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Wednesday 'morning, April 1, 1868,
—To-morrow, Wednesday, is All
Fools day. Look out for "sells." -
—A. new stock of spectacles just re
ceived at Lewis' Book Store.
—Fresh Garden and
. Flower Seeds
for sale at Lewis' Book Store. tf.
—For tho greatest variety- of new
styles of Wall Paper, go to Lewis'
Book Store. AL
—ln demand : brick, lumber, money,
and a few men with capital to "squat"
a business to encourage consumers.
—We understand .that the Metho
dist congregation intend erecting a
chapel in West Huntingdon this year.
—April'eriurt will be a big affair.—
'We expect the town will be crowded
to oVerfinwing.' Our friends will find
us "at borne."
...:_Don't forget:the borough election
on Monday next. One Burgess, three
Councilmen, and a High Constable
will be to elect.
Juniata -county is to vote for or
against the removal of the county-seat
from Miffiintown to .Perryville, on the
13tLi'ddy of October next.
—Shad ju market,-but a little too
"fat" foe firintees and other poor peo
ple. A whole year's subscription for
one dinner! Just think of it.
—Happy is the man who in these
"flitting" days Vas a house of his own.
We advise the disconsolate ones to pe
ruse a local in another.column.
—The largest and most handsome
stock•of;new styles of Wall Paper ever
received in Huntingdon, for sale at
Lewis' Book Store. Call-and see.
—We heard a farmer say last week
that his cows were all dry, but he bad
plenty of butter. How's that ? Some
neighbor's spring house must suffer.
• Flitting is the order of the day
this week,.and a general cleaning and
fixing up lollow when the women
folks will be "at home"—with cold
dinners.' ' • - • ' -•••
- —The Johnstown school district has
11 schools, 12 teachers 488 male scho
lars, and 507 female scholars. Num
ber, of months taught, 4 ; teachers wa
ges $2,080. ,
—On s i S.aturday,. Mrs. Mary Long,
'widoW of Paul Long, died suddenly in
the house of (Tharlos Moore, near Hol
lidaysburg.- She etiuSed liar death by
the use of whiskey.
—Subscriptions to'the Globe will be
received at any time, through the mail
or otherwise.. Terms, $2.00 a year.—
Persons changing their place of resi
dence will please notify us.
—The revenue of Johnstown bor.
ough from March Ist, 1867, to Febru
ary 29th, 1868, inclusive, was $19,853-
38 ; expenditures for the same period
$19,407 14. The debt is $30,020.
--Persons who have not been in
West Huntingdon for several months
}would hardly knoW the place now if
they should "drop clown" some fine
day when th?:bgilders are in motion.
—Among a zioek — of sheep kept by
Jonathan S. Zook, of Union township,
Mifflin county, is'd - olte, which has had
six lambs wichia orayeat',five of which
were raised. • The Swung wore black.
—The largest „speck, and largest
nugiberlifl.Vew aOd_lieituitiipl.stfiles of
Wall Papei...eier received ._ . in Hunting
don can be'ibpir at Lewis' Took Store.
All in want of ,Veall Paper and Win
dow,SinAes oo'ainid =examine
his stificlii 1 '
21 iny-person._..e.le.Led to •.th& office
of Jtraticel'of the:Pace, Should-remem
ber .that ; jaccopp,said
office; iiq innstgite,Acitip6Ahereof, in
writln Cho Protionoiliry;•witbin
thiifty daye -aft4ihe election,
terlitisli :of the...laboring :men:
„hoines:. for :ttiOnAlello's, 6e ai-e sor
ry tliat" but - Merl or 6 . 6. - 0-thp db 'nat . pro
mo to.progress g by. ng; n u •
fa etilres aiid 3 'fill'Ordi heaps Oil sup
port to men . of industry. Let 'bur
business inert thrilk of,this. _
-tA:n indignation meeting was held
in 3olinstown •on Thuritlay • evening
agaigsta, bill yhiCh_ . :wits before . the
Legislature: fOr its object the
relieying of ,railroad
_companies and
common-earriers,•oPliallilities for por
sonallujurles.illitit maybe sustained
by passengers or others, by the 'neg
lect or carelessness of all railroad com
panies or their •agents.!'
—James .4....1), 9 y!e of Shirleysbarg,
had liis dislocated at the
Blioulder on. the-12th The scaf
folding on which he was working gave
way, preCipitating him_ about eighteen
feet. In his fall-he caught a lath,
which threw his shoulder out'of place
The dislocation wag reduced in about
twenty minutes after it happened, and
he is now doing well.—herald. •
—There is a stage driver in Piko
county, Penna:, named David Starner,
whel has driven stage for the' last forty
yearb, averaging 30 miles per day. De
ducting the Sundays from forty years,
leaves 12,520 working days, which at
80 wiles a day makes a total of 375,000,
equivalent to fifteen times the distance
round the world,
_and 600 Miles over.
ge is now sixty years of age, and is
halo and hearty.
A Neglected Duty.
There is nothing more ungenerous,
unkind, or mean, than the indisposi-'
tion so frequently manifested by iMr
sons in good circumstances, to pay
their email bills to tradesmen and oth
ers. If these people could, for a mo
ment, be made to . realize the amount
ofsuffering' frequently eaused by their
licailless conduct, in times such as
those through which we are now pas -
ing, there would bo fewer instances of
it. if,this paragraph meets the eye of
any who owes small amounts to work
ing mer or women, and has the means
to pay them, the hope is indulged that
he or she will make it a point of con
science not to sleep until his or.'her
duty in this particular is discharged.
By the authority vested in us as
monarchs of our Sanctum, we hereby
impeach all persons who fail to pur
chase then• goods at the Mammoth
Store of floury & Co., out of their new
,and well selected stock purchased at
the late decline. -
A Good Local for Huntingdon.
We find the following - in an ex
change. It is just to the point for
renters-in this place. Read it ranters
and paste the article in your hat
where you will see it often ; and ifyou
are an industrious man buy a lot and
commence to help yourself and fami
ly :
not:mead if yeu agrbe to; but bad poi:
icy to agree to do so.
Any man who is able to pay rent,
can build a house. This will strike
you as a bold proposition and hard to
behove, but lot us reason together. It
is hardly our interest to discourage
renting houses,_ but-we will waive, In
tel-eat and go for principal.
First, you say you have no lot.—
Lease ono then; or buy on lot time.—
You have no lumber or material. You
are paying one hundred or two hun
dred dollars for rent. When you pay
it, it is gone, and at, the and-of two or
three years you have paid out enough
to build a house and are still a renter.
All you need is to anticipate these
payments—say for a year, borrow out
of a bank or otherwise, and give_ your
rising buildingits - seenrity for enough
to buy the lumber; put a- frame for
three or four rooms; plaster one in
the fall, and instead of paying month
ly rents, finish the rooms one by ono,
as you are able, add in two or three
years you can have a home paid for,
and you can begin to pay for your
leased lot and own it yourself.
