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HUNT! N'Gq? 0 PEA'.i
Wednesday morning, Mch. 31 ) 186
Moriah Lodge, No. 300, A. T A 6, meets second
31onday.evening of each - thonth, in Drente. building.
Standing Stone 11. R. A. Chapter, No. 201. meets the
first Tuesday evening of each mouth, in Monies building.
Juniata Lodge, z1'o: 1.17, 10. 0. F., meets every Fiiday
evening, third floor. in ',sister's building.
Standing Stone Lodge, No. 85.1. 0. G. T. meets every
Tuesday evening iu third floor of stead's lto hiidg. ' •
Arrapahoe Tribe, NO. GB, 1. 0 of 12. lr., , nceU every
Thursday evening, 1110 d floor, Leister's
roung Leos Christian Associatom insetsfiret and
third Monday evening s eachmonth, in BrOwn'sbnllding.
Post 3.3, G. A. R, meets 11rrd Monday of each month
in Court House.
Mien Council meets - filo 'first flu - 14 evening, hr each
Hrief Itenk.:loll3 ti
How we do 'Tit."
All over head—(h)hiri
The robins aro around rubbing.
On PAi9k-ii r eil;f4-141itt44 festival of the
Passover week will have passed over.
ThilltidsikegleoWarMiliiinias nearly a col
umn on yeast. Couldn't his thoughts rise
Who will get the Post office is still the
mooted Auestic,io : aniopgst us. How lung it
will mat isnorknovvii.
grant lies,juspis,e.asy now as he ever did.
—lPittthhtdrit' . gli i) Uhl Cl' t wonder, if his bed
was just as downy.
M; l .4ll3 l l.§Werefelt; Of Cromwell township,
this county, raised 94 bushels of White
Beaus on.hitlf4ym; last Benson.
Spring is opening up and arrangements
ere making for some bemttlful and substan
tial improvements in the ancient borough.
Our town was. liTelymn Satnrday last.—
There was son4"lively h whiskey in human
heads, but we heard of no bungs._
Wm. Babcock, emploYed in a saw-mill in
Clearfield county, was caught in the =chin
12th'init'and:crusfieditC tleath.
It is an injury to the place in which you
live to use youi 4cife money. for dint lienefit
of a place elsewhere, and thus create a rival.
Poisoning innocent dogs betel "and; 'else
where is becoming too common, and we fear,
if - the guilty ones do ,not i smp,it„that, will
load co l t; 6-enter-crime.' " ' -
A. gentleninnke Huntingdon, has a veloci
pede it It he's not 'been brought into
use, and we have therefore no accidents to
chronicie, ! ,_ • • •--; • ;
Rev. James Orbison, a son of Wm. P. Or
place; tins returned" from
India.'where lie had been stationed' as
ister for the last twelve years.,
We don't want
.fou to "blab" the import
nnt truth to' your meighbors that Enterprise
Headquarters the place yen
_eau. get good chCliFietrthenanywhere - ! , •
The Itanai:Mans ..of,-Uuntingdon county
have adciiiecd L th'o'Crarrferd'ciarity sy s tem of
nominating candidates by a majority of 120.
—Ex. This is sizn'ply,norsii...
A gentleman undertook to count the num
-Ipcof, (babies,' 4Ticl "youths ; iu. this tmnv ,
gave it up. We wont know until the census
,man conies round, and perh ips not then.
As the Hollidaysburg Stainiarct said Nag
to.lecture,.in that place on
the 27th, we suppose Petroleum slipped down
pretty easy, and the Vs on his bill were
The editor •
of the Bellefonte Watchman is
informed that on Sunday last not a few eggs
were hiCatid stimslied, l 'hut we haven't heard
that Paster suffered on that account, or March
dither. Did you?
A valuable property is offeredfOr t
comprising a brick and•fraine dwelling house
in the borough of Hantingdort,.lately eccu
-pied by Mr...7aiioB SttC,el,lllic i d.. This prop
erty will be sold April 13. See adv.
Wm. T.4l,ppit'iiis, icllose Ilotip Starts are so
favorably received tiiiougitont thO country,
'has rertomdi frog) Arpilmregt tot:1113. Phest
nut street, Philadelphia, as will be seen by
s atlvertisement,,ip ;."
A. thief having robbed a Mr. Jones' store in
'Hollidaysburg:of SIOCi ; iadi,Tieft this com
placent note on the counter: "Old Cod, you
'lied better emigrate ;sou have got nothing
.wortli going through."
tite f -Ut W;Vrii:iB-4:1i4;i;I: '66 b - kCi4
.changing their place of residence will please
let us know wherAfidiinove to as well as
,where they move from. No 7 is also a good
rtime to subsrailidror7the
The editor of the Stfprlard is informed that
'if our stomach was only full of sourercut, we
Nvotilde t i llalc,gf srauq,av,rej jp,easp, of a
- fire Our "Premises.' Bette`.' a eVatilliarrel
s.than a beer-barrel, at everde.
The mail ear on the Philadelphia Express
goirWirTst , ofirWanesday mornina the 17th,
took fire a short distance-above Mifflin, andi
only the Salt Lake city letters and a paper
lipgfor Ctßinhysti were payed,' :! ;.;
An old man named-Mr. Carlin, residing in
-Summitville; Cambria, owl ty , tried, I to com
mit suicide Wcittilitg tiltentivithlt razor.
He was prevented by' his wife. Wonder if
all wives would do likewise.
Tlfa, aced', bb ay ;Of aJcollierilatied;,Arther
Mooney, was found in a Bela near'Clearfield
on the 11th inst. ITe — was last seen an the
22<qj'eliruaty . e ma under: the
efibe - orligithr. - Forly-bne'dolla - fsWeie found
in hislpocket.-r. r 7 ;
Mr. Israel Illack„aged - -about;as years, re
siding in Antis township, Blair county, was_
found dead at the door of -on - tlie„. of • tbelatbin ay; , suppoond,he
died from an apoplectic stroke while putting
his horse away.
As the house-cleaning - season will soon be
here, we 'Copy thefolloting recipe for clean
ing carpets: Sprinkle -the carpet with tea
grounds, sweep well with a broom, then use
soap and cold water to the greasy and dirty
spots. This makes old carpets looknew..
