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Wednesday morning, Feb. 17, 1869.
The "Globe" has the largest number of
readers of any other paper published in the
county. Advertisers should remember this.
arThe Judiciary Committee of the
Heuse has agreed to report a bill gran •
ting to the Governor of Pennsylvania
the power of commuting the death
penalty to imprisonment for life, or
for a less term.
The representatives of the Irish
Republican Associations, who waited
upon Gon. Grant while in Now York
last week, to urge the appointment of
some conspicuous member of their or
ganization to a prominent place under
the now Administration, present ➢li•
chael Scanlan of Chicago as a fit man
for such selection.
AT RICHMOND, VA.-ID the - United
States District Court, the District At
torney under instructions from the At
torney General, in accordance with
President Johnson's Amnesty Procla
mation, entered a nolle prosequi in both
indictments against Jefferson Davis,
and in those against Lee, Wade Hamp
ton, Breckinridgo, Longstreet, Wise,
Pryor, Sadden, Mahone, 'Early and 30
others. On motion of Robert Ould
the Court ordered that the securities
on Davis's bail bond be discharged
from further consideration.
TAXATION.—That a rebel should hate
those who lent our Government money
to be used in putting done the Slave
holders' Rebellion, is a matter of course
In crushing the Rebellion, that money
powerfully aided to crush tho hopes
and' blight the fairer prospects of Sham
Democracy. The news of Sheridan's
victory at Five Forks, and of Rich
mond's consequent surrender, reached
Connecticut as her people were going
to the polls (April, '65) and reduced
the Democratic vote from 42,285 to
31,339, sending up the Republican ma
jority from 2,406 to 11,035. "There
you, and -I, and all of us fell down,"
saya Marc Anthony, lamenting the
death-of Caesar. Of course, a Sham
Democrat hates the National Debt,
and, if he be a bold scoundrel, ho pro
poses its outright repudiation, if a
sneaking one, ho talks of razeeindand
cotnprotnisindit. But the more usual
and adroit fashion is not to assail it
directly, but -denounce and defame,
generally and specially, the taxes
whereby it is and must bo paid, if paid
at all. The intelligent know that wo
cannot shoulder such a Debt without
heavy taxation—that to denounce the
taxes means resistance to the payment
of the Debt.
Legislative Extravagance,
For some' weeks pasta great deal has
been said in regard to the extrava
gance of the' Legislature. Whilst we
have said but little about the matter,
we have been under the impression
that if editors understood the matter
properly, perhaps they would have
been fess eager to attack the present
_Legislature in such an unmerciful man
ner. We are just as much opposed to
corruption and fraud as any other jour
nalists in the State, and do not wish to
be considered the apologists of any
man or body of men who encourage or
invite extravagance at the public ex
pense. Wo have taken the trouble to
ascertain the facts concerning matters
at Harrisburg, and find that whilst
forty-six pastern and folders were em
ployed last, only 20 aro employed this
session.. Last session the pay of pes
ters' and folders averaged s9so—the
present winter they receive but $6OO
and no mileage allowed. Last winter
12 pages were employed at a salary of
$2OO and this winter 14 pages, at a sal
ary of : $lO6 each. This is retrench
ment and reform in the right direction
as far as it goes. It must bp remem
bered too, 'that the salaries of Clerks,
Sergeant-at-arms, Door-keepers and
Postmasters have boon very materially
reduced. Last year, 107 officers of all
grades, including pages, were employ
ed in the House; this year but eighty
two are employed by the same body—
a reduction of 25 officers which is about
as much as we can reasonably expect
in one year. Reforms of this nature
cannot be effected - at, once, and in
stead of assailing the members in such
a savage manner, we should encourage
them in the good work, and next win
ter we may be able to get a reduction
of 25 more. Another source of squan
dering the public money—a "fat take"
pie the Legislative Record, which
costs the State annually between $30,-
000 and $40,000. Abolish the Record,
a publication of no earthly use to the
people of tho State, for the Journal an
swers all practical purposes, and we do
away with tho pastors and • folders.
Many other reforms might be got at, if
we would only go at them in the right
way, and which, must eventually be
reached, if we desire to keep the Re
publican party in the ascendency. As'
NO Raid before; we aro not tho apolo
gists of the members of the Legislature,
but'we think they have been unjustly
assailed in many respects, for we know
there aro some honest members in the
Alabama wants to got rid of tho
11-Z - Tho National Debt is officially
reported at $2,556,205,658, showing an
apparent increase of over Fiftden Mil
lions during January. All know that
this is occasioned by the payment, on
the Ist of January, of six months' in
terest on a largo portion of the Debt,
and that most of the apparent increase
is as illusory as was the decrease re
ported for December, when little or
no interest was paid. Still the fact re
mains that we owe more and have loss
cash on hand than a month ago, and
that tho issue of now bonds to tho Cen
tral line of Pacific Railroad is keeping
the market gorged with Government
securities at prices far below their real
value, and that we are constantly im
porting fabrics and gewgaws that we
ought to do without, and meeting the
bills by exporting and selling at twen
ty per cent. discount six per cent.
bonds which our children and grand
children will have to pay. This can
not always go on, and should be stop
ped at once. Men in Congress! what
do you propose to do about it ?—.Y. Y.
General Grant Offloially Notified of
His Election,
The joint committee appointed to
Wait upon General Grant and notify
him of his election as President of the
United States, discharged the duty as
signed to them on Saturday morning
at 11 o'clock, at the army headquar
Governor Morton, Chairman of the
Committee, addressed Grant, announ
cing that they had been appointed as
a committee on the part of Congress
to present him with his commission as
President. lie said the result of the
election had been extremely gratifying
and the people firmly believed that ho
would bring to the discharge of, the
duties of his high 0f13.c0 tho same ener
gy, integrity, and patriothin'that had
characterized him in his former sphere
of usefulness.