You aro afraid of mortgages, you
say. Why they are the poor man's
friend. They are in . the
wreck for - the man in debt. They
build all our railroads and great inter
nal improvements. They are harm.
you: underiCarid theM and are
good financier: They are foreclosed
sometimes, but then you have a year
to redeena - . not _generally
be' foreclosed if you pay the interest
promptly, Which' you can do easier
than to,pay the rent. If you,are sharp,
you can play with them like Driesbach
with' the lions , andthey won't bite.—
Moreover, robbing Peter to pay Paul
is bot , kobbery, if;Pettir is willing,' and
will lend you the money on a new
mortgage to pay the old- one ; and
there are always Petal's Who' liye by
doing this kind 'of busines.
The prOcess of knocking 'an 'old
mortgage on the head whenever it
grows ugly - and threatens violence, is
a familiar one 10' all good financiers.
Use your wits. Work with your
head, and you will - not have to work
so much with your bands:
The Holiest men in the world aro
those who commencea on nothing,and
have lilted themselves up by the straps
of their boots.
But, here a nice young man answers
that his richer associates and friends
will snub him if he lives that style.
Here is the great error of youn. , men.
They wish to commence life in as elegant
style -asl.their fathers lived in; after.- a
quarter of a century's hard work. It is
the great error of the age—the prolific
source of celibacy and bachelorhood,
and operates as a fraud upon good
looking girls, who are cheated* out 'of
husbands by such foolishness.
Respect yourself—act independent
ly—take a longer look at things—snub
the snubbers and make then sick of
it—and in five years you wilt be bow
ed to and Courted by the same men.—
The good will of such men is purchas
ed at too dear a price: It is not worth
You are a coward. You aro
lin, to sell your home and your inde
pendence for such weak and unmanly
.sentimentalism. Dare to follow your
own line of policy if it, is honest and
for your interest to do so—and not al
low weak and snobbish pride to con
sign you to hard labor for life- as-the
tenant an vassal of - your Hindi - or - it" -
By following this advice the thous
ands of dollars you-will give away for
rent in ten - years having nothing , to
show for, will give you, a home of com
fort and . elegance, with a wife-and
family,And all the influenco of pour
respected citizen." - "This is the way,
walk ye in it." It lead's to iadepen
donee, respectability and honor.
: • ' • -
11711 a Pays PA. the - s,tann.
This -is a queStion - which comes up
befOre the parties 'concerned in' nearly
every transfer of the title to real estate,
but many esdape - difft,culty by stipula
ting in the conditian of sale whether
the buyer or seller shall pay the stamp
duty. The Village Pecord, of West
Chester, has been • prompted by a cor
respondent to look the matter up, and
after consulting a lawyer and two:real
estate agents, it has given their opin
ions. The lawyer says that the seller
pays for the stamps unless there is an
agreement to the contrary. One of the
conveyancers consulted says : "The
universal practice is that the purchaser
pays for the deed. , The seller furnish
es the stamps unless there is a special
agreement to the contrary." The oth
er conveyancer gives the following defi
nition of the law and the practice_:
nine cases oat of - ten -the purchaser
pays for the stamps—that is the prac
tice; but the praCtice is not the law.—
The practice in Chester county has
been that the purchaser pays for the
deed, but after the stamp latir was
enacted, the deed Iv virtue of the cost
of stamps became a matter of conse
quence; litigations arose, and the Su
preme;-Court decided that •the seller
was bound to make a deed, and as a
deed without stamps was worthless,
theseller was bound to furnish them."
Early Tantatoos.
.To have tomatoes early plant a few
seeds any tune this mouth in - therpots
in : which the plants are growing in the
kitchen window. They will soon ger
nein-ate and grow very rapidly,' and
when the piants are two inches high,
set one of each. in boxes three inches
square, or very small flower pots, and
give them the same attention the house
plants get . As soon as all danger from
frost is over, transfer the tomato plants,
which will now be budded and perbiips
covered with miniature fruit, to the
south side of a high fence or sunny side
of a building, into not over rich soil,
and you will have ripe tomatoes on the
4th of ,fuly. and you don't miss of it,
and if past experience and a favorable
season are worth anything.
gra. Dr. Witmor, of Philadelphia,
will be at the Franklin House, Hunt
ingdon., Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesday, the 1301,14 th and 15th
(Court week,) to consult with the sick
and afflicted of all diseases, and furn
ish medicines for their cure without
fail. seo advertisement in another
Arrested by Illonnsof the
. .
Yesterday morning telegram• was
received at the Mayor's office directed
to the chief of police of Harrisburg,
stating that an Irish woman had, got
on the ear's at Tyrone bound for New
York or Philadelphia, and after giving
an accurate description of the woman,
the sender, Mr. W. M. lines, reques
ted her to be arrested at the station
for theft and ward to be sent back to
Milesburg, Centre county. At noon
officer Cline wont.down to the depot
and jumping on the train from the
West very readily discovered the wo.
"Where- aro you from, Madam ?"
said ho:
"From Williamsport, sir," she re 7
"I guess you are mistaken ; you got
on this train at Tyrone, and arezoing
to Philadelpliiailkith something' that
don't belong to you. I want you to go
along with me.'
The woman 'picked up her carpet
bag, a very large plethoric: one, and
followed the officer to the Mayor's
office. She answered the description
exactly, so without more ado the con
tents of her carpet bag wore examined
and revealed two fine black silk dres
ses, one handsomely trimmed poplin
dress and a large blanket shawl.—
When the articles were produced the
woman, who gave her :name as Anna
Kelley, confessed that'she had taken
then from the. house of:Mr. Gregg, in
Milesburg, with,Whose family she had
been living for &Sine time past. After
stating that she bad no other stolen
articles in her possession, the Mayor
committed - her to await the
action.of the authorities in Milesburg,
to whom His Hondi immediately tele
graphed the fact of the woman's arrest
and commitment:--State Guard, l7lclt.
Meeting of the Bar
A meeting of the members of the
Huntingdon County Bar, was held at
the office of J. G. Miles, Esq., on Fri
day, the 27th of . March, at 2 o'clock,
P. M., to pay the usual marks of re
spect to the memory of Jonii
Esq., their late fellow member, who
died at the residence of his son near
Huntingdon, on: Thursday morning,
the 26th inst.
On motion, J. G. Miles, Esq , was
elected President; and John M. Bailey,
Secretary - of the meeting.
John Scott, Esq, offered the follow
ing resolutions as expressive of the
feelings of the meeting, which were
unanimously adopted.
WHEarAs i God in his wise Providence
having culled from our midst, John
BEA Ail "aged' and hollered membby of
the Bar, we his surviving associates
hay° met together to pay a tribute to
his memory and express our feelings
at this sad event, and in expression of
them do
Resolve, That our departed brother
in the legal profession has left behind
him the savour of an upright life, hav
ing in his relations as a public officer,
and as a member of the Bar always
manifested the highest integrity and
discharged every duty with ability and
the strictest fidelity, and in his life as
citizen exemplified the doctrines of
the religion he professed. He was a
good man and his memory will be cher
Resolved,' That we will attend his fu
neral and wear the customary badge
of mourning. .. -
Besolved„That*a..-copy -of these reso
lutiOns be - furnished his familY: and
pdblished in the county papers,
t The April number of the Phren
ological Journal' is -Fresh, Racy, Vigor
one. Among the Portraits and Char
acters lire, Adelina Patti ; Isaac Jen
nings, AI: D. ; Allen. A. Griffith, the
Western—Elocutionist; Charles I. of
Englan'd ; - King : and Queen of Greece;
Boys. Raphall, S. M. Isaacs, Isaac
Loeser, A. De - Sola, Dr. Adler, Dr.-I - 11-
°lu, and six other prominent Jewish
DivineS; Articles and Sketches on
Pharitasamagoria—Association of Ideas
in Memory; Who shall be Chief? or,
Mrs. .E. 0. Smith on "The Family ;"
The Pipe and its Story; Inordinate
Affection, by Rev. G. J. Geer, D. D.;
Dissipation—bisease ; Our Congress.
men, etc. Price, only 30 cents a num
ber, or $3 a year. Address S R. Wells,
339 Broadway, New York.
Simple Remedy for Burns.
