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    Eljt 051oht.
W. Lewis, Editor and Proprietor
Hugh Lindsay, Associate Editors
Wednesday morning, Aug. 8, 1866.
Maj. Gen. John W. Geary,
DaT"Congress was. in session seven
mouths and the majority of the mem
bers before they went home voted
themselves an extra bounty of $2,000,
and the soldiers $5O and
. $l.OO instead
of $3OO as was first proposed. The
members were - quite liboral---toward
themselves. -
• 1195 r Ex. Governor Wm. P. .Tehnston
has heal appointed by the Presidebt,
Collector of the reit of Philadelphia.
This the radicals will say is another
"Copperhead" appointment. Several
other appointments were made for
Philadelphia, all Union men, but not
of Thad. Stevens' kind.
Tan Cabinet, with the new appoint
ments, stamis'as follows:
"Secretary of H. Seward.
Secretary of War—E. M. Stanton.
Secretary of the Navy—G. Welles.
Secretary of the Interior---Orvillo H.
Browning. -
, Postmaster general—A. W. Randall.
illtdrhey General—H. Stansberry.
Tho" National Union Convention
to be - held'in Philadelphia commencing
on. Tuesday next, promises to be the
largest 'ConVention ever held in the
United Stato.i: It will boa curiosity
it more--and may result in
gond: e,very good Union man
will rejoice. The only. men in this
State'opposed to 'it are , such men as
Stevens, Forney & Co., rind their abe•
dient followers. , They see the hand
writing en the 'wall. They see that the
Union party existed during the
war, will not be moulded to suit their.
radical and revolutionary purposes.
/1:1 BLun."=llow muoh honesty there
is in the constant professions of affec
tion fOr the soldiers of the Union. army,
which make so much of the stock in
trade of Radical journals and- orators,
may be seMl'in the following-item from
the New York Tribune:
. . ,
There is 'yet some hope that the
Senate will refuse to Lass the bill for
the. equalization. of Mounties, as the
House insists upon its disagreements;
and the matter is referred to a commit
tee. of conference. This bill is foolhar
dy; it acids a vast expense to the na
tion, and does little good to individu
als. • -.
DON'T. BE ALARMED.—SoIve of the
Republicans and some of the radical
"Democrats" seem to think that no
good can comp . out of the 14th of Au
gust Philadelphia Convention. Result
as it may we cannot see what harm it
can do. If. the Convention blows up
in a row the people will be more satis
fied than ever that they cannot look to
political conventions for relief. If it
should odnduet its business harmoni
ously, and condescend to do something
to bring.aboat a bettor feeling all over
the Iroion, we cannot see why all good
and true men should not rejoide at such
a result."
Za•The difficulty in the Union party
of the country, was commenced during
the war :by Thad. Stevens and others
of his school of politicians. President
L. -
incoln'was denounced
. by them, and
they. even Went so fir as to attempt to
defeat his re-nomination. Failing in this
they continued their persecution of
him until his death. As soon as An
drew Jrohnson occupied the Presiden
tial. 'chair, and befbre it was known
that he would differ with Congress as
to the pp/icy to be adopted by the
Union party for the , restoration of the
rebel States, Stevens- commenced to
abuse him in his speeches made in the
Holise. The truth is clear that Ste
vens is not a more bitter enemy of
President Johnson'. than he was of
President Lincoln, but during the war
ho could not rally his friends .'is readily.
as he has sine() the close of the rebel
, Nothing short of negro suffrage
and 'negro equality will satisfy Stevens
& Go., arid this or revolution he will
have if.perinitted to control the Union
SEEI , The following have been .fixed
as the rates for the Atlantic Telegraph
from any station in America, to any
in Great Eritain : For twenty words
or loss, including nddress of sender and
receiver, twenty .Pounds in, gold ;
every. additional ;word .not exceeding
five letters, .twerity, shillings sterling
per word. From same ,to same in Eu
rope, twenty one pounds,; every wadi•
tional word twenty:, ono shillings.
From same to same in Africa, Asia,. pr
India, pot exceeding in all one hun
dred lotters,,tweety five pounds; eve
ry additional word, twenty five shil
lings. The letters in all words after
the first twenty, will be counted and
divided by five. Each five or fraction.
al remainder will be charged ts a word.
Messages in cypher will be charged
doable the foregoing rates.;
. .
Huntingdon has at lust got a money
order post office. By this.system,mon,
ay can be sent from one order office to
another without danger of loss. The
rates of commission aro : On orders
not exceeding $2O, ten cents; over
$2O and not exceeding $5O, twenty
ff .- ye cents; no single order issued for
more than fifty dollars ; persons do
siring to remit larger sums must ob
tain additional money orders.:
r&the , National UnimMunCention
commences next, Tuesday in Philadel-
phia. It promises to be well attended.
Another "Traitor,"
The .I.lTorth American, edited by Hen.
Morton McMichael, Mayor of Philadel
phia, is not all' the radicals would wish
it to be. We give an extract or two
from its editorial columns of last
Our country has been so unaccus
tomed to such burdens as this vast
debt,that all who contemplate as we do
with uneasiness the complicated and
confused mass of taxes now inflicted ,
upon us as a Consequence of that debt,
must be:rejoiced to find-this .policy : of
reduction the settled determination
of the government. No doubt hereaf
ter each successive administration
will be more or less judged of by the
extent of its labors in this direction,
and President Johnson has made a
very good' beginning by what has been
accomplished under his direction since
his accession to the Presidency. •
President Johnson has preferred the
direct and .obvious plan of retrench
ment and immediate reduction, for the
purpose of affording present relief from
the more onerous burdens'oftaXation.
We give 'hint Credit for this policy
rather:than any one else, bedause it
was . a, corollary of his whole past po
litical life. His speeches were always
replete with advocacy °flow taxation;
cheap government, and simpliCity of
administrative' forms. Ills - prompt
reorganization of - the conquered StateS on
the return of peace, and disbandment of
our vast armies and swarms of war offi
cials, undoubtedly , saved the nation
hundreds of millions of dollars ; and,
as wo approved of ;his action then, we
have since soon no reason • to change
our views."