Tlfere ie little` colored.bnfiri thiSoirti liy
the-name of Ilarry'Oents into :we learn
knows half the New Testament; and-he has
jgae knownlo":o4me horns' from church and
,repeet the sermon Of die - minister:almost Ter :
4fe black'asebony.:- :,-
4:: : valociii`admerelroi is in town., We haie
bad-no ticket:J:l4l wiunderitand it was as
good as a oirmieto, - see the attempts made by
amateur velocifiedists to ridcillie two-wheeled
hobbies. ,f One Yeller; friend Fran:Li:l . B9oog
is alreactitleskortness as 'far 'tte heard from
A. negro named - Cumbridke' Adams is in
the COanthbrsburgjailfor britrallyhts4anit
'hog an persona of three' fethldes
—one a child of thirteen years. The fiend
committed the outrages 12etween the houraof
1/:3!),4.111;; lind4:3o ; P.All.of the i h inst,
..Tfuntingdon jutd,thell(itch) since the day,
of its birth and has it yet.—News. If this
xneapptliegju,lfprktingdon,.,it..niii ims*er
swillsigtas it Watinoe J standlng - 7 stonis - ;•liiit if
it is meant it. Nis had the itch with an 4, 're
think Ms a little fur-fetched, as, News from
Mount Union. • z 411
We understand that a large engine house
and council , room'W•ill insitively 'be
this is right; aticl the gentlemen who have
been "pubj,rtg'.! will' Agseie:weti of the
goOd ciii7,tru3 - of the •borough.• llr. 'David
Black ha% 33,een . giv,ardoci thp.contract for . the
erection of tlie seine for , ° ,9 3 0 8. • . ,
Some thief invaded the cabbage-hole and
heelodst uf ed itor'of the Johnstown
00.'0 tbe,eitii - ex:riiht, and madeway with his
winter Calibtyge, nine laying' hens and a roas
ter. fen , previous the depredator,
punched out the eye - iind otherwise
•litta ho' T (editor '6:wiled 'to the can
th 1:1'171 are lilt= td. shunt . a
prowling thief than it is to slioot a mad-dug.'
To S -. oltilors and their
,11y,d,irection ;of post; No; $ . 3",' rand
Army of tho Republic, Iluntiugden,
,Pa., the folowing until:ma - cement : ,and
requests are made to the friends' 'and
relatives of deceased, soldiers.'
,At a stated meeting of the Post,
held on the 15th day of Marah, it was
-:Besolved, That - the: =Post '_Comman:
der be directed to obtain as complete
a list as possible Of the eoldieis..froM
this conety,:whoc,areAoW ;deceased,
with the companies and regiment to
which they ; i;eSpectively belogged, the
engagements or battles in shield they
were killed:bpi:he places' where they
died and where buried.
That the Post Commander be au
tllior4ed appoint, a, coiumfitee of
any. unmber he:may be deem proper,
of which he shall be chairman, and to
take such measures as may be neces
sary to carry out the purposes of these
resolutkihs: z::
1 . ( 1 0e1
in: . .ecenrtlance therewith Ow ; Post
Cornmantler„Alilt,?.n,..s. Lytle,
~has se
lected tire' fdlI r dwing.lcdminittee' and
tcilvitilalps foal _aj)potritCd':
m..,L ngan fpr .§l3rloy, .C i well,
Clay, Sp , rrrignold - ; Thiblin and
r, COCO forlftgdy; :11onderecin,
Uni9n, Case and
W." '.Rth.1141.1. for: „Hop&WCII; Car::
hod ;Llnaplp:.ftnq Penny
-144.tror'4nA`.viregt ,
,F...puntlin g hatp for:Huntingdoni
G. L S. Balser for Porter') 'Aroitisi
• 'lt- ';
. and
pithieularlpthe friends , did 'relatives
of debeaSed soldiers, are requested to
send theqriforaiiitioViaiitioritid in the
toregoing-resoluqeps., cpmmunioations
Otild be 4 iiddressed Aci'the•itnernber-Of
the committee. for the township in
which the deceased soldier resided. ,, —
Partial or-complcto lists wUl.bp thank:,
Those lists are desired for use on
fhelOceasion-oftlie;iintitial , docqfation
of i ~ e ,rox6q; ,!will'take
place,•Aluving this spring or ,early in
the siiTrrber.',.',, •
nuntingdon, M: Id. LOGAN, L
;11th: 20;"G9-2t. ' A fljutant.
Public) Meeting
• A public mooting to elect delegates
to a Railroad' Convention at' Saint
arys; - P - e - n n'ti., May 12; 1869,
will , be , beld at: the Court louse in
Huntingdon, Tuesday evening, April
12th, 180,- - ..tolkich . -1 ,1 .3.9 : public are
gencyally invited.
Railway connection between the
Pennkylvania Philadelphia & Erie
Railroads, is of great importance to
the citizens of - Huntingdon, and also
Wpm :peop,lp , of 331t1i,r - LClcarflottlLand
fluytiingdon,eottnaes, ,
,The eulargenierikof,i.he ,P.onns},lv,a
canal to _Huntingdon , by April-'7l,'
creates •the .necessity for immediate
action. '
The Buffalo & Washington -Railroad
COmpany will be influenced hi the se
leetion of. the point of intersection on
the P. & 8.. R. the 'action of
the proposed Convention at St. Marys.
points, , aro 7 named: Emporium
aria , St. Ita:-6!ii,r,th t e tat' named'e'
most,,direct.railyoad route from But. Washington city via Hunting.
don, benec'the iinportanee of sending'
delegates, from the Juniata Valley- to"
this 14th of May Convention:, •
-- If - the people interested go to woii
in earnest, this cut- off between the
P., & P. & E. 11 8., may be built sim
ultaneously Lthej opening - :of
Steamboat navigation to Huntingdon,
two yearshenee;,',;-''
,r; ,
.11rq',%Fitriesse'd 'the playing . of
many scientific representatives of the
Clic; but we 'd'otibt' whether' any 'of!