Nothing on the face of the earth
equals cool water as a remedy for
burns. No application with which we
are acquainted gives such immediate
relief. The burned portion of the
body should be soaked for a number
of hours in the fluid We have known
persons whose bands have been severe
ly burned, to place them in a basin of
water at the side of the bed, and go to
sleep, allowing: the- hands- to remain
- therein all night.. In the thinning they
were entirely cured. Our experience
with other agents, as turpentine, oils,
and poultices, have Always been .un
_satisfactory—the remedies only serv
ing to increase the pain.
How to Cook Shad
The freSh stied season is near at
hand; in order that our lady readers
may be enabled to do ample justice to
this excellent fish, wo publish the fol
lo7ing method of boiling their finny
victims:—Clean the shad, wash and
wipe it, flour it well, wrap it in a
cloth and place it in a largo vessel of
boiling water with a great deal of salt.
It will require about twenty minutes
to cook it. Servo it'up with egg sauce
or rich drawn butter. This most ex
cellent fish is said to be very palatable
when dressed in the manner stated. •
Blank Legal Papers
A large assortment of blank. legal
papers, consisting of deeds, mortgages,
bonds, leases, justice blanks, judgment
exemption,and promissory notes,drafts,
&c., can be found at Lewis' cheap book
store, and will be sold in quantities to
suit purchasers. _ United States reve
nue stamps of all denominations for use
on the various legal blanks can be ob
tained at the same place. Lf.
Its Good Effects aro Permanent
In this it differs from all hair dyes.
By its use luxuriant growth is guaran
teed, natural color and gloss aro re
stored. One trial will cause you to
say this of Mrs. S, A. Allen's Improv
ed (new style) Hair nostorar or Dress
ing, (in one bottle.) Every Druggist
sells it. price One Dollar. Im.
For plain, fancy and ornamen
laT printing, call 8t tho 'cGlobe" MIRO.
West Ward Meeting
The Republican voters of the • West
Ward aro requested to meet :at Let
terman's Hotel this I Titeadas]
at o'clock; for - the purpose of select
ing as matiy,of the - candidates as. the
Ward, may be entitled I.o —. at: the ap
proaching Borough tleetion.' A gen
eral attendance is earnestly requested.
Woll•Poper, eto
We would call attention to the as
sortment of Wall Paper, Borders % Fire
board :papers, Window Shades and
fixtures, at Blain' Book Store on Rail
.Road. Street. The best selections of
New York and Philadelphia:makes:—
Call and examine before buying else
Speer's Wines
Aro tho pure juice of the grape, and are
unexcelled by any'nativo vintage. They con
tain valuable medicinal• properties, and are
of intrinsic worth to the invalid and the con
valescent,strengthening the weak, and restor
ing the system to tone-and vigor. Sickly per
sons-and females should try them.
Tar risks:es shy MISIILEWS HERB BITTERS mite's
so many different diseases, is because it is the beg reme
dy for a deranged stomach, or Dyspepsia, now kuunn,
and because it inn igorates the edit° system, strength
ens the nervous fibres, donates the standard of nll the
stint forces, and students anted, healthful tone of Die on
the human organism. Medicine that will do this, loth
cure any dtbeinse, for the simple reason, that'nature In ill
do the rest.
Wo gum autee, that no woman or child, honorer palo
or emaciated, can use these Bitthre regularly for twenty
one (Myer, without the return. of tho rosy cheeks and fair
complexion ohm actoristie of good health.
Sold by all Druggists and Dealers.
• DR. S. D. HARTMAN ti CO., Pusprieters, Tian %MR,
Pa., end CUICAGO, humus. inhlB-1m
TAltltii with the utmost sums'', by J.
IbAACS,.,II. D.. °enlist and A oast, (formerly of Leyden,
liollowd) N... 505 ARCH su eet. Phil Adelpitia. Testimoni
als It om the most reliable the' city and c
ry can I, t, Aeon at his office. The medical faculty are in
cited to accompany their patients, as lie
_has no secrets
to lon p actice. Artificial 13.)es Wanted Without
tio elthrgn for examination. ,
3/t. Morita - Lodge, No. 300, A. Y N., moots second
Monday evening of coop mouth, in Mon a's
Standing Stone 11. It. A. Chapter, NS. 201, 'nests the Tuet,day evening of each month, in limn n's
Standtng Stone Lodge, No 17, I. 0. 0. P., mow ovei y
Friday ovenidg, in Leister's
Standing Stone Lodge, No K. I. 0. C. T., meets every
Tue, evening in Court House Hall.
...11rapahoe Trak, No. OS, I. 0. of le. M., meets every
Thai sday evening. third floor, Leit.ter's
lining lien's Christian A.wwiation wets the firat and
third 31onday °A ening,i each month, in Bruwn's
Town Cofineit meets Um first Friday evonhig of each
month. . .
At the M. E. Parsonage, on the 27th
instant, by Rev. R. E. Wilson, Mr.' W.
11. LIMITNEIL„OfJneILGOII township, and
Miss SOPLIIA JOHNSTON, Of West twp.,
all of Huntingdon county, Pcnn'a.
March 12th by Rev. John W.
Plannett, Mr. E. Wr: Yocitm to Miss
MARTHA WIIITE, both• of Raystown
Branch, Huntingdon county, Penn'a.
- - - -
Near Alexandria, this dounly,,Meti.
24th, Ltzmv,, dhughter of David G.
Neff,"aged 4 years, days.
On the 28th of March, near McCon
nellstown, this county Mr. A.-B. SAN
GREE, aged 69 'years, 1 month, 2 days.
The deceased was ono of our best
citizens. Though modest and unosten
tatious, he was exceedingly well hi.
formed, and his conversational powers
and generous hospitality always made
his home a welcome and pleasant place
for his friends. His last illness was
short and though his death was unex
pected ho was prepared and died in
the calm and confident hope of a bles
sed immortality. • 73.
Top Flour market is imalptately e, nt nu mlyitoce.
- Supeilinoylour at $T,75 (i_O 6.2; et.tru at ja.75; tutors
{Veatet n eat, a family $1001.1.50; Penney It mita in sin
$l2, nod fancy In nada $12,7,)Dr5,00 licroi ding to quality.
Ityo fluor $8,f.,0(1411. .
11 best In fair.tletnatel Choice red at 52,7002,7 7i
tsltite's3,oe.s3,2'l. • IlyS at itl, , l3ol,Srs. Corn I, L 8 0 1,19
Oats at etic. Barley malt at $2,05.