Mr. McMichael then turns hia aten.
lion to the radicals in Congross,saying
they were bewildered amidst their
own Schemes of public ,plunder; and
For this reason it is essential that
010 national government should seri
ously address itself, as the administra
tion of President Johnson has been do
ing, to the.-work of discharging the
debt; and. it is also, essential that Con.
gross should do as little an possible to
ward increasing our expenditures.
What we desire is, that tho Presi
dent should' be stregthened in his of
to limit expenditures and, reduce
the public debt: - Congressional extrav
agance has long been proverbial, and
One session seems no worse than an
other in that respect.' But if, while.
widely differing - from him in other re
spects, the confidence of the people was'
shown to be retained . by the Presi
dent in . that portion.of 1)16 policy
. which
seeksretrenchment of expenses and
reduction of debt, that sentiment could
not fail to react upon Congress and
arrest the schemes of plunder that run
riot at every session.
Nothing, it seems to us, can be more
clear, more emphatic, and more reason
able than this.
in another coldmn a condensed account
of the political riot in New Orleans,
which we fear will be followed up with
similar results in ether places, if radi
cals persist in their attempt to force
upon the people their "policy." We
are not surprised that "free speech" is
interfered with, when the whole white
population of a State is insulted by the
speaker. Wo have read in the Phila
delphia Press the speech of Gov.'llahn,
delivered .at the mass meeting of radi.
cals and five thousand negroes in New
Orleans on-the 30th ult. The meeting
was hold for the purpose of. recom
mending the re-assembling of the State
Convention of '64. We give but a few
lines of Mr. Hahn's speech and ask our
readers how they would like to listen
to such stuff. • .
Gov. Hahn said :
"No Man . .can justly claim to be a
Union man unless ho favors universal
Addressing the negroes he
"The question is whether veil will
he allowed to hold office as White men
do; I say you are entitled to the right.
* :* -It is -to you that the loyal
men of the South must look, and when
you separate to-night make up your
minds . from this day forward, you are
as good as'any White man in the State.
[Great cheering."]
Can any man entertaining such sen
timents be elected to office from tiny
county in this State? Yet such senti
ments are endorsed by the radical
leaders in every State in the Union.
Is it any wonder, that the once pow
erful Union party is falling to pieces.
The Atlantic Cable.
The superintendent of the New
Foundland line arrived here at 9
o'clock this morning with the follow
ing message from the. QueQn of Great
Britain to the President of United
States :
06136RNE, July 27th, 186 q.—To the
Presidelit of the U. S. Washin'gton, D.
The Queen congratulates.the Presi
dent on the suecesstul coMpletion of
an undertaking which she hopes may
serve as - an additional bond of union
between the United States and Eng
WAAIIINGtON,Iy 30, 11.20 A. M
To _Mr Majesty; the Queen of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland :
The President of the United States
acknowledges with profound gratifica
tion the receipt of Her Majesty's dis-.
patch, and , cordially reciprocates the
hope that the cable which now unites
the western and the eastern hemis
pheres may serve to strengthen and
perpetuate peace and unity between
the Governments of England and the
Republic of the :United States.
A mass Union Convention will be
held in Reading on Wedneseay, Aug.
ust 22d. It will be a grand affair as all
the adjoinin ! ;. counties will "pitch in."
The Boys ln Blue Speak.
The publication of the following
handsome endorsement of our humblo
self has been requested and we comply.
To 'Valiant Lewis, Esq, Editor of the
Globe :
We feel that the soldiers of Hunt
ingdon county owe you a debt of grat
itude for your devotion to them and
the cause of tho . oonntry through the
late war. In tho darkest hours of the
rebellion your ratriotislu never waver
ed, and while we wore away from
home, fighting treason in front of an
armed foo; you stood faithful to us and
the national cause with a courage that
know no fear,
Disregarding former Party ties and
organizations, you gave your Means
mid your paper to the support of the
war and the bravo men who were per
iling their : lives for the integrity of
the Union.. •
Knowing and feeling this, it is with
deep regret:that We have read the
cent proceedings of what is called the
"Geary League" of this county. Wo
aro sorry that a feW of our soldiers,
who have escaped rebel bullets, are
now in the hands of ti . clique of politi
cians, who . know no motivo higher
than their interost, and wheso patriot
ism oxtends only to the "loaves and
fishes." In the desperate effort of
these worn out political tricksters to
control conventions . and secure nomi•
nations, they' are willing to abuse and
traduce the. men who ,have remained
mostfaitliful to the soldier during the
war, and While professing groat lovo
for "the boys in blue," they oppose ev
ery effort to reward worthy soldiers
with civil office. We cannot forget
that the three crippled soldiers now
holding positions of honor and profit
in this county, were: aftnominated over
the most determined opposition of the
very clique that is now using the Gea
ry League to slander you.
- You stoodfor, the soldiers against
the politician, and the geherons heart
of the people went With • you. No
thank you for what you have done for
the soldier, and we trust that you will
again , be ablo to rout the ,miserable
faction that are atteMpting to use the
- heroes of the war for their selfish and
heartless purpose.
We assure you-that the -work of the
political tricksters in trying, to have
the Geary League denounce you is an
outrage upon the true soldiers.of Hun
tingdon county, and will be, as it-de
serves to be, overwhelmingly rebuked
by them.
J. 11. ISETT,
T. 11. GILL,
D. 11. FISHER,
ClummilisviLLE, July KUM
Win. Lewis :—Dear fool that
I would not be doing right if I would
not applaud you for your patriotic
course which you havo.dared. to brave,
notwithstanding the so-called Soldiers'
League reading you out of tho great
Union party, of which they want to
make us poor privates boliovo they aro
the head and shoulder. lam sorry to
hear that those soldiers who constituto
the "boys in blue" of the_ancient bor
ough should so far forgot who was the
true soldiers' friend all through the
late rebellion, or who has boon the
true and tried friend of the soldier last
fall in getting a whole soldiers ticket
nominated and elected. I would beg
those worthies to pause for ono mo
ment, and I think that after taking a
sober second thought they will have
to acknowledge that William Lewis
has been the soldiers fast friend and is
yet. lam very sorry that the "boys
in blue" have fallen into the hands of
a few political hucksters, but I am also
glad to toll you that they do not speak
the sentiment of the groat majority of
the "boys in blue" but merely those
eleven controled by those broken down
politicians, who want to use the sol
diers as a cloak for their own bad de
Now, if the boys in blue, through
the instigation of those poor, misera
ble, would-be leaders of the great Uni
on party, read all out of the party who
do not, see fit to endorse the course of
Thad Stevens fi Co., I fear that they
will find out when too late that they
have read oat of the party the greater
number of soldtms of Huntingdon Co.
