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Wednesday morning, Moh. 3, 1869.
The "Globe" has the largest number of
readers of any other paper published in the
county.' Advertisers should remember this.
To Oar Friends and Patrons,
'Until we give notice to the contrary,
we issue to all paying us money
on subscription to Globe, advertising,
Sob work and old stare bills, chance
checks for presents in our Enterprise.
Now is the time , to subscribe, adver
tise, have your bills, etc., printed, and
for all indebted to• us to pay up. We
want everybody to have a chance for
the beautiful and substantial Chamber
Sett of thirteen pieces worth $25.
tfir•What Pennsylvania wants is a
Registry Law, to prevent "repeating"
, and -ballot - box stuffing. The present
Legislature will have failed to do its
duty, if this law is neglected.
../iwoußimi.----Both branches of the
Legislature adjourned on Friday last,
until the &Wiest., in order to give the
Members an opportunity to attend the
Inaiignration of General Grant, to
morrow. •
Chief Clerk McPherson, of the
House, will not only omit the nameb of
the" members elect from' Georgia on
the roll call at the 'organization of the
new House, 'as authorized by the Re•
construction Committee, but will also
omit the names of the Louisiana mem
- iso."..The'Hon. EL S. Dawes, of Mass
-413 usetts; has written a letter to Mr.
Blaine, of Maine, withdrawing from
the contegt for the Speakership of the
XLl'st Congresi,which virtually leaves
a clear field open to Mr. Blaine, as all
or nearly all of the New; England States
will now support him, thus making his
election almost certain, as Dawes was
the most' prominent candidate against
him. • ,
Who is is be the Officer from
Pennsylvania ?
' r raft tbat'has been said and written
two.,weeirs, about who
williand will 'not go, into Grant's Cab
inet from Pennsylvania, could be eel
lected,togother, it would make a bobk,
oi,no;:tierin proportions. The politi
cians Are , actively at work on Grant,
bat have failed•to: make anything out
of him, unless 'we except Cot. McClure,
who, called on the General last week
to urge. the claims of Goy. Curtin.
That: interview settled one point, viz.,
that Gov. Curtin Will not get a seat in
the Cabinet. That point being debli
nitely 'settled, the names of a dozen
other gentlemen have sprung up, spec
tre like; but all is speculation, and as
we expect to give the Cabinet in full
io,our next, issue, : .We prefer not to oc
cupy our space by useless conjecture
and idle surmises. • •
FAIR: Some newspaper cor
respondents, in their haste and desire
to furnish the latest new* do not hesi
tate Co
,pais represent and even lie about
&man rather than spoil agood story.
For instandet A - Washington Corres
pondent of the Beater Radical signing
kiniself ap, persists in grossly mis
representing Senator Scott, and put
ting.wOrdtrc,into' his mouth' which ho
never uttered. l , Week before last he
stated ; that Burley, of Blair county *, had
Scott's. written pledge to appoint him
(Burley) U. S. Marshall of the l'irest
ern District of Pennsylvania, and, last
week the same writer says "it is ru-
Mored that Senator Scott has signified
his wish to General Grant that Penn
sylvania be left without a Cabinet of
-Bcei t'
These:assertions aro false in
every partidular; and wo would advise
"Nap" to either quit writing for news
papers altogether or else step pinking
a false recOrd fora man who is abun
dantly 4blp to make one for himself.
Fair play Give Scott a chance, and
hp will speak for himself.
Senator Scott.
To,naOrroW at,l2 o!clPek,high noon;
Jebn Scott will be sworn in as a United
States Senator for years. To his
immediate friends and neighbors, it is
ah event ' importance:
Much is expected of bim by his friends,,
and they will not be disappointed.
Known as.he is in this community, we
need no further evidence:Of his ability
to make for himself a world-wide rep
utation ae - a statesman and an orator.
He goes there comparatively unknown
outside of the State, but in his place in
the Senate; it will soon be found that
be is the peer of any man on that
floor. With the people of the country,
be has 'yet - to Millie a reputation, and
that he will do . sq feel warranted
in assuring thern ; that it, will not be
long until they Warn• to look up to•
as one of the most brilliant, gifted and
upright Senator Pennsylvania ever
bad to represent her. He - goes to,
Wa`shington with Out a blot or blemish.
qion liisefiaradter, and we defy any,
fnitril,iing;tO put, his finger upon a
single act of his, that, will for a single
030Miinfeally.,his fair faino: E) Honest,
able and of unimpeaclattle integrity, he
has been elevated to the position with
a pledge or promise to il
any ma,.
and we predict foi'bira a brilliant and
successfni Career,
State Temperance Convention.
The State Temperance Convention
met in Harrisburg last weeki Jnr the
purpose of devising moans to pfohibit
the manufacture and sale of all intoxi
eating liquors. From a number of
resolutions passed by that body, we
extract the following:
Resolved, * * "We do recommend
the formation of a prohibitory league
for the securing of proper men of set
tled temperance convictions and prim
! tico in every county, senatorial or rep
resentative district, for legislative and
local offices, whether nominated by ex
isting.parties or not." * * *
Now, we are just as much in favor
of Temperance and will do as much
for the cause as any man in that Con
vention but we protest against the
blow aimed at the Republican party
by the above recommendation, for
every intelligent man knows that nine
tenths of the Temperance men belong
to the Republican party, and if the
Democrats cats divide and distract our,
party by making an issue of temper
ance, they will do so atm ride into
power, through our folly, for every
man of them will vote the regular
straight out, Simon-pure "Dimmycrat
le" ticket, while the' Republican tem
perance men are being deluded into
voting for what they think a, purely,
temperance, but in reality nothing but
a regular sot up Democratic ticket.
Again, we do' not believe that the
people of this country can ever fie
driven into prohibition. The "whis
key ring" is too strong for any body
of men to attempt to break down.