Cloverseed $7,50g7,73 /weal dim; to qu.tlit3; Timothy at
$1,50@,00; lav,ectl $2.00(03.00 pet
frt'Slit:Ralf, Match 28 —Noun—The market is fictive.
Ico quoit. ',ilea of NO mg shoat Mar, at $10,50@11,25,
v, inter Flour at Zil2,lloa if: 50 fancy at tI 4E615,00.
11 heat. s' inter, $2,50@2,55 and for white, v 2.304.2,65
Coln from first hands at $l,OO. Ityc. 81,80 pet 11010. Oat'
72@75e; Bailey 2.25@,5.3,80. Potatoes. Teach Blow 3,50 Lb!
hams I.Be, Lard lb; 'Sutter 500.55 c lb; Eggs 25 duo.
NER Tom; March 24.—G01d cloied pl 31 ; 89.
WHOLF:i kr F. PRICE . .
Supel finalour, 09 :r) rgg,s "0
Extut L. lour, old 10,y2. Fe-glans - 0 14
Puffy Flour • - • 11,9 UllocaTed • .1.2;25
Rod IV ..... ...... 2,20 Hops 'C 3 ib '0
White Wheat 220 iluub smokeil
Apple Butter V g0110n...1,25 !My V tau
Burk per cord UeU Lard '
. ...
Mule) 1.00 Largo Onions yl bus ,75
Buttei ......... ......,... 35 to 4015115 ed Chop 0 ,25
Boehm heat I,ooloats 60
Buckm heat Meal 'll Co 3.1,00 t'ota toes 11 Otis bb to 1,00
Bran 11 cwt I 'sll'lai,ter per ton... 10,05
Brooms fidoe 3,040, - 0 Rags ? 10 4
lleesbax 11 1b 1 '0113 . 0 1,30
Beans 1 1 1 bus 350 the Chonll cwt 0 ,50
Chickens "5. It), Straw 11 bundle. 10
Country Soap 3 'Shortali cut 1,50
Corn 0 1,00 Shoulder 12
Cola Meal 1 1 cwt..... ...... 2,20 . Sides 15
(hied Apples Vbu ...... —2,00 Callow 10 ® 12
DI and Charms 'll timut....l2 Timothy a 00
Dried Peaches qt lb li Turkeys se lb 10
Deed Beef "0 Woore lb 40
lle,f Ib 9 Pork Vlb
Broad Top Cool 7 rt ton ...$2,50 I tlard tlcal V t0n.... ...... $7,00
Green Apples V bus $1,50 Pig Metal V ton , ;37,®50
CI OVel aced ill tollbs. $7 to tiioo burnber t 0 1000 ft....512®30
uKt Wbut GO Shingles, Laps,ll do.slo®l3
Walnutt I.! but 50 .• Joint, n' ;4S
Stock Hogs 3@o cts.ll lbiCherse 15®20 eta. Vlb
Cot 00 Tut UNITED STATES, Fon Tiny
WEsTAnzi Monier or VAN:CA. -
WHITTAKER, Banks opt, Western Diettict of Pcnn•
THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE: That on the 9.Zith day
of February, 1505. a Warrant of Bankruptcy was issued
out of the District Court of the United iitktos
,for the
Wedeln Dtstria of Pennsylvania. against the 'estate of
WILLIAM A. WHITTAKER, of 11notingdon,in the coun
ty of Huntingdon,
in said District, Tito has been ad
judged a Bashi upt on h , is own petition That the pay -
went of atty debts Rlld the tlcliTery of soy ptopot ty be
longing to said Bankrupt, to him, or for his use, and the
tiatiafer of any property .by Lim, ale finbiddeu by law;
and that a locating of the ei editors of said Raulti opt. to
plot e their debts, and to choose oue ur More Assignees
of low estate, 'will ho held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be
holden in the Court Feline iu Ilamtmgdon, before JOHN
BROTHER LINE, ICoq.,'ltegister (00 field digit let, on the
10ru DAT or APRIL, A. 1). 1503, at 10 o'clock, a, in.
THOS. A. ROWLEY, U. S Marshal,
nth.ll.-40 By S. THOS. ELDER, Deputy
We bog to Morro you that we aro prepared to offer for
your luspectfuu our usual assortment of
conslsting, of the _NEWEST SRAIT.3 in Straw, Silk and
Gin3l, Hats, Bonnets, Lc„ Velvets, Silk Goods, Ribbons,
Flowers, Featheie, Ruches, Crapes, Blondes, Bralds,..or
mimeuts, Lc., La. We shall bo happy to wait on you nt
our store, er receive your orders. Fricos low for Csah.
• Youro,',o., H. WARD,
;qrs. 103, 105 S 107 N.2d at j PhitaJ
hereby given, to all persons interested, that the fol
owing named personslmvo settled-their accounts in the
Register's Nice, at Huntingdon, and that the said fic - connts
will be presented for confirmation and allowance at sn
Orphans' Court, to be held at Huntingdon. in and for the
county of Huntingdon, on Monday, the 13th day of
APRIL next, (1868,) to wit :
1 Administration account of. Johlt P. Webb and Dan.
id Decker, administrators of James Webb, late of Walker
township, deceased.
2 Administration account of Alexander Armitage, ad
ministrator of-Caleb Armitage, Slate of Henderson town
ship. deceased. , - '
3 Final admluintratiair anedisiriblition account of Da
vid F. Tnssey, executor of the last will and testament of
John Viper, deceased.
. .
4 Administration account of B. R. Foust, administrator
of Alexander Harris, late of :Lit ley township, deceased.
5 AdminfAratien account of dunes McElwee, admin
istratm of Thomas McElwee, late_ of Cromwell township,
6 'The first and partial acc9unt of EphrAint Itvlor, ad
ministrator of John ...Eyler, lute of Clay township, deed.
7 Administintion account of ,George Leas, administra•
for of Elizabeth Bryan, Into of Shirley township, deo'd.
8 Account of Andrew G. Nett executor of Iho last will
and testament of John Grove, ato of Penn twp , deceased.
9 Admin6trittion account of B. It. Foust, exocutor of
Peter nipple, late of Shirley twp.. deceased.
10 Administration account of Robert Cummins, execu
tor of Satoh A. MLCoole, late of Donee township, decd.
11 Final ndministiation account of David Black ad
m inisti ator of Arutstt oug Willoughby, lute et the hose.
of Huntingdon, deceased.
12 Administration account of Henry Shutt z and John
A. Shutt; executors of David Shull; late of Hopewell
township, deceased.
13 Administration account of Samuel Bowman, admin.
ist eater of Margaret Sorer, Into - of Shirley, deceased.
14 Adminiattation accotint of Lowls Stever, adMinis 4a
for of Caleb Greenland, late of Cass township. deceased.
lti The (Mid adminlsttation nod dishibution account
of Henry Brewster, acting executer of the last will and
testament of John Blewstm . , Into of Shirley township :
10 Administration amount of Wm. Hutchison, executor
of Kroh Mold Hutchison, tato of , Wariloismark township,
deceased. ' ' • •
17 Tito trust acconneof Wm. Speck: trusted appointed
to sell the seal estate of Rolm t McCall, lato of Penn
township, deceased.