For fear somebody may think I too
ant a Copperhead I will have to define
my position. I am a Johnson-Geary
Union man. I always acted with and
voted with the great Union Party,
and would no more touch a Copper
head ticket than a snake of the same
name. Yours, VEPERAN.
g' , Fxr News by the Cable announces
that the .Austrians will pay ten mil
lions of' dollars to the Prussians as the
expenses of the war.
The. New Orlens Riot.
Thirty porous Killed and a large
number Wounded,
The public are familiar with the oh
jects and Proceedings of the State con
vention of Louisiana, which assembled
in New Orleans on the 6th of April,
1864, ostensibly for the. purpose of re
vising and amending the constitution
of the State, and after remaining- in
session two and - a half months, almost
a new constitution was produced which
was submitted to the people and adop
ted by the popular voice.
An attempt was, made during the
present month by some of the radical
members to revive the dead conven
tion, as it is called, for the purpose of
ratifying the amendment to the, Con
stitution of the United States, and the
President, Mr. R ii. Duren, was re
quested to issue a proclaination reeon
yoking the body. When the conven—
tion was first called only a portion
of the State was' within the Union
lines, and therefore a great number of
the parishes were unrepresented. Mr.
Durell taking the ground that when
the convention, on the 23c1 of June,
1864, adjourned, it ceased to have any
legal existence and its members were
out of office; refused to comply with
the demands of the radicals. A meet
ing .was then called, and a President
protein. appointed, as before stated,
who issued a proclamation reconvo-
Mug the dead- convention.
Governor Wells was solicited to
issue Writs - ordering elections to till the
vacancies in the restored parishes,
which ho consented to do, but fixed
the day of election on thu 3d of Sep
tember next. There were twenty-one
unrepresented pariShes in 1801, which
were entitled to fifty-two representa
tives. Tho radicals, however, were
determined to assemble on Monday
last ; but it is stated it vas their inten
tion to adjourn until some day subse
quent to the ono appointed for the
holding of the elections.
There were a number of the members
of the convention of 1864 who coinci
ded in the views taken by tho Presi,-
dent, and refused to meet with the
radicals: • Ono, Mr J. B. Bromley,
thought that no good could be accom
plished by reassembling, and ho ,is re
ported to have Said that he wont to
New Orleans with General Bittler to
fight against the rebels, and that he,
bad no idea how of joining in an in
sane and revolutionary movement.
Another, Judge Abell, of New Orleans,
hot only refused to join the so-called
conspirators, but in his judicial capaci
ty charged the grand jury to the effect
that the officer of State who endeavor
od to change the Goverpmont through
the action of the members of that con
vention subjected hiniself to a prose
cutioni for perjury. Ho branded its
members as apolitical - apostates and
military deserters ; the meanest and
basest of mankind, venal, cowardly,
and treacherous."
The President'pro tem. (Mr. R. It
Howell) of the reassembled convention
it is stated, had been on a visit to Wash
ington, and had received instructions
from radical members of Congress.
Immediately upon his return to New
Orleans a call was issued for a meeting
of tho citizens who wore in favor of
universal suffrage, of the reconstruc
tion policy Of Congress, and of amend
ing the constitution of the State to
give equal rights to all without dis-
tinction of color. This meeting was
held on Friday night last, and contrib
uted to add to the excitement which
was then prevailing.
The causes which created the dis
graceful riot on Monday last are thus
briefly set forth. Bad and horrifying
as it was, the radical journals of this
city were not content with the facts as
they came over the wires, but greatly
exaggerated the statements., One of
them announced that two hundred ne
groes had been killed, and that the hall
where the convention was held was
literally flooded with the blood of Uni
on men, while the simple fact was that
only two of the members had been
seriously WoUnded, One of whom has
since died. Another paper stated that
dead negroas were lying- about the
streets; thabfew were arrested, as they,
were being rapidly killed.
Another Aaaount
[From the Sew• Yolk Tim.]
WASHINGTON, July-31.—=1. NeW Or
loans correspondent furnishes, .imder
date of July 30, the following detailed
and connected account of the outbreak
in that city.
The convention met at. 12 o'clock,
twenty-six .members being present,
Judge R. K..Tiowell,.siuce misiug, in
the chair.
R. King Butler, MO missing, moved
an adjournment, of an hoUri• during
which time the sergeant-at-firths was
directed to compel the ' attendance of
absentees. The hall was densely crow
ded with freedmen and . Whites, the
former having armed themselves ex
tensively since their Friday's demon,
strations. Just before the adjourn
ment a procession containing about a
hundred freedmen, carrying a'United
States flari and marching the streets
'.kith martial mdSie, - arrived at the in
stitute; having had'a slight disturbance
on Canal street.
At this juncture the merchants all
over the city, fearing the coining riot,
closed their Stores. When the proces
sion entered the building a squad of po•
lice followed and attempted to Make
arrests. A scene of the wildest confu
sion followed. Pistols wore fired,
clubs and canes were mud, and brick
bats how in every direction. The
policemoii-Claim that they were merely
attempting to arrest the Canal-street
rioters above mentioned; but certain
it is that they mounted the platform,
where a small body of the members yet
remained, and one of them presented
a pistol upon their using offensive lan
The.policomen wore finally driven
out of the funding, leaving inside Gov.