The "ring" is rich—immensely rich—
and, will meet their antagonists at
every step. Moral suasion is what
we want, and what we must have
before we can hope to make in
roads upon the liquor traffic. if you
wish to reclaim a friend from intern,
perance,. do you go to work and abuse
him ? Certainly not, But you at•
once show him the evils' of his indul
gence, talk to him, plead with him,
coax, pray and promise him every
thing, if he will only reform. If' you
cannot succeed in that way, there is •
no use in resorting to violent means,
for then he becomes more determined
'in his own ruin. So with the masses.
The rule is equally applicable to both,
and we think it strange that our lead=
ing temperance mon, do not see it in .
the same tight, Liquor is a curse to
every natiOn upon the face of the globe,
and we could•wish that every drop of
the poisono'u's ; drug might be throivii
into,sea or somowhere else, but this
cannot be until •our• temperance men
- resort to Moral suasion and stop threat
ening to do this, ,that and the other
thing, if prohibition is not inimadiaiely
brought about.
The Public Debt;
The House of Representatives, under
load of Gen. Schenck, did a noble
work on •Wednesday last, in enacting,
1: That the Public' Debt of the United
States is payable and will be paid in
Gold or its equivalent; , and 2.. That
contracts henceforth made payable in
coin shall bo duly enforced by law.—
The voto against striking out the first
proposition was very strong-129 to
51and the bill passed by 119 Yeas to
61 Nays—almost two to one. Tho
facts . that.tho bill asserts the policy of
an early return to Specie Payments
and paves the way therefor add to our
satisfaction at this result. •
We cannot doubt .that the Senate
will concur by a vote at least equally
strong, and that the
,hideous monster'
Repudiation ivill.thas meeive a second
staggering blow. In .fact, the election
of Gen. Grant settled what this bill
more precisely declares. We shall
not repudiate—we shall not flounder
forever in the slough or Suspension—
we shall pay our National Debt, prin
cipal as well as interest, honestly and'
faithfully. Such being the truth, it is
high time that our Public Credit ovin•
ced the popular faith in it. - ,
The Constitutional Amendment Final
ly. Adopted.
Both Houses of the National Legis
lature have finally adopted thepropo
sod constitutional amendment.
The vote in the Senate stood 89
yeas to 13 nays, and in the House 143
yeas to 43 nays.
The bill including the amendment,
reads as follows
Be it enacted, (kw.: two-thirds of both
Houses concurring, That the following
amendment to the Constitution of the
United States ho submitted to the Leg
islatures of the several States, "and
when ratified, by three-fotirths . thOi;eof,
it - shulf bti a' part of said Constitution.
' Article 15. The right of any citizeria
of the United States to vote shall 'not
be denied or abridged ' by' the United
Status or : States on. account of race,
aoloi, Or previous condition of servi
tude. ,
The Legislatures ,of twenty eight
States must ratify the above before it
can become a part of the Constitution.
lowing is the bill restricting the frank•
ing privilege passed by Congress, and
now awaiting the President's signa
Be it enacted, &c., That it shall not
be lawful for any officer of the Govern
ment, member of Congress, or other
person entitled by law to, the franking
privilege, to exercise - said privilege
otherwise than by his or her written
autograph signature upon matter frank.
ed, and all letters or other mail mat
ter not thus franked by the written
signature of a person entitled by law
to exorcise said; privilege, shall be
charged with the rates of postage
which are now or may hereafter be
established by law,
National and state tegislatures.
Monday.t—ln the Senate at 12 o'clock
the'Senate:assembledt, and, on motion
took a recess until 7P. M., when it
re-assembled, and passed the bill 001-
istAng the office of superintendent o f
exports and drawbacks. The Rouse
amendment to the currency bill was
non-concurred in. The constitutional
amendment, as it acme froM the [louse
was then taken up and considered, but
was not disposed of. Adjourned.
In the House under the call of States
for bills and joint resolutions a bill was
presented to recognize the indepen
dence of Cuba. The Post Office ap-,
propriation bill was passed. • •
Tuesday.--In the Senate the House.
amendment to the .constitutional
amen , .lment were disagreed with, and
a committee of conference appointed
The bill to supply deficiencies for ful
filling certain Indian treaty stipula
tions was passed. To-day at 12:30
was assigned for the consideration of
the joint resolution to provide for re
porting and printing the debates and
proceedings of the Forty-first Con
gress. The army appropriation bill was
reported, with amendments. The bill
to amend the judicial system of the
United States was taken up and passed
after which was discussed the bill to
punish the eririte of holding office, in
violation of the Fourteenth article of
• the Cortstitution.' The bill amenda•
tory ,of the,civil right act was taken
up and passed, without d ebate. The
Senate then took a - recess until 7:30 P.
M., when it, re-assembled, and disposed
of a number of bills from the Commit: .
tee'on Commerce.
In the House the committee report
on the Wyoming territory contested
election case was laid on the table, and
l 'Ordered to' be printed. The copper
bill was then passed over the veto. A
bill reported by the Select Committee
on the Now York election frauds was
passed by - a vote of 89 yeas to 51 nays.
Committee of conference were appoin
ted on the bill regarding acting assess
ors, on naval appropriation bill , and'
on the suffrage constitutional amend
ment. The House then took a recess
and c'on'sidered the Legislative appro
priation bill upon re-assembling.
Wednesday.—ln the Senate the Com
mittee on Private Land Claims made
a report on the McGarrahan claim.—
The postal service appropriation bill
was reported without amendment.—
The copper ore bill was passed over
the veto, after which the Senate pro
ceeded to consider, and disposed of the
joint resolution reported by the Joint
Committees on
,Printing, to provide
for the reporting And printing of the
debates of the next Congress. The
army appropriation bill was discussed
until 4 P when it ,re 7 nesCmhled
and dispoSed of a large nuMber of bills
and resolutionb. Adjourned at 10:35
In the House several bills relative
to the Postal Telegraph were reported
back from the committee. The bill to
strengthen the public credit, and to
legalize gold contracts was then takeb
up and passed. By unanimous con
sent it was agreed that, after to-day,
the House will meet at 11 A. M., in
steadof 12. The Indian Appropria
tion bill was made the special order
for to-day. The House then went in
to Committee of the Whole on the
Legislative Appropriation bill, but pen
ding its consideration, took a, recess
until 7:30 P. R., when it re-assembled
and akain considered the Legislative
Appropriation bill. .