IS The second and final account of Samuel M. Cox and
Daniel Deck, executors of tho last will and ttattunent of
lotus Beck, late of Wart iorsinark township, deceased.
lb Final account of ff. G. Fislier,guttillfan of Currauce
SNioope;mlnor child' of Caleb Swoope, deceased.
20 (3 .I(li:instill, account of Samuel Wigton guardian
of Susan A. Mullein, minor child of Jacob S. Matteis,
late of Franklin township, deceased.
J. r: . SMUCKER,
Register's Office, Register. -
Ilunt.. Mar. 10, '61 . 1 • • •
"VOTICE is hereby given to all per
eons interested that the follow ins Inventories of
the goods and Chattels Oct to widens, under the proo fs.
ions of tin!, act of 14th of 1651, liavo been filed id
the °nice of the Clerk of the Otpliatis' Court of Hunting.
don county and will be presented for "approval by the
Corot" on Wednesday the 11th of APRIL, ((SOSO t
I nventuly and apraisement of the goods and chalks
IN Wall store of John Garner, Sr., late of Penn township,
dee'd , talsed by his.wldow, Mary Cartier. •
Inventory add appraisemont of the goods 'and ()battles
which w ere of Abraham Wright, lute of Union twp , deed
token by his widow, Centel ine Wright.
Inventory and appraisement of tke goods and chattles
which were of Ablations Collins, Into of Clay twp., deed.,
taken by his widow, Rebecca J. Corbin.
Inventory and appraisement of the goods and cbnttles
lildch wetc pf Samuel 11. Bell, late of Shirley twp., deed.,
token by his widow, Sarah Bell.
Inventory and appraisement of the goods and chatlies
which uric of Robert Love, late of Tell township, deed.,
taken by his widow, Jaoo Love.
lirveutory rind r appialitimera of tho'gonds and chattles
'which wore of Jai. IlleCiiteken, lots of nomfOrson - WI);
deed., taken by his or Won, Harriet McCracken.
Cloth: Orphans' Court.
Huntingdon, March Ifi, 1803.
_L .-
. . ,
' •
Wm. W. Paul & Co. no B. P. Baker, of al.
D. F. On our, vo Riegel tfc Meter.
the. It. Cm hitt so hoary Stromlo .4 Co.
W. W. & D 0 Entriken, f u no Michael Stone.
Santo - .is ' ' Santo.
Or. P. Shoenborget's exri; vs Wilson & Lorenz.
W. W. & 1) C Bun Ikon, I n vs Michael Stone et al.
deeeph It. Wilson Vs John W. Scott.
John McCahan's oxen. v. A. P. Wilson.
Solomon S. Ta), ler va The School district of Car
bon township.
James Sutherland vs Same.
Milian, nankin vs Same.
Samuel Tooter vs Sarno.
Bate t E. Thompson no Sarno.
IV ilham If. Smiley Id Sante.
Thomas Bat ds a Some.
Jots ph Thome° _ vs Some,
- - •
Deihl Blair AV, E. NfeThirtrie. coin. of
1!. Miller.
Cleorgo NOS 3 - '-vs Win. Schollenhorgor.
Junco Long and wife on E. Hyler et al.
David M. Jones vs The school di- hiet of Csr
bon tom nsbip.
A,.1 Moos Same.
Washington Corbin TS -
Jacob McCall rs 8111110.
Calllll T01A.1.3 Ns , Same.
John W. llm klelond vs Sams
John F. Ileum vs David Blair.
;John W. Matters vs Andrew S. Ilarrison.
Gem ge C. Hamilton vs Oath! Valise. "
Rob. t Lots I.s. Wm Owens et al.
P. M. Lytle vs John W. Midterm
Wm. A. Orbison to Thomas Tin hey and wife
V.l John McEhsee
vs A. L. G.A.
111 ittinlh II
Cl. VP. W. Sun
31m y Buoy vs .1. K. McCalian.
Thrones Tot ley & Wiro V i McGrath A Piper.
Wll6on A felt ken vs Simon Cohn, et nl.
Alex. Port vs A. S. Hat tiaon et al.
Jacob Doman vs James Entriken, et al.
John Bell, et al vs John Morgan, et nl.
Chribtion Wcaver vs II S. It T M 11 11 A Coal Co
John II Benfotd for uso vs David Blair.
C 30114 W. Benionderfer vs The bar. of Huntingdon.
Martin Cate'; whither vs Jathes Morrow.
Westly M. Alter; vs The Brood Top Oil Co.
John 11 Shenefelt vs Win. Wilson.
Wm M. Woigley vs 301111 W. Matters.
John McComb, ti wilco, vs A. H. Bauman.
James Poi t for 1140 vs.-A, S. Harrison.
Wm. alnlb. to Philip" Spahn.
J. B. SI M PSON, Prothonotary.
. Prothonotary s OflieJ, Meh.lB, 1009.
The following pet se. have filed in the office of
the Cletk of the Coin t of Qum ter .`ie.5:40118 of Huntingdon
rndy, their petitions for licenses to keep Inns or Tay
erns in said enmity and which \ yin lie - presented to tho
Judge of said Court on lino second of APlllft
for allot. ance :
Chandsci lain, Alexandria.
N,,, tin )tears, Barnet.
:John L Bun ~s,
;10.1111 Peck, Bread Top city. '
Philip Pheasant. Cassville.
William G. Holly. Coalmont.
Williain Ryan, Dudley.
Jesse 1., Marsh, Green Tree..
A. M. Aull/, Iluntingdoo.
Tate St 11nd:brand, "
II envy Liester, lc
George Thomas, I,
William Long
Jellies Fleming,
Augustus Lettermen;'
John S. Weston, slapleton.
Jelin Dean,
:Ink% flllbaugh, Matklesburg.
Joseph Liunmay,
Tllolllfle McDm vey, Mill Creek.
Wtn, ttorr,
S. Ilryson Shaver, Mount Union.
D. G. Pullman, "
Jaen), F McAlavey's Fort.
Jackson Mall; MeConrellstown. ' .
Washington Lang,
George W 1h igga , Nessvillo.
Abraham Carothers, Orbisonla.
1..5 Tl,entlsson. •,
Lewis Helfright. Potethburg., •
Ablaliani Griffins, ' 6 -
Jabot, Hallman, Saulsintrg.
CV,:,. McGon an. Shade Gap.
Aults, Shirleysburg.
It. F. Haslett, Spruce Creek. ,
:1111111e1Steffey, Stevensville. •t
Win J. Long, Warm Sp: lugs.
James Chamberlain ' Warriorstrunk.
Leopold Bloom, Waterstrcet.
Wes. Bell Wilsontown.
. • To sell by - the - spina.:
A. & J; .1. GleaSocr Barnet;
• - - EATING MUSE. "
Amon Houck, Broad Top City.
JalllCB B. Denis, Dudley.
John Free, Huntingdon._ _
A. - V. Wottbrook;
Henry A irk% "
joint' G. Wherley; . -
W. B. Sprang, Markkelairg.
Jelin 0. Douse, Mount Union.
Anton Richter. Oneida. ton midi,.
