share of office.
He is certainly old enough to know
that there are many other men in the
county at least as worthy of holding
office as he is. There was no combina
tion to nominate you, was there, .11.1.
Cromer Your caucussing with the
"ring" was for another purpose— per
haps. Perhaps to discuss the quality
ofyour --well that's your business.
Our Early Rose rotted.
Ds_ We can hear of but very little
dissatisfaction in the party in any part
of the county with the Republican tic
ket. Not more than we have heard in
former years. There always will be
somebody disappointed; but if the to continue successful, the mi
nority must submit to the will, of, the
majority. To disorganize and defeat
a ticket one year, will disorganize and
defeat the ticket for year after. We
don't believe that the guerilla Republi
can, or the "ring" of disorgauizers can
influence the Republicans of this coun
ty to defeat their party organization
and their ticket.
Stir Thoo. If. Cramer says wo now
"worship a little king in the 'woods.'"
Why not speak out plain and say wo
are a warat-friend 4 of, Wm. H. Woods.
We ard,flot aelitimed of-the - company
WO keep. • Wo know Mr: Woods to be
an earnest and true Republican—a so.
ber, iridustrious, honest man, 'arid
hard worker for the success - of Repub
lican nominees. He does, not wait to
work for himself—he works for the
ticket no matter who may be nomina
ted. W. H. Woods is too well known
to bo struck down by a gang of Andy
Johnson disorganizers.
lam' Henry A. Mark of Juniata
township, defeated for County Auditor
in the late Republican Convention is a
disorganizer and ono - of the packed
Committee. Ho wants the Democrats
to put up a ticket thatle' may have
somebody to vote for: Henry is ill:
-ways on hand for an office. He would
not refuse a nomination for any office,
from rPresident down to a township
Post Master.
Ser Wo think Abe "Literati" expose
is likely to go a little further than
was intended by. - a•number of the lead
ing disorganizers. We are now col
lecting names of-tho most prominent
men paid to have been sworn in, and
alk r idtb a few eiceptions aro disorgan
izers. But we suppose they agreed in
secret caucus to try to escape the
wrath of the people by trying to fas•
ten the secret society upon Woods and
his friends. We shall see what we
shall see—as the fight now stands the
disorganizers are in very muddy wa
M—Thco. H. Cromer, ever since ho
left the last office he held in the coun
ty, has not been known by the work
ing men of the party. He has been
an old fogy in politics for some years=
never having time or the inclination to
work very hard for the success of any
body but himself. He has now turn
ed up again—getting hungry for an
other office—and by the time ho gets
through reforming the Republican par
ty wo think he will have earned what
be will got—a back seat with others of
the "ring." •
ler The editor of the Globe clung to An
drew Johnson and fell with him to the same
low depth.— Cremes Republican.
Admitted. We fell out of the party
with Johnson but recovered with Gen.
Grant on a more liberal platform, and
now you, Mr. Cramer, and your "ring"
of associate disorganizers, aro doing
just what caused our fall three years
ago. Our fall should hare boon a warn
ing for you for the balance of pier short
life, but your disappointment in not
getting more political bones to pick
has made you desperate and you are
willing to try your hand at breaking
up.the Republican party, -You and
all who are deceived by you will land
just where we did, outside of the Re
publican party, and then you'll have a
time getting back into good standing
with the party.
Death of General Rawlins.
The death of General JOHN A. RAW-
Luis, the Secretary of War, will be re
ceived throughout the Republic with
deep sorrow. It took place at 4 o'clock
and 12 minutes on Monday afternoon,
the 6th inst. His disease was hem
morrhage of the lungs, with. which he
was taken down two or throe months
ago, the foundation of which was laid
during his exposure in the war, in
which he was- actively engaged for
over four years. He was only thirty
nine years of "age; being the youngest
man who ever occupied a seat in the
cabinet. He was a native and citizen
of 'lllinois. He was a graduate of
West-Point, and entered the army in
March, 1861. He was soon made a
brigadier-gen'4llll of . volunteers, then,
majoiv,eneral,:)alao major-general by.
brevet in the regular army. His mil
itary record was brilliant and Memor
able. GRANT aeon SSW his worth and
placed him at the head of his personal
staff. A short time after General
GRANT was inaugurated as President
hO called RAWLINS to the head of the
War . Department, having the utmost
confidence in hi& ability, industry and
faithfulness. He did not belie this
confidence. On the contrary the
President saw more and more in him
to challenge the friendship and affec
tion entertained for him. He was
brave and discreet, and never shirked
a duty or failed in the performance of
it. Indeed there are few men the
President could afford to lose both in
a personal and an official sense.
The President was at Saratoga when
he was informed of the critical condi.
tion of his friend and cabinet minister,
and ho lost no time in setting out for
the capital - Ho left Saratoga at 5:40
r. ax., and traveling all night, reached
Washington at five o'clock Monday af
ternoon, too late to find his comrade
and friend alive.
