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    (12e Obbe.
Wednesday morning, April 8, 1868.
-11.*to - have a big time : buy a
town elotk.
—Needs board-walks in every street
and on all sides: West Huntingdon.
—Hint : our streets are now muddy;
before long they will be dusty.
—A. new stock of spectacles just re
ceived at Lewis' Book Store.
—Fresh Garden and Flower Seeds
for sale at Lewis' Book Store. tf.
—Mrs. Margaret Tato died in Ty
rone, on the 22d of March tilt, aged
about 93 years.
—Next Sunday is Easter. Of course
eggs will be in demand, and the hens
will he 'required to "shell out."
—The "flitters" were very busy in
our town on Wednesday last, and of
the number there were not a few.
—For tho greatest variety of now
styles of Wall Paper, go to Lewis'
Book Store. tf.
—A car of coal oil was burned on
.Saturday night in the Altoona yard.
Fired it is thought by an incendiary.
—Look out for a "cold id the nose"
in this soason of untimely snows, for it
may extend to your toes, and you may
"go up . the spout"—you knows.
—The steamer Etna has commenced
running between Hollidaysburg and
Petersburg. It evidently don't pay
to Huntingdon.
—Wm. Donovan was hung at York,
Pa., on Tuesday last, for tho murder
of a man name,d Boyle. Ho died pro
testing his innocence. -
-The largest
.and most handsome
stock of new styles of Wall Paper ever
received in Huntingdonjor
Lewis' Book Store. Ca'lead see.
—We are informed that a company
bas organized in this place to establish
an Edge Tool Manufactory in West
Huntingdon. The works will be in
operation by fall.
—The gas in the Presbyterian
oburol._of_ Hollidaysburg suddenly
went out on Stundny -- night,-and the,
congregation - wss as suddenly left t in
darkness—not spiritual perhaps.
—The tobacco store of A. C. Clarke,
Agent, has been removed to Swoope's
corner, in Abe Diamond, and looks as
neat and attractive as a sweet miss of
—We learn that preparations are
shortly to be. made to take out the
iron ore near Alexandria, this county,
where it is said to abound in consider
able quantities.
—William IL Lower, of Clover
Creek, Blair county, was drowned on
Sunday, 15tb ult. Ho was about 40
years of age, and leaves a wife and two
—We.had a steady fall of snow on
Saturday last., and the succeeding day
reminded us strongly of the saying
that "winter lingers in the lap of
spring." Spring ought to box winter's
ears and send hiMhoma.
—The largest stock; and largest
number of newand beautiful styles of
Wall Paper everreceived in Hunting
don can be soon at'Lewle' Book Store.
Alt in want of Wall Paper and Win
dow Shades
,should go and examine
Lis stock. , -
„ .
—The 'Bedford - In4itirer - says 'that
Mr. John Miller, resident of the west
ern part of the County,- was attacked
by a panther ',recently; but escaped
through,the fleetness of the animal ho
was-riding„; The brute Madera spring
at him front - tbo branches of a, tit°,
but its".screeches frightened the hor'so,
who sprang aside-. Just in time to pre
vent the panther from . fasteniug,on him
G. __pastor - of
the Presbyterian. church, will lead the
Bible Class in - tho'reoms of the YOUng
atetretnrrstiiitTaseeibiation nextsab
batli, afternoon, it • ek. .T ehe
public is invited., Rev, J. J. Kerr,
pastor : of: the - lutherahl , chur ch has
appointment for the follow
ing Sunday. ..” :.;
—Base hall players may be gratified
to knowthat.tho ball will be smaller
this year, and niust be stamped with
the Size, weight - land maker's name,
otherwise a_ match goalie will be "null
tlnd'ioid.7 . rule,- it is thought,
will:del - away to some extentWith.hio•
ken fingers; but we can't see how it
is going tg,.pfevent sprained ankles
and.hrokenleonetitutkins. - -
—When Blair,county-gets its new
jail compleigd- is thought ,propOlo
that Ifulitiiiiatfin county send her
criminals there — tor safe keeping. It
keeps us busy noticing the' escapes
from ourjail, and we have concluded
that the best thing that can he'done
f6itlif3 crmiiiraTs - tin - der - tb eve; veurris ts a
ces is "to swear them and let them go"
ala •militaire. What
,have our Com
missioners done with the recommend
ation of a recent Grand Jury?
Two DLL(Wren Drowned.
One of the saddest cases of drown
ing that has taken placo in this coun
ty for a long time, occurred on Sunday
Afternoon last at , Mount Rock mill
dam, about a mile Korth of town. The
wife of David Riden, of Brown town
ship, had been on a visit to town,
was returning home in a buggy driv
en by a boy. In driving along the
pike at the dam—always considered a
dangerous placo— took fright
at a large rock lying in front of Stan
ford's quarry and commenced backing
As there is no protection whatover,the
buggy and horse went over into tho
water, probably not less than ton foot
deep, plunging all into it except Mrs.
R. who managed toprovent herself from
falling in on the very edge of the bank.
Tho boy, although most tinder the
horse, also got out, but both children
sank and were drowned before their
bodies wore recovored. The oldest
was aged'three years, and the young
est some 18 months.--Lewistown Ga
EER.Dr. Witmor, of Philadelphia;
will be at the Franklin House, Hunt-
ingdon, 4ropday, Tuesday and Wed
pesclay, the 141.11,14 th and 15th April,
(Court week,) to consult with the sicic
and afflicted of all diseases, and- furn
ish medicines for their cure without
fail. See acjvoTtieerpput jn gnotber
column, rt
The ..Organ" .Busted' Things Generally
We give below,.the tickets voted for
on Monday. The ( 'Republican Ticket"
was forced upon the party by John
Nash and the editor from Oneida. The
substantial Republicans of. the
couldn't stand the dictation of the "or
gan" any longer, and the result is the
defeat of the important part of the "or
gan's" ticket. If a ticket had been put
in nomination by the Republican party
it could have been elected by 75 ma•
jority. The "organs" work - has seri
ously 'busted' things._ It should now
`shut'up' and cease its work of disor
ganization, and work for the success
of the party.' •
D. P. Gwin,
Alex. Elliott,
Council. Council.
.1.0. Gipplo, 164 James Port, . 182
N. B. Corbin, 159 *George Jackson, 187
W. B. Ziegler, 157 Thomas Carmen, 178
Constable. Constable.
Wm. 11. King, 192 Isaac Long, 146
Democrats marked with a *.
Normal School Meeting.
The subscribers to raise a fund to build It
State Normal School at this place, held a
meeting in the Treasurer's office in the Court
House on Monday last, which was organized
by calling John Scott, Esq., to the chair, and
appointing Robert McDivitt, Secretary.