Hahn, Judge . llowell, Mr. De Costio,
and other gentlemen, with Clark, at
tached to the State government, be
sides about fifty freedmen. Fortunate
ly Gov. Wells had just left the build
ing for the purpose of consulting with
General Baird aboutcalling out troops,
General Sheridan being out of town.
Up to this time ohe police oilicer had
been mortally wounded, one Severely,
others were slightly hurt with clubs
and pistol-shots. Police reinforcements
soon appeared in Canal street, and the
crowd of rioters accompanying the po
lice approached the institute and com
menced throwing atones through the
windows and firing pistols at any one
they cou!d see inside the building. At
the same time a detachment of police
tittacked a crowd of freedmen on Com
-111017 street, and after sharp firing and
Wounding several blacks, they drove
them away. This gave the police and
the mob which accompanied them full
control Of Dryades'street.
Several attempts were made by the
police to enter the building, but they
were repulsed: The ammunition of
the men in the institute seemed to give
out about this time, as they did not
fire any more. They attempted to
escape through the rear of the institute
into Bayonne street; but were met and
either arrested or shot down.
Mr. Dostio, who had the reputation
of being thOmost violont-liogro suffrage
man in the South, and who certainly
was the most violent speaker on Fri
day last, was killed while attempting
to get away.. I am told that a police
man shot him in the hack, and that af
ter 11(0'611 a crowd jumped on him and
cut hiM horribly with knives.
The . riot commenced at fifteen min
utes after twelve o'clock, and ended at
halt past three. At quarter before
three the military, under Gen. Baird,
appeared on Canal street, and finally
took possession,of the whole city.
NEw Oar.EANs.--.-Major General O. 0.
Howard: The riot has been 14uppres
od.. I have declared martial law in the
city. About !bay persons have. been
killed and a large number wounded,
nearly all being friendly to the conven
tion. A. BAHIA Bla:Vet Maj. Gen:
Dispatch from General Sheridan
In order_ that tho :following from
Gun. Shoridan ho fully undef;stootl, it
shoOld - bo 3 tat6il that ho •was absent
frtno Noy OrloanS when tho disturb
ances commenced in that city :
NUN) , Orleans, 1.30 P. 11.1.,.Aufrnst 1,
1800.—To General.7Graiit,'Washz
ington, C.:—You are doubtless
aware of the serious riot which occur
red irt , this place on the 30th. A polit
ical body, styling itself the ConVention
of 1804; met thermon the 30th, for the
purpose of remodelliiv„ the, present
Constitution of the Stara. The leaders
were politiCal - agitators arid 'revolution
ary men and the action of the Conven
tion was liable to produce breaches 7 tif
the public:peace. . 7
I had. made up my. mind to arrest
the head men if the proceedings,of the
Convention were care - Witted: to isturb
the tranquility of the departmenti but
I had no cause for action until they
had committed the overt act. About
forty whites and blacks were killed,
and about one hundred and
.a sty
Everything is now quiet; but i deein
it best to maintain military leulirema
ey in the city, for a few days, until ,the
affair is fully investigated. I. believe
the Sentiment of the gene - ral coMmuni
ty is greatly scandalized at this an-
necessary cruelty, and that the police
could have made any arrest they: saw
fit without sacrificing lives.
Major General Commanding
A regular meeting of the Iluntingdon•county Ag
ricultural Society will be' held in the Court House oil
Tuesday evening of the coming court (14th lust.) A geu,
eral attendance is requested.
By- order of tlio Society,
QTRAY COW.—Straved or stolen
ifrom tho subscriber residing in tho borough
of Alexandria, on tho She July, u red cos,, whiteAor•
on tine fore shoulder and in the clank also, White
foes. sharp horns, about four yearn old last spring. tier
tail is cut off above the long heir. She was with calf.
no finder will be liberally rewarded. .
Alexandria, Aug. WILLIAM. BURNS.
I have formed a co.partnership with OA. Fullet. Atter
ney at Law, %Vas:tin:oon. D. C., for the ['tupelo of procu
ring SOLDIERS' BOUNTY, motor the recent net of Con
Soldiers' widows or orphans nro also entitled to receive
this bounty.
Brad in your applications at one°, as first applied for
will bo first paid.. Quo your full nanio, pelt offico
dress, and lentil of ;time in service, and an will at once
retitru yor the, necessary bionics. Endow) a stamp to pay
return postage. _
All other eliding, of whatever nature, against the U. S.
Grivernuldnt, promptly intended to.
1111.-Noeharge•until the money in collected.
Unice with D. Blair, Eng., near the Broad Top Corner,
11 uUngdou . BLAIR & FU
B. X BLAIR, Huntingdon. A. S. FCLetn, Washington•
Personal Property R Real Estate.
• The undersigned desirous of moving to the West, wilt
offer at public sale at hip residence isCounellstown,
Walker township, Huntingdon county, Pound.,
On. .Thursday; &I:ptember 20th, 1866,
the following described propertY,•viv
4 head work horses, all young-, the oldest not over viz
years old, one colt nearly three years old; 2 cove, .una to
fresh at this time, and 2 hogs; 1 twodforso wagon nearly
new, lone horse wagon, 1 aulky[l horse rake, and' one
pair of bob sleds; 2 side saddles, ono man saddle nod wa•
goo _eaddlo, fuer sets tog harness, fly. mete, lailters..and
other haruesl; also the power of the threshing machine
I bud bunk in - my barn, nod n groat totally other varieties.
Also will be offered at the TALRO time nod-place, slimy
real entitle, to wit : Timpani sod good shop, two dwell
ing houses. and a largo 'stable, Also, 65 acres of fatal
more or less, adjoining, the lanyard property aboVe Men.
Sale to commons° nt 10 o'clock on said day when a
reasonnblocscrlit will be gicen by . • -
ongS 0. 11. LANG.