On the day before his death, the
General made his will, was baptized
by Rev. Mr. WILsoN, of the Methodist
Episcopal church, and partook of the
sacrament. His wife is in Connecti
cut where she is sick and unable to
travel. Only a few days before, too,
she lost her infant, the burial of which
could not be attended by its father.
His death-bed is represented to have
been most solemn, surrounded as it
was by the members of the cabinet,
and other high officers of the Govern
ment, and personal friends. His sud
den and unexpected death is a severe
loss in a public and private sense, and
especially in a , public and private
sense, and especially in. the domestic
circle, and his memory will bo cher
ished as long as true patriotism, a
dauntless 'spirit and an' honest heart
are classed among the virtues of man.
Ex.Secrotnry Stanton and his fami
ly aro at Wolfsboro - dgh, Vt. Mr.
Stanton, says icorrespondent, "is but
a shadow of his former self. Ho refits
quietly upon the piazza, watching his
children at their play, a contrast to
the vivacity orthe other guests, or ho
walks now and then slowly, sometimes
with assistance. He is thin and pale,
and in ; low, feeble tones responds to
the .cordial greeting of others. -But
his smile is as pleasant as ever. - His
gentle wife attend" him always." ,
Mrs. Catharine Washington died in
Delhi township, Harrison county,
Ohio, Saturday morning, aged eighty
years. It is, plaimed she was a rela
tive of President Washington. Her
maiden name was Washington, and
she married a man named Washing
ton. She was born and was married
on the Washington estate in Culpep
per county, Virginia. She leaves two
sons bearing the name of Washington.
When Asa Packer was' a Represen
tative in Congress the vote on the bill
to admit Kansas stood 100 yeas to 97
nays. Asa Packer voted no with the
pro-slavery politicians of the South.
. ,
The Berlis county Democracy are
divided-into at least a dozen little fac
tions. F i t'lery' prominent politician of
that party in the county heads a dif
ferent division.
The Democrats have' nominated for
Treasurer of•Luzerno county a man
who can neither road nor write.
Jour.' BELL died at Nashville, Ten_
nesse°, on the 10th inst., at the ago of
72 years.
NAPOLEON nas boon quite unwell
for several weeks, and abdication in
favor of his eon is talked of.
Meetings are being held in all the
principal cities for the relief of the fa
milies of the deceased Avondale miners
The packet Phantom exploded her
boiler last week — hear New - Liberty,
Illinois, and killed four mon,and woun
ded eight. •
The Indians continue to commit
depredations in New Mexico. Women
and children have been murdered, and
much stock driven away.
It is said that from fifteen to twen'.:
ty thousand children are roaming
about the streets of New York, and
never. attending school.
Jennio Lind has become quite poor.
Her husband has squandered most of
hor fortune. thought she VA!
opon a school for opera- singers In
hours-hundred MbrmOns,- mostly ill
tires of New Englund and Wales, lan
ded at Castle Garden, NeW York, , on
the 6th inst., all hound for Salt Lako
JOSEPH WIYDER, - who-shot--Riebard
D. Carter on Saturday the 4th inst.,
at Fairmount Park, committed suicide
in the Moyamensing prison on the
night of the 7th inst. ,
A destructive storm passed over
Boston and a portion of Massachusetts
last week, causing a destruction of
property to the amount of $5,000,000.
The Boston Coliseum was seriously
A railroad accident, occurred on the
Central Ohio Division of the Balti-
more railroad on the Bth inst., by
which three persons were instantly
killed and two others seriously. injur
A LroN in a menagerie in Madris,
which had - its tail badly mutilated by
a tiger in a neighboring cage, was
saved from death by mortification by
medical treatment. It tool{ five oun
ces of chloroform.
at Portland on the Bth inst., from the
effects, it is believed, of the poison so
mysteriously administered to the
guests of the National Hotel in Wash
ington some years ago. He was in
his sixty-third year of life ,
Not long ago we undertook' to in
terpret the Ps for which the' Democra
cy clamor 'so 'loudly thus—Packer,
Pershing, and Plunder. We have an
other version, which, in the light of
recent developments, seems to us to
be more appropriate—Parsimonious
Packer's Puree. .
[Estate of Snmuol Dunlap, deed.]
Letters of administration. upon the estate pf Semite
Donlan, late of Tod tosaship, Huntingdon county,:Pa.,
deceased, brining bean vented to the undersigned, all prr
nulls indebted to tint eltuto will make inurwilate pay
meet, and those Lasing claims will present them for net
THE subscriber offers his new Grist
min and 31.11 House, situated in West township.
Said Mill is equated in the heart of Ehafer's Creek
Talley; good main country; has a good custom; and is
within six miles of the Penna.railroad.