Professor Wickersham, State Superintend
ent, was preient and made extended, very
appropriate and satisfactory remarks as to
the advantages the location of the School
here would be to the borough, the county,
and. the counties adjoining. After Mr. W.
had closed his remarks,
On motion Win. P. Orbison, Alex. Port
and Dr. It. A. Miller were appointed a com
mittee to prepare articles of association to be
preseated to Court for net of incorporation.
On motion Win. •B. Zeigler, Prank lief
fright, G. Miller, 11. R. Bryan and Wm, F.
JohrisiOn..were aPraiirited a committee to pro
cure additional subscriptions. .
:On motion John W. Mtittern, Wm: Lewis,
Fisher, Samuel T. Brown, and John
Scottovere appointed a committee to ascer
tain at what price locations for the School
could be secured.
On motion adjourned-to meet sit Clio Court
rllotise on Saturday evening next, to hear-re
ports of committees and to vote on the loca
tion of the building.
Another ItlontboO of the "House of York , '
Departed. '
In last Week's papers was announced
the death of John Reed, Esq.:at an
advanced age. Mr. Reed was appoint.
ed ite&ater and Recorder by _Gov. Rit
ner, and came to reside in Huntingdon
about thirty-two years ago. - He then
became a member Of tho popular board
ing house, known at that time exten
sively and favorably as the "liouse of
York,"* kept by an estimable widow
lady Mrs. Clarke. Hero the writer
first made his acquaintance. Beim- ,
the oldest Male member, and ever kind
and amiable in his deportment, Mr.
Reed was not only highly esteemed,
but hold in reverence and looked up father; by all the inmates of
that large family of boarders. The
election of 1838 brought a new admin
istration into power in Pennsylvania,
when Mr. Reed retired from the office
of Register and Recorder, but was elec
ted to the same office, under the new
Constitution, in the fall of 1839. In
1840 he was a successful candidate on
tho Harrison electoral ticket, but after
that devoted more of his time to law
than politics. Mr. Reed was up, to the
time of his death, and for many years,
a consistent member of the Presbyter
ian Church. It is very sad to reflect,
that of the very large and social fam
ily of boarders and inmates of the
'llouse of York," in eighteen hundred
and thirty-eight, death has now the
Should this meet the eyes of any of
the surviving members of the "House
of York," it will carry their memories
backitt the many happy hours we spent
in that pleasant family circle, Bono
never to return, arid they will shed a
tear to - the memory of our good bid
. friend departed. W.
*The House is the large brick building on
Railroad atreet, now occupied ns a Station
Ilause by the Penney Mum. Railroad. COm.
Altrt BASO Dail Club
• The Alert Base Ball• Club of McCon
nellstown was reorganized on the 17th
ult. By the first of May we will be
ready to give and receive challenges
for match games, and we hope our
neighboring clubs will: not fail to give
us a call. 11. C. Rohm, of Philadel
phia, was elected 'an honorary mem
ber. The club also acknowlekge the
receipt of caps gent by him last fall,
for which he has our ,warmest thanks.
Ist B.
Temperance Union.
The regular quarterly meeting of the Hun
tingdon County 'Temperance Union will
he hell in the Ginn House next Iron•
day evening, the 13th inst., nt 7 o'clock. A
full attendance of the friends of Temperance
is very greatly : desired. Each Church or
Temperance organization in the county is en
titled to any number of delegates not ex
ceeding ten
JOUN SCOTT, President,
B. M. GREENE, Secretary.
Its Good Effects are Permanent.
In this it 'differs from all hair dyed.
By its use luxuriant growth is guaran
teed, natural color and gloss aro re.
stored. Ono trial will cause you to
say this of Mrs. S. A. Allen's Improv.
ed (new style) Hair Restorer or Dress
ing, (in: one bottle.) Every Druggist
sells it.- Price One Dollai.
Our patrons in arrears will remem
ber that we will expect to hear from
them during Court. New subscribers
fin' any length of time will be received
at our regular terms. Pitch in; every
voter in the county should have a pa•
per . to read. ,
Speer's Wines
Are the pure juice of the grape, and are
unexcelled by any native vintage. They con
tain valuable modioinal properties, and are
of intrinsic worth to the i❑valid and the con
valescent, strengthening the weak, and restor
ing the system to tone and vigor. Sickly per
sons and females should try them.
Way to Savo Money.
All persons attending Court, next
two weeks, will make their expenses
by buying their Goods at A. L. Lew
is' new cheap store in Loister's Now
Building, Huntingdon. tit
Railroad Mooting
A public meeting of all in favor of a Rail•
road from Huntingdon to MeAlavey's Vort,
will be held at the Court House oa Wednos•
day evening of first Court Week.
Au industrious, active, sober, inoral, egreeable
merrio/ man to cILITO teem and do farm vrork,&e.
Apply to A. L. outp.,
pipctral Casenlle aoldiersOrfbmit Ecbool
Notice to Teachers.
The undersigned has made an ar
rangement with Prof. Kuhn of Milo
wood Academy, Shade Gap, to teach
during the months of May and June,
in that Institution.- Tho object is to
give instruction in the branches requir
ed by law to be taught in our common
schools. A number of young persons
desirous of teaching have signified their
willingness to attend, and if there are
others who desire to attend this School
they can be accommodated.
I have no pecuniary interest what
over in this arrangement, and my on-,
ly object is to afford all the assistance
in my power to increase the number of
better qualified teachers. Teachers
who received a low grade of certificate
this year must improve or by another
year their serviette will be dispensed
with. The State Superintendent has
earnestly urged- the importance of
raising the standard of teacher's qual.
ifieations, and the best interests of our
schools imperatively demand that this
should be done.
The School opens on the first Wed.
nesday in May, and continues five
months. Terms $l6 per month for
Board, Tuition, and Room Rent—.
Those who wish to study the Langua
ges or the Higher Mathematics can do
so in tho regular classes of that Insti
Prof. Kuhn brings high testimonials
as an accomplished teacher, and has I
believe given-general satisfaction dur
ing the time. he has taught in our
county. '— D. F. TUSSEY,
April 2,1868.-2 t Co. Supt.
Blank Legal Papers
A large assortment of blank legal
papers, consisting of deeds, mortgages,
bonds, leases, justice blanks, judgment
exemption,and promissory notes,drafts,
&c.,_ean be found at Lewis' cheap book
store, and will be sold in quantities to
suit purchasers. United States reve
nue stamps of all denominations for use
on the various legal blanks can be ob
tained at the same place. if.