Thom - aultringinger, retertburg.
John Blchardson, Spruce Creek.
Hun tingdon, Melt. 25, 1868.
(0 il4ilN - sCO.
Coiriisting chiefly of
3,000 S.A.MYJDMES,
All styles,
• All isftee,'pew and von',
5:06o Trout anti' tbber'Bilitkels,•culd Ilorse . akerg,
PASTS, sumrs , DRAWERS, sc.,
Also is largo lot of pains, Lead Lines, Buggy Ambulone o
and Cart 'farness. Double Trace, Lead liars, Vortabl o
Forges,.&c., lee. Wheel Team Hat nose; little worn, all
oak tanned leather, serviceable, cleaned and oiled, $5 per
horse, including Bridlo Lead, do $4, Ambulance or Stage
Hotness, with superior loather Tinges, perfectly suited for
faces or general team work, double sets complete $25 to
$3O; Bridles $l, Collars $1 to $2, oxtra' hair-fined artillery
case, do $2.50 and $3, Double Belts $1.75 to $2.25, Hollers
$5 to $l2 per dozen, New Officers, sfeClellan's Saddles
510 do, .trith plated Bit Bridle, $lO, Brass Mounted Sad•
dies, g00d.... now $O, with Brittle, $ll, Boys Saddles $6,
Wagon Covers, superior, 10 and 12 oz., Cotton Duck $6 to
$l2. 1000 Hospital Toists, now and good as now, 12 on.
Duck. 14 feet square, $25 to $5O, with poles and pins
colonlete...Wall Tents $l6 to $2O, Wedge do. $5 to $O,
Shelter Tents Tor, flay (kips $BO $5O per:100. •
Grain Bags, 12 oz. Dtick, 2 to 3 Bushel' $6 to $lO per
dozen, also foil assortment of Seamless Bogs.
Small order by express C. 0. D.
Liberal deductions to Wholesale Denham
70. '31.1b1r..1"- - 1. ciro Cica.,
(Formerly on Front etroot, now)
71 North Second Street, just below Arch St.,
91130, 5, PAM:T. PLACE!, 11. Y.
DLecrirtivo price Jiat sent on appll tion. (n11118,3m
OHERIFF ' S SALE S.—By Virtue of
iosundry writs of Vend. ma (Mooted, I will ex
pose to public sale or outcry, on MONDAY, Ilia 13th day
of APRIL, 1868, at two o'clock, P. Bt., the following de
scribed property, to wit:
Those two certain vacant lots of
ground - situate in the village of Mapleton, in 'the county
oflinutiligdopt State .of Pennsylvania, being lots Nos.
25 and 27, bounded and described as follows, to wit Let
No. 25 fronting 66 and two-tooth feet on the public road
lending from the Itare's Valley public road to theJackse
town aqueduct, adjoining lot of Mary Roberts, No. 23 on
the east and lot No. 27 on tho west, extending back in
depth along lot No. 23, 113 and five tenths feet to a 16
foot alley nod extending along said alley 60 feet.
Also, vacant lot No. 27, bounded and described as fol
lows, to wit Beginning at a post on rho public road
aforesaid; thence along a 16 foot alloy towards the Penne
rallroad,loo and nine.tonths feet to a 16 foot alley; thence
along said alley 60 feet to a post corner of lot No. 24 ;
thence along said road north 60% degrees west 60 and
three-tenths feet to place of beginning. Seized, taken in
execution and to be seld as tho property of John B. am.
Also, a tract of .unseated land situate
in Union township, linntingilon county, containing 395
Ural WWI 129 perches, more or ,less. surveyed on a war
rant dated 18th March, 1704, in the name of Joseph Mor.
risen, adjoining tract:, in Om names of Solomon Sell,
Margaret Sell, and Abraham Morrison.
Also, a ha t of unseated land in Union and Penn town
ships In said county. surveyed on a n arrant in the name
of Solomon Sell dated lEdli March 1791, containing 420
acres and 104 perches morn or . less, adjoining tracts in
the 00.011.E1 of Win. Derrick, Ann Morrison, Joseph Mor
rison, Margaret Sell and liichoril Dowland.
A1,,,.A150.n It act of unseated land itt Union and Penn town
ships in said county, sin toyed on a w rir rant In the Immo
of Mingo% et Sell dated 15th March 1791, containing 305
acres and 128 perches more or less, adjoining !rants in
the nnwes of Solomon Sell, Joseph Morrison, Abraham
Morrison and John Sell.
. .
Also, a flan of unseated land in Union township in
said county, surveyed on a .warrant in the name of Abra
ham Morrison dated 18th March 1791, containing 400
acres and 78 porches more or less, adjoining tracts in tho
names of Joseph Morrison, Abrm. Sell, John Sell and
Margaret Sell.
Also, a tract of unseated land in Union townshiP in
said county, surveyed on a warrant in the name of Abra
ham Sell dated 18th Marcia 1794, containing 400 acres
and 78 perches mom or less, adjoining tracts in names of
Abnn. 'Morrison, Frederick Sell and John Sell.
Also, a tract of unseatedland in Union township in
said county, em rayed ou a warrant in Um namo of Fred.
crick Sell dated 18th March 1794, containing 400 aorta
and 78 perches more or less, and, adjoining tracts, in
names of Abraham Henry Selland Andrew Sell. •
Also, that part ot a tract of unsalted land In Cass town•
ship in said, county, surveyed on _a_ Neal rant. dated 18th
March 1194 bytho namo of Henry Sell, adjoining tracts in
namos_of Frederick Soil, Samuel Mars ison,Mary Barrick
and residue of the tract containing 207 noes snore or less.
Also, a part of a tract of unseated land in Cass town
ship in said county, am veyal on a marrant in Ilia name
of Samuel Morrison , dated 18th Match 1701. adjoining
tracts of Hans Morrison, &mind Ransack, Mary Bar.
rick and bleary Sell, the part levied en conteining,l37
acres inOfe br less.
Also, a tract of unseated land in Cass township in sold
county, inevoyid . on. a- warrant in the innitio - ,of Samuel
Rarlsocielidated 11th 'Starch 1794, adjoining tiacts in
zinnias Of Samuel' 'Morrison,' Hugh Morrison, -Elizabeth
Ilarteacit, Sarah Derrick and Mary, Barrlck, containing
400 nerds and 78 perohe's more or
Also, a tenet of unseated land to Cass tom, iiship in said
county,Survoyed on a warrant, Int the name of Sarah Dar
rick dated 18th Match 1791, adjoining tenets to names of
Mary Daniels, Samuel Ransack, Elizabeth liartsock. Pe
ter Ransack, Small Ransack, and Jacob Barrick, con
taining 400 acres and 78 perches more or less.
Also, pal t of a tract of unseated land in Cam township,
county aforesaid, Surveyed on a warrant in the name of
Hugh Morrison, dated 18th March, 1794, adjoining lands
In names of John Conan, Esq., Polly Chambers, John
Freed, Elizabeth ljartsock rind Samuel Ransack, the
part lot iell - an containing 000 acres Moro or loss. •
Also, a tract of unseated land in Cass township, in Said
county, mu veyed own warrant in the Immo of Elizabeth
Ransack, dated 18th- Maich, 1704,- adjoining tracts in
namos at - Samuel Ransack, Hugh Morrison, John Freed,
Peter Ransack and Sarah Daniel:, cdtitainittgi . 4oo acres
and 78 - pi:relies more or less.