General Grant on receiving the cer
tificate, made the following response,
speaking very deliberately and with
evident embarrassment:
"I can promise the committee that
it will be my endeavor to call around
melts assistants such men only as I
think will carry out the principles
which you have said the country de
sires to .be successful—economy,, re
trenchment, faithful collections of the
revenue and payment of the public
debt. If I should fail in my first choice
I shall not at any time hesitate to
make a second, or even a third trial,
with the concurrence of the Senate,
who have the confirming power. .I
should just as soon remove one of my
own appointees as the appointees of
my predecessor; it would make no
difference. Tbere,is one matter thal,l
might possibly speak of here;and,Lhat
is the selection of a cabinet.. I have
always felt that it would be rather in
delicate to announce or even to con
sult with the gentlemen whom
thought of inviting to positions in my
Cabinet before the official declaration
of the result of the election was made,
although I presumed that there was
no doubt about what the declaration
would be. But after consideration I
have come to the conclusion that there
isnot a man in the country who could
be invited to a place in the Cabinet,
without the friends of some other gen
tleman making an effort to secure the
position; not that there would be any
objection to the party named, but
that there would be others whom they
had set their hearts upon having in
the place. I can toll that from the
groat number of requests which come
to mo in writing and otherwise for
this particular person or that ono,
from different sots and delegations.—
If announced in fidvance, efforts would
be made to change my determination,
and therefore I have come to the con
clusion riot to announce whom I am
going to invite to seats in the Cabinet
until I send in their names to the Sen
ate for confirmation. If 1 say any
thing to them about it, it will certain
ly not be more than two or three
days previous to sending in their
names. I think it well to make a
public declaration of this to the com
mittee, so that my• intention may be
At the conclusion of Gen. Grant's
remarks Mr. Pruyn stepped forward
and said :
"General: In the groat principles
which you have marked out for the
conduct of your administration, you
will have the practical support - of those
with whom 1 an associated, ready to
act with you."
Gen. Grant made no response to
this, beyond bowing his thanks. The
committee and most of the gentlemen
present then shook hands with him
and retired.
They afterwards Waited upon Mr.
Colfax at the Capitol, and were re
ceived in the Speaker's room. A sim
ilar notification was banded him by
Mr. Wilson, when ho handed to the
committee his response in writing, as
follows :
"Gentlemen : Please convey to the
two Houses of Congress my accept
ance of the office to which I have been
elected by the people of the United
States, and assure them that I shall
endeavor to prove worthy of this mark
of confidence by fidelity to principle
and duty."
This ended the ceremony.
A correspondent of the Woonsocket,
Patriotsays that General Cyrus B. Com
stock, Major of Engineers, U. S. A.,
the member of General Grant's staff
who was married the
,other, day to a
daughter of lion. Montgomery Blair,
is a native of West Wrontham, and
used to cart wood to Woonsocket, 20
years ago. lie was appointed a cadet
by Horace Alarm, in 1851, and, his ca
reor has been honorable and upward
over since. "Wood carters" aro men
of grit and brain, if we may judge by
the illustrious characters before us.—
Grant used to sell wood at Springfield,
and it is said delights yet to recognize
his old customers 4 who bought the ar
ticlo by tho cord from his wagon.
The generalissimo of the' "Pendle
ton escort" has just recovered from a
prominent Democrat at Cincinnati a
judgment for twenty-five dollars,, his
initiation fee as a stay-at-borne mem
ber of the organization.
On Christmas Queen Victoria gave
seven thousand dollars to the poor of
John C. Breekinridge arrived in
Baltimore on Saturday week and stop
ped with his brother-in-law.
Jett Davis and his wife live in a
small boarding house close to the _Notre
Dame Cathedral.
"Dancing," says Beecher, "is good
healthy amusement, and there is no
harm in it."
A gentleman in Portland, %le., pro
poses to publish a cyclopedia of mean
nesses whie4 ho has been noting down
for many years.
The editor of the Vicksburg Times
says: "We have before us invitations
to a private musical soiree, a' cock
fight and a wedding."
Victor Emmanuel is a grandfather,
by the birth of a son, to the Duke and
Duchess d'Aosta. He is named the
Duke of Puglia.
Judge Cantwell, of Wilmington, N.
0., has decided that no man can Whip
a wife under tho pretense of "reason
able correction."
The young men of Chicago are said
to be classified according to their skill
as velocipedists into the "timid-tod
dlers," the "wary wabblers," the "go
it-graccfuls," and the "fancy-few."
At a recent masked ball held in Vi
enna, two masks, representing Counts
Bismark and Benet, who walked thro'
the saloons arm in arm, were arrested
by the police and locked up.
Joseph IL Bradley, of Washington
city, says he will not apologize to
Judge fisher. Judge Fisher says he
will not permit him to practice in the
Criminal Court until ho does, and the
Supreme Court will not allow his name
to be placed on the list of attorneys
until ho is restored in the Criminal
Court. Thus ends Bradley.
A man in Tennessee hasa neat littlo
oil well in his collar.
To Salt Lake hence by rail is an ac
complished fact.
Mississippi wants machinery and
capital to develop her soil.
Twelve miles of the South Mountain
Railroad have been graded
The mulberry trees in Brownsville,
Texas, are putting forth leaves.
A Texan preacher is writing a bio
graphy of Sam. Houston.
A sewin g machine driven by elec
tricity is aParisian novelty. •
•Delaware is agitated concerning a
proposed change in the interest laws.