Alronday.—The Senate was not in
'session yesterday.
In the House an Act was reported
favorably from the committee for the
better regulation of delegate elections.
Among the bills introduced and refer
red was ono for the fermation of a new
county from part of Crawford, to be
called Grant. Adjourned.
Wednesday. —ln the Senate the
Printing committee made a report in
reference to Bates' Military llistory.
A resolution was read: proposing an
amendment to the Constitution; pro
viding. that every year 'that a Presi•
dent is elected there shall be no elec•
Lion held in .October, but on the day
of the Presidential eleutio n.
The Darien Canal,
An article in Putnam, for March, on
the Inter-Oceanic Canal across the
Isthmus of Darien embodies a great
amount of information of especial in
terest at' the present moment. -It is
estimated that the saving in distance
by the canal will be es. follows : New
York to Calcutta, 4,100' miles, -to
Canton, 8,900• miles; to Shanghai,
9,600 miles; to Melbourne,
3,340 miles; 'to Jeddo, Japan, - 6,490
miles. Here•is an immense savilig" in
distance which is, invaluable to our
commerce. Another point to be con
sidered is that a canal .would enable
vt s els to pass from . ocean to ocean
without cargo; that a smaller class of
ships Could be-employed in the carry
trade—vessels whose safety would
be endangered by a passage round the
that the East India products
would be brought so much nearer to
our doers that their use would be
more general than now ; and above
all, that America would become a
most formidable rival to Europe in the
already rapidly increasing East India
trade. It is estimated that the com
merce around• Cape Horn and over
the Isthmus of Panama now -amounts
to - -about 8,500,000 tons annually, at
an expense of say, $lO per - ton making
a total of 835,000,000 Per year. Sup-
pose half this expense- should be saved
by the construction of a canal, would
not the enterprise pay, even if its buil
ding should absorb millions ? The
Panama railroad cost nearly $9,000,000
and nearly paid for itself in' the- first
seven years. The road is now paying
handsomely and rewarding its stock
holders - with heavy dividends. The
trade of the "United States, England
and Fiance, that would, in all proba
bility, pass through the canal, - has
been 'estimated at $467,830,000, and
as these figures were - made up after
careful study. of the subject, they way
be deemed very correct. It is estimated
that the saving inn money to ,the-trade
of the United.. States at $36,000,000 ;
trade of England, .89;950,000; to the
trade of France, $2,180;000 ; and to
the trade of the combined world, $49,-
500,000. Should the trade-of the world
increase in the same . ratio,--100 per
cent—fur the next ten years, that It
has fcr the past ton, there will accrue
. saving of $100,000,000, when the
canal finished,
Pendleton county, Icy., presents a
man ;aged 115.
The: population of London, at the
"":.fiddle of 1868, was 3,126,635.
A; bunch of ripe cherries was picked
a few weeks ago in §ati Francisco. .
Over $400,000 taxes on whisky and
tobacco wore paid in ehieago last,
The value of the bean crop of Isle
La Motto, Vermont, for 1868, is esti
mated to be 612,000.
In Boston women are taxed on $2B
- of real estate, and $13,000,000
of personal property.,
A Now •Orleans hotel bas for a table
waiter a German prince, and he is no
better waiter than a peasant would be.
Crime has increased to an alarming
extent in Massacuhsetts since the re
peal of the prohibitory law.
Ono of the men employed on the
Sandy Rook light ship has not been
on shore for ten years.
A Buffalo cord trainer is making a
pair of $2OO boots for presentation to
Gen. Grant•
A young camel has recently been
born in Cincinnati. This is. tho first
one born in thin country.
A couplo were recently piarried 'in
Kansas. City, Missouri, in lees thad ono
hour after being introduced.
The Cleveland _Leader thinks that
between kleptomania and insanity the
Ten Commandments are haVing a hard
time of it in New York:
A watchmaker in Rochester has
just finished a watch movement which
will run eight days without winding.
It has two mainsprings.
A colony of beavers have settled on
the Appomattox River, Virginia,• and
are cutting down quantities of shrub
bery and young trees.
The 'railroad 'connection between
Sacramento and. San Francisco will be
completed in tithe for the first train
over the Pacific Railroad: .:•' •
A .leutuckihn being asked 'how
much corn ho raised, an s wered, "about
ten barrels of whiskey, besides what
wo waste for bread." • . .".
A girl in Paris Who has neither
arms or logs; SOWS very nieoly,, : ein
broiders, and writes with her lips and
There il3 . a large cave under Lookout
Mountain. Recent discoveries have
rendered it exceedingly interesting.—
There is a river and a cascade in it.
A venerable Puritan parson in New
York State has built a $2OO church on
his farm, which 'exelriptS hiui froM tax
es to the amount 01 . 8800 per annum.
Tilers is a doctor for every 1000 in
habitants in Paris, and the number of
a pot heeu ries—a very well-to-do class
-647. There aro also 295 'officers .of
A Washington trunk manufacturer
scoured n good advertisemen . t by pla
cing in front of his shop a new trunk
bearing the name of A Johnson, Ten
A very cold snap has nipped vegeta
Lion in southern Italy, arid tho novel
spectacle is presented of orange trees
laden with ripe fruit, and the ground
covered with snow.
The silk manufacturers of Califor
nia have growing •1-,175.000 mulberry
trees. 'The total production of ' raw
silk in the State, , last year; , was 1,917-
The political campaign of 1869 will
open with the following State eleetiOns:
New Hampshire, March 9.
COnnectieut, April 4.
Rhode' Island, April 7.