For further particulars rite or nen
t 022
, Bell Mills, Hunt. to., Pa.
623 Market St., Philadelphia.
WILL bO eirioeed to Public 'Sale
nt the late resie.enco of Christian rrico, dec'd.,
On Saturday, 16th of October, 1869,
The following real estate described as follows : Ad
joining lands of Tinmaa Ashman on the east, on th.
north by lands of Peter Secrist, on the west by Janda o
McMullin, and on the south by lands of Rock MI
Iron Works, containing 140 ACRES, mere or:Jess,
The improvements consist of a frame Dwelling House
and Bank Baru, double Wagon Shed, and a good Apple
Orchard, bearing fruit. Also, a number of peach, pear
and cherry trees. A leo, a never-failing spring of water,
a good well of water in tho yard. Two streams of water
ruts through tho promises. Iron ore and good limestone
on the farm.
Pule to commenco nt 2 o'clock, when terms will be
anode known by the widow and heirs of Christian Prico,
ee22 Mapleton Depot.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 18619.
Pursuant to an act of (ho General Assembly of the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act rola.
tiog to the elections of this Commonwealth," approved
the second day of July, Anne Domini 1930, 1, D. 11.:P.
DID LY, High 'Sheriff of die coon y of Huntingdon,
Pennsyviania, do hereby make known and give notice to
the electors of the county aforesaid, that an election will
be held in the said county of Huntingdon, on the let
Tuesday after the second Monday of October, (being the
12th day of OCTOBBIO at which limo the following of
ficers will be elected:
One person for the office of Governor of the Common
uenitit Pennslvanin. f
One person for the office of Judge of the Supromn tlourt
of the Commonwealth of Pennosylrantla
Two persons to represent the counties of Huntingdon,
Juniata and Mifflin, in the Homo of Represontatives of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. -
Ono person for the office of District Attorney of Hunt
ingdon county. ' •
One person for the office of Prothonotary of Hunting
don county.
One person for the office of Register and Recorder of
Huntingdon county.
One person for the office of Treasurer of Huntingdon
county. • •
Ono persons for tine office of County Commissioner of
Huntingdon county. .
Ono person forqbe office of. Director of the Poor of
Huntingdon county.
One person for the office of Auditor of Huntingdon Co.
In purettanco of said net, I also hereby stoke known nod
give notice, Hint the places of holding the aforesaid Bps
clot elections in the several election districts within the said
county of Huntingdon. are ns follows, to wit:
let district, composed of the ton nehip of Henderson, nt
the Union School House.
21 district, composed of Dublin township; at Pleasant
Hill School house, near Joseph'N4lson's, in said township.
3d district, composed of so much of Harrionimark town
ship, its is not included in the 10th, district, at rho school
house adjoining Ws town of Warrioremark. n r
4th district, composed,of tho township of Hopewell, at
Rough and Ready Furnace. ' • - •
6th district, composed of the township of Barrett ' nt the
house of James Livingston, in the town of Sattlsburg, in
said township.
oth district, composed of Uso borough of Shirleysburg,
and all that pert of the township of Shirley not included
withln'the limits of District No. 24, as hereinafter men
tioned and deem [bed, at the house of David Fraker, decd,
in Shirleysburg.
7th district,composed of Porter and part of Walker town
ship, and so much of West township as is included ip the
following boundaries, to wit: Beginning at the south-west
corner of Tobias Cnufman's Farm on the bank of the Little
Juniata slyer . , to the lower end of Jackson's narrows,
thence in a northwesterly direction to rho most southerly
part of the farm owned by Michael Maguire, thence north
40 degrees west to the top of Tussey's mountain to lutes
soot the line ot Franklin township, thence along rho said
kilo to Little Juniata rival., thence down the same to the
place of beginning, at rho public school house opposite'tho
German Reformed Church; in the borough of Alexnnilria.'
Bth district, amnposed of Cis township of Frahltliti, At
tine lionse'of Geo. W. Matters,, in said township.
Oth district, composed of Tell township, at the Union
school house, near the Union Mooting house , sahl tap.
10th district, composed of Springfield township, at the
school house, Ilene Hugh 51afilleies, in said township.
, .11th district, composed of Union township; at Grant
school house, in the borough - of Mapleton, In said Inv."
12th dlstrict,composed of Brady township, et the Can
school house, in said township..
13th district, - composed of 510:Tie . , tOisashjp, at public
school tibiae No. 2, lie said township..
14th district, composed of that part of West too
not Included In Ills and 26th dlstriets, at the pitlitiO school
house on thu fin m now owned by Miles Louis, (formerly
owned by James Famis,) In said township.
1511, dist, ict, composed of Wlllizer township; t the louse
of Benjamin Magally, In sPCSlniclintown.