—Four hundred and thirty applica
tions for liquor license for hotels, tav
erns, eating houses, &c.; in Schuylkill
county, have been filed with the Clerk
of the Sessions.
iler Snow lins, fallen hero to tho
depth of five inches and is still falling.
so many differentdisesses, Is because It Is the Us/ mus
cly fora deranged stoMach, or Dyspepsia, now known,
and becsuso It Bah:urges tie entire system, strength
ens the nervous fibs es, citrates the standard of all the
vital forces, and sustains a most healthful tone of the en
tire human orb-anises. Medicine that, will do this, will
cure ally disease, for the simple reason, that nature will
do the rest.
We guarantee, that no W001:111 or Chilli, 1101111 W pale
or emaciated ; c.ku Use thcse Bitters regulntly for twouty
gnu days, mithout the return of the rosy cheeks and fair
complexion elm actorletic of good health.
gold by all Druggists and Dealers.
Dlt. S. D. 11AILTIIA t & CO., Proprietors, LANCASTAR ;
Pd., and einem o, ILunolt. rllltts•lm
TAIIIIII treated with the utmost succoal, by J.
fan ACS,
M. D.; Oculist and Awls; (formerly of Le) don,
Holland) No. 605 A ItCy street, Nal ddelphlu. Testimoni
als from the most ielmble sources in the city at.d c un
try can beacon nt hia olQce. no medical fatculfy ars In
vited to accompany their }fathom, 111 he has no secrete
in his p actice. Artificial Eyes inserted without pain.—
No charge for examinution. myB-lybln
MI. Marled, Lodge, No. 300, A. I. AL, meets second
Monday evening 01 each month, in Brown's building.
Standing None 11. R. A. Chapter, NO. 201, meets the
first Tuesday evening of ouch month, in Brown's building.
Juniata Lodge, 100. 11, L 0. 0. F., meets every Friday
evening, third floor, in Leister's building.
Standing Stone Lodge, No 84.1. 0. O. T., nicety every
Tuesday evening in Court Bones
Arrapahoe Dube, No. 68, I. 0. of R. .V., meets every
Thursday evening, third floor, Leister's
Young Men's Christ ion Association mtote the Ilrit and
third Monday evenings cools month in Droten's
Town Onmcil meets the tires Friday evening of each
April 2d., 1808, by Rev. J. W. Plan
nett, Mr. Wm. H. BRENHAM, to Miss
MARTHA A. CORBIN, both of Raystown
Brahch; Huntingdon County, Pa.
PIIILADZLIIItA, April 4, 1868.
Tho flour market is modeintely active, at an adsanco.
Bupurtino Flour at $1,75 ai 8,25; extra at $0,75; fancy
'Western extra family $10@11,60; Pennsylvania eo do
$l2, and fancy brands $12,73®15,00 according to quality.
Ilya flour sB,so@so.
Primo Wheat in falr demand Choice mint $2,7002,75
lilte 63,0003,20. 1130 at 9.1,83@1,85. Corn 1,19 (LO 1,19
Oats at 86e. Barley malt at $2,01.
Cloversecd $7,5007,75 according to quality; Timothy at
$3,50;3.2,00; Flaxseed $2,90@3,00 per bllBllO.
P/TTBBIIIIOII, April 4 — Flour.—Tilo market is active.
We quota sales of spring reheat Flour at 910,50011,25,
winter Flour at $12,000 UN fancy at 914g115,00.
Wheat. \rioter, $2,500:455 and far white, $2,60,(32,135
Corn from first hands nt $l,OO. Bye, $1,90 per bushel. alt.
72@7 1 c, Barley 2,25@51,30. Potatoes, Tench Blow 3,30 lad
hums 18c, Lard 16%c. Butter 50E455c 1h; Eggs'2s doz.
NEW YORE, April dosed Al $1,38%'.
6 Pmts.
1 hlggr.....
Feathers V lb.
flops V 1b......
Rani, smoked
Flay V ton
Large Onions 11 hue.
Mixed Chop
Potatocs V bun 00 to 1,00
Plaster per ton 10,00
Rags 11 lb 4
lye 1 31
Ilya Chop ll cwt 0 ,50
Rye Strew V, bundle. 10
Shorts V Cwt 1,60
... ......
Turkeys V lb,
Wool V lb
Pork 7Ei lb
Ilford UCNi V t0n.... $l,OO
Pig Motel til ton s.ltettso
bomber 11 1000 ft-412@30
bbotgles, Laps,V d 0.10013
Joint, ' ON(g18
.16620 cis. V lb
SuperitueFlotir, $O,OO
Extra Stour, old 10,1
Fatuity Flour 11,5 u
Red Wheat, 0 ,50
White Wheat,— ...........2,40
Apple Butter 13 ga110n...1,25
Bark per cord 0,00
Barley 1 00
Butter 35 to 40,
. .
Buck's ,
heat , ...,...1,00
Buckwheat 51.113 ea t.. 1,001
than 11 cwt 1,25
Brooms 13 doe 3,00®400.
Beeswax 11 lb 30i
Beans il bus 3,50
Maims "5
Country Soap 8!
Corn 41,10 ,
colu Meal e 5 cwt..— ...... 2,20
Dried Apples /Ibu ...... —2,00
Dried Cherries 51 quart. —l2
Dried Poaches VI% lb
Dried Beef "0
1104141 b 0
Broad Top Coal re tou ...$2,501
linen Apples 5l bus $1,50
Cloverseed 13 44708. $0 107,00
Ellellbirks la bus $2,00
Walnuts 13 bus 00
block Hugs - 06 0 ds. In lb
An 'Aunt in this county for tho
New England Mutual Life Ipeuranoe Co,
This In the oldef t Mutual Of genizatlon fu the country.
uenthoune compensation given.
Addrerc. F 4 TttOl.lD tt, t , IARSTON, Genera) Agontar
epl•Bt N 0.32 North ftfttl rtteet, 1111;r1.
And all kinds of Building` Material,
fIOACH AND .CAltjtlAGlii 111ANIJ
The undersigned respectfully informs
the citizeneof Hunt incdrin and vicinity
that he haS completed nit the necessary 0 - 4.M.:0 0 a
arrangements in the outfit of a first-class 0
and is prepared to make to order and keep on hand
iSporluag^: Vlinstgcomus,
96 And everything is that line of business.
REPAIRING done speedily and at moderato prices.
Any- 111JUHISS warranted for one year.
Shop on Washinkton street back of the Diamond.
The custom of ties public is raspectfolly solicited.
Huntingdon, hick. 25.6 m
Tho attention of Farmers and other consumers of Fer
tilizers is invited to this Guano, as worthy cf their ape.
chit notice: Its use for turreted sears iu Maryland. Fir-
Oulu. and other southern States, for all crops, has given
it n atandard character for excellence unequalled by any
other. It possesses all the quickness of Peruvian Guano
with permanent qualities n,t found in that article. 250
lbs of this Guano aro found more than equal to 300 lbs of
tho boat Superphosphate& It ropins tho wheat crop
fro:afire to seven days earlier than the phosphates, which
fact alone gives it Incalculable advatitages.