A Governor is to be chosen in each
Charles Read° wisely and liberally
says that, when men are forever hand
ling heaps of money, it is prudent to
fortify them doubly against tempta
tion, with self-respect and a
It is very,seldfim.that Victor Eman
uel takes a pen in his band. , Th,-en 'the
moat important public docunients, are
signed by his private secretary, who
can imitate the ;King's handwriting:
perfectly. .
A New Bedford Ship's catch of bone.
en her last voyage, a motinted to 8.6.000
pounds, whose sale fetched the hand
some sum of $106,000.' Years ago
whalebone was hardly considered'
worth lumbering up. a ship with.
An Italian lady in Cinciantiti said to
be one hundred years old wentto a ball'
last week and danced 'eight hours' She
was indignant' that dancing- was 'st6p
ped so early—five o'clock in the morn
Every day brings forth a fresh want
of our dear Alaska—, This time it is a
District Court to • prevent swindling.
Ah! if . that District Court could only -
have been establiblied at the outset of,
the iceberg negotiations!
- Both of the prominent candidates
for the Speakership of the House, like
Colfax, the presiding officer ot ? the
Senate during the next Administra
tion, are journalists, or have had jour
nalistic training.
The Halifax Citizen, - mindful of . £he
superior courageWbieh struts beneath
the scarlet coats of England and Can.:
mitt, says' that our , American officers
during the ltebellfon were "bullies and
braggarts, but cowards more than eith=
The libc:u•3',Bholves of the T4itish,
Museiim, if placed in a continuous line,
Would extend no less than twenty-five
miles.. Tbo accession of books keeps
growing at the Tato of about twenty
thousand volumes a year, or between
fifty and sixty a day
. A locomotive on a now model has
been built at Paterson, New Jersey,
for the New Yorl.Land New Haven
railroad. It is a "double ender•," hay
ing a eow•cateher at each end, and be;
ing designed to, run equally well in
One million five hundred and twen
ty-seventhoumand dollars of the tax of
OhicagO - forlB6B remain" unpaid. The
city manages to build monster tunnelm
and govern much. a scope of territory
with a yearly tax of a trifle over three
'Snell , is so deep in Farmington,' 310 ,
,the traders have
,opened new
channels of tradd by cutting steps in
the ice and snow up the ice banks, so
that with a sprinkling of. ashes they
can introduce customers into their pla
ces of business with,comparative ease
and safety.
The Central Pacific Railroad Com
pany finds it exceedingly difficult to
keep their employees from deserting,
on account of the White Pine gold ex
oiteinent. They ship ear-loads of work.
men who oit, their " ride for nothing,
and strike for the gold region when
they get as near as the road can carry
The number of hogs packed in Illi
noisjudiana, Kentucky, Ohio, lowa,
Wisconsin and Mi.souri this season is
estimated at 1,646.377. or 61.676 less
than the number packed last year.
These figures do not include Chicago
But it is generally admitted - that-the
number packed in that, city will : not,
exceed 600,000, which week? 5e 195,-
000 let's than was packed last year.
A correspondent writing from Spain
says of the reheat general election:
"It was the first general election ever
held in Spain upon the basis of univer 7
sal stiff, age. The number of' electors.
which in 1865 was 300.000, this year
exceeded 3.000.000.. The conduct of
the people was admirable, lint the gov
ernment exercised an undue influence
and tirevented in many places a tree
expression of popular opinion."
Still another railroad luxury has
appeared in the West—silver palace
rotunda cuts for the Pittsburgh, Fort
Wa3 ne nod , Chiclgo toad. l'hore is
a "rotunda" at each end of the car,
with every possible luxury in the way
of seats, silver plated - chandeliers, wa
ter cooler, basins;:. i3toves, etc. Each
cur bas 24 double berths.
' In the In , trict Mal of the Gaited Stoles. for the
Western Platelet of Fenno/rank f
THOMAS 31cF,11,1,8 a Bankrupt under tho. Act of on
fgrew of !larch :/tl, 1167 having applied for a Diecharge
rom all hie debts, and other claims provablu under said outer of the Court, NOTICE IS lII:HEDY GlVltil
to all persona who hero proved their debts. and other
person., hat:tested, to appear on tho 15th day of 515actt,
1865, at 10 o'clock. A. to., boron, John Brotherßoo,
Register, at Ilia office in Bonilla} eburg, to chow -cause,
if any they Intro, why a hist:harp should not be granted
to the said Bankrupt.
In the District Court of the United .Yates. fo7.lhe
Western District of FtnasyledOitt: lj
OEOIIOB W. REED: a Ilanktmot Under the Act of on
green or March ',Sal 'lB6'7;liaving applied for a dis
charge from all ills debts. atufether claims provable un
der sold act, by ord, r of the Court. NOTICE'. IS lISItE
BY GIVEN to all Creditors a ho have proved• their debts,
and other persons Interested; to appear on the 15th 'day
51suar, 1809, at 10 o'clock, s. It, before John Brother
line, Es(', - Register, at his aka In Hollidaysburg, to
show ti any, oily a Dignitary should not be gran
ted to the sold 'banktupt.
. .
Lt the Dithict Court of the Unitrd BMees, fob Me
11 - estern. District of Pennsylvansa,
JOSEPH S. P. it Ali 111.6. a Bankrupt under the Act of
Congress of March 2d, la67,having applied for a Discharge
from all his debts, and othar claim , provable tinder
add Oct by order of the Court. NOTICE IS lIR t EBY GLV
EN. to all Creditor, alio have proved Ihoir dt hts, and nth.
er ',arsons intact tied, to appear on the 15th day of Mince,
18b9 at t 6 o'clock, A. N., before John Brotherhno, ,
Itegistar in Bank' uptcy, at his taco, in llolltda• shurg,
Pa.. to show•cause, if any they have. why a ge
should not be granted to the said Bankrupt.
C..IIcUADI,I 8 0 ,
mar3-2.t. Clerk.
have 'wool the largo live story Leather Mouse,
(cum James Nattily.
Anti Intend doing a Ride and Leather Commission Bunt.