The Columbus (Ga ) chain-hang tied
the overseer the other day aneeseaped.
The Pacific Railroad directors are
quarreling over their plunder.
The Fourth of July this year will
occur on Sunday. '
Virginia wants good sense and good
laws to make her a prosperous Stale.
Delaware wants to be let alone as a
whipper of white men.
Texas wants peace and protection
for life and property. ,
Arkansas wants enterprise to direct
her laboring men.
Georgia wants foreigners to settle
on her soil.
Chicago claims to have the largest
bread bakery in the world. Last year
it consumed 30,100 barrels of flour.
There are about 150 millionaires,
exclusive of the Rotbsehilds, in Paris,
who are Jews.
Mr. Seward is the only Secretary of
State who served through two 'Presi
dential terms this century.
It is hoped that the quality of the
gluten to be employed in the prepa
ration of the postage stamps will be
superior to that uow employed.
The evil ono seems to havo some in
fluence oven in Salt Lake City. Out
of 38,000 inhabitas 8,000 are uusaintly
California has built a locomotive
which drives thirty-nine ploughs at
once. Ho might have made it forty
while ho was at it.
An old mill, built ono hundred and
twenty-eight years ago, one the bank
of the Lehigh river, was destroyed by
fire the other day.
A. fcz made of Astrachan with a
Grecian border and an eagle's head in
front, is the latest style hat in Paris.
It is called the "Conference hat."
A. lady in Now York offers to invest
$lO,OOO as the nucleus of a fund for
providing for the legitimate innocents
who aro now generally murdered in that
In compliance with the solicitation
of .friends of firs. &mat, the Presi
dent ordered her remains at the arse
nal grounds to be disinterred, and de
livered to her relatives. Iler body
was buried directiy after her execu
tion in the summer of 1865, in the
same enclosure with the bodies of
Paine, Atzcroth and Harold, near the
place of the interment of Booth's re
mains. •
A recent, statistical publication says
that in the United States there arc
542 daily papers, 4,425 weekly and 277
monthly, total 5,244. The number of
printing offices exceeds 0,000. In ad
dition there are 56 tri-weekly papers,
63 semi-wetcly, 46 semimonthly pub
lication's, 297 monthly, 4 bi-monthly
and 24 quarterly, making the total
number of all American publications
5,734, or of newspapers proper, a total
of 5,353.
The name' of Prince Girgenti 'has
been stricken from the rolls of the
Spanish Army.
Queen Isabella has issued another
manifesto denouncing the revolution
in Spain, anti asserting her rights to
the throne
It is said that King Ferdinand, fath
er of the rei g ning King of Portugal
has consented to boa candidate for the
throne of Spain.
Tbo now Ministry of, Greece is a
failure. Bulgaris, tho former Prime
Minister, has been recalled. The King
is firm for adherence to the protocol.
The Great Powers have granted a
delay of eight days for the Greek Gov
eminent, to make its finaldecision'in
regard to the proposal of the Paris
Bngland is now paying 675,000,000
year for her standing amity. It is
to reduce this expenditure that all the
British regulars are to be withdrawn
from Canada early-next Summer.
The Pope forbids. the rently elected
prelates to take seats in the Cortes.
This would seem to indicate that His
Holiness has not yet abandoned the
Bourbons, notwithstanding the will
ingness of the army and the people of
Spain to let them remain in exile. '
It is asserted that Senor Olozaga,
the only prominent statesman among
the Spanish Liberals who has publicly
come out against religious toleration,
is likely to be chosen President of the
Constituent Cortes. Such a selection
would not augur well for the Liberal
ism of that Assembly.
The following important news has
been received from Hayti. Salnave
has attacked and destroyed the town
of Torbeck. He also bombarded and
destroyed Port Salut, and bombarded
and captured Aquin. The inhabitants
of Aux Cayes and the other towns in
that vicinity are panic-stricken. All
who aro able are emigrating to Ju•
National and State Legislatures.
Monday—ln the Senate the consti
tutional amendment was under con
In the House under the call of States
for bills and joint resolutions a number
wore introduced, and referred.
Tuesday—ln the Senate the discus.
Bien on the constitutional amendment
was continued all Monday night and
up to 11.30 A.. N. to day, when the
Senate took a Short recess. At 12
o'clock the Senate reassembled, and,
after a vigorous fight, at last passtd
the joint resolution, by a vote of 40
yeas to 16 nays: It went to the House
for concurrence.
In the House among the bills refer
red was one to compensate the officers
and crew of the - Kearsage for the de
struction of the Alabama.
Wednesday—At 12.55 P. M. the Se
nate proceeded to the House for the
purpose of counting the electoral vote
for President and Vice President. At
4.45 the Senators returned to the
chamber, and adopted a resolution ap
pointing a member of the Senate and
two Representatives a joint committee
of three to wait on General Grant and
Schuyler Colfax, and inform them of
their election.
In the House at 12 40 a privileged
resolution was offered and adopted, in
forming the Senate - that the
House was ready to receive that body
for the purpose of proceeding to open
the boxes of the elections of the secs
ral States for President and Vice Pres
ident of the United States. The Sen
ators soon after entered, and Senator
Wade, presiding officer of the Senate,
took the Speaker's Chair, and the busi
ness of'counting the votes was imme
diately proceeded with. There was
great excitement, caused by objections
to the reception of the votes of Louisi
ana and Georgia. - Amid much confu•
sion and appeals from the decisions of
the presidia,' officer, the votes were
counted and General Grant and Speak
er Colfax declared duly elected Presi
dent-and VieeTresident of the United
States respectively. Alter the with
drawal of the Senate, General Butler
introduced a resolution relative to the
breach of prkfileges on the part of the
Senate. Adjourned.