Liberal discount to dealers. for sale by
General Agents for Pacific Guano Co.,
38 south Delaware Ave., Phlhora •
1111125.8 m nod Ti bouth street, Iraltlntore.
- [Estate of JOTIN DUMMER, deed.]
Letters of administration, lyith the wllt annexed, upon
the estate of JOllll Detwiler, Into of Lincoln township, de
ceased, having boon guested to the undersigned, all per
sons Indebted to the estate will make immediate pay
ment, and those having datum will present them for set
Administrator, with 1,111 atinexott
[Kahan of GH9IIG. MILLER, deed.] - -
-Letters of administration upon the estate of George
Miller, late of _Garret, tounsbip,:ilcceaseil, haring boon
granted to the ituderhignied, all persons Indebted to the
estate trill intake iintimallate pa) smut, amid these haring
define oilt present them for settPonlnt. -
11. S. SIII.T.EIt,
11. T. COUCH.
itiltlB.Gts . ', AllenlutAtratots.
[Estlito of Elizabeth S. Entrol,in, deed.]
Letters of Administ t ration upon the estate of Elizabeth
S. Entrekin, late of Lincoln too uship, Huntingdon to.,
dee'd, having Leen granted to the mle, eigned, al I personn
haVing datum age' ant the estate aro requested to present
them to the undernigued, and all persons indebted in ill
make itOntedhite payment. -
Mehl-Gt Admlnlstiator.
• [Estate of GEO. C..ItUCHER, de,01.1
Letters of administration upon the estate of George 0.
Bucher, into of Alexandria borough, deceased, hating been
giant,' to the iandemigned, all persons indebted to the
estate will make payment, and them, haying claims trill
present them for settlement.
Alexandria, Mel*. 11-ti. Aduitulatrator.
Millinery and Straw Goods.
• :‘;0.218 ARCH Street, ab. 2d, PHILADELPHIA
The subscriber is new prepared to offer to his custom
ers and the trade geoerally a large and well selected
stos.k of
Flowers, IllbUnnu, Bonnet Frame., ,tc.,.tc.
N.B.—ill orders will receive careful and prompt at
A Remedy that has been tried and stood the toot, not
only in an occasional case, but- in overy community
whore used it bas boon pronounced thou talent anti most
reliable ronunly known for
.$ 2 , 25
10 ® 11
As an agreeableand safe reined) and an Invigorating
Beverage it lies no equal.
This valuable Bitters le composed of tho ossontial pro,.
portico of ,cola—tho medielunl qttalltfes of r hien hive
beau carefully extracted. It Is arseeablo to tjw taste and
does not leave that unpleasant taste Jo, the mouth for
Louts after, that moat medicinal do.
An nillood Purifier nud Liver Tunic It has no equal.—
It contains no calomel or other injurious drug, but it
purely vegetable, •"
For DyFpepFia It cannot be excelled. It contains no-
thing injurious to the stomach, is mild and prompt in
its action and effects a permanent cm e by removing the
came of the complaint.
For Into ini lien t Fever or Chills and Fever this Bitters
is a specific far heater and surer than quinine.
family should be 1N ilho tt t it as the cost is trifling
compared with the suffering that may be avoided by hav
ing it at hand In case of sudden nttgck•
Weakly Persons use the Oriental Bitters
Invalids use the Oriental Bitters
Dyspeptics use the Oriental Bliter4
Females use the Oriental Bitters
°pared °ply bi
To whom RN iardors ehopid po addrestect
Price 11.00 per bottle
For bale by all drug§lets and dealer?, geoerall ~• . tab2o
hereby given, to all persons interested, that the
lowing named persons have settled their accounts in the
Register's Office, at Huntingdon, and that the said accounts
will ho presented for confirmation and allowance at an
Orphans' Court, to les held at Huntingdon, in and for the
county of Huntingdon. on Monday, the 13th day of
APRIL next, (1868,) to wit :
1 Administration acconnt of John P. Webb and Dan
lel Decker, administratore of James Webb, lute of Walker
township deceased. -
2 Adminietration account of 'Airmail - der Armitage, ad
ministrator of Caleb Ara:Rage, Into of Henderson town
ship. deceased.
3 Final administration and distribution account of Da
vid F. Tussey, executor of the last will and testa meat of
John Piper, deceased.
4 Administration :recount of B. It. Fond, administrator
of Alexander Harris, Into of Shirley township. deceased.
6 Administration account of Jambs ltialtreo, admin
Paroles of Thomas McElwee, late of Cromwell township,
docamoed. , - -
6 Tho 11Cet and partial acceunt;of Dietrrim Kvisr. ad
ministrator of Joins Kyler, lota of Clay township, deed.
7 Administration account of George Leas, adtuluistras
tor of Elizabeth Br.) an, late of Shirley township, deed.
13 Account of Andrea G. Neff, executor of the lost will
and testament of John Grove, ate of Penn twp , deceased.
9 Administration account of B. R. Foust, executor of
Petor Ripple, late of Shirley twp , deceased.
10 Administration account of Hobert Cummins, execu
tor of Sarah A. 3leCoole, into of Darren township, deed.
11 Final administration aecount of David Disci:. nib
ministrater of Armstrong Willoughby, Into of thu born;
of Huntingdon, deceased.
12 Administration account of Henry Shnitz and John
A. Shultz, executors of David Shultz, Into of Ilopawoll
township, deceased.
13 Administration account of Sanmel Bowman, admin
istrator, of Margaret Rorer, into of Shit ley, deceased.
. -
14 Administration account of Louis Stern, adminia:ra
for of Colob Oren laud, Into of Cass township. decants].
15 The third adnxittlstration and distribution account
of Ileory Brewster, acting ?snout,er of the last will and
testament of John Brewster, late of .Shirley township,
deceased. - - '
Adtnicistration account of Wm. Hutchison, executor
of Archibald Hutchison, lato of Wai riorsurark township,
17 The trust account of Wm. Speck, trustee appointed
to sell the real estate of Robert McCall, late of Penn
ton nsldp, deceased.
13 The second and final account of Samuel Al. Corp and
banlel Beek. executors of the last will and testament of
Joins Beck, Into of Warriorsenark township, &Toenail.
19 Final account of 11. O. Fisher, guardian of Currance
Swoops, minor child of Caleb Swoope, deceased.