Their sone D. P. LEAS, rind T. E. ItIcTITTY, are them,
and authorize I to carry en the business f or
they ate young mon of good mord' clam aJer, and fine
!mauves qualifications. They Solicit the patronage or
(keit blot het Tannet+to bat wanly and elsewhete
.t...3 -- They mull trill continue to keep a good ameortment
or :vanish and Slaughter Nile Loather on !Mik 'llt th eir
Tannery. near' into Sitting, Ilutann,,adon County. Pa.
mar:Mr. 1.1,AS A 310 qt: t Y.
TWO:$10 MAP. Fiat s 4. '
PATENT Revolving Doable MAPS
Of America and europe, America and the'
United States of America.
Colored—in 42(0 Cou.,tles.
9111 F SE great Maps, now just .e l um
Wand. show every place of finpoitatiee,
ail lotil
roads to dote. end the West alteintion. In the cariona
En rept,. Stater. Meet. Mannar° 11,11.41 in every Set ..... I
and huffily in the land—thov occupy the Rimeo of ow.
Map. and by lemma of• the Revel rer, either...vie can be
thrown front, and tiny part hr tight level to the eyo
(entity flights and large discount given to good Agents
Ipply for weenie., Terms, and send money for Cain
ple Ni.ips, to J. T LLOYD.
mnr3lnv. 23 Corti:milt :street, N. Y.
if SCUP.
The pruineiship which had existed between J. Sewell
Stewart and M Lytle in the niactico of the law ler
the name of Stewart Lytle wan dissolved by mutual
consent on the 2 , ItS of December. 18di.
Hunt Ihsdom'reb. 23*
• .
3P. t r UCT—v3o,'
March 8,1869 21. • •
A.. A Zfaß E N -E ■
A For , the LAUNDRY.
It is warranted not to streak, or In any manner Injure
the finest fobrlcs.
Full FAMILY USE Sold in FIVE cents, TEN cents,
and TWENTY coats boxes.
Each TWENTY cents box, besides having FIVE TIMES
as much bine as the FIVE cents box, contains a pocket
pin cushion or emery hag.
Fat flute! and large Laundry. use, It is put up in $2 00
See that each Box has proper, Trade Mark,
For Sale at MASSEY & CO. Grocery
Seerets_ i. __of the
great City,
A Work descriytive of the Virtues and the Vi
ces, The AMiseries, Miseries and
Crimes of New TM* City.
' If you wish to know fortunes are made and lost in a
day; how shrewd mon are ruined la WAR street; h
outdo men are saindled by skinners; how ministers
and merchants are blackmailed; boa dance lodlo and
concert saloons are managed; haw gambling houhes and
Lotteries ore conducted; heir stock anti nil companies
otiginatairma how the bubbles burst, read this woe k It
contains 35 floe engravings; toll• all about the mysterlea
and mutes of New , Yin k. and is the spiciest and cheap-
Oat %ink of the kind published.
• PRICE ONLY $2.30 PER COPY. . •
ta,,Setul for citoulurslA Neu our terms, and a. full de=
scrlpoon of tho murk. etlith'o3:, JUNkk DROTOEItn
CO., Philadelphia Pa
CAUTION —lnfo ior laOlks of a spuilur aurae.;
• art r.• Wood. iou, that
the books you buy contain 35 fluo engraviks and sell at
$.l 50 per feb9-21
The subset Ale. Laic, recently tllhcoveled a new
on t lcle—llse
In cAlltng tho utteution of the ladies to our Staielt,
they will fled that it ec./notukes labor, produces a
Much superior to common .tarch, and easier to Iron in
fact it pan want. heauttlut 110,0 on ,our 01,11 01 ',our
husbatura tilt t or collar. procure 'box of our I sseuco
of :latch. The c.4+l Is [Olin,. only 15 cents a box
ry a box 111111 be convinced Aver{ Ennui 3 should
have a box of lb• L•'ssrucr 14 :birth Ent ,ale by all
Oicierrs and dealeis iu ilia Unit , d Som., Alailuniciured
only by s3lll'll, ((AM:MPS A. CO., solo proprietors, No.
1113 !Liner stieet,
(8"3 - For sale at AlAtthi,Y & CO'S. (Intel pi be. (lead
gum Pen,
T° TEE PEOPLI?, of IlywriNG
As there corers to be considerable 'inutile about who
elicit be uppoititcd Post Master in our town. mid it being
nu enure for which the person who MeV he imp tot tl,
nhoutd coon Pinto a liberal smoorll to e..nie disrit ,bie
pill pose, I ilierefoto offer mi net( a.; nn applicant for the
punt)))) of,ter at Huntingdon. Pa; and I pro.
pose Atild Si ill ogler. giving Illy bond with the Conmu.-
siuums of HMOIIIOOII comity for the fullltlinent of the
same. shotild 1 bo appoited. to erect it Moyllffirnt our de•
conned euldierl, for the emu of Ewo Timone:id hire;
provided 1 41111 to hold the °Rice for the term of
tour Oil e. Sublime in the county, or the 11 lends of our
deceased noldlein, wilt confer n favor by circulating a pe
tition in my hi half, told aced the same to mu.
per'2l.3in 11. C EumnEns.
Of Choice stock and true to name of our Growth of ISO.
.Vvorj , variety of mdected:
liming over 200 acres deioiCid to Seed Grow ing, all
wanting Pure Seeds direct from the
Should sond thelr.jders immediately to us.
Descriptive catalogue and price -list furnished on ap
plication, grotto.
1111 k 111:1 Market St.. Philo& Pa.
Seed Form. and Garden near Ibuldentleld. N.J.