16th district, composed of him too midi, of Toil, fit Gm
Green school 'loon, in said tow whir.
17th district, composed of Oneida township, at the house
of Williem Long, Warm Springs.
18th districL composed of Cromwell township, at the
house now occupied by David Etnire, in Orbisonia.
lath district, composdd of the borough of Birmingham,
with the several tracts of land near to and attached to the
same, now owned and occupied by Thomas M. Owens, John
K. McCaltan, Andrew Robeson, John Oenslmer and Wm.
Gonsimer, and the tract of land now citined by George and
John Shoenberger, known as the Porter tract. situate in
the township of Warriorsmatk, at the politic school house
In sold borough. •
20th district, composed of the:township of Coss, at the
public school house in Cassville, in ealdlow
21st district, composed•of the township of Jackson, at
the public house of L•'dtuard 'Attlee, at McAleavy's Fort,
In said township.
22d district, composed of the township of Cloy, at the
public school house it: Scottsville.
23d district, composed of the township of Penn. nt the
public school boos° in Matlclosburg, in said township.
lute district, composed and created as follows. to wit:—
That all that part offltirley tqwnaltip. Huntingdon coun
ty, lying and being within the- following described boun
daries, (except the hot ought of Mount Union,) namely:
Beginning at the intersection of Union and Shirley
township lines with the Juniata river, on the south aide
thereof; thence along soh( Union 'township line for the
distance of tine,: miles from said river; thence east
wardly, by n straight line, to the point where the main
from Eby's mill - to Germany valley, crosses the sutnmit of
Sandy ridge; thence northwindly along the summit of
Sandy ridge to the river Juniata, and thence up said river
to the place of beginning, shall hereafter form a separate
election district; that the qualified voters of said election
district shall hereafter hold their general and township
elections in the public school house in Mount Union, in
said district. . - - . .
25th district, composed of all that part of 'the Borough
of Huntingdon, lying east of Bath street, and also all
those parts of Walkerond Porter townships, heretofore
voting In the Borough of Huntingdon, 'et the asst win
dow of the Court House, in said Borough.
26th district, composed of all that past of filo Borough -
of Huntingdon; lying west of Beth •street, nt the west
window-of the Court House, in said Borough. -
27th district, composed
.of the borough of Petersburg
and that part of West township, west and north of a lino
between Henderson and Weet townships, nt or near the
Warm Springs, to the Franklin township line on the top
of Tussey's mountain; so as'M inchide in the new district
the houses of David Waidlinrith. Jacob Longenecker, Thos. ,
Hamer, James Porter, and Jelin Wall, et the school-honed
In the borough of Petersburg.. • ' ;
28th district, composed ofJimieta township, at the house
of John Peightal, mn this lands of Henry Isenberg.
29th district, composed of Carbon township, recently
erected out of a part of the territory of Tod township, to
wit: commenting at a Chestnut Oak, on the summit Ter
race mountain, at the Hopewell township line opposite rho
dividing ridge, in the Little Valley; thence south fifty-two
degrees, east three hundred and sixty perches, to a atone
heap on the Western SUmmit of Broad 'fop' mountain;
thence north sixty-coven degrees, east three litindre I and
twelte perches, to a yellow 'pine; thence south fifty-two
degree% east seven hundred end seventy-two porches, to a
Chestnut Oak; thence south fourteen degrees, east three
hundred and fifty one perches, to a Dlicstnnt at the cast
end of Henry S. Green's laud; thence south thirty-one and
a half degrees ' east two hundred and ninety-four perches,
ton Chestnut Oak on the summit of a spur of Broad Top,
on the western side of John'Terrel's farm; south, fixty
fiTO degrees, east nine hundred and thirty-four perches. to
a stone heap on the Clay township line; at the Public
School House, in the villngo'of Dudley.
30th district, composes' of the hos ough of Coelmont, at
the public school loose in said borough. • . - -
3101' district, composed of Lincoln township, beginning
at a pine on the summit of Tussey mountain on the line
between Blair and Hontlngile» counties, thence by the
division line south. fifty-eight degrees east seven hund
red and ninety-eight perches to a black oak in middle of
township; thence fovty-two and one half degrees east
elght. hundred oud - f,wo perches to a pine on summit of
Terrace; thence-by; Mee/Tod toviriship to eornerof Perin
township; thence by tho lines of the township of Penn to
the summit of Tuseey mountain; thence along, said sum
mit with line of Blair county to placo of beginning, at
Coffee Run School House.
31st district, composed of the borough of 3ffipieton, at
the Grant school house in said borough.
33d district, compose&of the borough of Mount Union,
at school home NO. 1, in soid borough.
34th district, composed of the Borongli of trona Top
City, at the public Seticad,flonse, in said Borough.