20 Guardianship account of Samuel Wigton guardian
of Susan A. Dinneen, ruiner child of Jnopb S r Matter:l,
Into of Franklin township, deconhed. -• • . •
Register's Office,'
Blar.lo, '6B.f
NJOTICE is hereby,given to all.por
sons interested that the following Inventbrieri of
the goods and Chattels set to widows, under the provis
ions of the net of 14111 of April, 1851, have been filed in
the ollico of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court of Hunting
don county and will be presented for "approval by the
Court" on Wednesday the 15111 of APRIL. (1868,):
Inventory and npraliement of the goods and chattles
which were of John Garner, Sr., late of Penn township,
deed., taken by his widow,lllary Garner.
Inventory and appraiseinont of the goods and chattles
which were of Aln giant Wright, Into of Union twp., dee'd
taken by his widow, Catharine Wright.
Inventory and appraisement of the goods and chattles
which were of Abraham Corbin, Into of Clay twp., dec'd.,
taken by his widow, Rebecca J. Corbin.
Inn entni y and appraimment of the eMods and chattles
which were of Samuel 11. Bell, late of Shirley twp., doc'd.,
talten by Ills widow. Sarah Bell.
- Inventory and appraisement of the mods and.' chattles
- which note of Robert Love, Into of Tell township, deed.,
taken by his widow, Jano ,ove.
Inventory and apprakctnent of the goods and chattlos
Lich mere of Jas. McCracken, late of Henderson twp.,
deed., taken by his widow, liar: let McCracken.
, I Gluts Osplinus' Cecil.
• Huntingdon March 16, 1886: 3 ; •
FlltnT WEEK.
Wm. W. Paul & Co. TO B. Y. Baker, at al.
D. P. Owooo .vs Blazer& 'Fiero,
Mrs It. Corbitt Ta henry Streit. & Co.
W. iv. 4 f u va Micluv I Stone.
Same vs Same.
Dr. P. Sbeenberger's core. no Wilson & Lorenz.
W. W. & D 0 Enttikon,l u vs Michael Stone et al.
Joseph D. Wilson vs John W. Scott.
John MeCalian's ens. no A. P. Wilson.
Solomon S. Taylor vs The School district of Car
ben township,
James Sutherland vs Same.
William Rennin no Santo.
Suntiel Teeter vs Solon
Robot t E. Thompson vs Pomo.
William 11. Smiley ss Same.
Thomas Bard vs Sauna.
Joseph Thel once _ . _ is Same.
Da hi Blair
va W. E. MeMurtrie. corn. of
11. Miller.
George Rem vi Wm. Bcbollvaberger.
Jaunts Long and wife vs E. ler et al.
David M. Joan vs 'rho srheol district of Car•
. . . . .
bon to lushly
Anal Ikon n Vs Same.
Wrteltington Corbin Yd Same.
Jacob McCall vs Same.
Calvin Tobias vs Some. •
John W. Harkleroad vs .
John F. I ierron vs David Blair.
Joins W. Mattern vs Andrew S. Harrison
George C. Hamilton vs David Souse.
Hobert Love vs Win. Owens et rd.
P. M. I. } do Wm. A . Orbison va John W. Matern.
vs Mourns Turley and wife
31nrtin D.ll
G. W. 11. wino
Mnry Many
T u tiztan u
,t 'fi r tr o l t er iktu wiro ...: ra 31cOrnth .t Piper.
. . .
Alex. Port vs A. S. Harrison et at.
Jacob Borman vs James Entriken, et al.
John Bell, et al vs John Morgan, et
Christtm Waver vs H. ABTit It It Coal Co
John 11. Bodoni for non vs Vivid Blair.
C 3 rus W. Bemendorfer no The bor. of Huntingdon.
Martin Gate's admiefr vs James Morrow.
Woolly M. Akers TO Tho Broad Top 011 Co.
John B. Sheuefelt vs .Wm.lWilsop.
Wit. 11. Weigley 've John W. MeAtom.
John M,Comb, tro4too, vi A. 11. Bauman.
James Port for mu vs A. S. Harrison.
Wm. Eolith vs Philip Spain..
J. It. SlMPSON,.Prothonotary.
Prothonotary s TEO:
218 Ardi street, rhilatht
The following, persons have filed in the office of
Clerk of the Court of (barter' Seestime of Huntingdon
county, their petitions for licenses to keep Inns or Tav
erns in sold county and which will be presented to the
Judge of odd Court on the second 31ouilay of APRIL
for allowance:
Harry Chamberlain, Alexandria. '
Martin Memo, Barnet.
John L. Burns,
Joseph Peek, Broad Top city.
Philip Pheasant. CUM • t
William G. Kelly, Coalnionf. t =
William Ityan, Dudley.
Jesse F. Marsh, Green Tree.
A. M. Aullz, Huntingdon.
Tote Si Hildebrand, •`
lien ry Liester,
George Thomas,
William Long.
Abner Anderson,
Janice Fleming,
Augustus Lettermen,"
Julio S. Weston, Mapleton.
John Bonn,
Jacob although, Markiesburg.
Joseph Lanimay,
Thomas Metlarvey, Mill Creek.
Wm. Kerr, • ;
S. BrYson Sharer, Mount TIMM,
D. G. Fuhrman,
Jacob F little, McAlovey's Fort.
Jackson Diehl, McConnelletown.
Washington Lang,
George W 'Briggs, Nosey illo.
Abraham Caruthers, Orbisonin. - ' -
W.S. Thompson,
Lewis Ileffright, Petersburg.
Abraham °ratline, `•
Jabob Hallman, Saulsbnig.
W'ot. McGonaii,Shado Gap,:
Elijah Ault., Slitrbiyoburg.
It. F. Haslett, Spruce Creek.
Samuel Stelley, Stevensville.
Wm. J. Long, Worm Springs.
James Chemberlain Warrioremet k: • • " ,
Leopold Bloom, Wierstreet. " •
Wm. 8011, Wilsontewn. -
the quart.
A. A J. J. Gleason. linnet.
Anton Houck, Brawl Top City._ . -
lames B.Burns,ludloy. :
John Free, Huntingdon., •
A. Y. Westbrook, n
Henry Afriln,
John G. Wherley, .
John Foster, Huntingdon, - ,
' l r2H. - Sintog, Sturkieeluirg• ! =
atAli * Qi Hops°, Mogot IlitlUP• •
Anton Welder. Oneida ton natal,.
Thomas 13ringinger, Petersburg.
John Richardson, gpruce Creek.
J. It-SIMPSON, Cleik.
Huntingdon, Meh. 25, HS.
Consisting clildly of ' ;
10,000 iirfB, ri LAN' AND SECOND HAND
. 7 9,90 •
; : -4 l 'lapel',
2. - ;,00b "IvAd-ON COVERS.