them dlitilliyedlmorii-skillt:in making
diflioult . sbotS' than our your) , and Hs
ing'friUnd "Billy" Ponitatif young
is true'
.they trilty = oiS'ess A SuPeriOi.'abilit'il i in
Cursing,the balls and making -larger
runiQ,bala ho generally does, but; - ,_ - :ar, a
"citfaw,PAnd playing balls "firolVul tllo
tabre` i li..kpides executina b all kitigs .. ..of
"fancy shots," wo think he can eom
peWinteepsfulls.v.ith apfig
Solite Of.hisfaiya n itiej,r4ln4 . i . katle for
'theit'Qiiilliancy. While lialias.httain
ed to great proficiency in these re
spects, ho ip : not q defteient, in-manipula
ting (or s :nuriirig.:l fllo rivortes.;' He
has frequently made runs of two hun
dred, and some time, since scored
eighteen hUndied beforeltiYing - dOWn
his cue. To run out a game in one in-
MA is pa'eiirq for Sato .
a•oning.we sawihininiiala a shot :thist.
would test the skill of a Al.'Devitt,
Mailer, or a Caron°. Replaced a chair,
about two feet higli,:cin the 'centre of
the table, put his cap on it two
balls and then made 'a carom on them
from-the table. think. is,
entitled, to a 'fatr.oyablei Lthe
Papers of ' e
„ ae
ry -
risburg Patriot. - I
1331 t ie seldom that we use the eidurnus,of
this paper to "puff" or notice the "thousand
and one" articles
_known as Patent Medi
cines." We, troivever, cfaryfron-ottr:rule in
the preseni code; that ire may call attention
to the article knoiirrad:' , "B:
Plaqtation Bittere.'' We desire it understood
that, we do so .xvitlibirt' any ..solicitatien :or
prorriise Of benefit froin the prOpiieici or oth
er Rarties. Oire ennply dO it as an
act of duty towards those who aro laboring
wider:physical disability, i ireaknese,', and,the
tririoirscomplaihle arioing frinn impurities of
the,blool_ .J.laying _used ,the, Bitters—at the
instigation of.a_friend, (and we'confeii,t-tvith
Some tokiyings at-the untset,) .3r,e found thorn, -
a•rnoit \-alunble naedical , coinpUund, 'and to
our great hatisfaction; accOmplishe'd'the' ob
ject for rhich they were used: ''•
MAGNemA , WATER.—Superior 'to the best
imported German Cologne, and 661d:' ht half
did priee..„ _ . t 1..,
Loc,al Legtqati,o,9l
An act to' WO rporate the Juniata
railroad company, ,to run from loll
daysburir, ;Bong the Baystqvii Branch
of thO 'Juniata: -I."aSsed finally., •
A supplement to' an
. nct, to.provent
fishing with, seines and to protect•bass
fish in the, littystowli
,Branch of the
Juniata river and its tributaries, and
the Susquellanna'rive'r,ln the county
of Dauphin. - Passed finally?'
An act to authorize the sale' of. the,
Odd 'Fellows' flail, Birtningtmui,Auti
tingdon county. Pas , 3ed
An act to eNemiit the hall of the Odd
•Fellows'iodgmin Coalmont, flouting
dons county, troin taxation. 4.'aSsjd
• -- .
.19.1111ierr nazi! Deeiirt Making.
A. 'll,lll renloye to the corner of, path
and Millie Streets nti the let of April nod will be pr.
ppred to necommod.tto her.frietals zuul pahlic Sor Sr
ally, with Any bled of work he her llue'ofAes.
Alao, gentlemen ;hilt tnalruig: to order. A share of
peal °nage earnestly solicited, ~ - - ,
• Huntingdon, Match tO, H.d3.
AUGHWICK CREEK; Mareh 1,?5, ISO 9.
[The,following ileas'are senCus,,.. We will
:be happy to receive more of the, sante sort
,fintir the sane or any other locality in the
. •
Subsided—the 11. F: P. fever. ,
Grain .and clover has suffered very., mash
from freezing.- - . - - - -
Tholeed mania has made its annual ap
pearance. Cause, long winter.
Sugar and molitsses - making is coming off
sweetly "'thi:Si3 last 'days." • -
The house •andtbalirof Ephraitn,Baker of
Springfield toulnship; -was entirely consumed
by. fire on &twiny, the 14th inst. Caught
from the sparks from fi•ill10.
BROAD Top, March 2G, 1869
:Pa& Glbbe At half , past eight teclo6k on
Wednesday cons and .daughters
cif the Green Isle of Erin glitheied 'it the Ro.
manreathulin‘Chdrell. et-Broad 'Pop to com
indmorate the 'death ':of their country's mar
tYre—Athin,lsarkin! and.Oldrien;•,:krito•died
for ,tho-independofiep ic and iiktrly ! ofq thsir
cpqn try r /nd °pie, w i td over
A.fter - ,ttioscrvices'ih'the.cliurch it'ere.ov,er
th'd' rtibes'.4icre .:Mr. T.
By tqld'A"rOsideh&l whjcii 'ii"thd-Fenitin
oda! inoctission) wars 7Priind Marshadt!Theinas:MalteL , ,
gloat hu Wier oi l buyn.,
4Prxl ll Fxt. l 4qg lo o9 ,l l,S,f,“ l l:4o
h /J 11 1f1E;
on one sille - the' d resen4eriee.y the harp' ;and
with bilver lacing. Next came-ft.6lllu6ibian'B,
after rrl!igiv•foihr t reo-, ger number dress - ea iiingdedrbsehrf ehittieEietihnder
t he?, c fturftt, hi to the
kart ip : a red, rnie - atid 'Th'e
a r n ins tUtr h
. tirivaiduDt4 l o, l boin'ini Orb
busfa':.of the',Tenian whole
number of mon andlbbys itr4ine iwae•mbotit
one hundred and fifty ; It was witnessed
r by
cratai .1 •
Threats at o - made to upset the recent elec..
tioh on the grounds fiiift•there•Vdfi •nb"jlttblle
notico given,, and also that the board of elec
tion receiati ihej al cures.
'We had sevetilhehe4 'snow here on Wed
nesdny morning last..-, !; BROAD Tor.
S . /I ' A DE GAP, March :24;1869
Dear Globe: To-day Miltiwoutl Actidemy
clos'ed her winter term of five monthS 'With
the usual public examination, but riot the
usual exhibition, Which latter we may not
look-for until the , close of next term, ending
about-the first 'of July. The -new arrange
ment which takes effect about the-Ttlr of next
month makes the sessions shorter, being only
thirteen f,weelcs in length, but having three
sessions in the year, giving a good long rota
tion in mid summer,- thereby enabling atm
dents' who have the inclination, -to try their
bond swinging a grain cradle or mowing
scythe, and assist their "parients" gather in
the golden grain, and all that sort of thin4';'l.