PIA and C.'wenal, and Brand and .},ring Garden
INDUCEMIINM—A discount of 25 per coot. al
lowed on oil Feholanidnips initildnakned during Ibu wend of
August, reducing the term- , to $lO. Motley nanny be, remit
tent by moil, Mid Scinotareldim sechred lay Mono vine pro
pose to enter tat arty future time. ,
. .
gupsnten AnrAyrAure.—This Institution ranks the fleet
in the country; is a reg.' tidy. iii&orponited
Heed by law to• gntnt Diplomas and confer Degrees of
The Fall Sessions 11,111 open with greatly increased fa
cilities, and young men desiring tomunlity themselves for
business lire will rind here advantages to ho obtained no.
ivhero 0:41).
This work, tho Inuit couiplcto and extensive treatio on
Bookkeeping ever written, containing 424 pages, and
coposed exclusively of Actual Business Sets, will be
ready for publication in August. Price, $3; by subscrip
tion, paid in advau. c, $2,60. Remit money, nua secure a
copy. Descriptive Circulars on application.
Improved course of lostruction.—With troductiou
or this book, and with able and experienced inStructors,
the students of this institution are guaranteed a practical
accountant's course of the highest value, suoli as loot ne
ver before been placed within the resell of students of
Commercial Schools.
jaelliag,ta at greatly reduced prices.
_a_I3ERPU IFFY and Fancy Soaps for
sale nt . co , s Family Grocery.
-011001, 'BOOKS,
Ly Generally in use in the Schools of cto county, not ou
Laud, will he fornii3hed to order, on application at
ruled, for stile iit
D U It E
New •Furnlture t
f r EEE undersigned would respectfully
1. announce that he manufactures and keep; constantly
on hand a Ircge and splendid assortment of
Windsor anal cane neat chairs. cupboards, gilt and rose•
wood moulding for mirror and picture frames, and a vari
ety of articles not mentioned, at prima that cannot fall to
be satisfactory. _ .. . • ' - -
ITO is also agent for well known Bailey • & Decamp
patent spring Bed Bottom.
'rho public are invited to call and examine his stook
before purchasing elsewhere.
Work anal oaloi room on,llill tared, near Smith, one
dour west of Yentor's state.: _ . • • '
Huntingdon, Aug. 1, 13U6
ItEVENtiiii, 2,1 Division; rth
Penna., comprising thu enmities of Duntiniplon nod
The annual assessment for the above named Division,
of all persant liable to 0 . 100 on Innate, Citaviagos, Watch
es, Pianos, Cold er Silver Plato. an.l.Hilliard Tables; and
also of all persons required to bake out Licenses, having
been completed;' notice is hereby gb.en, that the times
aforesaid hay become duo and payable; and re.
caved at the following places had times, to "wit:
.At Huntingdon, Huntingdon co„ July 25 and Augnst 1
and 2, at Oleo.
- Spruce Creek, . :• Fridny.•Apgust'3tl.:aJ
Beedsville, Mifflin county, Tuesday, - August ith,
Lewistown, • :t' • ' Aug. 8 .t.O at Milli k.4nPs office,
anal at my taco again, In Huntingdon ) ou August 10th.
All persons who jail to pay their annual Ma-es, as afore•
said, will be notified by emit, at a charg'e of fa - silty canto
for each':notice,,then if the, tai bo nut paint • within . ten
days from date of said notice a penally of ten per Celltlllll
will be 'aided,' and a warrant inintatiattly be issuca co/-
hiding km with henry cost.
All persons who: in like. manner, shall fail to tale out
their•Ltramsos, as required by law, will incur a penalty of
three times the amount of said license's - , In accordance with
the provisions of the 59th section of the Law afore
-said, iatta liertions dining htiAllicss 'without Liciintie atibikt
themselvea to inimisontuelit for two years.
United Plates Tremsniy notes, aid holes of fliwaifferent
National Bonito, only, reciateil for taxes. No further pub
lic notice will be given. • • JAS. C. CL . l.lticE,
Hunt ingden, July Si), 15613-21 . Deputy collector. .
, . .
Cash' on hand in bank anti with agents
.$257,320 00
States Stock ' ' 812,217 . 25
Moat estate, uuluctimbms 90,380. 05
State 'stocks 497.000 00
14s4YOrk . 11iiik Stocks - 731,170
Martfor4 Bank utocks. .. ... ..,....,... ...... .. . .... 270,6 . 10 . 00
Miscellaneous hook stocks 120,000 00
. . . .
Railroad' stocks, etc 273,007 60
Mortgage bonds, city, county cot It
b,sos unndjusCed and not
INCOME I:or laNt year (ant).. $2,933,899 94
Ora daily lam - . ct say WOO. •
LOSSES AND Expirsses fur same tima...:52,541,291 30
TOTAL LOSSES ptChl In 47 years • 019,127 410 US
Vie.: Fire, $17,243,000 . 09. 1n1and,51,684,409 07.
Corer:intent :ant State TRX^4I $179,178 34
By Portland Fire, July 4th.
R. 111'DIVITT,
The total amount covered by Altna policies On properly
destroyed or &longed is $200,004, on which salvage will
be abqut 5 per cent. Our lutist toss will not vary much
from $200,100, and Is befog promptly adjusted and paid.
This sum is 5 per cent upon the assets, a figure but slight
ly exceeding oar government and State taxes paid lost
pent, or a Propoition equal tom V , OOO loss fur a company
of $lOO,OOO assets.
Tho detcssity for insurance and tho value o f wealthy,
stroll corporations, is forcibly illustrated by this Inc.--
Several weals Insurance Companies have been - destroyed.
Portland loss a population of 35,012;: woin :horolsomoly
built, mostly fine brick or sauna stroctures—protected
and screened with upwards of 3000 shade trees—bounded
on three sides by water—indeed, almost rising
from the ocean—and wi lh a good steam Pre
—4ek it has $10,000,000' of property cansamed .Iu few
horns—upon a holiday when its people aro least occupied
—from the very insignificant cause of acontemptlhle lire
cracker. . .
Remember the trifling origin of Rres that sweep away
in a feq hours the earnings of years.- Cone Her your beat
Interests and give the il , :tan nears call if you wet! pro
per Inaurancb security. Policies issued at fair terms.
.11,11.111.LER. CO.i Ageitti,
Jy2 .3t Iluntingdoti, Pa.