N B.Tlio - trade suPp!ierl on liberal terms. fe24.2M
A --) By virtue of a writ of Test. Vend Ex directed tome
I will expose to public sale, /It 1110 Court Ifonse, on
sA•runnA Y, tint' 13th day of MARCH. 1819, the follow
ing property • to wit:
All the rieht, title and inte'rent of
Patrick F. Drhew in and to all that certain tract of land
situate in the township of Talker. about two miles
sou thweA of the borough of II un tintolon, boduded on the
not tin by land at A. I'. - Wil.on and land of John McCa
be:l's heirs on the nortlerest by lend of Joseph 0. Rein,
on the south wont by and of Frank llefright and John
Lewis. 011 the soutleuest by la, d of William heed xnd
land. now or,lately owned by the heirs of Join:diet., Be.
ceased. 'containing 237 licres and 130 , perches, bet the
same tniwo or tree, it being ktieu it as the •Menelon farm'
and designated 'A' on the return of the Tequieitien on
the real estate of said Jl/1111 Ker. deceased. and haring
about IGO ac.cP 1110000( cleared and under fence. With a
twiestery, a I irge brick. barn and other
building. the:eon erected. Feized, taken in execution,
ancrto be sold WO the prcpertyof Patrick F. Drlturr.
- - D. It. P. ntatx, -Sheriff.
Feb.lo, 'CO-It
By virtne of a writ Of Vend. Ex. directed tome, I
will expose to publk. ode, at the Court House, on SAT-
Enna Y. the•t3dt • h ty of 31A11911, 1869, 144 o'clock, p,
ni., the foltriwing property to wit ; •' • -
The riglit,litle interest of
E. Eeighol, one of the ttlefendar.te, certain lot of
grouted ,situate in Wont Iluntingdun, borough of Hunt•
ingdon, being Lot No 13 in the plan of said town of
Wret Huntingdon,-,fronting fifty - feet—on Washington
ntreet and extending In depth at right angles to the
name ono hundred and fifty feet to a fifteen feet alley.—
Seix..d, Wien In execution and to be sold All the property
of David E. &Wad.
. . .
Fob. 24,. IA 60-St
• ',[Estato of JOIN RUTTF,R, deed-11 •
To Catharine Bowman and William 11. Butler. take no
tee that at an Orphans' Court, held at Huntingdon, on
Oho 16th day of January last, citation was granted, warn
ing all persons interested to appear atilluntingifou on the
first day of April term next, (April 12th 1869.) to show
c Anse, if any yen have, city a dem ro should net bo made
for the ea U of the real estate of the said .TOHN RIIITER,
deceased, being a certain tract of laud situate in the
township of Cromwell, containing about one hPadred And
eight netts , alien and where you are cited tolattend ff
yon eon ,proper. I.E. SNUCK Ell,
Feb. 19, '69 it. _ : Clerk of Orphans' Court.
..istitts of JAMES STETiL,
Letters of administration upon the estate of Maj. Jas.
Steel, lute of Iluntiagdon born., deceased, baying been
granted to the undersigned. all persons indebted to the
estate will make mutant, and those having claims trill
present Mow for settlentent. .
FixEcuTaws , l4oTicE.
(Estate of 11.ttiN.I.II HOTTER)! dec'd.]
Lettera testamentary on the estate of Hannah Cotter:
man. of.lacksod top, Ilunting,bn co., deed., hating been
grunted to the undersigned, all persons indebted are re
quested to make pity rueut and those having claims to
present thorn duly authenticated for settlement.
Saulsburg, Feb 3.60 - Executor.
[Estah? of 3911 N §TEEL, deedd
Letters of adinnaistottion upon the, estate of John
Steel. into of Union township, deceased. having been
granted to the etnb•lsigned, all persons indebted to the
estate will make immediate payment, and those having
elahos se.ttlenrent.. ti• •
Cht ES
CRlven.folf3.6t '•• Administrator:
No'l'lo4. ;: , ,
''All parsons knowing illemmelves-tn
debted to the firm of k.: P Brumbaugh Sc Bro. of Coffee
Rua. Pa., are requosled tucuino and ficulo their accouute,
bole, e the lint of Apt li.
fob 17,3 t. B. P. 8R1.13111A0 II g. BRO.
OP Trig
Lands, Corporate Rights and Franchises
Broad- - Toll tog ad. Ina ComDapi.
11Y UE 014` A .DECREE OF
the Supreme Court of the 'ttat.p.of t'ooi uy tvania,
outing to equity. until reigned surviving t, netbes„ in
ivmortgog. given by the Top Coal and Iron Conii:
pew to secure its bonds to amount nl ono Muni,ed'ilfou
vand dullai s. will expose to pull ix sale, at the Exchange
Imlevrianii• No LI I.llru,idn.iy. in rho city of New York,
on rlt Ult -BAY; Ito, 2:11 ,l 2 of Mach, A. D., URN. at
12 o'clock, it., 01 said day; bl, A. J. IILELCKEK, SUN &
CU. anctioneels,the fola•o mg re al e siate, cot pointo rights
and, timiellises of void vo01p.o13"; oil of it WO' pre inure
folly deem died iu and by Hie rutpnt.iie mot 151150 reenid:
nil w liiiiiinegoon mainly, P., m 319: tgago,
Bia.k No 5. pi ge'los, Sc, and hi . Bel:told comity. Pro LI
-83 !elm!, is Mortgage hock It pugs 552,,tfe., to which re-'
cords pm von• desiring to mochamo are refers ad. viz.:
Alit hove six cm tam [lads of Inno situate in Broad-Top
tow ship. B. Mold cu nty. Veined
No. 1. Known as the ••1,01115 inprovement"ndjolving
0101 ly, ,of buirek n and NI dean, Mesliecit Ed
aribl, 'I bonnie .1 Ilortouand Joseph EVaus, - containing
1,234 acres and iiliuo.nice. • - • -
No 2. Adjoins the 111101 known no vtlio one thousand,
acre survey" (I act Nu • 1, land formerly of, Joules Hamil
ton, and contains 4S acres and 55 touches net measure. ,
No. . AdjoillS laud tot niorly of Thvilievh Hilwards on
the south. of Isaac ItarlieZ on the mutt, oPOPr ,IO nR I num'
Man on the oori boast, and others, and contains 320 acres
nod 31 perches alai allots mice.