I also limbo l: obis and give notice, tin in and by the
13th section of the pro' clink' act I ant directed, that 'rev.
cry person, excepting,' uktices of ' this pence, who shall
hold any office or appointment of profit or trust under
the government of the United States, or of this State, or
of any city or corpoi ated district, whether a commission
ed officer or agent, who is or Anil he employed under
the legislative, executive or judiciary department of thin
or of the United States, or of any city or incorpo
rateddistrict, and also, that every member of Congress,
and of the State Legisintme, and of the ,elect or Com
mon council of any city, commissioners of any incerporit
ted district, Is by law incapable of holding or exercising
at the soma time, the office or appointment of Judge, in
*mentor or cleik of any election of this Commonwealth,
and that no inspector or judge, or other officer of auy
such election shall ho eligible to any office to be then vO•
ted for."
Also, that In the 4th section of the Act of Assembly,
entitled "An Act relating to executioner and for other
purposes," approved April 16th, 1840, it is enacted that
tho aforesaid 13th section "shall not ho en construed as
to prevent any militia or borough officer from serving as
Judge, or Inspector or clerk of any general or special
election in this Commonwealth." • •
By the act of Assembly of 1869, known as tho Regis
try Law, it is provided as follows:
3. “Blection 011Icers ;we to open the polls between the
hours'of six cud seven, A. St., on the day of election.—
Before Nlx o'clock in the morning of second Tuesday of
October they, aro to receive front the County Commis
sioners the Registered List of Voters and all necessary
election blanks. and they ore to permit no man to veto
whose name is ,not on said list, unless he cloth make
proof of his right to vote as follows •
Z. The pet gen whose name Is not en the liat;Claiming
the right to vote must. pro:Mean Qualified voter of the
district to swear in a written or printed affidavit to the
residence of the claimant in the district fur at least ten=
days next preceding. sold election, delliting,"thlkarly,"
whore the residence of the person was.
3. The party claiming the right to veto shall nice
make an affidavit, stating to the best of hie knowledge
and belief where and when ho was born, that ho ie a
citizen of Pennsylvania and of the United Slates, that Ito.
has resided in the State ono year, or, if formerly a citi
zen therein and removed therefrom, that be has resided
therein six months next ',rote ling said election, that he
has oat moved into the district for the purpose of voting
therein, that ho has paid a State or county tax within
two years, which was assessed at least ten days before
the elec tion, and the affidavit shall state Wile', and
where thq tax was tressed and pail, cud the tax receipt
must be produced x
eed unless the afloat shall mate that it
hoe been lost, or destroyed, t r that lie received none.
4. If the applicant be a naturalize I citizen, he must,
In addition to the foregoing proofs, state in his affidavit
when, where, nod by w hat cum the was naturalized and
produce his certtficate of naturalization,
5. Every person, claiming to be a nakrelized citizen,
whether on the regietly list, or producing affidavits as
aforesaid, shall be required tef rodoen his naturalization
certificate at thowlection In fore voting, except where he
line been for ten years consecutively a voter in the Ms.
WM whore he offers to vote ,• ,and on the vote of such a
person being received; the EleethedOilicers ore to write
or stamp the 'word "voted" on Ills certificate with the
month - and year, and no other vote can be c set that day.
in virtue of said certificate except whore eons ete:iiiititle4
to vote upon the naturalization of their father.
6. 1f the person claiming to veteWbo is "wet registered
shall make an talkies-it that he is a native born citizen
of the Unitad States, or, if born elsewhere, shall, produce
evidence of his naturalization, or that he is entitled to
citizenehip by reason of his father's naturalization, and
further, that he is between 21 and 22 years of age, and,
has resided In the State one year, and in the election
district tan days noxt preceding the election, be shall be
entitled to vote though he shall not have paid taxes."
In accordance with tee provision of the Sth section of
an act entitled "A further supplement to the election
Laws of tide Commonwealth," I publish the following:
111thrteas, ily the act of the Congress of the United
SffiteKentitled "an act to amend the several acts hoeoto
fore passed to provide for the enrolling and calling oat of
the national forcer, and for other purpoees,"and approved
March 3d, 1865, all persons who liars deserted the milita
ry or naval service of tho United States, and who have, not
been discharged or relieved from the penalty or disability
therein provided, are deemed and taken to have volunta
rily relinquished and forfeited their rights of citizenship
and their rights to become citizens, and ate deprived of
exercising any rights of citizens thereof; ' -
And whereas, Persons not citizens of the United States
ere not, under the Constitution and laws of Pennsylvania
qualified electors of this Commonwealth.