And ,Illgritcyfoi: B?tcliers andlheii•
Ho will prosecute and collect, with unrivalled success,
Soldiers' Claim nod Dubs' droll kinds. elizeo; any other
kind of Claim against the bovern men k, before any - of the
The net of Congress, approved .lane 6, 1066, gives addi
banal pensions to the following elites of tetrsons
lot. To those wtio have Jost the sight of both eyes, or
b.,th hands, or ore totally: disabled in tIM sturie so 05 to
require cot stmt attendance, the sum ofs'2.s pa , month. _
.2d. To those who havo beet both feet, or are totally dis
abletliti the same no no to- require. cowtant attendance,
the sum of $2O per month. ' • • • -
ad. To those who have lust one bander one foot,-or are
so disabled as to render them unable to pbrform manual
labor equivalent to the loss sin hand 01 foot, the SWII of
- $1.5 per month. • - •
4th. Perseus who have been. t,priVed of their pensions
under Act Of March a."l Cl, - in consequence of holing in
the civil service of the United clates Government, nrerc
Ult. Invalid pendioner, who died after - the application
'for their pension hod been filed, and before the issuing of
the pensluu.cortilicate, and who have left widoliel or mi
nor children, such widows or minor children will be en,
tilled. to receive arrears due at the death of the soldier.
nth. Dependent Lahore and brotlter3 under sixteen
years of age are entitled to pelminner. '
All soldiers, or soldiors' widows, of the .war of 1312,
who have served two months, or Leon wounded or disabled
in such service, if in necessitous eircumalances, two
tled•to ~n annuity 'of $4.0. . • • ,
All who have brought home the bodies of friends,who
died or were killed in the service of the United fi totes, aro
entitled to receive transportation (r the
All discharged soldiers who did not receiro transporta
tion to their places of enlistiiMut when discharged, ore
- entitled to receive it; and Men all who were held as priso
ners f war, and did not receive,cominututlon of rations
when released or discharged, - aro entitled to its
• - Local Bounty. • •
All retenta soldiers who gave their credit to districts la
the State of Petinsylvania, and who received no local
bounty, are entitled to receive three hundred dollars.
Solders of the Veteran Reserve Corps who recalved
certificates of merit are entitled to from twenty to ono
hundred dollars additional pay; which Can be obtained by
addressing tho nadersigned.
All persons having any of file above.mentloned claims,
or any ether hind of claim against the United States or
State Cowman:Ms, Will please address me, giving full
particulars, oneluaing n -stamp for return postage, mind
-they will receive a prompt reply.
Antliorital Army and .Nary ll'ar-Cluixt Agent,
jy23,lSeti ' ltuanao➢na,
. .
s9i) A MONTH !—Agents wanted
‘,./ for six entirely nets' articles, just out: 1 Stl
tiros 0. ,T. a ABBY, City Building, Biddeford, Alain,
co .201865-1 y
('1 ASS IME Y B' S.—A choice lot of
and fancy CaFainieres at
9 - 111'1)1BL - 1] SKEINS AND PIPE
BOXES fur.irartons of all sized, for sale at the lam,-
ware stoic of' tre14,18661 OAS. A. BROWN.
A LATKIE VARIETY of articles too
numerous to mention, for Salo 01, LYINVIS Si CO'S
S amity Grocery. Call and see.
V V fur rale at h 1 WIS A CO'S lawny Orourry.
~e9a14 2 7 ' 1%T/1..
$4,075,830 55
We't $3,85%594'20
IJN TIN (4 D , :PA
Invalid Soldiers, Attention I
Soldiers of 1812 I
. .
AEGISTER'S . NOTlCE.—Notice is
. . . . .
bera w . g tielf, Wall Persons interested, that the M
owing named persons Inane settled their accounts in tbo
sister'sße Otlice , atiluntingdon, and that the said accounts
tri presented for continuation acid alloirat[63 ht an
Orphans' Court, to be Huntingdon; in and. for: the
county of Huntingdon, pa' Monday, • tbo 13th day of
August next, (1666 , ) to wit • •
• I.•.'flto account of Cootge Hite,' Administratorof Melin
da Clark, lete • of.Tod township,Accoesed.... -- -. . •.- :'
• - The administration. necoptitor Elizabeth. Stone aid
Jacob Stone; dministrators of Adam Stone, late of Hope. -
well township, deceased. • • •• .-'
. 3 -Account otAbralann States, executor of Nonoy Lloyd,
late of Waiter township, deceased. .
4 Account of Andrewßrumbaugh, admlnietrator -of
Abraham Brumbaugh, late.of Hopewell, towtqlolp
5 Final administration account of J... Elliott Harper
nett A. 8. garner. Executors .°Y.Wllliam Sharper, late of
Dublin twp., dectd.
- Account of Samuel Staley,. administrator of Samuel
hite of JaCkson townsitut, deceased. ,
7 Account of George W. Roller, administrator de benis
non cum testament° onsets of; Jacob U. Ifuyett, late of
Porter township, deceased., .
8 Partial account of; William biathlon,. administrator
cum testament° annexe of. Jacob Booing', late of; 8 - pring.
Rad towaship, deceased. ~.; . ,
9 First and final account of Wllllam-Madden, Trustee
o sell the real, estate of Richard Xadden, late of. Cluj
ownship, deceased. • • .
_ ... .. .
. ,
10-The account of John boug,. Guardian of Adolinog
3lcEiurtry, daughter of Samuel SlcKinstry, deed, who IS
HOW of age.
11 The account of John Elyer and -
David Byer and Daild
E. Myers, adaduistraters of• Samuel Myers, late of War
rioremark townshlb, deceased.
12 Account of Eliza McConeaghy, nilminixtratrix of
Andrew . McConeagliy, late of Cromwell township, deed.
13 The acanunt of . Charles IVe • Steel, nitniluistratoe of
Elizabeth Steel. Into of Union township, deceased.. • .