Also, a tract of unseated land in Cass township, in said
'County, nurieyPd on la mutt in rho name ,of John
FrM,Olated :18th Mardi a n, 1794, adjoining - tracts In names
of Elizabeth Ransack, Ruth Morrison, Polly Chambois,
Mary FrieCirs'aid,Rartsock and peter Ilartsock, con
taining 400 acres and 78 perches, more or less. -
Also, a tract of unseated land in Cass ton nship, in said
township, in said county, surveyed on it warrant In the
name of Peter Ransack, dated 18th March. 1794, adjoining
tracts in names of Sarah Ilarrick, Elizabeth Ilartsock,
John Freed, Isaac Ransack and Sarah Ilartsock, contain
ing 400 acres and 75 perches, mere or less.
Also, 191 acres of unseated land in CMS township; in
said county, being part of n tract on, veyed on n warrant,
in the name of Andrew Sell, dated 18th ilLsrell 1791,
joining inlet.; in munesrofJohn Sill, Frederick Sell, Hoary
EollPane Sell and others, containing in the whole - 191
times and 185 perahes..,ii . -
Also, 2n7 acres of unseated land in Cuss township, Is
said county, being pat of a tract surveyed on a warrant
iu tho name of:lchn Sell, dated 18th'3Inteh, 1701, adjoin
ing tracts in names of Marginal Sell, Abraham Morrison
Andrew Fell, Win. Shirley and otherl, ouiitulaing is the
whole St 4 acres and 47 parches.
Allo. a tract of unseated lands Is Cass and Penn town
hl,ll.:3, in said county, surveyed on a warrant in rho name
of Sarah Irartmeic. Jr„ dated 10th March. 1794, adjoining
track in nant., of Smith Hai-mock, Sr, Peter Hartsock ,
Isaac Ilartsock and othors, amitaining434 acres and 159
perches morn or less.
Alsu t ttnet of unseated lands in Cass and Penn town •
shim in Enid county, surveyed on a warrant iu the'narne
of Jacqb Itarrialr, dated 18th Mateb,l7o-1, adjoining tracts
in 11h1.3 of Jana Fell, Mary Ilarrlckl Sarah Bari*, Small
Ilartsock and othent, containing 401 acres and 113 per
ches more nr loss. •
Also, a tract or unseated land iu Cass and Penn limn
chips, in said county, surveyed on a warrant in the Hanle
of Sarah Ilarhoek, Sr., dated ISth Marc!,,
1704, ndjnining
treats in names of Jacob Ilarrick, Sarah Ilarriek, Peter
nartsocls, gat ait•ifar Nock, Jr, Ale-c:/Inston, containing
10G and 83 perches more or lass. •
Alsd, n tract of unseated land in CAS and Penn town
ships; In said county, surveyed an n wart ant in the name
of Istutc Sell, dated 18th March,- 0794, adjoining tracts in
names 'of Andrew Sell, Henry Soll„ - Mary Harrick, Jacob
Barri& and Joseph Noma, containing 40,1.aeres and 81
perches snore Ur less.
Also, a tract of unseated laud in Penn and Toil town
ships, in said county, surVoyiA on a warrant in the name
of Joseph Miller, dated 1311, March, 1701, adjoining tracts
in name of George rrough, George . Knobllcla, John Mc.
Knitt, John Cline and others, euntnining 470 acres and
143 pereltes - moro or lose. -.
Also, :250 acres of - unseated - land in Toil township in
said county, part of a tract, surveyed on win rant in the
name of Tompey Shaver, datedlBlll Marchl794,adjoining
Inlets in the names of Johanalt Iluston, Reason Davis,
Peter kilns er and Whets containing in - .the whole 408
acres and 105 perches. .
. .
Alto. a tract or unseated land in Penn and Toil town
ships in sold comity, surveyed on a warrant in the name
of Peter Shaver dated 18th March 1701, adjoining tract,
in names of Tomlin.). Shaver, George Prough and others.
containing 307 acres and 31 porches more or less.
Also, a toad of unseated land in Tod township in said
county, being 100 acres or thereabouts of a tenet survey
ed in the ammo of nulay Chambers, on ft warrant dated
18th - Marelt 1704, adjoining tracts in names of Polly
Chanthors, Sally Chambers, Isaac Huston, and Minos,
centaining in the whole 401 acres-and 31 perches ; the
residue 01 the tract being owned by Trexler.,
Also; 100 acres or thereabouts of unseated land in Tod
township in said county; part of n tract surveyed on a
warrant in the name of Bally Chambers dated the 18th
March 1704, adjoining lands in names of Itetsy Chambers,
Nancy Chambers, Samuel Chambers, Robert Chambers,
James Chambers and John Chambers, containing in the
whole - 431 itcteljetikd,9s perches Oho iesidue of the tract
being.owried by Iroxier. .
- ,Also,;Srucres or thereabouts of iturcated land taL men
torinstilp - ni.ituid county—part. of a ttact'sure chid ien
-wariaut in the name of Hans Moreison dated the lath of
March 1704, adjoining tracts in names, of Frederick
Sainucl Mort ison, Zachariah Davis' improvement and
Seized. Wren in execution and to to Fold a., the prop•
crty of John Savage.
Notice. TO Puncrisseas.--13111ders at Sheriff's Sales lain
take notice that immediately upon the property being
knocked down, fifty per cant. of all bids under $lOO, and
twentylivo per cent. of all bidi over that cum, must be
laid to the Sher itt, or the property Mill be sot up again
nod sold to other bidders a ho will comply with the ;thole
If court. continues two creaks deed acknowledged on
Wednesday of second wick. Ono court, propel ty
knocked down on Monday and deed acknowledged on lino
following dulurdoy
Sutques Orezpe,' . . „ .
Huntingdon. 3lcla. 25; 1.865.1`
XFur the benefitof 'howl proposing to mulertnite
Electrical treatment for diseases coo give in who
following Itst aTetvof the more prominent and
most consmon complaints met with In our prac
tice, in all of which we are most suxessful. In
JJ IP. PROPEPLE ApPLlED..Tho.c,_ th eretara, afflicted'
with complaints not here °unmerited, need have.
no hesitation In applying,and n briber only num.,
- Or a PERMANENT CURB can ho effected, they -will
receive replies accordingly, AU communications
I free. •
1 lipPepsy, Chorea. St;Titus , Dance,•Patalysis,
Neuralgia, Hysteria, •Nerrottenths, Palpita
tion of the Heart, Lock-Jaw, etc. •
2 Soto Throat, Dyspepsia,lliarrlicea, Dysentery,l
Obstinate 'Constipation, Ilemorrhohbr,
Piles, Bilious, Flatulent, and Painter's Colic,
and all affections of the Liver and Spleen.