Thursday-HTho Committee on Mili
tary Affairs reported favorably' a bill
respecting payment of State war
claims. The currency bill was dis
In the House the resolution protest
ing that the counting of the vote of
Georgia, by order of the Vice Presi
dent, was a gross act of oppression and
invasion of the rights and privileges of
the House, gave rise to a protracted
and animated debate, but was not dis
posed of.
Tuesday.—A number of local bills
were introduced in both houses.
Wednesday.—The Senate PM to erect
a new county out of parts of the coun
ties of Crawfbrd, Venango, Forest and
Warren, to be called Petroleum, was
In the House the chairman of • the
committee on Ways and Means repor
ted the annual bill providing for the
ordinary expenses of the Government,
making a total of $3,920,115.
Thursday.—ln the Senate the Matro•
politan Police Board for Philadelphia,
was reported favorably from commit
tee. The bill creating the new coun
ty of Petroleum, was passed final
ly. In the House the Judiciary Com
mit•tee reported favorably an act au
thorizing the Governor to- commute
the death penalty to imprisonment.
Among the bills read and referred was
ono authorizing bank officials to open
all packages left on special or secret
deposit; one repealing the State tax
upon salaries excoeding $209.
150 Teachers Wanted.
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Countrymen are swindled by shin pers; bow ministers
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Lotteries are conducted; how stock and oil cempanies
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CAUTION —lnferior woi kg of a similar clime
• ter nro being circulated. tee this
the hooks you buy contain 35 fine engravings and 001 l n
50 per copy.
[Estate of :1011,N BUTTER, ilec'ri
To Catharine Bowman and Williainll. nutter, take no
tice that at an orphans' Court, ;held at lin ntingden, on
the Inth day of •January last, citation'was granted, warn
ing all persons interested to appear at: Hunt ingstun on the
first day of April term next, (April 12th 180.) to show
cause, if any you /are, n hy a decree sllol,ld net ho mild°
for the sale of, the real cata•o of the said JOHN HU rusit,
deansed, being a ea taro tract of land situa•o in the
talc nship of Cromwell, containing about one hundred and
eight acres, when Mill IN hero you ale cited to attend if
3'l! non 1.9 r.:: T. E:SMUCK hit,
Clerk of Orpbane' Court
Dante of THOS. M. OWENS, decondedi
The Undereinneil, appointed Auditor by the Orphans'
Court of Iltintingdett county, to bear and detormino ex
coption4 to the octant:lt offleorge W. Owens, Administra
tor of Thomas 31. Owens, deceased, and to distributo tho
balitnco in the bonds of the said Administrator. hereby
notified all persons interested that be wiirattend to the,
ditties et his appointment at tits Wilco In Huntingdon, on
Pit UItSDAY, the 2511.1 day of FEBRUARY next, at ono
o'clock, Pi3l when and ' , when alt parties interested
shall present thole claims or, be debarred Dom coming to
for a share of said fund,
limit National Bank, ' : 1128 50
Teachers' Institute, 104 20
Penns} Irania :Rate Lunatic Hospital for the keep.
mg pfD, Brotherline, O. !toward and David L.
Jones, ' 544 10
Western Penitentiary for support of convicts, 1046 36
Redemption money paid sundry persons, 126 22
31.Logitn, Treasurer, for advertising unseat,
It. AL LEN LOVELL, ediandeufterwards ordered not to be sold, Lc, 12 42
Auditor. itepairs for Court Hence and Jail, • 59 07
AUDl'Estate of JON ANDERSON,'ilee'd. n
fOR'S NOTICE.. H , 1 - •
Inn undersigned Auditor appointed to distribute the
balance in the hulas of D. F. 'fumy and James Ander
son, executors of John 'Ande'rson, deceased. will attend
to the duties or his appointment at his office lit fittuti lig
dolt, on SATURDAY, 20th 'FEBRUARY, 131)9, ac ten
o'clock, A. at., when all persona interested will present
their claims, or be forever debariid froin coming In on
mill fund. . ! i • , lt, All LWN 3PEISH,
feh2 3t .
. _ ' • Auditor.
Estate of JOSHUA CoX dec'd.
The undersigned appointed auditor 'by the Olphans'
Courtier iliditingdon County, to distribute the balance
of the fond in the hands of ,Tohn Thouipson, Treed. , to
sell th“ real estate'of dolma Con, Into of Warrlorsmatk
tonnship, deceased, hereby 'entitles lilt persons Intores ted
in said dvittlbution that he will attend to the ditties of
hie appointment at the office of Scott, Brown A Bailey,
'in the borough of Hindi ]] ( lon, on THURSDAY, the 15th
tI yof Fehmaly Bost, at 2 o'clock, P. u, cohort node hero
nil persons intetested shall present their claims or be de
barred from combo , in for a share of said fond,
feb2. 1
- Auditor.
Letters tedamentary on tho o,tato Of Hannah Kottor:
num, of.lnekson twp, I tun tingdpn Co., dee'd., having been
grunted to the undersigned, 01l permots indebted are re
quested to 'nuke payment itml the.,,, haring chants to
pre,r,nt them duly nutttenticated for settlainent.
Saulsbul g, Pub DU' LALcutor.