14 Administration dlecoimt of .71111 a m, A. , 'Whittaker
nod John A. Whittalreriadnifuldtrators of Thomas Whit
taker, late of Porter tojrashlO, decenicdi ••• _ .••
16 Adiulnistration account of John Poster, administra
tor of Thomas Ewing, late of West township; deneaSed,-
16 Account Of. John: admintstratorof Richard
Madden, into of 61;1 . 111.0101d township, (ICl:bused.
17 The final account of Dr. John McCulloch, guardian
of Joseph W. Cunningham and Diary .M. Cunningham, s
minor children of James A. Cunningham, deceased, the
said Joseph W..Cunuiligham being now Won deceased, and
the said Mary M. Cunningham having attained lair. ma
- 18 The partial necountsof,Dr..Joh n, McCulloch, guar,
dtuti ofJohn M. Cunningham and - Sari : lh Cunninghtun,
ntlnor childrnu ofJamoto;Cnontigham, &wailed.
10, The neeount of John W. Mattoqi, administrator of
Itobeeen. Sink, who way, the widow.und aqminiitratris'of
Solomon fink, lato of. Some totiughig; Oecetusod.
20.1:he account. of Anthony. aftninistrator 'of
3ncol, Shownll.6c, deceissocl.,
.21 Thonucenut of J. A. Nash. uttmlialattatorUtOliniio
24 Aocoupt oP.Oeo. 11.ossolring, Thistho ACM
estatairdJulta Slates;lat e of Clay, township, &et:lsec'. .
Register's ()Mee 1. .
I .per
j!4T?rorin'sliCntlellreisetedhtebnrtetbjfolloivvvienng I t u o ve a u l tories of
the goods and Chattels.set to widows, under the provis
ions of tho net of 14th of April, 1851, have been filed in
the office of tho Cloth of the Orphans' court of Molding.
ilon county and honoieionteil 'Or` l`pkirob4lit by tits
.Conit". Oa AfdlltEty Ith 'tidy, of 'August next, (18600:
The Inventory ands appraisenoe»r, of its o goods'and
Chattels which wore of Woo. Doian, • late efllopOucll
deceased, set upon to his wldow•Sophia•De:in.
• • 2. The Inventory and. opptioisensent of Alio. goods and
chattels .which were of James Oillmn, Inla, il d f Union tint.,
deceased, set apart to his widow . 31nrgaretHui un,,unoley
tho act of Assembly of 1851. • ,
Tho Invoutory. nod ,approlsonoent of. the g,ood . p.,and
chattels which were, or Ploirloos IV. hardy, lote..ofJacitioon
tivp.,:deceneed, setapart to his wJdOW 2 olorllll
4. Tho inventory (ma appraisonnoient Of Or govili.onol
chottels which. were of Robert I,ee late of Poison townidolp,
olocthsed;'set 'onort too':Iolion,lorolt Moo anorlttieliOto Los noi
sier children Of said deceased. • •
U. Tho Inventory. and appritisoment of the goods and
chattels, which wero of:Samuel M. Stewart late orditekson
tw, ~
deceased, set apart to his widow Sala Stawart.
6. The 'lnventory and appritisement of the goods and
chattels which woro of Alexander Coulter, deceased, set
allow t so, his widew. Mary Juno Cool tor. •
i. The InVkitOry.` and ripiitelienient of tho goods 'and
chattolxj WWl' . cfcro.or .11alklop:'8PdttogNibto ot-Watri
orsinark tp., !Icor:hied, cot apart to hrs. •
8. Ihvelitory and appidlsoinefit'ef -thei'goetts and chat
tele, which werpor . Bcojanifu Figarf,hite of • norris
detriseil, cot 'apart to his ivldaw Carulino Iflgart:' '
3. The supPlemoUtal Inventory andappraiseinent of tho
goods and chattels which wore of_ Abram itaiwiey, Into of
Springfield township ,deceaseil, set apart to his widow
IsllrnLetL Ramsey.
lu Inventory nod oppreisontent of the goods nod
tuts, which were of J.. 1. Fee, late of the borough of Hunt , .
itigdon, deeenscd,, set npirt to his widow Jolla Ann Teo.
11 Inventory and appraisetnent of the goodi and chat.
'tots which were or Philip ltdasiongli, .latCofPurter loop,
deceased, sot apart to his. widow Mary Bonslough.•.•
12 .Inventory and nppraisernent of tho goods atid•chat
tels which wore of •Julin 'Miller,- late of Shirley township,
deceased, sat apart to his widow 3fary.3tiller..•• • •
.$.21,238 35
• ]:Yluvetitoi•y and' apnraisemen rot' thu goods:and chat.
[els which' wont of John Ana's°,4c, Into , orXest!tthluship
deceased, bet apart to his WidOW. ' • ' •
July 18, 1108
The Commonwealth of Peunßylvania to Solomon P.
Finch, Into of Huntingdon won ty, HIM EV NO :
Whereas, Jemitun C. Finch. by her next friend Jahn 0.
Rouse, did on the Stitof,latittary, 1866, prefer ll'Or putittwu
to the Judges of the Court of Common L'heni of said county
of Huntingdon, praying that for t'e orm, o. therein net
forth she might he divorced from the Wed, of matrimony
entered into with you the said Solomon Pinch, .
We do therefore command you as.belore commanded,
the' said SOLOMON F. FINCII, that setting :mid° all other
business and eXCII9e3 witatsoover,• you,he awl. appear In
your owe proper person before ottr.ludges at Ituntingdm
at our outtutycourt of Comm A% there to be bold
for the said county on 'the second Monday of .logust next
to answer the petition or libel or,the said dominut C Finch
and ~to show railer, if any you have, why tho meld Jeminut
C. Fiootm, your wife, APPIlid out be divot cell from the
bonds of matrimony enteral time with yon, agreeably to
the ante of tiro General Assembly of this
lu such once outdo and provided, owl honor fail not. ...
Witness the Honorable Ocorge : TaylorAsquire,
mint of our ba il court at Huntingdon, the' 28th day.,ut
Apri1,1566. W. 0 WAGONER,
yl.B. A..rothonotarY.
• , . - .