All sizes, new and worn,
5,000 Mot and Rubber Blankets, and Horse Corers,
,GIREAT COMB, ntopx. COATS, Inousgs,
Also a large lot of Heins, Lead Lines, Buggy Ambulance
and Cart Hermes. Double Trees, Lead Bare, Portable
Forges, &c., &c. Wheel Team Harness, little worn, all
oak tanned leathor, sorviceablo, elemical and oiled, ss.per
horse, Including Be Idle Lead, do SI, Ambulance or Btage
Berens wills superior leather Traces, pet fectly nulled for
farm or general team work, double sets complete $25 to
$3O, Bridles $l, Collars $1 to s'l extra hair.iluad artillery
case, do $2,50 end $3, Doable Bela $1.75 to s2.2s;llaltore
$5 to $l2 per dozen, News Ofileore, 31cClelion's Saddles
$l6 do, with plated Bit Bridle, $l9, Brags Mounted Sad
dles, goodoas new $O, with Bridle, $ll, Boys Saddles $6,
wagon comp„aiworioroo 10432 nil.. Cotton Duck $8 to
512. 1000 itognln4 Tome, new itnitgood ae wir, 1 . 1 oz.
Duck, 14 - feet'square, "$25 to $5O, with Poles and pins
complete, Wall Tents $lB to $2O, Wedge do. $5 to $9,
Shelter Tents for They Ow $lO to $lO per 100.
Grain Bags, 12 oz. Dock, 2 to 3 Bushel $0 to $lO por
dozen, also full assortment of Seamless Bags.
Small order by oppress C.O. R. •
Liberal deductions to Wholesale Orators.
71 North Second Street, jotit below Arch St.,
.a/80. 4, PARK PLACB, N. X.
Deeoripthe prietollat eept cp applicatim. [n11118.341
va John McElwee
ra A. 1.. Ouss.
3P.tt1x 2 1.34 t, ace.,
(Form'.l3 , on Front street. pow)
LIITERIFF'S SALE S.—By virtue of
osundry writs of Vend. nu, cliaected, I will ex
pose to public solo or outcry. on MONDAY, tho 13111 day
of APRIL, DM, at two o'clock, P. D., the following do
scribed property, to wit: .
— Those two 'certain vacant lots of
ground situate in the village of Mapleton, in the county
of Huntingdon, Stets of Dennsylyanio, being lots Nos.
25 and 27, bounded and described as follows, to wit: Lot
No. 25 fronting 60 and two-tenth feot out he public road
lending from the Ifare's Valley public road to the Jacks
town aqueduct, adjoining lot of Mary Roberts, N 0.23 on
the east and lot No: 27 on tho west, extending back in
depth along lot No. 23, 113 and five 'tenths foot to a It
foot alloy and extending along said alley 00 feet.
Also. vacant lot No. '27, bounded and described as fol
lows, to wit: Beginning nt a post on tho public rood
aforesaid; thence along a 16 foot alley towards the Donna
roilroad, 100 and nine-tenths feet ton 18 foot alley; thenco
along said' alley 60 feet to a post cornor of lot NO. 25 i
thence along said road north GO% degrees west CO and
tbroe-tentlm feet to Place of beginning. Seized, taken in
execution and to be sold ns the proporty of John 11. Ont.
Also, a tract of unseated land situate
in Union township, IlUntingdon county, containing 395
acres and 129 perches, more or lose. surveyed on n war
rant dated 18th March, 1791, in 11,0 name of Joseph Mor
rison, adjoining tracts in the names of Solomon Sell,
Margaret Sell, and - Abraham Morrison. '
Also, n trot of unseated land In Union and Penn town
ships In said county. surveyed on a warrant in the name
of Solomon Sell dated 18th March 1791, containing 420
acres and 104 porches more or lose adjoining tracts in
the names of Wm. Bartlett,Ann Morrison, Joseph Mor
rison, Margaret Sell and Mlord Dow and. -
Mso.n tract of unseated land in Uniott and Penn town
ships in said county, surveyed on a warrant In the name
of 51nrgarot Sell doted 18th March 1791, containing 305
neves and 128 perches more or lose, adjoining tracts in
the names of Solomon Sell, Js soph Morrison, Abraham
Morrison and John Sell.
Also; a tract of unseated land in Union township in
said crustily, surveyed on a warrant in the name of Mira.
ham Morrison dated 18th Minh 1794, containing 400
acres and 78 perches more or less, adjoining tracts In the
names of Joseph Morrison, Abrm. Sell, John Sell and
Margaret Sell.
Also, a tract of unseated land in Union townshiP in
said county, surveyed on a warrant In the name of Abra
ham Sell dated 18th March 179!, containing 400 acres
and 78 perches more or less, adjoining tracts In names of
Abrin. Morrison, Frederick Sell and John Sell.
" Also, a tract of unseated land in -Union township in
said county, surveyed on a warrant in the name of Fred
erick Sell dated 18th March 1790, containing 400 acres
and 78 perches more or less, and adjoining tracts In
names of Abraham Sell, Henry Sell and Andrew'Sell.
• Also, that part of a tract of stunted landltiCiiss 'town
ehip in said county, surveyed on a warrant dated 18th
March 1794 in the name of Henry Sell, adjoining trate In
names of Frodorick Soli, Samuel Morrison, Mary• Derrick
and residue of the tract containing 207 acres more or less.
Also, a part of a tract of unseated land In Casa town
ship In said county. sup/eyed on a warrant in the name
of Samuel Morrison dated 18th March 1794, adjoining
tracts of Hams Morrison. Samuel liartsock, Mary Bar.
rick and Henry-Soil, the part lolied on containing 137
acres more orless. ,
Ala°, a tract of unseated land In Cass township In said
county, survey( d on a Wal rant in the name of Samna'
Ilartsock dated 18th March 1794, adjoining tracts In
names of Samuel Morrison, Hugh Morrison, Elizabeth
Hartsock, Sarah Barrick and Mary Amick, containing
400 acres and 78 perches morn or loss. •
Also, a tract of unseated land in Cass township In said
cOunty,surveyed on a warrant In the nauteof Sarah Bar•
rick dated ISth March 1701, adjoining tracts in names of
Mary Bartlett, Samuel Hartsock, Elizabeth Hartsock. Pe.
ter Hariaock, Sarah Hartsock, ,and Jacob Barrick, con
taining 400 acres and 78 perches more or less.
Also, pat t of a tract of unseated land in Cass township.
county aforesaid, surveyed on a warrant in the man, of
Hugh Morrison:datod 18th March, 1704, adjoining lands
in names of John Conan, Esq.. Polly Chambers John
Freed, Elizabeth •Hartsock and Samuel Ilartsock, the
part lock,' tut containing 200 acres more or less.