3 Catarrh, Cough, Influenza, Anthem, (whore
nut caused by organic disease of the heart,)
Bionehilis, - Pleurisy, 'Rheumatism of thei
Chest, Consumption in the °ally stages. ;
4 Oravol, Diabetts, and Money Complaints.
fi Rheumatism, Gout, Lumbago, stiff Neck,
Spinal Diseases, flip DlhellEVS, Cancers, Tu
mors ; (those last named always cured with
out pain; or cutting, or plasters in any feria)
In ais d, we 15011000 to curo all curable dis
WO have no connection whatever with any
thealectlical race iu this or,tiny other county,
All letters address to
McConnellstown, Fa.
Boot and j Shoo Maker
I guarantee entire' colisfaction in Fit, Style, Material
and IYorkinanshlp, and n saving of 25 per cent. on pre
vailing prices. Shop ono door east of Johnston Sc Watt.
eon's store, Huntingdon, ra. tulfll-6m
KARL CHANGE.—The exclusive
control and sale of five valuable inventions, need.
ed to every family, awl paying largo profits, can be as ,
cured, by applying either pereonally or by letter to
J. S. LASH k CO.,
727 Market stroll, Philadelphia.
ONE THIRD 100 lbs. or PECOBA CO'S colored
Paints, (coaling $1‘44,) will plat as
THE much us 250 pounds of Lead and weal'
longer. For particolm a address.
COST OF . S. 110 I.V.IDN. Sopsy.,
150 1 , 1.41 h St.. •
T 4 Z45 4 ,,ja, inbl.l.3m
IL . '
A chemical preparation of Lard, or Lard Oil, neutrali
zing its attraction for oxyazn—the source of gum, *c,
and imparting to it (by chemical affinity) a property of.
whereby It is retained, in lu.bricationt,
fora at least 23 to 50 per cent. longer than sperm ott.
BY BEL. $2.10; Cass, OR 200 GALLOZia., $2.05 PER ()arrow.
To provide against leakage, otc , and for the convent.
once of small consumers and retailers, the Ott Is pot up,
in the required gum:attics, at an advance to cower the
cost of the can, and a reasonable retail profit :
$l2 43—Casc, 2.12 Doz:
7 82— " 242 u -
3 6 galls., square eau,
1 « - 2 74 6.12 - 16 4r4
ts - 1 4.6—: u 1 " - 17 622
Cane credited on return In ox4.x. Micaunt by case, to
retail dealers. •
The Oil is also put up as a :mini MachinnaVid Armor
Oil, in 3 to 4 oz., (white flint) 25 cents—packed in ono
doz., I/ and
. I ,e, gross Mee; iu Soz., 50 centa—paoknd in 1,
4 and ti doz. eases; and in 24 oz., sl.oo—packed in. lA, 1
and 2 doz. crisis; sold by gewing Machine agents, First
Class Druggists, 0 racers and Conn try Merchants. Orders
received through the train.
The winter standard of Old Oil is 350 to 400 not.
Oil in casks and bills. subject to return and credit with".
in 10 days, temple lots 30 days, atter date of deli Cary, IR
not satisfactory.
Orders by bbl . Sc„ rated through Messrs. SMITH 00
Manufacturers' 'supplies, Market strew; B, BULLOCK'S
SONS, Wool, 42 south Front street, WM. S ELLEBS lc CO,
Cl, fah and Minor streets, Philadelphia.
C. 8.. DE' LA VBRGNE;AG%;.,
Branch PiTanafantory,lo6'Callowhill
Manufacturers and'lmpdrtere
Of every desciiiitiOn of ,
belonging to tllonnslnees of_
Goldsmiths and Silversmith%
Have removed to their
Extending front Chestnut Street to Saneom Stfeet, afford.
ing ample room and convenient pccessories, giving op,
poi tunity for a proper display of goods, iTdhetteraneans
for their examination.
With eatensivo and favotable arrangements In • lltj
Country and in Europe, no aro in a position to offerat
moderato FIXED prices
Watches, Diamonds, Bronze & Marble
Goods, Silver Wares, Jewelry, .
Porcelain, Plated Goods,'
Kuslosl Boxes,
and every description of •
Strangers visiting tile city aro cordially Invited to ex.
amine our Now Store. (91111,135,—Ty.10
' rim just opened, and otter at':
RICKEY, SIitIPP & C 0.,.
7;37 Chestnut _street,
Irate removed to tho store room on the corner of the
Diamond, opposite Lewis' Book Stors, wyere Ike intonds
to keop constantly on band the late.d, style* of, Ready
mud? Clothing and Dice? goods, oinoprlANY.'
CLOTHS, - CiSsimEnks, yisplias
Ming n practical s(orktriciti •iirinnityr yeaPti tixperletice
lie is preriered •V. -"make to oldeiClothlilifo!then and
boys, andittarautee neat, demblo and fashlonitble work
initeship. Ito is dolermilied to please everybody,
LM - - All are invited to mill antl:94amlize my new
a lock of beautiful 'patterns More' pnretnuingeliarhere
PRESSED, wip alwaya ltriumph iner simplo - as.
'finis it iv ttot Otis COllliquuitygiyes tedtingoep itt r
ror of tho non known 'estojni.liment o f , •
IMEMIEU l'§141012,;.
Whilst it is not his purpose to deceive tim public by
clamoring, 'low prices and better goods" - - than other
dealers, he simply Invites nll who Wish to purehase in his
lino of business to call and satisfy therasolied . that with
him a potion once gained is flower lost, that , is, ttlho proof
of the pudding is in the tasting of
Ile has just received his reinter supply or • • -
11EAID11 WAN . ervirann4
He lies else n large assortment of thenest - iebiteellel
sod tenable j _ • 7,
•_ _ .
Hats, Caps, Guilts' Foratshing Goods,
01 (id.); description, and mile ujil l rom the beat material.
Always on liautV tLo finest guitllty%of American, -Eng
which aro made up to miler by good, experienced work
men, In a manner the most Lushiosiable and endurable.
No eastern city can afford a better or More varied style
of goods than can be Retail in my selection.
Huntingdon, Nov. 13,1&61
It is the bestohexoe ever offered to Agents I
One or two days' time xiII secure a good
Setting Machine, Watch, Silk Dress, Rcvolvsr,
or some other article of eqUal value, Boss Oe Cc at!
Agents emoted everywhere, nude and female, for the,
best One Palter Pawnbroker's Sale In Abe country.
Send for circular. S. C. THOMPSON & CO.,
dee2o.3m* 30 'layover street, Boston, Mass.
At 'Be Rai'l'road,
NEXT TERM BEGINS AV , AIt, 20rn,18q9
,scud torn menial.. Atldrysi
It. 11, FULTON, Principal,
Eebl9 2111
Antigown, Blek CO, Pa
1 j UL ALL : HEALING arld
SULLAWAY will introduce, at his orp expense, bin
All-Healing and Streopthenisig - Salyo, a eorerolgu remedy
for lame back, local rheumatinar, tho able and
laeasi, freak wounds, brlliees, aptains, umkness in the
joints, crick In the back, Old sores ' Hosted feet, srellinit , i
nunihneto, ague the face and breast: cracked hands,
bilee, corns on the feet, and occasional saes ol moat
ti/ Whiati the human family is iehlact.' • • -"'
qt,Es.r tale e. 6 ;mete Family Grocery. .
14 2*
.Marchant Tailor