Thu Conniten wealth of Pea nsyl , CO Thumns.lloor
er. late of Iluntingdon ono nt ' Ont.:MING :'
Whorens; ANNIit 1100 V by her lather: rind next
friend George Leas, did on the 15th November; 1305, pro
for her petition to the Judges of the Conn of Common
Pleas of raid county or Illintingilone,p,raying that .for the
cam , tii6rpii: set tit she, unglit!he 'dlvt.rcea from ,tiro
hotidu of too tribiony entered into. trine you: tho itajd:Tl/0-
Y.. I I
WO& tlier ,, rorrr ceininand .4oiLeald MOWS HOOTER
es before conitualoied, that sottiognsideoil other business
and - excneas whitheerrot; juitturtand rippealit . yelstr own
peon:, pursuit before our Judges at linutiogdon, at oar
county court,prContition - Pl6l,4liertritir - :ho held for tho
said county on - illese&itid 'lli:lnlay of August next, tom:-
ewer the, petition or litibrof the said Annie Hoover, and
C161:40 ni”you.liairei the lrUird Aniiielfoo•
vor. your wife, should not ho divorced from tiro bonds of
nuitrimouy 'dntered'into•withYou;.agnioablp td tho [ldle of
the Genentl•A,ieombly of trio imclicaso
made and provided, and hereof foil not. ' • •-•
Witness tire Honorable Gebrgo Taylor, Esq...Prceitiont
of onr'elitid court, ut• Huntingdon,' tho' nineteenth day, of
January, 1060. • :'tV. C. WAoOl , itilt,
jyllAt - • -Prothmiotary.
SALES .By virtue of
kjeutolry wilts of Vcrulltionf Ex Gino! dlreetc4i, I wilt
expope to. public sale or outcry, at the Court: HOTIS_C, is
tho borough of tiugdon; ON .MONDAY , iallt DAY
of AUGUST, a. D. JBtig, at 2 o'clock, P. 24., the following
described property to pit:
A farm, tract. or. parcel.of land situ.
ate in Cromwell toWnshlp, Huntingdon county, Penna.,
bounded rind described as follorM: On the north by lands
of Daniel Logan, east by Rook Hill Snip:lce, south by
William Laird,: and un the went by Hugh L. Cook, eon,
Mining one hundred acres, more or less, seventy-flea of
which urn cleared, the balance in timber with leg house
and to g barn thereon erected. Seized, taken in execution
and to be sold as tho property of doorgo D. Rymer.
Also—All that certain lot of ground
aituatein MeCemnelletown;ih the conntroflJoutingdon,
Penna. ',7boundedniiii described asjollowe the north
and can ' t by lot of Wilsonll. Watson, on the south by pub
lic road nod west by,lot..of Wilson E. Watson, containing
20 14 PorchesJind. haTing .tiateUio _And .other'bnildings
thereon erected. Seized, :liken in execution, and to bo
sold an thei property r of Henry. Stnitl.,. -
Alsn-L--Ab - ont 50'il6reso.f.,:hind, more
or less, situated to West township, boundell'aud described
nn follows: Adjoining lands of Silks Lewis On tho south
Robert Meore.on the xvest, John Malt on the east, will;
two Jog limineh mia sed,dalion rt. execution
and to bo sold as tho property of Asbury Ewing and Sarni
It. Ewing. . • • '` . ...
Also—All the riaht title and inter
mit of defeblinnt In and •tei OM following deseribmrtrect,
pieenor parcel of land situate in Wont township r eontains
ing fifty acres, more or
. less, lands Of Mike
Le win on the Booth, Robert Moore on tho west and. John
That on the east, having thereon tweeted twolcig dwelt.
log houses ands log barn... Seized, taken innxecution,
and to be aold as the property of Sinnuel 11. Ewing. -
Also—All that certaimlot ofground MOConnellstown in the county . of Huntingdon,
'Penna., bounded bnd described an follows:: On the north
and cast by lot o f Wilson 11. Watson, on, the south by
Public road and West Wilson 11. Watson, containing '26, 1 4
perches and having a house and other outbuildings them;
on. Sexed, taken in execution and to bdnoldxss - the prop
perty of Henry Smith.
Alga-L-I'lv° vaoant leitS of ground 'lll
Coalmont,Nos.lo4, 105, 130, 140041, also SS; withldsnlc
frown hones 60 feet by 24, two stories high. being on tbo
corner of Shell and Evans street, with a stable and otter{
Also, lot No. 30 stunning the above named lot, fronting.
on Evaue street, velar" two story frame home, stablo and
othir outbuildings.
Aloe, :214 tierce of :land in Carbon. toirrathip, known as
the Diggins tract, bounded by lande of Joseph Biggins and
Huntingdon ABroasi Top, with a house anti barn, about
50 acres cleared, the bala nee in timber. Seized, taken
in execution, and to be sold acute property of Levi Brans
aml Mary his wife and James Anderson and Jane bin wife
Also—Tho following described lot in
the borough of Coalmont, Carbon township, to wit: Ads
joining— Wilson on the cash street on the west,
Shell street on the north, No.—. with a frame, honso and
frame stable, containing $0 fest front ,witlf 150,.back.—.
Seized, taken in execution; and to be sold as the property
of Timms 11. Fagan.
NOTICE TO ICVECICABERs.—ThatIcre at Sheriffs Sales wilt
take notice .that innuedietely noon tba property being
knocked down, fifty Per cent. of:all bltilt muter 3 . 1.00, and
twenty-five per rent. of all Lids over• that
,iont r tnont be
paid to the Sheriff; or tho property will be got' up again
and sold to other bidders who Wilt comply . Ivitbibe above
It court continues two weeks deed neknowledged on
Wedne.sday of second week. ; One week's genet, - property
knocked dawn on Monday end deed acknowledged on the
following eatntday.
Iluntingdou; f.10,'28813. . •
Dg - c:kneptc:lmi
LL persons indebted to or having
accounts with tho firm of T. kr D. 'longs, fu tho tan.
ring Iniqueta, at 'MrConnellstowu, aro tortirmal that the
books` aro now In :am batids at tauten -North for rettle.
ratan. T. 1). NORRIM,
AlcConuell,town, July 10,It