SEcTION 1. Re it enacted. , That in all elections here
after to be held In this Commonwealth. it shall be unless--
ful for the judge or Inspectors of any such election to re.
ceive any, ballot or , ballots from any person or persons
embraceff in the previsions and subject to the disability
iinposed by said act of Congress approved March 3d; 1365;
end it shall bo unlawful for aiy such person to offer to
veto any ballUt or bidlots: • -
Sec. 2. That Wally Obeli judge and inspectors of election,
or any ono of them shall receive or consent to receive tiny
such unlawful ballot or ballots from any such disqualified
person, he or they so offending shall be guilty of it Mid
&manor, and on conviction thereofin any court of quar
ter sessions of, Ode commonwealth; he shell felt each of
fence, bo sentenced to pay a fine of not less than ono hun
dred dollars, and to u n dergo an imprisonment Is thdjail
of the proper county for not less than sixty days. ' •
Ste. 3. That if any person deprived of citizenship,' and
ilitopodineel as aforesaid, shall, at any election hereafter
to ho held in , this commonwealth, vote, or tender, to the
officers thereof Weld offer to vote, a ballot or ballot., any
person so offending shall be deemed guilty of rimisde.
meaner, and on conviction' thereof in any court of quarter
sessions of this commonwealth, AMt for each offence be
punisheff in like manner as is • presided in the preceding
section of title act in ease of officers of election receiving
any such unlawful ballot oh - ballots.
SECTION 4. That if any person shall hereafter persuade
or ode Ise airy . person or persons, deprived of citizenship
or disqualified as aforesaid, to offer any ballot er ballots
to the officers of any election hereafter to be held in this
Commonwealth, or shall persuade,
or advise, any such
officer to receive any ballot, or ballots, from any person
deprived of citizenship, and disqualified as aforesaid, such
pelElo,l so offending shall be guilty of a tnisdemoanor, and
upon conviction thereof in any court of quarter sessions
of this Commonwealth; shall ,be puniehda in eike Dimmer
is prodded in the second section of this act in the ease of
officers of such election receiving such unlawful ballot,or
:Particular attentiOn Is directed to the first section of
the Act of Assembly, passed the lath, day of Matelt A. D.,
1560, entitled "An Act regulating the manner of Voting
at all Elections, in 11,0 several counties of this Common
' "fi at the qualified, voters of the several counties of this
Commansvcalth, at all general, township, borough and
special elections, are hereby, hereafter, atithorlired and
required to vote, by tickets, printed or written, or partly
printed and partly written, severally classified as follows:
One ticket shall embrace the names of all judges of courts
votedihr, amble labolled.outside"judiciary,j'i . oue,tioket
shahl embrace all the nausea of State officers • votetrer,
and he labelled "St?.to;7,one ticket shall embrace the
names of hit county.officers voted for, including utile:is:of
Senator; member, and members or Assembly,'ff votdd Tor,
and members of Congress, if voted for, and labelled
"county ;".ono ticket shall embrace the mimes of all town
ship officers voted for,
and be labelled "township;" one
ticket shall embrace the names of all borough ofileers
voted for and bo labelled " borough;" and each class shall
be doposeted In separate ballot boxes. . • • • s
Pursuant to the provisions contained In the 67th section
of the act aforesaid, the judgee of the aforesaid districts
shall respectively take charge of the certificate or return
of the election of their respective districts, mid produce
them at n meeting of ono of the judges from each dish let
at the Court House, in the borough of Huntingdon, on the
third day after the day of election; being for the present
year on Friday, the 6th of November next, then and there
to do and pet-term the duties required by law of said judges.
Also, that where ajudge by sickness or unavoidable tied
dent, is linable to attend said meeting of judges, then the
certificate or return aforesaid shalt be taken in charge - 16y,
one of the llispeetors 01 . ,CleiltS of the election of said
trict; mid shit!' do and perform the duties required of - eaid
judge unable to attend. •
Also, that in tho 61st section of sold net it is ennelod.
shall continuo without interruption or adlourninent
that bet,ve " Xt r l 3 :e 2 Cir r s al o a f ' clare i t ' l ' , l l t e e ' o ln i lll s o ha fo hl ren h o oo n i 7sTe ' l l , ;
hit soma o'cilr, to the eye/ling,
when the polls shall be
GIVEN itrider ' lny baudat IluotingtiOn, the tillsday of
A. D. 1061,, and of s
" endonco of the Ultil
. ted Sept., & the indm
States, the stinoty.second.
U. It, I'. NEELY, Sheriff.
Iluutingdou, Sopt. 15, 1668.
[Estate of GEORGE PARK, ileeM3
Letters of administration upon the estate/of Daniel
Myers, late of Penn township, deceased, having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons ,Intlebted to the
estate will make payment, end those having - claims will
present them for settlement.
Janus Creek, Sept. MO Adniinistratrix.
(Estateof JOHN STROUP, deed.]
Hers of administration upon the estate of John,
I l k—
Stroup, - late of Huntingdon bor., deceased. having been
granted to the undersigned, alt portions indebted to the- t '
estate will make immediate payment, and those hatring: ,, it
claims is ill prevent them fur settlement.