[1 , 4 tt. , of .I. O IIN STEEL, &ed.! •
Lotter, of upon , the
,cliate of Jolla
Stool, late, of. Union toW been
granted to the undotsrgned, all prisons indebted to 00
tiatato a ill toalto immrJl.du lot) meat, and thoio hai jog
dolma will proietit theta foi net tiontant•
Atlininisti atm*
See assortment of French and
Gorman Accordeons on band at Lewis'
rook Store. - U.
of Huntingdon county from tho6 th day of January,
e6B, to the 4th day of January, 1809 :
Amount on hand at last settlempt from T. W. Myton,
Esq., late Treasurer, " $7,037 37
County tax received from the several Col
lectors, as folloWs:
1864. Hopewell, John Donaldson 16 00
1800. Barren. William Eckloy 320 83
Carbon, Daniel J Logan 85 00 ,
clay. Atm Stevens 20 91
• Dublin, William Clymana -, 57 00
'Franklin, Willlain Bice 115 34
. Hopewell, David Rouse 98 50
Springfield, Morris Ontsliall 7 31
1807. Alexandria, David Albright 110 00
Barren, John Logan 1105 00
Brady, George Hawn 3:13 00
Cass, Christian Stiller 181 03
CIISSViIIe, Isaac Ashton 01 87 -
Clay, B T Stevens _ 575 .17
Cromwell, Manua D Heck 1030.37
Dublin, William Cly mils 435 90
Franklin, John Eberle, 1917 00
Henderson, John Nightwine 112 00
Huntingdon, Min C Miller 603 85
Iloponell, Jackson Bnyc,irt 2013 15
Jackson, Samuel C. Smith 1382 19 -
diiniatn, John Geissinger 84 00
Lincoln David Fouso 100 07
Morris. Piper ' 1385 00
Mapleton, John It Dean s ' 88 62
Mount, Cmon, Jolla G Stewart - 153 SL
Oneida, George McCool 95 33
Orbisonia, Hubert Gebrott 17 40
Penn, John Lee 170 45
Porter, 11,ivid Ilaro ' ' . 1816 70.
Springfield, Mortis Gutsball ' 281 10 - ,
' Ishirley, Isaac Smith 1157 24
Hurley sburg, Clem go Lena 253 24
Tell. Iniec 21c3Itilleu 17 34
Tod, Isaac Taylor 421 50
Union, Jackson White —.. "255 00
Warrioremark, Samuel Lehman 1163 24
.., Walker, Jacob Faces
West, David P. Moore 2126 00
----15746 54
1868. Alexandria, William Walker 479 34
Itarrue, John Smith 1020 00
Brady, It K Allison 555 00
Cassviile, Isaac Ashton 79 90
• Cass, Benjamin Fink , . - 455 00 •
Clay, B T Slovens 493 71
Carbon, William Ryan 700 00
Coahnont, Jarvis 'bolsterer 94 10
Dublin, William Cly :mins 150 00 ,
Franklin, John Archoy, 3900 00
Henderson, James McCall 637 32
Hopewell, Solomon Lynn 60 00
Huntingdon, George W. Glazier 3721 82
Juniata, William Cleissinger 195 00
Jackson, Robert V. Stewart 1464 91. '
Lincoln, Harris Richison . 290 60 ,
Morris, Nathaniel Lytle 850 15
Mount Union, John O. Stewart 982 00
• Mapleton, Martin L. Rex SO 00
Oneida, Elisha Shoemaker 400 00
Orl..isonta; A Carothers , , ;, ; 101 00
Penn,-John Lee - ;-- ' - --------300 00'
Portor, Benjamin Isenberg 747 C 3
Shirley, it.Cologate 1000 63
Shirleysbnrg, George Leas . 279 59
Tell, A G Briggs 423 50
Tod, Abram Elias ' 678 45
Union, Andrew Smith 300 00 ,
Walker, Moses Hamar 650 00
Wartiorsmark, George W. Owens 1141 28
West, Henry Davis 1380 00 '
---:---22136 .72
State taX, received from the following ,
Collectors, viz : -
1866. Dublin, William Clymans 6 94
1567. Alexandria, David Albright 15 08
Barree, John Logan 1 10 i
Casey'lle, Isaac Ashton . 6 21
Clay, 11 li Stevens 33 60
Cromwell, It D. Heck 39 86
Dublin, William Clymans 10 59
Frairklin,Jolin Ebberts , 202 76
II untingdon, John C Miller 947 41
Jackson, Samuel 0 Smith, 96 05
blori is, Dimes Piper 50 00
'ount Union, - John 0 Stewart 17 12
Oneida, George McCool - 19 47
roan, John Lee 63 03
Per ter, David Hare 94 65
Shirleysburg, George Leas 34 04
Toll, Mice McMullen, 25 85
Tod, Isaac Taylor, 33 08
Warriersmark, Samuel Lehman 102 06
Walker, Jacob Rouse 29 61
Wetst, D R Moore 00 00
18GS. Alexandria, William Walker, 23 41
Berme, John Smith 30 00
Brady, It K Allbon SO 00
Cass, Benjamin Fink, 21 80
Dublin, G' Clymans . . 10 00
Ilc ;Worsen, James McCall 29 85
Juniata, N 1 titian, Geissinger ' 10 00
Ila: ris Richardson 16 00
Mot I is, Nl4 tlo 60 00 , -
• . Mount - Union, J 0 Stowell 8 00 -
Nun, John Leo ' : , 30 00 ~ -..,!-
Shirley, It Colegate 30 00
Tell, A G Briggs -- 40'00
Tod, Abram Alms . , 40 00
Walker, Moses Ranier 20 00 - -
$2273 13
1028 59
195 36
351 b 7
3b9 11
085 89 ,
County tax on unseated lauds,
----..52050 8
Redemption money paid in, 338 58
3' om'J. R. Simpson, Plo lluegjuslico fees, 88 00
Rent from Good Cutuplat. 3c, 45 00
Proceed, from salt. of, on estray, 14 50
" ‘•
•• lumber left from
In idge at Montgomery's Hollow,
On Connuonuealtls 111 . 0.1311:10101 paid to P:osreu
ling Att.'s, froth, tdlelitl and witnesses, $1165 53