No, 4. Is known as this':4lliithilteiti adjulns loude
formorly of Joseph of am Huntingdon and Brood
Top - ailroad and Coal Company, al the Lancaster Corm
Paoy. of Joseph To, , William P. rchell and Christian
Inn net. and Contains 3 acres net mrneuro. •.•
10. 5, Is all, the coal and other minerals. pad the right
to.nrlne the sand,: Incle In 4 thelrlght:of way arid tiMber
leriio for mhiftiglthiposes w uluii pr i Mews, as - euniey
ed to the lluntiogdon und_Broad.Tirp, 31uuntain Railroad
and real ta:napauy, by' Justiliii; B.vans.aial wife :by deed
dated 2511, Jariaary, 1854. recorded in Bedford counts,
Penna., ‘ln,'ltecoyd Book A. 8., page 1.,t65,:t Mistily and
largely, an said company held the Caine by virtue of said
deed' of in and to a part' of the •ernousand Irmo" survey
adjoining lands late of Jesse Norton, Joseph ! { vans,
tierieral A. P. IVilson and James Entrekin, containing' 30
acres and b perch. a net meager°.
r.o. 6. AdJOIIII3 lands formerly of Brod° and Berk
atresser, of James Ilamilton arid Philip Barnet, 'rand
contains fitry.tuu am es and allowance.
Also, all those seven triscte 'of land situate in Carbon
tovausliip, liuntingdon county, Penn. •
No. 7. Adjoins lands formerly of John Ilandl Urn: Levi
Evans, William P. Schell end Christopher Barnet, and
contains 113% Mal and alio wauco.
No.B. Adjams lands formerly of :Jolla Savage; IVllllam
bcholl, - Levi-Brans hod the LAcaster Ciumainy, and
contains 411 pores and,l39 pvcries andaltowance.
No. 9.- Adjoirwhiurld .forinerl t y 'of J. kSe aiell.Stowart,
Esq., Killian, P. Schell, John Ilamiltou and Lest Evans
n a i n e c u o r n o t . a v i:a . l , ll2 u. A a cres and allowance, excepting and do
anteing therefrom a lot of grauud not exceeding Eve•
acres in quantity, to bo taken off tiro west corner; also
exceptmg a lot at the quarry, cmtaining 60 porches net
to, entrap made by Samuel Netter.
onset also excepting threats om lots in the town of Coal
mont, numbered on the general plan of 'said townltis toll
lons, viz.: Nunlik'. 1,-2, 3,4; 5,6, 7,8, 14.35, , 31, 32,
33, 34, 35, 76,37. 38, 59,43, 44,45, 46, 47; 48, 76, 77, 18, 794
80, 80, 82, 83, 84,85, 87, 88, 93, 104,303,114 187, 100, 109,
110,111, 112, 115, IW, 117, 120, 121, 124, 123,124. 125,126,.
127, 128, 129, 132, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144; 171, 28, 29
and 30. 'this tract emirs ACOS a number of lota in•the vil
lage of Coalniont, tiro number of %stitch will be given on
day of solo. mooing them several having on ,thour minor's
hollers, and also a two story frame hotel alai appendages.
No 10. The, undivided half of a small tract containing
26 acres ;lap perches, and allowance ' adjoining. lauds
formerly,of Voiltiate y. Schell and LOTlEveas- -•
he 11. Adjoins lend of the Ilunfiugilon and Broad-Top
Mountain Railroad and Coal Company, lands formerly of
John Swinge and of Andrew Donuldeou, containing 86
acres and 137 porches,' and allowance. , .-s =
No 12. Adjoins the tract in tram of William Sheaff,
land formerly 'of 'Andrew Donaldson; tract ni name of
John Binger, and tract in name of•Graflus Miller, and
contains 28 acres 28 purcur a and aiIUIVISLICV, surveyed on'
a warlord to Indnuol Miller, of 28th July, A.D., 18151.'
No. 12. t tad in, toyed nine a wan ran efor 480 naves,
dated Slat }latch, 1704,' to John' hingor',*cinitalrilng 436
acres 87 perches.
No. 14. A tract ,or eyed Upon' a warrant of 31st March;
1791. to John 31nrser,lbl• 400'ncres,'coulnlfilng 439 acres
33 perches
No. 15. A. tracl.sar,ireyed upon a warrant_ to William
Sheaf, dated -3tat 61xteli, 1794, 'for 400 acres crintairsing
439% acres.
sho. lb. A tract of land situate partly in Broad Top
township- and partly iII Carbon tovr.bip aforesaid, ad
juirting lands formerly of Jdnaltdm Barnet; Pbolps;&
Hammel, A. 1.. Wilson, IV. P. Pawn; Lewis T. Wattson,
Basal Blair, Wood Si Bacon and Ihrtionol Wilson. con
Galling 390 run eel 118 perche, moasuro ; known as
thoChristatri Barnett tract, having house, tea n and clear
ed fa, or lona upon it:
Alga. oil tint COI potato rights and ft smchises of Bald
Broad Top Coal and Iron Conrparry, as hod w a der Moir
char ter of incur poration, granted iu pursuance of the
general law of the commons
" 11/ ' "' P '"" """ub"
well•built ranroad. centrectrog rho c r al lauds of the
Colallatly with rho Moral Top CSIPIIas over
tracts ilea . l, 07.8. 9 and In n area on the contna ll .l' o
of theirlandi its the • Hamilton Mods" aunt ••schell
laurls,',. theta ate upop deist; tracts cent openings,
Oat flirnis . •lit.itts,s and stance appiiancia; a Melt would ena
ble pmehasta with but little expenditure to
the rbliinwlit of : .• ..-7 -
ormare " *
Ir r..tcat:ti
~s 0 ,11 looltrore the Interest of the betl.
. . ,JI ttt 1.1.N.A 11U1\ ALL,.
. •-• JOH?. 't C'SYJn? •
An; ',twat y'b.tfore to
No 111 LI erty etn ttr, N Y.. or
•,,CUTT, 111:01% v S B ‘ILIiY,
firblo T. 0.7 l'rt.
bily.o.oTl/1:10 Irula Ills at
WHOLESALE an cheap ne they Call aA the
ties. ne 1 11111'e a yllioleliale nacre in Philadelphia.