This,allusion bringS to my mind the sum
mer I tooka notion to cut a "swath" in some
body's tneadUrl. arid purchased a' tnoWing
scytde and all - necessary fixings for fitting
out 4L "firet-class mower,' upon timer, (my
credit being somewhat batter then tiraunow,)
having a
. kind of a'sneaking idea that in mb
a-good movrer.i Lmowed one day. That is,
having'losesiglit'of my leader about .3• p. "M.
of that day Leotielu'ded 'it -time to quit,
and that '1 -had missed my vocation. 'Upon
being paid off I Made a neat Bitle mailleinat
ical 'calculation and found by the simple pro
cess -of subtraction that I had not realized
onougb'filthy loci's by my labors in 'the field
to phy for my outfit. Ever since I have es
chewed such manly exercise entirely. '
.• But to return. :On repairing to the Acad
emy, hull, IMping to plcklip.uome lean items
for your paper, I found -the house crowded
with'the patrons; friends and students of old
Milnwoud; all attired in their holiday "rags."
'Finding myself in such an intelligent crowd
I Made for as secluded a nook as possible,
therebY following tho example of small pots
tons in a cart over a rough road.
The first thing in order was a piece of vo
cal music by the Model School, Miss Lizzie
A—, teacher. Prof. Kuhn examined Ills
glasiln Geography on the topic plan, giving
each of the pupils a slip of paper upon which
was written the name of a country which the
pupil described, mentioning the boundaries,
climate, resources, physical, features, prodtic
•tionr, animals, and the occupation of the in
habitants. •By oi-016M-rest manifested' ,liy
the spectators daring the recitation of this
class (Vi evidont.that ,they heartily„-ap
proved of,tbe method of examination,
-A number of other exercises wore gone
througlotith, , eonsistipg of reeifatione‘by the
Grammar,' Ariththeti, c ;Ppellii)g :and other
classes,"Ortitions, , issaye, , codil and inetrumen-
MI music, & - e. The Principal made a short
address to his scholars byway of a valedie
'tory and the curtairt - fll. — QUIS.
roxiin the pattle,zofypu tarre
cli3OitcOtt nyery;'steil. W t herwori . cont . .
,rucincti buSitte'se.ali, tperiihaV, Wshop
keep ii4rner, ti:rn en ha
orany — cittre livainds,'"lnetudirig all
professions, you taken
, cha:ace to be
successful, -Who'll yeti.Orifer - a railroad
car to.travel_ for pleasup.,or,ou busi
ness,(;: yrai chance' toi youy.lffe.
E'en - you apply fol. ari 'office - or enter
the field as a politician, you take a
*mpg- to,. be anecessful. There aro
ninny disapp,ointments- 7 -"blanks," 7 .but
all continue to take •chances... The - Only
chancesENTEßßEnsErilEADQuAnaTits Will
cilTersafter, to-day, Wednesday, Will be
chances ,to get goods - cheap, CH EAPER, '
CHEAPEST—and - perhaps' all , who
don't like our clthnce system will be
better.satisfied. • •, •
1:01:11E 94NtR,V,LY
GEORGE LONG respectfully informs
the public that bo has leased the
well known Washington llotel in Hun
tingdon, flitely.pompiild Lettor r
niaii,:and is:refitting it for the accom
modation and comfort of all who will
give him acall. He is determined to
give satiSlVetiddi teall.' - "k'share of
public patronage
lluntingdon, March 30,-i t*. .
l'oettnaetere Nominated. •
The following Postmasters ' were
°mill 4t0t.l 'for,
Coalinont- 1 :-Thoinas'W. Estop, vice
Sa'alael Brooks, removed.
Mt; 'Union—S. A. Appleby, vice S.
A. Adliths; removed:
Mapleton Depot—John Ha mil ton,
vice John Shaffner, removed.
no Standard man noticing that 'Enter
prise Headquarters sells "fat mackerel and
bloaters" wants to know when tho proprie-
tors got to dealing in their own flesh and
blood, We elan answer by saying that, ho
can hare no fears on that account that his
carcass will be accepted, as he belongs to the
hog (Trough) triba.
, ,
. ,
What would,been We pried
and quality of Floor in tonic to-day
introduced a new article of the beet
manup i eture? Something saved to the,
coiniumere4--something considerable.
Norway or sf4riirlic,Oatil.
' Tbio. groat Oats io t for sale by A. , A.
Laird, Alexandria : , I,t, .gnes, 40 to 42
peands to - the lishol. It is a obporiqr
9f.nats,.l,f3rtraples-pf it can be
seat •Fishoc &, cops' anci hoary &
Co's Stores.
'7 F . - 1: - '1 - :cm ATrr .2a311P ":' s
'and after Thlirsday' dSt of
April,lhoTonly inducementsithaCiriii
TERN,,wiIL he goods as good as there is
any- ii the bOrbugh" or cbunty -at very
low pr which:it is, hoped will be less
objectionable to-thank of our Jricnds
than the chiutee system, and quite sat
isfaotOry to:all who :Jvish to save mon
ituihe.purchiise or_ all kinds 'oegoods
kept, on, hand , ,at,
QUAIti'ER t S.
- E'vediy family, rich r and poor, ean - buy
a cow, and keep her-in good condition
during tho.year for tho money that can
bo saved by buying; ardeeries, etc.,
eta:, ittAiinteriwis3'.llbildquarlOrg.-)P .
'red to -it4v , cUstomorg:lmadrede dot
lawn n an,h OE, small -profit:By s t 11 ire
von tinu an tl bi+ 6ry 2 eITOW in' . b'e
MadiS to rie'cOrariiatitb 'ostortioi•g'
111O;:',,j,037,,,,beet:if;"cyerybAiiig In .the
,Gi:ocery. linc!otbusiness.
It •is se me i ng•lto eAwry - Alan, 1 11.1 4 31'e
especially to•illio'01. Tiiad who his
'dollars - at lari.l•,Weylt to 'Faye ri'idallttr
or .twa, ey„ery,l7Fek„,ancl, eqn•oilo it
add 'live 'better by e niuVingr,l44s pur
llun AltirtA 2911869.