Constables for making rettnns and election fees,
dc., 732 45
- Grand and traverse jurors, court crier tip staves
and constables, 2685 84
Judges, inspectors and clerks of election, 1428 67
Assessors IA the sevieral too nehips, 1067 20
Inquisitions on dead bodies, 71 12
Pt endunts on iox bctaps, wild cats, pole cats,
Into ks and on Is 3204 30
bond and bridge liews, 315 50
. • datnagel, 105 00
Blank books and stationery for public offices and
Cutift, 270 95
Fuel fur court house and jail, 350 55
J. ll.:sinipsdn, 1:•g , lees of Prot's and clerk of
Refunding indoi s to'slindry persons,
Rued ins oil n ttreated hinds to thu halo% ing per
song, viz:
Lint. townfilap, Henry Shultz,
Cromwell " Joel J. Boole,
Tod `. David :stiller,
Hopewell " John 11. ltussea,
School •tire on unseated lands to the following
persons. riz : „
Hopewell township, Chocks Boller,
Cass ••William Forahey,
tromwell " ' Jame, harper,
Lincoln " 11. Itieltardson,
West it J. Henderson,
Bounty lax on unseated lauds to tho tonna ing
West township J. Henderson,_99 19
Brady , ii S. 11. GI two, • ' , l7 17
.1 un ista • ""• E. Thompson; - ', t. 69-84
Hopewell "i Charles 8011er,77 15
Lincoln .' " ; 3 11.1thhardsun, ' ; : 47 60
Cbminisiinners :
,Vutioti Slitter, iu foil , . - 4:0 60
'Adam 18 arlil, -""'
Adam Souse, 286 00
Sunmel CIIIIIIIIIMI, • 23u 00
.Simeon Wright, , 25 00'
Commissioners' Clerk:,
In full fur 1807, '75 00.
On account for 1863, •.• , , 655 00 .
Horace Glazier, assisting in making out registry
lists, ,tc , 26 09
Commissioners expenses in holding appsals,going
to road i tors, Initlges, ae., • liS 34
Auditors pay and clerk for 1867, ' ' . . .
106 00
Printing for the County : .
J. S. Curninan, , . 62 60
J. A. Nash, . ,
198 50
William Lewis,
... 167 50
• .
11. B. Yoffties, -r
3 60
It. McDivitt for repo ling court proctictiings, " :30 00
Jury Chnunissioners:-0. 'Y.Shouta, 64 30
N. K. Covert, '
62 28
_ ..
Bric'fics :
D 111.ick for building n bridge" across Rnystown
Branch in llopen ell township, . 11,495 00
Albert Rail for building n bridge across Blsy Deav
" • • •
et Creek, nt Orbison'e )lilt, rr 1800 00
Samuel Miller forltildtng a bridge acme *ugh•
wick Crook, iu Siirlcy, „ 240 00
Joceb Fries for building a bridge across the Juni• , .
ata river at Ittrulllll4,4lam, ' , 1275 00
Albeit [fell for repairing ,the bridge lit James
Entrekin4, 1875 00
J. Ihn kstres,er, securing the bridge at Entrekin's, 123 50
County bond and iutoicat to, T.- U. CTemet nod
Mt rchanalise ,
Washing fur pa banners in Jail,
Clcarking, Court Hausa and Jail,
Gas for Court house,
Repairing gas fixtures, -34 00
Stoves for court house and jail, 6l 50
3laking nod mending hobbles, and hobbling pris
otiers,in jail. 17 00
Desk for Recce der's office, 35 00
Cutting wood and shoveling snow from pavement
nod yard at court house, . . _ ,' -i , 24 25
Postage, 34 83
John C. Miller, janitor, 37 60
Safe for Treasurer's ofhco and putting it up, 201 00
Attorney for COmmissioners,• - 20 00
R. 31031urtrie, auditing accounts of Prothonotn. • -
ry, and Register and Recorder, - 20 00
Dr. Di inuhingli, attending prisoners in jail, • 11 00
Paid Treasurer Huntingdon County poor house, 5111 34
Paid indebtedness to the State, • .. • 2007 56
Paid tax' on Bank steels to the :tate; • ' 459 44
Treasurer's commission on $93,941 05 at 1% per •
cent., 1409 11
Balance hi the hands of the Treasurer nt the set• ••
thanent with the Auditors, 4243 79
$36,313 06
We the undersigned Auditors of Huntingdon County,
-I,Nuneyhania. elected and B%orp according to law, report
that We filet, did audit, settlo and adjust, according to
lays,the accounts of M. 31. pagan, Treasurer 01 tho
oi,ppt and 11,0 orders of the
rs and receipts
anco remaining in the hands of T. if. Myton, Treasurer,
of lour thousand two hundred and Arty-three dollars
and seventy.nine.criats.
coiren under our hands at the Connntsaionea office In
the borotigh of Ituntingdou, the 22d of January, 1809.
111th ICY A. 31ARK,
,A. I'. IV MT. }Auditors.
vi Duo tho County at tho ea
tore, for the year 18613.
TWPS. Courcrorta NAMES.
Cromwell, 1857 Wm. Johns,
Carbon, 1860 lessen Cook;
Hopewell, " Jno: B. Weaver,'
Handerson,lB62 IV. 11. Flenner,
Carbon, 1883 lessee Cook,
Ilopenell, 1864 Jim Donaldson,
.Walker, " Saint. Peiglital,
Cromwell, 1865 Caleb Kelley,
Union, " Levi Smith,
Carbon, 1866 Danl. J. Logan,
Juniata, " Levi Ridenour > ,
Morris, " *Junes Piper, j
, 1867.