Itoarlla, Flank, Stntfing. JoWs. Roofing Lath, Lap
na Joint uhingles, Muria anti lour feet Plastering Lath,
For !talent Manta - art twee° prices at
Jol7. uuNitx CO.B.
4 4 '4,4
Ladies and Gentlemen's Sizes;
Pie Tourist. Orr GrO,ritg4t
McMil' - ‘oll ll eg
IMEPLIA OT' 7;211LIOlki.
Sealed proposal; for tho erEctien . of a two-steri
Engine.lionse and Ceuncli Chamber, on Lot No. 97, fron
ting the southern side of Washington atrect,. will be re-.
coined until 6 o'clock,P. AI., on SATFIRDAY; the 13th of MANCH', next, at which nine tho4blds will ,be,
opened and the contract' iswarded to theloWest 'and limit'
A plan , and specifications fur the proposed building
lady be nook t tho °Mob of the'Secretary. ,L •
Tho successful bidder Will bo requirod, to give suffietept
security for thq prompt and faithful performance of the
' By' order of the Ilm:geeede tied !own' coetteit of tho
rough of ffuotingllou.
Al ELLIOT,' "•
' •' " 'Ret•kesees.'
GROVER:'& I : -
Snving NAchidie§.
For Beauty and h:lasticity of Stitch, '
For Strength and Durability of Seam that will not rai,
el, an boat threads are used direct from the epoole and an
Beams hays to be fastened by band; no waste '
of thread,
For slutphe exittafierfbction§f
It biltchi , s, tems."folle,' tackle, 14154(10, Celli; and
beautifully. , „ • -
Machined fully Worronted and full In4tructfuns
Spulug.muloulkcottou, elltt, &c.. one, - ,
For solo by • lIttOTNEB,
feb1.0%,9 .. 24 floor Lelater's Iluutingdou, Pa..
Sewing Machines
Oldest 'Eatabliaheq of any in the World
Over 50,000 Sold in 1868
ThSse unequaled machines aro adopted to every Tarte- .
t.) of sewing for, family, wear; from' the lightest mastitis ,
to the heaviest clothe, aud to the use of Seamstresses,
Dress Maii.Frs,Tailors,liartuticturerslif Alittle,93llare,
'Skirts, quaky . , Mantillas, Clothin g, Corsets,_
Ladies'' Doom and Shoos , Linen 'Goods, etc. They work._
squatty nett and,•goods,
with silk, cotton or linen thread. ;They wane., quilt,
hem,' full, cord; braid, bind rind perlbrm'every, spnlernr•
sewing, making a. Ite.tu.iful and perfect stitch,"iditte:on
both ,ides of the article sewed. Over 00,000 of these no
rivalled nincidues .were "tuinifictptedand, SOLD during
the year .1468:- This is unprecedented in "t St history or
..‘,lptilichinos, and is another proof of tho greai pope
ity of the [tone Machinist
They have ILIVaI inlay watt the highest honors at the
great Exhib:tions - of - tile - ,worjd,,eulNivating lit the !eta
xposttaift . triti,"Cre;Alt; ut Paiia, where
was awarded (or TON HOWE MACIIINO—the Raper.
is' Prize; tho Cross or s illo,Vegion'of:LionOr; Gold 4.fod
al, the highest prize within the gift of tho , •illry, being
the resul t,ori sxoEizigNez.
Our intone not bolpgsecond . to that of purchasers of
machines, in their"succo'•afd Opera'Ainl, wo hold our_
selves in readiness' to rindiir' any neiessnry, and pTiintlea-,
aslistauco,hy corrnepoudopse or otserwiee,
purioje;ind for faithfulness in this respect„ reference in
:wads to 04 toils of thotleauds now using thbse'machltiS:-
SIBLEY' &l I STOb i P* -
'0 ENEltii:A f
abil'egit - P 4 ENIigYLY . ,64 . N,Ei9 JElt
Office 23 §,-EiOtti'Sb,,fPiiila'a, Pa
.4Zr , lllllinai I'. Rudulpleloolb ngerit forllds connii
B . 4*.itig Mightll6%;
Received the only GOLD MEDAL at the
They aro adopted, to all kinds of Family Sewing. and
to the ti‘o of seamstresses, Dr4antakors, T,olors. Manu
facturers of Shirts, Collars. skirts, Maks, ,Mantillas,
Clothing, Hats. Caps, Corsets. Linen floods, Unti.rellna;
PHIIISUI, etc. They work equally, well upon silk, linen,
001311 and cotton goody, with :silky. cotton or linen
thread. They will seam, quilt, gather, hem, full, cord,
braid, bind.',,iatterferta every -peeler o leen ing. making
a beautiful and pui toot stitch. alike on both Bides of the
Unit to sun ell .
'l'hegn.uitit, Which recommend them an.:
I. tosott ii ad kh,collenee of :ARO, ol he ou Loth sides of
the falrHe sacred • ••,
3. Stn ugth.' 'Mum. and durability of seam, that will
not up Low
3 Scounapy. of 'I In•rnd.
4. Att.tellutents nud witio range af,applicatiou to purpo l
, and tntermls.
5. ComPuctut?" , :al.d 0 . 1^4O1loir;q1 . dicolotap:dAntill.
6. :nolo fray loarloirougniess renilruethin.
. 51cr! e .I. o 1 ra iv - .!t ! 9ttaienep h rl4,lolot
.es, rg , .t -
4 . 7 . f t repair onfi
}cur 'rye ut Cburgo:
IVEW SILAD, DRY — 541 4 T. 11E4 1
RING and Mackerel, (Warranted,)
Dried Apples, Reaches, Cißrents, Prunes, Raisin*, Cit.;
run, Jr., at HENRY. CC'S:
AT '
liu'iviiNfitriN, PA
ARE rut
11, Ageni,'
' ' itiriaL;lGnox,