Also, a tract of unseated land In Cass township in said
county, surveyed eon warrant in the name of Blizabeth
Hartsock, dated 18th March, 1794, adjoining tracts in
names of Samuel Ransack, Hugh Morrison, Join Freed,
Mar Hartsock and Sarah Barilek containing 400 antes
'dud 76 perches morn or less. • '
Also, a tract of unseated laud In. Cass township, in said
county,•eurveyett :cfri a oWarralit in the ,name of John
Freed, dated 18th March:l7o4, adjoining tracts In names
of Elizabeth Ilartsock,ll.luh Morrison, Polly.Cliambers,
Mary Freed, Isaac Hartsock and Peter Ilartsock, con
taining 400 acres and 78 perches, more or less.
Also, a tract of unacated land in Cass township, in said
township, in said county, surveyed on a warrant in the
namo of Peter Hartsock, dated Mb March. 1704, adjoining
tracts in names of Sarah Barrick, Elizabeth Hartsock,
John Freed, Isaac Hartsock and Sarah liartsock, contain:
lug 400 acres and 78 perches, mole ill. lass: -
Also, 190 acres of -unseated land In Cass township, In
sad county, being part of n tract surveyed on a warrant,
In name of Andrew Sell, dated 18th )Larch - 1791, ad.
joining tracts In names of John Sell, Frederleic Sell, llenry
Sell, Jane Sall and others, icoubliningl in the whole 393
acres and 105 percheis.
Also, 207 acres of unseated land in Cass township, in
said county, being part of a tract serve) ed on a warrant
in the name of Johd Fell, dated 18th March, 1794, adjoin.
log tracts in names of Margaret Sell, Abraham Morrison
Andrew Sell, Win. Shirley and others, containing in the
whets 414 acres and 47 perches.
Also, n tract of unseated lands in Cass and Penn town.
ships, in said county, surveyed on a warrant In the name
of Smith Hartsock, Jr., dated 18th March. 1794, adjoining
tracts in names of Sarah Ilartsock. Sr, lister Ilartsock,
Isaac Has [sock and others, containing 4:34 acres and 159
perches More or less. ,
Also, a tract of tinserited lands in Cass and Penn tens,.
ships, in said county, surveyed on a warrant In the nano
of Jacob Barrick, dated 18th Marcle,l79l, adjoining tracts
in names at Jane Sell, Mary Barrick, Sarah Barlett, Sarah
Hartsock and others, containing 405 acres and 113 per•
clue more or less.
. .
Also, n tract of unseated land in Cass and Penn town
ship, in said connlyontrayoil on a warrant in tho name
of tiarali Matlock, Sr., dated 18th March, 1794, adjoining
tractirin names of Jacob Itarrlck, Sarah Darriek, Peter
Haase*, Sarah 'ransack, Jr, Alex.. Huston, containing
406 antll3s perches morrer less.
Also, a tract of unseatOd land In Cass and Ponn town
ships, In sold county, summed on a warrant in the name
of Isaac Sell, dated 18th March, 1794, adjoining tracts in
namea of Andrew cell, ilenry.sett, Mary Barrlck, Jacob
Burtch and Joseph Norris, containing 402 acres and 81
ponchos more or less.
Also, n tract of unseated land in „Penn end Toil town
ship., in said county, surveyed on a warrant in the name
ofJoseph Miller, dated 1501 Marcia, 179.1, adjoining tracts
in names of George Prough, George Knobllcks, John Mc.
Knitt, John Cline and others, containing 420 acres and
143 perches morn or loss.
Also, 250 "acres of unseated land in Tod township in
said county, part of a tract, surveyed on warrant its the
name 'of Tompey Shaver. dated I.Bth Marchl794,adjoining
tiaCt° in the names of Julmnah Huston, Reason Davis,
Peter Shaver and .others containing in the whole 408
ncree and 105 perches.
Also. a tran of unseated land In Penn and Tod town.
ships In until county, surveyed on a warrant In the name
of Peter Shaver dated 18th March 1794, adjoining tracts
in names of Tompoy Shaver, George Prough and others,
containing 397 acres and 31 porches more or less.
Also, a tract of unseated land in Tod township in said
county. being 100 acres or thereabouts of a tract survey
ed In the name of Betsy Chambersi on a warrant dated
18ilt March 1794, adjoining tracts in names of Polly
Chatnbers, Sally Chamber°, Isaac Huston, and others,
containing in the whole 404 nem and 31 porches ; the
residua of the tract being owned by Treater.=
Aiso, - 100 , ,acres or thereabouts of-unseated land In Tod
toms:Map iii:said'acianty, part of tract surveyed on a
warrant in - Gle name of Sally Chambefidatedl;the 18th
Marph.l794, adjoining lands In names of Betsy Chambers,
Klncif Chambers, Samuel Chambers, Itobart• Chambers,
Jtsnies i Chansbers and John,Cluanbers, containing in - tito
' , whole 431 acCee and 9,5 perches; the residue `of - the'ti-act
being owned by Troxler.
Also, 87 nem or thereabouts ornuseafed land in Union
township in 'said 'county. part of it traci 4 snrreyed ou a
warrant in the name of lians Morrison dated the 18th of
March 1701, adjoining tracts In statuses of Frederick Soil,
Samna Mostison, Zechariah Darts" improrousiat and
Seized. taken to exeoution' and to be told as the prop
erty,ol John Savage.
Navies To Pune:num.—Bidders at Sheriff's Sales will
take notice that immediately upon the property being
knocked down, fifty per cent. of all bids under $lOO, and
twenty.five per cent. of all bids over that -sum, must bo
paid to the Sheriff, or the property k ill, be Out t Op again
and sold to calkr bidders who trill comply a ith the above
toles. ,
If court continues two weeks deed acknowledged on
lreduesday of second week.. One week' court, property
{pocked down on Afifuday . and deed ackikowledged on the
followhig Saturday.'
- • • . JA.S.r.-BATILURST, Sheriff.
&mares Omer:,
M, tiugdon, Mel,. 23, 1861. ,
For ths; benefleof those Proposing to undertake E
Electrical treatment for diseases we glye In the
following list a few of the MOM prominent awl
most common complaints met wills in env pm- L .
tieeAt , all'of uhtch,We ate most lureasful. IN ..,
Li PROPEPLYAPPLIST: -ffitose r therefeio, affiletediE
coplaints not here enumerated, need have
tio hesitation In applying,and whether only RELIEF,
OP a PERMANENT CURE COD be cheered, they will C
receive replies noon:Jingly. All COIIIIRMIJURTIOLIS
1 EpEepsy, Chorea, St. YituatDance, Paralysis
Nostalgia, II) aerie, Nervousness, Faipita! T
lion of the heart, Lock-Jaw, eta.