Alexandria, David Albright
Barree, ( John Logan
Brady ' jDeorge Hawn
Coss, .1 - Christian Miller
Carbon. Sheriff Bathurst
Coal moot, Sheriff Bathurst ~
Dublin, twin. Clymans
Franklin, John Eberts .
Henderson, John Nightwino
Hopewell, tJackson Enyeart
.Ittilinta, John beissinger ,
Lincoln, David Foils° .
Morris, James Piper
Mapleton, *John It. Dean
Orbisonla, Robert Gehrett
Porter. David Hare . • . •
Springfield, }Morris Gutsbell
Shirley, tisane Smith .
Tell, Brice Slollaller
Union, lockson Whito
West, *D. P. Moore
I Barr., John Smith 1 652 971
Brady R. K. Allison 722 66
C.sville, Isaac Ashton 38 09
Case, Benjamin Fink 178.53
Cloy, 1.1.:1t.. Stevens , 210 62
Cromwell. tn. D. Heck 1229 47
Carbon. Win. Ryan 70S 70
Coalmont, Jarvis Itiesterer • 57 40
Dublin, Wm. Clymans 441 11
Franklin, John Archy 506 22
Hopewell, aolomon Lynn, 318 29
Huntingdon, }Goo. W. Gloater 255.75
Juniata, W. Geiseinger 85 13
Jackson, Hobert V. Stewart . , 187 36
Lincoln, 11. Madison - 228 44
Morris, N. Lytlo 744 32
Bit Union. al. G. Stewart 101 21
slapletoo, DI. L. ltex 155 23
Oneida, - I Elialia Shoemaker 02 64
Orbisonln, A. Carothers ' 95 04
Penn, Jahn Le 01095 38
Porter, Benjamin Isent . org 1821 85
Shirley, Richard Cologne 765 36
Shirleysburg, George Leas 38 68
Springfield, Morris Gut/than 519 13
Tell, Alexander Briggs 76 73'
Tod, Abraham Elias -• . 47 i7O
Union, Andrew Smith 221 83
Walker, Moses Manor .. . 459, 71 i
We riormark, Geo.-W. Owens- • 1322 16,
West, Henry Davis 170 J 131
* Since paid in full. t ' Since paid in part.
Given under the seal of, the Commissioners' aloe, Jan
uary 10th, 1869. .
Lands; Corporate Rights and Franchises
Broad-Top Coal and Iron Colony.
the Sumo= Court of the State of Ponusylianla,
sitting in equity, the undersigned surviving trustees, in.
a mortgage given by the Bread Top Coal and iron Com—
pany to secure Its bonds•to amount of one, hundred thou.
sand dollars, expose to pub lc s tfe; -- at the lac:bongo
Salesroom n 111 Broaden), in the city of Now York,
on 111URS1ialt, the 2 ith day of %larch A. D„ 1869, en
12 o'clock, it. , of s day, by A J BLELCIebit, SON k.
CO auctioneets,the following real estate '
cm perato rights 4
and fr 111CilleCS of anal comp iny , all of which are more •
fully described in awl by the corporate mortgage record
ed in llnitlingdon county, Pennsylvania, in Mortgage
Book No 6, pa n , 105, Se., and in Bedford county, Penn—
By hard t, in 4ortgago Book 11,puge 55Z, Sic to — which re
cords person desiring to purchase ate referred Viz
All t Toms sir certain tracts of land situate in Broad Top
tow iship Bedford co inty, Penn's ."
•No 1 Known na Iho •Ewing Improvemon t; adjoining
lands formerly of intrek `ll and don, klesbeell
words, 1 booms J Morton and Joseph Evens, containing
acres and allowance,
Be, 2. Adjoins the tract knonn as the ono Cloonan&
acre RUI vey tract No 1, lin I formerly of James Hamil
ton, mad coutapm 43 acres and 65 perches net measure
Ha .3, Adji ins land formerly of • 61eshech EMT:iris oni of imam Barnet on tho oast, and ofJameeilays
tlten ell the Ma Unmet, and others, and containk 320 aores
and 31 perches and allowance
No. 4. Is known as the "Hamilton lands,^ adjolntlands
formerly of Joseph Erkna, of the Huntingdon andillroad
Top Railroad nod Coal Company, of the LencaatenCom•
pany, of Joseph Tate, William P. Schell and Christian.
Barnet, and cootains 33e; acres net measure.
N0.5..1a all the coal and other minerals, and:the - right
to minu the sonic, including the right of way and•timber
leave for mini, lairp , ises. with all privilegel f -aa 044•11 , ,
ed to the If untrugdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad
and Coal Company, by Josepli.Erlins and. wife, bT deed
dated January, 1854, roe Idyl in Bedford county,,
Penne , in liecosd Book A. It.. pall° 113t8, as full.fand
largoly,As said company behl the mum.. by srjrtpelof sold
deed of in and to a part of the "Thousand ma" anew&
adjoiniug lands late of Jesse Norton, Joseph gwma,
General A. P. Wilson and James Hutt clrin, containing 30
acres and 6 porches net measure. •
No. 6. , Adjoins lands forme' ly of Brodo nod Derk•
otreener, of Janice Hamilton nod, Philip Barnet, 4 aud
contains fifty.two acres and allowanco. -
Also, all those seven tracts of land situitto:in'earlam
township, Huntingdon minty, Penn.
- $l7l OS
$53,J15 66
No. 7. Adjoins lands formerly of -John Hainilton, Lee,
E,ans, glliain P. L-ctiell and eltristonher„ll,runt, arid
contains I 1: , :1/ octal and allownuco. '
No.B. adjoins hunt, formerly of John Savage, William
P. MlielL Levi Evans and thu lancaster Conipahri.and.
con tot on 40 new, and 139 pet Owe and ninny nice.