Carpet Store , ...
JAMES A.l3noWN' expects to open a
carpet store in' UM large room of his
building now occapied by , 6hW-YOutVg
Men's phristian Association, about the
7th or Sth of April. next. It
, .0 E. M.',,Leister's Now
Jo411,.;"11. West`b;rodk
moves to tbo eciom now occupied by
0. E M'.Neil.
TO thii'Sitlict ' ' I "
,Shoginaker's r Siny;
Dandelion Pill.s, l turilliAciiim Destroyer,
for ttlti at Lewis', Book Store.. , tf., ,
Beit.;The good times coming; come—,
and py,vy man. ran ,get -.lhe worth pf
hip money :4 ItNTvatpaiq s
- •,.. --r.
Wdre you to hear TaltriagO last
night? If, not, why ‘ weren't,,you,?—
You missed thebest treat of the, season.
March 1.6t1i neaVsthiado 'Rap, b 3
of Cambria, 'County:: to Miss BETIISHE
BA p4:rEttsoN,of),s,hado Cap, Pa._
22d.; Hun fin g •
dOn Calif! /34, E§, l !OA e d 86
r. •In th is ,box,ough- on Thursday;-18th
inst., of chronic croup, ALicE CARROLL.
aged 2 years, 1 month and 2,days.
Supel line I`lur per Iperal .. .. :.. cGt.25@i.75
I:xila Pie per Panel ' io(
I , 3.tia Vannly t'leut pt el.att,l ,:- 00437.25
Itp• Flour 10 r Paul 7•7 2307.75
ltt,l Wheat per 1.1:1 it 55e01.115
Rye pet .1,041,01 31,500.1.53
Core purihr4hel b76lo , ets.
Oats pee balhel ' 73t475e1.=.
Barley per Inv,hel $2.15
Cl,O cl,eed pet Iniebel z 0 74i io.;io
Timothy ire 10,11e1 . i.1.35(a)115' 1 /
El, s,,eed pt., bud,' ^ " $2.hae, , ...,0
rinsnunoit, 27, 15CO.
Illite Wit( at Fleur per Lai tel Z 3.70019.00
ltta Wineat Slur pte 1).111,1 • • el 5041,7.75
Pining Wheat Floor per haul I $7 09(47.30
11mter Ilheat per bahhtl :15065)1.55
Col n per la,liel TlA73cts.
(.4tt4pgr,lpp..lle.l:., • ' i "1 • 6:361.64ctd.
Styepet , Ln•1ie1.:.... ...... ..... .... : ...... - $1.4<d1.42
Clued Itemslc, , Z,e.ts.
. ,
Glum . ;:irks 18rta.
!•• • •
NEW Yalta, Mar. 2.7.—,G01d claret] at W. 3,1.
, IT/101,19 : 1,1EP,11.10ES..
PLOUR—Superfine r, per..barrpi, • $6.00
Extra Ffflur, do 6,50
GRAIN—Red w bent, per,buoltel,„ .1.40
White Wheat, do
Corn, do 80
Oats, • - .- • . do 50
Barley,ri EY3t‘oo 1.20
S EE 'r i ji /1° 4 , 1:3 IC I/ 2 0 !ill O
Cloversded, per 64 lbs , • 8.00®8.50
PRoviSloNt.lrPotp,tues,rper husheii ,9i)®9o
Dric(l 4Pe e bi • du ,• 2,59,
Corn — Aear'iSer
Dried Peaches, per pound,
~, , 18
Beef, do • 10
Lard, 'do i, , , 2O
Pork, , ,-,,, ! ,do . , : 12
Butter, ~ , do ~ - 40
Cheese, . ,do .... 25
Eggs, per dozen,' 20
11am, 4,- , ' 20
Side,. 18
'Shoulder,•' • '• 1 •". ;.' '' . ' ' r,."10
C - 0.u.-llard coal, per t0n,.." ' 6.50e8 00
Broad Top coal, - do - ' • 3.00
LumBER, tier 1000 feet, 1, : ; !12.000,30.00
SIIINGLEA—Laii, per 1000 fi.; 10.00(t03.00
,Joint Shingles, . do, ! •• . 6.50@,8.00
MISCE 4 LANEOUSI—BaIk, per cord, , . 8.00
Bran, per cwt., • 1.25
Hops, per pound 40
Wool, slo - , f; •-.., ,
,:: ,: .', 7 'i,' '-•
. -1 : 40g45
Hay, per ton, 13.00
llideS,'• • ' "" ' ' 6(4)7
Green Apples,,, ', .-. Ile ' , ' • 1.50
Onions, , ,do , 1.00
'An Onrioe otPrevention Is 'Wier tlitin a
Poun,d of cure
This is the most sickly ;Add] of tho year hut thero is
a seaway which is q 00138tallt: protection against the
GOOSES of disease; it enters swiftly In to the circulation of
tho blood, expels the mot bilic s abstancegollected e thern;
in dining the winter; corrects all morbid changes
blood ; regulates the supply ,nu,l quality and equalizes
the circulation of the blood ;' promotes the °potations of
the digestive organs ; nets as n mild and allicactous stom
achic; streugthens the =scope fibres and calms the
nervbris system; promotiet biloyaney of spirits and feel
ing; revives the physical wawa glee, and imparts vitality
d r
and to oyerorgan of the, hntnan body. • It iSi
no lees celebrated a, primal ation than SiISIIL ER'S HERB;
BITTERS. I.lsli if how—use ten:gutsily every day—and
prepie your 05 stern for the change lit the season, and
fat tify it against the dangers of disease, inarlOboni.