110IttlitT KIIIO,
Administrator: • ...
Huntingdon, nug.lB-Gt
[Estate of BENJAMIN allow:, iieCki.]
Letters testamentary, onthe estate of Ben j amin (Imre.
Into of Penn ttrp Huntingdon counly.:deceased., having.
been granted to the :undersigned, ell persons .Indehted
to the estate are requested to make immediate payment,,
and those having claims, to present them duly authentl,
cated for settlement.
•, : DANIEL 11. °ROVE,
Pleasant Grove, Sept.:s, NI-ilts Exe.nitors
Estate of Robert Wilson deed. , •
The undersigned appointed auditor by the Ornhatiel
Court of Huntingdon County, to distribute the balance , '
in the bands of tlanmel Stetßy, administrator and trio—
tee to eel) the real estate of Robert Wilson, Into of Jack-•
son township, di ceased, hereby gives notice to all persona o •
interested twat lie N 4 ill attend at the Mee of Simpson & -
'Armitage, in Huntingdon, on SATURDAY, SEPTE31131:11": -
18th, 1869, iit,l o'ciccir, P. 4, for the purpose of licaltidg
said distribution, at which place and time 'all persons id?.
teresteo are hereby notified to present their claims. '
• -
eel G. B. Allan rAo 11,
The partnerakili deretofore existing between C. E .
Baird and Wm. D. Leas, under the firm of Baird & Leas;,
dear fiblrleysburg, in the Grain and Milling business, has
thin day Neu dissolved •by mutual consent:, The . Mill
dooks and all of the claims duo SRN firm are fn the hand&
of Wm. B. Leas, and are duo him, by, an .arrangement
made In obi settlement. All persoisindebted'aro•urWl
to tall Mid pay up. C.O. BAIRD,
• The Milling and &living - dill be conducted by."the un
dersigned, and he hopes by a close attentiocelo bueinaoe
to:reeeire a Itharal share of public patronage: ' ' " '
sold4l.* C. 0. BAIRTi.-
SALES,—By virtue
sundry writs of 'Vendilioni Exponas directed to me '
I will expose to public solo or outcry,nt Cm Court House,
in the Borough of Iluntingdon;on TI - 11.12tSDAY, too 30211
of SEPTEMBER, 1869, at 2 o'clock P. AI the following
described - property to St it:
A lot of ground in:tho borough of-
Cossvillo, containing a lot of lire a cres, bounded by lot
of D. Stearer on the north,. by,. tract of mnintain land:on.
the east, Muds of D: Clarkson and dif2.E. Church lot our
the south, and lands of Dr. Brown on the west, having n
two story log dwelling:bonito and stable 'thereon.
4Mo- 7 -Defendant's interest in a tract of meadow land,
situate in Union township, bounded WI folloWs t'On'tne
north by Muds of A. Wright, on the east 'and south by.
public road loading from Cassville to Huntingdon, and ._.
west by lands of O. Fink and Daniel Bnmm, containing
about six acres. Seized, taken in execution, and to be
sold as the property of Nicholas Miller.
Also—A certain lot and houso -
ato In Portatown in the borough of Huntingdon, fronting
on street, adjoining lot of Adam ilarflold on the
Cast and tho.Juniata river on the south. having thereon
erected a now dwelling house. Seized, taken in execu-
tion, and to be sold lis'the property of Wm. Hatfield.
D. R. P.REELY, Shoriff
snoosre'o OFFICE, - t
Huntingdon, Sept. 14, 1860.
_L Boy TINOOON, Lots from flret haute at - ,,
$2OO ::•
Purcbaseri desiring to build can have very. liberal
terms as to paymenta. Now is the time to invest. - Ap.
ply to Ljy2ltf It. ALLISON,I3IILLEIL
, CHEAI) •
horse' limit.
For particulars address*J. W. DICKERSON or
Bedford, Poona,
Gandy Manufactory,
THE undersigned have fitted `up .4: 4
firstAtims b team BAKtittY at tlm Castilian Gordon
on Church street; and are prepared re'itiritish all kinds
Plain and Fancy 941 Es, &c.;
In large or small quantities, at reasonable prices:,
IVe Won fil call especial attention of country duelers to
WV manufacture all kinds of Fancy and "Conimbn Can
fectioneriel. equal to any that cones from the city, and.
are prepared to till large of email °Nerd on abort notice
and at CITY PRICItS.
We also keep on hand a largo and constant euppyol,
which they wilt , turnikt t rensolinble-ritte".s.,
The proprietors flatter, tbouisolveathat it needs but
trial to convince tho moat sceptical, alid'pleaso the inset
fastidious. ' • ' • "
We respe.g fully volicit a liberal vbfire of public patro
nage. and sball endeavor to merit ita continuance.