No. 9 Adjoins lamb; formerly of .1. Sowell Stowarts
gaga It Illiam P. Schell. John Ilainilton mob Levi Evans
and contains 102 acres and allowance, - excepting and re
serving therefrom. a lot of ground not exoreding-ilve
acres in quantity, to be taken off tho scent corner; also
excepting a lot at the, quarry, clutaining 60 perches net
Illemllro, according to survey Made by damsel Keller
man ; also excepting Unocal out lots in the tovin of Coal-
Mont,' nunthered on the ,general plan of said town ns fol
e, V 17.: Numb , re 1. 2, 3. 4,5, 6,7, 8,14. 15. 31, 32,.
33, 34, 33, 30,37. 33, 39,4; 44,45, 46, 47, 48, 76, 7478,79.
80, 81, 82.33, 84,85. 87, 88, 03, 104, 105;106. 107; 104 , 1091.
110,111, 112, 115, 110, 117, 120, 121, 123, 123,W4. 128, 46,
1 . 37,120, 129, 102, 139, 140, 141, 143, 141,144 4 171, 23, 29
ant 30. Had embraces a number of lots in the
loge of CoAlmont, the number of which will be given on.
day of sale. among them several having on them miner 8.
houses, and also a two story frame hotel And appendages.
No. 10. The midivided half of a small tract containing
26 acres and 80 porches, and allowance, adjoining lauds
formerly of Willi un P. Schell and Levi Evatura
No 11. Adj dine Mod of do Huntingdon and Broadaop •
Mountain Railroad and Coal Compiny: lands formerly:of
John Favage and of Andrew Donaldson, containing 86
acted and 1:17 perches, and allowance. ,
No 12. Adjoins the tract in mule of William Sheaff,
land formerly of Andrew
tract In iiinne of
John Singer, and tract in name' of Oraffue Miller, and
contains 23 acres 28 perches and allowance, enrveyddoa
a warrant to gambol Millar, of 18th July, A. D., 1864.
No. 13. A tract surveyed miona warrant Tor 400, acres
dated 31st March,
_3704, to_Johri Singer, cantaluint43(t:
ncres 87 melte/. -
329 38
94 41
13 11
16 67
66 31)
30 85
20 5
41 30
11 31
17 11
40 82
No. 14.. A tract surveyed upon a warrant of 31st Marsh,
'1794, to John :Musser, for 400 acres, containing 43p,acres
33 perches. 1 • •, - • • - ri
No. 15. A teact purveyed uPon'a warrant tollPlllinm
Sheaf, dated 31stMarch,.1791, for 400 dcrcli
439 1 4 acres.
• No. 10.• A tract of land nitwit. partly fu-.Broad Top
township and partly in Carbon township aforesaid, ad
joining lands formerly of Jonathan Barnet, Phelps &
Hammel, A. P. Wilson: W. P. Schell, 'Lewis T. Wattson,
David Blair, Wood & Bacon and Rathmol 'Wilson, con
taining 390 acres 118 perches, and_
measure ;,bniqin as
the Chi lstian Barnett Bradt, having It4sii,larn r 0 clear
ed farm land upon it.
Also, ail the corporate rights - and franchises of said
Blood Top Coal and Iron - Crimpiruy, Zas jield nnOor their
charter of incorporation, ,grauted. in pursuance of tho
general law of tho commonwealth Of Pennsylvania.
A well-1 alit railroad, connecting the coal lands of the
company with the Broad Top Railroad; extends over
troths Non , 4,0, 7,8, 9 and 10: nomad on the company's
map of their:jandr as the I •ll,nuilten lands" and "Schell
lands." , Meru aro also upon' theso tracts coal opalnks,
platforms, houses and other appliances which would eon-.
ble purchasers with but littlo expenditure to COUilliailaf
the shipment of coal.
Terms of sale CASH.
The property will bo offered In separate tract. 4 and, a a
whole, and after being stioffered will bo sold - in such
manner as will best promote thO interest - of' the bond
holders. , MARTIN A. noiym,
,Surilyin g ,Tritstee d e
Any inquiry Moro day of Halo may be'addresseifto -
MARTIN . A. 1.1.01T,E134 •
No. 111 Liberty'streot;;N: Y.:or'
68 15
25 00
50 00
99 00
Having supplied themselves with uneutlrely/
New Stock of Goods
throughout, nillho bunny to meet their many hiouda
and the public generally at their pima],
Nab. 10, 'CS tf.
—For the greatest variety VP w
styles of Wall Paper,' go "to r LOWiff.
Book Store.. tf.
Dar 8c:hob! Books ',ot: till ~kincie,!for
enlo nt Lewis' Book Store. " tf.
pith the
I 17 62
07 Z 1
76 40
200 25
70 90
1 89
26 061
48 22
149 46
442 18
140 15
491 S 3
20.3 50
200 00
2 2 60
12 00
86 60
b 00
7 oo
46 50
125 54,
37 03
24 00
29 00 ,
10 50•
68 10
36 711
20 33
18 00
22 70
48 35
178 62
316 71
1694 73
203 87
239 40,
18 20
295 47
102 12
220 67
871 20
65 1
2 50
17 50
15 50•
38 50
18 68
21 83
24 22
63 05
b ob
15 50•
12 00
23 00
5 23-
0 00.-
3 38
100 151
31 04 1
246 10
769 46
47 13
81 41
303 82
14 60
32 28
125 53
23 47
18 15
13.60 ,
94 81
27 27!
7 55
15 41
43 74
23 251
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