. OTIIF.RS.—The Grisftop Mineral Paint Oompany
111040 R rininufaelniing - ,the pest, Cheapest' and most
iAlt4l'aint in Ilya; two coats null put on, mixed with
pure Linseed Oil, 11111, list ten or fifteen 3 ears; it Is of a
light twos , . 0 or benutilui chocolate color, and can bo
changed to green, lead, stene,diab, olive or cream, to
Nit the taste of Consublor. 'lt is valuable for lion.
ice, Fenceo, Pains, Carilage 'end Car umbers, Palls end
Wenders-1v arc, Aglicultural Implemental Canal Posts,
Vessels and Ships' Bolton.", Canvas, Mobil and Shingle
Roofs. (P being Piro end ll'oter.proof,) Floor Oil Cloths,
(one Manufactmer bas ing used 5,u00 phis. 'hw post year)
and ,tis ii. , paint for tiny purpose la utimirphssed roraiodi,
durability, elasticity and adhesii euesa. Pike $0 per
bid. of Sue lbs., which sv ill supply a fanner for years to
conic. Warointed ill Ili/ ( . 11PC4 as abov b. :odd for 'cir
cular which giros tienlars, • Rona genuine unless
blended in a trade merle, draftee Mineral Paint.' Per
sons can order the Paint and remit Cie money on ic-
Cs 'lit of the goods. , Address " • • '
It. L. PA wasrocit A: CO, Pittsburgh,
Agents let Pennsylvania.
4.6'; For into.lll tito pound or Srarolg"in Lootis', }hook
Storo.• ‘, • • • ' hovll3.Gui
_lf TARIM jrgated ‘v.11.11 Om, utmost ',weer, by J.
ISAACS. and Professor of Disuile3 Ville Eye and
or is the Medical College of Pennelilmnia;r2 years eager,
z'ence, (formerly of Le)den llollatl,) N... 805 Attoll St.,
Teetimonials can ho seen nt thin ofllo,-
Thu untliff hyupy• urn jacit...vt,t4 c 9 It' uy their pa •
t lento„ ls. trot occreto'l4•lirstdtiCticd. Artificial
Eyes ',mated without pain. No chttfgc.
Joao 17, 186S-iybm. '
R E9ISTEP,'S NOTlCE.—Notice is
hereby given, to all persons interested, that the
owing named persons have settled their neconnts in the
Register's 01lice, at Huntingdon, and that the mid accounts
will ho pros:mt.] for contionation and allowance at an
Orphans' Court, to lie held at Huntingdon. in and for the
county of Huntingdon. on Monday, titi, 1;11; day of
APRIL next, (iKA) to nit :
I Administration account of Jahn Crimmins, tlemiin is
tratotof tlw estato,of Stroh. Addj., Jote.ef 4 hiclson,
2. Administration arAo.nit . qf JohntiA. Briggs, .xece
fOr-of th . o leaky:4ll4 ind testament of Benjamin.Brigie, ,
Wu Of Nell toteielltb,leceseed. ei
3 - Ail m I it oii rat - IVc - cifint of henry N. - Mark, executor
of the last will and testement of Oeorgo W. Mark, Into of
Juniata township, decea , cd, (so fir as the same can ho
adtuinistored until after the ideallt of his widow Mary
4 Administration account of John S. Weston nod Mar
tha Weston, executors of tlio last will cad testament of
Julia Ilimmlon, Mtn of Union tmrnship, dgrpnsed.,
;5 Admintstratlon'abcount.op*William fitUrArt,niltniii
istrafor de boars Uoil - cura testameuto annex.,, of site
estate of William Stuw a s t, Into of Thiner:townsliip,
d :eased.
,6 AdiniolalCittlpidupount of Alexander Ale Nu' Sap
'oat Italsfo64bxeciitele'Of liie lasi stilt 011 1 esinAithil`cif
Henry Hummer, late of 310111, tett tethip, deceased.
Adminithation account Neely S. Wharton ad
min hdrator of the estate of ipusen. 'lappet+, late of the
borough of ifuntingdahi'Lleeretecl.l "..
8 Account of J. 31 Stonobi alter and William like, ad
tninkti atm s of tho estate of John 11. Stonebralmr, late of
It anktto township, deceased. ._
9 Administration account of unit J.
Lou y Johnston. adult:AAt ator6 of the estate of &unite!
11. Bell, into oc elth lox township, deceased. -
nec4l(l6 Coif JesitPltleClaiii,!execurbr
•Of ilie last will/and lestaineut of John 31eCluin, late of
Tod tow whip, deceased. ;;; ; ; •.; •; fl a• I; •;,
11 Final account of Job n A. 7ilcPherron, one oi the ex
ecutors of the lust will and testament of John 31alterratt,
late of Ft an Mitt ceased. rr,
12 Fit Tad aojettsuAnlSdniubl - 11...iferlferrAn.,nne.of the
exectl(Vs'i tholi lot NI ili4ml iratimeilt ( Johi,
Phetr*An;fare Sr t% told Cnynshili:dbkfitgetl. • "
I'l Administration account of (leolgo JAnston
and James Thor, txecntot s of the last lull and tostament
01 Samuel Barr, late of Jackson towutbig, deceased.
Adinintsiratielinecotiot ofjames'llllrd, administra
.tor ,of the estate of, Alemoder States, late, of Walker
lownshlfOleceaSed: '"
-JO_ The flit st trust,: nod the severallguerdiauslOp „re
counts of l'eter Shaver, Jr, guardian of Marble Sha
ver, 11. L. Shasta, Nbliard. Shaver; FAralt J.Sbarei, fldnry
0. Sl a ter and A. M. :haver, minor childt en of John :dm.
cr, late of S hit loy township, deceoscd.
le Adminiatrdtion acrenat of :lawn r. Stair, executor
of the lase will Old' lest:aorta 'of Annie Ilegio, late of
'Fell tounship. deceased, ns Sled by Michael Stair, one of
the execulms of the said Simon I'. Stair, deceased:
ra t.olll , lfilinisffdtioligruoutitiof A ndror - , CrOtoloy
Prut4ley, ti.dmiol4tt.itprhOrille csta q of ,liscab
relhfol6y, t lAte'of Ca.4{44tklilp, deconsed.
18 GuaiduniAip account of William Orbison, Into
guardian of Nonni° A. On in, minor child of Alex. and
Cathni Inc Gyau. Into of
.11nntIngdon borough, deceased.