Teacher's ExaraWatteau fur the present year may:
be expected as follows:
IVeduesday,Sep 22,1 3fount Slonnt Union
Thursday, —22 d, Shirley & Shirleysbrirg, Shirleyslig -
Friday, " 24th, Cromwell & Orbleoubt, Orbisonia
Saturday, " 26th, Dublin, Shade pep
Mouday. " 27th, Tell, BolliugertoSu'
Tura:lay" , 2 , 111 . , Springfield, ' Meadow Gap
Wednesday, 4 f 29th, Clay, , , , - • , ,Scottavillo
Thursday, • 44 ' 30th, Cass ts'Casstillo, Celt:mina
Friday, Oct. lot, Union, Pill() Grove S It
Saturday, 2d, Juniata, 'Eel! Crown .3 11
Thu Examinations will commence, at 9 o'clock, A. M.
Teachers eho are tardy Its attendance need not expect
admission into the cla•a.
Persons who are in the habit of using intoxicating li-
quors as n beverage or who are not of guild Mond charac
ter.need not apply for examination. ' -
Applicants Si 111 be examined in ithe districts in which'
they apply for schools .• '
Directors are cautioned against emplo y in g auntie to
teach for single day without a valid certificate tram' Hai
proper authority.
The school boards of Barree, Brady, Cass, Clay, Car
bon, Cromwell, Doblin, Franklin, Henderson, Jaeltscu,
Mapleton, Morrie, 'Porter, - Mtirleyr 'rely Tod, Union,.
Werrionsmark and West districts will , meet on, the day
and at the piece oftexaminatibn in their respective * aka;
tricts for the purpose of employing their teachers.
Tie' public era respectfully invited to attend the gem-
Mations. • '
Ang. 250569 D. E. iUSAZIC:Co.Aupt.i
This institution is situated in the beautiful valley of
Kishacoquillas ' in'tho midst of an intelligent and highly
moral people. Surrounded by ntountairt.einduo nud sup.
plied Malt an ahundande of pure water and bf the freshest
mountain air, the location is unrivalled for healthsind
for the elevating and refining influences of naturillisben
ery. Corps of instructors in ovary demtmentJexperi
enced and competent. Rev. S. 11. Mcifonald,' formerly
tutor in PI incet,n College, N. J., - oLlorge and:successful
experience in teaching, has chargo'of Ancient Languages
and Higher Mathematics :A Tatty ;from Massachusetts,
of superior qualifications, slit tench English Literature,
Painting, Drawing, French and German.
Prof. ssor J. IV. Shoemaker, of Philadelphia, Is en
gaged to give a courso - nLiessons in Elocution during the
fall term. Miss E. R. Righain of Washington meaty,
Pa., has charge of lustrumsntni Music.
-Espen - sc—Toition and Board, per year, $2OO 00.
For Catalogue, address MARTIN NOULER, A. 3.1,,
Principal, Kiebacoquillas, Mlfllin county, Pa. • '
Refer toJtes. 0;0. McClean, - Lewistown, Pa., Iron.S,
S. Woi;sls, Lewistown, Pa.
THIS Instittition thn first
• Monday of October
The Ternt will continue n. weeks, and pupil@ ptboth
ilexes will ha received.
The C l ourec,of,Sintly will stobrpec a Pull, Academic - ed.
mutton in EothnienEngl ( sh idea Selentiftc,,ldatite
=Heal and Classica l Literature; ' ' - •••
Rotes of,Tnition, $lO, $12,50, apd ;15 per Tern). „
If Moderate encouragedteht; be teddlvcd, earnest effottlq
will ho made to establish; a successful and. permanent
fchool at tide place; and in tide enterprise the cola;
dense of the community Is most respectfully solicHed,
Further itifts`nsifation can be bad by addressibe"
JAS. A. STEPHENS. Principal,' ;; , A
Now Bloomfield, I'a.
JAH- After September 20, Huntingdon; Pa.
August 4, 176041
Surveyor General% •Gifiee;
• "
ill obedience to au Act of Assembly, approved the
eighth ilayiif Atr 1, ratio thous - aid hnhdrcil and
you [tie hereby-. notifled.timVtho `Tonnty
Land Lien Docket," containing the list of unnatented
lands for litintingdonmennty, premrestundor , the Act of
Assembly 'of the twentieth of May; orth:Ahlaisand night
hundred and sixty-four, and the supplement thereto,
has this day been; fOrwarded , to the Prothonotary of the
county, at whose office it may he examined, The lions
can only be liquislatell bithst pinkihnso money, interest
and fees, and receiving patents through this Departs
Surveyor, General,
Sept. 15,-set
1441t1l and Soft Coal for saleliy
•14424• tr 'mar &.co,