2 Sore Throat, Dyspepsia.Ditsrrhows, Dysentery,'
Obstinate Constipation, Hemorrhoid+ or 11
Piles, Bilious, Flatulent, and gainter's dolic,
awl all affections of the Liver and Spleen.
3 Catarrh, Cough, Influenza ' Asthma, (where I
not consul by ofgnpie disetise Of the heart,)
Bronchitis, Pleurisy, lthetunatism of the
Cheat, Consumption in the early stages.
4 Gravel, Dinbeto, end Nipuey Complaints. C,
5 Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, Stiff Neck,
Spinal Diseases, hip Diseases, Cancers, Tu-
more; (those last named always cured with- I
out pain, or cutting, or plasters in any form)
In a word, is e propose to cure all curable die. •
We tale no connection whatever with any T
sther:Electrical office its thilor any other malty.'
All letters address to .
19g. itTIAVITTER, M. D. • ly
• 3lrConnelistosirs, l'a.'
PHILADELPHIA, March Ist, 1853.
We beg to Inform yott that we aro prepared to (dint rot
your Impaction our wmal assortment of
consisting of Urn NEWEST SHAPES in Straw, Silk ainif
(limp lids, Bonnets At., Volyets,ik Goods, Ribbons,
Flowea, Beatbers,4itobes, Crapes, Blondes, Braids, ftr
natnetits, %c., c shall be happy to wait on you at
our storo, or receive you Wet's. Wired low for Cash.
rotirs, 4e,, 11. WARD.
m1118:1141 Not. 103, 105 h 107 N. 2d at., Pis Had
ONE:THIRD ) 100 lbs. of MOTU CO'S colored
Paints, (costing 5t24.) will paint as
touch as 2.50 pounds of Lod and Wear
longer. For purtiettlars address.
S. 80 WF.N_, Soe , y
150 N. 4th St..
J mhll-3W
I E O to cilNNlNcpmm 4 gAraTclil:
1 0 - !-
A chemical preparation of Lord, or Lard Oil, neutron',
slug its attraction for 08;osu,411 . 0 source of gem, &c..
sod imputing to It (by chemical' fAruusty).y ?roperty of
mheroby it Is retained, in larleattom,
row at least 25 to 50 per cent. lougoi than sperm on
By lint. $2.10; Cass, OR 200 GALLORS, $2.05 PER Q.Ap.oir
, .• ,
To provide against leakage, ate., and for the convent :
enceot mail consumers and retailers, tip.oll4ent tea,
in the required quantities, at an, mtrartco to CAW 11 1°.
cost of the can, and a remould:le ;stal prollt. 1
5 guile., BQII4NI cani - $l2 43—Case k 2-12 Dog. • $2l 8 4
3 " • 7 62 't 2,12 V•• 15
1 " " " t 2 74 es s l ' t 4k
1,1 " . " • 146- " 5, l V •.4 62 .
Cans credits, on return lu egttot; DAS6 ,6, md 4.77tk 1 / 4 1 7 "
retail dealers.
The 0(41,1 Rho put up, u q Euvi j us, Machine, ttrutArntor r
04), in 3 to 4 os., (white flint,) 2 conts.,ps,cked In ows
doz., , X. cud 3e. gross Cozen; In 801,50 sellitr:—P3skstial.
4 eud ti doz. elm:a in 24 oz,, sl.oo—pack4d In , 1
undo?. dim. C 1 1 ,318 ; 'sold by gewlngqifachine agents, ay
Class Drltsgists, Grococeand Country 31erchunts. 00,00(
received thOugh the trade. • •
TI 0 Winter &tanlgraopbe Oil is 33ct to, '
Oil In casks and kkla.e.ntject to roturnun4 credit tylth•
in 15 days, sample lots 30 days, utter date of dellsitry, if
not satisfactory. .
Mora by bbd, &c„ reed through Messrs. SMITII 400
Mattuteeturers' supplies, Market stceo•t D. 11‘11.LOCE'8
SONS, Wool, 42 south Front street, W. gicv.EN T s It co,
Machinists, and Die PHILADELPHIA MACDUA 41DiN t
CY, 6th and Minor streets, Philadelphia.
Branch Manufactory, 106allowhill $t
. .
0- Nv - mtm'
M. 9 . 02 ,OEIESTNIIT iTREE't,
IVlanufaotyiers - 00 ImpoTters
Or eyeiy description' of
bithe : ll9llloss of , : -
G olds Inithe . 1914, SilieitimOpii
yore remo - tod to ili,otr
Extending from Chestnut Street . to SitneMa &riot; afford
ing ample room and conienlent, nceeivortee, OAF Op.
portuuity for n proper diciplay,of gookand better means
for their oxamination.
With extensivenud favorable arraugainente ibis
Country and in Europe, we arnin a position to offer at
moderate NIXED prime "‘ • . . -
, • • ...
Watohes, -- Diarnonde, Ilreaze - &.Matiqle
Goods, Silver Wares, Jewelry,'
Porcelain, PlatedGoo4,"
iquelcaltioXes • ,
and every dvscriptlon of •i yi."
FAN - GY , ARTICLES, , ~- - i.
Strangers visiting the city t iro cordially (wiled to ors
amino our Now Store. .:, .'-' .V.). , -.' tetbiljOti,lyy.'
RICKEY; , sxgRP ca,
NO. 727 CHElBwttrr E1T,R14 . 11 1 , ;
lict ' ve,jl.4 opened, nnd . offet at
SPRING yAr:Errcas,? -
SPRING;ALP - 4.pAS; , 'ANI4:,
• 727 - ,Motnut z street,:
SPRING AND sulytropi WEAR,
READY-MAO cwrmik
1:04 MEN,AND-12101t8,
!faro removed to the 'Moro • Vomit on the corner 4 the
Diamond, eppoilte . Leekle Book Btotb,'#4efe be lettfitt
to keep consttnitlj , on' hand the lateet 'kyles of Raid,
medo Clothing an d , Piano goods, comprhsbm • " ",
Doing a practical workman of! minty years eipsrlatiii ,
Le is prepared to lost Wig critic Clothing for men 0.4
boys, and guarantee neat,'dwrablo
,ond Cashistiable
mapisidp. go is de4riginio to pleoaseirarytiody,:
.ta- Ali are Invited tir . bail - and 'examipe tpJ ne'y
a took of beautiful patterns before • purchaaitl eilawberp
123 M
PRESSED will tilwn,3i triumph! ovor alinplo 'ass
„l. :7, - - , 7, ~ , r
Thus it is that this canWnuelitysfyo tt4iti!iony
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Whilst ft is not his purpoith to deceive' the pahltilby
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