10 Fla tl gualdianship account of Ot bigot,, Into
gnat tlian of Alex. 1). Gmrin, ton of-Alex. and Cluthutino
Ow in, late of Huntingdon botongli deceased, aim is no'
of foil ago,
ItegibtoOs Office,
Taunt.; Mari j
1i!j017.1.0E is hereby given to all per
il A;ils , i.ter'6w,eamt. ibwronoivin g Inreutorus of
the geode, and Cloak,bi set to.widowsonder the pawls
ions of the eet of 14th of Api d, 1551, have been filed in
(ho ollice of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Hunting
don county and will ho prevented for "al prey& by the
Court"lon.lletinustlay the„l4th of-A1.9t11., (ISA)
liivehterj^itinr dinanititineut 'of the (4011(1111101 chattels,
us Inch Aiete of hlipliaz'llfr,olow, late of qitts - Jiteksoit ton n-
Ellini , lfecenst`d,!lls taken by , his w ) nloW lealrllikulow.
Inventut y and apptaisetoent of the goods and chattels
o Welt nets ot Thomas Lock, of Spcingflu6l township,
(I,i:cased, Os taken by 1113 11 blow liannab bock. ,
' Carractiat 'inviitork did! t of 'ltie gawk
mot chattel, nhitlt wine of PLtttp l'lngisant, late 01 CARS.
Idle, det.ea, I. taken by lu, ruduo Matilda pheasant.
Inventoty and alga; liment of the goods and chattels
o sere 01 two., S. 31cUallati, lat..' wall , er taut a
appintsetneta, of tilt goads add cb:ittels
which nets 111 Juno, Steel, Iseq , late of linutingtlon,
ceased, n, taken by his n blow ES/a Steel.
tiventoty and nrinab,etliont of the goods and chattels
Which were of .lulnt KellY;late of Dublin towniltlp, do.
cdooed, 00 taken by los widow 10izabrth.
J. If. S Elt,
Clot]: 011.11ator' Court.:
Huntingdon, Mar.l7, ISf 9.
' trAEia •.
. : .
,ze EALD,
, sup
and 2 SilOllE ''ffROUT
and and Country
' "
FRUIT-,'SMORED FISII, ate:: etc.,
TjL4`, V v § i rA6IIL3STEOU r ;
•i' i is , ! SRAPS ofi9Rikinds,
r r ,
C7l r
!::-I.cußc EA I) , r•
arLialP2 9
2'. -
111 '`,
Has cared - bades"orDYSPEPSIA, re cases
of LIVER COMPLAINT, more 'arises of
AGUE; tind more cases of DEBILITY, than"
any [other , remedy before the •publie‘in 7E103
ante apace of time.. • •r,
is an Excelieut.Appetizer ; and n,generad
...InvioFater of the System.. .
•':,. ---WALToN , &: ZUG, Prkirrotors,'
No. 9, N. Seventh St, Philitdelphia..
i Sold by Druggists,•arid Dealers giert(ll s y:
imirlo, Om. ' ,
P,ATENT Revolving- : Mao YAPS
Of America and Europe, America and the"
United Statea of Anierloa.
Colored— in 4000 Counties
MIIESE great'llaps, now just oorn•
pleted, show every place of isnportatwo,
roads th date. end the lateitt nlterattens to the.vartoue .
? t i l l irtnity t ill tP lßO l l l ;l o n7 M tWe ' y 'r oCe n o7y 4' ll i te n e ' it7tg.ttpit
litp, and by means ,of the Reverser, either side can ho
krowli front, nod any part brvnght level_to tin) eye.
Connty Right Nand likrgi discotint given. t t good Agepts
lAiiply for Cirru hits.; Tel tht, and 'send rnone)i for Sam
ple :1108, to •- f , •,I,
Cortland t Sheet, N. y.
sevving. ,Mapld.nes.
mvitnieErr lI4OIIpIE IN USE.
Stach, .
/far Strengthi and Ditrability. of Seanblllet nip rot rnv
21, lit? Oni'llifethle are hod direct ft out the 'spools, and no
seams have to be fastened by hand; no waste of thread,
For einiplcc:ty and perfection of machinery.
It stitches, hems. fells, tucks, braids, cords, and cm-_
brolders beautifully. 7;, " 11•, 7 1-
machines fully IVAifanted and full instruct; me "given.
Setting machine cotton, silk, &c., on hand. • .•
For sale by (MENNE & BROVIEE, •
fehlf,U39 2.1 floor Leilter's Building,lllmtingdon, Pa.
1 - 141:DOWM
Sewing, Xiehines
Oldest% Established of any in the World
Over 50,000,180.:.„1,,
•771' 9 ', 7 7
Tiadas'Artektblhalihriehlues Pre adapted to every verb,
t'y of lowing•forlamily wear; from :tho lightest ahrilina
to Like 'heailest Cloths,' end tidthe use ot * St.auistFo:ies,'
Mess 311ilterth lets, ilksinpfueturera otiShirta:kiellare,
Skirls, Cly,d;a, pp.ptiuns i pots, Caps, Corsets,
BUcits niinSho'ee, Linen Goode, etc. They work
equally well upon silk, lineti';')VOEileti and ' cotton " goods,
with silk, cotteArAligegnire.44.llTAlTlvill seam, quilt,
bop, j9l6c,ord, braid, !rind itud perform every spicier of
iiialdng W lienibifid and perfect Witiipitiii6 bu
Loth sides of the t artple.sep ed.. Over 60U90 60;090 a
of these sin
Hulled =Allies were - maniiractured nn during
theJear This unprecedented in tho history of
sewtnistijaefila4tiiiifls dndthcz proof oP fhe grkLeriopu
littily of thb Howe blnchine. ' ; ` .
They have ipvittiehly r , ort:ple plgltest hetiore at the
great Exhib!tiene cif :the iirltt;:eultetnating attAelate
I .': 3 l ,o3l ttee 1je,1 , /eyeelle:et`Patie, where, .•
was awarded for •TIII, ROWE MACHlNE—tisol;lmp ev•
ial-Prize; the Cross of, thwLegion of Getter' p a Gold Med
al, the highest prize within the gift of 'tbo:JlYiy, being
the lesultli:f its ~:VIb~NT i Ls4CLILLEA ' CE."'
Our interest not bang second to that of puroliasers of
machines, in Omir successful operation, we Bold' our
selves in readiness to beinlisr any neCeSSal y and practica•
bid' aSSiittinee; by correspondence or otherwise, for this
purpose, and for faithfulness in this respect, reference is
made to the Cobs Ofthomaulls Bow whit ilte,se hcliiue.
Orrice 23 Fa.
& tLsoITs
voccn '8137C0 " '
geWing Maclibaes,
4 ;•'i„
A KtYft-,4iiffA, 4 ‘
r• 1.
\ :VC
41=-72 ft 1
te jEkg:
V EV Yz . Xet
- _
I..e'C'etv i etl, the only GOLD MDDAL at the
PARIS EXPOSITION, ' . 1867. , ;
They aro adaphid to nil Itinds . of F.lmily•Fewing. rind
to the usp,of i . clunsticases,,Gressmaker% Tailors, Mann
bicturel a of Shirts, Collar% Skirts, Chmks, Mantilla.%
Clothing,' Bali. Capri, Corsets,;Linen Goods. Entlifelln%
Parasols, etc.: They work emutily , well upon silk,Erren,
oolen ' and cotton ignofis, , with, bilk, cotton. .or 'noon
thread. They, will seam, quilt, gather, Nun, fell, cord,
Maid, and lierferth
a beautlful and pet root •atitch, , alike' on both' 'Attlee iho
article sewed.
The qualities n bleb recommend them arc:.,
1. Beauty and excellence of stitch;' abko on 'both litdeti of
. ilia fabric: vowed.
2. Strength, firmness and durability of seam,that wiG
not tip nor ravel. •
3 Economy of Thread.
4. Attaraonts and -Avlde - rangcrof applictatipl tp wito6-
a. ala ndimater(al F
C a n e;s s V elegance of latalefand
6. Simidicity and tlinong,4pass of cenattuctioq..
7. 51700, - easrjorofekation 64"ii.C.mafnagentent„a4144et•
, ;non anindroiment. - '••• '
lastruclicas Inc to U. Dirteltin . c . , 49 , ./ 1 1,TfPgir one
year inityotthargo. /.. •
11. B. LEWIS, Agept,
JOl7-1y , • „ Ii • Iltarmaroox,
Itt the s i ecoettl floor in fiCad;s \ l:i‘olv 1141 . a:
ing, where he irtteud.3 do IF?r,.9tyltititly on hand the
latest styles of
P':.l)7] CM . G-:00_T;)S
' 3( :411 , ..PF1C.K , F-W , SVIAVD Panda I
OtoTHS,' "
; CLOTHS, CAO 0.1.'..N.1tEP; ,
jiie4 a OPtrcatvairilCitsit;oi,,innuy years experience
;lie Is
,prepared to make to order'olothing for man. and
boys;and.pnaranteo neat, durable and fashionable work
manship. Ile tettetertutued to pleto3oorcrybody. t
453 - •• All are Invited, to call :end, exaraln:o ; ply' new'
stock of heaUtiful patterns before purchasing alsirerhera'
• ' qup,
Itaratingdon, Slch: 0 , -
CARDEN. SEEDS - „, 7 -
Of e to,
' i-artelk "
GARDEN, it —.i •
trantingSutn ; Sends direct from tUo ,
' '" ' ' ' GROWER .'• "
Sno t'seal their orders immediately toips:
DosccrtiCre . entabigue and pricoDst furnished on lap•
plicatiou, grotto. '
1111 & 1113 Market St., Philida, Pa.
Seed Farm. and Gordon near Haddonfield, N. J.
N. D.—The trado supplied on liberal tome. • fe24-2ni'
The subscribers 1111%13'1 . 0cm:10y discovered_ a now
In calling tho attention of_ the ladles to our Starch,
they a ill flud (4atitocuuomizes labor, produces a I
Muth imperior to common etarell, ittid easterito iron. In
fact if You want a boaatiral.glals on your skirt, or your
husband's shit t or collar, proc i ure a box . of tam-Essen..
of Starch.; Tho coat Is tritllng,,ouly 15 cents in box.-
eTrY b.* b. convinced. • Every Family should
baribit.bpie ,of 1110, _Eason.. of Starch. For eato by all
Orobcra and deolere'in. the United. States.. Manufactured.
outs' by 5311511, „I iiirumON .t CO., solo proprietors; .
1113 Ilarnier street, Philadelphia.. ' -
a For Pala ut 31•ASA:Y.4 CO'S. Vutorpriso Mad-
Oariels. - - • fobs
Cj _'l4oOks
ogle'r t t Book Store.
re -
,Hcort o
Stieviraft . -&,
. n.
.HUNTINq-~3O~T~ i'.~,,h
," ."
+ • rel VO
F •
Ltb; G.
eS $ ,
rain ,ray
Carriage Goods Hu'iis;
and Siokei':!
DRAIN *RA, ,„„
sMc7•MITAW4OhJ3Rt:MeI Ip
and an endless vnidetir itidds in bis line.
We are receiving I goods almost rydu
from manufattfirers,
.1N; ril3tAfgA
and our experience hi , seledting besf.6rarOs
and fv/411;le
will find itio,their atitrantage,'fo examine eqr
THE bi .cW,fil.:E*',',::'c'ti
- 11 ) 1CLIPS1,..COOK;STOVlig
• •,:„,
which threiViAili others in the ahad'o, is etfll
increasing in popularity, aryl - pleasee so well
that everybody' wants; •;. 1, 7
' ST9.P'AT , TAU •
GN --
llunting(lo, ";'.
'~ ti.
~ ~~:
BOIHIDON'S & .3.013V1 )
13i•N't ,vz;z: az
, „
Lagies,„an enge nx411,A54P,..,,i..,-4
I '
The Tourist Giant-Ad
'our,if,', 4 3‘)-,;1;• !; ,,T
ta)bv:.l,lll Mf.f
1 ~'i~~l ;!.~
; . )
..i ;1 ;".
.i,t::•l, - ,0
•"AGAIN V:""" s "'
• • - - 'L a -, l , afr
(":•:•• Benjiaill 11 is/ aCQUS ••
; I,l.lrata
Respectfully informiidlis•old;frietidtrtirdliiseltdailiii
generally, that npnict;locatcd 'ip all l:16
llusaisanosr: and his ppkned a very laigo f andontlrn new
st o ck of Ganda in , Baxton's , Store bloni'OpPokitOTeesrilt
Book Store, consisting off !Li , ;;;15(1,
IN G, Et na • ' PS; •••-BD,TS -c ,`,.
and EVgArl".A4l,lET)l;:cog?,;.;: it ;
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